Flat Wire Welded Mesh

Flat wire welded mesh offers increased strength and rigidity over normal round wire mesh and opens many new applications especially those which require a high volume of large aperture material. After several independent laboratory tests where both deflection and panel strength were tested, flat wire welded mesh proved a better strength to weight ratio than round wire welded, expanded or perforated sheets in their usual applications.

Flat on Flat:
A very versatile and economical alternative to conventional infils, it has a very high weld strength for impact resistance. Flat on flat wire welded mesh combines flexibility and lightness for extreme strength, in a wide range of uses.

Flat on Edge:
Flat on edge welded mesh combines a high weight and strength ratio, providing a light and economical mesh solution. It is very strong in one direction, and highly flexible in the other, with the added benefit of being easy to cut and bend, and safe to work with.

Edge on Edge:
Edge on edge flat wire welded mesh has reduced surface area, providing increased given strength. It requires less material to achieve the same strength requirement, and is a better alternative to heavy-duty materials.

Expanded Metal:
Manufactured from one continuous coil or sheet, expanded metal is an extremely versatile material that lends itself to many industrial and architectural applications, from machine and window guads through to balustrade and in-fill panels, filtration and walkways, material handling and acoustic panels.

The expanding process partially sheers and then stretches the metal to form a continuous grid of diamond shaped mesh. No material is lost during the manufacturing process and dude to the angled strands both rigidity and strength are increased. Expanded metal can be produced from virtually any ductile alloy, the most commonly used being mild steel, stainless steel (grades 304, 316, 321. 310 and 430) aluminium, pre-galvanised mild steel, zintec, titanium and nickel alloy.

Bethel Rhodes offers a comprehensive ex-stock range of standard sheets, cut to size pieces and blanks as well as a full design and fabrication service.


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