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    Natural stone curtain wall

    Beautiful appearance: can use different colors

    Product Description

    ▶ Introduction

    4. Curtain Wall

    4.3 Natural stone curtain wall


    ▶ Advantages

    1. Economic: quick installed and saving the cost of construction

    2. Reliable quality: mainly produced in the factory and control the quality

    3. Big space: the max span of prefab steel structure can reach 80meters

    4. Flexible: can be dismantled and enlarged

    5. Beautiful appearance: can use different colors

    6. Long lifespan: can be used more than 50 years


    ▶ Main functions

    Pure natural and elegant


    ▶ Use

    Our target customer: Builders, schools, troops and the government

    Natural stone curtain wall can be used as walls of office building, shopping mall stadiums, theaters, exhibition halls, waiting halls and other buildings.


    ▶ Components

    Accessories or Parts


    Natural stone curtain wall

    Product composition: The curtain wall is composed of steel structure plus nature stones




    ▶ Applications


    ▶ Export cases

    Main markets include Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, South Asia, Africa and other countries and regions


    ▶ Exhibitions we have participated




    ▶ Manufacturing process

    Our factory


    ▶ Standard

    Curtain Wall specifications

    1. Certificate: ISO9001:2000

    2. Code for design of steel structure: GB 50017-2003

    3. Technical code of cold-formed thin-wall steel structure: GB50018-2002

    4. Load code for the design of building structures. GB 50009-2006

    5. Construction quality acceptance of steel: GB50205-2001

    6. Code for design, construction and acceptance of high strength for steel structure, JGJ82-2011

    -Technical parameters

    7. Technical specification for welding of steel structure building: JGJ 81-2002

    8. Technical specification for steel Structures of tall buildings: (JGJ99-98)


    ▶ Interesting product facts & History of Space Frame

    Throughout the world, the display of various high-rise buildings allows us to see the spiritual outlook of the world and the improvement of culture. However, Yet none of these buildings can be built without steel structure. Steel structure engineering is a structure mainly made of steel. It is one of the main building structure types and one of the more common structural forms in modern construction engineering.


    China was the first country to use iron to make load-bearing structures.. As far back as the Qin Dynasty (246-219 BC), iron was used to make simple load-bearing structures, while Western countries only began to use metal load-bearing structures in the 17th century. From the 3rd to 6th centuries, smart and hardworking Chinese people used iron chains to build chain suspension bridges. The famous Dadu River cable bridge in Luding, Sichuan, Yuanjiang Bridge in Yunnan and Panjiang Bridge in Guizhou are all examples of early ferrous load-bearing structures in my country. .


    Undertaking now, steel structure projects are everywhere, such as the Bird's Nest Water Cube in Beijing, the Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, the Opera House in Guangzhou, Nanjing Metro Building and so on. In Suzhou, there are also many modern buildings: Gate of the East, Suzhou Olympic Sports Center, etc. The steel structure factory of Herbert (Suzhou) International Trade Co., Ltd.-- Andy steel structure engineering is located in Xuzhou, the town of steel structure in Jiangsu Province. , Andy factory has a 15-year manufacturing history, and has undertaken nearly a thousand cases of steel structure projects domestic and abroad. Our domestic and foreign customers will visit our factory every time they visit and inspect. The production of high-quality products is the foundation of our service. , First-class service quality is our company's always pursuit.




    ▶ Our service

    Guarantee: 20 years for frame and 5 years for roof


    Warranty information: Lifetime warranty


    ▶ Payment method

    Letter of Credit, L/C;



    Western Union


    stone curtain wall