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    Shopping Mall Skylight

    Commercial skylights are valuable to businesses. Installing skylights in a commercial setting can save money by eliminating the need for as many lights as possible and reduce utility costs.

    Shopping Mall Skylight Product Description

    ▶ Shopping mall skylight introduction

    Commercial skylights are valuable to businesses. Installing skylights in a commercial setting can save money by eliminating the need for as many lights as possible and reduce utility costs. Natural light has also been shown to improve worker stress and attitudes, when choosing a skylight solution, elegant industrial prefab modular skylights can be installed quickly and easily compared to traditional metal skylight structures that are only implemented on site .


    ▶ Shopping mall skylight advantages

    1. Stable and Aesthetic

    2. Structure is durable for 50years

    3. Fast and easy to install

    4. Shopping mall skylight Extensive Applications: Storage, Warehouse, Exhibition Hall, Terminal Building, Stadium, Theater, Special-shaped Buildings, etc

    5. High anti-rust performance

    6. Flexible composition: Doors and Day-lighting roof could be  installed at any position


    ▶ Components

    Accessories or Parts


    Dome skylight

    Product composition: Shopping mall skylight is composed of steel structure plus plastic solar panels or glass


    ▶ Applications

    Our target customer: Builders, schools, troops and the government

    Dome skylight can be used as roofs of stadiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting halls, stadium stands, gas stations, toll stations, awnings, hangars, factory buildings and other buildings.


    ▶ Export cases

    Main markets include Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Africa and other countries and regions

    ▶ Exhibitions we have participated


    ▶ Manufacturing process

    Our factory


    ▶ Standard

    Skylight specifications

    1. Certificate: ISO9001:2000

    2. Code for design of steel structure: GB 50017-2003

    3. Technical code of cold-formed thin-wall steel structure: GB50018-2002

    4. Load code for the design of building structures. GB 50009-2006

    5. Construction quality acceptance of steel: GB50205-2001

    6. Code for design, construction and acceptance of high strength for steel structure, JGJ82-2011

    -Technical parameters

    7. Technical specification for welding of steel structure building: JGJ 81-2002

    8. Technical specification for steel Structures of tall buildings: (JGJ99-98)


    ▶ How do shopping mall skylight help your projects?

    In the event of a power outage, mall guests will be able to safely find their way out.

    Proper value
    Skylights add significantly to the value of the property, giving the entire mall a more complete and valuable look.

    Visual appeal
    Skylights almost always make a building appear taller than buildings without skylights, significantly increasing the visual appeal.

    Reduce energy costs
    Installing large skylights in the hallways of the mall will keep it bright and easily traversable throughout its hours of operation. Save most of the expense and maintenance costs for lighting equipment

    Product enhancement
    When you start using skylights, you will immediately notice that your products are better displayed and consumers can see more clearly.

    Herbert has been in the skylight manufacturing and installation business for many years. If you want high quality skylights for your mall design then you will need us. If you are planning any construction project involving skylights, please feel free to contact us.


    ▶ Our service

    Guarantee: 20 years for frame and 5 years for roof


    Warranty information: Lifetime warranty


    ▶ Payment method

    Letter of Credit, L/C;



    Western Union


    Shopping Mall Skylight