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The right wire mesh for every application

Square and rectangular wire meshes

Going beyond the standard

Your screening process requires a wire mesh with a precise opening? Benefit from our large inventory and find the right wire mesh for your screening application, fabricated to your needs and according to DIN ISO 14315 / DIN ISO 9044.

Ideal for elongated particles:

Our square wire meshes

Whenever a precise cut-size of is required or elongated particles must be screened, square meshes are the right choice. We supply our screening media in accordance with ISO 9044 and ISO 14315 and, on request, even in test sieve quality per ISO 3310 – entirely according to your requirements.

DOKA screens form A
Lock crimp screens form D

The screening efficiency of a square mesh can be influenced by the wire diameter. A thinner wire offers a larger open area and thus a higher product throughput. If you do not have capacity problems, you may can choose a thicker wire and thus extend the wear life of the screen. When processing coarser bulk materials, the crimping of the wire before weaving is decisive for the screening performance.

Benefit from our large inventory and choose the wire diameter that offers you the optimum combination of service life and throughput.


Here you can find detailed information about our square wire meshes:

Ideal for round and cubical particles:

Our rectangular wire meshes

Do you screen round or cubic particles? Then the use of our rectangular or long wire mesh is a good choice:

DOKAWELL wire mesh

The larger open screen area of a rectangular wire mesh has a decisive advantage: A higher performance with less tendency to clog.
If the long slot runs parallel to the material flow, you achieve a higher throughput – if it runs perpendicular to the flow, you achieve a more precise cut. The bigger the length-to-width ratio, the more flexible the wire mesh and the better the self-cleaning effect.

Most rectangular meshes have a standard aspect ratio of 1:3, while the wire diameter remains identical to the corresponding square mesh. The open area is therefore increased ensuring a higher throughput.


Here you can find detailed information about our rectangular wire meshes:

For special challenges and longer service lives

For certain applications the larger open area of the rectangular mesh results in a special challenge: The lower weight may reduce the service life of the screen:

The solution: Haver & Boecker offers you convincing alternatives in the form of two special rectangular meshes - TON-CAP and EGLA-MAX.

TON-CAP screens


TON-CAP is our abbreviation for Tonnage Capacity, defining a wire mesh consisting of fine rectangular apertures with a length-to-width ratio of 1:6 to 1:15. The sleek shape of these apertures permits the use of larger-diameter wire than with corresponding square apertures. While the open area remains approximately the same, the weight is more than double, which ensures that the wear life of TON-CAP is significantly longer with comparable throughput capacity.

TON-CAP is suitable primarily for heavy or abrasive materials when a long wear life is a top priority.


Here you can find detailed information about TON-CAP specifications:

EGLA-MAX screens


Contrary to TON-CAP, increasing the open area is of primary importance in EGLA-MAX specifications with extreme aperture ratios of 1:25 and higher. The wire diameter is only slightly bigger than for the corresponding square apertures so that both qualities have comparable weights and thus wear properties.

To ensure a tight connection between warp and weft wires and to strengthen the stability of the wire cloth, EGLA-MAX has several weft wires woven in with each group of cross wires. Thanks to the larger open area, throughput and capacity of the operation are increased. The extremely long aperture significantly reduces the tendency to blinding and pegging. Furthermore, the EGLA-MAX surface is flat on one side, which ensures consistent wear over the entire screen section.


Here you can find detailed information about EGLA-MAX specifications:

Are you looking for a special wire mesh ...

... that does not yet exist in this form or aperture?

No problem! Together with you, we can develop individual products that exactly meet your requirements. Simply contact us:


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