Trellis, welded wire mesh

9 years ago

After a semi successful first year of trellis gardening for some vine crops (cucumbers - fed all the friends/neighbors, melons - all died at the same time due to root rot - inadequate drainage), my trellis has been expanded this year about 3 fold. I now have 4' wide raised beds totaling 90 feet in length with better drainage. Prep included "digging in" quite a bit of compost with several inches compost cover. Watering is via a drip hose. In the center of each bed there is a 5' tall welded wire trellis (#10 concrete rebar 6" x 6" mesh). The following collection of plants are planted approx. 12" inches each side from the trellis, spaced at 3 ft intervals, staggered.

Melons - Crane, Hearts of Gold, Ambrosia? (Super 45), Nour des Carmes

Cucumber - Burpee, English Telegraph, Armenian

Squash - Acorn, Boston Marrow, Butternut, Spaghetti

I would appreciate any comments about the set-up, spacing, vine pruning and even plant selection. Also, I see different opinions re. necissity for support of the fruit -- I have stocked up on my wife's snagged nylon panty hose and before the melon deaths last year, they were used quite proficiently. My opinion is that the melons will require support because of their nature, but the winter squash may not -- may try some of both -- obviously, the cucumbers will not.

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