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The Difference Between Mesh Curtains, Doors, And Screens?

Find out which type of spark protection matches best with your fireplace.

 Jul 31, 2018  Selese H  Accessories & Accents, Outside the Firebox

Are you looking to add spark protection to your new fireplace door? Or contemplating between a mesh door and standing fireplace screen for your wood-burning fireplace? Find out what makes mesh curtains, doors, and screens different from each other and which type of spark protection best fits with your fireplace.

Mesh Curtains

Mesh curtains come standard with many zero clearance fireplaces and can also be installed into masonry fireplaces with the right hardware. Many of our fireplace doors also include the option for this spark protection to be built right into the door frame!

  • Don’t let the name ‘curtain’ fool you. The sturdy 19-gauge mesh makes for a nicely rigid curtain.
  • However, it would better to have mesh doors with a wood-burning fireplace because mesh curtains are not secured to anything on the bottom and will not stop any rolling logs.
  • All sets include two curtain panels, curtain pull handles, and hog rings.
  • Mesh curtains are the most affordable option for spark protection.


Mesh Fireplace Doors

Mesh doors are also a spark protection option for many of our fireplace doors and, again, they are built right into the frame.

  • Unlike glass fireplace doors, mesh fireplace doors can be closed while a fire is burning.
  • Because ventless fireplaces burn so hot, the heat can discolor fireplace doors even when they are wide open. So for a vent-free fireplace, a mesh door should be used instead.
  • It's the best option for blocking possible rolling logs.
  • Available with cabinet (twin) or single panel doors formasonry and zero-clearance fireplaces.

 Mesh Screens

Fireplace Screens

Unlike the other two styles of spark protection, standing screens are set on the fireplace hearth rather than mounted into the firebox opening. They can be used with virtually any fireplace.

  • They are nice as an additional safety barrier around the firebox opening, especially the triple panel and convex screens, which can create a wide clearance for curious pets and toddling children.
  • The free-standing screens come in a variety of styles: single panel, arched, convex, and triple panel.
  • Standing screens can have artistic metalwork across the paneling, such as decorative patterns and scenery.
  • Some have working doors built into the screens so that they don’t have to be moved out of the way to feed the fire.
  • We even have a couple standing glass screen options as well.
  • The only disadvantage of standing fireplace screens is that they can topple over because they’re not anchored to the firebox like the other types of screens.

Direct Vent SafetyScreens

The glass on the front of direct vent fireplaces can get hot. Refacing screens can add an additional safety barrier while giving the fireplace a new facelift at the same time. Some models even have operable doors.

  • Installation of these screens is super easy as they latch onto the existing fireplace with magnets.


Fireplace Mesh FAQs

Can I take the mesh screen out of my fireplace?

  • Yes, you can but we do not recommend altering your fireplace or fireplace door for safety reasons. The mesh screen is there to help protect you from sparks.

Can I use stainless steel mesh curtains outside?

  • Yes, the 19 gauge stainless steel mesh curtains work very nicely for outdoor fireplaces that are exposed to the weather.

PLEASE NOTE: The stainless steel mesh curtains will discolor if they make direct contact with the flames or if the fire is too hot.

Can I use an angled rod for my fireplace curtains with my fireplace door?

  • If you're installing mesh curtains after your doors are already in place, and the doors did not come with curtains, you can still put in an angled curtain rod. 
  • However, keep in mind that it will need to be installed far enough back in your firebox to provide enough clearance for your fireplace doors to close.

  • If you are installing the mesh curtain rod in a masonry fireplace, make sure to drill in between the stonework and not directly into the brick. This can cause the brick to crack or shatter.

Do the curved standing fireplace screens have feet?

  • No, the curved screens do not have any feet because they are balanced out by the curved frame.


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Last updated on September 21st 2020.


The curtain rod bracket is not exposed on my prefabricated fireplace. I removed the glass doors and two metal side panels but I don't see anything else that can be removed to expose the rod mounting. How do I remove my mesh curtains to replace or repaint them?

There must be some screws in the middle where the curtain/rod bypasses. There should be one for each rod. If you take these out, the rod should come out with no problem. Otherwise send us a pic of the situation and we might be able to better advise you.
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