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Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders

Squirrel proof bird feeders block squirrels from bird feeder seed. A hanging Squirrel proof feeder can use a Squirrel Proof Baffle above or Cage bird feeders. Squirrel Proof Baffle Domes need a larger than 18 inch diameter to effectively block squirrels from above.

Some of the wire mesh and wire screen bird feeders are squirrel resistant in that squirrels have a hard time chewing thru metal and can't get too much seed or clean it out. They can be a good compromise if you are not able to restrict the squirrel’s access to a bird feeder. A cage bird feeder can block access to squirrels and also larger birds. The songbirds can pass thru the grid that surrounds the feeder. You can see a great selection below of all the different styles of squirrel proof bird feeders.

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Bluebird Baffle Bird Feeder with its beautiful sapphire blue dome is designed to attract bluebirds, orioles and their fledglings. The Wire-formed cage cylinder allows bluebirds access to their mealworms.
$ 67.95
Cattail Sunflower Stake Bird Feeder are 2 very nice wire mesh bird feeders. Clinging birds like Woodpeckers, Chickadees, Goldfinchs, Nuthatches, etc. will love these 3 feet tall feeders. Can be located in the best place for viewing like in a flower bed, garden or just outside a low window.
$ 39.95
Copper Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder is a brushed Copper finish Squirrel Proof Tube Bird Feeder with 6 ports and roof. The all metal squirrel resistant cage design prevents squirrels from reaching the bird seed.
$ 79.95
Fat Cat Sunflower Bird Feeder is a wire mesh metal bird feeder which makes it a pest resistant Bird Feeder. This very attractive decorative Sunflower feeder has a metal body with a sleepy Fat Cat to feed the birds for a change.
$ 21.95
Grackle Proof Bird Feeder will stop grackles and squirrrels from your bird feeder. This caged 4 port sunflower seed tube feeder wiill keep those grackle black birds on the outside and let smaller songbirds pass thru. Great with our Deck Bird Feeder Poles or standard poles.
$ 56.95
Grackle Proof Cage Bird Feeder will stop grackles and squirrels from your bird feeder. The purpose of a 10" dia. cage around this 4 port tube feeder is to keep squirrels and large birds from reaching the seed, and this feeder adds a touch of timeless class to its function.
$ 76.95
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Excellent Hanging Baffle and best tube bird feeder together make a great squirrel proof bird feeder that you will enjoy for a long time.
$ 74.90
Mandarin is a Hanging Bird Feeder that's a great squirrel proof and squirrel stopping bird feeder. It has 4 divided chambers with four seed ports. These individual ports are nice for smaller birds like Cardinals and Goldfinches to feed without a crowd.
$ 69.95
Squirrel Blocker Bar Feeder is the Bird Lover's choice for squirrel resistant feeders with adjustable weight settings. Spring operated perch with adjustable weight setting closes access to seed.
$ 49.95
Squirrel Blocker Sunflower Bird Feeder raises the standard as a buster of squirrels. Feeder makes a great Deck Squirrel Proof Sunflower Bird Feeder. Very useful anyplace that the feeder alone is the first line of defense.
$ 64.95
Squirrel Dipper Bird Feeder prevents squirrels from eating all your bird food! You save money on seed when you use a Squirrel proof Dipper. The Dippers four seed ports have individual weight sensitive perches.
$ 110.95
Squirrel Feeds the Birds is a wire mesh metal sunflower bird feeder which makes it a pest resistant Bird Feeder. Turn about is fair play and this time its the Songbirds chance to take sunflower seeds from the Squirrel. Let the Birds have their well deserved sweet revenge.
$ 23.95
Squirrel Proof Baffled Feeder is a classy clear bird feeder baffle with wire mesh bird feeder below. The Squirrel Proof Baffled Feeder has a baffle that is 20" diameter that makes the feeder below it squirrel proof.
$ 69.95
Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder is large capacity bird feeder that really stops squirrels! The Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder blocks gray squirrels, grackles and mourning doves from reaching tube feeder bird seed. Materials used resist weathering in harsh environments.
$ 110.95
Squirrel Proof Cage Bird Feeder is a Sunflower Domed Cage Feeder. This bird feeder is 20 inch tall and has 4 ports to deliver the sunflower seed, a songbirds favorite.
$ 95.95
Sky Cafe is a hanging bird feeder that is a squirrel proof bird feeder favorite and great fun to watch. Cardinals and larger birds make good use of the tray that goes all the way around.
$ 67.95
Squirrel Proof Suet Bird Feeder is squirrel, grackle and starling proof suet feeder with hanging chain, made with cage wire. Very easy to fill with two suet cakes.
$ 38.95
Squirrel Proof Suet Duo Bird Feeder is squirrel proof suet feeder with metal wire cage and roof. Very easy to fill with two suet cakes.
$ 42.95
Squirrel Proof Tube Bird Feeder is a popular 6 port cage bird feeder! The Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder blocks gray squirrels, grackles and mourning doves from reaching tube feeder bird seed.
$ 67.95
Squirrel Spinner Bird Feeder is a bird feeder with a motorized perch ring that allows birds to eat while preventing squirrels from getting a meal. When a squirrel hops onto the feeder's perch ring, the perch begins spinning, taking the squirrel for a whirl before it loses its grip.
$ 159.99
Sunflower Wire Mesh Bird Feeder is a large capacity wire mesh bird feeder. This all metal feeder is squirrel resistant that clinging and perching birds will love to use. Works well with any of our Deck Bird Feeder Poles and Bird Feeder Poles. One of the best!
$ 53.95
Sunflower Yellow Metal Bird Feeder is a wire mesh metal bird feeder that is sure to brighten up your backyard bird sanctuary. A vivid yellow 9.5" Diameter petal frame, brown mesh center, and green hanger create a recognizable sunflower.
$ 22.95