T-1030 is a transparent quartz glass, manufactured by oxygen-hydrogen fusion, and has few bubbles or streaks.


T-1630S is a transparent quartz glass and is developed for processes that require especially high levels of purity, such as the manufacture of super LSIs. It is more thermally resistant than T-1030, and features extremely small amounts of alkali metals and copper.


T-1930S is developed for thermal insulation inside semiconductor heat treatment furnaces. While taking advantage of the high purity level that is characteristic of quartz glass, it contains minute bubbles that are uniformly dispersed so as to achieve high heat shielding effects.
T-1930S is available. T-1930S contains especially low levels of alkali impurities such as Na, K and Li.


The T-4000 series of synthetic quartz glass is manufactured from super high-purity SiCl4. These products are extremely pure, with levels of metal impurities of 1/10 or below that of ordinary quartz glass. They are highly homogenous and contain few striae or bubbles, and for this reason offer excellent ultraviolet transmittance. Because of this property, they are used widely as materials for photomasks for LSI pattern printing. More recently, they have begun to be used as substrates for large photomasks for the manufacture of large LCDs.

Grades Applications Features
T-4040 Semiconductor, General Optics Used for Semiconductors etc.
T-4042 KrF excimer laser lithography Products improving KrF excimer laser resistance
ArF excimer laser lithography Improved to KrF and ArF excimer laser resistance
ArF excimer laser immersion lithography Low birefringence

Ultraviolet light transmittance

Purity level (typical data)
Grade Al Fe Na K Cu Ti Ca Li Mg Cr Mn Ni
<0.1 <0.1 <0.1 <0.06 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01 <0.01
Other Properties
striae Bubbles, Foreign substances
Free in a single direction none

Amount of birefringence
Please inquire.


T-2030 is a transparent quartz glass that is manufactured by vacuum electric fusion. Although some bubbles and air lines are present on the surface of T-2030, it features an extremely low level of OH content, and offers excellent heat resistance.


T-2630 has a level of purity comparable with that of T-1630S. It offers superb heat resistance, due to its extremely low OH content.


Quartz glass crucibles used as crucibles for pulling single crystal silicon by the CZ method must be extremely pure and heat resistant because they come into direct contact with silicon at high temperatures. CoorsTek offers various grades of crucibles to meet specific needs.

Applications Crucibles for pulling single crystal silicon
Raw material Natural quartz
Size Available with large diameter silicon wafers in recent years.

Quartz Glass Crucibles for
Pulling Single Crystal Silicon Ingots


The T-240, whose inner surface comes into contact with molten silicon, is an ideal product for pulling single crystal silicon, which requires extremely high purity and/or is exposed to severe conditions such as high temperatures or prolonged operations.

Applications Crucibles for pulling single crystal silicon
Raw material Synthetic quartz glass on the inner surface.
Size Available with outer diameters of up to 32 inches.


The T-200 contains relatively small quantities of impurities, such as iron, and is highly heat resistant.

Applications Crucibles for firing fluorescent materials, melting optic glass, and bell jars for semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
Raw material High-purity natural silica material.
Size Available in a variety of sizes up to the maximum outer diameter of 1200 mm and the maximum height of 1000 mm.

Bell Jar

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