no artist Stefan-Raab--Maschendrahtzaun Lyrics

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I´m a lonesome rider, I´m a real tough guy. I tell you livin´ ain´t easy, but every day I try. I´ve seen a
million places. Baby, I get around with a sixpack of beer and a Maschendrahtzaun. I´m a hard-working
man. I don´t need much in life. I got my horse, i got my boots, a head and a knife. All I really need, can
surely be found: I need girls, I need whiskey and Maschendrahtzaun.

Refrain: Maschendrahtzaun in the morning, Maschendrahtzaun late at night, Maschendrahtzaun
in the evening, Maschendrahtzaun makes me feel all right. And if I ever be king, and I get a
crown, then it would surely be made of Maschendrahtzaun.

All the ladies wanna have me. I´m a handsome boy. And all the boys want me too, and especially
Siegfried and Roy. I´m a s__ machine, baby. I had more girls than James Brown and I f___ed them all on
the Maschendrahtzaun. But now the time has gone by and something happened to me. I´m only half the
man I used to be. I was the s__iest man in the whole big town before I ripped my b____ on the

Refrain: Maschendrahtzaun in the morning, ...

I was also a sheriff. I was fighting for right. I was protecting law and order every day, every night. I was
hunting a man with a big, fat Bauch and I caught him in the back of a Knallerbsenstrauch. But now the
story is over. I had a good, good life. I still got my horse, my boots and my knife. I did a lot of travelling,
but now I sattle down at the Knallerbsenstrauch on the Maschendrahtzaun.

Refrain: Maschendrahtzaun in the morning,

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