Technical Information Cerium oxide grinding stone

Cerium oxide grinding stone

Glass polishing

LCD glass, Optical glass, Glass disc, Photomask, etc.., in case of various glass polishing , cerium oxide grinding stone is difinitely used after some kind of polishing process

Cerium oxide polish

The cerium oxide has chemical reaction trait with silicon dioxide that is main constituent of glass.
Roughness surface become fine surface by Cerium oxide and glass chemical reaction.
The glass polish method is called "CMP"(Chemical mechanical polishing).

Glass finish polishing method

  • Free abrasive polishing method
    • Mix water with cerium and use them for polishing as srullry.
    • Through move of cerium oxide on the surface of glass can polish the glass.
    • This method needs to exchang the srully regularly because the performance deterioration.
  • Fixed abrasive polishing method
    • Fixed abrasive is that abrasive is held by resin.
    • Projecting abrasive from resin can polish and grind.
    • This method can keeps stable performance by autogenesis.


  • Fixed abrasive polishing method
  • Continuous polishig
  • Rremove the micro crack
  • Make a selection of hardness and elasticity
  • Improving a work environment

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