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Wire Mesh Weave Patterns: Plain, Twill, Dutch

Arch has been providing its customers with a wide variety of woven wire mesh products since 1998. Arch serves customers all over the world with its commitment and knowledge in weaving high quality wire mesh fabrics. Anywhere efficient filter media for liquid, solid and gas filtration is needed, Arch products are on the job.
Normally we have four kinds of weaving in manufacturing:
Plain Weave, Twill Weave, Five Heddle Weave, Plain Dutch and Twill Dutch.
Plain Weave - The most commonly used weave. Each warp wire crosses alternately above and below each weft wire. Warp and weft wires generally have the same diameter.
Twill Weave - Each weft wire passes alternately over two, and then under two successive warp wires and each warp wire passes alternately over two and under two successive weft wires.
Dutch Weave - Has fewer and usually heavier diameter warp wires than shute wires. Only because of the crimping of shute wires over and under warp wires is there any open area. In contrast to square weave, the flow path is tortuous. The warp wire is usually larger and runs the length of the cloth as woven. The shute wire is smaller and runs across the width of the cloth. Plain Dutch weaves can handle high flow rates with relatively low pressure drop.

Dutch Twill - It packs even more wires in a given area than Dutch plain woven wire cloth. Generally, Dutch Twill Woven Wire Cloth offers finer mesh counts and lower flow than other Dutch Woven Wire Cloth and can be made to filter particles as fine as 2 microns in diameter.

Dutch Plain - This kind of woven wire cloth has a coarser mesh and wire in the warp direction and a finer mesh and wire in the weft direction. Dutch Plain Woven Wire Cloth makes an ideal filter cloth with a very compact, firm mesh with great strength.

Five Heddle Weave – Wire cloth made of five-heddle weave has a smooth top surface and an open lower surface. It is ideal to withstand high mechanical strain and excellent filter performance.

Plain Weave Twill Weave Plain Dutch Weave
Twill Dutch Weave Five Heddle Weave Reverse Dutch Weave

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