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Protective are leading Australian manufacturers of a wide range of high security fencing including Promax™ 358 welded wire anti climb mesh, Promax™ palisade roll formed steel barrier and customised steel and wire perimeter secure solutions.

Security Fencing Solutions

The Promax™ Security Fencing System has been developed to enhance the industry accepted 358 mesh market with new innovative perimeter posts, mesh, toppings and gates.

Profence is a leading Australian manufacturer of welded wire closed spaced mesh with Promax™ 358 mesh (71 x 9mm aperture) as it’s signature product.

Promax™ close spaced steel mesh provides maximum security fencing by being extremely difficult to climb or penetrate using normal hand tools and yet has a minimal visual impact on the surrounds and an important clear line of horizontal sight.

Promax™ Security fencing utilizes the unique design registered Promax™ ‘T’ Post, a high strength medium weight post designed to combine better aesthetics with faster installation and less potential maintenance.

All Promax™ mesh fence systems can be specified using either post and rail systems or successfully utilized as rail-less structures depending on the end use security level requirements.

Promax™ ‘T’ Post 358 Mesh System has been engineered and certified for high security fences up to 4.8M. For fences over 4.8M or with wind restrictive topping other super T posts configurations are available.

Protective Fencing are a leading supplier of high security fencing products to airports, rail-yards, mining, power stations, schools, commercial and industrial properties.


Protective manufacture and supply palisade materials based on traditional specifications using pencil point TFB posts and 150UB 14.0 posts and standard 50x50x6 rails.

All W pales are of a BS1722-12 approved design and comply with all the strength requirements specified in Annex A & C. Rail positions have been standardised and positioned for greatest security for 2 and 3 rail fences.

Other rail positions can supplied to match existing installations.

Standard Promax™ pale centres have been determined by the current Railcorp specification of max 80mm between pales. Rails with pale centres to suit the wider BS1722-12 specified centres of 155mm are also available upon request.

Protective offer an advisory, material scheduling and estimating service on a project by project basis.

A powder coating service is available from Protective’s in house powdercoating plant.

Protective is an approved applicator of Interpon D1000 powder over porous substrates such as hot dip galvanised steel and can also offer higher specification finishes for specific requirements.


  • Unique engineered ‘T’ post – high strength medium weight.
  • Design Registered.
  • Easier faster installation – clear access for mesh attachment.
  • Flat web for more versatile attachment of topping extensions etc.
  • Curved corner option for improved aesthetics and reduced climb-ability.
  • Optional rail-less fences for reduced material and installation costs.
  • High security yet low cost, low visual impact (all in one) PA gate system.
  • Innovative topping extensions.
  • Adaptable to all forms of mesh, expanded metal or perforated sheet.
  • One piece 90° corner construction.



Razor wire is a highly developed form of the traditional barbed wire.

The design of the razor wire barbs and the enhanced cutting resistance of the steel tape is a much more effective deterrent than barbed wire in preventing intruders climbing over or cutting through the wire.

The success of razor wire lies in the longer length of its spear-like barbs, difficulty of gaining a handhold, and the strength of the steel tape. Razor wire works to impede entry by either catching clothing or ripping through flesh.

Some of its effectiveness is also due to its intimidating appearance and well-earned fierce reputation creating a certain amount of fear in potential intruders.

Profence can supply razor wire in two basic forms: concertina wire and flat loop razor tape. Razor wire comes in a range of barb lengths, wire diameters, and loop sizes.

We supply galvanised short barb razor tape with a loop size of 550mm. Flat loop razor tape is ideal for medium security applications including:

  • Hospitals
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Medical clinics
  • Sports facilities



  • Post: 2400 – 100×45 TFB
  • Post: 3000 – 150 UB 14.0
  • Rail: 50x50x6 EA
  • Fish Plate: 40×8 140 long
  • Corner Fish Plate: 40×8 215 long W Profile
  • ‘W’ Pale: 71x21x3 W Profile
  • Rail Fixings: M12x30 Cuphead Bolt and Shear Nut
  • Pale Fixings: M8x25 T Bolt and Shear Nut or – Stainless Steel Huck Pin and Collar
  • Mid Bay Support: M12x500 Threaded Rod and 2 x Nuts



Protective Fencing are experienced in customer specified high secure fences. Applications include custom post and rail designs, custom welded wire mesh configurations.

Also available are specialised sheeting infills such as perforated steel sheet, wire mesh, expanded metal and colorbond sheeting.

Speak to one of our experts about your custom requirement.




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