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Reinforcing Concrete

For building projects involving concrete there are two key ways to undertake reinforcements to create an even more durable result. Whether you are creating walls and other structures, roads, bridges or smaller domestic projects you will have the option of choosing to use either rebar or steel mesh. Both products provide significant reinforcement and have long-lasting benefits, so let’s take a look at how these two methods can make a tough product such as concrete even more robust.


Rebar is perfect for concrete slabs and blocks of one foot or more and can be placed flat or stand straight in the concrete. It is a steel bar that acts as a reinforcing agent in concrete and can be used in walls, posts, floor slabs and many other types of construction.

As well as lending structural strength to the project another primary benefit is that rebar will stop any cracks that do form from spreading and weakening the slab and prevent it from falling apart. When opting for rebar there are various grades and sizes of steel for whatever strength level is required.

Wire Mesh

This product is highly versatile with multiple applications and it is also sometimes referred to as wire fabric or wire cloth. For building projects involving concrete slabs it is more suitable for those with a thickness of less than one foot, and as with rebar it can be positioned straight or flat.

One of the advantages of wire mesh for concrete is that it allows a certain amount of shaping of concrete which is not possible with rebar. Wire mesh comes in various materials such as plain steel, galvanized, or stainless steel products which are resistant to corrosion.

Choosing the Best Method – The Difference

There are certain pros and cons to both rebar and wire mesh in building projects. Rebar provides great high tensile strength and is resistant to corrosion, and there are many different rebar types available to purchase depending on your requirements Some of these include glass fiber, carbon steel and galvanized rebars and each have different qualities. For instance galvanized rebars are utilized where corrosion may be a problem.

Concrete for Wire mesh, or rather wire mesh for concrete, can be produced for a wide range of specifications in terms of size and diameter and has extremely versatile and flexible qualities that can be tailor-made to suit customer needs. Therefore, when you are designing your project ensure you thoroughly research the respective qualities of rebar and wire mesh to ensure you choose the option that provides the best fit and durability for your particular specification.

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Concrete Calculator

Working out the amount of concrete you need for a job can be difficult to do, especially if it’s your first time using it for a project. Ending up with too much concrete volume can be unnecessarily costly, and ending up with too little means delays to your work. Luckily, our concrete calculator (UK) solves all your estimation problems and lets you know exactly how much concrete you’ll need for your project.

Whether it’s the amount of ready mixed concrete to be used for concrete slabs, or working out how much needs to be combined with coarse aggregate, we’ve got the solution.

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