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Aluminum Expanded Metal

Aluminum expanded metal has become the preferred choice for applications of architectural ornamental projects. E.g. building facade & cladding, ceiling, partition wall, railing as well as functional sunshade panels.

Aluminum Expanded Sheets Offer a Stereo Adornment Effect

Aluminum expanded metal, such an amazing metal mesh type, is made of a self-contained aluminum sheet through punching and subsequent stretching process. The sizes and shapes of mesh openings vary with the incision size and tensile strength. In recent years, these aesthetically & pleasing expanded metal sheets frequently appear in architectural decoration design schemes. Whether in office buildings, hotels & clubs or gymnasium, aluminum expanded metal sheets are both decorative and functional.


  • Ventilated and breathable configuration.
  • Attractive appearance and long service life.
  • A wide range of opening areas available.
  • Naturally lightweight and easy to work with.
  • Affordable, durable and recyclable.
  • Optional aluminum plate thicknesses.




Aluminum expanded metal for building facade

Aluminum expanded metal for internal wall

Aluminum expanded metal for ceiling

Aluminum expanded metal for partition wall

Aluminum expanded metal for bridge railing

Aluminum expanded metal for sunshade

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Decorative Expanded Aluminum Mesh