Metal Curtain - A New Favorite for Curtain or Decoration

Boegger is committed to developing decorative wire mesh series, which includes metal curtain series, metal fabric series, mesh belt series and more. Our products have various kind of material, color and design to select, which are the perfect combinations of science and art. Due to its shining metal color, elegant shape, convenient and flexible function, decorative wire mesh has become a new favorite in architectural section, which is broadly applied in exhibition halls, advanced hotel or restaurants, domestic decor, office buildings, ceilings, fireplaces, and other places. Decorative wire mesh can offer you a satisfactory interior and exterior decoration, which adds more functionality and economic optimization to buildings and room.

Our main decorative wire mesh curtains

Decorative wire mesh made from coil or twisted wires - metal coil drapery or honeycomb decoration mesh.

This kind of mesh curtain looks tousy, but owns concise turning course in essence. The curved wire perfectly weaves the decorative wire mesh just like a dancing elf. Metal coil drapery is the most popular and practical mesh curtain, which has a rang application of decoration curtain, space divider, fireplace curtain, sunshade, etc. Honeycomb decoration mesh is thicker than coil drapery, which is more suitable for space divider or door mat. By the way, metal coil drapery is it's far more affordable.

Mesh curtains in strings by strings - chain link curtain, metal bead curtain or chain curtain.

This kind of mesh curtain is characterized by optional dividing, flow fluency, easy installation and more features. Each type of strings mesh curtain has different shape and appearance, creating various visual affection. This type mesh curtain can be applied as window treatment, wall decoration, sunshade and many other functions.

Only taking aluminum or aluminum alloy as material - scale mesh curtain.

The facade of this scale mesh curtain is well organized just like a bamboo mat, while the reverse side is complicated and intertwined. Taking aluminum or aluminum alloy as raw material, scale mesh curtain is handy and tiny with the unique shining glamours of aluminum. Generally, this scale mesh curtain can be applied as curtains, space dividers, ornament and other applications.

Decorative wire mesh made from rings - chainmail curtain or ring mesh curtain.

Do you also like the thorough, soft and no bugs among the ring shape? Then, this kind of mesh curtain can be your best choice. The ideal designed curtain, providing flexibility and transparency, has been widely applied as building's facade, room dividers, screen, suspended ceilings, curtains, balcony and more.

Rigid decorative wire mesh - woven wire drapery, cable wire mesh and belt mesh.

This kind of mesh curtain has a common feature - hard and rigid, which cannot used as flexible curtain, but available to other application, such as space divider, decorative door, handrail, cladding facade and more. This kind of decorative material can be durable without much maintain.

Hot Products

Metal Coil Drapery

Metal coil drapery can be applied as curtain, shading, shower curtain or space divider in home and commercial places, with various colors and sizes.

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Chain Link Curtain

Chain link curtain, made from aluminum, is convenient to mount and dismount, and is generally used as the door or window drapery and fly screen.

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Chainmail Curtain

Chainmial curtain, made from SS or aluminum, is stable and durable with no rusty and fading, which can be applied for home and commercial decoration.

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Chain Curtain

Chain curtain, made from aluminum, iron or other materials, is connected by rings in fringes, which can be used as curtain or space divider.

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Metal Mesh Curtain