coils, strips and sheets

Marcegaglia Carbon Steel‘s expertise and know-how in the transformation of carbon steel flat products has led to the creation of Marcegaglia pre-painted steel, manufactured to the highest quality standards to guarantee excellent flexibility and durability over time.

The prepainted steel is carried out thanks to the Marcegaglia coil coating process which continuously evolves to produce always better products of superior quality, obtained with faster methods and with lower environmental impact. Marcegaglia Ravenna hosts the largest galva-painting line of the world, dedicated to HSLA and low carbon steels, with a combined length of 200 metres.

The flexibility of the coil coating process makes possible to offer a wide range of surface finishes and different colors: Marcegaglia R&D lab has codified over 140 standard painting and finishing cycles on both sides of the material.

Pre-painted steel metal products are used in a vast array of applications including:

  • industrial applications
  • household appliances
  • automotive applications
  • packaging
  • construction industry
Prepainted Steel Coil