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Steel H-Piling

Bearing piles are required when a structure cannot be founded on a shallow foundation. Tall structures, for example, often require deep foundations based on engineering principles. In other cases, the soils near the surface may not have the strength to support the structure. Thus, a deep foundation system must be designed to transfer the foundation loads down through the steel piles to carry the load.

H-piles are as wide as they are deep, and have the same thickness in the flange and web. When compared to standard beams, the ‘H’ design of H-pile beams provides better weight distribution over a wider area, resulting in the ability to support heavier and larger structures. This allows the flexibility to build grander projects without the risk of weakening beams. Although they can be designed for skin friction, the H-pile shape is most effective at transferring load through the pile to the tip. Individual piles have been tested to more than 1,000 tons. These piles are more efficient in dense soils that offer pile resistance at the tip for point bearing capacity. When founding a pile system on rock there is no piling system better than steel H-piles (also referred to as HBP or HP).

H-piles are manufactured by Nucor and constitute most of the steel pile supplied by Nucor Skyline. Traditionally, H-pile was made in 8-, 10-, 12-, and 14-inch sizes. In recent years, the capacity of previous sections has been nearly doubled through the addition of 16- and 18-inch pile. Like all other steel produced in the electric arc furnace, H-pile is made from 100% scrap and is 100% recyclable. They can be pulled from the ground decades after use, making them one of the most environmentally friendly piling products.  

H-piles are commonly used as bearing piles in deep foundation applications and are driven into the ground to support bridges, buildings, factories, stadiums, and nearly every other type of structure. H-piles are also used in other applications as bracing systems for cofferdams, and in beam and lagging walls. Steel H-piles have been used for deep foundation and marine structures for more than 100 years.

  • Expansive H-pile range; HP 8x36 – HP 18x204
  • Huge inventory and readily available material
  • Available steel grades: A572, A588, A690, A709, A913; with yields up to 65 ksi
  • Single piece lengths up to 130’ available

Case Study: Bear Canyon

A cost-effective, high-modulus solution to slope stabilization. 

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