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What are NO/NO Wild Bird Feeders?

NO/NO feeders are unique, high-quality wild bird feeders that are designed to attract and accommodate more birds and last for years and years. The name NO/NO derives from how the feeder is constructed; NO wood and NO plastic. In comparison, wood bird feeders can decay or fall apart, plastic ones can break and other types, squirrels can destroy. But thanks to their all metal construction and wire mesh design, NO/NO Wild Bird Feeders are durable to resist squirrels and other feeder pests, and built to last.

The NO/NO feeder line boasts a patented diamond mesh that you can fill with hulled sunflower seeds, black oil sunflower seeds or safflower seeds.  Some models can hold smaller seeds, such as thistle. Most NO/NO feeders come fully assembled and are essentially maintenance-free. We do recommend washing the feeders with a mild soap about every two weeks. And just like a kitchen egg basket, most NO/NO Wild Bird Feeders collapse, making them great for easy, off-season storage – or mailing as a gift to a friend. They come in a variety of colors and shapes, and look and function exactly like a conventional bird feeder.

Where do NO/NO Wild Bird Feeders stand when it comes to being “Bird Approved”?

At the top of the list. The open mesh design can accommodate many clinging birds at once and are ideal for feeding 10 to 15 birds simultaneously. Some feeders include a tray, which is perfect to attract both perching and clinging birds. Many NO/NO feeders are specifically designed for black oil sunflower seeds, a favorite food amongst the largest variety of birds. Your feathered friends with come to a NO/NO feeder every season because each feeder has drainage holes and an open design to allow for air circulation and to keep seed fresh and dry. During the winter months, the mesh of the NO/NO Wild Bird Feeders allows the seeds to “breathe” – ensuring the feeder will not clog up with snow or ice.

The style of every NO/NO Wild Bird Feeder is determined by what kinds of birds you're hoping to attract, and consequently, what sorts of seeds you’ll be putting into the feeder. Most of the feeders can hold many different types of seed, but when you purchase one of our models, make sure that the size of the openings in the mesh corresponds to the type of seed you're filling it with.

For instance, for sunflower seeds or seed blends, a smaller grid mesh is best – while for shelled nuts such as peanuts, you'll need a larger grid mesh. We have some styles that are perfect for small, clinging birds such as chickadees and wrens. Our thistle feeders have a tiny grid mesh, and are designed for birds such as the purple finch. We have other models to attract larger birds, ones that prefer trays or like to stand flat-footed while they eat, such as cardinals and grosbeaks.


Compared to other feeders, our high-quality bird feeders attract a wider variety of birds. Why? Because the seeds are out in the open air, both detectable and delectable!

In all cases, these feeders provide a wonderful accent to your property, and fit nicely on any porch, patio, deck or lawn. Be sure to hang your NO/NO Wild Bird Feeders where you can see the birds in action, in a location that makes for easy re-filling.

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