Weldmesh Fencing

The best quality weldmesh fencing in Brisbane. With our established know-how when it comes to fencing and our extensive options, you can be guaranteed to find the right fence to offer you the security and safety you need for your property.

  • Weldmesh Fencing

    consists of two styles of fence panels.

  • Arafura

    Triangle Fold Top and Bottom. 75mm x 50mm spacings x  4mm  heavy zelcote wire. 2400mm or 3000mm long; by 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, or 1800mm high.

  • Barra

    Triangle Fold top and Bottom. 75mm vertical spacings with two horizontal wires through the centre of the panel in a 5mm thickness. 3000mm long x 900mm, 1200mm, or 1500mm high.

    Gates (25 x 25 RHS Frame ) for both designs are stocked to suit standard  1m opening for single gates  & 3030mm opening doubles gates. We can manufacture gates to suit any opening size required.

  • School

    Triangle Fold Top and Bottom. 75mm x 50mm Spacings x  5mm wire  comes only in a 2475mm long x 1200mm high .  900mm high can be ordered upon request.