Galvanized iron wire, as our primary products, falls into two major kinds
according to the finishes. One is electro galvanized wire while the other is
hot dipped zinc coated galvanized wire.


Galvanized Wire (GI Wire)

Everbright has been supplying Galvanized Iron Wire Products to our global distributors, wholesalers and contractors in building material and other industries. The GI ( Electro Galv. and HDG) wire products are manufactured under full quality control system. Mainly galvanized wire, fence wire, galvanized mesh, galv. welded meshes, trellis system. For specific information, welcome to contact us.

Export Products Details

Galvanised Steel Wire ( GI Wire), Smooth Quality Round Wire

Wire diameter 1,6 (+/- 0,05) mm
Zinc Coating Quality: Galvanized Smooth Quality SAE 1016-1020 with minimum cover Zn 200g/m2 .
Tensile strength 80-90 Kgf/mm2

Wire diameter 1,6 (+/- 0,05) mm
Zinc Coating Quality: Galvanized Smooth Quality SAE 1006 with minimum cover Zn 120g/m2 .
Tensile strength 40-45 Kgf/mm2

Packing conditions:
Each roll packaging in big carriers, protected against moisture.
Individual weight: 100Kg +/- 1Kg. Inside diameter: 510-600 mm.
Packaging in wooden boxes. Each box shall have maximum weight of 1,5 MT.

Hot Dip Galvanized Cable Wire

Surface Treatment: Hot Dipped Zinc Coating
Material: High Carbon Steel Wire
Application: Cable Armouring
Popular Size: Wire Diameter 2.68mm

Fencing High Carbon Steel Wire

Galvanization Type: Fire
Wire Gauge: BWG 12 (2.76mm).
Tensile Strength: 40 to 56 Kgf/mm²
Weight of the zinc coating layer : 50 g/m² min.
Material: High Carbon Steel Wire
Material Composition:
Carbon: 0,080% maximum; Manganese: 0,600% maxium; Silicon: 0,300% maximum; Phosphorus: 0,040% maximum; Sulfur: 0,040% maximum.

Hot dip Galvanized (HDG) Weld Wire Mesh

Mesh size: 75x75 mm
Hole: Square hole
Material: Wire Diameter: 2.5mm

Mesh size: 50x50 mm
Hole: Square hole
Material: Wire Diameter: 3mm

Hot dipped Galvanized Wire

HDG Zinc Plated Galvanized Wire

Zinc Coating Thickness: 60g/m3
Wire Diameter: 2.5mm
Wire Diameter: 2.0mm
Wire Diameter: 1.6mm

Packing: net weight: 7,5 Kgs/spool - plastic spool; net weight: 15.0Kgs/spool - plastic spool

Hot dip Galvanized Wire Coils for Production of Welded Mesh Fence
Diameter             : 4.00 mm
Tensile                  : 650 – 750 N/mm2
Zn Coating           : 40 – 60 gr/m2
Coil Weight         : 400 – 600 kg
Coil Int/Ext          : 450 – 800 mm

Supply to Tajikistan.

Rectangular Hole Welded Mesh Made of Hot Dipped Galvanised Steel Wire:

Weldable Galvanized Steel Wire

Wire diameter: 2.5 and 3.0 mm.
Profile: Smooth and round

Galvanized steel wire  

Diameter 2.5 mm

Diameter 3.0 mm

Tension resistance




Yield resistance








Galvanized Steel Wire, Dia. 2.5mm, Tension resistance 750 N/mm2, yield resistance 680 N/mm2, extension 10%, Weldable for Welded Mesh Manufacture

Packing in coils:
The wire is wrapped up in coils, no spool inside .
The coils are clockwise, dimensions :
Max Height: 80 cm
Max hole diameter: 45 cm
Max external diameter: 85 cm
The weight recommend is 500 or 600 kg.

PVC Coated Galvanized Wire

Plastic Coated GI Wire in Rolls or Coils, Wire diameter: 4mm, Coil length: 200 m. Supply to France

Electro Galvanized Wire

Electro GI Wire, diameter 0.2 mm, 35-40 gram zinc coating.

Profile: Flat wire or round wire.

Galvanized Wire Diameter 0.148”

Material Chemical Composition:

Diameter: 0.148
Description: Galvanized Wire
05069T .O8 0.45 0.006 0.012 0.014 0.07 0.06 0.02 0.008 0 0.007

Supply in Roll or Reel of 750 kg each.

Galvanized Wire for Trellising System

1. Galvanized Wire for Trellising System

· High Tensile 3 mm diameter galvanized iron wire,
· Tensile strength minimum of 1050 N/mm2,
· Galvanization BS EN 10244 or equivalent,
· Elongation/ Ductility suitable for the purpose of utilization,
· Packing each coil should be 25-kg coils and should be packed in pallets for easy handling.

2. End Support for Trellising System

· Steel Made
· Length of shaft 1200-mm approx.
· Helix diameter 100-mm approx, Eyelet diameter 25-mm approx.
· Holding pressure in soil 2500-lbs approx.
· Type of corrosion resistance: galvanized, painted or equivalent

3. Joiner (Clift) for Trellising System

· Steel made joiners
· Used for joining wires and tension wires
· Minimum load/ High tensile strength 300-400kg approx
· Grapple brand or equivalent

Oval Galvanized Wires



Calibre Diametro Carga rot minima Tensión de rotura Peso Zn minimo Peso Rollo Aprox
16/14 2.70 / 2.20 600 160 120grs / mm2 34.00
17/15 3.00 / 2.40 720 155 120grs / mm2 42.55

Galvanized oval wire made of high carbon steel:
Common specification:
Size :2.7/2.2mm,3.0/2.4mm,
Zinc coating rate:40g/m2-300g/m2
Coil weight: 20-45 kg
Applications: Agriculture, fencing, field fence, vineyard and trellis securing.

12 Gauge Galvanized Wire for Manufacturer of Fencing Barbed Wire

Wire BTC Galvanized for FencesØ 2,76 mm

Raw material: 08# high carbon steel
Manufactured as per standard NBR 6331/2010, tensile strength quality
Soft and light zinc layer:
Main Carachteristics for the WIRE BTC GALVANIZED (BWG 12)
- Tolerance dimension: +/- 0,10 mm;
- Resistance range: 40 to 56 Kgf/mm² (392 to+A12 550 MPa);
- Galvanization Type: Fire;
- Minimum Guaranteed Weight of the zinc layer : 50 g/m²;
- Quemical Composition: - Carbon: 0,080% maximum;
- Manganese: 0,600% maxium;
- Silicon: 0,300% maximum;
- Phosphorus: 0,040% maximum;
- Sulfur: 0,040% maximum

Galvanized Wire for Wire Hangers Used in Laundry Industry

Galvanized Wire for Coat Hanger and Pants Hanger Production, Wire diameter: 1.98mm
Tensile: 70 kg, Zinc 15g, Packing: 350 kg coil

For wire hanger used to laundry industry.
Coat/ Shirt wire hanger size: available 16" and 18"
Hanger Length: 16/ 18 /20
Specification: 10.5G, 11G, 11.5G, 12G, 12.5G, 13G, 14G, 14.5G
Packing:250pcs/cartin. 500 pcs/carton
Types include Shirt Hanger, Coat Hanger, Suit wire hangers, skirt wire hangers, drapery wire hangers, industrial wire hangers, etc.