Posted on 06/08/2020

There are two options available when it comes to reinforcing concrete in order to avoid cracking and breakage. The options are Wire mesh reinforcement and also fibre mesh reinforced concrete, and you may be wondering what the difference is between the two and what when it is appropriate to use either of them – that is why we have outlined them in this blog for you.

What Is Wire Mesh Reinforced Concrete?

You may be familiar with seeing wire mesh used on construction sites and have wondered why they are used. The area in which the concrete is to be laid down should be covered in mesh before pouring commences. As theready-mix concrete is poured, the wire mesh should be lifted up so that it’s positioned in the middle of the concrete in order to provide steel reinforcement. This particular type of reinforcement resembles a two-dimensional grid, which plays an important role in its support capabilities. Which ultimately makes the ready mix concrete even stronger and less prone to cracking. Cracking in concrete can be caused due to changes in temperature or unevenly distributed weight on the concrete.

Infrastructures that utilise mesh-reinforced products can be as much as 20% faster than projects that specify standard rebar reinforcement. Using welded wire reinforcement makes the placing or assembly processes easier and thereby contributes to a safer workplace.

What Is Fibre Mesh Reinforced Concrete?

Fibre mesh is made up of fibrous materials like synthetic fibres, glass fibres, natural fibres, and steel fibres- these fibres are then evenly distributed throughout the concrete within the fibre mesh reinforced concrete mixing process. At Al Manaratain our ready-mix division has two fully computerised concrete batching plants with enough transit mixers and concrete pumps in different lengths to meet our customers’ requirements. The production is properly monitored and controlled to comply with the international standards and ministry specifications in respect of quality and quantity.

Once the fibre mix concrete is ready, it is typically used in sidewalks, patios, and driveways. Rather than being laid down prior to the concrete pour, this type of mesh is distributed evenly throughout the wet concrete. Fibre mesh is used to reduce water loss from the concrete as well as enhance its structural strength. This type of mesh is also used to create a higher impact resistance in the concrete, prevent thawing, and increase its strength. Unlike wire mesh, this particular type of reinforcement provides more than just a single layer of support–it reinforces concrete throughout its entire surface as the fibre mesh is distributed evenly across all of the concrete.

Choosing Between Wire Mesh Or Fibre Mesh Reinforced Concrete

When selecting which type of mesh to use, you will need to take both the time frame, cost and product into account. Because constructing a driveway, sidewalk, or patio can be quite difficult for residents to manoeuvre around, you’ll want to make sure that the project is completed as soon as possible, whilst also ensuring that it is time and cost-effective for your business. Using wire mesh is typically a longer process than using fibre mesh, because it requires time to overlap and must be laid twice. However, you should consider that Fiber mesh is also more cost-effective since there is less time involved in pouring and the material is used more efficiently. There has been concern among some contractors that the fibre mesh method can create a “hairy” finish due to some of the fibres protruding from the surface.

It is important to take each and every one of your projects as individuals and make decisions based on what is best for your client and also your business.