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chevron cleated conveyor belt

Product Description

Monster manufactures chevron cleated conveyor belts that are comprised of high tensile strength Polyester/Nylon (EP) woven fabric ply carcass. We can offer suitable high tensile strength V profile Conveyor Belt with cleated designs including;

  • Closed-V,
  • Open-V,
  • Y type, and
  • Multi-V profiles.

There are also different cover compounds comprised of polymers and fillers which provide protection to the carcass from abrasion and impact. These covers also come in a wide variety of cover thicknesses to meet your operating situations. We will assist you to decide which profile is suitable if necessary.

We have more than 40+ kinds of different patterns, some of these are;

– C5,
– Multi-V6,
– C10,
– C12.7,
– C14,
– C15,
– C20,
– C25,
– C32, and Others.

Please contact us for a detailed drawing of the chevron rubber belt conveyor design, click here.

Pattern Type drawing

Features of Chevron Conveyor Belts:

These belts are manufactured with high quality fabric with low stretch.Cleat angle and pitch of our offered belts are designed for smooth travel over return idlers.These belts have high efficiency provides great performance and having longer working life.These are slide resistant, wear resistant and oil resistant black rubber quality that provides high conveying capacity.Our produced array of these conveyor belts can carry loose materials at angle of 17-18 and bagged material at 30-35.


Chevron Pattern Conveyor Belts are used for a wide range of conveyor line and suit the following industries such as grain processing‚ sugar refineries, agriculture, cement works, sand‚ rock mining, quarrying and mineral processing, mobile crushers and screens for steep inclines. Cleated belts also increase the amount of granular materials being carried, in heavy duty incline applications.

Buy Chevron Cleated Belt conveyor from Monster Belting

Monster Belting offers patterns in conveyor belts. The chevron belt conveyor offers suitable transportation for loose, bulky and bagged material. Ideal for inclined surfaces, the cleat pattern and depth provides resistance for the material to slip. Browse below to choose a product and contact us for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I get a warranty on this product?

We give a year warranty on our products. The warranty period can be extended only after discussion and if both parties agree.

2. How many patterns of chevron conveyor belt do you produce?

We sell more than 40 kinds of patterns such as C5, C10, C12, multi-V6, etc. Please contact us for information, click here.

3. What if something goes wrong? Do I get technical support?

Yes. You can live chat for assistance or call at +86 18724717692 (China). For your country’s help number, visit our contact us page.

4. Do you ship outside of China?

Yes. We have chevron conveyor belt distributors & suppliers in Pakistan, the Gulf region, Russia and Iran. You can find our distributors’ information on the contact us page.

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