Hesco Barrier Give Quick Response to Threats From Flood or Arms

Hesco barrier is originally used to control flood and erosion of beaches and marshes. Recently, it has been frequently applied to military purposes. Quick installation and rigid structure ensures temporary or semi-permanent dike or barrier against explosions or small arms.

Advantages of hesco barrier

Unlike common welded gabion, hesco barrier can be filled with soil, sand or gravel. This means raw material are very easy to get, especially suitable for the coastal area where is abundant in sand. Usually, front end loader is employed to fill the container.

Hesco barrier structure

Similar to beehive, Hesco barrier is comprised of external welded gabion and interior fabric liner. Its content includes soil, sand or little stone. The line would be yellow, grass green or other colors which blends well with the surroundings.

Hesco barrier structure

Collapsible hesco barrier package

There are 5 different sizes provided for common applications

Hesco Barrier Installation

  1. Unpack the collapsible wire mesh container from package.
  2. Unfold the barrier and connect barriers to reach the designed length
  3. Fill soil, sand or gravel into the container. The common machine is front end loader.
  4. Compact the content
  5. Add layers if required.

A brief process of hesco barrier installation

Hesco bastion is usually used as temporary military dike or barrier against explosion

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Hesco Barrier