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A conveyor pulley is a mechanical device similar to a conveyor roller that is used to change the direction of the belt in a conveyor system or to drive the belt or to put tension on the belt.


A conveyor pulley is more heavy-duty than a roller and is used at either end of a conveyor, or near the drive/motor. Choosing the right conveyor belt pulley can get tricky, which is where Heinrich Brothers Inc. can offer expert assistance.


Choose One of the Many Types of Conveyor Belt Pulleys:

Drive Pulley / Head Pulley

  • A Drive Pulley or Head Pulley is used for the purpose of driving a conveyor belt. They are normally mounted in external type bearings and driven by a motor and reducer. Conveyor head pulleys can be flat faced or crowned and many have lagging to reduce belt slippage. Conveyor drum pulleys, wing pulleys and spiral pulleys are the most common style of drive pulleys.

Return Pulley / Tail Pulley

  • Return/Tail pulleys are used to redirect a conveyor belt back toward the drive pulley. Conveyor tail pulleys can have internal bearings or can be mounted in external bearings and are usually located at the end of the conveyor bed. Conveyor tail pulleys commonly serve the purpose of a Take-Up pulley to keep tension on the belt.

Idler Pulley

  • Any free spinning pulley used in a non-drive position used to support the belt.

Snub Pulley

  • A conveyor pulley used to increase belt wrap tension around a drive pulley, typically for the purpose of improving belt traction.

Take-Up Pulley

  • A conveyor pulley that can be adjusted in a bracket to increase or decrease belt slack or belt tension.

Bend Pulley

  • A conveyor pulley used to redirect the belt and provide belt tension where bends occur in the conveyor system.

Conveyor Roller

  • A roller assembly used in the bed of a conveyor as a support for the conveyed product. These rollers are also used in the return section under the conveyor bed as support for the return portion of the conveyor belt

Stainless Steel Series Heavy Wall/Gauge Tubing Flat Pulleys


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