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beads of courage : beads needed

Beads Currently Needed

Beads of Courage� accepts all colors and types of beads including clay, wood and factory-made plastic beads. However, the program is always in greatest need for handmade glass beads.

Colored Beads for Milestone Achievements Red Beads for every blood transfusion a child receives a red bead
White Beads for every chemotherapy treatment
Star Beads for every surgery
Yellow Beads for overnight hospital stays
Glow-in-the-Dark Beads for radiation treatment
All other colors also graciously accepted
Act of Courage Beads Beads of Courage specifically asks for a random assortment of handmade glass beads for children to select from for the Act of Courage and Bone Marrow Transplant treatment milestones. Use your creativity - the sky is the limit! Many bead makers donate extras from sets, orphans, and the beads sitting around the studio that need a good home.
Heart Beads Beads of Courage is also in need of handmade Purple Heart beads (cancer treatment) and Red Heart beads (cardiac treatment) to be given to children who are celebrating the completion of their treatment. Beads of Courage prefer hearts with the hole running horizontally through them, but hearts that have a vertical hole are perfectly acceptable. Please have vertical holed beads be wired with a headpin loop so that they can be strung with the pointed end down.

Guidelines for Glass Beads

Important Beads made from just about any glass are welcome, though there are a couple of things that should be avoided. Please avoid using reduction glass, frits, powders or enamels that will leave a metallic surface on the beads. These metallic surfaces tend to wear over time and we want your beads to remain as beautiful as the day that they were made.
Size Bead size is not important; Beads of Courage can use all sizes and variations of beads (round, tubular, sculptural) for our treatment milestone beads. Bead hole size is at minimum 1/16", though 3/32" holes and larger are easiest for the kids to string. The inside of the bead should be free of bead release. Please make sure that there are no sharp corners, sharp edges on the bead holes, cracks or protrusions that would easily break off (such as hearts with long, delicate tails). Beads should be fully kiln annealed. Please remember that these beads are worn and handled by children and should be sturdy enough to stand up to normal wear and tear.

Thank you for helping Delphi reach our goal of 100,000 beads for children battling illness.

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