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Riverdale Aquamesh - Trap Kits

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Riverdale Mills Trap Kits are made from Aquamesh® the most requested marine grade PVC coated wire in the world. Trap Kits come in a variety of pre-cut panel sizes for easy assembly into lobster traps. Panels come in standard sizes or can be customized to your specifications. Our Trap Kits are engineered for continuous immersion in salt water and are designed to withstand the harshest ocean conditions. Aquamesh® Trap Kits have proven to consistently outlast other traps, which results in far more fishing time and far less trap maintenance — a winning and profitable combination.

Trap Kit Advantages:

Option to Customize

Come in standard lobster trap sizes or can be custom cut to your specifications

Time Saving

By ordering and building your own traps you can have your traps when you need them, eliminating long wait times

Cost Effective

Inferior traps lead to lost profits; Aquamesh® traps are known for their rugged durability and superior quality which leads to a total lower cost of ownership.

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