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DIY Inspiration: 10 Ways to Use Wire Mesh

Do It Yourself’ers take notice – this is for you!

While most people don’t think of wire mesh when considering craft supplies, there’s an expansive amount of projects and applications for this unique material.

Below we’ve selected 10 DIY projects that you, too, can create – all you need is a little imagination, inspiration and a roll of wire mesh to get started!

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1/10: Home Office Memo Board























This modern-styled memo board is ideal for your desk space; hang inspirational quotes, photos, to-do lists and more. This project is simple, yet versatile. Make this board as small or large as needed and spray paint the wire mesh black, white or any other color you choose.

>Source: Burkatron


2/10: Utility Display Board for Kitchens

















This charming display board goes well with country, industrial, modern and vintage styled kitchens. Hang recipes, kitchen tools, notes to your family, grocery lists and more! This is especially great for those of you whose fridges are not magnetic.

>Source: Qanvast 


3/10: Indoor Garden Wall


























Whether you’re an apartment dweller with no yard or a homeowner with a bountiful garden, you’ll love the vibe that live plants bring to an interior living space. Live plants filter toxins from the air, too!

>Source: Lana Red Studio 


4/10: Outdoor Garden Wall





















For those of you with exterior wall space, this project is perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and flowers. Vertical gardens are gaining popularity because a large volume of plants can be grown without using as much space as traditional soil plots; vertical gardens are pleasing to look at, too!

>Source: DIY Network 


5/10: Craft Room Tool Wall




















For those of you who have a room full of tools, gadgets and other bits and bobs, this tool wall will be a game changer–find what you need immediately with just a glance! This is especially great for people with limited space, as the vertical storage doesn’t require the same amount of furniture or storage boxes that would otherwise be necessary.

>Source: Martha Stewart 


6/10: Hanging Succulent Planters























Add a dab of life wherever you want it! Indoors or outdoors, this succulent holder is easy to mount on any flat surface. If you’re inspired to do so, this planter can be modified into a range of shapes and planter styles for a visually interesting presentation.

>Source: Apartment Therapy 


7/10: Wire Paneled Kitchen Cabinets
















This versatile look can accommodate multiple design styles! For those of you with gorgeous dishes and glasses, this is a wonderful opportunity to display and store your wares at the same time.

>Source: Traditional Home


8/10: Wire Mesh Hanging Shelves





















The best part about this shelving unit is its ability to be made as large or small as you need. The open design makes this an ideal plant shelf, as sunlight will travel through the sides. This is also great for pantry storage, books, craft supplies and more.

>Source: Beyond the Picket Fence


9/10: Picture Frame Remake















For those of you who love a vintage aesthetic, this is a simple yet effective project! Snag a cheap but cute frame from a thrift store and paint it your favorite color. This is a great fixture for photos, jewelry, post cards and more.

>Source: Homedit


10/10: Wire Mesh Fencing













Wire mesh fencing is a classic for a reason! It’s easy to construct, low cost, and airy enough to let light pass through. This is especially great for garden areas where sunlight needs to reach plants that are close to the fence.

>Source: Easy DIY and Crafts 


Ready to get started? Check out ALEKO’s range of wire mesh sizes.

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Feature Photo Credit: Alvhem

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