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  1. 8 Mesh T304 Woven Stainless .028" Wire Dia
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  2. 200 Mesh Copper .002" Wire Dia
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  1. Edison
    From $0.00
  2. Fandango
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  3. Hampton
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Leading Supplier of Wire Mesh Screens, Discs & Cloth

TWP Inc. is an industry leader in providing wire mesh, wire cloth, and laser cutting services. For decades, we have served customers all over the world, supplying high-quality wire mesh materials for projects ranging from residential and decorative to industrial.

Regardless of the material or application you’re looking for, you’ll find the best solution for your needs. Our extensive inventory includes more than 500 wire mesh products. We invite you to browse our products and encourage you to contact us with any questions. We’re here to help ensure the success of your project. 

A+ BBB Rating BBB Accredited Business

ISO Certified since 2001 Our efficiency saves you time and money.

Decades of knowledge and experience. Established 1969.

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Inspiration Starts Here Browse photos for project ideas and material choices.
Inspiration Starts Here! Browse photos for project ideas and material choices.

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