Aluminum wire mesh is widely chosen for its relative affordability compared to other metals, as well as for its low weight compared to steel or stainless steel. Aluminum wire mesh is about a third of the weight of a stainless steel mesh with the same specifications, and is very useful for lightweight screening applications like air vents.

Due to its light weight, Aluminum wire mesh or wire cloth can be useful in personal audio headsets where low weight is critical.

Lawrence Sintered Metals manufactures and distributes a wide range of sizes of aluminum wire mesh and wire cloth for various types of projects.

Aluminum may have a lower cost compared to other metal meshes for your project.  Many industries use aluminum metal mesh, including construction, aerospace, marine, industrial, and custom manufacturing.  Contact us and we can make the recommendation for which type of metal mesh you should use for your project.

4×4 Mesh .063″ Wire.187″ Opening 56.0% OA

4×4 Mesh .047″ Wire .203″ Opening 5.9% OA

4×4 Mesh .032″ Wire Welded .218″ Opening 76.0% OA

3×3 Mesh .047″ Wire Welded .286 Opening 73.6% OA