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    The Introduction of Stainless Steel Window Screen

    Stainless steel window screen is a kind of stainless steel woven mesh, it is made of high quality stainless steel wire by woven machine, the product can be provided in rolls or panels.

    Stainless steel window screen has stainless steel insect mesh and stainless steel bullet proof mesh two types.

    Stainless Steel Insect Mesh

    Stainless steel insect mesh, also called stainless steel mosquito mesh, It is a common type of stainless steel mesh screen, which is also the most widely used. The wire diameter of insect mesh is small( below 0.3mm), the insect is very thin and light, easy for cutting and installation. Normally used in windows and doors in the building.

    Woven Type:  Plain Woven

    Material:    SS304, SS304L,SS316, SS316L, we can also provide iron or galvanized mesh according to clients' requirement.

    Surface treatment: Naturel surface of stainless steel or PVC coating or spray painting, the color is normally in black.

    Applications: Stainless steel insect mesh is widely used as the insect prevent material for  doors and windows in houses, office buildings, livestock farms.

    Features:   Very light weight,Good effect for insect prevents,Good light transmittance,Good air permeability,Good corrosion resistance,Fire resistance

    Common Specifications of Insect Mesh

    Common Specificaitons of Stainless Steel Insect Mesh
    Material Mesh Count Wire Diameter(mm) Roll Size
    SS304/316L 18 0.16 3'*100'



    20 0.18
    20 0.23
    20 0.25
    22 0.15
    22 0.16
    24 0.16
    24 0.18
    Iron Wire
           Surface:Galvanized&baking finish(Mostly in Green of Atrovirens)
    10 0.25
    14 0.23
    16 0.21
    18 0.19
    18*14 0.19
    22 0.16
    24 0.16

    Stainless Steel Bullet-proof Mesh

    Item: Stainless Steel Bullet-proof Mesh

    Woven Type:Plain Woven

    Material: SS304,SS316, SS316L,

    Surface treatment:The normally used treatment is powder coating, and the colors are black,

    Applications:Bullet-proof mesh is used in the windows and doors for office buildings, hotels and houses.

    Features: Flat surface with high strength,Anti cutting and anti crashing,Good light transmittance,Good protection from insect,Good privacy protection,Good corrosion resistance.

    The Common Specifications of Bullet-proof Mesh
    Mesh Count Wire Diameter (mm) Opening Size (mm) Dimensions (mm)
    11 0.8 1.50 1500*3000
    12 0.7 1.40
    14 0.6 1.20
    14 0.55 1.25
    14 0.5 1.30


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