Get started with the essentials

  • Energizers

    Forming the heart of your electric fence system, energizers provide the source for the electric current that flows through the fence wire. Your choice of fence energizer depends on the area fenced, power source and the type of animal contained or exclud

  • Management Tools

    To get the maximum performance from an energizer you need to be able to measure and monitor your fence system effectively.

  • Insulators

    An important part of your electric fence system, insulators are used to fasten electrified wires to your fence posts. An insulator’s job is to allow electricity to continue through the wire without any loss of energy to a post.

  • Accessories

    When planning your electric fence layout, give thought to the location of your gates. Ideally, place where animals, people, and equipment need easy access to pasture or farm buildings such as stables and barns.

Electric Fence System