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Full text of "TM 30-506 German Military Dictionary: German-English, English-German"

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TM 30-506 





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Room 1.A522, Pentagon 


2 0 MAY 194 + 


This Dictionary Supersedes TM 30-255, August 5, 1941 






1 MAY 1944 


War Department 
Washington 25, D. C., 20 May 1944 

TM 30-506, German Military Dictionary, is published for military 
personnel only, and is not to be republished in whole or in part 
without the consent of the War Department. 

[A. G. 300.7 (3 Mar 43)] 

By order of the Secretary of War : 


Chief of Staff. 

Official : 

J. A. ULIO, 

Major Generalj 

The '^Adjutant General. 

Distribution : 


(For explanation of symbols see FM 21-6.) 

APR 23 194 $ 

prop®!' 1 # ^ 


T HIS DICTIONARY has been intentionally limited in scope to 
military subject matter and directly related fields. It has been 
compiled primarily for use by American military personnel with at 
least a fair knowledge of German. 

As far as possible the editors have endeavored to furnish actual 
equivalents rather than literal translations from one language into 
the other. Thus, although the literal translation of Entwicklung 
would be “development,” a study of the German operations manual 
reveals that Entwicklung follows Entfaltung (“development”) and 
hence is the equivalent of “deployment.” Translations have been 
provided (generally with a note of explanation) only where equiva- 
lents do not exist or could not be found. 

In the case of ranks, the corresponding United States rank accord- 
ing to function has been given, as listed in TM-E 30-451 (1 Sep- 
tember 1943). 

In the arrangement of terms the single-entry method has been 
used. A term like advance guard will be found only under advance 
and not under guard. 

Entries are arranged in straight alphabetical order, regardless 
of whether any given entry consists of one word or more, thus : 

direct current 
direction board 
direct observation 

The only exceptions to straight alphabetical order are a limited 
number of phrases which the reader would be unlikely to look for 
under the first word of the phrase. Thus, in F euerstellung appears 
under F euerstellung, not under in. 

Among various equivalents for a given term, synonyms are sepa- 
rated by commas, different meanings by semicolons. 

For definitions of many of the English terms used, see TM 20-205, 
Dictionary of United States Army Terms, 18 January 1944. 




Foreword iii 

Authorized Abbreviations vi 

Vocabularies : 

Part I — German-English 1 

Part II — English-German 220 

Appendix I — Numbers 432 

Appendix II — Weights and Measures 433 

Appendix III — German Military Abbreviations 435 



AA Antiaircraft 

AAA Antiaircraft Artillery 

AAF Army Air Forces 

Adrm Airdrome 

Adm Administrative 

Adv Gd Advance Guard 

Am Ammunition 

Ap Airplane 

Armd Armored 

Arty Artillery 

Ash Airship 

AT Antitank 

Avn Aviation 

AWS Aircraft Warning Service 

Btry Battery 

BC Battery Commander 

Bdg Bridge 

Bln Balloon 

Bn Battalion 

CA Coast Artillery 

Cal Caliber 

Cam Camouflage 

Cav Cavalry 

Civ Civil, Civilian 

Clo Clothing 

Cml Chemical 

Com Communication 

Comd Command 

Com Z Communications Zone 

CP Command Post 

Cpl Corporal 

CWS Chemical Warfare Service 
Div Division 
Elec Electrical 
Engr Engineers 
FA Field Artillery 
FR Flash Ranging 
Ft Fortification 
G Gun 

Ger German ( no authorized source ) 

GHQ General Headquarters 

Govt Government 

H Cav Horse Cavalry 

H-Dr Horse-drawn 

HE High Explosive 

Hq Headquarters 

Inf Infantry 

Inst Instrument 

Lt Lieutenant 

LM Land Mine 

Maj Major 

Math Mathematics (no authorized 
source ) 

Mech Mechanics, Mechanical 

Mecz Mechanized 

Med Medical 

Met Meteorological 

MG Machine Gun 

Mil Military 

Mort Mortar 

MP Military Police 

MT Motor Transport 

Mtcl Motorcycle 

Mtr Motor 

Mtz Motorized 

Nav Naval 

NCO Noncommissioned Officer 

Obsn Observation 

Ord Ordnance 

Pers Personnel, Person 

Photo Photography 

Pon Ponton 

Prcht Parachute 

Pvt Private 

PW Prisoner of War 

PX Post Exchange 

QMC Quartermaster Corps 

R Rifle 

Rad Radio 

Ren Reconnaissance 

Regt Regiment 

RR Railroad 

SA Small Arms 

Sgt Sergeant 

Sig Signal 

Sig C Signal Corps 

SL Searchlight 

SR Sound Ranging 

Surv Surveying 

Tac Tactical, Tactics 

Tech Technical 

Tg Telegraph 

Tk Tank 

Tng Training 

T of Opns Theater of Operations 

Top Topographical 

Trans Transportation 

Tp Telephone 

Trac Tractor 

Trk Truck 

US United States 

USA United States Army 

Yet Veterinary 

Z of I Zone of the Interior 

* Based on AR 850-150, 1-2, 14 Aug 1943; and FM 21-30, Oct 1943. 





Abbau m dismantling ( a structure, 
etc.); mining (ore). 
abbauen to dismantle (a, structure, 
etc.); to mine (ore). 
abbefdrdern evacuate (PW, wounded, 

Abbildung / illustration, figure, dia- 

abbinden to tie, lash (Tp wire). 
abblasen to release gas (CWS). 
abblenden dim (a light). 
“Abblenden!” “Out of action!” (A A 

Abblendlieht n dim light (on auto 

abbrechen break off; cease; withdraw, 
das Lager abbrechen to break camp, 
das Gefecht abbrechen to withdraw 
from action. 

Abbrechen des Gefechts withdrawal 
from action, 
abbremsen to brake. 
Abbremsvorrichtung / arresting gear 
( aircraft carrier ) . 
abbriicken dismantle ( a bridge). 
Abdachung/ slope (Top). 
Abdeckplatte / cover plate (G). 
abdichten to seal, calk, pack. 
Abdichtung gegen Kampfgas gas- 
proofing ( CWS). 

Abdichtungsring m sealing ring, 

abdienen complete a period of service. 
Abdrift / drift (Avn, Nav). 
Abdriftmesser m driftmeter (Ap). 
Abdriftplatz m landing area, jump 
area (Prcht troops). 

Abdriftvisier n driftmeter (Ap). 
abdrosseln to throttle (an engine). 
abdriicken to fire, i.e. pull (a trig- 
ger); press (a button). 
Abdriickvorrichtung / release mecha- 
nism (G). 

A. Abfrageklinke 

Abendgesellschaftsanzug m special 
evening dress uniform. 

Abfahrt / departure, start; downhill 
run (skiing). 

Abfahrtzeit / time of departure, time 
of starting; time of descent (skiing). 
Abfall in waste; drop (Elec). 
abfallen to slope (Top). 
abfallendes Gelande sloping terrain, 
abfangen pull out, level off, flatten 
out (Avn); intercept (Tac). 
Abfangradius m pull-out radius (in 
dive bombing). 

Abfangwalze / front roller, roller 
bumper (MT, Tk). 

Abfederung f spring system, suspen- 
sion (MT). 

abfertigen to dispatch ( messages, ve- 
hicles, trains, etc.); to process for 
further disposition. 
Abfertigungsgebauderc control tower 
( Adrm). 

abfeuern to fire. 

Abfeuerungseinrichtung / release 
mechanism (Mort). 

Abfeuerungshebel m firing lever (G). 
Abfeuerungsverbindung f firing cir- 
cuit for machine gun ,or gun (Tk). 
Abfeuerungsvorrichtung / firing 

Abfindung/ pay and/or reimburse- 
ment, financial settlement. 

Abflug m take-off ( Avn) ; going flight, 
departing flight, receding flight 

Abfluggeschwindigkeit f take-off 


Abflugleistung / ' take-off rating. 
Abfrageapparat m operator’s tele- 

Abfrageklinke f operator’s answering 




abfragen inquire as to party or line 
desired (Tp). 

abfiittern to feed (an animal). 
Abgangsfehler m jump, vertical jump 

Abgangsfehlerwinkel to angle of 
jump, jump, vertical jump (Arty). 
Abgangsrichtung f line of departure 

Abgangswinkel to quadrant angle of 
departure ( Ballistics ) . 

Abgase npl exhaust gases, waste 

Abgasturbine / exhaust turbine ( Ap). 
abgeflacht flattened, flat, 
abgeflachter Teil der Patrone me- 
plat fSA Am). 
abgekampft battle-weary, 
abgejagt winded, worn out. 
abgenutzt worn, worn out, worn 
away; eroded (G barrel). 
Abgeschobener to evacuee, 
abgesessen dismounted (Pers). 
abgesondert detached (unit, etc.). 
abgestellt parked, 
abgetragen worn (Clo). 
abgieBen to spray chemical warfare 
agents (Avn). 

Abgleitschienen fpl. bullet-deflection 
rails (Tk). 

abgreifen to transfer map distances 
with compass or dividers, to plot (in 
this sense). 

Abgreifen der Entfernung measuring 
map range with dividers or compass. 
Abgrenzung / demarcation, delimita- 

abhangen take off (a pack); unhook 
(a trailer); hang up (Tp) ; overtake 
and leave behind (slang). 
abhauen to cut down; to “beat it” 
( slang). 

abheben lift up; pull up, take off 

Abholkommando n party detailed to 
fetch anything; aircraft ferrying de- 

abhoren intercept, listen in, monitor 
(Rad, Tp). 

Abhorgefahr / danger of interception 
(Tp, Rad). 

Abhorstelle/ intercept station (Sig 
C); monitoring station (Rad). 
abkippen wing over ( Avn) ; withdraw 
from action (slang). 
abklemmen disconnect from binding 
post (Elec). 

abkommandieren to detach, to detail. 
Abkommen n deviation ; agreement, 
convention; point of aim (at instant 

of firing). 

das Abkommen melden to call the 

abkommen deviate. 

Abkommpunkt to point of called shot, 
point of aim. 

Abkommrohr n subcaliber tube 


AbkommschieBen n subcaliber firing, 
subcaliber practice. 

Abkriimmen n trigger squeeze, 
abkriimmen to squeeze (a trigger). 
Abladekommando n unloading detail, 
abladen unload, detruck, detrain. 
Ablage / dump. 

Ablagerungszaun to drift fence (a 
type of snow fence for winter opera- 

AblaBschraube / drain plug. 

Ablauf to completion, termination; 

launching, starting. 

Ablaufbahn/ runway (Adrm) ; land- 
ing ramp (for seaplanes). 
Ablaufbergw hump, incline (RR). 
Ablaufposten w bridge-traffic control 

Ablauf ventil n relief valve (Hydrau- 

ablauschen listen in, intercept (Rad). 
abliiuten to ring off (Tp). 
ableiten divert (a stream, etc.). 
Ableitung/ derivation; derivative 
(Math); leakage (Elec). 

Ablenkung/ diversion (Tac); deflec- 
tion, refraction. 

Ablenkungsangriff to diversion, feint 
attack (Tac). 

Ablesemarke / index line, index 

ablesen to read (instruments, etc.). 
Ablesfehler to index error. 

Ablesung / setting, reading, 
abliefern deliver. 

Ablosung/ relief (Tac). 
ablbsen relieve, take over. 

Abmarsch to half-squad (Cav); 

departure, start, 
abmarschbereit ready to start. 
Abmarschfiihrer to half -squad leader 

abmarschieren depart, start the 


abnehmen remove, take off; decrease; 
accept, take. 

Abnutzung 3 

Abnutzung/ erosion, wear; wear and 
tear; attrition. 

Abnutzung des Rohres erosion of the 

Abnutzungskampf to battle of attri- 

Abort to toilet, latrine, 
abprallen to ricochet. 

Abpraller to ricochet. 

AbprallerschieBen n ricochet fire. 
Abprallwinkel m angle of ricochet, 
abprotzen uncouple, unlimber ( Arty). 
Abregnen n aerial spraying (CIVS). 
abreiBen to rip, tear off. 

AbreiBknopf to fuze-cord button 
(hand grenade). 

AbreiBschnur / rip cord (Prcht); 

fuze cord (hand grenade). 
AbreiBziinder m friction igniter, rip- 
cord igniter. 

abriebbestiindig wear-resistant, 
abriegeln to block, interdict, box in, 
seal off (Tac); to bolt (a door, etc.). 
Abriegelungsfeuer n box barrage 

Abriicken n departure, 
abrufen to ring off (Tp). 
abriisten disarm. 

Abriistung / disarmament, 
abrutschen to slip (Avn). 
sich seitlich abrutschen Iassen to 
fall off (Avn). 

absacken to drop, pancake ( Avn) ; to 
founder, sink (slang). 

Absatteltrupp m unsaddling detail 

Absatzm berm (Ft) ; heel (of shoe) ; 

abschiitzen to estimate ( distance, 


Abscheren n shear (Mech). 
abschieben evacuate; expel, deport. 
Abschied to departure; discharge; 


ehrenvoller Abschied honorable dis- 

abschieBen to down, to shoot down 
(an Ap); to disable, put out of action 
(a Tk or vehicle ) ; to shoot ( a person) . 
abschirmen to blanket, screen, cover, 
protect, shield. 

Abschirmung / shielding, screening 


abschlachten to massacre, slaughter, 
abschlagen repel; reject. 
Abschleppdienst m recovery service, 
towing service (MT). 


Abschleppen n towing. 

Abschleppgerat n towing equipment. 
Abschleppkommando n recovery 
party, wrecking section. 
Abschleppkraftwagen m wrecking 


Abschleppzug to wrecker platoon, 
maintenance platoon (MT). 
AbschluBplattchen n base cover (Am). 
abschmieren lubricate, 
abschneiden to cut off, isolate (Tac); 
to cut (wire, etc.). 

Abschnitt to sector, phase (Tac); 

area, section. 

Abschnittsgrenze / sector boundary. 
Abschnittsreserve f sector reserve, 
abschnittsweise by sectors; in phases, 
abschraubbar unscrewable, detach- 

abschreiten pace off (a distance). 
Abschrift / copy. 

Abschub to evacuation (of PW, 

wounded, etc.); transportation to the 
rear (of salvage, supplies, etc.). 
Abschubstelle f evacuation station. 
AbschuB m discharge (of a gun) ; 
downed enemy airplane; disabled tank 
or vehicle. 

AbschuBentfernung / slant range to 
present position (at instant of firing) 

abschiissig steep (Top). 
AbschuBpunkt to present position 
(at instant of firing) (AAA). 
AbschuBrohr n projector (CWS, Sig). 
abschwachen reduce (Photo) ; weaken. 
Absetzbewegung / withdrawal, dis- 

absetzen, sich disengage, withdraw 
(Tac); increase distance between air- 
craft in flight. 

Absetzer m jumpmaster (Prcht 

Absetzgelande n landing area (Prcht 

Absicht/ intent, intention, 
absitzen dismount (from H or ve- 
hicle); do time, serve, a sentence, 
absondern isolate (Med) ; divide, sep- 
arate; segregate (PW). 
Absonderung/ isolation (Med); divi- 
sion, separation; segregation (PW). 
Absonderungsabteilung/ isolation 
quarters (Med). 

abspannen relieve strain on wire by 
tying (Tp); relieve tension, unhar- 
ness, uncock, relax. 

absperren 4 

absperren close or block (a road, 
etc.); lock (a door, etc.); cut off, 
isolate (Tac). 
abspreizen to brace, 
abspringen bail out, jump (Avn). 
Absprung m jump (Prcht). 
Absprunghafen to jump-off base 

Absprung mit verzogerter offnung 
delayed jump (Prcht). 
abspulen ’ unreel, unwind, 
abspiilen rinse out, wash out. 

Abspuler m paying-out reel, axle of 
hand reel (Tp). 

Abspiiren n gas detection (CWS). 
Abstandm distance (from front to 
rear). See also Zeitabstand. 
Abstandslicht n marker light (MT). 
Abstandwerfen n pattern bombing, 
abstecken stake off ( Engr, Surv) ;' 
plot ( a course, etc.) ; trace, tape off 
( a mine field, etc.). 

Absteckpfahl m stake (Surv). 
absteifen to brace, stiffen, 
absteigender Ast descending branch 
(of trajectory). 

Abstellbahnhof m railroad yard, 
abstellen to park, stop; to turn off 
(an engine or motor). 

Abstellgleis n classification track, 
siding (RR). 

Abstellplatz to parking place, park- 
ing area, dispersal area (Adrm). 
abstimmen to tune (Rad). 
Abstimmkondensator m tuning con- 
denser (Rad). 

Abstimmscharfe / selectivity, sharp- 
ness of resonance (Rad). 

Abstimmskala / tuning dial (Rad). 
Abstimmspule / tunimg coil (Rad). 
abstreifen to patrol (a road, area, 

abstufen graduate (into degrees). 
Absturz to crash, plunge ( Avn). 
zum Absturz bringen to down ( an 

absuchen to search, sweep. 

Abszisse / abscissa, X-coordinate. 
Abtastdose f pick-up unit ( record 


Abteilung f battalion ( Cav, Arty, 

Armd Comd); detachment, unit 
(Tac); department, section (Adm). 
“Abteilung, Halt !” “Squad ( company, 
detail, etc.), halt!” 

Abteilungsadjutant m battalion ad- 
jutant. 1 


Abteilungskommandeur m battalion 


Abteilungsnachrichtenstaffel / bat- 
talion communication section. 
Abteilungsstab to battalion head- 

Abtransport m evacuation, 
abtransportieren evacuate, 
abtrennen cut off, separate, isolate, 

“Abtreten!” “Dismissed!” (formal 
style, to an individual). Compare 


abtreten lassen dismiss (an indi- 

Abtrift/ drift (Avn). 

Abtriftmesser m driftmeter (Avn). 
Abtriftvisier n See Abdriftvisier. 
Abtriftwinkel to drift angle (Avn). 
abtrudeln go into a spin (Avn). 
AbwalzstoBel to tappet rod ( eccentric- 
cam type). 

abwiirts downward, downhill, 
abwassern to drain (water). 

Abwehr / defense, active defense; 
military security. 

Abwehrangelegenheiten fpl security 

Abwehrdienst m counterintelligence. 
Abwehrerfolgw. defensive success. 
Abwehrgeschiitz n antiaircraft gun. 
Abwehrkampf to defensive combat. 
AbwehrmaBnahme / defensive mea- 
sure; security measure. 

Abwehroffizier m security officer. 
Abwehrvorbereitung f defensive prep- 
aration, preparation of defensive 

Abwehrwaffe / defensive arm; de- 
fensive weapon, 
abwehrweise defensively. 

Abwehrzone / defensive zone, 
abweichen deviate, 
abweichende Anfan gsgeschwindigkeit 
velocity error. 

Abweichung/ deviation, deflection, 

abweisen repel. 

AbweiserTO fender; recoil guard (G * 


abwerfen to drop, jettison (Avn). 
abwesend absent. 

Abwind to descending air current 


Abwurf to release (bombing). See 
also Wurf. 

Abwurfbehalter to slip tank, belly 

Abwurfgerat 5 

tank (Ap); aerial delivery unit (air- 
borne operations). 

Abwurfgerat n bomb-release mech- 
anism (Ap). 

Abwurfgondel / See Abwurfkiste. 

Abwurfhbhe / bombing altitude, 
bomb-release altitude (Avn). 

Abwurfkiste / aerial delivery con- 
tainer ( airborne operations). 

Abwurftneldung / drop message. 

Abwurfpatrone / message container 
(for drop message) (Avn). 

Abwurfschacht m bomb rack (Ap). 

Abwurfstelle / message-dropping 
ground; drop point ( airborne sup- 

Abwurfvorrichtung / bomb-release 
mechanism (Ap). 

Abwurfzielgeriit n bomb sight (Ap). 

abwiirgen to stall (an engine). 

“Abzahlen !” “Count off!” 

Abzeichenw badge, device, emblem, 
insignia; marking (Ap, Tk). 

abziehen pull ( a trigger); withdraw 
(Tac); hone, whet, sharpen; make a 
print (Photo); subtract, deduct, draw 

Abzugm trigger (SA); withdrawal 
(Tac); contact print (Photo); deduc- 
tion (of pay, etc.). 

Abzugsbugel to trigger guard (R). 

Abzugsfeder / sear spring (R). 

Abzugsgabel / trigger-sear fork (R). 

Abzugsgewicht n trigger pull (SA). 

Abzugsgriff m lanyard handle (G). 

Abzugshebel m trigger lever (MG); 
firing lever (G). 

Abzugsschiene / trigger bar ( A A 

Abzugsschnur / lanyard (Ord). 

Abzugsstange / sear -(pistol). 

Abzugsstift to trigger pin (R). 

Abzugsstollen m sear, sear nose (R). 

Abzugsstiickw trigger piece, firing 
lever (G). 

Abzugsvorrichtung / trigger mech- 
anism (SA) ; firing mechanism (Ord). 

Abzugswelle/ firing rod ("A A gun). 

Abzweigung f branch; junction line 

Achsantrieb m axle drive (MT). 

Achsdruckm axle load (MT). 

Achse / axis; ordinate; axle; shaft. 

Achsel / shoulder. See also Schulter. 

Achsenverschrankbarkeit / angle of 
axle swing (MT). 

Achsfeder / axle spring. 


Achsfederung / axle suspension. 

Achslager n axle bearing. 

Achsmutter / axle nut. 

Achsschenkel m wheel spindle (MT). 

Achsschenkellenkung f steering- 
knuckle type of steering, Ackerman 
steering (MT). 

Achsschwingschenkel m wheel spindle 

Achssitze mpl axle seats ( for gun- 

Achssturz m pivot inclination, king- 
pin inclination (MT). 

Achszapfen m kingpin, steering 
knuckle pivot (MT). 

Achszapfensturz m -pivot inclination, 
kingpin inclination (MT). 

Achterzelt n eight-man tent. 

Achtganggetriebe n eight-speed 
transmission (MT). 

“Achtung!” “Attention!”, “Caution!”, 
“Danger!”, “Look out!” 

“Achtung! Prasentiert das, Gewehr!” 
“Present, Arms!” 

Adamsitm adamsite (CWS). 

Aderpresse / tourniquet. 

Adjutant m adjutant, aide, aide-de- 
camp, executive officer. 

Adjutantur / Adjutant’s Office (de- 
partment of the Oberkommando des 
Heeres serving as central clearing 
office for routine matters; in no sense 
equivalent to US Adjutant General’s 
Department) ; personnel group of 
general staff sections ( in army, corps, 
and Div). 

Adler m eagle. 

Admiral m admiral. 

Afrikakampfer m veteran of the 
African Campaign. 

Aggregat n unit, set; charging unit 

Ago name of an aircraft manufactur- 
ing company. 

Akjam boat-type runner (placed tin- 
der gun wheels for operations in deep 
snoio; also used as a swamp convey- 
ance for ivounded, etc.). 

Akten fpl documents, records, papers, 

Aktenmaterial n official documents. 

Aktenschrank m filing cabinet. 

Aktionsbereich m See Fahrbereich, 
Flugbereich, etc. 

Aktionsradius m See Wirkungsbe- 


aktiv active; regular, 
aktive Truppe line troops, combat 

akustische Ortung sound location, 
acoustic orientation (AAA). 

Alarm m alarm; air-raid warning. 
“Alarm aus!” “All clear!” 
alarmbereit on the alert. 
Alarmbereitschaft / alert, stand-by. 
Alarmplatzw alarm station. 
AlarmschuGgerat n trip-wire alarm. 
Alkalipatrone / alkali cartridge ( oxy- 
gen breathing apparatus). 

Alleinflug m solo flight, 
allgemeines Aufgebot levee en masse. 
Allgemeines Heeresamt General 

Army Office (central section in rear 
echelon of Oberkommando des 
Heeres) (abbr. AHA). 

Allgemeines Luftamt General Air 
Office (section of Ger Air Ministry). 
Allgemeines Wehrmachtamt General 
Office of the Armed Forces (central 
section in rear echelon of Oberkom- 
mando der Wehrmacht). 
allgemeingiiltige Anordnungen gen- 
eral orders. 

Allradantrieb m all-wheel drive (MT). 
Alp f mountain pasturage. 

Alter n age. 

Altersgrenze f age limit. 
Alterungsbestandigkeit / resistance 
to aging. 

alte Wache old guard. 

Altgummi n-m scrap rubber. 
Altmaterial n junk, scrap, waste. 
Altmetall n scrap metal. 

Alulegierung f See Aluminiumlegie- 

Aluminiumlegierung / aluminum 

Amatol n amatol ( Am). 

AmboB m anvil (Am). 
amboBformiger Kumulo-Nimbus in- 
cus (Met). 

AmboBschraube / threaded anvil 
. (Am). 

Ammoniumpikrat n ammonium pic- 
rate (Am). 

Ammonpulver n ammonal (Am). 
Ammonsalpeter-Sprengmittel n am- 
monium nitrate explosive. 
Amperemeter n ammeter. 

Amperezahl f amperage. 
Amphibienflugzeug n amphibian air- 


Amphibienkampfwagen m amphibian 


Amt n office, bureau; administrative 
function; telephone central. 

amtlich official. 

AmtsanschlieBer m telephone-ex- 
change connecting device ( connects 
field Tp with country-wide network). 

Amtswalter m administrator (Reich 
Labor Service). 

Amtszusatz m telephone-exchange 
auxiliary set ( connects field central 
with country-wide network). 

Anaglypt n anaglyph (Surv). 

Analphabet m illiterate. 

Anblasrichtung / direction of air flow 
( Avn). 

Anderthalbdecker m sesquiplane. 

Anderungsgeschwindigkeit / remain- 
ing velocity (Ballistics). 

andrehen to crank, to turn over ( an 


Andrehkurbel / crank (MT). 

Anerkennung f recognition, acknowl- 

Anerkennungsschreiben n commenda- 

Anfahrtsgang m low gear (MT, Tk). 

Anfallm surprise attack, raid. 

Anfangsbuchstabe m initial, first let- 

Anfangsdrall m initial twist (Ord). 

Anfangsgeschwindigkeit / initial ve- 
locity, muzzle velocity (Ballistics). 

Anfangsladung f initial charge. 

Anfangsstellung f initial position. 

Anfeuerung / combustible composi- 
tion (in a flare cartridge). 

Anfeuerungssatz m booster charge 
( Am). 

anfliegen to approach (a target) 
( Avn). 

Anflugm coming flight (AAA); ap- 
proach run (bombing) ; approach 
flight (Avn). 

Anfluggrundlinie f principal course 
of approach (Inst landing). 

Anflugkurs m approaching course 

( Avn). 

Anflugrichtung / direction of ap- 
proach (Avn). 

Anflugsektorm on-course zone (Inst 
landing); approach zone (Adrm). 

Anflugwinkel m approach angle, 
angle of approach (Avn). 

anfordern to requisition (Adm). 


Anforderung / requisition. 

Anforderungszeichen n requisition 

Anfiihrerm file leader. 

Angaben fpl data, statements. 

Angehoriger m member; relative, 
die nachsten Angehorigen next of 

angelehnt supported by, in contact 
with, covered by (Tac). 

angelehnter Fliigel supported flank. 

“Angetreten !” “Fall in!” (at atten- 

angliedern to attach. 

angreifen to attack. 

Angreifer to attacker, aggressor. 

angrenzend adjacent. 

Angriff to attack (Tac); charge 

Angriff auf Stellungen attack of or- 
ganized positions. 

Angriff aus der Bewegung attack 
from march column. 

Angriff mit begrenztem Ziel limited 
attack, attack with limited objective. 

Angriffsabschnitt to attack sector, 
zone of action in attack. 

Angriffsart / form of attack, form of 
offensive action. 

Angriffsbefehl m attack order. 

Angriffsbeginn m time of attack. 

Angriffsbereitstelllung f assembly 
(area) for attack. 

Angriffsbreite / frontage in attack, 
attack frontage (Tac). 

Angriffsflug to air-attack flight, raid 

Angriffsfliigel m attacking wing. 

Angriff sf orm / form of attack; at- 
tack formation. 

angriffsfreudig aggressive. 

Angriffsgefecht n offensive combat. 

Angriffsgelande n terrain of attack, 
attack zone. 

Angriffsgraben to assault trench. 

Angriffsgruppe / attack group, at- 
tack echelon. 

Angriffshandlung/ offensive action. 

Angriffshohe / air-attack altitude, 
bombing altitude (Avn). 

angriffslustig aggressive. 

Angriffsplan to plan of attack. 

Angriffsrichtung / direction of at- 

Angriffsstreifen m attack sector. 

7 Ankerwinde 

Angriffstruppen fpl attack units, at- 
tack troops. 

Angriffsverlauf to progress of an at- 

Angriffsversuch to attempted attack. 

Angriffswelle / attack wave, attack- 
ing echelon. 

Angriffsziel n objective (of attack). 
erstes Angriffsziel immediate objec- 

Angriffszwischenziel n intermediate 

Anhalt to guide, general principle. 

Anhaltspunkt to check point ( Gun- 
nery, Air Navigation, Surv) ; item in 
a check list (combat orders). 

Anhang to appendix (to a manual, 

Anhangelast / trailer load (MT). 

Anhangen n See Vermessung durch 

Anhanger to trailer (MT); tender 
(RR); tie-on tag. 

Anhangezettel to tie-on tag. 

Anhaufung / accumulation, concen- 
tration, piling up. 

Anhbhe f height, hill, rise. 

Anker w armature, rotor (Elec); an- 
chor (Nav). 

Ankerachse / armature shaft ( field 

Ankerbalken m anchor stock. 

Ankerflunken m anchor fluke. 

Ankergrundw anchorage (Nav). 

Ankerlicht n anchor light. 

Ankerlichten n weighing anchor. 

Ankerlinie/ line of anchors (Bdg). 

Ankermine/ anchored mine, moored 

Ankermast w mooring mast. 

Ankerpfahl to anchor stake (for a 

guy line). 

Ankerplatte/ anchor plate (part of 
a clockwork fuze). 

AnkerplatzTO anchorage (Nav). 

Ankerrodel to anchor rack stick 

Ankerrute / anchor shank. 

Ankerseil n guy line. 

Ankerstelle/ anchorage (Nav). 

Ankerstich to anchor hitch. 

Ankersucher w grapnel. 

Ankertau n anchor cable. 

Ankerturm to mooring tower. 

Ankerwelle / armature shaft (Elec). 

Ankerwicklung / armature winding. 

Ankerwinde f capstan. 

Anklage 8 

Anklage/ charge, complaint. 

anklammern to cling tenaciously, to 
hold fast. 

ankleben to paste, adhere, stick, 
fasten with adhesive. 

Ankundigung / announcement, bulle- 
tin, notice. 

Ankiindigungskommando n prepara- 
tory command. 

Ankiindigungssignal n warning sig- 

Ankunft / arrival. 

ankurbeln to crank. 

Anlage/ installation; annex, inclo- 
sure (in a manual). 

anlassen to start (an engine); to 
temper (steel). 

Anlasserm starter (Mtr). 

Anlafiknopf m starter button (Mtr). 

AnlaBmotor m starter motor (Mtr). 

AnlaBpatrone / cartridge for car- 
tridge starter (Mtr). 

AnlaBpistoIe f cartridge starter 

AnlaBschalter m starter switch 

Anlauf m take-off run (Avn). 

Anlaufstrecke / take-off distance 

anlauten to ring (Tp). 

anlegen to aim (R); to dock; to put 
ashore ; to construct. 

Anlegepunkt m aiming point. 

Anlegestelle / pier, wharf. 

anleuchten illuminate. 

Anmarsch m approach, approach 

march, advance (Too). 

Anmarschweg m approach, approach 

annahernd approximate. 

Anniiherung / approach. 

Annaherungsformation/ approach 

march formation. 

Annaherungsmarsch m approach 

march (Tac). 

Annahme/ assumption; acceptance, 

Annahmestelle / recruiting office; re- 
ceiving office (letters, etc.). 

Anode/ plate, anode (Elec). 

Anodenbatterie/ plate battery, “B” 
battery (Rad). 

Anodengleichspannung / direct plate 
voltage (Rad). 

Anodenkreis m plate circuit (Rad). 

Anodenriickkopplung / plate feedback 
coupling (Rad). 


Anodenverlustleistung/ plate dissi- 
pation (Rad). 

Anorak m parka (Clo). 

Anordnung / order, 
anpassen adapt, blend (Cam). 
Anpeilen n taking of bearings, radio 
direction finding (Avn). 
anpirschen to creep up, to stalk. 
Anrecht n claim. 

Anregungsmittel n stimulant, 
anrichten to sight, sight in, align; to 
cause (damage, etc.). 
anrollen to roll along runway (on 
take-off run). 

Anruf m call, call-up (Rad, Tp) ; 

Anrufantwort / answer to call-up 

Anrufklappe/ switchboard drop (Tp). 
Anrufsschauzeichen n incoming-call 
signal light (Tp). 

Anruf zeichen n call signal (Tp). 
Ansammlung/ concentration (Tac). 
Ansatzfliigel m stub wing / Ap). 
Ansaugetakt m intake stroke, suction 
stroke (Mtr). 

Ansaughub m intake stroke (Mtr). 
Ansaugkriimmer m air-intake horn 

Ansaugleitung/ intake duct (Mtr, 

Ansaugrohrw intake pipe (Mtr). 
Ansaugung / suction, 
anschaffen procure, 
anschalten connect, switch on; tap 
( a wire). 

Anreicherung f concentration ( CWS). 
Anschauur.gsmittel npl illustrative 
material, demonstration material 
(Tng aids). 

AnschieBen n harmonization ( Ord). 
ansehieBen to sight in. 

Anschlag m aiming or firing posi- 
tion with rifle or machine gun; stop 

anschlagen to post (a notice, etc.). 
Anschlagsart / firing position (of the 


Anschlagtafel / bulletin board. 
Anschlagwinkel m try square. 
anschlieBen join, close up, connect. 
AnschluB m liaison, support, contact 
(Tac); connection, junction, coup- 

AnschluBbahnhof m junction (RR). 
AnschluBklemme / binding post 




AnschluGklinke / line jack, station- 
line jack (Tp). 

AnschluBmann m connecting file. 
AnschluBpunkt m connecting point 
(in axes of Sig Com). 

AnschluGschnur / connecting cord 

AnschluGstecker m plug, connecting 
plug (Elec, Tp). 

AnschluBstiick n connecting piece, 
joint, coupling, union. 

AnschluGteil der Garbe margin of 
the sheaf of fire. 

Anschnallgurt m safety belt (Avn). 
Anschneidelinie f line of intersection. 
Anschneiden n intersection (Surv). 
anschneiden to intersect; determine 
a fix (air navigation) ; obtain a bear- 
ing (Rad, FR). 

Anschnitte mpl cross bearings. 
AnschuB m sighting shot, 
ansetzen launch, commit (Tac) ; ram 

Ansetzer m rammer (G). 
Ansichtsskizze / panoramic sketch 

Ansprache/ designation (of a tar- 

Anspruch m claim. 

Anstalt f institution, establishment, 

anstauen to dam up, flood. 

Anstauung / damming, flooding; 
flooded area. 

anstechen to tie, fasten, hitch. 
Ansteckblech n float plate (on a trail 
■ spade). 

anstecken to attach, fasten, hitch; to 

ansteckende Krankheit communicable 
disease, contagious disease. 
Ansteckung / infection. 

Anstellwinkel m angle of pitch, blade 
angle ( propeller) ; angle of attack 
( Avn). 

Ansteuerungsfeuer n directional bea- 
con (Avn). 

anstreichen run weapon up and down 
side of tree, etc., (to find firing sup- 
port^ ; to paint. 

Anstrich m paint. 

Anstromrichtung/ direction of air 
flow (Avn). 

ansturmen to assault, attack, charge, 
ansuchen to request. 

Ansumpfung/ inundation, inundated 


Antenne/ antenna, aerial. 

Antenne mit Rundwirkung omnidi- 
rectional antenna. 

AntennenanschluB m antenna bind- 
ing post. 

Antennen-AnschluBbuchse / See An- 

Antennenbuchse f antenna jack. 

Antennengebilde n antenna array, 
antenna structure, antenna system. 

Antennengerat n antenna outfit, an- 
tenna equipment. 

Antennenhaspel / antenna reel ( Ap). 

Antennenkapazitat / antenna capaci- 

Antennenkondensator w antenna con- 

Antennenkopplung / antenna cou- 

Antennenkreis m antenna circuit. 

Antennenleistung / antenna power. 

Antennenmast m antenna mast. 

Antennenspule / antehna tuning coil. 

Antennenstab m antenna rod. 

Antennenstellung / directional posi- 
tion of the antenna. 

Antennenstromanzeiger m antenna 

Antennenwiderstand m antenna, re- 


Antiflatterbock m antishimmy 

shackle (MT). 

Antragm request; recommendation, 
suggestion, proposal. 

antreiben to drive, impel, propel. 

antreten to fall in ; begin ( an assign- 
ment) ; assume ( duties, etc.). 

“Antreten!” “Fall in!” (not at atten- . 

Antriebm drive (Mech). 

Antriebsachse / driving axle (MT). 

Antriebsart/ type of drive (MT). 

Antriebskegelrad n bevel drive pinion 
( differential gear). 

Antriebsrad n drive wheel (MT). 

Antriebsritzel m starter pinion (on 
armature shaft of starter). ' 

Antriebswelle f drive shaft. 

Antriebszahnrad n drive gear (MT). 

A.N.-Verfahren n A.N. method (of 
instrument landing). 

anvisieren to sight at. 

AnwarmeschuB m warming-up shot. 

Anwarter m candidate ; cadet, 

anweisen to direct, instruct, allot. 

Anweisung/ directive; instructions; 




anwerfen to crank (an engine). 
Anzapfleitung / power lead-in (Rad). 
Anzeiger m indicator, marker. 
Anzeigerschiene / indicator slide 

Anziehungskraft/ force of attrac- 

anzielen to sight, to aim. 

Anzugm uniform; suit of clothes, 
anziinden to ignite, light. 
Aphongetriebe n constant-mesh 

transmission (MT). 

Apotheker m pharmacist. 
Apparattornister m instrument case 
(portable Rad). 

Apparatur/ chassis (Rad); fixtures 

Appellm roll call; muster; inspec- 

Aquadagw aquadag (lubricant). 
Arado name of an aircraft manufac- 
turing company. 

Araometer m -hydrometer. 

Arbeiten fpl works (Ft). 
Arbeitsanzug m fatigue uniform, 
work uniform. 

Arbeitsdienst m See Reichsarbeits- 

Arbeitsdiensipflicht / liability to la- 
bor service. 

Arbeitsfuhrer m captain ( Reich La- 
bor Service). 

Arbeitsgeschiitz n roving gun ( Arty). 
Arbeitshub m power stroke (Mtr). 
Arbeitskommando n fatigue detail. 
Arbeitslager n labor camp. 
Arbeitsmann m workman ( Reich La- 
bor Service). 

Arbeitsspiel n functioning, action 

Arbeitstakt m power stroke (Mtr). 
Arbeitsurlaub m leave for purposes 
of war work. 

arbeitsverwendungsfiihig fit for labor 
duty only (abbr. a.v.). 
a.v. Heimat fit for labor duty in 
zone of interior only. 

Arktik/ smoke acid for use in ex- 
tremely cold weather (CWS). 
arktische Kaltluft polar air (Met). 
Armaturenbrett n instrument board, 
instrument panel. 

Armauflage/ elbow rest (trench or 
firing pit). 

Armband n See Arnibinde. 
Armbanduhr / wrist watch. 

Armbinde / arm band, brassard. 

Arm ee/ army (a tactical unit, dis- 
tinguished from Heer, the Army). 

Armeebefehl m army field order. 

Armeebekleidungsamt n army cloth- 
ing depot. 

Armeebriefstelle / army postal sta- 

Armeefeldlazarett n army surgical 

Armeegebiet n army area. 

Armeegruppe/ task force usually 
comprising one army and miscella- 
neous units. 

Armeeintendant m army intendant 
( Adm official at army Hq in charge 
of rations, clothing, equipment, pay, 

Armeekartenlager n army map depot. 

Armeekorps n army corps. 

Armeekraftfahrpark m army motor 
transport park. 

Armeemunitionslager n army ammu- 
nition depot. 

Armeenachrichtenabteilung / army 
signal battalion. 

Armeenachrichtenregiment n army 
signal regiment. 

Armeenachschubfiihrer m commander 
of army services of supply (also 
known as Kommandeur der Armee- 
nachschubtruppen) . 

Armeeoberkommando n high com- 
mand of an army, army headquar- 
ters (abbr. OAK). 

Armeesanitatsabteilung f army medi- 
cal battalion. 

Armeeverpflegungsamt n office of 
army ration supply. 

Armeeverpflegungslager n army ra- 
tion-supply depot. 

Armel m sleeve (Clo). 

Armelaufschlag m cuff (Clo). 

Armelabzeichen n sleeve badge. 

Armelpatte / cuff patch. 

Armschiene / splint ( for arm frac- 

Armzeichen n arm and hand signal, 
arm signal. 

Arrestant m person under arrest. 

Arrestanstalt / military prison. 

Arrestlokal n detention room, guard- 
house cell, guardhouse. 

Arreststrafe / confinement, sentence 
of confinement. 

Arrestraum im Lazarett detention 

Arsin n arsine (CWS). 

Art 11 Atemsack 

Art / kind, manner, method, type. 
Art. B.-Stelle / See Artilleriebeobach- 

Artillerie / artillery, 
leichte Artillerie light artillery, 
schwere Artillerie medium artillery, 
schwerste Artillerie heavy artillery. 
Artillerieabteilung / artillery bat- 

Artillerieaufmarsch to moving up to 
positions (Arty). 

Artilleriebekampfung / counterbat- 
tery fire. 

Artilleriebeobachter to artillery ob- 
server, spotter. 

Artilleriebeobachtungsabteilung / ob- 
servation battalion (Arty). 
Artilleriebeobachtungsstelle f artil- 
lery observation post. 
ArtilleriebeschuB m artillery fire. 
Artillerieeinschlag to shell hit, shell 
burst, point of impact (Arty). 
Artillerieflieger mpl artillery recon- 
naissance aviation. 

Artillerieflug m artillery mission 

Artillerieflugzeug n artillery observa- 
tion airplane. 

Artilleriefiihrer m division artillery 
commander (special staff Arty officer 
and Arty commander at Div Hq). 
Artilleriegliederung / organization of 

Artilleriegruppe / artillery group, ar- 
tillery groupment. 

Artilleriekolonne / ammunition sup- 
ply column (Arty). 

Artilleriekommandeur m corps artil- 
lery commander (in GHQ pool) ; divi- 
sion artillery commander (when 
GHQ artillery is attached). 

Hoherer Artilleriekommandeur spe- 
cial staff artillery officer (at army 

Artillerienachrichtenstelle / artillery 
intelligence center. 

Artillerienachrichtentrupp m artillery 
intelligence section. 

Artilleriepark m artillery equipment 

Artilleriepunkttafel / point-designa- 
tion grid. 

Artillerierechenschieber m graphical 
firing table. 

Artilleriespiihtrupp m artillery recon- 
naissance detail. 

Artilleriesperrfeuer n artillery bar- 

Artilleriestaffel / artillery train. 

Artillerieunterstutzung / artillery 


Artillerieverbindungskommando n ar- 
tillery liaison command post, artil- 
lery liaison detachment. 

Artillerieverbindungsoffizier m artil- 
lery liaison officer. 

Artillerievermessung / artillery sur- 

Artillerievermessungstrupp m artil- 
lery survey section. 

Artillerievorbereitung / artillery 


Artilleriezugmaschine / artillery 

prime mover. 

Artillerist m artilleryman. 

artilleristische Aufklarung artillery 

artilleristische Punkte mpl artillery 
reference points. 

Arznei f drug, medicine, medicament. 

Arzneikasten in medicine chest. 

Arzneikiste f See Arzneikasten. 

Arzneimittel n medicine, medicament. 

Arzt in doctor, medical officer. 

Arztliche Akademie der Luftwaffe 
school of aviation medicine. 

arztliche Behandlung medical treat- 
ment, medical attendance. 

iirztliche Untersuchung f medical 

examination, physical examination. 

Asbest m asbestos. 

Askulapstab m caduceus. 

Assistenzarzt m second lieutenant 

Ast m branch; knot (in wood). 

Astro to celestial navigator ( Avn 

astronomische Navigation celestial 

navigation (Avn). 

astronomischer MeBzug to astronom- 
ical survey platoon. 

Astverhau m dead abatis made of 
tree branches. 

Atemeinsatz m filter element ( gas 


Atemgerat n oxygen apparatus 

Atemmaske/ oxygen mask (Avn). 

Atemmundstiick n mouthpiece ( oxy- 
gen breathing apparatus). 

Atemsack m respirator bag (oxygen 
breathing apparatus) . 

Atemschlauch 12 Auflaufstiick 

Atemschlauch m hose ( gas mask, oxy- 
gen breathing apparatus). 

Athylarsindichlorid n ethyldichlorar- 
sine, ED (CWS). 

Athyldichlorarsin n ethyldiehlorar- 
sine, ED (CWS). (Ger abbr. Dick). 
Attacke / charge (Cav). 

Attrappe f dummy ( target, vehicle, 

atzender KampfstofiF vesicant, vesi- 
cant agent, blister agent, blister gas. 
Atzmittel n caustic. 

Atznatron n lye, caustic soda, sodium 

Aubo-Fahre f outboard-motor ferry 
( Aubo = AuBenbord). 

Aubomotorm outboard motor (Aubo 
= AuBenbord). 

Audion n grid-leak detector, detector, 
2nd detector (Rad). 

Aufbau m body (MT); superstruc- 
ture, i.e. sponson and turret (Tk). 
Aufbauliifter in ventilator (in Tk 
sponson or turret). 

Aufbewahrung / storage, 
aufbieten mobilize, 
aufblasen inflate, blow up. 
Aufblitzenw flash (Arty fire). 
aufbrauchen to exhaust, use up. 
aufbrechen to depart, start. 
Aufbruchsort m departure point, 
starting point. 

Aufbruchszeit / departure time, 
starting time. 

aufbumsen collide, strike (slang). 
Aufenthaltspunkt m stop (RR, MT). 
auffangen to detect (Rad) ; intercept, 
catch; to absorb (recoil, etc.). 
Auffangstellung / prepared position 
in rear, rear position (in defense). 
Auffangvorrichtung / buffer (G). 
auffinden to locate (a target). 
Auffiihrender m corporal of the guard. 
Aufgabe / mission, task, problem, 
aufgeben abandon, give up; register 
(baggage, etc.); send (a telegram, 

Aufgebot m See allgemeines Aufge- 

aufgesessen mounted (Pers). 
Aufgleitfront / warm front (Met). 
Aufhaken n message pick-up (Avn). 
Aufhangeose f suspension lug (bomb ). 
Aufhangung/ suspension (of bombs, 

aufhetzen incite. 

aufkliiren reconnoiter, scout, observe, 


Aufkliirer m scout, observer ; recon- 
naissance airplane. 

Aufkliirertatigkeit / reconnaissance 
activity, patrol activity. 

Aufkliirung/ reconnaissance (Tac). 

Aufklarungsabteilung / reconnais- 
sance battalion. 

Aufkliirungsbreite f width of recon- 
naissance sector (in which Obsn Bn 
locates targets). 

Aufklarungsergebnis n results of re- 

Aufklarungsflieger m aircraft 

observer ; reconnaissance aircraft. 

Aufkliirungsflug m reconnaissance 
mission, reconnaissance flight (Avn). 

Aufklarungsflugzeug m reconnais- 
sance airplane. 

Aufklarungsgebiet n reconnaissance 

Aufkliirungskorper nipl reconnais- 
sance elements. 

Aufklarungsmaterial n reconnais- 
sance information. 

Aufklarungsraum m reconnaissance 

Aufkliirungsschwadron f reconnais- 
sance troop ( Cav). 

Aufkliirungsspahtrupp m reconnais- 
sance patrol. 

Aufkliirungsstaffel / reconnaissance 
squadron (Avn). 

Aufklarungsstreifen m reconnais- 
sance sector. 

Aijfkliirungstiefe / reconnaissance 
depth (in which Obsn Bn locates tar- 

Aufklarungstrupp m reconnaissance 

Aufklarungszug m scout car platoon; 
reconnaissance platoon. 

Aufladekommando n loading detail. 

Auflademotor m supercharged en- 
gine (Ami). 

aufladen to boost, supercharge; to 

Aufladung / detonating charge 

(blasting cap), 

Auflagefliiche f bearing surface, con- 
tact surface. 

Auflagepunkt m center of tire impact 
(MT) ; point of support (Tech). 

Auflager n pedestal, support (Bdg); 
hanger bar (harness). 

Auflaufstiick n knuckle lug (G). 

auflosen 13 Aufstellung 

auflosen disintegrate, disband, dis- 
solve, scatter, demobilize. 

Aufmarsch m concentration or as- 
sembly of troops for action; strategic 
concentration; moving up to posi- 
tions (Arty). 

Aufmarschgebiet n concentration 
area (Tac). 

Aufmarschplan m plan for strategic 

Aufnahme/ covering force (reserve 
force covering withdrawal from ac- 
tion) ; reception; photograph; taking 
up, establishment (of contact, etc.). 

Aufnahmefahigkeit / capacity ( of 
roads, structures, etc.). 

Aufnahmehaken m pick-up hook (for 
message pick-up) (Ap). 

Aufnahmering m receiving ring (AA 

Aufnahmestellung / covering position 
(covering withdrawal from action). 

Aufnahmestreifen m tape (Tg prin- 

aufnehmen to record (sound, etc.); 
to receive, take up ; to photograph ; to 
survey; to establish (contact, etc.). 

aufpflanzen to fix bayonets. 

aufprotzen to couple, limber, place a 
gun in traveling position (Arty). 

Aufrauhbiirste / rotary sweeper 

(road construction). 

aufraumen to clear away, mop up. 

aufrecht erect, upright. 

aufreifien to rip, tear up. 

AufriB m design, sketch, vertical 

aufrollen to roll up (Tac); to coil 
( wire). 

aufriicken to move up, advance. 

Aufruhr m riot. 

Aufriistung / plank scaffolding (on a 

Aufsatz m sight mount, telescope 
mount (in a loose sense, either the 
optical sight alone or the entire sight 
assembly) ; essay, composition. 

Aufsatzeinteilung / elevation gradu- 
ations (sight mount). 

Aufsatzentfernung / corrected range 

Aufsatzerhohung f corrected eleva- 
tion (Arty). 

Aufsatzgehause n sight-mount hous- 
ing (G). 

Aufsatzstange / sight adjustment 
rod (G). 

Aufsatztriiger m sight bracket, sight 
support (G). 

Aufsatztrieb m elevation mechanism 


Aufsatztrommel f angle-of -elevation 

dial (G). 

Aufsatzwinkel m angle of elevation 
(Gunnery) ; superelevation (AAA). 

Aufsatzwinkeltrieb m angle-of -eleva- 
tion mechanism (G). 

Aufsatzzeiger m telescope mount ref- 
erence pointer (matches ivith Rohr- 
zeiger when gun is laid for elevation ) . 

aufschablonieren to stencil on. 

aufschirren to harness. 

Aufschlagm impact, percussion ; cuff 

Aufschlaggelande n impact area. 

Aufschlaggeschwindigkeit / striking 

Aufschlagpunkt m point of impact, 
objective point. 

Aufschlagweite f burst interval. 

Aufschlagwinkel m angle of impact. 

Aufschlagziinder m impact fuze, per- 
cussion fuze. 

Aufschlagziinder mit Verzogerung 
delay fuze. 

Aufschlagziinder ohne Verzogerung 
nondelay fuze. 

Aufschreiber m recorder (Arty). 

Aufschrumpfen n heat shrinking 

Aufschub m delay. 

Aufschiittung/ fill (Engr, Top). 

Aufsichtsturm m control tower 

( Adrm). 

aufsitzen to mount (a horse or ve- 

das Ziel aufsitzen lassen to hold be- 
low the target in aiming. 

Aufspulerm reel (Tp). 

Aufsteckschliissel m socket wrench. 

aufsteigen to ascend, mount, rise. 

aufsteigender Ast ascending branch 
(of trajectory). 

Aufstellbahnhof m make-up yard 

aufstellen to post (a sentry); to acti- 
vate or constitute (a unit); to em- 
place (a gun); to install (an engine, 
etc.); to mount (a gun); to place, to 
distribute (troops, etc.); to establish 
(an agency); to park (vehicles) . 

Aufstellgleis n make-up track (RR). 

Aufstellung/ formation (of troops); 
initial organization (of a unit); es- 

Aufstellungsbefehl 14 

tablishment ( of an agency) ; disposi- 
tion (Tac). 

Aufstellungsbefehl m initial organi- 
zation order (to activate a unit). 
Aufstromvergaser m updraft carbu- 

Auftakt m initial phase ( of an oper- 

auftanken refuel. 

Auftragm mission, task (Tac). 
“Auftrag erledigt!” “Mission accom- 

Auftragserteilung / assignment of 
missions, assignment of tasks. 
Auftragskarte / flight diagram 
(aerial Photo). 

Auftreffen n impact. 
Auftreffgeschwindigkeit / striking 
velocity (of projectile). 

Auftreffpunkt to point of impact. 
Auftreffwinkel to angle of impact. 
Auftrieb ni buoyancy, lift (Avn). 
Auftriebsmittelpunkt to center of lift 
( Avn). 

Auftritt w fire step. 

Aufwind m anabatic wind, up-slope 

Aufzeichnung / record, notation, 

Aufziehachse / winding stem (on 

blasting machine, watch, etc.). 
aufziehen to mount (Photo) ; pull up, 
lift, hoist; to mount (guard) ; to wind 
( a watch, etc.). 

Aufziehen der Wache guard mount. 
Aufziehleine/ static line (Prcht). 
AufzugTO elevator, hoist. 

Augenabstand to interpupillary dis- 
tance (Optics). 

Augenaufklarung f visual reconnais- 

Augenblicksziel n fleeting target, 
transient target, fleeting objective. 
Augenblicksziinder to instantaneous 
fuze, nondelay fuze, quick fuze. 
Augenfenster n eyepiece (gas mask). 
“Augen gerade, aus!” “Ready, front!" 
“Augen, links!” “Eyes, left!” (strict- 
ly, “Die Augen, links!” to distinguish 
preparatory command from that in 
“Augen, rechts!”). 

Augenmuschel / eyeguard (Optics). 
‘Augen, rechts!” “Eyes, right!” 
Augenreizstoff to lacrimator (CWS). 
Augenring m eyepiece frame of 

goggles (gas mask). 


Augenschlitz to viewing slit (tele- 
scopic sight). 

Augenverbindung / visual communi- 

Ausatemventil n outlet valve (gas 


AusbauTO construction; improvement 
(of a position) ; dismantling, remov- 
ing, dismounting (of a gun, etc.). 

ausbauen dismount (Ord); improve 
(Ft); remove, dismantle. 

Ausbilder to instructor. 

Ausbildung / training, drill. 

Ausbildungsanweisungen fpl training 

Ausbildungsgerat n training equip- 
ment, training instrument. 

Ausbildungslager n training camp. 

Ausbildungsplan to training schedule. 

Ausbildungsrichtlinien fpl training 
outlines, training regulations. 

Ausbildungsstab to training staff. 

Ausbildungsstufe / training phase. 

Ausbildungsvorschrift f training 

manual, drill regulations. 

Ausblickw objective lens (Optics); 
prospect, view. 

Ausblickprismengehause n objective- 
prism housing (BC telescope). 

Ausblickstutzen to objective-lens 

socket (Optics). 

Ausbootung / debarkation. 

Ausbrennung/ barrel erosion, ero- 
sion of the bore (Ord). 

Ausbruch der Feindseligkeiten out- 
break of hostilities. 

Ausbuchtung / salient. 

Ausdauer f endurance. 

Ausdehnung/ frontage (Tac); ex- 
pansion, extension, spreading. 

auseinandergehen diverge, separate. 

auseinandernehmen to strip, dis- 
assemble, dismantle, take apart. 

auseinanderziehen deploy, extend, 
spread out (Tac). 

ausfahren to extend, to lower (Ap 
landing gear, etc.) ; to ride out, drive 

Ausfahrgleis n outgoing track (RR). 

Ausfallm. sortie (Tac); long lunge, 
long thrust (bayonet thrust); casual- 
ty; failure, breakdown (of an engine, 
etc.); gun out of battery (Arty). 

Ausfertigung/ drawing up, writing 
out (a report, etc.). 
in dreifacher Ausfertigung in tripli- 

ausfragen 15 Auslosung 

ausfragen interrogate, question, 
ausfiihren accomplish, carry out, exe- 

Ausfiihrung / execution, carrying 
out; design, model (Tech). 
in zweifacher Ausfiihrung in dupli- 

Ausfiihrungskommando n command 
of execution (drill). 

Ausgabe/ issue; edition. 
Ausgabestelle / point of issue, dis- 
tributing point. 

Ausgang vi departure, outcome, exit, 
outlet, start. 

Ausgangslage / assault position 
(Tac) ; starting position, original po- 

Ausgangslinie / line of departure, 
jump-off line. 

Ausgangsort m point of departure 
( air navigation). 

Ausgangspunkt m initial point, ori- 
gin, point of departure. 
Ausgangsspannung / output voltage. 
Ausgangsstellung / line of departure, 
jump-off position (Tac). 
Ausgangstransformator m output 
transformer (Rad). 
ausgeben to issue, distribute, 
ausgeglichen balanced, equalized, 

Ausgehanzug m dress uniform, 
ausgehoben drafted; silenced (slang). 
Ausgehobener m draftee. 
Ausgehverbot n curfew (Mil Govt). 
ausgemustert rejected as unfit. See 
Musterung, Ausmusterungsschein. 
AusgieBgerat n See Aus- und Ab- 


Ausgleich m equalization, compensa- 
tion, equilibration, balancing. 
Ausgleichduse / compensating jet 


ausgleichen to balance, compensate, 

Ausgleicher m compensator ( Ord, 

Mech); equilibrator (G). 
Ausgleicherarm m equilibrator an- 
chor (G). 

Ausgleichflache / balance tab, trim 
tab (Ap). 

Ausgleichgetriebe n differential gear. 
Ausgleichsperre / differential lock 

ausgliihen anneal, 
ausheben to conscript, draft. 
Aushebung/ draft, conscription. 

Aushilfe / expedient, substitute, aux- 

ausholen to lunge, 
ausklinken' to release (bombs, etc.). 
Auskolkung/ scour (in a river bed). 
Auskreuzung / bracing, cross brac- 
in g(Ap). 

auskundschaften to spy, to scout. 
Auskunft / information. 
Auskunftsstelle / information center, 
information office; control point, 
auskuppeln disengage the clutch. 
Ausladebahnhof m detraining point, 

Ausladeeinheit / unloading unit. 
Ausladegebiet n detrucking area. 
Ausladekommando n unloading detail, 
ausladen to unload, detruck, detrain, 

Ausladeplatz m detrucking point. 
Auslader m stevedore. 

Ausladespitze / railhead, truckhead. 
Ausladestelle / detrucking point. 
Ausladeiibersicht / detraining or un- 
loading table. 

Ausland n foreign country. 

im Ausland abroad. 

Auslander m alien, foreigner. 

feindlicher Auslander enemy alien. 
AuslaBrohr n eduction tube (Cml 

AuslaBventil n exhaust valve (Mtr): 
AuslaBventilkammer f exhaust port. 
Auslaufm outlet (for liquids, etc.). 
auslaufen to run out; to complete a 
run after landing; to put to sea. 
auslegen to pay out ( rope, wire, etc.) ; 
to explain, interpret; to expose, ex- 
tend; to lay out (money). 

Ausleger?n. pack rest (harness) ; 
outrigger (boats and floats) (A A 
gun); boom (of a crane or derrick). 
Auslegerbriicke f cantilever bridge. 
Auslegezeichen n ground panel (Sig 

Ausleseknopf m selector switch ( Ap 
armament control). 

Auslieferung/ delivery; exposure 
(to danger, the elements, etc.). 
ausloschen extinguish, put out ( a 

Ausloseeinrichtung f release mecha- 
nism (bombing). 

Ausloseknopf m release button. 
Auslosepunkt m bomb release point, 
release point. 

Auslosung/ release (of bombs, etc.). 


16 AuBenschieber 

AusmaB n dimension. 

ausmerzen eliminate, eradicate. 

Ausmusterungsschein m certificate of 
rejection (for those unfit for Mil ser- 

Ausnahmegesprach n urgent call 

Ausnahmezustand m state of emer- 

ausnutzen to exploit, to utilize fully. 

Auspuff m exhaust, exhaust system 

Auspuff gerausch n exhaust noise. 

Auspuffhub m exhaust stroke (Mtr). 

Auspuffkanalm exhaust duct (Mtr). 

Auspuffklappe / cutout (Mtr). 

Auspuffkriimmer m exhaust mani- 
fold (Mtr). 

Auspuffleitung / exhaust duct (Mtr). 

Auspufftakt m exhaust stroke (Mtr). 

Auspufftopf m muffler (Mtr). 

Auspuffwolke / exhaust smoke (Mtr). 

ausrauchern to smoke out; to fumi- 

ausrichten to dress (drill); to per- 
form; to level, straighten, 
sich nach links ausrichten to dress 

Ausrichtung / orientation ; straight- 
ening, leveling. 

Ausrollen n landing run (Avn). 

ausrotten wipe out, crush, annihilate. 

ausriicken disengage (gears, etc.); 
depart, move up. 

Ausriistung f equipment, outfit, ac- 
cessories, accouterments. 

Ausriistungsgegenstand m item of 

Ausriistungsnachweisung / table of 

Ausrustungsstuck n accessory, piece 
of equipment. 

Aussage / statement. 

Ausschalen n stripping the forms 
(concrete construction). 

Ausschaltehebel m throwout lever 
(aiming circle). 

ausschalten disconnect, detach, cut 
out, eliminate, switch off, throw out; 
compensate for, correct ( an error, 
etc.) (Gunnery) . 

Ausschalten der besonderen und Wit- 
terungseinfliisse ballistic correction, 
i.e. correction for interior and ex- 
terior ballistic factors. 

Ausschalten der Grundstufe calibra- 
tion correction, correction for velocity 

error (Gunnery). See also Grund- 

Ausschalten der Schnittbildversetzung 
halving adjustment (coincidence 
range finder). 

Ausschalten der Temperatureinfliisse 
elasticity correction (Gunnery). 

Ausschalten des Schallverzuges acous- 
tic correction (sound locator). 

Ausschalten des Windes wind correc- 
tion (Gunnery). 

Ausschalter m switch; throwout 


ausscheiden to detach, to detail; to 
eliminate (impurities, etc.); to drop 
out, leave, separate. 

ausscheren to fall out of formation 
(Avn); to fall out of line (Nav). 

ausschiffen debark, disembark. 

Ausschiffung / debarkation, disem- 

ausschirren unharness. 

Ausschlagm decisive factor; rash 

ausschlaggebend decisive. 

ausschlieBen interdict; exclude. 

AusschlieBungsschein m certificate 
of exclusion from military service 
(for criminals, subversive elements, 

AusschuB m board, committee, com- 

ausschwarmen deploy (Tac). 

ausschweben hold off (in landing) 

ausschwingen die out, die down (os- 

AuBenantenne f outside antenna. 

AuBenaufhangung f external sus- 
pension ( of bombs). 

AuBenbackenbremse / external con- 
tracting brake (MT). 

AuBenbefestigungen fpl outworks 

AuBenbordmotor m outboard motor. 

AuBengrenzlehre f snap gage. 

AuBenhafen m outer harbor. 

AuBenhaut / skin, skin cover, cover- 
ing (Ap). 

AuBenlandung f off-field landing 

( Avn). 

AuBenluftdruck w barometric pres- 
sure (Avn); 

AuBenluft-Thermometer n free-air 

thermometer (Ap). 

AuBenschieber m outer sleeve 
(sleeve-type engine). 


17 Axt 

AuBenstelle / outlying station or 

AuBenverspannung / external brac- 
ing (Ap). 

AuBenwache / exterior guard. 
AuBenwerke npl outworks (Ft). 
auBerballistisch pertaining to ex- 
terior ballistics. 

auBer Betrieb out of order, not 

auBer Dienst retired ( abbr. a.D.). 
auBer Gefecht gesetzt put out of 

auBere Ballistik exterior ballistics. 
auBerplanmaBig exceeding author- 
ized - basic allowance or strength; not 
in accordance with plans; extraor- 

aussenden to dispatch, send out, 

Aussetzen n posting (of guards); 

cessation ( of rain, fire, etc.). 
Aussichtsturm to observation tower, 
aussondern to sort, 
ausspiihen to spy, reconnoiter. 
Ausspahung / espionage, reconnais- 
sance, spying. 

aussparen to leave untouched, to by- 

ausspringender Winkel salient, 
ausstatten equip, 
aussteigen bail out (Avn slang). 
AusstoBbiichse / smoke canister 
ejected from projectile on burst. 
AusstoBen n exhaust stroke (Mtr) ; 

ausstoBen to expel, eliminate, 


Ausstrahlung f radiation. 
Austauschm exchange (PW, etc.). 
austauschbar interchangeable. 
Austauschschiff n exchange ship, car- 
tel ship (Nav). 

Austauschstoff m substitute material, 
austreten relieve oneself, attend to 
one’s needs. 

Aus- und AbgieBgerat n gas-spray- 
ing apparatus (Ap, CWS). 
Auswanderungsmesser m lead com- 
puter (AA). 

Auswanderungsstrecke f linear travel 
of target, leg between present and 
future positions (AAA). 
auswartig foreign, 
auswechselbar interchangeable, re- 

auswechselbares Seelenrohr remov- 
able liner (G). 

Ausweichbewegung f evading move- 
ment, withdrawing movement to new 
position (Tac). 

ausweichen evade, give way, with- 
draw, fall back (Tac). 

Ausweichflugplatz to dispersal land- 
ing field. 

Ausweichgleis n siding (RR). 

Ausweichhafen to alternate airport. 

Ausweichstelle / bypass (Road); 
siding (RR). 

Ausweichstellung / alternate posi- 

Ausweichyermittlung f alternate 

routing ( emergency Tp Com). 

Ausweichziel n alternate target, sec- 
ondary target (bombing). 

Ausweis to identification ( card, docu- 
ment, etc.); pass, permit. 

Ausweiskarte f identification card, 
pass, permit. 

Ausweispapier n identification papers. 

Auswerfer to ejector (Ord). 

Auswerfervorrichtung / ejector 

mechanism (Ord). 

Auswertelineal n computing slide rule 

auswerten evaluate, interpret, com- 
pute, plot (maps). 

Auswertestelle / computing station 

Auswertung/ evaluation, interpreta- 

Auszeichnung / decoration, medal. 

ausziehen extract, draw out, pull out. 

Auszieher to extractor ( Ord). 

Ausziehgleis n lead track (RR). 

Auszugm extract, summary, depar- 
ture; extension (Tech). 

Autobahn/ automobile express high- 

Autofrettage f cold-drawing, auto- 
frettage (Ord). 

Autokartograph to stereoscopic plot- 
ting machine. 

Autokolonne / motor vehicle column, 
motor march column. 

automatische Kurssteuerung auto- 
matic pilot, mechanical pilot (Ap). 

Autoschleppstart to auto-tow take-off 

Axt / ax. 




Azetylen n acetylene. 
Azetylensauerstoffbrenner to oxyacet- 
ylene torch. 

Azimutw azimuth. 

Azimutalprojektion / azimuthal pro- 

Azimutentfernungsmesser to depres- 
sion position finder. 


Bach to stream, brook, rivulet. 

Bachiibergang to stream crossing. 

Backbord n port side. 

Backbordmotor m port engine. 

Backe / cheek. 

Backenbremse f shoe brake (MT). 

Backenschiene / stock rail (RR). 

Backenstiick n cheek strap (harness). 

Backerei / bakery. 

Backereikompanie / bakery company. 

Bade wa gen to shower-bath truck. 

Bagger to excavator, dredge, power 

Bahn / path, road; runway; rail- 
road; orbit; course; trajectory. 

Bahnanlage / railroad installation. 

Bahndamm to railroad embankment. 

Bahnhof to railroad station ; trolley 
or bus station. 

Bahnhofsleistung / station capacity 
( number of trains loaded or unloaded 
; per day). 

Bahnhof soffizier to railroad station 

traffic officer. 

Bahnhofswachabteilung / railroad 

station guard detachment. 

Bahnkorperm roadbed (RR). 

Bahnkrone / crown of roadbed 

Bahnplanum n subgrade (RR). 

Bahnsteigm platform (RR). 

Bahnsteigunterfiihrung f platform 

underpass (RR). 

Bahntransport to railroad transpor- 

Bahniiberfiihrung / overpass (RR). 

Bahniibergang to railroad crossing. 

Bahnunterfiihrung / underpass (RR). 

Bahnverbindung / railroad line, rail- 
road communication. 

Bajonett n bayonet. See also Seiten- 

Bajonettangriff m bayonet charge. 

Bajonettfechten n bayonet fighting. 

Bajonettgriff to bayonet grip. 

Bajonettkupplung / bayonet joint. 

BajonettstoB in bayonet thrust. 

BajonettverschluB to bayonet lock, 
bayonet joint. 

Bake/ beacon; navigation guide, 
channel marker, landmark (Nav). 

Bakenempfang m radio-beacon recep- 

Bakterienkrieg to bacteriological 

Baldachin m canopy / center section 
of upper wing of biplane). 

Balken m balk, beam; girder; log. 

Balkenbahn/ timber road. 

BalkenfloB n timber raft. 

Balkensperre f timber road block, 
schwimmende Balkensperre floating 

Balkenstapel m log crib, timber crib 

Balkenverhau to timber obstacle. 

BallenTO bulb (horse); heel (har- 
ness); bale. 

Ballistik / ballistics. 

ballistische Tageseinfliisse ballistic 
density and wind factors. 

Ballistit n ballistite (Am). 

Ballon w balloon. 

Ballonabweiser to anti-balloon device 
(Ap). ■ 

Ballonamme / supply balloon, nurse 

BallonaufstiegplatzTO balloon site. 

Ballonbatterie f observation balloon 
section (Arty). 

Ballonbeobachter m balloon observer. 

Ballonbeobachtung / balloon observa- 

Ballonfiihrer to balloon pilot. 

Ballongurtm rigging band (captive 


Ballonhiille / envelope, gas bag, outer 
cover, balloon cover. 

Ballonkorb m balloon basket. 

Ballonmannschaft / balloon crew. 

Ballonnetz n balloon net. 

Ballonreifen to balloon tire. 



Bauch treffer 

Ballonsperre / balloon barrage. 

Ballonstoff m balloon fabric. 

Ballonvariometer n balloon stato- 

Ballonventil n gas valve (Bln). 

Ballonwinde / balloon winch. 

Balta See ballistische Tageseinfliisse. 

Baltasekunden fpl ballistic density 
and wind factors in time-of-flight 

Baltasekunden-Verfahren n procedure 
in correcting for ballistic density and 

Bananenstecker m banana plug. 

Bandw band, cord, tape, strip, rib- 

Bandbreite/ band width (Rad). 

Bandbremse / band brake (MT). 

Biindchenmikrophon n See Bandmi- 

Bandfeder/ flat coil spring (fuze). 

Bandgestell n harness (gas mask). 

Bandmikrophon n ribbon microphone. 

Bandsage/ band saw. 

Bandspreizung / bandspread (Rad). 

Bank/ bench; lathe; bank; parapet, 

Bannware f contraband of war. 

Baracke / temporary barracks, semi- 
permanent cantonment building. 

Barackenlager n cantonment, camp 
having semipermanent buildings. 

Barbarabehelfsmeldung / hasty mete- 
orological message (Arty). 

Barbarameldung / meteorological 
message (Arty) (from Barbara, 
patron saint of Arty). 

Barbaristm artilleryman (slang). 
See also Barbarameldung. 

Barbarasondermeldung / special 
meteorological message (Arty). 

Barbette / barbette. 

Barbettelafette / barbette carriage, 
barbette mount (G). 

Bargeld n cash. 

barometrische Reglerdose control 
aneroid (Ap engine). 

barometrisches Gefalle pressure 

gradient (Met). 

Basis / base; horizontal base (Btry 

Basislineal n base-line arm (plotting 

Bataillon n battalion. 

Bataillonsabschnitt m battalion sector. 

Bataillons- Adjutant m . battalion ex- 

ecutive officer, aide to battalion com- 

Bataillonsfiihrer m battalion com- 

mander; acting battalion commander. 

Bataillonsgefechtsstand m battalion 
command post. 

Bataillonshornist m drum major 
(formerly called Tambourmajor). 

Bataillonskolonne / battalion train. 

Bataillons-Kommandeur m battalion 

Bataillonsnachrichtenstaffel / bat- 
talion communication section. 

Bataillonsstab m battalion staff, bat- 
talion headquarters. 

Bataillonstrmbourstock m baton. 

BataillonstroB m battalion train. 

Bataillonsverbandplatz m battalion 
aid station. 

Batterie / battery (Arty, Elec). 

Batteriebild n battery-location plot 

Batteriechef m battery commander. 

Batteriefront / battery front. 

Batterief iihrer m battery commander ; 
acting battery commander. 

Batteriekasten m battery box (Elec). 

Batteriekran m gun hoist, loading 
crane (Arty). 

Batterieoffizier m executive ( firing 


Batterieplan m firing chart (Arty). 

Batteriestand m See Batteriestellung. 

Batteriestellung / battery position 


Batterietafel / battery manning table 

Batterietrupp m battery detail, bat- 
tery headquarters detail, battery 
commander’s detail (Arty). 

Batterieziindung / battery ignition 


Baum construction, structure, type 
of construction. 

Bauart f type of construction. 

Bauausfiihrung / construction, struc- 
tural design. 

Baubataillon n construction bat- 


Bauch m abdomen, belly. 

Bauchfreiheit / chassis clearance 


Bauchgurt m front cinch (pack 

Bauchlandung / belly landing (Avn). 

Bauchtrefferm sidewise-striking 



Bauglied 20 Befestigungsanlage 

Bauglied n structural unit, section 
of a structure, structure element. 

Bauholz n lumber. 

Baukompanie / construction company 

BaumaB n structural dimensions. 

Baumbeobachtungsstand m observa- 
tion post in a tree. 

Baumschiitze m sniper in a tree. 

Baumsperre / abatis, dead abatis. 

Baumstamm m tree trunk. 

Baumstammkufe / log runner (log 

Baumstumpfm tree stump. 

Baumuster n model, type (Ap, MT). 

Baumverhau m live abatis. 

Baumwollabfall m cotton waste, cot- 
ton linters. 

Baumwolle / cotton. 

Bausoldat m engineer soldier in con- 
struction unit. 

Baustab m construction staff. 

Baustange / lance pole (Tp). 

Bautrupp m construction detail, con- 
struction squad. 

Bautruppen fpl construction troops. 

Bauunternehmer m contractor, builder. 

Bauweise / type of construction or 
structure, method of construction. 

Beamterm official, civil servant. See 
also Wehrmachtbeamter. 

Beanspruchung f load, stress, strain. 

beaufsichtigen supervise. 

Beauftragter m representative. 

bebaute Felder cultivated fields. 

bebautes Gelande built-up area. 

Bedarf m requirements. 

bedeckt covered, overgrown; over- 
cast (Met). 

fast bedeckt broken (Met). 

Bedeckung/ coverage (Met); escort, 
convoy, cover (Tac). 

Bedeckungsabteilung / covering party, 
escort detachment. 

Bedeckungsmannschaft f escort per- 

Bediener m controller ( AA SL). 

Bedienung / gun squad ; service of 
the piece. 

Bedienungsanweisung / operating 

Bedienungseinrichtung/ control de- 
vice, operating device. 

Bedienungsentlastung / relief of 
strain on pilot (Avn). 

Bedienungsmannschaft f gun crew, 
gun squad. 

Bedienungsplatte f operating panel 


Bedienungssch alter m operating 

switch (Elec). 

Bedienungsvorschrift / operating in- 

bedingungslose Tiber gabe uncondi- 

tional surrender. 

Bedrohung / threat. 

Beendigung der Luftgefahr “all 

Beerdigung f burial. 

Befehl m order, command. 

“Zu Befehl!” “Yes, sir!” (in ac- 
knowledgment of an order). 

Befehlsausgabe / briefing, issuance 
of orders. 

Befehlsbefugnis / authority (Mil). 

Befehlsbereich m extent of com- 


Befehlsbestatigung / confirmatory 

Befehlserteilung f issuance of orders. 

Befehlsgebaude n control tower 

( Adrm). 

Befehlsgebung / giving of commands. 

befehlsgemaB according to instruc- 
tions, as ordered. 

Befehlsgewalt f command, authority 
of command. 

Befehlsgruppe / command group. 

Befehlshaber m commander. 

Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres See 
Chef der Heeresriistung und Befehls- 
haber des Ersatzheeres. 

Befehlsnetz n command net. 

Befehlspanzer to command tank. 

Befehlssprache f terminology of 


Befehlsstandm command post, head- 

Befehlsstelle / control tower ( Adrm) ; 
command post, headquarters. 

Befehlsiibermittlung / transmission 
of orders. 

Befehlsverhiiltnisse npl chain of com- 

Befehlswagen m command car, com- 
mand truck, commander’s car, staff , 

Befehlsweg m chain of command, 
command channel. 

befestigt fortified; secured, tied, 


Befestigung / fortification. 

Befestigungsanlage/ fortified de- 
fense system. 

Befestigungsarbeiten 21 

Befestigungsarbeiten fpl fortifica- 
tions, works. 

Befestigungswerk n permanent forti- 
fication, work. 

befeuern to mark or light with beacon 
lights (an airway or Adrm). 
befiirdern to forward ( supplies, 

etc.); promote; transmit. 

Beforderung f advancement, promo- 
tion ; transmission, forwarding, 

Beforderungsliste f promotion list. 
Beforderungsmittel n carrier, vehi- 
cle; means of transportation; means 
of transmission. 

Befragung/ questioning (of PW, 


Befugnis / authority, powers, 
begasen to gas (CWS). 

Begasung f laying of gas obstacles, 
gassing (CWS). 

Begegnungsgefecht n meeting engage- 

beglaubigen certify, authenticate, 

verify, confirm. 

beglaubigt authenticated, certified, 
notarized, verified, confirmed. 
Beglaubigung / authentication, cer- 
tification, confirmation, verification. 
Begleitartillerie / accompanying ar- 

Begleitbatterie / accompanying bat- 

Begleiter m escort; assistant driver. 
Begleitfeuer n accompanying fire. 
Begleitgeschiitz n accompanying gun. 
Begleitkommando n escort pai’ty, 
escort detachment, covering party. 
Begleitpanzer m accompanying tank. 
Begleitschiflf n escort vessel. 
Begleitschutz m escort, fighter escort 

Begleitzettel m emergency medical 


Begleitzug m convoy. 

Begriibnis n burial, 
begrenztes Ziel limited objective. 
Begrenzungshebel m clamping lever 

Begrenzungsstift m traversing stop 


Behalter m gasoline tank; container. 
Behandlung / treatment. 
Beharrungsvermogen n inertia. 
Behelf m expedient, makeshift. 
Behelfsantenne / emergency antenna. 


Behel fsbriicke / emergency bridge, 

hasty bridge. 

Behel fsfloBsack m emergency pneu- 
matic boat. 

Behelfsgasschutz m emergency gas 

Behelfslandebriicke / hasty landing 

behelfsmaBig improvised, hasty, 

emergency, temporary, auxiliary, 

Behelfsmaterial n emergency con- 
struction material. 

beherrschend commanding, dominat- 

BehinderungsschieBen n interdiction 

Behmlot n fathometer, echo depth 
sounder (Nav) ; Behm sound-ranging 
altimeter, sonic altimeter (Ap). 
Behorde / authority ( A dm, Law). 
behordlich zugelassen authorized, of- 
ficially sanctioned, 
beibringen inflict (losses, etc.). 
Beiende n warp (of a rope). 
Beifahrerm rear rider, sidecar rider 
(Mtcl); assistant driver (MT). 
beifiigen add; attach, enclose, 
beiklappbar folding. 

Beil n ax. 

Beiladung / igniting charge, igniter, 
booster charge (Am). 

Beilage / enclosure, supplement (in 
a manual, etc.). 

Beilpicke f pickax. 

Beinleder npl leather puttees, leather 

Beisitzer m law member. 

BeiBzange f nippers, 
beitragen contribute to, cooperate, 
beitreiben to requisition (from civil- 
ians); to commandeer. 

Beitreibung/ requisitioning (from 

Beitreibungsschein m requisition re- 
ceipt (for civilian property). 
Beiwagenra sidecar (Mtcl). 
Beiwagenkrad n sidecar motorcycle. 
Beiwert m coefficient. 

Bekanntgabe f announcement, 
bekleiden to revet (Ft); to clothe; 
to hold ( office). 

Bekleidung f revetment (Ft); cloth- 

Bekleidungsentgiftung/ clothing de- 


Bekleidungsnachweis 22 

Bekleidungsnachweis m clothing ac- 

Bekleidungssack m duffle bag, bar- 
rack(s) bag. 

Bekleidungsstiick n article of cloth- 

Bekostigungsgeld n garrison ration. 

Bekostigungsmittel npl ration sup- 
plies, subsistence supplies. 

Beladeplan to stowage chart ( for 

Belagm planking ( Bdg ); reinforc- 
ing strap (harness). 

belagern besiege. 

Belagerung / siege. 

Belagerungszustand m state of siege. 

beliistigen to annoy, harass (Tac). 

Belastung/ load, maximum load 
(Engr); inductance (Rad). 
bleibende Belastung basic load 


Belastungsfaktor m load coefficient. 

Belastungsprobe / load test. 

Beleg m voucher, proof, evidence, 

belegen to cover (with fire), to fire 
on, to shell; to billet. 

Belegung/ coverage; shelling; bil- 
leting, quartering; condenser plate 

Belegungsstarke / density of gas 
coverage (CWS). 

BelehrungsschieBen n instruction 

Belehrungs- und VersuchsschieBen n 
special service practice (Arty). 

beleuchten illuminate, light. 

Beleuchtung / illumination. 

Beleuchtungsfenster n illuminating 
window (panoramic sight). 

Belichtung/ exposure (Photo). 

beliefern to deliver, to supply. 

Beliiftung / ventilation. 

Beliiftungsanlage / ventilation sys- 

Bemannung / complement, crew. 

benachrichtigen inform. 

Benennung / nomenclature. 

Benzin n gasoline. 

Benzinbehalter m gasoline tank. 

Benzinkanister to gasoline container. 

Benzinmanometer n gasoline pres- 
sure gage. 

Benzinstandmesser m fuel gage. 

Benzol n benzol. 

Beobachterm observer; air observer, 

Beobachterabzeichen n observer 
badge (decoration). 

Beobachterfernrohr n observer tele- 

Beobachtersitz m observer’s seat 

beobachtetes SchieBen observed fire. 

Beobachtung/ observation; spotting 


Beobachtung der Langenabweichung 
vertical spotting (Arty). 

Beobachtungsabteilung / observation 
battalion (Arty). 

Beobachtungsbereich to observation 
area (Arty). 

Beobachtungsfehler m personnel error. 

Beobachtungsfernrohr n observation 
telescope (BC telescope). 

Beobachtungskorb to observer’s bas- 
ket (captive Bln). 

Beobachtungskuppel / cupola (Tk). 

Beobachtungsmine f controlled mine, 
observation mine (Nav). 

Beobachtungsnetz n observation post 
system (Arty). 

Beobachtungsoffizier to observation 

post officer (Arty). 

Beobachtungspatrone f explosive 

smoke-producing observation cart- 

Beobachtungsraum m ” searching sec- 
tor (AAA); observation area. 

Beobachtungsrohr n trench periscope. 

Beobachtungsstand to See Beobach- 

Beobachtungsstelle f observation 


Beobachtungsturm in cupola (Tk). 

Beobachtungs- und Wirkungsstreifen 
to sector of fire (SA firing). 

Beobachtungswagen to' observer’s car. 

Beobachtungswinkel to aiming point 
offset (Arty). 

Beobachtung von seitlicher Beobach- 
tungsstelle flank spotting (Arty). 

Berater m adviser. 

berechnen calculate. 

Berechtigung / authorization; justi- 

Bereich to area, district, zone; range, 

Bereifung / tires, set of tires. 

bereit ready. 

Bereitschaft f alert, preparedness, 

Bereitschaften fpl alerted reserve 
troops or police. 

Bereitschaftsbaracke 23 

Bereitschaftsbaracke / cantonment 
building for troops on the alert, alert 

Bereitschaftsbataillon n reserve bat- 

Bereitschaftslazarett n mobile sur- 
gical unit. 

Bereitschaftsmunition f ammunition 
at the gun, ammunition kept in rea- 
diness (Arty). 

Bereitstellung / moving into assem- 
bly area or position; assembly posi- 
tion, position of readiness (Tac); 
making ready, preparation. 

Bereitstellungsbefehl to assembly 

Bereitstellungsplatz m assembly po- 
sition, assembly point (Tac). 

Bereitstellungsraum to assembly area 

Berg m hill, mountain (collective: 
Gebirge n). 

bergab downhill. 

bergauf uphill. 

Bergedienst to recovery service, sal- 
vage collecting service. 

Bergegerat n recovery equipment, 
salvage collecting equipment. 

Bergekolonne / recovery column, sal- 
vage column. 

Bergekommando n collecting unit, 
salvage party, recovery party. 

Bergen n recovery, salvage. 

Bergenge / defile. 

Berger-Mischung / Berger-type smoke 
agent (mixture composed of two 
parts of zinc dust to three parts of 
hexachlore thane ) . 

Berghang to mountain slope, hillside. 

Bergjoch?i saddle (Top). 

Bergkamm to crest (Top).. 

Bergmiitze f mountain cap, alpine 

Bergriicken to ridge (Top). 

Bergschuhe mpl mountain boots, ski 

Bergstriche mpl hachures. 

Bergung f rescue, salvage, recovery. 

Bergungskolonne / See Bergekolonne. 

Bergungsschiff n rescue vessel, sal- 
vage vessel. 

Bericht w report; communique, news 

Berichter to correspondent, reporter. 

berichtigen collimate (Surv); cor- 
rect, rectify, adjust. 


Berichtigung/ collimation (Surv); 
adjustment, correction, rectification. 
Berichtigungswalze / adjustment 
drum (range finder). 
beritten mounted ( on horse). 
berittene Artillerie horse artillery. 
Berme / berm (Ft). 
bersten to burst, explode, 
beriicksichtigen to consider, to allow 
for, take into consideration. 
Beriicksichtigung / consideration, al- 
lowance for, correction for. 
Beriihrung / touch, contact. 
Beriihrungslinie / tangent. 
Beriihrungspunkt m point of contact. 
Beriihrungswarngerat n high-volt- 
age warning device. 
Beriihrungszeichen n touch signal 

Beriihrungsziindung / contact fire 

Besatzung / garrison, crew. 
Besatzungsheer n army of occupa- 

Beschadigung / damage, injury, 
beschaffen procure. 

Beschaffung / procurement, 
bescheinigen certify, authenticate, 
receipt for. 

Bescheinigung f authentication, cer- 
tificate, receipt, voucher. 
beschieBen to shell, to fire at. 
der Lange nach beschieBen to en- 

Beschlag m ferrule, 
beschlagen to shoe. 

Beschlagmeister to horseshoer (with 
rank of Tech Sgt). 

Beschlagnahme/ confiscation, sei- 

Beschlagschmied to horseshoer. 
Beschlagschmiedobergefreiter to 
horseshoer (with rank of Cpl). 
beschleunigen accelerate. 
Beschleuniger to accelerator. 
Beschleunigung f acceleration, 
Beschleunigungsmesser to accelero- 
meter (Ap). 

BeschuB to fire, shooting. 
BeschuBfestigkeit / resistance to 

fire, resistance to penetration (ar- 

beschuBsicher bulletproof, 
beschiitzen protect. 

Beschwerde f complaint. 
Beschwerungsrohr n counterpoise, 

counterweight (G). 

Beschwerungsstiick 24 Betriebskompanie 

Beschwerungsstiick n See Beschwe- 

beseitigen reduce (a stoppage) 

(Ord); remove (an obstacle). 
Beselerstegm hasty trestle foot- 
bridge (named after General H. H. 
von Beseler: 1850-1921). 
besetzt busy (Tp); occupied, invaded. 
Besetztschauzeichen n “busy” signal 
light (Tp). 

Besetztzeichen n busy signal (Tp). 
Besetzung / occupation. 
Besetzungsarmee / army of occupa- 

besichtigen inspect, review. 
Besichtigung / inspection, review, 
besiegen to defeat. 

Besitz w property. 

Besoldung / payment, pay, wages. 
Besoldungsdienstalter n seniority for 
computation of pay. 
Besoldungseinbehaltung / detention 
of pay. 

Besoldungswesen n pay and allow- 
ance administration. 

Besoldungszulage / additional pay. 
Besoldungszulage nach dem Dienst- 
alter longevity pay. 
besonder special. 

besondere Anordnungen administra- 
tive details in combat orders, 
besondere Dienstzweige special ser- 

besondere Einfliisse interior ballistic 

besondere und Witterungseinfliisse 
interior and exterior ballistic factors, 
besorgen procure. 

Besorgung / procurement, 
bespannt animal-drawn; covered with 
stressed skin (Ap). 

Bespannung f covering ( Ap skin or 
fabric); team of horses. 

Besprechung / consultation, critique, 
discussion, conference. 
Bestallungsurkunde / certificate of j 

Bestandm stock (supplies, equipment, 
etc.); inventory, supply, strength, 
balance, cash on hand. 

Bestandsbuch n stock book. 
Bestandsliste / inventory of supplies, 
equipment, etc.; property book. 
Bestandsnachweisung f stock inven- 
tory, stock report. 

Bestandteil m component, 
bestatigen confirm. 

Bestattung / burial. 

Bestattungskommando n burial detail. 

bestechen to bribe. 

Bestechung / bribery. 

Besteck n ship’s position; set of in- 
struments or utensils; knife, fork 
and spoon (considered as unit of 
mess kit). 

Bestellnummer / requisition number. 

Bestellschein m requisition ticket 

Bestellung / requisition (Adm). 

Bestimmung/ regulation; decision; 
destination; determination. 

Bestrafung / punishment. 

bestreichen to graze, sweep (with 
fire); to spread, cover, coat. 

bestreichendes Feuer grazing fire 

bestrichener Raum beaten zone (fir- 

bestrichener Raum der Kerngarbe 
effective beaten zone, 85% zone (MG 

Bestiickung/ armament (Ap, Tk). 

betatigen actuate, bring into play, 
set going, put into operation. 

Betaubungsmitlel n anesthetic. 

Beton m concrete. 

Betonbau to concrete construction. 

Betonbombe f concrete bomb. 

Betonbriicke / concrete bridge. 

Betonbunker m concrete bunker, con- 
crete pillbox. 

betoniert concrete, built of or rein- 
forced with concrete. 

Betonmischmascliine / concrete 

Betonschicht / layer of concrete, con- 
crete burster course. 

Betonsperre / concrete obstacle. 

Betonstarke / thickness of Con- 

Betonturm m concrete turret (Ft). 

Betonunterstand m concrete shelter, 
concrete dugout. 

Betrag m amount, sum. 

Betrauung / charge, trust. 

Betrieb m operation (Tp, Rad); 
traffic; action; factory. 
auBer Betrieb not in use, out of 
order, not running. 

Betriebsbuch n station log (Rad). 

Betriebsfunkspruch m routine radio 

Betriebskompanie / operating com- 
pany (Adrm, RR, Tp). 



Betriebsschalter w operating switch 


Betriebssicherheit / reliability of 
operation, safety of operation. 
Betriebsstoff to fuel, gasoline, Diesel 

Betriebsstoffausgabestelle / gasoline 
and lubricants distributing point, 
letriebsstoffkesselkraftwagen to gaso- 
line tank truck. 

Betriebsstoffkolonne / gasoline and 
lubricants supply column. 
Betriebsstoffversorgung / gasoline 
and lubricants supply. 
Betriebsstoffverwaltungskompanie / 
gasoline and lubricants administra- 
tion company. 

Betriebsstoffzusatzmittel n dope (for 
Avn gasoline). 

Betriebsstrom to operating current. 
Betriebsstunde / hour of operation. 
Betriebsunterlagen fpl consolidated 
plan of telephone communication. 
Bettung/ roadbed (RR) ; ground 
platform (RR gun); base (fixed G); 
foundation (G emplacement). 
Bettungsloch n gun platform excava- 
tion (RR gun). 

Beugung/ diffraction, 
beunruhigen to disturb, harass, cause 

Beunruhigung f harassment, uneasi- 
ness, disturbance, alarm. 
Beunruhigungsfeuer n harassing fire, 
beurlaubt on leave. 

Beurlaubtenstand to reserve status. 
Offizier des Beurlaubtenstandes of- 
ficer commissioned for the duration 
(abbr. d.B.). 

beurteilen estimate, judge, evaluate, 

Beurteilung / estimate, appreciation, 

Beute f booty, captured materiel, 
prize, pillage, loot. 

Beutebergungsabteilung / salvage 
detachment for captured materiel. 
Beutegeschiitz n captured gun. 
Beute-Kraftfahrzeug n captured mo- 
tor vehicle. 

Beutel to bag, pouch. 
Beutesammelstelle f See Beutestelle. 
Beutestab to salvage staff for cap- 
tured enemy materiel. 

Beutestelle f salvage depot, salvage 
dump ( for enemy materiel) . 
Bevolkerung f population. 


bevollmachtigen to authorize, em- 

bevollmachtigter Transportoffizier 

chief transportation officer ( on an 
army staff). 
bewachen to guard. 
Bewachungsfahrzeug n patrol vessel, 
escort vessel (Nav). 
bewaffnet armed. 

Bewaffnung f armament. 

Bewahrung / proving of fitness, com- 
petence or durability, 
beweglich mobile, movable, ' moving, 
flexible, portable. 

bewegliches Geschiitz flexible gun. 
bewegliches Hindernis portable ob- 

bewegliches Maschinengewehr flex- 
ible machine gun. 
bewegliches Ziel moving target. 
Beweglichkeit / mobility, maneuver- 

Bewegung f movement. 
Bewegungsbuch n record of transac- 

Bewegungskontrolle f flight control 


Bewegungskrieg to war of movement, 
mobile warfare. 

BewegungsgroBe / momentum, 
bewegungsunfahig incapable of mov- 
ing, immobilized; stuck, stalled 

Bewehrung / cable armor (Tp); iron 
reinforcement ( concrete construc- 

Beweismaterial n written evidence. 
Bewetterung/ mine ventilation, 
bewirken to cause, bring about, 

bezeugen to certify, witness, 
beziehen to mount (guard); occupy 
(a position); collect (pay). 

Bezirk to district. 

Bezug m datum, reference, relation. 
Bezugsebene/ datum level, datum 
plane (Surv). 

Bezugsflache / See Bezugsebene. 
Bezugslinie / datum line, reference 

line (Surv). 

Bezugspunkt to check point, datum 


Bezugsschein to ration card; requi- 
sition ticket. 

bez win gen to reduce, overcome ( Tac) . ' 
Biberwehr n beaver dam. 
Biegemaschine f bending machine. 

Biegung 26 Blinken 

Biegung/ bend, turn, flexure. I Blattchenpulver n flake powder (Am). 

Bild n picture, photograph. 

Bildaufklarung / photographic re- 


Bildauswertung / interpretation of 


Bildberichter to war photographer 
(in Ger propaganda company). 

Bilderkundung / photographic recon- 

Bildflieger to aerial photographer. 

Bildfunk to radiophotography, radio- 
photo transmission. 

BildmeBwesen n photogrammetry. 

Bildoffizier to photographer (officer). 

Bildplan to controlled mosaic ( aerial 

Bildplanskizze / partially controlled 
mosaic (aerial Photo). 

Bildpunkt to picture point (aerial 


Bildreihe / strip mosaic (aerial 

Bildskizze f uncontrolled mosaic 

(aerial Photo). 

Bildwerfer to still projector (Photo). 

Binauralverfahren n binaural method 
(sound locator). 

Binde / bandage. 

binden contain (Tac); bind, tie. 

Binder m necktie (Clo). 

Bindereifen to rim (G-carriage 


BinnenwasserstraBe / inland water- 

Bittschrift / petition. 

Biwak n bivouac. 

Biwakskommandant to bivouac com- 
mander (ranking officer at bivouac). 

Biwaksplatz to bivouac (site). 

blanker Draht bare wire (Tp). 

blanke Waffe “cold steel.” Waffen armes blanches, 

hand weapons. 

Blasangriff to cloud attack, cloud gas 
attack, gas-cylinder attack. 

Blase / blister. 

blasenziehend blistering, vesicant. 

blasenziehender Kampfstoff vesicant 
agent (CWS). 

Blasflasche / gas cylinder (CWS). 

Blaspistole f air gun, compressed-air 
cleaner (MT). 

Blasverfahren n gas-cylinder method 
(of gas release) (CWS). 

Blatt n leaf; blade; sheet; propeller 

Blattern/pl smallpox. 

Blattfeder/ leaf spring (MT). 

Blaukreuz n sternutators ( Ger. 

marking “ Blue Cross”) (CWS). 

Blaupause / blueprint. 

Blausaure / hydrocyanic acid, prus- 
sic acid (CWS). 

Blech n sheet metal; nonsense 

Blechbehalter to metal container. 

Blechbeplankung / metal skin (Ap). 

Blechbiichse / can; sheet-metal box 
or container. 

Blechgehause n sheet-metal case, 
sheet-metal housing. 

Blechkanister to metal container (for 
water, gasoline, etc.). 

Blechschmied m tinsmith. 

Blechtrommel / metal drum. 

Blei n lead (metal). 

Bleichmittel n bleach. 

Bleimantel to lead jacket (Am); 
lead sheath (armored cable). 

Bleiplombe/ lead seal. 

Bleisammler to lead-plate storage 

Bleispritzer to lead spatter, bullet 

Bleitetraathyl n tetraethyl lead. 

Blendabdeckung f shutter cover 

Blende / gun mantlet, gun shield, 
shielded port (Tk); diaphragm 
(Photo); occulter (SL); shutter. 

blenden to blind, to dazzle; to cover 
or shield; to lay a smoke screen. 

Blendenhebel to shutter lever (SL). 

Blendkorperm frangible glass smoke 

Blendschutz-Scheibe f anti-glare 

BlendungsschieBen n smoke-screen- 
ing fire (Arty). 

Blickfeld n field of view (Optics). 

Blindabwurf to emergency release 


Blindflug to blind flying, instrument 

Blindganger to dud. 

blindgeladen blank, with inert filling. 

blindgeladene Granate blank shell. 

Blindkurbeln n blindfold operation of 
crankwheels (gun-laying exercise). 

Blindlandung / instrument landing. 

Blindwiderstand to reactance (Elec). 

Blinken n signal-lamp transmission. 




Blinkfeuer n flashing light, blinker 
light (Avn). 

Blinkgeriit n signal lamp, signal-lamp 

Blinklampe / signal lamp. 

Blinkspruch to signal-lamp message. 

Blinkstelle f signal-lamp station. 

Blinksuehtrupp to signal-lamp spot- 
ting squad. 

Blinktornister to portable signal- 
lamp case. 

Blinktrupp to signal-lamp team. 

Blinkverbindung / signal-lamp com- 

Blinkverfahren n lamp-signaling 

Blinkzeichen n flash signal (Sig 

Blitz to lightning, lightning flash. 

Blitzableiter to lightning arrester. 

Blitzbiindel n lightning-flash cluster 
(badge worn by Sig Pers). 

Blitzkrieg m lightning war, blitzkrieg. 

Blitzlichtbombe / photo flashbomb. 

Blitzschutzsicherung/ lightning ar- 

Blitzstrahl m lightning flash. 

Block m block; writing pad. 

Blockwart m block warden. 

Blumenkohlm cauliflower; Oak Leaf 
Cluster (slang). 

Bluse/ service coat, blouse. 

Blut n blood. 

Blutgruppe / blood group, blood type. 

Blutopfer n heavy losses, heavy 

Blutorden w medal awarded to par- 
ticipants in Munich riots of 1923. • 

Blutspender m blood donor. 

blutstillend styptic. 

Blutvergiftung / blood-poisoning. 

Bo / squall, gust. 

Bock m trestle, bent ( Bdg) ; wagon- 
driver’s seat. 

Bockbein n trestle leg (Bdg). 

Bockbriicke / trestle bridge. 

Bockschnellsteg m hasty trestle 

Bockschniirbund m square lashing 


Bocksprengwerk n lock-spar support 

Bockwagenm trestle carrier (MT). 

Boden m ground (Top); base (Am); 
floor; earth; bottom. 

■Bodenabstandsziinder to base delay- 
action fuze (Am). 

Bodenabwehr f antiaircraft defense, 
antiaircraft artillery, ground de- 

Bodenanlage / ground installation. 

Bodenanlage der Luftwaffe air-base 

service area. 

Bodenantenne / surface antenna. 

Bodenaushubm spoil (Engr, Ft). 

Bodenbedienung f ground crew 
( Avn). 

Bodenbewachsung / vegetation (Top). 

Boden-Bord air-ground (Sig Com). 

Bodenbrett n floorboard (MT). 

Bodendienst m base services (Avn). 

Bodendruck m ground pressure, 
spezifischer Bodendruck ground 
pressure per unit area (MT, Tk). 

Bodenerhebung / elevation, rise (Top). 

Bodenfalte/ furrow, gully (Top). 

Bodenfreiheit / road clearance (MT). 

Bodenfunkdienst to ground radio ser- 
vice (Avn). 

Bodenfunkstelle / ground radio sta- 

Eodengestaltung f configuration of 
ground, terrain features. 

Bodenhaftung / road traction (MT). 

Bodenkamnierladung / base charge 

Bodenkanzel f ball turret, belly tur- 
ret, ventral turret (Ap). 

Bodenkrepierer m dud. 

Bodenlader to supercharger with low 
blower ratio (Ap). 

Bodenlafette / ventral gun mount 

Bodenleitung f surface line (Tp). 

Bodenluke f escape hatch in belly or 
floor (Ap, Tk). 

Bodennavigation / pilotage (Avn). 

Bodennebel to ground fog. 

Bodenorganisation f ground person- 
nel (Avn). 

Bodenpeilfunkstelle / radio direction- 
finder station (Avn). 

Bodenpeilstelle f See Bodenpeilfunk- 

Bodenpersonal n air base troops; 
ground crew, ground personnel, 
maintenance personnel, service per- 
sonnel (Avn). 

Bodenplatte/ base plate (Mort). 

Bodenpunkt to place mark (Snrv). 

Bodenschwanz to tail (of a bomb). 

Bodensicht/ ground visibility (Avn). 
auf Bodensicht in sight of the 


28 Bombenwurf 

Bodenstelle/ ground station (Rad). 

Bodenstrahlung/ ground radiation 


Bodenstiick n floor plate, butt as- 
sembly (MG); breech, breech ring 

Bodenstiicksperre / floor-plate lock 

Bodentreffbild n dispersion pattern, 
horizontal shot group. 

Bodentreffer to overended shot. 

Bodenverdichter to road grader and 

Bodenwanne / bottom gondola (Ap). 

Bodenwelle f ground wave (Rad). 

Bodenwellenempfangszone / ground- 
wave reception zone (Rad). 

Bodenwind m surface wind. 

Bodenziel n ground target. 

Bodenziinder m base detonating fuze. 

Boenkragen to arcus, scud roll (Met). 

Bogen to arc, arch; bend, curve; 
sheet (of paper). 

Bogenbriicke/ arched bridge. 

Bogenlampe / arc lamp. 

Bogenspitze/ ogive (Am). 

Bohle / plank. 

Bohlenbahn / plank road. 

bohren to drill, bore. 

BohrerTO bit, drill, auger. 

Bohrladung / borehole blasting 

Bohrloch n borehole. 

Bohrpatrone / blasting cartridge. 

Bohrung/ bore (Mech). 

Bohrwinde/ brace (a tool). 

Boigkeit / turbulence (Met). 

Boje / buoy. 

Bola / See Bodenlafette. 

Bolinie / squall line. 

Bolzen to bolt, pin. 

Bombardierung / bombing, bombard- 

Bombe / bomb. 

Bombe mit Verzugszeit time bomb. 

Bombenabwurf to bomb release. 

Bombenabwurf auf Flachenziel area 

Bombenabwurfgerat n bomb release 

Bombenabwurfkurve / bomb trajec- 

Bombenabwurfvorrichtung / bomb 
control mechanism, bomb release 
mechanism (Ap). 

Bombenabwurfwinkel m dropping 
angle (bombing). 

Bombenabwurfzielgerat n See Bom- 

Bombenabzughebel to bomb control, 
bomb rack control (Ap). 

Bombenangriff to bombing attack, 
bombing raid (Avn). 

Bombenauslosung f bomb release. 

Bombenauslosungsvorrichtung / bomb 
control mechanism, bomb release 
mechanism ( Ap). 

Bombeneinschlag to bomb hit. 

Bombenfallkurve / bomb trajectory. 

Bombenfallzeit / time of fall (bomb- 

Bombenfernrohr n telescopic bomb 
sight (Ap). 

bombenfesf bomb-resistant, bomb- 

Bombenflieger mpl bombardment avi- 

Bombenflugbahn / bomb trajectory. 

Bombenflugzeug n bombardment air- 
plane, bomber. 

Bombengeschwader n bomber wing. 
See also Geschwader. 

Bombenhebel to bomb release handle. 

Bombenhiille / bomb case. 

BombenjagerTO “bomber destroyer” 
(airplane employed to combat bomb- 
ers by dropping bombs on them). 

Bombenkammer / bomb bay (Ap). 

Bombenklappe / bomb-bay doors, 
bomb doors (Ap). 

Bombenkopf m bomb nose. 

Bombenlast / bomb load. 

Bombenloch n bomb crater. 

Bombenmagazin n bomb bay (Ap). 

Bombenreihe / train of bombs, bomb 

Bombenrichtgeriit n bomb sight. 

Bombenschacht to bomb rack (Ap). 

Bombenschiitze to bombardier. 

Bombenschiitzenstand m bombardier’s 
position, bombardier’s compartment. 

bombensicher bomb-resistant, bomb- 
proof, heavy shellproof. 

bombensichere Deckung bombproof 

Bombenteppich to practice-bombing 

BombentiefangrifF to low-level bomb- 
ing attack (Avn). 

Bombentreffer to bomb hit. 

Bombenvisier n bomb sight (Ap). 

Bombenvolltreffer to direct bomb hit. 

Bombenwurf to bomb release, bomb- 




gezielter Bombenwurf precision 

Bombenwurfplatz m target area 

Bombenzielapparat m See Bomben- 

Bombenzielgerat n bomb sight. 
Boraben-Zubringewagen m bomb 

Bombenziinder m bomb fuze. 

Boot n boat; hull (of flying boat). 
Bootshaken m boathook. 

Bootsmannm boatswain (Nav). 
Bordaufkliirer m shipboard reconnais- 
sance airplane. 

Bordbatterie / aircraft radio battery. 
Bordbesatzung / aircrew. 

Bordbuch n log book ( Ap). 
Borderkunder m shipboard reconnais- 
sance airplane. 

Bordflak/ shipboard antiaircraft ar- 

Bordfliegerstaffel f squadron of car- 
rier-based airplanes. 

Bordflugzeug n shipboard airplane. 
Bordfunker m radio operator (Avn). 
Bordgerat n intercommunication tele- 
phone (Ap, Tk). 

Bordgerate npl aircraft equipment; 

aircraft instruments. 

Bordlafette f gun mount on ship or 

Bordlandefackel f landing flare ( Avn). 
Bordmannschaft / air crew. 
Bord-Maschinengewehr n aircraft 
machine gun. 

Bordmechaniker m flight engineer. 
Bordmonteur m aircraft mechanic; 

flight engineer (Avn). 

Bordmunition / aircraft ammunition. 
Bordnetz n aircraft wiring system 

Bordpeiler m radio compass, direction 
finder, direction-finder operator (Ap). 
Bordschiitze m aerial gunner, gunner 

Bordsprechanlage f intercommunica- 
. tion system, interphone system (Ap, 

Bordsprechgerat n intercommunica- 
tion telephone, interphone (Ap, Tk). 
Bordtelephon n interphone (Ap, Tk). 
Bordverpflegung f flight ration 

Bordverstandigung / interphone com- 

Bordverstiindigungsanlage / inter- 
communication system (Ap, Tk). 
Bordwaffen fpl aircraft armament; 
tank armament. 

BordwaffenbeschuB m fire from air- 
craft weapons. 

Bordwandwagen m gondola car 


Bordwart m flight mechanic, flight 
engineer ( A vn). 

Bord zu Boden air-ground (Sig Com). 
Borsalbe/ boric acid ointment. 
Borsaure / boric acid. 

Borte / braid (Clo). 

Boschung / escarpment, scarp, slope. 
Boschung im Abtrag downward slope. 
Boschung in Auftrag upward slope. 
Bbschungsanlage / batter (Ft). 
Boschungskante / military crest 


BoschungsfuB m foot of slope (Top). 
Bbschungskrone f See Boschungs- 

Boschungswinkel m. angle of slope, 

gradient angle, gradient (Top). 
Botschaft/ embassy; message. 
Bowdenzug m bowden control cable 
(control cable in flexible steel con- 

Boxe f submarine pen ; aircraft revet- 
ment (colloquial). 

Boxermotor m opposed-piston engine. 
B.-Patrone f See Beobachtungspa- 

Brakenstange / side rail (limber). 
Bramo f name of a type of aircraft 
engine (abbr. of Brandenburgische 

Brand m fire; gangrene. 

Brandbinde / absorbent gauze treated 
with bismuth for burns. 

Brandbombe f incendiary bomb. 

B. andbombenbiindel n cluster of in- 
cendiary bombs. 

Brander m fire raft. 

Brandflasehe / frangible grenade, in- 
cendiary bottle, “Molotov cocktail.” 
BrandgeschoB n incendiary bullet, 
incendiary projectile. 

Brandgranate / incendiary shell. 
Brandhahn m distributor cock (of Ap 
fire extinguisher) . 

Brandmasse / incendiary composition. 
Brandmeister m fire marshal. 
Brandmittel n incendiary agent. 
Brandmunition / incendiary ammuni- 


30 Brennstoffverbiauch 

Brandsatz to incendiary composition, 
incendiary filling (Am). 

Brandschott n fire wall (Ap). 
Brandschutzm fire prevention, fire 

Brandspant to See Brandschott. 
Brandstoff m incendiary agent. 
Brand- und Asche-Taktik f scorched 
earth tactics. 

Brandwirkung / incendiary effect. 
Brandwunde / burn. 

Bratlingm soya-bean meat substi- 

Bratlingspulver n soya-bean flour, 
brauchbar serviceable, usable; prac- 

Braunkohle / lignite. 

Braunsche Rohre cathode-ray tube. 
Braunstein to manganese dioxide. 
Braunsteinbeutel to manganese 
dioxide compartment ( of Elec cell). 
Brecheisen n See Brechstange. 
Brechreiz to nausea. 

Brechstange f crowbar, pinch-bar. 
Breite f width. 

Breitenausdehnung / extension in 
width (Tac). 

Breitenfeuer n distributed fire (R, 
MG); sweeping fire, traversing fire 

Breitenfeuer mit Tiefenfeuer tra- 
versing and searching fire (MG). 
Breitengliederung / distribution, for- 
mation, or organization in width 

Breitengrad to degree of latitude. 
Breitenhohe / meridian altitude ( ce- 
lestial navigation) . 

Breitenkreis to parallel of latitude. 
Breitenstreuung f direction disper- 
sion, deflection dispersion (Ballis- 

Breiten- und Tiefenfeuer n traversing 
and searching fire (MG). 

Breitenziel n linear target. 

Breitkeil w inverted wedge formation 

Breitseite/ flank (Tac); broadside 

Breitspur f wide gage (RR). 
Bremsarm to brake arm ( G-carriage 
wheel brake). 

Bremsausgleich to brake equalization ; 

brake equalizer. 

Bremsbacke / brake shoe. 

Bremsband n brake band. 
Bremsbelagm brake lining. 

Bremsbockm brake carrier (G car- 

Bremsbuchse f brake bushing ( recoil 
mechanism) . 

Bremse f brake, buffer. 

Bremsfeder / brake release spring 

Bremsfliissigkeit / recoil oil (G) ; 
brake fluid (MT). 

BremsfulJhebel to brake pedal (MT). 

Bremsgestange n brake rod (MT). 

Bremsgitterm suppressor grid (Rad 

Bremshebel to brake level ( G, MT) ; 
locking lever (panoramic telescope). 

Bremsklappe f landing flap, wing 
flap (Ap). 

Bremsklaue/ brake shoe (G-carriage 

Bremsklotz to brake shoe; chock, 
wheel block. 

BremskolbenTO recoil piston (G). 

Bremsleistung f brake horsepower. 

Bremslicht n stop light (MT). 

Bremsscheibe / brake drum. 

Bremsspur/ skid mark (MT). 

Bremsstrecke / stopping distance 
(MT); braking section (Ap catapult). 

Bremstrager to anchor pin ( of brake 

Bremstritt to brake pedal. 

Bremstrommel / brake drum. 

Bremsvorrichtung f recoil mechanism 
(G); brake mechanism (MT). 

Bremsweg to stopping distance (MT). 

Bremswirkung f braking effect. 

Bremszylinder to recoil cylinder (G); 
brake cylinder (MT). 

Brenndauer f burning rate, burning 
time (fuze). 

Brennebene / focal plane (Optics). 

Brennermotor m internal combustion 

Brenngemisch n gasoline mixture. 

Brenngeschwindigkeit f burning 
rate, rate of burning (fuze). 

Brennlangenschieber to corrector 


Brennpunkt to focus (Optics). » 

Brennstoff to gasoline, fuel, Diesel 

Brennstofflager n gasoline dump, 
fuel dump. 

Brennstofftankwagen to gasoline tank 


BrennstofFverbrauch to gasoline con- 
sumption, fuel consumption. 

Brennstoffvorrat 31 Briinierune 

Brennstoffvorrat m gasoline supply, 
fuel supply. 

Brennweite/ focal distance (Optics). 

Brennziinder m powder-train fuze 
(shell); igniting fuze, time fuze 
(hand grenade). 

BrennziinderschuB m time fire (Arty). 

Bresche / breach. 

Brett n board, panel. 

Bretterbahn / boardwalk, duckboard 
( trench). 

Bretterbock m plank trestle. 

Bretterstapel m plank crib (Bdg). 

Brettertafel / plank floor (Bdg). 

Bretterteppich m plank flooring 
(rope Bdg). 

Brettstiickmine / duckboard mine, 
pressure-board mine. 

Briefmarke/ postage stamp. 

Brieftaube f carrier pigeon, homing 
pigeon, messenger pigeon. 

Brieftaubenmeister m pigeoneer 

(Tech Sgt). 

Brieftaubenpfleger m pigeoneer. 

Brieftaubenschlag m pigeon loft. 

Brieftaubenstelle / See Brieftauben- 

Brigade / brigade. 

Brigadefiihrer m brigade commander. 
See also SS-Brigadefuhrer. 

Brigadekommando n brigade head- 

quarters. ' 

Brillenglassalbe f antidim compound 
(for gas mask). 

brisant high-explosive. 

Brisanz / brisance, explosive effect. 

Brisanzgranate / high-explosive shell. 

Brisanzschrapnell n high-explosive 


Brisanzsprengstoff m detonating ex- 

Brombenzylzyanid n brombenzylcya- 
nide (CWS). 

Bromzyan n cyanogen bromide 


Brotbeutelm field bag, musette bag. 

Brotsatz m bread ration. 

Bruch m crack-up, crash ( Avn) ; 

fraction (Math); fracture, rupture. 

Bruchfestigkeit / breaking strength. 

Bruchgrenze / point of rupture 

Bruchlandung / crash landing ( Avn) . 

bruchsicher breakproof, shatterproof. 

Bruchstiick n fragment. 

Briicke / bridge. 

Briicke mit festen Stiitzen fixed 


Briicke mit schwimmenden Stiitzen 

floating bridge. 

Briickenachse f bridge center line. 

Briickenbahn / bridge roadway. 

Briickenbau m bridge construction ; 
bridge structure; bridging. 

Briickenbaub'ataillon n bridge com 
struction battalion. 

Briickenbau gerat n bridge-building 

Briickenbelag m chess, planking 


Briickenbock m bridge trestle. 

Briickenbogen m arch, span (Bdg). 

Briickendamm m approach embank- 
ment (Bdg). 

Briickenendwiderlager n abutment 

Briickenfahrbahn / See Briickenbahn. 

Briickenfahrzeug n bridge-carrying 

Briickengelr.nder n bridge railing. 

Briickengeriit n bridge equipage, 
bridge equipment. 

Briickenglied n bay, section (Bdg). 

Briickenkolonne / bridge column, 
ponton train, bridge train. 

Briickenkommandant m bridge com- 

Briickenkopf m bridgehead. 

Briickenkopflinie f bridgehead line. 

Briickenkopfstellung f bridgehead 

Briickenlinie f bridge center line. 

Briickcnoberbau m superstructure 

Briickenpanzerkampfwagen m bridge- 
carrying tank. 

Briickenpfeiler m pile (Bdg). 

Briickenschlag m bridge construction, 

Briickenskizze f bridge diagram. 

Briickenspitze f open end of bridge 
under construction. 

Briickenstelle / bridge site. 

Briickenstrecke / bay (Bdg). 

Briickenstiitzweite / span of bridge. 

Briickentrupp m bridge-construction 

Briickeniiberbau m See Briickenober- 

Briickenunterbau m foundation, sub- 
structure (Bdg). 

Briickenwiderlager n abutment ( Bdg). 

Briinierung f browning ( anti-rust 


32 Charakterisierung 

treatment or coating on R or G 

Brunnen m well. 

Brustblatt n breast-collar body (pack 

Brustbohrer m hand drill. 

Brustfallschirm m chest pack para- 

Brustfernsprecher m head and chest 
set (Tp). 

Brustschildm shield (G). 

Brustwehr / breastwork, parapet. 

Brustwehrkrone f fire crest ( trench). 

Bruttotonnengehalt m gross tonnage 

B.-Stelle f See Beobachtungsstelle. 

B-Stoff m bromaeeton (CIVS). 

Buchse / jack, socket (Rad); bush- 

Biichse/ box, can, canister; case; 
gas-mask carrier; filter canister. 

Biichsenfilter m canister filter (gas 

Biichsenfleisch n canned meat. 

Biichsenkonserven fpl canned food/ 
canned ration. 

Buchsring m bushing (G). 

Buchstabengruppe / code group 
(Sig C). 

Buchstabiertafel / phonetic alphabet 
(Sig C). 

Bucht f inlet, creek, bay. 

Buchung / accounting. 

Bug m bow, front, nose (Ap, Nav, 

Biigel m trigger guard; stirrup. 

Buggeschiitz n bow gun, front gun 

Bugkanzel / forward gunner’s com- 
partment, nose turret, nose compart- 
ment (Ap). 

Bugpanzer m front armor (Tk). 

Bugradfahrgestell n tricycle landing 
gear (Ap). 

Bugschutze m nose gunner, bow gun- 
ner, front gunner (Ap, Tk). 

Bugstandm nose-gun station (Ap). 

Buhne / diversion dam (Engr). 

Bullauge n porthole. 

Bumslandung f pancake landing, 
rough landing (slang). 

Bunaw buna (rubber). 

Bunareifen m buna tire (MT). 

Bund m tie, lashing (Engr, Tp) ; 
league, alliance ; bunch ( of keys, etc.). 

Biindel n bundle; cluster; package. 

Bundesgenosse m ally. 

Bunde und Knoten knots and ties. 

Bunker m concrete emplacement, con- 
crete shelter, pillbox, bunker, sub- 
marine pen. 

Bunkeranlagen fpl group of bunkers 

Bunkerlinie f line of concrete em- 
placements and pillboxes. 

Bunkerstand m concrete emplacement. 

Bunkerstellung f position fortified 
with concrete emplacements and 

bunt varicolored, bright, dazzling; 
mixed, confused. 

bunt bemalt dazzle-painted (Cam). 

bunte Lappen colored cloth garnish, 
garlands (Cam). 

Buntfarbenanstrich m camouflage 
painting, dazzle painting. 

Buntkreuze npl colored cross mark- 
ings (to identify CWS munitions). 

BuntschieBen n simultaneous or al- 
ternate shelling with HE and Cml 
shells of different type. 

Biirger m citizen, 

Biirgerkrieg m civil war. 

Bursche m orderly. 

Biirste / brush. 

Bussole / compass ; declinator ( aim- 
ing circle). 

Bussolengehause n compass case. 

Bussolenring m compass azimuth 

Bussolenzug m compass traverse 

( Arty, Surv). 

Bz.-SchuB m See BrennziinderschuB. 


Calypsol n a cold-resistant; grease. 
Ce-Stoffm cyanogen bromide (CWS). 
Celsius centigrade. 

Cetenzahl f cetane rating (Diesel 

Charakter m honorary rank carrying 
specific seniority but not the pay; 
character, quality, peculiarity; quali- 
fication (Law). 

Charakterisierung/ conferment of 




honorary rank as defined under Cha- 

Chausseewalze / road roller. 

Chef to chief. 

Chef der Heeresriistung und Befehls- 
haber des Ersatzheeres Chief of 
Army Equipment and Commander of 
Replacement Training Army (Com- 
mander of rear echelon of Oberkom- 
mando des Heeres, in charge of all 
non-operational branches and whole 
basic Army structure) (abbr. Ch Rii 
u B d E). 

Chef der Luftwehr chief of adminis- 
trative and supply services of German 
Air Ministry. 

Chef der Schnellen Truppen Chief of 
Mobile Troops (branch of Oberkom- 
mando des Heeres). See also 

Schnelle Truppen. 

Chef der Zivilverwaltung. chief of 
civil affairs section at an army head- 

Chef des Generalstab(e)s Chief of 

Chef des Heeres- Waffenamtes Chief 
of Ordnance. 

Chef des Transportwesens Chief of 
Transportation (Tac, RR). 

Chefveterinar m Chief of Veterinary 

chemische Kampfstoffe chemical war- 
fare agents. 

chemischer Krieg chemical warfare. 

Chiffre / cipher. 

chiffrieren encipher. 

Chiffriermaschine / cipher device, 
converter (Sig C). 

ChifFrierung f encipherment. 

Chinin n quinine. 

Chirurg m surgeon. 

Chlor n .chlorine ( CWS). 

Dach n roof. 

Dachluke/ turret hatch (Tk). 
Dachpappe / roofing paper, 
daktyloskopieren to fingerprint. 
Dammkorper m dam embankment. 
Dampfer to stabilizer (Ap) ; 

silencer, flash hider ( Ord) ; damper 

Chloraminw chloramine-T (CWS). 

Chlorarsinkampfstoff to diphenyl- 
ehlorarsine ( CWS, abbr. Clark). 

Chlorat-Sprengmittel n chlorate ex- 

Chlorazetophenon n CN, chloraceto- 
phenone (CWS). 

Chlorazetophenon -Chlorpikrixi-Losung 
f chloracetophenone solution, CNS 

Chlorcyan n cyanogen chloride 

Chlorgas n chlorine (CWS). 

Chlorkalkm calcium chloride, chlor- 
ide of lime, chlorinated lime, calcium 
bleach (CWS). 

Chlorkohlenoxyd n carbonylchloride, 
phosgene ( CIVS,). 

Chlornatron n sodium hypochlorite. 

Chlorpikrin n chlorpicrin (CWS). 

Chlorsulfonsaure f chlorsulfonic acid 

Chlorvinyldichlorarsin n lewisite 

Cholmschild to shield-shaped insignia 
awarded to troops besieged at Kholm- 

Christie-Panzerkraftwagen to Christie 

Chrom n chrome, chromium. 

Chronograph to chronograph. 

Chronometer n chronometer. 

Cirruswolke f cirrus cloud. 

Clark I diphenylchlorarsine (CWS). 

Clark II diphenylcyanarsine (CWS). 

Cletrac-Lenkgetriebe n Cleveland- 
tractor type of steering mechanism. 

Cyan-Chlorarsinkampfstoff to di- 
phenylcyanarsine (CWS). 

Cyan Clark See Cyan-Chlorarsin- 


Dampfmaschine / steam engine. 
Dampfrohrn. steam tube (MG). 
Dampfung/ damping (Elec, Rad). 
Dampfungsflache / stabilizing surface 


Dampfungsflosse / tail turface (Ap). 
Dampfwalze f steam roller. 

Daten npl data, 




Daube / stave. 

Dauer f duration. 

Dauerabzug m trigger for full-auto- 
matic fire (MG). 

Dauerbefehl to standing order. 

Dauerfahrbetrieb w permanent fer- 
rying operations. 

Dauerfestigkeit f fatigue strength, 
endurance limit (Mech). 

Dauerfeuer n full-automatic fire, 
automatic fire (MG, R); continuous 
fire, sustained fire. 

Dauerfleisch n preserved meat. 

Dauerleistung / normal rating, con- 
tinuous output (Mtr); feat of endur- 

Dauerleitung / permanent line (Tp). 

Dauermarsch to forced march. 

Dauerstorung / continuous interfer- 
ence (Rad). 

Dauerstrich to long dash (Tg). 

Dauertonm continuous note (Rad). 

Dauerunterkiinfte fpl permanent 

Dauerwirkung f lasting effect, per- 
manent effect. 

Daumen m cam ; thumb. 

Daumenbreite / thumb width ( range 

Daumensprung m thumb jump 
(method of range estimation). 

Daumenwelle / camshaft. 

Dazwischensprechen n break-in pro- 
cedure (Rad). 

dechiffrieren decipher. 

Deckanruf to code call (Tp). 

Deckblatt n change sheet ( to be in- 
serted in a manual) . 

Decke/ casing, shoe (of a tire); ceil- 
ing (of a room); blanket, cover, 

Deckel w cover. 

Deckelriegel m cover-plate latch 

Deckelsperre f cover-plate lock 

decken to cover, support (Tac). 

Deckengurt m surcingle (harness). 

Deckenlicht n dome light, tonneau 
light (MT). 

Deckenventilator m ceiling ventilator 

Decklandeflugzeug n deck-landing air- 

Deckname m code name. 

Deckplatte / casing, cover plate. 

Deckung/ cover, shelter (Ft); mask 
(Gunnery) ; concealment (Tac). 

Deckungsfeuer n covering fire. 

Deckungsgraben m cover trench, slit 
trench, shelter trench. 

Deckungshohe / height of mask 

Deckungsloch n foxhole. 

Deckungsspiegel to trench periscope. 

Deckungsstarke / strength of cover 

Deckungstrupp to support party, cov- 
ering party, covering detachment. 

Deckungstruppe / covering force. 

Deckungswinkel to angle of site to 
mask (Ballistics). 

Deckungswinkelmesser m site-to-mask 

Deckvermogen n effective coverage 
(of smoke screen). 

Deckwort n _ code word. 

Deckzeichen n code sign, code signal. 

defilieren to pass in review. 

Degen to sword. 

Degradat ion / demotion. 

degradieren to break, reduce in rank. 

Dehnung f lengthening, elongation ; 
strain (Mech). 

Deich to dike. 

Deichsel / limber pole, wagon shaft. 

Deichselbolzen to pole pin (limber). 

Deichselstiitze / pole prop (limber). 

dejustiert out of alinement. 

Dekade/ 10-day pay period. 

demobilmachen demobilize. 

Demobilmachung / demobilization. 

Demolierung / demolition. 

Denkmal n monument. 

Desinfektionskammer f disinfecting 
chamber (Med). 

Desinfektionsmittel n disinfectant. 

Detektor to detector (Rad and 

Detonationsdruck to blast pressure. 

deuten interpret, explain, indicate. 

Deiitpatrone f indicator cartridge 
(for Ger grenade pistol). 

Deutsche Industrie-Norm German 
Industrial Standard (abbr. DIN). 

Deutscher GruB Nazi salute. 

Deutsches Kreuz German Cross ( dec- 

Dezimetergeriit n microwave radio set. 

Diatomitschicht f diatomite layer 
(gas filter) (CWS). 

dicht compact, dense, leakproof, 



Dichte / density ; concentration 

Dichtemesser m densimeter, aero- 

dichten to calk, pack, seal. 

Dichtigkeit/ density; impermeabil- 

Dichtigkeitsmesser m densimeter, 
aerometer; viscometer. 

Dichtlinie/ sealing band (gas mask). 

Dichtrahmen m sealing frame ( gas 

Dichtringm binder ring (gas mask). 

Dichtung/ gasket; washer; insula- 
tion; packing. 

Dichtungsring m sealing ring, 

Dick See Athyldichlorarsin. 

Dienst m duty, service, detail. 
auBer Dienst retired (abbr. a.D.). 

Dienstalter n seniority. 

Dienstaltersgrenze / age limit. 

Dienstiiltester m senior officer. 

Dienstanweisung / service regula- 
tions, list of instructions. 

Dienstanzugm service uniform. 

Dienstausriistung / service equip- 

Dienstbefehl m routine order. 

Dienst bei d?r Truppe service with 
troops, field duty. 

Dienstbeschadigung / damage or in- 
jury occurring while in service. 

Dienstbescheinigung / certificate of 

Diensteidw oath of enlistment; oath 
of office. 

Diensteinteilung / duty roster. 

Dienstentlassung f discharge without 
honor, dismissal. 

dienstfahig fit for duty, fit for active 

dienstfrei off duty. 

Dienstgebrauch m service use, ser- 
vice tradition. 

nur fiir den Dienstgebrauch re- 
stricted (manuals, etc.). 

Dienstgipfelhohe / service ceiling 
( Avn ). 

Dienstgrad m grade; rating (Nav). 

Dienstgradabzeichen n grade chevron. 

Dienstgradherabsetzung / demotion. 

Dienstgrad mit Patent permanent 

dienstlich authorized, official. 

Dienstpflicht / liability for service, 
obligation to serve. 

5 Divisionsbegleitkompanie 

Dienstpflichtiger m one who is sub- 
ject to military service. 

Dienstplan m duty roster. 

Dienststelle f duty station, command 
headquarters, administrative center 
or office. 

Dienststellung / appointment. 

Dienststempel to official stamp. 

Dienstumschlag to official envelope. 

Dienstunfahiger m noneffective, one 
who is unfit for service. 

Dienstvorschrift / service regulation; 
service manual. 

Dienstweg m military channel (Adm). 
auf dem Dienstweg through chan- 

Dienstzweig m branch of the service. 

Dieselkraftstoff m Diesel fuel. 

Diesel- Lastwagen m Diesel truck. 

Dieselmotor m Diesel engine. 

Dieselschlepper m Diesel tractor. 

diesig hazy (Met). 

Diglykolnitrat-Bliittchenpulver n di- 
glycolnitrate flake powder ( abbr. 
Digl. Bl. P.). 

DIN See Deutsche Industrie-Norm. 

Dina / See Divisionsnachrichtenabtei- 

Dinafii m See Divisionsnachrichten- 

Diopter m diopter, alidade. 

Diopterfaden m diopter hair (Optics). 

Diopterlineal n alidade ruler ( aiming 

Diopterschlitz m diopter slit ( Optics) . 

Diphenylaminchlorarsin n adamsite. 

Diphenylchlorarsin n diphenylchlor- 
arsine (CWS). 

Dipolantenne f dipole antenna. 

Disziplin f discipline. 

Disziplinarstrafe f punishment for 
breach of discipline. 

Disziplinarverfahren n disciplinary 

Division / division. 

Divisionsarzt m division surgeon 
( generally with rank of Oberstarzt, 

Divisionsbataillon n divisional bat- 
talion (provisional unit whose pri- 
mary mission is counterattack) . 

Divisionsbefehl m division order, di- 
vision combat order. 

Divisionsbegleitkompanie / division 
escort company (for protection of 
Div Hq). 


36 Drahtrohr 

Divisionsfeldlazarett n division sur- 
gical hospital. 

Divisionsgefechtsstand m division 
command post. 

Divisionsintendant ni See Intendant. 

Divisionskommando z.b.V. special ad- 
ministrative division ( consists of 
Landesschiitzen Bns and GHQ troops 
in a Wehrkreis). 

Divisionsnachrichtenabteilung / divi- 
sion signal battalion. 

Divisionsnachschubfiihrer m chief of 
division supply services. 

Divisionsnachschubkolonne f division 
supply column. 

Divisionspanzerabwehrabteilung / di- 
vision antitank battalion. 

Divisionspferdelazarett n division 

veterinary clearing station. 

Divisionspferdepark m division re- 
mount depot. 

Divisionsstab to division headquarters 
or headquarters personnel.. 

Divisionsstammleitung / division 

trunk line ( axis of Sig Com). 

Dixol n an antifreeze solution. 

Docht m wick. 

Dockanlagen fpl dock installations. 

Dolch to dagger. 

Dollbord n gunwale (rowboat). 

Dolmetscher m interpreter, trans- 

Doppelanschnitt m two-station pilot- 
balloon spotting (Met). 

Doppelbereifung f double tires, dual 
tires (MT). 

Doppelbetriebsschaltung / composite 
connection (Tp). 

Doppeldecker to biplane. 

Doppelfernglas n field glass, binoc- 

Doppelfernrohr n See Doppelfern- 

Doppelflugel to “double wing” ( wing 
with double ailerons and flaps). 

Doppelglas n See Doppelfernglas. 

Doppellafette f two-barreled mount. 

doppellaufig double-barreled. 

Doppelleitung / metallic circuit (Tp). 

Doppelposten to double sentry. 

Doppelpropeller to coaxial contra- 
rotating propellers (Ap). 

Doppelreihe / column of twos, double 

“In Doppelreihe, angetreten!” “In 
column of twos, fall in!” 

DoppelringtrensengebiB n double- 
ring snaffle bit. 

Doppelringvisier n double ring sight. 

Doppelschieber to double slide (plot- 
ting protractor) . 

twin-screw elevating mechanism 

Doppelschritt to stride (2 paces). 

Doppelseitensteuer n twin rudders 

Doppelsprechen n phantoming (Tp). 

Doppelsprechschaltung / phantom 
circuit (Tp). 

Doppelsprengkabel n two-conductor 
firing wire (demolitions). 

Doppelstecker to two-way plug (Tp, 

Doppelsternmotor m double-row 
radial engine. 

Doppelsteuerung / dual controls 

Doppelumfassnng / double envelop- 
ment (Tac). 

Doppelverkehr to two-way communi- 
cation, two-way traffic. 

Doppelziinder to combination fuze. 

Dorrfleisch n dehydrated meat. 

Dorrgemiise n dehydrated vege- 

Dose f box, can. 

Dosenbarometer n aneroid barom- 

Dosenlibelle / box level. 

Drache(n) to kite. 

Drachenballon to kite balloon. 

Dragge f grapnel. 

Draht m wire. 

Drahtbund n wire-cable lashing. 

Drahteinzaunung f wire inclosure. 

Drahtgabel / wire pike (Tp con- 

Drahtgeflecht n wire netting. 

Drahthindernis n protective wire, 
wire entanglement. 

Drahtigel m gooseberry (obstacle). 

Drahtleitung / wire line (Tp). 

Draiitmatte / wire mesh mat. 

Drahtnachrichtenmittel n means of 
wire communication. 

Drahtnachrichtennetz n wire net, 
wire system (Sig C). 

Drantnetz n wire net, wire mesh. 

Drahtnetz zum Tarnen chicken wire 
( Cam). 

Drahtrohr n wire-wound gun barrel. 




Drahtrolle / wire roll, concertina, 
wire-roll entanglement. 

Drahtschere f wire cutters. 

Drahtschleife / wire winding, wire 
turn, wire loop (Elec). 

Drahtschlinge f wire snare, trip 

Drantseil n wire cable. 

Drahtseilhindernis n cable block, 
wire-cable obstacle. 

Drahtspirale f spiral wire, helical 

Drahtstrade / metal mesh road, wire 
mesh road. 

Drahttelegraphie f wire telegraphy. 

Drahttelephonie / wire telephony. 

Drahtverbindung / wire circuit, wire 
communication, connecting wire, 1 
wire connection (Tg, Tp). 

Drahtverhau to wire entanglement. 

Drahtwalze / reinforced concertina 

Drahtzange / pliers (for handling 

Drahtzaun to double-apron entangle- 
ment, double-apron fence, wire 

Drahtzug to .flexible steel cable (Ap). 

Drall to rifling, twist (Ord); spin 
(of a projectile). 

Drallabweichung f drift (due to spin 
of projectile). 

Draliange f length of rifling (Ord). 

Drallwinkel to angle of twist 


Drallwirkung / twist effect of slip- 
stream (Avn). 

Drallziige to pi grooves (rifling). 

Draufgangertum n audacity, daring. 

Drauflosfahrt f headlong movement 
(MT, Tk). 

Dretibank f lathe. 

Drehbewegung / rotation ( of pro- 

Drehbolzen to pivot pin. 

Dreher to lathe operator. 

DrehfUigelflugzeug n rotor airplane. 

Drehgestell n truck (RR car); turn- 

Drehgriff to control grip (Mtcl). 

Drehkolbenpumpe / port-control fuel- 
injection pump (Diesel engine). 

Drehkondensator to variable capaci- 
tor, variable condenser. 

Drehkranz to circular track (MG 

Drehkuppel f revolving turret. 

Drehlichtscheinwerfer to revolving 

searchlight, revolving beacon light. 

Drehlichtsignal n revolving beacon. 

Drehmoment n torque. 

Drehpunkt to pivot, fulcrum. 

Drehrahmenantenne f rotating loop 

Drehring to racer (AA gun). 

Drehscheibenlafette / turntable gun 

Drehschemellenkung f fifth-wheel 


Drehschieber to rotor-type valve 


Drehschwingung f torsional vibra- 

Drehsinn to direction of rotation. 

Drehspule / moving coil (Elec). 

Drehspulinstrument n moving coil 
instrument (Elec). 

Drehstabfeder / torsion-rod spring 


Drehstrom to three-phase alterna- 
ting current. 

Drehturm w revolving turret. 

Drehzahl f number of revolutions, 

Drehzahlmesser m tachometer. 

Drehzahlregler to governor (Mtr). 

Drehzahlschwankung f rpm fluctua- 
tions (Mtr). 

Drehzapfen to pivot. 

Dreiachser w six-wheel vehicle. 

Dreibein n tripod. 

Dreibeinlafette f tripod mount. 

Dreibeinmast m tripod mast. 

Dreiblattverstellschraube f three- 
blade controllable propeller (Ap). 

Dreibock to tripod cable support. 

Dreieck n triangle. 

Dreieckbalkensperre f triangular 
timber obstacle. 

Dreieckrechner m computer ( circular 
slide ride for air navigation) . 

Dreiecksaufnahme f triangulation 

Dreieckschaltung f delta connection 


Dreieckzielen n sighting-triangle 
aiming exercise (Gunnery); tri- 
angle exercise (R practice). 

Dreielektrodenrohre / triode tube. 

Dreiergemisch n triple mixture ( gas- 
oline 50%, benzol U0%, alcohol 
10 %). 

Dreifachziinder to combination fuze 
(super quick, delay and time). 


Dreifliigelschraulbe 38 

Dreifliigelschraube / three-bladed 

propeller (Ap). 

Dreifull m tripod. 

Dreifuflaufsatzstiick n tripod exten- 
sion piece (MG). 

Dreiganggetriebe n three-speed 

transmission (MT). 

dreigliedrige Division triangular 


Dreipolrohre / triode tube (Rad). 

Dreipunktlandung f normal landing, 
three-point landing (Avn). 

Dreipunktschaltung / Hartley oscil- 
lator (Rad). 

Dreiradfahrgestell n tricycle land- 
ing gear (Ap). 

Dreireihenstandmotor m three-bank 

upright engine. 

Dreiwegehahn m three-way selector 

Drillich in denim (also spelled 
Drilch) . 

Drillichanzug m fatigue uniform, 
work uniform. 

Drillstab m torsion rod (MT). 

dringend urgent. 

Dringlichkeitsliste / priority list. 

Dringlichkeitszeichen n urgent sig- 
nal (Sig Com). 

DRK-Helfer m German Red Cross 

DRK-Helferin f German Red Cross 
nurse apprentice. 

DRK-Schwester / German Red Cross 

DRK-Schwesternhelferin / German 
Red Cross junior nurse, nurse’s aid. 

Drohung / threat. 

Drossel / throttle (Mtr). 

Drosselgrifif m throttle grip. 

Drosselhebel m throttle lever. 

Drosselklappe / throttle valve. 

Drosselklappenwelle / throttle shaft. 

Drosselrinne / jugular groove 


Drosselspule / choke coil (Elec). 

Drosselung / choking, throttling. 

Druck m pressure. 

Druckanderung / pressure change 


Druckausgleicher m pressure equal- 

Druckbohlenmine / pressure-plank 


Druckbrettmine / pressure-board 


drucken to print. 

driicken to press, push; to push con- 
trol stick or wheel forward (Ap). 

Driicker n thumb nut (sight); trig- 

Druckgurt m compression chord 


Druckkabine / pressure cabin (Ap). 

Druckknopf m pushbutton; snap, 
snap fastener. 

Druckleitung / pressure line. 

Druckluft f compressed air. 

Druckluftbremse / air brake. 

Drucklufterzeuger m air compressor. 

Drucklufthammer m pneumatic 


Druckluft-Niethammer m pneumatic 

Druckluftramme f pneumatic pile 

Druckmesser m pressure gage. 

Drucknase / trigger cam (R). 

Druckplatte f pressure plate 

( clutch) . 

Druckpunkt in pressure point. 

Druckpunkt nehmen to take up the 
slack (of the trigger). 

Druckraum m surge chamber. 

Druckregler in pressure regulator. 

Druckschmierung f pressure lubrica- 

Druckschraube / pusher propeller 

(A V ). 

Druckschrauber m pusher airplane. 

Druckseite f pressure side, pressure 
surface (Ap wing). 

Druckstelle f pressure point. 

Druckstempel m pressure plug 

Druckstiick n contact piece on trig- 
ger (R). 

Drucktaster. m sending key. 

Druckumlaufschmierung f See 


Druckvorschrift f Field Regulations, 
Field Manual (abbr. Dv.). 

Druckzerstauber m pressure spray 
gun (CWS). 

Druckziinder m pressure firing de- 
vice, pressure igniter, push igniter 

Druckzylinder m master cylinder 
(hydraulic brake). 

Dschungel / jungle. 

D-Stoff m dimethylsulfate (CWS). 

Diibel m lug ( G). 

Ducht / crosspiece, thwart (boat or 

D ticker 


Diicker to sluice pipe. 

Dulag See Durchgangslager. 

Dulagluft See Durchgangslager 


Dumdum-Geschofi n dumdum bullet. 

Dunkelheit / darkness. 

Dunkelkammer / darkroom. 

Dunnit n dunnite (Am). 

Dunst to haze, vapor. 

Durchbiegung / deflection (of a beam 
or girder). 

durchbrechen to break through, 


durchbrennen to burn out (Elec 

fuse ) . 

Durchbruch to break-through (Tac). 

“Durchdecken !” “Di'ess and Cover!” 

durchdrehen to pull (a propeller) 

Durchfiihrung f gland (Bln); carry- 
ing out, execution. 

Durchgabe / transmission (of Rad 
messages, etc.). 

Durchgangsbahnhof m through sta- 
tion (RR). 

Durchgangsfernspruch m long-dis- 
tance telephone call. 

Durchgangslager n PW transit canjp 
(abbr. DulagJ. 

Durchgangslager Luftwaffe PW 
transit camp for Air Forces person- 
nel (abbr. Dulagluft,). 

durchgeben to transmit (Sig C). 

Durchgriff m reciprocal of amplifica- 
tion factor in percent (Rad). 

Durchhang m sag. 

Durchhiingen n droop (Mech). 

durchkriimmen to squeeze (the 


Durchlafl to culvert, passage, con- 
duit, opening. 

durchladen to load (a magazine or 

Durchlaufgleis n through track (RR). 

durchlochern pierce. 

Durchmesser to diameter. 


durchpausen to trace (a map, etc.). 

Durchpunkt to point at which tra- 
jectory intersects plane of aerial 
target perpendicular to line of sight- 

durchsacken to drop, to do a power- 
stall, to sink, to pancake (Avn). 

Durchsackgeschwindigkeit / critical 
speed, stalling speed (Avn). 

durchsagen to pass the word along. 

Durchschlag to carbon copy (typed) ; 
drift pin. 

Durchschlager to punch, drift (tool). 

Durchschlagskraft f penetration, 
force of penetration (Am). 

durchschmelzen to burn out (Elec 
fuse ) . 

Durchschnitt to average, mean; cross 

Durchschnittsleistung / average per- 

Durchschnittspanzerstarke / average 
thickness of armor (Tk). 

Durchschreibcblock to carbon-copy 

Durchschrift f carbon copy 


durchsichtig transparent. 

Durchstich n cut (Engr, RR). 

Durchstofl w penetration by assault. 

durchstolien pierce, penetrate; fly 
through (a layer of clouds). 

durchsuchen to search. 

Durchtrittsoffnung f cutaway (for 
ejected cartridge cases). 

durchwaten to ford. 

durchziehen to pull out ( dive bomb- 

Dusche f shower bath. 

Duse / injector, jet, nozzle; vent 
( rocket). 

Dusenkorrektor to mixture control. 

Dynamomaschine f dynamo, gener- 

Dynastart to starter-generator. 


Echolot n sonic altimeter, sound- 
ranging altimeter (Avn); fatho- 
meter, echo depth sounder ( Nav ). 

Eckplatte / gusset. 

Edelgas n rare gas. 

Edisonsammler to Edison storage 

Edler to knight, noble. 

Ehre / honor. 

Ehrenbezeigungen bei Beerdigung 
graveside service (Mil funeral). 
Ehrenbezeugung f salute. 
Ehrengeleit n escort of honor. 
Ehrenparade f dress parade. 

Ehrenposten 40 Einflug 

Ehrenposten to guard of honor. 

Ehrenrang to honorary rank. 

Ehrenrat to court of honor. 

Ehrensalve / volley (at burials). 

Ehrensold w award. 

Ehremvache f guard of honor, honor 

Ehremvort n parole, word of honor. 

Ehrenzeichen n decoration. 

eichen calibrate. 

Eichenlaub n oak leaf cluster. 

Eichstrich to measuring line, gradu- 

Eichung / calibration, adjustment. 

Eierhandgranate / egg-shaped hand 
grenade, “pineapple” hand grenade. 

Eigenfrequenz / natural frequency 

Eigengeschwindigkeit / indicated air 
speed (Avn). 

Eigengewicht n empty weight. 

eigenmachtig on one’s own author- 
ity, unauthorized. 

eigenmachtige Entfernung absence 
without leave. 

Eigenpeilung / direction finding by 
taking bearings from an aircraft on 
two or more radio stations. 

Eigenschaft / quality, characteristic, 

Eigenschatten to shadow on object 
(as distinguished from shadow cast 
by the object) (Cam). 

Eigenschwingung / natural oscilla- 
tion (Rad). 

Eigentum n property. 

Eigenverstandigung / interphone 
(Ap); intravehicular communication 

Eignungspriifung / aptitude test. 

Eihandgranate f See Eierhandgra- 

Eimer to bucket. 

“Ein!” “Contact!” (Avn). 

Einankerumformer m dynainotor. 

Einatemventil n inlet valve (gas 
mask, oxygen breathing apparatus). 

Einbahnstrafie / one-way road or 

Einbahnverkehr m one-way traffic 

Einbaufahre / construction float 

Einbehaltung / detention (of pay, 
etc.). . ' 

Einbeinfahrgestell n landing gear 
with individual cantilever legs (Ap). 

einberufen to induct into the armed 
forces, to call to the colors, to order 
to report for active duty. See Ein- 
berufung. . 

Einbcrufung / call to the colors ( cor- 
responds roughly to US induction, 
and is folloived by Einstellung, as- 
signment to a unit). 

Einberufungsbefehl to order to re- 
port for active duty. 

Einberufungskarte / notice of induc- 

Einberufungsort to induction station. 

Einblick to view into ( enemy posi- 
tions, etc.); insight; eyepiece (Op- 

Einblicklinse f eyepiece lens 

( Optics). 

Einblickrohr n eyepiece tube. 

Einblickstutzen m eyepiece mount. 

Einbruch to penetration (Tac). 

Einbruchsfeuer n assault fire. 

Einbruchsfront / frontage of penetra- 
tion (Tac); cold front (Met). 

Einbruchstelle / breach, point of 
penetration, point chosen for pene- 
tration (Tac). 

Einbuchtung / dent in the enemy’s 
line, salient (Tac). 

Eindecker to monoplane. 

Eindeckung / cover (Ft). 

eindringen infiltrate, penetrate. 

Eindringungstiefe / depth of pene- 
tration or infiltration (Tac). 

Eineinhalbdecker to sesquiplane. 

Einerzelt n one-man shelter tent, 
pup tent. 

Einfachanschnitt to single-station 
piloi.-balloon spotting (Met). 

Einfachleitung f ground-return cir- 
cuit (Tp). 

einfiideln to thread (a needle); to 
join a march column, to get into line. 

einfahren to float bridge-sections into 
place; to break in (a horse, etc.); to 
harness; to drive in. 

Einfahrgleis n incoming track (BR). 

Einfallwinkel to angle of incidence. 

einfetten to grease, lubricate. 

einfliegen to penetrate (air attack 
tactics); make a test flight. 

Einflieger to test pilot. 

Einflicgerei / aircraft-testing depart- 

Einfluchten n marking out (in fixing 
the azimuth) (Surv). 

Einflug to penetration (air attack 

Einfluggenehmigung 41 einolen 

tactics); approach flight (Ami); ap- 
proach of a target ( A TP'S ) . 

Eiitfluggenehmigung / traffic-control 
clearance (Avn). 

Einflugsmeldung / report of ap- 
proaching target ( A 1FS ) . 

Einflugzeichen n “come in” signal 
(Inst landing). 

Einfliisse mpl See besondere und 

einfiihren introduce, initiate, lead in. 

Einfuhrhafen m port of entry. 

Einfiihrungsdraht m lead-in (Rad). 

Einfiillstutzen m oil-filling plug ( re- 
coil mechanism) ; filler neck ( of gaso- 
line or oil tank). 

eingabeln to bracket (Arty). 

Eingabelung / bracket, bracketing. 

Eingang m entrance. 

Eingangswerte mpl initial data 


Eingangsziindung / priming charge. 

eingesehen exposed to observation 
(emplacement, trench, etc.). 

Eingitterriihre / single-grid tube, 
triode (Rad). 

eingleisig single-track. 

eingliedern assign; incorporate, 

make an organic part of; classify. 

Eingliederung / assignment; incor- 
poration, organic arrangement; 

eingraben dig in, entrench; bury. 

Eingreifdivision / reserve division. 

eingreifen intervene, come to the aid 
of, take a hand in; to catch, mesh, 

einhangen suspend (a bomb). 

Einheit / unit, element (Tac). 
kleinste taktische Einheit basic 
tactical unit. 

EinheitsfUhrer m commander of a 

Einheitsgeschutz m dual-purpose 

Einheitsgewicht n specific gravity. 

Einheitsgranate f combination high- 
explosive and shrapnel shell. 

Einheitskanister m standard gasoline 
container, unit container. 

Einheitsmaii n unit of measurement. 

Einheitsmunition / fixed ammunition. 

Einheitsmunitionszug m ammunition 
train carrying only one type and 
caliber of ammunition (RR). 

Einhoitsmiitze / regulation field cap 
(replaces the Peldmutze^. 

Einheitsprinzip n unit principle 

(Ger Mil doctrine providing maxi- 
mum independence and self-suffi- 
ciency for each unit). 

Einheitswaffe / dual-purpose weap- 

Einhcitszeit / standard time. 

Einheitsziinder m combination fuze, 
standard fuze (Am). 

einholen overtake, collect, bring in; 
haul down. 

einigeln take up a position of all- 
around defense. 

einkesseln to encircle, trap, pocket. 

Einkesselung / encirclement. 

Einkipptrieb m leveling mechanism 

Einkteidungsbeihilfe / clothing 

money allowance. 

Einkreisempfanger m receiver with 
one resonant circuit (Rad). 

Einkreisung f encirclement. 

Einkreisungsmandver n encircling 

Einkreisungsschlacht / battle of en- 
circlement (Tac). 

Einkreisungsversuch in attempted 

einkuppeln engage, thrown in ( the 

einladen to load, entrain, entruck, 

Einladeiibersicht / entraining table, 
entrucking table. 

Einlafi in inlet, intake. 

Einlafikanal m intake line (Mtr). 

Einlafiventil n intake valve (Mtr). 

Einlallventilkammer f intake-valve 
chamber (Mtr). 

einliiufig single-barreled. 

Einiegerohr n liner, subcaliber tube 
( Ord). 

einleiten begin, introduce, initiate, 

einleilendes Gefecht preliminary ac- 
tion or engagement. 

einmessen to survey (Arty). 

Einnahme / capture, occupation, 
seizure (of a locality); reception, ac- 
ceptance (of equipment, Ord, etc.); 
receipts (money, etc.). 

Einnahmeschein m receipt. 

einnebeln to blanket, to lay a smoke 

einolen to oil, lubricate. 

einpeilen 42 Einstiegklappe 

einpeilen take a radio bearing. 

Einpolluftleiter m Marconi antenna, 
quarter-wave vertical antenna. 

einrasten engage; lock; ram home; 
snap shut; catch. 

einrichten adjust (fire, etc.); orient 
(a map); prepare, improve (a posi- 
tion); install; furnish, equip. 

Einrichten einer Karte orientation of 
a map. 

Einrichten einer Stellung prepara- 
tion or improvement of a position. 

Einrichtung f installation; organiza- 
tion, establishment; adjustment; ar- 
rangement; device; orientation. 

Einrumpfflugzeug n single-fuselage 

Einsatz m commitment, employment; 
mission; operation, action; effort; 
insertion; duty; sortie (Avn). 
bei besonderem Einsatz on active 
duty; during special commitment 
(in time of war or national emer- 

Einsatzbereitschaft / aggressiveness, 
initiative, readiness for action. 

Einsatzbesprechung / orders confer- 
ence, “briefing” (Avn). 

einsatzfahig available for assign- 
ment, commitment or employment. 

Einsatz fliegen to fly a sortie (Avn). 

Einsatzhafen m home field (Avn). 

Einsatzhafenkommandantur / opera- 

' tional airdrome command (sub-divi- 
sion of Lufthafenbereichkomman- 

Einsatzort m locality to be occupied, 
area where units are to be sent into 

Einsatzraum m operational area. 

Einsatztopf m filter-element contain- 
er (gas mask). 

Einschaltung / switching on, throw- 
ing into gear. 

einschanzen dig in, entrench. 

Einscheibenkupplung / single-plate 
clutch (MT). 

Einschiefien n adjustment fire, trial 
fire (Arty). 

Einschiefien mit hohen Sprengpunkten 
high-burst ranging. 

Einschiefien nach der Lange range 

EinschieBpunkt m adjusting point 
(adjustment fire). 

Einschiefiziel « adjustment target 

Einschiffung / embarkation. 

Einschlag m impact, strike (Arty); 
toe-in (MT). 

Einschlagsgarbe / sheaf of fire at 
point of impact, shot group, shot 
pattern (Arty). 

Einschlagsgruppe / shot group, shot 
pattern (of a volley). 

Einschleifen einer Leitung connect- 
ing a line into a telephone circuit. 

einschneiden to intersect, to take 
cross bearings. 

Einschneiden auf Richtungslinie 
point determination along an orient- 
ing line (Surv). 

Einschneiden nach drei Punkten 

three-point resection (Surv). 

Einschnitt in cut (Engr, RR). 

Einschufi m hit. 

einschwenken to pivot (Tac, drill). 
seitlich einschwenken to pivot to 
the left or right, to fan out (Tac). 

einsetzen to commit, employ, insert. 

einsickern infiltrate (Tac). 

Einsitzer m single-seater airplane. 

einspielen bring into play, throw in, 
engage, actuate. 

Einspielen der Libellen leveling, 
cross-leveling (Arty). 

Einsprache / mouthpiece (Tp). 

einspringender Winkel reentrant. 

Einspritzdiise / fuel injector, injec- 
tion nozzle (Mtr). 

Einspritzpumpe / injection pump. 

Einspruch m challenge. 

Einstecklauf m subcaliber tube. 

Einsteigluke f entrance hatch (Tk). 

Einsteigiiffnung / manhole. 

einstellbare Luftschraube adjustable 
propeller (Ap). 

einstellen tune in (Rad); to dial 
(Tp); adjust, set (a fuze, etc.); 
cease (fire, etc.). 

Einstellhiilse f adjustable holder 

(panoramic telescope). 

Einstellmarke / index; adjustable 


Einstellmutter f adjustment nut, 
regulating nut. 

Einstellring m adjusting ring (fuze). 

Einstellung / adjustment, setting; 
cessation. See also Einberufung. 

Einstellvorrichtung / adjustment de- 
vice, setting device. 

Einstellwinkel m angle of wing set- 
ting, angle of incidence. 

Einstiegklappe / hatch cover (Ap). 

eiserne Portion 

Einstiegluke 43 

Einstiegluke f hatch (Ap). 

einstopseln plug in (Rad, Tp). 

einstiirzeit to qave in. 

einteilen graduate (into degrees , 
etc.); to divide, classify, separate 
into groups. 

Einteilung / classification; scale; 
graduation, division (into degrees 
or units). 

eintreffen arrive. 

Eintreffzeit / arrival time. 

Einweiser to guide. 

Einweisungskommando m party of 

Einvvohnerschaft / population, in- 

Einzaunung / enclosure, stockade, 
compound (PW). 

Einzelabfederung / independent sus- 
pension (of ivheels). 

Einzelabwurf to individual release, 
single release (Bombing). 

•Einzelaufhangung f independent sus- 
pension (of wheels). 

Einzelausbildung f individual train- 

Einzelbefehl m fragmentary order, 
extract order (Tac). 

Einzelfeuer n single-shot fire, semi- 
automatic fire (MG). 

Einzelhaft / solitary confinement. 

Einzelkrad n solo motorcycle. 

Einzellader m single loader, single- 
shot weapon. 

Einzelschnittverfahren « single-in- 
tersection method ( target location in 

Einzelschufi m single shot, single 

Einzelschutz m individual protection. 

Einzelspriinge mpl bounds (method 
of advancing). 

Einzelwurf m individual release, 
single release (Bombing) . 

Einzelziel n point target (Bombing). 

einziehbar retractable (landing gear, 

einziehen draw in, retract; withdraw 
(a sentry); conscript, draft (re- 
cruits); confiscate. 

Einziehfahrgestell n retractable 

landing gear (Ap). 

Eisansatz to accumulation of ice. 

Eisbrecher to ice apron (Bdg). 

Eisenbahn / railroad, railway. 

Eisenbahnanlage / railroad installa- 

Eisenbahnaufmarsch to strategic 
concentration by rail. 

Eisenbahnbatterie / railway artillery 


Eisenbahnbaubataillon n railway 
construction battalion. 

Eisenbahnbeforderung / transporta- 
tion by rail. 

Eisenbahnbetrieb to railway traffic; 
railway operation. 

Eisenbahnbetriebskompanie f rail- 
way operating company. 

Eisenbahnendpunkt m railway term- 
inal, railhead. 

Eisenbahnflak / railway antiaircraft 
gun; railway antiaircraft artillery. 

Eisenbahngeleise n railroad track. 

Eisenbahngeschutz n railway gun. 

Eisenbahnhaubitze / railway 


Eisenbahnkesselwagen to tank car 

Eisenbahnklaue / spur track. 

Eisenbahnknotenpunkt to railway 

center, railway junction. 

Eisenbahnkiichenwagen w kitchen 

car (RR). 

Eisenbahnnachschublinie / railway 

supply line. 

Eisenbahnpanzerzug m armored 

train (RR). 

Eisenbahn-Pfeilerbaukompanie f 
railway pile-driving or pier-building 
company (Mil). 

Eisenbahnpioniere mpl railway en- 
gineer troops. 

Eisenbahnstellwerk n railway signal 
tower, switch control room. 

Eisenbahntankstelle / gasoline and 
lubricant railhead, bulk reduction 

Eisenbahntransportfolge / railway 
transportation timetable. 

Eisenbahntruppen fpl railway oper- 
ating troops. 

Eisenbahnwagen to railway car. 

Eisenbeton to reinforced concrete, 

Eisenblech n sheet iron. 

Eiseneinlage / iron reinforcement 
(in ferro-concrete). 

Eisenkern m iron core (Elec). 

Eisenwalze / iron roller (mine 


eiserne Portion emergency ration 

( for Pers). 

eiserne Ration 44 

eiserne Ration emergency ration (for 

Eisernes Kreuz Iron Cross (decora- 

Eisregen m sleet. 

Eissporn m ice spade (trail spade). 

Ekrasit n ecrasite (explosive). 

E-Latte / aiming stake, aiming post 
(E=Entfernung, range). 

Elektrizitatszahler m electric meter. 

Elektrode / electrode ; grounded elec- 
trode (spark plug). 

Elektrodenrohre / radio tube. 

Elektromechaniker m electrician. 

Elektron n electron ; trade name of 
a magnesium-aluminum alloy. 

Elektronbrandbombe / electron in- 
cendiary bomb. 

Elektrotechniker m electrical engi- 

Element n cell, element (Elec). 

Elementbecher m cell container 


Elementekiihler m cellular-type 

radiator (MT). 

Elementpriifer m battery tester 


Ellbogen m elbow. 

E.Mefigerat n See Entfcrnungs- 

E.Mefimann m See Entfernungsmefl- 

E.Messer m See Entfernungsmesser. 

Emfang m receipt, reception. 

Empfanger m indicator ( f allow- the- 
pointer mechanism of AA gun); in- 
dicator (fuze setter); receiver, re- 
ceiving set (Rad); data receiver, in- 
dicator-regulator (data transmission 
system of A A gun). 

Empfangsapparatur / receiver chas- 
sis, receiving equipment (Rad). 

Empfangsberechtigter m beneficiary. 

Empfangsbescheinigung / See Emp- 

Empfangsbestatigung f - acknowledg- 
ment of receipt (Sig C). 

Empfangslautstarke / volume of re- 
ception (Rad). 

Empfangsschaltung / receiver cir- 
cuit (Rad). 

Empfangsschein m receipt form. 

Empfangswelle / receiving frequency 

Empfangszone / reception zone 

empfindlich sensitive. 


empfindlicher Aufschlagzunder su- 
perquick impact fuze. 

empfindlicher Kopfziinder allways 


empfindlicher Ziinder superquick 


Endauflager n abutment (Bdg). 

Endbahnhof m railhead, terminal. 

Enddrall m terminal twist (Ord). 

Endgeschwindigkeit / terminal ve- 

Endmontage f final assembly. 

Endverstarker m terminal repeater 
(Tp); final amplifier, power am- 
plifier (Rad). 

Endziel n final objective. 

Energieleitung f feeder cable (Elec). 

Energienachfuhr / additional supply 
of power (Elec). 

Energieverlust m power loss (Elec, 

Energievorrat m power supply. 

Enge f defile (Tac). 

Englander m Englishman; monkey 

Engpafi m bottleneck, defile. 

entblofien uncover (Tac). 

Ente / duck; canard airplane. 

Enteiser m de-icer (Ap). 

Enteisungsanlage f de-icer system, 
ice-eliminating system (Ap). 

Enteisungsgerat n de-icer (Ap). 

Enteisungmittel n anti-icer solution. 

Entenflugzeug n canard airplane. 

entfalten develop ( a route column, 
etc.); unfold. 

entfalteter Anmarsch advance in de- 
veloped formation (Tac). 

Entfaltung f development (followed 
by Entwicklung, deployment). 

Entfaltung aus dem Marsch develop- 
ment from march column. 

Entfaltungszeit / parachute opening 

Entfernung / range, distance; re- 
moval; departure, 
mittlere Entfernung 

medium range (up to 800 m). 
nachste Entfernung 

close range- (up to 100 m). 
nahe Entfernung 

close range (up to iOO m). 
weite Entfernung 

long range (beyond 800 m). 

Entfernungsermittlung f range de- 

Entfernungsgerat n range finder. 

Entfernungslineal 45 

Entfernungslineal n range ruler 

Entfernungsmarke / range indicator 
(practice firing). 

Entfernungsmefigerat n range-find- 
er, altimeter, height-finder (AAA). 

EntfernungsmeBmann to range-find- 
er operator; height-finder sergeant 

EntfernungsmeBmann zur Seitenbe- 
obachtung lateral tracker (AAA). 

Entfernungsmesser to range-finder; 
range-finder operator; height-finder 
sergeant (AAA). 

Entfernungssehatzen n range esti- 

Entfernungsteilung / range scale. 

Entfernungstrommel / range knob 


Entfernungsunterschied m range 

Entfernungsvorhalt to linear differ- 
ence between present slant range 
(at instant of range determination) 
and future slant range (AAA). 

Entfettung / degreasing. 

Entgasung' / degassing. 

entgegenwirken counteract, act 

against, work against. 

Entgiftung / decontamination. 

Entgiftungsabteilung / decontamina- 
tion battalion. 

Entgiftungsdienst m decontamina- 

tion service. 

Entgiftungsgerat n decontamination 

Entgiftungskompanie / decontamin- 
ation company. 

Entgiftungskraftwagen m decontam- 
ination truck. 

Entgiftungsmittel n decontamina- 

tion agent. 

Entgiftungspflug to decontamination 

Entgiftungsplatz to decontamination 

Entgiftungsstoff m decontamination 

Entgiftungstrommel f perforated de- 
contamination drum, 
fahrbare Entgiftungstrommel de- 
contamination cart. 

Entgiftungstrupp to decontamina- 
tion squad. 

entheben relieve (of a command, 

entkeimen sterilize. 


entkohlen decarbonize, 
entkupfern decopper, 
entladen unload, empty; discharge. 
Entladestab to unloading staff (har- 

Entladung / to discharge (Am, 

Elec, etc.). 

EntladungsstoB to discharge surge 


entlassen to dismiss, discharge; re- 
lease; disband, demobilize. 
Entlassung f discharge; dismissal; 

Entlassung auf Ehrenwort release 
on parole, home parole. 
Entlassungsjahrgang to age class 
due for discharge. 

Entlassungsschein to certificate of 

Entlassungsstelle / demobilization 
center, discharge center, 
entlasten relieve (of pressure). 
Entlastung f relief (of pressure). 
Entlastungsangrilf to relief attack 
(made to relieve enemy pressure 
elsewhere) . 
entlaufen to escape, 
entlausen delouse. 

Entlausungsanstalt f delousing sta- 

entliiften ventilate; bleed (recoil 
mechanism) . 

Entliifter to ventilator. 
Entliiftungsstutzen w breather 


Entmagnetisierung f de-gaussing. 
entrollen to unfurl or uncase ( a 

Entsatz to relief (of a fortress, etc.). 
Entschadigung / compensation, re- 
imbursement, allowance, recoupment, 
entscharfen disarm (Am). 
Entscheidung f decision. 
Entscheidungsgefecht n decisive ac- 
tion, decisive battle (Tac). 
EntschluB to decision (Tac). 
EntschluBfassung / formulation of 
decision (s). 

EntschluBkraft / power of decision, 
entschliisseln decode, decryptograph, 
entsenden to dispatch, send off. 
entsetzen relieve (a fortress, etc.); 

be terrified; relieve (of a command) . 
Entsetzung / relief (of a fortress, 

entseuchen disinfect. 
Entseuchungsgerat n disinfestor. 

Entseuchungsmittel 46 

Entseuchungsmittel n disinfecting 

Entseuchungsschrank to disinfecting 

entsichern to disengage or release 
the safety (SA, R, etc.); to arm or 
activate (a mine, bomb, etc.). 

Entsicherungsfliigel to arming vane 

entspannen to uncock; to relieve 

Entstaubung / dust filtering (MT). 

Entstorkappe / ignition shield ( over 
spark plug). 

Entstorung / interference elimina- 
tion (Rad). 

enttarnen remove camouflage. 

entwaffnen disarm. 

Entwarnung f “all clear” signal. 

Entwasserungsgraben to drainage 

Entweichen n escape, evasion. 

Entwesung f sterilization. 

entwickeln deploy (Tac) ; develop 
(Photo); generate (smoke, etc.). 

Entwicklung / deployment (follows 
Entfaltung, development); develop- 
ment (Photo); generation (of 
smoke, etc.). 

Entwurf to sketch, outline; plan, 

Entzerrer to balancing network 
(Rad, Tp). 

Entzerrung f rectification, restitu- 
tion (aerial Photo) ; correction, com- 
pensation (of frequency response, 
Rad, Tp). 

Entzerrungsgerat n rectifying cam- 
era (aerial Photo). 

entziehen remove, withdraw, deprive, 
sich entziehen avoid, evade, disen- 
gage (Tac). 

entziffern decipher, decryptograph. 

Entzifferung / deciphering. 

entzurren unlock, unclamp. 

Episkop n reflecting projector, 


erbeuten to capture (materiel). 

Erdanschlufl to ground connection 

Erdarbeit / excavation work; earth- 
work (F't). 

Erdartillerie f artillery used against 
ground targets (as distinguished 
from AAA). 

Erdaufklarung / ground reconnais- 
sance (Tac). 


Erdbeobachtung / ground observa- 

Erdbeschufl to anti-aircraft fire (as 
seen from target). 

Erdbildmessung / phototopography. 

Erde f earth, soil; ground (Elec). 

Erdei See ErdeinschieBziel. 

ErdeinschieBziel n ground adjust- 
ment target (Gunnery). 

erden to ground (Elec). 

Erder m ground (Elec). 

Erdfernsprechverbindung f ground- 
return telephone circuit. 

Erdgegner to hostile ground force. 

Erdgleiche / ground level (Ft). 

Erdgrube / borrow pit. 

Erdhorer to geophone. 

Erdkabel n underground cable or 
wire (Tp). 

Erdkriimmungslineal n altitude-cor- 
rection ruler. 

Erdleitung / ground, ground lead 

Erdleitungsdraht to ground wire 

Erdleitungsrohr n ground pipe, un- 
derground pipe. 

Erdmine / land mine. 

Erdol n petroleum. 

Erdortung / pilotage (Air Naviga- 

erdrosseln to throttle, strangle. 

Erdriickleitung / ground-return cir- 
cuit (Tp). 

ErdschluB to ground leak, ground 
short (Elec). 

Erdschwere / gravitation, gravity. 

Erdsporn to trail spade (G). 

Erdstecker to grounding rod (Elec). 

Erdtelegraphieverbindung / ground- 
return telegraph circuit. 

Erdtruppen fpl ground forces. 

Erdung f ground, grounding (Elec). 

Erdvergleichsziel n auxiliary ground 
target (Arty). 

Erdvermessung / topographic sur- 

Erdwinde / winch (for Bln). 

ErdzielbeschuB to firing against 
ground targets (AAA). 

Erdzuleitung / ground lead (Elec). 

Erganzung f supplement, replace- 
ment (s), reserve (s); completion, 
rounding out, bringing to full 

Erganzungsbedarf to deficiency, 

shortage, replacement requirements. 


47 Ersatztruppen 

Erganzungsgruppe / replacement 

training group (Air Force group 
composed of 2 or more Erganzungs- 
staffeln) . 

Erganzungsstaffel / See Ergan- 


Erganzungsstelle / replacement cen- 

ergeben, sich to surrender, capitu- 

Ergebnis n result; score. 

Erhebungswinkel to quadrant angle 
( Surv ). 

Erhohung / quadrant elevation 

( Gunnery). 

Erhohungsskala / elevation scale 
(G, MG). 

Erhohungswinkel to quadrant angle 
of elevation ( Gunnery ) . 

Erholungsurlaub to leave; arrest, 
imprisonment (slang). 

Erinnerungsmedaille f campaign 

erkampfen to force (a crossing, 

Erkennungsmarke f identification 
tag, “dog tag.” 

Erkennungsmunition / signal am- 

Erkennungstuch n identification 

panel, ground panel. 

Erkennungswort n countersign, 


Erkennungszeichen n marking, in- 
signia, identification mark; recogni- 
tion signal. 

Erker to “bay window” type gun 
mount in front right sponson (Tk). 

Erkunder m scout; reconnaissance 

Erkundung / reconnaissance (Tac). 

Erkundungsfahrzeug n reconnais- 
sance vehicle, scout vehicle. 

Erkundungsorgan n reconnaissance 

Erkundungsvorstofi to scouting raid. 

Erlaubnis / permission. 

Erlaubnisschein to leave pass. 

Erledigung' / accomplishment, com- 

Ermafligung der Strafe remission of 

ermachtigen empower. 

Ermattungsstrategie / strategy of 

Ermessen n discretion. 

Ermiidung / fatigue, exhaustion. 

Ermiidungskampfstoff to harassing 
agent (CWS). 

Ermiidungsschiefien n harassing fire, 
gas-shell fire (Arty). 

ernannt See Ernennung. 

Ernennung f appointment to brevet 

Ernstfall to emergency. 

erobern conquer ( territory or local- 

Eroberung / conquest. 

Erreger m exciter (Rad). 

Erregerstrom to excitation current 

Erregerwicklung f excitation wind- 
ing (Elec). 

Ersatz m replacement; substitute, 
synthetic material; spare part; com- 
pensation, damages. 

Ersatzbataillon n replacement train- 
ing battalion. 

Ersatzbatterie / spare battery 


Ersatzbedienung / gun crew replace- 
ments, reserve gun crew. 

Ersatzdienststelle / recruiting cen- 

Ersatzeinheit / replacement unit, 
replacement training unit. 

Ersatzfunkstelle / secondary radio 


Ersatzheer n replacement training 

Ersatzkarte / provisional map, sub- 
stitute map. 

Ersatzmann m replacement. 

Ersatzmannschaften fpl replace- 

Ersatzpferd n remount. 

Ersatzregiment n replacement train- 
ing regiment. 

Ersatzreifen to spare tire. 

Ersatzreserve / replacement re- 

Ersatzreserve I reserves comprising 
untrained men under 35. 

Ersatzreserve II reserves comprising 
physically unfit, untrained men un- 
der 35. 

Ersatzreserveausbildung / training 
of replacement reserves. 

Ersatzschaltschema n equivalent cir- 
cuit (Elec). 

Ersatzteil n reserve unit (Tac); 
spare part. 

Ersatztruppen fpl replacements. 

Ersatzverpflegungsmagazin 48 Fahnenjunker 

Ersatzverpflegungsmagazin n ration 
depot (Z of I). 

Ersatzwesen n recruiting and re- 
placement administration. 

Erschiefien der Tageseinfliisse ob- 
taining metro data by registration 

erschopfen to exhaust, wear out, use 

Erschiitterung f concussion, shock. 

erstarren become rigid or stiff; 

“freeze” in position. 

Erstausstattung f initial issue. 

erste Hilfe first aid. 

Erster Offizier first officer (Nav). 

ersticken asphyxiate, choke, stifle, 


erstickender Kampfstoff lung irri- 

Erststrom m primary current. 

erstiirmen to rush, take by assault' 

Ertraglichkeitsgrenze f harassing 
concentration ( CWS )■ 

Erwa-Meldung f stand-by message 
(preliminary to metro message) 

Erwiderungsfeuer n retaliation fire, 

erzwingen force (a crossing, etc.). 

Etappe / communications zone (su- 
perseded by ruckwartiges Armeege- 
biet, but still frequently used). 

Etappenmarsch m administrative 

Etat m budget. 

Etatposten m budget item. 

Exerzierbombe f drill bomb, practice 


Exerzieren n drill, practice. 

Exerzierform f drill formation. 

ExerziergeschoB n dummy projectile. 

Exerzierhalle / drill hall. 

Exerzierhaus n armory. 

Exerziermarsch m goose step. 

Exerziermunition f drill ammuni- 

tion, dummy ammunition. 

Exerzierordnung f drill formation; 
drill regulations. 

Exerzierpatrone f ' dummy cartridge. 

Exerzierplatz m drill ground, parade 

Exerzierschritt m See Exerzier- 


Exerziervorschrift f drill regula- 

Exzenterhiilse / eccentric sleeve 
(aiming circle). 


Fabrik / factory. 

Fach n field of competency, trade, 
profession; branch of knowledge; 
specialty; compartment, pigeonhole. 

Fachabteilungen fpl professional 
service units (Med). 

Facharbeiter m technician, skilled 
workman, specialist. 

Fachausdruck m technical term. 

Fachbearbeiter m staff officer or of- 
ficial in charge of some technical 
branch or administrative depart- 

Fachberater m technical adviser. 

Fachermotor m fan-type engine, 
double-V engine. 

Facherturn m half-loop wing-over 

Fachmann m specialist, expert. 

Fachsprache / technical terminology. 

Fachverstandiger m specialist, ex- 

Fachwerk n latticework, grillage; 

Fachwerkbriicke / truss bridge. 

Fachwerktrager m truss (Bdg). 

Fackel f flare, torch. 

Faden m thread, filament; string; 
fathom (Nav); front-sight slit 
(aiming circle); hair (Optics). 

Fadenkreuz n cross hairs, cross 
wires (Optics). 

Fadenstiick n front-sight piece 
(aiming circle). 

Fahne f colors, flag, guidon. 

Fahnenband n battle honors. 

Fahneneid m oath of allegiance, oath 
of enlistment. 

Fahnenflucht f desertion. 

Fahnenfluchtiger m deserter. 

Fahnenjunker m officer candidate 
(from enlistment until promotion to 
Fahnrich) . 

Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter 49 Fallpunkt 

Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter m officer 
candidate (with grade of Gefreiter). 

Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier m NCO 
officer candidate (with grade of 

Fahnenkompanie / color guard com- 

Fahnenmast to fixed flagpole. 

Fahnenposten to color sentinel. 

Fahnenschaft m flagpole. 

Fahnenstange / flagpole, pike. 

Fahnentrager m color bearer, 


Fahnentrupp m color guard. 

Fahnentuch n bunting. 

Fahnenwache / color guard, color 

Fahnrich to officer candidate (grade 
above Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier) . 

Fahrabteilung f supply-train bat- 

talion (H-Dr). ■ 

Fahrausweis m travel order, travel- 
ing permit. 

Fahrbahn / roadway. 

Fahrbahntrager to floor beam, road- 
way girder (Bdg). 

fahrbar passable (for vehicles); 
mobile; practicable; navigable. 

Fahrbefehl m transportation order 

Fahrbenzin n standard gasoline. 

Fahrbereich m operating range, 
traveling distance, cruising radius 
(MT, Tk). 

Fahrbetrieb m ferrying operations. 

Fahrbremse / wheel brake (G car- 

Fahre / ferry. 

fahren to drive, travel, ride. 

fahrendes Ziel moving target (Tk, 

. vehicle). 

Fahrer w driver (MT, Tk, etc.); pri- 
vate (H-Dr Transport). 

Fahrerhaus n cab (Trk). 

Fahreroptik / driver’s periscope 

Fahrgast to passenger. 

Fahrgerat n propelling equipment 

Fahrgestell n chassis (MT); landing 
gear, landing-gear frame (Ap). 

Fahrkarte / transportation ticket 

(RR, bus, etc.). 

Fahrkolonne f horse-drawn column. 

Fahrkostenentschadigung f travel 
allowance (reimbursement). 

Fahrkiiche / rolling kitchen. 

Fahrlassigkeit / negligence. 

Fahrleistung f traveling capacity 

fMiP, Tk). 

Fahrplan m timetable, train sched- 

Fahrprahm w tank landing craft. 

Fahrrad n bicycle. 

Fahrrinne f rut. 

Fahrseil n ferry cable. 

Fahrstelle / ferrying site, ferry em- 
barkation point. 

Fahrstellung f traveling position 


Fahrt / ride, run; trip, journey; 

Fahrtenschwimmer m qualified 

swimmer (on basis of time-endur- 
ance test). 

Fahrtliste f entraining table. 

Fahrtmesser m airspeed indicator. 

Fahrtrupp to boat crew (Engr). 

Fahrtruppen fpl transportation 

units (H-Dr). 

Fahrweg to dirt road. 

Fahrwerk n landing gear (Ap); 
running gear, chassis (MT); sus- 
pensions and tracks (Tk). 

Fahrwerkachse f landing-gear axle 

Fahrwerkrahmen w chassis frame 


Fahrwerkstrebe f landing-gear strut 

Fahrwiderstand to tractional resist- 
ance (MT). 

Fahrwind to air stream, airflow. 

Fahrzeug n vehicle; craft. 

Fahrzeugiiberhang to overhang, 

angle of approach (MT). 

Fall to drop, fall; case, instance. 

Fallbahn / bomb trajectory. 

Fallbenzintank to gravity tank 


Fallbeschleunigung / downward ac- 
celeration (Ballistics). 

Fallbo / downdraft (Met). 

Fallblockverschlufi m drop-block 

type breechblock (G). 

Falle f trap, decoy; catch (MG). 

Fallenachse / catch pivot (MG). 

Fallgeschwindigkeit / velocity of fall 

Fallgesetz n law of falling bodies. 

Fallhohe f drop, height of drop. 

Fallklappe / drop (Tp switchboard) . 

Fallpunkt to level point, point of fall 



Fallschirm m parachute. 

Fallschirmabsprung to parachute 

Fallschirmabsprungturm m para- 
chute tower, controlled tower. 

Fallschirmbombe / parachute bomb. 

Fallschirmgerat n parachute equip- 

Fallschirmgewehr n parachutist’s 
automatic rifle. 

Fallschirmgurt to parachute har- 

Fallschirmjager to parachutist. 

Fallschirmjager- Abteilung f para- 
chute detachment. 

Fallschirmjagerbataillon n para- 
chute battalion. 

Fallschirmlast / delivery unit (air- 
borne operations). 

Fallschirmleuchtbotnbe / aircraft 
parachute flare. 

Fallschirmleuchtkugel / parachute 

Fallschirmleuchtpatrone / para- 

chute-flare cartridge (for Sig pistol). 

Fallschirmrakete / parachute rocket 

Fallschirmsack to pack assembly, 
pack (Prcht). 

Fallschirmschiitze w parachutist 

Fallschirmschutzen-Abzeichen n par- 
achute badge (decoration) . 

Fallschirmspringer to parachutist. 

Fallschirmtruppen fpl parachute 

Fallschirmturm to parachute tower. 

Fallstromvergaser to downdraft car- 

Falltafel / bomb trajectory table. 

Falltiir / trapdoor; escape hatch 

Fallwind to katabatic wind (Met). 

Fallwinkel to angle of fall (Ballis- 

Fallzeit / time of fall (Bombing). 

Faltboot n faltboat, collapsible boat 
with rubberized-cloth skin. 

Familienunterhalt to dependency 

Fangleine / shroud line (Prcht). 

Fangnetz n anti-submarine net. 

Fangschnur / aiguillette, fourragere. 

Fangstofl to parry. 

farbenblind color blind. 

FarbentUchtigkeit / color vision. 

farblos colorless. 


Farb-Spritzanlage f spray painting 


farbt-onrichtig orthochromatic. 
Faschine f fascine. 

Faschinenbahn / fascine road. 
Faschinendamm to raised fascine 


Faser / fiber. 

Fassung / receptacle, socket (Elec); 

text or wording, version ; composure. 
Fassungsvermogen n volumetric 


faulnisbekampfend antiseptic. 

Faust f fist. 

Faustachse f Mercedes-type front 
axle (MT). 

Faustel n mallet. 

Fausthandschuh to mitten. 
Faustriemen to sword knot. 
Faustskizze f rough sketch. 

F-Boot n tank landing craft. 

Feder / pen; spring; feather. 
Federantrieb to spring action (clock- 
work fuze). 

Federaufhangung / spring suspen- 
sion (MT). 

Federausgleicher m spring equilibra- 
tor (G). 

Federbarometer n aneroid barom- 


Federbein n shock-absorbing strut 


Federbock to spring hanger (MT). 
Federbolzen to spring bolt (MT). 
Federbund n spring clip (MT). 
Federeinrichtung f spring mecha- 

nism (MG). 

Federgehange n spring suspension. 
Federhand f spring bracket (MT). 
Federkolben m breechblock endpiece 
(self-loading pistol). 

Federkopf to follower-spring stud 
(self-loading pistol). 

Federkraft / elasticity. 

Federlasche f shackle, spring shackle 

Federluftdruckmesser to aneroid ba- 

Federring to lockwasher. 

Federteller to valve-spring retainer 


Federung / suspension (MT). 
Federvorholer m spring counterre- 
coil mechanism, spring recuperator 

Federwolke / cirrus cloud. 




Fehlbestand to shortage, discrepancy 
(supplies, etc.). 

Fehler m en-or; defect; miss. 

Fehlerdreieck n triangle of error 

fehlerhaft defective. 

Fehlganger to miss. 

Fehlgriff to blunder. 

Fehlleistung f malfunction. 

fehlschlagen fail. 

FehlschuB to miss. 

Fehlstart to unsuccessful take-off 
( Avn). 

Fehlstelle / vacancy (Adm). 

Fehltreffer m near miss. 

Fehlweisung f deviation (Rad). 

Fehlzerspringer to low-order burst, 
low-order shell (Am). 

Fehlziindung / backfire (Mtr). 

Feigheit / cowardice. 

Feile / file (tool). 

Feind to enemy. 

Feindbeobachtung / observation of 
or by the enemy. 

Feindberiihrung / contact with the 

Feindbeschull to enemy fire. 

Feindbesetzung f occupation by the 

Feinddruck w enemy pressure. 

Feindeinsicht f enemy observation. 

Feindeinwirkung / enemy action. 

Feindesland n enemy territory, hos- 
tile territory. 

Feindflug to raid, sortie, combat mis- 
sion (Avn). 

Feindflugausweis to special identifi- 
cation card carried on missions dur- 
ing which capture by enemy is likely 
( Avn). 

feindfrei clear of the enemy. 

Feindgelande n enemy terrain. 

Feindnachrichten fpl information 
about the enemy. 

Feindnahe / closeness to the enemy, 
nearness to the enemy. 

Feindraum to enemy zone. 

Feindseligkeiten fpl hostilities. 

Feindsicht / enemy observation. 

Feindtiitigkeit / enemy activity. 

Feindzusammenstofl to collision with 
the enemy. 

Feineinstellung / fine tuning (Rad) ; 
fine setting, precision adjustment. 

Feinhohenmesser to sensitive altime- 
ter (Ap). 


Feinkorn n fine sight (R aiming); 
fine grain (Photo). 

Feld n field (Top, Elec); land (ri- 
fling); bay (Ap). 
langes Feld chase of gun barrel. 

Feldanzug to field uniform. 

Feldarmee / field army. 

Feldausbildungsdivision / field train- 
ing division. 

Feldausriistung / field equipment. 

Feldausstattung / field equipment; 
ammunition reserve. 

Feldbackerei / field bakery. 

Feldbahn / narrow-gage field rail- 

Feldbauamt n airdrome maintenance 

Feldbefestigung f field fortification. 

Feldbischof w Chief of Chaplains. 

Feldbluse / service coat. 

feldbrauchbar serviceable for use in 
the field. 

Feldbrunnen to field well. 

Feldbiicherei f military field library. 

Felddauerlinie / permanent field-tele- 
phone line. 

Felddienst to field duty. 

felddienstfahig fit for active duty. 

Felddienstordnung f field service 

Felddienstiibung f field exercise. 

Feldeisenbahn f field railway. 

Feldeisenbahnbetriebsamt n field 
railway operations office. 

Feldeisenbahndirektion / field rail- 
way command station. 

Feldeisenbahner to field railway en- 

Feldeisenbahnmaschinenamt n field 
railway machinery office. 

Feldeisenbahnwerkstattenamt n field 
railway workshop office. 

Feldelement n field cell (Tp). 

Felder npl lands (Ord); fields (Top). 

Feldersatzbataillon n replacement 

training battalion (assigned to the 
field forces). 

Felderscheibe / target divided into 

Felder und Ziige lands and grooves. 

Feldfernkabel n field trunk wire 


Feldfernkabeltrupp to wire-laying 

team (Tp). 

Feidfernsprecher to field telephone; 
field telephone operator. 

Feldflasche / canteen (for water). 

Feldflughafen 52 


Feldflughafen to field airdrome. 

Feldflugplatz to advanced airfield. 

Feldfunksprecher m See Feldfunk- 

Feldfunksprechgerat n field radio 

Feldgeistlicher to chaplain. 

Feldgendarm to military policeman. 

Feldgendarmerie / military police. 

Feldgendarmerievorschrift / mili- 
tary police regulations. 

Feldgerat n field equipment. 

Feldgericht n provost court, court- 

Feldgeschiitz n field gun. 

Feldhandapparat to field handset 


Feldhaubitze f field howitzer. 

Feldheer n field forces. 

Feldherrnkunst / strategy, general- 

Feldinstandsetzung / line mainte- 


Feldjustizamt n legal branch of 
army, corps and division general 
staffs (consists of civilian officials). 

Feldkabel n field wire (Tp). 

Feldkabelader / field-wire strand 

Feldkabelbau to field-wire laying 

Feldkabelleitung / field-wire line 

Feldkanone / field gun. 

Feldkaplan to chaplain. 

Feldklappenschrank m portable 


Feldkochherd to field range (cooker). 

Feldkochunteroffizier m cook (NCO). 

Feldkommandantur / military ad- 
ministration headquarters (in Com 
Z and occupied countries) . Compare 
Ortskommandantur, Stadtkomman- 

Feldkiiche / field kitchen, rolling 

Feldlaboratorium n field laboratory 


Feldlager n bivouac, encampment. 

Feldlazarett n surgical hospital. 

Feldmarschall m Field Marshal 

Feldmeister m first sergeant (Reich 
Labor Service). 

Feldmeflkastchen n field testing set 


Feldmiitze / garrison cap. 

Feldnachrichtenkommandantur / 

field signal command ( signal Hq for 
an area of occupied territory or in 
rear area of T of Opns). 

Feldpolizei f See Geheime Feldpo- 

Feldportion / field ration (for Pers). 

Feldpost / army postal service. 

Feldpostamt n army post office. 

Feldpostbeamter m army mail clerk 

(Civ official). 

Feldposteinheit / army postal unit. 

Feldposten m outguard sentinel. 

Feldpostwesen n army postal service. 

Feldprediger m chaplain. 

Feldpriifschrank m field testing box 

Feldrain m uncultivated strip at 
edge of field. 

Feldration / field ration (for ani- 

Feldschanze / field fortification, 

Feldsicherungskastchen n field fuse 
box (Tp). 

Feldsonderbataillon n field disciplin- 
ary battalion. 

Feldstraflager n field disciplinary 

Feldtrage f field litter (Med). 

Feldunterarzt m acting medical offi- 

Feldverpflegung f field messing. 

Feldwache / outguard. 

Feldwagen to field wagon. 

Feldwebel to technical sergeant. 

Feldweg to cross-country dirt road. 

Feldwerkstatt / field workshop. 

Feldwerkstattzug to field workshop 

Feldwetterstelle f field weather sta- 

Feldwetterwarte f See Feldwetter- 

Feldzeugbataillon n ordnance bat- 

Feldzeugkommando n ordnance com- 
mand (one in each Wehrkreis and 
some in occupied countries). 

Feldzeuglager n ordnance depot. 

Feldzeugstab m ordnance staff. 

Feldzug to campaign. 

Felge / felloe, rim. 

Felgenband n tire flap (MT). 

Fels to rock, cliff. 

Felsblock to boulder, rock. 

Felsenklippe / bluff (Top). 


53 Fernsprechbetriebszug 

Fenster n sight peephole (AA 
sight); window. 

Fepo / See Geheime Feldpolizei. 

Ferdinand name of a heavily-ar- 
mored German self-propelled gun. 

Fernantrieb m rempte drive, remote 

Fernaufklarer to long-range recon- 
naissance airplane. 

Fernaufklarung / distant recon- 
naissance ; long-range reconnaissance 

Fernaufklarungsflugboot n patrol 
bomber, long-range reconnaissance 
flying boat. 

Fernaufklarungsflugzeug n See Fern- 

Fernaufklarungsgruppe / . air force 

long-range reconnaissance group 
( attached to ground forces and com- 
posed of two or more F-Staffeln) . 

Fernaufklarungsstaffel / long-range 
reconnaissance squadron attached to 
army ground units (abbr. F-Staffel). 

Fernbesprechgerat n remote control 
unit (Rad). 

Fernbesprechung f remote control 
operation (Rad). 

Fernbild n telephoto. 

Fernbomber m long-range bomber. 

Ferndrucker m teletype, teletype- 
writer, telegraph printer. 

Fernempfang m long-distance recep- 
tion (Rad). 

Fernempfangszone f reception zone 
beyond the skip distance (Rad). 

Fernerkunder m See Fernaufklarer. 

Fernfahrtmesser m remote-reading 
airspeed indicator (Ap). 

ferngelenkt remote-controlled. 

Ferngeschiitz n See Fernkampfge- 

Ferngesprach n telephone call, tele- 
phone conversation. 

ferngesteuert remote-controlled. 

Fernglas n binoculars, field glass. 

Fernhorer m receiver (Tp, Rad 


Fernkabel n trunk wire (Tp). 

Fernkampfartillerie / long-range ar- 

Fernkampfflugzeug n long-range 

bombardment airplane. 

Fernkampfgeschiitz n long-range 


Fernkompafl m remote-reading com- 
pass (Ap). 

Fernkurs w. correspondence course. 

Fernleitung / long-distance circuit, 
inter urban line (Tp). 

Fernlenkung / remote control. 

Fernlicht n bright . light ( on auto 
headlight) . 

Fernmeligerat n range finder. 

Fernmeldeanlage / communication 

station (Sig C). 

Fernmesser to range finder; range- 
finder operator. 

fernmiindlich by telephone. 

Fernrichten des Geschiitzes remote 
gun control (CA, Nav). 

Fernrohr n telescope; binoculars (in 
this sense, generally Doppelfern- 

Fernrohrarme mpl telescope tubes 

(BC telescope). 

Fernrohraufnahme / telephoto. 

Fernrohraufsatz m telescopic sight. 

fernrohrbesetzt equipped with tele- 
scopic sight (R). 

Fernrohrhals w telescope center sec- 

Fernrohrhiilse f telescope housing. 

Fernrohrkopf to telescope head. 

Fernrohrkorper to telescope tube; 
body (of binoculars). 

Fernrohrlager n telescope seat. 

Fernrohrsteg to telescope support. 

Fernschreiber to teletype, teletype- 
writer, telegraph printer; teletype 

Fernschreibkompanie / teletype com- 
pany, telegraph-printer company. 

Fernschreibleitung f teletype circuit. 

Fernschreibnetz n teletype net 

Fernschreibwagen to teletype truck. 

Fernsehen n television. 

Fernsicht f visibility. 

FernsprechanschluB to telephone con- 

Fernsprechbaukompanie f telephone- 
construction company. 

Fernsprechbautrupp to telephone- 
construction crew. 

Fernsprechbauwagen m telephone- 
construction truck. 

Fernsprechbetriebstrupp m tele- 

phone-operations team. 

FernspreChbetriebswagen to tele- 
phone-operations truck. 

Fernsprechbetriebszug to telephone 
operating platoon. 

Fernsprechdoppelleitung' 54 Festungskrieg 

Fernsprechdoppelleitung / metallici 
telephone circuit. 

Fernsprecher to telephone; tele-' 
phone operator. 

Fernsprechfahrzeug n telephone-op- 
erations vehicle. 

Fernsprechgerat n telephone equip- 

Fernsprechkompanie / telephone- 
communications company. 

Fernsprechkraftwagen to telephone 
motor truck. 

Fernsprechleitung / telephone line. 

Fernsprechnetz n wire net (Tp). 

Fernsprechrelais n telephone relay. 

Fernsprechstelle / telephone station. 

Fernsprechtrupp m telephone sec- 

Fernsprechverkelir m telephone traf- 

Fernsprechvermittlung f telephone 
central, switching central. 

Fernsprechwagen in telephone 

wagon, telephone truck. 

Fernspruch to telephone transcrip- 
tion, telephone message. 

Ferftsteuerung f remote control. 

Fernthermometer n water tempera- 
ture gage (MT). 

Ferntrauung / marriage by proxy 
(while on active duty). 

Ferntrofi to third echelon supply 
train (behind the Mitteltrofi) . , 

Fernunterricht in instruction by cor- 

Ferse / heel (Anatomy). 

“Fertig!” “Ready!” (Arty). 

Fertigaufschlagziinder m ready- 
fixed percussion fuze (Am). 

Fertigerzeugnis n finished product. 

Fertigmontage / . final assembly 


Fertigung / production, manufac- 
ture, construction. 

Fertigungshalle / factory shop. 

Fertigungsjahr n year of manufac- 

Fertigziinder m ready-fixed fuze 
( Am). 

Fessel f pastern (horse). 

Fesselballon to captive balloon. 

Fesselgelenk n pastern joint (horse). 

Fesselkabel n ground cable, moor- 
ing cable (Bln). 

fesseln to contain, to fix, pin down 
(Tac); to chain, tie up. 

Fesselseil n ground cable, mooring 
cable (Bln). 

Fesseltau n See Fesselseil. 

Fesselung / pinning down, contain- 
ing (Tac). 

FesselungsvorstQll m containing at- 
tack, holding attack. 

fest firm, solid, steady; locked; 
fixed, stationary; fastened. 

Festantenne / fixed antenna. 

festfressen, sich to seize, freeze (pis- 
ton, etc.). 

festhalten to contain, hold, immobil- 
ize (Tac); to track (a target). 

Festhaltevorrichtung / locking de- 
vice (MG). 

Festigkeitslehre / strength of mate- 

Festigkeitsnachweis m stress analy- 

Festklemmvorrichtung f clamping 
mechanism (MG tripod). 

Festland n mainland, continent. 

festlegen to refer (Gunnery) ; to 
fix; pinpoint, plot, determine; to 
sense, spot. 

Festlegepunkt to reference point. 

Festlegezahl / deflection reading, 
new reading ( in referring the 
piece) (Gunnery). 

festmachen to make fast, secure, 
tie, moor. 

Festnahme f arrest, seizure. 

Festpunkt m control point, refer- 
ence point. 

Festpunktnetz n control-point net 

festschiefien seat the base plate by 
firing (Mort). 

Festung / fortress, fort. 

Festungsartillerie / fortress artil- 

Festungsartilleriekommandeur to 
fortress artillery commander. 

Festungsbaubataillon n fortress 
construction battalion. 

Festungsgraben to moat. 

Festungsgiirtel to cordon of forts. 

Festungshaft / confinement in a 

Festungsingenieur to civilian engi- 
neer in charge of fortifications. 

Festungsinspekteur m superintend- 
ent of fortress engineering service 
( superior of Festungspionierkom- 

Festungskrieg to siege warfare. 

Festungsnachrichten- 55 

Festungsnachrichtenkommandantur / 

fortress signal command (attached 
to staff of Ft Engr units). 
Festungspionier to fortress engi- 

Festungspionierfeldwebel to techni- 
cal sergeant (Ft Engr). 
Festungspionierkommandeur w for- 
tress engineer brigade commander. 

Fett n grease. 

Fettpresse / grease gun. 

Fettiiberzug to grease coating. 
FeiJchtigkeit / humidity, moisture, 

Feuchtigkeitsgehalt m moisture con- 
tent, humidity (Met). 
Feuchtigkeitsmesser to hygrometer. 
Feuchtigkeitsschreiber to hygro- 

graph (Met). 

Feuer n fire. 

unter Feuer nehmen to shell, to 

Feuerabriegelung f box barrage. 
Feuerabriegelung schiefien to box in, 
to lay down a box barrage. 

Feuerart / method of fire. 
Feuerauftrag m fire mission (Arty). 
Feuerbefehl to fire order, fire com- 

Feuerbegriffe rtvpl fire classification 

Feuerbeobachtung / observation of 
fire (Gunnery). 

Feuerbereich to zone of fire, 
feuerbereit in firing position; un- 
coupled, unlimbered, ready for action 

Feuerdampfer m flash hider. 
Feuerdichte / density of fire. 
Feuereinheit / fire unit (Arty). 
Feuereinheit der Artillerie basic tac- 
tical unit of the artillery. 

Feuer einstellen a to cease fire. 

Feuer eroffnen to open fire. 
Feuereroffnung / commencement of 
fire, opening of fire, 
feuerfest fireproof. 

Feuerformen fpl types of fire, 
forms of fire (Arty, MG). 

“Feuer frei!” “Fire!” 

Feuergarbe / sheaf of fire, cone of 
dispersion, cone of fire, 
feuergefahrlich inflammable. 
Feuergefecht n fire fight, fire duel. 
Feuergeschwindigkeit / rate of fire 

Feuerhohe / height of muzzle. 


Feuer in der oberen Winkelgruppe 

high-angle fire. 

Feuer in der unteren Winkelgruppe 

low-angle fire. 

Feuerkampf m fire fight, fire duel, 
weapons duel. 

Feuerkette / line of skirmishers. 

Feuerkommando n firing command 


Feuerkraft / fire power. 

Feuer kreuzen to cross fire. 

Feuerleitgerat n fire-control equip- 
ment, ballistic director (Arty). 

Feuerleitung / fire direction, fire 

Feuerleitungsnetz n fire control net, 
fire direction net (Arty). 

Feuerleitungsplan m fire-control 

map (Arty). 

Feuerleitungsstand to fire-direction 

Feuerleitungsstelle / See Feuerlei- 

Feuerlinie f firing line. 

Feuerloscher to fire extinguisher. 

Feuerloschordnung / fire plan (fire 
prevention measure) . 

Feueroffnung f commencement of 

Feuerpatsche f fire swatter ( used in 
fire fighting). 

Feuerpause / cessation of fire 

“Feuerpause!” “Cease firing!” 

Feuerplan to plan of fire (Tac). 

Feuerplattform f gun platform. 

Feuerregelung / fire control, conduct 
of fire. 

Feuerriegel to box barrage. 

Feuersaule f column of flames. 

Feuerschiff n lightship. 

Feuerschlag m sudden concentration 

Feuerschutz m covering fire, protec- 
tive fire; fire support, coverage by 
supporting fire; artillery protection. 

Feuerschiitze to aerial gunner. 

Feuerschutzpolizei / fire protection 

feuersicher fireproof. 

Feuersignal n fire call. 

Feuersperre / barrage. 

Feuerspritze / fire engine. 

Feuerspucker to Spitfire (slang). 

Feuerstarke / density of fire. 

Feuersteigerung / increased rate of 
fire, intensification of fire. 

Feuerstellung 56 Flachtrudeln 

Feuerstellung / firing position, field 
emplacement, gun position, 
in Feuerstellung in abatage, in fir- 
ing position. 

verdeckte Feuerstellung position 

Feuerstoll m burst (MG). 

Feuerstrahl to jet of liquid fire; gun 

Feuertaufe f baptism of fire. 

Feueriiberfall w sudden concentra- 
tion (Arty); surprise fire (Arty, 

Feueriiberlegenheit f fire superior- 

Feuer und Bewegung fire and move- 
ment, fire and maneuver. 

Feuerunterstiitzung / fire support. 

Feuervereinigung / concentration of 
fire (Arty). 

Feuervereinigungswinkel m deflec- 

tion difference (Btry firing). 

Feuerverlegen n shift of fire 


Feuer verlegen to shift fire. 

Feuerverteilung / fire distribution 
(Arty, MG). 

Feuerverteilungswinkel to diver- 

gence difference (Btry firing). 

Feuervorbereitung / fire preparation 

Feuervorhang w fire curtain, curtain 
of fire. 

Feuer vorverlegen to lift fire, to ad- 
vance fire (Arty). 

Feuerwaffe / firearm. 

Feuerwalze / rolling barrage. 

Feuerwand f fire curtain, curtain of 

Feuerwehr f fire department. 

Feuerwerker to technical sergeant 

Feuerwerkskorper m pyrotechnic 
composition (Am). 

Feuerwirkung / effect of fire (Gun- 

Feuerzeug n cigarette lighter. 

Feuerzone / zone of fire. 

Feuerzucht f fire discipline. 

F-Haube f cowling (Ap). 

Fieber n fever. 

Fieseler-Storch w a German liaison 

Filmkammer / roll-film camera. 

Filmkassette f film cartridge, film- 
pack adapter (Photo). 

Filmstreifen to film strip. 

Filmvorfiihrapparat to motion-pic- 
ture projector. 

Filterbiichse f gas mask canister. 

Filtereinsatz m filter element (gas 

Filtergehause n filter container (gas 


Filterkolonne / water purification 


Filterwechsel to filter replacement 

(gas mask). 

Filz to felt. 

Filzstiefel to felt boot. 

Fingerabdruck m fingerprint. 

Finnenzelt n plywood shelter (win- 
ter operations) . 

Finsternis f darkness. 

Firnis m varnish. 

Fischgratenhindernis n fishbone ob- 
stacle pattern. 

Fla / antiaircraft defense (original- 
ly abbr. of Flugabwehr; now used 
as independent word). Compare 


Flabataillon n antiaircraft bat- 

flach flat. 

Flachbahngeschiitz n flat- trajectory 

Flachbettfelge / flat-base rim (MT). 

Flache f wing (Ap); surface, area. 

flache Boschung gentle slope. 

Flachenausgleich to aerodynamic 
balance (Ap). 

Flachenbelastung f wing loading. 

Flachenbrand m area conflagration 

Flachendrahthindernis n multiple- - 
belt entanglement. 

Flachenfeuer n area fire, zone fire. 

Flacheninhalt to area. 

FlachenmeBpIan to plotting board 
(FR). _ 

FlachenschieBen n area fire, zone 

flachentreue Projektion equal area 
proj ection ( mapping ) . 

Flachenziel n area target. 

Flachfeuer n flat fire, flat trajectory 

Flachfeuergeschiitz n flat-trajectory 

FlachkeilverschluB to sliding square- 
wedge breechblock (G). 

Flachlasche / butt strap. 

FlachmeiBel to flat chisel. 

Flachtrudeln n flat spin (Avn). 

Flachzange 57 Flankenbewegung 

Flachzange / flat- jawed pliers. 

Flackertaste / flicker-signal calling 
key (Tv). 

Fladdermine / land mine. 

Fla-Einheit / antiaircraft machine- 
gun unit. 

Flagge / flag. 

Flaggentruppen fpl units repre- 
sented by flags (in maneuvers). 

Flaggentuch n bunting. 

Flaggoffizier w flag officer (Nav). 

Flaggschiff n flagship. 

Flak / antiaircraft gun, antiaircraft 
artillery (originally abbr. of Flug- 

• abwehrkanone; now used as inde- 
pendent word). Compare Fla. 

Flakabteilung f antiaircraft artil- 

lery battalion. 

Flakabwehr / antiaircraft defense. 

Flakalarm m air warning for anti- 
aircraft artillery units. 

Flakartillerie / antiaircraft artil- 


Flakbatterie / antiaircraft battery.- 

Flakbedienung / antiaircraft gun 

Flakbrigade f antiaircraft brigade 
(sometimes known as Flakdivision). 

Flakdivision f antiaircraft artillery 
“division” (contains two to five 
Flakregimenter). See also Flak- 

Flakfeuer n antiaircraft fire. 

Flakgeschutz n antiaircraft gun. 

Flakgranate / antiaircraft shell. 

Flakgruppe / antiaircraft artillery 
group (for the defense of an air dis- 

Flakgiirtel m cordon of antiaircraft 

Flakhelferin / antiaircraft artillery 
woman auxiliary. 

Flak-Kampfgruppe / antiaircraft 
combat group. 

Flakkommandeur m antiaircraft ar- 
tillery commander. 

Hiiherer Flakkommandeur antiair- 
craft artillery commander of a 

Flakkommandogerat n antiaircraft 

Flakkorps n antiaircraft artillery 
coi'ps (contains from two to four 
Flakdivisionen or two to three Flak- 

Flakkreuzer m antiaircraft cruiser. 

Flakmaschinengewehr n antiaircraft 
machine gun. 

Flakmeflgerat n plane spotter and 
range finder (AAA). 

Flakmunition / ammunition for anti- 
aircraft weapons. 

Fla-Kompanie / antiaircraft com- 

Flakregiment n antiaircraft regi- 

Flakscheinwerfer m antiaircraft 

FlakschieBen n antiaircraft fire. 
Flakschiefilehre / theory of antiair- 
craft fire. 

Flakschutz m antiaircraft-artillery 

Flaksperre / antiaircraft barrage, 
curtain of antiaircraft fire. 
Flakstellung / antiaircraft gun em- 

Flaksturmabzeichen n antiaircraft- 
artillery assault badge (decoration). 
FlaktrefFer m hit by antiaircraft 
fire, antiaircraft hit. 

Flaktruppe / antiaircraft artillery 
(as a branch of the Army). 
Flakuntergruppe / subdivision of a 

Flakvierling m four-barreled anti- 
aircraft gun. 

Flakvisier n antiaircraft gun sight. 
Fla-Maschinengewehr n antiaircraft 
machine gun. 

Fla-Maschinenkanone f automatic 
antiaircraft gun. 

Flammendampfer m flash hider 
( Ord). 

Flammenverzehrer m flame dampen- 
er exhaust stack (Ap). 

Flamm(en)ol n flame thrower fuel. 
Flammenstrahl m jet of liquid fire. 
Flammenwerfer m flame thrower. 
Fiammemverfer-Fiillwagen m re- 
charging trailer for flame throwers. 
Flammenwerferpanzerwagen m 

flame-throwing tank. 
Flammenwerferschutzanzug m 

flame-thrower operator's protective 

Flandernzaun m double-apron en- 
tanglement, double-apron fence. 
Flanke / flank. 

Flankenangriff m flank attack. 
Flankenbewegung f flanking move- 

Flankeneinbruch 58 

Flankeneinbruch to flanking penetra- 

Flankenfeuer n flanking fire, enfi- 
lade fire. 

Flankenmarsch to flanking march. 

Flankenschutz to flank protection. 

Flankensicherung / flank security. 

Flankenstellung / flanking position. 

flankieren to flank, outflank. 

Flankierungsdurchbruch to flanking 

Flansch to flange. 

Flaschenhals to bottleneck. 

Flaschenzug to block and tackle. 

Flata to flame-thrower tank (prob- 
ably abbr. of Flammenwerfertank). 

Flattermine f See Fladdermine. 

Flattern n shimmying (MT). 

Fla-Waffe / antiaircraft weapon. 

Flechtwerk n brush work, brushwood 

Fleckfieber n typhus. 

Fleischbeschau to meat inspection. 

Fleischer to butcher. 

Fleischhackmaschine / meat grinder. 

Fleischkonserve / canned meat. 

Flettner-Seitenruder n servo rudder 


fliegen to fly. 

fliegendes Personal flying personnel. 

Flieger w private (Luftwaffe) ; pilot, 
flier; airplane (as seen from 

Fliegeralarm m air alert warning, 
air raid warning. 

Fliegerabwehr / antiaircraft de- 


Fliegerabzeichen n aviation badge. 

Fliegerangriff to air attack, air raid. 

Fliegerarzt to flight surgeon. 

Fliegerausbildungsregiment n air 
force preflight training regiment. 

Fliegerbenzin n aviation gasoline. 

Fliegerbluse / flight blouse, pilot’s 


Fliegerbombe / aircraft bomb. 

Fliegerdeckung / cover from air ob- 
servation or attack. 

Fliegerdivision f airborne division, 
parachute division. 

Fliegerei f aviation. 

Fliegerfilz to grenades ejected from 
airplanes into the path of attacking 
fighters (slang). 

Fliegerformation / formation of air- 


Fliegerfiihrer w air force command- 
er ( commander of a Luftflotte or 
of an area of air operations) . 

Fliegergasbombe / chemical bomb 

( Avn). 

Fliegergruppe / group (Avn). 

Fliegerhandkammer / aerial hand 


Fliegerhaube / helmet (Avn), 

Fliegerheld to ace. 

Fliegerhilfe / aviation support. 

Fliegerhorizont to artificial horizon. 

Fliegerhorst to airdrome, air base 

Fliegerhorstkommandant to air base 

Fliegerhorstkompanie / airdrome 
protection company. 

Fliegerkammer / aircraft camera, 
aerial camera. 

Fliegerkarte f air map, flight map, 
pilot chart. 

Fliegerkorps n air force corps ( sub- 
ordinate operational command of a 
Luftflotte) . 

Fliegerkrafte fpl air forces. 

Fliegerkraftstoff to aviation fuel. 

Fliegerkrankheit / fliers’ sickness 
( complex of disorders affecting fly- 
ing Pers; not to be confused with 
Hohenkrankheit) . 

Fliegerleuchtpistole / aircraft signal 

Fliegermarsehbreite f dispersed for- 
mation in width (AA security). 

Fliegermarschtiefe f dispersed for- 
mation in depth (AA security). 

Fliegermaske / camouflage net (AA 

Fliegermiitze f pilot’s garrison cap. 

Fliegeroffizier to flying officer. 

Fliegerschule / flying school. 

Fliegerschule fiir technische Ausbil- 
dung ground school (Avn). 

Fliegerschulung / pilot training 

( Avn). 

Fliegerschutz to antiaircraft defense. 

Fliegerschutzanzug to flying suit. 

Fliegerschiitze to aerial gunner. 

Fliegerschutzgraben to slit trench 
(AA security). 

Fliegersirene / air raid siren. 

Fliegersoldat to enlisted man (Luft- 

Fliegertatigkeit / air activity. 

Fliegertauglichkeit f fitness for fly- 

fliegertechnisches Personal 59 

fliegertechnisches Personal ground 
crew (Avn). 

Fliegertruppe / flying and mainten- 
ance personnel of the Luftwaffe. 

Fliegertuch n ground panel, marking 

Fliegerunterstiitzung f aviation sup- 
port, air support. 

Fliegerverband to formation of air- 
planes, air task force. 

Fliegerverbindungsoffizier to air sup- 
port officer (air force liaison officer 
between Luftwaffe and Army; abbr. 

Fliegervisier n antiaircraft sight. 

Fliegervisiereinrichtung / antiair- 

craft sight assembly, aircraft gun 

Fliegerwaffenpersonal n aircraft 

armament personnel. 

Fliegerwarnung / aircraft warning, 
air raid alarm. 

Fliegerwetter n good flying weather; 
bad flying weather (ironic). 

Fliegerzeugnis n pilot’s rating, 

pilot’s certificate. 

Fliegerzulage / aviation pay, flight 
pay, flying pay. 

Fliehbacke / centrifugal arming de- 
vice (fuze). 

Fliehbackenfeder / spring of centri- 
fugal arming device (fuze). 

Fliehbolzen w centrifugal bolt 


fliehen flee, escape. 

Fliehgewicht n flyweight ( engine 

Fliehkraftantrieb to centrifugal ac- 
tion (fuze). 

Fliehkraftregler to centrifugal gov- 
ernor (Mtr). 

Fliehkraftziinder to centrifugal 

FlieBrichtung / direction of flow. 

Flinte / shotgun. 

Flivo to See Fliegerverbindungs- 

FloB n float, raft. 

FloBbriicke / floating bridge. 

Flosse / fin (Ap). 

Flossenstummel to inboard stabiliz- 
ing float (seaplane) . 

FloBsack to pneumatic float, pneuma- 
tic ponton, pneumatic boat. 

FloBsacksteg to pneumatic-boat foot- 

Flotille / flotilla. 


Flotte f fleet (Nav). See also Luft- 

Flottenchef to Commander-in-Chief 
of a fleet (Nav). See also Luftflot- 

Flotteneinheit f naval unit. 

Flottenstiitzpunkt to naval base. 

flottmachen to free (stuck or stalled 
vehicle); to float (a grounded ves- 

Flucht f flight, escape. 

fliichten flee, escape. 

fliichtig hasty (Ft); nonpersistent 
(CWS); fleeting; volatile. 

fliichtige Feldbefestigung hasty field 

fliichtiger Kampfstoff nonpersistent 
chemical agent. 

Fliichtigkeit / volatility (CWS). 

Fluchtlinie / directional traverse. 

Fliichtling to refugee. 

Fluchtstab to range pole (Surv). 

Fluchtversuch w attempt to escape. 

Flug to flight, flying. See also terms 
under Flieger and Luft. 

Flugabwehr / antiaircraft defense. 

Flugabwehrbezirk to air defense re- 

Flugabwehrfuhrer to antiaircraft 

Flugabwehrgeschiitz n antiaircraft 

Flugabwehrkanone / antiaircraft 
gun (abbr. Flak). 

Flugabwehrmaschinengewehr n anti- 
aircraft machine gun. 

Flugabwehrmaschinenkanone f auto- 
matic antiaircraft gun. 

Flugabwehrmaschinenwaffen fpl 

automatic antiaircraft weapons. 

Flugamvarterkompanie / pool com- 
pany for pilot candidates (waiting 
for assignment to a pilot school). 

Flugbahn / trajectory. 

FIugbahnaufriB to See Flugbahnbild. 

Flugbahnbild n trajectory diagram. 

FlugbahngrundriB to See Flugbahn- 

Flugbereich to range, maximum 
range (Ap). 

flugbereit “on the hangar line” 

(after servicing). 

Flugbereitschaft / ground readiness 


Flugbesprechung f orders confer- 
ence, “briefing” (Avn). 

Flugbetrieb to airdrome traffic, air- 

Flug'betriebsstoffkolonne 60 

drome activities, routine flying oper- 

Flugbetriebsstoffkolonne f aviation 
gasoline, oil and lubricants column. 

Flugblatt n propaganda leaflet. 

Flugboot n flying boat. 

Flugbuch n flight log. 

Flugdauer f endurance, duration of 
flight (Avn). 

Flugdeck n landing deck, flight deck 
(aircraft carrier). 

Flugebene / slant plane determined 
by lines of present and future posi- 
tion (AA gunnery). 

Fliigel m wing (Ap, Tac) ; fin (Mort 
shell, R grenade, bomb); vane (Cml 
shell, bomb); propeller blade. 

Flugelangriff m frontal attack direc- 
ted obliquely against one wing. 

Fliigelanordnung f wing setting (Ap). 

Fltigelblech n stabilizing fin (Mort 

Fliigeleinstellwinkel m angle of wing 
setting (Ap). 

Fliigeleinteilung f classification of 
wing parts (Ap). 

Fliigeleintrittskante f leading edge 

Fliigelende n wing tip. 

FUigelgeschiitz n outside or end gun 
of a battery. 

Fliigelhaut / wing skin. 

Fliigelholm m wing spar. 

Fliigelinhalt m wing area. 

Fliigelkanone / wing-mounted can- 

Fliigelkolben m pump vane. 

flugellastig wingheavy. 

Fliigelleuchtpatrone / wing-tip flare. 

Fliigelmann to flank man ( drill). 

Fliigelmann am Drehpunkt fixed 

pivot, pivot man (drill). 

Fliigel-Mittelstuck n wing center sec- 
tion (Ap). 

Fliigelmutter / wing nut. 

Fliigelnase / leading edge ( Ap). 

Fliigelprofil n wing profile. 

Fliigelrippe / wing rib. 

Fliigelschaft m fin shaft (Mort shell). 

Flugelschiene / wing rail (RR). 

Fliigelschnitt to wing section (Ap). 

Fliigelschraube / thumbscrew. 

Flugelsehne / wing chord. 

Flugelsignal n wing signal. 

Fliigelspannweite / wing span. 

FHigelspitzenkurve / ninety-degree 

. turn (Avn). 


Fliigelstiel m interplane strut. 

Flugelstrebe / wing strut. 

Fliigelstreckung / aspect ratio. 

Fliigeltiefe f depth of wing profile. 

Fliigelverspannung / wing bracing. 

Fliigelverstrebung / wing strut sys- 

Fliigelvorderkante f leading edge. 

fliigelweise in width, in line. 

fliigelweise Aufstellung disposition 
in width (Tac). 

Fliigelwurzel f wing root (Ap) 

Fliigelzelle / cell, cellule (Ap). 

Flugfigur f flight maneuver. 

Flugform f flight formation. 

Fluggast m airplane passenger. 

Fluggerat n aircraft instruments. 

Fluggeschwindigkeit / flying speed. 

Fluggewicht. n gross weight (Ap). 

Flughafen m airport, airdrome. 

Flughafenbautrupp m airdrome con- 
struction detachment. 

Flughafengrenze / airdrome bound- 

Flughdhe f altitude (Avn); ordin- 
ate of trajectory, vertical height 

hochste Flughohe absolute ceiling 

Flughohe iiber dem Erdboden abso- 
lute altitude (Avn). 

flugklar airworthy, capable of flying; 
cleared for take-off. 

Fluglage f attitude, attitude of flight 
( Avn). 

Fluglehre f theory of flight. 

Fluglehrer m flight instructor. 

Flugleistung / flight performance 

Fluglinie f flight line. 

Flugmeldedienst m aircraft warning 

Flugmeldekommando n information 
center (AWS, Z of I). 

Flugmeldenetz n aircraft warning 


Flugmeldeposten m antiaircraft 

lookout, air guard observer (AWS). 

Flugmelderose / orientation card 
(AWS); orientation clock (to indi- 
cate target’s direction of approach) 

Flugmeldezentrale f information 

center (AWS, T of Opns). 

Flugmeldung / flight report (Avn); 
report of approaching aircraft 



Flugmotor to aircraft engine. 

Flugneigungswinkel to angle of dive 
(AA gunnery). 

Flugordnung / flight formation. 

Flugpeildienst m airways navigation 

Flugplatz to airfield, airdrome. 

Flugplatzanlagen fpl airdrome in- 

Flugplatzbefeuerung / airdrome 

Flugplatzfeld n landing field. 

Flugplatzzone / ' control zone 


Flugrichtung / direction of flight, 
course (Avn). 

Flugrichtungspfeil to path-of-flight 
pointer (reflector sight). 

Flugschuler m pilot trainee. 

Flugsicherheit f flying safety (Avn). 

Flugsicherung / air-traffic safety 

Flugsicherungsbereich to air-traffic 
control area. 

Flugsicherungsdienst m air-traffic 
control service. 

Flugsicherungshauptstelle / air- 
traffic control station. 

Flugsicherungsschiff n air-traffic 
safety ship (vessel employed as 
radio aid for air navigation and in 
aircraft rescue service). 

Flugstrecke / airway, flight route, 
flight line, leg of a flight. 

Flugstreckenfeuer n airway beacon, 
course light. 

Flugstreckenkarte / strip map, air 
navigation map. 

Flugstiitzpunkt m air base. 

Flugtagebuch n flight log. 

flugtechnisch pertaining to aeronau- 
tical technology or technique of fly- 

Flugtorpedoboot n torpedo-carrying 
flying boat. 

flugtuchtig airworthy, capable of 

Flugwache f observation post (AWS, 

Flugwachkommando n filter center 
(AWS, Z of I). 

Flugweg to airway, course, path of 

Flugwegbestimmung / course de- 
termination (Air Navigation). 

Flugweite / range of flight, flying 


Flugwesen n aviation. 

Flugwetter n (good) flying weather. 

Flugwetterdienst m aviation weather 
reporting service. 

Flugwetterwarte / aviation weather 

Flugwinkel m angle of approach 

Flugwinkel im Abschuflpunkt angle 
of approach at instant of firing. 

Flugwinkel im Meflpunkt angle of 
approach at instant of range de- 
termination. (AAA). 

Flugwinkel im Treffpunkt angle of 
approach at future position. (AAA). 

Flugwissenschaft / aeronautics. 

Flugzeit / flying time, endurance 
(Ap); time of flight (of projectile). 

Flugzeitkurve / time-of-flight curve 
(imaginary curve indicating different 
points of burst at constant time set- 
ting with varying elevation). 

Flugzeitsekunden fpl time of flight 
in seconds (Ballistics). 

Flugzeug n airplane, aircraft. 

Flugzeugabwehrscheinwerfer to an- 
tiaircraft searchlight. 

Flugzeugachse / axis of" an aircraft. 

Flugzeugbaumuster n airplane 


Flugzeugbein n shock strut (Ap). 

Flugzeugbesatzung / air crew. 

Flugzeugbewaffnung f airplane 


Flugzeug-Fliigelkanone / wing- 
mounted cannon (Ap). 

Flugzeugfiihrer to pilot, 
zweiter Flugzeugfiihrer co-pilot. 

Flugzeugfiihrerschein m pilot’s certi- 

Flugzeugfuhrerschule / pilot school. 

Flugzeuggerippe n airframe. 

Flugzeuggeschwindigkeitslineal n 
airplane speed slide rule (AAA). 

Flugzeughalle / hangar. 

Flugzeugkanone / aircraft cannon, 
aircraft automatic gun. 

Flugzeugmechaniker to air mechanic. 

Flugzeugmetaller to metalsmith 


Flugzeug-M.G.-Steuerung / impulse 
generator mechanism (Ap MG). 

Flugzeugmotor to aircraft engine. 

Flugzeugmutterschiff n seaplane 


Flugzeugortung f air navigation. 

Flugzeugiumpf 62 

Flugzeugrumpf m fuselage. 

Flugzeugriistpersonal n aircraft 

Flugzeugschlepp m airplane towing. 

Flugzeugschleuder / catapult (Avn). 

Flugzeugschleuderschiff to seaplane 
tender with catapult facilities. 

Flugzeug-Schwerolmotor m Diesel- 
type aircraft engine. 

Flugzeugsteuerung / airplane con- 
trols, flight control. 

Flugzeugtender m seaplane tender. 

Flugzeugtorpedo n aerial torpedo. 

Flugzeugtrager to aircraft carrier. 

Flugzeugwart to airplane mechanic. 

Flugzeug zu Flugzeug air-air (Sig 

Flugziel to air target, air objective. 

Flugzielbeschufl to firing at air 

Flugzustand to attitude, attitude of 
flight (Avn). 

Fluoreszenzfarbe f luminous paint. 

FluB to river. 

FluBbreitenmesser to river-width 
measuring instrument. 

FluBerkundung f river reconnais- 

Fliissigkeit -/ liquid. 

Fliissigkeitsausgleicher m fluid 

equalizer (recoil mechanism). 

flUssigkeitsgekiihlt liquid-cooled. 

Fliissigkeitsgetriebe n fluid drive 


FlUssigkeitskuhlung / liquid cooling 

Fliissigkeitsriicklaufbremse / hy- 
draulic recoil brake (G). 

FliissigkeitsstoBdampfer to hydrau- 
lic shock absorber (MT). 

Fliissigkeitszerstauber to decontam- 
ination sprayer. 

FluBkabel n marine cable, under- 
water cable (Tp). 

FluBpolizei / river police. 

FluBiibergang m river crossing, ford. 

Flutlicht n floodlight. 

Folgeladung / induced-detonation 

Folgezeiger to pointer, indicator 
( folloiu-the-pointer mechanism in 
data transmission system). 

Folgezeigerantrieb m follow-the- 
pointer drive (AAA). 

Folgezeigereinrichtung f follow-the- 
pointer mechanism (AAA). 

Folgezeigerempfanger to fuze indi- 


cator (follow-the-pointer-type fuze 

Forderbahn / miners’ tramway. 

Forme] / formula. 

Formgebung f lofting (Ap). 

Formular n form, blank. 

Formveranderung / evolution (Tac). 

Formwert to coefficient of form 


Forstamt n forest service office. 

Forsterci / forest service station. 

Fortbewegung / propulsion, move- 

Fortbildung / advanced training. 

Fortschritt to effective pitch (pro- 
peller) ; progress. 

Fracht / freight. 

Frachtbrief to bill of lading. 

Frachtdampfer to freighter. 

Frachtenbefbrderung / transporta- 
tion of freight. 

Frachter to freighter. 

Frachtflugzeug n cargo-transport 

Fragebogen m questionnaire. 

“fraglich” “doubtful” (uncertain re- 
garding effect of a projectile). 

Friismaschine f milling machine. 

Fregattenkapitan to commander 

Freibord to freeboard. 

Freigabe f clearance. 

Freihandnivellierinstrument n hand 
level (Surv). 

Freiheitsstrafe / sentence of confine- 

Freiherr to baron. 

Freilassung / release (of prisoner). 

Freilassung auf Ehrenwort release 
on parole. 

Freilauf to freewheeling (MT). 

Freileitung / overhead line (Tp). 

Freischarler to guerrilla. 

Freischwimmer to qualified swimmer. 
See also Fahrtenschwimmer. 

Freischwimmertrupp to swimmer de- 
tail (for swimming horses across a 

freitragend cantilever. 

Freiiibung / setting-up exercise. 

freiwillig voluntary, volunteer, 
sich freiwillig melden to volunteer, 
enlist, enroll. 

Freiwilliger to volunteer. 

Freiwilligenlegion / legion composed 
of non-German volunteers. 

Freizeichen to dial hum (Tp). 


Fremdpeilung f direction finding by 
means of bearings radioed to the 
aircraft by surface direction-finder 

Frequenz / frequency. 

Frequenzangabe f frequency desig- 
nation (Rad). 

Frequenzband n frequency band 


Frequenzbereich to frequency range 

Frequenzeinstellung f tuning control 

Frequenzkorrektur f calibration ad- 
justment (Rad). 

Frequenzmesser to frequency meter 

Frequenzmodulation / frequency 
modulation (Rad). 

FreBbeutel to feed bag. 

Friede to peace. 

Friedensstarke f peace strength. 

Friedensstarkenachweisung / table 
of organization (peacetime). 

Friedensverhandlungen fpl peace 

Friedhof to cemetery. 

Front f front (Mil, Met). 
innere Front home front. 

Frontabschnitt m front sector. 

Frontalangriff m frontal attack. 

Frontalfeuer n frontal fire. 

Frontantrieb m front-wheel drive 


Frontbogen m front arc, curved 
front line. 

Frontdienst to service at the front. 

Fronteinsatz m commitment to the 
front, employment at the front. 

Frontensegeln .n frontal soaring 

Frontflugspange / combat aviation 
clasp (decoration). 

Frontflugzeug n combat airplane. 

Frontkampfer to fighter at the 

front; combatant; veteran. 

Frontkampferkreuz n veterans cross 
( decoration awarded to all veterans 
of World War 1). 

Frontingenieur m engineer of the 
Todt Organization (Ft). 

Frontleitstelle / forward directing 
center for personnel in transit. 

Front-MG. n bow machine gun (Tk). 

Frontmitte / center of the front 

Frontoffizier m line officer. 


Frontpanzer to front armor (Tk). 

Frontsammelstelle f front collecting 
point (for reception of trained re- 
placements and distribution to 

Frontsoldat to soldier at the front, 

Frontstalag n forward prisoner of 
war camp. See also Stalag. 

Fronturlaub to furlough from the 
combat zone. 

Frontverband to combat element 
(Tac); support force, formation of 
support aircraft (Avn). 

Frontvorsprung to salient (Tac). 

Frontzeitung / army newspaper in 
combat zone. 

Frontzulage / combat pay ( addi- 
tional pay for personnel in the com- 
bat zone). 

Frostgraupeln pi sleet. 

Frostschutzmittel n antifreeze solu- 

Frostschutzsalbe / antifrostbite oint- 

frostsicher nonfreezable, frost-re- 

Friihzerspringer to premature burst 

Friihziindung / preignition (Mtr). 

F-Staflfel / See Fernaufklarungs- 

F-Stoff w titanium tetrachloride (a 
smoke agent) (CWS). 

F.T.-Anlage / radio installation, 

radio equipment, radio set (Ap). 

F.T.-Gerat n radiotelegraph set, 

radio equipment, radio set (Ap). 

F.T.-Haube / helmet with built-in 

, headset and throat-type microphone. 

F.T.-Verbindung / radiotelegraph 

Fuchsloch n niche (Ft) (Note: fox 
hole = Schiitzenloch) . 

Fugasse f fougasse. 

Fiihlerlehre f thickness gage. 

Fiihlung / contact (Tac). 

Fiihlung aufnehmen to make contact 
(with friendly or enemy troops). 

FUhlunghalten n contact mission 

Fiihlunghalter m airplane maintain- 
ing contact with enemy force (Avn, 


Fiihlungnahme / establishment of 
contact (Tac). 



64 Funkbetrieb 

fiihren to lead, direct, manage; to 
drive; to guide; to pilot. 

Fiihrer to leader; commander, com- 
manding officer; chief; guide; 
driver; pilot. 

Fiihreranwarter to SS officer candi- 

Fiihrerbesprechung f conference. 

Fiihrer der Luft air liaison officer 
with the Navy. 

Fiihrereigenschaft / quality (-ies) of 

Fiihrerflugzeug n commander’s air- 
plane, leading airplane, command 

Fiihrergehilfe m assistant chief of 

Fiihrergondel / control car (Ash). 

Fiihrerhauptquartier n Hitler’s head- 
quarters in the field. 

Fiihrerkanzel f pilot’s cockpit, con- 
trol cabin (Ap). 

Fiihrerkompaf) m pilot’s compass 

Fiihrerkurs to officer training 


Fiihrerraum to control cabin, pilot’s 
compartment, pilot’s cockpit (Ap). 

Fiihrerschaft / leadership; group of 

Fiihrerschein w operator’s permit, 
driver’s permit (MT). 

Fiihrersitz m cockpit; pilot’s seat; 
driver’s seat. 

Fiihrerstab m command group. 

Fiihrerstand to control cabin, pilot’s 
cockpit, pilot’s compartment (Ap); 
tank commander’s position. 

Fiihrerziigel to lead rein (harness). 

Fiihrung / command, conduct, lead- 
ership; command post, headquarters; 
guide (Mech). 

obere Fiihrung higher command' 

(Div and up). 

untere Fiihrung lower command 
(Regt and down). 

Fiihrungsabteilung / tactical group 
of general staff sections. 

Fiihrungsband n rotating band 


Fiihrungsflache / flank ( G barrel). 

Fiihrungshiilse / traversing slide 


Fiihrungskante f edge of land (G 

Fiihrungskette f squadron command- 
er’s flight, leading flight (Avn). 

Fiihrungsklaue / assembly guide 
claw (G). 

Fiihrungskunst / art of leadership, 
art of command (Tac). 

Fiihrungsleiste / ribbed guide 


Fiihrungs-Nachrichtenregiment n 
signal regiment which provides com- 
munication down to Army Hq. 

Fiihrungsring to rotating band 


Fiihrungsrolle / guide roller (Tk). 

Fiihrungsschiene / guide rail ( G 


Fiihrungsstab to operations staff 


Fiihrungsstiick n traversing arc 

Fiihrungsvermittlung / command 
telephone central. 

Fiihrungswulst to rear bourrelet 


Fiihrungszeichen n driving signal. 

Fiillansatz to appendix (Bln). 

Fiillelement n desiccated cell, “add- 
water” cell (Elec). 

Fiillfunkspruch to dummy radio mes- 

Fiillpulver 02 n TNT. 

Fiillschraube f filler cap (MG). 

Fiilltrichter to filling funnel. 

Fiillung / filler (Am); filling 


Fiillzapfen w filling plug. 

Fundamentring w base ring (Ord). 

Fiinfer-Schwarmwinkel m wedge 

formation of 5 airplanes. 

Fiinfte Kolonne fifth column. 

Funk to radio. 

Funkabkiirzung / procedure sign, 
code group, prosine, prosig. 

Funkanlage / radio installation. 

Funkaufklarung / radio intelligence. 

Funkauswertekraftwagen to radio- 

intelligence truck. 

Funkbake / radio beacon. 

Funkbefehl m radio command, radio 

Funkbereitschaft f radio alert. 

Funkbeschickung / radio compass 
calibration ( Air Navigation). 

Funkbeschickungskurve / deviation 
curve (Rad). 

Funkbeschrankung f limited radio 


Funkbetrieb m radio operations. 

Funkbetriebskraftwagen 65 

Funkbetriebskraftwagen m radio 
operations truck. 

Funkbetriebsstelle / radio operations 

Funkdauerbereitschaft / continuous 
radio alert. 

Funkdienst to radio communication . 

Funkdoppelverkehr to simultaneous 
two-way radio traffic. 

Funke to spark. 

Funkeinsatz to employment of radio. 

Funkempfang to radio reception. 

Funkempfanger m radio receiver. 

funken to radio, send by radio. 

Funkenbildung f production of 
sparks (Elec). 

Funkenstrecke f spark gap. 

Funkentelegraphie / radioteleg- 

Funkentelephonie f radiotelephony. 

Funkentladung / spark discharge 

Funkentstorer to static eliminator 

Funker to radio operator (with grade 
of private). 

Funkfeuer n radio beacon. 

Funkgefreiter to radio operator 
(with grade of Gefreiter). 

Funkgerat n radio set, radio equip- 

Funkgeratkraftwagen to radio truck, 
radio-equipment truck. 

Funkgeratmechaniker to radio re- 

Funkhorchdienst to radio intercept 

Funkhorchkraftwagen to radio inter- 
cept truck. 

Funkhorchstelle / radio intercept 

Funkkiste / radio chest, radio case. 

Funkkompanie / radio company. 

Funkkraftwagen to radio car, radio 
truck, radio command truck. 

Funklinie / radio line, two-station 

Funkmast to antenna mast, mast- 
type antenna. 

Funkmastkraftwagen m radio an- 
tenna truck. 

Funkmeister to. technical sergeant 

Funkmeisterei f signal supply and 
radio maintenance shop. 

Funkmeldung / radio message. 


Funkmeligerat n radar. 

FunkmeBturm to radar tower, radar 

Funknachrichten fpl radio messages, 
radio communications. 

Funknavigation / radio navigation 


Funknetz n radio net. 

Funknetz fiir den Verkehr Boden- 
Bord air-ground net (Rad). 

Funkpanzerkampfwagen to radio 
command tank. 

Funkpeiler to radio direction finder. 

Funkpeilgerat n radio direction- 
finding apparatus. 

Funkpeilung / radio direction find- 

Funkquerverbindung f intercommun- 
ication channel (Rad). 

Funkrufzeichen n radio call signal. 

Funksender m radio transmitter. 

Funksendung / radio transmission. 

Funksignal n radio signal. 

Funkskizze / radio net diagram. 

Funksprechen n radio voice trans- 
mission, radiotelephone communica- 
tion, voice-radio communication. 

Funksprechgerat n radiotelephone. 

Funkspre'chiibermittlung f voice- 
radio communication. 

Funkspruch w radio message. 

Funkspruchkopf m heading on radio 

Funkspruchiibersicht / radio signal 
unit journal, number sheet. 

Funkspruchvermittlung / radio-mes- 
sage transmission, radio message re- 
lay (station). 

Funkspruchweg to radio channel, 
auf dem Funkspruchweg by radio, 
via radio. 

Funkstaffel / echelon of radio units; 
radio detachment. 

Funkstelle f radio station. 

Funkstille f radio silence. 

Funkstorung / radio interference, 
radio jamming. 

Funktafel / radio code table. 

Funktasten n keying (Rad). 

Funktauschung / radio deception. 

Funktechnik f radio engineering. 

Funktechniker to radio engineer. 

Funktrupp to radio section. 

Funkturm to radio tower. 

FunkUberwachung f radio monitor- 


Funkubung / radio-communication 

Funkunteroffizier to radio operator 

Funkverbindung / radio communica- 

Funkverbot n radio silence. 

Funkverkehr to radio traffic. 

Funkverkehrsabkiirzungen fpl brev- 
ity code, prosigs (Rad). 

Funkverkehrsart / type of radio-net 

Funkverkehrsform / method of radio 

Funkwagen to radio car, truck, or 

Funkwart to radio technician. 

Funkwechselsprechen n alternate 

two-way radiophone communication. 

Funkwechselverkehr m, alternate 
two-way radio traffic. 

Funkweg to radio channel, 
auf dem Funkweg by radio, via 

Funkwelle f radio wave. 

Funkwerkstatt / radio maintenance 

Funkwetterwarte f radio weather 

Funkzucht / radio discipline. 

furagieren to forage. 

Furagierleine / picket line (for 


Furche f furrow; scour (river bed); 
groove; white line (hoof). 

Gabel / fork (utensil); bracket 

eine Gabel bilden to bracket 


Gabelachse f Elliot-type front axle 

Gabelbildung / bracketing method, 
bracket adjustment (Arty). 
Gabeldeichsel / pair of wagon shafts. 
Gabellafette f gun carriage with 

Gabelmotor m V-engine. 
gabeln to bracket (Arty). 
Gabelschieflen n bracket fire. 
Gabelschwanz m twin tail (Ap). 

66 Gangspill 

Furier m quartermaster sergeant. 

Furnier n veneer. 

Fiirsorge / welfare. 

Furt / ford. 

Fiisilier to private, infantry rifle- 

Fuflbremshebel to brake pedal. 

FuBhebel m pedal '( Ord, MT). 

fuflkrank footsore. 

Fufllappen m foot rag, foot cloth; 
cabbage (slang). 

FuBlatscher to “foot-slogger,” infan- 
tryman (slang). 

FuBlatte / sill (Bdg). 

FuBmelder m runner. 

FuBplatte f foot plate, float (AA 
gun outrigger). 

FuBpunkt to nadir point. 

FuBschalter m foot switch' (Elec) ; 
foot starter (MT). 

FuBschaltung / foot shifter (MT). 

FuBschlingcnmine / foot snare mine. 

FuBstiitze / footrest. 

FuBteller to float, float plate, jack 
float (A A gun). 

FuBweg to footpath. 

Futter n forage, fodder; lining 

(Clo); bushing, liner (Tech); chuck 
(of lathe, etc.). 

Futteral n case; scabbard; sheath. 

Futterholz n frame, shim (Engr). 

Futterration f forage ration. 

Futterrohr n removable liner (G). 

Futterstiick n bushing (breechblock). 


Gabelstiitze / bipod (MG). 
Gabelumschalter to hook switch 


Gabelung f bracket (Arty). 
Gamaschen fpl leggins, puttees. 
Ganasche / jaw (horse). 

Gang to gear, speed, action, play, 
motion, travel (Mech) ; passage, 

Gangart f gait (horse). 
gangbar passable. 

Gangrolle / pivoted dial (speed- 

Gangschaltung f gearshift (MT). 
Gangspill m capstan. 


Gansemarsch in Indian file, single 

“Ganze Abteilung, Kehrt!” “About 

Face!” (to a detail, squad, company, 

Ganzmetallflugzeug n all-metal air- 

Garbe f sheaf of fire, cone of disper- 
sion, cone of fire. 

Garnison / garrison (now Standort). 

garnisonverwendungsfahig fit for 

limited service (i.e., in a garrison 
post, station or in Com Z) (abbr. 

Gasabblaseverfahren n gas-release 
method (CWS). 

Gasabdichtung f gas check (breech- 

Gasabwehr f gas defense. 

Gasabwehrdienst to chemical defense 

Gasabwehrmallnahmen fpl tactical 
protection (CWS). 

Gasabwehrmittel n gas-defense 


Gasabwehrwaffe / gas-defense 


Gasalarm to gas alarm. 

Gasalarmsirene f gas-alarm siren. 

Gasalarmzeichen n gas-alarm signal. 

Gasangriff to gas attack. 

Gasanzeiger to gas detector kit. 

Gasanzug m gas-protection suit. 

Gasaufklarung / gas reconnaissance. 

Gasausbildung / gas-defense instruc- 

Gasbehalter to gas container. 

Gasbekleidung / protective clothing 

Gasbereitschaft / gas alert. 

GasbeschuB to gas-shell fire (Arty). 

Gasbrand to gas gangrene. 

Gasbrille / gas goggles (CWS). 

Gasbrisanzgranate / high-explosive 
chemical shell. 

gasdicht gasproof, gastight. 

Gasdichte f gas' concentration. 

Gasdichtigkeit / impermeability to 

Gasdisziplin / gas discipline. 

Gasdruck to blowback, gas pressure 
( Ord). 

Gasdrucklader m blowback-operated 

GasdruckmeBgerat n pressure gage 


Gasdruckpriifung / pressure test 


Gasdiise / gas-cylinder nozzle. 

Gasentladungsrohre / gas tube 


Gas-Erdmine f chemical mine, chem- 
ical land mine. 

Gaserkennungsdienst to gas-detect- 
ing service. 

Gasflasche / chemical cylinder, gas 

GasfuBhebel m accelerator pedal 

GasfuBtritt to See GasfuBhebel. 

Gasgenerator to wood-gas generator 

GasgeschoB n chemical projectile. 

gasgeschiitzt gasproofed. 

Gasgewehrgranate / gas rifle gren- 

Gasgranate / chemical shell, gas 

Gashandgranate / gas hand grenade, 
chemical hand grenade. 

Gashandschuh w gas-protection 


Gashandwerfer to chemical mortar. 

Gashebel to throttle lever (Ap); ac- 
celerator (Mtr). 

Gaskampf to chemical warfare. 

Gaskampfgerat n chemical warfare 

Gaskampfmittel npl chemical war- 
fare material. 

Gaskrieg to chemical warfare. 

Gaslaufer to antigas runner (roll of 
impregnated paper on which to cross 
contaminated ground). 

Gasleitung f gas line, gas pipe. 

Gasmaske f gas mask. 

Gasmaskenkorper to body of gas 

Gasmaskenpriifgerat n gas-mask 

testing apparatus. 

Gasmaskentragbiichse f gas-mask 

carrier (canister type). 

Gasmaskenzubehor n gas-mask ac- 

Gasmorser to chemical mortar. 

Gasmunition / .chemical munitions. 

Gasoffizier to gas officer, chemical of- 

Gasol n gas oil, Diesel fuel. 

Gasplane f antigas paulin, protective 
awning (CWS). 

Gasraum to gas chamber (Bln, 



Gasraumprobe / gas-chamber test 

Gasraumpriifung / See Gasraum- 


Gasschiefien n gas-shell fire (Arty). 

Gasschleuse / gas trap, air lock 

Gasschutz to chemical defense. 

Gasschutzdecke / protective mat 


Gasschutzfilm to chemical-defense 
training film. 

Gasschutzgerat n gas protective 


Gasschutzgeratepark to chemical de- 
fense equipment park. 

Gasschutzgeratwerkstatt / repair 
shop for gas protective equipment. 

Gasschutzsalbe f protective ointment 

Gassschutziibungsmittel n- chemical 
defense training agent. 

Gasschutzunteroffizier to gas non- 
commissioned officer. 

Gasschutzvorhang to gas curtain, 
blanket door. 

Gasschutzvorrat to stock of chemical 
defense equipment. 

Gasschutzvorschrift f gas-defense 

Gasschwaden mpl gas fumes (CWS). 

Gasse / gap (in obstacle or mine 
field) ; alley, street. 

gassicher gasproof. 

Gassperre / gas barrier, contami- 
nated area. 

Gasspiiren n gas detection. 

Gasspiirer m gas sentry. 

Gasspiirfahnchen n gassed-area 


Gasspiirgerat n gas-detection appa- 

Gasspiirkraftwagen m gas-detection 

Gasspiirmittel npl gas-detection 


Gasspiirstoff to gas-detection agent. 

Gasspiirtrupp m gas-detection squad. 

Gasstiefel mpl gas-protection boots. 

Gastruppen fpl chemical troops. 

Gasiiberfall m surprise gas attack, 
surprise gas-shell fire. 

Gasumhang m gas-protection cloak. 

Gasvergifteter m gas casualty. 

Gasvergiftung / gas poisoning, con- 

Gasverluste mpl gas casualties. 


Gasvorhang m gas curtain. 

Gaswarnung / gas warning. 

Gaswerfen n chemical-projector 

Gaswerfer m chemical projector. 

Gaswolke / gas cloud. 

Gaszelle f cell, cellule (Ash). 

Gaszucht / gas discipline. 

Gaze / gauze. 

geballt concentrated. 

geballte Ladung concentrated charge 
(consisting of several explosive 
blocks tied together). 

geben to give; transmit (Rad, Tg). 

Geber m sender, transmitter; data 
transmitter ( data transmission sys- 
tem) ; azimuth and elevation indi- 
cator (AA director). 

Gebiet n region; territory; zone. 

Gebirgsartillerie / mountain artil- 
lery, pack artillery. 

Gebirgsfahrkolonne f mountain sup- 
ply column (H-Dr). 

Gebirgsgeschiitz n mountain gun, 
pack gun. 

Gebirgshang m mountainside. 

Gebirgskanone / mountain gun. 

Gebirgsinfanteriegeschutz n moun- 
tain infantry howitzer. 

Gebirgsjager m mountain infantry- . 

Gebirgsjager-Bataillon n mountain 
infantry battalion. 

Gebirgsjager-Regiment n mountain 
infantry regiment. 

Gebirgskampf to mountain combat. 

Gebirgskorps n mountain corps. 

Gebirgskorpskommando n mountain 
corps headquarters. 

Gebirgskrieg to mountain warfare. 

Gebirgsmiitze / mountain cap. 

GebirgspaB to mountain pass. 

Gebirgs-Pionier-Regiment n moun- 
tain engineer regiment. 

Gebirgstragerkompanie / mountain 
carrier company (on foot). 

Gebirgstruppen fpl ‘mountain troops. 

GebiB n bit (harness). . 

Geblase n blower, supercharger; 

Geblasemotor m supercharged en- 

Geblasewind to airflow. 

Gebrauch to use, custom. 

Gebrauchsanweisung / instructions 
for use, operating instructions. 


Gebrauchsflugzeug 69 

Gebrauchsflugzeug n general-pur- 
pose airplane. 

Gebrauchsladung / normal charge. 
Gebrauchsstufe / the sum of all in- 
terior ballistic factors. See also 


Gebiihr f charge, rate, allowance, fee. 
Gebiihrnisse fpl allowances, rates. 
Geburtsjahrgang m age class. 
Geburtsurkunde / birth certificate, 
gediimpft damped (Elec, Mech). 
gedeckt covered, concealed, defiladed, 
masked, sheltered, 
gedeckte Bahn shooting gallery, 
gedeckte Batterie masked battery, 
gedeckter Raum dead space, safety 

gedeckte Stellung cover position, 
geeicht calibrated, 
geerdet grounded (Elec). 

Gefahr / danger, 
gefahrden endanger, 
gefahrlich dangerous. 

Gefahrpunkt m critical point (Tac). 
Gefalle n gradient (Met, Top). 
Gefallemesser m clinometer (Engr). 
gefallen fallen, dead, killed. 

im Felde gefallen killed in action. 
Gefangenenabschub m evacuation of 

Gefangenenaussage / prisoner’s 


Gefangenenaustausch m exchange of 

Gefangenenbewachungskommando n 
prisoner guard detachment. 
Gefangenenlager n prisoner-of-war 

Gefangenensammelkommandc n 

prisoner-collecting detachment. 
Gefangenensammelstelle / prisoner 
collecting point. 

Gefangenenverhor n See Gefange- 

Gefangenenvernehmung / interroga- 
tion of prisoners. 

Gefangener m prisoner. 
Gefangennahme / capture. 

Gefangnis n prison. 

Gefangnisstrafe / sentence of con- 
finement to a prison. 

Gefecht n action, battle, combat, en- 
gagement, fight. See also terms un- 
der Kampf, Krieg. 

Gefechte unter besonderen Yerhalt- 
nissen special operations. 


Gefecht im Gebirge mountain com- 

Gefechtsabschnitt m combat sector, 
zone of action. 

Gefechtsaufgabe / combat task. 

Gefechtsaufklarung / battle recon- 
naissance, combat reconnaissance. 

Gefechtsauftrag m combat mission. 

Gefechtsausbildung / combat prac- 
tice, tactical training. 

Gefechtsbatterie / firing battery. 

Gefechtsbefehl m combat order. 

Gefechtsbefehlsstelle / command 

Gefechtsbereich m zone of action. 

Gefechtsbereitschaft / readiness for 

Gefechtsbericht m combat report. 

Gefechtsberiihrung f contact with 
the enemy. 

Gefechtsbreite f combat frontage. 

Gefechtseinheit / combat unit. 

Gefechtseinsatz m employment . in 
action, commitment to action. 

Gefechtsentwicklung / deployment 
for action (Tac). 

Gefechtsfahrzeug n combat vehicle. 

Gefechtsform / combat formation. 

Gefechtsgebiet n combat zone. 

Gefechtsgliederung / tactical group- 

Gefechtsgruppe f combat unit; ar- 
mored support unit. 

Gefechtshandlung / operation, ac- 
tion, engagement, battle. 

Gefechtskarren m ammunition and 
weapons cart (H-Dr). 

Gefechtskarte f battle map. 

Gefechtskasten m medical supplies 
and equipment chest. 

gefechtsklar cleared for action 

Gefechtskompanie f assault company 

(Prcht troops). 

Gefechtskopf m warhead (torpedo). 

Gefechtskraftwagen m combat car. 

Gefechtslage / combat situation. 

Gefechtslandeplatz m advance (d) 

landing field. 

Gefechtslarm m noise of battle. 

Gefechtslehre f tactics. 

Gefechtslinie / line of battle. 

Gefechtsluftaufklarung / combat air 

gefechtsmaflig similar to actual com- 
bat or conditions in the field. 

gefechtsmaftiges SchieBen 70 GegenstoB 

gefechtsmafiiges Schiefien combat 
practice firing. 

Gefechtsmeldung / combat message, 
combat report. 

Gefechtspause / lull in combat. 

Gefechtsraum to zone of action, com- 
bat area (Tac); fighting compart- 
ment, turret basket (Tk). 

Gefechtsscheibe / field target, aim- 
ing silhouette. 

Gefechtsschiefien n advanced combat 
practice firing. 

Gefechtsschiefistand m field firing 
range (R). 

Gefechtsschlitten to combat sled. 

Gefechtsschreiber m clei’k at a com- 
mand post. 

Gefechtsspahtrupp to combat patrol. 

Gefechtsstab to command group; 
tactical operations staff. 

Gefechtsstaffel / combat-train eche- 

Gefechtsstand m command post (in 
combat ); headquarters (Avn); gun 
position, gunner’s station (Ap). 

Gefechtsstellung /' action station. 

Gefechtsstreifen m combat sector, 
zone of action. 

Gefechtstatigkeit / combat activity. 

Gefechtstrofi m combat train; main- 
tenance section (Btry). 

Gefechtsiibung f combat practice. 

Gefechtsverlauf m progress of action 

Gefechtsverwendung f employment 
in combat. 

Gefechtsvorposten to combat outpost. 

Gefechtswagen to ammunition and 
weapons wagon. 

Gefechtszeitangabe / chronology of 

Gefechtszweck m objective of com- 
bat, purpose of an action. 

Gefecht um Engen combat at defiles. 

Gefolgschaft / collective term for 
subordinate officers and/or enlisted 

Gefreitenarmwinkel to acting cor- 
poral’s chevron. 

Gefreitenwinkel m See Gefreiten- 

Gefreiter to acting corporal (grade 
between Pvt Id and Cpl, strictly not 
NCO in Ger definition of term; 
translated as acting Cpl, lance Cpl, 


Gefrierschutz to antifreeze (MT). 

Gefrierschutzmittel n antifreeze so- 
lution (MT). 

Gegenangriff to counterattack (Tac). 

Gegenaufklarung f counterrecon- 


Gegenbefehl to counterorder, 
einen Gegenbefehl geben to coun- 

Gegenboschung f counterslope. 

Gegend f region, vicinity, neighbor- 

Gegenfeuer n counterfire, retaliation 

Gegenfunkstelle / called station 


Gegengewicht n counterpoise (Rad); 
counterweight, counterbalance. 

Gegenhang to counterslope. 

Gegenkolbenmotor to opposed-piston 


Gegenlaufgraben to counterapproach 

gegenlaufige Luftschrauben contra- 
rotating propellers. 

Gegenlicht n “counter-light” (sun- 
light against the attacker, defender 
or observer). 

Gegenlosung f countersign. 

Gegenmarsch m countermarch. 

Gegenmafinahme / countermeasure. 

Gegenmine / countermine. 

Gegenmutter / lock nut. 

Gegenoffensive f counteroffensive. 

Gegenpropaganda f counterpropa- 

Gegenseil n stagger wire (biplane). 

gegenseitig two-way, mutual, recip- 

gegenseitige Sprechverbindung two- 
way telephone circuit. 

Gegensignal n answer signal. 

Gegensinn to counterclockwise direc- 
tion, opposite direction, 
im Gegensinn zum Uhrzeiger coun- 

Gegenspionage / counterespionage. 

Gegensprechen n duplex operation, 
two-way break-in communication 
(Rad); duplexing (Tp). 

Gegenstand m item, object, article. 

Gegenstelle / called station (Rad). 

Gegensteuern n trimming (with one 
or more engines inoperative) (Avn). 

Gegenstollen m countermine. 

Gegenstoli m counterthrust, counter- 
attack (Tac). 

Gegentakt- V erstarker 

71 Gelanderaum 

Gegentakt-Verstarker w push-pull 
amplifier (Rad). 

Gegenvorbereitungsfeuer n counter- 
preparation, counterpreparation fire. 

Gegemvehr / resistance (Tac). 

Gegenwind to head wind. 

Gegenzeiger m pointer, indicator 
(folloiv-the-pointer mechanism). 

Gegenzeigersinn m counterclockwise 

Gegner m opponent. 

Gegnerpfeil to path-of-flight pointer 
(reflector sight). 

Gegnerpunkt m future position at 
moment of burst (AAA). 

gegossen cast (metals, armor, etc.). 

gegurtet belted (Am, etc). 

Gehalt m concentration (CWS); con- 
tent, volume. 

Gehause n case, casing, housing. 

geheim secret, confidential. 

Geheime Feld'polizei secret field po- 
lice ( special MP units attached to 
armies and Mil Adm of occupied 
countries; abbr. G.F.P.). 

geheimer Gegenstand classified mili- 
tary item, secret item. 

Geheime Staatspolizei secret state 
police (political police; abbr. Ge- 

Geheimhaltung / secrecy. 

Geheimnis n secret. 

Geheimschrift f cryptography. 

Geheimschriftanalyse / cryptanaly- 

Geheim text w cipher text. 

Geheimwort n cipher key. 

Gehilfe m aid, assistant. 

Gehilfe des Richtschiitzen assistant 
gunner (MG squad). 

Gehirnerschiitterung / concussion of 
the brain. 

gehoben raised, lifted, elevated; 
higher grade (of Wehrmachtbeam- 

Gehorsam to obedience. 

Gehorsamsverweigerung / insubor- 

Geisel / hostage. 

geladen loaded, armed, charged, acti- 

geladener Draht live wire. 

Gelande n terrain, ground, country. 

Geliindeabschnitt m terrain sector, 
terrain compartment. 

Gelandeanpassung / adaptation to 

the terrain, blending with the ground 

( Cam). 

Gelandeaufnahme / terrain photo- 

Gelandeausbildung / field training. 

Geliindeausnutzung / utilization of 

Gelandeausschnitt to coverage ( aerial 

Gelandebedeckung f mask (Gun- 

Gelandebesprechung / tactical ride, 
tactical walk. 

Gelandebeurteilung / terrain appre- 
ciation, estimate of terrain. 

Gelandedarstellung / terrain repre- 
sentation (Surv). 

Gelandeentgiftung / ground decon- 


Gelandeerkundung / terrain recon- 


gelandefahig capable of cross-coun- 
try travel (MT). 

Gelandefahren n cross-country driv- 

Gelandefahrzeug n cross-country 
vehicle (MT). 

Gelandegang m auxiliary gear, un- 

derdrive (MT). 

gelandegiingig capable of cross- 

country travel, having cross-country 
mobility (MT). 

GelandegUngigkeit / cross-country 
traveling ability, cross-country mo- 
bility (MT). 

Geliindegegenstand to terrain fea- 

ture, landmark. 

Gelandegestaltung / configuration of 
terrain, terrain features. 

Gelandehindernis n natural obstacle, 
terrain obstacle. 

Geliindekampfstoff to ground-con- 

taminating agent, persistent agent 

Gelandekette / traction band (MT). 

Gelandekraftfahrzeug n cross-coun- 
try motor vehicle. 

Gelandenachbildung f simulation of 

Gelandeneigung f slope. 

Geliindeorientierung / orientation by 

Geliindepunkt to terrain point, land- 

Geliindern railing; handrail (Bdg). 

Gelanderaum to terrain area. 


Gelanderstiitze/ railing post; hand- 
rail post (Bdg). 

Gelandescheibe f landscape target 

Gelandeschutz m defilade, natural 

Geliindeskizze / military sketch. 

Gelandestreifen m terrain sector. 

Geliindeiibung / field exercise. 

Geliindevergiftung / terrain contami- 
nation (CWS). 

Gelandeverhaltnisse npl terrain con- 

Gelandevermessung / terrain survey. 

Gelandeverstarkung / organization 
of the ground (Tac). 

Gelandewinkel m angle of site ( Gun- 
nery); angle of slope (Top). 
negativer Gelandewinkel angle of 
depression, negative angle of site. 

Gelandewinkellibelle / angle-of-site 

Gelandewinkelmesser m angle-of-site 
instrument, clinometer. 

GelandewinkelmeBvorrichtung / 

angle-of-site mechanism ( telescopic 

Gelatitw a rock-blasting explosive. 

gelb yellow. 

Gelbkreuz n Yellow Cross ( Ger mark- 
ing for vesicants) (CWS). 

GelbkreuzbeschuB m chemical-shell 
fire (vesicant filler). 

Geldabfindung / money allowance, re- 
imbursement, cash settlement. 

Geldstrafe/ fine (Law). 

Geldwert der Verpflegungsersparnisse 
ration savings. 

Gelegenheitsziel n target of oppor- 

Geleise n track (RR). 

Geleit n escort, convoy. 

Geleitmannschaft / escort personnel. 

Geleitschiff n convoy vessel, escort 

Geleitschutz m convoy guard (Nav). 

Geleitzugut convoy (Nav). 

Gelenk n knuckle, joint, flexible 

Gelenkbinden fpl ankle wrap puttees. 

Gelenkbogenbriicke / hinged-arch 

Gelenkgehause n universal- joint 

housing (MT). 

Gelenkstiick n joint piece (MG tri- 

Gelenkwelle / flexible drive shaft, 

72 Generalquartiermeister 

drive shaft and universal joint, pro- 
peller shaft. 

geloste Flugordnung route formation 


Gemeiner m private, common soldier 
or sailor (in disuse). 

Gemischbildung / mixing, mixture 
formation (carburetor). 

gemischt mixed, combined. 

Gemischtbauweise / composite con- 

gemischter Verband combined-arms 

gemodelte Welle modulated wave. 

genau accurate, exact, precise; tight; 
close; strict. 

genaues EinschieBen precision ad- 
justment fire. 

Gendarm m rural policeman. 

Gendarmerie/ rural police, 
i genehmigen authorize, approve. 

General m lieutenant general ; gen- 
• eral; general officer (specifically, Lt 
Gen). Compare Generaloberst. 

Generaladmiral m admiral (com- 
■ mander of a fleet). 

Generalarzt m brigadier general 

Generalarbeitsfiihrer m brigadier 
general (Reich Labor Service). 

Generalfeldmarschall m Field Mar- 
^ shal. 

Generalgouvernement n Government 
General (administrative region es- 
tablished in occupied territory; spe- 
cifically, in Central Poland in 1939/. 

: Generalinspekteur fiir die Panzerwaffe 

Inspector General of Armored Forces. 

Generalintendant m civilian official in 
administrative services ranking as 
brigadier general. 

Generalkommando n corps headquar- 

Generalleutnant m major general. 

Generalluftzeugmeister m chief of 
air forces special supply and procure- 
, ment service. 

Generalmajor m brigadier general. 

Generaloberst m general (full gen- 

! eral). 

Generaloberstabsarzt m surgeon gen- 
; eral (lieutena/nt general). 

Generaloberstabsveterinar m lieuten- 
ant general (Vet). 

Generalquartiermeister m general 
, staff officer lb in charge of supply 


and administration at headquarters 
of field forces. 

Generalstab m general staff. 
Generalstab des Heeres General Staff 
of the Army. 

Generalstabsarzt m major general 

Generalstabschef m Chief of Staff. 
Generalstabskarte / strategic map 

( 1 : 100 , 000 ). 

Generalstabskorps n General Staff 

Generalstabsoffizier m general staff 

Generalstabsveterinar to major gen- 
eral (Vet). 

Generalveterinar rti brigadier gen- 

eral (Vet). 

Generatoranhanger m wood-gas gen- 
erator trailer (MT); generator 
trailer (Elec). 

Genesung / convalescence. 
Genesungskompanie / convalescent 
company, rehabilitation company. 
Genesungsurlaub m sick leave. 

Genfer Abkoinmen Geneva Conven- 

Genfer Rotes Kreuz Geneva Cross, 
genormt standardized, 
gedffnet open, extended, 
gebffnete Ordnung extended order, 
geographische Breite latitude, 
geographische Karte geographic 

geographische Koordinaten geo- 

graphic coordinates, 
geographische. Lange longitude. 
Geographisch-Nord m true north. 
Gepiick n baggage, impedimenta. 
GepacktroB m baggage train. 
Gepackwagenm baggage car (RR). 
gepanzert armored, 
gepflastert paved, 
gerade straight, 
geradeaus straight ahead. 
Geradeausflug to horizontal flight, 

level flight (Avn). 

Geradseitfelge / straight-side rim 


Gerat n nonexpendable supplies, 
materiel, ordnance, equipment; in- 
strument; apparatus. 

Geratart / type of equipment. 
Geratausstattung f allotment of 

Geratbrett n instrument panel. 

73 Gesamtauswanderungszeit 

; Geratedurchsicht / inspection of 
equipment or ordnance. 

Gerateeinheit / unit assemblage ( of 
: equipment, etc.). 

Gerateentgiftung f decontamination 
[ of equipment. 

Geratelicht n instrument light. 

Gerateoffizier m ordnance staff offi- 
i cer, ordnance officer, property officer. 

Gerateunteroffizier m ordnance ser- 
! geant. 

Gerateverwalter m quartermaster 
: sergeant. 

Geratewagen m See Geratwagen. 

Geratinspizient m equipment inspec- 

Geratklasse f class of equipment. 

Geratsammelstelle f ordnance collect- 
ing point. 

• Geratsatz m unit of equipment. 

Geratstiick n piece of equipment, 
item of equipment. 

t Geratwagen m equipment truck, 
equipment wagon. 

Gerausch n noise, sound. 

Gerauschtarnung / “noise camou- 
flage” (any noise-producing means 
intended to deceive enemy as to posi- 
tion of guns, advance of tanks, etc.). 

Gerbersche Anordnung Gerber design 
(a type of cantilever bridge). 

Gerbertrager m cantilever span ( two 
; cantilever arms with suspended 

Gericht n court. 

gerichteter Empfang directional re- 
ception (Rad). 

Gerichtsherr to appointing authority 

Gerippe n skeleton, framework, out- 

Gerippeabteil n bay (Ap). 

Germanisches SS-Panzerkorps SS ar- 
mored coi’ps composed of non-German 
volunteers from “Germanic” coun- 

’ Geruch m odor. 

geruchlos odorless. 

1 Geriicht n rumor. 

Geriist n scaffold, frame. 

’ Gesamtausfall to total loss (es). 

Gesamtauswanderungsstrecke f linear 
travel of target from position at in- 
stant of range determination to 
£ future position (AA gunnery), 

Gesamtauswanderungszeit / dead time 
plus time of flight (AA gunnery). 



Gesamtbefehl m complete order (Tac). 

Gesamtdruck m total pressure. 

Gesamterhohung / quadrant elevation 
( Gunnery). 

Gesamtkilometerzahler m total mile- 
age odometer (on speedometer). 

Gesamtkriegfuhrung/ grand strat- 
egy, general conduct of the war. 

Gesamtlage / total situation, over-all 
situation (Tac). 

Gesamtrohrerhohung/ total eleva- 
tion ( G). 

Gesamtseitenrichtung f total traverse, 
total deflection (G). 

Gesamtvorhaltewinkel m principal 
lateral deflection angle (AA gun- 

Gesandtschaft / legation. 

Geschirr n harness; utensils. 

Geschirrtau n trace (harness). 

Geschlechtskrankheit f venereal 

geschlossen closed, close; combined; 

geschlossene Ordnung close order. 

geschlossener Bau close-order con- 
struction (method of Tp line construc- 
tion by a single crew). 

geschlossenes Exerzieren close-order 

geschliisselt encoded, secret. 

geschliisselter Funkspruch radio code 

GeschoB n projectile, bullet, shell. 

GeschoBabweichung / deviation, ab- 
solute deviation (Gunnery). 

GeschoBanlage / clearance space 


GeschoBaufschlag to impact of pro- 
jectile, point of impact. 

GeschoBbahn / trajectory, ballistic 

GeschoBbo / blast effect of antiair- 
craft shell. 

GeschoBboden m base of projectile. 

GeschoBdrall m spin of projectile. 

GeschoBdrehung / See GeschoBdrall. 

GeschoBdurchmesser m diameter of 

GeschoBeinschlag m impact of pro- 
jectile, point of impact. 

GeschoBflugzeit / time of flight of 

GeschoBform f shape of projectile. 

GeschoBfiihrung / seating of projec- 


GeschoBgarbe f cone or sheaf of fire, 
cone of dispersion. 

GeschoBgewicht n weight of projec- 

GeschoBheber m gun hoist. 

GeschoBhohlung f shell cavity (Am). 

GeschoBhiille / body of projectile 
( Am). 

GeschoBhiilse / cartridge case (Am). 

GeschoBkanal to bullet tube ( gren- 
ade launcher). 

GeschoBkappe f cap of projectile. 

GeschoBkern to core of bullet. 

GeschoBknall m report produced by 
shell wave (SR). 

GeschoBkopf m head of projectile. 

GeschoBkran m gun hoist. 

GeschoBmantel to jacket of bullet. 

GeschoBmine / improvised antitank 
mine made of a high-explosive shell. 

GeschoBspitze f ogive of shell. 

GeschoBwagen to ammunition truck. 

GeschoBwirkung / effect of projec- 

GeschoB-Zubringewagen m ammuni- 
tion truck (for carrying heavy pro- 
jectile to the piece). 

Geschiitzn gun (Arty piece). See 
Artillerie for classification as light, 
medium and heavy. 

Geschiitzart / type of gun (Arty). 

Geschiitzbank / barbette. 

Geschiitzbedienung / gun crew; ser- 
vice of the piece. 

Geschiitzbettung / ground platform 
(RR gun). 

Geschiitzexerzieren n ^service of the 
piece drill. 

Geschiitzfiihrer m chief of section 

Geschiitzkompanie f howitzer com- 
pany (Inf). 

Geschiitzladung/ propelling charge 
( Am). 

Geschiitzmannschaft / gun crew. 

Geschiitznullpunkt m position of gun 
(on firing charts and diagrams). 

Geschiitzort m See Geschiitznullpunkt. 

Geschiitzpark m ordnance park. 

Geschiitzplane / gun cover. 

Geschiitzrohr n gun barrel. 

Geschiitzschlepper to prime mover 

Geschiitzstaffel / gun section. 

Geschiitzstand to gun position, gun 
emplacement, position of the piece 

Geschiitzstellung 75 Getriebehauptwelle 

Geschiitzstellung/ gun position, gun 

geschiitzt protected. 

geschiitzter Behiilter self-sealing 
tank (Ap). 

Geschiitzverschlufi to breech mech- 
anism, breechblock (Ord). 

Geschiitzwagen m gun car (RR ). 

geschiitzweises Feuer fire by piece at 
command (Arty). 

Geschiitzwinde / firing jack (G). 

Geschiitzzielfeuer n simulated fire 
representing an enemy gun target 

Geschiitzzug m howitzer platoon 

Geschwader n wing ( air force opera- 
tional unit consisting of about 100 
aircraft organized into from 3 to 5 
Gruppen) ; squadron (Nav). 

Geschwaderflugform / wing flight for- 

Geschwaderkeil m wing wedge for- 
mation (Avn). 

Geschwaderkolonne / wing column 
formation (Avn). 

Geschwaderkommodore w wing com- 
mander (Avn). 

geschweiBt welded. 

Geschwindigkeit / speed, velocity; 
rate (of fire). 

Geschwindigkeitsdreieck n triangle of 
velocities (Avn). 

Geschwindigkeitsmesser m speedom- 
eter (MT). 

Geschwindigkeitssteigerung / speed 

Geschwindigkeitsverlust m loss of 
velocity (Ballistics). 

Geschwindigkeit zur Luft indicated 

Gesellschaftsanzug m dress uniform 
for social occasions. 

Gesenk n die (for stamping or pun- 

Gesetz n law, statute. 

Gesetze und Gebrauche des Land- 
krieges Laws and Customs of War 
on Land (Hague Convention, 1907). 

gesichert safe; secured. 

Gesichtsfeld n field of view (Optics). 

Gespann n team of horses. 

Gesprach n conversation; telephone 

GesprachsschluB m completion of 
call (Tp). 

Gesprachsverbindung / call, connec- 
tion (Tp). 

gestaffelt echeloned, staggered. 

Gestalt / form, shape, figure, con- 

Gestalt der Flugbahn curve of the 


Gestange n bars, poles, rods, linkage. 

Gestapo f See Geheime Staatspolizei. 

gestattet allowed, allowable, granted, 

gestattete Abweichung tolerance 

Gesteinssprengmittel n rock-blasting 

Gestell n stand; mount; frame; 

block; trestle; carriage; gear. 

Gestellungsbefehl to induction order. 

Gestellungspflicht f obligation to ap- 
pear before draft board. 

gesteuert controlled, steered; syn- 


gesteuertes Maschinengewehr syn- 
chronized machine gun (Ap). 

Gestrauch n underbrush, shrub- 

gestreckt elongated, extended; 

stretched; flat. 

gestreckte Flugbahn flat trajectory. 

gestreckte Ladung elongated charge. 
See also Reihenladung. 

gestrichenes Korn medium sight (R 

Gestriipp n underbrush, brush. 

Gesuch n petition, request, applica- 

Gesundheit / health. 

Gesundheitsappell m physical inspec- 

Gesundheitsdienst m Sanitary Corps. 

Gesundheitsoffizier .m health officer. 

Gesundheitszustand to physical con- 

Getrank n beverage. 

getrennt separate(d); cut off (Tp). 

getrennte Munition separate-loading 

getrennter Bau extended-order con- 
struction (method of Tp line con- 
struction by two separate crews). 

Getriebe n gear, transmission (MT). 

Getriebebremse / transmission brake 

Getriebefett n transmission grease 


Getriebehauptwelle / transmission 
main shaft (MT). 

Getnebegehause 76 Gipfelentfernung 

Getriebegehause n transmission case 

Getriebewelle / transmission shaft 

Gewahrsam m custody. 

Gewaltmarsch m forced march. 

gewaltsam forceful, in force. 

gewaltsame Erkundung reconnais- 

sance in force. 

Gewehr n rifle. 

“Gewehr, ab!” ' “Order, arms!” 

“Gewehr abnehmen !” “Unsling, 


Gewehrappell m rifle inspection. 

Gewehrauflage f fire crest (Ft). 

Gewehrfeuer n rifle fire. 

Gewehrfiihrer m machine-gun squad 
leader, gun leader (heavy MG). 

GewehrgeschoB n rifle bullet. 

Gewehrgranate / rifle grenade. 

Gewehrgranatenschiitze m rifle gren- 

“Gewehr in die, Hand!” “Take, 

Gewehrkartusche / propelling cart- 
ridge for rifle grenade. 

Gewehrkolben m rifle butt. 

Gewehrkupplungsstiick n barrel-lock- 
ing stud (MG). 

Gewehrmieke / arms rack. 

Gewehrmiicke/ See Gewehrmieke. 

Gewehrmunition f rifle ammuni- 

Gewehr-Panzergranate / armor- 

piercing rifle grenade. 

Gewehr-Propagandagranate f rifle 
propaganda grenade (scatters leaf- 

Gewehrriemen m rifle sling. 

Gewehrschaft m rifle stock. 

GewehrschieBstand m rifle range. 

GewehrschuB m rifle shot. 

Gewehrschiitze m rifleman. 

Gewehrsprenggranate f high-explo- 
sive rifle grenade. 

Gewehrstockm cleaning rod (B). 

Gewehrstiitze / arms rack. 

Gewehrtrager m rifleman; machine- 
gun carrier (gunner No. 1); cradle 
(on MG sleigh mount or tripod). 

Gewehrtragevorrichtung / rifle scab- 
bard ( Cav). 

“Gewehr, iiber!” “Left shoulder, 
arms!” (with tightened sling) ; “Sling 
arms!” (with loosened sling). 

Gewehriibung f rifle exercise ( calis- 

“Gewehr umhangen!” “Sling arms!” 
Gewehrzielfeuer n simulated fire rep- 
resenting enemy rifle or MG target 

Gewehrzubehor n rifle accessories, 
gewerblich industrial. 

Gewicht n weight ; gravity. 
Gewichtsverteilung / weight distri- 
bution, balance. 

Gewinde n thread (Tech). 
Gewindebacken fpl die ( for cutting 

Gewindegang m pitch ( of screw 


Gewindeschablone / screw pitch gage. 
Gewitter n thunderstorm, 
gewitterdrohend ugly, threatening 
sky (Met). 

Gewitterflug m frontal soaring 


Gewitterstorung f atmospherics, 
static (Rad). 

gewohnliches Ferngesprach routine 
call (Tp). 

gewolbt convex, arched, vaulted, 
gewolbte Boschung convex slope. 
Gezeitenpl tide(s). ' 
Gezeitentafel / tide table, 
gezogen rifled (barrel); drawn, 

gezogene Kurve climbing turn ( Avn). 
gezogenes Geschiitz rifled gun 


gezogenes Ziel towed target. 

Gieren n yawing; trail-ferrying. 
Gierfahre/ trail ferry. 
Gierungsmesser m yawmeter ( Ap). 
Gierwinkel m angle of yaw 
( Avn). 

GieBerei / foundry. 

Gift n poison. 

giftig poisonous, toxic. 

Giftnebel m toxic smoke ( CWS). 
Giftnebelkerze / gas candle, irritant 
gas candle (CWS). 

Giftnebelwolke / gas cloud. 

Giftrauch m irritant smoke 
( CWS). 

Giftrauchkerze f toxic-smoke candle, 
gas candle ( CWS). 

Giftregenm aerial gas spray (CWS). 
Giftregenangriff m spray attack 


Giftstoff m toxic agent (CWS). 
Gipfel m peak, summit. 
Gipfelentfernung f abscissa for max- 
imum ordinate ( of trajectory). 

Gipfelhohe 77 

Gipfelhohe/ maximum ordinate (of 
trajectory) ; absolute ceiling ( Avn). 
Gipfelhohe mit einem stehenden Motor 
emergency ceiling (Avn). 

Gipfelpunkt m summit (of trajec- 
tory, etc.). 

Gitter n grid (maps, Rad); trellis, 
lattice, grillage. 

Gitterantenne / parasol-type antenna. 
Gitterdrossel / grid resistor (Rad). 
Gittergleichrichter w grid rectifier 

Gitterkondensator to grid condenser, 
grid capacitor (Rad). 

Gitterkreis m grid circuit, grid reso- 
nant circuit (Rad). 

Gitterlinie/ grid line. 

Gittermast m trellis mast. 

Gitternetz n coordinate map grid, 
grid system, military grid. 
Gitternetzkarte / gridded map. 
Gitternetzlinie / See Gitterlinie. 
Gitter-Nordm grid north. 
Gitterrichtung / grid base-line direc- 
tion (Gunnery). 

GitterschieBplan m fire-control grid 

Gitterschwanz to open tail (Ap). 
Gitterspannung / grid voltage (Rad). 
Gittervorspannung / bias (Rad). 
Gitterwerte mpl grid coordinates, 
grid numbers (maps). 

Gitterwiderstand m grid resistance 

Glas n glass; binoculars, field glass, 
glasartig glasslike, 
glasartige Vereisung clear ice, glaze 
( Avn). 

Glasbeobachtung / observation with 
field glass or telescope. 

GlasgefaB n envelope ( of Rad tube). 
GlasmaBstab m glass scale (Optics). 
glatt smooth, smooth-bore, 
glattes Geschiitz smooth-bore gun. 
gleichachsig coaxial, 
gleichbleibend uniform, constant, 
gleichbleibender Drall uniform twist 
( Ord). 

gleichformiger Drall See gleichblei- 
bender Drall. 

Gleichgewicht n balance, equilibrium. 
Gleichlauf to synchronism. 
Gleichlaufende / parallel line. 
Gleichlaufstellung / laying pieces re- 
ciprocally (Btry). 

Gleichlaufverfahren n reciprocal lay- 
ing (Btry). 


Gleichrichter to rectifier (Elec). 

Gleichrichterrohre / rectifier tube. 

Gleichrichtung / rectification (Rad). 

Gleichschritt to cadence; quick time. 
“Im Gleichschritt, marsch!” “For- 
ward, march!” (being at a halt). 
“Im Gleichschritt!” “Quick time, 
march!” (being in march in double 

gleichstellen synchronize ( watches) ; 

Gleichstrom m direct current. 

Gleichung f equation. 

gleichzeitig simultaneous. 

Gleis n rail, track (RR). 

Gleisanlage f raih-oad yard. 

Gleisbalken to stringer (Bdg). 

Gleiskette/ caterpillar track. 

Gleiskettenantrieb to caterpillar drive. 

Gleiskettenfahrzeug n track-laying 


Gleiskettenschlepper to caterpillar 

Gleiskettenzugmaschine / caterpillar 
prime mover. 

Gleiskurve/ epi, curved spur track 
(RR gun). 

Gleitbahn/ slide (G cradle). 

Gleitbombe/ glider bomb ( Avn). 

gleiten to glide. 

Gleiter m glider. 

Gleitfiihigkeit / gliding ability; slid- 
ing ability. 

Gleitflugw glide, gliding (Avn). 

Gleitfiugwinkel to gliding angle 
( Avn). 

Gleitfiugzeug n glider. 

Gleithebel to sliding lever (breech- 

GleithebelverschluB to sliding-lever 

Gleitkufe/ landing ski (Ap). 

Gleitlager n plain bearing. 

Gleitmittel n lubricant. 

Gleitriegel to sliding bolt (breech- 

Gleitschiene / guide slide, guide rail 
(G cradle); track (of a catapult). 

Gleitschuh m gun slide. 

Gleitschutz to nonskid tread (MT). 

Gleitschutzkette f skid chain (MT). 

Gleitschutzmittel n nonskid device, 
traction aid (MT). 

Gleitstein w cam plate (G). 

GleitstoBel m tappet rod (sliding- 
cam type). 


Gleitvorrichtung / slide mechanism 

Gleitwand/ slide plate (MG). 

Gleitwinkel to gliding angle (Avn). 

Glied n rank (in formation) ; limb; 
link; member; unit; penis. 

Gliederung f formation, organiza- 
tion; distribution; classification, ar- 
rangement; composition. 

Gliedersiige f chain saw. 

Glimmer m mica. 

Glimmlampe / neon lamp. 

Gliihdraht m See Gliihfaden. 

Gliihfaden to filament. 

Gliihkathode / hot cathode (Rad). 

GlUhkathodenrohre f vacuum tube, 
incandescent cathode tube (Rad). 

Gliihkerze / glow plug ( Diesel en- 

Gliihkopfchen n hot-wire-bridge head 
(Elec igniting device). 

Gliihlampe/ incandescent lamp. 

Gliihrohrziindapparat m hot-tube ig- 

Gliihzundapparat m blasting machine, 
exploder (Engr). 

Gliihziinder m electric igniter (blast- 
ing cap). 

Gliihziindstiick n electric detonator, 
electric igniter (Engr). 

Glysantin n an antifreeze solution 

Gnade / quarter, mercy; grace; par- 

Goerz-Visier n bomb sight manufac- 
tured by Goerz Company. 

Gondel/ gondola, nacelle (Ap). 

Goniometer re goniometer (Surv). 

Goniometrie / goniometry (Surv). 

Graben m trench ; ditch. 

Grabenbagger m trench excavator. 

Grabenbekleidung / trench revet- 

Grabendurchfahrt / crossing of 
trenches or ditches (MT). 

Grabenkopf / saphead (Ft). 

Grabenkrieg to trench warfare. 

Grabenprofil re trench profile (Ft); 
ditch profile (Engr). 

Grabenrost m trench boards, board- 

Grabensohle / trench bottom. 

Grabenspiegel m trench periscope. 

Grabenstellung / trench position. 

Grabenstufe / firing step. 

Grabenwehr f parapet. 

78 Grenadier 

Graberoffizier m graves registration 


Grabkreuz re grave marker. 

Grabtafel / grave marker. 

Gradabteilung f map square. 

Gradabzeichen re See Dienstgradab- • 

Gradbogen m quadrant, scale (G). 

Gradeinteilung / graduation, scale. 

Gradfeld re map square. 

Gradnetz re map grid. 

Gradzahl / number of degrees, num- 
ber of graduations. 

Granatbiichse / antitank grenade 

Granate f shell (Am). 

Granatfiillung / shell filler (Am). 

Granathiilse / shell case. 

Granatloch re shell hole. 

Granatsignal re projector signal, star 

Granatsplitter w shell splinter. 

Granattreffer to hit (shell fire). 

Granattrichter m shell crater. 

Granatwerfer to mortar (Ord) ; gun- 
ner (Mort squad). 

GranatwerfergeschoB re mortar shell. 

Granatwerfer-Gruppe / mortar sec- 

Granatwerfernest re mortar pit. 

Granatwerferstand m mortar em- 

Granatwerfertrupp to mortar team. 

Granatwerferzug to mortar platoon. 

graphisch graphic; mapped, surveyed 
or plotted. 

graphischer Punkt topographical 
point (on map). 

graphische SchuBtafel trajectory 
chart (not to be confused with TJS 
graphical firing table). 

Graphitschmiermittel re graphite lu- 

Grat m ridge ( especially a sharp, 
rocky ridge); scoring (in bore of 

Grate / fishbone. 

Graupelschauer m snow-pellet 
shower, graupel shower (Met). 

Greifer m cleat, grouser (MT, 

Greifervorrichtung / traction device 


Greifzirkel to calipers, dividers. 

Grenadier to private, infantry rifle- 
man (historical term reintroduced). 
See also Panzergrenadier. 




Grenadierbataillon n rifle battalion. 

Grenadierkompanie f rifle company. 

Grenadier-Panzerwagen to armored 
personnel carrier (MT). 

Grenadierregiment n rifle regiment, 
infantry regiment. 

Grenzbahnhof m frontier station 


Grenzbezirk to frontier district. 

Grenze/ frontier, border; boundary; 

Grenzfrequenz f cut-off frequency 

Grenzgebiet n border area, frontier 

Grenzlehre / fixed gage, plug or snap 

Grenzschicht f boundary layer ( fluid 
mechanics) . 

Grenzschraube / setscrew. 

Grenzschutzm frontier guard; fron- 
tier protection. 

Grenzschutzabschnittskommando n 
frontier guard sector command 
(Regtl Hq). 

Grenzschutzunterabschnitt m frontier 
guard sub-sector (Bn Hq). 

Grenziiberschreitung / crossing a 

Grenzwache / frontier sentry, fron- 
tier guard. 

Grenzwacht / frontier guard. 

Grenzwachtdivision / frontier guard 

Grenzzwischenfall to border incident, 
frontier incident. 

Griff m grip; hold; handle; door- 

Griffigkeit / grip, traction ( tires) ; 
traction, ground-gripping ability 
(Mt, Tk). 

Griffplatte / holding plate (G sight). 

Griffrohr n tubular handle ( trail 

Griffschale/ stock (pistol). 

Griffstiickn grip (MG); receiver 

grob approximate, rough, gross, 

coarse; bad, serious (mistake). 

Grobeinstellung / frequency selection 
(Rad); coarse setting (Optics). 

grobes EinschieBen approximate ad- 
justment fire. 

Grobfeile / coarse file. 

Grobsicherung / fuse (Elec). 

Grobstufenschalter in band switch 

Grof m heavy flame thrower ( on 
two-wheel carrier) (abbr. of grosser 
Flammenwerf er ) . 

Grosn. main body (Tac). 

GroBadmiral to Admiral of the 
Fleet; Commander-in-Chief (opera- 
tional and/or administrative) (Nav). 

GroBangriff to large-scale attack, 
major attack, major offensive opera- 

GroBe / quantity (Math); great- 
ness, magnitude, size. 

GroBeinsatz to major commitment, 
commitment of large forces, employ- 
ment of great numbers (Tac). 

GroBer Bar Big Dipper. 

GroBfertigung / mass production. 

GroBfunkstelle f high-power long- 
distance radio station. 

groBkalibrig large-caliber. 

GroBkampfschiff n capital ship. 

GroBkreis to great circle. 

GroBreihenfertigung / large-scale 
series production. 

GroBtgeschwindigkeit f maximum 

GroBvernebelung / extensive smoke 
screen, large-area screening. 

Grube f pit. 

Grundausbildung / basic training. 

Grundbegriffe mpl fundamentals, 
basic concepts. 

Grundbuchse f base bushing ( coun- 
terrecoil mechanism). 

Grundgehalt n base pay. 

Grundgeschiitz n base piece, direct- 
ing gun. 

Grundgeschwindigkeit f ground speed 
( Avn). 

Grundlagen fpl data. 

Grundlinie / base line. 

Grundmaschinengewehr n base ma- 
chine gun. 

Grundmine / ground mine, controlled 
mine, observation mine (Nav). 

Grundplatte f base plate. 

Grundrichtung / base-line direction 


Grundrichtungslinie / base line ( Gun- 

Grundrichtungspunkt to base point 

( Gunnery). 

Grundrichtungswinkel to base angle 


GrundriBskizze / area sketch. 

Grundschwelle/ ground sill (Bdg). 

Grundstellung 80 Gyrorektor 

Grundstellung / position of attention, I GruBpflicht / obligation to salute. 

position of the soldier (drill). 

Grundstufe / a factor used for cor- 
rection of velocity error (expressed 
in units — Stufeneinheiten — each 
equal to % of 1 % of standard muzzle 

Grundwasser w subsoil water, under- 
ground water. 

Grundzahl / reference-point reading 

Griinkreuz n green cross (Ger mark- 
ing for lung irritants) (CWS). 

Gruppe/ group, groupment (Tac); 
rifle squad (Inf); section (Cav); 
volley (Arty); group (air force 
operational unit of 3 Staffeln, about 
27 aircraft). 

Gruppenfeuer n volley fire (Arty). 

Gruppenflugform / group formation 

Gruppenfiihrer m squad leader ( Inf) ; 
section leader (Cav). See also 

Gruppenfuhrerabmarsch m section- 
leader half-squad (Cav). 

Gruppengefechtsstand m group com- 
mand post (Avn). 

Gruppengetriehe n auxiliary trans- 
mission (MT). 

Gruppenkeil m group wedge (Avn). 

Gruppenkolonne f group of squadron 
javelins (Avn). 

Gruppenkolonne a us geschlossenen 
Winkeln group column of squadron 

Gruppenkolonne links group of 
squadron javelins echeloned left. 

Gruppenkommandeur m commander 
of a Gruppe (Luftwaffe). 

Gruppenkommando n army group 

headquarters; air force headquar- 
ters of a Gruppe. 

Gruppenschaltung / series-parallel 
connection (Elec). 

GruppenschieBen n volley fire . 


gruppenweise by squads; by sec- 
tions; by groups. 

Gruppenwinkel m group column of 
squadron V’s (Avn). 

Gruppe zu Pferde mounted section 
( Cav). 

GruB m hand salute. 

GruBweite f saluting distance. 

Guerillakampfer m guerrilla. 

Guerillakrieg m guerrilla warfare. 

Gulasch n beef stew. 

Gulaschkanone / field kitchen (slang). 

Gum mi m-n rubber; gum. 

Gummierung / rubberizing, rubber 
coating; gumming. 

Gummifederung / rubber shock ab- 

Gummigleiskette / rubber track (Tk). 

Gummikabel n rubber-insulated wire 


Gummikniippel m rubber truncheon, 
rubber club. 

Gummipolster n rubber block ( cater- 
pillar track). 

Gummirad n rubber-tired wheel. 

Gummistoff to rubberized material; 

giinstig favorable. 

Gurtm belt, strap, web (Clo) ; am- 
munition belt, feed belt (MG); chord 
(of a truss). 

Giirtel to belt, strap ; cordon ; zone. 

Giirtelfestung / fortress with an 
outer cordon of smaller forts. 

gurten to load an ammunition belt. 

Gurtforderer to belt conveyor. 

Chirtfiiller to belt-filling machine, 
belt-loading machine, link-loading 

Gurfhebel to belt-feed guide (MG). 

Gurtladung / belt feed. 

Gurtschieber to belt-feed pawl (MG). 

Gurtstrippe/ rear cinch (pack- 

Gurttrommel/ belt drum (MG). 

Gurtwerk n parachute harness. 

Gurtzufiihrer m belt feed (MG). 

GuBeisen n cast iron. 

GuBgehause n cast-metal case or 

GuBstahl w cast steel. 

Giiterbahnhof to freight station 


GiiterwagenTO freight car (RR). 

GiiterzugTO freight train (RR). 

Guttaperchapapier n gutta-percha 
paper, waterproof paper. 

G.W.-Stand to See Granatwerfer- 

Gyrorektor m gyro flight indicator 

( Ap). 

Haager Abkommen 


“Halt, wer da!” 


Haager Abkommen Hague Conven- 

Haarrohrw capillary tube. 

Hacke f hatchet, ax, pickax; point 
of hock (horse). 

Hackmesser n machete ; meat cleaver. 

Hafen to harbor, port. 

Hafenanlage / port installation. 

Hafenarbeiter to longshoreman. 

Hafenbecken n harbor basin. 

Hafendamm to mole, jetty. 

Hafengebiet n harbor area. 

Hafenoffizier to port officer, port con- 
trol officer. 

Hafenschlepper to harbor tugboat. 

Hafenschutzm harbor defense. 

Hafenschutzboot n harbor defense 


Hafeniiberwachung f port control. 

Haft / custody, arrest, detention, 

Haft-Hohlladung / magnetic anti- 

tank hollow charge. 

Haftlokal n guardhouse, detention 

Haftpflock to steel picket or stake 

Haftung / adhesion. 

Haftung am Erdboden stability, low 
center of gravity (of a vehicle). 

Hagel to hail (Met). 

Hahnm hammer (SA); cock; stop- 
cock, faucet. 

Hahnbolzenm trigger pin (MG). 

Hahngewehr n hammer gun ( as dis- 
tinguished from hahnloses Gewehr, 
hammerless gun). 

hahnlos hammerless (Ord). 

HakenTO hook; clasp; clamp; catch. 

Hakenkreuz n swastika. 

Hakenumschalter m hook switch 


halbautomatisch semiautomatic. 

Halbbildentfernungsmesser m split- 
field coincidence range finder. 

Halbflachbettfelge / semiflat-base rim 

Halbflachfelge / See Halbflachbett- 

halbfreitragend semicantilever. 

Halbholz n split post, split log. 

Halbinsel f peninsula. 

Halbkettenantrieb to half-track drive 


Halbkettenfahrzeug n half-track 


Halbkettenkraftfahrzeug n half-track 

motor vehicle. 

Halbketten-Lastkraftwagen to half- 
track motor truck. 

“Halblinks schwenkt, Marsch!” “Col- 
umn half left, march!” 

Halbmesser to radius. 

“Halbrechts schwenkt, Marsch!” “Col- 
umn half right, march!” 
halbstarr semirigid, 
halbstarres Luftschiff semirigid air- 

halbstocks half-mast, half-staff. 
Halbzelt n lean-to tent. 

Halbzug to section ( of MG platoon). 
Halbzugfiihrer to section leader (MG 

Halfter/ halter (harness). 
Halfterkinnkette / halter chain (har- 

Halfterriemen to halter strap, halter 
tie (harness). 

Halfterstrick to picket line. 
Halftertasche / holster. 

Halle/ hangar; garage; shed; hall. 
Hallenvorplatz to. apron (Adrm). 
Halsbinde/ neckband (Clo). 
Halshalfter/ neck halter (harness). 
Halshalfterriemen w neck-halter tie 
(harness) . 

Halskerbe/ neck groove (horse). 
Halskoppel/ breast strap (harness). 
Halsriemen w neck strap (harness). 
Halt to halt. 

HalteleinenbundTO maneuvering spi- 
der (Bln). 

halten to hold; to carry (AA SL) ; 
to aim. 

Halteplatz to halt area; stopping 
place; parking place; loading place. 
Haltepunkt to point of aim; stop 

(halting place). 

Halterung/ arms rack, ammunition 

Haltestelle / halting place, stop. 
Haltetau n handling line ( Bln) ; guy 

Haltezeichen n stop signal (MT); 
block signal (RR). 

“Halt, wer da!” “Halt! Who is 



82 Hauptgefreiter 

Handanlasser m crank starter, hand 
starter (Mtr). 

Handapparat m handset (Rad, Tp). 

Handbeil n hatchet. 

Handbohrmaschine / hand drill. 

Handbremse / hand brake, emer- 
gency brake. 

Handdrehmaschine / hand-crank gen- 
erator (Tp). 

Handelsmarine / merchant marine. 

Handelsschiff n merchantman (Nav). 

Handelsschiffsraum m merchant ton- 
nage (Nav). 

Handelssperre / embargo on com- 

handelsiiblich commercial. 

Handfaustel n mallet. 

Handfesseln fpl handcuffs, manacles. 

Handfeuerloscher m hand fire extin- 

Handfeuerwaffen fpl small arms. 

Handgeld n See Kapitulantenhand- 

Handgemenge n hand-to-hand fight- 

Handgranate/ hand grenade. 

Handgranatenwurfstand m grenade 

Handgriff to grip, handle; single 

manual operation. 

Handhabungstau n prolonge, drag 

rope (Arty). 

Handkammer / hand camera. 

Handkurbel / hand crank. 

Handleuchtzeichen n ground signal 


Handloch n hand hole ( G carriage 

Handliifter m hand-operated venti- 


Handpferd off horse, led horse. 

Handrad n handwheel. 

Handradchen n micrometer-scale 
knob . (angle-of-site Instr); small 

Handrad zur Hohenrichtung elevat- 
ing handwheel (G). 

Handrad zur Seitenrichtung travers- 
ing handwheel ( G ) . 

Handramme/ hand piledriver; maul. 

Handrauchzeichen n hand smoke sig- 

Handschellen fpl handcuffs, manacles. 

Handschuh m glove. 

Handschutz m hand guard. 

Handstreich m surprise raid; coup 
de main. 

Handstreutrommel / hand sprinkler 


Handstiitze/ pistol grip, 
handtatig hand-operated, manually 
operated, manual adj. 

Handwaffe / hand weapon, hand arm. 
Handwagen to handcart. 

Handwerfer m mortar. 

Hang to slope. 

Hangeantenne / trailing wire an- 
tenna (Ap). 

Hangebriicke / suspension bridge. 
Hiingeleine f suspension line (Prclit). 
Hangematte / hammock. 

Hangemine / hanging mine. 
Hangesaule/ king post. 

Hangeventil n inverted valve (Mtr). 
Hangewerk n erect truss (Bdg). 
Hangfaktor to slope factor (influence 
of slope of target surface on longi- 
tudinal dispersion) (Ballistics). 
Hangsegeln n ridge soaring (glider). 
Hangstellung / slope position (Tac). 
Hangwind m anabatic wind. 
Hangwinkelw gradient (Top). 
Hardyscheibe / flexible disk (MT). 
Harke / rake. 

Hartfutter n oats and grain. 
Hartgummi n ebonite. 

Haschee n hash. 

Haube/ cap (Am); hood (Mtr); 

spinner (Ap propeller). 
Haubenverkleidung f engine cowling 

Haubitze / howitzer (light and me- 
dium). , 

Haue / pickax. 

Haufenwolke f cumulus cloud. 
Hauptangriff to main attack, main 

HauptanschluB to trunk station 

Hauptauswanderungsstrecke f linear 
travel of target during time of flight 
(AA gunnery). 

Hauptbeobachtungsstelle f fire direc- 
tion center (Arty). 

Haupteinbruchsstelle / main point of 
penetration (Tac). 

Hauptfeldwebel to first sergeant. 
Hauptfunkstelle f net control station 


Hauptgefreiter to a grade in the 

Luftwaffe between Obergefreiter 
(Cpl) and Unteroffizier (Sgt); sea- 
man, 1st class (highest rated 1st 


83 Heeresbetriebsstofflager 

class seaman, with 4% years’ seni- 

Hauptgestell n headstall (harness). 

Hauptgetriebe n main transmission 
gear (MT). 

Hauptkampffeld n main defensive 
area, battle position. 

Hauptkampflinie f main line of re- 

Hauptladung / main charge (blast- 
ing cap). 

Hauptleute pi captains. 

Hauptmacht f main striking force. 

Hauptmann to captain. 

Hauptmasse / main body. 

Hauptquartier n headquarters. 

Hauptreinigung f complete cleaning 


HauptschluBmotor m series motor 

HauptschluBschaltung f series con- 
nection (Elec). 

Hauptschnittverfahren n main- 

station intersection method (FR). 

Hauptsender m final amplifier, power 
amplifier (Rad). 

Hauptstelle/ trunk station (Tp). 

Hauptsturmfiihrer to See SS-Haupt- 

Haupttrager to- longeron (Ap); main 
beam or girder (Bdg). 

Haupttrupp-ro advance guard reserve 
(in Adv Gd of large unit ) ; rear 
guard reserve (in rear Gd of large 
unit); advance guard support (in 
Adv Gd of smaller unit) ; rear guard 
support (in rear Gd of smaller unit). 

Hauptuhr f master watch. 

Hauptverbandplatz w clearing sta- 
tion (Med). 

Hauptvorgelege n main reduction 
gear (Tk). 

Hauptwache / main guard. 

Hauptwachtmeister to first sergeant 
(Arty, Cav). 

Hauptwelle / mainshaft. 

Hauptziindung f main ignition lead 

Haushaltsjahrn fiscal year. 

Hauswart to house warden; janitor. 

Hauszelt n “house tent” (a 1 6-man 
tent constructed from shelter halves). 

Haut / skin. 

hautatzend vesicant (CWS). 

Hautentgiftungsmittel n skin decon- 
tamination agent. 

Hautentgiftungssalbe / decontamina- 
tion ointment. 

Hautgift n blister agent, vesicant 
agent (CWS). 

Hautwirkung/ skin effect (Rad). 

Heavisideschicht / Heaviside layer. 

Hebebaum to crowbar, handspike, 

Hebei to lever. 

heben elevate (a gun); raise, lift. 

Hebezeug n hoisting gear, hoist. 

Heck n stern (Nav, Ash); tail (Ap); 
rear (Tk). 

Heckantrieb to rear drive (MT). 

Hecke / hedge. 

Heckenschiitze to sniper. 

Heckenspringen n hedge-hopping 

Heckkanzel / tail turret (Ap). 

Heckmaschinengewehr n tail gun 


Heckmotorwagen to rear-engine mo- 
tor car. 

Heckpanzer?n rear armor (Tk). 

Heckschiitze to tail gunner (Ap). 

Heckstand / tail-gun position (Ap). 

Heckwaffe / tail gun (Ap). 

Heer n Army ( the Army, as distin- 
guished from Armee, a tactical unit). 

Heeresakja / See Akja. 

Heeresamt n See Allgemeines 


Heeresanstalt f Army establishment, 
organization, or institution. 

Heeresartillerie f GHQ artillery. 

Heeresarzt to chief representative of 
Army Medical Department at Ober- 
kommando des Heeres (subordinate 
to Heeressanitatsinspekteur). 

Heeresatmer to service oxygen 

breathing apparatus ( automatically 

Heeresbaudienst to Army construc- 
tion service. 

Heeresbeamter m civilian official' of 
the Army. 

Heeresbediirfnisse npl military neces- 

Heeresbergfiihrer to. Army mountain 
guide (mountaineer specialist). 

Heeresbericht m official Army com- 

Heeresbestande nip l military stores. 

Heeresbetreuungsabteilung/ Army 

welfare unit, Army morale unit. 

Heeresbetriebsstofflager n Army 

Heeresbildungsanstalt 84 Helm 

gasoline and lubricant bulk storage I general (with rank of Generalober- 


Heeresbildungsanstalt / military 

Heeresbucherei f Army library. • 

Heeresdruckvorschrift / Army Man- 
ual (abbr. H. Dv.). 

Heereseinrichtung / Army establish- 
ment, organization, or institution. 

Heeresflak / Army antiaircraft artil- 
lery (as distinguished from AAA 
of the Luftwaffe). 

Heeresgerat n Army equipment ( in 
its broadest sense; to be distin- 
guished from Heergerat). 

Heeresgruppe / group of armies. 

Heeresgruppenkommando n head- 
quarters of a group of armies. 

Heereshochgebirgsschule / Army 
training school for mountain war- 

Heeresintendant m See Intendant. 

Heeresjustizbeamter to military law 

Heereskavallerie / GHQ cavalry. 

Heereskraftfahrparkm GHQ motor 
transport park. 

Heereskrankenschwester / Army 

Heereskiistenartillerie f Army coast 
artillery (as distinguished from the 

Heereslazarett n general hospital, 
Army hospital. 

Heeresleitung / GHQ, Army Com- 

Heeresmunitionslager n Army am- 
munition-supply depot. 

Heeresnachrichtenregiment n GHQ 
signal regiment. 

Heeresnachschubfiihrer m GHQ chief 
of rear services. 

Heeresnachschubkolonne / GHQ sup- 
ply column. 

Heerespersonalamt n Army Person- 
nel Office (branch of the Oberkom- 
mando des Heeres) (abbr. HP A, 

Heerespferdelazarett n GHQ veteri- 
nary hospital. 

Heerespsychologe m personnel con- 

Heeresreserve f GHQ reserve. 

Heeressanitatsabteilung / GHQ med- 
ical battalion. 

Heeres-Sanitatsinspekteur to surgeon 


Heeres-Sauerstoffschutzgerat n ser- 
vice oxygen breathing apparatus 
(manually operated). 

Heeresstandort -m army post. 

Heeresstandortkasse / army post 
finance office. 

Heeresstandortverwaltung / army 
post administration. 

Heerestruppen fpl GHQ troops. 

Heeresversorgung / Army supply. 

Heeresverwaltung / Army adminis- 
tration, administrative services. 

Heeresverwaltungsamt n Army Ad- 
ministration Office (branch of the 
Oberkommando des Heeres) (abbr. 
HVA, VA). 

Heereswaffenamt n Army Ordnance 
Office (branch of the Oberkommando 
des Heeres) (abbr. HWaA). 

Heeres-Zeugamt n Army ordnance 
supply office or depot. 

Heergerat n Army transport equip- 
ment (includes transport accessories ; 
to be distinguished from Heeres- 
gerat) . 

Heimatgebiet n zone of the interior. 

Heimatflughafen m home base 

Heimat-Pferdelazarett n veterinary 
general hospital (Z of I). 

HeimathorstTO home base (■ Avn ). 

Heimatstaat m country of origin 

Heimatwachbataillon n guard bat- 
talion (Z of I). 

Heimsendung / repatriation. 

heiBen to hoist (a flag). 

heiter bright, cheerful; scattered 


Heizbatterie / “A” battery, filament 
battery (Rad). 

Heizfaden m filament (Rad). 

Heizkanal to hot-air duct ( thermo 


Heizkreis to filament circuit (Rad). 

Heizol n fuel oil (for heating). 

Heizregler to variable filament 
resistor (Rad). 

Heizsammler to filament battery 


Heizstrom to filament current (Rad). 

Heldenfriedhof to military cemetery. 

Heldentat f heroic deed, exploit. 

Helm to helmet. 


85 Hirnsage 

Helmband n identification helmet 
band (Trig). 

Helmbezug m helmet cover. 

Helmiiberzug m See Helmbezug. 

hemmen to check (recoil, etc.); to 
jam (a gun, etc.); to obstruct, 
hinder, slow down; inhibit. 

Hemmung f stoppage ( Ord) ; obstruc- 
tion; inhibition. 

Beseitigen von Hemmungen imme- 
diate action (Ord). 

herabsetzen reduce (in rank). 

heranlocken to decoy, to lure. 

heranpirschen, sich to creep or stalk 
up to. 

herausmanovrieren to maneuver the 
enemy out of position. 

“Heraustreten !” “Fall out!” (to men 
in barracks). 

Herbertgerat n Herbert bridge unit 
(similar to US Bailey-type bridge). 

Hereinlotsen n “piloting-in” by 

ground-air radio communication. 

Hering m tent pin. 

Hersteller m maker, manufacturer. 

Hertz n cycles per second ( Ger unit 
of frequency). 

Herzstiick n switch point (1 HR). 

Heulsignal n siren. 

Hexachlorathan n hexachlorethane 

Hiebm slash (bayonet); cut (saber, 

Hiebwaffe / slashing weapon. 

Hilfe / help, aid, assistance. 

Hilfsantenne / sensing antenna (Rad 
direction finder). 

Hilfsbeobachter m assistant observer 
( Avn). 

Hilfsfliigel m slat, auxiliary airfoil. 

Hilfskette/ auxiliary track (MT). 

Hilfskettenfahrzeug n combination 
wheel-track vehicle. 

Hilfskreuzer m auxiliary cruiser. 

Hilfslafette / improvised mount 


Hilfslandeplatz m auxiliary landing 

HilfsmaBstab m auxiliary scale 

Hilfsmotor m auxiliary engine. 

Hilfsschirm m pilot parachute. 

Hilfstruppen fpl auxiliary troops. 
See also Hilfswilliger. 

Hilfswaffe f auxiliary arm. 

Hilfswilliger m auxiliary volunteer 
(East-European or PW volunteer for 

non-combat service with the German 

Hilfszieln auxiliary target; refer- 
ence point. 

Himmelskugel / celestial sphere. 

Himmelsrichtung f point of the com- 
pass, cardinal point. 

Hindernis n obstacle, hurdle, obstruc- 
tion; accessory defense (Tac). 

Hindernisbahn f obstacle course. 

Hindernisfeuer n obstacle light, 

obstruction light (Avn). 

Hindernisschlagpfahl m driving- 
type obstacle picket (i.e., set up by 
driving into ground). 

Mindernisschraubpfahl m screw-type 
obstacle picket (i.e., set up by 
screwing into ground). 

Hindernissprengtrupp m obstacle 

demolition squad. 

Hindernisstrecke f obstacle course. 

Hindernistrupp m obstacle construc- 
tion squad. 

hinhaltend delaying. 

hinhaltender Widerstand delaying 
action (in successive positions). 

hinhaltendes Gefecht delaying action. 

Hinterachsantrieb m rear-axle drive 

Hinterachsgehiiuse n differential 
housing, differential case (MT). 

Hintereinanderschaltung f ' series con- 
nection (Elec). 

Hintergelenk n rear toggle joint 
( pistol). 

Hinterhalt m ambush, concealment; 

Hinterhand / hindquarters (horse). 

Hinterhang m reverse slope. 

Hinterhangstellung / reverse-slope 

Hinterholm m rear outrigger (A A 

Hinterkaffe f stern compartment 

Hinterkante f trailing edge (Ap 

Hinterradantrieb m rear-wheel drive 


Hintersielengeschirr n wheel harness. 

Hintersteven m sternpost. 

Hinterstiitze / trail (MG tripod). 

Hinterwagen m caisson. 

Hinterzeug n breeching (harness). 

Hinterzwiesel m cantle of saddle; 
rear of packsaddle arch. 

Hirnsage/ crosscut saw. 




hissen to hoist (a flag). 

Hitler-Jugend / Nazi party youth 

hitzebestandig - heat-resistant. 

Hitzschlag m heatstroke. 

Hochachse / vertical axis (Ap). 

Hochangriff m high-altitude bombing 
attack (Avn). 

Hochbau m overhead construction 
(Tp line). 

hochbrisant high-explosive. 

Hochdecker m high-wing mono- 

Hochdruckgebiet n high-pressure 

area (Met). 

Hochdruckreifen m high-pressure 

tire (MT). 

Hochdruckschmierung f high-pressure 

Hochebene f plateau. 

Hochelastikreifen m cushion tire 

hochempfindlich supersensitive. 

hochempfindlicher Aufschlagziinder 
supersensitive fuze (AA Am). 

Hochfrequenz / radio frequency, 

high frequency. 

Hochfrequenzdrossel / radio-fre- 

quency choke. 

Hochfrequenzstorungen fpl high-fre- 
quency interference (Rad). 

Hochfrequenzstufe / radio-frequency 

Hochfrequenztransformator m radio 
frequency transformer. 

Hochfrequenzverstarker m radio fre- 
quency amplifier. 

Hochgebirgsbataillon n high-moun- 

tain rifle battalion ( consists entirely 
of mountaineer specialists). 

hochgezogene Kehrkurve Immelmann 

Hochleitung / overhead line. 

Hochofen m blast furnace. 

Hochseeschlepper m ocean-going tug- 

Hochspannungsleitung / high-tension 
line, ' power transmission line 

Hochstand m high lookout post. 

Hochstgasdruck m maximum gas 
pressure (Ord). 

Hochstgeschwindigkeit / maximum 

Hochstlast / maximum load. 

Hochstleistung / maximum power, 
maximum performance. 

HiichstschuBweite / extreme range, 
maximum range (Ord). 
Hochstwertverfahren n maximum in- 
tensity method (sound locator). 
Hochstzahl / maximum number. 
Hochwert m Y-coordinate number 

(map grid or coordinate scale). 
Hochziehen n steep climb, zoom 


Hockerhindernisse npl “dragon’s 

teeth” (AT obstacle). 

Hockloch n crouching foxhole. 

Hof m yard, courtyard; farm. 

Hohe / altitude, elevation, height; 
hill; rate, amount. 

Hoheitsabzeichen n nationality 

marking ( Ap, Tk); national, insignia, 
national emblem (Clo). 
Hoheitsgewasser npl territorial 


Hoheitszeichen n See Hoheitsab- 

Hiihenabstand m vertical interval. 
Hohenabweichung f range deviation, 
vertical deviation (Gunnery). 
Hdhenangabe / altitude indication, 
altitude reading. 

Hohenanderung/ change of height 
(AA predictor). 

Hohenatmer m oxygen apparatus 

( Avn). 

Hohenbegrenzer m ■ elevating stop 

Hohenbestimmung / determination 
' of altitude. 

Hohenbombenwurf m high-altitude 

Hohenebene f horizontal plane 

through path of target in horizontal 
flight (AA gunnery). 

Hohenempf anger m elevation indi- 

cator, elevation indicator-regulator 
(AA gun). 

Hohenentfernungsmesser m height 
finder, altimeter (AAA). 
Hohenflosse/ stabilizer (Ap). 
Hohenflug m high-altitude flight 

( Avn). 

Hiihenflugzeug n sub-stratoplane. 
Hohengradbogen m elevating sector 


Hohenhebel m elevating gear lever 


Hohenkabine / pressure cabin 


Hohenkrankheit / aeroembolism, 

bends (Avn). 

Hohenlader 87 Holzweg 

Hohenlader m supercharger with 
high blower ratio (Ap). 

Hohenleitwerk n elevator assembly 

Hohenlibelle / elevation level (MG 

Hohenlinie / contour line. 

Hbhenmesser to altimeter (Ap); 
height finder, altimeter (AAA). 

HohenmeBplan m elevation plotting 
board (Gunnery) . 

Hohenmessung / hypsometry (Surv). 

Hohenmischregelung / high-altitude 
mixture control (Ap). 

Hohenmotor to supercharged engine 

Hohenrichtfeld n elevation, total 

movement in elevation (Ord). 

Hohenrichtfernrohr n elevation track- 
ing telescope (height finder). 

Hohenrichtkanonier to elevation 

Hohenrichtmaschine f elevating 
mechanism (Ord). 

Hohenrichtrad n elevating hand- 
wheel (G). 

Hohenrichtschraube f elevation screw 
( prismatic sight). 

Hohenrichttrieb to elevating drive, 
elevating mechanism (Ord). 

Hohenrichtung / adjusted range; 
laying for elevation (Gunnery). 

Hohenrichtwelle / elevating shaft 

Hohenrichtwerk n elevating mechan- 
ism ( Ord). 

Hohenrichtzeiger to elevation indi- 
cator (Ord). 

Hohenrippe / ridge (Top). 

Hohenriicken to ridge, crest of ridge. 

Hdhenruder n elevator (Ap). 

Hohenruderhebel to elevator control 
lever (Ap). 

Hohenschicht / altitude bracket 

(Avn, Met). 

Hohenschichtlinie / contour line. 

Hbhenschreiber to barograph (Avn). 

Hdhenstaffelung / stepped-up forma- 
tion (Avn). 

Hohenstellung / position on domi- 
nant height. 

Hbhensteuer n elevator ( Ap). 

Hbhensteuerung / elevator control 


Hohenstreuung f range dispersion on 
vertical target (Ballistics). 

Hohenteilung f elevation scale ( G, 

Hbhentemperatur / temperature at 
various altitudes (Met). 

Hbhentrieb to elevating worm ( sight 

Hohenunterschied to difference in al- 
titude between target and piece 
(Gunnery) ; elevation difference 
(Surv, Top); vertical interval, ver- 
tical offset. 

Hohenvorhalt to See Hbhenwinkelvor- 

Hohenwinkel to angular height, ver- 
tical visual angle (AA gunnery). 

Hohenwinkel verbesserungsknopf to 

vertical correction knob (A A gun). 

Hohenwinkelvorhalt to vertical lead, 
vertical deflection (AA gunnery). 

Hoherer . . . Offizier Senior. . .Officer 
(with mention of arm or service) (at 
Army Hq, e.g. Hoh. Kav. Offz., 
Senior Cav Officer at Army Hq). 

hohl hollow, concave, sunken. 

Hbhle / cave. 

HohlkopfgeschoB n hollow-charge 

Hohlladung / hollow charge. 

Hohlraumpanzerung / spaced armor 

Hohlringladung / hollow ring charge. 

Hohlweg to. sunken road. 

Holm to spar (Ap); stringer, spar 
(Bdg); outrigger (AA gun); trail 
(right or left trail of a split trail). 
die Holme spreizen to spread the 

Holmzurrung/ outrigger lock (G). 

Holzbunker to log bunker, timber 
shelter (Ft). 

Holzgasanlage / wood-gas generator. 

Holzgas-Lastkraftwagen m wood-gas 
motor truck. 

Holzgehause n wooden baffle, cabinet 

Holzgeist to wood alcohol. 

Holzkohle / charcoal. 

Holzkohlen-Gasgenerator m wood- 
gas generator (MT). 

Holzmine / wooden box mine. 

Holzrost to wooden grating; trench 
flooring, catwalk, boardwalk 
( trench). 

Holz-Tankstelle / filling station for 
wood-gas motor vehicles. 

Holzverkleidung f wood revetment. 

Holzweg to dead-end loggers’ road. 

Holzzwischenlage 88 Hyperbelplan 

Holzzwischenlage / wood separator 
(storage battery). 

Horchauswertestelle / radio intelli- 
gence post. 

Horchdienst m intercept service 

(Rad, Tp). 

Horchempfang m stand-by operation 

Horchempfanger m intercept- set 

Horcherpriif- und tibungsgerat n 
binaural trainer, binaural training 

Horchgerat n sound locator, sound 

detector; intercept receiver. 

Horchkompanie f intercept company 
(Sig C). 

Horchortung / sound location, sound 
ranging (AAA). 

Horchposten m listening sentry, 

listening post. 

Horchstelle / listening post, inter- 

cept post. 

Horfrequenz / audio frequency. 

Hdrer m telephone receiver, head- 

Horizontm horizon; artificial hori- 
zon (Ap). 

Horizontalebene / horizontal plane. 

Horizontalflug to horizontal flight, 

level flight (Avn). 

Horizontalgeschwindigkeit / ground 
speed (of target) (AA gunnery). 

Horizontiergriff to leveling jack 

handle (AA gun outrigger). 

Horizontierung / leveling jack (AA 
gun outrigger). 

Horizontierungsvorrichtung / level- 
ing device (AA gun mount). 

Hormuschel / earpiece (Tp). 

Horn n bugle, horn. 

Homisse f hornet (name of Ger 
self-propelled AT gun). 

Hornist to bugler. 

Hornsignal n bugle call; horn sig- 
nal (MT). 

Horsaalflugzeug n “flying class- 


Horsaalsummer m oscillator-amplifier 
(code practice). 

Horst to See Fliegerhorst. 

H-Staffel / tactical reconnaissance 
squadron attached to army ground 
units (Luftwaffe) . 

Hub to stroke (Mtr). 

Hubhohe/ angle of axle displace- 
ment (MT). 

Hubraum m piston displacement 

Hubschrauber m helicopter. 

Hubvolumen n See Hubraum. 

Hufbeschlagm horseshoeing. 

Hufkrone/ hoof coronet (horse). 

Hiigel m hill. 

Hiille f case, envelope, skin, cover, 

Hullenbahn/ panel (Bln). 

Hiilse/ hoop (Mort); gas-cylinder 
plug (MG); receiver (pistol, R); 
socket (G carriage) ; cartridge or 
shell case. 

Hiilsenauswurf m ejection of cart- 
ridge case. 

Hiilsenauszieher m extractor (Ord). 

Hiilsenboden m base of cartridge 

Hiilsenbriicke / receiver cover (R). 

Hiilsenfanger to deflector bag (AA 
gun, MG). 

Hiilsenhalsm neck of cartridge. 

Hiilsenkartusche / semifixed cart- 

Hiilsenkasten m deflector box (A A 
gun, MG). 

Hiilsenkopfm front end of receiver 


Hiilsenmantel to cartridge-case jacket. 

Hiilsenrand m cartridge-case rim. 

HiilsenreiBer m stoppage caused by 
broken cartridge case. 

Hiilsenzapfen to recoil lug (R). 

Hummel/ bumblebee (nickname for 
Ger self-propelled medium field how- 

Hundefiihrer to dog handler, dog 

Hundefiihrerrotte / dog-handler 


Hiipflinie / short hop, short leg of 
flight (Avn). 

Hurde / brush hurdle. 

Hutchen n blasting cap; cup (cart- 

Hiitte / hut, cottage; iron works; 
rolling mill. 

Hiittenlager n cantonment. 

Hydrozyansaure f hydrocyanic acid, 
prussic acid (CWS). 

Hyperbelplan to asymptote correction 
chart (SR). 





Igel m hedgehog (AT obstacle); all- 
around defense (Tac). 

Igelit n a type of electric wire insu- 

Igelstellung / “hedgehog” defense 
position, position of all-around de- 

Ilag n See Interniertenlager. 

impfen inoculate, vaccinate. 

Impfschein to vaccination certificate. 

Impfung f inoculation, vaccination. 

Impragniermittel n impregnite. 

Inaktive Offiziere inactive reserve. 

Inaugenscheinnahme / inspection. 

Inausgabegenehmigung f authorized 
permission to delete from stock rec- 
ord items issued. 

Inbesitznahme / occupation (Tac); 
act of taking possession. 

Indienststellung / commissioning ( of 
a vessel). 

Indizienbeweis m circumstantial 

indizierte Leistung indicated horse- 

Industrieanlagen fpl industrial in- 

Induktor to generator (Tp). 

Ineinklangbringen n harmonization. 

Infanterie / infantry. 

InfanteriebegleitgeschUtz n infantry 
accompanying gun. 

Infanteriefliegerstaffel f air support 
squadron. See also Staffel. 

Infanterieflug w contact patrol 

Infanteriegeschiitz n infantry gun, 
infantry howitzer. 

Infanteriegranate / shell fired by in- 
fantry gun or howitzer. 

Infanteriekolonne / infantry supply 
column ( generally prefixed by 

Infanteriekommandeur to infantry 
commander (supervises training of 
Inf units under Div Commander). 

Infanterienachspitze / infantry rear 
point (march column). 

Infanteriepark to infantry equip- 
ment park. 

Infanteriepionier to infantry pioneer. 

Infanteriepionierzug to pioneer pla- 
toon (Inf Regt). 

Infanterie-Reiterzug to mounted rifle 
platoon (Inf Regt). 

Infanteriespitze / infantry point 

(march column). 

Infanteriesturmabzeichen n infantry 
assault badge (decoration). 

Infanteristm infantryman. 

Infinitesimalrechnung f calculus 


Influenz f electrostatic induction. 

Ingangsetzen n starting. 

Ingenieur to engineer ( a Civ official 
with nominal Mil rank serving in 
technical capacity generally in MT, 
Ft Engr, or Avn). 

Initialziinder to initiator (Am). 

Inklination/ dip (compass). 

Innenauskreuzung / interior bracing 

Innenbackenbremse / internal ex- 
panding brake. 

InnendienstTO interior duty, duty in 

Innengrenzlehre / plug gage. 

Innenhafen to inner harbor. 

Innenhutchen n plug, inner cap 
(blasting cap). 

Innenraum to interior. 

Innenschieber to inner sleeve ( sleeve- 
valve engine). 

Innenverspannung / interior bracing 

Innenwache / interior guard. 

innerballistisch pertaining to interior 

Insel f island. 

Inspektion f inspectorate ( any of the 
sections devoted to various arms and 
services in the Allgemeines Heeres- 

Inspekteur to inspector ( chief of an 
inspectorate in the Allgemeines 
Heeresamt, as Waffeninspekteur 

Inspizient m inspector. 

Inspizierung f inspection. 

Installateur to plumber; electrician. 

Installationsplan to wiring diagram ; 
pipe layout. 

Instandhaltung / maintenance. 

Instandsetzung f repair, 
nach Bedarf durchgefiihrte Instand- 
setzung march maintenance, op- 
erating maintenance. 

Instandsetzungsabteilung 90 Jagdverband 

regelmaBig durchgefiihrte Instand- 
setzung scheduled maintenance. 

Instandsetzungsabteilung f main- 
tenance unit. 

Instandsetzungsdienst m damage- 
clearance and repair service ( Civ 

Instandsetzungskraftwagen m main- 
tenance truck, repair truck. 

Instandsetzungsstaffel / maintenance 

Instandsetzungswerkstatte f repair 

Instandsetzung und Unterhaltung re- 
pair and maintenance. 

Instanz / authority, court (Law). 

Instellungbringen n emplacing ( Arty). 

Instellunggehen n moving into posi- 
tion (Tac). 

Instrumentenbrett n instrument 


Instrumentfehler m instrumental 

Intendant to civilian official in ad- 
ministrative services ( ranking as 

Intendantur / general staff adminis- 
trative section (section TV of an 
army, corps, or Div general staff, 
dealing mostly with supply). 

Intendanturassessor m civilian offi- 
cial in administrative services 
(ranking as captain). 

Jabo m See Jagdbomber. 

Jackenwiege / jacket cradle, ring 
cradle (G). 

Jafii m See Jagdfiihrer. 

Jagdabwehr / fighter defense (Avn). 

Jagdbomber to fighter bomber. 

Jagdeinsitzer to single-seater fighter 
( Avn). 

JagdfliegerTO fighter pilot (Avn) 
(same word used in plural to denote 
fighter aviation). 

Jagdflieger-Erganzungsstaffel f 
fighter replacement squadron (Avn). 

Jagdflugw fighter patrol, fighter 
sweep (Avn). 

Jagdflugzeug n single-engine fighter 

Intendanturinspektor to civilian offi- 
cial in administrative services 
(ranking as 1st Lt). 

Intendanturrat to civilian official in 
administrative services (ranking as 

internieren to intern. 

Internierter to internee. 

Interniertenlager n internment camp. 

Invarol n a cold-resistant grease. 

Invertentfernungsmesser to inverted- 
image range finder. 

Irrung/ correction (Rad procedure). 

Isolator to insulator (Elec). 

Isolierband n friction tape (Elec). 

Isolierbecher to insulating case ( cir- 
cuit tester). 

isolieren to insulate (Elec); isolate 

Isoliergerat n oxygen breathing 

Isolierschutz to insulation (Elec). 

Isolierstoff to insulating material, in- 
sulator (Elec). 

Isolierstreifen w friction tape, insu- 
lating tape. 

Isolierung / isolation, absolute quar- 

Istbestand m equipment on hand. 

Iststand to See Iststarke. 

Iststarke / actual strength, morning- 
report strength. 

Iststarkenachweisung / daily strength 

Jagdfiihrer to commander of all 

fighter units of a Luftflotte. 
Jagdgeschwader n fighter v/mg( Avn). 

See also Geschwader. 

Jagdgruppe / fighter group (Avn). 
See also Gruppe. 

Jagdmehrsitzer to multi-seater 

fighter airplane. 

Jagdraum m patrol area for fighter 

Jagdschutz to fighter escort (Avn). 
Jagdsperre/ fighter screen (Avn). 
Jagdstaffel/ fighter squadron (Avn). 
See also Staffel. 

Jagdverband to fighter formation 

( Avn). 

Jagen 91 Kammerhiilse 

•la gen n subarea of forest ( for map- 
ping purposes). 

Jagerm rifleman (in a light Mtz Inf 
Div, Jagerdivision); private (in 
mountain Inf, Gebirgsjager) ; fighter 
airplane, pursuit airplane. 

Jagerbataillon n rifle battalion. See 

Jagerdivision f light infantry divi- 
sion (so-called, “light division” some- 
what similar to Ger Mtz Inf Div). 

Jagerplatz m fighter airdrome. 

Jager-Regiment n rifle regiment. See 

Jiigerschutz m fighter escort (Avn). 

Jahrgangm age class; year (of a 

publication, etc.). 

Joch n bent, trestle (Bdg); yoke. 
Jochleiste / cheekbone (horse). 
Jochpfahlm pile of pile bent (Bdg). 
Jod n iodine. 

Jodessigester m ethyliodoacetate 


Jodtinktur / tincture of iodine. 
Jolle/ yawl (Nav). 

Jugendherberge / youth hostel, 
justieren to adjust, to collimate 

(bore-sight alinement, etc.). 
Justiergerat n bore sight. 


Kabelw cable, wire (Tp). 

Kabelader/ strand, conductor (of 
Tp wire). 

Kabelauffiihrungspunkt m wire lead- 
in point (Tp). 

Kabelgraben m wire trench (Tp). 

Kabelleitung / wire line (Tp). 

Kabelmantelm cable sheath (Elec, 

KabelmeBgerat n wire-testing in- 
strument (Tp). 

Kabelmesser n electrician’s knife. 

Kabelschuh to loop-tip terminal 

Kabelseele/ core conductor (Tp 


Kabelstecker m wire plug (Elec). 

Kabeltau n hawser. 

Kabeltrommel / reel (Tp). 

Kabelverbinder n connecting sleeve 
(Tp wire). 

Kabelverbindung / wire splice (Tp). 

Kabelwachs n cable wax, adhesive 

pitch (Tp). 

Kabine/ compartment, cockpit (Ap). 

Kader to cadre. 

Kadett m cadet. 

Kaffe/ compartment, sponson (Pon). 

Kahn m boat. 

Kahnfahre / punt ferry, boat ferry. 

Kai m quay. 

Kajiite/ cabin (Nav). 

Kaiiber n caliber. 

Kalibereinheit f unit load of single- 

caliber ammunition ( approximately 
18-ton unit for one RR car). 

Kaliberlange/ barrel length ex- 
pressed in calibers. 

Kaliberring m bore gage, breech bore 

Kaliberzylinder w See Kaliberring. 

Kalipatrone f potassium cartridge 
(oxygen breathing apparatus). 

Kaliumpermanganat n potassium per- 

Kalk to lime. 

Kalkmilch / lime solution (CWS). 

kaltebestiindig cold-resistant. 

kaltgereckt cold-worked. 

Kaltklebekitt to cold adhesive putty 
(for attaching demolition charges) 
(abbr. Kat). 

Kaltluftfront / cold front (Met). 

KaltmeiBel to cold chisel. 

Kaltrecken n cold-working process, 
autofrettage ( Ord). 

Kameradschaftsheim n service club, 

Kamm to crest, ridge; comb. 

Kammer/ bolt (R, pistol); camera; 
chamber; stockroom. 

Kammerbahn f bolt slide (R). 

Kammerfang m bolt catch (MG). 

Kammerfangstuck n bolt-catch piece 

Kammergriff to bolt handle (MG). 

Kammerhiilse / central tube, flash 
tube (shrapnel). 

Kammerhiilsenladung 92 Kampfwagenfalle 

Kammerhiilsenladung / flash-tube I Kampfgruppe / bombardment group 

charge (shrapnel), (Avn); . combat command (Amid, 

Kammerhiilsenrohr n burster tube 

Ivammerknopf m bolt knob (R). 

Kammerstengel m bolt handle (R). 

Kammerunteroffizier m supply ser- 

Kammerwarze / bolt lug (R). 

Ivammkissen n back pad (harness). 

Kammkissengurt to back-pad strap 

Kammlinie/ ridge line (Top). 

Kampf m battle, combat, fight. See 
also terms under Gefecht, Krieg. 

Kampfabschnitt m combat sector. 

Kampfabteil m fighting compart- 
ment, turret basket (Tk). 

Kampfaufgabe / combat task (Tac). 

Kampfauftrag m combat mission. 

Kampfeinheit / combat unit, tactical 

kampfen to fight. 

kampfende Truppe combat element. 

Kampferm fighter; abutment (of an 

kampferprobt seasoned, battle-tried, 
having combat experience. 

Kampffahrzeug n combat vehicle. 

Kampffeld n field of combat. 

Kampfflieger m bomber pilot; any 
member of a combat crew ( same 
word used in plural to denote bom- 
bardment aviation). 

Kampffliegerei / bombardment avia- 

Kampffliegergruppe / bombardment 
group (Avn). See also Gruppe. 

Kampffliegerstaffel / bombardment 
squadron (Avn). See also Staffel. 

Kampffliegerverband to bombardment 
formation (Avn). 

Kampfflugzeug n bombardment air- 

Kampffiihrung / battle command, 
conduct of battle. 

Kampfgas n war gas ( CWS). 

Kampfgebiet n combat zone, forward 
area, combat area. 

Kampf gelande n battle terrain. 

Kampfgemeinschaft / combat team. 

Kampfgeschwader n bombardment 
wing (Avn). See also Geschwader. 

Kampfgeschwader z.b.V. special pur- 
pose transport wing ( airborne opera- 

Comd); combat team, task force. 

Kampfhandlung / engagement, ac- 

Kampfkraft f fighting power. 

Kampflage / tactical situation. 

Kampfleistung / battle performance, 
combat performance. 

Kampflinie/ line of battle. 

Kampfmehrsitzer to multiseater 


Kampfmittel npl means of combat, 
arms and ammunition. 

Kampfnachricht / combat message 

Kampfpistole f rifled Very pistol 
(for Sig and/or incendiary car- 

Kampfraum to combat zone, forward 
area, combat area. 

Kampfruf m password, slogan, battle 

Kampfschule/ bombardment school 
( Avn). 

Kampfstaffel / combat echelon (Tac); 
bombardment squadron (Avn). See 
also Staffel. 

Kampfstellung f battle position. 

Kampfstoff m chemical warfare 

Kampfstoffbelegung / gas coverage. 

KampstoffbeschuB m chemical-shell 

Kampfstoffbombe / chemical bomb. 

Kampfstoffgehalt m gas concentra- 
tion (CWS). 

Kampfstoffgruppen fpl classification 
of chemical warfare agents. 

Kampfstoffriegel to chemical ob- 

stacle; chemical-shell box barrage. 

Kampfstoffschwaden mpl chemical 

fumes (CWS). 

Kampfstoffsperre / chemical obstacle, 
contaminated area (CWS). 

Kampfstoffverwendung / employment 
of chemical warfare agents. 

Kampfstoffzerstauber to chemical- 

spray apparatus. 

Kampftatigkeit / combat activity, 
active combat, action. 

Kampftruppe / combat element. 

Kampfverband to bomber formation 
( Avn) ; combined arms unit, combat 

Kampfwagen to tank, combat car. 

Kampfwagenfalle/ tank trap. 

Kampfwagengeschiitz 93 Kartensignatur 

Kampfwagengeschiitz n See Kampf- 

Kampfwagenkanone / tank gun. 

Kampfwagennachbildung / tank 

silhouette, dummy tank. 

Kampfwagenscheibe / tank-silhouette 

Kampfwagenwerk n tank factory. 

Kampfwert m fighting qualities ( of 
a unit). 

Kampfwunde / battle injury, wound. 

Kampfziel n objective (Tac). 

Kampfzone / battle zone. 

ICampfzweck m tactical purpose, in- 

Kandare/ curb bit (harness). 

Kandarenziigel m curb rein (har- 

Kanone / gun, cannon. 

Kanonenboot n gunboat. 

Kanonenflugzeug n cannon-armed 

Kanonenjagdflieger m cannon-armed 
fighter airplane. 

Ivanonenrohr n gun barrel. 

Kanonensalut m gun salute. 

Kanonenschlag m firecracker ( simu- 
lated fire). 

Kanonenschlag mit Knallerscheinung 

Kanonenschlag mit Raucherscheinung 
smoke-puff charge. 

KanonenschuB m gun shot. 

Kanonenwagen m assault gun car. 

Kanonier m private ( Arty) ; can- 


Kante / edge; ridge. 

Kantholz n squared timber. 

Kantine / canteen. 

Kanzel / cockpit, turret (Ap); pill- 
box (Ft). 

vordere Kanzel nose turret (Ap). 

Kap n cape (point of land). 

Kapelle/ band (music); chapel. 

Kaperfahrt f naval raid against 

enemy merchant shipping. 

kapern to capture (a ship). 

Kapitanleutnant.m lieutenant (Nav). 

Kapitan zur See captain (Nav). 

Kapitulant m reenlisted man. 

Kapitulantenhandgeld n reenlistment 

Kapitulation / capitulation, surren- 
der; reenlistment. 

kapitulieren capitulate, surrender; 

Kappagerat n predictor (A A). 

Kapp ef cap (of a projectile). 

Kapsel/ detonator, blasting cap; 

Kapuze / hood. 

Karabiner m carbine. 

Karabinertragevorrichtung / carbine 
scabbard carrier. 

Karbolsaure / carbolic acid, phenol. 

Kardangelenk n universal joint. 

kardanische Aufhangung compass 

Kardanwelle / flexible drive shaft, 
propeller shaft. 

Karosserie / body (MT). 

Kartatsche / canister (separate- 

loading Am). 

Kart ef map, chart; card, ticket. 

Kartei / card file. 

Karteikarte f filing card. 

Kartenausschnitt m map section. 

Kartenbatterie / topographic section, 
mapping section. 

Kartenblatt n map sheet, zone map. 

Kartenblatt mit Gitter grid sheet. 

Kartenblattnummer / geographic in- 
dex number. 

Kartenbrett n map-mounting board, 
military sketching board. 

Kartendruckerei / map-printing 

office or plant. 

Kartenebene f horizontal plane 

through base of trajectory. 

Kartenentfernung f horizontal range, 
map range. 

Kartenentfernung zum AbschuBpunkt 
horizontal range to present position 
(instant of firing) (AAA). 

Kartenentfernung zum MeBpunkt 
horizontal range to present position 
(instant of range determination) 

Kartenentfernung zum Treffpunkt 
horizontal range to future position 

Kartenentfernung zum Wechselpunkt 
horizontal range to midpoint, mini- 
mum horizontal range (AAA). 

Kartenentwurf m map projection. 

Kartengitternetz n map grid. 

Kartenkurs m map course (Navi- 

Kartenlesen n map reading. 

KartenmaBstab m map scale. 

Kartenprojektion / map projection. 

Kartenraumm ehartroom (Nav). 

Kartensignatur / conventional sign 
( on maps). 




Karten- und Vermessungstruppen fpl 
topographic troops. 

Kartenunterlage f plane table. 

Kartenvervollstandigung / map com- 

Kartenwinkelmesser m map protrac- 

Kartenzeichen n conventional sign 

( on maps). 

Kartenzeichner m cartographer. 

kartieren to map. 

Karton m cardboard. 

Kartothek / card file. 

Kartuschbeutel m cartridge bag, 

powder bag (Am). 

Kartusche/ cartridge; cartridge 
case; powder bag; any container 
of the propelling charge (generally 
for separate-loading Am); cartridge 
pouch (Cav). 

Kartuschenwagen m ammunition ve- 
hicle for cartridge cases. 

Kartuschhiilse / cartridge case. 

Kartuschmunition f separate-loading 

Kartuschraum m chamber (G). 

Kartuschvorlage f flash-reducing 
wad (Am). 

Kaseinleim m casein glue. 

Kasematte / casemate. 

Kasemattenlafette / casemate gun 


Kaserne/ permanent barracks. 

Kasernenarrest m restriction to bar- 

Kasernenhof m barracks yard. 

kaserniert quartered in barracks. 

kasernierungspflichtig obliged to 
live in barracks. 

Kasino n officers’ mess, officers’ club. 

Kasino-Ordonnanz / dining room 

Kasinovorstand m mess council. 

Kassenabteilung f finance depart- 

Kassenordnung / finance regulations. 

Kassenverwaltung / finance admin- 

Kassenwesen n finance. 

Kasten to receiver (MG); magazine 
(B); tank, airplane (slang); box, 

Kastenboden m receiver floor plate 
(MG); magazine floor plate (R). 

Kastendeckel m receiver top (MG). 

Kastenlafette / box-trail gun car- 

Kastenleitwerk n box tail unit (Ap). 

Kastenmagazin n box magazine. 

Kastenschliissel in transposition 

cipher (Sig C). 

Kastentrager m box girder. 

Kastenwand / side of receiver (MG). 

Kat to See Kaltklebekitt. 

Katapultflugzeug n catapult airplane. 

Kathodenstrahlrohre / cathode-ray 

Kausche / grommet; thimble (rig- 
ging, etc.). 

kaustisches Natron lye, caustic soda, 
sodium hydroxide. 

Kautschuk to rubber. 

Kavalierstart to climbing take-off 


Kavallerie f cavalry. 

Kavallerist m cavalryman. 

K.-Blink n portable signal lamp. 

K-Briickengerat n portable bridge 

Kegel to cone; conical peak (Top). 

Kegelfeder / volute spring. 

Kegelkupplung / cone clutch (MT). 

Kegelprojektion f conic projection. 

Kegelrad n bevel gear. 

Kegelrollenlager n conical roller 

Kegelzahnrad n bevel gear. 

KehlriemenTO throatlatch (harness). 

Kehlkopfmikrophon n throat-type 

microphone (Aim). 

Kehrbildentfernungsmesser to in- 
verted-image range finder. 

Kehrichtofen to incinerator. 

Kehrkurve/ turn (Avn). 

kehrtmachen to face about. 

Kehrtwendung / turn (Avn); about 
face (drill). 

Kehrtwendung links left-about 


Kehrwert to inverse value, recipro- 
cal value. 

Keilrn breech wedge (G); wedge 
formation (Tac); wedge; key; cotter 

Keillochn breech recess (G). 

Keillochflache / breech-recess surface 

Keilnut / keyway. 

Keilriemen to V-type belt (Tech). 

Keil und Kessel breakthrough and 

KeilverschluB to wedge-type breech- 

Keilwelle/ spline shaft (MT). 




Keirn in germ. 

Keks m-n biscuit. 

Kelle / signaling disk; marking disk; 

Kellerwart to shelter warden ( Civ 

Kennbuchstabe m identification letter. 

Kennfadenm tracer thread (Tp 

Kennkarte / civilian identity card. 

Kennlicht n identification light, navi- 
gation light (Ap). 

Kennscheinwerfer to identification 
light (Ap). 

Kenntlichmachen n marking, identi- 

Kennummer / identification number. 

Kennung f identification signal, 
marker beacon signal (Avn). 

Kennwort n password. 

Kennzeichen n identification mark. 

Kern m core. 

Kerngarbe f effective part of cone 

KerngeschoB n armor-piercing bul- 

Kernladung / base section ( separate- 
loading Am). 

Kernrohr n liner (G). 

KernschuBweite f point-blank 

Kerntruppen fpl crack troops, picked 
troops, elite troops. 

Kerze / candle; spark plug. 

Kessel m pocket, encircled area 

(Tac); deep hollow (Top); meat can 
(mess kit); boiler; kettle. 

Kesselhaus n boiler house. 

Kesselschlacht / battle of encircle- 


Kesselwagen m tank truck (MT). 

Kette / chain; track (Tk); flight (3 
airplanes) . 

Kettenabdeckung f track shield (Tk). 

Kettenbolzenm track pin (Tk track). 

Kettenfahrzeug n track-laying ve- 
hicle (MT). 

Kettenfiihrer to flight commander 

( Avn). 

Kettenglied n track shoe, track block 
(Tk); chain link. 

Kettenhund m rear outside airplane 
in a formation, “tail-end Charlie,” 
“wing man.” 

Kettenkeil to flight wedge (Avn). 
See Kette. 

Kettenkrad n half-track motorcycle. 

Kettenkraftrad n See Kettenkrad. 

Kettenkurbel / connector (MG). 

Kettenlaufrader npl bogie wheels 


Itettenreihe / flight of airplanes 
echeloned left or right. See also 

Kettenspanner to track-connecting 

fixture, track-con lecting tool (for 
Tk track). 

Kettentriebrad n driving sprocket 


Kettenwinde / chain winch. 

K.-Gerat n See Kraftfahrgerat. 

Kiel to keel. 

Kielflosse / keel fin ( of flying-boat 
hull or seaplane float). 

Kielwassern wake (of a ship). 

Kiesgrube/ gravel pit. 

KiesstraBe / gravel road. 

Kilohertz n kilocycles per second 
(Ger unit of frequency). 

Kilometerzahler to mileage indica- 
tor, odometer (MT). 

Kimme/ sight notch (MG, R, etc.). 

Kimmtiefe/ dip (Avn). 

Kinderzulage / dependency allowance 
for children. 

Kinnkette/ curb chain (harness). 

Kinnkettengrube f chin groove. 

Kinnriemen m chin strap (helmet). 

KinnstoBel w chin strap (harness). 

Kinnstiitze/ chin support (gas mask). 

Kinotheodolit m recording theodolite 
(practice firing). 

kippen to tip, tilt. 

Kippfrequenz / sweep frequency 

Kippgerat n sweep generator (Rad). 

Kipphebel to rocker arm (Mtr). 

Kipplore f dump car (field RR). 

Kippneigung/ tipping gradient 


Ki p pregel f alidade (Surv). 

Kippschalter to toggle switch (Elec). 

Kippschnecke / elevating worm ( aim- 
ing circle, BC telescope). 

Kippschwingung / sawtooth oscilla- 
tion, relaxation oscillation (Rad). 

Kippvorrichtung / dumping mecha- 

nism (dump truck). 

Kippwagen m dump truck. 

Kirche / church. 

Kissen n cushion ; pad ( Clo, harness, 
etc.); gas-check pad (G); pillow. 

Kiste/ case, crate, chest, box; air- 
plane (slang). 

Kitt 96 Klippe 

Kitt m putty. | Kleinfunkkraftwagen m small radio 

Klage / complaint. 

Klammer / butt swivel (R); clip, 

paper clip; clamp, clasp; parenthe- 


KlammerfuB m butt-swivel plate (R). 

Klapparm m extension arm ( AA 


Klappblende/ drop cover (Ft). 

Klappbriicke / drawbridge, bascule 

Klappe/ drop (Tp switchboard) ; 
tailboard (Trk); flap (Ap); landing 
ramp (on landing craft). 

Ivlappenschrank m portable switch- 

Klappfliigelra folding wing (Ap). 

Klapphacke/ pick mattock. 

Klapplafette / extendable mount 
(Ap MG). 

Klappmesser n jackknife. 

Klappscheibe / bobbing target ( prac- 
tice firing). 

Klappsporn m folding trail spade. 

Klappvisier n leaf sight. 

Klarinol n a cleaning fluid for op- 
tical glass. 

Klarscheibe / antidim eyeglass. 

Klarsichtsalbe f antidim compound. 

Klartext m text in clear (Sig C). 

Klartextfunken n transmitting in 
clear (Rad). 

Klaue/ dog (clutch); epi, curved 
spur track (RR gun); claw. 

Klauenbeil n claw hatchet. 

Klauenfutter n guide lining (G). 

Klauenkupplung / dog clutch (MT). 

Klauenring m guide ring (G). 

Klebeflugzeug n intruding airplane, 
intruder (one which trails an enemy 
plane back to its home base). 

Klebelackm dope ( Ap). 

kleben to adhere, to stick to; to fol- 
low closely, to trail. 

Klebestreifen m adhesive tape. 

Klebezettel m paster, sticker 
(sticker-type baggage tag, etc.). 

Kleiderkarte / ration card for cloth- 

Kleif m portable flame thrower 
(abbr. of kleiner Flammenwerfer). 

Kleinbahn / substandard-gage rail- 

Kleiner Bar Little Dipper. 

Kleiner Krieg guerrilla warfare, par- 
tisan warfare. 


Kleinfunktrupp m portable-radio see^ 


Kleinfunkwagen m See Kleinfunk- 

Kleinkaliberlauf m subcaliber tube 
(G); small-bore barrel (R). 

Kleinkalibermunition / subcaliber 

KleinkaliberschieBen n subcaliber 
target practice (Arty); small-bore 
target practice (R). 

Kleinkraftrad n light motorcycle. 

Kleinkrieg in guerrilla warfare. 

Kleinluftschiff n blimp. 

Kleinmaschinensatz m portable gen- 
erating unit (Elec). 

Klein-Panzerkampfwagen m light 

KleinschieBplatz m miniature range; 
subcaliber target range ( Arty) ; 
small-bore target range (R). 

Kleinsendegerat n portable radio 

Kleinvernebelung f limited-area 

smoke screen, local smoke screening. 

Kleister m adhesive paste. 

Klemme/ clip; clamp; terminal; 
binding post. 

klemmen to hold right or left (R 
aiming); to clamp, to jam, to become 

Klemmenspannung / voltage across 

Klemmhebel ni clamping lever (MG). 

Klemmplatte/ clamping plate (G 

barrel guide). 

Klemmring m clamping ring ( gre- 
nade launcher). 

Klemmsehraube / setscrew; clamping 
screw ( aiming circle). 

Klemmzange f clamp (blasting-cap 


Klempner m plumber. 

Klettereisen npl climbers, climbing 


Kletterfahigkeit / vertical axle dis- 
placement (MT). 

Kletterschuhe mpl rock-climbing 

shoes (mountain operations). 

Klettersporn m gaff (of climbers). 

Kletterwalze / front roller (MT). 

Klima n climate. 

Klimaanlage f air conditioning plant. 

Klinke/ pawl, catch; jack (Tp). 

Klippe/ bluff, cliff (Top). 




Klop n See Chlorpikrin. 

Klopfen n detonation, knock, pinking 
(of an engine). 

Klopfer w telegraph sounder. 

klopffest antiknock. 

Kiopffestigkeit / antiknock quality 
(engine fuel). 

Klotz to block, log. 

Kluppe/ stock (die holder). 

Knagge/ prop, wedge. 

Knall to report ( G) ; bang, crack, 

Knallbild n sound track ( on SR film). 

Knalldampfer to silencer (R, pistol, 

Knallerscheinung / sound effect (SR). 

Knallkorper m firecracker ( simulated 

KnallmeB- See SchallmeB-. 

Knalinetz n mine-exploding net, 
primacord net. 

Knallquecksilber n mercury fulminate. 

Knallziindschnur / detonating cord, 
primacord (Engr). 

Knebel to gag. 

Kneifzange f pincers. 

Knemeyer w computer ( circular 

slide rule used in air navigation). 

Knetlegierung / malleable alloy. 

Knick to break; crack; kink; knee 

knicken to buckle. 

Knickfestigkeit / resistance to buck- 

KnickfliigelTO gull wing (Ap). 

Knie n knee; salient (Tac); stifle 
joint (horse); elbow, bend (of pipe, 

Kniegelenkn toggle joint (pistol). 

kniender Anschlag kneeling position 
(in firing). 

Kniepausche/ knee pad (harness). 

Knieschiitzer mpl knee pads (Prcht 

Kniestellung / salient (Tac). 

Kniff to knack; helpful hint, handy 
device ; “shortcut,” trick. 

Knochen to bone. 

Knochenbruch to fracture (Med). 

Knopf to button. 

Knorrbremse / Knorr air brake. 

Knoten to knot. 

Bunde und Knoten knots and ties. 

Knotenpunkt to intersection, junc- 

Knuppelw control stick (Ap); club, 
bludgeon; log, round timber. 

Kniippeldamm to corduroy road. 
Kniippelgriff to grip of control stick 


Kniippelsteuerung / stick control 

Kniippelweg to corduroy road. 

Kobona chocolate with caffeine 
(Prcht ration). 

Kochgeschirr n mess kit, mess gear. 
Kochgeschirrhiille f mess-kit cover. 
Kochloch n cooking pit. 

Kohle / carbon, coal; carbon brush, 
carbon rod (Elec). 

Kohlebiirste/ carbon brush (Elec). 
Kohleklotz to carbon block ( micro- 

Kohlenelektrode / carbon electrode. 
Kohlenkorner npl carbon granules 

Kohlenmikrophon n carbon micro- 

Kohlenoxyd n carbon monoxide. 
Koblensaure / carbon dioxide. 
Kohlenstoff m carbon. 
Kohlenstofftrager to carbon filler (in 
liquid-oxygen blasting charges). 
Kohlepapier n carbon paper. 
Kohleschicht / charcoal layer ( gas 

Kohlestab to carbon rod (Elec). 
Kohle-Zink-Element n carbon-zinc 

cell (Elec). 

Kohle-Zinksammler m carbon-zinc 


Koinzidenzentfernungsmesser to co- 
incidence range finder. 

Koje / cabin (Nav). 

KokillenguB to chilled casting. 
Kolben m piston (Mech) ; butt 
(MG, R). 

Kolbenbolzen to piston pin (Mtr). 
Koibenbolzenlager n piston-pin bush- 
ing (Mtr). 

Kolbenhals m small of the stock 


Kolbenhieb m butt stroke. 

Kolbenhub to piston stroke (Mtr). 
Kolbenkappe / butt plate (R). 
Kolbenpistole / submachine gun con- 
sisting of automatic pistol with tel- 
escope or skeleton stock. 
KolbenringTO piston ring (Mtr). 
Kolbenstange / piston rod (Mtr). 
Kolk to scour (in river bottom). 
Kollektor m commutator, collector 
ring (Elec). 

Koilimationslinie 98 KompaBkurs 

Kollimationslinie / collimating mark 

Kollodiumwolle / pyroxylin (Am). 
Kolonne f column; train (supply); 
javelin (Avn). 

Kolonnenbriicke / portable bridge. 
Kolonnenchef m column commander 

Kolonnengebiet n communications 

Kolonnenspitze / head of column. 
Kolonnenstaffel / rear echelon train. 
Kolonnenverkehr m column traffic. 
Kolonne zu Einem column of files. 
Kolonne zu Zweien column of twos. 
Koluft m See Kommandeur der Luft- 

Kombination/ flying suit, coverall. 
Kombiise / galley (Nav). 
Kommandant m commander ( of an 
Ap, Tk, ship, etc.) ; commanding offi- 
cer (of a post, garrison, or station). 
Kommandantur / commander’s office, 
garrison headquarters. See also Feld- 
kommandantur, Ortskommandantur. 
Kommandeur m commander, com- 
manding officer (Bn and higher 
units, including entire arm or ser- 
vice); commandant (of a service 

Kommandeur der Luftwaffe air sup- 
port commander. 

Kommandeurpanzer m commander’s 

kommandieren to command; to de- 
tach, to detail. 

kommandierender General command- 
ing general (of a corps or service 
command ). 

Kommandierrolle f duty roster. 
Kommando n order, command; head- 
quarters (Div and larger units) ; de- 
tached duty or service; detached 
unit; party or detail. 
Kommandobehorde / command, com- 
mand agency, headquarters (Div and 
larger units). 

Kommandoflagge / command post 
flag (Bn or higher unit). 
Kommandofuhrer m commander of a 
detachment, leader of a party. 
Kommandogerat n data computer, 
ballistic director (AAA); command 
set (Rad). 

Kommandohilfsgerat n auxiliary fire 
director (AAA). 

Kommandopanzer m command tank. 

Kommandosache / confidential mili- 
tary document. 

Kommandospruch m radio message 
from commander’s tank. 
Kommandostelle f command post, 

Kommandotafel f range conversion 
table (Gunnery). 

Kommando- und Ladeverzugszeit dead 

time (Gunnery). 

Kommando- und StaDsschwadron 
headquarters troop (Cav). 
Kommandowagen m command car, 
command truck. 

Kommandowerte mpl fire-director 
data (AAA). 

“Kommando zuriick!” “As you were!” 
KommiB m military service, “the 
service” ( corresponds in many cases 
to the term “G.I.” as used collo- 

KommiBbrot n G.I. bread. 
KommiBstiefel m G.I. boot. 
Kommodore m wing commander 
( Avn). 

Kommodor und Lufttransportfiihrei* 

chief of air transport ( at Ger Air 

Kompanie/ company. 
Kompanieabschnitt m company sector. 
Kompaniebezirk m company area. 
Kompaniebreitkeil m company in- 
verted wedge formation. 
Kompaniechef in company com- 

Kompaniefiihrer m officer in charge 
of company, temporary company 

Kompaniegefechtsstand m company 
command post (in combat). 
Kompaniegelder npl company fund. 
Kompaniegrenze / company boundary. 
Kompaniekeil m company wedge for- 

Kompanierevier n company area. 
Kompanieschreiber m company clerk. 
Kompanietrupp m company headquar- 
ters (personnel). 

Kompanietruppfiihrer m leader of 
company headquarters personnel. 
KompaB m compass. 
KompaBablenkung / compass error. 
KompaBausgleichung / compass 

KompaBkessel m compass bowl (Ap). 
KompaBkurs m compass heading, 
compass course (Avn). 

Kompafikuiswinkel 99 kordieren 

KompaBkurswinkel to compass azi- 

KompaBlenkung / compass deviation. 

KompaBmiBweisung / compass 

KompaBpeilung / compass bearing. 

KompaBrose / compass rose, com- 
pass card. 

KompaBstrich to point of the com- 

KompaBzahl / azimuth, compass 
reading, bearing. 

Komplizem accomplice (Law). 

Kompressionsraum m compression 

chamber ( Mtr ). 

Kompressor to compressor, super - 

Kompressormotor m supercharged 


Kondensationswarme / heat of conden- 
sation (Met). 

Kondensator m condenser, capacitor 

. (Rad). 

Kondensatormikrophon to condenser 

Kondensstreifen to vapor trail (Avn). 

konisch conical, tapered. 

konisches Rohr tapered-bore barrel 


Konstrukteur to technical designer. 

Konstruktion / design ; construction ; 

Konstruktionsfehler to faulty design, 
structural defect. 

Konstruktionszeichner m designer, 

Kontaktmesser to knife-switch prong 

Kontaktmine / contact mine (Nav). 

Kontaktstift to prong of jack (Elec). 

Kontaktstiick n contact, contact piece 

Konteradmiral to rear admiral. 

Konterbande f contraband. 

Kontrollkarte f intercept board 


Kontrollampe / pilot light (Ap, MT). 

Kontrolliste / check list. 

Konuskupplung / cone clutch (MT). 

konvergieren to converge. 

Konzentrationslager to concentration 

konzentrisch concentric, converging. 

Koordinate / coordinate. 

Koordinatennetz n map grid, coordi- 
nate grid system. 

Koordinatenschieber m pi coordinate 


Koordinatenverzeichnis n table of 
coordinates (Sarv). 

Koordinationsausgangspunkt m point 
of origin of coordinates. 

Kopf to head ; heading (on a mes- 
sage); nose or point (of a shell). 

Kopfbahnhof m terminal; railhead. 

Kopfbander npl head straps ( gas 


Kopfbanderung f head harness ( Gas 


Kopfbedeckung f headgear, hat or 


Kopffernhorer to headphone, headset. 

Kopfgestelln headstall (harness). 

Kopfhaube / helmet (Avn). 

Kopfhorer to headphone, headset. 

kopflastig noseheavy (Ap). 

Kopfplatte / head-strap cushion (Gas 

Kopframpe / end ramp (RR). 

Kopfschiitzer to woolen cap, winter 

Kopf stand to nose-over (Avn). 

Kopfstarke/ strength (of a unit). 

Kopf stuck n crownpiece (harness); 

head (MG). 

Kopfsturz to vertical dive, nose dive 
( Avn). 

Kopfteil to nose section of shell ( Am). 

Kopfteilung f graduation on head of 
panoramic telescope. 

Kopfwelle f shell wave, ballistic 

wave, bow wave (Ballistics). 

Kopfziinder m point-detonating fuze 
(Am); nose fuze (bomb). 

Koppel to belt. 

koppeln to determine a course or 
establish a fix by dead reckoning 
(Avn); to couple (Arty). 

Koppelnavigation f navigation by 
dead reckoning (Avn). 

Koppelort to fix, dead reckoning posi- 
tion (Air Navigation). 

KoppelschloB to belt buckle. 

Koppelzeit / time at which exact po- 
sition is ascertained by means of 
dead reckoning ( Air Navigation). 

Kopplung/ coupling (Arty, Rad). 

Korb to basket ( Bln, etc.) ; cluster of 
bombs (slang). 

Korbring m concentration ring (Bln). 

Kordelmutter/ knurled nut. 

Kordelung / knurl, knurling. 

kordieren to knurl. 


100 Kraftquelle 

Kordit n cordite. 

Korkenzieher m spiral dive, “cork- 
screw dive” (Ap). 

Korn n front sight (R, pistol, etc.); 
muzzle sight (G); grain; bead; 

das Korn klemmen to hold right or 

geklemmtes Korn incorrectly cen- 
tered front sight. 

Kornchen n granule. 

Kdrner m center punch. 

Kornerform / granular form ( pow- 

KornfuB w front-sight base (R). 
Kornhalterm front-sight holder (R). 
Kornwarze/ front-sight stud (R). 
Korperschutzmittel n protective 

clothing (CWS). 

Korps n corps. 

Korpsbezirk m corps area. 
Korpsfiihrer m assistant band leader. 
Korpsgeist m esprit de corps, group 
spirit, group morale. 

Korpskommando n corps headquar- 

Korpsnachschubfiihrer m chief of 
corps supply services. 

Korpsstab m corps headquarters staff. 
Korrekturluftdiise / air-adjustment 
jet (Mtr). 

Korrosionsbestandigkeit f resistance 
to corrosion. 

Korvettenkapitiin m lieutenant com- 
mander (Nav). 

Kost / meal, food ; diet. 

Kot m mud, excrement, filth. 

Kote / fetlock. 

Kotfliigel m mudguard, fender. 

Krad n motorcycle (a bbr. of Kraft- 

Kradfahrer m motorcyclist. 
Kradmantel m motorcyclist’s overcoat. 
Kradmelder m motorcycle messenger. 
Kradmeldetruppw motorcycle mes- 
senger detachment. 

Kradschiitze m motorcycle rifleman. 
Kradschiitzen-Bataillon n motorcycle 

Kradschiitzenschwadron / motorcycle 

Kradschiitzensteg m floating wooden 
treadway bridge. 

Kradschiitzenzug m motorcycle pla- 

Kradspiiher m motorcycle scout. 

Kradspitze f motorcycle point of ad- 
vance guard. 

Kraft durch Freude Strength 

Through Joy (Ger Civ morale and 
travel organization). 

Kriifte fpl forces; power; strength. 

Krafteersparnis / economy of man- 
power, sparing of personnel. 

Krafteverteilung / distribution of 
forces, tactical grouping (Tac). 

Kraftezersplitterung f splitting up of 
forces, dissipation of forces (Tac). 

Kraftfahrabteilung / motor transport 

Kraftfahrausbildung / driver train- 
ing (MT). 

Kraftfahrerm driver; private (MT). 

Kraftfahr-Ersatzteil-Staffel / spare 
parts section (MT). 

Kraftfahrgerat n motor-transport 

Kraftfahrkarnpftruppen fpl armored 

Kraftfahrkorps n See National- 

sozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps. 

Kraftfahrlehrstab m motor transport 
training staff. 

Kraftfahrpark m motor transport 

park (GHQ or Army); motor pool, 
vehicle park. 

Kraftfahrparkkompanie f motor 

transport company (component unit 
of a Kraftfahrpark). 

kraftfahrtechnisch pertaining to au- 
tomotive mechanics. 

Kraftfahrtransport m motor trans- 

Kraftfahrtruppen fpl motor trans- 
port troops. 

Kraftfahrversorgung/ motor trans- 
port supply. 

Kraftfahrwesen n motor transport 

Kraftfahrzeug n motor vehicle. 

Kraftfahrzeugkolonne/ motor con- 
voy, motor column. 

Kraftfahrzeugpark m motor vehicle 

Kraftfahrzeug-Verwertung / sorting 
and classification of motor vehicle 

Kraftfahrzeugzubehbr n motor- 

vehicle accessories. 

Kraftlinien fpl lines of force (Elec). 

Kraftmoment n moment of force. 

Kraftomnibus m bus. 

Kraftquelle f power source. 

Kraftquellenwagen 101 Kragenlitze 

Kraftquellenwagen to horse-drawn 
generating unit. 

Kraftrad n motorcycle. For com- 

. pounds see under Krad. 

Kraftsage / power saw. 

Kraftschlepper m. tractor, prime 

Kraftspeicher m closing spring cylin- 
der ( A A gun) ; storage battery. 

Kraftstoff m fuel, gasoline. 

Kraftstoffabstellhahn to fuel shut-off 
valve (Mtr). 

Kraftstoffanlage / fuel system (Mtr). 

Kraftstoffausgabestelle / gasoline 
distributing point. 

Kraftstoffbehalter to fuel tank, gaso- 
line tank. 

Kraftstoffdruckmesser to fuel pres- 
sure gage (Ap). 

Kraftstoffdiise / fuel jet (Mtr). 

Kraftstoffgemisch n fuel mixture 

Kraftstofflager n fuel dump. 

Kraftstoffleitung / fuel line (MT). 

Kraftstoff-Luftgemisch n fuel-air 
mixture (Mtr). 

Kraftstoff meBuhr / fuel gage (Mtr). 

Kraftstoffnachschub m fuel supply, 
gasoline supply. 

Kraftstoffnormverbrauch to normal 
fuel consumption (MT). 

Kraftstoffolmischung / gasoline-oil 

Kraftstofforderpumpe / fuel pump 

Kraftstofforderung / fuel feed (Mtr). 

Kraftstoffreiniger to fuel filter (Mtr). 

Kraftstoffsieb n See Kraftstoffrei- 

Kraftstoffstaffel f gasoline supply 
section (Tk Bn). 

Kraftstoffverbrauch in fuel consump- 
tion (MT). 

Kraftstoffverbrauchssatz to rate of 
fuel consumption (MT). 

Kraftstoffversorgung / gasoline sup- 

Kraftsoffvorratsmesser to fuel level 
gage (Ap). 

KraftstoffzufluB m fuel feed (Mtr). 

Kraftstoffzugm gasoline-supply 

train (RR). 

Kraftiibertragung / power transmis- 
sion, power train (MT). 

Kraftiibertragungsteile mpl power 
train (MT). 

Kraftverstiirker w power amplifier 

Kraftverstarker-Anlage / public- 
address system (Elec). 

Kraftwagen to automobile, motor ve- 
hicle ( occasionally used in sense of 
Lastkraftwagen, truck). 

Kraftwagenanhanger to trailer. 

Kraftwagenbegleiter m assistant 

driver (MT). 

Kraftwagenflak f mobile antiaircraft 

Kraftwagengeschutz n See Kraft- 

Kraftwagenkanone f gun mounted on 
motor carriage. 

Kraftwagenkanonenwagen to assault 
gun car, motor carriage for gun. 

Kraftwagenkolonne / motor transport 

groBe Kraftwagenkolonne heavy 
motor transport column ( capacity 
60 tons). 

kleine Kraftwagenkolonne light 
motor transport column ( capacity 
30 tons). 

Kraftwagenkolonne fur Betriebsstoffe 
gasoline and lubricant supply col- 

Kraftwagenkiichenkompanie / mobile 
kitchen company. 

Kraftwagenmarsch m motorized 


KraftwagenparkTO motor park. 

Kraftwagentransport m motor 


Kraftwagentransportabteilung/ mo- 
tor transport battalion. 

Kraftwagentransportkolonne / motor 
transport column. 

Kraftwagenwerkstatt f motor vehicle 
repair shop. 

Kraftwagenwerkstattzug to motor 
maintenance repair shop platoon. 

Kraftwerk n power house, power sta- 

Kraftzug m power traction (as of a 
prime mover). 

mit Kraftzug tractor-drawn, truck- 

Kraftzugartillerie f motorized artil- 

Kraftzuggeschtitz n motorized gun. 

Kraftzugmaschine f prime mover. 

Kragenm collar (Clo). 

Kragenlitze / collar badge (facing 
sewn on the Kragerrpatte). 


Kragenpatte 102 

Kragenpatte / collar patch ( cloth ! Krankenurlaub to sick leave. 

backing for the Kragenlitze). 
Kragenspiegel m collar patch (Luft- 

Kragtrager m cantilever beam. 
Kragtragerbriicke / cantilever bridge. 
Krahennest to “crow’s nest,” gun- 
ner’s compartment ( Ap upper tur- 

Krampe/ staple (Tech). 

Kran to crane, hoist; crane tractor 
(used as a power shovel). 
krangen to heel (Avn). 
Krangungsfehler m heeling error 

krank sick, ill. 

sich krank melden to go on sick call, 
to report sick. 

Krankenabschub to evacuation of the 

Kranken-Absonderung / medical iso- 

Krankenabteilung / ward (Med). 
Kra’nkenabtransport to evacuation of 
the sick. 

Krankenbehandlnng / treatment of 


Krankenblatt n clinical record. 
Krankenbuch n See Krankenmelde- 

Kranken-Isolierung f medical isola- 

Krankenkraftwagen in motor ambu- 

Krankenkraftwagenzug to motor am- 
bulance platoon. 

Krankenmeldebuch n sick report book 
or folder. 

Krankenmeldung / daily sick report. 
Krankenrevier n infirmary, dispen- 

Krankensammelpunkt m See Kran- 

Krankensammelstelle / collecting sta- 
tion (Med). 

Krankenschwester / nurse. 
Krankenstall to veterinary hospital. 
Krankenstube / infirmary, ward. 
Krankentrage to litter, stretcher. 
Krankentragenfahrgerat n wheeled 
litter carrier (Med). 

Krankentrager to litter bearer (Med). 
Krankentransportabteilung / ambu- 
lance battalion. 

Krankenunterkunft / field hospital, 
feste Krankenunterkunft fixed hos- 

Krankenwarter to ward attendant 


Kranz to circular track (MG mount), 

Kratze / scraper, hoe. 

Kraxe / wood frame pack carrier. 

KreisTO circle; area; circuit. 

Kreisbogen to arc of a circle. 

Kreisbogenabsteckung f measuring or 
transferring an arc with dividers. 

Kreisel to gyroscope. 

Kreiselabfeuergerat n gyro control, 
gyro-stabilizer (Tk). 

KreiselkompaB to gyro compass. 

Kreiselkompressor to centrifugal 


Kreiselneigungsmesser to bank-and- 
turn indicator (Ap). 

Kreiselpumpe/ centrifugal pump. 

Kreiselsteuerzeiger to gyro indicator, 
gyroscopic turn indicator (Ap). 

Kreiselwendezeiger to gyro turn indi- 
cator, gyroscopic turn indicator 

kreisen to circle, to maneuver in cir- 

Kreisflugw circular course (Avn). 

Kreisfunkfeuer n fan-marker bea- 
con, omnidirectional beacon (Rad). 

Kreisfunktion f trigonometric func- 

Kreiskimme/ rear ring sight (MG). 

Kreiskommandantur / area head- 
quarters (Mil Govt). 

Kreiskorn n front ring sight (MG). 

KreiskornfuB m front ring sight 
base (MG). 

Kreiskornhalter w front ring sight 
support (MG). 

Kreiskornrahmen to front ring sight 
frame (MG). 

Kreislauf to cycle. 

Kreisleitung / series circuit (demo- 

KreisprozeB to cycle. 

Kreisverkehr to “circular” radio traf- 
fic (radio-net traffic in which sta- 
tions communicate directly with each 
other on a common frequency with 
different call signs and without a net 
control station). 

Kreisvisier n ring sight (Ord). 

krepieren to explode, burst; to die. 

Kresolseifenlosung f cresol soap solu- 

Kresolwasser n cresol solution. 


103 Kriegsstammrolle 

Kreuz n cross; crosspiece (of univer- 
sal joint). 

Kreuzbund n shear lashing (for 

diagonal timbers). 

Kreuzen n traffic crossing. 

kreuzen to cross; to cruise (Nav). 

Kreuzer m cruiser. 

Kreuzfeuer n cross fire. 

Kreuzgelenk n universal joint. 

Kreuzhacke f double-bitted pickax. 

Kreuzlafette / outrigger-type gun 


Kreuzleinen fpl cross line (reins). 

Kreuzlochschraube / cross-hole screw. 

Kreuzmuffe / cross pipe fitting, four- 
way pipe joint. 

Kreuzpeilung f determining a fix, tak- 
ing cross bearings (Air Navigation). 

Kreuzschraube / trigger-guard screw 


Kreuztcil n rear of receiver well (R). 

Kreuzung f intersection. 

Kreuzungsbahnhof m crossing station 

Kreuzverhor n cross-examination. 

kriechen to creep or crawl. 

Kriechgraben m crawl trench, shal- 
low communication trench. 

Krieg m war. See also terms under 
Gefecht, Kampf. 

kriegfiihrend belligerent. 

kriegfiihrende Macht belligerent 

Kriegfuhrung / warfare. 

Kriegsakademie / war college. 

Kriegsartikel mpl Articles of War 
( now replaced by brief summary of 
military ideals and obligations called 
Pflichten des deutschen Soldaten). 

Kriegsausgangm outcome of war. 

Kriegsausriistungsnachweisung / 
table of basic allowances (wartime). 

Kriegsband n battle honors. 

Kriegsbeorderung f See Kriegsbeord- 

Kriegsbeordnung / mobilization order 
for reservists. 

Kriegsbericht m war communique, 
war news report. 

Kriegsberichter m accredited corre- 
spondent (in a Ger propaganda Co). 

kriegsbeschadigt disabled on active 

Kriegsbeteiligung f participation in 

Kriegsbrauch w customs of war. 

Kriegsbriicke / military bridge. 

Kriegsbriickengerat n military bridge 

Kriegsdauer f duration of war. 
auf Kriegsdauer for the duration 
(abbr. a.K.). 

Kriegsdenkmiinze / campaign medal. 

Kriegsdienstverweigerer m consci- 
entious objector. 

Kriegserfordernisse fpl military re- 
quirements in wartime. 

Kriegserklarung / declaration of war. 

Kriegsflagge / ensign. 

KriegsfuB m war footing. 

Kriegsgebiet n theater of operations. 

Kriegsgebrauch m customs of war. 

Kriegsgefangenenbau- und Arbeits- 
bataillon PW construction and labor 
battalion (for guarding PWs work- 
ing in Germany or rear areas). 

Kriegsgefangeneneinsatz m employ- 
ment of prisoners of war. 

Kriegsgefangenensammelstelle / pris- 
oner-of-war collecting point. 

Kriegsgefangener m prisoner of war. 

Kriegsgerat n war materiel. 

Kriegsgericht n court-martial. 

Kriegsgerichtsrat m judge advocate. 

Kriegsgerichtsrechtsprechung / mili- 
tary justice. 

Kriegsgerichtsverfahren n court- 

martial proceedings. 

Kriegsgliederung / order of battle. 

Kriegskasse/ field safe; war chest. 

Kriegskonterbande / contraband of 

Kriegskunst / art of war. 

Kriegslazarett n base hospital. 

Kriegslist / stratagem, ruse (Tac). 

Kriegsmarine f navy. 

Kriegsmarsch m tactical march. 

kriegsmaBig warlike, similar to ac- 
tual conditions in the field. 

Kriegsneurose f war neurosis. 

Kriegsoffizier-Bewerber m applicant 
for wartime commission. 

Kriegsrangliste / army directory. 

Kriegsrason / military necessity. 

Kriegsrecht n military law. 

Kriegssanitatsordnung f medical field 
regulations or manual. 

Kriegsschauplatz m theater of war. 

Kriegsschiff n warship. 

Kriegsschule f officer candidate school. 

Kriegsspiel n war game, map maneu- 

Kriegsstammrolle f personnel roster 


Kiiegsstand 104 Kuppelstange 

Kriegsstand m See Kriegsstarke. 
Kriegsstarke / war strength (of a 
unit, etc.). 

Kriegsstarkenachweisung / table of 
organization ( wartime ) . 
Kriegstagebuch n war diary; journal, 

Kriegsverdienstkreuz n War Service 
Cross (decoration). 

Kriegsverrat m war treason. 
Kriegsverrater m war traitor, 
kriegsverwendungsfahig fit for active 
service (abbr. k.v.). 

Kriegswerft / navy yard, 
kriegswichtig of military importance. 
Kriegswissenschaft f military science. 
Kriegszahnarzt m dental surgeon. 
Kriegszustand m state of war. 
Kriminalpolizei f criminal investiga- 
tion police. 

Krimsehild m Crimea Shield (deco- 
ration on upper left sleeve, worn by 
all veterans of the battle in the 

Kripo / See Kriminalpolizei. 

K.-Rolle f plain-wire concertina 

(abbr. of Klaviersaitendraht-Rolle). 
ICronenmutter / castellated hut. 
Kropfung / right-angle bend; throw 
(of a crankshaft). 

Kriimmer m elbow pipe; manifold. 
Kriimmung / bend; turn; camber; 


Kruppe/ croup (horse). 

K-Stoff m diphosgene ( CWS). 

Kiibel m bucket; jeep. 

Kiibelsitzer m See Kiibelwagen. 
Kiibelsitzwagen m See Kiibelwagen. 
Kiibelwagen to command car, jeep. 
Kubikzahl/ cube (Math). 

Kiiche / kitchen. 

Kiichendienst to kitchen police, KP ; 

mess orderly, mess attendant. 
Kiichenunteroffizier m mess sergeant. 
Kufe / sled runner; skid. 

Kugel/ bullet; ball; sphere. 
Kugelblende f mantlet of flexible ball 
mount, ball mount (Tk). 

Kugelfang m target butt, range butt, 
kugelfest bulletproof. 

Kugelfiillung / ball filler ( shrapnel). 
Kugelgelenk n ball-and-socket joint. 
Kugellafette / ball mount (MG). 
Kugellager m ball bearing. 
Kugelpfanne / ball socket (Mort). 
kugelsicher bulletproof. 

Kiihlanlage/ cooling system (Mtr). 

Kiihler m radiator (Mtr). 
Kiihler-EinfiillverschluB to radiator 

cap (MT). 

Kiihlerklappe / louver (Mt, Tk). 
Kiihlerschutzhaube / radiator guard' 


KiihlerverschluB in radiator cap 

Kiihlfliissigkeit / cooling liquid (Mtr). 
Kiihlmantel m water jacket (Mtr, 

Kiihlmittel n coolant (Mtr). 
Kiihlrippe / cooling fin (Mtr). 
Kiihlstoff m coolant. 

Kiihlung/ cooling system (Mtr). 
Kiihlwagen m refrigerator truck, 
refrigerator car. 

Kiihlwassermantel m water jacket. 
Kulissenschaltung / gate-type gear 

Kumpelm buddy. 

Kumuluswolke / cumulus cloud. 
Kundschafter m spy. 

Kunstflug m stunt flying. 
Kunstflugfigur / stunt-flying maneu- 

Kunstleder n artificial leather, 
kiinstliche Antenne artificial antenna 

kiinstliche Atmung artificial respi- 

kiinstliche Liiftung- artificial ventila- 

kiinstlicher Gummi synthetic rubber, 
kiinstlicher Horizont absolute in- 
clinometer, gyro horizon indicator, 
artificial horizon (Ap Inst). 
kiinstlicher Nebel screening smoke 

kiinstliches Hindernis artificial ob- 

kiinstliche Spur artificial scent (for 
army dogs). 

Kunstschaltung / superposed connec- 
tion (Tp). 

Kunstseide / rayon. 

Kunststoff to synthetic plastic. 
Kupfer n copper. 

Kupferdraht m copper wire. 
Kupferkapsel / copper shell ( detona- 
tor cap). 

Kuppe/ knoll, knob, rounded hilltop. 
Kuppel / cupola. 

Kuppellafette / cupola mount (Ap). 
Kuppelstange/ tie rod (split-trail 


Kupplung - 105 Kiistenlafette 

Kupplung/ clutch (MT); coupling 
(Meoh); recoil connection (pistol). 

Kupplungsfeder / clutch spring (MT). 

KupplungsfuBhebel m clutch pedal 

Kupplungsgehause n clutch housing 

Kupplungshebel to clutch lever (MT) ; 
recoil-spring lever (pistol). 

Kupplungskasten to junction box, 
gun junction box, control box ( AA 

Kupplungskegel to clutch cone (MT). 

Kupplungskopf w coupling head 

Kupplungspedal n clutch pedal (MT). 

Kupplungsscheibe / clutch plate 


Kupplungsstange f recoil-spring lever 
bar (pistol). 

Kupplungstritt to clutch pedal (MT). 

Kupplungswelle / clutch shaft (MT). 

Kurbel / crank. 

Kurbelarm to crank arm ( of crank- 

Kurbeldynamo / hand-crank gen- 

Kurbelgehause n crankcase (Mtr). 

Kurbelgriff to crank handle. 

Kurbelinduktor to hand-crank gen- 
erator (Tp). 

Kurbelkropfung / crankshaft throw. 

Kurbellager n crankshaft bearing, 
pillow block. 

Kurbelrad n crankwheel (G). 

Kurbelstange / connecting rod (Mtr). 

Kurbeltrieb to crank mechanism. 

Kurbeltriebwerk n crankshaft assem- 
bly (Mtr). 

Kurbeliibung / crankwheel operation 
exercise (gun laying). 

Kurbelwelle/ crankshaft (Mtr). 

Kurbelzapfen to crank pin (Mtr). 

Kurier to courier, special messenger. 

Kurierflugzeug n liaison airplane. 

Kurierpost / courier mail. 

Kurier-Staffel / special communica- 
tion squadon (Luftwaffe) . See also 
Staff el. 

Kurs to course, heading. 

Kursgleiche / rhumb line ( Air Navi- 

Kurskreisel to directional gyro. 

Kursscheibe / bearing plate (Avn). 

Kursstabilitat / directional stability 


Kurssteuerung f piloting, navigat- 
ing, pilot control. 

automatische Kurssteuerung auto- 
matic pilot, mechanical pilot (Ap). 

Kursverbesserung f off-course cor- 
rection (Air Navigation). 

Kursvisierw. bomb sight (Ap). 

Kurswechselw change of course, 
change of direction (Avn). 

Ivurswinkel to azimuth of target 

Kurszeiger to navigator’s compass 

Kurve / curve, turn. 

Kurvenblatt n graph. 

Kurvenflug m curvilinear flight 

( Avn). 

Kurvengleitflug to spiral (Avn). 

Kurvenkampf to turning combat, 

dogfight (Avn). 

Kurvenmesser to map measurer 


Ifurvenscheibe / cam plate (Ord) ; 
curvilinear target (Tng). 

Kurvenvisier n tangent sight (SzU. 

Kurzleistung f military rating (of 
an Ap engine). 

KurzschluB to short circuit, short 

KurzschluBankermotor to squirrel- 
cage motor. 

ICurzschuB to short (Gunnery). 

Kurzsignal n code group. 

Kurzwelle/ short wave (Rad). 

Kurzwellensender to short-wave 


Kiiste / coast, shore. 

Riistenartillerie / coast artillery. 

Kiistenaufklarer to coast reconnais- 
sance airplane. 

Kustenaufklarung / coast reconnais- 

Ifiistenbatterie / coast battery, shore 

Kiistenflak / coast antiaircraft gun, 
coast antiaircraft artillery. 

Kiistenfliegergruppe f coast recon- 

naissance and naval support group 
(Avn). See also Gruppe. 

Kustengebiet n coastal area. 

K listen geschiitz n coast artillery 

Kiistengewasser npl coastal zone, 

coastal waters. 

Kiistenlafette / coast artillery gun 


106 Ladezeit 

Kiistenstaffel / coastal squadron Kiistenwehr/ coast defense, coast 

(Avn). See also Staffel. defense troops. 

Kiistenstation / coast guard station. Kutonnase/ cable cutter on leading 
Kiistenverteidigung / coast defense. edge of wing (an anti-barrage-bal- 
Kiistenvorfeld n coastal zone. loon device). 

Kiistenwache f coast guard, coast Kuvi n See Kursvisier. 
guard station. KWK.-Stand m fixed emplacement 

Kiistenwacht / coast patrol. made of tank gun turret. 


Lack m lacquer, varnish. I Lader m stevedore, loader, super- 

Ladebaum m boom, derrick, crane. 

Ladebriicke f loading ramp ( on 


Ladedruck m manifold pressure 


Ladedruckmesser m manifold pres- 
sure gage (Ap engine). 

Ladedruckregler m manifold pres- 
sure control (Ap engine). 

Ladeeinheit / load unit, unit load. 

Ladefahigkeit / load' capacity; 

serviceable condition of ammunition. 

Ladegewicht n load capacity, weight 
of -load. 

Ladegleis n loading siding (RR). 

Ladegurt m cartridge belt. 

Ladehemmung f stoppage in loading 
mechanism (Ord). 

Ladekanonier m gun loader, loader, 
assistant gunner, cannoneer No. 1. 

Ladeklappe f breechblock. 

Ladekran m gun hoist. 

Ladelaufrad n impeller (super- 


Ladeleitrad n diffuser (super- 


Ladeloch n loading recess (G). 

Ladeluftkiihler m intercooler (Ap 
supercharger ) . 

Ladeluke / loading hatch (Ap). 

Lademaschine f battery charger 


Lademaschinensatz m battery 

charging unit (Elec). 

Lademulde / loading tray (G). 

laden to load (R, G, etc.). 

“Laden und sichern!” “Load and 

Ladeplatz m pier, wharf, quay. 

charger (Mtr). 

Laderampe / loading ramp. 
Laderaum m chamber, powder cham- 
ber (G); hold (Nav). 
Laderaumverlangerung / advance of 
forcing cone (G). 

Ladergetriebe n supercharger drive. 
Ladeschale / loading tray ( G). 
Ladeschiitze m assistant gunner, 

loader (Tk). 

Ladesitz m loader’s seat (G). 
Ladespannung f charging voltage 

(battery charger). 

Ladestelle f loading point, entrain- 
ing or entrucking point; battery- 
charging station. 

Ladestock m rammer. 

Ladestorung f stoppage in loading 
mechanism (Ord). 

LadestraBe f delivery roadway (RR 
freight station). 

Ladestreifen m cartridge clip, am- 
munition clip. 

Ladetatigkeit / loading operations 
(service of the piece). 

Ladetisch m loading tray (G). 
Ladetrommel / cartridge drum. 
Ladetrupp m loading detail. 
Ladeverzug m loading lag ( Gun- 

Ladeverzugszeit / loading lag, load- 
ing time (Gunnery) . 

Ladevorgang m loading action 

(semi- or full-automatic weapons) . 
Ladevorrichtung / breech mechan- 
ism, loading device (Ord); feeding 
device (SA). 

Ladezeit / loading time, entrucking 
time, entraining time; charging time 
(Elec battery). 

Ladung 107 Landegeschwindigkeit 

Ladung/ cargo, load; charge. 

Ladungsbiichse f blasting-charge 
container (generally of galvanized 

LadungsgefaB n blasting-charge 

Ladungskasten m blasting-charge 

Ladungsraum to See Laderaum. 

Ladungsverhaltnis n loading ratio 
(ratio between weight of charge 
and weight of projectile). 

Ladungswerfer to spigot mortar. 

Lafette f gun carriage, gun mount. 

Lafettenachse / gun-carriage axle. 

Lafettenart / type of gun carriage 
or mount. 

Lafettenaufsatzstiick n adapter, tri- 
pod extension piece (MG). 

Lafettendreieck n triangular base 

(AA gun). 

Lafettenfahrzeug n trailer mount 

Lafettenholm to gun-mount outrig- 
ger; gun-trail crosspiece. 

Lafettenkasten to trail box (G). 

Lafettenkranz m circular track 

mount (Ap, Tk). 

Lafettenkreuz n outriggers (AA 


Lafettenschwanz to trail (G). 

Lafettensporn to trail spade (G). 

LafettenstUtze / firing base (G). 

Lafettentisch m gun-carriage bed. 

Lafettenwand / gun-carriage side 

Lage f situation (Tac); position, 
site; salvo (pieces fire in succes- 
sion); layer, stratum (Met). 

Lagebericht to situation report. 

Lagebeurteilung / estimate of the 
situation (Tac). 

Lagenfeuer n salvo fire (pieces fire 
in succession). 

Lagenkarte / situation map (Tac). 

Lagenmeldung / situation report. 

Lager n camp; depot, dump; bear- 
ing, support. 

das Lager abbrechen to strike 

das Lager aufschlagen to pitch 

Lagerbestand m stock, stockage. 

Lagerbock to support (for piston 
rod of counterrecoil mechanism); 

pillow block. 

Lagergehause n housing or case en- 
closing a bearing or bushing. 

Lagergeld n pay (PW). 

Lagergeriist n storage-closet rack. 

Lagerhaus n warehouse. 

Lagerkommandant to prison camp 
or internment camp commander. 

Lageileitung f camp authorities 

Lagermetall n bearing metal. 

Lagern n storage. 

Lagerort m camp site. 

Lagerplatz m storage place; camp 

Lagerraum to storeroom. 

Lagerschale f bushing. 

Lagerschuppen to storage shed. 

Lagerstelle / camp site. 

Lagerung / storage, stowage. 

Lagerzapfen to journal ( crank- 

shaft); pivot pin (trail spade); 
trunnion (aiming circle). 

lahmen paralyze, immobilize, neu- 
tralize (Tac). 

Iahmlegen neutralize (an attack). 

Lahmlegung / neutralization (Tac). 

LahmungsschieBen n harassing fire 
(with Cml shell). 

Lamelle f disk; leaf; plate; shim; 
cooling fin. 

Lamellenkupplung f multiple-disk 
clutch (MT). 

Lamellenschlufl to armature short 

Lampenfassung / lamp socket (Elec). 

Lampengehause n lamp case (Sig 

Landankertau n shore anchor line 
(Pon Bdg). 

Landbatterie f land-based antiair- 
craft battery (as distinguished from 
ship-based battery). 

Landbord to shoreward side. 

Landbriicke / landing stage (Engr). 

Landebahn f landing strip, runway. 

Landebahnfeuer n contact light 

( Adrm). 

Landedeck n landing deck, flight 
deck (aircraft carrier). 

Landefackel f wing-tip flare (Ap). 

Landefeuer n landing light (Ap). 

Landefunkfeuer n runway localizing 
beacon (Rad). 

Landegeschwindigkeit / landing 

speed (Ap). 

Landeklappe 108 

Landeklappe / landing flap (Ap). 

Landekopf m beachhead. 

Landekreuz n landing T (Avn). 

Landelicht n landing light (Ap). 

Landemannschaft f ground crew 

Landeplatz m landing area, landing 
field (Avn). 

Landesaufnahme f topographic 

survey, geodetic survey. 

landeseigener Verband “native” unit 
(composed of inhabitants of Ger- 
man-occupied country who fight, on 
their own soil, as auxiliaries of 
German Army). 

Landesschiitzeneinheit / regional de- 
fense unit (such as Landesschiitzen- 
division, -regiment, -bataillon, and 
-kompanie; mainly for guard duty 
in Com Z and Z of I). 

Landesteg m landing ramp (Nav). 

Landesverrat m treason. 

Landesverteidigung f home defense. 

Landetrupp m landing and saddling 
detail (at stream crossing) (Cav). 

Landezeichen n landing signal. 

Landezone / landing zone (Adrm). 

Landfahrwerk n wheel-type landing 
gear (Ap). 

Landfahrzeug n land vehicle; shore- 
ward ponton (Bdg). 

Landkrieg m war on land, land war- 

Landkriegsordnung / Rules of Land 

Landmeile / statute mile (1.609 km). 

Landmine f land mine. 

Landser m doughboy. 

Landstralie f road, highway. 

Landsturm m territorial reserve, re- 
placement reserves (age over 45). 
Landsturm I trained reserves (age 
over 45). 

Landsturm II untrained reserves 
(age over 45,). 

Landtruppen fpl ground troops. 

Landung / landing. 

Landung mit Seitenwind cross-wind 

Landungsabteilung f beach party or 

Landungsboot n landing barge, 

landing boat. 

Landungsfahrzeug n landing craft. 

Landungsklappe / landing ramp (of 
a landing craft or ship). 


Landungsplatz m landing area. 
Landungsrauchzeichen n landing 

smoke signal (Avn). 

Landungstrupp m landing party. 
Landungsunternehmung / landing 


Landverankerung f guy-line anchor- 
age (Pon). 

Landwehr f reserves (age group 35- 

Landwehr I trained reserves (35- 

Landwehr II untrained reserves 

Landwehroffizier m reserve officer. 
See Landwehr. 

Langbasis / horizontal base (Arty, 

Langbasisanlage f base end station. 
Langbasisverfahren n horizontal 
base method, long base method 
( Gunnery). 

Lange / length. 

der Lange nach beschiefien to en- 

Langenabweichung / longitudinal 
deviation, range deviation (Gun- 

Festlegen der Langenabweichung 
range sensing, range spotting (Arty 
Obsn ). 

Langengrad m degree of longitude. 
Langenkreis to circle of longitude. 
Langenmessung f linear measure- 

Langenstreuung f range dispersion 
on horizontal target (Ballistics). 
Langenverbesserung / range cor- 
rection (Gunnery). 

Langenverhaltnis n aspect ratio 


Lange fiber alles over-all length. 
Liingsachse / longitudinal axis. 
Langsamflug to stalling flight (Ap). 
Langsbestreichung / enfilade fire. 
Langsfeld n chase of gun barrel. 
Langsfeuer n enfilade fire. 
Langslibelle / longitudinal level 
(sighting mechanism). 
Langsneigungsmesser m pitch in- 
dicator, fore-and-aft inclinometer 

Langsschnitt to longitudinal section. 
Langsseitgehen n pulling alongside. 
Langsstabilitat / longitudinal stabil- 
ity (Ap). 




Langstrager in stringer, balk 

(Bdg); longitudinal outrigger (AA 
gun); longeron (Ap); long channel 
bar of chassis frame (MT). 

Langstreckenbomber in long-range 

Langstreckenjager to long-range 
fighter airplane. 

Langstrecken-Seeflugzeug n long- 
range seaplane. 

Langszapfen to axle pivot pin (split 
trail carriage). 

Langwellen fpl long waves (Rad). 

Langwellenpeiler m long-wave 

direction finder (Rad). 

Lasche / butt strap (Engr). 

Last / load. 

Lastanhanger m truck trailer (MT). 

Lastensegelflugzeug n See Lasten- 

Lastensegler m troop-carrying 

glider, cargo-carrying glider. • 

Lastfallschirm in cargo parachute. 

Lastflugzeug n cargo transport air- 

Lastigkeitsregelung / trimming 

Lastigkeitswaage f balance indi- 

cator (Ap). 

Lastkraftwagen in truck, cargo 


Lastwagenschlepper to truck-tractor. 

Latte / batten, lath, board; propel- 
ler (Ap); stadia rod (Surv). 

Lattenfiihrung / pitch control (pro- 

Lattenpunkt m place mark (Surv). 

Lattenrost to boardwalk, duckboard 
( trench). 

Laubwald in deciduous forest, de- 
ciduous wood. 

Lauerstellung f ambush gun em- 
placement, ambush. 

Lauf m barrel (MG, R) ; run, course. 

Laufbahn / career (as an officer, 
specialist, etc.); runway (Adrm). 

Laufbahnabzeichen n specialist’s 
insignia or badge. 

Laufbriicke / gangplank. 

Laufdecke / tire casing (MT). 

laufend running; current; contin- 
uous; serial. 

laufende Nuraraer serial number. 

Laufer rn runner, messenger. 

Laufflache f tread (of a tire); slid- 
ing surface (of a sled runner); 

bearing surface, friction surface. 

Laufgraben m approach trench, 
communication trench. 

Laufinneres n bore (SA). 

Laufmantel in jacket (MG). 

Laufmundstiick n breech piece (R). 

Lauf rad n landing wheel (Ap); 
bogie wheel (Tk) ; impeller (of 
pump, etc.). 

Laufring m race (ball bearing). 

Laufrolle / bogie wheel (Tk). 

Laufschritt m double time. 

“Im Laufschritt, Marsch! Marsch!” 
“Double time, march!” 

Laufseele / bore (SA). 

Laufseelenpriifer in barrel reflector 

Laufsitzring in barrel-locking ring 

Laufweite f caliber. 

Laufwerk n tracks and suspensions 
(Tk); running gear (of a vehicle). 

Laufwerkpanzerung f track shield, 
armored skirting (Tk). 

Lauschdienst in intercept service 
(Sig C). 

Lauschempfanger in intercept re- 
ceiver (Sig C). 

Lauschgerat n intercept set (Rad). 

Lauschstelle f intercept station (Sig' 


Lauschzange / wire-tapping clamp. 

Lauthorknopf in handset switch, 
amplifier knob (Tp). 

Lautsprecher m loudspeaker (Rad). 

Lautsprechertrichter to horn, cone, 
trumpet (of loud speaker). 

Lautsprechertruhe / baffle, speaker 
cabinet (Rad). 

Lautstarke f signal strength, vol- 
ume, readability (Rad); sound in- 
tensity (sound locator). 

Lautstarkenregler m volume control 

Lautverstarker m volume amplifier 


Lazarett n hospital. 

Lazarettaufnahme f hospitalization. 

Lazarettbehandlung f hospital treat- 
ment, hospitalization. 

Lazarettflagge f flag of protection. 

Lazarettschiff n hospital ship. 

Lazarettzug m hospital train. 

Lebensdauer / accuracy life (G). 

Lebensmittel npl subsistence sup- 


110 Leitradachse 

Lebensmittelkarte f food ration 

Lederfett n dubbin. 

Lederring m See Lederscheibe. 

Lederscheibe / leather washer. 

Ledertasche / leather case, leather 

Leere f vacuum. 

Leergang m backlash, lost motion; 
neutral gear (Mtr). 

Leergewicht n empty weight. 

Leergut n empties (Am). 

Leerlauf m idling, neutral, idling 
speed (Mtr). 

Leerlaufdiise f idler jet (Mtr). 

Leermaterial n train of empties 

Leerschraube / drain plug. 

Legierung f alloy. 

Legionsschiitze m non-German rifle- 
man in the Wehrmacht. 

Lehmgrube / clay pit. 

Lehrbataillon n instruction battalion 
(used for demonstrations, etc.). 

Lehre f doctrine, theory; gage. 

Lehrfilm m training film. 

Lehrflugwesen n training aviation. 

Lehrgang m course of instruction. 

Lehrgangsleiter m instructor. 

Lehrgruppe / instruction group 


Lehrregiment n instruction regiment 
(used for demonstrations, etc.). 

Lehrtruppe f instruction unit. 

Leibgarde / bodyguard. 

Leibgurt m belt (Clo). 

Leibgurt mit Schulterriemen Sam 
Browne belt. 

Leibriemen m garrison belt (Clo). 

Leibstandarte / See SS-Leibstan- 


Leibwache / bodyguard. 

Leiche / corpse; carcass. 

leichte Division motorized division, 
“light division.” 

Leichtkrankenkriegslazarett n base 
hospital for minor cases (Com Z). 

Leichtkrankenschiff n hospital ship 
for minor cases. 

Leichtkrankenzug m hospital train 
for minor cases. 

Leichtkranker m ambulatory case, 
minor case (sick, not wounded). 

Leichtol n light fuel ( as distinguish- 
ed from Diesel fuel). 

Leichtverwundetensammelplatz m 

collecting station for walking 

Leichtverwundeter m minor cas- 

Leinenbund n rope lashing. 

Leinol n linseed oil. 

Leinwand / linen; cloth; projection 

Leiste f strip; edge; fillet; batten. 

Leistenbruch m hernia. 

Leistengegend / groin. 

Leistung / output, performance, 
capacity; power (Rad). 

Leistungsbelastung / power loading 

Leistungsfahigkeit / efficiency, ca- 


Leistungsgewicht n weight per 


Leistungsregler m power control 


Leistungsrohre / power amplifier 

Leistungssegelflugzeug n perform- 
ance-type glider (Avn). 

Leistungssteigerung / increase of 

efficiency (Mtr). 

Leistungsstufe / power amplifier, 
final amplifier (of a Rad transmit- 

Leistungswahlhebel m output selec- 
tor lever (Ap engine). 

leiten conduct, lead, direct, manage. 

Leitender m director (maneuvers). 

Leitender Arzt ward officer (Med). 

Leitender Ingenieur chief engineer 
(a Civ official in the Armed Forces). 

Leitender Offizier executive officer. 

Leiter w leader, director; conductor 

Leiter f ladder. 

Leiterschleife / armature turn 


Leitfahigkeit / conductivity (Elec). 

Leitfeuer n cord fuze, safety fuze. 

Leitfeuerziindmittel n cord fuze de- 

Leitfeuerziindung / cord fuze de- 

Leitfunkstelle / net control station 


Leitkante / leading edge (Ap wing). 

Leitrad n idler, idler wheel (Tk); 
diffuser (supercharger). 

Leitradachse / idler wheel shaft 


111 Leuchtkompaft 

Leitstand to fire-direction center 

(Arty); command post. 

Leitstelle f net control station 


Leitstrahl m localizer beam (Inst 
landing ) . 

Leitstrahlverfahren n localizer-beam 
method (Inst landing). 

Leitung / line (Tp) ; command; 
direction; control; management. 

Leitungsbau to line construction 

Leitungsgehilfe to director’s aide 

( maneuvers). 

Leitungskapazitat / capacity of a 

line, traffic capacity of a line (Elec, 
Tp, Tg). 

Leitungsmast to telephone pole. 

Leitungsmaterial n conducting ma- 
terial, electric wire. 

Leitungsmittel n line wire (Tp). 

Leitungsnetz n wire net, circuit, 
wiring system, wire-communication 

Leitungsoffizier to assistant director 

Leitungsplan to wiring diagram. 

Leitungspriifer to galvanometer 
(Engr); circuit tester (Elec). 

Leitungsskizze / circuit diagram 

Leitungssondertruppen fpl special 
troops of director headquarters 

Leitungsstab to directing staff 

( maneuvers). 

Leitungssystem n wiring system 


Leitungstruppen fpl troops assigned 
to director headquarters ( maneu- 

Leitungs- und Schiedsrichterdienst m 
directing and umpiring service 
( maneuvers) . 

Leitungswiderstand to line resist- 
ance (Elec). 

Leitverkehr to control-station traffic 

Leitwand / baffle. 

LeitwellverschluB to sliding-wedge- 

■ type breechblock (G). 

Leitwerk n empennage, tail as- 

sembly, tail unit (Ap). 

Leitvvert to conductance (Elec). 

Leitzaun to guide fence (a type of 
snow fence). 

Lenden fpl loins (horse). 

Lenkballon m dirigible 

Lenkbremse / steering brake (Tk). 

Lenkeinrichtung / steering mechan- 

Lenkeinschlag m maximum angle of 
turn (steering wheels). 

Lenker to steering arm (of a gun 

Lenkgehause n steering-gear hous- 
ing (MT). 

Lenkgestange n tie rods (MT). 

Lenkgetriebe n steering mechanism 
( track-laying vehicles ) . 

Lenkhebel to steering-knuckle gear- 
rod arm (MT); steering lever 
(track-laying vehicle). 

Lenkkniippel to steering lever 

( track-laying vehicle ) . 

Lenkluftschiff n dirigible. 

Lenkrad n steering wheel (MT). 

Lenksaule / steering column (MT). 

Lenkschnecke f steering worm 

Lenkschraube / cylindrical cam on 
steering column (MT). 

Lenkschubstange / steering gear 

connecting rod (MT). 

Lenksegment n steering-worm sector 

Lenkstange / tie rod (MT); handle 
bar (Mtcl). 

Lenkstock to See Lenkstockhebel. 

Lenkstockhebel to steering arm 


Lenkstolifang m steering shock sus- 
pension (MT). 

Lenkung / steering, steering system 

Lettenhaue f mattock hoe (Engr). 

leuchtbereit ready for action (SL). 

Leuchtblatt n luminous dial. 

Leuchtboje / light buoy. 

Leuchtbombe / aircraft parachute 

Leuchtdauer / burning time (of a 

ground Sig, etc.). 

Leuchtfallschirm to parachute flare 

Leuchtfarbe / luminous paint. 

Leuchtfeuer n beacon light (Avn). 

LeuchtgeschoB n See Leuchtgranate. 

Leuchtgranate f star shell (Am). 

Leuchtgranatwerfer to pyrotechnic 

Leuchtkompaff to luminous compass. 


112 Lieferant 

Leuchtkreuze npl reticle image (re- 
flector sight). 

Leuchtkugel f ground signal, Very 
signal light. 

Leuchtmittel n pyrotechnic device. 

Leuchtmunition / pyrotechnics ; 

tracer ammunition. 

Leuchtpatrone / signal case; signal 
cartridge; cartridge-type ground 

Leuchtpfad m flare path (Avn). 

Leuchtpistole f pyrotechnic pistol, 
signal pistol, Very pistol. 

Leuchtrakete / signal rocket. 

Leuchtraketengestell n pyrotechnic 
projector (for Sig rockets). 

Leuchtrohre / fluorescent tube. 

Leuchtsatz m pyrotechnic composi- 
tion, flare composition, illuminant 
charge; tracer composition. 

Leuchtschiff n lightship, 

Leuchtspur / tracer trajectory. 

Leuchtspurgeschofl n tracer bullet, 

Leuchtspurgranate f tracer shell 

Leuchtspurmunition / tracer am- 

Leuchtspursatz m tracer composition 

Leuchtstern m star (signal). 

Leuchttonne f light buoy. 

Leuchtturm m lighthouse. 

Leuchtvisier n luminous sight. 

Leuchtzeichen n ground signal, light 

Leuchtzifferblatt n luminous dial 

Leukoplast n court plaster. 

Leute fpl personnel. 

Leutnant' m second lieutenant; 
lieutenant (specifically, 2nd Lt). 

Leutnant der Flieger second lieu- 
tenant (Luftwaffe). 

Leutnant zur See ensign (Nav). 

Lewisit n Lewisite (CWS). 

Libelle f level (Inst); clinometer 
( Arty, Surv). 

die Libelle einspielen to center the 
bubble in a level. 

Libelleneinstellung / level setting, 

level adjustment. 

Libellengehause n level housing 

(panoramic telescope). 

Libellenquadrant m gunner’s quad- 
rant (with spirit level). 

Libellentafel f angle-of-site table 

( Gunnery). 

Lichtanlasser m generator-starter 


“Licht auf !” “In action!” (AA SL). 

Lichtbild n photograph. 

Lichtbildaufnahme / See Lichtbild. 

Lichtbildauswertung f interpretation 
of photographs. 

lichtbilden to photograph. 

Lichtbildentzerrung f rectification of 
aerial photographs. 

Lichtbilderkundung / photographic 

Lichtbildmaschinengewehr n ma- 
chine-gun camera. 

Lichtbildmessung / phototopography. 

Lichtbild-MG n camera gun (Avn). 

Lichtbildner m photographer. 

Lichtbildpause / photographic over- 

Lichtbildwesen n photography. 

LichtbogenschweiBung / arc weld- 

Lichtkegel m beam of light, cone of 

Lichtmaschine / generator (MT). 

LichtmeBbatterie f flash ranging 

section (Obsn Bn). 

LichtmeBdienst m flash ranging 


Lichtmessen n flash ranging. 

LichtmeBstelle f flash ranging sta- 

LichtmeBtrupp m flash ranging team. 

Lichtnetz n lighting system. 

Lichtpause / photostatic reproduc- 
tion; photocopy; blueprint. 

Lichtrufanlage f light-signal call 
system (in hospitals, etc.). 

Lichtschallmessen n sound and flash 

Lichtschalter m light switch. 

Lichtsprechgerat n modulated light- 
ray communication set. 

Lichtspruch m signal-lamp message. 

Lichtspur- See Leuchtspur-. 

Lichtstarke f luminous intensity, in- 
tensity of light. 

Lichtung / forest clearing. 

lidern to pack, seal, obturate. 

Liderung / gas check, obturator (G). 

Liderungskopf m mushroom head 
(of obturator). 

Liderungspolster n gas-check pad. 

Lieferant m supplier, contractor. 




Lieferdienst to ferrying service 

Lieferschein to shipping ticket. 

Lieferung / lot, shipment. 

liegend prone, lying; berthed. 

Liegeplatz to berth (in port). 

Linealvisier n linear sight ( Ger AA 

lineares System linear speed method 
(AA Gunnery). 

Linie / line, rank. 

“In Linie zu einem Gliede, ange- 
treten!” “In single rank, fall in!” 

Linie B-Stelle-Ziel OP-target line. 

Linie Geschiitz-Ziel gun-target line. 

Linienaufstellung / line formation. 

Linienbo / line squall. 

Linienkarte / line route map (Tp). 

Linienverkehr to “line” traffic ( two- 
station Rad Com on one or two fre- 

Linie zu einem Glied single rank 
(Inf); line (Cav). 

links left, to the left, on the left. 

Linkskurve / left turn (MT); left 
bank (Avn). 

linkslaufend counterclockwise. 

Linksdrall m left-hand twist (rif- 

linksgangig counterclockwise; left- 
hand (threads, etc.). 

Linksgewinde n left-hand thread 

linkslaufend counterclockwise. 

“Links schwenkt, Marsch!” “Column 
left, march!” 

“Links, um!” “Left, face!” (being at 
a halt) ; “By the left flank, march!” 
(given in marching). 

Linkswendung / left face. 

Lins e f lens. 

List / cunning, ruse, trick; strata- 
gem (Tac). 

Litze f stranded wire (Elec); color- 
ed facing on collar (Clo). 

Litzenspiegel m two narrow colored 
strips on collar (Clo). 

Livens-Handwerfer m Livens projec- 
tor (CWS). 

l.M.G.-Abmarsch m light MG half 
squad (Cav). 

l.M.G.-Trupp m light machine-gun 
team (of Ger R squad). 

Ln.-Helferin / See Luftnachrichten- 

Ln.-Zugfiihrer m See Luftnachrich- 

Locken n call to quarters. 

Loffelbagger m power shovel. 

Liihnung / base pay. 

Lokomotivbahnhof m engine yard 

Lokomotivschuppen m engine house, 
roundhouse (RR). 

Looping in loop (Avn). 

Losantin n .a German decontaminat- 
ing agent ( calcium hypochlorite pre- 
paration in powder or in tablet 

Losantinbrei to calcium hypochlorite 
slurry (CWS). 

loschen to unload (a ship); to ex- 
tinguish (a fire); to slake (lime). 

Loschfliissigkeit f extinguisher 


Loschgerat n fire extinguisher. 

Loschmeister m sergeant fireman 
(Luftwaffe official ranking as Mas- 
ter Sgt). 

Loschplatz to pier, wharf. 

Loschtrupp to fire-fighting crew. 

lose loose, unlocked. 

loslosen, sich disengage (Tac). 

Loslosung f disengagement (Tac). 

Lost n mustard gas. 

Losung / password. 

Losung / solution; mixture. 

Losungsmittel n solvent. 

Losungswort n password, counter- 

Lot n plumb bob, sounding lead; 

loten to solder. 

Lotfe n See Lofternrohr. 

Lotfernrohr n bomb sight. 

Lotkolben to soldering iron. 

Lotlampe f blowtorch. 

Lotmetall m solder. 

lotrecht perpendicular. 

Lotrechte f perpendicular (line). 

Lotschnur / plumb line. 

Lotse to pilot (Nav). 

Lotsenflagge f Union Jack (Nav). 

Lotzinn n solder. 

Loxodrome f rhumb line (Naviga- 
tion) . 

L’Spur / See Leuchtspur. 

Liicke / gap. 

Luft f air (in compounds: Air 
Forces, airborne, aircraft, aviation, 
etc.). See also terms under Flieger, 

Luftabfluflklappen fpl cowling flaps. 

Luftabwehr / active air defense. 

Luftabwehrdienst 114 Luftkarte 

Luftabwehrdienst m air defense 

Luftabwehrstelle / air defense post. 

Luftabwehrwaffe / antiaircraft 

Luftalarm vi air-raid alarm. 

Luftamt n See Allgemeines Luftamt. 

Luftangriff m air attack, air raid. 

Luftangriffsziel n air objective. 

Luftanreicherung / concentration of 
gas in the air ( C fPS ) . 

Luftaufklarung / air reconnaissance. 

Luftaufklarungsraum to air recon- 
naissance area. 

Luftaufsichtsdienst to flight control 
service ( a branch of the Ger Air 
Ministry) . 

Luftausgleicher m pneumatic equili- 
brator (G). 

Luftbauamt n Air Ministry con- 
struction office. 

Luftbehalter m compressed-air tank 
( Engr , MT); air chamber (counter- 
recoil mechanism, vehicle brake). 

Luftbehalter des Vorholers recupe- 
rator cylinder (G). 

Luftbeobachtung f air observation. 

Luftbild n aerial photograph. 

Luftbildauswertung f interpretation 
of aerial photographs. 

Luftbildentzerrung f rectification of 
aerial photographs. 

Luftbildgeriit n aircraft camera. 

Luftbildkammer / aerial camera, 
aircraft camera. 

Luftbildkarte f aerial mosaic; photo- 
graphic map. 

Luftbildplan to photomap. 

Luftbildreihe / photographic, strip. 

Luftbildwesen n aerial photography. 

luftdicht airtight. 

Luftdichte / air density. 

Luftdienstzulage f aviation pay, fly- 
ing pay. 

Luftdraht m antenna wire, overhead 

Luftdruck to air pressure (Mech); 
atmospheric pressure (Met); blast 
(effect of explosion). 

Luftdruckbremse f air brake. 

Luftdruck-Fettpresse / grease gun. 

Luftdruckgradient m pressure gra- 
dient (Met). 

Luftdruckmesser to barometer. 

Luftdrucktiir / blast baffle (Ft). 

Luftdruckwirkung f blast effect. 

Luftdiise / air jet (Mtr). 

Lufteinschieffziel n high-burst ad- 
justment target (Arty). 

liiften to air, to ventilate. 

Liifter to ventilator, fan, blower. 

Lufterkundung / air reconnaissance. 

Luftfahrt / aeronautics, aviation. 

Luftfahrthindernis n airway ob- 

Luftfahrtmedizin f aviation med- 

Luftfahrtministerium n See Reichs- 

Luftfahrwesen n aeronautics. 

Luftfahrzeug n aircraft. 

Luftfelddivision / air forces field 
division (fighting as ground force 
with Army). 

Luftfilter to air filter. 

Luftflasche f compressed-air cylin- 
der, oxygen flask. 

Luftflotte f air force (a territorial 
and tactical command of the Luft- 

Luftflottenchef to air force com- 
mander. See also Luftflotte. 

Luftgau to air force administrative 
command (administrative area of a 

Luftgaukommado n air force admin- 
istrative command headquarters. See 
also Luftgau, Luftflotte. 

Luftgegner m hostile aircraft. 

luftgekiihlt air-cooled. 

Luftgeschwader n See Geschwader. 

Luftgewicht n density of the air. 
ballistisches Luftgewicht ballistic 

Lufthafenbereichkommandantur / 

airdrome regional command (sub- 
division of a Luftgau). 

Luftherrschaft / air supremacy, 
mastery of the air, control of the 

Lufthoheit / air sovereignty. 

Luftinfanterie f airborne infantry. 

Luftkabel n overhead wire (Tp). 

Luftkampf m air fighting, air at- 

Luftkampfgeschwader n bombard- 
ment wing. See also Geschwader. 

Luftkampfstoff to volatile chemical 
agent ( as distinguished from Gelan- 
dekampfstoff, ground contaminating 

Luftkampfiibung / air fighting or 
air attack exercise. 

Luftkarte f air map. 

Luftklappenventil 115 Luftschutzordnungsdienst 

Luftklappenventil n choke valve 
( carburetor) . 

Luftkraft / aerodynamic force. 

Luftkreis to air force service area. 

Luftkreiskommando n air force serv- 
ice area headquarters. 

Luftkrieg m air war, air warfare. 

Luftkriegfiihrung f air warfare. 

Luftkriegsschule / officer candidate 
school (Luftwaffe) . 

Luftkiihlung / air cooling. 

Luftlager n PW camp for air forces 

Luftlandegeschwader n glider wing 
(strictly, a winy of transport air- 
planes for towing gliders). 

Luftlandekette / glider flight (air- 
borne operations) . See also Luft- 

Luftlandestaffel / glider squadron 
(airborne operations). See also Luft- 

Luftlandetruppen fpl air landing 

Luftleere / vacuum. 

Luftleiter w antenna. 

Luftloch n air pocket (Avn). 

Luftmacht / air power. 

Luftmarsch m “air march” (flight 
of airborne troops from departure 
Adrm to destination) . 

Luftmeer n atmosphere. 

Luftmeldequadrat n grid square ( for 
reporting locations in air recon- 

Luftmine / aerial mine. 

Luftnachrichten fpl signal communi- 
cation (Luftwaffe) ■ 

Luftnachrichtenabteilung / signal 

battalion (Luftwaffe). 

Luftnachrichtenhelferin / woman 

signal auxiliary (Luftwaffe). 

Luftnachrichtenkompanie / signal 

company (Luftwaffe). 

Luftnachrichtenstelle / signal center 
of an airdrome. 

Luftnachrichtentruppe f signal com- 
munication troops (Luftwaffe). 

Luftnavigation / air navigation. 

Luft.offensive / air offensive. 

Luftparade / aerial review, aerial 
pass in review. 

Luftpersonalamt n See Luftwaffen- 

Luftpresser to air compressor. 

Luftraum m air area; air space; 

! Luftreibung f air friction. 

: Luftreifen to pneumatic tire. 

Luftreiniger to air filter. 

Luftsack to wind sock, wind sleeve, 
wind cone (Avn); towed-sleeve 
target (AAA practice); ballonet 

Luftsackmaul n air scoop (Bln). 

Luftsackventil n ballonet valve 

Luftsaule / column of air (Met). 

Luftscheibe / antiaircraft practice 

Luftschicht f atmospheric layer 

Luftschiff n airship. 

Luftschlacht / air battle. 

Luftschlauch to inner tube (MT). 

Luftschlitz m louver (Tk). 

Luftschraube / propeller (Ap). See 
also Propeller. 

Luftschraubenblatt n propeller blade 

Luftschraubendrehzahl / propeller 

Luftschraubenebene / plane of pro- 
peller rotation (Ap). 

Luftschraubenfliigel to propeller 
blade (Ap). 

Luftschraubenhaube f propeller 

spinner (Ap). 

Luftschraubenkreis to propeller-disk 
area (Ap). 

Luftschraubensteigungsmesser to pro- 
peller pitch indicator. 

Luftschraubenstrahl m slipstream. 

Luftschraubennabenstiick n propel- 
ler boss (Ap). 

Luftschraubenverstellgerat n pitch- 
control mechanism (propeller). 

Luftschutz m air raid protection, 
passive air defense (Civ defense). 

Luftschutzabschnitt to civilian de- 
fense sector (air raid protection). 

Luftschutzbezirk to civilian defense 
district (air raid protection). 

Luftschutzbrandspritze / stirrup 

Luftschutzbund to See Reichsluft- 

Luftschutzkeller in air raid shelter. 

Luftschutzleiter m chief of air de- 
fense (in a local defense council). 

Luftschutzmafinahmen fpl air raid 
precautionary measures. 
Luftschutzordnungsdienst to civilian 

Luf tschutzpolizei 

116 Luftwaffenverwaltungsamt 

defense police service ( air raid pro- 

Luftschutzpolizei / civilian defense 
police (air raid protection). 

Luftschutzraum to air raid shelter. 

Luftschutzrevier n civilian defense 
zone (air raid protection). 

Luftschutzsanitatsdienst m civilian 
defense medical service (air raid 
protection) . 

Luftschutzsirene / air raid siren. 

Luftschutztruppen fpl civilian de- 
fense troops (air raid protection). 

Luftschutzturm m air raid tower. 

Luftschutziibung / air raid drill, 
practice alert. 

Luftschutzveterinardienst m civilian 
defense veterinary service (air raid 
protection) . 

Luftschutzwarndienst m aircraft 
warning service (Civ defense). 

Luftschutzwarnstelle / district warn- 
ing center (AWS). 

Luftschutzwarnzentrale / control 
center (AWS). 

Luftschutzwart to air raid warden. 

Luftschutzzentrale / See Luftschutz- 

Luftsog m vacuum (resulting from 

Luftspaher m ground observer 

(AWS); antiaircraft scout or look- 
out, air sentinel, air guard. 

Luftspah- und Warndienst m air- 
craft scout and warning service. 

Luftsperre f antiaircraft defenses 
(balloon barrage, fighter patrol, 

Luftsperrgebiet n prohibited zone, 
airspace reservation (Avn). 

Luftsperrtruppen fpl barrage bal- 
loon troops. 

Luftsprengpunkt m point of air 
burst (Arty). 

Luftstorungen fpl atmospheric dis- 

LuftstoB to blast, concussion of air 
(resulting from an explosion). 

Luftstreitkrafte fpl air forces. 

Luftstrom to air current. 

Luftstromgerat n airplane chemical 
spray apparatus. 

Luftstiitzpunkt m air base. 

lufttanken to refuel in flight. 

Lufttorpedo n aerial torpedo. 

Lufttransport to air transport. 

Lufttreffbild n air-burst pattern. 

Lufttiichtigkeit / airworthiness. 

Lufttiichtigkeitsschein to airworth- 
iness certificate. 

Luftiiberlegenheit / air superiority. 

Liiftung / ventilation. 

Liiftungsrohr n ventilation shaft 


Luftverankerung / overhead cable 
anchorage (Pon Bdg). 

Luftverdichter to air compressor. 

Luftvergleichsziel n high-burst aux- 
iliary target (Arty). 

Luftverkehrslinie / civil airway. 

Luftversorgung / supply by air. 

Luftverteidigung f air defense, anti- 
aircraft defense; air defense system. 

Luftverteidigungsgebiet n special 
air defense command in vital areas. 

Luftvorholer m pneumatic recup- 
erator (G). 

Luftwache f ground observer 

RAIL'S,); air sentinel, air guard. 

Luftwaffe f German Air Forces. 

Luftwaffenbautruppe / aviation con- 
struction engineers. 

Luftwaffenbetriebskompanie / air- 
drome maintenance and service unit. 

Luftwaffen-Druckvorschrift / air 
forces manual (abbr. L.Dv.). 

Luftwaffen-Felddivision / air forces 
field division (fighting as ground 
force with the Army). 

Luftwaffenflak / air forces antiair- 
craft artillery (as distinguished 
from Army antiaircraft artillery). 

Luftwaffengruppenkommando n air 
force headquarters of a Gruppe. 

Luftwaffenhelfer m air forces order- 
ly ( messenger or clerk of premili- 
tary age). 

Luftwaffenhelferin / air forces wo- 
man auxiliary. 

Luftwaffen-Jager-Regiment n air 
forces rifle regiment. 

Luftwaffenkommando n air forces 

Luftwaffenpersonalamt n Air Forces 
Personnel Office ( a branch of the 
Ger Air Ministry). 

Luftwaffenschiitzenregiment n air 
forces rifle regiment. 

Luftwaffen-Sturm-Bataillon n Air 
Forces assault battalion (air-land- 
ing troops). 

Luftwaffenverordnungsblatt n Air 
Forces Regulations (a publication). 

Luftwaffenverwaltungsamt n Air 




Forces Administration Office ( a 
branch of the Ger Air Ministry). 

Luftwichte / specific gravity of air. 

Luftwiderstand m air resistance 
(Ballistics, MT, etc.); drag (Avn). 

Luftzielapparat m azimuth instru- 


Luger 08 / German standard mili- 
tary pistol. 

Luke / door, hatch (Ap, Tk). 
Lukendeckel m hatch cover (Tk). 
Lungengift n See Lungenreizstoff. 
Lungenreizstoff m lung irritant 


Lunte f slow match (fuze lighter). 
Luv / weather side. 

Luvwinkel m crab, angle of crab, 
drift angle (Air Navigation). 


Maat m petty officer, third class 

Macht / power; country. 

Maderfelge / quick-detachable rim 
(with side ring) (MT). 

Magazin n storage depot; magazine. 

Magazinfeuer n automatic fire. 

Magazingehause n magazine hous- 

ing (pistol). 

Magazinhaltehebel m magazine 

catch lever (MG). 

Magazinhalter m magazine holder 
(MG); magazine catch (pistol). 

Magazinlager n magazine rack 

( Ord). 

Magnesiumthermit n thermit filler 
(incendiary bomb). 

Magnetapparat m magneto (Mtr). 

Magnetisch-Nord m compass north, 
magnetic north. 

Magnetkompali m magnetic compass. 

Magnetmine / magnetic mine. 

Magnetspule / solenoid (Elec). 

Magnetziindapparat m magneto. 

Magnetziindung / magneto ignition. 

Magnus-Effekt m Magnus effect (of 
air rotation caused by projectile 

Major m major. 

Mangan n manganese. 

Mannchen n whipstall (Avn). 

Manneszucht / military discipline. 

Mannschaft / crew, team, party, 
squad, “outfit.” See also Mann- 

Mannschaften fpl enlisted personnel 
(up to and including Obergefreiter, 

Mannschaftsentgiftungskraftwagen m 
decontamination truck for personnel. 

Mar.nschaftsstube / squad room. 

Mannschaftswagen m personnel car- 
rier (MT). 

Manover n maneuver. 

Manoverkartusche / blank cartridge. 

Manovrierfahigkeit / maneuver- 

Manovrierventil n maneuvering 

valve (Bln). 

Mantel m overcoat (Clo); jacket 
(MG, Am); casing (of a tire). 

Mantelboden m jacket base (MG). 

Mantelkopf m jacket end cap (MG). 

Mantelringrohr n built-up barrel 
(G); jacketed barrel (MG). 

Marine f navy. 

Marineakademie f naval academy. 

Marineartillerie f naval coast artil- 

Marineartillerieabteilung / naval 
coast artillery battalion. 

Marineartilleriemaat m petty officer, 
third class, in naval coast artillery. 

Marineattachc m naval attache. 

Marinebaubataillon n naval con- 
struction battalion. 

Marine-Flak f naval antiaircraft ar- 

Marineflieger m naval aviator, naval 

Marineflugwesen n naval aviation. 

Marinelager n See Marlag. 

Marineministerium n Admiralty of 
the German Navy. 

Marke f mark, index mark, reading 
on range drum (Arty); label; 
brand; stamp. 

Markenplatte / index plate (on aim- 
ing circle or telescopic sight). 

Markenring m index ring (MG teles- 
copic sight). 

Marinestation / naval base. 

MarinestoBtrupp 118 Maschinengewehrstand 

Marinestofitrupp m naval landing 

Marinewaffenamt n Bureau of Ord- 
nance (Nav). 

Marinewerft f navy yard. 

Markenstiick n line-up stud (on top 
gun carriage). 

Marketenderei / post exchange. 

Marketenderware / sales article ( sold 
at PX). 

Markscheidegerat n mine-surveying 
set (Engr). 

Marlag n prisoner-of-war camp for 
sailors (abbr. of Marinelager). 

Marschabstand m distance between 
march units. 

Marschallstab m baton. 

Marschbataillon n personnel replace- 
ment transfer battalion (conducting 
replacements from Wehrkreis to T 
of Opns). 

Marschbefehl m march order ; official 
travel order. 

Marschbereitschaft / march read- 

Marschbreite f width of march col- 

Marschdecke / blanket. 

marschfahig capable of walking, fit 
for marching. 

marschfahige Verwundete walking 
wounded, ambulant cases. 

Marschfiihigkeit / marching ability. 

Marschfolge / order of march. 

Marschfiihlung / maintenance of 
contact on the march. 

Marschfiihrer m control officer 

(march column). 

Marschgepack n full pack. 

Marschgeschwindigkeit / cruising 
speed (Ap); rate of march. 

Marschgliederung / march forma- 
tion, organization of march. 

Marschgruppe / march group, march 
section, march unit. 

Marschhalt m march halt. 

Marschieren ohne Tritt route march, 
route step. 

Marschkolonne / march column, 
route column. 

Marschkompanie / trained replace- 
ment company. 

Marschkompafi m prismatic compass. 

Marschkontrollstelle / control point. 

Marschlange / road space (march 

Marschleistung / march capacity, 
march performance. 

Marschlinie / line of march. 

“Marsch! Marsch!” “Double time, 
march!”; “On the double!” 

Marschordnung / column of threes 
(Inf drill); close order march for- 
mation; line of march. 

“In Marschordnung, angetreten!” 
“In column of threes, fall in!” 

“Marschordnung!” “March order!” 

Marschpause f march halt. 

Marschrast / march rest. 

Marschsicherung / security on the 

Marschskizze f strip map (MT). 

Marschstockung / road jam. 

MarschstraBe / march route. 

Marschstrecke / march route, stretch 
or leg of a march. 

Marschtafel f march table. 

Marschtiefe / road space (march 

Marschiibersicht / march schedule. 

Marschvorposten m march outpost. 

Marschweg m route of march. 

Marschzeit / time of march, time 

Marschziel n march objective, march 

Marschzucht f march discipline. 

Maschendraht m woven wire, wire 
netting, wire mesh. 

Maschendrahtzaun m woven-wire 
fence, woven-wire obstacle. 

Maschine / motor, engine; machine; 
airplane ( colloquial ) . 

Maschinenflak f antiaircraft auto- 
matic weapons. 

Maschinengewehr n machine gun. 
See also terms under MG. 

Maschinengewehrangriff to strafing 
assault, strafing attack (Avn). 

Maschinengevvehr-Bedienung / ma- 
chine-gun crew. 

Maschinengewehrgarbe / sheaf of 
fire (MG). 

Maschinengewehrgruppe / machine- 
gun section. 

Maschinengewehr-Halbzug m ma- 

chine-gun squad. 

Maschinengewehrschlitten m ma- 

chine-gun sleigh mount. 

Maschinengewehrschiitze to machine 

Maschinengewehrstand to machine- 

Maschinengewehrsteuerung 119 

gun emplacement; machine gunner’s 
station (Ap). 

Maschinengewehrsteuerung / syn- 
chronization (Ap MG's). 

Maschinengewehrtrupp to light MG 
team (of Inf squad). 

Maschinengewehrzug to MG platoon. 

Maschinenkanone / automatic can- 
non (Ap); automatic gun. 

Maschinenkarabiner to automatic 

Maschinenpistole / submachine gun. 

Maschinensatz to generating unit, 
power unit. 

Maschinenschlosser to mechanic. 

Maschinenschreiber to typist. 

Maschinenwaffe / automatic weapon. 

Maschinist to machinist (Nav). 

Maske / mask, screen, camouflage 
net, flat-top, overhead screen ( Cam) ; 
gas mask; oxygen mask. 

Maskenbrille f special type of eye- 
glasses for wear under gas mask. 

Maskenkorper m facepiece (gas 


Maskenspanner to face form ( to pre- 
vent gas-mask distortion). 

Mail n measure (of quantity, etc.). 

Masse / mass. 

Massenabwurf to salvo release 


Massenausgleich m counterbalance, 
counterweight (Ap). 

MassenbeschufJ m concentrated fire. 

Masseneinsatz to commitment of ma- 
jor forces, employment of major 
forces (Tac). 

Massenfertigung / mass production. 

Massentaktik f grand tactics. 

Massenwirkung f mass effect (Tac). 

massieren to mass, concentrate; to 

Massierung f mass, massing, line of 
masses (Tac). 

Malinahme / measure; step; enact- 

Mafistab to scale; proportion. 

mafistabgerecht according to scale. 

Mast to mast. 

Mastwurf to clove hitch. 

Materialfehler to defect of material. 

Materialsammelstelle / salvage 


Materialschlacht / battle of materiel. 

Materialwirkung / effect of fire 

against material objects (Gunnery). 

Matrose w apprentice seaman ; sailor. 


Matrosengefreiter TO seaman, second 


Matrosenhaupgefreiter to seaman, 

first class (highest rated, with 4 Vs 
years seniority). 

Matrosenobergefreiter to seaman, 

first class. 

Mattanstrich to lusterless paint. 

Mattscheibe / ground-glass plate. 

Mauer / stone, brick or concrete 

Maultier n mule. 

Maultierkolonne f mule train. 

Maximaleffekt to maximum inten- 
sity (sound locator). . 

M.-Blink n portable signal lamp 
(abbr. of mittleres Blinkgerat). 

Mechaniker to mechanic. 

mechanischer Ziinder mechanical 

mechanisierter Verband mechanized 

mechanisiertes Fahrzeug armored 
combat vehicle. 

Mechanisierung / mechanization. 

Medaille / medal. 

Meer n ocean, sea. 

Meereskiiste / seacoast. 

Meeresspiegel to sea level. 

Mehrachsantrieb m multi-axle drive. 

Mehrachser to multi-axle vehicle. 

Mehrbestand to surplus stock (i.e. 
above authorized basic allowance) . 

Mehrdecker to multiplane (Ap). 

mehrfach multiple; multiplex; com- 

Mehrfachbetrieb w multiplex opera- 
tion (Tp). 

Mehrfach-Reihenbildkammer / mul- 
tiple lens camera (aerial Photo). 

Mehrfachsprechen n multiplex tele- 

Mehrfachziinder to combination fuze 


Mehrgitterrohre / multiple-grid tube, 
multielement tube (Rad). 

mehrgleisig multiple-tracked (RR). 

Mehrlader to magazine-fed rifle or 
carbine, clip-fed rifle or carbine. 

Mehrladevorrichtung / magazine 
feeding device (R). 

mehrlaufige Fla-Waffe multiple-bar- 
rel antiaircraft weapon. 

Mehrlauflafette / multiple-gun 


Mehrlochdiise f multiple-hole nozzle 





mehrmotorig multiple-engine. I Melder in messenger. 

Mehrscheibenkupplnng / multiple- 
disk clutch. 

Mehrsitzer m multiseater airplane. 

Mehrzweckfahrzeug n general-pur- 
pose vehicle. 

Mehrzweckflugzeug n general-pur- 
pose airplane. 

Mehrzweckgeschiitz n multipurpose 

Meilenstein m milestone. 

MeiBel m chisel. 

Meldeabwurf in message dropping. 

Meldeabwurfhiille f drop-message 

Meldeabwurfstelle / message-drop- 
ping ground. 

Meldeblatt n message blank. 

Meldeblock m message pad. 

Meldebuch n field message book. 

Meldebiichse / message container 
(for dropping messages). 

Meldedienst m message communica- 
tion service. 

Meldefahrer m mounted messenger 
(MT); dispatch rider, dispatch 

Meldefahrzeug n messenger vehicle. 

Meldeformular n message blank. 

Meldeganger m runner, messenger. 

Meldehund m messenger dog. 

Meldehundfuhrer m messenger-dog 
handler, messenger-dog guard. 

Meldehundtrupp m dog-handler team 
(for messenger dogs). 

Meldekapsel / message-dropping 

Meldekarte f message blank. 

Meldekopf m wire head (line con- 
struction); advance message center. 

Meldelauf m message run (messen- 
ger dog). 

Meldelaufer m runner, messenger. 

melden to report, 
sich melden to report (to present 
oneself); to register with the 
police; to volunteer, 
sich krank melden to report sick, 
to go on sick call. 

sich freiwillig melden to volunteer, 
enlist, enroll. 

Meldepatrone f ground signal car- 

Meldepflicht / obligation to report 
to, or register with, the police. 

Meldequadrat n grid square (for re- 
porting locations). 

Melderakete / message-carrying 


Meldereiter m mounted messenger. 

Melderose / orientation card 

(AWS); orientation clock (to indi- 
cate target’s direction of approach) 

Meldesammelstelle / message center. 

Meldestelle f control point (march 
column) ; local reporting office. 

Meldetasche / dispatch case. 

Meldeweg m message channel. 

Meldung f message, report, dispatch. 

Membran / diaphragm. 

Membranmaske / diaphragm gas 

Membranpumpe f diaphragm pump. 

mengenmafiig quantitative; volume- 

Meridiankonvergenz f gisement, grid 
declination (Surv). 

Merkblatt n supplement (to a manu- 
al) ; instructional pamphlet or book- 

Merkzettel m data card, memo. 

Meffband n surveyor’s tape. 

Mellbatterie / survey battery (Arty). 

Melibecher m dispenser, graduate. 

Mellbildpaare npl stereoscopic com- 
plements (Photo Surv). 

MeBbildverfahren n phototopography. 

Meffbriicke / measuring bridge 

circuit, Wheatstone bridge (Elec). 

Meffdreieck n plotting protractor 

MeBdreieckverfahren n plotting-pro- 
tractor method ( protractor compen- 
sates for position offset and deter- 
mines firing range on basis of 
range-finder and aiming-circle 

MeBei n pressure gage (Arty). 

MeBeinheit f unit of measurement. 

MeBentfernung f slant range to 
present position ( at instant of range 
determination) (A A gunnery). 

Messerflug in steep-bank flight. 

Messerschalter m knife switch 


MeBflug in test flight (Avn). 

MeBgerat n range-finder; survey 
equipment or instrument. 

MeBhohe / altitude of target at 
instant of range determination ( A A 
gunnery ) . 

Messing n brass. 


121 Militarstrafgesetzbuch 

MeBkammer / topographic-survey 

MeBkartusche f test cartridge ; charge 
temperature cartridge (Arty). 

MeBkette / surveyor’s chain. 

MeBknopf m measuring knob (range 
finder) . 

MeBkreis m protractor arc (plotting 
protractor) ; azimuth circle (BC 

MeBlatte f stadia rod (Surv). 

MeBleitung / measuring circuit (SR, 

MeBmann to range-finder operator. 

MeBmarke / measuring mark ( range 

MeBpatrone / bore gage (SA). 

Mefipunkt m present position of 

target (at instant of range determi- 
nation) (AA gunnery). 

Meflspiegel m reference mirror 

(river-width measuring Inst). 

MeBstab to stadia rod (Surv). 

MeBstand m base end station 


MeBstelle / ranging station (SR, 

MeBtisch to plane table (Surv). 

MeBtischblatt n plane table sheet. 

MeBtrupp to survey team, flash or 
sound ranging team (Arty). 

MeBwalze / measuring knob (height 

MeBzentrale / flash central station, 
sound central station (F'R, SR). 

MetallgefaB n metal container. 

Metallgliedergurt to metallic-link 
ammunition belt (MG). 

Metallgliederkette f metallic-link 
belt (MG). 

Metallsage / hacksaw. 

Meteorograph to aerometeorograph, 
aerograph, meteorograph (Avn, 

Meteorologe to meteorologist, 

Meterspur f one-meter track gage 

Methyldichlorarsin n methyldichlor- 
arsine (CWS). 

Meuterei f mutiny. 

M.-Flak f automatic antiaircraft 
gun (abbr. of Flugabwehrmasehinen- 
kanone) . 

MG.-DreifuB to tripod (MG). 

MG.-Gerat n machine-gun materiel. 

MG.-Gurt to machine-gun ammuni- 
tion belt. 

MG.-Mann to machine gunner. 

MG.-Richtaufsatz to machine-gun 

MG.-Richtkreis to machine-gun aim- 
ing circle. 

MG.-Staffel / heavy machine-gun 
section (Cav). 

MG.-Trager to machine-gun carrier. 

MG.-Wagen to machine-gun cart 

MG.-Warze / blister (Ap). 

MG.-Zieleinrichtung / machine-gun 
sighting mechanism. 

MG.-Zielfernrohr n machine-gun 
telescopic sight. 

MG.-Zwilling m twin machine gun. 

Mikrometerschraube / micrometer, 
micrometer calipers. 

Milag n See Militarlager. 

Milchglas n frosted glass. 

Militar n military, military forces, 
soldiery. See also terms under 
Heer, Wehrmacht. 

Militararztliche Akademie army me- 
dical school. 

Militarattachc to military attache. 

MilitiirausschuB to military commis- 

Militarbefehlshaber to military com- 
mander in occupied territory. 

Militarbehorde f military authorities. 

Militarbevollmachtigter to military 

Militarbezirk to military district. 

Militarfriedhof to military cemetery. 

Militargefangnis n military prison. 

Militargericht n military court, mili- 
tary tribunal. 

Militargerichtsbarkeit f military 

militarische Besetzung military oc- 

militarische Formen military cour- 

militarischer Auftrag military mis- 

militarischer Schriftverkehr military 

militarisch raumen demilitarize. 

Militarkommission f military com- 

Militarlager n prisoner of war camp 
(abbr. Milag). 

Militarluftfahrt / military aviation. 

Militarpfarrer to chaplain. 

Militarstrafgesetzbuch n military 
penal code. 

Militarverwaltung 122 Mitteneindruck 

Militarverwaltung f military ad- 
ministration; military government. 

Militarverwaltungsbezirk to military 

Miliz / militia. 

Mindestnutzbreite f minimum useful 
width of roadway. 

Mine f mine. 

Minenabweiser to paravane (Nav). 

Minenanker mit Tiefensteller auto- 
matic anchor (Nav). 

Minenanlage f demolition installa- 
tion (in a Bdg, etc.); mine system 
(mine warfare). 

Minenboje / mine buoy. 

Minenbombe / aerial mine. 

Minenfahrzeug n mine layer, mine 
planter (Nav). 

Minenfeld n mine field. 

Minenflugzeug n mine-laying air- 

Minengang m mine gallery. 

Minengefafi n mine case ( container). 

Minenhund m miner’s tramcar 
(Engr) ; remote-controlled explosive- 
laden tank, “robot tank.” 

Minenkammer / demolition chamber 
(Bdg, mine). 

Minenkampf to military mining, mine 

Minenkratze / grub hoe. 

Minenkrieg w military mining, mine 

Minenlegen n mine laying. 

Minenleger w mine layer, mine 
planter (Nav). 

Minenlegermotorboot n mine yawl 

Minenlegerpanzerkampf wagen m 
mine-laying tank. 

Minenraumboot m mine sweeper 


Minenraumer m mine sweeper 


Minenraumpanzer m mine-clearance 

Minenraumung f mine sweeping; 

mine clearance. 

Minenrohr n borehole. 

Minenschacht to mine shaft. 

Minenschleppen n mine dragging 


Minensperre / mine field, mine ob- 
stacle; submarine mine field (Nav); 
mine defense (Tac). 

Minenstpllen w gallery, tunnel, 

Minensuchboot n mine sweeper 


Minensucher m mine sweeper (Nav). 

Minensuchgerat n mine detector. 

Minensuchstab m mine-probing rod. 

Minensuchtrupp m mine-locating 


Minentonne f mine buoy. 

Minentrichter m mine crater. 

minenverseuchtes Gebiet mined area, 
mine-infested area. 

Minenwirkung / mining effect (Am). 

Minierdienst m mining service ( tun- 

Miniergerat n mining tools. 

Miniergut n spoil (mining). 

Mifibilligung / disapproval. 

miBlingen fail. 

mifiweisender Kurs magnetic head- 

■ ing, magnetic course (Air Naviga- 

mifiweisender Kurswinkel magnetic 
azimuth (Air Navigation). 

MiBweisung / magnetic declination, 
magnetic variation, declination con- 
stant, compass declination. 

Mithoreinrichtung f sidetone circuit 
(Rad, Tp). 

mithiiren to listen in, to monitor 
(Rad, Tp). 

Mithbrstelle f intercept station. 

Mitklingen n resonance (Rad). 

Mitkoppeln n determining of course 
or fix by dead reckoning (Avn). 

Mitlesen n interception (of visual 

Mitnehmer m translating lever 

(sight mechanism); lathe dog; 
catch; lifter; cam; lug. 

Mitschuldiger to accomplice. 

mitteilen inform. 

Mitteilung / communication, mes- 
sage, information. 

Mittelbalken to center balk (Bdg). 

Mitteldecker to midwing monoplane. 

Mittelhand / barrel (horse). 

Mittelpferde npl swing team. 

Mittelpfropfen to tompion (G). 

Mittelrohrrahmen to tubular-center 
chassis (MT). 

Mittelspiegel to a colored center 
strip between the halves of the 
Kragenlitze (Clo). 

MitteltroB to second echelon supply 
train (behind the Gefechtstrofi). 

Mitteneindruck to binaural balance 

(sound locating). 

mittlere Flugbahn 123 Mundpfropfen 

mittlere Flugbahn mean trajectory, 
mittlerer Fehler average error, 
mean error. 

mittlerer Panzerkampfwagen me- 
dium tank. 

mittlerer Sprengpunkt center of 

mittlerer Treffpunkt center of im- 
pact, center of dispersion, 
mittlere Sonnenzeit mean solar time. 
Mitwirkung / cooperation, 
mobil mobilized, 
mobil machen to mobilize. 
Mobilmachung / mobilization. 
Mobilmachungsbestimmungen fpl mo- 
bilization regulations. 
Mobilmachungsplan m mobilization 

Modell n model, type, pattern. 
Modelung f modulation (Rad, Tp). 
modulierte Welle modulated wave. 
Moment m moment, instant. 

Moment n factor, element. 
Momentstrom m instantaneous cur- 
rent (Elec). 

Montage / assembly, erection, 

mounting, installation. 

Montagehalle / assembly shop. 
Montageluke / inspection hatch 

Montageplatte / chassis panel 

Montagewerk n assembly plant. 
Monteur m mechanic, assembler, 
montieren to assemble, make up, 

erect, mount. 

Montierhebel m tire tool. 

Moor n bog, marsh, moor. 

Morast m bog. 

Morgenkost / breakfast, morning 

Morsealphabet n Morse code. 
Morsen n transmitting by Morse 


Morser m howitzer ( caliber 210 mm 
and larger). 

Morsespruch m telegraph message. 
Morsetaste f telegraph key. 
Morsezeichen n Morse code charac- 

Motor m engine, motor. 

Motorblock m cylinder block (Mtr). 
Motorbremse / engine brake (MT). 
Motordrehmoment n engine torque. 
Motordrehzahl f engine rpm. 
Motoren-Instandsetzung / engine re- 

Motorenkiihlung / engine cooling. 
Motorenliiftung f engine ventilation, 
engine louvers (Tk). 

Motorenraum m engine compart- 
ment (Tk). 

Motorgleiter m powered glider. 
Motorgondel f engine nacelle (Ap). 
Motorhaube / engine cowling (Ap); 
hood (MT). 

motorisiert motorized; mechanized; 

. mobile. 

motorisierte Kavallerie mechanized 


Motorpanne / engine failure. 
Motorponton m ponton with out- 
board motor. 

Motorrad n See Kraftrad. 
Motorregler m engine governor. 
Motorsage / power saw. 
Motorschaden m engine damage, 
engine trouble. 

Motorschlitten m motor sled, aero- 

Motorschnellboot n motor torpedo 
boat, PT boat. 

Motorsegler m powered glider. 
Motorstiirung / engine trouble. 
Motortorpedoboot n motor torpedo 
boat, PT boat. 

Motorverkleidung / engine cowling 

Motorverschalung / See Motorver- 

Motorwelle f engine crankshaft. 
m.Pak f medium antitank gun. 
M.Patrone f ground signal cartridge 
(abbr. of Meldepatrone) . 

Mhcken n flinching (SA firing). 
Miidigkeit / fatigue. 

Mudrasteg m a type of portable 
hasty footbridge. 

Muffe / threaded sleeve (for pipe 

Miihle f mill. 

Mulde f pit, hole, depression, hollow. 
Muldenlinie f centerline of depres- 
sion (Top). 
miindlich oral. 

Mundloch n adapter opening (Am). 
Mundlochfries m muzzle bell, muzzle 
swell (G). 

Mundlochgewinde n adapter thread 


Mundlochschraube / adapter plug 


Mundpfropfen m tompion ( G). 



Mundschicht f chemical layer (gas 

MundstUck n mouthpiece (harness). 

Miindung f muzzle ( Ord) ; mouth, 
outlet (of a river)-. 

Miindungsarbeit / kinetic energy at 
the muzzle. 

Miindungsbremse / muzzle brake 

(G). - . 

Miindungsdeckel m muzzle cover. 

Mundungsenergie / kinetic energy at 
the muzzle. 

Miindungsfeuer n muzzle flash. 

Miindungsfeuerdampfer m flash 

Miindungsgasdruck m muzzle gas 

Miindungsgeschwindigkeit / muzzle 

Miindungskappe / tompion, muzzle 
cover (G). 

Miindungsknall m report produced 
by gun or muzzle wave (SR). 

Miindungspfropfen m tompion (G). 

Miindungsrauch m muzzle-blast 


Miindungsschoner m muzzle cover 

Miindungswaagerechte / base of the 

Mundungswucht f kinetic energy at 
the muzzle. 

Munition / ammunition. 

Munitionieren n loading (Ap weap-, 

Munitionsart / grade of ammunition. 

Munitionsaufzug m shell hoist. 

Munitionsausgabestelle / ammuni- 
tion distributing point. 

Munitionsausstattung / issue of am- 

Munitionsbestand m stock of ammu- 

Munitionseinsatz m commitment or 
employment of ammunition. 

Munitionsersatz w resupply of am- 

Munitionsfahrzeug n ammunition 
carrier (vehicle). 

Munitionskammer / ammunition 

sponson (Tk) ; ammunition storage 
chamber, magazine. 

Munitionskarren m loading barrow; 
ammunition carrier (H-Dr). 

Munitionskasten to ammunition box. 

Munitionskolonne f ammunition 

train, ammunition column. 


Munitionslager n ammunition dump, 
ammunition depot. 

Munitionslager in Geschiitznahe ready 
magazine (Arty). 

Munitionsloch n ammunition pit. 

Munitionsmangel to ammunition 

Munitionsnachschub m ammunition 

Munitionsnische / ammunition niche, 
hasty ammunition shelter (Ft). 

Munitionsschlepper m ammunition 
prime mover (MT). 

Munitionsschuppen to ammunition 
storage shed. 

Munitionsschiitze m ammunition 
bearer, ammunition carrier. 

Munitionsstaffel / ammunition sec- 
tion ( of firing Btry, Tk Bn, etc.). 

Munitions-Staffelfiihrer to ammuni- 
tion supply officer. 

Munitionsstapelplatz m ammunition 

Munitionstrager to ammunition 

bearer, ammunition carrier. 

Munitionstrommel / ammunition 

Munitionstrupp to ammunition detail. 

Munitionsumschlagstelle f ammuni- 
tion supply point. 

Munitionsunteroffizier to chief of 
ammunition (NCO, Arty). 

Munitionsverbrauch m expenditure 
of ammunition. 

Munitionsvergeudung / waste of am- 

Munitionsverteilungsstelle / ammu- 
nition distributing point. 

Munitionsverwaltung / ammunition 
administrative office (Div and up). 

Munitionsverwaltungskompanie f am- 
munition administration company. 

Munitionswagen to caisson, ammuni- 
tion wagon, ammunition trailer, am- 
munition carrier (H-Dr). 

Munitionswesen n ammunition sup- 
ply service. 

Munitionszug to ammunition train 

Munitionszugmaschine / ammunition 
prime mover (MT). 

miirbe softened up, worn out, de- 

M- u. R.-Patronen fpl signal and 
smoke cartridges (abbr. of Melde- 
und Rauchpatronen). 

Musikkorps n military band. 


125 Nachrichtenqueiverbindung 

Musikmeister m bandmaster (2nd 

Muster n model, type, pattern. 

Musterung / registration for the 
draft (includes physical examina- 
tion and tentative classification). 

Musterungsbezirk m draft subdis- 
trict (subdivision of Wehrmeldebe- 

Musterungsstab to registration staff 
(for the draft). 

Mutter / nut (Tech). 

Mutterkompafl to master compass 

Muttermal n birthmark. 

Mutterrohr n gun tube designed to 
receive a liner. 

Mutterschiff n tender (Nav). 
Mutterschliissel to wrench. 
Mutteruhr / master watch. 

Miitze / cap, hat. 

Miitzenkordel / hat cord. 


Nabe f hub. 

Nachbar m adjacent unit (Tac); 

Nachbartruppen fpl adjacent troops. 

Nachbildung f mock-up, model, 

nachbrennen to hang fire (Am). 

Nachbrenner m hangfire (Am). 

Nachdriingen n direct pressure in 
pursuit (Tac). 

Nachhinken n hysteresis (Mech). 

Nachhut / rear guard. 

Nachlassigkeit f negligence. 

Nachlauf m positive caster (MT). 

“Nach links, richt Euch!” “Dress 
left, dress!” 

Nachpriifung / verification. 

Nachricht / information, intelligence, 
news, message. 

Nachrichten fpl information, intel- 
ligence, signal communication. 

Nachrichtenabteilung / signal bat- 

Nachrichtenachse / axis of signal 

Nachrichtenaufklarung / signal in- 

Nachrichtenbeschaffung f procure- 
ment of information, intelligence. 

Nachrichtenbeurteilung / evaluation 
of information. 

Nachrichtenblatt n bulletin (publica- 

Nachrichtendienst m military intel- 
ligence service, intelligence service; 
news service (Rad). 

Nachrichteneinsatz m commitment 
or employment of signal units. 

Nachrichtenfahrzeug n signal ve- 

Nach rich tenfiihrer m signal officer of 
a Fliegerkorps (in Comd of a 
Luftnachrichtenregiment) . 

Hoherer Nachrichtenfiihrer signal 
officer at a Luftflotte headquarters. 

Nachrichtengerat n signal equip- 
ment, signal supplies. 

Nachrichtengeriitkarren m signal- 
equipment cart. 

Nachrichtengeriitpark m signal-sup- 
ply dump. 

Nachrichtenhelferin / signal-com- 
munication woman auxiliary. 

Nachriehtenkolonne f signal-supply 

Nachrichtenkompanie / signal com- 

Nachrichtenkopf m wire head, ad- 
vance message center. 

Nachrichtenkraftfahrzeug n signal 
motor vehicle. 

Nachrichtenmaid / woman signal 
auxiliary of the SS. 

Nachrichtenmann to signal commu- 
nication man. 

Nachrichtenmittel n means of signal 

Nachrichtennetz n communication 


Nachrichtenoffizier m signal officer, 
communication officer, intelligence 

Nachrichtenpark m signal-supply 


Nachrichtenquerverbindung / liaison 



126 Nachtjagdgeschwader 

Nachrichtensammelstelle / signal 
intelligence center. 

Nachrichtenstaffel f communication 
section (Bn, Btry, etc.). 

Nachrichtenstelle / message center, 
signal center. 

Nachrichtentrupp m communication 

Nachrichtentruppe / Signal Corps. 

Nachrichtentruppen fpl signal troops. 

Nachrichteniibermittlung / transmis- 
sion of communications. 

Nachrichtenverband to signal unit. 

Nachrichtenverbindung f signal com- 

Nachrichtenverkehr m signal com- 
munication traffic. 

Nachrichtemvagen to signal wagon, 
signal truck. 

Nachrichtenwege mpl signal com- 
munication channels. 

Nachrichtenwerkstattkraftwagen in 
signal repair truck. 

Nachrichtenwesen n signal commu- 

Nachrichtcnzentrale / signal center, 
message center. 

Nachrichtenzug in signal communi- 
cation platoon. 

Nachsatteln n readjustment of 

Nachschub m supply. 

Nachschubabwurf to dropping of 
supplies from aircraft. 

Nachschubausgabestelle / supply 

Nachschubbataillon n supply bat- 

Nachschubboot n supply boat. 

Nachschubdienst in supply service. 

Nachschubdienststelle / supply serv- 
ice headquarters, office of supply 

Nachschubfahrzeug n supply vehicle. 

Nachschubfiihrer to chief of supply 
services (Div, corps, army). 

Nachschubgeleit n supply convoy 

Nachschubgut n supply, supplies. 

Nachschubkolonne / supply column, 
supply train. 

Nachschubkolonnenabteilung / sup- 
ply column battalion. 

Nachschubkompanie / supply comp- 

Nachschublage / supply situation. 

Nachschublager n supply depot, sup- 
ply dump. 

Nachschublinie / supply line. 

Nachschubmittel n means of supply 
movement. , 

Nachschuboffizier to supply officer. 

Nachschub-Panzerkampfwagen m ar- 
mored supply and maintenance ve- 

Nachschubpark to supply dump, sup- 
ply depot. 

Nachschubsammelgebiet n railhead 
service area. 

Nachschubstab z.b.V. special supply 

Nachschubstralfe / supply route, line 
of supply, line of communication. 

Nachschubstiitzpunkt to supply base. 

Nachschubtrupp to supply party, 
supply detail. 

Nachschubtruppen fpl supply troops, 
supply units. 

Nachschubiibung f supply service ex- 

Nachschubumschlagstelle / supply 

Nachschubverkehr m supply traffic, 
movement of supplies. 

Nachschubverteilungsstelle f supply 
distributing point. 

Nachschubweg to supply road, sup- 
ply route. 

Nachschubwesen n supply services. 

Nachschubzug to supply train (RR). 

Nachsicherung / additional security 

Nachspitze / rear point (march 
column ) . 

Nachspitzenkompanie / rear party 
( in rear guard of large unit ) . 

nachstellen to readjust; to pursue. 

Nachstrom to slipstream (Avn). 

Nachtangrilf to night attack, night 

nachtanken refuel. 

Nachtaufkliirung / night reconnais- 

Nachtbefeuerung / night beacon 
lighting (along a flight route or air- 
ivay) ; lighting facilities for landing 
at night (Adrm). 

Nachtgefecht n night combat. 

Nachtglas n night glasses. 

Nachtjagd / night fighting, pursuit 
operations at night (Avn). 

Nachtjagdgeschwader n wing of 

night fighters (Avn). 


Nachtjagdgruppe 127 

Nachtjagdgruppe f night fighter 

group (Avn). 

Nachtjagdschule f night fighter 

school (Avn). 

Nachtjager to night fighter (Avn). 

Nachtjagergeschwader n wing of 
night fighters (Avn). 

Nachtkampfflugzeug n night bomber. 

Nachtluftkampf to night fighting 
( Avn). 

Nachtmarsch to night march. 

nachtraglich supplementary. 

Nachtrupp m rear guard support 
(in rear guard of large unit); rear 
party ( in rear guard of smaller 

Nachtschiefien n night firing. 

Nachtunternehmung / night opera- 

Nachurlaub m extension of leave. 

Nachweis m proof, evidence; inven- 
tory; list; record. 

Nachweisung / list, account, record; 
strength report, stock report. 

Nachziigler m straggler. 

Nachziindung f retarded ignition. 

Nackenband- n neck strap (gas 

Nackenriemen m neck strap 

Nadel f needle; firing pin (fuze). 

Nadelabweichung / magnetic decli- 

Nadellager n needle bearing (MT). 

Nadelschwankungcn fpl oscillations 
of compass needle. 

Nadelstiick n firing pin support 

Nadelverfahren n compass method 
(of laying guns). 

Nadel wald to coniferous forest, coni- 
ferous wood.’ 

Nadelwehr n needle dam (Engr). 

Nadelzahl f magnetic azimuth, azi- 
muth reading. 

Nafii to See Nachrichtenfiihrer. 

Nahabwehr / close defense. 

Nahaufklarer m close reconnaissance 

Nahaufklarerstaffel f close recon- 
naissance squadron (Avn). 

Nahaufklarung f local reconnais- 
sance, close reconnaissance. 

Nahaufklarungsflugzeug n cloSe-re- 
connaissance airplane, observation 

Nahaufklarungsgruppe f close recon- 
naissance airplane group (attached 
to ground forces). 

Nahbeobachtung / local observation. 

Naherkunder to close reconnaissance 
airplane, observation airplane. 

nahern to approach, close in. 

Nahkampf to close combat. 

Nahkampfartillerie f close support 

Nahkampfer to close-combat fighter. 

Nahkampffliegerverband to formation 
of close support airplanes. 

Nahkampffiihrer to commander of a 
Nahkampf gruppe (Luftwaffe) . 

Nahkampfgruppe / close support 
airplane group (attached to ground 

Nahkampf mittel n close-combat mu- 
nitions or weapons. 

Nahkampf spange f close combat 
clasp (decoration). 

Nahkampfwalfe / close combat 

Nahkampfweite / close range, close- 
combat range. 

Nahkompafi to direct-reading com- 

Nah-Packgefafi n unit container (as 
distinguished from a bulk con- 

nahren to feed; to reinforce. 

Nahrung f nourishment, food. 

Nahsicherung / close-in security, 
close-in protection. 

Naht f seam; boundary between 
units (Tac). 

Nahtkompanie f contact company 
( occupying a boundary position be- 
tween two units). 

Nahtreffer to near miss. 

Nahtstelle / boundary position (be- 
tween units). 

Nahunterstiitzung f close support. 

Nahverkehr to local traffic, short- 
range traffic. 

Nahverteidigung / close defense. 

Nahwerfer to short-range flame 

Nahzeug n sewing kit. 

Nalfagtafel f chart showing chem- 
ical warfare agents and their pro- 
perties (Tng). 

Narbe / scar. 

Narvikschild to Narvik Shield (em- 
blem on upper left sleeve, worn by 

Nase 128 Nebelwurfgranate 

all participants in reconquest of 
Narvik, 1940). 

Nase / nose; stud; cap; lug. 

Nasenklammer / nose clamp (gas 

Nasenleiste f leading edge (Ap 

Nasenrachenreizstoff m nose and 
throat irritant, sternutator (CWS). 

Nasenriemen m noseband (harness) . 

Nasen- und Rachenreizstoff to See 

Nafibrandpulver n blade powder. 

Nationale n personal data (birth, oc- 
cupation, etc.). 

Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps 
Nazi party aviation corps (abbr. 

. Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps 
Nazi party motor corps (abbr. 

Natrium n sodium. 

Natriumhypochlorit n sodium hypo- 

Natriumkarbonat n washing soda. 

Natriumsulfid n sodium sulfide. 

Natriumsulfit n sodium sulfite. 

Natur / nature. 

in Natur in kind (rations, Clo, 

Naturalleistungsgesetz n requisition 

Naturalverpflegung / rations in kind. 

Naturgummi m See Naturkautschuk. 

Naturkautschuk m natural rubber. 

naturliche Deckung accidental cover. 

Naturschutzgebiet n national park. 

Nautiker m navigator. 

Navigationsfunkfeuer n radio mark- 
er beacon (Air Navigation). 

Navigationskarte / navigation chart 
or map. 

Nebel m smoke (CWS); fog, mist, 
haze, vapor. 

Nebelabblasen n release of smoke 

Nebelabblasgerat n smoke-filled 
chemical cylinder (CWS). 

Nebelabteilung / smoke-producing 
unit (CWS). 

Nebelausdehnung / smoke coverage. 

Nebelbombe f smoke bomb. 

Nebeldecke / smoke blanket, smoke 

Nebeleinsatz m employment of 


Nebelentwicklung / generation of 


Nebelgebiet n fog area (Met). 

Nebelgeriit n chemical tank, smoke 
tank (for Cml spraying). 

Nebelgeschofi n smoke projectile. 

Nebelgewehrgranate f smoke rifle 

Nebelgranate / smoke shell (Am). 

Nebelhandgranate f smoke hand 

Nebelkasten m box-type smoke con- 
tainer (CWS). 

Nebelkerze f smoke candle. 

Nebelkraftwagen m smoke equipment 

Nebelmittel n smoke agent, smoke 

Nebelmunition f smoke munitions. 

Nebelpanzerkampfwagen m smoke- 
screen tank. 

Nebelpatrone / smoke cartridge. 

Nebelsaure / FS solution, sulfur 
trioxide-chlorsulfonic acid solution 

Nebelschiellen n smoke-shell firing 

Nebelschleier m smoke screen. 

Nebelstoff m smoke agent, screening 
agent (CWS). 

Nebeltopf m smoke pot (CWS). 

Nebel tornister m pack smoke ap- 
paratus (CWS). 

Nebeltrommel f drum-type smoke 
container (CWS). 

Nebeltrupp to smoke party. 

Nebeltruppen fpl chemical troops, 
smoke-generator units. 

Nebeliibung f smoke-screening ex- 

Nebelwalze / creeping barrage of 
smoke-shell fire ( Arty) ; progressive 
smoke screening. 

Nebebvand / smoke curtain, smoke 

Nebelwerfer m chemical projector 
(smoke shell); smoke-shell mortar; 
rocket launcher, rocket mortar. 
(Note: Nebelwerfer 41 is a six-tube 
rocket launcher for HE rockets). 

Nebelwerferabteilung / smoke bat- 
talion, chemical battalion. 

Nebehverferregiment n smoke regi- 
ment, chemical regiment. 

Nebel wolke / smoke cloud (CWS). 

Nebelwurfgranate / mortar smoke 


129 niederkampfen 

Nebelzerstauber m smoke spray | 
(smoke-filled Cml cylinder with 
spray nozzle). 

Nebelzone f smoke-screened area. 

Nebelziindmittel n smoke-container 
firing device. 

Nebenabschnitt to adjacent sector. 

Nebenabsicht / secondary objective. 

Nebenangriff m holding attack, sec- 
ondary attack, secondary effort 

NebenanschluB to local station, ex- 
tension (Tp). 

Nebenanschluflleitung / local-circuit 
line, extension line (Tp). 

Nebeneinanderschaltung / parallel 
connection (Elec). 

Nebenfarbe / secondary service color 
( as distinguished from the basic 
service color, Waffenfarbe). 

Nebengeriiusche npl ambient noise 
(sound locating). 

Nebengleis n side track, siding 

Nebenkolonne f adjacent column, 
secondary column. 

Nebenlager n branch camp (PW). 

Nebenluft / secondary air (Mtr). 

Nebenmann m man on the left or 
right (Drill). 

Nebenoperationen fpl secondary 

operations (Tac). 

Nebenschlul) m shunt (Elec). 

NebenschluB motor m shunt motor 


Nebenstachel m front sight (AT 

Nebenstelle f local station (Tp). 

NebenstraBe f side street, side road; 
secondary road, auxiliary road. 

Nebenstromkreis m shunt circuit 

Nebsttreffer m near miss. 

nehmen to take. 

aus der Flanke nehmen to attack 
on the flank. 

unter Feuer nehmen to shell, to 
fire on. 

Nehmestaat m • detaining power 

nehmestaatliche Behiirde detaining 
authority (PW). 

Neigung f inclination, slope. 

Neigungsmesser m clinometer 
(Surv, Gunnery); flight indicator, 
inclinometer (Ap). 

Neigungswinkel m angle of slope. 

Nennhohe f rated altitude. 

Nennleistung / rated horsepower. 

Nest n nest; emplacement; position 
consisting of a group of foxholes 
with shallow connecting trenches. 

Netz n net, network; grid; wiring 
system; power system. 

NetzanschluBgerat n power-line 
operated radio set (as distinguished 
from battery-operated or local 
power-supply set); power-supply 
unit, power pack (Rad). 

Netzleger m net-laying vessel. 

Netzsperre / net obstacle, net-de- 
fense obstacle (coastal defense). 

Netztransformator m power trans- 
former (Rad). 

Netzverkehr to “net” traffic (in- 
cludes several radio stations com- 
municating at ivill on the frequency 
of their called stations). 

Neuaufstellung / reorganization, 
new organization; reorganized or 
newly activated unit. 

Neubearbeitung / revision. 

neu einrichten re-lay (Gunnery) ; re- 

Neugrad to l/400th of a circle 
( equals 16 artillery mils, as distin- 
guished from Grad, degree, l/360th 
of a circle). 

Neugradteilung f centesimal gradua- 
tion. See Neugrad. 

neutrale Nachrichtenverbande neu- 
tral communication units (maneu- 

neutrale Truppen neutral troops 
( maneuvers). 

neutrale Zone taxiway (Adrm). 

neutralisieren to neutralize. 

Neutralitat / neutrality. 

nichtbrisanter Sprengstoff low ex- 

Nichtkiimpfer m noncombatant. 

Nickelsammler m nickel-alkaline cell 

Niederdruckreifen m low-pressure 
tire (MT). 

Niederfrequenz / low frequency, 
audio-frequency (Rad). 

Niederfrequenzverstiirker m audio- 
frequency amplifier (Rad). 

niederhalten to neutralize, immobil- 
ize, hold down. 

NiederhaltungsschieBen n neutrali- 
zation fire (Arty). 

niederkampfen reduce, overpower, 

Niederkampfung 130 NSKK.-Transportregiment 

put out of action (Tac); to silence 
(enemy fire). 

Niederkampfung / reduction, des- 
truction, putting out of action 
(Tac); covering with destruction 
fire (Arty). 

Niederlage / defeat, reverse. 

niedermachen kill, slaughter. 

niedermetzeln to massacre, slaugh- 

Niederschlage mpl precipitation 


Niederspannung / low voltage 


Niederung / low country, depression, 
low ground. 

Niedrigantenne f low antenna. 

Niemandsland n no man’s land. 

Nieseln n drizzle (Met). 

Niesgas n sneeze gas (CWS). 

Niet m riveted joint, riveted as- 
sembly, riveted seam. 

Niete / rivet. 

nieten to rivet. 

Niethammer m riveter (tool). 

Nietung / riveting. 

Nippel / nipple (Tech). 

Nitrierung f nitration (Am). 

Nitroglyzerin n nitroglycerin. 

Nitroglyzerin-Bliittchenpulver n ni- 
troglycerin flake powder. 

nitroglyzerinhaltiges Nitrozellulose- 
pulver double base powder (Am). 

Nitroglyzerinpulver n nitroglycerin 

Nitrozellulose / nitrocellulose, pyro- 

Nitrozellulose-Blattchenpulver n ni- 
trocellulose flake powder. 

Nitrozellulosepulver n blank fire 

powder, E.C. powder, E.C. smokeless 
powder, E.C. blank fire (SA Am). 

Nivellementspunkt m bench mark. 

Nivellierinstrument n surveyor’s 


Nivellierlibelle / sighting level 

(plane table). 

Nocken to cam (also spelled die 

Nockenwelle f camshaft. 

Nonius m vernier. 

Norden to north. 

Norm / standard (Tech). 

Normalbelastung / normal load, 

standard load. 

Normalfluglage / level flight (Avn). 

Normalkette / standard caterpillar 


Normalnull f mean sea level (abbr. 

Normalraupe / standard caterpillar 

Normalspur / standard gage (RR). 
Normalstellung / zero position 


Normalvisier stellen to zero a gun 


normen standardize. 

Normteil m standard part. 

Normung f standardization. 

Not / emergency. 

Notabwurf m emergency salvo re- 
lease (Bombing). 

Notbeleuchtung f emergency illumi- 

Notbremse f emergency brake. 
Notfall m emergency. 

Notfeuer n barrage, normal barrage 
(now called Sperrfeuer). 

Nothilfe / See Technische Nothilfe. 
notigen compel. 

Notlandehafen m emergency landing 

notlanden make an emergency land- 
ing, make a forced landing (Avn). 
Notlandeplatz m emergency landing 

Notlandung f emergency landing, 
forced landing (Avn). 

Notleitung f emergency line (Tp). 
Notpiste / emergency trail or path. 
Notruf to emergency call (Tp). 
Notsender m emergency radio trans- 
mitter (floatable rescue set). 
Notsignal n distress signal, SOS. 
Notverbandpiickchen n first-aid 

packet, first-aid dressing. 
Notverbandtasche, f first-aid pouch. 
Notvisier n direct-fire sight (Ord). 
notwassern to make an emergency 
landing on water, to “ditch” (an 

Notwasserung / emergency landing 
on water, “ditching” (Avn). 
Notwehr / self-defense. 

Notwurf to emergency salvo release 


Notzeichen n distress signal, SOS. 
Notzug to emergency release handle 

NSKIv.-Mann to private in the Nazi 
party motor corps. 

NSKK.-Transportregiment n trans- 


portation regiment of the Nazi party 
motor corps. 

Null / zero. 

auf Null stellen to zero (an Inst, 
scale, etc.). 

Nullpunkt to zero, freezing point; 
zero point, aiming point, directing 
point, point of origin (Arty, Surv). 
Nullstellung f zero position (of an 
Inst, scale, etc.); neutral position, 

Nullzeit / zero hour. 

Nummer f number. 

Nummerscheibe / dial (Tp). 
Nummerscheibenkastchen n dial box 
(field, Tp), 


Nurfliigelflugzeug n all-wing air- 
plane, “flying wing.” 

Niistern fpl nostrils. 

Nute / groove, slot, keyway (also 
spelled der Nut). 

Nutzarbeit / useful work, brake 


Nutzfahrzeug n commercial vehicle 

Nutzfrequenz f desired frequency 

Nutzlast f useful load, pay load. 
Nutzleistung / net horsepower. 
Nutzwiderstand m useful resistance 



OB-Betrieb to local-battery operation 
(Tp) (abbr of Ortsbatteriebetrieb). 

Oberarbeitsfiihrer m major (Reich 
Labor Service). 

Oberarzt m first lieutenant (Med). 

Oberbau m permanent way, top of 
roadbed (RR). 

Oberbaustab to superior construc- 
tion staff (equivalent in status to a 
brigade staff). 

Oberbefehl to high command (func- 

Oberbefehlshaber to. commander in 
chief, commander. See also Oberster 

Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Com- 
mander-in- Chief of the Army. 

Oberbefehlshaber einer Gruppe army 
group commander. 

Oberbeschlagmeister to horseshoer 
(master Sgt). 

Oberbrieftaubenmeister to pigeoneer 
(master Sgt). 

obere Fiihrung higher command 
(Div and up); higher command 

Oberfahnrich to master sergeant 
( officer candidate ) . 

Oberfahnrich der Flieger aviation 
cadet (with rank of master Sgt). 

Oberfahrer m private first class (H- 
Dr T). 

Oberfeldarzt m lieutenant colonel 


Oberfeldkommandantur / military 
government area headquarters 
(under commander of army group, 
in a T of Opns; under general com- 
manding officer in charge of Mil 
Adm, in occupied territories). 
Oberfeldmeister to master sergeant 
(Reich Labor Service). 
Oberfeldveterinar to lieutenant 

colonel (Vet). 

Oberfeldwebel m master sergeant. 
Oberfeldzeugstab to higher ordnance 

Oberfeuerwerker to master sergeant 

Oberflache / surface (outside or top). 
Oberfunker m radioman (Pvt 1st 


Oberfunkmeister m radioman (mas- 
ter Sgt). 

Obergefreiter to corporal. 
Obergeneralarbeitsfuhrer m major 
general (Reich Labor Service). 
Obergrenadier to private first class 


Obergurt m top chord (truss); sur- 
cingle (harness). 

Oberjager to private first class 
(mountain Inf). 

Oberkanonier m private first class 





Oberkommandierender to commander- 
in-chief. See Oberster Befehlshaber. 

Oberkommando n high command 
(agency and function). 

Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine 
High Command of the Navy (abbr. 

Oberkommando der Luftwaffe High 
Command of the Air Forces (abbr. 

Oberkommando der Wehrmaeht High 
Command of the Armed Forces 
(abbr. OKW). 

Oberkommando des Heeres Army 
High Command (abbr. OKH). 

Oberkraftfahrer m private first class 

Oberlafette / top carriage (G). 

Oberleutnant to first lieutenant. 

Oberleutnant zur See lieutenant 
junior grade (Nav). 

Oberpanzergrenadier to armored in- 
fantry rifleman (Pvt 1st class). 

Oberpionier to private first class 


Oberquartiermeister to Deputy 
Chief of the General Staff (at Ober- 
kommando des Heeres ; known as 
Oberquartiermeister I, Operations; 
Oberquartiermeister II, Training; 
Oberquartiermeister III, Organiza- 
tion; Oberquartiermeister IV, Intel- 
ligence; Oberquartiermeister V, His- 
torical); general staff officer at Hq 
of an army (in charge of supply 
and Adm). 

Oberreiter to private first class 


Oberring to upper band (R). 

Oberringfeder / upper-band spring 

Oberschenkel to thigh. 

Oberschiedsrichter to assistant 
director (maneuvers). 

Oberschild to upper shield (G). 

Oberschirrmeister to master ser- 
geant ( maintenance ) . 

Oberschiitze to private first class 
(Inf rifleman). 

Oberschwester / chief nurse. 

Oberschwingungsfrequenz / har- 
monic frequency (Rad). 

Oberst to colonel. 

Oberstabsarzt m major (Med). 

Oberstabsveteriniir m major (Vet). 

OberstarbeitsfUhrer m colonel (Reich 
Labor Service). 

Oberstarzt to colonel (Med). 
Oberster Befehlshaber der Wehrmaeht 
Commander-in-Chief of the Armed 

oberster Schiedsrichter director 

( maneuvers) . 

Oberstfeldmeister to lieutenant 

(Reich Labor Service). 
Oberstintendant to civilian official in 
administrative services ranking as 

Oberstleutnant to lieutenant colonel, 
oberstrom upstream. 

Oberstveterinar m colonel (Vet). 
Obertruppfiihrer m sergeant (Reich 
Labor Service). 

Oberveterinar m first lieutenant 

Obervormann m chief foreman 

(Reich Labor Service) 
Oberwachtmeister to master ser- 
geant (Arty, Cav). 

Oberzahlmeister TO paymaster of- 
ficial (Wehrmachtbeamter ranking 
as 1st Lt). See also Zahlmeister. 
Objektschutz to air defense of fixed 

OB- System n local-battery system 
(Tp) (abbr. for Ortsbatterie- 

Ofen to heater, oven, stove. 

Ofenrohr n stovepipe; “bazooka” 
(slang term for Raketenpanzer- 
biichse, rocket launcher). 
offen exposed (Tac); in clear (Sig 
Com); open, frank, 
offene Flanke open flank (Tac). 
offener Fliigel exposed wing (Tac). 
offener Funkspruch radio message in 

offene Stellung exposed position 

Offensive / offensive (Tac). 
offensive Verteidigung offensive de- 

Offizier to officer. 

Offizierbewerber w officer aspirant. 
Offizier des Beurlaubtenstandes re- 
serve officer. 

' Offizierheim n officers’ mess, officers’ 

Offizierlaufbahn / officer’s career. 
Offizierledigenheim n bachelor of- 
ficers’ quarters. 

Offiziersanwarter to. officer candidate. 
Offiziersbursche m officer's orderly. 
Offizierskasino n officers’ mess. 



Offizierslager n permanent camp for 
officer prisoners of war ( abbr. 
Of lag). 

Offiziersnachwuchs to new crop of 

Offizierspahtrupp to officer recon- 
naissance patrol. 

Offizierspatent n commission. 

Offizier vom Biwakdienst bivouac 
security officer. 

Offizier vom Dienst duty officer, of- 
ficer on duty. 

Offizier vom Ortsdienst officer of the 

Offizier vom Tagesdienst officer of 
the day. 

Offnerhebel to operating level, oper- 
ating handle (G). 

offnung / aperture, port, opening. 

Oflag n See Offizierslager. 

Ohnehaltflug to nonstop flight (Avn). 

“Ohne Tritt, Marsch!” “Route step, 

Ohrverschlufl watte / cotton for ear 

Oktanwert to octane rating. 

Oktanzahl f octane number. 

Okular n eyepiece. 

OKW.-Bericht m official communique 
of the Oberkommando der Wehr- 

61 n oil. 

Olablafi to oil drain. 

Olbehalter to oil tank. 

olbestandig oil-resistant. 

olbohrloch n oil well. 

Olbombe / oil bomb. 

olbiichse / oilcan. 

oldicht oiltight. 

Oldruckbremse / hydraulic brake. 

Oleinfiill-Verschraubung f oil filler 
plug (Mtr). 

olfederstrebe / oleo strut (Ap). 

olivgriin olive drab. 

Olkanister m oil container (Ap, 

Olkohle / carbon (Mtr). 

Ollager n oil-storage depot. 

Olmanometer n oil pressure gage. 

Olmefibecher to graduated oil dis- 
penser (MT). 

61 schlitzring to grooved piston ring 

olstand to oil level. 

olstandanzeiger m oil level gage 


Olstandschraube / oil level plug 


Olstandskontrolle / oil level check, 
oil level indicator (Mtr). 
Olthermometer n oil temperature 


oltropfer m oiler. 

Oliiberlauf w oil overflow (Mtr). 
Olwanne / oil pan (Mtr). 

Operation / operation (Tac, Med). 
Operationsbasis f base of operations 

Opcrationsbefehl to operations order. 
Operationsgeblet n zone of operations, 
theater of operations. 
Operationskarte / operations map. 
Operationslinie / line of operations. 
Operationsplan to operations plan. 
Operationsraum m zone of opera- 
tions, theater of operations, 
operativ operational, strategic, 
operative Aufklarung strategic re- 

operative Luftaufldarung strategic 
air reconnaissance, 
operatives Ziel strategic objective, 
operative Unterstiitzung indirect 
support (Avn, Tac). 

Opfer n victim. 

Oppanol n a synthetic substance re- 
sistant to mustard gas and Lewisite 

Optik / optics; lens system, optical 
system or instruments; telescopic 
sight (G); periscope (Tk). 
optische Peilung pilotage (Avn). 
optisches Zielgeriit optical sight 

O-Punkt w • aiming point ( Gunnery). 

See also Nullpunkt. 

Orden to medal, decoration, order. 
Ordensband n ribbon (of a decora- 

Ordensschnalle f bar (decoration) . 
kleine Ordensschnalle - miniature 

( decoration) . 

Ordensspange / bar (decoration). 
Ordinate / ordinate, Y-coordinate. 
Ordnung f order, rule. 
Ordnungsdienst to provost service, 
military police service. 
Ordnungsgleis n make-up track 

Ordnungspolizei / uniformed regular 


Ordonnanz / orderly. 


134 Pak 

Ordonnanzoffizier m special-missions 
staff officer. 

Organisationsstab m organizational 

Organisation Todt Todt Organiza- 
tion (Engr and Ft construction). 

Orientierung / orientation. 

Orientierungslinie / orienting line 
( Surv ). 

Orientierungspunkt m control point 

Orkan m hurricane, tropical cyclone. 

Orpo f See Ordnungspolizei. 

Orsatapparat m Orsat gas-analysis 
apparatus (CWS). 

Ort m locality, place; locus (Math). 
See also Standort. 

Ortbalken m exterior stringer (on a 
fixed bridge); exterior balk (on a 
floating bridge). 

orten locate; orient;' take bearings. 

Orter m navigator (Avn). 

OrterkompaB m navigator’s compass 

ortlich local. 

Ortsbatterie / local battery (Tp). 

Ortsbatterie-Betrieb m local-battery 
operation (Tp). 

Ortsbesprechung / local operation 


Ortsbestimmung / orientation, posi- 
tion determination. 

Ortsbiwak n billets, close billets. 

Ortschaft f village, town, inhabited 

Ortscheit n doubletree (limber). 

Ortseindruck m sensation of direc- 
tion (sound locator). 

Ortsempfang m local reception 


ortsfest fixed, permanent (Arty, 

ortsfeste Flak fixed antiaircraft 
guns or artillery. 

ortsfeste Kiistenartillerie fixed sea- 

coast artillery. 

ortsfeste Lafette stationary gun 

mount (G). 

Ortsgefecht n See Ortskampf. 

Ortskampf m combat in towns. 

Ortskommandant m commander of a 
garrison, post, or station ; town com- 
mander (Mil Govt). 

Ortskommandantur / garrison, post, 
or station headquarters; town head- 
quarters (Mil Govt) (Ortskomman- 
dantur I, in large and medium-sized 
cities; Ortskommandantur II, in 
small cities, towns, and villages). 

Ortskrankenlazarett n billet hospital. 

Ortskrankenstube f billet dispensary. 

ortskundig familiar with a locality 
or area. 

OrtsmiBweisung f magnetic declina- 

Ortsnetz n local net (Tp). 

Ortsquartier n See Ortsunterkunft. 

Ortssender m local station (Rad). 

Ortsunterkunft f billets. 

Ortsvorstand m local authorities, 
town authorities. 

Ortung / position finding, orienta- 
tion, taking of bearings. 

Ortungsanforderung f request for a 
bearing (Avn, Rad). 

Ortungsleuchtzeichen n ground posi- 
tion signal (ground-air Com). 

Ose f lug; ring; lunette; eye (Tech). 

Ost m east (also spelled Osten). 

Ostlegion / legion composed of non- 
German volunteers and prisoners of 
war from East-European countries. 

Ostmedaille / Eastern Campaign 
Medal (decoration). 

Ostsee f Baltic Sea. 

Otter f paravane. 


PackgefaB n hulk container. 
Packriemen m pack strap (harness). 
Packsattel m pack saddle (harness) . 
Packstrick m pack rope (harness) 
Packtasche f saddlebag. 

Packung f packing (Mech). 
Paddelboot n collapsible paddling 


Pak f antitank gun, antitank artil- 
lery (abbr. of Panzerabwehrkanone). 


135 Panzergrenadier-Division 

Pakethiille f wrapping. 

Pak-Flak f antitank-antiaircraft 
gun, dual-purpose gun. 

Pakgeschiitz n antitank gun. 

Pakgeschiitz auf Selbstfahrlafette 
self-propelled antitank gun, tank 

Pakstellung f antitank gun position, 
antitank gun emplacement. 

Pak-Zug to antitank platoon. 

Panne f . breakdown; engine failure; 

Panoramakammer / panoramic ca- 
mera (Avn). 

Pantograph to pantograph (Surv). 

Panzer to armor; tank. 

Panzerabteilung / armored battalion. 

Panzerabwehr / antitank defense, 
antimechanized defense (in com- 
pounds, now superseded by Panzer- 

Panzerabwehrgewehr n _ antitank 
rifle (now called Panzerbiichse). 

Panzerabwehrgeschiitz n antitank 


Panzerabwehrgraben m antitank 


Panzerabwehrkanone / ' antitank gun 
(now called Panzerjagerkanone). 

Panzerabwehrmine / antitank mine. 

Panzerabwehrmittel npl means of 
antitank defense. 

Panzerabwehrrakete / antitank 

Panzerangriff to armored attack, 
tank attack. 

Panzerartillerie f armored division 
artillery, armored artillery. 

Panzeraufbau to tank hull and tur- 
ret; armored body of a vehicle. 

Panzeraufklarungsabteilung / ar- 
mored reconnaissance battalion. 

Panzerbataillon n armored battalion. 

Panzerbefehlswagen to armored 
command car. 

Panzerbekampfung / antitank com- 

Panzerbeobachtungsturm m armor- 
ed observation turret. 

Panzerbesatzung f tank crew, ar- 
mored vehicle crew. 

Panzerbeschufl to firing at tanks; 
test firing at armor plate. 

PanzerbeschuBtafel / firing table for 
antitank gun. 

Panzerblech n armor plate. 

Panzerblende f tank shutter; tank 
gun shield, mantlet. 

Panzer bombe / antitank bomb, ar- 
mor-piercing bomb, heavy-case bomb. 

panzerbrechend armor-piercing. 

Panzerbrigade / armored brigade, 
tank brigade. 

Panzerbiichse / antitank rifle. 

Panzerdeckungsloch n foxhole (for 
AT protection) , 

Panzerdivision f armored division. 

Panzerdrehturm to revolving armor- 
ed turret (Ft); revolving tank tur- 
ret (Tk). 

pan2erdurchschlagend armor-pierc- 
ing (Am). 

Panzerdurchschlagsleistung f armor- 
piercing capacity, penetration (Am). 

Panzereinsatz to commitment of ar- 
mored units. 

Panzererkennungsdienst to tank 
identification service. 

Panzerfahrer to tank driver. 

Panzerfahrschule / armored vehicle 
operators’ school. 

Panzerfahrzeug n armored vehicle. 

Panzerfahrzeugfalle / tank trap. 

Panzerfahrzeuggraben to antitank 

Panzerfalle / tank trap. 

Panzerfuhrer to tank commander 
(NCO); armored- vehicle command- 
er; armored-unit commander. 

Panzerfunker m tank radio operator. 

Panzerfunktrupp to armored radio 

Panzerfunkivagen m armored radio 
car or truck. 

PanzergeschoB n armor-piercing 


panzergeschiitzt armor-protected. 

Panzerglas n bulletproof glass. 

Panzergraben m antitank ditch. 

Panzergranate f armor -piercing 

shell, armor-piercing rifle grenade. 

Panzergranate-Patrone f armor- 
piercing shell (fixed Am). 

Panzergrenadier to armored in- 

fantry rifleman, private in armored 
infantry regiment. 

Panzergrenadier-Bataillon n armor- 
ed infantry battalion. 

Panzergrenadier-Brigade f armored 
infantry brigade. 

Panzergrenadier-Division f motorized 
division. See also SS-Panzergre- 

Panzergrenadier- 136 PanzerstoB 

Panzergrenadier-Ersatzregiment n 
armored infantry replacement regi- 

armored personnel carrier. 

Panzergrenadier-Regiment n motor- 
ized infantry regiment (of a Panzer- 

Panzergruppe / armored group. 

Panzergiirtel m armor belt. 

Panzerhindernis n antitank obstacle. 

Panzerinstandsetzungsabteilung / 
tank repair battalion. 

Panzerjager m member of antitank 

Panzerjagerabteilung / antitank 

Panzerjagergeschiitz n antitank gun. 

Panzerjagerkanone f See Panzer- 

Panzerjagerkompanie / antitank 

Panzer jagerregiment n antitank re- 

Panzerjagerzug m antitank platoon. 

Panzerkabel n armored cable (Elec). 

Panzerkampfabzeichen n See Panzer- 

Panzerkampfwagen m tank. 

Panzerkampfwagenabzeichen n Tank 
Badge (decoration awarded to mem- 
bers of armored units after partici- 
pation in three separate combat 

Panzerkampfwagenhindernis n tank 

Panzerkanone / tank gun. 

Panzerkasten m tank hull. 

Panzerkastenoberteil n sponson, up- 
per hull (Tk). 

Panzerkette f tank track. 

Panzer-ICommandant m tank com- 

Panzerkompanie / tank company. 

Panzerkopf m armor-piercing cap 

Panzerkorper m hull (Tk). 

Panzerkorps n armored corps. 

Panzerkorpskonunando n armored 
corps headquarters. 

Panzerkrafte fpl armored forces, ar- 
mored units. 

Panzerkraftfahrzeug n armored 

Panzerkraftwagen m armored car. 

Panzerkrieg m armored warfare. 

Panzerkuppel f tank cupola, armor- 
ed cupola (Ft). 

Panzer-Lehr-Regiment n armored 
demonstration regiment. 

Panzermine / antitank mine. 

Panzermunition / armor-piercing 
ammunition; tank ammunition. 

Panzernachrichtenabteilung / armor- 
ed signal battalion. 

Panzer-Obergrenadier m private 
first class (Armd Inf Regt). 

Panzeroberschiitze m private first 
class (in Armd unit). 

Panzeroffizier m armored officer. 

Panzerpionier m armored engineer. 

Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon n armored 
engineer battalion. 

Panzerplatte / armor plate. 

Panzerregiment n armored regiment. 

Panzerrichttafel / tank-silhouette 
aiming target. 

Panzerscharte / peephole, direct vi- 
sion slit ((Tk). 

Panzerschild m armor-plate shield 

Panzerschott n armor bulkhead (Tk). 

Panzerschutz m armor protection 
(Ft, Tk); antitank defense. 

Panzerschiitze m private in an arm- 
ored unit; tank gunner. 

panzersicher secure against mechan- 
ized attack. 

Panzersonderfahrzeug n special-pur- 
pose armored vehicle. 

Panzerspahfahrzeug n armored re- 
connaissance vehicle. 

Panzerspahkompanie / armored re- 
connaissance company. 

Panzerspah-Schwadron / mechanized 
cavalry reconnaissance troop. 

Panzerspahtrupp m armored recon- 
naissance car section. 

Panzerspahwagen m armored re- 
connaissance car, armored scout car. 

Panzersperre / antitank obstacle. 

Panzersperrgraben m antitank ditch. 

Panzersperrmauer f antitank wall 

Panzerspitze f armored point (Adv 


PanzersprenggeschoB n 'armor-pierc- 
ing projectile. 

Panzersprenggranate / armor-pierc- 
ing shell. 

Panzerstarke f thickness of armor 


PanzerstoB m armored thrust (Tac). 



Panzersturmabzeichen n Armored 
Assault Badge (decoration). 

Panzertransportwagen m armored 
personnel carrier. 

Panzertruppe / Armored Command. 

Panzertruppen fpl armored troops, 
armored forces. 

Panzerturm m tank turret; armored 
turret (Ft). 

Panzerung / armor, armor plating. 

Panzerunterstiitzung f armored sup- 
port (Tac). 

Panzerverband m armored forma- 
tion, armored force unit, combined - 
arms armored force. 

Panzerverbande der Heerestruppen 
GHQ reserve tank groups. 

Panzervernichtungsabzeichen n dec- 
oration awarded for close-combat de- 
struction of at least one enemy tank. 

Panzer- Verschwindeturm in disap- 

pearing armored turret (Ft). 

Panzerwaffc / Armored Command. 

Panzerwagen in armored car, combat 
car, tank. 

Panzertvagenfalle / tank trap. 

Panzerwagengraben m- tank ditch. 

Panzerwanne f tank hull. 

Panzenvarndienst in antimechanized 
warning system. 

Panzerwarnung / tank warning, 
antimechanized warning. 

Panzerwart, m armored maintenance 

Panzerwerk n steel and concrete for- 

Panzer werkstattkompanie f armored 
force repair shop company. 

Panzerweste / body armor ( Avn). 

Panzerzug m armored train (RR); 
tank platoon. 

Papierstreifenrerfahren n paper- 
strip method (aerial Photo). 

Pappe / cardboard ( also called Papp- 
deckel m). 

Parabel-Fachwerktriiger m curved 
chord truss. 

Parabellum n a type of self-loading 

Parade f parade, review. 

Paradeanzug m full-dress uniform. 

Parademarsch m march m review, 
pass in review. 

Paradeplatz m parade ground. 

Parallaxe f parallax, azimuth dif- 


Parallaxwinkel m angle of parallax, 
azimuth difference. 
Parallei-Fachwerktriiger m parallel- 

chord truss. 

Parallelogrammgestange n parallelo- 
gram linkage system ( AA sight). 
Parallelschaltung / parallel connec- 
tion (Elec). 

Pardon m quarter, mercy, clemency, 
parieren to parry. 

Parierstange / bayonet guard. 

Park m park, depot, 
parken to park. 

Parklicht n parking light (auto 
headlight ). m parlementaire, bear- 
er of a flag of truce. 
Parlamentarflagge / flag of truce. 
Parole f password. 

Parteien fpl opposing sides (man- 

Parteifiihrer m commander of one of 
the opposing forces in maneuvers. 
Paspel f piping or edging on uni- 

Pal) m pass (Top); passport. 
Paflgenauigkeit f accuracy of fit 

Passierschein m permit, pass, safe- 
conduct. military passport. 

PaBstiick n adapter (Ord). 

Passung ! fit (Tech). 

Patent n officer’s commission ; patent 
( T cch) . 

patentierter Offizier commissioned 

Patrone / cartridge ( Am) ; round of 
fixed ammunition (Arty). 
Patronenauswerfer m ejector. 
Patronenauszieher in extractor. 
Patroneneinlage f breech recess (R). 
Patronenfiihrungsleisten fpl cart- 
ridge guides (MG). 

Patronengurt m cartridge belt 
(MG); bandoleer. 

Patronenhalter m cartridge holder 


Patronenhebel m cartridge lever 


Patronenhulse t cartridge case. 
Patronenkasten m. cartridge box, 
ammunition box. 

Patronenkorb m shell basket (for 

fixed Am). 

Patronenlager tt cartridge chamber 

(G, R). 



Patronenmunition f fixed ammuni- 

Patronenrahmen to clip (R, AA 

Patronenraum to propelling-charge 
chamber (Mort shell). 

Patronenschacht w feed funnel (fix- 
ed aircraft MG). 

Patronenstreifen to cartridge clip. 

Patronenstiitzfeder / cartridge-sup- 
port spring (MG). 

Patronentasche f ammunition pocket, 
ammunition pouch. 

Patronentrager to cartridge carrier 


Patronentragerhebel to belt-feed 
lever (MG). 

Patronenzufiihrung / cartridge feed 

Patrouillenflug to patrol, patrolling 

Patte / collar patch, cuff patch. 

Pause/ pause; tracing. 

Pauspapier n tracing paper. 

Pech n pitch. 

Pegel to water-level gage (for ri- 
vers, lakes, etc.). 

Peilanlage / direction-finder station 
(Air Navigation). 

Peilantenne / direction-finding an- 

Peilapparat m azimuth instrument. 

Peilaufsatz to pelorus (Avn). 

Peilberichtigungskurve / deviation 
curve (Rad). 

Peilempfanger to radio compass, di- 
rection finder (Air Navigation) . 

Peilen n direction finding (Rad). 

peilen to take a bearing (Nav, Rad, 

Peilflugleiter to chief of direction- 
finder station (Avn). 

Peilfunkempfanger to radio compass, 
direction finder (Air Navigation). 

Peilfunkgerat n radio direction find- 

Peilfunkstelle / radio direction find- 
er station (Avn). 

Peilgerat n azimuth instrument 

(Surv); direction-finder equipment 
or set (Rad, Avn). 

PeilkompaO w navigator’s compass 

Peilkraftwagen to radio direction- 
finding truck. 

Peilleitstelle / radio direction-finder 
control station. 


Peillinie / line of bearing, bearing 
line (Air Navigation). 

Peillot n sounding lead (Nav). 

Peilnebenstelle f auxiliary direction- 
finder station (Air Navigation). 

Peilrahmen to directional loop an- 
tenna (Rad). 

Peilscheibe / azimuth instrument. 

Peilsender to directional transmitter. 

Peilstelle / radio direction-finder 

Peilstrahl .to beam (Rad). 

Peilung / bearing, direction finding, 
optische Peilung pilotage (Avn). 

Peilzeichen n direction-finder signal 

pelzgefiittert fur-lined. 

Pelzkombination / fur-lined flying 


Pendel n pendulum. 

Pendelfrequenz / quenching fre- 

quency (Rad). 

Pendelfrequenzempfanger to super- 
regenerative receiver. 

pendein oscillate; swerve. 

Pendelverkehr to shuttle traffic. 

Perchlorameisensiiuremethylester m 
diphosgene (CWS). 

Perlkorn n bead sight (R). 

Personal n personnel. 

Personalabteilung / personnel sec- 

Personalamt n See Heerespersonal- 

Personalausweis to identification 
papers, certificate of identification. 

Personaldaten npl personal data 
(birth, occupation, etc.). 

Personalveranderung / change of 

Personenbahnhof m passenger sta- 
tion (RR). 

Personenfahre / passenger ferry. 

Personenkraftfahrzeug n personnel 
carrier, passenger vehicle (MT). 

Personenkraftwagen to personnel 
carrier, passenger car (MT). 

perspektivische Projection geometric 
projection, perspective projection. 

Perstoff to diphosgene ( CWS). 

Petroleum n kerosene. 

Pfad m path, trail. 

Pfahl to picket, stake; pile; post. 

Pfahlhindernis n See Pfahlsperre. 

Pfahljoch n pile bent (Bdg). 

Pfahljochbriicke / pile-bent bridge. 

Pfahlsperre / post obstacle (AT). 


139 Pioniersprengmittel 

Pfeife / whistle, pipe. 

Pfeifpatrone / whistling pyrotechnic 
signal cartridge (used as gas 

Pfeifsignal n whistle signal. 

Pfeiler m pier (Bdg); column, pillar 

Pfeilform / sweepback (Ap wing); 
arrow or wedge formation. 

Pferd n horse. 

pferdebespannt horse-drawn. 

Pferdeersatz m remounts. 

Pferdefahrzeug n horse-drawn 


Pferdehalter m horseholder ( Cav , 

Pferdekrankenkraftwagen m veteri- 
nary motor ambulance. 

Pferdekrankensammelplatz m vet- 
erinary collecting station. 

Pferdelazarett n veterinary hospital. 

Pferdepark m remount depot. 

Pferdestarke / metric horsepower 
(abbr. PS) (1 PS = 0.986 HP; 1 HP 
= 1.014 PS). 

Pferdetransportkolonne / horse- 
drawn transport column. 

Pferdeverbandplatz m veterinary 
aid station. 

Pferdezug to draft (horse traction). 

Pferdezweigpark to branch remount 

Pfiff m whistle (sound). 

Pfiffikus n phenyldichlorarsine 


Pflegeschwester f nurse. 

Pflicht / duty, obligation. 

Pflichten des deutschen Soldaten See 

Pflock to stake, peg, pin, picket. 

Pflugbagger to tractor plow; bull- 

Pfropfen in plug, stopper, wad. 

Phasenverschiebung / phase shift, 
phase displacement, phase difference 
(Elec, Rad). 

Phenyldichlorarsin n phenyldichlor- 

Phon n decibel. 

Phosgen n carbonylchloride, phos- 
gene (CWS). 

Phosphor to phosphorus. 

Phosphorfliegerbombe / phosphorus 

Phosphorgeschofi n phosphorus bul- 
let, incendiary bullet. 

Phosphorhandgranate / phosphorus 


Photogrammetrie / photogrammetry. 

Photograph m photographer. 

Photographie f photography. 

photographische Kartenaufnahme 
photographic mapping. 

Photokopie / photostat. 

photokopieren to photostat. 

Phototopographie f phototopography. 

Photozelle f photo-electric cell. 

Pickettpfahl m picket, stake. 

Pier to pier. 

Pi-Kampfmittel npl engineer combat 

Pikrinsaure f trinitrophenol, picric 

Pille f pill, pellet, primer. 

Pilotballon to pilot balloon, trial bal- 

Pilotballonaufstieggeriit n pibal 

equipment (Met). 

Pilz to mushroom head of obturator. 

Pinsel in paint brush. 

Pionier to engineer soldier, private 
in engineer unit. 

Pionieraufklarung / engineer recon- 

Pionier-Ausbau-Bataillon n engineer 
construction-improvement battalion. 

Pionierbataillon n engineer battalion. 

Pionierdienst m engineer service. 

Pionier-Erkundungstrupp m engineer 
reconnaissance squad. 

Pionierfahrzeug n engineer vehicle. 

Pionierfiihrer to special staff en- 
gineer officer and engineer com- 
mander (at Div Hq). 

Pioniergerat n engineer equipment. 

Pioniergeratepark m engineer equip- 
ment depot. 

Pionier-Kampfmittel npl engineer 

combat equipment. 

Pionierkolonne / engineer equipment 

Pionierlandungskompanie / engineer 
landing company. 

Pioniermaschinenzug m engineer 

machine platoon. 

Pionieroffizier to engineer officer. 

Pionierpanzerkampfwagen to en- 
gineer tank. 

Pionierpark m engineer park, en- 
gineer depot. 

Pionierschule f engineer school. 

Pioniersprengmittel npl engineer ex- 


140 Plombe 

Pionier-Sturmabzeichen n Engineer 
Assault Badge (decoration) . 

Pioniersturmzug to engineer assault 

Pioniertruppe / Corps of Engineers. 

Pioniertruppen fpl engineer troops. 

Pionierverband m engineer unit. 

Pioniervermessungsgeriit n engineer 
surveying instrument or equipment. 

Pionierwerkzeug n engineer tool. 

Pionierwerkzeugtasche / engineer 

tool bag. 

Pionierzug m engineer platoon. 

Pionierzwischenpark m engineer 


Piste / trail, path, beaten track. 

Pistole / pistol. 

Pistolengriff m pistol grip. 

Pistolenbffnung / pistol port (Tk). 

Pistolentasche / pistol holster. 

Pi.-Sturmabzeichen n See Pionier- 

Pitotrohr n pitot tube. 

Pivotgeschiitz n swivel gun, pedestal- 
mounted gun. 

Pivotlafette / pivot-type mount 
(MG); turntable carriage (G). 

Pivotlager n trunnion bearing (G). 

Pi.-Zug to See Pionierzug. 

PK.-Filmberichter to propaganda- 
company moving-picture cameraman. 

P.K.-Kriegsberichter m propaganda- 
company war correspondent. 

Plan to plan, chart, diagram, scheme. 

Plane / tarpaulin. 

Planfeuer n concentrated antiair- 

craft fire within the critical zone. 

Planfeuertafel / lead chart (AA fir- 

Planfeuerwiirfel to critical zone ( AA 

Planier-Raupenschlepper to bull- 
dozer, angledozer, tractor with 

Planimeter n planimeter (Surv). 

Plankelei f skirmish. 

Planladung / computed charge (de- 

planmallig in accordance with table 
of organization or basic allowance; 
according to plan; systematic, de- 
liberate, thorough. 

planmaBige Feldbefestigung delib- 
erate field fortification. 

planmafiiger Nachschub automatic 

Planpause f overlay, traced map or 
firing chart. 

Planquadrat n grid square. 

Planrichten n laying by survey 


PlanschieBen n map fire, unobserved 

fire (Gunnery). 

Plansektor m map-protractor set 
(Arty, Surv). 

Planspiel n map exercise (Tng). 

Planstarke f authorized strength, 

table of organization strength. 

Planstelle } place authorized by 

table of organization, 
freie Planstelle vacancy. 

Planiibergang to level crossing 

Planiibung / map maneuver, map ex- 
ercise (Tng). 

Planunterlage / plane table (Arty, 

Planzeichnen n plotting (Surv). 

Planzeiger to coordinate scale 

(Arty, Surv). 

plastische Liderung plastic-pad ob- 
turator (G). 

Platte / plate (Tech); phonograph 

Platteneinsatz m storage-battery cell 

Plattenkondensator to parallel plate 

condenser (Rad). 

Plattenpulver n flake powder ( Am). 

Plattensatz to storage-battery cell 

Plattenventil n poppet valve (Mtr). 

Plattform / platform (Arty, etc.). 

Plattformwagen to flatcar (RR). 

PlattfiiBe mpl flat feet. 

Platz to airdrome, airfield, landing 
field (Avn); aid station (Med, Vet); 
place, square (in^a city or town); 
site; locality; station; space; room. 

platzen to burst; to blow out (tire). 

Platzfeuer n airdrome light. 

Platzfeuerwehr f airdrome fire-fight- 
ing unit. 

Platzgrenze f airdrome boundary. 

Platzmembrane / bursting dia- 

phragm (message container). 

Platzpatrone / blank cartridge. 

Platzrunde / circle flown over air- 

Platzwechsel to change of station. 

Pleuelstange / connecting rod, pis- 
ton rod (Mtr). 

Plombe / lead seal. 



Plunderer m marauder, plunderer. 

pliindern to plunder. 

Pliinderung / plundering, pillage, 

Pneumassivreifen m cushion tire. 

Polarstern m North Star. 

polieren to polish, to buff (Tech). 

Polizei / police. 

Polizist m policeman. 

Polklemme f battery-terminal bind- 
ing post (Elec). 

Polschuh m pole piece (magnet). 

Polster n pad ( Clo , harness, etc.); 
track block (Tk) ; pillow, cushion. 

Pohvechsler m pole changer (Tp). 

Polygonzug m closed traverse 

Ponton m ponton. 

Pontonbriicke / ponton bridge. 

Pontonfahre / ponton ferry. 

Pontonier m pontoneer. 

Pontonoberkante / gunwale (Pon). 

Pontonstrecke / ponton bay. 

Pontonwagen m ponton carrier 

Porontoofen m a small liquid-fuel 

Portepee n sword knot (worn by Gcr 
officers and higher-bracket NCO’s). 

Portepeeunteroffizier m noncommis- 
sioned officer (from Feldwebel up). 

Portion / ration; dose (Med). 
eiserrie Portion emergency ration. 

Portionenausgabe / distribution of 

Portionssatz m scale of rations, ra- 
tion quantity. 

Positionslicht n position light, run- 
ning light (Ap). 

Post f mail. 

Postaufnahmegerat n mail pick-up 
device (Ap). 

Posten m sentry ; post; duty station; 
item (in a list) ; lot ( of goods). 

Postenanvveisungen fpl guard orders, 
allgemeine Postenan weisungen 
general orders (guard duty). 
besondere Postenanweisungen spe- 
cial orders (guard duty). 

Postenkette / line of sentries. 

Postleitungen fpl civil communica- 
tion lines. 

Postpriifungsstelle / postal censor’s 

Postuberwachungsstelle / See Post- 

Potenz / power (Math). 


potenzieren raise (to a power) 


Prahm m barge, lighter (Engr, Nav). 
Prallhaltevorrichtung / ballonet bal- 
loon (airship). 

Prallschufl m ricochet. 

Pralhvand / baffle. 
Priizisionsschiefien n precision fire. 
Preis to price; rate; prize. 
Preisiibung / qualification course. 
Prellschufl m ricochet. 

Presseoffizier m public relations of- 

PreBfutter n compressed forage. 
PreBluft / compressed air. 
Prefiluftanlasser m air starter, com- 
pressed-air starter (Mtr). 
PreBIuftflasche f compressed-air 

PreBlufthammer m pneumatic ham- 

PreBlqft-Niethammer m pneumatic 

Prefiluftzylinder m compressed-air 

PreBstoff m plastic. 

Pr.GeschoB n See PhosphorgeschoB. 
Primarkreis m primary circuit 

Primarwicklung / primary winding 

Prise f prize. 

Prisenrecht n angary. 

Prismenkreuz n an engineer survey- 
ing instrument. 

Pritsche / wooden-board bed. 

Probe f test, trial. 

Probeflug m test flight. 

Probelauf to test run (Mtr). 
ProbeschieBen n test firing. 

Profil n profile, cross section; tread 
(of a tire). 

Profildicke / profile thickness (Ap 


Profilhinterkante / trailing edge ( Ap 

wing profile). 

profiliert streamlined, faired. 
Profiiierung / fairing (Ap); recap- 
ping (tires); streamlining. 
Profilsehne / wing chord (Ap). 
Profiltiefe f depth of profile (Ap 

Profilvorderkante f leading edge 

(Ap wing profile). 

Projektion auf die Horizontalebene 
horizontal projection. 


Projektion 142 

Projektion auf die Senkrechtebene 
vertical projection. 

Propaganda / propaganda, publicity. 
Propagandakompanie f propaganda 
company (for front-line reporting; 
composed of writers and camera- 

Propeller m propeller. See also 


Propellerblatt n propeller blade 

Propellerhaube f propeller spinner. 
Propellerkreis m plane of propeller 
rotation, propeller-disk area (Ap). 
Propellernabe / propeller hub (Ap). 
Propellersteigung f propeller pitch. 
Propellerwind m slipstream (Avn). 
Protzarm m limber drawbar (Arty). 
Protze f limber (Arty). 

Protzgestell n limber frame (Arty). 
Protzhaken m limber pintle. 
Protzkasten m limber ammunition 
chest (Arty). 

Protzbse / lunette (G). 

Prozentsatz m percentage, 
priifen to check, inspect, test, verify. 
Priifgerat n testing apparatus. 
Priifgestell n testing stand. 
Priifknopf m testing button (field 

Priifrohrchen n detector tube (in 
CWS detector kit). 

Priifstand m testing block (Avn, 


Priiftaste / testing key (field Tp). 
Priifung f test, testing, verification. 
PriifungsschieBen n verification fire. 
Puffer to buffer (Ord). 

Puffergehause n buffer housing (MG). 
Pufferlagerw buffer support (G 

Pulk to boat-type runner ( placed 
under gun wheels for operations in 
deep snow); formation (Avn slang). 

Pulver n powder. 

Pulverbrennziindung / powder-train 

ignition (fuze). 

Pulverbundel n powder bag (Am). 
Pulverhaus n powder magazine. 
Pulverkammer / powder chamber. 
Pulverkorn n powder grain (Am). 
Pulverladung / powder charge (Am). 
Pulverraum m powder chamber. 
Pulverriickstande mpl powder foul- 
ing (G). 

Pulversatz m powder train, powder 
pellet (fuze). 

Pulversprengstoff to low explosive. 
Pulvertemperaturmessung f measure- 
ment of powder temperature. 
Pulverthermometer n powder ther- 
mometer (Am). 

Pulvertreibladung / propellent charge. 
Pulverzerstauber m decontaminating- 
powder sprayer (CWS). 
Pumpenkiihlung / forced-circulation 
cooling (Mtr). 

Punktm point, place; dot (Tg). 
Punktbestimmung f point designa- 
tion, point location. 

Punktfeuer n point fire, fixed fire 


Punktplanm. range card (Gunnery). 
PunktschieBen n See Punktfeuer. 
PunktschweiBung f spot welding. 
Punkttafel / point-designation grid 

Punktziel n point target (Gunnery). 
Pupinspule/ loading coil (Tp). 
Puppe / dummy (for bayonet Tng, 

putzen to clean, polish, shine. 
Putzlappen to cleaning rag. 
Putzwolle f cotton waste. 
Pz.Kw.-Nachbildung/ tank silhouette 

(practice firing). 


Q-Gruppe/ Q signal (Rad). 
Quadrant m quadrant. 
Quadrantenflache / quadrant plate 

Quadrantenvisier n leaf -type quad- 

rarit sight (R, MG). 

Quadrat n square, grid square. 
Quadratwurzel / square root. 
Qualifikationsbericht m qualification 

Qualm m dense smoke. 

Quarantane/ quarantine (Med). 

Quartier 143 Raderraupenfahrzeug 

Quartier n quarters, billets. 

Quartierarrest m restriction to 


Quartiermacher to quartering officer, 
billeting officer. 

Quartiermacherkommando n quarter- 
ing party, billeting party. 

Quartiermachertrupp m quartering 
detail, billeting detail. 

Quartiermeister m corps or division 
quartermaster (general staff officer 
“lb" in charge of supply and Adm 
at corps or Div Hq). 

Quartiermeisterabteilung f supply 
group of staff sections (comprises 
Quartiermeister and Intendantur). 

Quartier und Verpflegung quarters 
and subsistence. 

Quartier- und Verpflegungsvergiitung 
/ quarters and subsistence allow- 
ance (reimbursement). 

Quartier- und Yerpflegungszuschufi 
m quarters and subsistence allow- 

Quartiervergutung / quarters allow- 

quarzgesteuerter Sender crystal- 
controlled transmitter (Rad). 

Quarzkristall n quartz crystal (Rad). 

Quarzsteuerung / crystal control 

Quast to tassel. 

Qu-Blende f See Querschnittblende. 

Quecksilber n mercury. 

Quelle / source, spring, well. 

quer across, obliquely. 

Querachse/ lateral axis ( Ap). 

Queraxt / adze. 

Querbeil n See Queraxt. 

Querdeckung/ traverse (Ft). 

querfahrendes Ziel target moving 

•parallel to front (ground target). 

Querfahrt / movement parallel to 
front (ground target). 

querfeldein cross-country. 

Querlibelle / cross level (Sitrv, Arty). 

Querrinne / open culvert (road). 

Querruder n aileron (Ap). 

Querruderhebel m aileron horn ( Ap). 

Quersage f crosscut saw. 

Querschlager to ricochet. 

Querschnitt m cross section. 

Querschnittbelastung / ballistic co- 

Querschnittblende f transverse 

shutter (signal lamp). 

Querstabilitat / lateral stability 


Querstreuung f See Breitenstreuung. 

Quertrager m transverse beam, tran- 
som, transverse support (Bdg). 

Querverbindung f intervehicular 

communication; local circuit; cross 
bar, transverse bracing. 

Querverkehr to internet traffic (Rad). 

Querverstrebung / cross bracing 

Quer wall m traverse (Ft). 

quetschen to crush, bruise, squeeze, 

Quetschkondensator ni trimmer con- 
denser (Rad). 

Quetschladung / camouflet. 

Quetschmine / See Quetschladung. 

Quetschung / contusion (Med). 

quietschen to screech (brakes); to 
squeal (Rad). 


Rache / revenge. 

Rachen to throat. 

Rachenreizstoff m See Nasen- und 

Rad n wheel ; bicycle. 

Radachse f axle. 

Radauflagepunkt to center of tire 
contact (MT). 

Raddruckwi wheel load (MT). 
Raderantrieb to wheel drive (MT). 

Raderbahre/ wheeled litter carrier. 

Raderfahrzeug n wheeled vehicle. 

Rader-Gleiskettenantrieb to combina- 
tion wheel-track drive, convertible 
wheel-track drive. 

Raderkettenfahrzeug n combination 
wheel-track vehicle, convertible 
wheel-track vehicle. 

Raderraupenfahrzeug n See Rader- 


144 Rauchladung 

Riiderwerk n tracks and suspensions 

Radfahrabteilung / bicycle battalion- 

Radfahrkompanie / bicycle company. 

Radfahrschwadron f bicycle troop. 

Radfahrwerk n wheel-type landing 
gear (Ap). 

Radfahrzug m bicycle platoon. 

Radfliigelflugzeug n cyclogiro (Avn). 

Radgiirtel to caterpillar band (G). 

Radiergummi m rubber eraser. 

Radiosonde / radiosonde, radio 

meteorograph (Met). 

Radizierung / extraction of roots. 

Radkappe f hub cap. 

Radkorper to disk spider (wheel). 

Radlafette / wheeled gun carriage. 

Radlandung / two-point landing 


Radlenker to guard (RR switch). 

Radnabe f hub. 

Radreifen to tire (of a wheel). 

Radschlepper m wheeled tractor. 

Radsporn to tail wheel (Ap). 

Radstand to wheelbase; alinement of 

Radstandlibelle / cross level (G). 

Radstandtrieb to cross-leveling mech- 
anism (G sight). 

Radsteuerung / wheel control (as 
distinguished from stick control) 

Radsturz to camber (MT). 

Radzugmaschine / wheeled tractor. 

Rahmen m frame. 

Rahmenantenne / loop antenna 


Rahmenheer n enlisted cadre. 

Rahmenlafette/ frame-type gun 

Rahmenspannturm m frame cabane 

Rahmeniibung f command-post exer- 
cise (staff Tng). 

Rakete / rocket. 

Raketenantrieb to rocket propulsion. 

Raketenbombe / rocket bomb ( Avn). 

Raketen-Panzerbiichse / antitank 
rocket launcher. 

Raketenstart to rocket-assisted take- 
off (Avn). 

Raketenwurfmaschine / rocket 

launcher, rocket projector. 

RammbarTO drop hammer of a pile 

Rammbiihne f pile-driver staging. 

Ramme / pile driver. 

rammen to ram (Nav); to drive (a 


Raminfahre/ pile-driver raft. 
Rammgeriist n pile-driver frame. 
Rampe / ramp. 

Rampengerat n ramp equipment. 
Rampenmine / ramp mine ( impro- 
vised mine under an inclined board). 
Rampensperre/ sawhorse ramp 


Rampenwagen to ramp carrier (MT). 
Rand to edge, border, margin, rim; 
perimeter (Tac). 

Randbemerkungen fpl marginal data. 
Randdiisenziinder to rimvent fuze 

Randel to knurled nut or knob, 
micrometer knob, 
riindeln to knurl. 

Randfeuer n boundary light (Adrm). 
Randstellungen fpl ■ perimeter posi- 
tions (Tac). 

Rang to rank, status. 

Rangabzeichen n insignia of rank. 
Rangiiltester to senior officer. 
Rangdienstalter n age-in-grade, 


Rangierbahnhof to railroad yard. 
Rangliste des Heeres army register. 
Rasanz der Flugbahn flatness of 
rasch quick. 

Raspel / rasp. 

Rast/ rest (march column); click, 
detent (Tech). 

Rastgruppe / rest group (march 


Rasthebel to bolt lock (MG). 
Rastplatz m resting place ( march 

Rate f rate. 

Ration f forage ration, 
eiserne Ration emergency forage 
ration. r 

Rationssatz to scale of forage rations. 
Rauch m smoke. 

Rauchentwickler to • smoke generator. 
Rauchentwicklung / generation of 


Raucherscheinung/ smoke effect 

(flash ranging). 

Rauchgerat n smoke equipment ( Ap). 
Rauchgranate / smoke shell (Am). 
Rauchkerze / smoke candle (CWS). 
Rauchkorper-m. smoke filler (Am); 

smoke-puff charge (simulated fire). 
Rauchladung/ smoke charge (Am). 

Rauchmeldepatrone 145 regeln 

Rauchmeldepatrone f smoke-cartridge 
message container (for dropped mes- 
sages) (Avn). 

Rauchofen m smoke generator 


Rauchpatrone f smoke signal cart- 

Rauehsatz m pyrotechnic composi- 
tion (smoke signal); smoke compo- 
sition; smoke pellet (Am). 

rauchschwach smokeless, semi- 


rauchschwaches Pulver smokeless 

Rauchschwimmer m floating smoke 

Rauchsignalpatrone f smolfe signal 

rauchstark generating much smoke. 

Rauchvorhang m smoke curtain, 

smoke screen. 

Rauchwolke / smoke cloud. 

Rauhreifm frost (Met). 

Raum m space ; room, chamber ; 

sector; area, zone, region. 

Raumbild n stereoscopic picture. 

Raumbildentfernungsmesser m stereo- 
scopic range finder. 

Raumboot n mine sweeper. 

raumen to clear mines; to clear out; 
to evacuate (a position). 

Raumgehalt m See Rauminhalt. 

Rauminhalt m volume, cubic capacity. 

Raumladung / space charge ( radio 

Raumloffel to miner’s spoon ( Engr 

RaummeBbild n stereogram (Photo 

Riiumotter / paravane. 

Raumstrahlung / free-space radiation 

Raumwelle / sky wave (Rad). 

Raupe / caterpillar ; caterpillar 

track; plaited shoulder strap. 

Raupenantrieb to caterpillar drive 

Raupenfahrzeugw track -laying 


Raupenkette / caterpillar track. 

Raupenkrad n See Kettenkrad. 

Raupenschlepper m caterpillar 


R-Boot n See Raumboot. 

Rechen m rake. 

Rechengerat n computer. 

Rechenschieber m slide rule. 

Reehenschieber zur Entfernungser- 
mittlung logarithmic range scale 


Rechenstelle f post of computing sec- 
tion (firing battery). 

Rechenzettel m firing-data form 


rechnen to count, compute. 

Rechner m computer, plotter 


Rechnung/ account, bill; computa- 

Rechnungsfiihrer to accountant and 
pay noncommissioned officer. 

Rechnungslegung f accountability. 

Rechnungswesen n accounting. 

Recht n law, jurisprudence. 

Rechteck n rectangle. 

Rechtsabteilung / legal branch, legal 

Rechtsdrall m right-hand twist 

( rifling). 

rechtsgangig clockwise; right-hand 
( threads, etc.). 

Rechtsgewinde n right-hand thread. 

Rechtskurve/ right bank (Avn). 

rcchtslaufend clockwise. 

“Rechts schwenkt, marsch!” “Column 
right, march!’’ (followed by “Gerade, 

Rechtsstellung / legal status. 

“Rechts, urn!” “Right, face!”; “By 
the right flank, march!” (given in 

Rechtswert m X-coordinate ( on co- 
ordinate scale in map reading). 

rechtweisender Kurs true course 

(Air Navigation). 

rechtweisender Windkurs true head- 
ing (Air Navigation). 

rechtwinklig rectangular. 

ReduktionsmaBstab m engineer’s 

Reduziergetriebe n reduction gear. 

Reede / roadstead. 

Refiexglas n transparent reflector 
(reflector sight). 

Reflexvisier n reflector sight (Ap, 
A A gun). 

Regel / rule. 

Regellast f standard maximum load 


rege'.lose Flucht rout. 

regelmiiBig regular. 

regelmiiBiger Fehler systematic 
error, determinate error. 

regeln to direct, control, regulate. 




regelrecht standard, according to 

Regelrohre / variable y tube, 
supercontrol tube (Rad). 

Regelspur / standard gage (RR). 
Regelstange / regulator ( G recoil 


Regelvorrichtung / governing device 

Regen m rain. 

Regendecke / tarpaulin, 
regenerierter Altgummi reclaimed 

Regengebietw precipitation area 

RegenguB m shower (Met). 
Regenklappe / rain flap ( on haver- 

Regenmantel m raincoat. 
Regenmesser m rain gage (Met). 
Regenschauer m shower (Met). 
Regenwolke/ rain cloud (Met). 
Regierung / government. 

Regiment n regiment. 
Regimentsabschnitt n regimental 

Regimentsadjutant m aide to regi- 
mental commander, regimental exec- 

Regimentsarzt m regimental sur- 

Regimentsbefehl m regimental order. 
Regimentsgefechtsstand m regimen- 
tal command post. 

Regimentskommandeur in regimen- 
tal commander. 

Regimentsnachrichtenzug m regimen- 
tal communication platoon. 
Regimentsstab m regimental head- 
quarters, regimental staff. 
RegimentstroB to regimental train. 
Registrier-Chronograph to chrono- 

Regler to governor ; automatic con- 
trol; automatic corrector. 
Reglerdose/ control aneroid (Ap 

Reglergabel / governor arms (Mtr). 
Reglergestange n plunger (engine 
governor) . 

Reglerschalter ni combination volt- 
age regulator, current regulator and 
cut-out relay (Mtr). 

Reglerteilung / correction scale on 
gun sight. 

Reglerventil n regulating valve, check 

Reglerwinkel m principal vertical 
deflection angle (AA gunnery). 

Regulierhebel m throttle lever ( car- 

regun gslos erstarren freeze in posi- 

Reibahle / reamer. 

Reibflache f head (of SA cartridge). 

Reibung f friction, galling, rubbing. 

Reibungswiderstand in frictional 


Reibziindschraube / friction primer. 

Reichsarbeitsdienst in Reich Labor 

Reichsarbeitsfiihrer to lieutenant 

general (Reich Labor Service). 

Reichsantobahn f Reich automobile 
express highway. 

Reichsflagge / German national flag. 

Reichsfiihrer SS Reich Leader of SS 

Reichskokarde / national rosette 
(worn on field and mountain cap). 

Reichskriegerbund in Veterans Asso- 
ciation of the Reich. 

Reichskriegsflagge / German national 
ensign (Nav). 

Reichsluftfahrtministerium n German 
Air Ministry. 

Reichsluftfahrtverwaltung f German 
Civ'll Aeronautics Administration. 

Reichsluftschutzbund / German 
national air defense organization. 

Reichsmeldedienst m German air- 
craft warning service. 

ReichsstraBe / national highway of 
the Reich. 

Reiehweite / range, maximum range. 

Reif in rime ice, frost. 

Reifen m tire. 

Reifenerneuerung / recapping, re- 

Reifenheber to tire tool. 

Reifen-Luftdruckpriifer m tire pres- 
sure gage. 

Reifenpanne f puncture, blowout. 

Reihe f file, single file (Inf); column 
of troopers (H Cav) ; ladder (six 
observed rounds) (Arty); train of 

“In Reihe, angetreten!” “In single 
file, fall in!” 

Reihenabwurf m train release, train 


Reihenbild n aerial mosaic, strip 




Reihenbildkammer / aerial mapping 

Reihenbildner m See Reihenbildkam- 

Reihenfeuer n ladder fire (Gunnery). 

Reihenkammer / See Reihenbildkam- 

Reihenladung f elongated charge, 
in Rohr gefiillte Reihenladung ban- 
galore torpedo. 

Reihenmotor to in-line engine. 

Reihenschaltung/ series connection 

ReihenschieBen n ladder fire (Gun- 

Reihenstandmotor m in-line upright 

Reihenwurf m train release, train 

Reinigungsbiirste / bore brush, clean- 
ing brush (Ord). 

Reinigungsdocht to cleaning patch 


Reinigungslappen to cleaning rag. 

Reisegeld n travel allowance. 

Reisegeschwindigkeit f cruising speed 

Reisekostenvergiitung / See Reise- 

Reisemarsch to administrative march. 

Reisevergiitung f travel allowance, 
mileage allowance (reimbursement). 

Reiseverordnung / mileage table. 

Reiseverpflegung / travel ration. 

Reisigbiindelw fascine. 

ReiBbahn / rip panel (Bln). 

ReiBbrett n drawing board. 

reiBen to rip. 

ReiBleine f rip cord (Prcht, Bln); 
static line (Prcht). 

ReiBnadel f scriber. 

ReiBnagel to thumbtack. 

ReiBschnur / quick release cord 

ReiBverschluB m zipper, slide fast- 

ReiBzeug n drawing instruments, 
drawing set. 

reitende Artillerie horse artillery. 

Reiter to private (Cav); cavalry- 
man, trooper. 

spanischer Reiter cheval-de-frise, 
knife rest (Ft). 

Reiteraufklarungsabteilung f cavalry 
reconnaissance detachment (H Cav). 

Reiterbrigade / cavalry brigade (H 

Reiterei f cavalry. 

Reitergruppe / cavalry section ( H 


Reiternachspitze f cavalry rear point, 
rear guard cavalry detachment. 

Reiterregiment n cavalry regiment 
(H Cav). 

Reiterreihe / column of troopers ( H 

Reiterrudel n flock (H Cav). 

Reiterschwadron / cavalry troop (H 

Reiterspahtrupp to cavalry recon- 
naissance squad, cavalry patrol (H 

Reiterspitze / cavalry point, advance 
guard cavalry detachment. 

Reiterzugw. rifle platoon (H Cav 
Regt); mounted platoon (Inf Regt). 

Reithalfter / cavesson (harness). 

Reithosen fpl breeches. . 

Reitpferd n mount, riding horse. 

Reitstiefel mpl riding boots. 

reizender Kampfstoff irritant agent 
(lacrimator or nose and throat irri- 

ReizgeschoB n irritant gas projec- 

Reizkerze / irritant candle (CWS). 

Reizkorper m CN capsule, lacrima- 
tor (CWS). 

Reizpatrone f tear-gas cartridge 
(for gas chamber test). 

Reizstoff w irritant, harassing 
agent (CWS). 

Reiztopf to irritant gas candle. 

Reizwiirfel to irritant capsule, CN 
capsule (CWS). 

Rekrut to recruit. 

Rekrutendepot n recruit depot. 

rekrutieren to recruit. 

Relais n relay (Elec). 

Relativgeschwindigkeit f indicated 
air speed ( Avn). 

Relativhohenmesser to sonic alti- 
meter (Ap). 

Reliefkarte / relief map. 

Remonteamt n remount depot. 

Remonteaufkaufskommission / re- 
mount purchasing board. 

Remonteinspektion / Remount Divi- 

Remontekommission f See Remonte- 

Remontewesen n remount service. 

Repatriierung f repatriation. 

Repetitions-Theodolit 148 Richtmaschine 

Repetitions-Theodolit m repeating 
theodolite (Surv). 

Repressalien fpl reprisals, 
requirieren commandeer. 

Reserve/ reserve (Reserve I, inac- 
tive reserve of fully trained, men 
under 35; Reserve II, inactive re- 
serve of partly trained men under 

Reservedivision / reserve division 
(Tng unit in occupied countries). 
Reserveeingreiftrupp to reserve de- 
tachment (held in readiness for tac- 
tical commitment). 

Reservelazarett n general hospital. 
Reserveoffizier m reserve officer. 
Reserveoffizieranwsirter m reserve 

officer candidate. 

Reserveofifizier-Bewerber m reserve 

officer applicant. 

Reserveziindung / auxiliary ignition 
lead (blasting). 

Resonanzkreis to resonant circuit 


Restfiugweite / straight-line distance 
between point of burst and theoreti- 
cal point of impact (Ballistics). 
Rettungsboje / life buoy. 
Rettungsdienst m life-saving service, 
rescue service. 

Rettungsfahrzeug n lifeboat. 
Hettungsgerat n life-saving equip- 


RettungsgUrtel to life belt. 
Rettungsleine / life line. 
Esttungsmannschaft f rescue party. 
Rettungsring to life preserver. 
Rettungsschwimmer to qualified 

swimmer (holder of life-saver’s cer- 

Rettungsstange / boathook (for res- 
cue work). 

Rettungstrupp to rescue squad 


Revier n infirmary; forest range; 
precinct, district. 

Revierkranker to infirmary case, dis- 
pensary case. 

Revierstunde / sick call. 

Revolver to revolver. 

Revolvergurt to revolver belt. 
Revolver mit Wiederspannabzug 

double-action revolver. 

Reynoldszahl / Reynolds number 

/ Aerodynamics) . 

Richtantenne / directional antenna 


Richtaufsatz to sight mount, tele- 
scope mount. 

Richtaufsatztrager to sight mount 


Richtausbildung / training in sight- 
ing and aiming. 

Ricbtbaum w trail handspike ( G) . 
Richtbefelil m aiming order. 
Richtbogen to clinometer ( Surv, 


Richtempfanger in radio compass, 
direction finder (Air Navigation). 
Richtempfangsanlage / direction- 
finder station (Air Navigation) . 
Richtempfangsantenne / directional 
receiving antenna (Rad). 
richten to lay, to aim, to point / a 

Richter to judge. 

“Richt Euch!” “Dress right, dress!” 
Richtfeld n field of fire; extent of 
traverse and elevation. 
Richtfernrohr n telescopic sight. 
Richtfunkfeuer / radio range beacon. 
Richtgehiiuse n elevating-gear hous- 
ing (MG). 

Richtgelenk n elevating link (MG). 
Richtgeriit to laying mechanism, 
sight equipment (G); direction-find- 
ing equipment (Rad). 

Richtglas to collimating sight. 
Eichthebel to elevating arm (MG). 
Richthebelwelle / elevating-arm shaft 

Richthohe/ elevation (Gunnery). 
Richtkar.onier to gunner (Arty); gun 

Richtkommando to aiming order. 
Richtkreis m aiming circle (Arty); 

azimuth circle (Surv). 
Richtkreis-Bussole / declinator ( aim- 
ing circle). 

Richtkreiseinteilung / mil graduation 

( aiming circle ). 

Richtkreisunteroffizier to instrument 
NCO in charge of aiming circle 

Richtlampe/ aiming light, aiming 
post light. 

Richflatte / aiming stake, aiming 
post (Arty); base stake (Surv). 
Richtlehre / theory of gun pointing. 
Richtlehrer to instructor in gunnery. 
Riclitlinien fpl guiding principles, 

Richtmaschine/ elevating and tra- 
versing mechanism (G). 


149 Rodelkeil 

Richtmittel n sighting device; laying 

Richtposten m road sign post. 

Richtpunkt m aiming point ( Gun- 

Richtpunktverfahren n aiming-point 
and deflection method (Gunnery). 

Richtpunktzahl / aiming-point azi- 
muth reading. 

Richtsaule / control column ( for syn- 
chronizing sound locator and search- 

Richtscheibe / aiming target. 

Richtschiitze to gunner (MG, Mort, 
Tk, AT); gun pointer. 

Richtsitz m gunner’s seat, layer’s 
seat (G). 

Richtstange/ alinement stake (Bdg, 

Richtstelle / aiming-circle station 
(MG platoon). 

'Richtstock m aiming post. 

Richtstrahl to radio beam. 

Richtstrichm center line (on inside 
of march-compass cover). 

Richtiibung / aiming practice, aiming 
exercise (Gunnery). 

Riclitiibungsgerat n practice sight. 

Richtung/ direction; pointing or 
laying (of a gun). 

Richtungsangabe / indication of di- 

Richtungsbestimmung / determining 
of direction, orientation. 

Richtungsgleis n classification track 

Richtungshorer m sound locator 


Richtungslinie / orienting line (Gun- 
nery, Surv). 

Richtungspunkt to orienting point 


RichtungsschieBen n adjustment fire 
for direction (Gunnery). 

Richtungsschild n road sign. 

Richt un gssch iisse mpl adjustment 

shots for direction (Gunnery). 

Richtungsstabilitat / directional sta- 
bility (Ap). 

Richtungswinkel to firing angle. 

Richtverfahren n method of laying 

( Gunnery ) . 

Richtvorrichtung / elevating and 
traversing mechanism. 

Richtwirkung / directional effect 


Richtzahnbogen m elevating rack, 
elevating arc ( G). 

Riechprobe / sniffing test (CWS). 

Riechprobenkasten to gas-identifica- 
tion set, sniff set (CWS). 

Riechspur f artificial scent. 

Riechtopf to irritant-gas generator, 
CN generator (CWS). 

Rieehwiirfel m chemical capsule (to 
simulate gas-shell fire). 

Riegel m bolt; bar; crossbar; sliding 
bolt; switch line, oblique defense 

. line (Tac, Ft). 

Riegelbolzen m retaining bolt (Ord). 

Riegelhebel to locking lever (G). 

Riegelstellung / switch position (Ft, 

Riemen m strap; sling; Belt. 

Riemenantrieb m belt drive. 

Riemenbiigel m sling swivel (R). 

Riemenscheibe f pulley. 

Riemenschieber m gun-sling keeper 


Riesenluftreifen m giant tire, over- 
size tire (MT). 

Rille f cannelure (Am); groove. 

Ringen n combat, struggle, wres- 

Ringfallschirm to parachute skirt. 

Ringpulver to annular powder (Am). 

Ringrohrn built-up barrel (G). 

Ringtrichterrichtungshorer m trum- 
pet-type sound locator (AAA). 

Ringubertrager m repeating coil (Tg, 


Ringverkleidung f engine ring cowl- 
ing (Ap). 

Ringvisier to ring sight. 

rinnen to leak. 

Rippe/ rib; cooling fin (air-cooled 

Rippenflache f fin surface ( air- 
cooled engine). 

RiB m rip, tear; split; rupture; 
laceration ; sectional drawing. 

RiBwunde f lacerated wound. 

Ritter m knight, noble. 

Ritterkreuz to Knight’s Cross (deco- 

Rittmeister to captain ( Cav, H-Dr 

Ritzel to pinion. 

robben to crawl. 

Rodelbalken m siderail, curb rail, 
guard rail (Bdg). 

Rodelbund m siderail lashing (Bdg). 

Rodelkeil to siderail wedge (Bdg). 


150 Riickbeforderung 

Rodeln n siderail lashing (Bdg). 

Rodelung / siderails, guard rails, 
siderail lashing (Bdg). 

Rodelzange/ siderail clamp (Bdg). 

Rodung/ logged-off area, cleared 

Rohol n crude oil. 

Rohr n tube, gun barrel; pipe. 

Rohrabnutzung / erosion of the bore. 

Rohransatz to barrel extension. 

Rohrbremse/ recoil brake (G). 

Rohrbuch n gun book. 

Rohre/ tube (Rad). 

Rohrenheizung f filament heating 

Rohrenkennlinie / characteristic 

curve, tube characteristic (Rad). 

Rohrenlafette / tubular mount. 

Rohrenlibelle / tubular spirit level. 

Rohrenmast m tubular mast. 

Rohrenprufgerat n tube tester, tube 
checker (Inst, Rad). 

Rbhrenpulver n perforated powder 

Rohrensockel m tube base, tube socket 

Rohrenspannungsmesser m vacuum- 
tube voltmeter. 

Rohrensummer m electronic audio 
oscillator (Rad). 

Rohrerhohung / quadrant elevation. 

Rohrfestigkeit / strength of barrel 

Rohrhalter m barrel bracket (G). 

Rohrinneres n bore (G). 

Rohrklaue / barrel guide (G). 

Rohrkrepierer m barrel burst. 

Rohrlange/ length of barrel (G). 

Rohrleitung f pipe line. 

Rohrmantel to jacket (G). 

Rohrmiindung/ muzzle (G). 

Rohrrahmenm tubular chassis frame 

Rohrriicklauf m barrel recoil ( G). 

Rohrschlitten m sleigh (G) ; gun- 
barrel sled (for carrying barrel of 
dismantled mountain gun in deep 

Rohrschreiber m practice aiming 
device consisting of pencil mounted 
on gun barrel and chart on which 
pencil tracks movement of target. 

Rohrseele / bore (G). 

rohrsicherer Ziinder bore-safe fuze. 

Rohrsicherheit des Ziinders bore 

safety of fuze. 

Rohrstiitze/ tubular support (A A 

gun outrigger). 

Rohrwagen m cannon transport 

wagon, gun-barrel trailer. 
Rohrwandbeobachtungsgerat n barrel 

reflector (G). 

Rohrwechsel m change of barrel 


Rohrweite / caliber (G). 

Rohrwiege/ cradle (G). 

Rohrzange / Stillson wrench, pipe 

Rohrzeiger m gun barrel reference 
pointer (matches with Aufsatzzeiger 
when gun is laid for elevation) . 
Rohrzerspringer m barrel burst. 
Rollbahn / taxiway (Adrm); track 
(of road). 

Rollbockm bogie trailer (Arty). 
Rolle / roll (Avn, Tech); roller, pul- 
ley; wire roll. 

gesteuerte Rolle slow roll (Avn). 
rollen to taxi (Avn); to roll along, 
to roll forward (Tks, vehicles, 

in rollendem Einsatz in waves (Tac). 
rollendes Material rolling stock ( RR ) . 
Rollenlager n roller bearing (Mech). 
RoIlenstoBel m roller-type valve 
lifter (Mtr). 

Rollenwagen m bogie suspensions 

Rollfeld n landing field, cleared zone 

RollstraBe / taxiway ( Adrm). 
Rollwerkw landing gear (Ap). 
Rollwiderstand to vehicle resistance 
(MT); rolling friction (Mech). 
Rontgenbild n X-ray photograph. 
Rontgenstrahlen mpl X-rays. 

Rost to rust; grate; grill; trench 

rostig rusty. 

Rotes Kreuz Red Cross. 
Rotfilterempfangsgerat n red-filter 
receiving attachment (signal lamp). 
Rotfiltergerat n red-filter set (BC 

Rotte f two-ship element ( formation 
of two airplanes) ; a number of men 
in file. 

R-Patrone f See Rauchpatrone. 
Riickbau to reconstruction; disman- 

Riickbeforderung / evacuation ( of 
wounded, etc.). 


151 Riickwartsgang 

Riickblickm backsight (Surv); rear 
glance, rear view, retrospect. 

Riickbliekspiegel m rear-view mir- 

Riickdruck m reaction pressure 


Ruckenm rear (Tac); ridge (Top); 

Riickenangriff to attack against the 
rear; attack from the rear. 

Riiekendeckung / rear covering force, 
rear cover (Tac); parados (Ft). 

Riickenfallschirm to back-pack para- 

Riickenfeuer n enemy fire from the 

Riickenflug m inverted flight, upside- 
down flight. , 

Ruckengepack n pack. 

Ruckenkissen n crupper pad (har- 

Riickenlehne / back rest ( Ap, MT). 

Riickenlinie/ ridge line (Top). 

Ruckenriemen to leadup strap (har- 

Riickenringm back rest (AA MG). 

Riickentrage / pack reel (for Tp 


Riickenwehr/ parados (Ft). 

RUckenwind w tail wind. 

Ruckfahrlaterne / backing light 

Riickflug to return flight, homing 
flight (Avn). 

Riickfrage f check-back, tracer. 

Riickgrat n backbone. 

Riickhalt to support (Tac). 

Riickholer w connecting arm between 
firing lever and sear (light Inf 

Riickkehr / return. 

Ruckkopplung / feedback, regenera- 
tion (Rad). 

Riicklauf to recoil. 

Riicklaufbremse / recoil brake (G). 

Riicklaufeinrichtung / recoil mecha- 
nism (G). 

riicklaufig retrograde, reverse. 

Rucklauffeder / recoil spring, buffer 

Riicklauf messer to recoil marker ( G). 

Riicklaufschieber to recoil marker 
slide (G). 

Rucklaufwelle f reverse idler gear 
shaft (MT). 

Riickleitung / return (Elec, Tp); re- 
turn line (hydraulics). 

Riicklicht n taillight (MT). 

Riickmarsch to retrograde march, 
retirement (Tac). 

Riickmarschbewegung / retrograde 


RiiekmarschstraBe / line of retire- 
ment (Tac). 

Riickmeldung / reply. 

Rucksack to knapsack, rucksack. 

Riickschlag m blowback ( Ord) ; back 
pressure (Mtr); reverse (Tac). 

Riickschlagventil n check valve, one- 
way valve. 

Riickstando mpl fouling ( Ord) ; car- 
bon (Mtr); residue. 

RiickstoB m recoil, kick (Ord) ; re- 
action (Mech). 

RiickstoBhiilse f recoil booster sleeve 

RiickstoBIader to recoil-operated 

RiickstoBmotor to jet-propulsion en- 
gine (Ap). 

RiickstoBverstarker m recoil booster 

RiickstoBwirkung f recoil effect. 

Riickstrahler to reflector. 

Riicktrift/ trail (bomb trajectory). 

Riicktriftwinkel to trail angle (bomb 

riickwartig rear, rearward, behind 
the lines. 

riickwartige Dienste rear services, 

supply services. 

riickwartige Einrichtungen rear in- 

riickwiirtigeS Armeegebiet communi- 
cations zone. 

riickwartiges Gebiet rear area, rear 
zone, communications zone. 

riickwartiges Heeresgebiet communi- 
cations zone of a group of armies. 

riickwartiges Lazarett base hospital. 

riickwartiges Nachschublager base 

riickwartige Stellung rear position, 
reserve battle position, rear battle 

Riickwiirtseinschneiden n resection 

( Surv) . 

Riickwartsfahrer to rear driver ( of 
a vehicle with double-end control). 

Riickwartsfahrt / reverse movement 

Riickwartsgang to reverse, I’everse 
gear, reverse speed (MT). 



Riickwartslenkung f rear steering, 
system (of a vehicle with double-end 

Riickwartsstaffelung / negative stag- 
ger (Ap wings); echelon formation 
in depth. 

Riiekwegw withdrawal route (Tac); 
return, way back. 

riickwirkend retroactive. 

Riickzug to retreat, retirement, with- 
drawal (Tac). 

RUckzugslinie f line of retirement, 
line of retreat (Tac). 

RiickzugsstraSe / withdrawal route, 
route of retreat. 

Rudel n See Schiitzenrudel, Reiter- 

Ruder n oar; elevator or rudder ( Ap). 

Ruderboot n rowboat. 

Ruderfahrzeug n oar-propelled craft. 

Rudersteven to stern post ( assault 
boat, ferry, or barge). 

Ruf to call ; , ring ( Tp) ; reputation. 

Rufbatterie / a battery whose obser- 
vation post is within calling distance 
of the battalion observation post. 

rufen to call; to ring (Tp). 

Rufname m first name. 

Rufstromm signaling current, ring- 
ing current (Tp). 

Rufzeichen n call sign, call signal 
(Bad); calling signal (Tp). 

Ruhe f rest, silence, quiet. 

Ruhegehalt n pension. 

Ruhelager n rest camp. 

Ruhestand m retirement, 
im Ruhestand retired (abbr. i.R.). 

Ruhestellung / “at ease’* position. 

Ruhr f dysentery. 

Ruhrast / half cock (SA). 

“Riihrt, euch!” “At ease!” 

Rumpfm trunk, torso; fuselage 

(Ap); hull (of flying boat), 

Rumpfbugm nose (Ap), 


Rumpfendeti tail (Ap). 

Rumpfgerust n fuselage framework 


Rumpfhaut/ fuselage skin (Ap). 

RumpfholmTO longeron (Ap). 

Rumpfkanzel/ cockpit (Ap), 

Rurr.pfklappe / bomb doors (Ap). 

Rumpflangsachse / longitudinal axis 
of fuselage. 

Rumpflangsleiste / longeron (Ap). 

Rumpfmontage / fuselage assembly 

Rumpfspantm bulkhead (Ap). 

Rumpfnase/ nose (Ap). 

Rumpfspitze / nose (Ap). 

Rumpfverband to cadre. 

Rundbild n panoramic photograph 

Rundblickfernrohr n panoramic tele- 
scope, panoramic sight. 

Runde / tour, round, circle, curve. 

Runderneuerung / retreading (MT). 

Rundflugm local flight (Avn). 

Rundfunkm radio broadcast; broad- 

Rundfunkempfang to radio broadcast 

Rundfunksender to radio broadcast- 
ing station. 

Rundholz n round timber, spar. 

RundkeilverschluB m cylindrical 
wedge-type breechblock (G). 

Rundschreiben n circular. 

Rundzelt n circular tent. 

Rungenwagen to flatcar with side 

racks (RR). 

Riistgewicht n structural weight 

(plus equipment) (Ap). 

Riistung / armament. 

rutschen to slip, slide, skid; to side- 
slip ( Avn). 

Riittelerscheinungen fpl flutter (Ap). 

R-Wagen m See Rungenwagen. 


SA / See Sturmabteilungen. 

Sabel to saber, sword. 

Sachbearbeiter to technical staff offi- 
cer; individual in charge of a special 
administrative department or field 
of subject matcer. 

Sachnummer f item number. 
Sachschaden to material damage, 
damage to property. 

Sack m bag, sack. 

sacken to sag, settle, sink. 

Sackgasse / dead-end street or road. 


153 Sappenkopf 

Sackleinen n burlap, osnaburg. 

Saft to juice; electric current ( slang ). 

Sage f saw. 

Sagewerk n sawmill. 

Salpeter to saltpeter. 

Salpetersaure / nitric acid. 

Salut to gun salute. 

Salve / salvo ( pieces fire simul- 

taneously) (Arty); volley (fired by 

Salvengeschiitz n automatic gun. 

Salz n salt. 

Salzkartusche f flash-reducing wad 

Salzsaure f hydrochloric acid. 

Salzvorladung / flash-reducing wad. 

Salzvorlage f See Salzvorladung. 

SA-Mann to storm trooper. 

Sammelgesprach n conference call 

Sammelkommando n recovery party, 
salvage collecting party. 

Sammelkompanie/ salvage collecting 

Sammelmeldung/ general message 

sammeln to salvage, to collect, to 

Sammelort m assembly place, ren- 

SammelplatzTO collecting point; as- 
sembly point, rallying point, ren- 
dezvous (Tac); collecting station 

Sammelpunkt to See Sammelplatz. 

Sammelrufzeichen n collective call 
sign, general call sign (Rad). 

Sammelschutz to collective protection 

Sammelstelle / assembly point. 

Sammeltatigkeit / collecting; salvage 

Sammelwesen n salvage service. 

SammelzugTO salvage platoon. 

Sammler to See Sammlerbatterie. 

Sammlerbatterie / storage battery. 

Sammlerhaube / battery cover 

Sammlerkasten m battery box 

Sandeis n “ice concrete” ( a frozen 
mixture of sand, gravel and water). 

Sandgrube / sand pit. 

Sandkasten to sand table (Tng). 

Sandkastenspiel n sand table exer- 

Sandsack to sandbag. 

Sandschutzbrille / sand goggles. 

Sanierung / sanitation, introduction 
of sanitary measures. 

Sanierungsmittel n prophylactic. 

Sanitiitsabteihing / medical battalion. 

Sanitatsausriistung/ medical equip- 

Sanitiitsdienst to medical service. 

Sanitiitseinrichtung / medical instal- 

Sanitatsfahrzeug n ambulance. 

Sanitatsfeldwebel to technical ser- 
geant (Med). 

Sanitiitsflugbereitschaft f airplane 
ambulance unit. 

Sanitatsflugzeug n airplane ambu- 


Sanitatsgefreiter to acting corporal 
(Med). See also Gefreiter. 

Sanitatsgerat n medical equipment. 

Sanitiitshelferin / medical woman 


Sanitiitshund w first-aid dog. 

Sanitatskasten w medicine chest, sur- 
gical chest. 

Sanitatskolonne/ ambulance column. 

Sanitatskompanie / medical company. 

Sanitatskorps n Medical Corps. 

Sanitatsmaterialpark to medical sup- 
ply depot. 

Sanitatsoberfeldwebel to master ser- 
geant (Med). 

Sanitatsobergefreiter m corporal 


Sanitatsobersoldat m private first 
class (Med). 

Sanitatsoffizier m medical officer. 

Sanitatsoffizier (Z) to dental officer 
(Z is abbr. of Zahnarzt). 

Sanitiitsordnung / regulations gov- 
erning organization and operation 
of Medical Corps. 

Sanitatspark to medical depot. 

Sanitatspersonal n medical corps 

Sanitatssoldat to private (Med). 

Sanitatsstaffel / medical unit ( of 
Div Med Bn). 

SanitatstroB to medical train. 

Sanitatstruppe / medical corps. 

Sanitatstasche / pouch kit. 

Sanitatstruppen fpl medical troops. 

Sanitatsunteroffizier to sergeant 


Sanitatswesen n medical service. 

Sappe/ sap (Ft). 

Sappenkopf to saphead (Ft). 

Sarg 154 Schallplatte 

Sarg m coffin. 

Sattel to saddle (harness, Top). 
Sattelbaum vi saddletree (harness) . 
Sattelbefehl m field order. 
Sattelbekleidung / saddle covering. 
Sattelgurt m girth (of a saddle). 
Sattelholz n short wooden plate or 
sill placed on top of a column so as 
to increase its bearing surface. 
Sattelkissen n saddle pad. 

Sattelpferd n near horse. 
Sattelschlepper m semitrailer (MT). 
Sattelsitz in seat (of a saddle). 
Satteltasche / skirt (saddle). 
Satteltracht / saddle cover (pack 

Siittigung/ saturation. 

Satzm sentence, axiom; rate, scale;, 
set, unit; composition, pellet (Am, 
CWS); jump, bound. 

Satzring m time train ring ( time 

Satzstiick n powder pellet ( time 


saubern to clean; clear up; clean out; 
mop up (Tac). 

Sauberungstrupp m mopping-up de- 

Sauberungsunternehmen n mopping- 
up operation. 

Sauerstoff m oxygen. 
SauerstoffazetylenschweiBung / oxy- 
acetylene welding. 

Sauerstofflasche / oxygen cylinder. 
Sauerstoffgerat n oxygen apparatus. 
Sauerstoff-Wiederbeleber to pulmotor. 
Saughub m intake stroke, suction 
stroke (Mtr). 

Saugleitung f intake duct (Mtr). 
Saugluft/ inflow (Avn). 

Sangrohr n intake manifold (Mtr). 
Saugseite / suction surface (Ap 

Saugsteinbehalter in silicic acid gel 
container ( gas-detection apparatus) . 
Saule f column, pile. 

Saumpfad in path ( for pack ani- 
mals) ; mountain trail. 

Sauna Finnish steam bath. 

Saure / acid. 

Sauremesser m hydrometer. 
S-Bekostigungsmittel npl army post 
subsistence supplies (a bbr. for 

Standort-Bekostigungsmittel) . 

S-Boot n See Schnellboot. 

Schaber m scraper. 

Schablone f stencil, templet. 

schablonieren to stencil. 

Schacht to shaft (mining); bomb 
rack; conduit (Elec). 

Schachtel } box. 

Schadel m skull. 

Schaden to damage. 

Schadenbekampfung / damage con- 

Schadenersatz to indemnity. 

schadlich injurious, harmful, destruc- 
tive, pernicious, dangerous; preju- 
dicial, disadvantageous. 

schadlicher Widerstand parasite drag 
( Avn). 

Schadlichkeitsgrenze f point of in- 
tolerable concentration (CWS). 

Schaft to stock (R); forearm (auto- 
matic R); leg (of a jackboot); 
rod, stem, handle, shank, shaft, 

Schaftpflegemittel n stock preserva- 
tive (R). 

Schakel in clevis, shackle. 

Schalenbauweise / monocoque con- 
struction (Ap). 

Schalenkreuzwindmesse'r m cup ane- 
mometer (Met). 

Schall in sound. 

Schallaufnahmegeriit 11 oscillograph 
(sound ranging). 

Schallblech n diaphragm (Tp). 

Schalldiimpfer to muffler (MT); 

silencer (Ord). 

schalldicht soundproof. 

Schalldose/ pick-up unit (phono- 

Schallgeschwindigkeit / velocity of 

SchallmeBaufnahmegerat n oscillo- 
graph (sound ranging). 

SchallmeBbatterie / sound-ranging 
battery ( Arty). 

SehallmeBfilm to oscillogram ^ ( film) 
(sound ranging). 

SchallmeBstelle / sound-ranging sta- 
tion (Arty). 

SchallmeBstellentrupp to sound unit 

(sound ranging). 

SchallmeBsystem n sound-ranging 

net (Arty). 

Schallmessung f sound ranging. 

Schallmikrophon n sound-ranging 


Schallmittel n sound-communication 

Schallorfnng/ sound location (AAA). 

Schallplatte / phonograph record. 

Schallplatten-Abtastdose 155 Scheingefecht 

Schallplatten-Abtastdose / phono- 
graph pick-up unit, pick-up. 

Schallverzug m sound lag (AAA). 

Schallwelle / sound wave. 

Schalmesser n drawknife. 

Schaltbrett n control panel, dash- 
board, instrument panel. 

Schaltbrettlaterne / instrument light. 

Schaltdom m gearshift-lever housing. 

schalten to shift (MT); to switch 

Schalterm switch (Elec). 

Schaltgabel/ shifter fork (MT). 

Schaltgetriebe n gearshift transmis- 
sion (MT). 

Schalthebel m gearshift lever (MT); 
throwout lever (panoramic tele- 

Schaltkastchen n portable switch- 
board. (Tp); switchbox (Elec). 

Schaltkasten m switchbox (Elec); 

combination switch box (MT). 

Schaltklaue / dog clutch member 
(constant-mesh transmission) (MT). 

Schaltmuffe / gearshift collar (MT). 

Schaltplan m circuit diagram. 

Schaltschema n See Schaltplan. 

Schaltskizze / See Schaltplan. 

Schaltstange / shift rail (MT). 

Schaltstiick n throwout ( sight-mount 

Schalttafel f control board, control 
panel, instrument panel. 

Schalttisch m switchboard (Tp). 

Schaltung/ connection (Elec); cir- 
cuit (Rad, Tp, Tg); gearshift (MT). 

Schaltvorrichtung / switching device 

Schalung/ casing; form (concrete 
construction); revetment. 

Schandeck n gunwale (Pon). 

Schanzarbeiten fpl entrenchments, 
spadework (field Ft). 

Schanze/ earthwork (Ft). 

schanzen dig, dig in, entrench. 

Schanzkorbm gabion (Ft). 

Schanzzeug n entrenching tool(s). 

scharf armed, live, primed ( Am) ; 
activated (LM); sharp. 

Scharfe f sharpness. 

scharfe Munition live ammunition. 

scharfe Panzermine activated anti- 
tank mine. 

scharfe Patrone live cartridge, ball 
cartridge (Am.). 

scharfgeladene Granate live shell 


scharf machen to arm (Am); to ac- 
tivate (a mine). 

Scharfschiitze m sharpshooter, sniper, 

Scharfschiitzengewehr n sharpshoot- 
er’s rifle. 

Scharfschiitzennest n sniper’s post. 

scharf stellen to arm (Am); to ac- 
tivate (LM). 

Scharmiitzel n skirmish. 

Scharnier n hinge. 

Scharte f port (Tk); loophole, em- 
brasure (Ft). 

Schartenblend ef tiring-port shutter 
(Tk); gun shelter (Ft). 

Schartenschild m ' shield with sight- 
ing ports (G); gun shelter (Ft). 

Schartensprengtrupp m pillbox demo- 
lition party. 

Schatten m shadow. 

SchattenriB m silhouette. 

Schattenwirkung / shadow effect 
( Cam). 

schatzen to estimate. 

Schatzung f estimation, estimate. 

Schaufel f shovel. 

Schau'flngm demonstration flight 

Schauloch n inspection hole. 

Schauzeichen n visual signal. 

Scheibe / disk, plate (Tech); prac- 
tice target; pane (of glass); com- 
pass card. 

Scheibenkupplung / plate clutch 


Scheibenrahmen m target frame. 

Scheibenrose f compass card. 

Scheibenstand m target butt. 

Scheibentreffbild n vertical shot 

group (Ballistics). 

Scheibenwischer w windshield wiper. 

Scheibenzuganlage/ range unit with 
moving targets (Tng). 

Scheide f scabbard, sheath. 

Scheider m separator ( storage bat- 

Scheinw card, ticket, certificate; 
illusion, deceptive appearance; light, 
blaze, flash, halo. 

Scheinangriff m feint attack, feint, 
demonstration (Tac). 

Scheinanlage f dummy installation, 
dummy works. 

Scheinflughafen m dummy airport. 

Scheingas n fake gas. 

Scheingefecht n mock combat, sham 
battle; feint, demonstration (Tac). 

Scheingraben 156 Schieftgestell 

Scheingraben to dummy trench (Ft). 
Scheinleitwert to admittance (Elec). 
Scheinmine / dummy mine. 
Scheinplatz to dummy airfield. 
Scheinsperre / dummy obstacle (Ft). 
Scheinstellung / dummy site, dummy 

Scheinvergiftung / fake contamina- 
tion (CWS). 

Scheinverneblung / deceptive smoke 

Scheinwerfer to headlight; search- 
light, spotlight, projector, 
fiihrender Scheinwerfer carry light 

Scheinwerferabteilung / searchlight 
battalion (AAA). 

Scheinwerferrichtungsweiser to con- 
trol station (AA SL). 
Scheinwerferstellung / searchlight 
station (AAA). 

Scheinwiderstand to impedance (Elec). 
Scheitelw. ' apex, summit, vertex, 

Scheitelbogen to azimuth (Surv). 
Scheitelkreis to See Scheitelbogen. 
Scheitelpunkt to apex, vertex, zenith. 
Scheitelwert to peak value (Elec). 
Scheitel winkel w vertical angle, 

opposite angle. 

scheitern to be shipwrecked, run 
aground; fail, miscarry, be frus- 

Schellband n hoop (G). 

Schelle/ clamping collar (Mort). 
Schenkel to leg, thigh ; side ( of an 
angle); leg (of a tripod, etc.). 
Scherbalken to ponton balk. 
Scherdrahtw shear wire (fuze). 
Schere / scissors, shears. 
Scherenfernrohr n battery comman- 
der’s telescope. 

Scherfestigkeit f shearing strength. 
Scherspannung / shear stress. 
ScherwinkelTO angle of yaw (Avn). 
Scheune / barn, 

Schi to ski. 

Schibataillon n ski battalion. 

Schicht / course, layer, stratum; 

sheet, coating, film; working shift. 
Schichtlinie / contour line. 
Schichtwolke / stratocumulus cloud. 
Schiebedach n sliding roof (Ap). 
schieben to push, slide, shove; to 
drift (Avn slang). 

Schieber m rear sight slide (R); 
keeper (R sling); slide; sleeve 
(sleeve-type engine); slide rule. 

Schiebermotor to sleeve-type engine. 

Schieberwiderstand to rheostat. 

Schiebeschnalle f slide buckle. 

Schiebewind to cross wind (Avn). 

Schieblehre / vernier calipers. 

Schiedsrichter n umpire ( maneuvers ) . 
oberster Schiedsrichter director. 

Schiedsrichteranweisung / instruc- 
tions to umpires (maneuvers) . 

Schiedsrichtergehilfe to umpire’s 

Schiedsrichterstab to umpire staff. 

schief oblique; biased; crooked; 
sloping, inclined. 

schiefer Radstand cant (Arty); mis- 
alignment of wheels (MT). 

Schieflaufende / rhumb line (Naviga- 

Schienbein n shin. 

Schiene / rail ; surgical splint. 

Schienensperre / steel rail anti- 

mechanized obstacle. 

SchieBaufgabe f fire problem (Arty 

SchieBauftrag to fire mission (Arty). 

SchieBausbildung / training in fir- 

SchieBausbildungshilfe f marksman- 
ship training aid. 

SchieBbahn / practice range. 

SchieBbaumwolle / guncotton. 

SchieBbecher m grenade launcher 


SchieBbedarf to ammunition require- 

SchieBbehelf w fire-control aid (Gun- 

SchieBbremse f gun-wheel brake. 

SchieBbuch n score book. 

SchieBen mit Enffernungskomman- 
dos fire by command for range. 

SchieBen mit hohen Sprengpunkten 
air-burst registration fire. 

SchieBen mit Karte map fire (Gun- 

SchieBen ohne Beobaclitung unob- 
served fire ( Gunnery). 

SchieBen wahrend der Bewegung 
assault fire ( automatic weapons). 

SchieBfertigkeit / marksmanship. 

SchieBgerat n firing equipment, 
practice-firing device (Gunnery). 

SchieBgestell n firing stand (MG). 

SchieKgrundlagen 157 Schlagbolzenspitze 

SchieBgrundlagen fpl firing data I Schildzapfenlagerdeckel to trunnion 
(Gunnery). cap (G). 

SchieBhilfsmittel npl means of fire 
control (Gunnery). 

SchieBkladde / battery emplacement 
book. 1 

SchieBklotz to wheel chock (Arty). 

SchieBiehre f ballistics. 

SchieBlehrer to gunnery instructor. 

SchieBlineal n straightedge (SR cor- 
rection chart). 

SchieBliste / battery chart. 

SchieGplan to fire-control map (Gun- 

ScliieBplatz to artillery range. 

SchieBpulver n gunpowder. 

SchieBscharte / loophole, embrasure. 

SchieBstand to range, target range. 

SchieBstock to projector rod (Sig 
; projector ). 

SchieBtechnik f firing technique. 

SchieBubung / firing practice, range 

SchieBunterlagen fpl basic data 

Schiefiverfahren n method of fire 

SchieBvorschrift / firing regulations; 
gunnery field manual. 

SchieBvorschule f basic training 
course (Arty); elementary marks- 
manship training. 

SchieBwagen to range car (on tar- 
get range). 

SchieBwesen n gunnery. 

SchieBwolle f See SchieBbaumwolle. 

Schiffahrt / shipping (Nav). 

Schiffbau m shipbuilding. 

Schiffbauwerft / .shipbuilding yard. 

Schiffbruch to shipwreck. 

Schiffsflak f ship-based antiaircraft 

Schiffslazarett n sick bay. 

Schiffsraum to tonnage (Nav). 

Schiffsrumpf to hull (Nav). 

Schilfstaucher to diver (Nav) See 
also Torpedotaucher. 

Schiffswerft / shipyard. 

Schiffswesen n shipping (Nav). 

Schild n signboard. 

Schildm shield (G). 

Schilderhaus n sentry box. 

Schildlager n bracket seat (G). 

Schildstiitze / shield support (G). 

Schildzapfen to trunnion (G). 

Schildzapfenlager n trunnion bear- 
ing (G). 

Schildzapfenpfanne / trunnion socket. 

Schippe f shovel. 

Schirm to screen ; visor (of cap) ; 
parachute canopy, parachute; um- 

Schirmantenne/ umbrella antenna 

Schirmeindecker to parasol mono- 

Schirmgitter n screen grid (Rad). 

Schirmgitterrohre / screen-grid tube 

Schirmmutze f service cap. 

Schirrmeister m maintenance tech- 
nical sergeant. 

Schirrunteroffizier to maintenance 

Schlacht f battle. 

Schlachtereiabteilung f butchery 


Schlachtereizug to butchery platoon. 

Schlachtfeld n battlefield. 

Schlachtflieger to close support air- 
plane; ground attack airplane; pilot 
of close support airplane (pi: sup- 
port Avn). 

Schlachtfliegerbombe f fragmenta- 
tion bomb. 

Schlachtfliegerunterstiitzung / close 
aviation support, support by ground 
attack airplanes. 

Schlachtflotte / battle fleet. 

Schlachtflugzeug n close support air- 
plane, ground attack airplane. 

Schlachtgeschwader n ground 

attack and antitank wing, support 
aviation wing. See also Geschwader. 

Schlachtkreuzer w battle cruiser. 

Schlachtlinie f battle line. 

Schlachtschiff n battleship. 

Schlafenband n temple strap (gas 


schlaff slack, 

Schlafsack to sleeping bag. 

Schlag to shock, stroke, blow; pigeon 
loft; bay (of a trench). 

Schlagbolzen to firing pin (Ord) ; 

inertia pellet, inertia striker pellet 

Schlagbolzenfeder / . main spring 
(R); firing-pin spring (pistol, fuze). 

Schlagbolzenmutter f cocking piece 


Schlagbolzenspitze/ striker (G, R ) ■ 

Schlagbolzen-Versager 158 Schlips 

Schlagbolzen-Versager m hung 
striker (fuze). 

Schliigel m mallet; drumstick. 

Schlagelstampfer m maul (Tech). 

schlagen to hit, knock, strike; to 
defeat; to build (a Bdg). 

Schlagfeder/ firing-pin spring (fuze). 

schlagfertig ready for immediate 

Schlagfertigkeit / readiness for 

action, state of tactical prepared- 

Schlagkraft/ striking power (Tac). 

Schlagladuitg / booster, magazine 
charge (fuze). 

Schlagloch n pothole, road hole. 

Schlaglot n hard solder. 

Schlagring m brass knuckles. 

Schlagschatten m shadow cast by an 
object ( as distinguished from, shadow 
on the object itself) (Cam). 

Schlagseite/ list (of a ship). 

Schlagstift m striker (fuze). 

Schlagstiick n hammer (SA). 

Schlagwort n slogan. 

Schlagziinder m impact fuze, per- 
cussion fuze. 

Schlagziindschraube / threaded per- 
cussion primer (fuze). 

Schlamm to mud. 

Schlange/ snake; spiral, coil, helix, 

Schlappe/ reverse, defeat, setback. 

Schlauchw hose, pipe, tube; inner 
tube (MT). 

Schlauchbinder m , hose coupling 

Schlauchboot n pneumatic raft, 
pneumatic boat. 

Schlauchbootfahre f pneumatic boat 

Schlauchbriicke / pneumatic boat 

Schlauchschoner m tire flap (MT). 

Schlaufe/ keeper (R sling); band, 

Schlechtwetter-Landedienst to station 
marker beacon service (for Inst 
landing in bad weather) ( Avn). 

Schlechtwetterzone f bad-weather 
zone (Met). 

Schleichweg to hidden trail. 

Schleier m screen (Tac). 

Schleife/ loop (Avn, Elec, etc.). 

schleifen to grind, sharpen, abrade. 

Schieifenfiug m loop (Avn). 

Schleifmaschine / grinding machine 


Schleifmittel n abrasive. 

Schleifringm collector ring (mag- 
neto); release ring (clutch). 

Schlenke / ravine, gully. 

Schleppantenne / trailing wire 

antenna (Ap). 

schleppen to tow, drag. 

Schlepperm tractor; tug (Nav). 

Schlepphaken to pintle (Trac). 

Schleppkahn to towed boat. 

Schleppkante / trailing edge (Ap). 

Schleppkommando n glider-towing 

detachment, unit of tug airplanes. 

Schleppschacht m inclined gallery 

Schleppseil n See Schlepptau. 

Schleppscheibe / tow target, towed- 
sleeve target (AAA). 

Schlepptau n trail rope ( Bln) ; tow 
rope, tow line. 

Schleppwagen to beaching gear ( sea- 

Schieppziel n flag target, towed- 
sleeve target (AAA). 

Schleppzug m column of tractors ; 
train of barges. 

Schleuder / catapult (Avn). 

Schleuderbund to sling lashing 


SchleuderguB m centrifugal casting 

Schleudermine/ sling mine, sliding 

schleudern to skid, to slip, to cata- 

Schleuderstart m catapult take-off 

( Avn). 

Schleuderpsychrometer n sling psy- 
chrometer (Met). 

Schleuderthermometer n sling ther- 
mometer (Met). 

Schleuse / lock (of a canal); sluice. 

schlieBen to close, lock (a door, 

SchlieiJender m file closer; trail offi- 
cer (MT column). 

SchlieBfeder / main spring (pistol); 
closing spring. 

SchlieBkontakt m contact maker 

SchlieBstelle / contact point (Elec). 

schlingern to roll. 

Schlingerwand / baffle (Ap tank). 

Schlips m necktie. 


159 Schneckentrieb 

Schlitten to sled; sleigh, sleigh 

mount (MG). 

Schlittenaufsatzstiick n sleigh-mount 
extension piece (MG). 

SchlittenfUhrer to sled driver. 

Schlittenkufe / sled runner; sleigh- 
mount runner (MG). 

SchlittenstoBtrupp m assault 

detachment with sled-borne weapons 
and supplies. 

Schlittenstiitze / sleigh-mount leg 

Schlitz to slit; slot (Ap wing). 

Schlitzfliigel m slotted wing (Ap). 

Schlitzquerruder n slotted aileron. 

SchloB n lock; bolt mechanism, bolt 
assembly (MG, R); castle. 

SchloBchen n bolt sleeve (R). 

Schlosser to mechanic, locksmith, 

SchloBfuB m bolt base (MG). 

SchloBgehause n bolt housing (MG). 

SchloBhalter to bolt support (MG). 

SchloBhebel to bolt handle (MG). 

SchloBkurbel / bolt shaft (MG). 

SchloBplatte f back plate (G). 

Schlot to smoke stack. 

Schlucht / gorge (Top). 

Schlund to throat. 

Schlupf to slip (propeller). 

Schlupfe/ keeper (R sling). 

Schlupf jacke/ sweater (Clo). 

schliipfrig slippery. 

Schluppe / See Schlupfe. 

SchluBbesprechung / critique. 

Schliisselm key; cipher, code; 


Schliisselbolzen to locking pin (lim- 
ber); retaining pin or bolt. 

Schlusselgraben m main trench. 

Schliisselheft n code book. 

SchlUsselkraftwagen to coding truck 
(Sig C). 

Schliisselmaschine / converter, cipher 

Schliisselmine / key mine (anti- 
vehicle mine laid as road block). 

schliisseln encode, encipher. 

Schlusselpunkt to key point (Tac). 

Schliisselschieber to corrector pointer 
(hand fuze setter). 

Schliisselstellung / key position 


Schlusseltext to cipher text. 

Schliisseltrupp to code section. 

Schliisselungsoffizier to cryptographer 

Schliisselunterlage / encoding and 
decoding chart. 

Schlusselwort n cipher key. 

SchluBklappe / disconnect drop (Tp 


SchluBlicht n taillight (MT). 

SchluBzeichen n clearing signal 
(indicating party has rung off) 

Schmalspur / narrow gage (RR). 

Schmalspurbahn f narrow-gage rail- 

Schmelzsicherung f fuse (Elec). 

schmiedbar malleable. 

Schmiede f forge. 

Schmiedeeisen n wrought iron, 

forged iron. 

Schmierbiichse/ grease cup; axle 

schmieren to grease, lubricate. 

Schmiermittel n lubricant. 

Schmierol n lubricating oil. 

Schmierolpumpe / lubrication pump. 

Schmierblschicht / oil film (Mech). 

Schmierplan to lubrication diagram. 

Schmierpresse / grease gun. 

Schmierstelle / lubrication point. 

Schmierstoff w lubricant. 

Schmierstoffanlage / lubricating sys- 
tem (Mtr). 

Schmierstoffbehalter to oil tank 


Schmierstoffdruckmesser to oil pres- 
sure gage (Ap). 

Schmierstoffkiihler to oil cooler. 

Schmierstoffvorratsmesser w oil level 

Schmierung f lubrication. 

Schmirgelleinwand / emery cloth. 

Schmirgelrad n See Schmirgelscheibe. 

Schmirgelscheibe f emery wheel. 

Schnabel to beak, nose; launching 
nose (Bdg). 

Schnalle/ buckle; gun sling hook 


Schnecke/ worm (Mech). 

Schneckenantrieb to worm drive. 

Schneckengehause n worm-gear 

housing (panoramic telescope). 

Schneckenlenkung f worm and sector 
steering system (MT). 

Schneckenrad n worm gear (MG, 

Schneckenscheibe / spiral target 

Schneckentrieb w See Schneckenan- 




Schneckenwelle / worm shaft. 

Schnee m snow. 

Schneefrasmaschine / rotary snow- 

Schneehemd n parka. 

Schneeniitte / igloo. 

Schneekette/ snow chain, skid chain 

Schneekufe / landing ski (Ap). 
Schneekufengestell n landing ski 
assembly (Ap). 

Schneeloch n snow pit. 

Schneemann m “snow man” ( an im- 
provised road marker constructed of 
blocks of snow). 

Schneepflug m snowplow. 
Schneereifen ' m snowshoe. 
Schneeschuh m ski; snow boot, over- 

Schneestauung / impacted snow. 
Schneetreiben n snow flurries (Met). 
Schneewanne / boat-type runner 
(placed under gun wheels for opera- 
tions in deep snow). 

Schneewolke/ snow cloud (Met). 
Schneidbrennen n oxyacetylene cut- 

Schneide/ edge (of a bayonet, etc.). 
Schneise / straight narrow clearing, 
forest aisle, firebreak; sector (Air 

schneidig smart (in appearance, de- 
portment, etc.). 

Schneidkluppe / stock (die holder). 
Schneidkluppe mit Schneidbacken 
stock and die. 

schnell fast, quick, rapid, mobile. 
SchnellablaB m quick release, jetti- 
soning (of fuel). 

SchnelladeverschluB m rapid-fire 
breechblock (G). 

Schnelladung / emergency demolition 

Schnellboot n E-boat (Ger), motor 
torpedo boat, speedboat. 
Schnellbriicke / hasty bridge. 
Schnelle Truppen Mobile Troops (in- 
cludes Tk Rgts, AT Bns, Panzer- 
grenadier units, MG Bns, H-Cav 
Rgts, Div Ren units, Mecz Ren units 
and cyclist units). 

Schnellfeuer n rapid fire, magazine 

Schnellfeuergeschiitz n rapid-fire 

Schnellfeuerkanone f rapid-fire 


Schnellfeuerwaffe / rapid-fire 


Schnellgang m overdrive (MT). 
Schnellganggetriebe n overdrive 

transmission (MT). 
Schnellkampfgeschwader m ground 
attack and antitank wing (Luft- 

SchnellschuB m hasty shot (firing). 
Schnellsperre / hasty obstacle. 
Schnellsteg m hasty footbridge. 
Schnelltelegraph m teletype, tele- 
typewriter, telegraph printer. 
Schnellziinder m instantaneous fuze, 
nondelay fuze. 

Schnitt m cut (injury or wound); 
section, intersection; slice; bearing 

Schnittbildentfernungsmesser m split- 
field range finder. 

Schnittlinie / secant; halving line 
(coincidence range finder). 
Schnittpunkt m point of intersec- 


Schnittzeichnung f cut-away view 

Schnur/ rope, cord, twine, string. 
Schniirbundm cord lashing, rope 


Schniirleiste / rack stick (for cord 

Schnurrensattelgurt m web girth 

Schniirschuh m laced shoe. 
Schniirsenkel m bootlace, shoelace. 
Schniirstiefel m lace boot. 

Schokokola chocolate with kola 

(Prcht ration). 
schonen to spare, protect. 
Schonganggetriebe n overdrive trans- 
mission (MT). . 

Schopfeimer m scoop (excavator). 
Schornstein m chimney, smoke stack. 
Schott n bulkhead ( also spelled die 

Schotter m road metal, broken stone, 

SchotterstraBe / metalled road, 

gravel road. 

Schottpanzerung / spaced armor. 
Schraffen fpl hachures (Surv, Top). 
Schraflierung / See Schraffen.' 
schrag diagonal, oblique, inclined. 
Schragaufnahme / oblique aerial 

Schrage/ inclination; diagonal line; 
bevel (Tech). 


Schragentfernung 161 

Schriigentfernung f slant range (AA 

schriiges Kreuz St. Andrew’s cross 
( used as road marker to indicate by- 

Schragfahrt / movement at an angle 
(ground target). 

Scliragfeuer n oblique fire, flanking 
fire, enfilade. 

Schraglage/ bank (Ap). 

Schraglinie / diagonal. 

Schragnocke / inclined beveled cam 
(Diesel engine). 

Schragstellung / tilt, lateral tilt. 

Schranke/ railroad gate; barrier. 

Schrankung/ dihedral (Ap). 

Schrapnell n shrapnel. 

Schrapnellkugel / shrapnel ball. 

Schrapnellmine f antipersonnel mine. 

Schraube / screw (Mech); propeller. 

Schraubendruck m propeller thrust. 

Schraubenantrieb m propeller drive. 

Schraubenfeder f coil spring, helical 
spring, spiral spring. 

Schraubenflugzeug n helicopter. 

Schraubenganglenkung / cam and 
lever steering system (MT). 

Schraubenmutter / nut (Tech). 

Schraubenschliissel to wrench. 

Schraubenspindelrichtmaschine / 
elevating-screw-type elevating mech- 
anism (G). 

Schraubensteigung / screw pitch; 
propeller pitch. 

Schraubensteven m propeller post 


Schraubenstrahl m slipstream (Ap)- 

SchraubenverschluB m interrupted- 
screw-type breechblock (G). 

Schraubenzieher to screwdriver. 

Schraubenzug to propeller thrust. 

Schraubpfahl m screw-type post ( for 
obstacle construction). 

Schraubstock m vise (Tech). 

Schreckladung / booby trap. 

Schreckmine f booby mine. 

Schreibeblock to writing pad. 

Schreiber m clerk; yeoman (Nav). 

Schreibmaschine / typewriter. 

Schreibstube / orderly room, office. 

schriftlich in writing, written. 

Schriftverkehr to correspondence. 

Schritt to pace, step, 
den Schritt wechseln to change step. 

Schrittmesser to pedometer. 

schroff steep (Top). 

Schrot to shot (for shotgun). 

Schrotgewehr n shotgun. 

Schrotpatrone / shotgun shell. 

Sehrotsage / ripsaw. 

Schubkarren to wheelbarrow. 

SchubkurbelverschluB to pusher- 
handle sliding-wedge-type breech- 
block (G). 

Schubstange / torque arm, torque rod; 
piston rod; connecting rod. 

Schuhm shoe; boot (SA scabbard or 

Schuhzeug n footgear. 

Schulflugwesen n training aviation. 

Schulflugzeug n training airplane, 

SchulgefechtsschieBen n battle ser- 
vice practice (Arty). 

SchulgefechtsschieBstand m target 
range (Arty Tng). 

SchulschieBen n record service prac- 
tice (Arty). 

SchulschieBstand m target range. 

Schulter / shoulder. 

Schulterdecker m semi-high-wing 

Schultergurt to shoulder strap (gas 
mask carrier). 

Sehulterklappe f shoulder strap ( en- 
listed men’s uniforms). 

$chulterriemen to crossbelt (Clo). 

Schulterstiitze f shoulder stock (MG). 

Schulterstiick n shoulder strap ( offi- 
cers’ uniforms); shoulder piece 

Schulterwehr / traverse (Ft). 

Schulungskursus to training course, 
orientation course. 

Schummerung / shading (on maps). 

Schuppen to shed, hangar. 

Schupo f See Schutzpolizei. 

Schiirmanneisen n butt strap. 

Schurzholz n trench timber, wooden 

Schurzholzrahmen to gallery case 

SchuB to shot (discharge of fire- 
arm); round (Am). 

SchuBbahn / line of fire; trajectory. 

SchuBbeobachtung f sensing, spot- 
ting, observation of fire (Arty). 

SchuBbereich to range of gun; dan- 

. ger area (on target range). 

schuBbereit ready to fire. 

SchuBbremse f recoil brake. 

SchuBebene / plane of departure, 
plane of fire (Gunnery); plane of 
position a.t instant of firing (AAA). 


162 Schutzgebiet 

SchuBelemente npl basic data, firing 
data (Gunnery). 

SchuBentfernung / range. 
schuBfertig ready to fire; prepared 
for firing (Am). 

SchuBfeld n field of fire. 
SchuBfeldliicke / gap in field of fire. 
schuBfest bulletproof; light shell 

SchuBfolge / cyclic rate (automatic 

SchuBgarbe / sheaf of fire, cone of 

SchuBleistung / shooting strength 

SchuBlinie / line of site, line of po- 
sition ( Gunnery) ; line of future 
position (AAA). 

SchuBrichtung / direction of fire. 
SchuBschneise f fire lane. 
SchuBseitenwinkel m firing azimuth. 
schuBsicher bulletproof; light shell 

schuBsichere Deckung shellproof 
cover (Ft). 

schuBsicherer Schlauch self-sealing 
inner tube, bullet-resisting inner 
tube (tire). 

schuBsicheres Glas bulletproof glass. 
SchuBtafel / firing table, ballistic 

graphische SchuBtafel trajectory 
chart (not to be confused with US 
graphical firing table). 
schuBtafelmaBig according to firing- 
table data, firing-table (adj). 
schuBtafelmaBige Anfangsgeschwin- 
digkeit standard muzzle velocity. 
schuBtafelmaBige Erhohung firing- 
table elevation (Gunnery). 
schuBtafelmaBige Flugzeit theo- 
retical time of flight (as indicated 
in firing table). 

schuBtafelmaBige SchuBweite firing- 
table range (Gunnery). 
SchuBverbesserung / firing correc- 
tion (Gunnery). 

SchuBwaffe / firearm. 

SchuBweite / range (Gunnery). 
SchuBwerte mpl basic data, firing 
data (Gunnery). 

SchuBwirkung f effect of fire 


SchuBzahl / number of rounds. 
Schiittkasten m bomb magazine, 

“Molotov breadbasket” ( container 
with a number of small bombs). 

Schiittwurfm salvo release (bomb- 

Schutz to cover, protection. 

Schiitz to relay (Elec). 

Schutzanlagen fpl protective works. 

Schutzanstrich to camouflage paint 
(ing) ; protective paint(ing). 

Schutzanzug w protective clothing 

Schutzblech n fender, mudguard. 

Schutzbrille / goggles. 

SchiitzeTO private (Inf); rifleman; 
machine gunner (Ap, etc.); marks- 

schiitzen to cover, protect; to sup- 
port (by fire). 

Schiitzenabmarsch to rifle half squad 
( Cav). 

Schiitzenabzeichen n marksmanship 

Schiitzenauftritt to fire step (Ft). 

Schiitzenbank / See Schiitzenauftritt. 

Schiitzenfeuer n rifle fire. 

Schiitzengraben to fire trench, trench. 

Schiitzengrabenspiegel to trench 


Schiitzenhohle / dugout. 

Schiitzenkette f See Schiitzenlinie. 

Schiitzenkompanie f rifle company 


Schiitzenlinie / line of skirmishers. 

Schiitzenloch n foxhole, rifle pit. 

Schiitzenmine / antipersonnel mine 
(abbr. S-Mine). 

Schiitzenmulde / skirmisher’s trench, 
prone shelter, shallow rifle pit. 

Schiitzennest n rifle-squad entrench- 
ment, nest of riflemen (Ft). 

Schiitzenpanzer to See Schiitzenpan- 

Schiitzenpanzerwagen to armored 
personnel carrier. 

Schiitzenreihe f squad column, file of 

Schiitzenrudel n rifle squad in grouped 
combat formation (squad leader and 
light MG team forward, assistant 
squad leader and rifle team back, 
echeloned right or left). 

Schiitzenschnur / marksmanship 


Schiitzenstand to gun position (Ap). 

Schiitzentrupp m rifle team (rifle- 
men of a rifle squad as distinguished 
from the light MG team). 

Schiitzenzug to rifle platoon (Inf). 

Schutzgebiet n protectorate. 




Schutzgitter n suppressor grid (Rad 

Schutzglasw bulletproof glass; pro- 
tectoscope (Tk). 

Schutzhiille / hood (Am). 

Schutzimpfung / inoculation, vacci- 

Schutzmacht / protecting power 


Schutzmann m policeman. 

Schutzmittel n prophylactic. 

Schutzmiitze / crash helmet (for Tk 

Schutzpolizei / municipal police. 

Schutzpolsterung / crash padding 

Schutzraumm shelter (Ft); air 
raid shelter. 

Schutzsalbe / protective ointment 

Schutzscheibe f protectoscope (Tk). 

Schutzschicht / burster course (Ft). 

Schutzschild m shield, gun shield. 

Schutzsieb n mechanical filter (gas 

Schutzstaffeln fpl elite guard of the 
Nazi party (abbr. SS). See also 

Schutzwall m protective wall (system 
of land defenses, as the Westwall 
on the western frontier of Germany). 

Schutzwallehrenzeichen n bronze 

medal awarded to workers excelling 
in the construction of German forti- 

Schutzzaun m guard fence. 

Schwachstrom m low voltage ( cur- 

Schwaden m gas cloud, smoke cloud. 

SchwadenschieBen n gas or smoke 
shell fire (Arty). 

Schwadron / troop (Cav). 

Schwadronschef m troop commander 

Schwadronsfiihrer m temporary troop 
commander, troop commander (Cav). 

Schwadronstrupp m troop headquar- 
ters detail (Cav). 

Schwalbennest n shoulder patch ( worn 
by bandsmen). 

Schwamm to sponge; mushroom. 

Schwankung/ fluctuation; variation; 
sway; oscillation. 

Schwanz m tail; trail (G). 

Schwanzblech n trail float (G). 

Schwanzlandung / tail landing 

( Avn). 

schwanzlastig tailheavy (Avn). 

Schwanzsporn m tail skid / Ap) ; 
trail spade (G). 

Schwarm m tactical formation of 
about five airplanes ( consists of two 

schwarmen to deploy into line of 

Schwarmkolonne / javelin formation 
of from 3 to 5 airplanes. 

Schwarmwinkel m wedge formation 
of from 3 to 5 airplanes. 

Schwarzpulver n black powder. 

Schwebekreisvisier n pivoted ring 
sight (A A). 

Schweberiemen m hip strap (har- 

Schwebstoff m nonpersistent chemical 
agent (CWS). 

Schwebstoffilter m mechanical filter 
(gas mask). 

Schwebstoffteilchen n nonpersistent 
chemical particle ( CWS). 

Schwebungsempfang m beat-fre- 

quency reception (Rad). 

Schwebungsfrequenz / beat fre- 

quency (Rad). 

Schwebungsfrequenzmesser m hetero- 
dyne frequency meter. 

Schwebungsliicke / See Schwebungs- 

Schwebungsnull / zero beat (Rad). 

Schwefel m sulphur. 

Schwefelantimon n antimony sulfide 

Schwefelnatrium n sodium sulfide. 

Schwefelsaure / sulfuric acid. 

Schwefeltrioxyd n sulfur trioxide 

Schwefelwasserstoff m hydrogen sul- 

schwefligsaures Natrium sodium sul- 

Schweige-MG. n ambush machine 

gun, concealed machine gun. 

Schweigewaffen fpl concealed weap- 
ons which hold their fire until enemy 
has reached certain points. 

SchweiB m sweat. 

SchweiBbrenner m welding torch. 

SchweiBelektrode f welding elec- 
trode, welding rod. 

schweiBen to weld. 

SchweiBer m welder. 

SchweiBnaht f welded seam. 

SchweiBtechnik / theory and prac- 
tice of welding. 




Schwelkerze/ smoke candle (CWS). 
Schwelle/ tie ( RR ) ; sill (Bdg); 

Schwellenbahn / corduroy road. 
Schwelljoch n trestle bent with sill 

schfrenkbar traversable; rotatable; 
flexible (MG). 

Schwenkbereich to extent of traverse, 
total movement in traverse (Ord). 
schwenken to wheel, turn (Tac); to 
traverse, to slew (a gun). 
Schwenkfliigel m folding wing (Ap). 
Schwenkwinkel m angle of traverse 

Schwenkung/ pivoting or wheeling 
maneuver (Tac); slewing, travers- 
ing motion (of a gun). 
Schwenkungspunkt to pivot (Tac). 
Schwenkungswinkel to angle of tra- 
verse (Gunnery). 

schwer medium (Ord); heavy; 

grave, serious. See also schwerst-. 
schwere Artillerie medium artillery, 
schwere Kompanie heavy weapons 
company (Mtz B Regt). 
schwere Schwadron / weapons troop 

Schwerkraft / force of gravity. 
Schwerkraftstoff m Diesel fuel. 
Schwerol n Diesel fuel. 
Schwerol-Flugmotor m Diesel-type 
aircraft engine. 

Schwerolmotor m Diesel engine. 
Schwerpunkt m main effort, point of 
main effort (Tac) ; center of gravity, 
schwerst- heavy (Ord); heaviest, 
schwerste Artillerie heavy artillery. 
Schwerverwundeter m serious casu- 

Schwesterwaffe / related arm, re- 
lated branch of the service. 
Schwimmdock n floating dock. 
Schwimmerm float, pontoon (Ap); 

float (carburetor, gage, etc). 
Schwimmerflugzeug n floatplane. 
Schwimmergehause n float chamber 
( carburetor). 

Schwimmergestell n float gear (sea- 

Schwimmernadel / float needle ( car- 

Schwimmerwagen m beaching gear 

Schwimmerwerk n float gear (sea- 

schwimmfahig capable of floating' 

or swimming, amphibian. 
Schwimmlastkraftwagen to amphibi- 
an truck. 

Schwimmpanzerkampfwagenm am- 
phibian tank. 

Schwimmstabilitat / flotation stabil- 
ity (seaplane). 

Schwimmwerk n float gear, floats. 
Schwimmwerk fur Landflugzeuge 

emergency flotation gear (Avn). 
Schwimmweste / life vest, “Mae 

Schwindelgas n fake gas (CWS). 
schwinden fade (Rad). 

Schwingachse / flexible axle (MT). 
-Schwinge/ flexible shaft (follow-the- 
pointer mechanism). 

Schwingkreis m See Schwingimgs- 

Schwingschenkel m wheel spindle 

Schwingung/ oscillation (Elec, Rad); 
vibration (Mech). 

Sch win gun gsdampfer to vibration 


Schwingungserzeuger m oscillator 


SchwingungskreisTO oscillating cir- 
cuit (Rad). 

Schwingungsweite / amplitude of os- 
cillations (Rad). 

Schwingungszahl / number of oscil- 
lations, frequency (Elec, Rad). 
schwitzen to sweat. 

Schwundm fading (Rad). 
Schwundausgleich to automatic vol- 
ume control (Rad). 
Schwundwirkung/ fading effect 


Schwungkraft / centrifugal force. 
Schwungkraftanlasser to inertia 

starter (Mtr). 

Schwungrad n flywheel. 
Schwungscheibe / See Schwungrad. 
Sechskantschraube / hexagonal-head 

Sechsradkraftfahrzeug n six-wheel 

motor vehicle. 

See to lake (die See = ocean or 


See/ sea, ocean (der See = lake). 
Seeaufklarer to naval patrol airplane, 
patrol bomber, scout bomber. 
Seeflieger m naval aircraft pilot; 

naval airplane, seaplane. 

Seefliegerei / naval aviation. 

Seefliegerhorst 165 Seitenflosse 

Seefliegerhorst m seaplane base. 

Seeflugwesen to naval aviation. 

Seeflugzeug n naval airplane, sea- 

Seehohe / height above mean sea 

Seekabel n marine cable. 

Seekadett m midshipman. 

Seekarte / hydrographic map. 

Seele/ bore (Ord). 

Seelenachse / axis of the bore. 

Seelendurchmesser to caliber. 

Seelenlange / tube length, barrel 
length (Ord). 

Seelenmesser m star gage (G). 

Seelenrohr n tube, liner (G). 

Seelenwand/ bore surface (G). 

Seelenweite f caliber. 

seelische Wirkung moral effect (Tac). 

Seeluftstreitkrafte fpl naval aviation. 

Seemeile/ nautical mile (1.853 km). 

Seemine / submarine mine. 

Seeminensperre / submarine mine 

Seeneng e f defile between lakes. 

Seenotdienst m air forces sea rescue 

Seenotflugkommando n air forces sea 
rescue command. 

Seenotflugzeug n sea rescue airplane. 

Seestreitkriifte fpl naval forces. 

Seetransportubung / exercise in 

transportation by water. 

seewasserbestandig salt-water re- 

Seeziinder m hydrostatic bomb fuze 
(antisubmarine bombs and depth 

Segelflieger m glider, sailplane ; 

glider pilot. 

Segelflug to glide, gliding. 

Segelflugzeug n glider, sailplane. 

segeln to glide, soar; to sail. 

Segelstellung f feathered position 


Segeltuch n canvas. 

Segler to glider; sail boat. 

Segmentlenkung f worm and sector 
steering system (MT). 

Segmentstiick n segment (angle-of- 
site Inst). 

Sehfehler to defect of vision. 

Sehfeld n field of view (Optics). 

Sehklappe / peephole protector, look- 
out hole cover (Tk). 

Sehkraft / eyesight, vision. 

Sehlinie / line of observation ; line 
of sight (Surv). 

Sehne / tendon; chord. 

Sehoffnung/ peephole, lookout hole 
(Ft, Tk). 

Sehrohr n periscope. 

Sehscharfe / eyesight, vision; focus. 

Sehscharfeneinteilung / focusing 
scale (Optics). 

Sehschlitz to direct vision slot (Tk); 
observation slit, lookout slit (Ft). 

Sehstreifen to sector of view ( from 
observation point to right and left 
ends of target). 

Sehverbindung / visual communica- 

Sehwinkel to angle of view. 

Sehzeichen n visual signal. 

seicht shallow ( water). 

Seide f silk. 

Seife / soap. 

Seil n cord, rope, cable, line. 

Seilbahn f overhead cable railway. 

Seilbahnkommandotruppen fpl over- 
head cable railway troops. 

Seilbremse / cable brake. 

Seilfahre f cable ferry, rope ferry. 

Seilrolle f cable drum. 

Seiltrommel / cable drum. 

Seilwinde / cable winch. 

Seite f azimuth, direction ( Gun- 
nery); side. 

Seitenabgangsfehler m lateral jump 

Seitenabstand w interval (front left 
to right); displacement (Gunnery). 

Seitenabstand vom Richtpunkt angle 
of shift (indirect firing). 

Seitenabweichung / drift (of a pro- 
jectile); deflection (Gunnery). 

Seitenanderung / deflection change, 
deflection correction (Gunnery). 

Seitenansicht / side view. 

Seitenbegrenzer w traverse stop (G, 

Seitenbestimmung f sensing (Bad di- 
rection finding). 

Seitenbewegung / lateral movement. 

Seitenblatt n skirt (saddle). 

Seitendeckung / flank guard, flank 

security (Tac). 

Seitenempfanger to azimuth indica- 
tor (AA gun). 

Seitenfehler w lateral error (Gun- 

Seitenfeuer n enfilade fire. 

Seitenflosse / tail fin ( Ap). 

Seitengewehr 166 Selbstladewaffe 

Seitengewehr n bayonet. 
“Seitengewehr, an Ort!” “Unfix, 

Seitengewehrgriff m bayonet grip. 
Seitengewehrhalter m bayonet stud 


“Seitengewehr, pflanzt auf!” “Fix, 
bayonets f" 

Seitengewehrtasche / bayonet scab- 

Seitenhebel to traversing lever (MG 
sleigh mount). 

Seitenholm m side outrigger ( A A 

Seitenklappe / side door (Tk). 
Seitenleitwerk n rudder assembly 

Seitenlicht n running light (Ap). 
Seiten-MG. n waist gun, side gun. 
Seitenrampe / side-loading ramp. 
Seitenrichtbereich m total movement 
in traverse (G). 

Seitenrichtfeld n extent of traverse, 
total movement in traverse (G). 
Seitenrichtfeld von 360° all-round 

Seitenrichtfernrohr n azimuth track- 
ing telescope (height finder). 
Seitenrichtkanonier m azimuth setter. 
Seitenrichtmaschine / traversing 
mechanism (G). 

Seitenrichtrad n traversing hand- 
wheel (G). 

Seitenrichtschieber m deflection 
board (Arty). 

Seitenrichtschraube f traversing 

screw (G). 

Seitenrichtteilung / deflection scale. 
Seitenrichttrieb to traversing drive 
(G, Mort). 

Seitenrichtung / azimuth, direction 
( Gunnery). 

Nehmen der Seitenrichtung laying 
for direction. 

Seitenrichtwerk n traversing mecha- 
nism (G). 

Seitenrichtwinkel m angle of traverse, 
azimuth ( Gunnery). 

Seitenruder n rudder (Ap). 
Seitenrutsch m side slip (Avn). 
Seitenschwankung / lateral sway 

Seitensicherung f flank security. 
Seitensteuerung / rudder controls; 
lateral control. 

Seitenstreuung f lateral dispersion, 
width of dispersion (Arty). 

Seitenteilring m azimuth scale ( AA 


Seitentriebm traversing drive (G). 

Seitenverankerung f apron ( of 

double-apron fence). 

Seitenverbesserung / deflection cor- 
rection (Gunnery). 

Seitenverbindung / lateral commu- 
nication (Sig C). 

Seitenverhaltnis n aspect ratio ( Ap). 

Seitenverschiebung / drift correction 
( Gunnery). 

Seitenvorhalt m lateral lead (firing). 

Seitenvorhaltsebene f slant plane of 
lateral lead (AA gunnery). 

Seitenwagen m sidecar (Mtcl). 

Seitenwelle f jack shaft (MT). 

Seitenwind to- cross wind. 

Seitenwinkel m deflection angle (Gun- 
nery) ; horizontal angle (Surv). 

Seitenwinkelverbesserungsknopf m 
lateral correction knob (AA gun). 

Seitenwinkelvorhalt m lateral angu- 
lar lead, lateral deflection angle ( A A 

seitlich abrutschen to fall off 

seitlich einschwenken pivot to the 
left or right, fan out (Tac). 

Seitwartsbewegung / yawing (Ap). 

Seitwartseinschneiden n lateral re- 
section (Surv). 

Sektor to sector; protractor. 

Sekundarkreis m secondary circuit 


Sekundarstrom m secondary current 

selbstandig independent. 

Selbstantrieb m self -propulsion, auto- 
matic drive. 

selbstdichtend self-sealing (Ap 


selbsterregend self-exciting (Rad). 

Selbstfahrlafette / self-propelled 

mount, gun motor carriage. 

Selbstinduktion / self-induction (Elec). 

Selbstinduktionsspule / self-induc- 
tion coil (Elec). 

Selbstladeeinstecklauf to subcaliber 
barrel (for semiautomatic weapon). 

Selbstladegewehr n self-loading rifle, 
semiautomatic rifle. 

Selbstladepistole / self-loading pistol, 
automatic pistol. 

Selbstlader to self-loading rifle. 

Selbstladewaffe / self-loading weapon, 
semiautomatic weapon. 




Selbstretter to oxygen breathing ap- 

Selbstschutz to self-defense; indi- 
vidual air raid precautions. 
Selbstschutzmittel n prophylactic, 
selbstsperrend self -locking. 
Selbststeuergerat n automatic pilot 

Selbststeuerung / automatic control, 
selbsttatig automatic (adj), auto- 
matically operated. 
Selbstunterbrecher to automatic cir- 
cuit breaker (Elec). 
Selbstvernebelung f smoke screening 
(one’s own troops and/or installa- 

Selbstverstiimmelung / self-mutila- 


Selbstverwaltung f self government 

Sendeantenne / transmitting antenna. 
Sendebereitschaft / stand-by, readi- 
ness to transmit (Rad). 

Sendegeriit n radio transmitter. 
Sender m transmitter (Rad). 
Senderempfanger m transceiver 


Senderbhre / transmitting tube 


Sendestelle f transmitting station. 
Sendung/ shipment; transmission 
(Rad). ~~ 

Senfgasn mustard gas (CWS). 
Senkblei n plumb bob, sounding lead. 
Senke/ depression (Top). 
senken to depress (a gun); to sink 
(a shaft); to let down, to lower. 
Senkfaschine / sunken fascine revet- 

Senkfaschinendamm to fascine- 

reveted dam. 

Senkfeuer n plunging fire (Arty). 
Senkkastcn to caisson (Engr). 
Senklot n See Senkblei. 
senkrecht vertical, perpendicular. 
Senkrechtaufnahme f vertical aerial 

Senkrechtbild n See Senkrechtauf- 

Senkrechte/ perpendicular (line). 
Senkrechtebene zum Zielweg verti- 
cal plane containing course of target 
(A A gunnery). 

senkrechte Gitterlinie Y-line (of map 
grid) . 

senkrechter Abstand vertical interval. 

senkrechtes Auftreffen normal im- 
pact (Ballistics). 

Senkrechtgeschwindigkeit / vertical 

speed (Avn). 

Senkrechtluftaufnahme / vertical 
aerial photograph. 

Senkstiick n sunken fascine mat or 

Senkungswinkel to depression angle 

Serienschaltung / series connection 

Servowirkung / servo action ( servo 

seBhafter Kampfstoff persistent 
chemical warfare agent. 

SeBhaftigkeit f persistency ( CWS). 

“Setzt die, Gewehre! Zusammen!” 
“Stack, arms!” 

Setzwaag ef builders’ level (Engr). 

Seuch ef epidemic, contagious dis- 

S-Gerat n See. Suchgerat. 

S.-GeschoB n See SpitzgeschoB. 

sicher safe. 

Sicherer mpl security patrol(s). 

Sicherheitsbestimmungen fpl safety 

.Sicherheitsdienst to security meas- 
ures (Tac); SS security service 
(abbr. SD). 

Sicherheitsdraht m safety wire 

( Ord). 

Sicherheitsfunkenstrecke f safety 
spark gap (magneto ignition). 

Sicherheitsglas n safety glass, shat- 
terproof glass. 

Sicherheitshohe f safe altitude (Avn). 

Sicherheitskoeffizient to factor of 

SicherheitsmaB n clearance, safety 
angle (Gunnery). 

SicherheitsmaBnahme f safety meas- 
ure, security measure. 

Sicherheitsoffizier to safety officer 

(at target range). 

Sicherheitspolizei f security police 

( comprising Kriminalpolizei and Ge- 
heime Staatspolizei). 

Sicherheits- und Hilfsdienste mpl air 
raid protection services. (Also called 
Luftschutzpolizei) . 

Sicherheitsventil n safety valve. 

Sicherheitszone / safety area (Arty). 

sichern to cover, protect, make se- 
cure (Tac); to lock, to put at “safe” 
(Ord, Am). 

Sicherung 168 S-Mine 

Sicherung/ security, security detach- 
ment, covering party (Tac); safety 
(SA); safety lock (fuze); safety 
device; fuse (Elec). 

Sicherungsabstand m security dis- 

tance (between march units). 

Sicherungsauftrag rn security mis- 

sion (Tac). 

Sicherungsdienst m guard service 

Sicherungs-Division / security divi- 
sion (mobile Landesschiitzen units 
employed at rear area duties). 

Sicherungsfliigel m protective wing 
or flank (Tac); interrupter (Am). 

Sicherungsflugzeug n escort airplane. 

Sicherungshaken m release hook 


Sicherungshebel m grip safety (pis- 

Sicherungskappe / safety device 
(fuze); safety cap (hand grenade). 

Sicherungsklappe / interrupter (Am). 

Sicherungslinie / line of security, 
vorderste Sicherungslinie outpost 

SicherungsmaBnahme / security 

Sicherungsmutter / lock nut. 

Sicherungsschleier m screen (Tac). 

Sicherungsstift m safety pin (fuze). 

Sicherungsstiick n safety lug ( on gun 

Sicherungsvorrichtung f interrupter 
(Am); safety device. 

Sicherungsvorstecker m arming pin 
(fuze); safety pin (bomb). 

Sicherungszuschlag m margin of 
safety (firing)'. 

Sicht / visibility. 

Sichtabstand m interval permitting 
visual contact. 

Sichtanzeigegerat n visual indicator 
(Ap Inst). 

sichtbar visible. 

Sichtbarkeit f visibility. 

Sichtbereich m radius of visibility. 

Sichtberiihrung / visual contact. 

Sichtdeckung / sight defilade; smoke 
and dash defilade (Arty). 

Sichtigkeit / visibility. 

Sichtnavigation / contact flight, 

pilotage (Air Navigation). 

Sichtverhaltnisse npl visibility con- 

Sichtweite/ radius of visibility. 

Siehtzeichen n visual signal, panel 

Sickerschacht m drainage ditch, 

sump ( trench). 

Sieb n screen, sifter, filter. 

Siebkreis m series resonant circuit 

Siebtrichter m filter funnel (MT). 

Siegel n seal. 

Sieger m victor. 

siegreich victorious. 

Sielengeschirr n breast harness. 

Signal n signal; bugle call. 

Signalbombe/ signal flare. 

Signalbuch n signal book (Nav). 
internationales Signalbuch interna- 
tional code (Nav). 

Signalmittel n signal device. 

Signalpatrone / signal cartridge. 

Signalrakete / signal rocket. 

Signalscheibe f signaling disk. 

Signalstreifen m code panel (Avn). 

Signaltafel/ code chart (Sig C). 

Signaltuclvn. code panel (Avn). 

Signahverfer m ground signal pro- 
jector, pyrotechnic projector. 

S'ignatur / conventional sign (on 

Simmerring m oil seal (MT). 

Simulant m malingerer. 

simulieren malinger. 

Simultanschaltung / simplexed con- 
nection (Tg, Tp). 

Sinkgeschwindigkeit / rate of drop 

Sinn m sense, meaning; direction. 

Sipo f See Sicherheitspolizei. 

Sirene f siren. 

sitzender Anschlag sitting position 
(MG or R firing). 

Sitzfallschirm m seat pack para- 

Sitzriemen m seat strap (saddle). 

Skala / scale, dial. 

Skalenring m micrometer (angle-of- 
site Inst). 

Skalenscheibe / angle-of-site scale 
(Arty); dial plate, scale disk 

Skizze / sketch- 

S-Maske / See Staubmaske. 

s.M.G.-Bedienung m heavy machine- 
gun squad. 

s.M.G.-Zug m heavy machine-gun 

S-Mine/ antipersonnel mine (abbr. 
of Schutzenmine). 


S-Mittel npl Se$ Standort-Bekiisti- 

S.m.K.GeschoB n pointed steel-core 
armor-piercing bullet. 

S.m.K.L’spurgeschoB n pointed steel- 
core tracer bullet. 

Sockel to pedestal, swivel (G). 

Socket geschiitz n swivel gun, pedes- 
tal-mounted gun. 

Sockellafette / pedestal mount, swivel 
mount (G). 

Sockelschaltung f socket connection 
(Rad tube). 

Sog m suction. 

Soldo / sole; bottom of trench. 

Sold m pay. 

Soldat to soldier, enlisted man. 

soldatische Haltung military bear- 

Soldbuch n pay book ( soldier’s indi- 
vidual pay record). 

Sollbestand to authorized basic allow- 

Sollstand m See Sollstarke. 

Sollstarke / authorized strength. 

Sollstelle / See Planstelle. 

Solokrad n solo motorcycle. 

Sommerweg to road shoulder. 

Sonderanhiinger m special trailer. 

Sanderaufbau to special body (MT). 

Sonderauftrag to special mission. 

Sonderbataillon n special battalion, 
disciplinary battalion. 

Sonderberichterstatter m visiting 


Sonderfahrzeug n special-purpose 

Sonderflugzeug n special-purpose 


Sonderfrequenz / specially assigned 
frequency (Rad). 

Sonderfrieden m separate peace. 

Sonderfiihrer to specialist ( includes 
interpreters, laboratory technicians, 
radio specialists, cameramen, etc., 
serving in the Ger armed forces, 
with nominal rank up to Bn com- 
mander but no actual Mil rank). 

Sonderfunkspruch to special radio 
message (for Arty metro message 
and weather reports). 

Sondergasmaske / special gas mask. 

Sondergesprach n special telephone 

Sonderkriegsgericht n special court- 

Sonderlafette / special gun mount. 


Sonderlastkraftwagen to special-pur- 
pose motor truck. 

Sonderlaufbahn f specialist’s career. 

Sondermeldung / special message, 
special announcement (Rad). 

Sondermunition f separate-loading 
ammunition; special-purpose ammu- 

Sonderstahl to special steel. 

Sondertruppen fpl special units, spe- 
cial troops. 

Sonderverband to special unit. 

Sonderverfiigungen fpl special orders. 

Sonderverpflegung / special rations. 

Sonderwaffe / special weapon. 

Sonderzv/eck m special purpose. 

Sondiernadel / probing rod ( for land 

Sonnenblende / sun shield, sun shade. 

Sonnengeflecht n solar plexus. 

Sonnenstich in sunstroke. 

Sonnenzeit f solar time. 

spahen to scout. 

Spaherm scout, lookout. 

Spahtrupp m patrol, reconnaissance 

Spahtruppfuhrer to patrol leader. 

Spahtrupptatigkeit / patrol activity. 

SpahtruppvorstoB m scouting raid. 

Spahwagen in scout car. 

s.Pak/ heavy antitank gun. 

Spalt to crack, split. 

Spalte f slit; split; crevice, fissure; 
leak; column (in tables). 

Spaltfliigel w slotted wing (Ap). 

Spaltringm split ring (breechblock). 

Spaltrohr n collimator. 

Spange / clasp (decoration). 

Spanienkampfer m veteran of 

Spanish Civil War. 

spanischer Reiter knife rest, cheval- 

Spanndraht to tension wire, wire 


spannen to cock (SA); to stretch, 
strain, apply tension, tighten. 

Spannfalle / firing pin trip ( breech- 

Spannfeder f cocking spring (MG). 

Spannhebel to cocking lever (G, 


Spannlack m dope ( Ap) . 

Spannrast / full cock (SA). 

Spannriegel to cocking bolt (breech- 

Spannschieber m cocking slide (MG). 


Spannschlofi 170 Spiegelhalter 

SpannschloB n idler adjuster rod 
(Tk); turnbuckle. 

Spannschraube / threaded breech 
hoop (G). 

Spannstollen m cocking cam (breech- 

Spannstiickw sear (G); accelerator 

Spannturmm cabane (Ap). 
Spannung / voltage, tension (Elec). 
Spannungsabfall to voltage drop, po- 
tential drop. 

Spannungs-Dehnungs-Diagramm n 
stress-strain diagram. 
Spannungsmesser m voltmeter. 
Spannungsregler m voltage regulator. 
Spannungsschwankung / voltage vari- 

Spannungssicherung f circuit breaker. 
Spannungsteiler to voltage divider 


Spannweite / span ( Bdg) ; wing span 

Spannwelle f recocking shaft 

(breechblock) . 

Spant to vertical frame, vertical ring, 
bulkhead frame (Ap). 

Spargelbeete npl asparagus-bed ob- 
stacle pattern. 

Sparschaltung f autotransformer cir- 
cuit (Elec). 

Sparstoff m scarce material, high- 
priority material. 

Spartransformator m autotrans- 

former (Rad, Elec). 

Spaten m spade, shovel. 
Spatzerspringer to retarded burst. 
Spatziindung / retarded ignition, re- 
tarded spark (Mtr). 

Speiche / spoke. 

Speicher to storeroom. 

Speiseleitung / feeder line (Rad). 
Speiseraum to mess. 

Speisestrom to feeder current (Elec). 
Speisung f feed, feeding. 
Sperrabschnitt m prohibited area; 
defense sector. 

Sperrad n locking wheel ( gun 

cradle) ; ratchet wheel. 

Sperramt n harbor-defense ordnance 

Sperrballon m barrage balloon. 
Spcrrballontruppen fpl barrage bal- 
loon troops. 

Sperrdienst to obstacle-construction 

Sperrdrache m barrage kite. 

Sperre / block, obstacle, barrier, ac- 
cessory defense; blockade, embargo; 
air alert, fighter patrol (Avn). 

Sperre aus Schienen steel-rail ob- 

Sperre aus Stahltragern steel-beam 
obstacle, structural-steel obstacle. 

Sperre fliegen to fly on an air alert. 

sperren to lock, to bar; interdict 
(Tac); tune out (Rad). 

Sperrfeder / retard spring (fuze); 
locking spring (MG). 

Sperrfeld n obstacle field. 

Sperrfeuer n barrage, barrage fire. 

Sperrfeuerskizze / barrage chart. 

Sperrfeuerwand / curtain of antiair- 
craft fire. 

Sperrfeuerzone f zone covered by 
barrage fire (AAA). 

Sperrgebiet n prohibited area, re- 
stricted area; blockade zone (Nav). 

Sperrhebel to locking lever ( G car- 

Sperrholz n plywood. 

Sperrholzzelt n plywood shelter. 

Sperriegel w switch position, switch 
trench; locking bolt (MG stock). 

Sperrklinke/ retaining catch (breech- 
block); safety catch, pawl (Mech). 

Sperrkreism tank circuit (Rad). 

Sperrlicht n barrier light. 

Sperrlinie / obstacle line. 

Sperrnase / catch (fuze). 

Sperrohr n outer steam tube (MG). 

Sperrstiickw. locking bolt (pistol). 

Sperrtrupp m obstacle-construction 
detachment; blocking party. 

Sperrung f obstruction, blocking. 

Sperrverband to obstacle-construction 
unit; blocking unit. 

Sperrwachboot n boom defense vessel. 

Sperrzone / obstacle zone. 

spezifischer Bodendruck ground pres- 
sure per unit area (MT). 

spezifisches Gewicht specific gravity. 

Spiegel to mirror; level mirror (pano- 
ramic telescope); periscope; bull’s- 
eye (target); collar patch. 

Spiegeldurchmesser m mirror diame- 
ter (SL). 

Spiegelentfernungsmesser m macro- 

Spiegelfrequenz / image frequency 


Spiegelhalter to mirror support (MG 
prismatic sight).. 

Spiegelkreuzhbelle 171 Sprengbombe 

Spiegelkreuzlibelle / reflector-type 
cross level (panoramic telescope). 

Spiegelneigungsmesser m Abney level. 

Spiegelrahmen to mirror frame (MG 
prismatic sight). 

Spiegeltelegraph m heliograph, helio- 
trope (Sig C). 

Spiegelvisier n mirror sight. 

Spiel n backlash, clearance, play 
(Mech) ; game. 

Spielmann m bandsman (pi Spiel- 

Spielraum to clearance, backlash. 

SpieB to “top sergeant,” “top kick.” 

Spill n winch. 

Spindel f gear shaft ( elevating 
mechanism); spindle, pinion, man- 

Spindellenkung / cam and lever 

steering system (MT). 

Spinne / multiple road junction; 

Spion to spy. 

Spionage / espionage. 

Spionageabwehr / counterespionage. 

Spiralbohrer m twist drill. 

Spiralfeder f spiral spring, helical 

Spiralfederausgleicher ni spiral- 

spring equilibrator (AA gun). 

spitz pointed. 

Spitze / point, advance guard point 
(Tae); tip, peak, head. 

Spitzengruppe / point squad; ad- 
vance element (Tac). 

Spitzenkompanie / advance party (in 
Adv Gd of large unit). 

Spitzenpanzer m leading tank. 

Spitzenwagen to leading car, “point” 
car (MT). 

Spitzenzug to advance platoon ( Armd 

spitzer Winkel acute angle. 

SpitzgeschoB n pointed bullet. 

SpitzgeschoB mit Stahlkern pointed 
steel-core armor-piercing bullet. 

Spitzhacke / pickax. 

SpleiBung / splice. 

Splint to cotter pin, pin. 

Splissung / splice. 

Splitter to splinter, fragment. 

Splitterbombe / fragmentation bomb, 
antipersonnel bomb. 

Splitterdichte / density of fragments 
(number of shell fragments per unit 

Splittergraben to slit trench, trench 


Splittergranate / fragmentation shell. 

Splitterring m fragmentation ring 
( fits over casing of the Stielhand- 

Splitterschutz m splinterproof protec- 
tion (Ft). 

Splitterschutzbrille f protective 


splittersicher splinterproof. 

splittersichere Deckung splinterproof 

splittersicherer Unterstand splinter- 
proof shelter. 

Splitterwirkung f fragmentation, 
spray effect (Am). 

Sporn to tail skid (Ap); trail spade 
(G); spike (MG tripod); spur 
( Cav) ; gaff. 

Spornarm m spade arm ( G). 

Spornblech n spade plate (G). 

Spornkufe/ trail-spade runner (Arty 
operations in deep snow). 

Spornradm tail wheel (Ap). 

Spornschuhm tail skid (Ap). 

Sporntellerw spike plate (MG tri- 

Sportlehrer to athletic instructor. 

Sprachfrequenzband n voice fre- 
quency band (Rad, Tp). 

Sprachrohr n megaphone. 

Sprachiibertragung f voice transmis- 
sion (Rad, Tp). 

Sprechenw voice transmission (Rad, 

Sprechfunk to voice radio. 

Sprechmaschine f phonograph. 

Sprechschleife / loop circuit (Tp). 

Sprechspule/ induction coil (Tp). 

Sprechstelle / telephone station. 

Sprechtaste / push-to-talk switch 

(Rad, Tp). 

Sprechverbindung / telephone com- 
munication, telephone connection, 
telephone circuit. 

Sprechverkehr in telephone traffic. 

Sprechverstandigung / talking range 

Spreizklappe / split flap (Ap). 

Spreizlafette / split-trail gun car- 


Spreizlafettenholme mpl trails (of 
split-trail carriage). 

Spreizlafettenschwanz m split trail. 

Sprengbombe / demolition bomb, 
high-explosive bomb. 

Sprengbrandbombe 172 Sprunggelenk 

Sprengbrandbombe / combination in- 
cendiary-demolition bomb. 

Sprengbiichse / explosive block (in 
container) ; demolition block. 

Sprengdienst m demolition service. 

sprengen to blast, blow up, detonate. 

Sprengfalle f booby trap. 

Sprengfullung / filler charge (Am). 

Sprenggegenstand m object to be 
blasted or demolished. 

Sprenggerat n demolition equipment. 

SprenggescholJ n explosive projec- 
tile, explosive bullet. 

Sprenggranate / high-explosive shell. 

Sprenggranate-Patrone / high- 

explosive shell (fixed Am). 

Sprenggrube/ blasting pit (Engr). 

Sprenghohe/ height of burst (Gun- 

Sprengkabel n firing wire (blasting). 

Sprengkammer / mine chamber 


Sprengkapsel / detonator (Am); 
blasting cap. 

Sprengkapselrohrchen n detonator 
tube (hand grenade). 

Sprengkapselsicherung / detonator 
safety (fuze). 

Sprengkapselziinder m detonating- 
cord unit with blasting cap and fuze 

Sprengkegelm spray (air burst). 

Sprengkommando n bomb disposal 
unit; demolition party. 

Sprengkbrper to demolition block. 

Sprengkraft / explosive force (Am). 

Sprengladung f demolition charge, 
blasting charge (Engr) ; bursting 
charge (Am); burster (Cml shell). 

Sprengladungsrbhre / burster tube. 

Sprengluft / liquid oxygen. 

Sprengmittel n explosive (in pre- 
pared form, as distinguished from 
generic term Sprengstoff). 

Sprengmunition 02/ TNT. 

Sprengniete / explosive rivet. 

Sprengol n nitroglycerin, blasting 

Sprengolpulver n nitroglycerin pow- 

Sprengpatrone / blasting cartridge 
(demolitions) ; explosive bullet. 

Sprengplan to demolition plan. 

Sprengpulver n blasting powder 

(black powder). 

Sprengpunkt m point of burst 


hoher Sprengpunkt air burst, 
mittlerer Sprengpunkt center of 


Sprengpunktentfernung / straight 
line from muzzle to point of burst 
( Gunnery). 

Sprengringm retaining ring (gas 


Sprengsalpeter m nitrate explosive. 

Sprengsatz m bursting charge (Am). 

Sprengstange / charge-placing pole: 

Sprengstelle / point of rupture, 

breaching point; demolition cham- 
ber (Bdg). 

Sprengstoff to explosive. 

Sprengstoffgehalt to amount of burst- 
ing charge (Am). 

Sprengstoffiillung / explosive filler 

Sprengstiick n shell fragment, shell 

sprengtechnisch pertaining to tech- 
nical aspect of demolitions. 

Sprengtrichter m crater, mine crater. 

Sprengtrupp to demolition squad. 

Sprengung f demolition, blasting. 

Sprengweite / horizontal distance 
between point of air burst and theo- 
retical point of impact (Gunnery). 

Sprengwerk n inverted truss; strut- 
braced construction (Engr). 

Sprengwirkung / burst effect (Am). 

Sprengziinder to detonating fuze 

Spreutlage/ brushwork revetment. 

Springschreiber m a type of telegraph 

Spritzdiise / spray nozzle ( carbure- 

Spritzer m • splash. 

Spritzschlauch m spray nozzle. 

Spritzumlaufschmierung / splash 

lubrication (Mtr). 

Spritzweite / range (of a flame 

Spruch to message (Tp, Rad); call 
(Tp); sentence, verdict. 

Spriihbiichse / chemical tank for 
spray contamination. 

Spriihpistole f spray gun (lubrica- 

Spriihregen m drizzle (Met). 

Sprungm. bound, rush (Tac); jump 
(Prcht); crack, split. . 

Sprunggelenk n hock (horse). 


Sprungkombination / parachute jump 

Sprungturm to controlled tower 

(Prcht jump Tng). 

sprungweise by bounds, by rushes. 

sprungweises Vorgehen advance by 

Spulensatzm set of coils, coil unit 

Spur / trail, path; scent (for messen-- 
senger dogs); track (of road); gage 
(RR); trace (of a tracer bullet). 

Spiirbiichse f gas-detector set con- 

Spiirfahnchen n gas-detection flag, 
gas-warning flag. 

SpurgeschoB n tracer projectile. 

Spiirhund to tracking dog, blood- 

Spiirmittel npl gas-detection equip- 

Spiirpapier n gas-detection paper. 

Spiirpulver n gas-detection powder. 

Spurpunkt m caster-angle vertex 
(point at which line through inclined 
kingpin touches road) (MT). 

Spurstange/ tie rod (MT). 

Spurstangenhebel to steering-knuckle 
arm (MT). 

Spurtafel / treadway, duckboard 


Spurtafelbriicke / duckboard tread- 
way bridge. 

Spurwei te / track, tread (MT); gage 

S.-Rolle f barbed-wire concertina 

(abbr. of Stacheldraht-Rolle). 

SS f elite guard of the Nazi party 
(originally abbr. of Schutzstaffeln 
but now used as independent term; 
combat units of SS are known as Die 
Waffen-SS, The SS Armed Forces). 

SS-Abschnitt to SS area. See also 

SS-AnwarterTO candidate for rank 
of -SS private. 

SS-Brigade/ SS brigade. 

SS-Brigadefuhrer to SS brigadier 

SS-Fuhrer m SS officer. 

SS-Gebirgs-Division / SS mountain 

SS-Grenadier to SS private (Inf). 

SS-Gruppenfiihrer TO SS major gen- 

SS-Hauptscharfiihrer to SS master 


SS-Hauptsturmfiihrer to SS captain. 

SS-Heeres-Flakdivision / SS anti- 
aircraft artillery division. 

SS-Junker to SS cadet ( officer can- 

SS-Junkerschule / SS olfi cer training 

SS-Kanonierm SS private (Arty). 

SS-Kavallerie / SS cavalry. 

SS-Kradschiitzen-Bataillon n SS mo- 
torcycle battalion. 

SS-Kriegsberichter to SS war corre- 

SS-Legionar to non-German SS man. 

SS-Leibstandarte f SS Bodyguard 
Regiment (formerly Hitler’s body- 
guard; increased to approximately 
division strength in 191(3). 

SS-Mann to SS private. 

SS-Nachrichtensturm to SS commu- 
nication company. 

SS-Oberabschnitt to SS region (cor- 
responds in most cases to a Wehr- 
kreis and is composed of 2 or 3 SS- 
Abschnitte, SS areas). 

SS-Oberfiihrer to SS brigadier gen- 
eral (below SS-Brigadefiihrer). 

SS-Obergruppenfiihrer to SS lieuten- 
ant general. 

SS-Oberscharfiihrer to SS first ser- 

SS-Oberschiitze to SS private first 

SS-Oberstgruppenfiihrer m SS gen- 

SS-Obersturmbannfiihrer to SS lieu- 
tenant colonel. 

SS-Obersturmfiihrer to SS first lieu- 

SS-Panzergrenadier to SS private 
( Armd Inf). 

SS-Panzergrenadier-Division / SS 
armored infantry division. 

SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment n SS 
armored infantry regiment. 

SS-Panzerkorps n SS armored corps. 
See also Germanisches SS-Panzer- 

SS-Panzerjager-Abteilung f SS anti- 
tank battalion. 

SS-Panzerschiitze to SS private in 
armored unit. 

SS-Pionier to SS engineer. 

SS-Pionierbataillon n SS engineer 

SS-Pionier-StoBtrupp m SS engineer 
assault detachment. 





SS-PK.-Kriegsberichter to SS propa- 
ganda-company war correspondent. 

SS-Polizei-Bataillon n SS police bat- 

SS-Polizei- Division / SS police divi- 

SS-Reiterei / SS horse cavalry. 

SS-Rottenfiihrer to SS corporal. 

SS-Scharfiihrer to SS staff sergeant. 

SS-Schiitzem. SS private, SS rifle- 

SS-Sicherheitsdienst to SS security 

SS-Standarte f SS regiment. 

SS-Standartenfiihrer to SS colonel. 

SS-Standartenjunker to a graduate 
from SS-Junkerschule. 

SS-Sturmbannfiihrer to SS major. 

SS-Sturmmann to ' SS private first 

S-Stellung f dummy position ( abbr. 
of Scheinstellung) . 

SS-Totenkopf-Verbande mpl SS 

“Death’s Head” units (primarily 
used as concentration camp guards 
and for terrorizing missions) . 

SS-Unterscharfuhrer to SS sergeant. 

SS-Untersturmfuhrer m SS second 

Staat to state, country, power. 

Staatsangehorigkeit / nationality, 

Staatsbesitz m government property. 

Staatsbiirger to citizen. 

Staatspolizei / See Geheime Staats- 

Stab to staff ; headquarters ; head- 
quarters personnel; bar, rod. 

Stabantenne/ rod antenna, “buggy- 
whip” antenna (Rad). 

Stabbrandbombe f stick-type incen- 
diary bomb. 

Stabchenpulver n cord powder, strip 
powder (Am). 

Stabilisierungsflache / stabilizing 

surface (Ap). 

StabilisierungsflUgel to fin (bomb). 

Stabilisierungswulst to stabilizer lobe 

Stabilitat / stability. 

Stabo f See Stachelbombe. 

Stabsapotheker m pharmacist official 
(ranking as captain). 

Stabsarzt to captain (Med). 

Stabsbatterie / headquarters battery 

Stabsbefehl to staff order. 

Stabschef to chief of staff. 

Stabsfeldwebel m master sergeant, 
regimental sergeant major. 

Stabsgefreiter to staff lance corporal 
(no US equivalent). 

Stabshelferin / woman clerk aux- 


Stabs-Kette f headquarters flight 

(three planes). 

Stabskompanie / headquarters com- 

Stabskraftwagen to staff car. 

Stabsoffizier to field officer ( officer of 
field grade); staff officer (Nav). 

Stabsordonnanz / headquarters or- 

Stabsquartier n headquarters ; offi- 
cers’ quarters. 

Stabsschiedsrichter to umpire at 

headquarters of a unit (maneuvers). 

Stabsschreiber to headquarters clerk. 

Stabsveterinar to captain (Vet). 

Stabswache / headquarters guard. 

Stabswachtmeister to master ser- 
geant, regimental sergeant major 
(Arty, Cav). 

Stabszahlmeister to paymaster official 
(ranking as captain). 

Stachelbombe / bomb with nose spike. 

Stacheldraht to barbed wire. 

Stacheldrahthindernis n barbed-wire 

Stacheldrahtverhau to barbed-wire 


Stacheldrahtzaun to double-apron en- 
tanglement (Ft). 

Stadtkommandantur m garrison, 

post, or station headquarters in a 
city or large town; military govern- 
ment headquarters in a city or large 

Stafetten fpl relay messengers. 

Staffel / echelon (Tac, Adm) ; squa- 
dron (9 to 12 planes); section (Arty, 
Cav, supply). 

Staffelform/ squadron formation 

Staffelfront f squadron line of flight 
wedges (Avn). 

Staffelfiihrer to echelon commander; 
squadron commander ( Avn) ; section 
leader or commander (Arty, Cav, 

Staffelkapitan to squadron comman- 
der (Avn). 

Staffelkeil to squadron wedge forma- 
tion of flight wedges (Avn). 


175 Stangenbild 

Staffelkolonne / squadron javelin 

formation (Avn). 

Staffellinie / squadron line formation 
( Avn). 

Staffeltrupp to section personnel 

(Cav heavy MG section). 

Staffelung f echelonment; stagger 
( Ap wings); gun displacement 

Staffelverband m squadron forma- 

tion (Avn). 

staffelweise in echelon, by echelon. 
Staffelwinkel to squadron V-forma- 
tion (Avn). 

Stahl m steel. 

Stahlblech n sheet steel. 

Stahlbriicke / steel bridge. 
Stahldrahtbekloppelung / steel wire 
armor (armored cable). 
Stahlfederring to lockwasher. 
Stahlflasche / steel flask, steel cylin- 
der, steel tank. 

Stahl futterw steel bushing (breech- 
block wedge). 

Stahlgurtm metallic link belt (MG). 
Stahlhelm m steel helmet. 

Stahligel m steel hedgehog antitank 

StahlkerngeschoB n steel-core bullet, 
armor-piercing bullet. 

Stahllegierung f steel alloy. 
StahlmeBband n steel measuring 

Stahlplatte / steel plate. 

Stahlrohre / metal tube (Rad). 
Stahlschwelle / steel plank (Engr); 
steel tie (RR). 

Stahlspurbahn f steel treadway 

( Engr ) . 

StahlstraBe / steel landing strip. 
Staken n punting (with punt pole). 
Stalag n See Stammlager. 

Stall to stable. 

Stallnalfter / halter headstall (har- 

Stammannschaft / cadre personnel. 
Stammeinheit f parent unit. 
Stammkompanie / cadre company 

(for replacements). 

Stammlager n permanent prisoner- 
of-war camp for NCO’s and privates, 
base camp for prisoner-of-war labor 
detachments (abbr. Stalag). 
Stammleitung / tr?unk line, trunk 
circuit (Tp). 

Stammrolle / personnel roster. 

Stammtafel / record sheet showing 
the formations to which a unit has 

Stammtruppe f cadre. 
Stammtruppenteil to. parent unit. 
Stampfwinkel to angle of pitch (Ap). 
Stand to status, state, occupation; 
position, station (of crew members) 
(Ap, Tk, Nav); gun position. 
Standarte / standard; guidon (Arty, 
Cav, Armd Comd). See also SS- 

Standartenfiihrer to See SS-Stan- 

Standartentrager to guidon (Pers). 
Stander to pennant. 

Stander to bracket, mount, support, 
stand, pedestal. 

Standgericht n summary court-mar- 

standi g constant, fixed, 
standige Befestigung permanent for- 

standige Belastung basic load (Avn). 
Standlinie/ base line (Surv); line 
of position (Navigation). 
Standmotor to upright engine. 
Standort to post, garrison, station ; 
position (Surv, Navigation). 
gekoppelter Standort dead-reckon- 
ing position (Air Navigation). 
Standortaltester to garrison, post, or 
station commander. 

Standortarzt to station surgeon. 
Standortkommandantur f garrison, 
post, or station headquarters. 
Standortlazarett n post hospital, sta- 
tion hospital. 

Standortlohnstelle / army post pay 

Standortmeldung f position report 

(Air Navigation). 

Standort-Pferdelazarett n veterinary 
station hospital. 

Standortwachdienst to interior guard 

Standrecht n martial law. 

Standsack to hand-grenade bag. 
Standsicherheit / stability; steadiness 
( of mobile gun mount, vehicle, etc.). 
Standvisier n battle sight (R). 
Stange / pole, post, pillar, bar, rod, 

Stangenbau to line construction on 
poles (Tp). 

Stangenbild n pole-location diagram 

Stangenbock 176 Steigriemen 

Stangenbock to spar trestle (Bdg). 
Stangenhandpferd n off horse of 
wheel team. 

Stangenpferde npl wheel team. 
Stangenvisier n pillar-type rear sight 

Stangenvisiereinrichtung/ MG sights 
(blade front sight and pillar-type 
rear sight). 

Stanze / die ( for stamping or punch- 

Stapel to pile (regular heap) ; dump; 

crib (Bdg); launching cradle. 
Stapellauf m launching (Nav). 
Starke / strength. 

Starkebestand to actual strength. 
Starkenachweisung / table of organ- 
ization; strength return, strength 

Starkstrom to high voltage ( cur- 

Starkstromleitung / power line 


Starkstromsperre / electrified ob- 

stacle, high-tension obstacle, 
starr stiff, fixed, rigid, 
starre Kanone fixed gun (Ap). 
starres Luftschiff rigid airship, 
starres Maschinengewehr fixed ma- 
chine gun. 

Start to take-off (Avn); take-off 
point (Adrm). 

Startbahn / runway. 

Startbereitschaft / ground alert 


Startdruck to propeller thrust at 
take-off (Avn). 
starten to start, to take off. 
Starterbatterie / starter battery 


Starterklappe / choke (Mtr). 
Startflagge/ starter flag (Avn). 
Startkatapult m catapult (Avn). 
startklar ready for take-off (Avn). 
Startlange / take-off distance ( Avn). 

Startleistung f power output of en- 
gine at take-off (Aun). 

Startschiene / track ( catapult). 
Startseil n towline (glider). 
Startstelle / take-off point (Adrm). 
Startvorrichtung / launching device 
(Avn); starting device (Mtr). 
Startzone / take-off zone (Adrm). 
statische Berechnung stress analysis. 
Stativ n tripod, stand. 

Statoskop n rate-of -climb indicator, 
climb-and-dive indicator (Ap). 

StauTO indicated air speed (Avn). 
Stauanlage / dam. 

Staub to dust. 

Staubdeckel to dust cover (Ord). 
Staubchen n cloud particle, dust par- 
ticle. (CWS). 

Staubmaske f respirator, dust-filter- 
ing mask. 

Staubschutzdeckel to dust cover 
( Ord). 

Staubschutzgerat n respirator. 
Staubschutzmaske / See Staubmaske. 
Stauchlafette f telescopic carriage, 
retractable gun mount. 

Staudamm to storage dam. 
Staudruck to dynamic pressure, ve- 
locity pressure. 

Staudruckfahrtmesser to pitot tube, 
stauen to stow; to dam up. 

Stauer to stevedore. 

Stauflache / area of dammed water. 
Stauhohe / height of upstream water. 
Stausee to reservoir. 

Stauwehr n \yeir. 

Stecher to hair trigger (SA). 
Stechruder n paddle. 

Stechschritt m goose step. 
Stechzirkel to dividers. 

Steckdose / jack, receptacle, socket. 
Stecker to plug (Elec). 

Steckerstift to plug prong (Elec). 
Steckmast to sectional antenna mast. 
Stecknadel / pin, plain pin. 
Steckschliissel to socket wrench; 
ignition key. 

Steg to footbridge, footpath; web 
( of girder, etc.). 

Stegblech n web (of girder, etc.). 
stehender Spahtrupp stationary 

stehendes Heer standing army, 
stehendes Ziel stationary target, 
steifer Wind high wind. 

Steigbo / ascending gust (Met). 
Steigbiigel to stirrup. 

Steigeisen npl ice creepers; climbers 
(Sig C). 

steigen to climb. 

Steigerung f intensification, increase. 
Steigfahigkeit f grade-ascending 
ability (vehicles); climbing ability 

Steigflug to climb (Avn). 

Steighohe / height of rise (ground 
signal); altitude, ceiling (Ap). 
Steigleistung / rate of climb (Avn). 
Steigriemen to stirrup strap. 


Steigung 177 

Steigung f gradient, grade, slope; j Stellvertretender Chef des General- 

pitch (Mach.) 

Steigungswinkel m blade angle (pro- 
peller); gradient angle. 

Steigvermdgen n climbing ability 

Steigzeit / rate of climb (Ap). 

steil steep. 

Steilfeuer n high-angle fire. 

Steilfeuergeschiitz n high-angle gun. 

Steilfeuerwaffe f high-angle weapon. 

Steilhang m steep slope, steep grade. 

Steilheit f steepness; transconduc- 
tance, mutual conductance (Rad). 

Steilkurve / steep banked turn 

Steinbruch m quarry. 

Steinflachs m asbestos. 

Steinkohle / anthracite coal. 

Steinschlag m broken stone, rubble; 
rock slide. 

Steinschotter m road metal, broken 

Stellbecher m mouth of fuze setter. 

Stelle / point, post, site, station. 

Stellmarke / index, micrometer index 

Stellmutter / lock nut, regulating 
nut, adjusting nut. 

Stellring m adjusting ring (fuze). 

Stellschliissel m fuze wrench; ad- 
justing wrench. 

Stellschraube / set screw, regulating 
screw, adjusting screw. 

Stellung / position, emplacement. 

Stellungnahme / commentary (Tac) ; 
expression of opinion. 

Stellungsabschnitt m sector of occu- 
pied position. 

Stellungsbau m construction of field 

Stellungskampf m position warfare, 
combat from fortified positions. 

Stellungskrieg m war of position, 
position warfare. 

StellungsmeBblatt n battery survey 

Stellungsunterschied m perpendicular 
distance between two parallel lines 
of sight (such as that between the 
line: base point — aiming circle and 
the line parallel to it running 
through the base piece). 

Stellungswechsel m change of posi- 
tion (Tac); gun displacement 

stellvertretend acting, deputy (adj). 

stabes Deputy Chief of Staff. 

stellvertretender Fiihrer second-in- 


Stellvertreter m deputy; substitute. 

Stellwerk n switch tower, switch 
control room (RR). 

Stempel m stamp, seal; punch 

Stempelkissen n stamp pad. 

Stempelplatte f inspection-mark 
plate (R). ' 

Sterbegeld n gratuity upon death. 

Sternbild n constellation. 

Sternbiindel n star cluster (signal). 

Sternmotor m radial engine. 

Sternplatte / multiple-connection 
plate (stadia rod). 

Sternschaltung f Y-connection (Elec). 

Sternsignal n signal flare. 

Sternverkehr m “star” traffic (radio 
net traffic in which several stations 
communicate only one at a time 
with the net control station, the 
other stations listening in). 

Sternwarte f observatory. 

stetig constant, steady, uniform, 

Steuer n control, steering wheel. 

Steuer f tax. 

Steuerbord m starboard. 

Steuerfliiche / control surface ( Ap); 
stabilizing fin (Mort shell). 

Steuerfliigel m stabilizing fin (bomb). 

Steuergitter n control grid (Rad 

Steuerhebel m elevator control lever 

Steuerkniippel m control stick ( Ap). 

SteuerkompaB m steering compass. 

Steuerkurs m heading (Air Naviga- 

steuern steer, control. 

Steuerorgane npl controls (Ap). 

Steuerrad n control wheel (Ap); 
steering wheel (MT); timing gear 

Steuerrohre / master oscillator tube 
( Rad). 

Steuerruder n rudder (ship). 

Steuersack m rudder lobe (Bln). 

Steuersaule / control column (Ap); 
steering column (MT). 

Steuersender m master oscillator 

Steuerstrich m lubber line (Ap com- 


178 Storungssucher 

Steuerstufe / master oscillator stage 

Steuerung / controls (Ap); timing, 
synchronization (Mtr); steering 
system (MT). 

Steuerwelle / control shaft (Ap); 
camshaft (Mtr). 

Steven to stem or stern (Nav). 

Stich to thrust, stab; stitch; bite, 
sting; hitch, knot. 

Sticheisen n cutting spade (Engr). 

Stichgleis n firing spur (RR Arty). 

Stichprobe / sample taken at ran- 

Stichwaffe f thrusting weapon. 

Stich wort n cue; catchword; code 

Stighzahler to tachometer (Ap). 

Stickstoff to nitrogen. 

Stickstofflost n nitrogen mustard gas. 

Stiefel to boot. 

Stiefelschaft to leg of boot. 

Stiel to strut (Ap); spar, compres- 
sion member (Bdg); handle, holder; 

Stielgranate / See Stielhandgranate. 

Stielhandgranate / stick hand gre- 
nade, “potato-masher” hand grenade. 

Stift to brad, holder, pin, prong, peg, 

“Stillgesessen !” “Attention!” 

(mounted drill). 

“Stillgestanden!’ “Attention!” (dis- 
mounted drill). 

Stimmung / morale, mood, atmo- 


Stirn / forehead. 

Stirnangriff to frontal attack. 

Stirnansicht / bow-on view (Tk); 
front view. 

Stirnband n forehead strap (gas 


Stirnflache / frontal area. 

Stirnpanzer m front armor. 

Stirnrad n spur gear. 

Stirnriemen m brow band (harness). 

StirnschattenriB to bow-on silhou- 
ette (practice target). 

Stirnseite f front (Tk). 

Stirnwiderstand m head resistance. 

Stirnwind m headwind. 

Stock m cleaning rod (R); stick, 
baton, picket, pole; floor, story. 

Stockmine / antipersonnel picket- 
type mine; stake mine (concrete 
antipersonnel mine). 

Stockung / block, jam, stoppage. 

Stoff to fabric, material, substance. 

Stoffbahn / panel, canopy (Prcht). 

Stoffbespannung / fabric covering 


Stoffgliederung / classification of 

Stoffgurt to web belt. 

Stollen m tunnel (Engr). 

Stolperdraht to trip wire. 

Stolperdrahtfeld n field of trip-wire 

Stolperdrahthindernis n trip-wire 


Stolperdrahtmine f trip-wire mine. 

stolpern to trip. 

Stopfbiichse f gland; stuffing box 

“Stopfen!” “Suspend firing!” See 
also “Feuerpause !” 

stoppen to stop; to time with a stop 

Stoppuhr f time interval recorder, 
stop watch. 

Stopp- und SchluBlicht n stop and 
taillight (MT). 

Stoppzeit / time interval, time dif- 
ference, time lag (FR); sound travel 
time (SR). 

Stopsel to plug (Tp); stopper. 

stopseln to plug in (Rad, Tp). 

Storangriff to nuisance raid. 

Storch to a German liaison airplane. 

Storchschnabel w pantograph. 

Storeinsatz to nuisance raid (Avn). 

storen harass (Tac); jam, interfere 

Storflieger to nuisance raider, sneak 
raider (Avn). 

Storflug to nuisance raid (Avn). 

Storflugzeug n nuisance raider ( Ap). 

Storfrequenz / interfering fre- 
quency, undesired frequency (Rad). 

Storfunkstelle / jamming station 

Storgerausch n static, interference 

Storschutz to radio noise suppressor. 

Storstelle / See Storfunkstelle. 

Storung f disturbance, annoyance; 
interference, static, jamming (Rad); 
stoppage (MG); breakdown. 

Storungsdienst m trouble-shooting 
service, maintenance service. 

Storungsfeuer n harassing fire (Arty). 

Storungsflug to nuisance raid. 

Storungssucher to trouble shooter, 
maintenance man (Tp). 

Storungssuchtrupp 179 Stratege 

Storungssuchtrupp m wire patrol 
(field Tp). 

StoB to thrust, lunge, shock, kick, 
blow, push; burst (MG fire). 

StoBarmee / main-attack army/ 

StoBbalken m abutment beam (Bdg). 

StoBboden to breechblock (Ord) ; 
diaphragm (shrapnel). 

StoBbohle / end dam (Bdg). 

StoBdampfer to shock absorber 


StoBel m valve lifter (Mtr); ram- 
mer (fuze). 

StoBelfiihrung f valve-lifter guide 

StoBelschraube / valve-lifter ad- 

justing nut (Mtr). 

stoBempfindlich sensitive to shock 

( explosives). 

stoBen to push, thrust, lunge, strike. 

StoBfanger to bumper (MT). 

StoBkappenmine / contact mine 


StoBkeil to spearhead (Tac). 

StoBkraft f shock power, striking 

StoBlinie / thrust line, line of attack 

StoBmine / contact mine (Nav). 

StoBrad n shock-absorber wheel 

StoBreserve f local supports in 
assault (Tac). 

StoBscheibe f diaphragm ( shrap- 
nel) ; lock washer (for wheel bear- 

stoBsicher insensitive to shock ( ex- 

StoBstange / push rod; bumper. 

StoBtrupp to combat patrol, assault 

StoBtruppen fpl shock troops, 

assault troops. 

StoBtruppspioniere m pi assault en- 


StoBtruppunternehmung / raid 


StoBwaffe / thrusting weapon. 

stoBweises Feuer intermittent fire, 
interrupted fire, fire by bursts or 

StoBziindung / contact fire (Nav). 

Strafbuch n punishment book. 

Strafdienst to extra duty. 

Strafe / punishment. 

Straf feuer n retaliation fire. 

Strahl m ray, beam ( of light, etc.) ; 
jet, squirt (of a liquid, etc.); frog 
( of hoof). 

Strahldrehung / rotation of the slip- 
stream (propeller). 

Strahlenzieher to protractor. 

Strahlung / radiation. 

Strahlungsablenkung / radio wave 

Strand to beach, shore. 

Strang to strand, rope, strap. 

Stranglaufe / lazy strap (harness). 

Strangtrager m See Stranglaufe. 

StraBe / street, road, highway, 

StraBenbaubataillon n road-con- 
struction battalion. 

StraBenbaudienst to road-construc- 
tion and maintenance service. 

StraBenbiegung / road curve, road 

StraBendamm to causeway, em- 
banked road. i 

StraBendecke / road surface. 

StraBendisziplin / road discipline. 

StraBendreieck n triangular road 

StraBeneinmiindung f side road 
joining main highway. 

StraBen-Entgiftungsabteilung f road 
decontamination battalion. 

StraBen gabel / road fork. 

straBengangig roadbound. 

StraBengraben to road ditch. 

StraBenkampf to street fighting. 

StraBenknie n V-turn (road). 

StraBenknotenpunkt to road inter- 
section, road junction, road center. 

StraBenkommandant to traffic con- 
trol officer. 

StraBenkommandantur / area road 
traffic control headquarters. 

StraBenkreuzung f crossroads, in- 

StraBennetz n road net. 

StraBensperre / road block. 

StraBenspinne / multiple road junc- 

StraBensprengung f road demolition. 

StraBenstreife f street patrol. 

StraBeniiberfiihrung f overpass. 

StraBenunterfiihrung / underpass. 

StraBenverhaltnisse npl road con- 

StraBenwalze f road roller. 

StraBenzucht / road discipline. 

Stratege to strategist. 

Strategic 180 Stromsicherungsbataillon 

Strategic / strategy, 
strategisch strategic, 
strategische Einheit large unit 
(USA: Div and up; Ger: corps and 

strategischer Riickzug strategic 

Strauch m bush, shrub. 
Strauchbiindel n fascine. 
Strauchdamm to fascine road, brush 

Strauchmaske / shrubbery screen, 
brushwood screen (Cam). 
Strauchpackung f See Strauchwerk. 
Strauchwerk n brushwork. 
Strauchwerkbekleidung / fascine re- 

Strebe / diagonal strut (Ap); brace, 
tension member (Bdg). 

Strecltbalken m stringer (Bdg). 
Strecke / span, bay, section (Bdg); 
stretch, length, distance; leg (of a 

Streckenfeuer n course light, airway 

Streckenzug m traverse (Surv). 
Streich m cut, slash; coup; blow; 

streichen cross out, strike out, elimi- 
nate; strike (a flag); to back water. 
Streichholz n match. 

Streifabteilung / raiding party. 
Streife / patrol, raiding party; 

guard sentinel (guard duty). 

Streifen m band, strip, belt, sector, 
streifen to patrol, reconnoiter; to 

Streifenplan m diagram of patrol 

Streifenweg to patrol post. 
Streifkommando n raiding party, 
streitig machen to contest. 
Streubrandbombe / scatter bomb, 
streuen to cover with zone fire 
( Arty) ; to cover with searching and 
traversing fire (MG); to strew, scat- 
ter; to be erratic, to have dispersion 

Streufeuer n zone fire (Arty); 

searching and traversing fire (MG). 
Streukegel to sheaf of fire, cone of 
dispersion, cone of fire. 

Streumine / uncontrolled mine; stray 
mine (not laid according to regular 

StreuschieBen n zone fire (Gun- 

Streutrommel / sprinkler drum or 
cart (for ground decontamination). 

Streuung / dispersion (Ballistics). 

Streuungsbereich to zone of disper- 
sion (Ballistics). 

Streuungsbild n dispersion diagram 


Streuungsfeuer n See Streufeuer. 

Streuungsflache / dispersion area 

Streuungsgarbe / See Streukegel. 

Strich to artillery mil; stroke, line; 
dash (Tg); point (of compass); 
graduation, index line. 

Stricheinteilung / graduation (spe- 
cifically, mil graduation). 

Strichfeuer n grazing fire (MG). 

StrichmaB n marking gage. 

Strichplatte / graduated range plate 
(MG mount); reticle (Optics). 

Strick to rope, cord. 

Strickjacke / knitted sweater (Clo). 

Strickleiter / rope ladder. 

Striegel to currycomb. 

Stroboskop n stroboscope; protecto- 
scope (based on stroboscope princi- 
ple) (Tk). 

Stroh n straw. 

Strohpuppe f dummy (Tng). 

Strom to current (Elec); stream, 

Stromaggregat n generating unit. 

Stromanker m upstream anchor 

Stromaufnahme / current draw 

Strombord m offshore side. 

Stromerzeuger to generator (Elec). 

Strcmfahrzeug n river craft (Pon, 
assault boat, etc.). 

StromfluB m current flow (Elec). 

Stromform / See Stromlinienform. 

Stromgeschwindigkeit / speed of 

Stromkreis to circuit (Elec). 

Stromleine / upstream tension line 


Stromlinienform / streamline shape. 

Strommesser to ammeter. 

StrommeBgerat n current measuring 
instrument (Elec). 

Stromquelle / source of current 
(Elec); power source (Rad). 

Stromschiene f live rail, third rail 
(RR); bus bar (Elec). 

Stromsicherungsbataillon n electric 
cable maintenance battalion. 


Stromstarke / amperage. 

Stroms toB to current impulse, cur- 
rent surge (Elec). 

Stromstrich m course of current 
(line joining points of greatest sur- 
face speed of a river current). 
Stromung / current, flow. 
Stromungslehre / fluid mechanics. 
Stromunterbrecher to circuit breaker 

Stromverbraucher to outlet, current 
consumer (Elec). 

Stromzufuhr / current supply, power 
supply (Elec). 

Strumpf to stocking. 

Stubenaltester to barracks leader, 

squad-room leader. 

Stubenarrest to arrest in quarters. 
Stufe / stage, step; muzzle-velocity 
correction value (Ballistics). 
Stufeneinheit / See Grundstufe. 
Stufenfallschirm to lobe parachute. 
Stufenformation / stepped-up (or 
stepped-down) formation ( Avn). 
Stufenlader to multistage super- 


Stufensender to multistage trans- 


Stufung / step-up ( -down) distance, 
staggering, stagger distance (for- 
mation flying). 

Stuhl to chair; excrement, feces. 
Stuka n dive bomber (abbr. of 
Sturzkampf flugzeug) . 

Stukaangriff m dive-bombing attack. 
Stukabremse / diving brake (Ap). 
Stukaflieger to dive-bomber pilot. 
Stumpf to stump. 

stumpf adj blunt, dull; worn out; 

stumpfer Winkel obtuse angle. 
Stundenwinkel m hour angle. 

Sturm m assault, onrush, onslaught; 

storm; an SS company. 
Sturmabteilung / storm trooper de- 
tachment of Nazi party (abbr. SA). 
Siurmabteilungsmann to storm 


Sturmabzeichen n assault badge 
( decoration) . 

Sturmangriff to assault, onrush, on- 

Sturmartillerie f assault artillery. 
Sturmausgangsstellung ' f assault 
position, jump-off position. 
Sturmbann to SS or SA battalion. 


Sturmbannfiihrer to See SS-Sturm- 

Sturmbataillon n assault battalion, 
shock battalion. 

Sturmbcot n assault boat. 

Sturmbootkommando n assault boat 

Sturmdivision f assault division 
(honorary title for division with re- 
duced Inf Pers and heavy firepower). 

stiirmen to assault, storm, rush. 

Sturmgasse f assault gap ( through 

Sturmgepack n light equipment car- 
ried in assault ( as distinguished 
from field pack). 

Sturmgeschiitz n assault gun (self- 

Sturmgeschiitzabteilung / assault- 
gun battalion. 

Sturmgeschiitzbatterie / assault-gun 

Sturmgeschiitzfiihrer to assault-gun 

Sturmhaubitze / assault howitzer 

Sturmkanone / assault gun ( self- 

Sturmleiter / scaling ladder. 

Sturmliicke / assault gap. 

Sturmpanzer m assault tank. 

Sturmpionier to combat engineer. 

Sturmregiment n airborne assault 
regiment. ^ 

Sturmreifmachung f “softening up” 
(by bombing or Arty fire). 

SturmreifschieBen n artillery prep- 
aration, “softening up.” 

Sturmriemen to chin strap (head- 

Sturmschritt to fast run. 

Sturmtrupp to assault detachment. 

Sturmwelle / assault wave (Tac). 

Sturmwind to gale. 

Sturz to plunge, dive, fall; camber, 
caster (MT). 

Siurzangriff m diving attack (Avn). 

Sfurzbett rc streambed at downstream 
base of dam. 

Sturzbomben n dive bombing. 

stiirzen to dive, crash, plunge; to 
rush, assault; to fall. 

Sturzflug to dive. 

Sturzflug-Automatik / automatic 
dive control (Ap). 

Sturzflugbremse / diving brake (A p). 


Sturzflug 182 taktische Feuerbegriffe 

Sturzflug mit Endgeschwindigkeit 
terminal velocity dive (Avn). 

Sturzgeschwindigkeit / diving speed 

Sturzhelm m crash helmet. 

Sturzkampfflieger m dive-bomber 

Sturzkampfflugzeug n dive bomber 
(abbr. Stuka). 

Sturzkampfgeschwader n wing of 
dive bombers (Avn). 

Sturzsirene / dive siren (dive 

Sturzspirale / spiral dive (Avn). 

Sturzvisier n dive-bombing sight 
( Avn). 

Sturzwehr n spillway weir. 

Sturzwinkel m angle of dive, diving 
angle (Avn). 

Stiitze / support, prop. 

Stiitzflosse / inboard stabilizing float 
( seaplane). 

Stiitzpunkt m organized tactical lo- 
cality, strong point; base; point of 
support (structures). 

Stiitzpunktschiff n aircraft tender. 

Stiitzrolle / track-supporting roller 

Stiitzschwimmer m fixed wing float 
(flying boat). 

Stiitzweite / span between supports 

Stuvi n dive-bombing sight (abbr. 
for Sturzvisier). 

Suchanker m grapnel. 

suchen to search. 

Sucher m spotlight (MT); view 
finder (Optics). 

Sucherde f ground detector for tel- 
ephone interception. 

Sucherfernrohr n finder telescope 

(height finder). 

Suchgeratsempfanger m search re- 
ceiver (Ap, Rad). 

Siiden m south. 

Summer m buzzer. 

Summeranruf m buzzer signal (Tp). 

Summerknopf m buzzer button (Tp). 

Summerzusatz m buzzer set (Tp). 

Sumpf m marsh, swamp, bog. 

Sumpffieber n malaria. 

Synchrongetriebe n synchro-mesh 
transmission (MT). 

Synchronisator m impulse generator 
mechanism (Ap). 


Tabelle / chart. 

Tabellenzeichner m cartographer. 

Tachodynamo m generator voltmeter 
tachometer (A A gun). 

Tachograph m speedometer com- 
bined with odometer (MT). 

Tafel / table; list; chart, diagram; 

Tagebuch n log book, diary, journal. 

Tagegeld n per diem allowance. 

Tagesanbruch m daybreak. 

Tagesangriff m daylight attack; day- 
light raid (Avn). 

Tagesbefehl m order of the day; 
special orders. 

Tageseinfliisse mpl ballistic density 
and wind factors. 

Tageskilometerzahler m trip mileage 
odometer (speedometer). 

Tageskost f day’s rations, food for 
one day. 

Tagesmarsch m day’s march. 

Tagesrate f basic load (Am). 

Tagessatz m daily scale or quantity; 
daily ration quantity. 

Tagestiefangriff m daylight low- 
level attack ( Avn). 

Tagesverpflegung / daily ration. 

Tagesversorgung / daily automatic 

TagesvorstoB m daylight raid, day- 
light thrust or advance. 

Tagesziel n day’s objective, day’s 
destination; target of the day. 

Tagjagd f daylight pursuit, daylight 
fighting, daylight interception (Avn). 

Tagmarsch m day march. 

Takt m stroke (Mtr). 

Taktfeuer n blinker light. 

Taktik f tactics. 

Taktiker m tactician. 

taktisch tactical. 

taktische Feuerbegriffe tactical fire 
classification (Arty). 

taktische Unterstutzung 183 Technisches Amt 

taktische Unterstutzung direct sup- I Taschenlampe / flashlight. 

port (Avn, Tac). 

taktischer Einsatz tactical employ- 

taktischer Verband tactical unit. 

taktisches Hindernis tactical obstacle. 

taktisches Zeichen tactical symbol. 

Tal n valley. 

Talnebel to ground fog (Met). 

Talsperre / dam (large storage dam) ; 

Tambourstock to baton. 

Tangens to tangent ( trigonometrical 

Tangente / tangent (geometry). 

Tank m tank. 

Tankanlagen fpl fuel tank installa- 

Tankhiichse / antitank rifle. 

Tankdampfer to tanker (Nav). 

tanken to fuel, refuel, to fill ( a gaso- 
line tank). 

Tankfalle f tank trap. 

Tankgraben to antitank ditch. 

Tankprahm to fuel tender (Nav). 

Tankschiff n tanker (Nav). 

Tankstelle / filling station (MT). 

Tankwagen to tank truck (MT); 
tank car (RR). 

Tapferkeitsmedaille / medal award- 
ed for bravery. 

Tarnanstrich to camouflage painting. 

Tarnausweis to special deceptive iden- 
tification card (carried on missions 
where capture by the enemy is 

Tarndecke f covering, flat-top (Cam). 

Tarndisziplin / camouflage discipline. 

tarnen to camouflage. 

Tarnjacke / camouflage jacket. 

Tarnkappe / helmet cover (Cam). 

Tarnmittel n camouflage material. 

Tarnnetz n camouflage net, drape; 
apron (G emplacement, Cam). 

Tarnscheinwerfer to blackout driving 
light (MT). 

Tarniiberwachung / camouflage in- 

Tarnung / camouflage. 

Tarnungsfarbe / camouflage paint. 

Tarnungsgeflecht n netting (Cam). 

Tarnungstruppe / camouflage troops. 

Tarnzeltbahn / camouflage cape. 

Tasche / bag, pocket, pouch; link 
(of cartridge belt); boot ( SA) ; car- 
rier, case. 

Taschenbehalter m pocket flask. 

Taschenmesser n pocket knife. 

Taschenmunition / small arms am- 
munition in pouches. 

Taste / key (Rad, Tg). 

tasten to key, send by key (Tg, Rad). 

Tastfunk to cw transmission (Rad). 

Tastgerat n keyer (Rad). 

Tastverkehr to cw communication 

Tatbericht m detailed report, bill of 

Tatigkeit f activity. 

tatsachliche SchuBweite actual range 


Tau n rope, tow rope; trace (har- 

Tau to dew. 

Taube / pigeon. 

TaubenschieBen n skeet shooting. 

Taucher to diver (Nav). See also 

Tauchgerat n diving apparatus 

Tauchrohr n spray-nozzle tube ( car- 

tauglich physically fit, able-bodied. 

Taukranz to grommet. 

Taupunkt to dew point. 

Tausch w exchange. 

tauschen deceive. 

Tiiuschung / deception. 

Tauschungsangriff to feint attack, 

Tauschungsmanover n demonstration, 
feint (Tac). 

Tautrager to lazy strap (harness). 

Techniker to technician. 

technische Dienstzweige technical 

technische Eignungspriifung mechan- 
ical aptitude test. 

technische Kompanie BT mining com- 
pany (Mil). 

technische Kompanie E electricity 

company (Mil). 

technische Kompanie GW gas and 

water company (Mil). 

Technische Nothilfe Technical Emer- 
gency Corps ( used for Civ defense in 
Z of I and for maintenance, bomb 
disposal, restoration of public utili- 
ties, etc., .in T of Opns and occupied 

Technisches Amt Technical Office 
(department of Ger Air Ministry, 

Teer 184 tiefgestaffelt 

dealing with research, procurement 
and testing). 

Teer m tar. 

Teich m pond. 

Teileinheit / basic, self-sufficient ele- 
ment of a unit. See also Einheits- 

teilen to divide. 

Teilgebiet n subarea. 

Teilkreis des Hohenrichttriebs eleva- 
vation circle (G). 

Teilladung / increment, increment 
section (separate-loading Am). 
teilmotorisiert semi-motorized. 
Teilplatte / graduated scale. 

Teilring m azimuth micrometer 
(telescopic sight). 

Teilringanderung / azimuth change 

(telescopic sight). 

Teilringeinstellung / azimuth adjust- 
ment, azimuth setting. 

Teilringzahl / azimuth reading. 
Teilscheibe f graduated scale; inter- 
pupillary-distance scale (binocular) ; 
elevation micrometer ( panoramic 
telescope); graduated disk (plotting 

Teilstrich m mil (Arty); dial divi- 
sion (Rad); scale division (Inst). 
Teilstrichteilung f mil graduation. 
Teiltrommel / micrometer knob (on 
(panoramic or BC telescope) ; range 

Teilung / graduation, scale; division, 

Telefunken trade name of German 
company manufacturing electronic 

Telegraphenleitung / telegraph line. 
Telegraphennetz n wire net (Tg). 
Telegraphenstange f telegraph pole. 
Tellermine / antitank mine. 
Tellersaule f float column (AA gun 
outrigger) . 

Tellertrudeln n flat spin (Avn). 
Tellerventil n poppet valve (Mtr). 
Temperatureinfliisse mpl elasticity 
effect; temperature factors (Ballis- 

Temperaturgradienf to temperature 
gradient (Met). 

vertikaler Temperaturgradient lapse 

Temperaturmesser m temperature 
gage (Mtr). 

Temperaturschwankung / tempera- 
ture variation. 

Teno / See Technische Nothilfe. 
Termin m dead line. 

Terrorangriff m terror raid (Avn). 
Tetrachlorkohlenstoff to carbon tetra- 

Thermiksegeln n thermal soaring 
( glider). 

Thermitbombe / thermite bomb. 
Thermitladung / thermite charge 

(incendiary bomb). 

Thermokreuzinstrument n thermo- 
couple meter. 

Thermosyphonkiihlung f gravity- 
system water cooling (Mtr). 

Tief n cyclone, depression (Met). 
Tiefanflug to low-level approach 
( Avn). 

Tiefangriff m low-level attack (Avn). 
Tiefbau m surface construction (Tp 
line); subsurface construction 

Tiefbettfelge / drop-base rim (MT). 
Tiefdecker m low-wing monoplane. 
Tiefe / depth. 

Tiefenabstand to distance ( from front 
to rear). 

Tiefenausdehnung / ■ extension in 
depth (Tac). 

Tiefenfeuer n searching fire (MG). 
Tiefenfeuereinrichtung / searching- 
fire device (MG). 

Tiefenfeuertafel / searching-fire 
table (MG). 

Tiefengliederung f distribution in 
depth, disposition in depth (Tac). 
Tiefenkreuzverspannung / longitudi- 
nal cross bracing (Ap). 

Tiefenlehre / depth micrometer, depth 

Tiefenstaffelung f echelonment in 
depth (Tac). 

Tiefenstreuung f range dispersion on 
horizontal target (Ballistics) . 
Tiefenverspannung f longitudinal 
cross bracing (Ap). 

Tiefenwinkel to angle of depression 

Tiefenzone f zone of resistance ( or- 
ganized in depth). 

Tiefflieger to low-flying airplane. 
Tiefflug w low-level flight, hedge- 
hopping (Avn). 

Tiefflugangriff to low-level attack. 
Tiefgang m draught (Nav). 
tiefgegliedert distributed in depth, 
tiefgestaffelt echeloned in depth. 

Tiefladeanhanger 185 Tragerand 

Tiefladeanhanger m flatbed trailer, 
tank transporter trailer. 
Tiefladelinie / load line (Nav). 
Tiefseekabel n marine cable. 
TiegelguBstahl m crucible steel. 
Tierarzt m veterinarian. 
Titantetraclilorid n titanium tetra- 
chloride (CWS). 

T-Mine / See Tellermine. 
TochterkompaB m repeater compass 

tiidliche Menge killing concentration 

Toleranz f tolerance (Tech). 

Tolit n trinitrotoluol. 

Tolita n See Tolit. 

Ton m sound; tone (Photo); clay. 
Tonarm m pick-up arm (phonograph) . 
tonend icw (marking on Rad set). 
Tonfrequenz / audio frequency (Rad). 
Tonfrequenzbereich m audio-frequency 
range (Rad). 

Tonhacke / mattock. 

Tonhohe / pitch (sound). 
tonlos cw (marking on Rad set). 
Tonne f metric ton (=1.102 short 
tons); buoy (Nav); barrel, cask, 

Tonnenbriicke / improvised floating 
bridge of barrels or drums. 
Tonnenfahre / barrel raft. 
TonnenfloB n barrel float. 
Tonnenlager n spherical roller bear- 

TontaubenschieBen n skeet shooting. 
TontaubenschieBstand m skeet range. 
Tonung / tone (Photo). 

Tonwagen m sound truck (film unit). 
Tonwiedergabe / sound reproduction. 
Topf m pot; container (hand gre- 

Tor n large gate. 

Tornister m pack, field pack, knap- 
sack, haversack. 

Tornisterempfiinger m portable re- 
ceiver, pack receiver (Rad). 
Tornisterfiltergerat n pack-type water 
purification unit. 

Tornisterfunkgerat n pack radio set, 
portable radio set. 

Tornisterfunktrupp m portable-radio 

Tornisterklappe f pack flap, 
torpedieren to torpedo. 

Torpedo n torpedo. 

Torpedoabwurf m torpedo release 

TorpedoausstoBrohr n torpedo tube. 
Tcrpedobootzerstorer in destroyer 


Torpedoflieger ni torpedo bomber; 

torpedo-bomber pilot. 
Torpedoflugzeug n torpedo bomber. 
Torpedojiiger m fighter-type torpedo 
bomber (Ap). 

Torpedorohr n torpedo tube. 
Torpedoschnellboot n motor torpedo 

Torpedoschutznetz n torpedo defense 

Torpedotaucher m deep-sea diver 

Torpedotreffer m torpedo hit. 
Torpedo-Waffenleitvormann m tor- 
pedoman (Nav). 

Torpedowulst m blister (Nav). 
Torpedowurf in torpedo release ( Avn). 
Torsionsstab m torsion rod (MT). 
tot dead. 

Totalausfall m total loss, 
totaler Krieg total war. 
tiiten to kill. 

Totenkopfverbiinde mpl See SS-Toten- 

toter Gang steering play (MT); 
backlash, play, lost motion (Mech) ; 
free travel (of clutch pedal). 
toter SchuBraum dead area, dead 

toter Trichter dead space (AA gun). 
toter Winkel dead space, 
tote Zone skip zone (Rad). 

Totpunkt m dead center (Mtr). 
Totschlager m blackjack. 

Tracht f saddle cover (pack saddle). 
Trachte / wall, periople (hoof). 
Trachtenkissen n saddle pad. 
Tragbalken in balk, stringer (Bdg). 
Tragband n carrying strap (gas 

tragbar portable. 

Tragbeutel m gas-mask carrier. 
Tragbiichse f gas-mask carrier 

(metal type). 

Tragdeck n wing (Ap). 

Trage f litter, stretcher (Med). 
Tragegestell n pack frame (pack 

Tragegurt m carrying strap, sup- 
porting strap. 

Tragepolster n carrying pad (MG). 
Trager m carrier, mount, support, 

Tragerand m bearing surface (hoof). 

Treffer erzielen 

Trageriemen 186 

Trageriemen m carrying strap, car- 
rying sling. 

Tragerstrom m carrier current (Tp). 

Tragerwelle / carrier wave (Rad). 

Tragesattel to pack saddle. 

Trageschiene f frame rib (pack 

Tragevorrichtung / scabbard (R). 

Tragfahigkeit / load capacity (Bdg); 
ton capacity, passenger capacity 
(MT, Ap); gallon capacity (tank 

Tragfeder f suspension spring ( split- 
trail carriage). 

Tragflache / airfoil (Ap). 

TragflachenumriB m airfoil profile. 

Tragfliigel m wing (Ap). 

Tragfliigelende n wing tip (Ap). 

Tragfliigelhinterkante / trailing edge 
of wing (Ap). 

Tragfliigelprofil n wing profile. 

Tragheit f inertia (Mech). 

Tragheitsmoment n moment of iner- 

Traglast / load (Ap, MT); pack 
(pa ck animals). 

Tragpferd n pack horse. 

Tragriemen m neck strap (pack 
saddle ). 

Tragrolle / See Laufrolle. 

Tragschrauber m autogiro, gyro- 

Tragtier n pack animal. 

Tragtierbeforderung / pack trans- 

Tragtierkolonne / pack train. 

Tragvorrichtung f bomb shackle 

Tragwerk n wing assembly ( Ap). 

Tragzapfen m trunnion. 

Trampelpfad m beaten path, beaten 

Trampelweg m See Trampelpfad. 

Tranengas n lacrimator gas, tear gas. 

Tranengaskerze / tear-gas candle 

Tranengasstoff m CN solution. 

Tranenstoffkerze f tear gas pot 

Tranken n watering (of animals). 

Transportbefehl m movement order. 

Transporter m transport ( Avn, Nav). 

Transportflugwesen n transport avia- 

Transportflugzeug n transport air- 

Transportfiihrer m transportation 
officer, train commander (RR). 

Transportgeschwader n transport 
wing, transport command (Avn). 

Transportglied n ferry element ( one 
of a train of towed ferries). 

Transportkolonne / motor transport 

Transportkommandantur / transport 
control headquarters (RR). 

Transportluftfahrt / transport avia- 

Transportmittel n means of trans- 

Transportoffizier to transportation 
officer (RR). 

transportsicherer Ziinder shipment- 
safe fuze ( Am). 

Transportsperre / embargo ( on truck, 
RR, and ship movements). 

Transportstaffel / transport squadron 
( Avn).. 

Transporttau n handling line (Bln). 

Transportiibersicht / transportation 
table, table of movements. 

Transportverbot n embargo (on truck, 
RR, and ship movements). 

Transport wesen.M transportation sys- 

TransversalmaBstab to interpolating 
scale (Surv). 

Trapez n trapezoid (Math); suspen- 
sion frame (Bln). 

Trapez-Fachwerktrager in Warren 
truss, trapezoidal truss. 

Trassierband n tracing tape ( CWS, 

Trauerfeier f funeral; commemora- 
tion services. 

Trauergefolge n funeral escort. 

Traverse / crossbar ( split-trail car- 
riage); traverse (Ft). 

Trecker m tractor (MT). 

Treffaussicht / probability of hit. 

Treffbild n shot group, dispersion 
pattern; recording target (Tng). 

Treffen n encounter, shock of assault; 
wave of tanks; phase of attack. 

treffen to hit, meet, strike; guess; 
take ( measures ) . 

Treffentfernung f slant range to fu- 
ture position (AAA). 

treffenweise in depth, in echelon. 

treffenweise Aufstellung disposition 
in depth (Tac). 

Treffer m hit. 

Treffer erzielen to score hits. 

Treffergebnis 187 Trog 

Treffergebnis n score (firing or 

Trefferraum m zone of dispersion 
(Ballistics) . 

Treffer verze ichnen to register hits. 

Treffgenauigkeit f accuracy of fire; 
accuracy of practice. 

Treffhohe / altitude of target at fu- 
ture position (AA gunnery). 

Trefflache f target area. 

Treffpunkt m point of impact, objec- 
tive point (Arty); future position 
(AAA); meeting point, rendezvous. 

Treffpunktentfernung / slant range to 
future position of target (AA gun- 

Treffsicherheit f accuracy of fire. 

Treffwahrscheinlichkeit / expectancy 
or probability of hitting (Arty). 

Treffwahrscheinlichkeit der Waffe 
developed armament probable error. 

treiben impel, drive, propel; drift. 

Treibachse f driving axle (MT). 

Treibgas n wood gas (MT); propel- 
lent gas (Bln). 

Treibgasmotor m wood-gas engine 

Treibholz n driftwood. 

Treibladung / propellent charge 

Treibmine / floating mine, unan- 
chored automatic contact mine. 

Treibmittel n propellant (Am). 

Treibscheibe / diaphragm (case shot). 

Treibstoff w engine fuel. 

Treibstoffbehalter m fuel tank (MT, 


Treibstofflager n fuel dump. 

treideln to tow boats from land. 

trennen disconnect, cut off, divide, 

Trennklinke / disconnect jack (Tp). 

Trennscharfe f selectivity (Rad). 

Trennschnitt m line of breach ( demo- 

Trennung / break (Rad procedure) ; 
disconnection, separation. 

Trennungsbahnhof to junction (RR). 

Trennungslinie / boundary (Tac). 

Trense f bit, snaffle (harness). 

TrensengebiB n snaffle bit (harness). 

Trensenziigel to snaffle rein (harness). 

Tresse / braid (Clo). 

“Treten Sie ab!” “Dismissed!” (for- 
mal style, to an individual). 

Tretmine f tread mine (pressure- 
ignited antipersonnel mine). 

Tretmotor m pedal-operated genera- 

Tretsatz m pedal-operated generat- 
ing unit. 

Trichter m crater; funnel; cone; 
horn collector (AA sound locator). 

Trichterlautsprecher to horn-type 
speaker, cone speaker (Rad). 

Trichterfeld n shelled area, area 
pitted with shell craters. 

Trichtergelande n shelled terrain, 
terrain pitted with shell craters. 

Trichterladung / crater charge ( Engr). 

Trieb m drive; drift; impulse; in- 

Triebrad n driving sprocket (Tk). 

Triebsand m drift sand, loose sand, 

Triebscheibe / knob, micrometer head 
(Optics, Ord). 

Triebscheibe zur Hiihenrichtung ele- 
vating knob ( Optics, Ord). 

Triebscheibe zur Seitenrichtung azi- 
muth knob (Optics, Ord). 

Triebschraube / upper prism microm- 
eter head (panoramic sight). 

Triebwerk n power plant (Ap, MT). 

Triebzahn to connector (caterpillar 

trigonometrischer Punkt triangula- 
tion point, primary traverse station. 

Trilit n trinitrotoluol. 

Trimmklappe f trim tab (Ap). 

Trimmruder n trim tab, balance tab, 
servo tab (Ap). 

Trimmvorrichtung f flight control 
surfaces used for trimming (Ap). 

trinkbar potable. 

Trinkbecher to drinking cup. 

Trinkwasser n drinking water. 

Trinkwasserbereiter to water purifi- 
cation unit. 

Tripelstreifen to special prism used 
to direct the beam of a signal lamp. 

Tripper to gonorrhea. 

Tritt to step, pace, tread. 

Trittbrett n running board (MT). 

Trockendock n dry dock. 

Trockenelement n dry cell (Elec). 

Trockengelenk n flexible-disk joint 

Trocken gleichrichter to dry cell rec- 
tifier (Rad). 

Trockensumpfschmierung f dry-sump 
lubrication (Mtr). 

Troddel / bayonet tassel. 

Trog to trough. 


188 Truppentransporter 

Trombe / cyclone, tornado. 

Trommel / drum; dial; range drum 
(sight mount); micrometer drum 
(panoramic sight); metal drum (for 
belt Am). 

Trommelfell n eardrum. 

Trommelfellverletzter to person with 
punctured eardrums. 

Trommelfeuer n drum fire, heavy 
barrage (Arty). 

Trommelmagazin n drum magazine 

Trommelmagazinzufiihrung / drum 
feed (MG). 

Trommelwirbel m drum roll. 

Trommelzeiger m drum index (sight 
mount, panoramic sight). 

Trommler m drummer. 

Trompete / bugle. 

Trompetensignal n bugle call. 

Trompeter m bugler. 

tropenbestandig suitable for use in 
tropical climates. 

Tropenhelm m pith helmet, sun hel- 

Tropenkraftstoff to tropical gasoline. 

Tropfchen n droplet, vapor particle 

Tropfcn m drop (of water, etc.). 

tropische Warmluft tropical air 

TroB to train ( combat, supply, or 

Trosse / hawser. 

TroBfahrzeug n ' train vehicle ( sup- 
ply, baggage, etc.). 

Trotyl n trinitrotoluol. 

trudeln to spin (Ap). 

Triimmer pi debris. 

Trupp to detachment, section, squad, 
team, detail, party (pi Trupps) (to 
be distinguished from Truppe). 

Truppe f collective term for field 
elements of armed forces; unit; arm 
or branch of service (to be distin- 
guished from Trupp). 

Truppen fpl troops. 

Truppenansammlung f concentration 
of troops. 

Truppenarzt to medical officer. 

Truppenausladung / detraining of 

Truppenausweis / soldier’s identifi- 
cation card. 

Truppenbefehlshaber m commander 
of troops. 

Truppenbeforderung / transportation 
of troops. 

Truppenbereitstellung / assembly of 


Truppenbewegung / troop movement. 

Truppendienst to service with troops, 
duty with troops. 

Truppeneinheit / troop unit (usually 
has uniform type of weapons, as dis- 
tinguished from Truppenverband, 
combined-arms unit). 

Truppeneinladung / entraining of 

Truppeneinteilung f order of battle; 
disposition of troops; allotment or 
allocation of troops; conventional se- 
quence by arms and services ( in 

Truppenentgiftung / decontamination 
of personnel ( CWS). 

Truppenentgiftungskompanie f per- 
sonnel decontamination company. 

Truppenfiihrer to commander, com- 
manding officer ( generally of a com- 
bined-arms force); task force com- 

Truppenfiihrung / leading of troops, 
conduct of field operations (title of 
Ger manual corresponding to Field 
Service Regulations: Operations). 

Truppengattung f branch of service. 

Truppengebrauch m military usage, 
military custom. 

Tuppengelandebesprechung f junior- 
command field critique (maneuvers). 

Truppengeneralstab to general staff 
with troops. 

Truppenlager n camp. 

Truppenmarketenderei / post ex- 

Truppenmasse / troop concentration. 

Truppennachrichtenoflizier to unit 
communication officer. 

Truppennachrichtenverband m com- 
munication unit. 

Truppennachrichtenzug to unit com- 
munication platoon. 

Truppenoffizier to line officer, officer 
of the line. 

Truppenschiedsrichter to unit umpire 
( maneuvers) . 

Truppenteil to unit. 

Truppentransport to troop transport. 

Truppentransporter to troop carrier 
(Ap); troop transport ( Ap, Nav); 

Truppentransport- 189 Ubergangsmittel 

Truppentransport-Flugzeug n troop i Tucheinsatz m cloth filter, 
carrier airplane. Tuchzeichen n - ground panel, code 

Truppentransportschiff n troop trans- 
port, troopship. 

Truppentransportzug m troop train. 

Truppeniibungen fpl field maneuvers. 

Truppeniibungsplatz m troop train- 
ing camp, troop training grounds. 

Truppenunterkunft / barracks, quar- 
ters, billet. 

Truppenverband m mixed force, com- 
bined-arms unit. 

Truppenverbandplatz m aid station 

Truppenvermessungsdienst m field 
survey service. 

Truppenwetterdienst m field meteoro- 
logical service. 

Truppfiihrer m leader of a Tmpp; 
corporal (Reich Labor Service). 
l.MG-Truppfiihrer light MG team 
leader (R squad)* 

T-Stoff m laerimator (abbr. of Tra- 


Turbokompressor m centrifugal com- 
pressor, turbosupercharger. 

Turm m tower; turret. 

TurmanschluB m turret connection 
(Ap, Tk). 

Turmaufsatz m cupola (Tk). 

Turmgeschiitz n turret gun. 

Turmklappe / turret hatch (Tk). 

Turmlafette / turret mount. 

Turmluke / turret hatch (Tk). 

Turmlukendeckel m turret hatch 
cover (Tk). 

Turmschwenkwerk n turret travers- 
ing mechanism (Ap, Tk). 

Turmzurrung / turret locking clamp 
(Ap, Tk). 

Tutol n trinitrotoluol. 

Typenbezeichnung f model designa- 

Typennummer / model number. 

Typenschild n name plate. 


iiben to practice, exercise, train, 
tlberbau m superstructure. 
XJberbeanspruchung / overload 

( Mech ). 

tjberbelichtung / overexposure 


tiberbestand m surplus stock (i.e., 
above authorized basic allowance). 
tlberdeckung / overlap ( aerial Photo). 
seitliche tlberdeckung sidelap 

(aerial Photo). 

tlberdruck m pressure above atmo- 
spheric pressure; pressure differ- 
ence, excess pressure, 
tlberfall m raid, surprise attack 
(Tac) ; spillway ( dam ) . 
tlberfallkommando n raiding party, 
tiberfallkrone / spillway crest ( dam). 
tlberfallwehr n spillway weir, over- 
fall dam. 

uberfliigeln outflank, 
tiberfliigelung / outflanking, 
uberfluten to flood, inundate, 
tlberflutung / flood, flooding, inun- 

uberfiihren to ferry (Avn); to trans- 

tlberfiihrung / overpass (RR). 

tlberfiihrungsdienst m ferry service 
( Avn). 

tlberfiihrungsflug m ferrying flight. 

tlbergabe / surrender, capitulation; 
handing over; giving up. 

Gbergabeverhandlungen fpl negoti- 
ations for surrender. 

fjbergang m transition; shifting; 

tjbergangsbahnhof m crossing sta- 
tion (RR). 

fiber gangsgebiihrnisse npl tempo- 

rary monthly allowance paid on dis- 
charge (to ease transition to civilian 

tlbergangsgerat n stream-crossing 

flbergangskegel m forcing cone (G 


Ubergangsmittel npl stream-crossing 

Ubergangsstellung 190 iiberwachen 

tlbergangsstellung f intermediate 1 uberschlag auf dem Boden ground 
position. loop (Avn). 

tlbergangstruppe f stream-crossing 

iibergeben hand over, surrender. 

sich iibergeben to vomit, 
tiberhang m overhang (Top, etc.); 

angle of approach (MT). 
iiberhitzen overheat (an engine); 
superheat (steam). 
iiberhitzer m superheater. 

Uberholen overtake; overhaul, 
iiberholende Yerfolgung encircling 

maneuver in pursuit, 
tlberholung / passing, overtaking 
(MT); encirclement (in pursuit) 
(Tac); overhauling (maintenance). 
tlberholungsabteilung f encircling 

detachment (in pursuit). 
tlberholungsgleis n passing siding 

tiberlagerungsempfanger m super- 
heterodyne receiver (Rad). 
tlberlagerungsfrequenz / heterodyne 

tlberlandflug m cross-country flight, 
uberlasten to overload. 

Bberlaufer m deserter (to the 


tlberlaufrohr n overflow pipe, 
llberlegenheit f superiority, 
tlbermacht / superior strength, su- 

iibermannen overcome, overpower, 
tlbermantel m overcoat, 
tlbernahme / taking over, assuming 
( a command, etc.) ; acceptance ( of 
materiel, etc.). 

iiberplanmaBig in excess of author- 
ized strength or allowance, 
iiberqueren to cross (a river, etc.). 
tlberraschung f surprise, 
tlbersattigung / supersaturation 

iiberschieBen to fire over the heads 
of friendly troops; to fire beyond the 

IiberschieBen eigener Truppen over- 
head firing (Gunnery). 
tlberschieBen von Deckungen clear- 
ance of masks (Gunnery). 
tlberschieBgrenze / corresponding 
range (Gunnery). 

tlberschieBtafel / overhead firing 

Uberschlag m loop (Avn). 

iiberschlagen, sich to tumble (pro- 
jectile); to roll over (Avn); to turn 
over (vehicles). 

Uberschlag iiber den Fliigel barrel 
roll (Avn). 

iiberschreiten to cross (a Bdg, road, 


tlberschreitfahigkeit / trench-cross- 
ing ability (Tk). 
tlberschrift / heading. 
tlberschuBwasser n overflow water 

( dam). 

iiberschwemmen to flood, 
tlberschwemmung / flood, 
iiberschwer heavy (.50 caliber MG 
" as distinguished from German 
“heavy” MG, which is .30 caliber 
and on tripod mount). 
iibersetzen to translate; to cross, to 

Iibersetzen iiber Wasserlaufe stream 

tlbersetzer m translator, 
tlbersetzfahre / ferry, 
tlbersetzgruppe / crossing detail, 
tlbersefzmittel n stream-crossing 

tlbersetzstelle / stream-crossing 
point, ferrying point, crossing site, 
tlbersetzung / translation; gear 
ratio, gear transmission ( to increase 

tlbersetzungsgetriebe n gear trans- 
mission ( to increase speed). 
tlbersetzungsverhaltnis n gear ratio, 
tlbersicht f survey; chart, plan, 
table; summary; synoptic view, 
tlbersichtsbild n index map ( aerial 

tlbersteuerung f over bias (Rad); 

overloading (Elec, Rad). 
tlberstromkanal m bypass (Mtr). 
tlbertrager m transformer (Elec); 

repeating coil (Tp). 
tlbertragerkastchen n repeating coil 
unit (Tp). 

tlbertragungsgerat n data transmis- 
sion system (AAA). 
Ubertragungskorper m induced-det- 
onation charge. 

tlbertra gun gsladun g / primer charge, 
tlbertrommel f range drum (sight 


iiberwachen to supervise, monitor, 
guard, police. 

Uberwachung 191 umhangen 

tiberwachung f surveillance, obser- 
vation; monitoring; guarding, polic- 

iiberwaltigen overcome, overpower. 
Uberwasserstreitkrafte fpl surface 
forces (Nav). 

iiberweisen to allot; send, convey; to 

Uberweisungsamt n toll station (Tp). 
iiberwinden to overcome; surmount 
(obstacles); to force (a crossing, 
etc.); to conquer (the enemy, etc.). 
iiberziehen to stall (Ap). 

Uberzug m cover, hood. 

U-Boot n Submarine, U-boat (abbr. 

of Unterseeboot). 

U-Boot-Bunker m submarine pen. 
U-Bootjager m submarine chaser. 
U-Bootkrieg m submarine warfare. 
U-Boot-Mutterschiflf n submarine 

U-Bootnetz n submarine net. 
U-Boot-Werft / submarine construc- 
tion yard. 

tlbung / practice, exercise, training, 
drill, training maneuver, 
tibungsflug m practice flight. 
Ubungsflugzeug n training airplane, 

tlbungsgerat n practice device, prac- 
tice equipment. 

tlbungsgeschoB n training projectile, 
target-practice projectile. 
Ubungsgranate / practice shell ( Am). 
Ubungshandgranate / practice gre- 
nade, training grenade, 
ijbungsladung f practice charge 

tibungsleitung f director headquar- 
ters (maneuvers). 

tlbungsmaske / training mask 


Ubungsmine / practice mine, 
tihungsmunition f practice ammuni- 
tion, training munitions. 
Ubungsreizstoff m irritant training 
agent (CWS). 

tibungsriechstoff m odor-detection 
training agent ( CWS). 
UbungsschieBen n practice firing, 
itbungsverband m training unit. 
Ufer n shore, bank. 

Uferbalken m shore sill (Bdg). 
Uferbriicke / single-span stringer 

Uferschnellsteg m hasty single-span 

Uhr / watch, clock, timepiece; in- 
strument dial. 

Uhrenscheibe / target consisting of 
circle of silhouettes. 

Uhrvergleich m synchronization of 

Uhrwerkantrieb to clockwork action 


Uhrwerkziinder m clockwork fuze 

Uhrzeiger to clock hand; indicator 

im Gegensinn zum Uhrzeiger coun- 

im Sinne des Uhrzeigers clockwise. 

Uhrzeit f clock time (such as 1345; 
as distinguished from Zeit, time, in 
sense of “time length"). 

Uhrzeitangabe f time announcement, 
time signal. 

Ultrakurzwelle / ultrashort wave, 
ultrahigh frequency (in strict sense, 
very high frequency, 30 me. to 300 

Ultrakurzwellenempfanger m ultra- 
high frequency receiver. See also 

Ultrakurzwellensender m ultrahigh 
frequency transmitter. See also 

umbilden reorganize. 

Umbildung / reorganization. 

Umdrehung f revolution (Mech). 

Umdrehungszahl / number of revo- 
lutions, rpm. 

Umdrehungsziihler m tachometer. 

Umdruck to mimeograph or offset 

Umfang m perimeter, scope, circum- 

umfassen to envelop (Tac). 

Umfassung / envelopment (Tac). 

Umformer to converter (Elec). 

Umformersatz to converter unit 

Umgang to breeching (harness) . 

umgehen to turn, outflank (Tac); to 
detour, go around, bypass. 

Umgehung / turning, outflanking 
(Tac); bypass (ing), detour (ing). 

Umgehungsbewegung / turning 
movement, outflanking movement. 

umgliedern to reorganize. 

Umgruppierung f regrouping. 

Umhang in cape, cloak. 

umhangen to sling (arms); take up 


192 Unterbringung 

umkehren to reverse, turn over. 
Umkehrgetriebe n reversing gear 
(in rear-axle differential of half- 
track vehicle). 

umkippen to tip over, to dump. 
Umklammerung f envelopment, en- 
circlement (Tac). 

Umkreis m perimeter, circumfer- 
ence, periphery; radius. 

Umladung / transshipment. 

Umlauf m rotation; cycle; circula- 
tion; circular; side spillway (dam). 
in Umlauf to be circulated (docu- 

Umlauf getriebe n planetary gear. 
Umlaufmotor m rotary engine (Ap). 
umleiten to reroute ( traffic, etc.) ; to 
divert (a stream). 

Umlenkrolle / deflecting pulley. 
Umpolung / pole reversal (Elec). 
Umrandung / edge, edging, border, 
border strip. 

Umrandungsfeuer n boundary light 

Umrechnung f conversion (Math). 
Umrechnungstafel / conversion 

Umschalteklinke / throwout (MG 

umschalten to switch over; to 

change gear. 

Umschaltepause / switch interval, 
answer lag (interphone). 
Umschalter to change-over switch, 
selector switch (Elec). 
Umschalthebel m change lever ( auto- 
matic R). 

Umschlag to application (Med). 
umschlagen to transload; to fell (a 
tree); to break down from bulk to 
unit containers; to capsize fa boat); 
to change suddenly f wind, etc.). 
Umschlagshafen m transshipment 

Umschlagstelle / bulk reduction 
point, transloading point, relay 

umschulen to retrain, 
umschwingen to veer. 

Umweg m detour. 

Umziiunung / enclosure, 
unabhangig independent, 
unabkommlich irreplaceable, indis- 

unangelehnte Flanke exposed flank, 
unbefestigte StraBe dirt road, 
unbenutzbar unserviceable. 

unbewaffnet unarmed, 
unbrauchbar unserviceable. 
Unbrauchbarmachung / destruction, 

rendering useless. 

undicht leaky, permeable, not gas- 
proof or waterproof. 

Undichtigkeit / permeability, leak- 

undurchdringlich impermeable, im- 

Undurchdringlichkeit / impermea- 
bility, impenetrability, 
unentziindbar inert (Am). 
unerlaubte Entfernung absence with- 
out leave. 

Unfallbearbeitung / accident inves- 

ungedampft undamped (Tech). 
ungeeignet unqualified, unsuited, un- 

ungefahr approximate. 

Ungehorsam m disobedience, 
ungeklarte Eage obscure situation 

ungepflastert unpaved, 
ungeschiitzt exposed (Tac). 
ungiinstig unfavorable. 

Uniform / uniform (Clo). 
Uniformbezugschein m individual 
clothing slip. 

Universalinstrument n transit (Surv). 
unmittelbare Unterstiitzung direct 
support (Arty, Tac). 
unregelmaBig irregular, 
unscharf unarmed (fuze, etc.); 
blurred, out of focus (Optics). 
unscharf machen disarm (Am). 
unstarres Luftschiff nonrigid air- 

untauglich physically unfit for active 

Unterabschnitt m subsector. 
Unterarzt m medical noncommis- 
sioned officer (with rank of Master 

Unterbau m subgrade, foundation, 

Unterbindung / choking off, fore- 
stalling, preventing (Tac). 
unterbrechen interrupt. 

Unterbrecher m contact breaker, in- 
terrupter (Elec). 

Unterbrechung f interruption; ces- 
sation; suspension (of traffic). 
unterbringen to billet, quarter; to 

store, stow. 

Unterbringung f sheltering, quarter- 

Unterbnngungsgebiet 193 Untersuchung 

ing, billeting; quarters, billets; 
stowage position (of equipment in 

Unterbringungsgebiet n quartering 

Unterdruck m vacuum, low pressure 
(below atmospheric pressure). 

Unterdruckforderer m vacuum tank 

Unterdruckkammer / low-pressure 

Unterfeldmeister w staff sergeant 
(Reich Labor Service). 

Unterfeldwebel m staff sergeant. 

Unterfiihrer m enlisted man tenta- 
tively selected for subsequent offi- 
cer’s training; subordinate com- 

untere Fiihrung lower command 
(Regt and down). 

Unterfiihrung / underpass (RR). 

untergebene Stellen lower com- 

untergeordnet inferior in rank, sub- 

Untergurt m cincha (saddle); bot- 
tom chord (truss). 

unterhaltener Fahrweg improved 

Unterhaltsberechtigter m dependent 
(entitled to dependency benefits). 

Unterhaltung / maintenance; con- 
versation; recreation, entertainment. 

Unterhandler m negotiator, bearer 
of a flag of truce, parlementaire. 

Unterhandlung / parley. 

Unterholz n underbrush, under- 

UnterkalibergeschoS n subcaliber 
projectile (Am). 

Unterkunft / shelter, quarters, bil- 

freie Unterkunft quarters in kind. 

Unterkunftsbezirk m shelter area, 
quartering area, billeting area. 

Unterkunftsgruppe / billeting group. 

Unterkunftsraum m shelter area, 
cantonment area. 

Unterlafette / bottom gun carriage. 

Unterlage f plane table (Arty, 
Swrv); datum; basis; document, 

Unterlagerungstelegraphie / sim- 
plexed telegraphy. 

Unterlegbohlen fpl dunnage. 

unterlegen inferior (in numbers). 

Unterlegenheit f inferiority , (Tac). 

Unterlegeplane f ground cloth (Bln). 

Unterlegscheibe / washer. 

Unternehmen n operation (Tac). 

Unternehmung / operation (Tac). 

Unteroffizier m noncommissioned of- 
ficer; sergeant. 

Unteroffizieranwarter m candidate 
for noncommissioned rank. 

Unteroffiziere mit Portepee noncom- 
missioned officers from Feldwebel up. 

Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee non- 
commissioned officers from Unter- 
offizier down. 

Unteroffiziere und Mannschaften en- 
listed men. 

unterpolstert padded. 

Unterredung f parley. 

Unterricht m instruction. 

unterrichten instruct, teach. 

Unterrichtstafel / demonstration 
chart (Tng). 

Unterring to lower band (R). 

Unterringfeder / lower band spring. 

Unterschenkel m gaskin (horse). 

Unterschied to difference. 

Unter-Schiedsrichter to umpire as- 
signed to a subordinate unit (gen- 
erally an NCO). 

Unterschild to apron shield, lower 
shield (G). 

Unterschildtrager to lower shield 
bracket (G). 

Unterschlupf w cut-and-cover shel- 
ter, dugout. 

Unterseeboot n U-boat, submarine. 

Unterseite / underside, lower side; 
belly (Tk). 

Untersetzung / reduction (Mech). 

Untersetzungsgetriebe n reduction 
gear (MT). 

Unterstand to shelter, protected 
shelter, dugout (Ft). 

unterstellt. inferior in rank, subordi- 

unterstrom downstream. 

Untersturmfiihrer to See SS-Unter- 

unterstiitzen to support. 

Unterstiitzung / support (Tac). 

Unterstiitzungsartillerie / support- 
ing artillery. 

Unterstiitzungsfeuer n supporting 

untersuchen inspect, examine; test; 

Untersuchung / investigation, exam- 

Untersuchungsstelle 194 Verbandflug 

ination; surveillance (of Am and 
CWS supplies, etc.); inspection. 
Untersuchungsstelle / test station 

Unterveterinar m veterinary non- 
commissioned officer ( with rank of 
Master Sgt). 

Unterwachtmeister m staff sergeant 
(Arty, Cav). 

Unterwasserbombe / depth bomb, 
depth charge. 

Unterwasserhorchgerat n hydrophone 

Unterwasserschneidetrupp to under- 
water cutting and welding detach- 

Unterweisung / indoctrination, in- 

Unterwerfung / subjection, subju- 
gation, submission, surrender. „ 
Unterzug to transom (Bdg). 

Untiefen fpl shoals, 
unverziiglich immediate. 

unvorschriftsmaBig contrary to reg- 
ulations, not prescribed, irregular. 

Unwetter n bad weather, storm. 

U-Rahmen in U-frame ( tubular 


Urbaumuster n original model, pro- 
totype (Ap, Tk, etc.). 

Urkunde / document, permanent rec- 

Urkundenbeweis m documentary evi- 

Urlaub m leave, furlough, leave of 

Urlauher m man on leave, furlough, 
or pass. 

Urlaubsschein m furlough certifi- 
cate; leave; pass. 

Ursprung m origin. 

Urteilsmilderung / mitigation of 

Urwald m jungle. 

Urwaldkrieg to jungle warfare. 

Vakuumrohre / vacuum tube. 

V-Boot n launch (abbr. of Verkehrs- 
boot) . 

Velozitatsmelizug m velocity meas- 
urement platoon (Arty). 

Ventil n valve. 

Yentilanordnung / valve arrange- 
ment (Mtr). 

Yentilfeder f valve spring (Mtr). 

Ventilkammer / valve chamber (Mtr). 

Ventilkegel in valve ball (MT); 
valve head (pneumatic counterrecoil 

Ventilleine / valve cord, gas-valve 
operating line (Bln). 

ventilloser Motor sleeve-type en- 

Ventilschaft to valve stem (Mtr). 

Ventilschaftfuhrung / valve guide 

Ventilsitz m valve seat (Mtr). 

Ventilsteuerung / valve-timing sys- 
tem (Mtr). 

VentilstoBel to valve lifter (Mtr). 

Ventilteller to valve head (Mtr). 

Verachtung f contempt, disregard. 

veraltet obsolete, 

verankern to moor. 

Verankerung f anchorage, holdfast. 
Verankerungsgurt m mooring band 


Verankerungskabel n guy; mooring 

Verankerungsmast to mooring mast 

Verankerungstau n ground cable, 
mooring cable (Bln). 
Verankerungsturm to mooring tower 

veranlassen to cause, bring about, 
call forth. 

veranschaulichen illustrate, 
verantwortlich responsible. 
Verantwortlichkeit / responsibility, 
verausgaben to issue. 

Yerausgabung / issue. 

Yerband to combined-arms unit, force, 
task force; air force unit, force, for- 
mation ( Ami) ; bandage, dressing. 
Verband aller Waffen combined-arms 

Verbandflug to formation flying. 

V erdammen 

Verbandkasten 195 

Verbandkasten in first-aid box. 

Verbandmittel npl dressing equip- 
ment (Med). 

Verbandpackchen n first-aid packet. 

Verbandplatz to aid station, dressing 

Verbandsabwurf in formation re- 
lease (bombing). 

Verbandsflng to flying in formation, 
formation flying. 

Verbandswurf to See Verbandsab- 

Verbandtasche f first-aid bag. 

Verbandzeug n first-aid kit, first-aid 

verbergen to mask, conceal, hide. 

Verbesserung / correction ( Gun- 

Verbesserung fiir Lange range cor- 
rection (Gunnery). 

Verbesserung fiir Seite lateral cor- 
rection (Gunnery). 

Verbesserung fiir Witterungseinfliisse 
metro correction (Arty). 

Verbesserungsgerat n parallax off- 
set mechanism (sound locator). 

Verbesserungswert m correction 
factor (Gunnery). 

Verbesserungswinkel to correction 
angle (Gunnery). 

verbeulte Patrone battered round. 

Verbiegen n droop (Mech). 

verbieten to prohibit, forbid. 

Verbindung f liaison, communica- 
tion, contact (Tac); connection 
(Tp) ; compound (Cml). 

Verbindung aufnehmen make con- 
tact, establish communication (with 
friendly troops). 

Verbindungsachse / axis of com- 

Verbindungsaufnahme / establish- 
ment of communication, liaison, or 
contact (with friendly troops). 

Verbindungsdienst m liaison service, 
liaison duty. 

Verbindungsflugzeug n liaison air- 

Verbindungsgraben m communica- 
tion trench, connecting trench. 

Verbindungshiilse / connecting sleeve, 
casing, collar. 

Verbindungsleute mpl connecting 
file, communicating file; liaison 

Verbindungslinie / line of communi- 

Verbindungsmann m liaison agent. 

Verbindungsmittel n means of com- 

Verbindungsnetz n liaison net (Rad). 

Verbindungsoffizier m liaison officer. 

Verbindungsorgane npl connecting 
elements (march column). 

Verbindungspatrouille f contact pa- 
trol (Tac). 

Verbindungsriemen m turnback (har- 

Verbindungsschnur f connecting cord 


Verbindungsschraube / floor plate 
screw (R). 

Verbindungsstaffel / liaison squad- 
ron (Avn). 

VerbindungsstraBe / communication 
road, communication route. 

Verbindungstrupp to liaison party, 
liaison detachment; connecting 
group; contact patrol. 

Verbindungsweg to channel of com- 
munication (Tp, Rad). 

verblenden to dim or black out 

verbogen bent, twisted, warped. 

Verbot n prohibition, off-limits dec- 
laration; exclusion; restriction. 

Verbotstafel / “prohibited” sign. 

Verbrauch to consumption, expendi- 

verbrauchbar expendable. 

Verbraucherstelle f outlet (Elec). 

Verbrauchsguter npl expendable sup- 

Yerbrauchssatz m consumption per 
100 kilometers ( of gasoline, oil, and 
lubricants) . 

Verbrauchsstoffe mpl See Verbrauchs- 

Verbrennung / combustion; defla- 
gration (of powder). 

Verbrennungskraftmaschine f inter- 
nal-combustion engine. 

Verbrennungsraum to combustion 
chamber; powder chamber (G). 

Verbrennungsriickstand to carbon 

verbundene Waffen combined arms 


Verbiindete(r) in ally. 

Verbundmaschine / compound-wound 


Verbundrohre / multi -unit tube ( Rad). 

verchromt chromium-plated. 

Verdammen n tamping, mud cap- 


verdampfen 196 

ping (demolitions) ; damming up (a 

verdampfen to vaporize, evaporate. 
Verdampfungswarme / heat of va- 
porization (Met). 

Verdeck n cover; hood; deck, 
verdecken to cover, mask, conceal, 

Verdeckung / concealment, defilade. 
Verdichtung / compression (Mtr). 
Verdichtungshub m compression 

stroke (Mtr). 

Verdichtungsverhaltnis n compres- 
sion ratio (Mtr). 

Verdichtungs welle / burst wave, 

detonation wave (SR); compression 
wave (Physics). 

Verdienstkreuz n Meritorious Service 
Cross (decoration). 
verdolmetschen> interpret, translate, 
verdrahten to wire, to block with 
wire obstacles. 

Verdrangung / displacement. 
Verdrangungszylinder m compres- 

sion cylinder ( counterrecoil mech- 

Verdunkelung / blackout. 
Verdunkelungslampe / blackout 

lamp, blackout light, 
vereinigtes Feuer collective fire ( SA). 
Vereinheitlichung / standardization. 
Vereisung / icing, formation of ice 

Vereisungsschutzgerat n de-icer ( Ap). 
vereiteln nullify, foil, render useless, 

Verfahren n method, procedure, 

verfehlen to miss, 
verfertigen to make, manufacture. 
Verfolgung / pursuit (Tac). 
Verfolgungsabteilung / direct pres- 
sure detachment (in pursuit). 
verfugbar available. 

Verfiigung / disposal, disposition; 
availability; instruction, order, 
zur Verfiigung available for duty 
(abbr. z.V.). 

Verfugungsfrequenzen fpl assigned 
frequencies (Rad). 
vergasen to gas (CWS). 

Vergaser m carburetor. 
Vergaseranordnung f carburetion 

Vergasermotor m carburetor engine. 
Vergatterung / guard mount (bugle 

Vergehen n offense, breach ( of dis- 
cipline), infraction (of regulations). 
Vergeltung f retaliation, reprisal. 
Vergeltungsangriff m retaliation at- 
tack; reprisal raid (Avn). 
VergeltungsmaBnahme / reprisal, 
vergiften to poison; to contaminate, 
to gas (CWS). 

Vergiftung / contamination ( CWS). 
VergiftungsschieBen n gas-shell fire 

VergleichsschieBen n calibration fir- 
ing (Arty). 

Vergleichsziel n auxiliary target 
( Gunnery). 

VergroBerung f enlargement, mag- 

VergroBerungsapparat m enlarger, 
enlarging projector (Photo). 
Vergiitung / reimbursement, recoup- 
ment; compensation, award, allow- 
ance; heat treatment (of metals). 
Vergiitungsanlage / soaking pit 

Vergiitungsslahl m heat-treated steel. 
Verhaftung / arrest. 

Verhaltnis n relation; proportion, 
ratio; condition, situation, 
verhandeln negotiate. 

Verhandlung / parley, negotiation. 
Verhangung von Strafen imposition 
of punishment (Law, PW). 

Verhau m abatis, hurdle, entangle- 

Verheerung / devastation, 
verhindern prevent. 

Verhor n interrogation, 
verhoren to interrogate, 
verjiingt tapered; reduced. 
Verjiingung f taper; reduction (of 

verkanten to cant ( G, R) ; to tilt, 
incline; to become misalined. 
Verkantung / cant (Arty); misaline- 
ment of wheels (MT). 
Verkantungslibelle / cross level. 
Verkantungstrieb m cross-level drive. 
Verkehr m traffic; communication. 
Verkehrsbestimmung / traffic regu- 

Verkehrsboot n launch (Nav). 
Verkehrsfliegerei / commercial avia- 

Verkehrsflugzeug n commercial air- 

Verkehrskreis m traffic area. 
Verkehrslast / bridge capacity. 

Verkehrsleitung 197 Vernehmungsoffizier 

Verkehrsleitung / traffic control. 

Verkehrslinien fpl lines of communi- 
cation (Tac). 

Verkehrsposten to traffic control 

Verkehrspunkt m traffic center. 

Verkehrsregel / traffic rule, traffic 
regulation, rule for road procedure, 
rule of the road. 

Verkehrsregclung / traffic control. 

Verkehrsregelungsbataillon n traffic 
control battalion. 

Verkehrsschild n traffic sign. 

Verkehrsstockung / traffic conges- 
tion, jam, tie-up. 

Verkehrsstreife f traffic patrol. 

Verkehrsteilnehmer m traffic element. 

Verkehrsiiberwachung / traffic super- 

Verkehrszeichen n traffic sign, traffic 

verkehrt reverse, inverse; wrong. 

verkitten fasten or seal with putty 
or other adhesive. 

verkleiden to revet; to mask, camou- 
flage, disguise. 

Verkleidung / ' cowling, fairing 

(Ap); revetment; camouflage, dis- 

verklemmen to jam, to wedge. 

Verladebahnhof m loading station, 
entraining station (RR). 

Verladehafen to loading port, port of 

verladen to load, entrain, entruck, 

Verladeoffizier m entraining officer, 
entrucking officer, loading officer. 

Verladeplan m loading table; en- 

training or entrucking table. 

Verladeplatz m loading point; en- 
training or entrucking point. 

Verladerampe / loading platform, 
loading ramp. 

Verladestab to loading staff (sea 


Verladestelle / See Verladeplatz. 

Verladezeit f loading time, entruck- 
ing time, entraining time. 

Verladung / loading, entrucking, en- 

Verladungsoffizier to See Verladeoffi- 

Verladungsschein to bill of lading. 

Verlangerungsstiick n extension; 
sight extension (G sight). 

verlasten to pack or load on vehicles 

or horses (specifically, to load on 
pack animals). 

verlastete Artillerie portee artillery, 
verlastete Truppen motorized troops. 
Verlauf to sequence of events, course, 
progress (of an attack, etc.). 
verlegen to transfer; shift (fire, 

Verlegenheit / confusion, embarrass- 
ment, perplexity. 

Verlegswagen to reel cart (for Tp 


Verlegung / transfer, shift. 
Verlegungsbef ehl to movement order ; 

order to shift fire (Arty). 

Verlust to casualty, loss; forfeiture 
(of pay, etc.). 

Verlustliste / casualty list. 
Verlustmeldung / casualty report. 
Verlustrate / casualty rate. 

tagliche Verlustrate casualty day. 
vermessen to survey, to locate. 
Vermessur.g / survey, surveying, 
locating (Arty, Engr). 

Vermessung durch Anhangen survey 
by controlled traverse (Surv). 
Vermessungsbatterie / survey bat- 
tery (Arty). 

Vermessungs- und Kartenabteilung f 
survey and mapping unit. 
Vermessung von Feuerstellungen field 
artillery survey (Arty). 
verminderte Ladung reduced charge, 
verminen to mine, to lay mines. 
vermiBt missing, missing in action, 
vermitteln to connect, to communi- 
cate (Tp); to convey or impart (in- 

Vermittlung / connection; switching 
central, telephone central. 
Vermittlungskastchen n portable 
switchboard (Tp). 

Vermittlungsklinke f connecting jack 

Vermittlungsschnur / patching cord 

Vermittlungsstelle / switching cen- 
tral, telephone central. 
Vernachlassigung / neglect, negli- 

Vernebelung f smoke screening, 
vernehmen to question, interrogate 
(PW, etc.). 

Vernehmung / questioning, interro- 

Vernehmungsoffizier m interrogation 
officer (PW). 


Vernichtung 198 

Vernichtung / destruction, annihila- 

Vernichtungsfeuer n fire for destruc- 
tion (Arty). 

Vernichtungskampf m battle of ex- 
vernieten to rivet, 
verordnen to order; prescribe (Med). 
Verordnung / regulation, order. 
Verpackungsgeschosse n pi dummy 
ammunition (for vehicle-loading 

Verpassung f fitting (of uniforms, 
gas masks, etc.). 

Verpflegung f feeding, messing, ra- 
tioning; rations, food; food supply. 
Verpflegung in Natur rations in 


Verpflegungsabrechnung/ ration and 
savings account. 

Verpflegungsabteilung f ration sup- 
ply section. 

Verpflegungsamt n ration supply 

Verpflegungsausgabestelle / ration 
distribution point. 

Verpflegungsbedarf m ration re- 


Verpflegungsbestande mpl ration 
stores, ration stockage. 
Verpflegungsbezugsschein m ration 

Verpflegungsbombe / rations deliv- 
ery unit (airborne operations). 
Verpflegungsdienst m ration supply 

Verpflegungsersparnisse fpl ration 

Verpflegungsgebiihrnisse fpl ration 

Verpflegungsgegenstande mpl ration 

Verpflegungsgeld n ration allowance. 
Verpflegungslager n ration supply 

Verpflegungslagerausgabestelle / ra- 
tion distributing point (Div). 
Verpflegungsmittel npl rations, sub- 
sistence supplies. 

Verpflegungsnachschub m ration 

Verpflegungsoffizier m mess officer. 
Verpflegungsportion / ration. 
Verpflegungssatz m ration quantity, 
ration scale. 

Verpflegungsstarke f ration strength. 

VerpflegungstroB m ration supply 

train (H-Dr or Mtz). 
Verpflegur.gsunteroffizier m mess 

Verpflegungszug m ration supply 

train (RR). 

VerpflegungszuschuB m commutation 
of rations. 

Verpflegung und Unterkunft rations 
and quarters, 
verraten betray. 

Verrater m traitor. 

verriegeln to lock, cut off, block, box 

. in. 

verrostet rusty, 
versacken bog down, 
versagen fail. 

Versager w misfire; dud. 
Versammlung / assembly, concen- 
tration (Tac); meeting, gathering. 
Versand m shipment, transporta- 
tion, forwarding, 
verschaffer procure. 

Verschalung f covering, skin, fairing 
(Ap); revetment. 

Verschanzung / entrenchment. 
Verschickung f shipment, transpor- 

Verschiebebahnhof m. switching yard, 
verschieben shift, move, displace, 
switch; postpone. 

Verschiebung / displacement (of 
troops, etc.); postponement. 
verschieBen to expend (Am). 
verschleiern to mask, screen, blan- 
ket, conceal, camouflage. 
Verschleierung / screening, conceal- 
ment (Tac). 

Verschleierungsfahigkeit / screening 
capacity, density of coverage 
(screening smoke). 

Verschleierungsfeuer n deception 
fire, diversion fire; smoke-shell fire. 
Verschleierungsverkehr m deception 
signal traffic. 

VerschleiBteil m part subject to wear 
(Mech). • 

VerschluB m breechblock, breech 
mechanism ( Ord) ; bolt mechanism 
(R, pistol); locking action (Tech); 
lock; shutter. 

VerschluBabstand m head space 

( Ord). 

VerschluBblock m breechblock ( screw- 

type breech). 

VerschluBkeil m wedge-type breech- 

verschliisseln 199 VersuchsschieBen 

verschlUsseln encode, encipher. 

verschliisselter Text secret text. 

Verschliisselung f coding, encipher- 

Verschliisselungsscheibe / cipher disk. 

VerschluBkammer / bolt (R). 

VerschluBkappe / filler cover (MG). 

VerschluBleiste f back plate (MG). 

VerschluBleistenachse / back plate 
hinge pin (MG). 

VerschluBpIatte/ front plate (breech- 

VerschluBring m breech ring (G). 

VerschluBschlitten m lock frame 
( Ord). 

Verschlufischraube / threaded clos- 
ing cap (fuze). 

VerschluBstiick n breechblock (G, 

VerschluBtrager m breechblock car- 
rier (G). 

VerschluBiiberzug m breech cover 

VerschluBzy Under m bolt (SA). 

Verschrankbarkeit der Achsen com- 
pression-and-rebound range of spring 
suspension (MT). 

Verschraubung f threaded plug, 


Verschraubungsstiick n breech ring. 

Verschubbahn / launching track 


VerschuB m expenditure (of Am). 

Verschwertung / lateral truss, sway 
brace (Bdg). 

Verschwindeturm m disappearing 
turret (Ft). 

Verschwindlafette / disappearing 
carriage (G). 

Verschwindscheibe / bobbing target, 
disappearing target (Tng). 

Verschworung / conspiracy. 

Versehrtengeld n disability allow- 

ance or pension. 

versenken to sink; to countersink. 

Versenknietung / flush riveting. 

versetzen to transfer (Pers) ; to 
shift, move; to stagger (obstacles, 

versetzt staggered; displaced, trans- 

Versetzung f transfer (Pers); devi- 
ation, drift (Avn); stagger(ing). 

Versorgung / supply; care (for ex- 
service men). 

Versorgungsbehalter in aerial deliv- 
ery unit. 

Versorgungsbombe / aerial delivery 


Versorgungsdienst m supply service, 
Versorgungsfahrzeug n supply ve- 
hicle, train vehicle. 
Versorgungsgebiet n supply area. 
Versorgungsgiiter npl supplies, 
verspannen to brace, tighten, stretch. 
Verspannung / bracing, fastening, 
tightening, stretching. 

Versprengter m straggler; man sep- 
arated from his unit in action, 
verspriihen to spray (CWS). 
verstandigen inform, make known. 
Verstandigung f communication; 
readability, audibility (Sig Com). 
Verstandigungsgerat n interphone 
equipment (Ap). 

Verstandigungsmittel n password. 
Verstandigung von Bord zu Bord in- 
teraircraft communication. 
Verstandlichkeit / readability (Sig 

verstarken reinforce, strengthen; 

amplify, boost, increase. 

Verstarker m amplifier (Rad). 
Verstarkung / amplification (Rad): 

Verstarkungsfaktor m amplification 
factor (Rad). 

Verstarkungsring m hoop (gun 

Verstauchung / sprain (Med). 
verstauen to stow, 
verstecken to hide, conceal, mask, 
verstelibar controllable (Ap propel- 
ler) ; adjustable (tools, etc.). 
Verstell-Luftschraube f controllable- 
pitch propeller (Ap). 
Verstellschliissel m adjustable wrench. 
Verstelischraube f adjusting screw 
(Tech); controllable-pitch propeller. 
Verstellung f adjustment, regula- 
tion, control. 

Verstellwelle f control rod (Ap). 
VerstoB m infraction, irregularity. 
Verstrebung f spar bracing (Bdg); 

verstiimmeln mutilate. 

Versuch m experiment, attempt, test, 

Versuchsflugzeug n test airplane, ex- 
perimental airplane. 

Versuchsladung / test charge (Arty). 
Versuchslauf m test run, trial run. 
VersuchsschieBen n test firing ( Ord) . 

Versuchstruppen 200 Vielfachschaltung 

Versuchstruppen fpl experimental 

vertauen to moor. 

Vertiiumast w mooring mast. 
Verteidigung / defense, defensive. 
Verteidigungsabschnitt m defense 
area, defensive area, defensive sec- 

Verteidigungsanlagen fpl defensive 

Verteidigungslinie / line of defense. 
Verteidigungsnest n nest of resist- 

Verteidigungsplan in defense plan. 
Verteidigungsstellung f defensive 


Verteidigungszone f defensive zone, 
verteilen to distribute, to issue. 
Verteiler m distributor (Mtr); dis- 
tribution box ( data transmission 
system). ' 

Verteilerbahnhof m regulating sta- 
tion (RR). 

Verteilerfinger m distributor arm 

Verteilerkasten ni distribution box 
(Elec, Nav); junction box (data 
transmission system). 
VerteilerlaufstUck n distributor ro- 
tor, distributor arm (Mtr). 
Verteilerscheibe / distributor plate. 
Verte ilung / distribution. 
Verteilungsstelle / distributing point. 
Vertrag m treaty, contract, compact. 
Vertragsarzt m contract surgeon, 
vertraulich confidential. 

Vertretung / deputy; proxy; repre- 

verursachen to cause, 
vervielfaltigen multiply; multigraph; 

mimeograph; duplicate, 
verwalten administer, administrate, 

Verwaltung f administration. 
Verwaltungsamt n See Heeresver- 

Verwaltungsdienste mpl adminis- 
trative and supply services. 
Verwaltungsgebaude n administra- 
tion building. 

Verwaltungsordnung f administra- 
tive plan. 

Verwaltungstruppenteil m adminis- 
trative unit. 

Verwaltungsiibersichtskarte / admin- 
istrative map. 

Verwaltungswesen n administration. 

Verwendung f employment ( Tac ) ; 
use, utilization. 

zu besonderer Verwendung on spe- 
cial assignment (abbr. z.b.V.). 

verwickeln involve, complicate; en- 
gage (Tac). 

verwinden to warp, to twist. 

Verwirrung / confusion. 

verwundbar vulnerable. 

verwunden to wound. 

Verwundetenabschub m evacuation 
of wounded. 

Verwundetenabschublinie f chain of 

Verwundetenabtransport m evacua- 
tion of wounded. 

Verwundetenabzeichen n Wound 
Badge ( decoration). 

Verwundetenbetreuung / care of cas- 

Verwundetennest n aid station. 

Verwiistung / devastation. 

Verzerrung f distortion (Rad). 

verzinkt galvanized. 

verzinnt tin-plated. 

Verzogerung f delay. 

verzogerungsfrei immediate, nonde- 

Verzogerungsmine f delayed-action 

Verzdgerungssatz m delay pellet 
(electric igniter); delay powder 
train (fuze). 

Verzogerungsschiitz m time-delay 
relay (Elec, Rad). 

Verzogerungsziinder m delayed-action 
fuze, delay fuze. 

Verzug m delay, lag. 

Verzugsrechner m acoustic corrector 
(sound locator). 

Veterinar m veterinary officer ( 2nd 

Veterinardienst in veterinary service. 

Veterinargehilfe m veterinary aid 

Veterinargerat n veterinary equip- 

Veterinarkompanie f veterinary 


Veterinarpark m veterinary depot. 

V-Form der Tragfliigel wing dihe- 
dral (Ap). 

V-Formwinkel m dihedral angle ( Ap). 

Vieh n cattle, livestock. 

Vielfache n multiple (Math). 

Vielfachschaltung f multiple connec- 
tion (Tp). 




Viereck n square. 

Viererleitung / phantom circuit (Tp ). 

Viererschaltung / phantom connec- 
tion (Tp). 

Viererzelt n four-man tent, 

viergliedrige Division square division. 

Vierlings-MG. n four-barreled ma- 
chine gun. 

Vierradantrieb to four-wheel drive. 

Vierradlenkung f four-wheel steer- 

Vierspitz to crowsfoot, four-pointed 
knife rest (obstacle). 

Viertaktmotor m four-cycle engine. 

Viertelkreis m quadrant (of a circle). 

Visier n sight, rear sight (Ord). 

Visierbereich m danger space (MG 

Visierebene / plane of present posi- 
tion (AA gunnery). 

Visiereinrichtung / sighting mecha- 
nism, sighting device, sight assembly; 
quadrant sight (G). 

visieren to sight. 

Visierfeder / rear-sight spring (MG, 


Visierfernrohr n telescopic sight. 

VisierfuB m rear-sight base (MG, R). 

Visiergestange n parallelogram link- 
age system (AA sight). 

Visierhaltestift m rear-sight pin (MG, 

Visierkimme f rear sight; rear sight 

Visierklappe / rear-sight leaf (MG, 
R); sight-port cover (gun shield). 

Visierkorn n front sight; bead. 

Visierlinie / line of sight ( Ord) ; line 
of present position (AA gunnery). 

Visierlupe / magnifying sight lens 
( site-to-mask clinometer). 

Visierschieber m sight slide (MG, R). 

Yisierschild m sight shield (G). 

VisierschuB to direct-fire shot. 

VisierschuBweite / direct-fire range. 

Visierstange f rear sight pillar (MG). 

Visierstift m rear-sight pin (MG, R). 

Visiertrager m sight bracket (Ord). 

Visiervorrichtung f sight mechanism 

Visierwinkel m angle of elevation 
(Gunnery) ; angular difference be- 
tween present and future position 

Visierzeiger m telescope mount refer- 
ence pointer ( matches with Rohrzei- 
eer when gun is laid for elevation) . 

Vizeadmiral m vice admiral. 

V-Motor m V-engine. 

V-Null / muzzle velocity (abbr. Vo). 

Volkerrecht n international law. 

Volksdeutscher m German who is a 
citizen of another country. 

Volkswagen m “people’s ear” ( gen- 
eral purpose car, somewhat lighter 
than the jeep). 

Vollbahn / See Vollspurbahn. 

Vollgas n wide-open throttle. 

vollgelandegangig having complete 
cross-country ability (vehicles). 

VollgeschoB n shot (solid projectile) ; 
ball projectile; solid nonexplosive 

VoHgummireifen m solid tire. 

Vollkettenfahrzeug n full-track ve- 

Vollkorn n full sight (R aiming). 

vollmotorisiert fully mechanized. 

Vollreifen m solid tire. 

Vollrohr n monobloc gun barrel. 

Vollsichtkanzel / turret with full field 
of view (Ap). 

Vollsichtkuppel f See Vollsichtkanzel. 

Vollspurbahn f standard-gage rail- 
road (1.485 meters). 

vollstandiger SchuB complete round 

VoIItraghohe / service ceiling (Ap). 

Volltreffer m direct hit. 

vorarbeiten, sich work one’s way for- 
ward (by rushes, or crawling). 

Vorausabteilung / advance detach- 

Vorausaufgahe f preliminary mission 

Voraussage f prediction, forecast. 

Vorauswanderungsstrecke / linear 
travel of target during dead time, 
linear travel of target from position 
at instant of range determination to 
present position (AA gunnery). 

Vorbauschnabel to launching nose 

Vorbefehl to warning order (Tac). 

vorbeifahren roll by, ride by. 

Vorbeiflug to side-view flight, passing 
flight (AAA). 

Vorbeimarsch m pass in review, march 

in review. 

vorbeirollen roll by, pass by. 

Vorbeischlagen der Pulvergase flare- 

back (G). 

vorbereiten to prearrange, prepare in 


Vorbereitung 202 

advance, to schedule :in advance 
( Arty fire, etc.)- 
Vorbereitung / preparation. 
Vorbereitungsfeuer n preparation 

vorbeugen prevent, anticipate. 
Vorbeugung / prophylaxis. 
Vorbeugungsmittel n prophylactic. 
Vorderachsantrieb m front-axle drive 

V order achse f front axle (MT). 
Vordergelenk n front piece of toggle 
joint (pistol). 

Vorderhang m forward slope (Top). 
Vorderhangstellung f forward slope 
position (Tac). 

Vorderholm m front outrigger (A A 
gun mount). 

Vorderkaffe / bow compartment (Pon). 
Vorderkante f leading edge (Ap). 
Vorderlader m muzzle loader, 
vorderlastig noseheavy (Ap). 
Vordermann m the man in front 

auf Vordermann stehen to be cov- 
ered in file. 

“Vordermann!” “Cover off!” 
Vordermann nehmen to cover off, to 
cover in file (drill). 

Vorderpferd n lead horse. 
Vorderradantrieb m front-wheel drive. 
Vordersteven w stem (Nav). 
Vorderstiitzen fpl front legs (MG 

Vorderzeug n martingale, breastplate 
harness, body of breast collar (har- 

Vorderzwiesel m pommel (saddle); 

front arch (pack-saddle frame). 
vordringen to push forward, press for- 

Vordruck m printed form, blank. 
Vorfahrt / right-of-way, priority. 
Vorfahrtberechtigter m one who has 

Vorfahrterlaubnis f permission to 
pass (vehicles in column). 
Vorfahrtregelung / priority regula- 
tions, traffic regulations regarding 
right-of-way or priority. 
Vorfahrtsrecht n priority, right-of- 

Vorfahrtszeichen n priority sign ( on 
a vehicle). 

Vorfeld n foreground; outpost area 
(Tac); apron (Adrm). 

Vorfliigel m slat (Ap wing). 

vorfiihlen, sich to feel one’s way for- 
ward, to try to establish contact. 
Vorfiihrung / demonstration. 
Vorgang m occurrence, incident, event; 

vorgehen to advance. 

Vorgelegewelle / countershaft (MT). 
vorgeschoben advance (d); forward, 

vorgeschobene Beobachtungsstelle 
forward observation post, 
vorgescbobener Gefechtsstand advance 
command post. 

vorgeschobene Stellungen position 
of advanced covering forces (Tac). 
vorgeschrieben prescribed. 
Vorgesetzter m superior, superior offi- 
cer or NCO. 

Vorhaben n intent, intention, plan. 
Vorhalt m lead (firing). 
Vorhalteeinrichtung / lead computer 
(AA and AT guns). 
Vorhalteeinstellung / positioning de- 
vice for leads (sight mechanism) . 
VorhaltemaB n See VorhaltsmaB. 
vorhalten to take a lead, apply a lead 
( Gunnery) . 

Vorhaltepunkt m future position of 
target (AA gunnery); predicted po- 
sition of target, set-forward point. 
Vorhaltestrecke f predicting interval 
(A A gunnery). 

Vorhaltewinkel m lead angle, angle 
between line of present position and 
line of future position ( A A gunnery) ; 
angle of lateral lead (Gunnery) ; 
range angle (bombing) ; drift angle 
(Air Navigation). 

VorhaltsmaB n amount of lead, lead 
factor (in firing at moving targets). 
Vorhaltswert m See VorhaltsmaB. 
Vorhand / forequarters (horse). 
Vorhersage f prediction, forecast. 
Vorholeinrichtung / counterrecoil 
mechanism, recuperator mechanism. 
Vorholer m recuperator, counterrecoil 

Vorholerkolben m recuperator piston, 
counterrecoil piston. 

Vorholerlager n counterrecoil-mecha- 
nism bushing. 

Vorholerstiitze / counterrecoil-mecha- 
nism support. 

Vorhut / advance guard. 
Vorhutfiihrer m advance guard com- 

Vorhutgefecht 203 V-Stellung 

Vorhutgefecht n advance guard ac- 
tion or engagement. 

Vorkammer / precombustion chamber 
(Diesel engine). 

Vorlage f flash-reducing wad (Arty); 
text, copy, pattern. 

Vorlauf to counterrecoil (G); nega- 
tive caster (MT). 

Vorlaufbe wegung / counterrecoil mo- 

Vorlaufhemmstange f counterrecoil 
piston rod (G). 

Vormann m foreman (Reich Labor 

Vormarsch to advance. 

Vormarschlinie / line of advance, axis 
of advance. 

VormarschstraBe f road of advance, 
route of advance. 

Vormarsch weg m line of advance, 
route of advance. 

Vorposten m outpost. 

Vorpostenabschnitt to outpost sector. 

Vorpostenabschnittsgrenze / outpost- 
sector boundary. 

Vorpostenaufstellung f setting up of 
outposts, disposition of outposts. 

Vorpostenboot n outpost patrol boat 

Vorpostendienst m outpost duty. 

Vorpostenfiihrer to outpost comman- 

Vorpostengefecht n outpost engage- 

Vorpostenkette / line of.outguards 

Vorpostenkompanie / outpost company. 

Vorpostenreserve / outpost reserve. 

Vorpostensicherungslinie / outpost 
line of security (Tac). 

Vorpostenstellung / outpost position 

Vorposten-Widerstandslinie / outpost 
line of resistance (Tac). 

vorprellen to rush forward. 

Vorrang to precedence, priority. 

Vorrat to stock, stores, supply. 

Vorratshaltung / maintenance of 
stocks or supplies. 

Vorratslauf to spare barrel (MG). 

Vorratsteil n spare part (MT). 

Vorratszug to supply platoon (TkBn). 

Vorrichtung f device, mechanism, fix- 

vorrobben, sich to crawl forward. 

vorriicken to advance. 

Vorschlaghammer to sledge hammer. 

vorschreiben prescribe. 

Vorschrift f regulation, instruction, 
rule; manual. 

vorschiftsmaBig according to regula- 

Vorsicht / caution, care; foresight 


Vorsignal n preliminary signal, warn- 
ing signal. 

vorspringend projecting, salient. 

Vorsprung to salient (Tac); start, 
head start, lead. 

Vorspur / toe-in (MT). 

Vorstecker to safety pin (bombs, 
mines, etc.); lug (fuze). 

Vorsteckriemen m pommel-pad strap 

VorstoB to assault, thrust, lunge ; 
piping, edging ( along seams of uni- 

Vorstrom to inflow (Avn). 

vortauschen to deceive, simulate, feign. 

Vortauschung von Krankheiten ma- 

Vortrag m lecture; verbal report and 
consultation (unth commanding offi- 

vortreten to step forward, to step out 
of the ranks. 

Vortriebskraft / propelling power. 

Vortrupp to advance guard support 
(in Adv Gd of large unit); advance 
party (in Adv Gd of smaller unit). 

Vorverdichter to supercharger. 

vorverlegen to lift (Arty fire). 

Vorwahler to preselector (Tp). 

Vorwarmer to preheater. 

Vorwarner m outpost observer (SR). 

Vorwarnerstelle / outpost station (SR). 

Vorwiirtseinschneiden n intersection 

Vorwartsfahrer to front driver (of n 
vehicle with double-ended drive). 

Vorwartsgang to forward speed (MT). 

Vorwartsgeschwindigkeit / forward 
velocity (bombing). 

Vorwartsstaffelung / positive stagger 
( Ap wings). 

Vorziindung / preignition (Mtr). 

V-Stellung. f dihedral setting (Ap 






Waage f scales, balance, 
waagerecht horizontal. 
Waagerechtbombenwurf m level-flight 

waagerechte Gitterlinie X-line (of 
map grid). 

waagerechte SchuBweite level-point 
range (Gunnery). 

Waagerechtflug m level flight, hori- 
zontal flight. 

Wabo f See Wasserbombe. 
Wachanzug m guard uniform (pre- 
scribed for guard duty). 
Wachbataillon n guard battalion (in 
rear areas and Z of 1). 

Wachboot n patrol vessel. 

Wachbuch n guard book ( guard duty). 
Wachdienst m guard duty. 

Wache / guard; watch (Nav). 
die Wache auf ziehen to mount the 

die Wache ablosen to relieve the 

Wachgebaude n guardhouse. 
Wachhabender m commander of the 

Wachkompanie f guard company (one 
providing the detail for guard 

Wachlokal n guardroom. 
Wachmannschaft f guard detail. 
Wachposten m sentry. 
Wachradfahrerkompanie / bicycle 
company of a Wachbataillon. 
Wachregiment n guard regiment (in 
rear areas and Z of I). 

Wachsamkeit / vigilance. 

Wachschiff n. patrol vessel, 
wachsender . Drall increasing twist 

Wachstaffet m oilskin. 

Wachstube / guardroom. 

Wachstuch n oilcloth. 

Wacht / radar station (Luftwaffe). 
Wachtleitstelle f radar control sta- 
tion (Luftwaffe). 

Wachtmeister m technical sergeant 
(Arty, Cav, AAA of the Luftwaffe). 
Wachtruppen fpl guard troops (in 
rear areas and Z of I). 

Wachtturm m watchtower. 

Wachvorgesetzter m commander of 
the guard. 

Wachwelle / stand-by frequency 


Wackelkontakt to loose contact (Elec). 
wackeln to rock (Ap wings) ; to shake, 
to be loose. 

Wade f calf (of leg). 

Waffe / weapon; arm. 

Waffenamt n ordnance office ( a branch 
of the Oberkommando des Heeres). 
Waffenaufnahme / gun holder (mul- 
tiple AA gun mount). 

Waffenblende / gun shield, gun 
mantlet (Tk). 

Waffenentgiftung / decontamination 
of .weapons. 

Waffenentgiftungsmittel n weapons 
decontaminating agent. 

Waffenfarbe f service color. 
Waffenfeldwebel m technical sergeant 
( armorer-artificer ) . 

Waffenfett n gun grease, rifle grease. 
Waffenfiihrung f tactics and tech- 

Waffengattung f arm or branch of the 

Waffengruppe f group (Ord, SA). 
die Waffengruppen auseinanderneh- 
men to field strip (a R, etc.). 
Waffeninspektion / ordnance inspec- 
torate (a branch of the Allgemeines 
Heeresair.t) . 

Waffenkasten m arms container ( aerial 
delivery unit). 

Waffenlager n ordnance depot, 
waffenlos unarmed. 

Waffenmeister m armorer-artificer 
official (Civ official ranking as 2nd 

Waffenmeistergehilfe m assistant ar- 

Waffenmeisterei / armory, ordnance 
shop; armorer-artificer’s staff or 

Waffenmeisterschule / armorer-arti- 
ficer school, ordnance school. 
WafFenoffizier m ordnance staff offi- 
cer, ordnance officer. 

Waffenpriifung / ordnance proving or 




Waffenrock to blouse. 

Waffenruhe f truce. 

VVaffenschule / service school. 
Waffen-SS / SS Armed Forces. 
Waffenstillstand to armistice, 
ortlicher Waffenstillstand truce. 
Waffenstillstandsbedingungen fpl ar- 
mistice terms. 

Waffenstreckung / surrender. 
Waffenstreuung / armament error. 
Waffentechnik / tactics and technique, 
waffentechnisch pertaining to ord- 
nance engineering or mechanics. 
Waffeniiberlegenheit f superiority of 
arms and equipment. 

Waffen und Gerat ordnance materiel. 
Waffen- und Geratenachweis m prop- 
erty book. 

Waffen- und Geratuntersuchung / 
technical inspection. 
Waffen-Unteroffizier m ordnance ser- 

Waffenwagen to armament car (ar- 
mored RR train). 

Waffenwart m armorer-artificer. 
Wagen m wagon; car (MT , RR). 
Wagenfahre f ferry for vehicles. 
WagenfUhrer to car commander (MT). 
Wagenhalteplatz m ambulance load- 
ing post. 

Wagenheber to jack. 

Wagenplane f tarpaulin for vehicle. 
Wagenzugfuhrer m caisson section 
leader (Arty). 

wahlen to dial (Tp) ; to select, choose ; 
to vote. 

Wahler m dial (Tp); selector (switch- 
board mechanism). 

Wahlerbetrieb to dial system (Tp). 
Wahlscheibe / dial (Tp); selector 
dish (switchboard mechanism). 
wahrscheinlicher Fehler probable 

Wahrscheinlichkeitsfaktor to proba- 
bility factor (Ballistics). 

WaldbliiBe / forest clearing. 
Waldgefecht n combat in woods. 
Waldgelande n wooded area, woodland. 
Waldlichtung f forest clearing. 
Waldrand to edge of woods or forest. 
Waldschneise / fire break, straight 
narrow forest clearing. 

Waldweg to forest road. 

Wall to rampart, wall (Ft); embank- 

Wallfeldwebel m technical sergeant 
(Ft troops). 

Wallgraben to moat, ditch. 
Wallmeister m technical official of 
fortifications (Civ official ranking as 
2nd Lt). 

Walloberfeldwebel to. master sergeant 
(Ft troops). 

Wallstabsfeldwebel to regimental ser- 
geant major (Ft troops). 

Walze f roller; body (of a shell); 

Walzenblende / cylindrical mount, 
mantlet for cylindrical mount (Tk 

walzenformig cylindrical. 

Walzlager n antifriction bearing, ball 
or roller bearing. 

Walzwerk n rolling mill. 

Wand f interior wall; baffle; bulk- 
head; interior side. 

Wanderbatterie / roving battery 

Wandergeschiitz n roving gun. 
Wanderungsgeschwindigkeit / rate 
of travel. 

Wange / cheek. 

Wanne / trough, tub; bull (Tk); 
ventral turret (Ap). 

Wanze f bedbug. 

Warenlager n warehouse. 

Warme f heat. 

Warmebestiindigkeit / resistance to 

Warmegleichwert m mechanical 
equivalent of heat. 

Warmeunterschied w. temperature 
difference (Met). 

Warmluftenteisung f thermo ice elimi- 
nation (Ap). 

Warmluftfront f warm front (Met). 
Warnflagge / danger flag. 

Warnsignal n danger signal, 
Warnstelle f lookout post; district 
warning center (AWS). 

Warnung / warning. 

Warnzentrale f control center (AWS). 
Wart w ground mechanic, maintenance 
man (Avn); mechanic, rigger; man 
in charge; warden, lookout. 

Warte f watchtower; observatory, 
war ten to wait; to service (Ap, Mtr, 

Wartestellung f stand-by position, 
waiting position. 

Wartung f servicing, maintenance. 
Warze / lug, stud. 

Waschbenzin n gasoline used for 
cleaning purposes. 


206 Wegeknie 

Waschesack m laundry bag, bar- 
rack(s) bag. 

Waschetasche f laundry pocket 
( pack). 

Waschewechsel m change of under- 

wasserabstoBend water-repellent. 
Wasserbehalter m water chest; water 

Wasserbombe / depth bomb, depth 

Wasserdestillationskompanie / water 
distillation company, 
wasserdicht waterproof, watertight. 
Wasserdichtigkeit f impermeability to 
water. „ 

Wasserfahrzeug n craft, vessel ( stream, 

Wasserflugzeug n seaplane, 
wassergekiihlt water-cooled, 
wassergierig hygroscopic (powder). 
Wasserlandflugzeug n amphibian air- 

Wasserlandung / landing on water 

Wasserlauf m stream, watercourse. 
Wasserleitung f water pipes, water 

Wasserlinie f waterline. 
Wassermantel m water jacket (MG, 

wassern to land on water ( Avn). 
Wasserpumpe / water pump. 
Wasserpumpenkiihlung f force-circu- 
lation cooling system (Mtr). 
Wasserreinigungssack m water- 
sterilizing bag. 

Wassersaulen-Druckmesser m water- 
column pressure gage. 

Wassersperre / water obstacle. 
Wasserspiegel m water level, water 

Wasserstand m water level. 
Wasserstandsmesser m water-level 

Wasserstoff in hydrogen. 
WasserstraBe f waterway. 
Wassertransport m transportation by 

Wassertrense f watering bridle (har- 
ness) . 

Wasserturm m water tower. 
Wasserumlauf m water circulation 

Wasserung / landing on water (Avn). 
Wasserverankerung f anchorage in 
water (Pon Bdg). 

Wasserversorgungskompanie / water 
supply company (Mil). 
Wasserversorgungsstelle f water sup- 
ply point. 

Wasserverteilungsstelle / water dis- 
tributing point. 

Wasserwaage / builder’s level, water 
level (Inst). 

wasserwarts streamward. 
Wasserwerk n waterworks, 
waten to wade. 

Watfahigkeit / fording ability, 
stream-crossing ability (MT). 

Watte / absorbent cotton. 
Weberknoten m weaver’s knot. 
Wechsel m change; displacement 
(Arty); alternation, one-half cycle 
(Elec); exchange, currency. 
Wechselbeziehung f correlation. 
Wechselfalle des Gefechts fortunes of 

Wechselfestigkeit / fatigue strength 

Wechselfeuer n intermittent light. 
Wechselgetriebe n gear transmission. 
Wechselpunkt m midpoint (AA gun- 
nery); critical point (Top). 
Wechselpunktentfernung / slant range 
to midpoint (AA gunnery). 
Wechselrichter m vibrator (Rad). 
Wechselstellung / alternate emplace- 
ment, alternate firing position. 
Wechselstrom m alternating current. 
Wechselstromerzeuger m alternating- 
current generator, alternator (Elec). 
Wechselstrom wecker m alternating- 
current buzzer or ringer (Tp). 
Wechsel verkehr m alternate two-way 
traffic (Rad). 

Wecken n reveille. 

Wecker m buzzer, ringer (Tp). 
Weckerfallklappe / drop, shutter (Tp). 
Weg m road, route, passage, way, 

Wegebau m road construction. 
Wegebiegung / road curve, road bend. 
Wegedreieek n triangular road junc- 

Wegeeinmiindung f junction of side 
road with main road. 

Wegeerkundung f road reconnais- 
sance, reconnaissance of route. 
Wegegabel f road fork. 

Wegekarte / circulation map, road, 

Wegeknie n V-turn (road). 


Wegekreuzung / crossroads, intersec- 

Wegenetz n road net, network of 

Wegeposten m marker (traffic con- 

Wegesperre / road block. 

Wegespinne f multiple road junction. 

Wegestrecke / stretch of road. 

Wegeverhaltnisse npl road conditions. 

Wegflugpeilung / back bearing (Air 

“Weggetreten!” “Dismissed!” 

Wegskizze / strip map, sketched road 

Wegsperre f road block. 

wegtreten to break ranks. 

wegtreten lassen to dismiss. 

Wegweiser m road sign. 

Wehr n weir (Engr). 

Wehr / defense; parapet (G emplace- 

Wehrausbildung / military training. 

Wehrbarmachung / activation. 

Wehrbezirk m recruiting district (sub- 
division of a Wehrersatzbezirk). 

Wehrbezirkskommandeur m recruiting 
district commander. 

Wehrbezirkskommando n recruiting 
district headquarters. 

Wehrdienst m military service; ser- 
vice with the armed forces. 

Wehrdienstbeschadigung f nonbattle 

Wehrdienst im Beurlaubtenstande 
military service with reserve status. 

Wehrdienstverhaltnis n service status. 

Wehrersatz m recruiting and replace- 
ment for the armed forces. 

Wehrersatzbezirk to recruiting area 
(subdivision of a Wehrkreis). 

Wehrersatzdienststelle f recruiting- 

Wehrersatzinspekteur m recruiting 
area commander. 

Wehrersatzinspektion / recruiting 
area headquarters. 

Wehrersatzwesen n armed forces re- 
cruiting and replacement administra- 

Wehrertiichtigung / military training. 

Wehrerziehung / military education. 

wehrfahig fit for military service, 
eligible for military service; able- 

Wehrform / national defense system. 

Wehrgeographie / military geography. 


Wehrgeologie / military geology. 

Wehrgeopolitik / military geopolitics. 

Wehrgesetz n compulsory service law, 
national defense act. 

Wehrhoheit / military sovereignty 
( right of a country to have armed 
forces of any strength and type). 

Wehrkreis m military area (corre- 
sponds roughly to corps area or ser- 
vice command; territorial Germany is 
divided into about 15 Wehrkreise 

' which form the basis for recruitment 
and replacements). 

Wehrkreisbefehlshaber m military 
area commander. 

Wehrkreis-Ersatzdepot n recruit re- 
ception center of a Wehrkreis. 

Wehrkreiskommando n military area 

Wehrmacht f Armed Forces. 

Wehrmachtakademie / armed forces 
war college. 

Wehrmachtauskunftstelle f armed 
forces information office (supplies 
information regarding casualties, 
missing, etc., upon inquiry by next 
of kin). 

Wehrmachtbeamter m civilian official 
of the armed forces (Wehrmacht- 
beamte have nominal rank and wear 
uniforms; they are classified as com- 

Wehrmachtbefehlshaber to military 
district commander in occupied terri- 
tory (directly responsible to the 
Oberkommando der Wehrmacht). 

Wehrmachtbericht m communique of 

. the High Command. 

Wehrmachtbevollmachtigter m Armed 
Forces Plenipotentiary ( commander 
of a protectorate or other occupied 

Wehrmachtfahrkarte f soldier’s re- 
duced-rate railroad ticket. 

Wehrmachtfiihrerschein m military 
motor vehicle operator’s permit. 

Wehrmachtfiihrungsstab m armed 
forces operations staff (a joint oper- 
ations staff under the Oberkommando 
der Wehrmacht). 

Wehrmaehtgefangnis n disciplinary 


Wehrmachtgeistlicher m chaplain. 

Wehrmacht gelande n military reser- 

Wehrmachtgericht n military court. 



208 Wellenwiderstand 

Wehrmachtgesundheitsdienst to mili- 
tary hygiene service. 

Wehrmachtrundfunkempfanger to 
standard broadcast receiver issued 
to arrped forces personnel. 

Wehrmachtseelsorgedienst to chap- 
lains’ service of the armed forces. 

Wehrmachtsfahrlehrerschein to mili- 
tary motor vehicle instructor’s 

Wehrmacht-Standort to military post, 
garrison or station. 

Wehrmacht-Strafgesetzbuch n mili- 
tary penal code. 

Wehrmachtteil to branch of the armed 
forces (such as Army or Navy). 

Wehrmeldeamt n draft board. 

Wehrmeldebezirk to draft district 
(subdivision of a Wehrbezirk). 

Wehrnummer / personal number ( ap- 
pears on identification tag and in pay 
book; does not correspond to US 
Army Serial Number). 

Wehrordnung f compulsory service 
law regulations. 

Wehrorganisation f armed-defense 

Wehrpapiere npl military service 

WehrpaB to service record book. 

Wehrpflicht / obligation to serve in 
the armed forces. 

Wehrpflichtiger to one who is subject 
to the draft. 

Wehrrecht n military law. 

Wehrsold to army pay. 

Hohe des Wehrsoldes rate of pay. 

Wehrsoldgruppe / pay grade. 

Wehrstammblatt n document giving 
personal details (made out at local 
induction center). 

Wehrstammbuch n service record 

Wehrstammkarte / locator card. 

Wehrstammrolle / roster of draftees 
(arranged according to age groups). 

Wehrstrafrecht n military penal law. 

Wehrsystem n national defense sys- 

wehrtauglich fit for military service. 

wehrunwiirdig unworthy to bear arms 
( classification given to criminals, 

Wehrvergehen n military offense. 

Wehrversammlung / annual assem- 
bly of reservists. 

wehrwichtige Giiter essential items. 

wehrwichtige Nachrichten military 


Wehrwirtschaft / war economy, mili- 
tary economics. 

Wehrwissenschaft / military science. 

wehrwiirdig worthy to bear arms. 
See also wehrunwiirdig. 

Weiche / switch (HR) ; filter (Rad); 
flank (horse). 

Weicheisen n soft iron, mild steel. 

weichen give ground, give way, fall 

Weichenbock to switch stand (RR). 

Weichenhebel to switch lever (RR). 

VVeichenlaterne / switch lamp (RR). 

Weingarten to vineyard. 

Weingeist to alcohol. 

Weise f manner, method, way. 

WeiBkreuz n lacrimator (Ger mark- 
ing “White Cross”). 

Weisung / directive, instruction, let- 
ter of instruction. 

Weite / width; distance. 

Weiterbildung / advanced training. 

weitergeben to forward, pass along, 

Weiterleitungsstelle f forwarding 
point, forwarding station. 

“Weitermachen!” “As you were!” (In 
the sense of “Carry on!”). 

Weitermarsch to resumed march. 

WeitschuB to over (Gunnery). 

Weitwerfer to long-range flame 

Weitwinkelaufnahme / wide-angle 

Wellblech n corrugated sheet metal. 

Welle / wave; frequency (Rad); 
shaft, axle, spindle, 
in rollenden Wellen in waves (Tac). 

Wellenausbreitung / wave propagation 

Wellenband n wave band, frequency 
band (Rad). 

Wellenbereich to wave range (Rad). 

Wellenbrecher to breakwater. 

Wellenlange / wave length (Rad). 

Wellenleistung / brake horsepower. 

Wellenmesser to wavemeter, frequency 
meter (Rad). 

Wellenspektrum n frequency spec- 
trum (Rad). 

Wellenwechsel to change of frequency 


Wellenwiderstand to characteristic 
impedance, surge impedance (Elec, 

Wellenzapfen 209 Wetterpeilzug 

Wellenzapfen to journal (Mech). 
wellig wavy, undulating; pulsating 

Wellpappe / corrugated paper. 
Weltkrieg w World War I. 
Weltkriegsteilnehmer to veteran of 
World War I. 

Wendegetriebe n reversing gear. 
Wendekreis to turning radius (MT). 
wenden to turn, veer. 

Wendepunkt to turning point, critical 

Wendeturm to pylon (Adrm). 
Wendewinkel to angle of yaw 

Wendezeiger to bank and turn indi- 
cator (Ap). 

Wendigkeit / maneuverability (Ap); 
ease in steering or turning, mobility 

Wendung f turn ( Avn) ; facing ( drill) ; 

reversal; change, 
werfen to throw. 

Werferm smoke-shell mortar ; signal 
projector; rocket projector. See also 

Werferabteilung / chemical battalion, 
smoke battalion; rocket projector 

Werferrahmen w projector frame; 

frame-type rocket projector. 
Werferregiment n chemical regi- 
ment, smoke regiment; rocket pro- 
jector regiment. 

Werferschiitze to mortar gunner. 
Werft f shipyard, dockyard; workshop 

Werfthalle f repair hangar (Adrm). 
Werg n oakum. 

Werk n work (Ft, etc.); plant, fac- 

Werkbank / workbench. 
Werkflugplatz to factory airfield. 
Werkluftschutz to factory air-defense 

.Verkmeister to shop foreman (Civ 
official ranking as Master Sgt). 
Werkstatt / workshop, machine shop. 
Werkstattauftrag m work order. 
Werkstattgeratkraftwagen to spare 
parts truck (MT). 

Werkstattkompanie f repair-shop 
company, workshop company. 
Werkstattkraftwagen m repair-shop 
truck, mobile machine shop (MT). 
Werkstattrupp to repair-shop detach- 
ment, maintenance party. 

Werkstattzug m maintenance platoon 

(Tk Bn). 

Werkstoff to material. 

Werkzeug n tool. 

Werkzeugkasten to tool box. 
Werkzeugmaschine f machine tool. 
Werkzeugstahl to tool steel. 
Werkzeugtasche / tool bag, tool kit. 
Wert to value, factor. 

Wespe / wasp (also nickname for 
Ger self-propelled light field howit- 

Westa f See Wettererkundungsstaffel. 
Westwall to. West Wall (a system of 
fortifications along Germany’s west- 
ern frontier). 

Westwallabzeichen n West Wall Badge 
( decoration). 

Wetter n weather. 

Wetterbeobachtung / weather obser- 

Wetterberatung f See Wetterbericht. 
Wetterberatungszentrale f air forces 
weather reporting center. 
Wetterbericht to weather report. 
Wetterbericht vom Pilotballon pibal 

Wetterbezirk m weather region, con- 
trol region. 

Wetterdienst to weather service. 
Wetterdienstgerate npl weather in- 
struments (Met). 

Wetterdiensthelferin f air forces 
weather service woman auxiliary. 
Wetterelement n weather factor (Bal- 
listics, Met). 

Wettererkundung / weather recon- 
naissance (Avn). 

Wettererkundungsstaffel f weather 
reconnaissance squadron ( Avn). 
Wetterfahne f weather vane. 
Wetterfiihrung / ventilating system 

Wetterfunkmeldung f weather mes- 
sage, meteorological message (Rad). 
Wetterfunkspruch m See Wetterfunk- 

Wetterkarte f weather map (Met). 
Wetterkunde f meteorology. 
Wetterlage / weather conditions. 
Wetterleuchten n lightning (Met). 
Wettermeldung f weather report 
(Avn); metro message (Arty). 
Wettermessung f meteorological meas- 

Wetterpeilzug to meteorological and 
direction-finding platoon. 


210 Winkel 

Wetterschliissel to weather code. 
Wetterspinne / wind-component indi- 
cator (Gunnery). 

Wettersprengmittel n safety mining 

Wetterstelle / weather station. 
Wettei'stdrung- f meteorological- dis- 

Wettervoraussage / weather forecast. 
Wettervorhersage / See Wettervoraus- 

Wetterwarte / weather station. 
Wetterzug to metro platoon (Arty). 
wetzen to sharpen, hone. 

Wezu-Gerat n wind corrector and time 
scale (SR) (Wezu = Wetterzug). 
wichsen to polish (leather, etc.). 
Wickelgamaschen fpl wrapped leg- 
gins, wrap puttees. 

Wicklung / winding, wrapping. 
Widerlager n abutment (Bdg). 
Widerrist to withers (horse). 
Widerstand to resistance (Elec, Tac); 
drag (Avn). 

Widerstandsgruppe / unit assigned to 
one sector of main line of resistance 

Widerstandskessel to pocket of resis- 

Widerstandslinie f line of resistance. 
Widerstandslinie der Vorposten out- 
post line of resistance (Tac). 
Widerstandsmesser to ohmmeter. 
Widerstandsmoment n section modu- 
lus (Engr). 

Widerstandsnest n island of resistance, 
pocket of resistance. 
Widerstandsstellung / delaying posi- 

Widerstandstruppe / delaying unit 

Widerstandszentrum n center of re- 
sistance (Tac). 

widerstehen to withstand, resist, 
wiederherstellen to repair, restore, 

Wiederherstellung / reconstruction, 
repair, restoration, 
wiederholen to repeat. 
Wiederholungsunterricht to refresher 

wieder richten to re-lay (Gunnery). 
Wiederspannabzug m double action 

Wiege / cradle (G). 
wiegen to weigh. 

Wiegengleitbahn / cradle guide rails 


Wiegentrager m cradle frame (G). 
Wiegentrog to cradle trough ( G). 
Wiegenzurrung / cradle lock ( G). 
Wiese und Weide grassland. 

Wimpel to pennant. 

Windabtrift / wind drift, 
windabwarts downwind, leeward. 
Windanker to downstream anchor 
cable (Pon Bdg). 

Windankerleine / downstream anchor 
cable (Pon Bdg). 

Windankerlinie / downstream line of 
anchors (Pon Bdg). 

Windankertau n downstream anchor 
cable (Pon Bdg). 

Windanzeiger m wind indicator. 
Winddruck m wind pressure. 

Winde f winch. 

Windenkasten m winch box. 
Windewagen m winch truck. 
Windfahne / wind vane. 
Windfahnenkorn n wind vane front 
sight (Ap MG). 

Windfliigel m fan (MT); arming 
vane (bomb). 

Windjacke f double-breasted field 

Windkanal m wind tunnel (Avn). 
Windkegel to wind cone. 

Windmesser to See WindmeBgerat. 
WindmeBgerat n anemometer. 
Windmessung / wind test (Met). 
Windmiihle / windmill. 

Windpfeil to wind arrow (Met). 
Windrichtungsanzeiger to wind-direc- 
tion indicator (Avn). 

Windsack to wind cone, windsock, 
windschief twisted, warped, 
windschiefer Flug crabbing ( Avn). 
Windschliissel to key to weather code 
numbers and symbols (Met). 
Windschutz m windbreak. 
Windschutzscheibe / windshield, 
windseitig windward. 

Windstarke / wind velocity (Met). 
WindstoB to squall, gust, bump. 
Windung f twist (Ord). 

Windverband to lateral bracing (Bdg). 
Windverhaltnisse npl wind factors 

windwarts upwind, windward. 
Windziffer / wind reference number 

( Gunnery). 

Winkel m angle; V-formation, wedge 
formation ( Avn) ; chevron. 

Winkelauswanderung 211 Wolkenscheinwerfer 

Winkelauswanderung / angular move- 
ment, angular travel. 

Winkelbeschleunigung / angular ac- 

Winkel der Schraglage angle of bank, 
angle of roll (Avn). 

Winkelfernrohr n elbow telescope. 

Winkelgeschwindigkeit f angular 

speed, angular velocity, angular 

Winkelgruppe f firing angles, 
untere Winkelgruppe low firing angles 
(0° to 45°). 

obere Winkelgruppe high firing 

angles (45° to 90°). 

Winkelhebel m angle cam (MG lock). 

Winkelkopf to head of static rod 
(river-width measuring Inst). 

Winkellasche / butt strap (made of 
angle iron). 

WinkelmaB n angular measurement; 
phase constant (Rad). 

Winkelmesser m gunner’s quadrant; 
clinometer (Surv, Arty); goniometer 
(Surv); protractor. 

Winkelmesserebene / quadrant plate 


Winkelmeligerat n protractor. 

Winkelmessung / goniometry (Surv). 

Winkelspiegel to periscope, protec- 
toscope (Tk). 

Winkeltrommel / cross staff (Surv 
Inst for laying out right angles). 

Winker to flagman; signaler using a 
signal disk; signal arm or light indi- 
cating direction of turn (MT). 

Winkerflagge f See Winkflagge. 

Winkerkelle f See Winkerstab. 

Winkerstab to signaling disk. 

Winkflagge / semaphore flag, control 
flag, signal flag. 

Winkspruch to semaphore message, 
message transmitted by signaling 
disk or hand signals. 

Winkverbindung / visual communica- 
tion by flag or hand signals. 

Winkzeichen n hand signal, flag signal. 

Winterausriistung / winter equipment. 

Winterbeweglichkeit / mobility in 

Winterkettenglied n oversize track 
shoe for operations in deep snow 
(MT, Tk). 

Winterkrieg m winter warfare. 

Winterlost n 50-50 mixture of lewisite 
and mustard (CWS). 

Wintermedaille des Ostkrieges Eastern 

Campaign Winter Medal (decora- 

Wirbel to vortex, eddy, whirl; whirl- 
pool; drum roll; spine. 

Wirbelbildung / formation of eddies 

(Ballistics) . 

Wirbelkammer f turbulence chamber 
(Diesel engine). 

Wirbelsaule / spinal column. 

Wirbelstrom to eddy current (Elec). 

Wirbelsturm to cyclone, tornado. 

wirksam effective. 

wirksame SchuBweite effective range. 

wirksame Steigung effective pitch 
( propeller). 

Wirkungsbereich m effective range 
(Ord); field of fire (Ord); radius of 
action (Ap). 

Wirkungsdauer / persistence (of a 
Cml agent). 

Wirkungsfeuer n fire for effect (Arty). 

Wirkungshalbmesser to radius of rup- 
ture (demolitions). 

Wirkungskreis to circle of rupture 
(demolitions) . 

WirkungsschieBen n fire for effect 

Wirtschaft / economy; tavern. 

wirtschaftlich economical. 

Wirtschaftskrieg to economic warfare. 

Wirtshaus n tavern, inn. 

Wischer to wiper; sponge; cleaning- 
patch; windshield wiper. 

Wischstock TO cleaning rod (G). 

Wischstrick to pull-through rope (for 
pulling brush or sponge through G 

Witterung f atmospheric conditions, 

Witterungseinfliisse mpl exterior bal- 
listic factors, weather factors. 

W-Motor m three-bank upright en- 

WohnungsgeldzuschuB to commuta- 
tion of quarters, rental allowance. 

Wohnviertel n residential quarter. 

Woilach to saddle blanket. 

Wolbung f droop; camber. 

Wolfram n tungsten. 

Wolfsgrube / obstacle pit (Ft). 

Wolke / cloud. 

Wolkendecke / cloud cover. 

Wolkenfeld n cloud bank. 

Wolkenhohe / ceiling (Met). 

wolkenlos clear (Met). 

Wolkenscheinwerfer to ceiling light 

Wolkensegeln 212 Zahnkranzlenkung 

Wolkensegeln n cloud soaring ( glider). 
Wolkenspiegel m nephoscope (Met). 
Wolkenuntergrenze / base of cloud, 
wolkig broken (Met). 

Wolldecke / wool blanket. 

Wolle / wool. 

Wolokusche / boat-type runner 
(placed under gun wheels for opera- 
tions in deep snow). 

Wortlaut m text, wording. 

Wriggeln n sculling. 

Wucht / kinetic energy; striking 
power, force of impact. 

Wulstband n rim band (MT). 
Wulstfelge f clincher rim (MT). 
Wundbrand m gangrene. 

Wunde f wound. 

Wundstarrkrampf m lockjaw, tetanus. 
Wundverband m dressing, bandage. 
Wurf m cast, throw; bomb release. 
“Wurf!” “Bombs away!” 

Wurfarten fpl types of release (bomb- 

Wurfbahn f bomb trajectory. 

Wurf el m cube; capsule, pellet. 

Wurfgerat n projector, 
schweres Wurfgerat chemical rocket 

Wurfgranate / mortar shell. 

Wurfgranatziinder m mortar-shell 

Wurfkorper m special projectile for 
signal pistols. 

Wurfparabel / bomb trajectory. 

Wurfrahmen m framework-type pro- 
jector for high-explosive or incendi- 
ary rockets. 

WurftaubenschieBstand m skeet range. 

Wurfweite / mortar range; throwing 
range (hand grenades); bombing 

Wiirgebohrung f tapered bore, choke 
(barrel) (Ord). 

Wiirgezange / cap crimper (Engr). 

Wiirgung / crimp (Am ). 

Wurzel f root. 

Wiiste / desert. 


X-Tag m M-day, mobilization day. | X-Uhr / H-hour, zero hour. 


ifperit n mustard gas. 


zah tough, tenacious; viscous; stub- 

Zahl f number. 

Zahlenwert m numerical value. 

Zahlmeister m paymaster official 
(Wehrmachtbeamter, generally rank- 
ing as 2nd Lt, responsible for pay 
and allowances, ration, messing, cloth- 
ing accounts and company finances). 

Zahlmeisterei / office and function of 
the Zahlmeister. 

Zahn m tooth. 

I Zahnarzt m dentist. See also Sani- 

Zahnbehandlung f dental treatment. 

Zahnbogen m elevating arc, elevating 
rack (G). 

Zahnbogenrichtmaschine / arc-type 
elevating mechanism (G). 

Zahnkette f driving chain (MT). 

Zahnkranz m traversing rack (Tk 
turret, AA gun). 

Zahnkranzlenkung f worm and sector 
steering system (MT). 


213 Zermiirbungsstrateg'ie 

Zahnrad n gear, gear wheel; pinion. 
Zahnradgetriebe n gear transmission 

Zahnradpumpe / gear pump (Mtr). 
Zahnstange / rack (Tech). 
Zahnstangenlenkung / pinion and sec- 
tor steering system (MT). 
Zahntechniker m dental technician. 
Zange / pliers, tongs. 

Zangenangriff m pincer attack, double 
envelopment (Tac). 

Zangenbewegung / pincer movement. 
Zapfen m pin; journal; trunnion; 

pivot; plug; tap; spigot; tenon. 
Zapfendiise / pintle nozzle, pin nozzle 

Zapfenkreuz n cross (of a universal 

Zapfenlager n pillow block, bushing. 
Zapfenstreich m taps. 

Zapfstelle / standpipe. 

Zaum to bridle. 

Zaun to fence. 

Zehe / toe. 

Zeichen n sign; signal; call; military 

Zeichenhrett n drawing hoard. 
Zeichenerklarung / legend, key to 
map signs. 

Zeichengerat n plotting instrument, 
drawing instrument. 

Zeichenpapier n drawing paper. 
Zeichenverbindung / visual communi- 

zeichnen to draw, sketch. 

Zeichnung / drawing, blueprint, plan. 
Zeigefinger m forefinger. 

Zeiger to indicator, pointer; hand, 
needle ( on Inst dial). 
Zeigerzieleinrichtung / follow-the- 
pointer sight mechanism (G). 
Zeitabstand to headway, time interval. 
Zeitbombe / time bomb. 

Zeiteinteilung f timetable (Tac). 
Zeitgruppe / time heading (on Rad 

ZeitmaB n cadence (marching). 
Zeitschnur / safety fuze, blasting fuze. 
Zeittafel f timetable, schedule. 
Zeitunterschied m time difference 
(SR); time interval (AAA). 
Zeitunterschiedverfahren n time-dif- 
ference method (SR). 

Zeitzeichen n time signal. 

Zeitzunder m time fuze (Am). 
ZeitziinderschuB to time fire (Gun- 

Zeitziindschnur / safety fuze, blast- 
ing fuze. 

Zelle / cell, cellule. 

Zellon n cellulose acetate. 

Zellophan n cellophane. 
Zellophaniiberzug to cellophane cover. 
Zellstoff to cellulose. 

Zelluloidtafel / celluloid disk; pro- 
tractor; templet. 

Zellwolle / cellulose fiber. 

Zelt n tent. 

Zeltausriistung / tent equipment. 
Zeltbahn / shelter half. 

Zeltbau to tent pitching. 

Zeltlager n tent camp. 

Zeltleine / guy rope ( tent). 

Zeltpflock m tent pin, guy pin, guy- 
line stake. 

Zeltstock to tent pole. 

Zementfliese f concrete paving block. 
Zensor to censor. 

Zensur f censorship. 

Zentralbatterie / common battery 
(T V ). 

Zentrale f central (Tp); central sta- 
tion (Arty). 

zentrale Projektion gnomonic projec- 

Zentralrichtgerat n director (AAA). 
Zentralschmierung f central lubrica- 
tion (MT). 

Zentrierwulst w bourrelet (Am). 
Zentrum n center; bull’s eye. 
zerbrechen to crack, break into pieces, 
zerdriicken crush, crumple, squash, 

zerfallen disintegrate. 

Zerfallgurt to disintegrating belt 

ZerknallstoB m blast, concussion, 
zerlegen disassemble, dismantle, strip; 

decentralize, disperse; disintegrate. 
Zerlegerziinder to self -destroying fuze 
(AA Am). 

zerlegte Formen broken outlines 


Zerlegung / dispersal, decentraliza- 
tion; disintegration; dismantling, 

zermalmen crush, crunch, smash, dash 
to pieces. 

zermiirben wear down. 

Zermiirbung/ attrition. 
Zermiirbungskrieg to war of attrition. 
Zermiirbungsstrategie f strategy of 


214 Zielkelle 

Zerschellerschiclit f burster course, 
bursting layer, detonating slab (Ft). 

Zerschneideziinder m See Zug- und 

zerspalten to split up. 

zersplittern to shatter; to split up, 
dissipate (forces, etc.). 

zersprengen to crack, burst into pieces, 
shatter; to blow up; to rout. 

zerspringen to explode, burst. 

Zerstauber m atomizer, spray. 

Zerstauberduse f spray nozzle; Die- 
sel fuel injector. 

Zerstaubergerat n chemical spray 
apparatus; sprayer-type decontami- 
nating apparatus. 

Zerstorangriff m hit-and-run raid 

zerstdren destroy, demolish. 

Zerstorer m destroyer (Nav); twin- 
engine fighter, long-range fighter 

Zerstorerflugzeug n twin-engine 
fighter airplane. 

Zerstorergeschwader n twin-engine 
fighter wing. 

Zerstorerschule / twin-engine fighter 
pilot school. 

Zerstorung / destruction, demolition. 

Zerstorungsarbeiten fpl demolitions. 

Zerstorungsfeuer n destruction fire 

Zettel to card, tag, ticket, slip. 

Zeug n ordnance supplies; gear, equip- 

Zeugamt n ordnance office. 

Zeughaus n arsenal. 

Zeugnis n certificate. 

Zickzackscheibe / zigzag target (Tng). 

Ziegelei / brickyard. 

ziehen to draw, pull, drag, tow; to 
pull up ( Ap) ; to be draf ty. 

Ziehziinder to pull firing device (land 

Ziel n target, objective, goal, 
ins Ziel gehen to hold into the target, 
das Ziel aufsitzen lassen to hold at 
bottom edge of target, 
das Ziel verschwinden lassen to hold 
at upper edge of target. 

Zielabschnitt m sector of fire, target 

Zielachse / sighting axis ( plane table 

Zielanflug to approach flight, approach 
run (Avn). 

Zielansprache / target designation. 

Zielaufklarung f artillery target recon- 

Zielaufnahme mit Langbasisanlage 
horizontal base method. 

Zielausbildung / training in aiming, 
training in laying. 

Zielbild n target image (telescopic 

Zielbreite / target length (moving 

“Ziel dreht!” “Target changing 
course!” (A A predictor). 

Zieldreieck n shot group, aiming 
group (sighting and aiming exer- 

Zieleinrichtung / sighting mechanism 
( Ord). 

zielen to aim, sight. 

Zielentfernung / range to target 

Zielerkundung / target reconnaissance. 

Zielfehler m aiming error. 

Zielfernrohr n telescopic sight, direct 
sighting telescope. 

Zielfernrohrtrager m telescopic sight 

Zielfeststellung / locating of target 

Zielflache f objective plane (Gun- 
nery); target area (bombing). 

Zielflug to homing ( Air Navigation). 

Zielgelande n target area. 

zielgenau accurate, precise. 

Zielgerat n sight, sighting mecha- 
nism (Ord); bomb sight. 

Zielgeschwindigkeit / speed of target. 

Zielgevierttafel f target-designation 
grid (Arty Surv). 

Zielhohe / height of target, altitude 
of target. 

Zielhohenwinkel m angle of site ( Gun- 
nery); angular height of target 

Zielhohenwinkel zum AbschuBpunkt 
angular height of target at present 
position (AAA). 

Zielhohenwinkel zum MeBpunkt angu- 
lar height of target at instant of 
range determination (AAA). 

Zielhohenwinkel zum Treffpunkt angu- 
lar height of target at future posi- 
tion (AAA). 

Zielhohenwinkel zum Wechselpunkt 
angular height of target at midpoint 

Zielkelle / See Zielloffel. 

Zielkontrollspiegel 215 Zufuhrstrafte 

Zielkontrollspiegel m aim-checking 

Zielkreis m target area (bombing). 

Ziellandung / spot landing (Avn). 

Ziellineal n orienting straightedge 
(MG aiming circle). 

Ziellinie f line of sight. 

Ziellinienpriifer m bore sight (Ord). 

Zielloffel m aiming disk, sighting disk, 
marking disk. 

Zielmarke f lead mark (telescopic 

Zielmunition / subcaliber ammunition. 

Zielpunkt m target point, objective 

Zielpunktkarte / battle map or firing 
chart showing location of probable 

Zielpuppe / dummy. 

Zielraum m target area, sector of fire. 

Zielrechenmaschine / predictor, pre- 
diction mechanism (AA); ballistic 
director (Arty). 

Zielrichtung / direction of the target. 

Zielscheibe / practice target. 

Zielschiene / sighting bar. 

Zielschiff n target ship. 

Zielschwarze n bull’s-eye. 

Zielseitenwinkel m azimuth of target. 

Zielseitenwinkel zum AbschuBpunkt 
azimuth of target at present position 

Zielseitenwinkel zum Treffpunkt azi- 
muth of target at future position 

Zielsetzung / designation of objective. 

Zielsicherheit / accuracy of fire, marks- 

Zielspinne / range-deflection fan ( Gun- 

Zielstachel w pointed-post reticle 
( telescopic sight). 

Zieltafel f data sheet (Gunnery). 

Zielteil m target sector. 

Ziel- und AnschlagsUbungen fpl aim- 
ing drill. 

Zielunterlagen fpl information of ob- 
jectives, target data. 

Zielvorrichtung / aiming mechanism. 

Zielwaagerechte f horizontal through 
base of target (Arty). 

Zielwechsel m change of target, en- 
gaging of successive targets. 

Zielweg m course of target (AAA). 

Zielwurf m precision bombing. 

Zielzuweisung / allocation of targets. 

Ziffer / cipher, figure, numeral. 

Zifferblatt n dial (on Inst). 

ziffern to cipher, encipher, encrypt. 

Zimiperantenne / indoor antenna. 

Zimmermann m carpenter. 

ZimmerschieBgerat n field artillery 

Zinkbecher m zinc container (dry cell). 

Zinknebel m HC mixture, HC smoke 
mixture (CWS). 

Zinn n tin. 

Zirkel m compasses, dividers. 

Zirruswolke / cirrus cloud (Met). 

Zisternenfahrzeug n vehicle fitted with 
chemical spray apparatus. 

Zisternenflugzeug n airplane fitted 
with chemical-spray apparatus. 

Zivil n civilian clothing. 

Zivilbevolkerung / civilian population. 

Zivilgericht n civil court. 

Zivilinternierter m civilian internee. 

Zivilist m civilian. 

Zivilkleidung f civilian clothing. 

Zivilluftfahrt f civil aviation, com- 
mercial aviation. 

Zivilperson f civilian. 

Zivilvergehen n civil offense. 

Zoll m inch (2.5U cm); duty, tariff, 

Zollhaus n custom house. 

ZoIIschranke f tollgate. 

Zonenzeit f standard time. 

Zubehor n accessories. 

Zubehorteil m part, accessory. 

Zubehortornister m accessories case 
(portable Rad). 

Zubringer m follower (SA). 

Zubringerfeder / follower spring 
(SA). . 

Zubringerhebel m belt-feed lever 

Zucht f discipline. 

Zuchthaus n penitentiary. 

Zuchthausstrafe / sentence of con- 
finement to a penitentiary. 

ZufahrtstraBe f access road, approach 

zufalliger Fehler nonsystematic 

error (Arty); accidental error 
(Mech, Optics). 

Zufallstreffer m accidental hit. 

Zufuhr f supply, bringing up of sup- 

Zufiihrer m belt feed (MG); feed 
mechanism (automatic iveapon). 

ZufuhrstraBe / line or road of com- 
munication, line or road of supply. 

Zufiihrung 216 Zunderkappe 

Zufiihrung / feed (MG); lead-in 

Zufiihrungsdraht to lead-in (Rad). 
Zufiihrungsgehause n feed box (AA 

Zufiihrungsweg m route for bringing 
up supplies, etc. 

Zug to platoon; groove (rifling); 

train (RR); pull; tension; draft. 
Zugang to access, approach; increase, 

Zugangsweg m access road, approach 

Zugbewachung f train guard. 
Zugbreitkeil m platoon in inverted- 
wedge formation. 

Zugbriicke / drawbridge. 

Zugdampfer to baffle ( engine muffler). 
Zugdruckziinder m pull-pressure ig- 
niter (mine). 

ZUgel m bridle; rein, 
zugelassen authorized, permitted; 

Ziigelring m bit ring (harness). 
zugeteilt attached; allotted. 

Zugfahre / rope ferry (Engr). 
Zugfeder f safety spring (MG). 
Zugfederhaken m safety-spring catch 

Zugfederschraube / See Zugfeder- 

Zugfederspannschraube / safety- 
spring tension screw (MG). 
Zugfestigkeit / tensile strength. 
Zugfiihrer to platoon leader. 
Zuggrenze / platoon boundary. 
Zuggurt m tension chord (truss). 
Zughaken m pintle (Trac); single- 
tree attachment hook (limber). 
Zugkeil m platoon in wedge forma- 

Zugkolonne / column of platoons. 
Zugkraft / tractive power; tension 
force; drawbar pull (prime mover). 
Zugkraftwagen m prime mover, half- 
track carrier and prime mover. 
Zugleistung / tractive power; draw- 
bar pull (Trac); draft efficiency (of 

Zugmaschine / prime mover (MT). 
Zugose / drag washer (wheel); 

lunette (limber, trailer). 

Zugramme / drop-hammer-type pile 

Zugriemen m brake cable; trace 
( harness ) . 

Zugschraube / tractor propeller ( Ap). 

Zugschrauber m tractor airplane. 
Zugspannung / tensile stress. , 
Zugstange / brake rod ( vehicle 
brake); pintle drawbar (MT, Trac); 
drawbar (trailer). 

Zugstreife / train patrol. 

Zugtau n tow rope. 

Zugtrupp to platoon headquarters 
personnel, platoon command group 

Zug- und Zerschneideziinder m pull 
and cut igniter, tension release igniter 

Zugverkehr to railroad traffic. 
Zugwache / train guard. 

Zugziinder to pull igniter (LM). 
Zuladung / useful load (Ap). 

Zulage / additional pay or allow- 
ance; addition; appendix, 
zulassig permissible; admissible. 
Zulassung / registration certificate 
(MT); registration and airworthi- 
ness certificate (Avn); admission; 

Zulegeplatte f attachable base plate 
(mine-surveying set). 
zulegen to add to. 

Zuleitung / lead-in (Rad). 
Zuleitungskabel n lead-in cord (sig- 
nal lamp). 

Zunahme / increase, gain, addition. 
Ziindachse / operating-piston sleeve 
(blasting machine). 

Zundapparat to magneto; igniter; 

exploder', blasting machine. 
Ziindbolzen to concussion plunger, 
percussion plunger, plunger (powder - 
train time faze). 

Ziindeinstellung / timing (ignition). 
ziinden ignite, detonate; fire (a dem- 
olition charge). 

Ziinder to fuze (Am); igniter (land 

den Ziinder einstellen set the fuze. 
Ziinderdeckel to false ogive (Am). 
Ziinderdraht to firing wire, lead wire 

( demolitions). 

Ziindereinstellung f fuze setting. 
Ziindereinteilung f fuze scale. 
Ziindergehause n fuze body (Am); 
fuze cover (bomb). 

Zunderhalter to shell (of blasting 


Ziinderhiilse / hood ( of f uze ). 
Zunderkappe f closing cap (time 
fuze); head (point-detonating fuze); 
upper cap (clockwork fuze). 

Ziinderkorper 217 Zusammenarbeit 

ZUnderkorper m body (fuze). 
ZUnderlaufzeit f time of functioning 
(fuze), fuze range. 
Ziinderstellmaschine / automatic fuze 
setter (AA gun). 

Ziinderstellschliissel m manual fuze 

Ziinderstellsitz m fuze-setter support 
(A A gun). 

Ziinderstellung / fuze setting ( Gun- 

Ziinderteller m body (powder-train 
time fuze). 

ziindfertig armed, fuzed, ready for 

Ziindfolge / firing order (of engine 

Ziindfunke m ignition spark (Mtr). 
Ziindgerat n demolition equipment. 
Ziindglocke / inside bottom of cart- 
ridge case (SA Am). 

Ziindhebel in spark control (Ap). 
Ziindholz n match. 

Ziindhiitchen n primer (SA Am); 
percussion primer (fuze); percussion 
cap, propellent primer (Am). 
Ziindhiitchenausfall m blown primer. 
ZundhUtchenhiilse / primer cup ( Am). 
Zundkabel n spark plug cable (Mtr). 
Ziindkanal m vent hole (obturator) ; 
primer vent (cartridge) ; flash hole 
(fuze); cap hole (blasting cart- 

Ziindkapsel / detonator. 

Ziindkerze / spark plug. 

Ziindladung / primer, primer charge, 
igniting charge. 

Ziindladungskapsel / detonator cas- 
ing (fuze). 

Ziindladungskorper m detonator 
charge (fuze). 

Zundlage f ignition system (Mtr). 
Zundlichtmaschine / generator (MT). 
Ziindloch n vent, flash vent. 
ZUndmagnet m magneto. 

Ziindmittel n detonation agent, pri- 
mer, igniter, igniting mixture. 
Ziihdnadel / firing pin (fuze). 
Zundpatrone f ignition cartridge 

Zundpunkt to flash point. 
ZUndpunktverstellung f timing (en- 
gine ignition). 

Ziindsatz m powder train, primer 
(Am, demolitions) ; igniter train (py- 
rotechnic Sig); detonating composi- 

Ziindschalter m ignition switch (Ap, 

Ziindschliissel m ignition key (MT). 
Ziindschnur / safety fuze. 
Ziindschnuranziinder to fuze lighter. 
Ziindschraube / threaded primer 


Ziindschraubengehause n case 
( threaded percussion primer). 
Ziindspule / ignition coil (Mtr). 
Ziindstift m insulated electrode 
(spark plug). 

Zundstrahl m igniting flash, priming 
flash (Am). 

Ziindstrom m ignition current (Mtr). 
Ziindiibertragung f induced detona- 
tion ( demolitions). 

Ziindung f firing, detonation (Am, 
demolitions) ; ignition (Mtr). 
“Ziindung eingestellt!” “Contact!” 
( Avn). 

Ziindverstellung f spark control, 
spark adjustment (Mtr). 
Ziindverteiler m distributor (Mtr). 
Ziindvorrichtung / firing device 
(LM); ignition system (Mtr). 
Ziindwilligkeit / ignition quality 

(Diesel fuel). 

Ziindzeitpunkt m instant of firing 

( engine ignition). 

zunehmender Drall increasing twist 

Zungenschiene f point of switch rail 

Zungenstuhl m knee (RR switch). 
Zurrbolzen m locking pin (G). 
Zurrbriicke f cradle lock frame (G). 
Zurrgriff m cradle lock handle (G). 
Zurrhaken in locking hook ( G car- 

Zurrhebel m lock lever. 

Zurrlager n lock support (cradle 


Zurrstange f lock rod. 

Zurrstellung / locked position (Ord). 
Zurrstiick n back plate latch lock 


Zurrung/ locking mechanism (G, Tk, 
MG); anchorage; lashing; holdfast. 
Zuriickstellung / deferment. 
Zuriickstellungsantrag m request for 


zuriickweichen give ground, give way. 
zuriickziehen, sich fall back, retire, 


Zusammenarbeit f cooperation, mu- 
tual support. 


Zusammenballung 218 

Zusammenballung / concentration 

Zusammenfassung / concentration 
(Arty); abridgment, summary. 
zusammengefaStes Feuer concen- 
trated fire (Arty); collective fire 

zusammenlaufen converge, 
zusammensetzen assemble; compile; 
compound; collect, bring together; 
fit together. 

Zusammensetzung f composition. 
ZusammenstoB m collision; clash. 
Zusammenwirken n synchronization; 

coordination; liaison; cooperation, 
zusammenziehen tighten, draw to- 
gether, contract. 

Zusatz to addition; supplement; 

Zusatzfallschirm to parachute lobe. 
Zusatzfliigel to auxiliary airfoil, slat 

Zusatzgetriebe n auxiliary trans- 
mission (MT). 

Zustand to state, condition, situation, 
zustandig competent; authorized. 
Zustellung / delivery, 
zuteilen allot, attach. 

Zutritt m entrance; admittance, 
zuverlassig reliable, 
zuwiderhandeln act in opposition, act 
against, counteract; break, violate (a 
regulation, etc.). 

zuziehen tighten, draw together. 
Zwangsauslosung / static line device 

Zweiachser m two-axle vehicle, four- 
wheel vehicle. 

zweiadrig two-stranded (Elec). 
zweiaugig binocular adj. 

Zweibein n bipod (MG). 

Zweidecker to biplane. 
Zweielektrodenrohre f diode tube 

Zweierzelt n two-man shelter tent. 
Zweifliigel-Luftschraube f two-blade 
propeller (Ap). 

Zweiglager n branch depot; branch 
camp (PW). 

zweigleisig double-tracked (RR). 
Zweiglinie / junction line (RR). 
Zweigpark to branch depot. 
Zweigstelle f branch, branch office, 

zweimotorig twin-engine. 
Zwei-Ohr-Verfahren n binaural 

method (sound locating) ■ 

Zweipolrohre / diode tube (Rad). 

Zweipunktverfahren n two-point re- 
section (Sun 0. 

Zweischwimmer-Seeflugzeug n twin- 
float seaplane. 

Zweisitzer to two-place airplane ; two- 
seater (vehicle). 

Zweitaktmotor to two-cycle engine. 

Zweisternmotor to double-row radial 


Zweistieler m double-bay biplane. 

zweistufig two-stage (Elec, Rad). 

Zweitaktsystem n two-cycle prin- 

Zweiwegeatmung f two-way respira- 
tion (gas mask). 

Zwickzange f cutter, cutting pliers. 

Zwillingslafette f twin mount (Ord). 

Zwillingslaufe mpl twin barrels (MG). 

Zwillingsmachinengewehr n twin- 
barreled machine gun. 

Zwillings-MG.-Drehturm to revolving 
turret with twin-barreled machine 
gun (Ap). 

Zwillingswaffe / twin-barreled wea- 

zwingen compel, force. 

Zwischenbahnhof to intermediate 
station (RR). 

Zwischenentfernung / intermediate 
range (Gunnery). 

Zwischenfeld n ground between de- 
laying positions, area between suc- 
cessive positions, intermediate area. 

Zwischenfrequenz / intermediate fre- 
quency (Rad). 

Zwischenfrequenzempfanger to super- 
heterodyne receiver. 

Zwischengeblase n auxiliary stage 
supercharger, turbosupercharger. 

Zwischengetriebe n auxiliary trans- 
mission (MT). 

Zwischenlandung f intermediate land- 

Zwischenlandungsplatz to intermedi- 
ate landing field. 

Zwischenraum w interval (from left 
to right). 

Zwischenstecker m adapter plug 


Zwischenstelle f linking station; re- 
lay station (Sig Com). 

Zwischenstellung / intermediate po- 

Zwischenstiick n adapter. 

Zwischenwelle / intermediate shaft, 
propeller shaft. 


219 ZZ-Verfahren 

Zwischenziel n intermediate objec- 
tive; reference point (Arty, R fire). 

Zwitterfahrzeug n half-track vehicle. 

zwo two (used in voice transmission 
to avoid confusion with drei, three). 

Zyanwasserstoffsaure f hydrocyanic 
acid, prussic acid (CWS). 

Zylinderblock m cylinder block (Mtr). 

Zylinderinhalt m total volume of 
cylinder (Mtr). 

Zylinderkopf m cylinder head (Mtr). 

Zylinderlaufbiichse / cylinder liner 


Zylinderschleifen n cylinder grinding 


ZylinderverschluB m bolt mechanism 


Zylinderwand / cylinder wall (Mtr). 
ZZ-Verfahren n method of radio ap- 
proach landing (the main let-down 
signal is ZZ with last letter of air- 
port station signal in between). 




abandon V Taumen (a locality); ver- 
lassen . ( a position , etc.); zuriicklas- 
sen (equipment, wounded, etc.). 
abatage Stellung auf Fufitellern 

abatis Baumsperre f. 

“A” battery Heizbatterie / (Rad). 
abbreviation Abkiirzung /. 
authorized abbreviation amtlich 
festgelegte Abkiirzung. 
able-bodied wehrfahig, tauglieh, 

wehrtauglieh (fit for Mil service). 
Abney level Spiegelneigungsmesser 
m (Surv). 

about face Kehrtwendung /. 

“About, face!” “Ganze Abteilung, 

abrasive Schleifmittel n. 
abreast nebeneinander, Seite an 

Seite, in Linie. 
abscissa Abszisse /. 
abscissa for maximum ordinate Gip- 
felentfernung f (Ballistics). 
absence without leave unerlaubte 
Entfernung, eigenmachtige Entfer- 

absent abwesend. 

absent without leave abwesend ohne 

absolute altitude Flughohe f, Flug- 
hohe iiber dem Erdboden (Avn). 
absolute ceiling Gipfelhohe f (Avn). 
absolute deviation GeschoBabwei- 
chung / (Arty). 

absolute quarantine Isolierung f 

absorbent cotton Watte /. 
abutment Widerlager n, Brucken- 
widerlager n, Endauflager n (Bdg); 
Kampfer m (of an arch). 
abutment beam Stofibalken m (Bdg). 
abutment section Pioniertrupp 

beauftragt mit Errichtung der 
Briickenendwidei’lager (Engr). - 

accordion action 

accelerate beschleunigen. 
accelerating pump Beschleunigungs- 
■ pumpe f. 

acceleration Beschleunigung f. 
acceleration downward Fallbe- 

schleunigung f (of projectile) . 
accelerator Spannstiick n (MG); 

Gashebel m, Beschleuniger m (Mtr). 
accelerometer Beschleunigungsmesser 
m (Ap). 

acceptance test Abnahmepriifung /. 
accessories Ausriistung f, Zubehor 
n, Zubehorteile mpl. 
accessories case Zubehortornister m 
(portable Rad). 

accessory Ausriistungsstiick n, Zu- 
behor n (part); Komplize m, Mit- 
schuldiger m (Law). 
accessory defense Hindernis n, 

Sperre /. 

accelerator pedal GasfuGtritt m, 

Gasfufihebel m. 
access road Zufahrtstrafie /. 
accident Unfall m. 
accidental cover natiirliche Deckung. 
accidental error zufalliger Fehler. 
accidental hit Zufallstreffer m. 
accompanying artillery Begleitartil- 
lerie f. 

accompanying battery Begleitbat- 
terie f. 

accompanying lire Begleitfeuer n. 
accompanying gun Begleitgeschiitz n. 
accompanying tank Begleitpanzer to, 
Begleitpanzerkampfwagen to. 
accomplice Mitschuldiger to, Kom- 
plize m (Law). 

accomplish erledigen, erfiillen, voll- 


accomplishment Erledigung / (com- 
pletion); Leistung / (feat). 
accordion action wechselnder Fahr- 
zeugabstand, AufschlieGen und Ab- 
hangen (MT). 


accordion effect 


adjustable wrench 

accordion effect See accordion action, i 
accountability Buchungspflicht /, j 
Verantwortlichkeit /. 
accountable zur Buchung verpflich- 

accountable officer Verwaltungs- 
offizier to. 

accouterments Ausriistungsstiicke 

accredited aviation school behordlich 
anerkannte Fliegerschule. 
accredited correspondent Kriegs- 
berichter w. 

accrued leave zustehender Gesamtur- 

accumulated leave akkumulierter 

accuracy Genauigkeit /. 
accuracy life Lebensdauer / (G). 
accuracy of fire Zielsicherheit /, 
Treffahigkeit /, Treffgenauigkeit f, 
Treffsicherheit f. 

accuracy of fit Paflgenauigkeit /. 
accuracy of practice Treffgenauig- 
keit /. 

accurate genau, zielgenau. 
ace Fliegerheld to, erfolgreicher 
acetone Azeton w. 
acetylene Azetylen n. 
acetylene torch See oxyacetylene 

a-c generator Wechselstromerzeuger 

to . 

acid Saure /. 

acknowledge Bitte Quittung, Bitte 
Bestatigung (Rad procedure) . 
acknowledgment of receipt Emp- 
fangsbestatigung / (Rad, Tg , Tp). 
acoustic correction Ausschalten des 
Schallverzuges (sound locator). 
acoustic corrector Verzugsrechner to 
(sound locator). 

acoustic orientation akustische Or- 
tung (sound locator). 
act v wirken, handeln. 
acting stellvertretend. 
action Gefecht n, Gefechtshand- 
lung /, Kampftatigkeit / (Tac) ; Ar- 
beitsspiel n (Mech). 

“In action!” “Licht auf!” (AA SL). 
“Action front!” “Zum Feuern nach 
vorwarts, protzt ab!” 

“Action left!” “Zum Feuern nach 
links, protzt ab!” 

“Action rear!” “Zum Feuern nach 
riickwarts, protzt ab !” 

“Action right!” “Zum Feuern nach 
reehts, protzt ab!” 

action station Gefechtsstation / 

(Nav); Gefechtsstellung f. 
activate wehrbar machen, aufstel- 
len (a unit); scharf machen (a 


activated mine scharfe Panzermine. 
activation Wehrbarmachung /; Auf- 
stellung f (of a unit). 
active air defense Luftabwehr /, ak- 
tive Luftabwehr. 
active defense Abwehr /. 
active duty aktiver Dienst. 
active list Liste der aktiven Offiziere 
und Mannschaften. 
active service aktiver Wehrdienst. 
act of sabotage Sabotageakt m. 
actual range tatsachliehe Schufiweite 

acute angle spitzer Winkel. 
adamsite Adamsit m, Diphenylamin- 
chlorarsin n. 

adaptable anwendbar, pafilich. 
adapter Lafettenaufsatzstuck n 

(MG) ; Mundlocheinschraubvorrich- 
tung /, PaBstiick n (Ord); Zwi- 
schenstuck n (Mech). 
adapter opening Mundloch n (Am). 
adapter plug Mundlochschraube / 
(AM); Zwischenstecker m (Elec). 
adapter thread Mundlochgewinde n 

add zusammenzahlen, addieren 

(Math); hinzufugen, beifiigen. 
adding machine Rechengerat n. 
adhesive paste Kleister m. 
adhesive pitch Kabelwachs n (Engr, 

adhesive tape Klebestreifen m 

(Tech); Leukoplast n (court plas- 
ter); Isolierband n (friction tape). 
adjacent angrenzend, Nachbar — , 
Neben J — . 

adjacent unit Nachbar to (Tac). 
adjust einschiefien ( G fire); justie- 
ren (bore-sight alinement) ; einstel- 
len, verstellen (Tech). 
adjustable verstellbar, regulierbar, 
verschiebbar, einstellbar. 
adjustable holder Einstellhiilse / 
(panoramic telescope). 
adjustable marker Einstellmarke /. 
adjustable-pitch propeller einstell- 
bare Luftschraube. 
adjustable wrench verstellbarer 


adjusted elevation 222 advance the attack 

adjusted elevation Erhohungseinstel- 
lung /. 

adjusted range Hohenrichtung / 


adjusting nut * Stofielschraube / (on 

adjusting point Einschiefipunkt m 

adjusting ring Stellring to, Einstell- 
ring m (fuze). 

adjusting screw Verstellschraube f. 
adjustment Einstellung f, Eichung 
/, Verstellung f; Berichtigung / 
( correction) . 

adjustment drum Beriehtigungs- 
walze / (range finder). 
adjustment fire Richtungsschiefien n, 
Einschiefien n. 

adjustment nut Einstellmutter /. 
adjustment of fire Einsehieflen n. 
adjustment shots Richtungsschiisse 
mpl (for direction). 
adjustment target Einschieflziel n, 
Lufteinschieflziel n (high burst). 
adjutant Adjutant to. 
adjutant general Generaladjutant to. 
The Adjutant General Der Chef 
des Heeresverwaltungsamts (USA). 
Adjutant General Board Die Ab- 
teilungsleiter des Heeresverwal- 
tungsamts (USA). 

Adjutant General’s Department 

Heeresverwaltungsamt n (USA). 
adjutant’s office Schreibstube f. 
administration Verwaltung /, Ver- 
waltungswesen n. 

administration building Verwal- 

tungsgebaude n. 

administrative inspector Verwal- 
tungsinspektor to. 

administrative map Verwaltungs- 
iibersichtskarte f. 

administrative march Reisemarsch 
to, Etappenmarsch to. 
administrative order besondere 


administrative plan Verwaltungs- 
ordnung f. 

administrative services Verwal- 

tungsdienste mpl. 

administrative unit Verwaltungs- 
truppenteil m. 

administrative vehicle Heeresfahr- 
zeug n. 

admiral Generaladmiral m (Nav). 
advance n Vormarsch m, Vorgehen 

71 . 

advance v vorriicken, vorgehen, vor- 
dringen, vormarschieren, sich vor- 

advance base Ausgabestelle im 


advance by bounds sprungweises 


advance by echelon staffelweises 


advance by rushes See advance by 

advance command post vorgeschobe- 
ner Gefechtsstand, vorderer Ge- 

advanced airfield Feldflugplatz m. 
advanced detachment Vorausab- 

teilung /. 

advance depot Umschlagstelle f. . . 
advanced specialized training mili- 
tarische Sonderausbildung. 
advanced training Weiterbildung f, 
Fortbildung f. 

advance element Spitzengruppe f 


advance guard Vorhut f. 
advance guard action Vorhutgefecht 


advance guard cavalry detachment 

Reiterspitze f. 

advance guard commander Vorhut- 

fiihrer m. 

advance guard company Voraus- 
kompanie /. 

advance guard engagement Vorhut- 
gefecht n. 

advance guard point Spitze /. 
advance guard reserve Haupttrupp 
m (in Adv Gd of large unit). 
advance guard support Vortrupp m 
(in Adv Gd of large unit); Haupt- 
trupp m (in Adv Gd of smaller unit). 
advance in phases abschnittweises 

advance landing field Feldflugplatz 
to, Gefechtslandeplatz to. 
advance message center Meldekopf, 


advance of forcing cone Laderaum- 
verlangerung f (G). 
advance party Spitzenkompanie / (ir 
Adv Gd of large unit); Vortrupp to 
(in Adv Gd of smaller unit). 
advance position vorgeschobene 


advance post vorgeschobener Posten. 
advance the attack sich an den 

Feind heranarbeiten. 

“Advance to be recognized!” 223 aiming point 

“Advance to be recognized!” “Kom- 
men Sie naher! Wer sind Sie?” 
adviser Berater to. 
adze Querbeil n, Queraxt /. 
aerial See antenna, 
aerial acrobatics Kunstflug to. 
aerial barrage Luftsperre 
aerial barrage equipment Luftsperr- 
mittel n. 

aerial camera Luftbildkammer /. 
aerial combat exercise Luftkampf- 
iibung f. 

aerial delivery container Abwurf- 
kiste f. 

aerial gas spray Giftregen m. 
aerial gunner Fliegerschutze to, 

Bordschutze to, Feuerschiitze to. 
aerial gunnery Schiefien aus der 

aerial hand camera Fliegerhand- 
kammer /. 

aerial mapping camera Reihenkam- 
mer /, Reihenbildner to, Reihenbild- 
kammer /. 

aerial mine Minenbombe /, Luft- 
mine f. 

aerial mosaic Reihenbild «, Luft- 
bildkarte /. 

aerial objective Flugziel n. 
aerial observation Luftbeobachtung /. 
aerial observer Beobachter to, Beob- 
achtungsflieger to. 
aerial photograph Luftbild n. 
aerial photographer Bildflieger w. 
aerial photographic crew Flugzeug- 
bildpersonal n. 

aerial photograph interpretation 
Luftbildauswertung /. 
aerial photography Luftbildwesen n, 
Luftphotographie /. 
aerial photomapping camera Reihen- 
meBkammer /. 

aerial review Luftparade /. 
aerial sound ranging Horchortung 
von Flugzielen (AAA). 
aerial spraying Abregnen n (CWS). 
aerial target Flugziel n. 
aerial torpedo Lufttorpedo n, Flug- 
zeugtorpedo n. 

aerial warfare Luftkrieg to. 
aerobatics See aerial acrobatics, 
aerocartograph Aerokartograph to. 
aerodynamic force Luftkraft /. 
aerodynamics Aerodynamik /. 
aeroembolism Hohenkrankheit /. 
aerograph See aerometeorograph. 

aerographer Meteorologe im Unter- 
offiziersrang (Nav). 
aerologist Meteorologe im Offiziers- 
rang (Nav). 

aerometeorograph Meteorograph to 


aerometer Diehtemesser w, Dichtig- 
keitsmesser to: 

aeronautical chart Fliegerkarte /. 
aeronautical mile Flugmeile / 

(1853.25 meters). 

aeronautics Luftfahrt /, Luftfahr- 
wesen n, Flugwissenschaft /. 
aerosled Motorschlitten to. 
aerostat Aerostat to. 
affidavit beglaubigte Bescheinigung, 
eidliche Erklarung. 
age Alter n. 

age-in-grade Rangdienstalter to. 
age limit Dienstaltersgrenze /. 
agent Verbindungsmann to, Ver- 
trauensmann to. 

agent officer Verbindungsoffizier to. 
aggressive angriffsfreudig, angriffs- 

aggressiveness Einsatzbereitschaft f. 
aggressor Angreifer to. 
agonic line Agone /. 
aide See aide-de-camp, 
aide-de-camp Adjutant to. 
aid man Sanitater to. 
aid station Truppenverbandplatz to 

aiguillette Fangschnur f. 
aileron Querruder n. 
aileron horn Querruderhebel to. 
aim v zielen, richten, anlegen. 
aim-checking device Zielkontroll- 
spiegel to. 

aiming circle Richtkx-eis to. 
aiming-circle station Richtstelle /. 
aiming device Zielspiegel to. 
aiming disk Zielloffel to. 
aiming drill Ziel- und Anschlags- 
libungen fpl. 

aiming error Zielfehler to. 
aiming exercise Richtiibung /. 
aiming group Zieldreieck n (aiming 


aiming light Richtlampe /. 
aiming mechanism Richtgerat n, 
Zieleinrichtung /, Zielvorrichtung /. 
aiming order Richtkommando n, 
Richtbefehl to. 

aiming point Richtpunkt to, Halte- 
punkt to, Anlegepunkt to, Zielpunkt 


aiming-point azimuth 224 aircraft warning officer 

aiming-point, azimuth reading Richt- 
punktzahl f. 

aiming-point and deflection method 
Riehtpunktverfahren n. 
aiming point offset Beobachtungs- 
winkel to. 

aiming post Richtlatte /, E-Latte /. 
aiming post light Richtlampe /. 
aiming practice Richtiibung f. 
aiming silhouette Gefechtsscheibe / 

aiming stake Richtlatte /, E-Latte /. 
aiming target Richtscheibe f. 
air n Luft 
air v liiften. 

“Air!” “Hoch!” (firing). 
air-adjustment jet Korrekturluft- 
diise / (Mtr). 

air adviser Fliegerverbindungs- 

otfizier to. 

air-air Flugzeug zu Flugzeug (Sig 

air alert Jagdpatrouille in Kampf- 
bereitschaft (Avn) ; Fliegeralarm m 

air ambulance Sanitatsflugzeug n. 
air area Luftraum m. ' 
air attack Luftangriff m. 
air base Luftstiitzpunkt m, Flug- 
stiitzpunkt m (Tac); Fliegerhorst 
to, Horst w (Adrm in Z of I). 
air base airdrome Fliegerhorst to, 
Horst w (Z of I). 

air base commander Fliegerhorst- 
kommandant to, Horstkommandant 


air base service area Bodenanlage 
der Luftwaffe. 

air base troops Bodenpersonal n. 
air battle Luftschlacht /. 
airborne auf dem Luftwege befdr- 

airborne infantry Luftinfanterie /. 
airborne troops Luftlande- und Fall- 
schirmtruppen fpl. 

air brake Luftdruckbremse f 

(Mech); Landeklappe / (Ap). 
air burst Luftsprengpunkt to, hoher 
Sprengpunkt, Sprengpunkt to 

air-burst pattern Lufttreffbild n 


air-burst registration fire Schiefien 
mit hohen Sprengpunkten. 
air chamber Luftbehalter to 

( counterrecoil mechanism, vehicle 

air combat Luftgefecht n, Luft- 

kampf to. 

air command communication Funk- 
verbindung von Flugzeug zu Flug- 

air command headquarters Luft- 
waffengruppenkommando n. 
air compressor Drucklufterzeuger to, 
Luftverdichter to, Luftpresser to. 
air conditioning plant Klimaanlage /. 
air-cooled luftgekiihlt, mit Luft- 

air-cooled engine luftgekiihlter 

Motor, Motor mit Luftkiihlung. 
air-cooled weapon luftgekiihlte 


Air Corps See Army Air Forces, 
aircraft Luftfahrzeug n. 
aircraft ammunition Flugzeugmuni- 
tion f, Bordmunition /. 
aircraft armament Bordwaffen fpl. 
aircraft automatic gun See aircraft 

aircraft camera Luftbildkammer /, 
Luftbildgerat n, Fliegerkammer /. 
aircraft cannon Flugzeugkanone /. 
aircraft carrier Flugzeugtrager to. 
aircraft engine Flugmotor to. 
aircraft equipment Bordgerate npl. 
aircraft factory Flugzeugwerk n, 
Flugzeugfabrik /. 

aircraft gun sights Fliegervisierein- 
richtung f. 

aircraft industry Luftfahrzeugin- 
dustrie f. 

aircraft instruments Bordgerate npl. 
aircraft landing flare Bordlande- 
fackel /. 

aircraft log Flugbuch n, Flugtage- 
buch n. 

aircraft machine gun Bord-Maschi- 
nengewehr n. 

aircraft observer Aufklarungsflieger 
to, Beobachter to. 

aircraft parachute flare Fallschirm- 
leuchtbombe /, Leuchtbombe f. 
aircraft signal Leuchtpatrone /, 
Signalpatrone f (ground-air Com). 
aircraft signal pistol Fliegerleucht- 
pistole /. 

aircraft tender Flugzeugmutterschiff 
n, Stiitzpunktschiff n. 
aircraft warning Fliegerwarnung f. 
aircraft warning company Flugmel- 
dekompanie /. 

aircraft warning officer Flugmelde- 

offizier to. 

aircraft warning service 



aircraft warning service Flugmelde- 
dienst to. 

air crew Bordbesatzung /, Bord- 
mannschaft /, fliegende Besatzung, 
Flugzeugbesatzung /. 
air current Luftstrom m. 
air defense Luftverteidigung f; 

Luftabwehr / (active); Luftschutz 
to (passive). 

air defense area Flugabwehrgebiet n. 
air defense region Flugabwehrbezirkjra. 
air density Luftdichte /. 
air depot Nachschubstelle der Luft- 

airdrome Flugplatz to. 
airdrome boundary Flughafengrenze 
/, Platzgrenze /. 

airdrome construction detachment 
Flughafenbautrupp to. 
airdrome light Platzfeuer n. 
airdrome lighting Flugplatzbefeue- 
rung /. 

airdrome traffic Flugbetrieb to. 
airfield See airdrome, 
air fight See air combat, 
air filter Luftfilter to, Luftreiniger 
m (Mtr). 

airflow^ Fahr(t)wind to, Geblase- 
wind to (Avn). 
airfoil Tragflache / ( Ap). 
airfoil section Flugelprofil n, Trag- 
fliigelprofil n. 

air force Luftflotte / (tactical and 
territorial unit). 

air force commander Flottenchef to, 
Luftflottenchef to, Fliegerffihrer to. 
air forces Fliegerkrafte fpl, Luft- 
streitkrafte fpl. 

Air Forces See Army Air Forces. 

Air Forces Headquarters Luftwaf- 
fenkommando n. 
airframe Flugzeuggerippe n. 
air friction Luftreibung f (Ballis- 

air-ground Bord zu Boden (Sig 

air-ground communication Nach- 
richtenverbindung Boden-Bord. 
air-ground liaison code Funkver- 
kehrsabkiirzungen fpl. 
air-ground net Funknetz fiir den 

Verkehr Boden-Bord. 
air guard Luftspaher to. 
air-intake duct Ansaugleitung / 

. .. 

air-intake horn Ansaugkrummer m 

( carburetor). 

air jet Luftdiise / (Mtr). 

air landing troops Luftlandetruppen 


airline Fluglinie /, Flugstrecke /. 
air lock Gasschleuse / (CWS). 
air. mechanic Flugzeugmechaniker 

to, Bordmonteur m. 
air mile Luftmeile / (1,853.25 meters 
or 6,080 feet). 

air navigation Flugzeugortung /, 
Luftnavigation /. 

air navigation map Flugstrecken- 
karte f. 

air objective Luftangriffsziel n. 
air observation Luftbeobachtung /. 
air observer Beobachter to (Avn); 

Luftspaher to (AWS). 
air’ obstacle Luftsperre / (Avn). 
air offensive Luftoffensive /. 
air officer Fliegerverbindungsoffizier 


airplane Flugzeug n; Flieger to (as 
seen from ground). 
airplane ambulance Sanitatsflugzeug 

airplane armament Flugzeugbewaff- 
nung f, Bordwaffen fpl. 
airplane chemical spray apparatus 
Luftstromgerat n, Zerstaubungsge- 
rat n. 

airplane construction Flugzeugbau 


airplane controls Flugzeugsteuerung 

airplane direction finding Flugzeug- 
ortung f. 

airplane engine Flugzeugmotor to. 
airplane flare Fallschirmleucht- 

bombe f. 

airplane mechanic Flugzeugwart to, 
Bordwart to, Bordmonteur to, Flug- 
zeugmechaniker TO. 

airplane model Flugzeugbaumuster 

airplane passenger Fluggast to. 
airplane production Flugzeugbau to, 
Flugzeugproduktion /. 
airplane signal Fliegerverstandi- 

gungszeichen n. 

airplane-speed slide rule Flugzeug- 

geschwindigkeitslineal n (AAA). 
airplane spotter Luftspaher to, Flug- 
meldeposten to. 

airplane towing Flugzeugschlepp to. 
air pocket Luftloch n. 
airport Flughafen to. 

air power 226 allotment of equipment 

air power Luftmaeht f, Luftgeltung 

air pressure Luftdruck m. 
air raid Luftangriff to. 
air raid alarm Fliegeralarm to, Luft- 
alarm m. 

air raid drill Luftschutziibung f 

(civilian defense). 

air raid shelter Luftschutzkeller m, 
Luftschutzraum to. 
air raid siren Fliegersirene /, Luft- 
schutzsirene f. 

air raid warden Luftschutzwart to. 
air raid warning district Luftwarn- 
bezirk to. 

air reconnaissance Luftaufklarung f. 
air reconnaissance area Luftauf- 
klarungsraum to. 

air resistance Luftwiderstand m 

(Ballistics, Avn). 

air scoop Luftsackmaul n (captive 

air scout Luftspaher to. 
air sentinel See air scout. 

Air Service Command Luftgau to. 

airship Luftsehiff n. 

airspace- Luftraum to (Avn, etc.); 

leerer Raum (Am). 
airspace reservation Luftsperrgebiet 
n (Avn). 

air speed Eigengeschwindigkeit f, 
Geschwindigkeit zur Luft (Ap). 
air speed indicator Fahrtmesser m 

Air Staff Fuhrungsstab der Luft- 
waffe (USA). 

air starter Prefiluftanlasser m 


airstream Fahrwind m (Avn). 
air superiority Luftiiberlegenheit /. 
air support Fliegerunterstiitzung /. 
Air Support Command Schlachtflie- 
gerverband m. 

air support party Luftnachrichten- 
verbindungsoffiziere mpl. 
air target Flugziel n. 
air task force fliegerischer Verband, 
Fliegerverband to. 
airtight luftdicht. 

air-traffic safety control Flugsiche- 
rung f. 

air transport Transportflugzeug n. 
air transportation Lufttransport to. 
Air Transport Command Lufttrans- 
portkommando n (USA). See also 
Ferry Command. 

air umpire Schiedsrichter to (Avn). 

air warfare Luftkriegfuhrung f. 
air warning net Flugmeldenetz n. 
airway Flugweg to, Flugstrecke /. 
airway beacon Flugstreckenfeuer n, 
Streckenfeuer to. 

airway obstruction Luftfahrthinder- 

nis n. 

airway traffic control area Flug- 
sicherungsbereich m. 
airworthiness Lufttiichtigkeit f 


airworthy fiugklar, flugtiichtig. 
alarm Alarm to. 
alarm station Alarmplatz to. 
alcohol Alkohol in, Weingeist m. 
alert n Startbereitschaft f (Avn); 

Bereitschaft f, Alarmbereitschaft /. 
alert v alarmieren, in Bereitschaft 

alert hut Bereitschaftsbaracke / 

alert station Jagdpatrouille f, 

Bereitschaftsstellung / (Avn). 
alidade Kippregel / (Surv). 
alidade ruler Diopterlineal n (aim- 
ing circle). 

alignment See alinement. 
alinement Nachstellung des Rad- 
stands (of vehicle wheels); Ausrich- 
ten n, Richtung f (of sights). 
alinement stake Richtstange f (Bdg, 
Engr). , 

aliquot part charge aus zwei glei- 
chen Teilladungen bestehende Treib- 
ladung (Am). 

aliquot propelling charge See ali- 
quot part charge. 

alkali cartridge Alkalipatrone / (in 
oxygen breathing apparatus) . 
all-around defense Igelverteidigung f. 
all-around traverse Seitenrichtfeld 
von 360°; mit Sockellafette. 
all clear Beendigung der Luftgefahr. 
“All clear!” “Alarm aus!” 
all clear signal Entwarnung /. 
all-metal airplane Ganzmetallflug- 
zeug to. 

allocation Zuteilung f (of men, sup- 
plies, etc.) ; Zuweisung f, Anweisung 
/ (of funds). 

allocation of targets Zielzuweisung 


allot anweisen. 

allotment Anweisung f. 

allotment of equipment Geriitaus- 

stattung /. 


allowance See authorized basic al- 

allow for beriicksichtigen. 
alloy Legierung /. 
allways fuze empftridlicher Kopf- 
ziinder (Am). 

all-wheel drive Raderantrieb m, All- 
radantrieb in (MT). 

-all-wing airplane Nurflfigelflugzeug 
n. ' 

ally Bundesgenosse in, Verbfin- 
dete(r) to. 

alphabet code flag Signalflagge /, 
internationale Signalflagge (Nav). 
alpine cap Bergmiitze f (Clo). 
alternate v wechseln, abweehseln. 
alternate airport Ausweiehhaten in. 
alternate emplacement Wechselstel- 
lung f (G, MG). 

alternate firing position See alter- 
nate emplacement. 

alternate routing Ausweichvermitt- 
lung / (emergency Tp Com). 
alternate target Ausweichziel n 


alternate traversing fire Breiten- 
feuer n (Arty). 

alternate two-way radiophone com- 
munication Funkwechselsprechen n. 
alternate two-way radio traffic Funk- 

wechselverkebr m. 

alternating current Wechselstrom m; 

Drehstrom m (three-phase). 
alternating-current generator Wech- 
selstromerzeuger m. 
alternation Wechsel m (Elec). 
alternator See alternating-current 

altimeter Hohenmesser m; Hohen- 
entfernungsmesser to, Hohenmesser 
m, EntfernungsmeBgerat n (AA 
height finder). 
altitude Hohe /. 

altitude bracket Hohenschicht f 
(Avn, Met). 

altitude-correction ruler Erdkrum- 
mungslineal n. 

altitude indication Hohenangabe f. 
altitude lead Hohenvorhalt in 


altitude of flight Flughohe f. 
altitude of target Mefihohe / (in- 
stant of range determination); Ziel- 
hohe / ( present position) ; Treffhohe 
/ (future position). 
altitude reading Hohenangabe f. 
aluminum Aluminium n. 

227 ammunition distributing- 

aluminum alloy Aluminiumlegierung 

amatol Amatol n (Am). 

ambient noise storende Nebenge- 

- rausche. 

ambulance Krankenkraftwagen to; 
Sanitatsfahrzeug n (any Med ve- 

g ambulance battalion Krankentrans- 

portabteilung f. 

i- ambulance loading post Wagenhalte- 

platz to. 

P, ambulance station TCrankentrans- 

portstclle f. 

ambulant marschfahiger Verwunde- 

t. ambush n Hinterhalt to, Lauerstel- 
I- lung f. 

ambush v aus dem Hinterhalt fiber- 

American Red Cross Amerikanisches 
Rotes Kreuz. 

ammeter Amperemeter n, Strom- 
n messer in. 

ammonal Ammonpulver n, Ammonal 
i- n (Am). 

ammonia Ammoniak n; Salmiakgeist 
to (spirits of ammonia), 
i. ammonium nitrate explosive Am- 
monsalpeter-Sprengmittel n. 
ammonium picrate Ammoniumpikrat 
; n (Am). 

ammunition Munition f. See also 
i- munitions. 

ammunition bearer Munitionsschutze 


t ammunition belt Gurt to, Patronen- 
gurt m. 

i- ammunition box Munitionskasten in. 

r ammunition branch depot Munitions- 

1 zweiglager n. 

ammunition carrier Munitionsfahr- 
zeug n; Munitionswagen to. Muni- 
f tionskarren to (HDr), Gefechtskar- 

ren to (includes weapons); Muni- 
i- tionsschfitze w, Munitionstrager to 


ammunition chest Protzkasten m (on 

n limber). 

ammunition clip Ladestreifen w. 
ammunition company Munitions- 
i- nachschub-Kompanie f. 

1- ammunition depot Munitionslager n. 

e ammunition detail Munitionstrupp to. 

ammunition distributing point Mum- 
tionsausgabestelle /, Munitionsver- 
teilungsstelJe f. 

ammunition drum 


angle of clearance 

ammunition drum Munitionstrom- 
mel /. 

ammunition dump Munitionslager n. 
ammunition lot number laufende 
Nummer der Munitionslieferung. 
ammunition niche Munitionsnische / 

ammunition pit Munitionsioch n. 
ammunition pocket Pat'ronentasche / 

ammunition point Munitionsausgabe- 
stelle /. 

ammunition requirements Schiefibe- 
darf to. 

ammunition section Munitionsstaffel 
/ (firing Btry). 

ammunition shelter Munitionsnische 
f (Ft). 

ammunition shortage Munitionsman- 
gel to. 

ammunition sponson Munitionskam- 
mer / (Tk). 

ammunition stock Munitionsbestand 

to . 

ammunition supply Munitionsnach- 
schub m, Munitionsausstattung f, 
Munitionsbestand m. 
ammunition supply point Munitions- 
umschlagstelle f. 

ammunition supply service Muni- 
tionswesen n. 

ammunition trailer Munitionswagen 

to . 

ammunition train Munitionszug m 
(RR); Munitionskolonne /. 
ammunition transloading point Mu- 
nitionsumschlagstelle /. 
ammunition truck GeschoG-Zubringe- 
wagen to, Geschofiwagen to. 
ammunition wagon Munitionswagen 


amnesty allgemeine Begnadigung, 
Amnestie f. 

amount Betrag to, Bestand to; 
Menge / ( quantity) ; Summe / 

( sum). 

amperage Amperezahl /. 
ampere Ampere n. 
amphibian airplane Wasserlandflug- 
zeug n, Amphibienflugzeug n. 
amphibian tank Schwimmpanzer- 
kampfwagen w, Amphibienkampf- 
wagen to. 

amphibian tractor • See tracked land- 
ing vehicle. 

amphibian truck Schwimm-Last- 
kraftwagen to; Schwimmwagen to. 

amplification Verstarkung / (Rad). 
amplifier Lautverstarker to (vol- 
ume); Kraftverstarker to (power). 
amplifier tube Verstarkerrohre / 


amplitude of oscillations Schwin- 
gungs'.veite / (Rad). 
amputate amputieren, abnehmen. 
anabatic wind Aufwind to, Hang- 
wind to (Met). 

anaglyph Anaglyphe /, Anaglypt n 
(Photo Surv). 
anchor Anker to. 

anchorage Verankerung /, Anker- 
grund to, Ankerplatz w, Ankerstelle 
f (Nav) ; Verankerung /, Zurrung /. 
anchor cable Ankertau n. 
anchored mine Ankermine /. 
anchor hitch Ankerstich to (Engr). 
anchoring Verankerung / (Bdg, 


anchor light Ankerlicht n. 
anchor pin Bremstrager to (of 


anchor plate Ankerplatte f (of clock- 
work fuze) . 

anchor rack stick Ankerrodel to 
(Bdg, Engr). 

anchor stake Ankerpfahl to. 
anemometer Windmesser to, Ane- 
mometer n, WindmeGgeriit n. 
aneroid barometer Dosenbarometer 
n, Federbarometer n, Federluft- 
druckmesser to, Aneroid-Barometer 

anesthetic Betaubungsmittel n. 
angary Prisenrecht n. 
angle Winkel to, 

angledozer Planier-Raupenschlepper 

angle of approach Flugwinkel to 
(AAA); Flugwinkel im Abschufi- 
punkt (present position); Flug- 
winkel im Treffpunkt (future posi- 
tion); Anflugwinkel to (Avn); Fahr- 
zeugiiberhang to, Uberhang to (MT). 
angle of attack Anstellwinkel to 


angle of axle displacement Hubhohe 

/ (MT). 

angle of axle swing Achsenver- 
schrankbarkeit / (MT). 
angle of bank Winkel der Schrag- 

lage (Avn). 

angle of clearance Differenz zwischen 
Abgangswinkel und Deckungswinkel 

(Ballistics) . 


angle of convergence 

angle of convergence Parallaxwinkel 
vi (Optics); Winkel zur Ausschal- 
tung des Stellungsunterschiedes 
(Arty, Surv). 

angle of crab Luvwinkel m (Avn). 
angle of departure Abgangswinkel 
m (Ballistics) . 

angle of depression negativer Gelan- 
dewinkel (Gunnery) ; Tiefenwinkel 
m. (Surv). 

angle of dive Flugneigungswinkel m 
(A A gunnery); Sturzwinkel m 

angle of elevation Visierwinkel m, 
Aufsatzwinkel m, Erhohungswinkel 

angle-of -elevation dial Aufsatztrom- 
mel f (G). 

angle-of -elevation mechanism Auf- 
satzwinkeltrieb m (G). 
angle of fall Fallwinkel m (Ballis- 

angle-offset method Kreisbogenab- 
steckung von einer Tangente aus 
(Btry Surv). 

angle of glide Gleitwinkel m (Avn). 
angle of impact Aufschlagwinkel m, 
Auftreffwinkel m (Ballistics). 
angle of incidence Einstellwinkel m 
(Ap wing); Erganzungswinkel des 
Aufti-effwinkels (Ballistics); Ein- 
falhvinkel m. 

angle of jump Abgangsfehlerwinkel 
m (Gunnery). 

angle of parallax Parallaxe f, Paral- 
laxwinkel m (Optics). 
angle of pitch Steigungswinkel m, 
Anstellwinkel m (propeller); 
Stampfwinkel m (Ap). 
angle of ricochet Abprallwinkel m. 
angle of roll Winkel der Schrag- 
lage (Avn). 

angle of safety Erhohung einschliell- 
lich der Sicherheitsteilstriche (over- 
head firing). 

angle of shift Seitenabstand vom 
Kichtpunkt (indirect firing). 
angle of site Gelandewinkel m, Ziel- 
hohenwinkel m (Gunnery). 
angle-of-site instrument Gelande- 

winkelmesser m. 

angle-of-site level Gelandewinkelli- 
belle /. 

angel-of-site mechanism Gelande- 

winkelmefivorrichtung f (on tele- 
scopic sight). 


angle-of-site micrometer Gelande- 
winkelmesser m (G). 
angle-of-site scale Skalenscheibe f. 
angle-of-site table Libellentafel / 

angle of site to mask Deekungs- 

winkel m (Gunnery). 
angle of slope Boschungswinkel m 

angle of .traverse Schwenkwinkel m, 
SchAvenkungswinkel m, Seitenricht- 
•wiiikel m (Gunnery). 
angle of twist Drallwinkel m (ri- 

angle of view Sehwinkel m. 
angle of wing setting Flugeleinstell- 
winkel m (Ap). 

angle of yaw Wendewinkel m, Gier- 
winkel m, Scherwinkel m (Avn). 
angular acceleration Winkelbeschleu- 
. nigung f. 

angular height Hohenwinkel m 

angular height of target Zielhohen- 
winkel m (AAA); Zielhohenwinkel 
zum Abschufipunkt (present posi- 
tion); Zielhohenwinkel zum Wech- 
selpunkt (midpoint); Zielhohenwin- 
kel zum Treffpunkt (future posi- 

angular measurement WinkelmaG n. 
angular movement Winkelauswan- 
derung f ; Winkelgeschwindigkeit / 

angular travel See angular move- 

angular velocity Winkelgeschwin- 
digkeit /. 

animal-drawn bespannt. 
ankle FuOknochel m, Knochel m. 
A.N. method of instrument landing 
A.N.-Verfahren n (beam bracketing) 

anneal ausgluhen. 
annex Anlage 

annihilation fire Vernichtungsfeuer n. 
announcement Ankiindigung /, Be- 
kanntgabe /. 
anode Anode /. 

answering jack Abfrageklinke f 

answer signal Gegensignal n. 
answer to call-up Anrufantwort f 

antarctic adj antarktisch, den Siidpol 

antenna Luftleiter m, Antenne /. 

antenna ammeter 



antenna ammeter Antennenstroman- 
zeiger m. 

antenna array Antennengebilde n. 
antenna binding post Antennenan- 
schlufl m. 

antenna capacitance Antennenkapa- 
zitat /. 

antenna circuit Antennenkreis m. 
antenna coupling Antennenkopplung 

antenna jack Antennenbuchse f, An- 
tennen-Anschluflbuchse /. 
antenna mast Antennenstab m (port- 
able Rad set); Antennenmast m, 
Funkmast m. 

antenna outfit Antennengerat n. 
antenna reel Antennenhaspel / 


antenna resistance Antennenwider- 
stand m. 

antenna truck Funkmastkraftwagen 

antenna tuning coil Antennenspule 

antenna wire Luftdraht m. 
anthracite coal Steinkohle f. 
antiaircraft artillery Flakartillerie /, 
Flak f. 

antiaircraft artillery battalion Flak- 
abteilung /. 

antiaircraft artillery regiment Flak- 
regiment n. 

antiaircraft automatic weapons Ma- 
schinenflak f. 

antiaircraft barrage Flaksperre f. 
antiaircraft battery Flakbatterie /. 
antiaircraft company Fla-Kompanie 

antiaircraft cruiser Flakkreuzer m 

antiaircraft defense Flugabwehr f, 
Flakabwehr /, Fliegerabwehr /, 
Luftverteidigung /. 
antiaircraft director Kommando- 
gerat n, Flakkommandogerat n. 
antiaircraft emplacement Flakstel- 
lung /. 

antiaircraft fire Flakfeuer n, Flak- 
schiefien n. 

antiaircraft fire director Flakkom- 
mandogerat n. 

antiaircraft gun Flugabwehrge- 

schutz n, Flakgeschiitz n, Flugab- 
wehrkanone /, Abwehrgeschiitz n. 
antiaircraft gun crew Flakbedienung 

antiaircraft lookout Luftspaher m. 

antiaircraft machine gun Flugab- 
wehrmaschinengewehr n, Flakma- 
schinengewehr n, Flamaschinenge- 
wehr n, Fla-MG. n. 
antiaircraft MG unit Fla-Einheit /. 
antiaircraft protection Flakschutz 


antiaircraft scout Luftspaher m. 
antiaircraft searchlight Flugzeug- 
abwehrscheinwerfer m, Flakschein- 
werfer m. 

antiaircraft security Sicherung 

gegen den Luftgegner (Tac). 
antiaircraft sight Fliegervisier n, 
Flakvisier n. 

antiaircraft weapon Luftabwehr- 
waffe /, Fla-Waffe /. 
anticyclone Antizyklon m, Hoch n 

antidim compound Klarsichtsalbe /, 
Brillenglassalbe /. 

antidim eyeglass Klarscheibe / (gas 


antifreeze Gefrierschutz m, Gefrier- 
schutzmittel n (MT). 
antifreeze solution Frostschutzmittel 


antifriction bearing Walzlager n. 
anti-glare windshield Blendschutz- 
scheibe f. 

anti-icer solution Enteisungsmittel 

antiknock klopffest (MT). 
antiknock quality Klopffestigkeit f 
(of engine fuel). 

antimechanized defense Panzerab- 
wehr f. 

antimechanized security Sicherung 
gegen Panzer. 

antimechanized warning Panzerwar- 
nung /. » 

antimechanized warning system Pan- 

zerwarndienst m. 

antimechanized weapon Panzerab- 
wehrwaffe /. 

antimony sulfide Schwefelantimon 

n ( Am). 

antipersonnel bomb Splitterbombe /. 
antipersonnel mine S-Mine f, 

Schrapnellmine f, Schiitzenmine f. 
antipersonnel rifle grenade Gewehr- 
sprenggranate /. 

antiseptic faulnisbekampfendes 

Mittel, Antiseptikum n. 
antisubmarine net Fangnetz n. 
antitank Pak-, Panzerabwehr-, Pan- 
zerjager-. See also tank destroyer. 


antitank artillery 231 

antitank artillery Pak f. 
antitank battalion Panzer jagerab- 

teilung /, Panzerabwehrabteilung /. 
antitank bomb Panzerbombe /. 
antitank company Panzerabwehr- 

kompanie /, Panzer jagerkompanie /. 
antitank defense Panzerabwehr /. 
antitank ditch Panzerfahrzeuggraben 

m, Panzergraben m, Panzersperr- 
graben m, Tankgraben m. 

antitank gun Pak /, Pak-Geschiitz n, 
Panzerabwehrgeschiitz n, Panzerab- 
wehrkanone /, Panzer jagerkanone /, 
Panzer j agergesehiitz n. 
antitank gun emplacement Pakstel- 
lung /. 

antitank hedgehog Igel to. 
antitank lookout Panzerwarnposten 


antitank mine Panzerabwehrmine f, 
Panzermine /. 

antitank obstacle Panzersperre /, 
Panzerhindernis n. 

antitank platoon Panzerabwebrzug 
to, Pak-Zug w, Panzerjagerzug m. 
antitank regiment • Panzerabwehr- 
regiment n, Panzerjagerregiment n. 
antitank rifle Panzerabwehrgewehr 

n, Tankbiichse /, Panzerbiichse /. 
antitank rifle grenade panzerbrechen- 

de Gewehrgranate. 

antitank rifle grenadier Gewehr- 

Panzergranatenschutze to (USA). 
antitank rocket Panzerabwehrrakete 


antitank rocket launcher Raketen- 

Panzerbiichse /. 

antitank squad Pak-Halbzug to. 
antitank tetrahedron Igel m. 
antitank wall Panzersperrmauer /. 
antitank weapon Panzerabwehrwaf- 

anvil Ambofi m ( Am, blacksmith’s). 
aparejo mexikanischer Packsattel. 
aperiodic compass aperiodischer 


aperture OfTnung f (opening); Loch 
n (hole); Spalt w, Schlitz to (slit); 
Scharte / (port or peephole, Ft, Tk, 

apparatus Gerat n, Apparat w. 
appeal Berufung / (Law); drin- 
gende Bitte (earnest request); Auf- 
ruf to (public appeal). 
appendix Fiillansatz to (Bln); Blind- 
darm to (anatomy) ; Anhang m (in 
a manual, etc.). 

application Bewerbung /, Gesuch n 
(request); Umschlag to (Med). 
appoint bestallen, ernennen. 
appointing authority Gerichtsherr w 

appointment Dienststellung /; 

Ernennung f-(to brevet rank). 
approach n Annaherung /, Herange- 
hen an den Peind (Tac); Anmarsch- 
weg to (road) ; Anflug to (bombing) ; 
Einflug w (of a target) (AWS). 
approach v anfliegen ( Avn) ; sich 

approach angle Anflugwinkel m 

(Avn); Fahrzeugiiberhang m, Uber- 
hang w (MT). 

approach embankment Briicken- 
damm to (Bdg). 

approaching course Anflugkurs to 
( Avn ) . 

approaching target kommendes Ziel. 
approach march Anmarsch m, Anna- 
herungsmarsch to (Tac). 
approach route Anmarschweg m. 
approach trench Laufgraben m. 
approach zone Anflugsektor m 


appropriation Bewilligung f (of 

funds, etc.). 

approximate v sich nahern, nahe- 
bringen, schatzen. 

approximate adj ungefahr, anna- 
hernd, grob. 

approximate adjustment fire grobes 
EinschieBen (Arty). 
apron Hallenvorplatz m, Vorfeld n 
(Adrm); Tarnnetz n (of G emplace- 
ment); Seitenverankerung / (of dou- 
ble-apron fence). 
apron shield Unterschild to (G). 
aptitude test Eignungspriifung /. 
aquadag Aquadag m (lubricant). 
arc Kreisbogen m (of a circle); 
Bogen m. 

arch Briickenbogen m (Bdg). 
arched bridge Bogenbriicke /. 
arc lamp Bogenlampe f (SL). 
arctic adj arktisch; den Nordpol 

arctic circle nordlicher Polarkreis. 
arctic zone Nordpolgebiet n. 
arc-type elevating mechanism Zahn- 
bogenrichtmaschine f (G). 
arc welding LichtbogenschweiBung /. 
area Raum to, Gebiet n, Flache /, 
Flacheninhalt in. 

area bombing 232 armored regiment 

area bombing Bombenabwurf auf 

area contamination Gelandevergif- 
tung / (CWS). 

area fire Flachenschieflen n, Fla- 
chenfeuer n (Arty). 
area sketch GrundriBskizze /. 
area target Flachenziel n (Gun- 

arm n Arm m (Anatomy) ; Wafte f 
(weapon) ; Waffengattung / (branch 
of the Army). 

arm v bewaffnen, bestiieken (provide 
armament) ; scharf machen, entsi- 
chern (Am, mine); scharf stellen 

armament Rfistung /; Bewaffnung f, 
Bestiickung f. 

armament error Waffenstreuung /. 
armament officer Waffenoffizier m. 
armament plant Riistungswerk n. 
arm and hand signal Armzeichen n. 
armature Anker m. 
armature shaft Ankerwelle / (Elec); 

Ankerachse / ( field Tp). 
armature short Lamellenschlufl m. 
armature turn Leiterschleife f. 
armature winding Ankerwicklung f. 
armband Armbinde f. 
armed bewaflfnet; scharf gemacht, 
scharf gestellt (Am). 
armed-defense system Wehrorgani- 
sation f. 

Armed Forces Wehrmacht f. 
armed merchantman bewaffnetes 


armed reconnaissance bewaffnete 

armes blanches blanke Waffen, 

Handwaffen fpl. 

arming device Fliehbacke / { centri- 
fugal type device in fuze). 
arming pin Sicherungsvorstecker m 

arming vane Entsicherungsflugel m, 
Windflugel m (bomb). 
arming wire Entsicherungsdraht m 

armistice Waffenstillstand m. 
armistice terms Waffenstillstands- 
bedingungen fpl. 

armor Panzer m, Panzerung / (Tk, 
etc.); Bewehrung f (Tp cable). 
armor belt Panzergiirtel m. 
armored gepanzert, Panzer — . 
armored artillery Panzerartillerie /. 
armored attack Panzerangriff m. 

armored battalion Panzerbataillon n, 
Panzerabteilung /. 

armored cable armiertes Kabel, Pan- 
zerkabel n. 

armored car Panzerwagen m, Pan- 
zerkraftwagen to. 

armored cargo carrier Panzertrans- 
portwagen m (MT). 
armored combat Panzerkampf w, 

Panzergefecht n. 

armored combat vehicle gepanzertes 
Gefechtsfahrzeug, mechanisiertes 

Armored Command Panzertruppe f, 
Panzerwaffe f. 

armored corps Panzerkorps n. 
armored division Panzerdivision /. 
armored engagement Panzergefecht 

armored engineer Panzerpionier to. 
armored engineer battalion Panzer- 
Pionier-Bataillon n. 

Armored Force Panzerwaffe f, Pan- 
zertruppe f. 

armored force officer Panzeroffizier 


armored forces Panzertruppen fpl, 
Panzerkrafte fpl. 

armored formation Panzerverband 
w, Panzerformation f. 
armored infantry battalion Panzer- 
grenadier-Bataillon n. 
armored infantry regiment Panzer- 
grenadier-Regiment n, Panzer-In- 
fanterieregiment n. 
armored personnel carrier Panzer- 
transportwagen m, Schiitzenpanzer 
w, Schutzenpanzerwagen to, Grena- 
dier-Panzerwagen m (MT). 
armored platoon Panzerkraftwagen- 

zug TO. 

armored point Panzerspitze / (Adv 

armored radio car Panzerfunkwagen 


armored radio truck Panzerfunk- 
wagen TO. 

armored reconnaissance battalion 
Panzeraufklarungsabteilung f. 
armored reconnaissance car Panzer- 

spahwagen to. 

armored reconnaissance company 
Panzerspahkompanie /. 
armored reconnaissance vehicle Pan- 
zerspahfabrzeug n. 
armored regiment Panzerregiment n. 

armored rifleman 


Army of the United States 

armored rifleman Panzergrenadier 


Armored School Panzertruppen- 

schule /. 

armored scout car Panzerspahwagen 

to . 

armored signal battalion Panzer- 
nachrichtenabteilung /. 
armored skirting Laufwerkpanze- 

rung / (Tk). 

armored support Panzerunterstiit- 
zung / (Tac). 

armored train Eisenbahnpanzerzug 
to, Panzerzug to (RR). 
armored troops Panzertruppen fpl, 
Kraftfahrkampftruppen fpl. 
armored turret Panzerturm m; 

Panzerdrehturm m ( revolving ) ; 
Panzer-Verschwindeturm m (disap- 

armored-unit commander Panzer- 
fiihrer m. 

armored vehicle Panzerfahrzeug n, 
Panzerkraftfahrzeug n. 
armored warfare Panzerkriegfiih- 
rung /, Panzerkrieg to. 
armorer Waffenwart to. 
armorer-artificer Waffenmeister- 
unteroffizier m (NCO). 
armor-piercing panzerbrechend, pan- 
zerdurchschlagend (Am). 
armor-piercing ammunition Panzer- 
munition /. 

armor-piercing bomb Panzerbombe f. 
armor-piercing bullet Stahlkernge- 
schofi n, Spitzgeschofi mit Stahlkern, 
Panzersprenggeschofi n. 
armor-piercing cap Panzerkopf to. 
armor-piercing grenade Panzergra- 
nate f (R). 

armor-piercing projectile Stahlkern- 
geschofi n, Spitzgeschofi mit Stahl- 
kern, Panzersprenggeschofi n, Pan- 
zergeschofi n. 

armor-piercing rifle grenade Ge- 
wehr-Panzergranate f. 
armor-piercing shell Panzerspreng- 
granate /, Panzergranate / (Am). 
armor-piercing shot Stahlkernge- 
schofi n, Spitzgeschofi mit Stahl- 
kern, Panzersprenggeschofi n. 
armor plate Panzerplatte /, Panzer- 
blech n. 

armor-plate shield Panzerschild to 

armor-protected panzergeschiitzt. 

armor protection Panzerschutz m 

(Ft, Tk). 

armor thickness Panzerstarke / 


armory Exerzierhaus n, Waffen- 

meisterei /. 

arms Waffen fpl (weapons) ; Waffen- 
gattungen fpl (branches of the 

arms depot Arsenal n, Waffenlager 

arm signal Armzeichen n. 
arms rack Gewehrstiitze /. 
army Armee f (a tactical unit); 

Heer n (the Army). 
army air defense Heeresluftabwehr 

Army Air Forces Heeresflieger- 
truppe /, Heeresluftwaffe f (USA). 
Army Air Forces Weather Service 
Wetterdienst der Luftwaffe, 
army ammunition depot Armee- 
munitionslager n, Iieeresmunitions- 
lager n. 

army area Armeegebiet n. 

Army Command Heeresleitung /. 
army corps Armeekorps n. 
army depot Heergeratepark w. 

Army Directory Kriegsrangliste /. 
army dog Heereshund to. 
army engineer Pionier to. 
army field order Armeebefehl to. 
Army Ground Forces Heer n. 
army headquarters Armeeoberkom- 
mando n. 

Army High Command Oberkom- 
mando des Heeres (Ger). 
army hospital Heereslazarett n. 
army mail clerk Feldpostbeamter m 
(USA: enlisted man; Ger : civilian 

army medical battalion Armeesani- 
tatsabteilung /. 

Army Medical School Militararzt- 

liche Akademie. 

army newspaper Frontzeitung / (T 
of Opns). 

army nurse Pflegeschwester /, Hee- 
reskrankenschwester f. 

Army Nurse Corps Heeres-Kranken- 
schwesternkorps n (USA). 
army of occupation Besatzungsheer 
n, Besatzungsarmee /. 

Army of the United States Das Heer 
der Vereinigten Staaten. Compare 
United States Army. 

Army Ordnance Department 234 artillery park 

Army Ordnance Department Heeres- 
waffenamt n. 

army post Standort to, Heeres- 

standort to. 

army post administration Heeres- 
standortverwaltung f. 
army postal service Feldpostwesen 
n, Feldpost /. 

army post office Feldpostarnt n. 
army quartermaster Hoherer Kom- 
. mandeur der Armeenaehschubtrup- 
pen (USA). 

army ration depot Heeresverpfle- 
gungslager n, Armeeverpflegungs- 
lager n. 

Army Register Rangliste des Heeres. 
army remount depot Armeepferde- 
park to. 

army saddle Armeesattel w. 
army serial number Wehrnummer /. 
army service area Versorgungsraum 

Army Service Forces Heeresversor- 
gungs- u n d Nachschubdienste 
mpl (USA). 

army signal unit Armeenachrichten- 
abteilung f. 

army supply Heeresversorgung /. 
army supply train Armeenachschub- 
kolonne /. 

army surgeon Armeearzt to. 
army surgical hospital Armeefeld- 
lazarett n. 

army troops Armeetruppen fpl. 
army veterinary hospital Armee- 
pferdelazarett n. 

Army War College Kriegsakademie /. 
arrest n Festnahme /, Arrest to, 
Verhaftung /. 

arrest v festnehmen, verhaften, in 
Haft nehmen; anhalten, aufhalten, 
abbremsen, hemmen (stop). 
arresting gear Abbremsvorrichtung 
/ (Ap). 

arrest in quarters Stubenarrest to. 
arrival Ankunft /. 
arrival time Eintreffzeit /, Ankunft- 
zeit /. 

arrive ankommen, eintreffen. 
arsenal Zeughaus n, Zeugamt n. 
arsine Arsin n (CWS). 
artery Arterie /. 

article of clothing Bekleidungsstiick 


Articles of War Kriegsartikel mpl. 
artificer Feuerwerker to (NCO). 

artificial antenna kiinstliche Antenne 


artificial horizon Horizont to, kiinst- 
licher Horizont, Fliegerhorizont to 

artificial leather Kunstleder n. 
artificial respiration kiinstliche At- 

artificial scent Rieehspur /, kiinst- 
liche Spur. 

artificial ventilation kiinstliche Liif- 

artillery Artillerie /. 
heavy artillery schwerste Artillerie. 
medium artillery schwere Artillerie. 
light artillery leichte Artillerie. 
artillery ammunition Artillerie- 

munition /. 

artillery barrage Artilleriesperr- 
feuer n. 

artillery battalion Artillerieabtei- 
lung f. 

artillery commander Artilleriefiihrer 
to (corps and Div). 
artillery duel Artillerieduell n. 
artillery fire Artilleriebeschufi w, 
Artilleriefeuer w. 

artillery fire-control instruments 

Artillerie-Beobachtungs- und Ver- 
messungsgerat n. 

artillery group Artilleriegruppe /. 
artillery intelligence center Artil- 
lerienachrichtenstelle f. 
artillery intelligence section Artil- 
lerienachrichtentrupp to. 
artillery liaison command post Artil- 
lerieverbindungskommando n. 
artillery liaison officer Artillerie- 
verbindungsoffizier to. 
artilleryman Artillerist to. 
artillery mechanic Artilleriemechani- 
ker to. 

artillery mil Strich to. 
artillery mission Artillerieflug w 

artillery observation airplane Artil- 
leriebeobachtungsflugzeug n. 
artillery observation post Artillerie- 
beobachtungsstelle /. 
artillery observer Artilleriebeobach- 
ter to. 

artillery officer Hoherer Artillerie- 
kommandeur (army and higher 

artillery order ArtiReriebefehl to. 
artillery park Artilleriepark to. 

artillery preparation 235 As you were! 

artillery preparation Artillerievor- 
bereitung /. 

artillery prime mover Artillerie- 
zugmaschine f. 

artillery protection Feuerschutz to. 
artillery reconnaissance artilleri- 
stische Aufklarung. 
artillery reconnaissance aviation Ar- 
tillerieflieger vvpl. 

artillery reconnaissance detail Artil- 
leriespahtrupp to. 

artillery reference points artilleri- 
stische Punkte mpl. 
artillery regiment Artillerieregi- 
ment n. 

artillery support Artillerieunter- 
stiitzung /. 

artillery survey section Artillerie- 
vermessungstrupp to. 
artillery target reconnaissance Ziel- 
aufklarung f. 

artillery train Artilleriestaffel /. 
art of leadership Fiihrungskunst /. 
art of war Kriegskunst /. 
asbestos Asbest to, Steinflachs to. 
ascending air current Aufwind to 

ascending branch aufsteigender Ast 
(of trajectory). 

ascending gust Steigbo / (Met). 
ashore am Ufer, an der Kiiste 
(being ashore)'; ans Land, ans Ufer 
(going ashore). 

aspect ratio Langenverhaltnis n, 
Seitenverhaltnis n, Fliigelstreckung 
/ (Ap). 

asphalt Asphalt to. 
asphyxiate ersticken. 
aspirin Aspirin n. 
assault n Sturmangriff to, Sturm to, 
VorstoB to, VorstoBen n, Ersturmung 
f (Tac). 

assault v ersttirmen, stiirmen (Tac). 
to take by assault im Sturm neh- 

assault battalion Sturmbataillon n. 
assault boat Sturmboot n. 
assault detachment Stofitrupp to. 
assault fire SchieBen wahrend der 

Bewegung (automatic weapons); 
Einbruchsfeuer n (Tac). 
assault fire position Anschlag zum 
SchieBen wahrend der Bewegung. 
assault gap Sturmgasse / ( through 
obstacles) . 

assault gun Sturmgeschiitz n ( self- 

assault-gun car Kraftwagenkanonen- 
wagen to, Kanonenwagen to. 
assault howitzer Sturmhaubitze / 


assault position Ausgangslage f, 

Sturmausgangsstellung /. 
assault trench Angriffsgraben to. 
assemble (sich) versammeln (to 
gather); montieren (an Ap, Tk, 
etc.) ; zusammensetzen (a weapon). 
assembly Bereitstellung /, Ver- 

sammlung f (Tac); Montage / 

assembly area Bereitstellungsraum 
to (Tac). 

assembly formation Versammlungs- 
form /. 

assembly of troops Truppenbereit- 
stellung /. 

assembly order Bereitstellungsbe- 
fehl to. 

assembly plant Montagewerk n. 
assembly point Sammelpunkt to, 
Sammelplatz to, Sammelstelle /, 
Sammelort to, Bereitstellungsplatz 


assembly shop Montagehalle f. 
assign eingliedern (to a unit) ; zu- 
weisen (a task, etc.). See also attach, 
assigned frequencies Verfiigungs- 
frequenzen fpl (Rad). 
assignment Eingliederung f, Auf- 
trag to, Aufgabe /. 
assignment of missions Auftragser- 
teilung /. 

assistant Gehilfe to, Heifer to, 

Assistent m. 

Assistant Chief of Staff Abteilungs- 
chef im Generalstab. 
assistant chief of staff Fuhrerge- 
hilfe to. 

assistant director Oberschiedsrichter 
to, Leitungsoffizier to (maneuvers). 
assistant driver Begleiter to, Kraft- 
wagenliegleitei to, Beifahrer to 

assistant gunner Ladeschiitze to 
(Tk); Ladekanonier to (Arty); Ge- 
hilfe des Richtschiitzen (MG squad). 
Assistant Secretary of War Abtei- 
lungsleiter im Kriegsministerium 

asymptote correction chart Hyper- 

belplan to (sound ranging). 

“As you were!” “Kommando 

zuriick!” (to revoke a command); 

\ “Weitermachen!” (carry on). 

“At ease!” 


automatic feed mechanism 

“At ease!” “Riihrt Euch!” (silence 
7iot required). 
athletics Athletik f. 

Atlantic Charter Atlantik-Charta /. 
Atlantic Wall Atlantikwall m ( Ger 

atlas grid Kartengitternetz n 

( aerial Photo). 

atmosphere Luftmeer n (air) ; At- 
mosphare / (unit of pressure) . 
atmospheric layer Luftschicht f 

atmospheric pressure Luftdruck to 

atmospherics Gewitterstorung / 

attach zuteilen (to a unit ) ; be- 

festigen (fasten). See also assign, 
attache Attache m. 
attached zugeteilt (to a unit); be- 
festigt (fastened). 
attack n Ahgriff to. 
attack v angreifen. 
attack airplane Kampfflugzeug n. 
attacker Angreifer to. 
attack formation Angriffsform /. 
attack from march formation An- 
griff aus der Bewegung. 
attack from the rear Riickenangriff 

attack frontage Angriffsbreite f. 
attack group Angriffsgruppe f. 
attacking flank AngrifTsfliigel to. 
attack of organized positions Angriff 
auf Stellungen. 

attack on the flank v aus der Flanke 

attack order Angriffsbefehl m, Be- 
fehl zum Angriff. 
attack sector Angriffsstreifen to. 
attack troops Stofitruppen fpl, An- 
griffstruppen fpl, Sturmtruppen fpl. 
attack wave Angriffswelle f, Sturm- 
welle / (Tac). 
attempt n Versuch to. 
attention Grundstellung f. 
“Attention!” “Achtung!” (on ap- 
proach of an officer); “Abteilung, 
Stillgestanden !” (for formations) ; 
“Stillgesessen !” (mounted drill). 
attitude Fluglage /, Flugzustand m 

attrition Abnutzung f, Ermattung f, 
Zermiirbung f. 
audible horbar. 
audio frequency Tonfrequenz f. 

audio-frequency amplifier Nieder- 
frequenzverstarker m. 
audio-frequency range Tonfrequenz- 

bereich m. 

audit n Rechnungspriifung /, Buch- 
priifung /. 

audit v Rechnungen priifen, buch- 

auger Lochbohrer m, Holzbohrer to. 
authentication Beglaubigung f, 

Bescheinigung /. 

authority Befehlsbefugnis / (Mil); 

Behorde f, Instanz / (Law). - 
authorization Berechtigung /, 

Genehmigung /. 

a uthorize genehmigen ( approve ) ; 

bevollmachtigen ( empower ) . 
authorized behordlich zugelassen 
(officially permitted); dienstlich 
(regulation); genehmigt (approv- 
ed); bevollmachtigt (empowered) ; 
Soli-, Plan- (in tables of basic al- 
lowances or organization). 
authorized abbreviation amtlich 

festgelegte Abkiirzung. 
authorized basic allowance Sollbe- 

stand to. 

authorized strength Sollstarke /. 

Compare Iststarke. 
autofrcttage Kaltrecken n, Auto- 
frettage / (Ord). 

autogiro Tragschrauber m, Auto- 
giro TO. 

autoloader Selbstlader to (Small 

automatic n Selbstladepistole /. 
automatically operated selbsttatig. 
automatic anchor Minenanker mit 
Tiefensteller (Nav). 
automatic antiaircraft gun Flug- 
abwehrmaschinenkanone /, Fla-Ma- 
schinenkanone /. 

automatic antiaircraft weapons 
Flugabwehrmaschinenwaffen fpl. 
automatic breech mechanism selbst- 
tatiger VerschluC. 

automatic cannon Maschinenkanone 

f (Ap). 

automatic circuit breaker Selbst- 

unterbrecher m (Elec). 
automatic control Selbststeuerung /, 
Regler to. 

automatic direction finder selbst- 

weisendes Peilgerat (Ap). 
automatic feed mechanism Zufiihrer 

to (automatic weapon). 

automatic fire 


axis of advance 

automatic fire Dauerfeuer n (MG, 


automatic fuze setter Ziinderstell- 
maschine / (AA gun). 
automatic gun Maschinenkanone /, 
Salvengeschiitz n. 

automatic pilot automatische Kurs- 
steuerung, automatischer Pilot, 
Selbststeuergerat n (Ap). 
automatic pistol Selbstladepistole /. 
automatic-pitch propeller vollauto- 
matische Verstell-Luftschraube. 
automatic rifle Masehinenkarabiner 
to, automatisches Gewehr. 
automatic supply planmafiiger Nach- 

automatic volume control Schwund- 
ausgleich to. 

automatic weapon Maschinenwaffe /, 
Schnellfeuerwaffe / (Small Arms). 
automobile Kraftwagen m. 
automobile engine Wagenmotor to. 
automobile express highway Auto- 
bahn /. 

automobile flag Kraftwagenflagge /. 
automobile jack Wagenheber to. 
auto-tow take-off Autoschleppstart 
to (glider). 

autotransformer Spartransformator 
to (Rad, Elec). 

autotransformer circuit Sparschal- 
tung f (Elec). 
autumn Herbst to. 
auxiliary Hilfs-, Behelfs-. See also 
woman auxiliary, 
auxiliary air Nebenluft / (Mtr). 
auxiliary airfoil Zusatzfliigel m, 
Hilfsfliigel to (Ap). 
auxiliary arm Hilfswaffe /. 
auxiliary cruiser Hilfskreuzer w. 
auxiliary engine Hilfsmotor m. 
auxiliary equipment Hilfsgerat n. 
auxiliary gear Gelandegang to 


auxiliary ground target Erdver- 

gleichsziel n (Gunnery). 
auxiliary ignition lead Reserveziin- 
dung f (Blasting ) . 

auxiliary landing field Hilfslande- 
platz to. 

auxiliary scale Hilfsmaflstab to 


auxiliary stage supercharger Zwi- 
schengeblase n (Ap 'engine). 
auxiliary target Vergleichsziel n, 
Hilfsziel n; Luftvergleichsziel n 
(high burst). 

auxiliary track Hilfskette / (MT). 
auxiliary transmission Gruppenge- 
. triebe n, Zwischengetriebe n, Zusatz- 
getriebe n (MT). 

auxiliary troops Hilfstruppen fpl. 
auxiliary vessel Hilfsschiff n. 
auxiliary wing Hilfsfliigel m (Ap). 
available verfugbar, zur Venven- 

available for commitment einsatz- 

AVC See automatic volume control, 
average n Durchschnitt to. 
average v den Durchschnitt berech- 
nen (Math); im Durchschnitt ma- 
chen (in marching, etc). 
average adj durchschnittlich, 


average error mittlerer Fehler, 

durchschnittlicher Fehler. 
average performance Durchschnitts- 
leistung f. 

aviation Flugwesen n, Luftfalirt f, 
Fliegerei f; Flieger mpl (collective 
term for any number of airplanes) . 
aviation badge Fliegerabzeichen n. 
aviation cadet Fahnrich der Flieger 

aviation engineers Luftwaffenbau- 
truppe f. 

aviation fuel Fliegerkraftstoff m. 
aviation gasoline Fliegerbenzin n. 
aviation medicine Luftfahrtmedizin f. 
aviation pay Luftdienstzulage f, 
Fliegerzulage f. 

aviation support Fliegerhilfe f, Flie- 
gerunterstutzung f, Schlachtflieger- 
unterstiitzung / (Tac). 
aviation weather service Flugwet- 
terdienst to. 

aviation weather station Flugwetter- 
warte f. 

aviator Flieger to. 
aviator’s helmet Fliegerhaube /. 
award Auszeichnung f ( citation) ; 
Orden m, Ehrenzeichen n ( decora- 
tion) ; Ehrensold to (payment). 
ax Axt f, Beil n. 

axial observation Beobachtung aus 
der Schufllinie (Arty). 
axial road direkte Zufuhrstrafie, di- 
rekte Anmarschstrafle. 
axial spotting Beobachtung in der 
Schufirichtung (Arty). 
axis Achse f, Hauptlinie f. 

Axis forces Achsenstreitkrafte fpl. 
axis of advance Vormarschlinie /. 

axis of an aircraft 238 bacteriological examination 

axis of an aircraft Flugzeugachse /. 
axis of communication Verbindungs- 
achse f. 

axis of signal communication Nach- 
richtenachse /. 

axis of supply Nachschublinie f. 
axis of supply and evacuation Haupt- 
nachschublinie f. 
axis of the bore Seelenachse f. 
axis of trunnions Schildzapfenachse 
/ (G). 

axle Radachse f, Achse /. 
axle bearing Achslager n. 
axle displacement Kletterfiihigkeit / 

axle drive Achsantrieb m (MT). 
axle load Achsdruck m (MT). 
axle nut Achsmutter /. 
axle pivot pin Langszapfen m (split- 
trail carriage). 

axle seats Achssitze mpl (for gun- 
ners, G). 

axle spring Achsfeder / (G). 
azimuth Seite f, Seitenriehtung f, 
Richtung f (Gunnery) ; Azimut m, 
Scheitelkreis m, Scheitelbogen m 
(Surv); KompaCzahl /, Nadelzahl 
/ (compass) ; Kurs m (Nav). 
azimuthal projection Azimutalpro- 
jektion /. 

azimuth and elevation indicator Sei- 
ten- und Hohenempf anger m (AA). 

azimuth change Teilringanderung / 

(telescopic sight). 

azimuth circle Mefikreis m (BC tel- 
escope), Richtkreis m (Surv). 

azimuth controller Seitenrichtmann 
m (AAA). 

azimuth difference Parallaxe f, Pa- 
rallaxenwinkel m (Optics). 

azimuth indicator Seitenempfanger 
m (AA gun). 

azimuth instrument Peilapparat m, 
Peilgerat n, Peilscheibe f, Luftziel- 
apparat m; Theodolit m (Surv). 

azimuth knob Triebscheibe zur Sei- 
tenrichtung (Ord). 

azimuth micrometer Teilring m (tel- 
escopic sight). 

azimuth of target Kurswinkel m, 
Zielseitenwinkel in der Horizontal- 
ebene (AAA); Zielseitenwinkel zum 
Abschulipunkt ( present position) ; 
Zielseitenwinkel zum Treffpunkt (fu- 
ture position). 

azimuth reading Teilringzahl f, Na- 
delzahl / (magnetic); Richtpunkt- 
zahl f (aiming point). 

azimuth scale Teilring m (panoramic 
sight); Seitenteilring m (AA gun). 

azimuth setter Seitenrichtkanonier 

azimuth tracking telescope Seiten- 
richtfernrohr n (height finder). 


bachelor officers’ quarters Offizier- 
ledigenheim n. 
back Riicken m. 

back azimuth der um 180 ° vermehrte 
(oder verminderte) Richtungswinkel 

back azimuth method Messen der 
riickwartigen Verlangerung (Surv); 
“Durchschlagen” n (of a surveyor’s 

back bearing Wegflugpeilung f (Air 
backbone Ruckgrat n. 
backfire Fehlziindung / (Mtr). 
backing light Rtickfahrlaterne / 

backlash Spiel n, Spielraum m, toter 

back-pack parachute Riickenfall- 
schirm m. 

back pad Kammkissen n (harness). 
back-pad strap Kammkissengurt m 


back plate Verschlufileiste / (MG); 

Schlofiplatte / ( G). 
back plate hinge pin VerschluBlei- 

stenachse / (MG). 

back plate latch lock Zurrsttiek n 

back rest Riickenlehne / (Ap, MT); 

Riickenring m (AAMG). 
backsight Riickblick m (Surv). 
back step Schritt zuriick. 
bacteriological examination bakteri- 
ologische Untersuchung, 

bacteriological warfare 239 bank 

bacteriological warfare Bakterien- 
krieg in. 

bacteriologist Bakteriologe m. 
badge Abzeichen n. 
bad weather Un wetter n. 
baffle Truhe /, Lautsprechertruhe / 
(Rad) ; Schlingerwand / (Ap tank); 
Zugdampfer m ( engine muffler) ; 
Prallwand /, Leitwand /. 
bag Sack m, Beutel m, Tasehe /. 
baggage Gepack n. 
baggage car Gepackwagen m (RR). 
baggage train Gepacktrofi m. 
bail out abspringen, aussteigen 

(Avn); aussehopfen (a boat). 
bakery Backerei f. 
bakery company Backereikompanie /. 
balance n Gewichtsverteilung /, 
Gleicbgewicht n (equilibrium) ; 
Waage / (hist). 
balance v ausgleichen. 
balanced profile ausgeglichenes 


balanced rudder ausgeglichenes Sei- 
tenruder, entlastetes Seitenruder 

balanced stock vorschriftsmaBige Be- 

balanced surface ausgeglichene 

Tragfiache (Ap). 

balance tab Ausgleichflache /, 

Trimmruder n (Ap). 
bale n Ballen m. 
bale v in Ballen verpacken. 
baling machine Ballenpresse f. 
balk Langstrager m, Tragbalken m 
(Bdg); Seherbalken m (Ron). 
ball ammunition scharfe Munition, 
ball-and-socket joint Kugelgelenk n. 
ballast Ballast m. 
ball bearing Kugellager n. 
ball cartridge scharfe Patrone. 
ball filler Kugelfiillung / (shrapnel). 
ballistic ballistisch. 
ballistic coefficient ballistischer Bei- 
wert, Querschnittbelastung f. 
ballistic correction Ausschalten der 
besonderen und Witterungseinflusse. 
ballistic curve Flugbahn /, Geschofi- 
bahn /, ballistische Kurve. 
ballistic density ballistisches Luft- 

ballistic director Feuerteitgerat n, 
Kommandogerat n, Zielrechenma- 
schine / (Gunnery). 
ballistic efficiency ballistische Lei- 
stungsfiihigkeit (Am). 

ballistics Schiefilehre /, Ballistik f. 
ballistic table Schufitafel /. 
ballistic wave Kopfwelle /. 
ballistic wind ballistischer Wind, 
ballistite Ballistit n (Am). 
ball mount Kugellafette /, Kugel- 
blende / (Tk). 
ballonet Luftsack m (Bln). 
ballonet balloon Prallhaltevorrich- 

tung /. 

ballonet valve Luftsackventil n. 

balloon Ballon m. 
balloon barrage Ballonsperre /. 
balloon basket Ballonkorb m. 
balloon chief Ballontruppfiihrer m. 
balloon cover Ballonhulle /. 
balloon crew Ballonmannschaft f. 
balloon envelope Ballonhulle /. 
balloon fabric Ballonstoff m. 
balloon interval Ballonabstand m. 
balloon net Ballonnetz n. 
balloon observation Ballonbeobach- 
tung /. 

balloon observer Ballonbeobachter 


balloon pilot Ballonfuhrer m. 
balloon position Verankerungsstelle 
f (captive Bln). 

balloon site Ballonaufstiegplatz m. 
balloon squad Ballontrupp m. 
balloon tire Ballonreifen m. 
ball projectile Vollgeschofi n. 
ball socket Kugelpfanne f (Mort). 
ball turret Bodenkanzel f. 
ball turret gunner Bodensehiitze m. 
band Musikkorps n; Frequenzband 
n (Rad) ; Band n, Binde / (Clo, etc.). 
bandage n Verband m, Binde /, Ban- 
dage /. 

bandage v verbinden. 
band brake Bandbremse / (MT). 
bandmaster Musikmeister m ( Ger : 
2nd Lt). 

band of fire Feuerstrahl m (MG). 
bandoleer Patronengurt m. 
band saw Bandsage /. 
bandsman Spielmann m (pi: Spiel- 

bandspread Bandspreizung f (Rad). 
band switch Grobstufenschalter m 


band width Bandbreite f (Rad). 
bangalore torpedo in Rohr gefullte 

bank n Schraglage f (Ap) ; Ufer n 




bank v sich in die Kurve legen 

bank-and-turn indicator Kreiselnei- 
gungsmesser m, Wendezeiger m 

banner Banner n. 
baptism of fire Feuertaufe /. 
bar Rangabzeichen n, Ordenssehnal- 
le /, Ordensspange / (insigne or 
decoration); Stab m, Stange / 
(Tech); Sandbank /, Barre / (riv- 
ers, etc.). 

barbed wire Stacheldraht to. 
barbed-wire concertina S.-Rolle /, 
Stacheldrahtrolle /. 
barbed-wire entanglement Stachel- 
drahtverhau to, Stacheldrahthinder- 
nis n. 

barbette Geschiitzbank /, Barbette 

barbette carriage Barbettelafette / 


bare wire blanker Draht (Tp). 
barge Prahm to. 
barn Scheune f. 
barogram Barogramm n. 
barograph Barograph to. 
barometer Barometer n, Luftdruck- 
messer m; Federbarometer n, Feder- 
luftdruckmesser to (aneroid). 
barometric pressure Auflenluftdruck 
m (Avn); Luftdruck m (Met). 
barracks Kaserne f. 
barrack (s) bag Bekleidungssack m, 
Waschesack to. 

barrage Spen-e f; Feuersperre f, 
Sperrfeuer n (Arty). 
barrage balloon Sperrballon m. 
barrage chart Sperrfeuerskizze /. 
barrage fire Sperrfeuer n. 
barrage kite Sperrdrache m. 
barrel Rohr n (G); Lauf m (SA); 
Mittelhand / (horse); Fafi n, Tonne 
f (container). See also tube, 
barrel bracket Rohrhalter m ( G). 
barrel burst Rohrzerspringer m. 
barrel erosion Ausbrennung f, Rohr- 
abnutzung /. 

barrel extension Rohransatz m, 

Rohransatzstiick n. 
barrel float Tonnenflofi n. 
barrel guide Rohrklaue / (G). 
barrel length Rohrlange f, Seelen- 
lange / (Ord). 

barrel-locking ring Laufsitzring m 

base machine gun 

barrel-locking stud Gewehrkupp- 
lungsstiiek n (MG). * 

barrel raft Tonnenfahre /. 
barrel recoil Rohrriicklauf m (G). 
barrel reflector Rohrwandbeobach- 
tungsgerat n (G) ; Laufseelenpriifer 
m (R). 

barrel roll Rolle f, tjberschlag • fiber 
den Fliigel (Avn). 
barricade Barrikade /. 
barrier Hindernis n, Sperre f (Ft); 

Sperriegel m (Tac). 
barrier detachment Sperrtrupp m, 
Sperrverband m. 
barrier light Sperrlicht n. 
barrier line StraCensperrung f 


barrier zone Sperrzone f. 
bascule bridge Klappbriieke f. 
base Bettung / (fixed gun); Boden 
m, Geschofiboden m (Am); Stiitz- 
punkt m (Tac); VisierfuC m (of 
rear sight); Hiilsenboden m (of 
cartridge case); Wolkenuntergrenze 
f (of cloud). 

base angle Grundrichtungswinkel m 
(Gunnery) ; Winkel zwischen Grund- 
richtungslinie und Orientierungs- 
linie (Surv). 

base bushing Grundbuchse f (of 
counterrecoil mechanism). 
base charge Bodenkammerladung / 

base cover AbschluCplattchen n 
( Am). 

base deflection die vom Grundge- 
scbutz aus gemessene Seitenande- 
rung {Gunnery). 

base delay-action fuze Bodenab- 
standszijnder m (Am). 
base depot riickwartiges Nach- 


base detonating fuze Bodenziinder m. 
base end station Stand einer Lang- 
basisanlage (CA); Mefistand to 

base fuze Bodenziinder to (Am). 
base hospital Kriegslazarett n. 
base line Grundricbtungslinie / 

(Gunnery) ; Standlinie f (Surv). 
base-line arm Basislineal n (plot- 

ting protractor). 

base-line direction Grundrichtung f 


base machine gun Grundmaschinen- 
gewehr ri, Leit-Maschinengewehr v. 

base of operations 241 battle line 

base of operations Operationsbasis 
/ (Tac). 

base of the trajectory Miindungs- 
waagerechte f. 

base pay Grundgehalt n, Lohnung /. 
base piece Grundgeschiitz n (Arty). 
base plate Bodenplatte f (Mort) ; 

Grundplatte f (Tech). 
base point Grundrichtungspunkt m 
( Gunnery) . 

base ring Fundamentring to (Ord). 
base section hinterer Abschnitt des 
riickwartigen Gebiets. 
base services Bodendienst to (Avn). 
base stake Richtlatte f (Surv). 
basic allowance Sollbestand m. 
basic data SchuBwerte m pi, SchuB- 
elemente npl, Sehieflunterlagen fpl, 
SchieBgrundlagen fpl. 
basic load Tagesrate / (Am); stan- 
dige Belastung, bleibende Belastung 

basic tactical unit taktische Einheit; 

Feuereinheit der Artillerie (Arty). 
basic training Grundausbildung /. 
basic training course Schiefivor- 
schule / (Arty). 

basic unit See basic tactical unit, 
basket Korb w. 
bastion Bastion /. 
baton Marschallstab to; Tambour- 
stock to, Bataillo'nstambourstock to;- 
battalion Bataillon n, Abteilung f. 
battalion aid station Bataillonsver- 
bandplatz w. 

battalion combat train Gefechtstrofl 
eines Bataillons. 

battalion commander Abteilungskom- 
mandeur to, Bataillonsfuhrer to, 
Bataillonskommandeur to. 
battalion command post Abteilungs- 
gefechtsstand to, Bataillonsgefechts- 
stand to. 

battalion communication section 
Bataillonsnachrichtenstaffel /, Ab- 
teilungsnachrichtenstaffel f. 
battalion headquarters Bataillons- 
stab to, Abteilungsstab to. 
battalion sector Bataillonsabschnitt 


battalion train BataillonstroB w, 

Bataillonskolonne /. 
batter Boschungsanlage / (Ft). 
battered round verbeulte Patrone 


battery Batterie / (Arty, Elec); 

Element n ( cell) ; Sammlerbatterie /, 
Sammler to (storage). 
battery box Batteriekasten to, Samm- 
lerkasten w (Elec). 
battery charger Lademaschine /. 
battery-charging unit Lademaschi- 
nensatz to. 

battery chart SchieBliste f. 
battery commander Batterieehef to, 
Batteriefiihrer w. 
battery commander’s telescope 
Scherenfernrohr n. 
battery cover Sammlerhaube 

Zellendeckel to (Elec). 
battery detail See battery head- 

quarters detail. 

battery emplacement book SchieB- 

kladde f. 

battery executive Batterieoffizier to. 
battery front Batteriefront /. 
battery headquarters detail Batterie- 
trupp to. 

battery ignition Batterieziindung / 


battery-location plot Batteriebild n 
(sound ranging). 

battery manning table Batterietafel 


battery position Geschutzstellung /, 
Batteriestand to, Batteriestellung f 

battery survey chart Stellungsmefi- 
blatt 7i. 

battery-target line Linie Grundge- 

battery tester Elementpriifer m 

battle Schlacht /, Kampf to, Ge- 
fecht n. 

battle casualty Ausfall to, Gefechts- 
ausfall to. 

battle casualty report Verlustmel- 
dung /. 

battle chart Einschiefiplan to (Arty). 
battle clasp Erinnerungsspange /. 
battle command Kampffiihrung /. 
battle cruiser Schlachtkreuzer m. 
battle fatigue Kriegsneurose f. 
battlefield Schlachtfeld n, Kampf- 

feld n. 

battle flag Sturmfahne f. 

battle fleet Schlachtflotte /. 

battle honor Kriegsband n, Fahnen- 

band n. 

battle injury Kampfwunde f. 
battle line Schlachtlinie f, Kampf- 

linie f. 

battle map 

battle map Gefechtskarte /. 
battle of attrition Abnutzungs- 

kampf m. 

battle of encirclement Einkreisungs- 
schlacht /. 

battle of extermination Vernich- 

tungskampf m. 

battle performance Kampileistung /. 
battle position Hauptkampffeld n, 
Kampfstellung /. 

battle reconnaissance Gefechtsauf- 
klarung /. 

battle reserves Reserve /. 
battle service practice Schulgefechts- 
schiefien n (Arty). 
battleship Schlachtschiff n. 
battle sight Standvisier n (R); 

Fliegervisier n (MG). 
battle star Erinnerungsstern m. 
battle terrain Kampfgelande n. 
battle zone Kampfzone /. 
bay Feld n, Gerippeabteil n, Zelle f 
(Ap); Strecke f, Briickenstrecke /, 
Briickenglied n (Bdg); Bucht / (sea 

bayonet Seitengewehr n, Bajonett 


bayonet charge Bajonettangriff m. 
bayonet fighting Bajonettfechten n. 
bayonet grip Seitengewehrgriff m, 
Bayonettgriff m. 
bayonet guard Parierstange /. 
bayonet joint Bajonettkupplung / 

bayonet lock Seitengewehrverschlufl 
m (R). 

bayonet practice Ubung im Bajonett- 

bayonet scabbard Seitengewehrta- 

sche /. 

bayonet stud Seitengewehrhalter m 

bayonet thrust BajonettstoB m. 
“bazooka” “Ofenrohr” n. See al»o 
antitank rocket launcher. 

“B” battery Anodenbatterie / (Rad). 
BC telescope Scherenfernrohr n. 
beach Strand m. 

beach defense Strandsperre f, 

Strandverteidigung /. 
beachhead Landekopf m. 
beaching gear Schwimmerwagen m, 
Schlepp wagen m (seaplane). 
beaching party Landungsabteilung /. 
beacon Bake f, Feuer n; Funkbake /, 
Funkfeuer n (Rad). 
beacon light Leuchtfeuer n (Avn). 

belt-feed guide 

beacon lighting Nachtbefeuerung / 


bead sight Perlkorn n (R). 
beam Balken m, Trager m (Engr); 
Strahl m (ray); Peilstrahl m 
(Rad); Lichtkegel m, Lichtstrahl m 

bearing Peilung /, Peilrichtung /, 
Peillinie / (Navigation) ; Lager n 

bearing line Peillinie / (Air Naviga- 
tion) . 

bearing metal Lagermetall n. 
bearing plate Peilscheibe /, Peilauf- 
satz m, Kursscheibe / (Air Naviga- 

bearing station Peilort m, Peilstelle 
/ (Air Navigation). 
bearing surface Laufflache f (Mech) ; 
Aufiageflache / (Engr); Tragerand 
m (hoof). 

beaten track Trampelweg m. 
beaten zone bestrichener Raum 
( firing). 

beat frequency Schwebungsfrequenz 
/ (Rad). 

Beaufort scale Beaufortskala / 


beaver dam Biberwehr n (Engr). 
bed Bett n. 
bedbug Wanze /. 

bedding Bettzeug n (for Pers); 

Streu / (for animals). 
bedding roll Bettzeugrolle /. 
bed sheets Bettbezug m. 
beef Rindfleisch n, Ochsenfleisch n. 
beef stew Gulasch n. 
beer Bier n. 

Behm sound-ranging altimeter 

Behmlot n (Avn). 

belligerent n kriegfiihrende Macht. 
belligerent adj. kriegfiihrend. 
belly Bauch m; Unterseite / (Tk). 
belly landing Bauchlandung / (Avn). 
belly tank Abwurfbehalter m (Ap). 
belly turret Bodenkanzel f (Ap). 
belt Gurt m (MG); Streifen m 

(Top); Giirtel m, Koppel n (Clo). 
belt buckel KoppelschloB n. 
belt conveyor Gurtforderer m. 
belt drive Riemenantrieb m. 
belted ammunition gegurtete Muni- 
tion (MG). 

belt-fed mit Gurtzufuhrung (MG). 
belt feed Gurtladung f, Zufiihrer m, 
Gurtzufiihrer in (MG). 
belt-feed guide Gurthebel m (MG). 


belt-feed lever 


belt-feed lever Zubringerhebel to, 
Patronentragerhebel m (MG). 
belt-feed pawl Gurtschieber m (MG). 
belt-filling machine See belt-loading 

belt-loaded mit Gurtzufiihrung 


belt-loading machine Gurtfiiller to. 
belt road Querverbindungsstrafie /. 
bench Bank f ; Werkbank / (Tech). 
bench mark Nivellementspunkt to. 
bend Strafienbiegung f (road). 
bending machine Biegemaschine /. 
bends Hohenkrankheit f (aeroem- 
bolism); Caisson-Krankheit / (cais- 
son disease). 

beneficiary Nutzniefier m, Emp- 
fangsberechtigter to. 
bent Joch n, Bock to (Bdg). 
benzol Benzol n. 

benzyl bromide Benzylbromid n, T- 
Stoff to (CWS). 
berm Berme f (Ft). 
berth Bett n (Nav, RR); Liegeplatz 
to (of a ship). 
besiege belagern. 

Bessel method Riickwartsein- 

schneiden n (Surv). 
betray verraten. 
bevel Schrage f. 

bevel drive pinion Antriebskegelrad 
n (differential gear) (MT). 
bevel gear Kegelrad n, Kegelzahn- 
rad n. 

bevel-gear rear-axle drive Kegelrad- 
Hinteracbsantrieb to. 
beverage Getrank n. 
bias Gittervorspannung f (Rad) ; 
schrager Schnitt (slant cut); Vor- 
eingenommenheit / (prejudice). 
bible » Bibel f. 

bicarbonate of soda doppelkohlen- 
saures Natrium. 

Bickford fuze Bickford-Leitfeuer n 

bicycle Fahrrad n, Rad n. 

Big Dipper Grofier Bar. 
bilateral observation Beobachten mit 
zwei Beobachtungsstellen (Arty). 

„ bill Rechnung /. 

billet dispensary Ortskrankenstube / 


billet hospital Ortskrankenlazarett n 

billeting Unterbringung /. 
billeting area Unterkunftsbezirk on. 
billeting detail See billeting party. 

blackout light 

billeting equipment Unterkunfts- 

gerat n. 

billeting officer Quartiermacher to. 
billeting party Quartiermachertrupp 

to . 

billets Unterbringung /, Ortsunter- 
kunft /, Ortsbiwak n. 
bill of lading Frachtbrief w, Ver- 
ladungsschein to. 
bill of particulars Tatbericht m. 
binaural balance Mitteneindruck m 
(Sound Locating). 

binaural method Zwei-Ohr-Verfah- 
ren n, Binauralverfahren n (Sound 
Locating) . 

binaural trainer Horcherpriif- und 
tjbungsgerat n. 

binder Einbanddeckel fiir lose Blat- 
ter (loose-leaf cover). 
binder ring Dichtring m (gas mask). 
binding post Anschlufiklemme /, 
Polklemme f (Elec). 
binocular adj binokular, zweiaugig 
( Optics). 

binocular n Glas n, Fernglas n, 
Doppelglas n. 
biplane Doppeldecker to. 
bipod Zweibein n, Gabelstiitze f 

birth certificate Geburtsurkunde f. 
birthmark Muttermal n. 
biscuit Keks m-n, Biskuit m-n. 
bit Gebifi n, Trense f, Kandare / 
(curb bit, harness); Bohrer m, 
Schneide / ( carpenter’s drill). 
bite Stich m (of insect); BiG m (of 

biting angle kleinster Panzerdurch- 
schlagswinkel (Am). 
bit ring Ziigelring to (harness). 
bitumen Bitumen n. 
bivouac Biwak n, Feldlager n. 
bivouac commander Biwakskomman- 1 
dant m ( ranking officer at a biv- 

bivouac security officer Offizier vom 

bivouac site Biwakplatz to. 
black schwarz. 

blackboard scbwarze Tafel, schwar- 
zes Brett. 

blackjack Totschlager to. 
blackout n Verdunkelung f. 
black-out V schwarz vor den Augen 
werden (Avn); verdunkeln (lights). 
blackout light Tarnscheinwerfer to 

blackout measures 



blackout measures Verdunkelungs- 
maflnahmen fpl (AA defense). 
black powder Schwa rzpulver n, 

Nafibrandpulver n. 
blacksmith Schmied to. See also 

blade Blatt n, Fliigel to ( propeller) ; 

Klinge f (of knife, etc.). 
blade angle Steigungswinkel to, 
Anstellwinkel to (propeller). 
blank Platzpatrone (Am); Vor- 
druck m, Formular n (printed 

blank ammunition Platzpatronen 

fpl • 

blank cartridge Platzpatrone f, 

Manoverkartusehe /. 
blanket n Decke /, Marschdecke f; 
Wolldecke / (woolen); Woilach to 
(saddle); kunstlicher Nebel, Nebel- 
decke / (CWS). 

blanket v verschleiern, vernebeln, 
einnebeln, abschirmen. 
blanket door Gasschutzvorhang m. 
blanketing smoke Nebelwand f, 
Nebelschleier m (CWS). 
blanket roll Bettzeugrolle /'. 
blank fire powder Nitrozellulose- 
pulver n (Small Arms). 
blank form Formular n. 
blank shell blindgeladene Granate 

blast n Luftdruck m, Detonations- 
druck m, Luftstofi m, Zerknallstofi m. 
(pressure) ; Sprengung /, Explosion 
f (explosion). 
blast v sprengen. 

blast effect Luftdruckwirkung /, 
Luftstofi m. 

blast furnace Hochofen m. 
blasting Sprengen n. 
blasting cap Sprengkapsel f. 
blasting cartridge Sprengpatrone f, 
Bohrpatrone f. 

blasting charge Sprengladung f; 
Bohrladung / (borehole); Schnell- 
ladung / ( emergency). 
blasting-charge box Ladungskasten 

blasting-charge can Ladungsbiichse 


blasting-charge container Ladungs- 
gefafl n. 

blasting fuze Zeitziindschnur f, Zeit- 
schnur / (Engr). 

blasting machine Gluhzundapparat 
m (Engr). 

blasting oil Sprengol n (nitro- 


blasting pit Sprenggrube / (Engr). 
blasting powder Sprengpulver n 
(black powder). 
bleach Bleichmittel n. 
bleaching powder Chlorkalk m. 
bleed bluten; entluften (recoil 

blend anpassen (Cam). 
blimp unstarres KleinluftschifF. 
blind v blind machen, blenden. 
blind adj blind. 

blind flying See instrument flying, 
blinker Blinklampe /. See also 

signal lamp. 

blinker light Blinkfeuer n, Takt- 
feuer n. 

blinker signal Blinkzeichen n. 
blister Torpedowulst m (Nan) ; MG.- 
Warze / (Ap) ; Blase / (Med). 
blister agent atzender Kampfstoff 


blister gas Hautgift n, atzender 

Kampfstoff (CWS). 
block Sperre / (Ft); Block m, 
Klotz m (Engr); Kettenglied n 
(Tk, Trac); Haltezeichen n (RR 
block signal); Bremsklotz in 
(wheel); Sprengkorper in (explos- 

blockade Blockade f, Sperre f. 
block and tackle Flaschenzug to. 
“blockbuster” schwere Sprengbombe. 
blockhouse Blockhaus n (Ft). 
blocking Sperrung / (by means of 

block warden Blockwart m (Civ 
blood Blut n. 

blood donor Blutspender m. 
blood group See blood type, 
blood plasma Blutplasma n. 
blood-poisoning Blutvergiftung f. 
blood type Blutgruppe /. 
blouse See service coat, 
blowback Biickschlag in (Ord). 
blowback-operated weapon Gas- 

drucklader to. 

blower Geblase n (Ap engine). 
blown primer Zundhiitchenausfall 


blowtorch Lotlampe /. 

blow up sprengen (blast); aufblasen 


bludgeon Kniippel to. 

) blue blau. 


245 bomber squadron 

blueprint Blaupause f. 
bluff Felsenklippe /, Klippe / (Top). 
board n Brett n (wood); AusschuB 
m (committee). 

board v einsteigen (a vehicle); 
bekostigen, verkostigen ( to supply 
meals); in Kost sein (to receive 

board of officers Ehrenrat m; Offi- 
zierausschuB m. 
boardwalk Bretterbahn f. 
boat Boot n, Kahn m. 
boat crew Fahrtrupp m (Engr). 
boat ferry Kahnfahre / (Engr). 
boat hook Bootshaken m. 

boatswain Bootsmann m (Nav). 
boat-tail Verjiingung naeh hinten 

bobbing target Klappscheibe /, Ver- 
schwindscheibe / (practice firing). 
body Korper m; Walze / (Am); 
Ziinderkorper m, Ziindergehause n 
(fuze); Ziinderteller m ( powder - 
train time fuze); Aufbau m (MT); 
Fernrohrkorper m (binocular) ; Ge- 
schoBhiille / (projectile); Gasmas- 
kenkdrper m (gas mask). 
body armor Panzerweste f (Avn). 
bodyguard Leibgarde /, Leibwache /. 
Bofors gun Bofors-Maschinenkanone 


bog Sumpf m, Moor n, Morast m. 
bog down versacken. 
bogie Rollenwagen m (Tk); Rollbock 
m (Arty). 

bogie trailer Rollbock m ( Arty). 
bogie wheel Laufrad n, Laufrolle / 

boil v kochen. 
boiler Kessel m. 
bolo philippinisches Hackmesser. 
bolt VerschluB to, Kammer / (R, 
pistol); VerschluBzylinder m (Small 
Arms); Bolzen m (Mech). 
bolt assembly SchloB n (MG, R). 
bolt base Schlofifufi m (MG). 
bolt catch Kammerfang m (MG). 
bolt-catch piece Kammerfangstiick n 

bolt handle Kammerstengel to (R) ; 
Kammergriff to, SchloBhebel to 

bolt housing Schlofigehause n (MG). 
bolt knob Kammerknopf to (R). 
bolt lock Rasthebel to (MG). 
bolt lug Kammerwarze / (R). 

bolt mechanism ZylinderversehluB m, 
SchloB n (R). 

bolt sleeve SchloBchen n (R). 
bolt slide Kammerbahn / (R). 
bolt support Schlofihalter to (MG). 
bolt thread Bolzengewinde (MT). 
bomb n Bombe f, Fliegerbombe f. 
bomb v bombardieren, bomben. 
bombard bombardieren, bomben. 
bombardier Bombenschutze m. 
bombardier’s compartment Bomben- 
schtitzenstand to (Ap). 
bombardment Bombardierung /, 

Kanonade / (Arty); Bombenan- 
griff to (Avn). 

bombardment airplane Bomber m, 
Bombenfiugzeug n, Kampfflugzeug n, 
Kampfmaschine f. 

bombardment aviation Kampfflie- 
gerei f ; Bombenflieger mpl, Kampf- 
flieger mpl. 

bombardment formation Kampf- 
fiiegerverband to (Avn). 
bombardment group Kampfgruppe /, 
Kampffliegergruppe f (Avn). 
bombardment school Kampfschule f 

bombardment squadron Kampfstaf- 
fel f, Kampffliegerstaffel f (Avn). 
bombardment wing Kampfgeschwa- 
der n, Luftkampfgeschwader n 

bomb bay Bombenkammer f, Bom- 
benmagazin n (Ap). 
bomb-bay doors Bombenklappe / 

bomb case Bombenhiille /. 
bomb control Bombenabzughebel to 

bomb control mechanism Bombenab- 
wurfvorrichtung /, Bombenauslo- 
sungsvorrichtung f (Ap). 
bomb crater Bombenloch n. 
bomb disposal officer Bombenraum- 
offizier m. 

bomb disposal unit Bombenraum- 
trupp to, Sprengkommando n. 
bomber Bomber to, Bombenfiugzeug 
n, Kampfflugzeug n. 
bomber command Kampfflieger- 

kommando n (USA). 
bomber-fighter See fighter-bomber, 
bomber formation Kampfverband w 

bomber pilot Kampfflieger to. 
bomber squadron Kampfstaffel /. 

bomber wing' 

bomber wing Kampfgeschwader n, 
Bombengesehwader n. 
bomb fuze Bombenziinder m. 
bomb hit Bombeneinschlag to, 

Bombentreffer to. 

bomb hoist Bombeneinhangevor- 

riehtung /. 

bomb hide Bombenloch n. 
bombing Bomben n, Bombenwurf to, 
Bombardierung /. 

bombing altitude Angriffshohe f, 
Abwurfhohe f. 

bombing approach Anflug to. 
bombing attack Bombenangriff to. 
bombing formation Kampfverband 
in (Avn). 

bombing raid Bombenangriff to* 
bomb load Bombenlast /. 
bomb nose Bombenkopf to. 
bombproof bombensicher, bomben- 

bombproof shelter bombensichere 

bomb rack Schacht to, Bomben- 

schacht w, Abwurf schacht m ( Ap ). 
bomb rack control Bombenabzughe- 
bel to (Ap). 

bomb release Wurf to, Abwurf w, 
Bombenwurf to, Bombenauslosung /. 
bomb release altitude Abwurfhohe /. 
bomb release controls Bombenab- 
wurfgerat n. 

bomb release handle Bombenhebel w. 
bomb release line Ausloselinie f. 
bomb release mechanism Bomben- 
abwurfvorrichtung /, Bombenaus- 
losungsvorrichtung f. 
bomb release point Auslosepunkt m. 
bomb-resistant bombensicher, bom- 

“Bombs away!” “Wurf!” 
bomb shackle Tragvorrichtung / 


bomb sight Zielgerat n, Abwurf- 
zielgerat n, Bombenzielgerat n, Bom- 
benzielvorrichtung /, Bombenzielap- 
parat m, Bombenvisier n, Bomben- 
richtgerat n. 

bomb target area Bombenwurfplatz 


bomb trailer Bomben-Zubringe- 

wagen m. 

bomb train Bombenreihe /. 
bomb trajectory Fallbahn /, Wurf- 
bahn /, Wurfparabel /, Bombenflug- 
bahn /, Bombenfallkurve /, Bom- 
benabwurfkurve /. 

bounding mine 

bone Knochen m; Grate f (of fish). 
bonus Handgeld n. 
booby trap Sprengfalle /, Schreck- 
ladung f, Schreckmine f. 
boom Ladebaum m (of a crane); 
schwimmende Balkensperre (water 

boom defense vessel Sperrwachboot 


boost aufladen, verstarken. 
booster Schlagladung / (fuze). 
booster charge Beiladung f, An- 
feuerungssatz m (Am). 
boot , Stiefel to (Clo) ; Tasche /, 
Schuh to (holster). 
border Grenze f. 
border area Grenzgebiet n. 
border incident Grenzzwischenfall w. 
bore n Rohrseele /, Seele f ( Ord) ; 
Rohrinneres n (G); Laufinneres n 
(Small Arms); Bohrung f (Mech). 
bore v bohren. 

bore brush Reinigungsbiirste / 

( Ord). 

bore gage Mefipatrone / (Small 
Arms); Kaliberzylinder to, Kaliber- 
ring to. 

borehole Minenrohr n, Bohrloch n. 
borehole blasting charge Bohrladung 

bore-safe and detonator-safe fuze 
rohrsicherer Ziinder mit Sprengkap- 
selsicherung (Am). 
bore-safe fuze rohrsicherer Ziinder. 
bore sight Ziellinienprufer to, Ju- 
stiergerat n ( Ord). 
bore-sight adjustment Justieren n 

boric acid Borsaure f. 
borrow pit Erdgrube /. 
bottleneck Flaschenhals to (figura- 
tively and literally); Engpafl to 

bottom chord Untergurt to (truss). 
bottom gun carriage Unterlafette /. 
boulder Felsblock to, groBer Stein, 
“bouncing baby” See bounding mine, 
bound Sprung to (jump). 
boundary Grenze /, Abschnittsgrenze 
/, Nahtstelle / (between units), 
Trennungslinie /. 

boundary layer Grenzschicht / 

(fluid mechanics). 

boundary light Umrandungsfeuer n, 
Randfeuer n (Adrm). 
bounding mine S-Mine f, Schrapnell- 

mine /. 



247 break down 

bounds Einzelspriinge mpl (method j brake equalization Bremsausgleich 
of advancing). m (MT). 

by bounds sprungweise. 
bourrelet Zentrierwulst m; Fuh- 
rungswulst m (rear). 
bow Bug m (Ap, Nav, Tk). 
bow compartment Vorderkaffe / 
( Pon). 

bowden control cable Bowdenzug m. 
bow gun Buggeschiitz n, Bugfeuer- 
geschiitz n (Tk). 

bow gunner Bugschivtze to (Ap, Tk). 
bow-on Stirnansieht /. 
bow-on silhouette StirnschattenriB 

m (practice target). 
bow wave Kopfwelle / (Ballistics). 
box Kasten to, Schachtel f. 
box barrage Feuerabriegelung f. 
box car gedeckter Giiterwagen (RR). 
box girder Kastentrager m. 
box in Feuerabriegelung schieflen. 
box level Dosenlibelle /. 
box magazine Kastenmagazin n. 
box-trail gun carriage Kastenlafette 

brace n Strebe f (structures) ; Bohr- 
winde f (a tool). 
brace v abspreizen, absteifen. 
braced verspannt. 
bracing Auskreuzung f, Verspan- 
nung /, Verstrebung /. 
bracket n Gabelung /, Eingabelung 
/ (Arty). 

bracket v gabeln, eingabeln (Arty). 
bracket adjustment Gabelbilden n. 
bracket fire GabelschieBen n. 
bracketing Gabelbildung /, Einga- 
beln n. 

bracketing correction GabelschieBen n. 
bracketing elevation Erhohung zum 

bracketing method Gabelbilden n. 
bracketing salvo gabelbildende Salve, 
bracket seat Schildlager n (G). 
braid Borte /, Tresse / (Clo). 
brake n Bremse f (MT, Ord). 
brake v abbremsen. 
brake arm Bremsarm to (gun- 

carriage wheel brake). 
brake band Bremsband n (MT). 
brake bushing Bremsbuchse / ("re- 
coif mechanism). 
brake cable Zugriemen m. 
brake cylinder Bremszylinder m 


brake drum Bremstrommel f, Brems- 
scheibe f. 

brake fluid Bremsfliissigkeit f. 
brake horsepower Bremsleistung /, 
Nutzleistung /. 

brake lever Bremshebel m (G, MT). 
brake lining Bremsbelag m. 
brake pedal Fufibremshebel in, 

BremsfuBhebel m, Bremstritt m, 
Bremspedal n (MT). 
brake release spring Bremsfeder / 

brake rod Bremsgestange n (MT). 
brakeshoe Bremsklaue / (gun-car- 
riage wheel); Bremsbacke f, Brems- 
klotz m. 

braking effect Bremswirkung /. 
branch Waffengattung / (of the 
Army) ; Ast to, Zweig to (of a tree) ; 
Filiale f, Zweigstelle f (of a bank, 
business); Nebenstelle f (of a post 
office); Abteilung f (Adm). 
branch depot Zweigpark to, Zweig- 
lager n. 

branch of the service Dienstzweig in, 
Waffengattung /, Truppengattung /. 
brand Marke /, Sorte / (of com- 
mercial product). 
brass Messing n. 
brassard Armbinde f. 
brass knuckles Schlagring w. 
breach n Bresche /, Sturmlucke f, 
Einbruchstelle f. 

breach v einbrechen (a line); eine 
Bresche schieflen (a wall, etc.). 
breaching charge Sprengladung f. 
breaching line Trennschnitt to 

( demolitions). 

breaching point Sprengstelle / 

( demolitions). 

breach of discipline Disziplinarverge- 
hen n, Ubertretung f, Vergehen n, 
Verfehlung f. 
bread Brot n. 

break n Bruch to; Trennung / (Rad 


break v brechen; degradieren, herab- 
setzen ( demote). 
breakage Bruch to. 
break camp das Lager abbrechen. 
breakdown Zusammenbruch to (col- 
lapse ) ; Panne / (of vehicle) ; Be- 
triebsstorung / (Tp, Com, etc.); 
Gliederung f (analysis). 
break down eine Panne erleiden 

(MT); zusamnienbrechen (physical 

break in 248 brigadier general 

collapse); zerlegen, zergliedern ( an- 
alyze, decompose). 

break in einfahren (a vehicle); ein- 
arbeiten (Pers); zureiten, abrichten 
(a horse). 

break-in procedure Dazwischen- 

sprechen n (Rad). 
break loose losbrechen. 
break off combat das Gefecht ab- 

break ranks wegtreten. 
break-through Durchbruch m (Tac). 
break up absehlagen, abweisen (an; auseinandertreiben (a 
crowd); zerschlagen, zersplittern 
(into pieces); aufklaren (of clouds, 

breakwater Wellenbreeher m. 
breast harness Sielengeschirr n. 
breastplate Brustblatt n (harness). ' 
breastplate harness Vorderzeug n. 
breast strap Halskoppel / (harness). 
breastwork Brustwehr /. 
breather Entliiftungsstutzen m 


breech Bodenstiick n (G). 
breechblock Verschluflblock m 

(screw-type breech); VerschluBkeil 
m (wedge-type breech); VerschluB- 
stiick n, Kartuschestiick n, Lade- 
klappe /, Stoflboden to (Ord). 
breechblock carrier Verschlufitrager 
m (G). 

breechblock wedge VerschluBkeil m 

breech bore gage Kaliberzylinder m, 
Kaliberring m. 

breech cover VerschluOiiberzug m 

breeches Reithosen fpl. 
breeching Umgang m, Hinterzeug n 

breechlock VerschluB m, Geschiitz- 
verschluB m (Ord). 
breech mechanism VerschluB m, 
Verschluflsystem n, Geschiitzver- 
schluB m, Ladevorrichtung / (Ord). 
breech piece Laufmundstiiek n (R). 
breech recess Patroneneinlage / 
(R); Keilloch n (G). 
breech ring VerschluBring m, Ver- 
schraubungsstiick n (G). 
breech wedge VerschluBkeil m. 

Bren gun Bren-Maschinengewehr n. 
brevet rank Rang eines charakteri- 
sierten oder ernannten Offiziers. 

brevity code Funkverkehrsabkiirzun- 
gen fpl (Rad). 

bribe v bestechen; schmieren 


bribery Bestechung /. 
brickyard Ziegelei /. 
bridge n Briicke f; FloBbriicke / 
(floating); Schnellbriicke / (hasty). 
bridge v eine Briicke schlagen, eine 
Briicke bauen. 

bridge bay Briickenstrecke f. 
bridge capacity Verkehrslast f. 
bridge center line Briickenachse /, 
Briickenlinie /. 

bridge commander Briickenkomman- 
dant m. 

bridge construction Briickenschlag 
m, Briickenbau m. 

bridge-construction party Briicken- 
trupp m. 

bridge diagram Briickenskizze f. 
bridge equipage See bridge equip- 

bridge equipment Briickengerat n, 
Kriegsbriickengerat n, Briickenbau- 
gerat n, Ubergangsgerat n. 
bridge foundation Briickenunterbau 


bridgehead Briickenkopf m, Briicken- 
kopfsteilung / (Tac). 
bridgehead line Briickenkopflinie /. 
bridge railing Briickengelander n. 
bridge roadway Briickenbahn f. 
bridge site Briickenstelle f. 
bridge span Briickenstiitzweite f. 
bridge structure Briickenbau m. 
bridge superstructure Briickeniiber- 
bau to. 

bridge traffic control post Ablauf- 
posten to. 

bridge train Briickenkolonne / 


bridge trestle Briickenbock to. 
bridle Zaumzeug n (harness). 
brief v den Flug besprechen (Avn). 
briefing Flugbesprechung /, Einsatz- 
besprechung f; Befehlsausgabe / 
(issuance of orders). 
brigade Brigade /. 
brigade commander Brigadefiihrer 
w, Brigadekommandeur to. 
brigade headquarters Brigadekom- 
mando n. 

brigadier general Generaimajor to; 
Generalmajor der Flieger (Luft- 
waffe); Generalarzt m (Med); Ge- 
neralveterinar to (Vet). 

bright light 249 burst 

bright light Fernlicht n (on auto 

bring down abschiefien ( an Ap). 
brisance Brisanz /. 
broadcast n Rundfunk m. 
broadcast v rundfunken. 
broadcasting Rundfunk m. 
broadcasting station Rundfunksen- 
der m. 

broadside Breitseite / (Nav). 
broken wolkig, fast bedeckt (Met). 
broken outlines zerlegte Formen 

broken stone Steinsehlag m. 
bromacetone Bromazeton n, B-Stoff 
m (CWS). 

brombenzylcyanide Brombenzylzya- 
nid n, T-Stoff m (CWS). 
bronchitis Luftrohrenkatarrh m, 

Bronchialkatarrh m. 
bronze Bronze f. 

brow band Stirnriemen m (harness). 
Browning automatic rifle Browning- 
Selbstladegewehr n. 

Browning machine gun Browning- 
Maschinengewehr n. 
brush Biirste /, Pinsel m; Anstrich- 
pinsel m (paint) ; Gebiisch n (under- 
growth) ; Strauch m (brushwood); 
Scharmutzel n (skirmish). 
brush hurdle Hurde f. 
brush road Strauchdamm m. 
brushwood Dickicbt n (thicket); 
Strauch m (broken branches, bushes, 

brushwork Flechtwerk n, Strauch- 

werk n, Strauchpackung /. 
brushwork revetment Spreutlage f. 
bucket Kiibel m, Eimer m. 
buckle n KoppelschloB n. 
buckle v knicken. 

buckling Knicken n (march column). 
“buddy” “Rumpel” m. 
budget Etat m. 
budget item Etatposten m. 
buffer Auffangvorrichtung des Ruck- 
stoBes, Puffer m (Ord). 
buffer spring Riicklauffeder f (MG). 
buffing Polieren n. 
buggy whip antenna Stabantenne f. 
bugle Horn n, Trompete /. 
bugle call Trompetensignal n, Horn- 
signal n. 

bugler Hornist m, Trompeter m. 

building Gebaude n. 

built-up area bebautes Gelande. 

built-up barrel Ringrohr n, Mantel- 

ringrohr n (G). 

bulb Gliahbirne f, Birne f (Elec); 

Ballen m (horse). 
bulk container PackgefaB n. 
bulkhead Spant m, Rumpfspant rn, 
Schott n ( Ap). 

bulk reduction point Eisenbahntank- 
stelle f (RR). 

bulldozer Planier-Raupenschlepper 
m, mechanischer Pflugbagger. 
bullet Geschofi n, Kugel f. 
bullet drop Geschofifall m (Ballis- 

bulletin Ankiindigung f, Bekannt- 
maehung f (notice); Nachrichten- 
blatt n (publication). 
bulletin board Anschlagtafel /. 
bulletproof kugelsicher, kugelfest, 
schuflfest, schuBsicher. 
bulletproof glass schuBsicheres Glas, 
beschuBsicheres Glas, Panzerglas n. 
bullet-resisting inner tube schuBsi- 
cherer Schlauch (MT). 
bullet tube Geschofikanal m ( grenade 

bullet wound SchuBwunde f, SchuB- 
verletzung /. 

bull’s eye Spiegel m, Zentrum n, 
Zielschwarze n, “Das Schwarze.” 
bump WindstoB m (Avn); Hdcker 

m, Rast f (road). 

bumper Stofifanger m StoBstange / 

buna tire Bunareifen m (MT). 
bungee mechanische Hilfsvorrich- 
tung (Ap). 
bunk Koje f. 
bunker Bunker m. 
bunting Fahnentuch n, Flaggentuch 
n; Flaggenschmuck m. 
buoy Boje /, Tonne /. 
buoyancy Auftrieb m, Hubkraft f 
(Avn); Schwimmkraft / (Nav). 
bureau Amt n, Bureau n, Buro n. 
burial Begrabnis n, Beerdigung /, 
Bestattung /. 

burial detail Bestattungskommando 


burlap Sackleinen n. 
burn n Brandwunde f. 
burn v brennen, verbrennen. 
burning rate Brenngeschwindigkeit 

f ( cord fuze). 

burning time Leuchtdauer f (Sig). 
burst n StoB m, FeuerstoB m (MG). 
burst v bersten, zerspringen, platzen. 



burst center 

burst center mittlerer Sprengpunkt. 
burst effect Zerknallstofl m, Spreng- 
wirkung / (Am). 
burster Sprengladung f (Am). 
burster course Zerschellerschieht / 

burster tube Kammerhiilsenrohr n, 
Sprengladungsrohre / (Am). 
bursting charge Sprengladung /, 
Sprengstoffgehalt m, Sprengsatz m 

burst interval Aufschlagweite / 
( Gunnery). 

burst of fire Feuerstofi m (MG). 
burst wave Verdichtungswelle f 
(Sound Ranging). 

bury begraben, beerdigen; vergra- 
ben, verbergen (to hide). 
bus Kraftomnibus m. 
bush fighting Buschgefecht n, Wald- 
gefecht n. 

bushing Buchsring m (G); Futter- 
stiick n (breechblock) ; Lager schale 
/, Buchse /, Futter n (Tech). 
busy besetzt (Tp). 
busy signal Besetztzeichen n, Be- 
setztschauzeichen n (Tp). 

butcher Fleischer m, Metzger m, 
Schlachter to. 

butchery platoon Schlachtereizug m 


butt Kolben to (MG, R); Kugelfang 
to (target range). 

butt assembly Bodenstiick n (MG). 
butter Butter /. 
buttock GesaBbacke /. 
button Knopf m. 
butt plate Kolbenkappe / (R). 
butt strap Lasche / (Engr). 
butt stroke Kolbenhieb to. 
butt swivel Klammer f (R). 
butt-swivel plate Klammerfufi to 

buzzer Wecker to, Summer m (Tp). 
buzzer button Summerknopf to (Tp). 
buzzer set Summerzusatz to (Tp). 
buzzer signal Summeranruf to (Tp). 
bypass n Gberstromkanal to (Mtr); 

Ausweichstelle / (road). 
by-pass v aussparen (Tac). 

“By the left flank, march!” “Links, 

“By the right flank, march!” “Kechts, 

cab Fahrerhaus n (of truck). 
cabane Spannturm to, Rahmenspann- 
turm m (Ap). 
cabbage Ifraut n. ' 
cabin Kabine f (Ap, Nav); Hiitte / 

cabinet Truhe f, Gehause n (Rad). 
cable Seil n, Tau n (Nav, etc.); 
Kabel n (Elec, Tp); Drahtzug to 
(flexible steel, A;)); Drahtseil n 
(wire). See also wire, 
cable armor Bewehrung /. 
cable block Drahtseilhindernis n 
( obstacle). 

cable brake Seilbremse /. 
cable drum Seilrolle /, Seiltrommel 

cable ferry Seilfahre /. 
cablegram Kabeldepesche f. 
cable knife Kabelmesser n. 
cable lead-in point Kabelauffuhrungs- 
punkt m (Elec, Tp). 
cable line Kabelleitung / (Tp). 


cable ship Kabelschiff n. 
cable sleeve Kabelverbinder to (Tp). 
cable splice Kabelverbindung / (Tp). 
cable-testing instrument Kabelmefi- 
gerat n (Tp). 

cable trench Kabelgraben to (Tp). 
cable wax Kabelwachs n (Engr, Tp). 
cable winch Seilwinde /. 
cadence Gleichschritt m, Zeitmafl n 

cadet Kadett to; Fahnenjunker to, 
Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter to (junior 
cadet); Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier 
w ( cadet Sgt). 

cadre Cadre m, Kader w, Stamm- 
truppe /. 

cadreman Soldat einer Stammann- 


cadre personnel Stammannschaft /. 
caduceus Askulapstab m ( insigne) . 
caisson Hinterwagen to, Munitions- 
wagen m (Arty); Senkkasten to 

caisson section leader 



caisson section leader Wagenzug- 
ftihrer to (Arty). 
calcium bleach Chlorkalk to. 
calcium chloride Chlorkalk in. 
calculate rechnen, berechnen, aus- 

calculation Berechnung /. 
calculator Rechenmaschine /, Rechen- 
gerat n. 

calculus Infinitesimalrechnung /. 
calf Wade f (of leg). 
caliber Rohrweite /, Kaliber n, Waf- 
fenkaliber n (Ord). 
calibrate eichen. 
calibrated geeicht. 
calibration Hohenrichtverbesserung 
nach Einschiefigeschiitz (Gunnery) ; 
Eichung / (Tech); Funkbeschickung 
f (Rad compass). 

calibration adjustment Frequenz- 
korrektur f (Rad). 

calibration correction Aussehalten 
der Grundstufe (Gunnery). 
calibration firing Vergleiehssehiefien 
n (Arty). 

calipers Greifzirkel m. 
calk dichten. 

call n Ruf m, Zeichen n, Signal n, 
Anruf m, Gesprachsverbindung / 
(Sig C) ; Ferngesprach n, Gesprach 
n, Spruch m (Tp). 
call v rufen; anrufen (Tp). 
called station Gegenstelle / (Rad, 

calling key Flackertaste f (Tp). 
call letters Buchstaben des Rufzei- 
chens (Rad). 

call sign Rufzeichen n (Rad). 
call signal Rufzeichen n (Rad, Tp); 

Anruf zeichen n (Tp). 
call the roll Namen aufrufen. 
call the shot das Abkommen melden. 
call to quarters Locken n. 
call to the colors See induction, 
call-up Anruf m (Rad). 
call up aufrufen, anrufen. 
calm adj still, ruhig, windstill (Met). 
cam Daumen m, Nocken to (Tech); 
Drucknase / (trigger); Lenkschrau- 
be / (steering column, MT). 
cam and lever steering system 
Sehraubenganglenkung /, Spindel- 
lenkung / (MT). 

camber Radsturz m (MT); Wolbung 
/, Kriimmung f. 
camera Kammer /. 
camera gun Lichtbild-MG. n (Avn). 

cameraman Photograph m. 
camera spotting Artillerie-Bildbeob- 

achtung /. 

camouflage n Tarnung /, Tarnen n. 
camouflage v tarnen. 
camouflage discipline Tarndisziplin 

camouflage jacket Tarnjacke /. 
camouflage material Tarnmittel n. 
camouflage net Maske /, Flieger- 
maske /, Tarnnetz n. 
camouflage paint Tarnungsfarbe /, 
Tarnanstrich to. 

camouflage troops Tarnungstruppe 

camouflet Quetschladung /, Quetsch- 
mine /. 

camp n Lager n, Lagerplatz to, La- 
gerort to, Truppenlager n; Gefange- 
nenlager n (PW). 
camp v das Lager aufschlagen. 
campaign Feldzug to. 
campaign medal Kriegsdenkmiinze 
/, Erinnerungsmedaille /. 
camp hospital See station hospital, 
camp kitchen Lagerkiiche f. 
cam plate Kurvenscheibe / (Ord). 
camp site Lagerstelle /. 
camshaft Nockenwelle /, Steuerwelle 
f, Daumenwelle /. 

can Biichse /, Blechbiichse /, Dose /. 
canal Kanal m. 

canard airplane Ente /, Entenflug- 
zeug n. 

cancel ausstreichen, durchstreichen 
(cross out); aufheben, absagen, an- 
nullieren (annul); widerrufen (re- 

cancellation Streichung / ( crossing 
out); Aufhebung f, Annullierung / 
candle Kerze /. 

canister Kartatsche f ( separate-load- 
ing Am) ; Filterbiichse / (gas mask). 
canister filter Biichsenfilter in (gas 
mask ) . 

canned food Biichsenkonserven fpl. 
canned meat Fleischkonserve /, 

Buchsenfleisch n. 

canned ration Biichsenkonserven fpl. 
cannelure Rille / (Am). 
cannibalization Wiederinstandset- 

zung unter Verwendung von Teilen 
beschadigten Kriegsgerats ( Ord). 
cannon Kanone /. 

cannonade Bombardierung /, Kano- 
nade f. 




cannoneer Schiitze m, Kanonier m. 
cannon salute Kanonensalut m. 
cannon transport wagon Rohrwagen 

canopy Baldachin m (Ap); Stoff- 

bahn f (Prcht). 

cant n schiefer Radstand, Verkan- 
tung / (Arty). 
cant v verkanten (G, R). 
canteen Feldflasche f (water con- 

tainer); Kantine f, Kamaradschafts- 
heim n (place). 

canteen cover Feldflaschenhiille /. 
canteen cup Trinkbecher m, Beeher 

cantilever freitragend. 
cantilever beam Kragtrager m. 

cantilever bridge Kragtragerbriicke 
/, Auslegerbriicke /. 
cantilever wing freitragender Flu- 

cantle Hinterzwiesel m (saddle). 
cantonment Barackenlager n. 
cantonment area Unterkunftsraum 

cantonment building Militarbaracke 
f, Baracke f. 
canvas Segeltuch n. 
cap Haube /, Kappe /, Kopf m 
(Am) ; Miitze / (Clo) ; Geschollkappe 
/ (projectile) ; Sprengkapsel / 

capacitance Kapazitat f (Elec). 
capacitor Kondensator m (Rad). 
capacity Leistung f, Leistungsfahig- 
keit / (performance) ; Vermijgen n 
(capability) ; Fahigkeit / (ability); 
Eigenschaft f (function); Verkehrs- 
last / (Bdg); Fassungsvermogen n 
( volume). 

cap crimper Wiirgezange f. 
cape Umhang m (cloak); Kap n 
(point of land). 

cap hole Ziindkanal m (blasting car- 

capillary tube Haarrohre f. 
capital Haupstadt f (of a country) ; 

grofier Buchstabe (letter). 
capital offense Kapitalverbrechen n. 
capital ship Groflkampfschiff n. 
capitulate sich ergeben, kapitulieren. 
capitulation Ubergabe f, Kapitula- 
tion f. 

capsize kentern, umkippen. 
capstan Gangspill m, Ankerwinde / 
(Nav) ; Erdwinde / (Engr). 
captain Hauptmann m (plural: 

Hauptleute) ; Rittmeister m (Cav, 
H Arty); Stabsarzt m (Med); Stabs- 
veterinar m (Vet) ; Kapitan zur See 


captive balloon Fesselballon m. 
capture n Einnahme f (of a local- 
ity) ; Gefangennahme f (of a per- 

capture v fangen, gefangennehmen 
(a person); erbeuten (materiel); 
aufbringen (a ship); einnehmen (a 

captured gun Beutegeschiitz n. 
captured materiel erbeutetes 

captured officer kriegsgefangener Of- 

car Wagen m (MT, RR). 
carbine Karabiner m. 
carbine scabbard carrier Karabiner- 
tragevorrichtung f. 
carbolic acid Karbolsaure f. 
carbon Kohle f, Kohlenstoff m; Ol- 
kohle f (Mtr). 

carbon block Kohleklotz m (micro- 

carbon brush Kohle /, Kohlebiirste f 

carbon. copy Durchschlag m (typed); 

Durchschrift / (written). 
carbon-copy pad Durchschreibeblock 


carbon dioxide Kohlensaure f. 
carbon electrode Kohlenelektrode /. 
carbon filler Kohlenstofftrager m (in 
liquid-oxygen blasting charges). 
carbon lightning arrester Kohleblitz- 
ableiter m. 

carbon microphone Kohlenmikrophon 


carbon monoxide Kohlenoxyd n. 
carbon paper Kohlepapier n. 
carbon residue Verbrennungsriick- 
stand m (Mtr). 

carbon rod Kohle /, Kohlestab m 


carbon tetrachloride Tetrachlorkoh- 

lenstoff m. 

carbonylchloride Chlorkohlenoxyd n, 
Phosgen n (CWS). 

carbon-zinc battery Kohle-Zink- 

sammler w. 

carbon-zinc cell Kohle-Zink-Element 

n (Elec). 

carburetion Vergaseranordnung f, 
Gemischbildung im Vergaser (Mtr). 
carburetor Vergaser m. 

carburetor engine 253 casualty agent 

carburetor engine Vergasermotor m. 
carcass Kadaver to, Leiche f. 
card Karte f, Schein to, Zettel to. 
cardboard Pappe /, Pappdeckel to, 
Karton m. 
card file Kartei /. 
cardinal point Himmelsrichtung /. 
care Pflege f (of wounded, equip- 
ment, etc.); Verwundetenbetreuung 
f (of casualties) ; Fiirsorge / (wel- 
fare); Vorsicht f (caution). 
cargo Last f, Ladung f (load); 
Fracht / (freight); Schiffsladung f 

cargo carrier Lastkraftwagen m, 
Transportwagen m (MT). 
cargo-carrying glider Lastensegler 
m, Lastensegelflugzeug n. 
cargo parachute Lastfallschirm m. 
cargo tonnage Ladefahigkeit / 

(capacity) ; Ladegewicht n (weight). 
cargo-transport plane Frachtflug- 
zeug n. 

cargo truck Lastkraftwagen m. 
carload Wagenladung /. 
carpenter Zimmermann m. 
carriage Lafette f, Lafettierung / 

carrier Beforderungsmittel n, Fahr- 
zeug n (vehicle); Trager m (Pers); 
Flugzeugtrager m (Nav); Tragbeu- 
tel m, Biichse f, Tasche f (con- 

carrier current Tragerstrom m (Tp). 
carrier pigeon Brieftaube f, Heeres- 
brieftaube f. 

carrier wave Tragerwelle / (Rad). 
carry tragen; halten (AA SL). 
carrying capacity Tragfahigkeit f. 
carrying pad Tragepolster n (MG). 
carrying strap Tragband n (gas 

carry light fiihrender Scheinwerfer 


carry out ausfiihren, durchfiihren. 
cartel ship Austauschschiff n. 
cartographer Kartenzeichner m, Ta- 
bellenzeichner to. 

cartographical sketching Anferti- 
gung von Grundrifiskizzen. 
cartridge Patrone / (Am); Kar- 
tusche / (semifixed and fixed Am); 
scharfe Patrone (ball); Anlafipa- 
trone / (for cartridge starter). 
cartridge bag Kartuschbeutel to. 
cartridge belt Patronengurt m 

cartridge case Hiilse f, Patronen- 
hiilse f, Geschofihiilse / (Am); Kair- 
tusche f, Kartuschhiilse / (semifixed 
and fixed Am). 

cartridge chamber Patronenlager n 


cartridge clip Patronenstreifen m, 
Ladestreifen to (Am). 
cartridge feed Patronenzufiihrung / 
(Small Arms). 

cartridge starter Anlafipistole / 

cartridge-type ground signal Leucht- 
patrone f. 

cartwheel Wagenrad n. 
case Gehause n, Hiilse f, Biichse / 
(Tech); Kiste /, Fasten to (box); 
Futteral n, Tasche f; Kartusche / 
( semifixed and fixed Am) ; Ziind- 
schraubengehause n (threaded per- 
cussion primer) (Am); Fall to (in- 
stance); Schurholzrahmen to (gal- 
lery case); Patronenhiilse / (car- 
tridge); Bombenhiille / (bomb). 
casein glue Kaseinleim m. 
casemate Kasemate / (Ft, Nav). 
casemate gun mount Kasematten- 
lafette f. 

case I pointing direktes Richten 
( Gunnery) . 

case II pointing Richten mit direkter 
Seitenrichtung und indirekter Ho- 
henrichtung (Gunnery). 
case III pointing indirektes Richten 
( Gunnery). 

case IV pointing Richten mit vorge- 
schobener Beobachtungsstelle ( Gun- 

cash Bargeld n. 

cashier v aus dem Heere ausstofien. 
casing Deckplatte / (MG telescopic 
sight); Laufdecke f, Decke f, Man- 
tel w (tire); Gehause n, Hiille f, 
Hiilse f, Schalung /. 
castellated nut Kronenmutter /. 
caster Nachlauf to, Vorlauf to 
(MT); Schwenkrolle f (roller). 
casting Gufi to, Giefien n (action); 

Abgufi to (thing cast). 
cast iron Gufleisen n. 
cast-metal case GuBgehause n. 
cast-steel GuBstahl to. 
casuals zur Verwendung stehendes 

casualty Verlust to, Ausfall to. 
casualty agent Kampfstoff to 


casualty day 254 center of the front 

casualty day tagliche Verlustrate. 
casualty list Verlustliste /. 
casualty report Verlustmeldung /. 
catalog Katalog TO. 
catapult n Katapult m, Startkatapult 
to, Schleuder f, Flugzeugsehleuder / 

catapult v katapultieren (an Ap). 
catapult airplane Katapultflugzeug 

catapult take-off Sehleuderstart to 

catch n Falle / (MG) ; Kammerfang 
m (MG bolt catch); Sperrnase / 
(fuze); Sperrklinke / (pawl). 
catch v fangen, einfangen, auffari- 
gen; ergreifen (seize); sich zuzie- 
hen, anstecken (a disease). 
catch pivot Fallenachse f (MG). 
caterpillar band Radgiirtel to (G). 
caterpillar drive Raupenantrieb to, 
Gleiskettenantrieb w (MT). 
caterpillar prime mover Gleisketten- 
schlepper to, Gleiskettenzugmaschine 

caterpillar track Raupe /, Raupen- 
kette /, Gleiskette f (MT, Tk). 
caterpillar tractor Gleiskettenschlep- 
per to, Gleiskettenzugmaschine /, 
Raupenschlepper m. 
cathode Kathode /. 
cathode-ray tube Kathodenstrahl- 
rohre /, Elektronenstrahlrohre /, 
Braunsche Rdhre. 
cattle Vieh n. 

catwalk Lattenrost to, Holzrost m. 
cause v verursachen, veranlassen, 

causeway StraQendamm m. 
caustic n Atzmittel n. 
caustic soda kaustisches Natron, 
Atznatron n. , 

caution Vorsicht /, Achtung /. 
cavalry Kavallerie f, Reiterei / 
(H Cav); motorisierte Kavallerie 

cavalry brigade Reiterbrigade f, 
Kavalleriebrigade /. 
cavalry corps Kavalleriekorps n. 
cavalry division Kavalleriedivision /. 
cavalryman Kavallerist m, Reiter m. 
cavalry patrol Reiterspahtrupp m. 
cavalry pioneer Kavalleriepionier m. 
cavalry reconnaissance detachment 
Reiteraufklarungsabteilung f. 
cavalry regiment Reiterregiment n, 
Kavallerieregiment n. 

Cavalry School Kavallerieschule f, 
Reitschule f. 

cavalry troop Reiterschwadron /. 

cave Hohle /. 

cave in einstiirzen. 

cave shelter minierter Unterstand 


cavesson Reithalfter / (harness). 
cavity Loch n, Vertiefung f, Hohle f. 
cease aufhoren, einstellen. 

“Cease firing!” “Feuerpause!” 
ceiling Wolkenhohe / (Met); Gip- 
felhohe f (Ap) ; Decke f (of a room). 
ceiling light Wolkenscheinwerfer m 

ceiling ventilator Deckenventilator 

to (MT). 

celestial navigation astronomische 

celestial sphere Himmelskugel f 

(Navigation, Sivnv). 
cell Zelle f , Fliigelzelle f (Ap); Gas- 
zelle f (Airship); Element n (Elec). 
cell container Elementbecher m 


cellophane Zellophan n. 
cellophane cover Zellophaniiberzug 

w (CWS). 

cellular-type radiator Elerhentekiih- 
ler to (MT). 

cellule Zelle f, Fliigelzelle / (Ap); 

Gaszelle / (Airship). 
celluloid Zelluloid n. 
celluloid templet Zelluloidtafel f. 
cellulose Zellulose f. 
cellulose acetate Zellon n. 
cellulose fiber Zellwolle /. 
cement Mortel m, Zement in. 
cemetery Friedhof to. 
censor Zensor to. 
censorship Zensur /. 
center Mitte f, Mittelpunkt in, Zen- 
trum n. 

center balk Mittelbalken to (Bdg). 
center line Briickenlinie f (Bdg). 
center of burst mittlerer Spreng- 

center of dispersion See center of 

center of impact mittlerer Treff- 

center of lift Auftriebsmittelpunkt 
to. (Aerodynamics). 
center of resistance Widerstands- 

zentrum n (Tae). 

center of the front Frontmitte / 




center point of target 

center point of target Zielpunkt in. 
center punch Korner to. 
centigrade Celsius, 
central Vermittlung /, Vermittlungs- 
stelle / (Tp). 

central control zentrale Feuerleitung 

Central European time mitteleuropii- 
ische Zeit (15° E standard merid- 

central station Zentrale f (sound 

central tube Kammerhiilse / ■( shrap- 

centrifugal action Fliehkraftan- 

trieb m (fuze). 

centrifugal arming device Fliehbacke 
/ (fuze). 

centrifugal bolt Fliehbolzen m 


centrifugal casting Schleudergufi m 


centrifugal compressor Turbokom- 

pressor m, Kreiselkompressor m. 
centrifugal force Fliehkraft /, 

Zentrifugalkraft f. 

centrifugal fuze Fliehkraftziinder m. 
centrifugal governor Fliehkraft- 

regler m (Mtr). 

Centrifugal pump Kreiselpumpe /, 
Zentrifugalpumpe /, Schleuder- 
pumpe /. 

centripetal force Zentripetalkraft /. 
ceremonial detachment Ehrenwache /. 
ceremony Zeremoniell n, Feierlich- 
keit /, besondere Veranstaltung; 
Trauerfeier f (Mil funeral). 
certificate Bescheinigung /, Zeugnis 
n, Schein to. 

certificate of discharge Entlassungs- 
schein m. 

certificate of identification Personal- 
ausweis to. 

certificate of rejection Ausmuste- 
rungsschein to. 

certificate of service Dienstbescheini- 
gung /. 

certified beglaubigt (documents). 
certify bescheinigen, bezeugen, be- 

cessation Einstellung /. 

cetane rating Cetenzahl f (Diesel 

fuel) . 

chain Kette f; Gleitschutzkette / 
(skid); MeBkette / (Surv). 
chaining Messen mit MeBkette 


chain link Kettenglied n. 
chain of command Befehlsweg in, 
Befehlsverhaltnisse npl. 
chain of evacuation Verwundeten- 
abschublinie f. 

challenge Anruf m, Einspruch to, 
Herausfordei'ung /. 
chamber Kartuschraum m (G); 

Patronenlager n (R); Kammer f, 
Raum to. 

change v andern, sich andern, 

umandern; verandern (to alter); 
wechseln (money); tauschen (to 
exchange) ; sich umziehen (clothes); 
umsteigen (trains). 
change lever Umschalthebel to 

(automatic R). 

change of course Kurswechsel in 


change of height Hohenanderung / 
(AA predictor). 

change of personnel Personalver- 
anderung f. 

change of position Stellungswechsel 
to (Tac). 

change of station Platzwechsel to. 
change-over switch Umschalter to 


change step den Schritt wechseln, 
den Tritt wechseln. 
channel Dienstweg to (Adm); Fre- 
quenzbereich to (Rad); Verbindungs- 
weg to (Com). 

through channels auf dem Dienst- 

channel marker Bake / (Nav). 
channel of communication Verbin- 

dungsweg to (Tp, Rad). 
chapel Kapelle /. 

chaplain Wehrmachtgeistlicher in, 
Feldgeistlicher to. 

character Buchstabe to, Schriftzei- 
chen n (letter); Charakter m (of a 

characteristic curve Rohrenkennlinie 
f (Rad tube). 

characteristic impedance Wellen- 

widerstand to (Elec, Rad). 
charcoal Holzkohle f. 
charcoal layer Kohleschicht / ( gas 
mask ) . 

charge n Ladung / (Am, blasting, 
Elec); Attacke f, Angriff to ( Cav) ; 
Betrauung f (trust); Anklage / 
(accusation) ; Gebuhr / (rate). 
charge v anstiirmen (Inf); attackie- 
ren (Cav); laden (Am, Elec); ver- 

charge-placing pole 256 chest 

langen, anfordern (money); be- 
schuldigen (accuse). 
charge-placing pole Sprengstange f. 
charging unit Lademaschinensatz to, 
Aggregat n (Elec). 
charging voltage Ladespannung / 
(battery charger). 

chart n Plan in, Tabelle /, Ubersicht 
f; Karte / (map). 

chartroom Feuerleitstelle / (Arty); 

Kartenraum in (Nav). 
chase n langes Feld (G). 
chassis Fahrwerk n, Fahrgestell n 
(MT); Apparatur / (Rad). 
chassis clearance Bauchfreiheit / 

chassis frame Fahrwerkrahmen m 

chassis panel Montageplatte / (Rad). 
chauffeur Kraftfahrer to (MT). 
check n Scheck to (banking) ; Kon- 
trolle f (supervision); Zeichen n 

check v hemmen, verhindern ( to 
hinder); prtifen, naehprufen, iiber- 
priifen (to test, to verify); iiber- 
wachen, kontrollieren (to supervise). 
check list Kontrolliste f. 
check point Anhaltspunkt to, Bezugs- 
punkt m. 

check valve Reglerventil n. 
cheek Backe /, Wange /. 
cheekbone Jochleiste f (horse). 
cheek strap Backenstuck n (har- 

cheese Kase w. 
chemical agent Kampfstoff m. 
chemical-agent detector kit Gasan- 
zeiger to. 

chemical barrier Kampfstoft'sperre /, 
Kampfstoffriegel to (CWS). 
chemical battalion Werferabteilung 
/ (Ger). 

chemical bomb Kampfstoff bombe f, 

Fliegergasbombe / (Avn). 
chemical candle Giftrauchkerze /, 
Giftnebelkerze f (CWS). 
chemical cylinder Gasflasche /, Gas- 
behalter m; Nebelabblasgerat n 

chemical decontamination See de- 

chemical decontamination company 
Entgiftungskompanie f. 
chemical defense Gasschutz m. 
chemical defense school Heeresgas- 
schutzschule /. 

chemical fumes Kampfstoffschwaden 

mpl (CWS). 

chemical hand grenade Gashand- 

granate /. 

chemical land mine • chemische Erd- 
mine, Gas-Erdmine /. 
chemical layer Mundschicht f (gas 


chemical mine chemische Erdmine, 
Gas-Erdmine /. 

chemical mortar Gashandwerfer to, 
Gasmorser m. 

chemical munitions Gasmunition /, 
chemische Kampfmittel. 
chemical officer Gasoffizier to. 
chemical projectile GasgeschoB n. 
chemical projector Werfer m, Nebel- 
werfer to, Gaswerfer to (CWS). 
chemical-projector fire Gaswerfen n. 
chemical regiment Nebelwerfer- 

regiment n, Werferregiment n 
( Ger). 

chemical security Gasschutz to. 
chemical shell Gasgranate f; Gas- 
brisanzgranate f (HE). 
chemical-shell fire Kampfstoffbe- 
schufi to (CWS); GelbkreuzbeschuB 
to (vesicant filler, CWS). 
chemical spray apparatus Kampf- 
stoffzerstauber m; Luftstromgerat n, 
Zerstaubungsgerat n (Ap). 
chemical spraying Verspriihen von 
Kampfstoffen (CWS). 
chemical tank Nebelgerat n (for air 
Cml spraying). 

chemical troops chemische Truppen, 
Gastruppen fpl, Nebeltruppen fpl. 
chemical warfare chemischer Krieg; 

Gaskampf to, Gaskrieg to." 
chemical warfare agent chemischer 

Chemical Warfare Board Gastech- 
nischer ForschungsausschuB (USA). 
chemical warfare depot Gasschutz- 

park to. 

chemical warfare material Gas- 

kampfmittel npl, Gaskampfgerat n. 
chemical warfare officer Gasoffizier 


Chemical Warfare School Gaskriegs- 

schule / (USA). 

Chemical Warfare Service chemi- 
scher Kriegsdienst (USA). 
chemist Chemiker w. 
chess Bruckenbelag to (Bdg). 
chest Brust / (anatomy) ; Kiste /, 
Kasten to (box). 


chest pack parachute 

cipher key 

chest pack parachute Brustfall- 
schirm to. 

cheval-de-frise spanischer Reiter 


chevron Uniformwinkel to. 
chewing gum Kaugummi to. 
chicken wire Maschendraht w. 
chief Chef to. 

chief engineer Leitender Ingenieur, 
Chefingenieur m, Oberingenieur m. 
chief nurse Obersehwester /. 
chief of ammunition Munitionsunter- 
offizier m (Arty). 

Chief of Chaplains Feldbischof to. 
Chief of Chemical Warfare Service 
Chef des chemisehen Kriegsdienstes 

chief of civil affairs section Chef der 
Zivilverwaltung (at army Hq). 

Chief of Coast Artillery Chef der 
Kustenartillerie ( USA ) . 
chief of corps supply services 
Korpsnachschubfiihrer to (Ger). 
chief of division supply services 
Divisionsnachschubfiihrer m (Ger). 
Chief of Engineers Inspekteur der 

Chief, of Naval Operations Chef des 
Admiralstabs (USA). 

Chief of Ordnance Chef des Heeres- 

chief of staff Stabschef to, General- 
stabschef to. 

Chief of Staff Chef des General- 

chief of supply services Nachschub- 
fiihrer to. 

Chief of the Air Staff Chef des 

Fiihrungsstabes der Luftwaffe 

Chief of the Veterinary Service 
Chefveterinar w. 

chief of transportation Chef des 
Transportwesens (Tac, RR). 
chief petty officer Portepeeunter- 
offizier to (Nav). 

Chief Signal Officer Inspekteur der 
N achrichtentnrppen. 

Chief Surgeon Armeearzt to. 
chief transportation officer bevoll- 
machtigter Transportoffizier. 
chilled casting Kokillengufi to. 
chimney Schornstein to. 
chin Kinn n. 
chinaware Porzellan n. 
chin groove Kinnkettengrube / 


chin strap Sturmriemen to, Kinnrie- 
men m (headgear) ; Kinnstofiel to 

chin support Kinnstiitze / (gas 


chisel MeiBel to. 

chloracetophenone Chlorazetophenon 

n (CWS). 

chloracetophenone solution ' Chlor- 
azetophenon - Chlorpikrin - Losung /, 
Tranenstoff to (CWS). 
chloramine-T Chloramin n (CWS). 
chlorate explosive Chlorat-Spreng- 
mittel n. 

chloride of lime Chlorkalk to. 
chlorination Chlorbeimischung f, 
Chlorzusetzung /. 

chlorine Chlor n, Chlorgas n (CWS). 
chlorpicrin Chlorpikrin n (CWS). 
chlorsulfonic acid Chlorsulfonsaure f 

chock Bremsklotz to. 

chocolate Schokolade f. 

choke n Starterklappe / (Mtr); 

Wtirgebohrung / (barrel) (Ord). 
choke v ersticken (suffocate) ; er- 
wiirgen (strangle). 
choke coil Drosselspule f (Elec). 
choke valve Luftklappenventil n 
( carburetor). 
cholera Cholera f. 
chord Gurt to (truss); Sehne / 
( Geometry). 

Christie tank Christie-Panzerkraft- 
wagen to. 

chromium Chrom n. 
chromium-plated verchromt. 
chronograph Chronograph to, Regi- 
sti'ier-Chronograph to. 
chronology of battle Gefechtszeitan- 
gabe /. 

chronometer Chronometer n. 
chuck Futter n (of lathe, etc.). 
church Kirehe /. 
cigarette Zigarette /. 
cigarette lighter Feuerzeug 11. 
cincha Untergurt to (saddle). 
cipher n Schliissel to, Chiffre /. 
cipher v schliisseln, chiffrieren, zif- 

cipher device Chiffriermaschine /, 
Schliisselmaschine /. 
cipher disk Verschliisselungs- 

scheibe f. 

cipher key Geheimwort n, Sehliissel- 

wort n. 


cipher text 

cipher text Geheimtext m, Sehliissel- 
text to. 

circle n Kreis to. 
circle v Runde(n) fliegen (Avn). 
circle of rupture Wirkungskreis m 

circling target kreisendes Ziel 


circuit Stromkreis to, Leitungsnetz n, 
Schaltung f (Elec). 
circuit arrangement Leitergebilde n 

circuit breaker Stromunterbrecher m, 
Spannungssicherung / (Elec). 
circuit diagram Schaltplan to, 

Schaltungsschema n; Leitungsskizze 
/, Schaltskizze f (Tp). 
circuit tester Leitungspriifer m 


circular n Rundschreiben n, Umlauf 

circular course Kreisflug w (Avn). 
circular track Kranz w, Drehkranz 
m (MG mount). 

circular track mount Lafettenkranz 
m (Ap, Tk). 

circulation Umlauf m (of money, 
fluids); Kreislauf m (of blood); 
Auflage f (of a newspaper); Ver- 
breitung f (of news). 
circulation map Wegekarte f. 
circumference Umkreis m. 
circumstance Sachlage /, Zustand m. 
circumstantial evidence Indizienbe- 
weis m. 

cirrocumulus Zirrokumulus m. 
cirrostratus Zirrostratus m. 
cirrus cloud Cirruswolke f, Zirrus- 
wolke f, Pederwolke /. 
citation Auszeichnung f, ehrenvolle 

citizen Staatsbiirger m, Burger in- 
citizenship Staatsangehdrigkeit /. 
city Stadt f. 

civil staatlich, Staats- (pertaining to 
government); hoflich, anstandig 

civil affairs section Zivilverwaltung 
f (Mil Govt). 

civil airway Luftverkehrslinie /. 
civil aviation Zivilluftfahrt f. 
civil communication lines Fostlei- 
tungen fpl. 

civil court Zivilgericht n. 
civilian n Zivilist to, Zivilperson f. 
civilian clothes Zivil n, Zivilkleidung 
/, burgerliche Kleidung. 

clean-up party 

civilian defense ziviler Luftschutz. 
civilian internee Zivilinternierter m. 
civilian population Zivilbevolke- 

rung /. 

civil offense Zivilvergehen n, nicht- 
militarisches Vergehen. 
civil service Staatsdienst rn. 
civil war Biirgerkrieg m. 
claim n Anspruch m, Anrecht n. 
clamp n Klammer f (Tech); Klemm- 
zange f (blasting-cap fuze). 
clamping collar Schelle f (Mort). 
clamping lever Klemmhebel m, Be- 
grenzungshebel m (MG). 
clamping mechanism Festklemmvor- 
richtung / (MG tripod). 
clamping plate Klemmplatte f (G 
barrel guide). 

clamping ring Klemmring to 

(grenade launcher). 
clamping screw Klemmschraube f 
(aiming circle). 

clarity of sound Klangreinheit f 


clash Zusammenstofi m (Tac). 
clasp Spange f (decoration). 
class Klasse f; Jahrgang to (age 

classification Einteilung f, Gliede- 
rung /. 

classification of artillery fire Feuer- 
formen der Artillerie. 
classification of chemical agents 
Kampfstoffgruppen fpl. 
classification of equipment Stoffglie- 
derung /. 

classification of machine-gun fire Feu- 
erformen des Maschinengewehrs. 
classification track Richtungsgleis n, 
Abstellgleis n (RR). 
classified military information gehei- 
me Gegenstande. 

class of equipment Geratklasse /. 
claw hatchet Klauenbeil n. 
clay pit Lehmgrube /. 
clean v reinigen, saubern, putzen. 
cleaning and preserving material 
Reinigungsgerat n. 
cleaning brush Reinigungsbiirste / 

cleaning patch Reinigungsdocht to 

cleaning rag Reinigungslappen m , 
Putzlappen to. 

cleaning rod Stock to, Gewehrstcck 
to (R ) ; Wischstock to (G). 

[ clean-up party Sauberungstrupp to. 

clean out 



clean out saubern (Tac). 
clear v raumen, saubern. 
clear adj. wolkenlos (Met); frei (of 

in clear im Klartext (Com). 
clearance Spielraum m (Mech) ; Si- 
cherheitsmafi n (Gunnery) ; Entlas- 
tung / (of responsibility) ; Freigabe 
/ (permit); Bauchfreiheit / (chas- 

clearance of masks Ubersehieflen von 
Deckungen (Gunnery). 
clearance of the enemy Feindfrei- 
heit f. 

clearance space Geschoflanlage / 


cleared for action gefechtsklar 


cleared zone Rollfeld n (Adrm). 
clear ice glasartige Vereisung. 

clearing Waldblofle ' /, Waldlichtung 
/ (forest or wood). 

•clearing signal Schlufizeichen n 

clearing station Hauptverbandplatz 
m (Med). 

clearing unit Krankentragertrupp 
rn (Med). 

clear up saubern (Tac). 
cleat Greifer m (MT). 
clergyman Geistlicher m, Pfarrer m; 
Pastor m (Protestant) ; Priester m 
(Catholic) ; Rabbiner m (Jewish). 
clerical aptitude test Schreibereig- 
nungspriifung /. 

clerk Schreiber m, Schriftfiihrer m, 
Gefechtsschreiber m. 
clevis Schakel m. 
click n Rast f (Mech). 
cliff Klippe f, Kliff n. 
climate Klima n. 
climatic klimatisch. 
climb n Steigflug m, Steigen n 

climb v steigen, besteigen, klettern. 
climb-and-dive indicator Statoskop n 

climbers Steigeisen npl (for Tp line- 

climbing ability Steigvermogen n 


climbing iron Klettereisen n, Klet- 
tersporn m. 

climbing take-off Kavalierstart m 


climbing turn gezogene Kurve 


clincher rim Wulstfelge / (MT). 
clinical record Krankenblatt n. 
clinometer Gefallemesser m, Neigungs- 
messer m (Arty, Surv); Gelande- 
winkelmesser m (for angle of site, 
Arty); Richtbogen m (G). 
clip n Patronenrahmen m, Ladestrei- 
fen m (R, AA gun); Klammer / 
(paper clip). 

clip-fed rifle Mehrlader m. 
clip loading machine Ladestreifen- 
f tiller m. 

clock Uhr f (timepiece) ; Borduhr / 
(Ap); Melderose / (AWS). 
clock method Melderoseverfahren n 
( Gunnery, A IPS ) . 

clockwise im Sinne des Uhrzeigers, 
im Uhrzeigersinn, rechtsgangig, 

clockwork action Uhrwerkantrieb m 


clockwork fuze Uhrwerkzunder m. 
close v schliefien, zuschlieBen, zu- 
machen (a door, etc.); abschliefien 
(an account); beenden (conclude). 
close billets Ortsbiwak n. 
close column aufgeschlossene 


close combat Nahkampf m. 
close-combat range Nahkampfweite /. 
close-combat weapon Nahkampf- 
walfe f. 

closed airdrome Flugplatz auBer 

close defense Nahabwehr f, Nahver- 
teidigung f. 

closed traverse gescblossener Zug, 
Polygonzug m (Surv). 
closed weather ungiinstiges Flieger- 
■wetter (Avn). 

close-in security Nahsicherung /. 
close order geschlossene Ordnung. 
close-order drill Exerzieren in der 
geschlossenen Ordnung. 
close range Nahkampfweite /; 
nachste Entfernung (up to 100 
meters); nahe Entfernung (up to 
400 meters). 

close-range fighting Nahkampf m. 
close-range weapon Nahkampf- 

waffe f. 

close reconnaissance Nahaufklii- 
rung /. 

close-reconnaissance airplane Nah- 
aufklarungsflugzeug n, Nahauf- 
klarer m, Naherkunder m. 


close support 

close support Nahunterstiitzung f 

close terrain bewachsenes Gelande. 
closing cap Ziinderkappe /, Ver- 
schlufischraube / (fuze). 
closing spring cylinder Kraftspei- 
cher in (AA gun). 
cloth filter Tucheinsatz to (MT). 
cloth garnish bunte Lappen (Cam). 
clothing Bekleidung /. 
clothing account Bekleidungsnach- 
weis to. 

clothing allowance verabfolgte Klei- 

clothing slip Bekleidungsschein to. 
cloud Wolke /. 

cloud attack BlasangrifF m (CWS). 
cloud bank Wolkenfeld n. 
cloud cover Wolkendecke f. 
cloud formation Wolkenform /. 
cloud gas attack BlasangrifF in. 
cloud particle Staubchen n (CWS). 
cloud soaring Wolkensegeln n (gli- 

clove hitch Mastwurf m. 
club -Kniippel in (iveapon). 
cluster Sternbiindel n (Sig); Biindel 
n (Bombing). 

cluster adapter Bombenbiindel- 

trager in. 

clutch Kupplung / (MT). 
throw in the clutch einkuppeln. 
throw out the clutch auskuppeln. 
clutch cone Kupplungskegel m. 
clutch housing Kupplungsgehause n. 
clutch lever Kupplungshebel m. 
clutch pedal Kupplungsfuflhebel in, 
Kupplungspedal n, Kupplungstritt 

clutch plate Kupplungsscheibe /. 
clutch shaft Kupplungswelle f. 
clutch spring Kupplungsfeder f. 

CN Chlorazetophenon n (CWS). 
CNB Tranengasstoff in. 

CN candle Universalkerze CN / 

(CWS, USA). 

CN capsule Reizwiirfel in (CWS). 
CN generator Riechtopf to (CWS). 
CNS Chlorazetophenon-Chlorpikrin- 
Losung / ('CTFS.K 
CN solution Tranengasstoff to. 
coal Kohle f. 
coarse file Grobfeile f. 
coarse setting Grobeinstellung /. 
coarse sight Vollkorn n, voiles 
Korn (R). 
coast Kiiste f. 

code sign 

coastal area Kiistengebiet n. 

Coast Artillery Corps Kustenartille- 
riekorps n (USA). 
coastal force Kiistenverband to. 
coastal reconnaissance airplane Kiis- 
tenaufklarer to. 

coastal squadron Kiistenstaffel f 


coastal waters Kiistengewasser npl. 
coastal zone Kiistenvorfeld n. 
coast artillery Kiistenartillerie f. 
coast artillery district Kiistenartil- 
leriebezirk to (USA). 

Coast Artillery School Kiistenartille- 
rieschule / (USA). 
coast battery Kiistenbatterie / (CA). 
coast defense Kiistenverteidigung f, 
Kiistenwehr f, Kiistenwacht /. 
Coast Guard Kiistenwache /, Kiisten- 
wachkorps n (USA). 
coast guard station Kiistenstation /. 
coast reconnaissance Kiistenaufkla- 
rung f. 

coat Jacke f, Rock to ( of a suit); 
Mantel to, Uberzieher to (overcoat) ; 
Schicht f (of paint, grease, etc.). 
See also service coat, 
coaxial gleichachsig, mit gemein- 
schaftlicher Achse, Doppel-. 
coaxial counterrotating propellers 
Doppelpropeller in (Ap). 
cobalt Kobalt to. 
cock v spannen (Small Arms). 
cocking bolt Spannriegel in (breech- 

cocking cam Spannstollen to (breech- 

cocking lever Spannhebel to (G, 

cocking piece Schlagbolzenmutter / 


cocking slide Spannschieber in 


cockpit Kabine f, Kanzel f, Fiihrer- 
raum to, Fiihrersitz to, Fiihrerstand 
to (Ap). 

code Schliissel to, Geheimschrift /. 
code book Schliisselheft 11. 
code call Deckanruf to (Tp). 
code chart Signaltafel /. 
code group Funkabkiirzung f, Kurz- 
signal n, Schliisselgruppe /. 
code name Deckname m. 
code panel Signaltuch n, Signal- 
streifen to, Tuchzeichen n (Avn). 
code section Schliisseltrupp to. 
code sign Deckzeichen n. 

code word 


combat air reconnaissance 

code word Deckwort n. 
coding Verschliisselung f, Schliis- 
seln n. 

coefficient Beiwert in. 
coefficient of form Formwert to 
coffee Kaffee in. 
coffin Sarg in. 
coil Spule / (Elec, Rad). 
coil spring Schraubenfeder / (MT). 
coil unit Spulensatz in (Rad). 
coincidence range finder Halbbildent- 
fernungsmesser in, Schnittbildent- 
fernungsmesser m, Koinzidenzent- 
fernungsmesser to. 
cold Erkaltung f, Schnupfen m 

cold chisel Kaltmeifiel to. 
cold front Kaltluftfront /, Ein- 
bruchsfront / (Met). 
cold-resistant kaltebestandig. 
cold working Kaltrecken n (Ord). 
collapsible boat Faltboot n. 
collar Kragen m (Clo). 
collar patch Patte /, Kragenpatte f, 
Kragenspiegel w. 

collation of information Nachrich- 

tenbearbeitung f. 

collecting depot Sammelplatz in 

collecting point Krankensammei- 
punkt to (Med). 

collecting station Verwundetensam- 
melstelle / (Med); Leichtverwunde- 
tensammelplatz to (for walking 

collecting unit Bergekommando n, 
Sammelkommando n (Salvage). 
collective call sign Sammelrufzeichen 
n (Rad). 

collective fire vereinigtes Feuer, zu- 
sammengefalites Feuer. 
collective protection Sammelschutz 
to (CWS). 

collector ring Kollektor in, Schleif- 
ring to. (Elec). 

collimate berichtigen (Surv); justie- 
ren (G). 

collimating mark Kollimationslinie /. 
collimating sight Richtglas n. 
collimation Kollimation / (G) ; Be- 
richtigung / (Surv). 
collimator Kollimator m, Spalt- 
rohr n. 

collision ZusammenstoB to. 
collision course Zielanflugkurs to 

colonel Oberst m; Oberst der Flieger 
(AAF); Oberstarzt m (Med); 
Oberstveterinar m (Vet). 
color Farbe /. 

color bearer Fahnentrager m. 
color blind farbenblind. 
colored cloth bunte Lappen (Cam). 
color guard Fahnenkompanie. /, 

Fahnentrupp to, Fahnenwache /. 
colorless farblos. 
colors Fahne /. 
color salute Senken der Fahne. 
color sentinel Fahnenposten to, 

Fahnenwache /. 

color vision Farbentiichtigkeit /. 
column Kolonne / (Tac); Reihe / 
(Inf drill, Cav); Pfeiler m, Saule / 

column commander Kolonnenchef m 

“Column half left, march!” “Halb- 
links schwenkt, marsch!” 

“Column half right, march!” “Halb- 
rechts schwenkt, marsch!” 

“Column left, march!” “Links 

schwenkt, marsch!” (followed by 
“Augen gerade, aus!”). 
column of companies Kompanieko- 
lonne f. 

column of files Kolonne zu Einem.. 

[ column of fours Kolonne zu Vieren. 

| column of groups Gruppenkolonne f. 
column of platoons f. 
column of refugees Fliichtlingsko- 
lonne f. 

column of threes Marschordnung f 
(Inf drill); Kolonne zu Dreien 
(march Clin). See also “Fall in!” 
column of troopers Reihe /, Reiter- 
reihe f (Cav). 

column of twos Doppelreihe / (Inf 
drill); Kolonne zu Zweien (march 
Clm). See also “Fall in!” 

“Column right, march!” “Rechts 
schwenkt, marsch!” (folloived by 
“Augen gerade, aus!”). 
column traffic Kolonnenverkehr to. 
comb Kamm to. 

combat Kampf to, Kampfhandlung 
f, Gefecht n; Luftkampf m (Avn). 
combat activity Kampftatigkeit /, 
Gefechtstatigkeit /. 
combat airplane Kriegsflugzeug n, 
Frontflugzeug n. 

combat air reconnaissance Gefechts- 

| luftaufklarung /. 


combatant Frontkampfer m, Front- 
soldat m. 

combat area Kampfraum in. 
combat at defiles Gefecht um Engen. 
combat aviation Kampf- und Jagd- 
flieger mpl. 

combat car Kampfwagen m, Kampf- 
fahrzeug n, Panzerwagen to. 
combat command Kampfgruppe f 
(Armd Comd). 

combat conditions Kampfbedingun- 
gen fpl. 

combat crew fliegendes Personal 

combat exercise Kampfiibung /. 
combat echelon Kampfstaffel f. 
combat element Kampftruppe /, 
kampfende Truppe, Frontverband m. 
combat engineer regiment Sturm- 
pionier-Regiment n. 
combat engineers Sturmpioniere mpl. 
combat firing Gefechtsschieflen n. 
combat formation Gefechtsform /, 
Gefechtsformation f. 
combat from fortified positions Stei- 
lungskampf m. 

combat frontage Gefechtsbreite f. 
combat in snow Gefecht bei tiefem 

combat intelligence Ergebnisse der 
Gef echtsauf kl arung. 
combat in towns Ortskampf m. 
combat in woods Waldgefecht n. 
combat liaison Gefechtsanschlufl m. 
combat message Gefechtsmeldung f; 

Kampfnachricht f (Rad). 
combat mission Gefechtsauftvag m, 
Kampfauftrag m (Tac); Feindflug 
m (Avn). 

combat operation Kampfhandlung / 

combat order Gefechtsbefehl to, Ope- 
rationsbefehl to (Tac). 
combat outpost Gefechtsvorposten to. 
combat patrol Gefechtsspahtrupp m, 
Stofitrupp m. 

combat performance Kampflei- 

stung f. 

combat practice Gefechtsexerzieren 
n, Gefechtsausbildung /, Gefechts- 
iibung /, Gefechtsdrill to. 
combat practice firing gefechtsma- 
fiiges SchieBen; GefechtsschieBen n 
( advanced) ; Schulgefechtsschieflen 
n (eleme?itary). 

combat preparation Bereitstellung / 

262 combined observation 

combat reconnaissance Gefechtsauf- 

klarung f. 

combat report Gefechtsbericht to. 
i. combat sector Gefechtsstreifen to, 

Gefechtsabschnitt to, Kampf- 
abschnitt in. 

combat situation Gefechtslage /. 
combat station Gefechtsstand to 

/ (Ap). 

combat team Kampfgruppe /, 

Kampfgemeinschaft f. 
combat train Gefechtstrofi to. 

^ combat-train echelon Gefechts- 

staffel /. 

combat troops Kampftruppen fpl, 
Gefechtstruppen fpl, Frontverbande 

> mpl. 

combat unit Kampfeinheit /, 

Gefechtseinheit /, Gefechtsgruppe /, 
, Kampfgruppe /. 

combat unit loading gefechtsmafiiges 

> combat vehicle Kampffahrzeug n, 

Gefechtsfahrzeug n. 
combat zone Gefechtsgebiet n. 
combination Vereinigung /, Zusam- 
menschlufi m (group); Verbindung / 
1 (of group, Crnls, etc.); Kombination 

f (Math). 

combination fuze Dreifachztinder m 
(superquick, delay and time); Mehr- 
fachziinder in, Doppelztinder to. 
combination tool Mehrfachwerk- 
zeug n. 

combination wheel-track car Rader- 
Raupen-Wagen to. 

,! combination wheel-track drive Rader- 
Gleiskettenantrieb m (MT). 
f combination wheel-track vehicle 

Hilfskettenfahrzeug n, Rader-Rau- 
pen-Fahrzeug n (MT). 
combine v kombinieren, (sicb) ver- 
einigen, zusammensetzen, verbinden 
(forces, etc.); kombinieren (Math). 
combined arms Verband to, Kampf- 
verband w, gemischter Verband, 
verbundene Waffen (Tac). 
j combined-arms armored force Pan- 
zerverband w. 

combined-arms force gemischter 

t combined-arms unit Verband aller 
l Waffen, gemischter Verband, Trup- 
penverband to. 

r combined force Kampfgruppe /. 

| combined observation Artilleriebeob- 

combined operations 

achtung mit seitlicher Beobach- 

combined operations Operationen der 
verbundenen Waffen. 
combustible composition Anfeuerung 
/ (Sig cartridge). 
combustion Verbrennung /. 
combustion chamber Verbrennungs- 
raum in (Mtr); Laderaum m 

“come in” signal Einflugzeichen n 
(Inst landing). 
coming flight Anflug m. 
command Befehl in, Kommando n 
(order) (Tac); Fiihrung f (leader- 
ship); Kommandobehorde / (agen- 
cy); Befehlsgewalt / (authority). 
command airplane Fiihrerma- 

schine /. 

Command and General Staff School 
Fiihrer- und Fiihrergehilfen-Sehule 
/ (USA). 

commandant Kdmmandeur in (Mil 

command car Befehlswagen to, Kom- 
mandowagen in. 

command channel Befehlsweg to. 
commandeer requirieren, beitreiben. 
command element Stab to, Fiih- 
rungsstab to, Truppenfiihrer mpl. 
commander Truppenfiihrer in, Be- 
fehlshaber to, - Kommandeur in (bat- 
talion and higher units); Komman- 
dant to (Ap, Tk) ; Fregattenkapitan 
to (Nav). 

commander-in-chief Oberbefehls- 

haber to, Oberkommandierender to. 
Commander-in-Chief Oberster Be- 


Commander-in-Chief of the Armed 
Forces Oberster Befehlshaber der 

commander of a unit Einheitsfuh- 
rer w. 

commander of communications zone 
Kommandant des riickwartigen Ar- 

commander of the guard Wachvor- 
gesetzter to, Wachhabender w. 
commander of troops Truppenbe- 
fehlshaber in. 

commander’s armored truck Panzer- 
befehlswagen to (Armd Comd). 
commander’s car Befehlswagen to. 
commanding officer Fiihrer to, Vor- 
gesetzter in, Befehlshaber in, Trup- 
penfuhrer to. 


commander’s tank Kommandeur- 

panzer m. 

command group Fiihrerstab m, Be- 
fehlsgruppe /; 

command headquarters Dienst- 

stelle f. 

commanding general Oberbefehlsha- 
ber to, Kommandierender General, 
commanding ground beherrschendes 
Gelande (Tac). 

commanding height beherrschende 
Hohe (Top). 

commanding position Hohenstel- 
lung /. 

command liaison Zusammenwirken 
mit benachbarten Kommandostellen. 
command net Befehlsnetz n. 
Commando Stofitrupp in, Commando 
n (British). 

command of execution Operations- 
befehl in (Tac); Ausfiihrungskom- 
mando n (drill). 

command pilot Flugzeugfiihrer mit 
liber 10 Dienstjahren. 
command post Gefechtsstand in, Be- 
fehlsstelle f, Kommandostelle /. 
command-post exercise Rahmenii- 
bung / (staff training). 
command-post flag Kommandoflagge 
/ (battalion or higher unit). 
command-post shelter Befehls- 

stand to. 

command set Funkanlage fur Ver- 
kehr von Bord zu Bord, Kommando- 
gerat n (Ap, Rad). 
command tank Befehlspanzer in, 

Kommandopanzer in. 
command telephone central Fiih- 
rungsvermittlung f. 
command truck Befehlswagen in, 

Kommandowagen in (MT). 
“Commence firing!” “Feuer frei!” 
commencement of firing Feuer- 
offnung /. 

commencement of hostilities Aus- 
bruch der Feindseligkeiten. 
commendation Anerkennungs- 

schreiben n. 

comment n Erklarung /, Deutung /, 
Auslegung / (interpretation) ; Be- 
merkung / (remark); Anmerkung / 

comment v Erklhrungen geben (in- 
terpret) ; Bemerkungen machen (re- 
mark); mit Anmerkungen versehen 
( annotate) . 

commentary Stellungnahme / (Tac). 




commercial handelsiiblich (vehicles, 
etc.); kaufmannisch, kommerziell. 
commercial airplane ' Verkehrs- 
flugzeug n. 

commercial aviation Zivilluftfahrt f, 
Verkehrsfliegerei /. 
commercial loading Verladen mit 
bestmoglicher Raumausnutzung. 
commercial motor truck handelsiibli- 
cher Lastkraftwagen. 
commercial vehicle Nutzfahrzeug n. 
commissary Verpflegungsamt n. 
commissary officer Verpflegungsof- 
fizier to. 

commission n Patent n, Offiziers- 
patent n (written order); Offiziers- 
rang m (rank and authority). 
commission v das Patent verleiben 
(as an 'officer); in Dienst stellen (a 

commissioned officer patentierter 
Offizier, Offizier m. 

commit einsetzen, ansetzen (Tac); 

begehen (a crime). 
commitment Einsatz m (Tac). 
commitment of armored units Pan- 

zereinsatz m. 

commitment of major forces Grofl- 
einsatz m, Masseneinsatz m (Tac). 
commitment order Einsatzbefehl m. 
commodore Konteradmiral m (Nav). 
common battery Zentralbatterie / 


common battery system Zentralbat- 
teriesystem n (Tp). 
communicable disease ansteckende 

communicating file Anschlufimann m, 
Verbindungsleute mpl. 
communicating trench See communi- 
cation trench. 

communication Mitteilung /, Nach- 
richt f; Verbindung /. 
communication battalion Nachrich- 
tenabteilung /. 

communication chief Nachrichtenun- 
teroffizier m. 

communication detail Nachriehten- 
trupp m. 

communication facilities Nachrich- 
tenanlagen fpl. 

communication lines Verbindungs- 

linien fpl. 

communication net Nachrichten- 

netz n. 

communication officer Nachrichten- 
offizier m. 

“Company, halt!” 

communication platoon Nachrich- 

tenzug m. 

communication repair truck Naeh- 
richtenwerkstattkraftwagen m. 
communication route Verbindungs- 

strafie /. 

communications Nachrichtenmittel 
npl, Nachrichtenverbindung /, Nach- 
richtenwege mpl. 

communication section Nachrichten- 
staffel f. 

communication station Fernmeldean- 
lage / (Rad, Tg, Tp). 
communications zone riickwartiges 
Armeegebiet, riickwartiges Gebiet, 
Etappe f. 

communications zone depot riick- 
wartiges Nachschublager. 
communication transmission Nach- 
richteniibermittlung /. 
communication trench Verbin- 

dungsgraben m. 

communication truck Nachrich- 

tenwagen m. 

communication unit Truppennach- 
richtenverband m. 

communique Kriegsbericht m; 

Heeresbericht m (official, Army). 
community Gemeinde / (religious, 
territorial) ; Gemeinschaft / (social, 

commutation of quarters Woh- 
nungsgeldzuschufi in. 
commutation of rations Verpfle- 
gungszuschufi m. 

commutation value Vergiitungs- 
wert m. 

commutator Kollektor m (Elec). 
compact adj dicht, fest, kompakt; 

kurz, gedrangt (figurative). 
company Kompanie /. 
company aid man Sanitatsunteroffi- 
zier m, Sanitater m. 
company area Kompanierevier n, 
Kompaniebezirk m. 
company boundary Kompanie- 

grenze /. 

company clerk Kompanieschreiber in. 
company commander Kompaniechef 
m, Kompaniefuhrer to. 
company command post Kompa- 
niegefechtsstand to. 
company fund Kompaniegelder npl. 
company grade Kompanie- 

offiziersrang to. 

“Company, halt!” “Abteilung, halt!” 

company headquarters 265 computation 

company headquarters Kompanie- 
fiihrung /. 

company headquarters personnel 
Kompanietrupp to. 

company litter bearer Kompanie- 
krankentrager to. 

company order Kompaniebefehl m. 
company orderly room Schreib- 
stube /. 

company street Lagerstrafie /. 
company transport Kompanie- 

fahrzeuge npl. 

company wedge formation Kompa- 
niekeil to. 

compartment Kabine f (Ap). 
compartment of terrain Gelande- 
abschnitt m. 

compass Bussole /, Kompafi to 
(magnetic) ; Zirkel m (drawing). 
compass azimuth Kompafikurs- 

winkel m. 

compass azimuth ring Bussolen- 
ring to. 

compass hearing Kompafipeilung f, 
KompaOzahl /. 

compass bowl Kompafikessel m 


compass card Kompafirose /, Schei- 
benrose /. 

compass case Bussolengehause n. 
compass compensation Kompafi- 
ausgleichung /. 

compass course Kompafikurs to 


compass declination Mifiweisung, 
Kompafimiflweisung /, Deklination f. 
compass error Deviation /, KompaB- 
ablenkung f. 

compass heading Kompafikurs m. 
compass north magnetische Nord- 
richtung, Kompafi nord m. 
compass rose KompaBrose /. 
compass traverse Bussolenzug m 

(Arty, Surv). 
compel zwingen, notigen. 
compensate ausschalten (for error, 
etc.) ( Gunnery). 

compensating jet Ausgleichdiise f. 
compensation Entschadigung f (re- 
imbursement); Ersatz m ( damages) ; 
Vergiitung f (award). 
compensator Ausgleicher m, Kom- 
pensator m (Ord, Mech). 
compilation Sammlung f, Kompila- 
tion /. 

complaint Beschwerde /, Klage f, 
Klageschrift / (Law). 

complement Bemannung f, Besat- 
zung f, Starke f. 

complete adj vollzahlig, vollstandig; 
vollkommen (perfect); ganz 
(whole); vollendet (finished). 
complete cleaning Hauptreinigung f 


complete order Gesamtbefebl m 

complete round vollstandiger Schufi, 
kompietter Schufi (Am). 
completion Erledigung /. 
component n Bestandteil m, Einzel- 
teil w, Komponente f. 
component adj einen Teil ausma- 
chend, Teil-. 

composite connection Doppelbe- 

triebsschaltung f (Tp). 
composite construction Gemiseht- 

bauweise /. 

compound n Einzaunung / (PW); 

Verbindung / (Cml). 
compound-wound motor Verbund- 
maschine f. 

compressed air Druckluft f, Prefi- 
luft /. 

compressed-air cleaner Blaspistole / 

compressed-air cylinder Prefiluftzy- 
linder m. 

compressed-air equilibrator Luft- 
ausgleicher m (G). 
compressed-air flask Prefiluft- 

flasche f. 

compressed-air starter Prefiluftan- 
lasser m (Mtr). 

compressed-air tank Luftbehalter to. 
compression Yerdichtung f, Ver- 
dichten n (Mtr). 

compression-and-rebound range Ver- 
schrankbarkeit der Achsen ( of 
spring suspension) (MT). 
compression chamber Kompressions- 
raum to (Mtr). 

compression chord Druckgurt m 

compression cylinder Verdrangungs- 
zylinder m ( counterrecoil mechan- 

compression ratio Verdichtungsver- 
haltnis n (Mtr). 

compression stroke Verdichtungs- 

hub to (Mtr). 

compressor Drucklufterzeuger to. 
compulsory zwingend, verbindlich, 
Zwangs-, Pflicht-. 
computation Berechnung /. 

cone clutch 



compute bereehnen; schatzen (esti- 

computed charge Planladung / 


computer Dreieckreehner m (cir- 
cular slide rale, Air Navigation) ; 
Rechner m (Pers); Reehengerat n, 
Rechenmaschine f (Inst). 
computing instrument Reehengerat n. 
computing slide rule Auswertelineal 
n (flash ranging). 

computing station Auswertestelle / 

(sound ranging). 

concave hohl. ausgehohlt, konkav. 
concave slope hohle Bosehung, kon- 
kave Bosehung, konkave Gelande- 
neigung (Top). 

conceal tarnen (Cam); verbergen 
(an object or person); verhehlen, 
verheimlichen (a fact). 
concealed verdeckt, verschleiert. 
concealed machine gun Schweige- 
MG. n. 

concealed position verdeckte Stellung. 
concealment Deckung f, Verdeckung 
/, Verschleierung f (Tac). 
concentrate v massieren. 
concentrated attack geballter An- 
griff, massierter Angriff. 
concentrated charge geballte Ladung 

concentrated fire zusammengefaGtes 

concentration Zusammenballung f, 
Zusammenfassung /, Ansammlung / 
(Tac); Dichte /, Gehalt in, Kampf- 
stofFgehalt m, Anreicherung /, Luft- 
anreicherung / (CWS); Feuerschlag 
to, Feueriiberfall to (Arty). 
concentration area Aufmarschgebiet 
n (Tac). 

concentration camp Konzentrations- 
lager n. 

concentration fire See concentrated 

concentration march Aufmarsch m. 
concentration of fire Feuervereini- 
gung / (Arty). 

concentration of troops Truppenan- 
sammlung f. 

concentration ring Korbring m 


concentric konzentrisch. 
concertina Drahtrolle f; Stachel- 
drahtrolle f, S.-Rolle / (barbed 
wire); Klaviersaitendrahtrolle /, K.- 
Rolle / (plain wire). 

conclusion Folge f, Folgerung /, 
Schlufi in (deduction, inference); 
Beschlufi to, Entscheidung f (deci- 
sion); Abschlufi in (of a treaty). 
concrete Beton to (Engr). 
concrete bridge Betonbriicke f. 
concrete bunker Betonbunker in. 
concrete dugout Betonunterstand in. 
concrete emplacement Bunker to, 
Bunkerstand m. 

concrete mixer Betonmischma- 

schine f. 

concrete obstacle Betonsperre f. 
concrete paving block Zementfliese /. 
concrete pillbox Betonbunker to. 
concrete shelter Bunker to, Betonun- 
terstand to. 

concrete turret Betonturm m (Ft). 
concur iibereinstimmen. 
concurrent gleichzeitig (at same 
time ) ; iibereinstimmend ( corres- 
ponding); zustimmend (Law). 
concussion LuftstoG to; Erschiit- 
terung /. 

concussion of the brain Gehirn- 

erschtitterung f. 

concussion plunger Ziindbolzen in 
(power-train time fuze) (Am). 
condemn verurteilen (to sentence); 
tadeln, mifibilligen ( disapprove) ; 
beschlagnahmen (Law). 
condenser Kondensator w (Rad). 
condenser microphone Kondensator- 
mikrophon n. 

condenser plates Belegungen fpl 

condition Zustand w, Beschaffenheit 
/ (state) ; Bedingung / (stipulation). 
condom Vorbeugungsmittel n, 

Schutzmittel n, Selbstschutzmittel n. 
conduct n Benehmen n, Betragen n 
(behavior) ; Fiihrung f, Leitung / 
(direction, management) . 
conductivity Leitfahigkeit f (Elec). 
conduct of battle Kampffiihrung /. 
conduction capacitance Leitungska- 
pazitat / (Elec). 

conduct of field operations Truppen- 

fiihrung /. 

conduct of fire Feuerregelung f. 
conductor Leiter to (Elec); Schaff- 
ner to (RR). 

conduit Schacht to, DurchlaG to. 
cone Kegel to; Garbe f (Ballistics) ; 

Lautsprechertrichter in (Rad). 
cone clutch Kegelkupplung f, Konus- 
kupplung / (MT). 

cone of dispersion 267 construct 

cone of dispersion Garbe /, Feuer- I connecting plug Anschlufistecker m 

garbe /, Schufigarbe /, Streukegel to. 
cone of fire See cone of dispersion, 
cone of light Lichtkegel m. 
cone speaker Trichterlautsprecher 
to (Rad). 

conference Besprechung /, Fiihrer- 
besprechung f. 

conference call Sammelgespraeh n 

confidence Zuversicht / (reasonable 
certainty) ; Vertrauen n (trust). 
confidential vertraulich, geheim. 
confidential document Kommando- 
sache f. 

configuration of terrain Gelande- 
gestaltung f, Bodengestaltung /. 
confine begrenzen, einschranken 
(restrict) ; einsperren, einsehliefien 

confinement Arrest to, Arreststrafe 
/, Haft /, Beschrankung f. 
confirm bestatigen. 
confirmatory order Befehlsbestati- 
gung f. 

confiscation Beschlagnahme /. 
confuse verwirren, aus der Fas- 
sung bringen, bestiirzt machen (be- 
wilder); verwirren, durcheinander- 
bringen (create disorder). 
confusion Verwirrung f, Unordnung 
/, Durcheinander n (disorder) ; Ver- 
legenheit / (embarrassment, per- 

congestion Verkehrsstockung f 

(traffic); Anhaufung /, Uberfiil- 
lung f. 

Congressional Medal of Honor 
Ehrenmedaille f (USA). 
conical peak Kegel to (Top). 
conical roller bearing Kegelrollen- 
lager n. 

conic projection Kegelprojektion /. 
connect vermitteln (Tp); verbinden, 
anschliefien (Tech). 
connecting cord Verbindungsschnur 

/ (Tp). 

connecting elements Verbindungs- 

organe npl (march column)-. 
connecting file Anschlufimann to, 
Verbindungsleute mpl. 
connecting group Verbindungs- 

trupp m. ■ 

connecting jack . Vermittlungs- 

klinke f (Tp). 

connecting piece AnschluBstiick n 
(gas mask). 


connecting point AnschluBpunkt to 
(in axes of Sig Com) (Tp). 
connecting rod Kurbelstange /, Pleu- 

elstange f. 

connecting sleeve Kabelverbinder to 

connecting thread Anschlufigewinde 
n (Mech). 

connecting trench Verbindungs- 

graben to. 

connecting wire Drahtverbindung /, 
Anschlufischnur f (Elec). 
connection Vermittlung /, Ge- 

sprachsverbindung / (Tp); Schal- 
tung / (Elec). 

connector Kettenkurbel / (MG); 

Triebzahn to (caterpillar track). 
conquer erobern (territory or lo- 
cality); besiegen (the enemy). 
conquest Eroberung /. 
conscientious objector Kriegsdienst- 
verweigerer to. 
conscript v ausheben. 
conscription Aushebung /. 
consent v genehmigen (approve); 

beistimmen, einwilligen (agree to). 
consider bedenken, erwagen 

(ponder); in Betracht ziehen, be- 
riicksichtigen ( take into account) ; 
schatzen, halten fiir, ansehen fur 
( to regard) . 

consideration Betrachtung f, Erwa- 
gnng f; Bedeutung /, Wichtigkeit f 
(importance) ; Riicksicht / (thought- 

consolidate vereinigen, zusammen- 
bringen; ausbauen (a position). 
consolidation of position Einrichtcn 
einer Stellung. 
conspiracy Verschworung f. 
conspire sich verschworen. 
constant n Konstante / (Math). 
constant adj bestandig, unverandert, 
unveranderlich ( unchangeable) ; 
fortwahrend (continuous) ; konstant, 
gleichbleibend (Math). 
constant-mesh transmission Aphon- 
getriebe n (MT). 

constellation Sternbild n, Konstella- 

tion f. 

constitute aufstellen (a unit). 
construct (er)bauen (build); er- 
richten (erect); konstruieren, ent- 
werfen (geometry). 



construction iau m, Ausbau to, 
Bauausf iihrung /, Fertigung /. 
construction battalion Baubataillon n. 
construction company Baukompanie 
/ (Mil). 

construction detail Bautrupp m. 
construction float Einbaufahre f. 
construction troops Bautruppen fpl. 
construction zone Baubezirk to. 
contact Beriihrung f, Fiihlung /, 
Verbindung ./, AnschluB to (Tac); 
Kontaktstiick n (Elec). 

“Contact!” “Ein!”, “Ziindung einge- 
stellt!” (A,vn). 

contact fire StoBziindung f, Beruh- 
rungsziindung f (Nav). 
contact flight Sichtnavigation / (Air 

contact light Landebahnfeuer n 


contact mine Kontaktmine /, StoB- 
mine f, Stofikappenmine / (Nav). 
contact mission Fuhlunghalten n 

contact party Werkstatt-Trupp r.t. 
contact patrol Verbindungspatrouil- 
le / (Tac); Infanterieflug m (Avn). 
contact piece Druckstiick n (R trig- 
ger); Kontaktstiick n (Elec). 
contact point SchlieBstelle / (Elec). 
contact print Abzu.g m (Photo). 
contact surface Auflageflache f. 
contact with the enemy Feindbe- 
riihrung /. 

contagious disease ansteckende 


contain fesseln, festhalten, binden, 
hinhalten (Tac). 

container Topf m (hand grenade); 
Behalter m (gasoline tank, etc.); 
Blechkanister m (metal container 
for gasoline, water, etc.); Fafl n, 
Tonne f, (barrel or drum). 
containing attack Fesselungsvor- 

stoB TO. 

contaminate vergif ten ( CWS) . 
contaminated area Gassperre f, 

Kampfstoffsperre /, vergiftetes Ge- 
lande (CWS). 

contamination Vergiftung / ( CWS). 
contempt Verachtung f; MiBachtung 
f (of court). 

contest v streitig machen. 
contiguous Nachbar-. 
contingent n Kontingent n ( quota of 
Iroops, etc.). 

contingent adj abhangig, bedingt. 

control car 

continuance Aussetzung /, Aufschub 
to (Law). 

continuous fire Dauerfeuer n (MG, 

continuous interference Dauersto- 

rung / (Rad). 

continuous note Dauerton to (Rad). 
continuous radio alert Funkdauerbe- 

reitschaft f. 

contour n Hohenlinie f, Hohen- 

schichtlinie f (Top). 
contour interval senkrechter Abstand 
der Schichtlinien (Top). 
contour line Hohenlinie f, Hohen- 

schichtlinie /, Schichtlinie / (Top). 
contour map Hohenlinienkarte /. 
contraband of war Bannware f, 

Konterbande f, Kriegskonterbande /. 
contract n Vertrag to. 
contract v einen Vertrag abschlieBen 
(business) ; anstecken (a disease); 
(sich) zusammenziehen, einschrump- 
fen, eingehen (shrink). 
contracting powers Vertragsstaaten 
vipl (treaties, etc.). 
contracting officer zu Vertrags- 

abschliissen bevollmachtigter Offizier. 
contracting parties vertragschlieBen- 
de Teile (Law). 

contractor V ertragsschlieBende ( r ) 

to, Kontrahent m; Bauunternehmer 
to (builder); Lieferant to (supplier). 
contract surgeon Vertragsarzt to. 
contradiction Widerspruch to. 
contrast Gegensatz to, Kontrast to. 
control n Kontrolle f, Oberaufsicht f, 
Leitung f; Kontroll-; Leit-. 
control v beaufsichtigen, iiberwa- 
■chen, kontrollieren ; nachpriifen 
(checkup) ; (be)herrschen (govern); 
sich beherrschen (restrain oneself). 
control airport Flughafen mit Flug- 

control aneroid barometrische Reg- 
lerdose ( Ap engine). 
control board Schalttafel f (Elec). 
control box Kupplungskasten to 

( AA director). 

control buoy Minenmarkierboje / 


control cabin Fiihrerraum to, Fiihrer- 
kanzel /, Fiihrerstand f (Ap). 
control cable Bowdenzug to (in flex- 
ible steel conduit). 

control car Fuhrergondel / ( air- 

control center 


cooling liquid 

control center Luftsehutzwarnzcn- 
trale f (AWS). 

control column Steuersaule f (Ap). 
control device Bedienungseinrich- 
tung /. 

control flag Winkflagge f, Winker- 
flagge /. 
control grid 


control grip 

Steuergitter n (Rad 

Drehgriff m (Mtcl). 
kontrollierbar ( capable 
of supervision); steuerbar (Tech); 
verstellbar (Ap propeller). 
controllable-pitch propeller Verstell- 
schraube /, Verstell-Luftschraube /, 
Dreiblattverstellschraube / (three- 
blade) (Ap). 

controlled mine Grundmine /, Beob- 
achtungsmine f (Nav). 
controlled mosaic Bildplan m (aerial 

controlled tower Sprungturm m, 

Fallschirm-Absprungturm m (Prcht 

controller Bediener m (AA search- 

controlling Steuern n. 
control officer Marschfiihrer ni 

(march column). 

control of the air Luftherrschaft f. 
control panel Schalttafel / (Elec). 
control point Orientierungspunkt m, 
Festpunkt m (Surv); Verkehrspo- 
sten m, Marschkontrollstelle / ( traf- 
fic) ; Auskunftstelle /, Meldestelle / 
(Sig C). 

control rod Verstellwelle / (Ap). 
controls Flugzeugsteuerung /, Steue- 
rung /, Steuerorgane npl (Ap). 
control servo Hilfsvorrichtung /, 
Servomotor m, Trimmklappe f (Ap). 
control shaft Steuerwelle / (Ap). 

control station Scheinwerfer- 

richtungsweiser m (AA SL); Leit- 
funkstelle /, Hauptfunkstelle / 

control-station traffic Leitverkehr m 

control stick Knuppel m, Steuer- 
kniippel m (Ap). 

control surface Steuerflache / (Ap). 
control system Steuerung f (Ap). 
control tower Abfertigungsgebaude 
n, Aufsichtsturm m, Befehlsgebaude 
n, Befehlsstelle f (Adrm). 
control wheel Steuerrad n (Ap). 

control zone Flugplatzzone / 

( Adrm). 

contusion Quetschung f, Quetsch- 
wunde / (Med). 

convalescence Genesung f, Konva- 
leszenz f. 

convalescent n Rekonvaleszent m. 
convalescent camp Genesungsanstalt 
/, Genesungsheim n. 
convalescent hospital Leichtkran- 
kenkriegslazarett n. 
convection Strahlung f, Konvektion 


conventional sign Kartenzeichen n, 
Kartensignatur /, Signatur/ (Top). 
converge zusammenlaufen, konver- 

convergence Zusammenlaufen n, Zu- 
sammenstrahlen n. 

convergent zusammenlaufend, kon- 

converging attack konzentrischer 
AngrifT (Tac). 

converging fire konzentrisches Feuer 

conversion Umrechnung / (Math). 
conversion table Umrechnungstabel- 
le /, Umrechnungstafel /. 
convert v umrechnen (Math); 

umandern, umwandeln (change); 
bekehren (to a party, religion). 
converter Umformer m (Elec); 
Chiffriermaschine f, Schliisselma- 
schine f (cipher device). 
converter unit Umformersatz m 

convertible umrechenbar (Math); 
vertauschbar, umwechselbar, um- 

convex konvex, gewolbt. 
convex slope gewolbte Boschung 

convoy Begleitzug m, Geleitzug m. 
convoy commander Kraftfahrzeug- 
kolonnenftihrer m (MT). 
convoy guard Geleitschutz m (Nav). 
cook n Feldkochunteroffizier m 


cooking pit Kochloch n. 
cool v kiihlen, abkiihlen. 
cool adj kfihl, frisch; ruhig (calm). 
coolant Kiihlmittel n (Mtr). 
cooling fin Kiihlrippe f, Lamelle / 

cooling liquid Kuhlflussigkeit / 


cooling system 270 corridor 

cooling system Kiihlung /, Kiihlan- 
lage / (Mtr). 

cooperate mitwirken, zusammenar- 
beiten; beitragen (contribute to); 
unterstiitzen ( sup-port ) . 
cooperation Mitwirkung /, Zusam- 
menarbeit /; Unterstiitzung / (sup- 

cooperative adj mitwirkend; behilf- 

coordinate n Koordinafe f. 
coordinate v beiordnen, koordinie- 
ren, zum Zusammenwirken 'bringen. 
coordinate cards Koordinatenschie- 
ber mpl (Surv). 

coordinated attack planmaBiger An- 
griff, einheitlich angesetzter Angriff 

coordinate map grid Gitternetz n. 
coordinate scale Planzeiger m 

(Arty, Surv). 

coordinate system Koordinaten- 

system n. 

coordination Zusammenwirken n. 
co-pilot zweiter Flugzeugfiihrer. 
copper Kupfer n. 

copper cup kupfernes Hiitchen (car- 

copper shell Kupferkapsel / (deto- 
nator cap). 

copper wire Kupferdraht m. 
copy n Abschrift f, Kopie f; Durch- 
schlag m (carbon copy); Exemplar 
n, Abdruck m (of a book); Manu- 
skript n (for printer); Nummer / 
(of a neivspaper) ; Naehahmung / 
(imitation) . 

cord Seil n, Strick m (rope); Schnur 
/ (twine); Klafter f (of wood). 
cord fuze Leitfeuer n (Engr). 
cord-fuze detonation Leitfeuerziin- 
dung f (Engr). 

cord-fuze detonator Leitfeuerziind- 
mittel n (Engr). 
cordite Kordit n (explosive). 
cord lashing Schniirbund to (Engr). 
cordon. Giirtel to (Tac). 
cord powder Stabchenpulver n (Am). 
corduroy road Kntippelweg m, Kniip- 
peldamm in, Schwellenbahn f. 
core of bullet GeschoBkern m. 
cork Kork to (substance) ; Kork(en) 
to, Pfropfen w, Stopsel w (stopper). 
corkscrew Korkenzieher m. 
coronet Hufkrone / (of hoof). 
corporal Obergefreiter w. 

corporal of the guard Auffiihren- 

der to. 

corps Korps n. 
corps area Korpsbezirk in. 
corps artillery Korpsartillerie /. 
corps artillery commander Artille- 

riekommandeur to. 

corps cavalry regiment Korps-Ka- 
vallerieregiment n. 
corps combat order Korpsbefehl to. 
corps communication battalion Korps- 
nachrichtenabteilung /. 
corpse Leiche /. 

corps engineer Kommabdeur der 


corps headquarters Generalkomman- 
do n, Korpskommando n. 

Corps of Chaplains Wehrmachtseel- 
sorgedienst m. 

Corps of Engineers Pionierkorps n, 
Pioniertruppe f. 

corps quartermaster Kommandeur 

der Korpsnachschubtruppen (USA). 
corps supply column Korpsnach- 
schubkolonne /. 

corps troops Korpstruppen fpl. 
corrected azimuth berichtigte Teil- 
ringeinstellung (Gunnery). 
corrected deflection berichtigte Sei- 
tenrichtung (Gunnery). 
corrected elevation Aufsatzerhohung 
/ (Gunnery). 

corrected range Aufsatzentfernung / 

correction Berichtigung f, Verbesse- 
rung / (Gunnery); Irrung f (Rad 
procedure) . 

correction angle Verbesserungs- 

winkel to (Gunnery). 
correction factor Verbesserungswert 
to (Ballistics). 

corrector Brennlangenschieber to 

corrector pointer Schlusselschieber m 
(hand fuze setter). 
correlation Wechselbeziehung /, 

Korrelation f. 

correspondence Schriftverkehr to. 
correspondence course Fernkurs to. 
correspondent Kriegsberichter to (in 
Ger propaganda Co); Berichter to, 
Berichterstatter m, Korrespondent 
TO. _ _ 

corresponding range tiberschieB- 
grenze /. 

corridor Gelandestreifen to. 




corroboration Bekraftigung f, Besta- 
tigung /. 

corrugated paper Wellpappe /. 

cosecant Kosekante f. 

cosine Kosinus m. 

cost n Preis m, Kosten pi. 

cot Peldbett n, Pritsche /. 

cotangent Kotangens to (function); 

Kotangente / (line). 
cotter pin Splint to. 
cotton Baumwolle f; Watte f (Med). 
cotton linters Baumwollabfall w. 
cotton waste Putzwolle / (for clean- 

counsel Anwalt in, Rechtsbeistand in 
(Law); Rat m (advice). 
count n Graf m (title); Zahl / 

count v zahlen (enumerate) ; rech- 
nen (compute). 

counteract zuwiderhandeln, entge- 
genwirken; verhindern (prevent); 
vereiteln (nullify). 
counterapproach trench Gegenlauf- 
graben m. 

counterattack Gegenangriff m (Tac). 
counterbalance Massenausgleich in 
(Ap); Gegengewicht n (Meek). 
counterbattery fire Artilleriebe- 
kampfung f. 

counterclockwise im Gegensinn zum 
Uhrzeiger, im Gegenzeigersinn, 
linksgangig, linkslaufend. 
counterespionage Spionageabwehr f, 
Gegenspionage /. 

counterfire Erwiderungsfeuer n, Ge- 
genfeuer n, Feuerkampf in. 
counterintelligence A'owehrdienst in. 
countermand Geg'enbefehl geben. 
countermarch Gegenmarsch in. 
countermeasure Gegenmallnahme f. 
countermine Gegenmine /, Gegen- 
stollen m. 

counteroffensive Gegenoffensive /. 
counterorder Gegenbefehl in. 
counterpoise Gegengewicht n (Rad, 
Mech) ; Beschwerungssttick n, Be- 
schwerungsrohr n (G). 
counterpreparation Gegenvorberei- 
tungsfeuer n. 

counterpropaganda Gegenpropagan- 
da f. 

counter recoil Vorlauf to, Vorlauf- 

bewegung f. 

counterrecoil mechanism Vorholeein- 
richtung /, Vorholer m (G). • 

counterrecoil piston rod Vorlauf- 

hemmstange / (G). 
counterreconnaissance Gegenauf- 
klarung /. 

counterreconnaissance screen Gegen- 
aufklarungsstreifen in. 
counterrotating propellers gegen- 
laufige Luftschrauben (Ap). 
countershaft Vorgelege Welle / 


countersign Erkennungswoi't n, Gc- 
genlosung f. 

counterslope Gegenboschung f, Ge- 
genhang to. 

counterthrust Gegenstofi in (Tac). 
counterweight Beschwerungssttick n, 
Beschwerungsrohr n (G); Massen- 
ausgleich to (Ap); Gegengewicht 
11 (Mech). 

“Count off!” “Abzahlen!” 
country Land n; Gelande n (ter- 
rain); Gegend f (region). 
country of origin Heimatstaat to. 
couple v aufprotzen (Arty). 
coupling Kopplung / (Mech, Rad); 
Kupplung / (Mech); Anschlufi m 

courier Kurier in. 
courier mail Kurierpost /. 
course Kurs m (Nav, Avn); Flug- 
weg m, Flugrichtung f (Avn); Lehr- 
gang to (instruction). 
course determination Flugwegbestim- 
mung / (Air Navigation). 
course light Streckenfeuer n, 

Flugstreckenfeuer n. 
course of target Zielweg to ( AA 

court Gericht n. See also military 

courtesy Hoflichkeit f, hdfliche For- 
men. See also military courtesy, 
court-martial Kriegsgericht n. 
court-martial proceedings Kriegsge- 
richtsverfahren n. 
court plaster Leukoplast n. 
cover n Schutz in; Decke f ; Deckel 
m; tjberzug in; Deckung /, Ein- 
deckung / (Ft); Aufnahme / (for 
withdrawal in delaying action, Tac) ; 
Hiilsenbriieke f (R receiver). 
cover v durch Feuer decken, decken, 

coverage Bedeckung / (Met); 

Feuerschutz m, Feuerunterstiitzung 
/ (Tac); Gelandeausschnitt to 
(aerial Photo). 

covering 272 cross 

covering Tarndecke / (Cam); 

Aufienhaut /, Bespannung / (Ap); 
Verschalung /. 

covering fire Feuerschutz in. 
covering forcS Deckungstruppe f; 
Aufnahme f (reserve force covering 
withdrawal from action). 
covering party Deckungstrupp in. 
covering position vorgesehobene 

Stellung (in defense); Aufnahrne- 
stellung / ( covering withdrawal from 
QrCtiOTh ) . 

“Cover off!” “Vordermann!”; “Auf 
Vordermann gehen!” (behind file 
leaders when in platoon front). 
cover off auf Vordermann gehen, auf 
Vordermann stehen, Vordermann 

cover plate Abdeckplatte f (G). 
cover-plate latch Deckelriegel m 


cover-plate lock Deckelsperre / 


cover position gedeckte Stellung. 
cover trench Deckungsgraben m. 
cowardice Feigheit /. 
cowl flaps Luftabflufiklappen fpl 

cowling Haube f, Verkleidung / 

crab Luvwinkel m (Avn). 
crabbing windschiefer Flug ( Avn). 
crack n Rifi m, Sprung m, Spalt m 
(split); Krach in, Knall m (sound). 
crack v zerspalten, zersprengen, zer- 

crack-up Bruch m (Avn). 
cradle Wiege /, Rohrwiege / (G); 
Gewehrtrager m (on MG sleigh, 
mount or tripod). 

cradle frame Wiegentrager m (G). 
cradle guide rails Wiegenglsitbahn / 

cradle lock Wiegenzurrung / (G). 
craft Wasserfahrzeug n (stream 

crane Kran in (Engr). 
crank n Kurbel /. 
crank v andrehen, ankurbeln, an- 

crank arm Kurbelarm to (crank 

crankcase Kurbelgehause n (Mtr). 
crank handle Andrehkurbel / (MT). 
crank mechanism Kurbeltrieb in 

crankpin Kurbelzapfen m (Mtr). 

crankshaft Kurbelwelle / (Mtr). 
crankshaft assembly Kurbeltrieb- 

werk n (Mtr). 

crankshaft throw Kropfung der 
Kurbelwelle (Mtr). 
crank starter Handanlasser m 


crankwheel .Kurbelrad n (G). 
crankwheel operation exercise Kur- 
beliibung / (gun laying). 
crash n Bruch m (Avn). 
crash boat Fliegerrettungsboot n. 
crash helmet Schutzmiitze / ( Amid 
Comd); Sturzhelm m. 
crash landing Bruchlandung / 

( Avn). 

crash padding Schutzpolsterung /. 
crater Trichter m, Sprengtrichter m. 
crater charge Trichterladung / 


crawl v robben (on land); kraulen 


crawl forward sich vorrobben. 
crawl trench Kriechgraben m. 
credit n Kredit m, Guthaben n (fi- 
nancial); Anerkennung / (acknoiv- 
creep kriechen. 

creeping barrage Feuerwalze f. 
cremation Einascherung f. 
creosote Kreosot n. 
cresol soap solution Kresolseifen- 
losung /, Kresohvasser n. 
crest Kamm m, Kammlinie f (Top); 
Gewehrauflage f, Brustwehrkrone f 
(trench); Krone f. 

crew Besatzung f, Mannschaft / 
(Ap, Tk); Bedienung f (G, SL). 
crib Stapel to (Bdg). 
crime Verbrechen n. 
criminal Verbrecher in. 
crimp Wiirgung f (Am). 
crimper Wiirgezange /. 
critical item Sparstoff in. 
critical point Gefahrpunkt in, kri- 
tischer Punkt (Tac); Wechselpunkt 
w (Top). 

critical speed kritische Geschwindig- 
keit; DurehsackgescLwindigkeit / 
(Avn); kritische Drehzahl (Mech). 
critical zone Planfeuerwiirfel m 
( AA filing). 

critique Schluflbesprechung f. 
cross n Kreuz n; Zapfenkreuz n 
(universal joint) (MT), 
cress v iiberqueren (a river, etc.); 
iiberschreiten (a bridge, road, etc.). 




crossbar Traverse f ( split-trail car- 
riage); Querverbindung / (log sled). 
crossbelt Schulterriemen to (Clo). 
cross bracing Auskreuzung / (Ap); 

Querverstrebung / (Bdg). 
cross-country querfeldein; gelande- 
gangig; Uberland-, Gelande-. 
cross-country driving Gelande- 

fahren n. 

cross-country flight tJberlandflug to. 
cross-country mobility Gelandegan- 
gigkeit f. 

cross-country vehicle Gelandefahr- 
zeug n (MT). 

crosscut saw Hirnsage /, Quersage /. 
cross-examination Kreuzverhor n. 
cross-examine einem Kreuzverhor 

cross fire n Kreuzfeuer n. 
cross-fire v Feuer kreuzen (firing). 
cross hairs Fadenkreuz n (Optics). 
cross hole screw Kreuzlochschrau- 
be /. 

crossing tibergang to. 
crossing of ditches Grabendurch- 
fahrt / (MT). 

crossing of rivers Uberwinden von 

crossing point tjbersetzstelle /. 
crossing station tlbergangsbahnhof 
to, Kreuzungsbahnhof to (RR). 
crossing target querfahrendes Ziel. 
cross level n Querlibelle /, Verkan- 
tungslibelle / ( Optics, Surv, Arty) ; 
Radstandlibelle / (G). 
cross-level v die Libelle einspielen. 
cross-level drive Verkantungstrieb 
to (Optics, Ord). 

cross leveling Libelleneinstellung f 

cross-leveling mechanism Radstand- 
trieb to ( G sight). 

cross lines Kreuzleinen fpl (of har- 

crosspiece Ducht / (boat). 
cross pipe fitting Kreuzmuffe /. 
crossroads Wegekreuzung /, Stra- 
lienkreuzung /. 

cross section Profil n, Querschnitt to. 
cross wind seitlicher Schiebewind 

cross-wind landing Landung mit 

cross-wind takeoff Start mit Seiten- 

cross wires Fadenkreuz n (Optics). 
crouching fox hole Hockloch n. 

croup Kruppe / (horse). 
crowbar Brechstange f, Hebebaum 


crown of roadbed Bahnkrone/ (RR). 
crownpiece Kopfstiick n (harness). 
crucible steel Tiegelguflstahl to. 
crude oil Rohol n. 
cruise v fahren (vehicle or ship); 

kreuzen (ship); fliegen (Ap). 
cruiser Kreuzer to. 
cruising power rating Reisedauer- 
leistung f. 

cruising radius Fahrbereich to (MT, 


cruising speed Reisegeschwindigkeit 
f (Ap); Marschgeschwindigkeit / 

crush (zer)quetschen, zerdriicken, 

cryptanalysis Entzifferung f, Ge- 
heimschriftanalyse f. 
cryptogram Kryptogramm n. 
cryptograph See cryptogram, 
cryptography Geheimschrift /. 
crystal Kristall to. 
crystal control Quarzsteuerung f 

crystal-controlled transmitter quarz- 
gesteuerter Sender (Rad). 
crystal detector Kristalldetektor vi 

cube n Wiirfel m, Kubus m; Kubik- 
zahl /, dritte Potenz (Math). 
cubed zur dritten Potenz erhoben. 
cubic centimeter Kubikzentimeter n. 
cultivated fields bebaute Felder, 
culvert DurchlaB m. 
cumulus cloud Haufenwolke f, Ku- 
muluswolke f. 

cup Trinkbecher to (drinking) ; 

Schmierbiichse / (grease); Hiitchen 
n (cartridge). 

cup anemometer Schalenkreuzwind- 
messer to (Met). 

cupola Kuppel f, Beobachtungskup- 
pel f, Turmkuppel /, Reobachtungs- 
tiirmchen n, Turmaufsatz to (Tk). 
cupola mount Kuppellafette / (Ap). 
curb bit Kanaare / (harness) . 
curb chain Kinnkette / (harness). 
curbing Rodelung / (Bdg). 
curb lashing Rodeln n (Bdg). 
curb rail Rodelbalken to (Bdg). 
curb rein Kandarenziigel m (har- 

cure v heilen. 

curfew Ausgehverbot n (Mil Govt). 



daily ration 

currency Wahrung f; Geld n ( money). 
current n Strom m, Stromung /. 
current capacity Stromaufnahme / 

current consumer Stromverbraucher 
in (Elec). 

current flow Stromflufi m (Elec). 
current generator unit Stromaggre- 
gat n (Elec). 

current intensity Stromstarke / 


current-measuring instrument Strom- 
mefigerat n (Elec). 
current supplies laufender Nach- 

current supply Stromzufuhr /, 

Stromvorrat m (Elec). 
current surge StromstoB m (Elec). 
currycomb Striegel m. 
curtain door Gasschutzvorhang m. 
curtain of antiaircraft fire Flak- 
sperre f, Sperrfeuerwand /. 
curtain of Are Feuerwand /, Feuer- 
vorhang m. 

curvature Kriimmung f, Biegung /. 
curve n Straflenbiegung / (road); 

Kriimmung /, Kurve /, Bogen m. 
curved-chord truss Parabel-Fach- 
werktrager vi (Engr). 
curved spur track Gleiskurve /, 
Klaue f (RR gun). 
curve of the trajectory Gestalt der 

curvilinear flight Kurvenflug in. 
cushion tire Pneumassivreifen m, 
Hochelastikreifen m (MT). 
custodian Urkundenbewahrer m (of 
documents) . 

custody Haft /, Gewahrsam in; Auf- 
sicht /, Hut /, Verwahrung / (care); 
Schutz m (protection). 
custom Gebrauch m. 
custom house Zollhaus n. 
customs of the service Truppen- 
brauch in. 

customs of war Kriegsbrauch m, 
Kriegsgebrauch m. 

cut n Durchstich m, Einschnitt m 
(Engr, RR); Schnitt m (injury or 
wound) ; Hieb m (slash). 

cut v schneiden, abschneiden (wire, 
etc.); hauen, abhauen (trees, etc.). 
cut a fuze Ziinder einstellen. 
cut-and-cover shelter Unterschlupf in. 
cut film Schnittfilm in. 
cut off trennen (Elec, Tp). 
cut-off frequency Grenzfrequenz / 

cutout Auspuffklappe / (Mtr). 
cutter See cutting pliers, 
cutting pliers Zwickzange f (Engr). 
cw tonlos (marking on Rad set). 
cw transmission Telegraphiesen- 
dung / (Rad). 

cvanogen bromide Bromzyan n, Ce- 
Stoff m (CWS). 

cyanogen chloride Chlorzyan n, Cy- 
anogenchlorid n (CWS). 
cycle Pei’iode f, Hertz n (Elec); 

Kreisprozefi m (Mtr); Kreislauf in. 
cyclic change mechanism Vorrich- 
tung zur Verlangsamung der Schufi- 
folge (automatic R). 
cyclic rate Schufifolge f. 
cyclic rate mechanism See cyclic 
change mechanism, 
cyclogiro Radfliigelflugzeug n (Avn). 
cyclone Zyklon m, Tief n (low); 
Orkan m, Taifun in ( tropical) f Wir- 
belsturm m, Tornado m, Trombe f 
( tornado). 

cylinder Zylinder in. 
cylinder block Motorblock m, Zylin- 
derblock in (Mtr). 

cylinder grinding Zylinderschleifen 
n (Mtr). 

cylinder head Zylinderkopf m (Mtr). 
cylinder liner Zylinderlaufbiichse / 


cylinder wall Zylinderwand / (Mtr). 
cylindrical zylindrisch, walzenformig. 
cylindrical cam Lenkschraube / 

(steering column, MT). 
cylindrical grid Zylinderelektrode / 
(Rad tube). 

cylindrical mount Walzenblende / 

(Tk gun). 


dagger Dolch m. daily ration Tagesverpflegung /. 

daily automatic supply Tagesversor- daily ration strength return Starke- 
gung /. nachweis fur die Tagesverpflegung. 

daily sick report 275 debouch 

daily sick report Krankenmeldung /. 
daily stock record Bestandsnach- 
weisung /. 

daily strength report Iststarke- 
nachweisung /. 

daily telegram tagliche Starke- und 

daily train tagliche Nachschubko- 
lonne (MT). 

dam Damm to, Stauanlage f; Tal- 
sperre f (across a valley); Buhne f 
( diversion). 

damage n Beschadigung /, Scha- 
den m. 

damage v beschadigen. 
damage control Schadenbekamp- 
fung f. 

damming Anstauung / (Engr). 
damped oscillations gedampfte 

Schwingungen (Rad). 
damped waves' gedampfte Wellen 

damping Dampfung / (Elec, Rad). 
damping device Dampfungsvorrich- 
tung f. 

danger Gefahr f. 
danger area Schuflbereich w. 
danger flag Warnflagge /. 
danger of icing Vereisungsgefahr / 

danger of interception Abhorgefahr 

/ (Tv). 

dangerous gefahrlich. 
danger signal Warnsignal n. 
danger space Visierbereich m (MG 


darkness Dunkelheit f, Finsternis /. 
darkroom Dunkelkammer f. 
dash n Strich m (Tg). 
dashboard Instrumentenbrett n. 
data Grundlagen fpl, Unterlagen fpl, 
Angaben fpl, Daten npl. 
data board Schreibbrett n (Arty). 
data card Merkzettel to. 
data computer Kommandogerat n. 
data receiver Empfanger m (data 
transmission system). 
data transmission system tjbertra- 
gungsgerat n (AAA). 
data transmitter Geber m (data 
transmission system). 
date Datum n. 

datum Unterlage /, Angabe f, 
Datum n. 

datum level Bezugsebene / (Saw). 
datum line Bezugslinie / (Sarv). 

datum plane Bezugsebene /, Bezugs- 
flache f (Surv). 

datum point Bezugspunkt to (Stirv). 
davit Davit to, Schw.enkdavit m 


daybook Kriegstagebuch n. 
daybreak Tagesanbruch m. 
daylight attack Tagesangriff m, 

TagesvorstoB m. 
day march Tagmarsch to. 
day of fire Munition fur einen Tag. 
day of supply Tagesverbrauch m, 

Vorratsbestand fur einen Tag. 
day’s destination Tagesziel n. 
day’s march Tagesmarsch to. 
day’s objective Tagesziel n. 
dazzle-painted bunt bemalt (Cam). 
dazzle painting Buntfarbenanstrich 
to (Cam). 

DB boat Hilfsfahrzeug zum Legen 
von Grundminen (Nav). 
d-c generator Gleichstromerzeuger to. 
dead tot. 

dead abatis schwere Baumsperre. 
dead area toter Schufiraum. 
dead center Totpunkt w (Mtr). 
dead-end road Sackgasse f; Holzweg 
to (in a forest). 

dead-end station Kopfbahnhof m 

dead-end street Sackgasse f. 
dead file erledigte Akten. 
deadline Termin to. 
deadman eingebetteter waagerecht 
liegender Verankerungspfahl 

dead reckoning Koppeln n (Avn). 
dead reckoning navigation Koppel- 
navigation f (Avn). 
dead reckoning position Koppelort 
to (Air Navigation). 
dead space toter Schufiraum, toter 
Trichter, gedeckter Raum, toter 
Winkel (Gunnery). 
dead-stick landing Landung mit 

abgestelltem Motor (Avn). 
dead time Kommando- und Lade- 
verzugszeit f (Gunnery). 
death Tod to. 

death sentence Todesurteil n. 
debarkation Ausbooten n, Ausboo- 

tung /. 

debarkation officer Landungsoffi- 

zier to. 

debouch aus einer Enge heraustreten 
(from a defile); aus dem Wald- 
gelande heraustreten (from a wood). 



def ensi ve-off ensive 

debris Triimmer pi. 
debt Schuld /. 

deceive tausehen, vortauschen. 
deception Tauschung /. 
deceptive irrefiihrend, Tauschungs-, 

deceptive smoke screen Scheinverneb- 
lung f. 

decibel Phon 'n, Dezibel n. 
decipher entschliisseln, entziffern, 

decision EntschluG to (Tac). 
decisive ausschlaggebend, entsehei- 

decisive action Entseheidungsgefecht 
n (Tac). 

decisive battle Entscheidungskampf 
to (Tac). 

deck Deck n (Tk, Nav) ; Oberseite f. 
declaration of war Kriegserkla- 
rung f. 

declinate OrtsmiGweisung bestimmen 
( compass). 

declination MiGweisung /, Kompafi- 
miGweisung f (compass). 
declination constant MiGweisung /, 
OrtsmiGweisung f. 

declinator Richtkreis-Bussole f, Bus- 
sole f (aiming circle). 
decode entschliisseln. 
decontaminate entgiften (CWS). 
decontaminating agent Entgiftungs- 
mittel n, Entgiftungsstolf to. 
decontaminating apparatus Entgif- 
tungsgerat n; Zerstaubergerat n 

decontaminating-powder sprayer 
Pulverzerstauber m ( C1FSJ. 
decontaminating sprayer Flus- 

sigkeitszerstauber fiir Entgiftung. 
decontamination Entgiftung /'. 
decontamination agent Entgiftungs- 
stoff .to (CWS). 

decontamination battalion Entgif- 

tungsabteilung /. 

decontamination cart fahrbare Ent- 

decontamination drum Entgiftungs- 
trommel f. 

decontamination point Entgiftungs- 

platz to (CWS). 

decontamination service Entgif- 

tungsdienst m. 

decontamination squad Entgiftungs- 
trupp to. 

decontamination troops Entgiftungs- 
truppen /pi. 

decopper entkupfern. 
decoppering agent Entkupferungs- 

mittel n. 

decoration Auszeichnung /, Ehren- 

zeichen n. 

decoy n Lockmittel n, Falle /. 
decoy v heranlocken. 
decryptograph entziffern, entschliis- 
seln, dechiffrieren. 
deduct abziehen, subtrahieren. 
deep-sea diver Torpedotaucher to. 
deep thrust tiefer Vorstofi (Tac). 
defeat n Niederlage f. 
defeat v schlagen, besiegen. 
defecate den Darm entleeren; schei- 
Ben (vulgar). 

defect Fehler to; Materialfehler to 
(structural) ; Konstruktionsfehler to 
(design); Sehfehler to (vision). 
defective fehlerhaft. 
defense Verteidigung /, Abwehr / 
( as distinguished from Schutz, pro- 
tection, Tac). 

defense area Verteidigungsraum to. 
Defense Command Landesverteidi- 
gungsbezirk to (USA). 
defense in depth nach Tiefe geglie- 
derte Verteidigung. 
defense plan Verteidigungsplan to. 
defense system Wehrorganisation / 
(total armed defense system of a 
country) ; Landesverteidigungsor- 
ganisation / (home defense); Be- 
festigungsanlagen fpl (Ft). 
defensive n Defensive f, Verteidi- 
gung / (Tac). 

defensive adj defensiv, in der Ver- 

defensive area Verteidigungsraum to. 
defensive arm Abwehrwaffe /. 
defensive battle Abwehrschlacht f. 
defensive coastal area Kiistenver- 
teidigungsabschnitt m. 
defensive combat Abwehrkampf to, 
Abwehrgefecht n (Tac). 
defensive fire Abwehrfeuer n, Not- 
feuer n (Arty, MG). 
defensive front Abwehrfront /. 
defensive installations Verteidigungs- 
anlagen fpl. 

defensive line Verteidigungslinie f. 
defensively abwehrweise. 
defensive measure Abwehrmafinah- 

me /. 

defensive-offensive offensive Ver- 

defensive operations 277 demolition bomb 

defensive operations Verteidigungs- 
operationen fpl. 

defensive position Verteidigungs- 
stellung /. 

defensive preparation Abwehrvor- 
bereitung /. 

defensive sector Verteidigungsab- 
schnitt to. 

defensive weapon Abwehrwaffe /. 
defensive zone Abwehrzone f, Ver- 
teidigungszone /. 
defer zuriickstellen. 
deferment Zuriickstellung f. 
defilade Gelandeschutz m. 
defiladed area gedeckter Raum. 
defile Enge f, Engpafi m (Tac). 
defile between lakes Seenenge /. 
definition Linsenscharfe f (of a 
lens); Definition f, Begriffsbestim- 
mung f (of a word). 
deflagration Verbrennung /, Defla- 
gration / (powder). 
deflection Seitenabweichung f (Gun- 
nery); Ablenkung f; Strahlungs- 
ablenkung/fo/ Rad waves); Durch- 
biegung f (of a beam or girder) . 
deflection angle Seitenwinkel m 

deflection board Seitenrichtschieber 
to (CA). 

deflection change Seitenanderung / 

deflection correction Seitenanderung 
/, Seitenverbesserung / (Gunnery). 
deflection difference Feuervereini- 
gungswinkel m (Btry firing). 
deflection dispersion Breitenstreuung 
f (Ballistics). 

deflection reading Festlegezahl f 

( Gunnery). 

deflection scale Seitenrichtteilung /. 
deflector box Hiilsenkasten to (AA 

degassing Entgasung f, Entgasen n. 
de-gaussing Entmagnetisierung / 

degreasing Entfettung / (MT). 
degree Grad to (of circle, tempera- 
ture); Stufe / (stage or step); 
Grad to, Mali n (extent). 
dehydrated meat Dorrfleisch n. 
dehydrated vegetables Dorrgemiise 

de-icer Enteiser m, Enteisungsgerat 
n, Vereisungsschutzgerat n (Ap). 
de-icing system Enteisungsanlage f. 
delay v hinhalten (Tac). 

delay n V erzogerung f, Verzug w; 
Aufschub to. 

delayed-action bomb Bombe mit 

delayed-action fuze Aufscblagzun- 
der mit Verzogex'ung, Verzogerungs- 
ztinder to. 

delayed-action mine Verzogerungs- 
mine f (Engr). 

delayed jump Absprung mit verzo- 
gerter Offnung (Prcht). 
delay fuze Aufschlagzunder mit 
V erzogerung, V erzogerungsziinder 


delaying action hinlialtendes Gefecht 

delaying position Widerstandsstel- 
lung im hinhaltenden Gefecht, Auf- 
nahmestellung f (Tac). 
delaying unit Widerstandsgruppe / 

delay pellet Verzogerungssatz to. 
delay powder train Verzogerungs- 
satz to (fuze). 

delegation of authority Ubertragung 
einer Amtsgewalt. 

deliberate field fortification plan- 
mafiige Feldbefestigung. 
deliver liefern, abliefern. 
delivery Auslieferung f. 
delivery container Abwurfkiste f 
(airborne operations). 
delivery roadway Ladestrafie / (RR 
freight station). 

delivery unit Fallschirmlast /, Ver- 
sorgungsbehalter m (airborne sup- 

delouse entlausen. 
deiousing Entlausung /. 
de'ousing station Entlausungssta- 
tion /. 

delta connection Dreieckschaltung 
f (Elec). 

demarcation Abgrenzung f. 
demilitarize militarisch raumen, ent- 

demobilization Demobilmachung f. 
demobilize demobilmachen. 
demolish sprengen (blow up); nie- 
derreifien, abreifien, abbrechen (tear 
down); zerstoren, vernichten (to 

demolition Sprengung /, Zerstdrung 
/, Demolierung /. 

demolition block Sprengbiichse / 


demolition bomb Sprengbombe /. 

demolition chamber 

278 desiccated cell 

demolition chamber Minenkammer 
f (Bdg, mine); Sprengstelle / 

demolition detail Sprengtrupp m. 
demolition equipment Sprenggerat 
n, Ziindgerat n (Engr). 
demolition installation Minenanlage 

demolition mission Sprengauftrag 

demolition order Sprengbefehl in, 
Sprengauftrag m. 

demolition party Sprengkommando 

demolition plan Sprengplan m 

demolition service Sprengdienst m. 
demolition squad Sprengtrupp m. 
demonstration Tausehungsmanbver 
n, Scheingefecht n, Scheinangriff in 
(Tac); Vorfiihrung f. 
demonstration chart Unterrichtsta- 
fel / (Tng). 

demonstration flight Schauflug in 

demonstration material Anschau- 
ungsmittel npl (Tng aids). 
demoralize demoralisieren, entmuti- 

demotion Degradation /, Dienstgrad- 
herabsetzung /. 
denim Drillich m, Drilch m. 
densimeter Dichtemesser in, Dichtig- 
keitsmesser m. 
density Dichte f. 
density of fire Feuerdichte f. 
density of fragments Splitterdichte 
f (Arty). 

density of gas coverage Belegungs- 
starke / (CIVS). 

density of loading Ladedichte / 


Dental Corps zahnarztliches Korps 

dental officer Sanitatsoffizier (Z) m. 
dental surgeon Kriegszahnarzt m. 
dental technician Zahntechniker in. 
dental treatment Zahnbehandlung f. 
dentist Zahnarzt m. 
depart abriicken, abmarschieren, 

departing flight Abflug to (AA). 
department Abteilung / (branch, 
section); Verwaltungsbereich m 
(sphere); Behorde / ( Adm. ); Mini- 
sterium n (of government) . 

departure Abfahrt /, Ausriicken n, 
Abriicken n. 

departure point Aufbruchsort in. 
departure time Aufbruchszeit /. 
dependency benefits Familienunter- 
halt m. 

dependent Unterhaltsberechtigter to. 
deploy entwickeln, ausschwarmen. 
deployed riflemen Schiitzen in Ent- 

deployment Entwicklung / (Tac). 
deployment for action Gefechtsent- 
wicklung / (Tac). 

deport verschicken, verbannen, de- 
portieren; abschieben (aliens). 
depot Lager n, Park in (Mil) ; Bahn- 
hof to (RR station); Zweiglager n 
(branch depot). 

depot quartermaster Lagermeister 
to ( Ger : civilian official). 
depress senken (G). 
depression Mulde / (Top); Tief n 


depression angle Senkungswinkel to 

depression position finder Azimut- 

entfernungsmesser in. 
depth Tiefe / (Tac). 
in depth tiefgegliedert, treffen- 

weise. ■ 

depth bomb Wasserbombe f, Unter- 
wasserbombe /. 

depth of penetration Eindringtiefe 
f, Eindringungstiefe / (Tac). 
depth of profile Profiltiefe / (Ap 


depth of wing profile Flugeltiefe / 

deputy Stellvertreter in. 

Deputy Chief of Staff Stellvertre- 
tender Chef des Generalstabes. 
descending air current Abwind in 

descending branch of trajectory ab- 

steigender Ast (Ballistics). 
description Beschreibung f, Schilde- 
rung /, Darstellung /. 
desert n Wiiste /. 
desert v desertieren, fahnenfliichtig- 
werden, Fahnenflucht begehen. 
desert area Wiistenzone f. 
deserter Fahnenfliichtiger m, Deser- 
teur to; Uberlaufer to (to the en- 

desertion Fahnenflucht f, Desertion 

desiccated cell Fiillelement n (Elec). 

design 279 develop 

design n Ausfiihrung f (Mech). I detention Haft f (arrest) ; Einbehal- 

designated target Punktziel n 


designation of objective Zielset- 
zung f. 

designer Konstrukteur m (Mech). 
design load Normalbelastung / 


desired frequency Nutzfrequenz / 

desk Schreibtisch m. 
destination Ziel n. 
destroy zerstoren, vernicliten. 
destroyer Zerstorer to, Torpedoboot- 
zerstorer in (Nav). 
destroyer escort Korvette { (Nav). 
destruction Vernichtung /, Zersto- 
rung /. 

destruction fire Niederkampfen n 

detach abkommandieren, ausschei- 
den, absondern. 

detached duty See detached service, 
detached post Vorpostenverband m. 
detached service Kommando n. 
on detached service abkomman- 

detached unit Kommando n. 
detachment Trupp m, Abteilung /. 
detachment commander Truppfiihrer 

detail n Trupp to, Kommando n, Ab- 
teilung f (Pers); Dienst m (duty). 
detail v kommandieren. 
detailed report Tatbericht in, Tat- 
sachenbericht to. 

“Detail, halt!” “Abteilung, halt!” 
(given on right foot). 
detain aufhalten (to delay); abhal- 
ten, verhindern (withhold) ; in Haft 
behalten, festhalten (under arrest). 
detaining authority nehmestaatliche 
Behorde (PW). 

detaining power Nehmestaat to 


detect auffangen (Rad); entdecken 
(discover) ; aufdecken (an action); 
ertappen (to catch). 
detector Audion n, Detektor to 

detector crayon Gasspurkreide / 


detector kit Spurgerat n, Gasanzei- 
ger to ( C i-k S ) . 

detector paint Gasspurfarbe / 


detent East f (Mech). 

tung f (of pay, etc.). 
detention of pay Besoldungseinbehal- 

tung /. 

detention room Haftlokal n. 
detention ward Arrestraum im La- 


deteriorating supplies begrenzt la- 
gerungsfahige Vorrate. 
determinate error regelmafiiger Feh- 
ler, systematischer Fehler. 
determination of altitude Hohen- 

bestimmung f (Avn). 
determination of course Flugweg- 

bestimmung / (Air Navigation). 
determination of direction Rich- 

tungsbestimmung / (Avn, Rad). 
determination of fix Kreuzpeilung f 
(Air Navigation). 

determination of position Orts- 

bestimmung f (Avn). 
determine a fix anschneiden (Air 


detonate detonieren, sprengen, ziin- 
den (Engr.) 

detonating agent Ziindmittel n 


detonating charge Aufladung / 
(blasting cap). 

detonating cord Knallziindschnur /. 
detonating explosive Brisanzspreng- 
Stoff TO. 

detonating fuze Sprengziinder in. 
detonating net Knallehnetz n. 
detonating slab Zerschellerschicht / 

detonation Klopfen n (Mtr); Ziin- 
den n, Ztindung f (blasting) ; Deto- 
nation f. 

detonation wave Verdichtungswelle 
f (Ballistics). 

detonator Sprengkapsel f (Am). 
detonator-safe fuze Ziinder mit 
Sprengkapselsicherung (Am). 
detour n Umweg m. 
detour v umgehen. 
detraining of troops . Truppenaus- 
ladung f. 

detraining point Ausladebahnhof vi. 
detrucking area Ausladegebiet n. 
detrucking point Ausladeplatz w, 
Ausladestelle f. 

devastate verwusten, verheeren. 
devastation Verwustung f, Verhee- 
rung f. 

develop entfalten (Tac); entwickeln 



developed armament 2S0 

developed armament probable error 
Treffwahrscheinlichkeit der Waffe. 
development Entfaltung f (Tac). 
development from march column t 

Entfaltung aus dem Marsch (Tac). t 

development order Befehl zur Ent- 
faltung (Tac). i 

deviate abweichen, abkommen. I 

deviation Geschofiabweichung / (Gun- 
nery); Fehlweisung f (Rad); Ver- 1 
setzung / ( Avn) ; Kompaillenkung f, 
Deviation /. 1 

deviation curve Funkbeschickungs- 
kurve /, Peilberichtigungskurve / 
(Rad). 1 

device Vorrichtung / (Mech, Engr); 1 
Abzeichen n (insigne). 1 

dew Tau m. 

dew point Taupunkt m. c 

diagonal n Schraglinie f. c 

diagonal adj schrag, querlaufend. 
diagonal strut Strebe f (Ap). c 

diagram Plan m, Schema n, Figur /; 

Abbildung / (illustration). t 

dial n Zifferblatt n (on Inst); Num- 
mernscheibe /, Wahlerscheibe f(Tp); ( 
Gangrolle / (pivoted dial of speed- c 

dial v einstellen, wahlen (Tp). < 

dial box Nummemscheibenkastchen n 
(field Tp). ( 

dial hum Amtszeichen n, Freizeichen 
n, Summton m (Tp). 
dialing central Wahlamt n (Tp). c 
dial plate Skalenscheibe / (Rad). 
dial system Wahlerbetrieb in (Tp). c 
diameter Durchmesser in. 
diameter of projectile Geschofldurch- c 
messer m (Ballistics). ^ 

diamond formation Rautenformation 

diaphragm Schallblech n (Tp); c 
Membran / (microphone) ; Stofi- 
boden in, Stofischeibe / (shrapnel) ; c 
Blende f (Photo). ^ 

diaphragm gas mask Membran- 
maske /. c 

diaphragm pump Membranpumpe / 
(Mtr). c 

diarrhea Durchfall m, Diarrhoe /. 
diary Tagebuch n. <j 

diatomite layer Diatomitschicht / 
(gas filter, CWS). c 

dichloramine-T Dichloramin n c 

(CWS). c 

die n Gewindebacken fpl (for cut- c 

ting threads); Stanze f, Gesenke n 
(for stamping or punching). 
stock and die Schneidkluppe /. 
die v sterben. 

die down ausschwingen (Elec oscilla- 

dielectric Dielektrikum n (Rad). 
Diesel-electric drive dieselelektri- 
scher Antrieb. 

Diesel engine Dieselmotor in, Die- 
selmascbine f, Schwerolmotor m. 
Diesel fuel DieselkraftstofF in, 

Gasol n, Schwerol n, Schwerkraft- 
stoff in. 

Diesel motor See Diesel engine. 
Diesel tractor Dieselschlepper m 
Diesel truck Diesel-Lastwagen in 


dietitian Diatschwester f. 
difference Unterschied m; Differenz 
/ (Math). 

difference chart graphische Schufi- 

difference in altitude Hohenunter- 
schied m. 

differential Differential n (MT). 
differential calculus Differential- 
rechnung /. 

differential case Hinterachsenge- 

hause n (MT). 

differential effects Werte zum Aus- 
schalten der Witterungseinfliisse 

differential gear Ausgleichgetriebe 
n (MT). 

differential lock Ausgleichsperre / 

difficult terrain schwieriges Ge- 


difficulty. Schwierigkeit f; Verlegen- 
heit f (trouble); Gelandeschwie- 
rigkeit f (of terrain). 
diffuser plate Ladeleitrad n (Ap 


dig v graben; ausgraben (excavate). 
dig in schanzen, einschanzen, sich 

diglycolnitrate flaked powder Digly- 
kolnitrat-Blattchenpulver n. 
dihedral V-Form /, V-Stellung /, 
Schrankung / (Ap). 
dihedral angle V-Formwinkel in 

dike Deich m. 
dim v abblenden (a light). 
dimension AusmaB n. 
dimethylsulfate D-Stoff m (CWS). 


director’s aide 

dim headlights 

dim headlights v abblenden (MT). 
dim light n Abblendelicht n (head- 
light, MT). 

dim-out n Halbverdunkelung / (Air 
. Defense). 

dim out v abblenden (Air Defense). 
diode Diode / (Bad). 
diode tube Zweielektrodenrohre /, 
Zweipolrohre / (Rad). 
diopter hair Diopterfaden m ( Optics). 
diopter slit Dioptersehlitz m (Op- 

dip n Inklinationswinkel m (com- 
pass); Kimmtiefe / (Avn). 
dip v dippen, senken. 
diphenylaminechlorarsine Adamsit m, 
Diphenylaminehlorarsin n (CWS). 
diphenylchlorarsine Diphenylchlor- 
arsin n, Chlorarsinkampfstoff m 

diphenylcyanarsine Cyan-Chlorarsin- 
kampfstoff m (CWS). 
diphosgene Chlorameisensaurechlor- 
methylester m, Perchlorameisen- 
sauremethylester m, Perstoff m, K- 
Stoff m (CWS). 
dipole antenna Dipolantenne /. 
direct-climbing target Flugziel im 
Steigflug (AA gunnery). 
direct current Gleichstrom m. 
direct-current ammeter Gleichstrom- 
mefigerat n. 

direct-current generator Gleich- 

stromerzeuger m. 

direct-current meter Gleichstrom- 

mefigerat n. 

direct-current motor Gleichstrom- 
elektromotor m. 

directed net Nachrichtennetz mit 
Leitfunkstelle (Rad). 
direct fire direktes Feuer. 
direct-fire range Visierschufiweite f. 
direct-fire shot VisierschuB m. 
direct-fire sight Notvisier n, Flak- 
visier n. 

direct hit Volltreffer m; Artillerie- 
volltreffer m (Arty). 
directing gun Grundgeschiitz n. 
directing point Nullpunkt m (CA). 
directing staff Leitungsstab m 

(maneuvers) . 

direction Seite /, Seitenrichtung /, 
Richtung / (Gunnery). 
directional antenna Richtantenne / 

directional effect Richtwirkung / 


directional gyro Kurskreisel m. 
directional loop antenna Peilrahmen 

m (Rad). 

directional position Antennenstel- 

lung f (of antenna). 
directional receiving antenna Richt- 
empfangsantenne / (Rad). 
directional stability Richtungsstabili- 
tat f, Kursstabilitat / (Ap). 
directional traverse Fluchtlinie / 


direction board Richtungsanzeiger m 

direction dispersion Breitenstreuung 
f (Ballistics). 

direction finder Peilfunkempfanger 
m, Richtempfanger m, Peilempfan- 
ger m, Bordpeiler m, Funkpeiler m 
(Air Navigation). 

direction-finder equipment Peilgerat 
n (Rad, Avn). 

direction-finder signal Peilzeichen n 

direction-finder station Richtemp- 
fangsanlage f, Peilanlage f, Peil- 
stelle/ (Air Navigation) ; Bodenpeil- 
stelle / (surface). 

direction finding Reilen n, Peilung / 
(Avn); Funkpeilung / (Rad). 
direction-finding equipment Richt- 
gerat n (Rad). 

direction-finding set Richtempfanger 
m, Peilempf anger m (Rad). 
direction of air flow Anstromrich- 
tung f, Anblasrichtung f (in a wind 
tunnel, Avn). 

direction of approach Anflugrich- 
tung / (Avn). 

direction of attack Angriffsrichtung 


direction of flight Flugrichtung / 

direction of the target Zielrichtung 


directive Weisung /, Anweisung /, 
Verfiigung f. 

direct laying direktes Richten (Gun- 

director Leitender m, oberster 

Schiedsrichter m (maneuvers) ; 
Kommandogerat n (Arty); Zentral- 
richtgerat n (AAA). 
director headquarters tibungsleitung 
f (maneuvers). 

director’s aide Leitungsgehilfe m 

( maneuvers ). 

direct plate voltage 282 disintegrate 

direct plate voltage Anodengleieh- 
spannung f (Rad). 
direct pointing direktes Richten 
( Gunnery). 

direct pressure Nachdrangen n (in 
pursuit, Tac). 

direct pressure detachment Verfol- 
gungsabteilung f (in pursuit, Tac). 
direct-reading compass Nahkompafi 


directrix Nullstrahl des Sehuflfeldes 
( Gunnery). 

direct-sighting telescope Zielfern- 
rohr n. 

direct support unmittelbare Unter- 
stii&ung (Arty, Tac); taktische Un- 
terstiitzung (Avn, Tac). 
direct vision slit Panzerscharte /' 

direct vision slot Sehschlitz to (Tk). 
dirigible Lenkluftscbiff n. 
dirt Schmutz to, Dreck m; Erde / 
( earth). 

dirt road unbefestigte Strafle, un- 
gepflasterte Strafle. 
disability Kriegsbeschadigung / 

(war injury); Dienstunfahigkeit f 
(unfitness for service). 
disability pension Versehrtengeld n. 
disabled kriegsbeschadigt (injured 
in war); dienstunfahig, untauglieh 
(unfit for service). 
disadvantage Nachteil to. 
disappearing armored turret Panzer- 
Verschwindeturm m (Ft). 
disappearing carriage Verschwind- 
lafette f (G). 

disappearing target Verschwind- 
scheibe f. 

disappearing turret Verschwinde- 
turm to (Ft). 

disapproval Miflbilligung /. 
disapprove mifibilligen, tadeln; ver- 
werfen, zuriickweisen (reject). 
disarm entscharfenj unscharf ma- 
chen (Am); entwafFnen, abriisten. 
disarmament Abriistung /. 
disassemble auseinandernehmen, 

disband entlassen, auflosen. 
disbursement Auszahlung /. 
disbursing agent Zahlmeister w 
( Ger : civilian official). 
disbursing officer Oberfeldzahlmeister 
m (Ger: civilian official). 

discharge n Entlassung / (from serv- 
ice) ; Entladung / (Am, Elec, etc.). 
discharge v entlassen, verabschieden 
(dismiss); abfeuern, losschieflen 
(shoot); entladen (a gun, Elec); 
abladen, ausladen (supplies); 16 - 
schen (ship’s cargo). 
discharge certificate Entlassungs- 
schein w, Entlassungspapier n. 
discharge surge Entladungsstofi in 

discharge without honor Dienstent- 
lassung f. 

disciplinary action Disziplinarver- 
fahren n. 

disciplinary barracks Militargefang- 
nis n, Wehrmachtgefangnis n, mi- 
litarische Strafanstalt. 
disciplinary exercises charakterschu- - 
lendes Exerzieren. 

discipline n Disziplin /, Mannes- 
zucht /; Zucht /. 
disconnect ausschalten, trennen. 
disconnect drop Schlufiklappe / (Tp 
switchboard) . 

disconnect from binding post ab- 
klemmen (Elec). 

discrepancy Fehlbestand to (in 
supplies, etc.); Widerspruch to (con- 
tradiction); Unregelmafligkeit / (ir- 
regularity); Vorschriftswidrigkeit / 
(infraction of regulations). 
discretion Ermessen n. 
disease Krankheit f. 
disembark ausschiffen. 
disembarkation Ausschiffung f. 
disengage from the enemy sich vom 
Feinde loslosen. 

disengagement Absetzen n, Absetz- 
bewegung /, Loslosung f (Tac). 
disengage the clutch auskuppeln 

dishonorable discharge Wehrunwiir- 
digkeitserklarung f. 
disinfect entseuchen (Med). 
disinfectant Desinfektionsmittel n. 
disinfecting agent Entseuchungsmit- 
tel n. 

disinfecting chamber Desinfektions- 
kammer /, Entseuchungsschrank to 

disinfection Entseuchen n. 
disinfestor Entlausungsgerat n, 

Entlausungsapparat to. 
disintegrate auflosen, zerteilen, zer- 
fallen, zerlegen. 

disintegrating belt 283 distribution 

disintegrating belt Zerfallgurt rn 

disk Scheibe f, Lamelle / (Mech) ; 

Schallplatte f (phonograph). 
disk spider Radkorper m (wheel). 
dismantle abbauen, ausbauen; ab- 
briicken (a bridge). 
dismantling Abbau m. 
dismiss abtreten lassen, wegtreten 

dismissal Dienstentlassung /. 
“Dismissed!” “Weggetreten!” (to a 
formation) ; “Abtreten!”, “Treten 
Sie ab!” (formal style, to an individ- 
ual) ; “Sie konnen gehen” (informal, 
to an individual) . 

dismount absitzen; ausbauen (Ord). 
dismounted abgesessen, zu Full 

dismounted defilade mannshohe 


dismounted drill Exerzieren zu Fufi. 
dismounting Absitzen n (Pers). 
disobedience Ungehorsam m. 
disobey nicht gehorchen, den Ge- 
horsam verweigern (a superior); 
verletzen, nicht befolgen, mifiachten 

disorder Unordnung f, Verwirrung 
/ (confusion) ; Aufruhr m (rioting); 
Storung / (Med). 

disorganized in Unordnung gebracht, 
in Verwirrung gebracht; zerriittet 
(ruined); aufgeldst (disbanded, dis- 

dispatch n Meldung f, Mitteilung f, 
Nachricht /. 

dispatch v aussenden, entsenden, 

dispatch case Meldetasche f. 
dispensary Krankenrevier n. 
dispensary case Revierkranker in. 
dispersal Zerlegung / (Tac). 
dispersal area Abstellplatz m 

(A drm). 

dispersal landing field Ausweich- 
flugplatz m. 

dispersed formation in depth Flie- 
germarschtiefe / (AA security). 
dispersed formation in width Flie- 
germarschbreite / (AA security). 
dispersion Auseinanderziehen n 
(Tac); Streuung / (Ballistics). 
dispersion diagram prozentmafiiges 

dispersion error Streuung /. 

dispersion ladder prozentmafiiges 

dispersion pattern Bodentreffbild n 


dispersion zone Streuungsflache / 

displaced versetzt. 
displacement Verschiebung / (troops, 
etc.) ; Verdrangung f ; Seitenabstand 
m (Arty); Hubraum m (pis- 

displacement volume Hubvolumen n, 
Hubraum m (Mtr). 
display board Anschlagbrett n, 

schwarzes Brett. 

disposition Aufstellung f (Tac); 

Verfiigung f (availability). 
disposition in depth treffenweise 
Aufstellung (Tac). 
disposition in width fliigelweise Auf- 
stellung (Tac). 

disposition of outposts Vorposten- 
aufstellung /. 

disposition of troops Truppeneintei- 
lung f (Tac). 

disrespect unehrerbietiges Verhalten. 
disrupt unterbrechen, sprengen (en- 
emy communications, etc.). 
dissemination of information Ver- 
breitung von Nachrichten. 
distance Abstand m (Tac, close or- 
der drill); Tiefenabstand m (Tac); 
Entfernung f. 

distance between march units 

Marschabstand m. 
distant control Fernsteuerung f. 
distant reconnaissance Fernaufkla- 
rung /. 

Distinguished Flying Cross Flieger- 
verdienstkreuz n (USA). 
distinguished marksman Scharf- 
schiitze m. 

Distinguished Service Cross Kriegs- 
verdienstkreuz n (USA). 
Distinguished Service Medal Ver- 
dienstmedaille f (USA). 
distortion Verzerrung f (Rad). 
distress landing Notlandung /. 
distress signal Notsignal n. 
distribute verteilen; ausgeben (is- 

distributed fire Breitenfeuer n (R, 

distributing point Ausgabestelle /, 
Verteilungsstelle f. 
distribution Verteilung f, Gliederung 
f, Aufstellung f. 

distribution box 


dock installations 

distribution box Verteiler to, Ver- 
teilerkasten m ( data transmission 
system) (Elec, Nav). 
distribution box boat Hilfsfahrzeug 
zum Legen von Grundminen 

distribution in depth Tiefengliede- 
rung /. 

distribution in width Breitengliede- 
rung /. 

distribution of artillery for attack 
Artillerieaufmarsch m. 
distribution of forces Kraftevertei- 
lung / (Tac). 

distribution of rations Portionenaus- 
gabe /. 

distributor Verteiler m, Zundver- 
teiler in (Mtr). 

distributor arm Verteilerlauf stuck n, 
Verteilerfinger m (Mtr). 
distributor cock Brandhahn in (Ap 
fire extinguisher). 

distributor head Batterieziindver- 
teilerkopf m (Mtr). 
distributor plate Verteilerscheibe / 

distributor rotor Verteilerlaufstiick 
n (Mtr). 

district Bezirk m, Distrikt to. 
district warning center Luftschutz- 
warnstelle / (Civ defense). 
disturbance Storung f; Aufregung f, 
Unruhe f (confusion); Aufruhr / 

ditch Graben to; Entwasserungs- 
graben m (drainage) ; Strafiengra- 
ben to (road); Panzergraben m 

ditching Notwassern n, Notwasse- 
rung / (Avn). 

ditch profile Grabenprofil n (Engr). 
dive n Sturzflug to (Avn). 
dive v stiirzen, einen Sturzflug 

machen (Avn). 

dive-bomb v sturzbomben (Avn). 
dive bomber Sturzkampfflugzeug n, 
Stuka n. 

dive bomber pilot Sturzkampfflieger 
to, Stukafiieger to. 

dive bomber wing Sturzkampf- 

geschwader n (Avn). 
dive bombing Sturzbomben n. 
dive-bombing attack Sturzangriff m, 
Stukaangriff to. 

dive-bombing sight Sturzvisier n 

diver Schiffstaucher to, Taucher to 
(Nav). See also deep-sea diver, 
diverge auseinandergehen. 
divergence difference Feuervertei- 
lungswinkel to (Btry firing). 
diversion Ablenkung f (of enemy 
forces); Ablenkungsangriff to (feint 

diversion dam Buhne / (Engr). 
divert ablenken; ableiten (a stream , 

dive siren Sturzsirene / (dive 


divide v teilen, absondern, trennen. 
dividers Stechzirkel m. 
diving angle Sturzwinkel to (Avn). 
diving apparatus Tauchgerat n 


diving brake Stukabremse /, Sturz- 
flugbremse / (Ap). 
diving qualities Sturzflugeigen- 

schaften fpl (Ap). 

diving speed Sturzgeschwindigkeit / 

division Division / (Mil). 
division antitank battalion Divisions- 
panzerabwehrabteilung /. 
division artillery Divisionsartillerie f. 
division artillery commander Artil- 
leriefiihrer to; Artilleriekomman- 
deur to (when GHQ artillery is at- 

division commander Divisionskom- 
mandeur to. 

division command post Divisions- 
gefechtsstand w. 

division engineer Pionierfuhrer bei 
der Division. 

division headquarters Divisionsstab 


division order Divisionsbefehl to. 
division signal battalion Divisions- 
nachrichtenabteilung f. 
division supply column Divisions- 
nachschubkolonne f. 
division surgeon Divisionsarzt to, 
Divisionschefarzt to. 
division surgical hospital Divisions- 
feldlazarett n. 

division trains Troll der Division, 
division trunk line Divisionsstamm- 
leitung /. 

DM Adamsit to (CWS). 

DM irritant gas candle Giftnebel- 
kerze DM f (USA). 
dock n Dock n. 

dock installations Dockanlagen fpl. 


dockyard Werft /. 
doctor Arzt to. 
document Akt to, Akte / (plural-. 
Akten); Urkunde / (permanent rec- 

documentary data schriftliche Un- 

documentary evidence Urkunden- 
beweis to; urkundliches Beweistuck 
( document) . 

dog Hund to; Mitnehmer to (lathe) ; 
Klaue f (clutch); Sanitatshund to 

dog dutch Klauenkupplung / (MT). 
dog clutch member Schaltklaue f 
(constant-mesh transmission, MT). 
dogfight Kurvenkampf to (Avn). 
dog handler Hundefiihrer to. 
dog-handler party Hundefiihrerrotte 
/ { for messenger dogs). 

“dog tag” Erkennungsmarke /. 
dome light Deckenlicht n (MT). 
door Tiir f; Luke / (Ap, Tk). 
dope Klebelack to, Spannlack to (for 
Ap fabric) ; Betriebsstoffzusatzmittel 
n (for Avn gasoline). 
dose Portion / (Med). 
dot Punkt w (Tg). 
dots and dashes ' Punkte und Striche. 
double action revolver Revolver mit 
W iederspannabzug. 
double anchor hitch doppelter Anker- 
stich (cow hitch, Engr). 
double-apron entanglement Draht- 
zaun to, Stacheldrahtzaun to, Flan- 
dernzaun to (Ft). 

double banking Benutzung beider 
Fahrbahnen in gleicher Richtung. 
double-barreled machine gun Zwil- 
lingsmaschinengewehr n. 
double base powder nitroglyzerin- 
haltiges Nitrozellulosepulver (Am). 
double-bay biplane Zweistieler to. 
' double envelopment Doppelumfas- 
sung f, Zangenangriff to (Tac). 
double file Doppelreihe /. 
double rank Linie zu 2 Gliedern. 
double-ring snaffle bit Doppelring- 
trensengebifi n (harness). 
double-row radial engine Doppel- 
sternmotor m, Zweisternmotor to. 
double sentry Doppelposten w. 
double slide Doppelschieber to 

(plotting protractor). 
double tent Doppelzelt n. 
double time Laufschritt to, Sturm- 
schritt to (march). 


“Double time, march!” “Im Lauf- 
schritt, Marsch! Marsch!” 
double-tracked zweigleisig (RR). 
doubletree Ortscheit n (limber). 

, double V-type engine Fachermotor to. 
doubtful fraglich (Arty Obsn). 
dough Teig w. 
doughboy Landser to. 
down v zum Absturz bringen, 
herunterholen, abschiefien (an Ap). 
downdraft Fallbo f (Met). 
downdraft carburetor Fallstrom- 
vergaser to (Mtr). 
downhill abwarts, bergab. 
downstream unterstrom (place); 

stromabwarts (action). 
downstream anchor Windanker to 
(Ron Bdg). 

downstream anchor cable Wind- 
ankertau n, Windanker leine / (Pon 

downwind adv leewarts, windab- 

draft Aushebung f (conscription); 
Pferdezug to, Zugkraft f (horse); 
Tiefgang to (Nav). 
draftee Ausgehobener to. 
draft efficiency Zugleistung / 


drafting equipment Zeichengerat n; 
Reilizeug n (set) l 

draftsman Konstruktionszeichner to. 
drag Widerstand w, Luftwiderstand 
to (Avn). 

“dragon’s teeth” Hockerhindernisse 
npl (AT obstacle). 
drag washer Zugose f (wheel). 
drain n tilablab to (Mtr). 
drain v abwassern (water). 
drainage Abwassern n (Ft). 
drainage ditch Entwasserungs- 

graben m. 

drainage pit Sickerseliacht to (Ft). 
drain plug Leerschraube /. 
drape n Tarnnetz n ( Cam). 
draw v ziehen (pull); zeichnen 
( sketch). 

drawbar Zugstange / (MT); Protz- 

arm m (limber). 

drawing board Reifibrett n, Zeichen- 

brett n. 

drawbridge Klappbrucke f. 
drawing instrument Zeichengerat n; 

Reifizeug n (a set). 
drawing paper Zeichenpapier n. 
drawknife - Schalmesser n. 
dredge n Bagger to (Engr). 



286 dry cell 

dress v ausrichten ( close order 
drill); Toppflaggen setzen (Nav); 
verbinden ( a wound) ; sich an ziehen 
(put on Clo). 

dressing Verband m (Med). 
dressing bag Verbandtasche / 


dressing equipment Verbandmittel 
npl (Med). 

dressing station Verbandplatz to, 

Truppenverbandplatz to (Med). 
“Dress left, dress!” “Nach links, 
Richt Eueh!” 

dress parade Ehrenparade /. 

“Dress right, dress!” “Richt Euch!” 
dress uniform Ausgehanzug m; 
Paradeanzug m (for ceremonies) ; 
Gesellschaftsanzug rn (for social 

drift n Durchschlag m (pin); Ver- 
setzung /, Abdrift f (Avn, Nav); 
Drallabweichung /, Seitenabwei- 
chung / (Ballistics). 
drift angle Luvwinkel m, Abtrift- 
winkel to (Avn). 

drift correction Seitenverschiebung 
/ (Gunnery). 

drift meter Abdriftvisier n, Abdrift- 
messer m (Ap)-. 
drift sand Triebsand in. 
driftwood Treibholz n. 
drill n Exerzieren n, Ausbildung f; 

' Bohrer m (Mecli). 
drill v exerzieren (practice) ; bohren 

drill ammunition Exerziermunition 

drill bomb Exerzierbombe f. 
drill formation Exerzierordnung /, 
Exerzierform /. 
drill ground Exerzierplatz in. 
drill regulations Exerzierordnung /, 
Exerziervorschrift /. 
drinking cup Trinkbecher m. 
drinking water Trinkwasser n. , 
drive n Antrieb in (Mech). 
drive v fahren (a vehicle); ein- 
sohlagen (a nail). 

drive gear Antriebszahnrad n (gear- 
shift transmission, MT). 
driver Fahrer in, Kraftfahrer in 
(MT); Fahrer in (Tk). 
driver’s cab Fahrerhaus n (Trk). 
driver’s permit Fiihrerschein in, 
Wehrmachtfiihrersehein in (MT). 
drive shaft Antriebswelle /. 
drive wheel Antriebsrad n (MT). 

driving axle Treibachse f, Antriebs- 
achse / (MT). 

driving chain Zahnkette f (MT). 
driving range Fahrbereich in 

driving sprocket Triebrad n (Tk). 
drizzle n Nieseln n, Spruhregen to 

droop n Wolbung /, Durchhangen n, 
Verbiegen n (Mech). 
drop n Klappe f, Fallklappe f, 
Weckerfallklappe f (Tp); Fall m 
(action); Fallhohe / (distance); 
Tropfen m (of water, etc.). 
drop v absaclcen (Avn); fallen las- 
sen (an object);, fallen, abnehmen 
(temperature, etc.). 
drop-base rim Tiefbettfelge / (MT). 
drop-block type breechblock Fall- 
blockverschlufi in (G). 
drop cover Klappblende f (Ft). 
drophammer Rammbar m (of pile- 
driver); Fallhammer in (Tech). 
droplet Tropfchen n (CWS, Met). 
drop message Abwurfmeldung /. 
drop-message bag Meldeabwurf- 
hiille f. 

dropping angle Bombenabwurf- 

winkel to (bombing). 
dropping ground Meldeabwurfstelle 

drop point Abwurfstelle / (airborne 

drop tank Abwurfbehalter m (Ap). 
drop-type switchboard Klappen- 
schranlc m. 

drug n Arznei f, Droge /; Rausch- 
gift n (narcotic). 

drum n Trommel f (Am, music, 
etc.); Olfafi n ( container ). 
drum feed Trommelmagazinzufiih- 
rung / (MG). 

drum fire Trommelfeuer n. 
drum index Trommelzeiger in (sight 
mount, panoramic sight). 
drum magazine Trommelmagazin n 

drum major Bataillonshornist to, 
Tambourmajor in. 
drummer Trommler to. 
drum-type smoke container Nebel- 

trommel / (CWS). 

drunk betrunken; besoffen (slang). 
dry-bulb thermometer trockenes 
Thermometer (Met). 
dry cell Troekenelement n (Elec). 



dry cell rectifier 

dry cell rectifier Trockengleichrich- 
ter (Rad). 

dry dock Trockendock n. 
dry-sump lubrication Trockensumpf- 
schmierung / (Mtr). 
dual controls Doppeisteuerung /, 
dual-purpose gun Einheitsgeschiitz n. 
dual tires Doppelbereifung / (MT). 
dubbin Lederfett n. 
duckboard Lattenrost m, Holzrost m; 
Bretterbahn / ( trench) ; Spurtafel f 

dud Blindganger in, Bodenkrepierer 
m (Arty). 

duffle bag Bekleidungssack m. 
dugout Unterschlupf m (Ft). 
dumdum bullet Dumdum-Gescholl n. 
dummy Puppe f, Zielpuppe /, Stroh- 
puppe / (bayonet Tng); Attrappe / 
(of a Tk, vehicle, etc.). 
dummy airfield Scheinplatz in. 
dummy airport Scheinflughafen m. 
dummy ammunition Exerziermuni- 
tion / (drill); Verpaekungsge- 
schosse npl (for vehicle-loading 

dummy cartridge Exerzierpatrone / 
(MG, R). 

dummy installation Scheinanlage / 
(Cam, Ft). 

dummy mine Scheinmine f. 
dummy obstacle Scheinsperre / (Ft). 
dummy position Scheinanlage /, 
Scheinstellung /. 

dummy projectile ExerziergeschoU n. 
dummy site Scheinstellung f. 
dummy trench Scheingraben in (Ft). 
dummy works Scheinanlagen fpl. 
dump n Lager n, Sammelstelle f. 
dump v Ballast abwerfen (Avn). 

eagle Adler in. 
ear Ohr n; Ose / (Mech). 
ear cup Hormuschei / (sound lo- 

eardrum Trommelfell n. 
earpiece Hormuschei / (Rad, Tp). 
ear-plug Ohrenverschlufiwatte /, 
Ohrenwatte / (cotton). 
earth Erde f. 

earth-bleach mixture Chlorkalk- 

Sand-Gemisch n (CWS). 

dump car Kipplore f (field RR). 
dumping mechanism Kippvorrich- 
tung / (dump Trk). 
dump truck Kippwagen m. 
dunnage Unterlegbohlen fpl. 
dunnite Dunnit n (Am). 
duplex operation Gegensprechen n 

duplicate n Duplikat n, Kopie f. 
duplicate v eine Kopie machen, 

duplicate adj zweit-, zweifach-, dop- 

in duplicate in zweifacher Aus- 

duralumin Duralumin n (Ap). 
duration Dauer /. 
dust Staub m. 

dust filtering Entstaubung / (MT). 
dust particle Staubchen n (CWS). 
dust respirator Staubschutzmaske f. 
duty Dienst m (service); Pflicht f 
(obligation) ; Steuer f (tax). 
on duty im Dienst, diensttuend. 
duty officer Offizier vom Dienst. 
duty roster Diensteinteilung f, 

Dienstplan m, Kommandierrolle f. 
duty station Dienststelle /, Posten, 

duty with troops Truppendienst m, 
Dienst bei der Truppe. 
dynamic speaker elektrodynamischer 
Lautsprecher (Rad). 
dynamite Dynamit n. 
dynamo Dynamomaschine f, Strom- 
erzeuger m. 

dynamotor Einankerumformer m 
(Elec, Rad). 

dysentery Ruhr f, Dysenterie /. 


earth inductor compass Erdinduk- 
tionskompafi m. 

earthwork Erdwerk n, Gchanze / 


east Osten in, Ost in. 
easterlies Ostwinde mpl (Met). 
Eastern European time osteuropa- 
ische Zeit (30° E standard mer- 

E-boat Schnellboot n, Motorschnell- 
boot n, Motortorpedoboot n (Ger). 


ebonite Hartgummi m-n. 
eccentric sleeve Exzenterhtilse / 
(aiming circle). 
echelon Staffel f (Tac). 
echelonment Staffelung f. 
echo depth sounder Behmlot n, 
Echolot n (Nav). 

economic warfare Wirtschaftskrieg 

economy of force Kraftersparnis f, 
Kraftebemessung /. 
economy of manpower Krafteer- 
sparnis /. 

E. C. powder Nitrozellulosepulver n. 
ecrasite Ekrasit n (explosive). 

E.C. smokeless powder See E.C. 

ED Athyldichlorarsin n, Athylarsin- 
dichlorid n (CWS). 
edge Schneide f (of a bayonet, etc.) ; 

Kante /, Rand m (Meek, Top). 
edge of land Fiihrungskante / (G 

edge of slope Boschungskante / 

edge of woods Waldrand m. 
edible efibar. 

Edison storage battery Edisonsamm- 
ler m. 

eduction tube Auslaflrohr n (Cml 

effective wirksam, tatsachlich. 
effective beaten zone bestricbener 
Raum der Kerngarbe (MG). 
effective fire Wirkungsfeuer n, Wir- 
kungsschiefien n (Gunnery). 
effective output Nutzleistung / 


effective part of cone Kerngarbe / 
(Ballistics) ; MG.- Kerngarbe / (MG 

effective pattern See effective beaten 

effective pitch Fortschritt m, Fort- 
schrittsteigung /, wirksame Stei- 
gung (propeller). 

effective range wirksame Schufiweite, 
Wirkungsbereich m (Ord). 
effective resistance Nutzwiderstand 
m (Elec). 

effective strength Iststarke f, Ist- 
stand w. 

effective wind Durchschnittswind m 

effect of fire Feuerwirkung, /, 

SchuBwirkung / (Arty). 
effect of projectile GeschoBwirkung /. 

288 electrode 

effect of ricochet burst Splitterwir- 
kung des Abprallers. 
effect of shell burst Splitterwir- 
kung der Granate. 

efficiency Wirkungsgrad m (Tech); 
Leistungsfahigkeit / (of perform- 
ance); Wirtschaftlichkeit / (econ- 

egg Ei n (plural: Eierj. 
eight-man tent Achterzelt n. 
eight-speed transmission Achtgang- 
getriebe n (MT). 

eighty-five percent zone bestrichener 
Raum der Kerngarbe (MG). 
ejector Auswerfer m (Ord). 
ejector mechanism Auswerfervor- 
richtung / (Ord). 
elastic n Gummiband n. 
elastic adj spannkraftig, federnd, 

elasticity Spannkraft /, Federkraft 
f, Elastizitat /. 

elasticity correction Ausschalten der 
Temperatureinflusse (Gunnery). 
elasticity effect Temperatureinflusse 
mpl (Ballistics). 
elbow Ellbogen m. 
elbow pipe Kriimmer m. 
elbow rest Armauflage f (trench). 
elbow telescope Winkelfernrohr n. 
electric elektrisch. 
electrical detonation elektrische 
Ziindung (Engr). 

electrical engineer Elektrotechniker 

electrically-charged obstacle Stark- 
stromsperre f, elektrisches Hinder- 
nis (Ft). 

electric circuit Stromkreis m. 
electric detonator Gliihzundstiick n. 
electrician Elektromechaniker m. 
electrician’s knife Kabelmesser n. 
electric igniter Gliihziinder m (blast- 
ing cap); Gliihzundstiick n (Engr). 
electric meter Elektrizitatszahler m. 
electric motor Elektromotor m. 
electric primer elektrische Ziind- 
schraube ( G). 

electric wiring Leitungsmaterial n 
(equipment); Leitungsnetz n (in- 

electrified obstacle Starkstrom- 

sperre f. 

electrode Elektrode f (in a spark 
plug, the grounded electrode; the 
insulated electrode is called Ziind- 

electromagnet 289 embargo 

electromagnet Elektromagnet to. 
electromagnetism Elektromagnetis- 
mus to. 

electron Elektron n. 
electron bomb Elektronbrandbombe 

electron-ray tube magisches Auge 

electrostatic induction Influenz / 


element Element n (Elec); Einheit 
f, Truppenteil n (Tac). 
elementary marksmanship training 
Schiefivorschule /. 

elephant halbtonnenformiges Well- 
blech (Ft, USA). 

elephant steel shelter Wellbleeh- 

Hiitte / (USA). 

elevate nach der Hohe riehten, 
heben (G). 

elevating and traversing mechanism 
Richtmaschine f (G). 
elevating arc Zahnbogen m (G). 
elevating arm Richthebel to (MG). 
elevating-arm shaft Richthebelwelle 
/ (MG). 

elevating-gear housing Richtgehause 
. n (MG). 

elevating-gear lever Hohenhebel to 

elevating handwheel Handrad zur 
Hohenrichtung, Hohenrichtrad n 

elevating knob Triebscheibe zur 
Hohenrichtung (Optics, Ord). 
elevating link Richtgelenk n (MG). 
elevating mechanism Hdhenrichttrieb 
m, Hohenrichtwerk n, Hohenricht- 
maschine / (G, MG); Schrauben- 
spindelrichtmaschine / ( elevating- 

screw type) (G). 

elevating rack Zahnbogen m (G). 
elevating sector Hohengradbogen m 

elevating shaft Hohenrichtwelle / 

elevating stop Hohenbegrenzer m 

elevating worm Kippsehnecke f ( aim- 
ing circle, BC telescope); Hohen- 
trieb m (sighting mechanism). 
elevation Erhohung /' (Ballistics, G, 
MG); Rohrerhohung / (G); Hohe f, 
Richthohe / (Gunnery) ; Hohe /, 
Bodenerhebung / (Top) ; Hohenricht- 
feld n (total movement in elevation) 

elevation above sea level Hohe liber 
dem Meeresspiegel. 
elevation angle Visierwinkel m, Auf- 
satzwinkel m, Erhohungswinkel 

elevation circle Teilkreis des 

Hohenrichttriebs (G). 
elevation controller Hohenrichtmann 
m (AAA). 

elevation difference Hohenunter- 

schied m. 

elevation graduations Aufsatzeintei- 
lung / (sight mount). 
elevation indicator Hohenempfanger 
m (AA gun). 

elevation level Hohenlibelle / (MG 


elevation mechanism Hohenricht- 

trieb m, Hohenrichtwerk n(G, MG) ; 
Aufsatztrieb m ( G). 
elevation micrometer Teilscheibe / 
(panoramic telescope). 
elevation plotting board Hohenmefi- 
plan m (Gunnery). 
elevation quadrant Winkelmesser m, 
Libellenquadrant m. 
elevation scale Erhohungsskala f, 

Hohenteilung f (G, MG). 
elevation screw ■ Hohenrichtschraube 
/ (prismatic sight). 
elevation setter Hohenrichtkanonier 

elevation setting Erhohungseinstel- 
lung f (Gunnery). 

elevation table Schuiitafel zum 

Bestimmen der Erhohung. 
elevation tracking telescope Hohen- 
richtfernrohr n (height finder). 
elevator Hohenruder n, Hohen- 
steuer n (Ap); Aufzug m (for per- 
sonnel and freight); Fahrstuhl m 
(for personnel only). 
elevator assembly Hohenleitwerk n 

elevator control Hohensteuerung / 

elevator control lever Steuerhebel 
m, Hohenruderhebel m (Ap). 
eliminate ausschalten (errors, etc.); 
ausscheiden (impurities); ausmer- 
zen (eradicate) ; ausstofien (expel); 
streichen (cross out); eliminieren 

elite troops Eerntruppen fpl. 
embankment Bahndamm m (RR); 

Dammkorper m (dam). 
embargo Embargo n, Handelssperre 


290 end ramp 

f (on commerce); Transportsperre ] emigrant Emigrant m, Auswanderer 

f, Transportverbot n (on truck, RR 
and ship movements). 
embark einschiffen (Pers); ver- 
laden (equipment, etc.). 
embarkation Einschiffen n, Ein- 
schiffung / (Pers); Verladung f 
(equipment, etc.). 
embassy Botschaft f. 
emblem Wahrzeichen n, Sinnbild n. 
Emblem n; Abzeichen n (insigne). 
embrasure Schiellscharte / (Ft). 
emergency Not f, Notfall m, Ernst- 
fall m. 

emergency antenna Behelfsantenne /. 
emergency blasting charge Sehnell- 
ladung / (Engr). 

emergency brake Notbremse f, 

Handbremse /. 

emergency bridge Behelfsbriicke f. 
emergency call Notruf m (Tp). 
emergency ceiling Gipfelhohe mit 
einem stehenden Motor (Ap). 
emergency construction material Be- 
helfsmaterial n (Engr). 
emergency flotation gear Schwimm- 
werk fiir Landflugzeuge (Avn). 
emergency gas protection Behelfs- 
gasschutz m. , 

emergency illumination Notbeleuch- 
tung /. 

emergency landing Notlandung f 
(on land), Notwasserung f ■ (on 

make an emergency landing not- 

emergency landing field, Notlande- 
hafen m, Notlandungsplatz m, Not- 
landeplatz m. 

emergency landing flare Notlande- 
fackel / (Avn). 

emergency line Notleitung f (Tp). 
emergency medical tag Begleitzett'el 

emergency pneumatic boat Behelfs- 
flofisack m. 

emergency ration eiserne Portion, 
emergency release Blindabwurf m 

emergency release handle Notzug 
m (Ap). 

emergency salvo release Notwurf m, 
Notabwurf m (bombing). 
emery cloth Schmirgelleinwand f. 
emery paper Schmirgelpapier n. 
emery wheel Schmirgelscheibe f, 
Schmirgelrad n. 


empennage Leitwerk n (Ap). 
empire Reich n; Kaiserreich n 

(country ruled by an emperor). 
emplace in Feuerstellung bringen. 
emplacement Stellung / (Tac); Nest 
n (Ft); Feuerstellung / (Mort, AT 
gun, etc.). 

emplacing Instellungbringen n 


employment Einsatz m, Verwendung 
/ (Tac). 

employment of armored units Pan- 
zerverwendung /. 

employment of chemical agents 
Kampfstoffverwendung f. 
employment of major forces Massen- 
einsatz m (Tac). 

employment of prisoners of war 
Kriegsgefangeneneinsatz to. 
employment reconnaissance Einsatz- 
Aufklarung f. 

empower ermachtigen, bevoll- 


empties Leergut n (Am); Leer- 

material n (RR). 
empty weight Leergewicht n. 
encampment Feldlager n. 
encipher chiffrieren, verschlusseln, 

encipherment Verschliis§elung /, 
Chiffrierung f. 
encircle einkesseln (Tac). 
encircled area Kessel to (Tac). 
encirclement Einkreisung f, Ein- 
kesselung f, Umklammerung f 

encircling maneuver Einkreisungs- 
manover n; liberholende Verfolgung 
(in pursuit). 

enclosure Einzaunung f, Umzau- 

nung /. 

encode schliisseln. verschlusseln. 
encoding Schliisseln n (Rad, Tg). 
encoding and decoding chart Schliis- 
selunterlage /. 

encoding section Schliisseltrupp to. 
encounter n Treffen n, Begegnung f, 
Zusammenstofl m. 
encrypt See encipher, 
endanger gefahrden, in Gefahr 

end cap Mantelkopf m (MG jacket). 
end dam Stoflbohle / (Bdg). 
end plate Endscheibe / (Ap wing). 
end ramp Kopframpe / (RR). 

end station 


end station MeGstand in (Gunnery). 
endurance Flugdauer /, Flugzeit / 
(Avn); Ausdauer / (Pers). 
enemy Feind to. 

enemy action Feindeinwirkung / 

enemy activity Feindtatigkeit /. 
enemy alien feindlicher Auslander. 
enemy fire Feindfeuer n, Feind- 
beschuG m. 

enemy forces Feindkrafte fpl, Feind- 
streitkrafte fpl. 

enemy movement Feindbewegung f. 
enemy observation Feindsicht f, 
Feindeinsicht f. 

enemy pressure Feinddruck m. 
enemy resistance Feindwiderstand 

enemy terrain Feindgelande n. 
enemy territory Feindesland n. 
enemy zone Feindraum m. 
energy Energie /, Kraft /. 

Enfield rifle Enfield-Gewehr n. 
enfilade v der Lange nach beschieGen. 
enfilade fire Seitenfeuer n, flankie- 
rendes Feuer, bestreichendes Feuer, 
Langsbestreichung /, Langsfeuer n. 
engage in ein Gefecht verwiekeln 
(Tac); einkuppeln (the clutch) 

engagement Gefecht n, Gefechts- 
handlung /, Kampfhandlung f 

engaging of successive targets Ziel- 
wechsel m. 

engine Motor m, Maschine / (MT); 

Lokomotive / ( RR ) . 
engine brake Motorbremse f (MT). 
engine compartment Motorenraum 
to (Tk). 

engine cowling Motorhaube /, Motor- 
verkleidung /, Haubenverkleidung / 

engineer Pionier m (Army); In- 
genieur m (Nav) (also civilian of- 
ficial in Ger Army). 

Engineer Amphibian Command Pio- 
nier-Landungstruppen fpl (USA). 
engineer assault platoon Piorier- 
sturmzug to. 

engineer combat equipment Pionier- 
Kampfmittel npl. 

engineer commander Pionierfiihrer m. 
Engineer Corps Pionierkorps n, Pio- 
niertruppe /. 

engineer depot Pionierpark to. 

entraining of troops 

engineer dump Pionierzwischen- 

park to. 

engineer equipment Pioniergerat n. 
engineer explosives Pionierspreng- 
mittel npl. 

engineer headquarters Pionierstab to. 
engineer officer Pionieroffizier to. 
engineer reconnaissance Pionierauf- 
klarung /. 

Engineer School Pionierschule f. 
engineer soldier Pionier m. 
engineer’s scale Reduktionsmafl- 
stab to. 

engineer tool Pionierwerkzeug n. 
engineer troops Pioniere mpl, Pio- 
niertruppen fpl. 

engineer vehicle Pionierfahrzeug n. 
engine failure Motorpanne /. 
engine house Lokomotivschuppen m 

engine preheater Vorwarmer m. 
engine repair Motoren-Instandset- 
zung /. 

engine rpm Motordrehzahl /. 
engine torque Motordrehmoment n. 
engine trouble Motorstorung f. 
engine yard Lokomotivbahnhof to 

enlarge vergrofiern. 
enlargement VergroBerung f. 
enlarging projector Vergrofierungs- 
apparat w. 

enlist sich freiwillig melden. 
enlisted cadre Rahmenheer n, 

Stammtruppen fpl. 
enlisted man Soldat to, Mann to; 

Fliegersoldat to (Luftwaffe). 
enlisted men See enlisted personnel, 
enlisted personnel Unteroffizieri und 

enlisted specialists TJnteroffiziere 
und Mannschaften der Sonderlauf- 

enlistment Eintreten als Freiwilli- 

enroll sich freiwillig melden. 

en route unterwegs. 

ensign Leutnant zur See (Nav); 

Kriegsflagge / ( flag) . 
entanglement Verhau to, Drahtver- 
hau to. 

entertainment Unterhaltung /. 
entrain verladen (RR). 
entraining officer Verladeoffizier m 


entraining of troops Truppeneinla- 

dung /. 

entraining point 292 evacuation of prisoners 

entraining point Verladeplatz m 

entraining table Fahrtliste /, Ver- 
ladeplan m (RR). 

entrance Eingang m, Eintritt in, 
Zutritt m. 

entrance hatch Einsteigluke f (Tk). 
entrench schanzen, einschanzen, sich 

entrenching tools Schanzzeug n. 
entrenchment Nest n, Verschanzung 
/ (Ft). 

entruck verladen (MT). 
entrucking point Verladeplatz m 


entrucking table Verladeplan m 


envelop umfassen (Tae). 
envelope Ballonhiille f (Bln); Glas- 
gefafl n (Rad tube); Umschlag m 
(for a letter). 

enveloping attack uinfassender 


envelopment Umfassung /, Umklam- 
merung / (Tac). 
epaulet Epaulette /. 
epi Gleiskurve /, Klaue / (for RR 

epidemic n Seuche f, Epidemie /. 
episcope Episkop n. 
equal area projection flachentreue 
Projektion (mapping). 
equal section charge aus zwei glei- 
chen Teilladungen bestehende Treib- 
ladung (Am). 

equation Gleichung / (Math). 
equator Aquator m. 
equilibrator Ausgleicher m (G). 
equilibrator anchor Ausgleicherarm 
m (G). 

equip ausstatten. 
equipage Ausriistungsstiicke npl. 
equipment Gerat n, Ausriistung /. 
equipment car Geratewageri m. 
equipment on hand Istbestand m. 
equipment truck Geratekraftwagen 

equipment wagon Geratewagen m. 
equivalent circuit Ersatzschaltschema 
n (Elec). 

eraser Radiergummi m. 
erect v errichten, bauen. 
erect adj aufrecht. 
erect truss Hangewerk n (Bdg). 
erosion Abnutzung /, Ausbrennung 
/ ( Ord). 

erosion of the bore Rohrabnutzung f, 
Ausbrennung / (Ord). 
error Fehler m. 

escape n Entweichen n (Tac); 
Flucht f. 

escape v entlaufen, entweichen. 
escape hatch Bodenluke / (Ap, Tk); 

Falltur f (Ap). 
escarpment Boschung f. 
escort n Geleit n, Geleitmannschaft 
f, Bedeckung f, Bedeckungsmann- 
sehaft f; Begleitschutz m (Avn). 
escort airplane Sicherungsflugzeug n. 
escort of honor Ehrengeleit n. 
escort party Begleitkonimando n. 
escort vessel Begleitschiff n, Geleit- 
schiff n. 

escutcheon Abzeichen /, Hoheitsab- 
zeichen n. 

espionage Spionage /, Ausspahung /. 
esprit de corps Korpsgeist m. 
essential items wehrwichtige Giiter. 
establishment Heereseinrichtung /, 
Heeresanstalt / (organization or in- 

establishment of communication Ver- 
bindungsaufnahme /. 
establishment of contact Fiihlung- 
nahme / (Tac). 

establishment of liaison Verbindungs- 
aufnahme /. 

estimate n Schatzung /, Beurtei- 
lung f. 

estimate v schatzen, beurteilen. 
estimate of terrain Gelandebeurtei- 
lung f. 

estimate of the situation Beurtei- 
lung der Lage, Lagebeurteilung / 

estimation Schatzung / (Gunnery) . 
ether Ather m. 

ethyldichlorarsine Athydichlorarsin 
n, Athylarsindichlorid n (CWS). 
ethyliodoacetate Jodessigester m 

evacuate abbefordern (PW, wound- 
ed, etc.); abtransportieren, abschie- 
ben (supplies, equipment, etc.). 
evacuating officer Abschuboffizier m. 
evacuation Abschub m, Abtransport 
m, Abbeforderung /. 
evacuation hospital Kriegslazarett n. 
evacuation hospital battalion Kriegs- 
lazarettabteilung f. 
evacuation of prisoners Gefangenen- 
abschub m. 

evacuation of the sick 293 explosive D 

evacuation of the sick Krankenab- 
transport to. 

evacuation of wounded Abschub von 
Verwundeten, Verwundetenabschub 
to, Verwundetenabtransport m. 
evacue(e) Evakuierter m, Abge- 
schobener to. 
evade ausweichen. 
evading movement Ausweichbewe- 
gung f. 

evaluation Auswertung /, Beurtei- 
lung /. 

evaluation of information Nachrieh- 
tenbeurteilung /. 

evaluation of terrain Gelandebeur- 
teilung f. 

evidence Beweismaterial n (Law). 
evolution Formveranderung / (Tac). 
examine priifen, untersuchen; ver- 
nehmen, verhoren, ausfragen (ques- 

excavator Baggerwerk n, Bagger to 

excess stock Mehrbestand in. 
exchange n Austausch to, Tausch to; 
Amt n, Telephonamt n (Tp); Wech- 
sel m (currency); Wechselkurs m 
(rate); Marketenderei / ( PX ) ■ 
exchange of prisoners Gefangenen- 
austausch to. 

exchange ship AustauschschifF n. 
excitation current Erregerstrom to 

excitation winding Erregerwicklung 
/ (Elec). 

excite erregen (Elec). 
exciter Erreger w (Rad). 
excrement Kot to, Stuhl m. 
excused from duty vom Dienst ent- 

execute durchfiihren, ausfuhren, 
vollstrecken (carry out); hinrichten 
(put to death). 

execution Durchfuhrung f, Ausfiih- 
rung / (carrying out); Hinrichtung 
/ (putting to death). 
executive Batterieoffizier m (firing 

executive officer Adjutant m. 
executive order Notverordnung f. 
exempt adj befreit, verschont, frei; 

zuriickgestellt (deferred). 
exercise n tlbung / (drill, Tng man- 
euver); Leibesiibung / (physical). 
exhaust n Auspuff m (Mtr). 
exhaust v erschopfen (tire out, use 
up); aufbrauchen (use up). 

exhaust^ duct Auspuffleitung f, Aus- 
puffkanal m (Mtr). 
exhaust gases Abgase npl. 
exhaust manifold Auspuffkriimmer m. 
exhaust port Auslafiventilkammer f. 
exhaust stroke Auspuffhub m, Aus- 
puff takt m. 

exhaust turbine Abgasturbine / 


exhaust valve Auslafiventil n. 
exile n Verbannung f, Exil n; Ver- 
bannte(r) m (person). 
exile v verbannen. 
exonerate freisprechen, entlasten. 
expedient Behelf m, Aushilfe / 
(aid); List / (clever act). 
expeditionary force Expeditions- 
armee f. 

expendable verbrauchbar, verzehr- 

expendable supplies Mittel npl, Ver- 
brauchsstoffe mpl, Verbrauchsgiiter 

expenditure of ammunition Muni- 

tionsverbrauch m. 

experiment n Versuch m, Experi- 
ment n. 

experiment v Versuche anstellen, ex- 

experimental airplane Versuchsflug- 
zeug n. 

expert n Fachmann m, Sachver- 

standiger m. 

expert adj ausgezeichnet (excel- 
lent); qualifiziert (qualified). 
expiration Ablauf m, Beendigung f 
(termination) ; Verfall to (lapse). 
explode bersten, krepieren, ex- 


exploder Gliihzundapparat to (Engr). 
exploit n Heldentat f. 
exploit v ausnutzen (Tac). 
exploitation Ausnutzung / (Tac). 

explosion Explosion /. 
explosive Sprengstoff to (generic 

term); Sprengmittel n (in prepared 

explosive block Sprengkorper to; 

Sprengbiichse f (in container). 
explosive bomb Sprengbombe f. 
explosive bullet n 

(projectile) ; Sprengpatrone / (cart- 

explosive charge Sprengladung f 


explosive D Ammoniumpikrat n. 


explosive filler 


explosive filler 

explosive force 
explosive rivet 
explosive train 

Sprengstoffiillung / 

Sprengkraft / (Am). 
Sprengniete /. 
Ziindsatz m. 
exposed ofFen, ungeschiitzt, un- 
angelehnt (Tac). 

exposed flank unangelehnte Flanke, 
ungeschiitzte Flanke. 
exposed position offene Stellung 

exposed wing offener Flugel (Tac). 
exposure Aussetzung f (to danger, 
cold, disease) ; Belichtung f (Photo) ; 
Enthiillung f (revelation). 
exposure time Belichtungszeit /' 

express highway Autobahn f. 

extend auseinanderziehen (Tac); 

ausfahren (Ap landing gear). 
extendable mount Klappla fette f 
(Ap MG). 

extended formation geoffnete Flug- 
ordnung (Avn). 

extended order geoffnete Ordnung 
(Tac); geoffnete Linie (in width). 

extension arm Klapparm rn (AA 

extension in depth Tiefenausdeh- 
nung f (Tac). 

extension in width Breitenausdeh- 
nung / (Tac). 

extensive smoke screen Grofiver- 
nebelung f. 

exterior balk Ortbalken m (floating 

exterior ballistic factors Witte- 
rungseinfliisse nipl. 
exterior ballistics auBere Ballistik, 
auflere Sehiefilehre. 
exterior guard AuBenwache /. 
exterior stringer Ortbalken ni 

(fixed Bdg). 

exterminate ausrotten, vertilgen, 

external contracting brake AuBen- 
backenbremse f (MT). 
external suspension AuBenaufhan- 
gung f (of bombs). 
extinguish loschen. 
extinguisher Feuerloscher m. 
extinguisher fluid Loschflussigkeit f. 
extract v ausziehen. 
extraction of root Radizierung / 

extractor Auszieher m (Ord). 
extract order Einzelbefehl m. 
extra duty Strafdienst m. 
extreme range HochstschuBweite / 

eye Auge n. 

eyeguard Augenmuschel f. 
eyepiece Einblick m , Okular n (Op- 
tics); Augenfenster n (gas mask). 
eyepiece frame Augenring m (gas 

eyepiece lens Einblicklinse /. 
eyepiece mount Einblickstutzen m. 
eyepiece tube Einblickrohr n. 
eyesight Sehkraft /, Sehvermogen 
n, Sehscharfe f. 

“Eyes, left!” “Die Augen, links!” 
“Eyes, right!” “Augen, rechts!” 


fabric Stoff m. 

fabric covering Bespannung / (Ap). 
face n Gesicht n. 

face form Maskenspanner m (to 
prevent gas-mask distortion). 
facepiece Maskenkorper m (gas 

facing Wendung / (drill). 
facing distance Wendungsabstand m. 
facsimile equipment Bildtelegraphie- 
Gerat n (Tg); Bildfunkgerat n 

fact Tatsache /. 

factor Faktor m, Koeffizient m; Wert 

m (value). 

factor of safety Sicherheitskoeffi- 
zient m (Mech). 
factory Fabrik /. 
fade schwinden, abnehmen (Rad). 
fading Fading n, Sehwund m (Rad). 
fading effect Schwundwirkung / 

fail miBlingen, scheitern, fehl- 

schlagen, versagen. 

failure Miflerfolg m, MiBlingen n; 
Betriebsstorung / (Elec, Tp) ; Panne 

Fairey gun mount 295 Ferry Command 

/ (Mtr); Unterlassung f, Versaum- 
nis n (neglect). 

Fairey gun mount Fairey-Sonder- 
lafette f (Ap). 

fairing Verkleidung /, Profilierung f 

fake gas “Scheing'as” n, “Schwindel- 
gas” n (CWS). ■ 

fall n Herbst m (season); Fall in 
( drop ) . 

fall v fallen; sinken (of prices, 

temperature, etc.). 

fall back ausweichen, sich absetzen, 
sich zuruckziehen, zuriickgehen. 
fall in antreten. 

“Fall in!” “Antreten!” (not at at- 
tention); “Angetreten !” (at atten- 
tion); “In Marschordnung, angetre- 
ten!” (in column of threes); “In 
Doppelreihe, angetreten!” (in col- 
umn of twos); “In Linie, angetre- 
ten!” (in three ranks); “In Linie zu 
zwei Gliedern, angetreten!” (in two 
ranks); “In Linie zu einem Glied, 
angetreten!” (in one rank); “In 
Reihe, angetreten!” (in single file). 
fall off sich seitlich abrutschen las- 
sen, sich iiber den Fliigel abrutschen 
lassen (Avn). 

fall out wegtreten (drill). 

“Fall out!” “Weggetreten!” (dis- 
missed) ; “Heraustreten !” (to men 
in barracks). 

false attack Scheinangriff in. 
false ogive Ziinderdeckel m (Am). 
family allowance Familienunterhalt 

famine Hungersnot f, Nahrungs- 
mangel w. 

fan n Windfliigel in (MT). 
fan-marker beacon Kreisfunkfeuer 
n (Rad). 

fanning out seitliches Einschwenken 

fan out seitlich einschwenken (Tac). 
fan-type engine Fachermotor in. 
far fern, weit, entfernt. 
farad Farad n (Elec). 
fare Fahrpreis m (RR, etc.). 
fascine Faschine f, Reisigbiindel n. 
fascine revetment Strauchwerkbe- 
kleidung /, Strauchbrindelbekleidung 
f; Senkfaschine / (sunken). 
fascine road Strauchdamm to, Fa- 
schinenbahn f; Faschinendamm to 

fasten verbinden (tie); leimen 

(glue); verkitten, ankleben (with 
adhesives) ; anstecken (hitch). 
fathom Faden to (Nav). 
fathometer Behmlot n, Echolot n 

fatigue Arbeitsdienst m (duty); 
Mtidigkeit f, Ermiidung f (exhaus- 

fatigue detail Arbeitskommando n. 
fatigue duty Arbeitsdienst to (Mil). 
fatigue strength Dauerfestigkeit / 

fatigue uniform Arbeitsanzug in, 
Drillichanzug in. 

feathered position Segelstellung / 

feces Kot to, Stuhl in. 
feed n Speisung / (Elec, MT); Frit- 
ter n (for horses). 
feed v abfiittern (horses, etc.); zu 
essen geben (Pers). 
feedback Riickkopplung / (Rad). 
feed bag Freflbeutel to. 
feed belt Patronengurt in, Gurt in 

feed box Zufuhrungsgehause n (AA 

feeder current Speisestrom w (Elec). 
feed funnel Patronenschacht in (Ap 

feeding Verpflegung f (Pers); Fut- 
tern n (horses, etc.); Zufrihrung / 
( Am). 

feeding device Ladevorrichtung f 
(Small Arms) ; Mehrladevorrichtung 
/ (magazine) (R). 
feed mechanism Zufiihrer w (Ord). 
feint n Tauschungsmanover n, 

Scheinangriff in, Scheingefecht it 

feint v vortauschen. 

felloe Felge /. 

felt Filz in. 

felt boot Filzstiefel in. 

felt hat Filzhut in. 

fence Zaun to. 

fender Abweiser to (G); Kotfliigel 
to (MT). 

ferro-concrete See reinforced con- 

ferrule Beschlag to. 

ferry n Fahre /, Ubersetzfahre f. 

ferry v uberfirhren (Avn). 

ferryboat Fahre f. 

ferry cable Fahrseil n (Engr). 

Ferry Command Abholkommando n. 


field trunk cable 

ferry embarkation point 

ilberfuhrungskommando re, Liefer- 
kommando n (USA). 
ferry embarkation point Fahrstelle 

ferry for vehicles Wagenfahre /. 
ferrying flight fjberfiihrungsflug to. 
ferrying operations Fahrbetrieb m. 
ferrying point Ubersetzstelle /. 
ferrying service Lieferdienst to 


ferrying site Fahrstelle /. 
fetlock Kote f (horse). 
fever Fieber re. 
fiber Faser /. 
field Feld re. 

field airdrome Feldflugplatz in, Feld- 
flughafen to. 

field army Feldarmee f. 

Field Artillery Artillerie f. 
field artillery intelligence Nach- 
richtensammeln fiber den Gegner 

Field Artillery School Artillerie- 
schule /. 

field artillery survey Vermessung 
von Feuerstellungen (Arty). 
field artillery trainer Zimmerschiefi- 
gerat re. 

field bag Brotbeutel to. 
field bakery Feldbackerei /. 
field cap Feldmfitze /. 
field cell Feldelement n (Tp). 
field development Verbesserung auf 
Grund von Kampferfahrungen. 
field duty Dienst bei der Truppe, 
Felddienst to. 

field emplacement Feuerstellung /. 
field equipment Feldgerat re. 
field exercise Gelandeiibung /, Feld- 
dienstfibung /. 

field firing Gefechtsschiefien re (R). 
field firing range Gefechtsschiefi- 
stand m (R). 
field forces Feldheer n. 
field fortification Feldbefestigung f, 
befestigte Feldstellung. 
fieldglass Glas n, Fernglas n, Dop- 
pelglas n. 

field grade Stabsoffiziersrang m. 
field gun Feldkanone /, Feldge- 

schiitz n. 

field hospital Hauptverbandplatz m. 
field jacket Windjacke / (Clo). 
field kit Wasche, Putz- und Nahzeug. 
field kitchen Feldkuche /. 
field laboratory Feldlaboratorium n. 

chemische und hygienische Unter- 
suchungsstelle (Med). 
field magazine Munitionslager in 

Geschiitznahe, Munitionsnische f. 
field magnet Feldmagnet m. 
field maneuvers Truppeniibungen 

field manual Druckvorschrift f. 

Field Marshal Feldmarschall m, 

Generalfeldmarschall m (Ger). 
field medical record Krankenblatt n. 
field mess Feldverpflegung /. 
field message book Meldeblock m. 
field officer Stabsoffizier to. 
field of fire Schufifeld n, Wirkungs- 
bereich in. 

field of view Blickfeld n, Sehfeld n, 
Gesichtsfeld n (Optics). 
field order Sattelbefehl to. 
field pack Tornister to. 
field piece Feldkanone f, Feldge- 
schiitz n ( G). 

field position Feldstellung f. 
field radio See field radio set. 
field radio section Kleinfunktrupp to. 
field radio set Feldfunksprechgerat n. 
field radio truck Kleinfunkkraft- 
wagen w. 

field railroad Feldbahn /. 
field range Feldkochherd to (field 

field ration Feldportion f, Feldration 

field safe Kriegskasse f. 

Field Service Regulations Feld- 
dienstordnung f, Druckvorschriften 
fiir Fiihrung und Gefecht der ver- 
bundenen Waffen. 
field shop Feldwerkstatt /. 
field strip v Waffengruppen aus- 
field target Gefechtsscheibe /. 
field target firing Gefechtsschiefien n 


field telegraph tragbarer Telegraph, 
field telephone Feldfernsprecher in. 
field telephone line Feldlinie /, Feld- 
•kabelleitung f; Felddauerlinie f 


field-telephone operator Feldfern- 
sprecher TO. 

field testing box Feldpriifschrank in 


field testing set Feldmefikastchen n. 
field training Gelandeausbildung /. 
field trunk cable Feldfernkabel re 


field uniform 


final assembly area 

field uniform Feldanzug to. 
field wagon Feldwagen m. 
field well Feldbrunnen m. 
field wire Feldkabel n (Tp). 
field-wire laying Feldkabelbau m 

field-wire line Feldkabelleitung f 


field-wire strand Feldkabelader / 

fifth column Fiinfte Kolonne. 
fifth-wheel steering Drehschemellen- 
kung /. 

fifty percent zone Streifen der 50 j 

%igen oder mittleren Streuung. 
fight v kampfen, fechten. 
fighter See fighter airplane, 
fighter airdrome Jagerplatz m. 
fighter airplane Jager to, Jagdflug- 
zeug n; Zerstorer m (long range). 
fighter aviation Jagdflieger mpl. 
fighter-bomber Jagdbomber m, Jabo 

fighter command Kommando der 

Jagdflieger (USA). 
fighter defense Jagdabwehr / (Avn). 
fighter escort Jagerschutz m, Jagd- 
schutz to, Begleitschutz m (Avn). 
fighter formation Jagdverband m 

fighter group Jagdgruppe / (Avn). 
fighter pilot Jagdflieger to (Avn). 
fighter school Jagdfliegerschule / 


fighter screen Jagdsperre f (Avn). 
fighter squadron Jagdstaffel / 


fighter wing Jagdgesch wader n 


fighting compartment Kampfabteil 
m (Tk). 

fighting control Flugftihrung und 

Feuerleitung (bombardment forma- 

fighting power Kampfkraft f. 
fighting qualities Kampfwert m (of 
a unit). 

fighting spirit Kampfgeist m. 
filament Gliihfaden to (Elec). 
filament battery Heizsammler to, 
Heizbatterie / (Rad). 
filament circuit Heizkreis to (Rad). 
filament current Heizstrom to (Rad). 
file Reihe f (formation); Feile f 
(Tech); Kartothek f (card file) . 
in file treffenweise, in Reihe. 
file closer SchlieBender m. 

file leader Anfuhrer m. 
filing cabinet Aktenschrank m. 
filing card Karteikarte f. 
fill n Darnm to, Aufschuttung / 
(Engr, Top). 
fill v fiillen. 

filler Fiillung f; Sprengstoffiillung 

/ (explosive) , 

filler cap Fiillschraube f (MG). 
filler charge Sprengfiillung / (Am), 
filler cover VerschluOkappe f (MG). 
filling Fiillung f (Am, CWS). 
filling plug Fiillzapfen m. 
filling station Tankstelle / (MT). 
film Film to. 

film-pack adapter Filmkassette / 

film strip Filmstreifen to. 
filter n Filter m; Weiche / (Rad); 
Sieb n (Mtr, Rad); Kraftstoffreini- 
ger to (Mtr). 
filter v filtern, filtrieren. 
filter area von einem Flugwachkom- 
mando iiberwachtes Gebiet (AWS). 
filter board Kartentisch des Flug- 

filter center Flugwachkommando n 

filter circuit Sperrkreis m (Rad). 
filter container Filtergehause n (gas 

filter element Filtereinsatz to, Atem- 
einsatz to (gas mask). 
filter-element container Einsatztopf 
to (gas mask). 

filter funnel Siebtrichter to (MT). 
filtering Sammeln, Auswerten und 
Weitergeben der eingehenden Flug- 
meldungen (AWS). 
filter officer leitender Offizier beim 
filter replacement Filterwechsel w 

(gas mask). 

fin Fliigel to (Mort shell, R gren- 
ade, bomb); Stabilisierungsflugel to, 
Steuerfliigel to (bomb); Flosse f, 
Seitenflosse / (Ap); Kuhlrippe / 
(cooling fin of engine); Steuerflache 
/ (stabilizing fin of Mort shell). 
final amplifier Hauptsender m, Lei- 
stungsstufe f (of a Rad transmit- 

final assembly Bereitstellung / 

(Tac); Fertigmontage /, Endmon- 
tage / (Tech). 

final assembly area Bereitstellungs- 

raum m. 

final objective 


fire position 

final objective Endziel n. 
final protective line letzte Wider- 
standslinie (Tac). 

final stage of amplification Lei- 

stungsstufe / (Rad transmitter) . 
finance n Kassenwesen n. 

Finance Department Kassenabtei- 
lung /. 

finance officer Offizier der Kas- 


finder telescope Sucherfernrohr n 

(height finder). 

findings Untersuehungsergebnis n, 
BeschluB m (Law). 
fine n Geldstrafe / (Laiv). ■ 
fine grain Feinkorn n (Photo). 
fine setting Feineinstellung / (op- 
tical Inst). 

fine' sight Feinkorn n (R aiming). 
fine tuning Feineinstellung / (Rad). 
finger Finjjr m. 

fingernail Nagel m, Fingernagel to. 
fingerprint n Fingerabdruck m. 
fingerprint v Fingerabdriicke ma- 

chen, daktyloskopieren. 
fin shaft Fliigelschaft f (Mort shell). 
fin surface Rippenflache / (air- 

cooled engine). 

fire n Schieflen n, Feuer n, BeschuB 

fire v schieflen, feuern, abfeuern ; ab- 
driicken (press the trigger). 

“Fire!” “Feuer frei!” (R); “Feuer!” 

fire adjustment EinschieBen n, Ein- 
richten n, Richt- oder Ziinderein- 
stellung beim EinschieBen. 
fire against personnel Schieflen ge- 
gen lebende Ziele ( Gunnery). 
fire and maneuver See fire and move- 

fire and movement Feuer und Be- 
wegung (Tac). 

firearm Feuerwaffe /, Schufiwaffe f. 
fire barrage Sperrfeuer n. 
fire bay Feuerstellung / (trench). 
firebreak Schneise /, Waldschneise 

fire by a battalion Abteilungsschie- 
Ben n ( Arty ) . 

fire by command for range Schieflen 
mit Entfernungskommandos. 
fire by piece at command geschiitz- 
weises Feuer (Arty). 
fire call Feuersignal n. 
fire command Feuerbefehl to. 
fire control Feuerregelung / (Arty). 

fire-control aid SchieBbehelf m ( Gun- 

fire-control car Geratewagen m 


fire-control code Zeichen fiir die 

Feuerleitung (Arty). 
fire-control equipment Feuerleit- 

gerat n (Arty). 

fire-control grid GitterschieBplan m 


fire-control instruments Beobach- 
tungs- und Vermessungsgerat n 

fire-control map Schieflplan m, 

Feuerleitungsplan m (Gunnery). 
fire-control net Feuerleitungsnetz 
n (Arty). 

firecracker Knallkorper to, Kanonen- 
schlag m (simulated fire). 
fire crest Brustwehrkrone / ( trench) ; 

Gewehrauflage / (Ft). 
fire curtain Feuervorhang m, Feuer- 
wand /, Feuerschutz to. 
fire department Feuerwehr f. 
fire detector selbsttatiger Feuermel- 
der (Tk). 

fire direction Feuerleitung f. 
fire-direction center Feuerleitungs- 
stelle /, Leitstand to (Arty). 
fire-direction net Feuerleitungsnetz 
' n (Arty). 

fire director Kommandogerat n, 
Flakkommandogerat n ( AAA). 
fire-director data Kommandowerte 
mpl (AAA). 

fire discipline Feuerzucht / (Arty). 
fire distribution Feuerverteilung / 
(Arty, MG). 

fire duel Feuergefecht n, Feuer- 

kanapf to. 

fire effect Feuerwirkung /. 
lire engine Feuerspritze f. 
fire extinguisher Feuerloscher to. 
fire fight Feuergefecht n, Feuer- 

kampf to. 

fire for destruction Zerstorungsfeuer 
n, Vernichtungsfeuer n (Arty). 
fire for effect Wirkungsschieflen n 

( Gunnery ) . 

fire lane SehuBschneise /. 
fire marshal Brandmeister to. 
fire mission Schieflauftrag to, Feuer- 
auftrag to (Arty). 
fire order Feuerbefehl to. 
fire plan Feuerplan m (Tac) ; Feuer- 
loschordnung / (firefighting). 
fire position Feuerstellung /. 

firepower 299 fishtai! wind 

firepower Feuerkraft f. 
fire preparation Feuervorbereitung / 

fire prevention Brandschutz m. 
fireproof feuerfest, feuersieher. 
fire raft Brander m. 
fire sector Beobaehtungs- und Wir- 
kungsstreifen m, Zielraum in, Ziel- 
abschnitt m (Small Arms). 
fire step Schiitzenauftritt m (Ft). 
fire superiority Feueriiberlegenheit f. 
fire support Feuerunterstiitzung f. 
fire trench Schiitzengraben m (Ft). 
fire unit Feuereinheit f (Arty). 
firewall Brandschott n, Brandspant 
m (Ap). 

firing Schiefien n, Feuern n, Abfea- 
ern n; Ziinden n, Ziindung f (a 
blasting charge); ErdzielbesehuB m 
(at ground targets); Flugzielbe- 
schufl m (at aerial targets). 
firing angle Richtungswinkel m. 
firing azimuth Seitenrichtung /. 
firing base Lafettenstiitze /. 
firing battery Gefechtsbatterie f. 
firing bay Feuerstellung / (trench). 
firing chart Batterieplan m, Plan- 

pause f (Arty). 

firing circuit Abfeuerungsverbindung 
/ (Tk MG or G). 

firing command Feuerkommando n 

firing correction Schufiverbesserung 
/ (Gunnery). 

firing data Schiefigrundlagen fpl, 

SchuBwerte mpl, Schufielemente npl 

firing device Zundvorrichtung / 


firing elevation Rohrerhohung /. 
firing interval Zeitabstand m, Pause 

bring jack Geschiitzwinde f. 
firing lever Abzugsstiick n, Abfeue- 
rungshebel m, Abzugshebel m (G). 
firing line Feuerlinie /;• Feuerkette 
/ (Pers). 

firing mechanism Abzugsvorrichtung 
f, Abfeuerungsvorrichtung /. 
firing order Ziindfolge f (of engine 
cylinders) . 

firing party fur die Ehrensalven 
bestimmte Abteilung (at graveside _ 
service ) . 

firing pin Nadel /, Ziindnadel f 

(fuze); Schlagbolzen m (Ord). 

firing-pin spring Schlagbolzenfeder 
/ (pistol, fuze). 

firing-pin support Nadelatiick n 


firing-pin trip Spannfalle / (breech- 

firing-port shutter Schartenblende f. 
firing position Feuerstellung / 

(place); Anschlagsart / (standing, 
kneeling, etc.). 

in firing position feuerbereit, in 


firing practice SehieBubung /. 
firing procedure SchieBverfabi-en n. 
firing range Schufiweite / (dis- 

tance); Schieflstarid m (place). 
firing regulations SchieBvorschrift /. 
firing spur Stichgleis n (RR Arty). 
firing squad ErschieBungskommando 
n (at an execution). 
firing stand SchieBgestell n (MG). 
firing step See fire step, 
firing table Schufitafel f; Artil- 
lerierecbenschieber m (graphical). 
firing-table elevation schufitafelma- 
. Bige Erhohung (Gunnery). 
firing-table range schuBtafelmaBige 
Schufiweite (Gunnery). 
firing technique SchieBteehnik /. 
firing wire Zunderdraht m, Spreng- 
kabel n (blasting). 

first aid erste Hilfe, erster Wundver- 

first-aid dog Sanitatshund m. 
first-aid kit. Verbandzeug n. 
first-aid packet Verbandpackchen v. 
first-aitl pouch Notverbandtasche /. 
first-aid supplies Verbandzeug n. 
first lieutenant Oberleutnant m ; 

Oberleutnant der Flieger (Luft- 
waffe); Oberarzt m (Med); Ober- 
veterinar m (Vet). 
first name Rufname m. 
first officer Erster Offizier (Nav). 
first sergeant Hauptfeldwebel m; 

Hauptwachtmeister m (Arty, Cav). 
first sergeant’s call Versammlung 
der Hauptfeldwebel zur Befehlsaus- 

fiscal year Haushaltsjahr n. 
fish n Fisch in. 
fish net Fischnetz n (Cam). 
fishtail Abbremsen des Flugzeuges 
bei der Landung durch dauerndes 
Bewegen des Seitenruders (Am). 
fishtail wind standig weehselnder 




flash message 

fist Faust /. 

fit v passen; montieren (assemble). 
fit for duty dienstfahig. 
fitting Verpassung f, Verpassen n 
(of uniforms, etc.); Zubehcirteil to, 
Armatur f, Pafistiick n (Tech). 
fix n Koppelort m (Air Navigation). 
fix v fesseln (Tac). 

“Fix bayonets!” “Seitengewehr, 

pflanzt auf!” 

fixed ortsfest, standig (Arty, Ft). 
fixed ammunition Einheitsmunition 
/, Patronenmunition f. 
fixed antenna Festantenne /. 
fixed antiaircraft artillery ortsfeste 

fixed bayonet aufgepflanztes Seiten- 

fixed bridge Briicke mit festen Stiit- 

fixed emplacement fest eingebaute 
Geschiitzstellung, ortsfeste G.eschutz- 

fixed fire Punktfeuer n (MG). 
fixed gun starre Kanone (Ap). 
fixed gun mount starre Lafette. 
fixed hospital feste Krankenunter- 

fixed liner festes Seelenrohr (G). 
fixed machine gun starres Maschi- 

fixed objective festes Ziel. 
fixed obstacle fest eingebautes Hin- 

fixed-pitch propeller Luftschraube 
mit gleichbleibender Steigung. 
fixed pivot Drehpunkt m; Fliigel- 
mann am Drehpunkt (drill). 
fixed round ein Schulj Patronenmu- 

fixed seacoast artillery ortsfeste 
fixed target festes Ziel. 
flag Flagge f, Fahne /. 
flagman Winker to. 
flag officer Flaggoffizier to (Nav). 
flag of protection Lazarettflagge /. 
flag of truce Parlamentarflagge /, 
weifie Flagge. 

bearer of a flag of truce Unter- 
handler to, Parlamentar to. 
flagpole Fahnenschaft to, Fahnen- 
stange f; Fahnenmast to (fixed). 
flag semaphore Nachrichteniibermitt- 
lung durch Winkflaggen. 
flagship Flaggschiff n. 
flag signal Flaggensignal n. 

flag target Schleppziel n, Schlepp- 
scheibe /, Luftsack to (AAA). 
flake powder Blattchenpulver n, 

Plattenpulver n (Am). 
flaksuit Panzerweste / (Avn). 
flame Flamme /. 

flame dampener exhaust stack Flam- 
menverzehrer to (Ap). 
flame-thrower Flammenwerfer to; 
Nahwerfer m (short-range) ; Weit- 
werfer to (long-range). 
flame-throwing tank Flammenwer- 
ferpanzerwagen to (Ger). 
flange Flansch to. 
flank n Flanke f, Breitseite / (Tac) ; 
Fiihrungsflache f (G tube); Weiche 
f, Flanke / (of horse). 
flank v flankieren, umgehen. 
flank attack Flankenangriff to. 
flank guard Seitendeckung / (Tac). 
flanking lire Flankenfeuer n, fian- 
kierendes Feuer. 

flanking march Flankenmarsch to. 
flank man Fliigelmann to (drill). 
flank observation Beobachtung von 
seitlicher Beobachtungsstelle (Arty). 
flank patrol Spahtrupp zur Flanken- 

flank protection Flankenschutz to. 
flank protective fire Artilleriefeuer 
zur Flankensicherung. 
flank security Flankensicherung f, 
Seitendeckung / (Tac). 
flank spotting Beobachtung von seit- 
licher Beobachtungsstelle (Arty). 
flap Klappe f (Ap, Clo); Tornister- 
klappe f (pack). 

flare Fackel f, Leuchtkugel f (Sig). 
flareback Vorbeischlagen der Pul- 
vergase ( G). 

flare composition Leuchtsatz to. 
flare path Leuchtpfad to (Avn). 
flash Miindungsfeuer n, Aufblitzen n 
(G); Ziindstrahl to (Am); Blitz- 
strahl to (lightning). 
flash defilade Sichtdeckung / (Arty). 
flash fuze elektrischer Gliihzunder 

flash hider Feuerdampfer to, Flam- 
mendampfer to, Miindungsfeuer- 
dampfer to ( Ord). 
flash hole Ziindkanal to (faze). 
flashing light Blinkfeuer n (Avn). 
flashlight Taschenlampe /. 
flashlight battery Taschenlampen- 
batterie /. 

flash message dringende Meldung. 


float chamber 

flash point 

flash point Zundpunkt to (fuels). 
flash ranging Lichtmessen n. 
flash-ranging adjustment Einsehie- 
fien der eigenen Artillerie durch die 
LichtmeBbatterie (Arty). 
flash-ranging, battery Lichtmefibat- 
terie f. 

flash-ranging location See flash 

flash-ranging section Liehtmefltrupp 
to (Arty). 

flash-ranging station Lichtmeflstelle 
/, Meflstelle /. 

flash-ranging system Lichtmefisys- 
tem n. 

flash reconnaissance Gefechtsauf- 
klarung durch Lichtmeflbatterie Oder 
vom Flugzeug aus. 

flash-reducing wad Kai'tuschvorlage 
f (Am). 

flash signal Blinkzeichen n. 
flash tube Kammerhiilse / (shrap- 

flash-tube charge Kammerhiilsenla- 
dung / (shrapnel). ■ 
flat-base rim Flachbettfelge f (MT). 
flat butt strap Flachlasche /. 
flatcar Plattformwagen m (RR). 
flat coil spring Bandfeder / (fuze). 
flat feet Plattfiifie mpl. 
flat fire See flat-trajectory fire, 
flat-jawed pliers Flachzange /. 
flatness of trajectory Rasanz der 

flat spin Flachtrudeln n, Tellertru- 
deln n (Avn). 

flatten out abfangen (Avn). 
flat-top Maske f, Tarndecke / 

(Cam). See also aircraft carrier, 
flat trajectory gestreckte Flugbahn, 
gestreckte Geschofibahn (Ballistics) . 
flat-trajectory fire Flachfeuer n. 
flat-trajectory gun Flachfeuerge- 

schiitz n, Flachbahngeschiitz n. 
flat-trajectory weapon Flachbahn- 
waffe f, Flachfeuerwaffe f. 
fleet Flotte / (Nav). 
fleeting target Augenblicksziel n. 
flexible schwenkbar (Ap MG); bieg- 
sam (Tech). 

flexible axle Schwingachse f (MT). 
flexible ball mount Kugelblende / 

(Tk gun). 

flexible disk Hardyscheibe / (MT). 
flexible-disk joint Trockengelenk n 

flexible drive shaft Gelenkwelle /. 

flexible gun bewegliches Geschiitz. 
flexible machine gun bewegliches 


flexible shaft Schwinge / (follow-the- 
pointer mechanism) ; biegsame Welle 

flexible steel cable Drahtzug m 

flexure Durchbiegen n (Mech). 
flick Erfassung des Zieles, kurzdau- 
erndes Halten eines erfaGten Zieles 
(AA searchlight). 
flier Flieger in. 

flight Kette f (Avn unit) ; Flug in. 
flight commander Kettenfiihrer to 

( Avn). 

flight control Flugzeugsteuerung f 
(Ap); Bewegungskontrolle / (by 
operations office). 

flight deck Flugdeck n, Landedeck n 
(aircraft carrier). 

flight diagram Auftragskarte / 

(aerial Photo). 

flight echelon fliegendes Personal, 
flight engineer Bordwart to, Bordme- 
chaniker to, Bordmonteur m (Avn). 
flight formation Flugform /. 
flight indicator Neigungsmesser w, 
Gyrorektor to (Ap). 
flight instructor Fluglehrer to. 
flight line Fluglinie f, Flugstrecke /. 
flight log Flugbuch n, Flugtagebueh 

flight maneuver Flugfigur /. 
flight map Fliegerkarte /. 
flight officer Feldwebelleutnant der 
Flieger (USA). 

flight pay Luftdienstzulage /, Flie- 
gerzulage /. 

flight performance Flugleistung f. 
flight personnel fliegendes Personal, 
flight position Flugrichtung /, Flug- 
lage f. 

flight ration Bordverpflegung /. 
flight report Flugmeldung /. 
flight route Flugstrecke /. 
flight surgeon Sanitatsoffizier bei 
fliegenden Verbanden, Fliegerarzt to. 
flinching Mucken n (Small Arms 

float Schwimmer to (Ap, carbu- 

retor, gage, etc.); Flofi n (Engr); 
FuBplatte f, FuGteller to ( A A gun) ; 
Schwanzblech n (G trail). 
float chamber Schwimmergehause n 
( carburetor) . 

float column 



float column Tellersaule f (AA gun 

float gear Schwimmwerk n, Schwim- 
merwerk n, Schwimmergestell n 

floating bridge Briicke mit sehwim- 
menden Stiitzen, FloGbriicke /. 
floating dock Schwimmdock n. 
floating mine Treibmine /. 
float needle Schwimmernadel f ( car- 

floatplane Schwimmerflugzeug n. 
float plate Ansteckblech n (G trail 
spade); Fuflplatte f, FuOteller m 
(AA gun). 

floats Schwimmwerk n (Ap). 
flock Reiterrudel n (Cav). 
flood n tjberflutung f, Uberschwem- 
mung /. 

flood v iiberfluten, iiberschwenimen ; 

anstauen (dam up). 
flooded area Anstauung / (Engr). 
flooding Anstauung f, tjberflutung f 

floodlight Flutlicht n. 
floor Boden to, Fufiboden m (build- 
ings ) ; Fahrbahn /, Briickenbahn / 
(Bdg); Stock to (story). 
floor beam Fahrbahntrager to 


floor board Bodenbrett n (MT). 
floor plate Bodenstiick n (MG). 
floor-plate lock ' Bodenstiicksperre / 

flotation gear Schwimmwerk n (Ap). 
flotation stability Schwimmstabilitat 
f (seaplane) . 
flour Mehl n. 

fluid drive Flussigkeitsgetriebe n 


fluid equalizer Fliissigkeitsausglei- 
cher m ( recoil mechanism ) ■ 
fluke Ankerflunken to (of an an- 

fluorescent tube Leuchtrohre /. 
flush riveting Versenknietung f. 
flutter n Ruttelerscheinungen fpl 

fly v fliegen. 

fly a sortie Einsatz fliegen (Avn). 
flying boat Flugboot n; Fernaufkla- 
rungsflugboot n (long-range recon- 

flying bridge See flying ferry, 
flying cadet Fahnrich der Flieger 

flying distance Flugweite /. 

flying ferry Gierfahre mit nur an 
einem Ufer verankertem Fahrseil 


flying field Flugplatz in. 

Flying Fortress Fliegende Festung. 
flying in formation Verbandsflug w 


flying officer Fliegeroffizier in. 
flying pay Fliegerzulage /, Luft- 
dienstzulage /. 

flying school Fliegerschule /. 
flying suit Fliegerschutzanzug m; 
Pelzkombination f (fur-lined cover- 

flying time Flugzeit / (Avn). 
fly on instruments blindfliegen. 
flyweight Fliehgewicht n (engine 

flywheel Schwungrad n, Sehwung- 
masse /, Schwungscheibe / (Mtr). 
FM Titantetrachlorid n (CWS). 

FM grenade Nebelhandgranate mit 
Titantetrachlorid-Fullung (CWS). 
FM smoke Titantetrachlorid-Nebel 
to (CWS). 

focal center Flugmeldekommando n 

focal distance Brennweite / ( Op- 

focal length See focal distance, 
focal plane Brennebene / (Optics). 
focus n Brennpunkt m (Optics). 
focusing scale Sehscharfeneinteilung 
/ ( Optics). 
fog Nebel in. 

fog area Nebelgebiet n (Met). 
folding wings beiklappbare Tragflii- 
gel, Schwenkfliigel mpl, Klappfliigel 
mpl (Ap). 

follower Zubringer in (Small Arms). 
follower spring Zubringerfeder / 
(Small Arms). 

follower-spring stud Federkopf in 
(self-loading pistol). 
follow-the-pointer drive Folgezeiger- 
antrieb to (AAA). 

follow-the-pointer indicator Folge- 

zeiger to. 

follow-the-pointer sight mechanism 
Zeigerzi'eleinrichtung f (G). 
follow-the-pointer system Folgezei- 
gereinrichtung /. 

follow up v nachdrangen (Tac); an- 
fragen nach (inquire). 
food Lebensmittel npl, Nahrungs- 
mittel npl ( any means of nutrition ) ; 
Essen n, Kost f, Verpflegung / 

food ration card 



(meals in general); Efiwaren fpl 
(food products) . 

food ration card Lebensmittelkarte /. 
foot Fufi m. 

footbridge Steg m, Beselersteg m; 
Schnellsteg to (hasty); Flofisacksteg 
to (of pneumatic boats); Ufer- 
sehnellsteg to (single span). 
foot-firing mechanism Abzugsvor- 
richtung mit Fufihebel (AA gun). 
footgear Schuhzeug n. 
footpath Fufiweg to. 
foot plate FuBplatte /', Fuflteller m 
(AA gun). 

footrest Fufistiitze / (AA gun). 
foot shifter FuBsehaltung / (MT). 
footsore fuBkrank. 
foot starter FuBschalter m (MT). 
foot switch FuBschalter to (Elec). 
foot troops Fufitruppen fpl. 
forage n Futter n. 
forage v furagieren, verpflegen, Fut- 
ter und Nahrungsmittel besehaffen. 
forage ration Futterration /. 
foragers Reiter in geoffneter Linie 

force n Kraft / ( power) ; Krafte / pi 
(Pers); Kampfeinheit f (unit); 
Kraftegruppe / (group) ; Verband to 

in force mit starken Kraften, mit 
Einsatz aller Krafte (Tac). 
force v erkampfen, erzwingen, iiber- 
winden (Tac). 

forced-circulation cooling Pumpen- 

kiihlung /, Wasserpumpenkiihlung / 

forced crossing tiberschreiten des 
Flusses unter Kampf (Tac). 
forced landing- Notlandung / (Avn); 
' Truppenlandung unter Feuer (Tac). 
make a forced landing notlanden 


forced march Dauermarsch to, Ge- 
waltmarsch m. 

forcing cone tlbergangskegel to (G). 
ford n Furt /. 
ford v durchwaten. 
fordable durchwatbar. 
fording ability Watfahigkeit / 


fore-and-aft inclinometer Langsnei- 
gungsmesser to (Ap). 
forearm Schaft to ( automatic R) ; 

Vorarm m (horse). 
forecast See weather forecast, 
forefinger Zeigefinger to. 

foreground Vorfeld n (Tac). 
forehead Stirn /. 

forehead strap Stirnband n (gas 

foreign auslandisch, fremd, -auswftr- 

foreign country Ausland n, fremdes 

foreigner Auslander m, Fremde(r) 


foreign port Auslandshafen in, aus- 
landischer Hafen. 

foreign service Dienst aufierhalb der 

forequarters Vorhand f (horse). 
foresight Vorsicht / (Surv). 
forest Wald to. 

forestalling Unterbindung / (Tac). 
forest clearing WaldbloBe /, Wald- 
lichtung f. 

forest road Waldweg to; Wald- 
schneise f, Schneise / ( along a fire- 

forfeiture Verlust des Wehrsoldes. 
forfeiture of pay Verwirkung des 
forge n Schmiede /. 
forged iron Schmiedeeisen n. 
fork Yerlegung des mittleren Treff- 
punktes um die Halfte des TrefTbil- 
des (Gunnery) ; Wegegabel / (road); 
Gabel f (utensil). 

form Schalung f (concrete construc- 
tion) ; Vordruck to, Formular n 
(printed form); Gestalt / (shape). 
formation Form /, Formation f, Glie- 
derung / (drill, Tac); Verband m 
(Avn); Flugform f (flight forma- 

formation flying Verband(s)flug m, 
Fliegen im Verbande. 
formation in depth Tiefengliederung 
f (Tac). 

formation in width Breitengliede- 
rung f (Tac). 

formation of airplanes Fliegerforma- 
tion f, Fliegerverband to. 
formation of bombardment airplanes 
Kampfverband to. 

formation of dive bombers Sturz- 
kampfverband to, Stukaverband to. 
formation of eddies Wirbelbildung / 


formation of pursuit airplanes Jagd- 
verband to (Avn). , 

formation of reconnaissance airplanes 
Aufklarungsverband to. 


304 freight station 

formation of torpedo bombers Tor- 
pedoflugzeugverband to. 
formation release Verbandswurf to, 
Verbandsabwurf to (Bombing). 
formula Formel /. 
formulation of decisions EntschluG- 
fassung /. 

fort Werk n, Festung /. 
fortification Befestigung /. 
fortified defense system Befestigungs- 
anlage /. 

fortified line Stiitzpunktlinie /. 
fortified locality Stiitzpunkt to 


fortified position befestigte Stellung. 
fortress Festung /. 
fortress artillery Festungsartillerie /. 
fortunes of war Wechselfiille des Ge- 
fechts (Tac). 

forward v befordern (supplies, etc.); 

nachsenden (a letter). 
forward area Kampfgebiet n, Kampf- 
raum to. 

forward echelon I. Staffel (Hq). 
forward gunner’s compartment Bug- 
kanzel f (Ap). 

forwarding point Weiterleitungs- 
stelle /. 

“Forward, march!” “Im Gleichschritt, 

forward observation post vorgescho- 
bene Beobachtungsstelle (Tac). 
forward observer vorgeschobener Be- 
obachter (Arty). 

forward PW camp Frontstalag n. 
forward slope Vorderhang m (Top). 
forward slope position Vorderhang- 
stellung f (Tac). 

forward speed Vorwartsgang to 


forward velocity Vorwartsgeschwin- 
digkeit / (Bombing). 
fougasse Flattermine /, Fugasse f. 
fouling Ruckstande im Laufinnern 

fouling shot erster Schufi zum Ent- 
olen des Laufinnern. 
foundation Bettung f (G emplace- 
ment); Unterbau to (Engr). 
foundry GieOerei /. 
fountain pen Fullfeder f. 
four-cycle engine Viertaktmotor m. 
four-man tent Viererzelt n. 
fourragere Fangschnur f; Schutzen- 
schnur / (marksmanship). 
four-way pipe joint Kreuzmuffe /. 
four-wheel vehicle Zweiachser to. 

foxhole Schiitzenloch n; Hockloch n 
(crouching); Schiitzenloch fur ste- 
henden Anschlag (standing). 
fraction Bruch to (Math). 
fractional charge Teilladung / 


fracture Knochenbruch to (Med). 
fracture of the skull Sehadelbruch 


fragment Bruchstiick n. Splitter to, 
Sprengstiick n. 

fragmentary order Einzelbefehl to, 
besondere Anordnung (Tac). 
fragmentation Splitterwirkung f 
( Am). 

fragmentation bomb Splitterbombe /. 
fragmentation effect Splitterwirkung 

fragmentation hand grenade Eier- 
handgranate / (egg-shaped). 
fragmentation shell Splittergranate 


frame n Rahmen to; Fahrwerkrah- 
men to (MT); Protzgestell n (lim- 
ber) ; Tragegestell n (pack saddle). 
frame rib Trageschiene f (pack 

frame-type gun carriage Rahmen- 
lafette /.' 

frangible grenade Brandflasche /. 
fraudulent enlistment freiwilliges 
Eintreten mit falschen Angaben 
oder Verschweigen wich tiger Tatbe- 

fraudulent induction Diensteintritt 
mit falschen Angaben oder Ver- 
schweigen wichtiger Tatbestande. 
free air thermometer Aufienluft- 
Thermometer n (Ap). 
free balloon Freiballon to. 
freeboard Freibord to. 
freedom Freiheit f. 
free-space radiation Raumstrahlung 
f (Rad). 

free travel toter Gang (clutch 


freewheeling Freilauf to (MT). 
freeze frieren; erfrieren (to death); 

sich festfressen (piston, etc.). 
freeze in position regungslos erstar- 

freight Fracht /. 
freight car Giiterwagen to (RR). 
freighter Frachter to, Frachtdamp- 
fer to (Nav). 

freight station Giiterbahnhof to 


freight train 305 fuel gage 

freight train Guterzug to (RR). 
frequency Schwingungszahl /, Fre- 
quenz f (Elec, Rad). 
frequency band Frequenzband n. 
frequency-control element Steuer- 
sender to, Steuerstufe / (Rad trans- 

■frequency designation Frequenzan- 
gabe f (Rad). 

frequency meter Wellenmesser m, 
Frequenzmesser m (Elec, Rad). 
frequency modulation Frequenzmodu- 
lation / (Rad). 

frequency selection Grobeinstellung 
f (Rad). 

frequency spectrum Wellenspektrum 
n (Rad). 

friction Reibung /. 
frictional resistance Reibungswider- 
stand m. 

friction igniter Abreiflziinder m, 
Ziindschnuranzunder m. 
friction primer Reibziindschraube /. 
friction surface Laufflache f (Meek). 
friction tape Isolierstreifen to, Iso- i 
lierband n. 

friendly troops eigene Truppen. 
frog Strahl m (hoof); Weichensttick 
n (RR switch). 

front Front / (Met, Mil); Bug m, 
Stirnseite f (Tk). 

frontage Ausdehnung f, Breite /, 
Gefechtsbreite / (Tac). 
frontage in attack Angriffsbreite f. 
frontal area Stirnflache f (Mech). 
frontal attack frontaler Angriff, 

FrontalangrifF to, Stirnangriff m. 
frontal fire Frontalfeuer n. 
frontal security Sicherung nach 

vorne (Tac). 

frontal soaring Frontensegeln n, Ge- 
witterflug m (glider). 
front arch Vorderzwiesel m (pack- 
saddle frame). 

front armor Bugpanzer m (Tk). 
front axle Vorderachse / (MT). 
front-axle drive Vorderachsantrieb 
to (MT). 

front cinch Bauchgurt m (pack 


front gunner Bugschutze to (Tk). 
frontier Grenze /. 
frontier area Grenzgebiet n. 
frontier district Grenzbezirk w. 
frontier force Grenzschutz to (Tac). 
frontier guard Grenzwache /, Grenz- 
wacht /. 

frontier protection Grenzschutz m 


frontier station Grenzbahnhof to 

front line Frontlinie /, vorderste 
Kampflinie (Tac). 
front outrigger Vorderholm to (AA 

gun mount). 

front ring sight Kreiskorn n (MG). 
front ring sight base KreiskornfuB 
to (MG). 

front ring sight frame Kreiskornrah- 
men to (MG). 

front ring sight support . Kreiskorn- 
halter to (MG)., 

front roller Kletterwalze /, Abfang- 
walze f (MT). 

front sector Frontabschnitt m. 
front sight Korn n (Small Arms); 

Nebenstachel to (AT gun). 
front-sight base KornfuB to (R). 
front-sight cover Kornschoner 

to (R). 

front-sight holder Kornhalter to (R). 
front-sight stud Kornwarze / (R). 
front- wheel drive Frontantrieb to, 
Vorderradantrieb to (MT). 
frost Reif to, Rauhr