Metal Mesh Panels as Climbing Aids

FassadenGrün sells small and medium-sized stainless steel trellises. But for larger areas and longer wall surfaces, wire mesh panels (often used for making metal fences) and metal mesh mats/grids are a better option. They can be used as an inexpensive climbing aid for retaining walls, noise barriers, parking garages, and other buildings. Further examples can be found in the section on parking garages. The next topic will then deal with flexible grids, so called "modular trellises."

Metal grid for climbing roses

Various Types of Metal Mesh Panels

Metal 'mesh panels' (mats/ grids) are well suited to build climbing aids for plants on facades. They are otherwise used for fences and partitions and are made of hot-dipped galvanised steel. Reinforcement steel mesh (for concrete) can also be used; these are very cost effective. Side grids of gabion lattices can be purchased individually and used as a trellis. They're mostly made of galvanised steel but can sometimes be found in stainless steel; because of the narrow mesh, they are a little more expensive. Decide on a case-by-case basis which type of grid or wire mesh is best suited as a trellis for your project.

Please Note:

For safety reasons, facade-mounted steel panels should not be climbable. This can be achieved by planting thorny plants at their base (climbing roses, for example). To prevent injuries, the trellis should, if possible, not have any protruding ends. 


FassadenGrün does not sell wire mesh panels or mats, but you can find them easily through fence-system suppliers (Betafence, Wire Driller, Gawron, Legi..). If the wire diameters are 8 mm or smaller, you can use our wall mounts to install them on the façade.

Double Mesh Panels

Double metal mesh mats (grids) are very rigid and therefore ideal for use as supports for climbing plants.

Reinforcement Mats

Concrete-reinforcement mesh mats are an insexpensive and easy solution for building a climbing aid for plants on a large wall surface.


Other mesh mats as climbing supports

Gabion mesh, metal bar panels, etc.. can all be used to build trellises in facade greening projects.