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Welcome to Fine Perforators, the pioneer wire mesh manufacturer and exporter in India having the world-class facilities to meet the diversity enriched demand of different business sectors. Our dedication to manufacture the quality best wire mesh screens and to export at unbeatable prices makes us a class apart. We offer not only the widest range and the best quality of woven wire mesh and welded wire mesh at the cheapest price but also the comprehensive pre-sale and post-sale support.

Woven Wire Mesh Screens vs Welded Wire Mesh Screens

The woven wire mesh panels/screens are woven with various kinds of metal wires like stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, alloys, tungsten, and molybdenum etc. Some points are welded to make it durable but flexible to a certain extent. All the woven wire mesh sizes provide a cost advantage because of the low production cost. Its major application is in irregular contoured shaped screening/filtration machines.

The welded wire mesh screens are welded at all the intersecting joints that make it rigid to hold a uniform shape even under high pressure. These can withstand high pressures without tearing or change of shape. These are more useful for applications that need daily cleaning. The welded wire mesh panels/screens are galvanized to get higher strength and environmental resistance.

Types of Wire Mesh Weaving

  • Pre-Crimp Wire Mesh - The wires of these screens are crimped before weaving to stop the random moment of wires. These screens find major applications in industrial applications because the wire weaving assures rigid, stable, and smooth open area. These screens with square and rectangle openings are widely used in mining, crusher, coal, and other industries.
  • Lock Crimp Wire Mesh - It is an advanced stage of crimped screen weaving. The crimping of warp and shute wires is done to ‘lock’ the wires at all the intersections assuring no wire movement and change in hole size.
  • Multiple Crimp Wire Mesh - In this style of screen wire weaving, extra corrugations are used to crimp warp and shute wires at intersection points. This technique is used to create large openings of screens with fine wires. Inter-crimping provides proper locking of longitudinal (warp) and perpendicular (shute) wires for additional accuracy and rigidity.
  • Plain Weave or Double Crimp Wire Mesh - Double crimp screens also called plain weave screens are woven by straight wires. In this most used wire cloth weaving pattern, each warp wire goes alternatively under and over the shute wire. Most of the window screens are woven in a double crimp style.
  • Twill Wire Mesh - In this screen weaving pattern, each warp wire is woven alternately over and under two shute wires. The weaving pattern gives a look of diagonal parallel lines. These screens are used for high loads and extra-fine filtration.

Types of Wiremesh Panels/Screens

  • Metal Wire Mesh - We have proven capabilities to produce and export the metal wire mesh screens from the range of metals and alloys including brass, copper, bronze, and aluminum in addition to other mainstream metals. Also known as wire fabric/wire cloth, our technical excellence makes the difference to the efficiency of commercial and industrial applications.
  • Heavy Duty Crimped Mesh - As the name implies, heavy-duty crimped mesh are designed to serve heavy-duty filtration needs. We allow you choose the wire size of 1 to 6 mm based on the load size. Today, heavy duty crimped mesh screens by Fine Perforators have become a quality filtration/screening standard in chemical, mineral, petroleum, construction, cement, and other industries.

Exporter of Wire Mesh Panels/Screen with Proven Excellence

Because of being in wire mesh manufacturing and supply for over 50 years, we better know the diversity in ever-changing demand of filtration/screening/guarding screens. We continually expand our production capacity and supply-chain to serve our clients in India, Thailand, Vietnam, Dubai, Philippines, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Iran, Mexico, Jordan, Malaysia, and other countries. Our world-class infrastructure and nation-wide network help us to serve you in a way you need. Our dedicated export specialist wire mesh marketers take care of all the concerns of our overseas customers; therefore, the entire process of import of wire mesh from Fine Perforators is hassle-free.

Why have we become #1 wire mesh supplier and exporter?

Today, we are one of the top exporters of wire mesh screens in India because we emphasize:

  • Continually expand wire mesh panels/screens range in line of global trends/standards
  • Understand the customers’ specific requirements and preferences
  • Provide the best quality welded/ woven wire mesh for the particular application
  • Offer the lowest export price of wire mesh screens
  • Manage on the time supply in any country
  • Provide personalized support service pre-sale and post sale

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the more in-demand types of wire mesh?

The leading wire mesh manufacturers offer customization facilities also for the bulk users but the following types of wire mesh are used more:

  • Square wire mesh
  • Rectangular wire mesh
  • Double crimped wire mesh
  • Inter crimped wire mesh
  • Welded mesh
  • Woven wire mesh
  • Plain weave wire mesh
What are the top benefits of using wire mesh?

Wire meshes are being used in increasing applications in different industries to have the following cost and usability benefits:

  • Simple and fast installation
  • High flexibility
  • High-temperature tolerance
  • Wide range of filtration
  • Smooth screening surface without sharp edges
  • Easy cleaning
  • High impact resistant
  • Tough, and stable
Do you have exclusive division to export wire mesh screens & to address the specific concerns of overseas buyers ?

As a prominent exporter of wire mesh screens, we have dedicated experts to take care of every concern of our overseas customers.

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