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About Amerimet

Company Overview

Welcome to Amerimet – America’s Premier Metals Supplier

Amerimet is a full-service metals processor, distributor and exporter of aluminum and steel coil and flat sheet. We supply our extensive offering of metal products to a vast network of manufacturers and fabricators throughout North America, the Caribbean and Latin America. Amerimet’s processing capabilities, combined with a comprehensive inventory of aluminum and steel sheet products, create the foundation on which we have built America’s premier metals service center.

Diversified Processing Capabilities

From our manufacturing plant of 40,000 square feet in Miami, Florida, Amerimet has grown into the industry’s first-choice metals supplier for building product manufacturers. Our unique slitting, coating and processing capabilities, coupled with an extensive inventory selection, enable Amerimet to respond to your material needs quickly and effectively. An exceptional team of knowledgeable and dedicated professionals is always available to answer your questions, solve your problems and ensure customer satisfaction. Comprehensive processing capabilities, inventory, technology, customer service and a commitment to excellence constitute the key elements that form the cornerstone of our growth and success in the metals service industry.

Metal Production Expertise

Amerimet’s on-site processing facilities provide the necessary tools to support our customers with unparalleled service and quality. Our production expertise, technical support staff and experience in the industry make it possible for us to turn our coil sheet inventory into your exact product specification, almost immediately. This is why so many manufacturers have made Amerimet a partner in their raw material planning process.

Customer Solutions

The staff at Amerimet has many innovative ideas to help your company become more profitable. By giving us the opportunity to supply your raw material needs, your organization can benefit from our significant resources. If you are a manufacturer or fabricator with aluminum or steel sheet requirements, we invite you to contact us. We know you will be pleased with the results.

What makes us Exceptional!

  • On-site coil processing
  • Extensive inventory
  • Competitive pricing
  • Commitment to quality
  • Technical support
  • Exceptional customer service

Mission Statement

At Amerimet, we have learned that an in-depth knowledge of our customers and suppliers leads to lasting and mutually beneficial relationships. By the same token, we believe it is important that we share our mission statement with our business partners, in order to provide them with insight into our organization, values and vision.

We define our identity as a metals processor, distributor and exporter of aluminum and steel products to manufacturers throughout North America, the Caribbean and Latin America. Our mission is to be the best. In other words, we are on a quest for excellence.

Although the marketplace is replete with companies making claims of outstanding products and services, the truth is we live in a world of mediocrity. Excellence is easier to proclaim than it is to attain. When it is truly achieved, it is special. Amerimet’s mission is to accomplish excellence through our actions in every facet of the business. This pursuit of perfection in everyday tasks and activities will inevitably lead us to greater productivity, lower-cost products, improved quality and unparalleled customer satisfaction.

Our commitment to excellence is the core value of our corporate culture.

It is the main theme that we tirelessly recite to our employees. It is the standard we demand from ourselves. It is the essential ingredient incorporated into every aspect of our endeavors. This relentless pursuit of excellence provides us guidance, perspective and clarity of vision. It serves as the compass that leads us to the next level. Our commitment to excellence is the driving force that ensures our sustained growth, continued success and exceptional performance.

Executive Summary

Glenn Hamilton

Glenn Hamilton is the President, CEO and founder of Amerimet, America’s leading processor, distributor and exporter of aluminum and steel products.  Glenn is well known throughout Florida, the United States, the Caribbean and Latin America as a successful and reputable executive and entrepreneur with over 40 years of experience in the metals processing and manufacturing industry.

Employee Directory



Extension #

Acosta, Ana



Cami, Jose



Cami, Luis

Plant Manager


Egusquiza, Diego

Export Sales


Hamilton, Glenn



Rivera, Jose



Rivero, Yesi



Rodriguez, Brian



Sansonetti, Dave

Domestic Sales



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