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German-English Military Dictionary

TM 30-506.
20 MAY I944

By order of the Secretary of War:
Chief of Staff.


THIS DICTIONARY has been intentionally limited in scope to military subject matter and directly related fields. It has been compiled primarily for use by American military personnel with at least a fair knowledge of German.
As far as possible the editors have endeavored to furnish actual equivalents rather than literal translations from one language into the other. Thus, although the literal translation of Entwicklung would be "development," a study of the German operations manual reveals that Entwicklung follows Entfaltung ("development") and hence is the equivalent of "deployment." Translations have been provided (generally with a note of explanation) only where equivalents do not exist or could not be found.
In the case of ranks, the corresponding United States rank according to function has been given, as listed in TM-E 30-451 (1 September 1943).

In the arrangement of terms the single-entry method has been used. A term like advance guard, will be found only under advance and not under guard.

Entries are arranged in straight alphabetical order, regardless of whether any given entry consists of one word or more, thus: direct current direction directional direction board direct observation.

The only exceptions to straight alphabetical order are a limited number of phrases which the reader would be unlikely to look for under the first word of the phrase. Thus, in Feuerstellung appears under Feuerstellung, not under in.
Among various equivalents for a given term, synonyms are separated by commas, different meanings by semicolons.

For definitions of many of the English terms used, see TM 20-205, Dictionary of United States Army Terms, 18 January 1944.


* Based on AR 850-150, 1-2, 14 Aug 1943; and FM 21-30, Oct 1943.

AA Antiaircraft
AAA Antiaircraft Artillery
AAF Army Air Forces
Adrm Airdrome
Adm Administrative
Adv Gd Advance Guard
Am Ammunition Ap Airplane
Armd Armored
Arty Artillery
Ash Airship
AT Antitank
Avn Aviation
AWS Aircraft Warning Service
Btry Battery
BC Battery Commander
Bdg Bridge
Bln Balloon
Bn Battalion
CA Coast Artillery
Cal Caliber
Cam Camouflage
Cav Cavalry
Civ Civil, Civilian
Clo Clothing
Cml Chemical
Com Communication
Comd Command
Com Z Communications Zone
CP Command Post
Cpl Corporal
CWS Chemical Warfare Service
Div Division
Elec Electrical
Engr Engineers
FA Field Artillery
FR Flash Ranging
Ft Fortification
G Gun
Ger German (no authorized source)
GHQ General Headquarters
Govt Government
H Cav Horse Cavalry
H-Dr Horse-drawn
HE High Explosive
Hq Headquarters
Inf Infantry
Inst Instrument
Lt Lieutenant
LM Land Mine
Maj Major
Math Mathematics (no authorized source)
Mech Mechanics, Mechanical
Mecz Mechanized
Med Medical
Met Meteorological
MG Machine Gun
Mil Military
Mort Mortar
MP Military Police
MT Motor Transport
Mtcl Motorcycle
Mtr Motor
Mtz Motorized
Nav Naval
NCO Noncommissioned Officer
Obsn Observation
Ord Ordnance
Pers Personnel, Person
Photo Photography
Pon Ponton
Prcht Parachute
Pvt Private
PW Prisoner of War
PX Post Exchange
QMC Quartermaster Corps
R Rifle
Rad Radio
Ren Reconnaissance
Regt Regiment
RR Railroad
SA Small Arms
Sgt Sergeant
Sig Signal
Sig C Signal Corps
SL Searchlight
SR Sound Ranging
Surv Surveying
Tac Tactical, Tactics
Tech Technical
Tg Telegraph
Tk Tank
Tng Training
T of Opns Theater of Operation
Top Topographical
Trans Transportation
Tp Telephone
Trac Tractor
Trk Truck
US United States
USA United States Army
Vet Veterinary
Z of I Zone of the Interior



Abbau m dismantling (a structure, etc.); mining (ore).
abbauen to dismantle (a structure, etc.); to mine (ore).
abbefördern evacuate (PW, wounded, etc.).
Abbildung / illustration, figure, diagram.
abbinden to tie, lash (Tp wire).
abblasen to release gas (CWS).
abblenden dim (a light).
"Abblenden!" "Out of action!" (AA SL).
Abblendlicht n dim light (on auto headlight).
abbrechen break off; cease; withdraw. das Lager abbrechen to break camp, das Gefecht abbrechen to withdraw from action.
Abbrechen des Gefechts withdrawal from action.
abbremsen to brake.
Abbremsvorrichtung / arresting gear (aircraft carrier).
abbriicken dismantle (a, bridge).
Abdachung/ slope (Top,).
Abdeckplatte/ cover plate (G).
abdichten to seal, calk, pack.
Abdichtung gegen Kampfgas gas-proofing (CWS).
Abdichtungsring m sealing ring, washer.
abdienen complete a period of service.
Abdrift/ drift (Avn, Nav).
Abdriftmesser m driftmeter (Ap).
Abdriftplatz m landing area, jump area (Prcht troops).
Abdriftvisier n driftmeter (Ap).
abdrosseln to throttle (an engine).
abdrücken to fire, i.e. pull (a trigger); press (a button).
Abdrückvorrichtung/ release mechanism (G).
Abendgesellschaftsanzug m special evening dress uniform.
Abfahrt/ departure, start; downhill run (skiing).
Abfahrtzeit / time of departure, time of starting; time of descent (skiing).
Abfall m waste; drop (Elec).
abfallen to slope (Top).
abfallendes Gelände sloping terrain.
abfangen pull out, level off, flatten out (Avn); intercept (Tac).
Abfangradius m pull-out radius (in dive bombing).
Abfangwalze / front roller, roller bumper (MT, Tk).
Abfederung / spring system, suspension (MT).
abfertigen to dispatch (messages, vehicles, trains, etc.); to process for further disposition.
Abfertigungsgebäuden control tower (Adrm).
abfeuern to fire.
Abfeuerungseinrichtung / release mechanism (Mort).
Abfeuerungshebel m firing lever (G).
Abfeuerungsverbindung / firing circuit for machine gun ror gun (Tk).
Abfeuerungsvorrichtung / firing mechanism.
Abfindung/ pay and/or reimbursement, financial settlement.
Abflug m take-off (Avn); going flight, departing flight, receding flight (AAA).
Abfluggeschwindigkeit / take-off speed.
Abflugleistung/ "take-off rating.
Abfrageapparat m operator's telephone.
Abfrageklinke / operator's answering jack.
abfragen inquire as to party or line desired (Tp).
abfüttern to feed (an animal).
Abgangsfehler m jump, vertical jump (Arty).
Abgangsfehlerwinkel m angle of jump, jump, vertical jump (Arty).
Abgangsrichtung/ line of departure (Ballistics).
Abgangswinkel m quadrant angle of departure (Ballistics).
Abgase npl exhaust gases, waste gases.
Abgasturbine / exhaust turbine (Ap).
abgeflacht flattened, flat.
abgeflachter Teil der Patrone meplat (SA Am).
abgekämpft battle-weary.
abgejagt winded, worn out.
abgenutzt worn, worn out, worn away; eroded (G barrel).
Abgeschobener TO evacuee.
abgesessen dismounted (Pers).
abgesondert detached (unit, etc.).
abgestellt parked.
abgetragen worn (Clo).
abgießen to spray chemical warfare agents (Avn).
Abgleitschienen fpl bullet-deflection rails (Tk).
abgreifen to transfer map distances with compass or dividers, to plot (in this sense).
Abgreifen der Entfernung measuring map range with dividers or compass.
Abgrenzung / demarcation, delimitation.
abhängen take off (a pack); unhook (a trailer); hang up (Tp); overtake and leave behind (slang).
abhauen to cut down; to "beat it"(slang).
abheben lift up; pull up, take off (Avn).
Abholkommando n party detailed to fetch anything; aircraft ferrying detachment.
abhören intercept, listen in, monitor (Rad, Tp).
Abhörgefahr / danger of interception (Tp, Rad).
Abhörstelle/ intercept station (Sig C); monitoring station (Rad).
abkippen wing over (Avn); withdraw from action (slang).
abklemmen disconnect from binding post (Elcc).
abkommandieren to detach, to detail.
Abkommen n deviation; agreement, convention; point of aim (at instant of firing).
das Abkommen melden to call the shot.
abkommen deviate.
Abkommpunkt m point of called shot, point of aim.
Abkommrohr n subcaliber tube (G).
Abkommschießen n subcaliber firing, subcaliber practice.
Abkrümmen n trigger squeeze.
abkrümmen to squeeze (a trigger).
Abladekommando n unloading detail.
abladen unload, detruck, detrain.
Ablage / dump.
Ablagerungszaun m drift fence (a type of snow fence for winter operations).
Ablaßschraube / drain plug.
Ablauf m completion, termination; launching, starting.
Ablaufbahn/ runway (Adrm); landing ramp (for seaplanes).
Ablaufberg m hump, incline (RR).
Ablaufposten m bridge-traffic control post.
Ablaufventil n relief valve (Hydraulics).
ablauschen listen in, intercept (Rad).
abläuten to ring off (Tp).
ableiten divert (a stream, etc.).
Ableitung/ derivation; derivative (Math); leakage (Elec).
Ablenkung/ diversion (Tac); deflection, refraction.
Ablenkungsangriff TO diversion, feint attack (Tac).
Ablesemarke / index line, index mark.
ablesen to read (instruments, etc.).
Ablesfehler TO index error.
Ablesung/ setting, reading.
abliefern deliver.
Ablösung/ relief (Tac).
ablösen relieve, take over.
Abmarsch TO half-squad (Cav); departure, start.
abmarschbereit ready to start.
Abmarschführer m half-squad leader (Cav).
abmarschieren depart, start the march.
abnehmen remove, take off; decrease; accept, take.
Abnutzung/ erosion, wear; wear and tear; attrition.
Abnutzung des Rohres erosion of the bore.
Abnutzungskampf m battle of attrition.
Abort m toilet, latrine.
abprallen to ricochet.
Abpraller m ricochet.
Abprallerschießen n ricochet fire.
Abprallwinkel m angle of ricochet.
abprotzen uncouple, unlimber (Arty).
Abregnenn aerial spraying (CWS).
abreißen to rip, tear off.
Abreißknopf m fuze-cord button (hand grenade).
Abreißschnur / rip cord (Prcht); fuze cord (hand grenade).
Abreißzünder m friction igniter, rip-cord igniter.
abriebbeständig wear-resistant.
abriegeln to block, interdict, box in, seal off (Tac); to bolt (a door, etc.).
Abriegelungsfeuer n box barrage (Arty).
Abrücken n departure.
abrufen to ring off (Tp).
abrüsten disarm.
Abrüstung / disarmament.
abrutschen to slip (Avn). sich seitlich abrutschen lassen to fall off (Avn).
absacken to drop, pancake (Avn); to founder, sink (slang).
Absatteltrupp m unsaddling detail (Cav).
Absatz m berm (Ft); heel (of shoe); paragraph.
abschätzen to estimate (distance, etc.).
Abscheren n shear (Mech).
abschieben evacuate; expel, deport.
Abschied m departure; discharge; resignation. ehrenvoller Abschied honorable discharge.
abschießen to down, to shoot down (an Ap); to disable, put out of action (a Tk or vehicle); to shoot (a person).
abschirmen to blanket, screen, cover, protect, shield.
Abschirmung / shielding, screening (Rad).
abschlachten to massacre, slaughter.
abschlagen repel; reject.
Abschleppdienst m recovery service, towing service (MT).
Abschleppen n towing.
Abschleppgerät n towing equipment.
Abschleppkommando n recovery party, wrecking section.
Abschleppkraftwagen m wrecking truck.
Abschleppzug in wrecker platoon, maintenance platoon (MT).
Abschlußplättchen n base cover (Am).
abschmieren lubricate.
abschneiden to cut off, isolate (Tac); to cut (wire, etc.).
Abschnitt m sector, phase (Tac); area, section.
Abschnittsgrenze / sector boundary.
Abschnittsreserve / sector reserve.
abschnittsweise by sectors; in phases.
abschraubbar unscrewable, detachable.
abschreiten pace off (a distance).
Abschrift / copy.
Abschub m evacuation (of PW, wounded, etc.); transportation to the rear (of salvage, supplies, etc.).
Abschubstelle / evacuation station.
Abschuß m discharge (of a gun); downed enemy airplane; disabled tank or vehicle.
Abschußentfernung / slant range to present position (at instant of firing) (AAA).
abschüssig steep (Top).
Abschußpunkt m present position (at instant of firing) (AAA).
Abschußrohr n projector (CWS, Siff).
abschwächen reduce (Photo); weaken.
Absetzbewegung / withdrawal, disengagement.
absetzen, sich disengage, withdraw (Tac); increase distance between aircraft in flight.
Absetzer m jumpmaster (Prcht troops).
Absetzgelände n landing area (Prcht troops).
Absicht/ intent, intention. absitzen dismount (from H or vehicle); do time, serve, a sentence.
absondern isolate (Med) ; divide, separate; segregate (PW).
Absonderung/ isolation (Mod); division, separation; segregation (PW).
Absonderungsabteilung / isolation quarters (Med).
abspannen relieve strain on wire by tying (Tp); relieve tension, unharness, uncock, relax.
absperren close or block (a road, etc.); lock (a door, etc.); cut off, isolate (Tac).
abspreizen to brace.
abspringen bail out, jump (Avn).
Absprung TO jump (Prcht).
Absprunghafen m jump-off base (Avn).
Absprung mit verzögerter Öffnung delayed jump (Prcht).
abspulen ' unreel, unwind.
abspülen rinse out, wash out.
Abspuler m paying-out reel, axle of hand reel (Tp).
Abspüren n gas detection (CWS).
Abstand in distance (from front to rear). See also Zeitabstand.
Abstandslicht n marker light (MT).
Abstandwerfen n pattern bombing.
abstecken stake off (Engr, Surv);' plot (a course, etc.); trace, tape off (a mine field, etc.).
Absteckpfahl m stake (Surv).
absteifen to brace, stiffen.
absteigender Ast descending branch (of trajectory).
Abstellbahnhof TO railroad yard.
abstellen to park, stop; to turn off (an engine or motor).
Abstellgleis n classification track, siding (RR).
Abstellplatz m parking place, parking area, dispersal area (Adrm).
abstimmen to tune (Rad).
Abstimmkondensator m tuning condenser (Rad).
Abstimmschärfe / selectivity, sharpness of resonance (Rad).
Abstimmskala/ tuning dial (Rad).
Abstimmspule/ tunmg coil (Rad).
abstreifen to patrol (a road, area, etc.).
abstufen graduate (into degrees).
Absturz TO crash, plunge (Avn). zum Absturz bringen to down (an Ap).
absuchen to search, sweep.
Abszisse / abscissa, X-coordinate.
Abtastdose / pick-up unit (record player).
Abteilung/ battalion (Cav, Arty, Armd Comd); detachment, unit (Tac); department, section (Adm)."Abteilung, Halt!" "Squad (company, detail, etc.), halt!"
Abteilungsadjutant m battalion adjutant.
Abteilungskommandeur m battalion commander.
Abteilungsnachrichtenstaffel / battalion communication section.
Abteilungsstab TO battalion headquarters.
Abtransport m evacuation.
abtransportieren evacuate.
abtrennen cut off, separate, isolate, disconnect.
"Abtreten!" "Dismissed!" (formal style, to an individual). Compare "Weggetreten!"
abtreten lassen dismiss (an individual).
Abtrift/ drift (Avn).
Abtriftmesser TO driftmeter (Avn).
Abtriftvisier n See Abdriftvisier.
Abtriftwinkel m drift angle (Avn).
abtrudeln go into a spin (Avn).
Abwälzstößel TO tappet rod (eccentric-cam type).
abwärts downward, downhill.
abwassern to drain (water).
Abwehr/ defense, active defense; military security.
Abwehrangelegenheiten fpl security matters.
Abwehrdienst m counterintelligence.
Abwehrerfolg TO defensive success.
Abwehrgeschütz n antiaircraft gun.
Abwehrkampf TO defensive combat.
Abwehrmaßnahme / defensive measure; security measure.
Abwehroffizier m security officer.
Abwehrvorbereitung / defensive preparation, preparation of defensive measures.
Abwehrwaffe / defensive arm; defensive weapon.
abwehrweise defensively.
Abwehrzone / defensive zone.
abweichen deviate.
abweichende Anfangsgeschwindigkeit velocity error.
Abweichung / deviation, deflection, error.
abweisen repel.
Abweiser TO fender; recoil guard (G * mount).
abwerfen to drop, jettison (Avn).
abwesend absent.
Abwind m descending air current (Met).
Abwurfm release (bombing). See also Wurf.
Abwurfbehälter m slip tank, belly tank (Ap); aerial delivery unit (airborne operations).
Abwurfgerät n bomb-release mechanism (Ap).
Abwurfgondel / See Abwurf kiste.
Abwurfhöhe / bombing altitude, bomb-release altitude (Avn).
Abwurfkiste / aerial delivery container (airborne operations).
Abwurf meldung / drop message.
Abwurfpatrone / message container (for drop message) (Avn).
Abwurfschacht m bomb rack (Ap).
Abwurfstelle / message-dropping ground; drop point (airborne supply)-
Abwurfvorrichtung / bomb-release mechanism (Ap).
Abwurfzielgeriit n bomb sight (Ap).
abwürgen to stall (an.engine).
"Abzählen!" "Count off!"
Abzeichen« badge, device, emblem, insignia; marking (Ap, Tk).
abziehen pull (a trigger); withdraw (Tac); hone, whet, sharpen; make a print (Photo); subtract, deduct, draw off.
Abzug m trigger (SA); withdrawal (Tac); contact print (Photo); deduction (of pay, etc.).
Abzugsbügel m trigger guard (R).
Abzugsfeder/ sear spring (R).
Abzugsgabel/ trigger-sear fork (R).
Abzugsgewicht n trigger pull (SA).
Abzugsgriff w lanyard handle (G).
Abzugshebel m trigger lever (MG); firing lever (G).
Abzugsschiene / trigger bar (AA gun).
Abzugsschnur / lanyard (Ord).
Abzugsstange / sear -(pistol).
Abzugsstift?» trigger pin (R).
Abzugsstollen m sear, sear nose (R).
Abzugsstück« trigger piece, firing lever (G).
Abzugsvorrichtung / trigger mechanism (SA); firing mechanism (Ord).
Abzugswelle/ firing rod (AA gun).
Abzweigung/ branch; junction line CAB;.
Achsantrieb m axle drive (MT). Achsdruck m axle load (MT). Achse/ axis; ordinate; axle; shaft. Achsel / shoulder. See also Schulter. Achsenverschränkbarkeit / angle of
axle swing (MT). Achsfeder/ axle spring.
Achsfederung/ axle suspension.
Achslager n axle bearing.
Achsmutter / axle nut.
Achsschenkel m wheel spindle (MT).
Achsschenkellenkung / steering-knuckle type of steering, Ackerman steering (MT).
Achsschwingschenkel in wheel spindle (G).
Achssitze mpl axle seats (for gunners).
Achssturz m pivot inclination, kingpin inclination (MT).
Achszapfen in kingpin, steering knuckle pivot (MT).
Achszapfensturz in -pivot inclination, kingpin inclination (MT).
Achterzelt n eight-man tent.
Achtganggetriebe n eight-speed transmission (MT).
"Achtung!" "Attention!", "Caution!", "Danger!", "Lookout!"
"Achtung! Präsentiert das, Gewehr!" "Present, Arms!"
Adamsitm adamsite (CWS).
Aderpresse / tourniquet.
Adjutant m adjutant, aide, aide-decamp, executive officer.
Adjutantur / Adjutant's Office (department of the Oberkommando des Heeres serving as central clearing office for routine matters; in no sense equivalent to US Adjutant General's Department); personnel group of general staff sections (in army, corps, and Div).
Adler m eagle.
Admiral m admiral.
Afrikakämpfer m veteran of the African Campaign.
Aggregat n unit, set; charging unit (Elec).
Ago name of an aircraft manufacturing company.
Akjam boat-type runner (placed under gun wheels for operations in deep snow; also used as a, swamp conveyance for ivounded, etc.).
Akten fpl documents, records, papers, file.
Aktenmaterial n official documents.
Aktenschrank m filing cabinet.
Aktionsbereich?« See Fahrbereich, Flugbereich, etc.
Aktionsradius m See Wirkungsbereich.
aktiv active; regular.
aktive Truppe line troops, combat troops.
akustische Ortung sound location, acoustic orientation (AAA),
Alarm m alarm; air-raid warning.
"Alarm aus!" "All clear!"
alarmbereit on the alert.
Alarmbereitschaft/ alert, stand-by.
Alarmplatz m alarm station.
Alarmschußgerät n trip-wire alarm.
Alkalipatrone / alkali cartridge (oxygen breathing apparatus).
Alleinflug m solo flight.
allgemeines Aufgebot levee en masse.
Allgemeines Heeresamt General
Army Office (central section in rear echelon of Oberkommando des Heeres) (abbr. AHA).
Allgemeines Luftamt General Air Office (section of Ger Air Ministry).
Allgemeines Wehrmachtamt General Office of the Armed Forces (central section in rear echelon of Oberkommando der Wehrmacht).
allgemeingültige Anordnungen general orders.
Allradantrieb m all-wheel drive (MT).
Alp / mountain pasturage.
Alter n age.
Altersgrenze / age limit.
Alterungsbeständigkeit / resistance to aging.
alte Wache old guard.
Altgummi n-m scrap rubber.
Altmaterial n junk, scrap, waste.
Altmetalle, scrap metal.
Alulegierung / See Aluminiumlegierung.
Aluminiumlegierung / aluminum alloy.
Amatol n amatol (Am).
Amboß m anvil (Am).
amboßförmiger Kumulo-Nimbus incus (Met).
Amboßschraube / threaded anvil (Am).
Ammoniumpikrat n ammonium pic-rate (Am).
Ammonpulver n ammonal (Am).
Ammonsalpeter-Sprengmittel n ammonium nitrate explosive.
Amperemeter n ammeter.
Amperezahl / amperage.
Amphibienflugzeug n amphibian airplane.
Amphibienkampfwagen m amphibian tank.
Amt w office, bureau; administrative function; telephone central.
amtlich official.
Amtsanschließer m telephone-exchange connecting device (connects field Tp with country-wide network).
Amtswalter m administrator (Reich Labor Service).
Amtszusatz m telephone-exchange auxiliary set (connects field central ivith country-wide network).
Anaglypt n anaglyph (Surv).
Analphabet in illiterate.
Anblasrichtung / direction of air flow (Avn).
Anderthalbdecker m sesquiplane.
Änderungsgeschwindigkeit / remaining velocity (Ballistics).
andrehen to crank, to turn over (an engine).
Andrehkurbel/ crank (MT).
Anerkennung / recognition, acknowledgment.
Anerkennungsschreiben n commendation.
Anfahrtsgang m low gear (MT, Tk).
Anfall m surprise attack, raid.
Anfangsbuchstabe m initial, first letter.
Anfangsdrall m initial twist (Ord).
Anfangsgeschwindigkeit / initial velocity, muzzle velocity (Ballistics).
Anfangsladung/ initial charge.
Anfangsstellung/ initial position.
Anfeuerung / combustible composition (in a flare cartridge).
Anfeuerungssatz m booster charge (Am).
anfliegen to approach (a target) (Avn).
Anflugm coming flight (AAA); approach run (bombing); approach flight (Avn).
Anfluggrundlinie/ . principal course of approach (Inst landing).
Anflugkurs m approaching course (Avn).
Anflugrichtung/ direction of approach (Avn).
Anflugsektor m on-course zone (Inst landing); approach zone (Adrm).
Anflugwinkel m ap'proach angle, angle of approach (Avn).
anfordern to requisition (Adm).
Anforderung / requisition.
Anforderungszeichen n requisition number.
Anführer m file leader.
Angaben fpl data, statements.
Angehöriger m member; relative.
die nächsten Angehörigen next of 1 kin.
angelehnt supported by, in contact with, covered by (Tac).
angelehnter Flügel supported flank.
"Angetreten!" "Fall in!" (at attention).
angliedern to attach.
angreifen to attack.
Angreifer m attacker, aggressor.
angrenzend adjacent.
Angriff m attack (Tac); charge (Cav).
Angriff auf Stellungen attack of organized positions.
Angriff aus der Bewegung attack from march column.
Angriff mit begrenztem Ziel limited attack, attack with limited objective.
Angriffsabschnitt m attack sector, zone of action in attack.
Angriffsart / form of attack, form of offensive action.
Angriffsbefehl m attack order.
Angriffsbeginn m time of attack.
Angriffsbereitstelllung / assembly (area) for attack.
Angriffsbreite/ frontage in attack, attack frontage (Tac).
Angriffsflug m air-attack flight, raid (Avn).
Angriffsflügel m attacking wing.
Angriffsform/ form of attack; attack formation.
angriffsfreudig aggressive.
Angriffsgefecht n offensive combat.
Angriffsgelände n terrain of attack, attack zone.
Angriffsgraben m assault trench.
Angriffsgruppe/ attack group, attack echelon.
Angriffshandlung/ offensive action.
Angriffshöhe / air-attack altitude, bombing altitude (Avn).
angriffslustig aggressive.
Angriffsplan m plan of attack.
Angriffsrichtung/ direction of attack.
Angriffsstreifen m attack sector.
Angriffstruppen fpl attack units, attack troops.
Angriffsverlauf m progress of an attack.
Angriffsversuch m attempted attack.
Angriffswelle/ attack wave, attacking echelon.
Angriffszielti objective (of attack). erstes Angriffsziel immediate objective.
Angriffszwischenziel n intermediate objective.
Anhalt m guide, general principle.
Anhaltspunkt m check point (Gunnery, Air Navigation, Surv); item in a check list (combat orders).
Anhang m appendix (to a manual, etc.).
Anhängelast / trailer load (MT).
Anhängen«. See Vermessung durch Anhängen.
Anhänger m trailer (MT); tender (RR); tie-on tag.
Anhängezettel m tie-on tag.
Anhäufung/ accumulation, concentration, piling up.
Anhöhe / height, hill, rise.
Anker m armature, rotor (Elec); anchor (Nav).
Ankerachse/ armature shaft (field TV).
Ankerbalken m anchor stock.
Ankerflunken w anchor fluke.
Ankergrund m anchorage (Nav).
Ankerlicht n anchor light.
Ankerlichten n weighing anchor.
Ankerlinie/ line of anchors (Bdg).
Ankermine/ anchored mine, moored mine.
Ankermast m mooring mast.
Ankerpfahl m anchor stake (for a guy line).
Ankerplatte/ anchor plate (part of a clockwork fuze).
Ankerplatz m anchorage (Nav).
Ankerrödel m anchor rack stick (Bdg).
Ankerrute/ anchor shank.
Ankerseil n guy line.
Ankerstelle/ anchorage (Nav).
Ankerstich m anchor hitch.
Ankersucher m grapnel.
Ankertau«, anchor cable.
Änkerturm m mooring tower.
Ankerwelle/ armature shaft (Elec).
Ankerwicklung / armature winding.
Ankerwinde / capstan.
Anklage/ charge, complaint.
anklammern to cling tenaciously, to hold fast.
ankleben to paste, adhere, stick, fasten with adhesive.
Ankündigung/ announcement, bulletin, notice.
Ankiindigungskommando n preparatory command.
Ankündigungssignal n warning signal.
Ankunft / arrival.
ankurbeln to crank.
Anlage/ installation; annex, inclo-sure (in a manual).
anlassen to start (an engine); to temper (steel).
Anlasser m starter (Mtr).
Anlaßknopf m starter button (Mtr).
Anlaßmotor m starter motor (Mtr).
Anlaßpatrone / cartridge for cartridge starter (Mtr).
Anlaßpistole / cartridge starter (Mtr).
Anlaßschalter m starter switch (Mtr).
Anlauf m take-off run (Avn).
Anlaufstrecke / take-off distance (Avn).
anläuten to ring (Tp).
anlegen to aim (R); to dock; to put ashore; to construct.
Anlegepunkt m aiming point.
Anlegestelle/ pier, wharf.
anleuchten illuminate.
Anmarsch m approach, approach march, advance (Tac).
Anmarschweg m approach, approach route.
annähernd approximate.
Annäherung / approach.
Annäherungsformation/ approach march formation.
Annäherungsmarsch m approach march (Tac).
Annahme/ assumption; acceptance, reception.
Annahmestelle / recruiting office; receiving office (letters, etc.).
Anode/ plate, anode (Elec).
Anodenbatterie/ plate battery, "B" battery (Rad).
Anodengleichspannung/ direct plate voltage (Rad).
Anodenkreis m plate circuit (Rad).
Anodenrückkopplung / plate feedback coupling1 (Rad).
Anodenverlustleistung / plate dissipation (Rad).
Anorak m parka (Clo).
Anordnung / order.
anpassen adapt, blend (Cam).
Anpeilen n taking of bearings, radio direction finding (Avn).
anpirschen to creep up, to stalk.
Anrecht n claim.
Anregungsmittel n stimulant. anrichten to sight, sight in, align; to cause (damage, etc.).
anrollen to roll along runway (on take-off run). Anruf m call, call-up (Rad, Tp); challenge.
Anrufantwort / answer to call-up (Rad).
Anruf klappe/ switchboard drop (Tp).
Anrufsschauzeichen n incoming-call signal light (Tp).
Anruf zeichen n call signal (Tp).
Ansammlung / concentration (Tac).
Ansatzflügel m stub wing (Ap).
Ansaugetakt m intake stroke, suction stroke (Mtr).
Ansaughub m intake stroke (Mtr).
Ansaugkrümmer m air-intake horn (carburetor).
Ansaugleitung/ intake duct (Mtr, Ft).
Ansaugrohr« intake pipe (Mtr).
Ansaugung / suction.
anschaffen procure.
anschalten connect, switch on; tap (a wire).
Anreicherung/ concentration (CWS).
Anschauungsmittel npl illustrative material, demonstration material (Tng aids).
Anschießen n harmonization (Ord).
anschießen to sight in.
Anschlag m aiming or firing position with rifle or machine gun; stop (Ord).
anschlagen to post (a notice, etc.).
Anschlagsart / firing position (of the soldier).
Anschlagtafel/ bulletin board.
Anschlagwinkel m try square.
anschließen join, close up, connect.
Anschluß in liaison, support, contact (Tac); connection, junction, coupling.
Anschlußbahnhof m junction (RR).
Anschlußklemme / binding post (Elec).
Änschlußklinke / line jack, station-line jack (Tp).
Anschlußmann in connecting file.
Anschlußpunkt m connecting point (in axes of Sig Com).
Anschlußschnur / connecting cord (Elee).
Anschlußstecker m plug, connecting plug (Elec, Tp).
Anschlußstück n connecting piece, joint, coupling, union.
Anschlußteil der Garhe margin of the sheaf of fire.
Anschnallgurt w. safety belt (Avn).
Anschneidelinie / line of intersection.
Anschneidenw intersection (Surv).
anschneiden to intersect; determine a fix (air navigation); obtain a bearing (Rad, FR).
Anschnitte mpl cross bearings.
Anschuß m sighting shot.
ansetzen launch, commit (Tac); ram (G).
Ansetzer m rammer (G).
Ansichtsskizze/ panoramic sketch (Top).
Ansprache/ designation (of a target).
Anspruch w claim.
Anstalt/ institution, establishment, station.
anstauen to dam up, flood.
Anstauung / damming, flooding; flooded area.
anstechen to tie, fasten, hitch.
Ansteckblech n float plate (on a trail spade).
anstecken to attach, fasten, hitch; to infect.
ansteckende Krankheit communicable disease, contagious disease.
Ansteckung / infection.
Anstellwinkel m angle of pitch, blade angle (propeller); angle of attack (Avn).
Ansteuerungsfeuer n directional beacon (Avn).
anstreichen run weapon up and down side of tree, etc., (to find firing support) ; to paint.
Anstrich TO paint.
Anströmrichtung/ direction of air flow (Avn).
anstürmen to assault, attack, charge.
ansuchen to request.
Ansumpfung/ inundation, inundated area.
Antenne/ antenna, aerial.
Antenne mit Rundwirkung omnidirectional antenna.
Antennenanschluß TO antenna binding post.
Antennen-Anschlußbuchse / See Antennenbuchse.
Antennenbuchse / antenna jack.
Antennen gebildet antenna array, antenna structure, antenna system.
Antennengerät n antenna outfit, antenna equipment.
Antennenhaspel/ antenna reel (Ap).
Antennenkapazität/ antenna capacitance.
Antennenkondensator m antenna condenser.
Antennenkopplung/ antenna coupling.
Antennenkreis TO antenna circuit.
Antennenleistung/ antenna power.
Antennenmast TO antenna mast.
Antennenspule / antenna tuning coil.
Antennenstab TO antenna rod.
Antennenstellung / directional position of the antenna.
Antennenstromanzeiger TO antenna ammeter.
Antennenwiderstand TO antenna resistance.
Antiflatterbock TO antishimmy shackle (MT).
Antrag TO request; recommendation, suggestion, proposal.
antreiben to drive, impel, propel.
antreten to fall in; begin (an assignment); assume (duties, etc.).
"Antreten!" "Fall in!" (not at atten- . tion).
Antrieb TO drive (-Mech).
Antriebsachse/ driving axle (MT).
Antriebsart/ type of drive (MT).
Äntriebskegelrad n bevel drive pinion (differential gear).
Antriebsrad«, drive wheel (MT).
Antriebsritzel TO starter pinion (on armature shaft of starter). •
Antriebswelle / drive shaft.
Antriebszahnrad »i drive gear (MT).
A.N.-Verfahren n A.N. method (of instrument landing).
anvisieren to sight at.
Anwärmeschuß w warming-up shot.
Anwärter m candidate; cadet.
anweisen to direct, instruct, allot.
Anweisung / directive; instructions; allotment.
anwerfen to crank (an engine).
Anzapfleitung / power lead-in (Rad).
Anzeiger m indicator, marker.
Anzeigerschiene / indicator slide (MG).
Anziehungskraft/ force of attraction.
anzielen to sight, to aim.
Anzugm uniform; suit of clothes.
anzünden to ignite, light.
Aphongetriebe n constant-mesh transmission (MT).
Apotheker m pharmacist.
Apparattornister in instrument case (portable Rad).
Apparatur / chassis (Rad); fixtures (Tech).
Appellm roll call; muster; inspection.
Aquadagm aquadag (lubricant).
Arado name of an aircraft manufacturing company.
Aräometer m -hydrometer.
Arbeiten fpl works (Ft).
Arbeitsanzug m fatigue uniform, work uniform.
Arbeitsdienst m See Reichsarbeitsdienst.
Arbeitsdienstpflicht / liability to labor service.
Arbeitsführer m captain (Reich Labor Service).
Arbeitsgeschütz n roving gun (Arty).
Arbeitshub m power stroke (Mtr).
Arbeitskommando n fatigue detail.
Arbeitslager n labor camp.
Arbeitsmann m workman (Reich Labor Service).
Arbeitsspiel n functioning, action (Mech).
Arbeitstakt m power stroke (Mtr).
Arbeitsurlaub m leave for purposes of war work.
arbeitsverwendungsfähig fit for labor duty only (abbr. a.v.). a.v. Heimat fit for labor duty in zone of interior only.
Arktik/ smoke acid for use in extremely cold weather (CWS).
arktische Kaltluft polar air (Met).
Armaturenbrett n instrument board, instrument panel.
Armauflage / elbow rest (trench or firing pit).
Armband n See Armbinde.
Armbanduhr / wrist watch.
Armbinde / arm band, brassard.
Armee/ army (a tactical unit, distinguished from Heer, the Army).
Armeebefehl m army field order.
Armeebekleidungsamt n army clothing depot.
Armeebrief stelle / army postal station.
Armeefeldlazarett n army surgical hospital.
Armeegebiet n army area.
Armeegruppe/ task force usually comprising one army and miscellaneous units.
Armeeintendant m army Intendant (Adm official at army Hq in charge of rations, clothing, equipment, pay, etc.).
Armeekartenlager n army map depot.
Armeekorps n army corps.
Armeekraftfahrpark m army motor transport park.
Armeemunitionslagern army ammunition depot.
Armeenachrichtenabteilung / army signal battalion.
Armeenachrichtenregiment n army signal regiment.
Armeenachschubführer m commander of army services of supply (also known as Kommandeur der Armeenachschubtruppen) .
Armeeoberkommando n high command of an army, army headquarters (abbr. OAK).
Armeesanitätsabteilung / army medical battalion.
Armeeverpflegungsamt n office o.f army ration supply.
Armeeverpflegungslager n army ration-supply depot.
Ärmel m sleeve (Clo).
Ärmelaufschlag m cuff (Clo).
Ärmelabzeichen n sleeve badge.
Ärmelpatte / cuff patch.
Armschiene/ splint (for arm fracture).
Armzeichen n arm and hand signal, arm signal.
Arrestant m person under arrest.
Arrestanstalt/ military prison.
Arrestlokal n detention room, guardhouse cell, guardhouse.
Arreststrafe / confinement, sentence of confinement.
Arrestraum im Lazarett detention ward.
Arsinw arsine (CWS).
Art / kind, manner, method, type.
Art. B.-Stelle / See Artilleriebeobach-tungsstelle.
Artillerie / artillery. leichte Artillerie light artillery. schwere Artillerie medium artillery. schwerste Artillerie heavy artillery.
Artillerieabteilung/ artillery battalion.
Artillerieauf marsch m moving up to positions (Arty).
Artilleriebekämpfung / counterbat-tery fire.
Artilleriebeobachter m artillery observer, spotter.
Artilleriebeobachtungsabteilung / observation battalion (Arty).
Artilleriebeobachtungsstelle / artillery observation post.
Artilleriebeschuß m artillery fire.
Artillerieeinschlag m shell hit, shell burst, point of impact (Arty).
Artillerieflieger mpl artillery reconnaissance aviation.
Artillerieflug m artillery mission (Avn).
Artillerieflugzeuge artillery observation airplane.
Artilleriefiihrer m division artillery commander (special staff Arty officer and Arty commander at Div Hq).
Artilleriegliederung / organization of artillery.
Artilleriegruppe / artillery group, artillery groupment.
Artilleriekolonne / ammunition supply column (Arty).
Artilleriekommandeur ni corps artillery commander (in GHQ pool); division artillery commander (when GHQ artillery is attached). Höherer Artilleriekommandeur special staff artillery officer (at army Hq).
Artillerienachrichtenstelle / artillery intelligence center.
Artillerienachrichtentrupp m artillery intelligence section.
Artilleriepark w artillery equipment park.
Artilleriepunkttafel / point-designation crid.
Artillerierechenschieber m graphical firing table.
Artilleriespähtrupp m artillery reconnaissance detail.
Artilleriesperrfeuer n artillery barrage.
Artilleriestaffel / artillery train.
Artillerieunterstützung / artillery support.
Artillerieverbindungskommando n artillery liaison command post, artillery liaison detachment.
Artillerieverbindungsoffizier m artillery liaison officer.
Artillerievermessung / artillery survey.
Artillerievermessungstrupp m artillery survey section.
Artillerievorbereitung / artillery preparation.
Artilleriezugmaschine / artillery prime mover.
Artillerist m artilleryman.
artilleristische Aufklärung artillery reconnaissance.
artilleristische Punkte tnpl artillery reference points.
Arznei / drug, medicine, medicament.
Arzneikasten m medicine chest.
Arzneikiste / See Arzneikasten.
Arzneimittel n medicine, medicament.
Arzt m doctor, medical officer.
Ärztliche Akademie der Luftwaffe school of aviation medicine.
ärztliche Behandlung medical treatment, medical attendance.
ärztliche Untersuchung/ medical
examination, physical examination.
Asbest m asbestos.
Äskulapstab m caduceus.
Assistenzarzt m second lieutenant (Med).
Astm branch; knot (in wood).
Astro m celestial navigator (Avn slang).
astronomische Navigation celestial navigation (Avn).
astronomischer Meßzug m astronomical survey platoon.
Astverhau m dead abatis made of tree branches.
Atemeinsatz m filter element (gas mask).
Atemgerät n oxygen apparatus (Avn).
Atemmaske/ oxygen mask (Avn).
Atemmundstück n mouthpiece (oxygen breathing apparatus).
Atemsack m respirator bag (oxygen breathing apparatus).
Atemschlauch m hose (gas mask, oxygen breathing apparatus).
Äthylarsindichlorid n ethyldichlorar-sine, ED (CWS).
Äthyldichlorarsin n ethyldichlorar-sine, ED (CWS). (Ger abbr. Dick).
Attacke/ charge (Cav).
Attrappe / dummy (target, vehicle, etc.).
ätzender Kampfstoff vesicant, vesicant agent, blister agent, blister gas.
Ätzmittel n caustic.
Ätznatron n lye, caustic soda, sodium hydroxide.
Aubo-Pähre / outboard-motor ferry (Aubo = Außenbord).
Aubomotor m outboard motor (Aubo = Außenbord).
Audion n grid-leak detector, detector, 2nd detector (Rad).
Aufbau «i body (MT); superstructure, i.e. sponson and turret (Tk).
Aufbauliifter in ventilator (in Tk sponson or turret).
Aufbewahrung / storage.
aufbieten mobilize.
aufblasen innate, blow up.
Aufblitzend flash (Arty fire).
aufbrauchen to exhaust, use up.
aufbrechen to depart, start.
Aufbruchsort m departure point, starting point.
Aufbruchszeit / departure time, starting time.
aufbumsen collide, strike (slang).
Aufenthaltspunkt m stop (RR, MT).
auffangen to detect (Rad); intercept, catch; to absorb (recoil, etc.).
Auffangstellung / prepared position in rear, rear position (in defense).
Auffangvorrichtung/ buffer (G).
auffinden to locate (a target).
Aufführender m corporal of the guard.
Aufgabe/ mission, task, problem.
aufgeben abandon, give up; register (baggage, etc.); send (a telegram, etc.).
Aufgebot vt See allgemeines Aufgebot.
aufgesessen mounted (Pers).
Aufgleitfront / warm front (Met).
Aufhakenn message pick-up (Avn).
Aufhängeöse / suspension lug (bomb).
Aufhängung/ suspension (of bombs, etc.).
aufhetzen incite.
aufklären reconnoiter, scout, observe, patrol.
Aufklärerm scout, observer; reconnaissance airplane.
Aufklärertätigkeit / reconnaissance activity, patrol activity.
Aufklärung/ reconnaissance (Tac).
Aufklärungsabteilung / reconnaissance battalion.
Aufklärungsbreite / width of reconnaissance sector (in which Obsn Bn locates targets).
Aufklärungsergebnis n results of reconnaissance.
Aufklärungsflieger m aircraft observer; reconnaissance aircraft.
Aufklärungsflug m reconnaissance mission, reconnaissance flight (Avn).
Aufklärungsflugzeug m reconnaissance airplane.
Aufklärungsgebiet n reconnaissance area.
Aufklärungskörper mpl reconnaissance elements.
Aufklärungsmaterial n reconnaissance information.
Aufklärungsraum in reconnaissance area.
Aufklärungsschwadron / reconnaissance troop (Cav).
Aufklärungsspähtrupp in reconnaissance patrol.
Aufklärungsstaffel / reconnaissance squadron (Avn).
Aufklärungsstreifen m reconnaissance sector.
Aufklärungstiefe / reconnaissance depth (in which Obsn Bn locates targets).
Aufklärungstrupp m reconnaissance patrol.
Aufklärungszug m scout car platoon; reconnaissance platoon.
Aufladekommando n loading detail.
Auflademotor m supercharged engine (Avn).
aufladen to boost, supercharge; to load.
Aufladung / detonating charge (blasting cap),
Auflagefläche / bearing surface, contact surface.
Auflagepunkt m center of tire impact (MT); point of support (Tech).
Auflagern pedestal, support (Bdg); hanger bar (harness).
Auf lauf stück n knuckle lug (G).
auflösen disintegrate, disband, dissolve, scatter, demobilize.
Aufmarsch m concentration or assembly of troops for action; strategic concentration; moving up to positions (Arty).
Aufmarschgebiet n concentration area (Tac).
Aufmarschplan m plan for strategic concentration.
Aufnahme/ covering force (reserve force covering withdrawal from action) ; reception; photograph; taking up, establishment (of contact, etc.).
Aufnahmefähigkeit / capacity (of roads, structures, etc.).
Aufnahmehaken m pick-up hook (for message pick-up) (Ap).
Aufnahmering m receiving ring (AA gun).
Aufnahmestellung / covering position (covering withdrawal from action).
Aufnahmestreifen m tape (Tg printer.)
aufnehmen to record (sound, etc.); to receive, take up; to photograph; to survey; to establish (contact, etc.).
aufpflanzen to fix bayonets.
aufprotzen to couple, limber, place a gun in traveling position (Arty).
Aufrauhbürste / rotary sweeper (road construction).
aufräumen to clear away, mop up.
aufrecht erect, upright.
aufreißen to rip, tear up.
Aufriß m design, sketch, vertical section.
aufrollen to roll up (Tac); to coil (wire).
aufrücken to move up, advance.
Aufruhr m riot.
Aufrüstung/ plank scaffolding (on a Pon).
Aufsatz m sight mount, telescope mount (in a loose sense, either the optical sight alone or the entire sight assembly); essay, composition.
Aufsatzeinteilung / elevation graduations (sight mount).
Aufsatzentfernung/ corrected range (Arty).
Aufsatzerhöhung/ corrected elevation (Arty).
Aufsatzgehäuse n sight-mount housing (G).
Aufsatzstange/ sight adjustment ToA(G).
Aufsatzträger m sight bracket, sight support (G).
Aufsatztrieb m elevation mechanism (G).
Aufsatztrommel / angle-of-elevation dial (G).
Aufsatzwinkel m angle of elevation (Gunnery); superelevation (AAA).
Aufsatzwinkeltrieb m angle-of-elevation mechanism (G).
Aufsatzzeiger m telescope mount reference pointer (matches with Rohr-zeiger when gun is laid for elevation).
aufschablonieren to stencil on.
aufschirren to harness.
Aufschlag?» impact, percussion; cuff (Clo).
Aufschlaggelände n impact area.
Aufschlaggeschwindigkeit / striking velocity.
Aufschlagpunkt m point of impact, objective point.
Aufschlagweite / burst interval.
Aufschlagwinkel m angle of impact.
Aufschlagzünder m impact fuze, percussion fuze.
Aufschlagzünder mit Verzögerung delay fuze.
Aufschlagzünder ohne Verzögerung nondelay fuze.
Aufschreiber m recorder (Arty).
Aufschrumpfen n heat shrinking (Ord).
Aufschub m delay.
Aufschüttung/ fill (Engr, Top).
Aufsichtsturm m control tower (Adrm).
aufsitzen to mount (a horse or vehicle). das Ziel aufsitzen lassen to hold below the target in aiming.
Aufspuler m reel (Tp).
Aufsteckschlüssel m socket wrench.
aufsteigen to ascend, mount, rise.
aufsteigender Ast ascending branch (of trajectory).
Aufstellbahnhof m make-up yard (RR).
aufstellen to post (a sentry); to activate or constitute (a unit); to em-place (a gun); to install (an engine, etc.); to mount (a gun); to place, to distribute (troops, etc.); to establish (an agency); to park (vehicles).
Aufstellgleis n make-up track (RR).
Aufstellung/ formation (of troops); initial organization (of a unit); establishment (of an agency); disposition (Tac).
Aufstellungsbefehl m initial organization order (to activate a unit).
Aufstromvergaser m updraft carburetor.
Auftakt m initial phase (of an operation).
auftanken refuel.
Auftrag m mission, task (Tac).
"Auftrag erledigt!" "Mission accomplished!"
Auftragserteilung / assignment of missions, assignment of tasks.
Auftragskarte / flight diagram (aerial Photo).
Auftreffen n impact.
Auf treffgeschwindigkeit / striking velocity (of projectile).
Auftreffpunkt m point of impact.
Auftreffwinkel m angle of impact.
Auftrieb TO buoyancy, lift (Avn).
Auftriebsmittelpunkt m center of lift (Avn).
Auftritt m fire step.
Aufwind m anabatic wind, up-slope wind.
Aufzeichnung / record, notation, sketch.
Aufziehachse / winding stem (on blasting machine, watch, etc.).
aufziehen to mount (Photo); pull up, lift, hoist; to mount (guard); to wind (a watch, etc.).
Aufziehen der Wache guard mount.
Aufziehleine/ static line (Prcht).
Aufzug m elevator, hoist.
Augenabstand m interpupillary distance (Optics).
Augenaufklärung/ visual reconnaissance.
Augenblicksziel n fleeting target, transient target, fleeting objective.
Augenblickszünder m instantaneous fuze, nondelay fuze, quick fuze.
Augenfenster n eyepiece (gas mask).
"Augen gerade, aus!" "Ready, front!"
"Augen, links!" "Eyes, left!" (strictly, "Die Augen, links!" to distinguish preparatory command from that in "Augen, rechts!").
Augenmuschel/ eyeguard (Optics).
'Augen, rechts!" "Eyes, right!"
Augenreizstoff m lacrimator (CWS).
Augenring m eyepiece frame of goggles (gas mask).
Augenschlitz m viewing slit (telescopic sight).
Augenverbindung/ visual communication.
Ausatemventil n outlet valve (gas mask).
Ausbau m construction; improvement (of a position); dismantling, removing, dismounting (of a gun, etc.).
ausbauen dismount (Ord); improve (Ft); remove, dismantle.
Ausbilder m instructor.
Ausbildung/ training, drill.
Ausbildungsanweisungen fpl training order.
Ausbildungsgerät n training equipment, training instrument.
Ausbildungslager n training camp.
Ausbildungsplan m training schedule.
Ausbildungsrichtlinien fpl training outlines, training regulations.
Ausbildungsstab m training staff.
Ausbildungsstufe/ training phase.
Ausbildungsvorschrift / training manual, drill regulations.
Ausblickm objective lens (Optics); prospect, view.
Ausblickprismengehäuse n objective-prism housing (BC telescope).
Ausblickstutzen m objective-lens socket (Optics).
Ausbootung / debarkation.
Ausbrennung/ barrel erosion, erosion of the bore (Ord).
Ausbruch der Feindseligkeiten outbreak of hostilities.
Ausbuchtung / salient.
Ausdauer f endurance.
Ausdehnung/ frontage (Tac); expansion, extension, spreading.
auseinandergehen diverge, separate.
auseinandernehmen to strip, dis-
assemble, dismantle, take apart.
auseinanderziehen deploy, extend, spread out (Tac).
ausfahren to extend, to lower (Ap landing gear, etc.); to ride out, drive out.
Ausfahrgleis n outgoing track (RR).
Ausfallm sortie (Tac); long lunge, long thrust (bayonet thrust); casualty ; failure, breakdown (of an engine, etc.); gun out of battery (Arty).
Ausfertigung/ drawing up, writing out (a report, etc.). in dreifacher Ausfertigung in triplicate.
ausfragen interrogate, question.
ausfuhren accomplish, carry out, execute.
Ausführung / execution, carrying out; design, model (Tech). in zweifacher Ausführung in duplicate.
Ausführungskommando n command of execution (drill).
Ausgabe/ issue; edition.
Ausgabestelle / point of issue, distributing point.
Ausgang »i departure, outcome, exit, outlet, start.
Ausgangslage / assault position (Tac); starting position, original position.
Ausgangslinie / line of departure, jump-off line.
Ausgangsort m point of departure (air navigation).
Ausgangspunkt m initial point, origin, point of departure.
Ausgangsspannung / output voltage.
Ausgangsstellung / line of departure, jump-off position (Tac).
Ausgangstransformator m output transformer (Rad).
ausgeben to issue, distribute.
ausgeglichen balanced, equalized, equilibrated.
Ausgehanzug m dress uniform.
ausgehoben drafted; silenced (slang).
Ausgehobener m draftee.
Ausgehverbot n curfew (Mil Govt).
ausgemustert rejected as unfit. See Musterung, Ausmusterungsschein.
Ausgießgerät n See Aus- und Abgießgerät.
Ausgleich m equalization, compensation, equilibration, balancing.
Ausgleichdüse / compensating jet (Mtr).
ausgleichen to balance, compensate, equalize.
Ausgleicher m compensator (Ord, Mech); equilibrator (G).
Ausgleicherarm m equilibrator anchor (G).
Ausgleichfläche / balance tab, trim tab (Ap).
Ausgleichgetriebe n differential gear.
Ausgleichsperre/ differential lock (MT).
ausglUhen anneal.
ausheben to conscript, draft.
Aushebung / draft, conscription.
Aushilfe / expedient, substitute, auxiliary.
ausholen to lunge.
ausklinken to release (bombs, etc.).
Auskolkung/ scour (in a river bed).
Auskreuzung/ bracing, cross brac-\ng(Ap).
auskundschaften to spy, to scout.
Auskunft / information.
Auskunftsstelle / information center, information office; control point.
auskuppeln disengage the clutch.
Ausladebahnhof m detraining point, railhead.
Ausladeeinheit / unloading unit.
Ausladegebiet n detrucking area.
Ausladekommando n unloading detail.
ausladen to unload, detruck, detrain, etc.
Ausladeplatz m detrucking point.
Auslader m stevedore.
Ausladespitze/ railhead, truckhead.
Ausladestelle / detrucking point.
Ausladeübersicht / detraining or unloading table.
Ausland«, foreign country. im Ausland abroad.
Ausländer m alien, foreigner. feindlicher Ausländer enemy alien.
Auslaßrohr n eduction tube (Cml cylinder).
Auslaßventil n exhaust valve (Mtr):
Auslaßventilkammer / exhaust port.
Auslauf m outlet (for liquids, etc.).
auslaufen to run out; to complete a run after landing; to put to sea.
auslegen to pay out (rope, wire, etc.); to explain, interpret; to expose, extend; to lay out (money).
Ausleger m pack rest (harness);
Auslegerbrücke / cantilever bridge.
Auslegezeichen n ground panel (Sig C).
Ausleseknopf m selector switch (Ap armament control).
Auslieferung/ delivery; exposure (to danger, the elements, etc.).
auslöschen extinguish, put out (a fire).
Auslöseeinrichtung / release mechanism (bombing).
Auslöseknopf m release button.
Auslösepunkt m bomb release point, release point.
Auslösung/ release (of bombs, etc.).
Ausmaß n dimension.
ausmerzen eliminate, eradicate.
Ausmusterungsschein «i certificate of rejection (for those unfit for Mil service).
Ausnahmegespräch n urgent call (TV).
Ausnahmezustand in state of emergency.
ausnutzen to exploit, to utilize fully.
Auspuff m exhaust, exhaust system (Mtr).
Auspuffgeräusch n exhaust noise.
Auspuff hub m exhaust stroke (Mtr).
Auspuffkanal m exhaust duct (Mtr).
Auspuff klappe / cutout (Mtr).
Auspuffkrümmer m exhaust manifold (Mtr).
Auspuffleitung/ exhaust duct (Mtr).
Auspufftakt m exhaust stroke (Mtr).
Auspufftopf m muffler (Mtr).
Auspuff wölke / exhaust smoke (Mtr).
ausräuchern to smoke out; to fumigate.
ausrichten to dress (drill); to perform; to level, straighten. sich nach links ausrichten to dress left.
Ausrichtung / orientation; straightening, leveling.
Ausrollen n landing run (Avn).
ausrotten wipe out, crush, annihilate.
ausrücken disengage (gears, etc.); depart, move up.
Ausrüstung / equipment, outfit, accessories, accouterments.
Ausrüstungsgegenstand m item of equipment.
Ausrüstungsnachweisung/ table of equipment.
Ausrüstungsstück«, accessory, piece of equipment.
Aussage / statement.
Ausschalen n stripping the forms (concrete construction).
Ausschaltehebel TU throwout lever (aiming circle).
ausschalten disconnect, detach, cut out, eliminate, switch off, throw out; compensate for, correct (an error, etc.) (Gunnery).
Ausschalten der besonderen und Witterungseinflüsse ballistic correction, i.e. correction for interior and exterior ballistic factors.
Ausschalten der Grundstufe calibration correction, correction for velocity error (Gunnery). See also Grundstufe.
Ausschalten der Schnittbildversetzung halving adjustment (coincidence range finder).
Ausschalten der Temperatureinflüsse elasticity correction (Gunnery).
Ausschalten des Schallverzuges acoustic correction (sound locator).
Ausschalten des Windes wind correction (Gunnery).
Ausschalter m switch; throwout (lever).
ausscheiden to detach, to detail; to eliminate (impurities, etc.); to drop out, leave, separate.
ausscheren to fall out of formation (Avn); to fall out of line (Nav).
ausschiffen debark, disembark.
Ausschiffung / debarkation, disembarkation.
ausschirren unharness.
Ausschlag m decisive factor; rash (Med).
ausschlaggebend decisive.
ausschließen interdict; exclude.
Ausschließungsschein m certificate of exclusion from military service (for criminals, subversive elements, etc.).
Ausschuß m board, committee, commission.
ausschwärmen deploy (Tac).
ausschweben hold off (in landing) (Avn).
ausschwingen die out, die down (oscillations).
Außenantenne / outside antenna.
Außenaufhängung / external suspension (of bombs).
Außenbackenbremse / external contracting brake (MT).
Außenbefestigungen fpl outworks (Ft).
Außenbordmotor m outboard motor.
Außengrenzlehre / snap gage.
Außenhafen m outer harbor.
Außenhaut / skin, skin cover, covering (Ap).
Außenlandung / off-field landing (Avn).
Außenluftdruck m barometric pressure (Avn):
Außenluft-Thermometer n free-air thermometer (Ap).
Außenschieber m outer sleeve (sleeve-type engine).
Außenstelle / outlying station or post.
Außenverspannung / external bracing (Ap).
Außenwache / exterior guard.
Außenwerke npl outworks (Ft).
außerballistisch pertaining to exterior ballistics.
außer Betrieb out of order, not working.
außer Dienst retired (abbr. a.D.).
außer Gefecht gesetzt put out of action.
äußere Ballistik exterior ballistics.
außerplanmäßig exceeding authorized'basic allowance or strength; not in accordance with plans; extraordinary.
aussenden to dispatch, send out, transmit.
Aussetzen n posting (of guards); cessation (of rain, fire, etc.).
Aussichtsturm m observation tower.
aussondern to sort.
ausspähen to spy, reconnoiter.
Ausspähung/ espionage, reconnaissance, spying.
aussparen to leave untouched, to bypass.
ausspringender Winkel salient.
ausstatten equip.
aussteigen bail out (Avn slang).
Ausstoßbüchse / smoke canister ejected from projectile on burst.
Ausstoßen n exhaust stroke (Mtr); expulsion.
ausstoßen to expel, eliminate, cashier.
Ausstrahlung / radiation.
Austausch m exchange (PW, etc.).
austauschbar interchangeable.
Austauschschiff n exchange ship, cartel ship (Nav).
Austauschstoff m substitute material.
austreten relieve oneself, attend to one's needs.
Aus- und Abgießgerät n gas-spraying apparatus (Ap, CWS).
Auswanderungsmesser m lead computer (AA).
Auswanderungsstrecke / linear travel of target, leg between present and future positions (AAA).
auswärtig foreign.
auswechselbar interchangeable, removable.
auswechselbares Seelenrohr removable liner (G).
Ausweichbewegung/ evading movement, withdrawing movement to new position (Tac).
ausweichen evade, give way, withdraw, fall back (Tac).
Ausweichflugplatz m dispersal landing field.
Ausweichgleis n siding (RR).
Ausweichhafen m alternate airport.
Ausweichstelle / bypass (Road); siding (RR).
Ausweichstellung/ alternate position.
Ausweichyermittlung / alternate routing (emergency Tp Com).
Ausweichziel n alternate target, secondary target (bombing).
Ausweis m identification (card, document, etc.); pass, permit.
Ausweiskarte/ identification card, pass, permit.
Ausweispapier n identification papers.
Auswerfer m ejector (Ord).
Auswerfervorrichtung / ejector mechanism (Ord).
Auswertelineal n computing slide rule (FR).
auswerten evaluate, interpret, compute, plot (maps).
Auswertestelle / computing station (SR).
Auswertung/ evaluation, interpretation.
Auszeichnung/ decoration, medal.
ausziehen extract, draw out, pull out.
Auszieher m extractor (Ord).
Ausziehgleis n lead track (RR).
Auszug m extract, summary, departure; extension (Tech).
Autobahn/ automobile express highway.
Autofrettage / cold-drawing, auto-frettage (Ord).
Autokartograph m stereoscopic plotting machine.
Autokolonne / motor vehicle column, motor march column.
automatische Kurssteuerung automatic pilot, mechanical pilot (Ap).
Autoschleppstart m auto-tow take-off (glider).
Axt / ax.
Azetylen n acetylene. Azetylensauerstoffbrenner m oxyacet-
ylene torch. Azimut n azimuth.
Azimutalprojektion / azimuthal projection.
Azimutentfernungsmesser m depression position finder.


Bach m stream, brook, rivulet.
Bachübergang m stream crossing1.
Backbord n port side.
Backbordmotor m port engine.
Backe / cheek.
Backenbremse / shoe brake (MT).
Backenschiene/ stock rail (RR).
Backenstück n cheek strap (harness).
Bäckerei / bakery.
Bäckereikompanie / bakery company.
Bade wagen m shower-bath truck.
Bagger m excavator, dredge, power shovel.
Bahn / path, road; runway; railroad; orbit; course; trajectory.
Bahnanlage / railroad installation.
Bahndamm m railroad embankment.
Bahnhof m railroad station; trolley or bus station.
Bahnhofsleistung / station capacity (number of trains loaded or unloaded per day).
Bahnhofsoffizier m railroad station traffic officer.
Bahnhofswachabteilung / railroad station guard detachment.
Bahnkörperm roadbed (RR).
Bahnkrone / crown of roadbed (RR).
Bahnplanum n subgrade (RR).
Bahnsteig m platform (RR).
Bahnsteigunterführung / platform underpass (RR).
Bahntransport m railroad transportation.
Bahnüberführung/ overpass (RR).
Bahnübergang™, railroad crossing.
Bahnunterführung/ underpass (RR).
Bahnverbindung/ railroad line, railroad communication.
Bajonett n bayonet. See also Seitengewehr.
Bajonettangriff m bayonet charge.
Bajonettfechten n bayonet fighting.
Bajonettgriff m bayonet grip.
Bajonettkupplung / bayonet joint.
Bajonettstoß m bayonet thrust.
Bajonettverschluß in bayonet lock, bayonet joint.
Bake / beacon; navigation guide, channel marker, landmark (Nav).
Bakenempfang m radio-beacon reception.
Bakterienkrieg m bacteriological warfare.
Baldachin m canopy (center section of upper wing of biplane).
Balken m balk, beam; girder; log.
Balkenbahn/ timber road.
Balkenfloß n timber raft.
Balkensperre / timber road block. schwimmende Balkensperre floating boom.
Balkenstapel m log crib, timber crib (Bdg).
Balkenverhau m timber obstacle.
Ballen m bulb (horse); heel (harness) ; bale.
Ballistik / ballistics.
ballistische Tageseinflüsse ballistic density and wind factors.
Ballistit n ballistite (Am).
Ballon m balloon.
Ballonabweiser m anti-balloon device (Ap).
Ballonamme / supply balloon, nurse balloon.
Ballonaufstiegplatz m balloon site.
Ballonbatterie / observation balloon section (Arty).
Ballonbeobachter m balloon observer.
Ballonbeobachtung / balloon observation.
Ballonführer m balloon pilot.
Ballongurt m rigging band (captive Bin).
Ballonhülle / envelope, gas bag, outer cover, balloon cover.
Ballonkorb m balloon basket.
Ballonmannschaft / balloon crew.
Ballonnetz n balloon net.
Ballonreifen m balloon tire.
Ballonsperre/ balloon barrage.
Ballonstoff m balloon fabric.
Ballonvariometer n balloon statoscope.
Ballonventil n gas valve (Bin).
Ballonwinde / balloon winch.
Balta See ballistische Tageseinflüsse.
Baltasekunden fpl ballistic density and wind factors in time-of-flight seconds.
Baltasekunden-Verfahren n procedure in correcting for ballistic density and wind.
Bananenstecker m banana plug.
Band band, cord, tape, strip, ribbon.
Bandbreite/ band width (Rad).
Bandbremse/ band brake (MT). Bändchenmikrophon n See Bandmikrophon.
Bandfeder/ flat coil spring (fuze).
Bandgestell n harness (gas mask).
Bandmikrophon n ribbon microphone.
Bandsäge / band saw.
Bandspreizung / bandspread (Rad).
Bank/ bench; lathe; bank; parapet, barbette.
Bannware/ contraband of war.
Baracke / temporary barracks, semipermanent cantonment building.
Barackenlager n cantonment, camp having semipermanent buildings.
Barbarabehelfsmeldung / hasty meteorological message (Arty).
Barbarameldung / meteorological message (Arty) (from Barbara,
patron saint of Arty). Barbarist m artilleryman (slang).
See also Barbarameldung.
Barbarasondermeldung / special meteorological message (Arty). Barbette / barbette.
Barbettelafette/ barbette carriage, barbette mount (G).
Bargeld n cash.
barometrische Reglerdose control aneroid (Ap engine).
barometrisches Gefälle pressure gradient (Met).
Basis / base; horizontal base (Btry Surv).
Basislineal base-line arm (plotting protractor).
Bataillon n battalion.
Bataillonsabschnitt m battalion sector.
Bataillons-Adjutant m battalion executive officer, aide to battalion commander.
Bataillonsführer m battalion commander; acting battalion commander.
Bataillonsgefechtsstand m battalion command post.
Bataillonshornist m drum major (formerly called Tambourmajor).
Bataillonskolonne / battalion train.
Bataillons-Kommandeur m battalion commander.
Bataillonsnachrichtenstaffel / battalion communication section.
Bataillonsstab m battalion staff, battalion headquarters.
Bataillonstfmbourstockm baton.
Bataillonstroß m battalion train.
Bataillonsverbandplatz m battalion aid station.
Batterie / battery (Arty, Elec).
Batteriebild n battery-location plot (SB).
Batteriechef m battery commander.
Batteriefront / battery front.
Batterieführer m battery commander; acting battery commander.
Batteriekasten m battery box (Elec).
Batteriekran m gun hoist, loading crane (Arty).
Batterieoffizier m executive (firing Btry).
Batterieplan m firing chart (Arty).
Batteriestand m See Batteriestellung.
Batteriestellung/ battery position (Arty).
Batterietafel / battery manning table (Arty).
Batterietrupp m battery detail, battery headquarters detail, battery commander's detail (Arty).
Batteriezündung / battery ignition (Mtr).
Bau w construction, structure, type of construction.
Bauart / type of construction.
Bauausführung / construction, structural design.
Baubataillon n construction battalion.
Bauch m abdomen, belly.
Bauchfreiheit / chassis clearance (MT).
Bauchgurt m front cinch (pack saddle).
Bauchlandung/ belly landing (Avn).
Bauchtreffer m sidewise-striking projectile.
Bauglied n structural unit, section of a structure, structure element.
Bauholz n lumber.
Baukompanie / construction company (Mil).
Baumaß n structural dimensions.
Baumbeobachtungsstand m observation post in a tree.
Baumschütze m sniper in a tree.
Baumsperre/ abatis, dead abatis.
Baumstamm m tree trunk.
Baumstammkufe / log runner (log sled).
Baumstumpf m tree stump.
Baumuster n model, type (Ap, MT).
Baumverhau in live abatis.
Baumwollabfall m cotton waste, cotton linters.
Baumwolle / cotton.
Bausoldat m engineer soldier in construction unit.
Baustab m construction staff.
Baustange/ lance pole (Tp).
Bautrupp m construction detail, construction squad.
Bautruppen fpl construction troops.
Bauunternehmer m contractor,builder.
Bauweise/ type of construction or structure, method of construction.
Beamter m official, civil servant. See also Wehrmachtbeamter.
Beanspruchung/ load, stress, strain.
beaufsichtigen supervise.
Beauftragter m representative.
bebaute Felder cultivated fields.
bebautes Gelände built-up area.
Bedarf m requirements.
bedeckt covered, overgrown; overcast (Met). fast bedeckt broken (Met).
Bedeckung/ coverage (Met); escort, convoy, cover (Tao).
Bedeckungsabteilung / covering party, escort detachment.
Bedeckungsmannschaft / escort personnel.
Bediener m controller (AA SL).
Bedienung / gun squad; service of the piece.
Bedienungsanweisung / operating directions.
Bedienungseinrichtung / control device, operating device.
Bedienungsentlastung / relief of strain on pilot (Avn).
Bedienungsmannschaft / gun crew, gun squad.
Bedienungsplatte / operating panel (Rad).
Bedienungsschalter m operating switch (Elec).
Bedienungsvorschrift/ operating instructions.
bedingungslose Übergabe unconditional surrender.
Bedrohung / threat.
Beendigung der Luftgefahr "all clear."
Beerdigung / burial.
Befehl m order, command. "Zu Befehl!" "Yes, sir!" (in acknowledgment of an order).
Befehlsausgabe/ briefing, issuance of orders.
Befehlsbefugnis / authority (Mil).
Befehlsbereich »i extent of command.
Befehlsbestätigung / confirmatory order.
Befehlserteilung / issuance of orders.
Befehlsgebäude n control tower (Adrm).
Bef ehlsgebung / giving of commands.
befehlsgemäß according to instructions, as ordered.
Befehlsgewalt / command, authority of command.
Befehlsgruppe/ command group.
Befehlshaber m commander.
Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres See Chef der Heeresrüstung und Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres.
Befehlsnetz n command net.
Befehlspanzer m command tank.
Befehlssprache/ terminology of orders.
Befehlsstand m command post, headquarters.
Befehlsstelle / control tower (Adrm); command post, headquarters.
Befehlsübermittlung / transmission of orders.
Befehlsverhältnisse npl chain of command.
Befehlswagen m command car, command truck, commander's car, staff, car.
Befehlsweg m chain of command, command channel.
befestigt fortified; secured, tied, fastened.
Befestigung / fortification.
Befestigungsanlage/ fortified defense system.
Befestigungsarbeiten fpl fortifications, works.
Befestigungswerk n permanent fortification, work.
befeuern to mark or light with beacon lights (an airway or Adrm).
befördern to forward (supplies, etc.); promote; transmit.
Beförderung / advancement, promotion; transmission, forwarding, transportation.
Beförderungsliste / promotion list.
Beförderungsmittel n carrier, vehicle; means of transportation; means of transmission.
Befragung/ questioning (of PW, etc.).
Befugnis / authority, powers.
begasen to gas (CWS).
Begasung/ laying of gas obstacles, gassing (CWS).
Begegnungsgefecht n meeting engagement. .-
beglaubigen certify, authenticate, verify, confirm.
beglaubigt authenticated, certified, notarized, verified, confirmed.
Beglaubigung / authentication, certification, confirmation, verification.
Begleitartillerie / accompanying artillery.
Begleitbatterie/ accompanying battery.
Begleiter m escort; assistant driver.
Begleitfeuer n accompanying fire.
Begleitgeschütz n accompanying gun.
Begleitkommando n escort party, escort detachment, covering party.
Begleitpanzer m accompanying tank.
Begleitschiffe, escort vessel.
Begleitschutz m escort, fighter escort (Avn).
Begleitzettel m emergency medical tag.
Begleitzu^ m convoy.
Begräbnis n burial.
begrenztes Ziel limited objective.
Begrenzungshebel m clamping lever (MG).
Begrenzungsstift m traversing stop (MG).
Behälter m gasoline tank; container.
Behandlung / treatment.
Beharrungsvermögen n inertia.
Behelf m expedient, makeshift.
Behelfsantenne / emergency antenna.
Behelfsbrücke/ emergency bridge, hasty bridge.
Behelfsfloßsack m emergency pneumatic boat.
Behelfsgasschutz m emergency gas protection.
Behelfslandebrücke/ hasty landing stage.
behelfsmäßig improvised, hasty,
emergency, temporary, auxiliary, makeshift.
Behelfsmaterial n emergency construction material.
beherrschend commanding, dominating.
Behinderungsschießen n interdiction fire.
Behmlot n fathometer, echo depth sounder (Nav); Behm sound-ranging altimeter, sonic altimeter (Ap).
Behörde / authority (Adm, Law).
behördlich zugelassen authorized, officially sanctioned.
beibringen inflict (losses, etc.).
Beiende n warp (of a rope).
Beifahrer m rear rider, sidecar rider (Mtcl); assistant driver (MT).
beifügen add; attach, enclose.
beiklappbar folding.
Beil n ax.
Beiladung/ igniting charge, igniter, booster charge (Am).
Beilage / enclosure, supplement (in a manual, etc.).
Beilpicke / pickax.
Beinleder npl leather puttees, leather leggins.
Beisitzer m law. member.
Beißzange / nippers.
beitragen contribute to, cooperate.
beitreiben to requisition (from civilians); to commandeer.
Beitreibung/ requisitioning (from civilians).
Beitreibungsschein m requisition receipt (for civilian property).
Beiwagen m sidecar (Mtcl).
Beiwagenkrad n sidecar motorcycle.
Beiwert m coefficient.
Bekanntgabe / announcement.
bekleiden to revet (Ft); to clothe; to hold (office).
Bekleidung1/ revetment (Ft); clothing.
Bekleidungsentgiftung/ clothing decontamination.
Bekleidnngsnachweis m clothing account.
Bekleidungssack m duffle bag, bar-rack(s) bag.
Bekleidungsstück n article of clothing.
Beköstigungsgeld n garrison ration.
Beköstigungsmittel npl ration supplies, subsistence supplies.
Beladeplan m stowage chart (for vehicle).
Belag m planking (Bdg); reinforcing strap (harness).
belagern besiege.
Belagerung / siege.
Belagerungszustand m state of siege.
belästigen to annoy, harass (Tac).
Belastung/ load, maximum load (Engr); inductance (Rad).
bleibende Belastung basic load (Ap).
Belastungsfaktor in load coefficient.
Belastungsprobe / load test.
Beleg m voucher, proof, evidence, document.
belegen to cover (with fire), to fire on, to shell; to billet.
Belegung/ coverage; shelling; billeting, quartering; condenser plate (Rad).
Belegungsstärke/ density of gas coverage (CWS).
Belehrungsschießen n instruction firing.
Belehrungs- und Versuchsschießen n special service practice (Arty).
beleuchten illuminate, light.
Beleuchtung / illumination.
Beleuchtungsfenster n illuminating window (panoramic sight).
Belichtung/ exposure (Photo).
beliefern to deliver, to supply.
Belüftung / ventilation.
Belüftungsanlage / ventilation system.
Bemannung / complement, crew.
benachrichtigen inform.
Benennung / nomenclature.
Benzin n gasoline.
Benzinbehälter m gasoline tank.
Benzinkanister m gasoline container.
Benzinmanometer n gasoline pressure gage.
Benzinstandmesser m fuel gage.
Benzol n benzol.
Beobachter m observer; air observer, navigator-observer.
Beobachterabzeichen n observer badge (decoration).
Beobachterfernrohr n observer telescope.
Beobachtersitz m observer's seat (Ap).
beobachtetes Schießen observed fire.
Beobachtung/ observation; spotting (Arty).
Beobachtung der Längenabweichung vertical spotting (Arty).
Beobachtungsabteilung / observation battalion (Arty).
Beobachtungsbereich m observation area (Arty).
Beobachtungsfehler m personnel error.
Beobachtungsfernrohr n observation telescope (BC telescope).
Beobachtungskorb m observer's basket (captive Bin).
Beobachtungskuppel/ cupola (Tk).
Beobachtungsmine/ controlled mine, observation mine (Nav).
Beobachtungsnetz n observation post system (Arty).
Beobachtungsoffizier m observation post officer (Arty).
Beobachtungspatrone / explosive smoke-producing observation cartridge.
Beobachtungsraum m " searching sector (AAA); observation area.
Beobachtungsrohr n trench periscope.
Beobachtungsstand m See Beobachtungsstelle.
Beobachtungsstelle / observation post.
Beobachtungsturm m cupola (Tk).
Beobachtungs- und Wirkungsstreifen m sector of fire (SA firing).
Beobachtungswagen in' observer's car.
Beobachtungswinkel m aiming point offset (Arty).
Beobachtung von seitlicher Beobachtungsstelle flank spotting (Arty).
Berater m adviser.
berechnen calculate.
Berechtigung/ authorization; justification.
Bereich m area, district, zone; range, scope.
Bereifung / tires, set of tires.
bereit ready.
Bereitschaft / alert, preparedness, readiness.
Bereitschaften fpl alerted reserve troops or police.
Bereitschaftsbaracke / cantonment building for troops on the alert, alert hut.
Bereitschaftsbataillon n reserve battalion.
Bereitschaftslazarett n mobile surgical unit.
Bereitschaftsmunition / ammunition at the gun, ammunition kept in readiness (Arty).
Bereitstellung / moving into assembly area or position; assembly position, position of readiness (Tac); making ready, preparation.
Bereitstellungsbefehl m assembly order.
Bereitstellungsplatz m assembly position, assembly point (Tac).
Bereitstellungsraum m assembly area (Tac).
Bergm hill, mountain (collective: Gebirge n).
bergab downhill.
bergauf uphill.
Bergedienst m recovery service, salvage collecting service.
Bergegrrät n recovery equipment, salvage collecting equipment.
Bergekolonne/ recovery column, salvage column.
Bergekommando n collecting unit, salvage party, recovery party.
Bergen n recovery, salvage.
Bergenge / defile.
Berger-Mischung / Berger-type smoke agent (mixture composed of two parts of zinc dust to three parts of hexachlorethane).
Berghang m mountain slope, hillside.
Bergjoch n saddle (Top).
Bergkammm crest (Top)..
Bergmütze / mountain cap, alpine cap.
Bergrücken m ridge (Top).
Bergschuhe mpl mountain boots, ski boots.
Bergstriche mpl hachures.
Bergung/ rescue, salvage, recovery.
Bergungskolonne / See Bergekolonne.
Bergungsschiff n rescue vessel, salvage vessel.
Bericht m report; communique, news dispatch.
Berichter m correspondent, reporter.
berichtigen collimate (Surv); correct, rectify, adjust.
Berichtigung / collimation (Surv); adjustment, correction, rectification.
Berichtigungs walze / adjustment drum (range finder).
beritten mounted (on horse).
berittene Artillerie horse artillery.
Berme/ berm (Ft).
bersten to burst, explode.
berücksichtigen to consider, to allow for, take into consideration.
Berücksichtigung/ consideration, allowance for, correction for.
Berührung/ touch, contact.
Berührungslinie / tangent.
Berührungspunkt m point of contact.
Berührungswarngerät n high-voltage warning device.
Berührungszeichen n touch signal (Tk).
Berührungszündung / contact fire (Nav).
Besatzung / garrison, crew.
Besatzung'sheer n army of occupation.
Beschädigung / damage, injury.
beschaffen procure.
Beschaffung / procurement.
bescheinigen certify, authenticate, receipt for.
Bescheinigung / authentication, certificate, receipt, voucher.
beschießen to shell, to fire at. der Länge nach beschießen to enfilade.
Beschlag m ferrule.
beschlagen to shoe.
Beschlagmeister m horseshoer (with rank of Tech Sgt).
Beschlagnahme/ confiscation, seizure.
Beschlagschmied m horseshoer.
Beschlagschmiedobergefreiter m horseshoer (with rank of Cpl).
beschleunigen accelerate.
Beschleuniger m accelerator.
Beschleunigung / acceleration,
Beschleunigungsmesser m accelero-meter (Ap).
Beschüß m fire, shooting.
Beschußfestigkeit / resistance to fire, resistance to penetration (armor).
beschußsicher bulletproof.
beschützen protect.
Beschwerde / complaint.
Beschwerungsrohr n counterpoise,counterweight (G).
Beschwerungsstück n See Beschwerungsrohr.
beseitigen reduce (a stoppage)(Ord); remove (an obstacle).
Beselerstegm hasty trestle footbridge (named after General H. H. von Baseler: 1850-1921).
besetzt busy (Tp); occupied, invaded.
Besetztschauzeichen n "busy" signal light (Tp).
Besetztzeichens busy signal (Tp).
Besetzung / occupation.
Besetzungsarmee/ army of occupation.
besichtigen inspect, review.
Besichtigung / inspection, review.
besiegen to defeat.
Besitz m property.
Besoldung / payment, pay, wages.
Besoldungsdienstalter n seniority for computation of pay.
Besoldungseinbehaltung / detention of pay.
Besoldungswesen n pay and allowance administration.
Besoldungszulage / additional pay.
Besoldungszulage nach dem Dienstalter longevity pay.
besonder special.
besondere Anordnungen administrative details in combat orders.
besondere Dienstzweige special services.
besondere Einflüsse interior ballistic factors.
besondere und Witterungseinflüsse interior and exterior ballistic factors.
besorgen procure.
Besorgung/ procurement.
bespannt animal-drawn; covered with stressed skin (Ap).
Bespannung / covering (Ap skin or fabric); team of horses.
Besprechung/ consultation, critique, discussion, conference. |
Bestallungsurkunde / certificate of , appointment.
Bestand m stock (supplies, equipment, etc.); inventory, supply, strength, balance, cash on hand.
Bestandsbuch n stock book.
Bestandsliste / inventory of supplies, equipment, etc.; property book.
Bestandsnachweisung / stock inventory, stock report.
Bestandteil m component.
bestätigen confirm.
Bestattung / burial.
Bestattungskommando n burial detail.
bestechen to bribe.
Bestechung / bribery.
Besteckn ship's position; set of instruments or utensils; knife, fork and spoon (considered as unit of mess kit).
Bestellnummer/ requisition number.
Bestellschein m requisition ticket(Adm).
Bestellung / requisition (Adm).
Bestimmung/ regulation; decision; destination; determination.
Bestrafung / punishment.
bestreichen to graze, sweep (with fire); to spread, cover, coat.
bestreichendes Feuer grazing fire (Arty).
bestrichener Raum beaten zone (firing).
bestrichener Raum der Kerngarbe effective beaten zone, 85% zone (MG fire).
Bestückung/ armament (Ap, Tk).
betätigen actuate, bring into play, set going, put into operation.
Betäubungsmittel n anesthetic.
Beton m concrete.
Betonbaum concrete construction.
Betonbombe / concrete bomb.
Betonbrücke / concrete bridge.
Betonbunker m concrete bunker, concrete pillbox.
betoniert concrete, built of or reinforced with concrete.
Betonmischmaschine / concrete mixer.
Betonschicht / layer of concrete, concrete burster course.
Betonsperre / concrete obstacle.
Betonstärke / thickness of concrete.
Betonturmm concrete turret (Ft).
Betonunterstand m concrete shelter, concrete dugout.
Betrag TO amount, sum.
Betrauung/ charge, trust.
Betrieb TO operation (Tp, Rad); traffic; action; factory. außer Betrieb not in use, out of order, not running.
Betriebsbuch n station log (Rad).
Betriebsfunkspruch m routine radio message.
Betriebskompanie/ operating company (Adrm, RR, Tp).
Betriebsschalter m operating switch(Tp).
Betriebssicherheit / reliability of operation, safety of operation.
Betriebsstoff m fuel, gasoline, Diesel fuel.
Betriebsstoffausgabestelle / gasoline and lubricants distributing point.
Betriebsstoffkesselkraftwagen m gasoline tank truck.
Betriebsstoffkolonne / gasoline and lubricants supply column.
Betriebsstoffversorgung/ gasoline and lubricants supply.
Betriebsstoffverwaltungskompanie / gasoline and lubricants administration company.
Betriebsstoffzusatzmittel n dope (for Avn gasoline).
Betriebsstrom m operating current.
Betriebsstunde / hour of operation.
Betriebsunterlagen fpl consolidated plan of telephone communication.
Bettung/ roadbed (RB); ground platform (RR gun); base (fixed G); foundation (G emplacement).
Bettungsloch n gun platform excavation (RR gun).
Beugung/ diffraction.
beunruhigen to disturb, harass, cause uneasiness.
Beunruhigung / harassment, uneasiness, disturbance, alarm.
Beunruhigungsfeuer n harassing fire.
beurlaubt on leave.
Beurlaubteristand m reserve status. Offizier des Beurlaubtenstandes officer commissioned for the duration (abbr. d.B.).
beurteilen estimate, judge, evaluate, interpret.
Beurteilung / estimate, appreciation, judgment.
Beute/ booty, captured materiel, prize, pillage, loot.
Beutebergungsabteilung / salvage detachment for captured materiel.
Beutegeschiitz n captured gun.
Beute-Kraftfahrzeug n captured motor vehicle.
Beutel m bag, pouch.
Beutesammelstelle / See Beutestelle.
Beutestab m salvage staff for captured enemy materiel.
Beutestelle / salvage depot, salvage dump (for enemy materiel).
Bevölkerung / population.
bevollmächtigen to authorize, empower.
bevollmächtigter Transportoffizier chief transportation officer (on an army staff).
bewachen to guard.
Bewachungsfahrzeug n patrol vessel, escort vessel (Nav).
bewaffnet armed.
Bewaffnung / armament.
Bewährung / proving of fitness, competence or durability.
beweglich mobile, movable," moving, flexible, portable.
bewegliches Geschütz flexible gun.
bewegliches Hindernis portable obstacle.
bewegliches Maschinengewehr flexible machine gun.
bewegliches Ziel moving target.
Beweglichkeit / mobility, maneuverability.
Bewegung / movement.
Bewegungsbuch n record of transactions.
Bewegungskontrolle/ flight control t(Avn).
Bewegungskrieg m war of movement, mobile warfare.
Bewegungsgröße / momentum.
bewegungsunfähig incapable of moving, immobilized; stuck, stalled (MT).
Bewehrung/ cable armor (Tp); iron reinforcement (concrete construction).
Beweismaterial n written evidence.
Bewetterung/ mine ventilation.
bewirken to cause, bring about, effect.
bezeugen to certify, witness.
beziehen to mount (guard); occupy (a position); collect (pay).
Bezirk m district.
Bezug m datum, reference, relation.
Bezugsebene/ datum level, datum plane (Surv).
Bezugsfläche/ See Bezugsebene.
Bezugslinie / datum line, reference line (Surv).
Bezugspunkt m check point, datum point.
Bezugsschein m ration card; requisition ticket.
bezwingen to reduce, overcome (Tac).'
Biberwehr n beaver dam.
Biegemaschine / bending machine.
Biegung/ bend, turn, flexure.
Bildra picture, photograph.
Bildaufklärung/ photographic reconnaissance.
Bildauswertung/ interpretation of photographs.
Bildberichter m war photographer (in Ger propaganda company).
Bilderkundung/ photographic reconnaissance.
Bildflieger m aerial photographer.
Bildfunk ra radiophotography, radio-photo transmission.
Bildmeßwesen n photogrammetry.
Bildoffizier m photographer (officer).
Bildplan ra controlled mosaic (aerial Photo).
Bildplanskizze / partially controlled mosaic (aerial Photo).
Bildpunkt in picture point (aerial Photo).
Bildreihe / strip mosaic (aerial Photo).
Bildskizze / uncontrolled mosaic (aerial Photo).
Bildwerfer m still projector (Photo).
Binauralverfahren n binaural method (sound locator).
Binde / bandage.
binden contain (Tac); bind, tie.
Binder m necktie (Clo).
Bindereifen ra rim (G-carriage wheel).
Binnenwasserstraße / inland waterway.
Bittschrift / petition.
Biwak n bivouac.
Biwakskommandant ra bivouac commander (ranking officer at bivouac).
Biwaksplatz m bivouac (site).
blanker Draht bare wire (Tp).
blanke Waffe "cold steel."
blanke Waffen armes blanches, hand weapons.
Blasangriff m cloud attack, cloud gas attack, gas-cylinder attack.
Blase / blister.
blasenziehend blistering, vesicant.
blasenziehender Kampfstoff vesicant agent (CWS).
Blasflasche/ gas cylinder (CWS).
Blaspistole / air gun, compressed-air cleaner (MT).
Blasverfahren n gas-cylinder method (of gas release) (CWS).
Blatt n leaf; blade; sheet; propeller blade.
Blättchenpulver n flake powder (Am).
Blattern fpl smallpox.
Blattfeder/ leaf spring (MT).
Blaukreuz n sternutators (Ger. marking "Blue Cross") (CWS).
Blaupause / blueprint.
Blausäure/ hydrocyanic acid, prussic acid (CWS).
Blech n sheet metal; nonsense (slang).
Blechbehälter ra metal container.
Blechbeplankung/ metal skin (Ap).
Blechbüchse/ can; sheet-metal box or container.
Blechgehäuse n sheet-metal case, sheet-metal housing.
Blechkanister ra metal container (for water, gasoline, etc.).
Blechschmied m tinsmith.
Blechtrommel / metal drum.
Bleiw lead (metal).
Bleichmittel n bleach.
Bleimantel »i lead jacket (Am); lead sheath (armored cable).
Bleiplombe / lead seal. Bleisammler m lead-plate storage battery.
Bleispritzer ra lead spatter, bullet spatter.
Bleitetraäthyl n tetraethyl lead.
Blendabdeckung / shutter cover (Tk).
Blende / gun mantlet, gun shield, shielded port (Tk); diaphragm (Photo); occulter (SL); shutter.
blenden to blind, to dazzle; to cover or shield; to lay a smoke screen.
Blendenhebel m shutter lever (SL). Blendkörperm, frangible glass smoke grenade.
Blendschutz-Scheibe / anti-glare windshield.
Blendungsschießen n smoke-screening fire (Arty).
Blickfeld n field of view (Optics).
Blindabwurf m emergency release (bombing).
Blindflug ra blind flying, instrument flying.
Blindgänger ra dud.
blindgeladen blank, with inert filling.
blindgeladene Granate blank shell.
Blindkurbeln n blindfold operation of crankwheels (gun-laying exercise).
Blindlandung/ instrument landing.
Blindwiderstand m reactance (Elec).
Blinken?» signal-lamp transmission.
Blinkfeuer n flashing light, blinker light (Avn).
Blinkgerät n signal lamp, signal-lamp apparatus.
Blinklampe / signal lamp.
Blinkspruch TO signal-lamp message.
Blinkstelle / signal-lamp station.
Blinksuchtrupp TO signal-lamp spotting squad.
Blinktornister TO portable signal-lamp case.
Blinktrupp m signal-lamp team.
Blinkverbindung/ signal-lamp communication.
Blinkverfahren n lamp-signaling method.
Blinkzeichen n flash signal (Sig lamp).
Blitz TO lightning, lightning flash.
Blitzableiter m lightning arrester.
Blitzbündel n lightning-flash cluster (badge worn by Sig Pers).
Blitzkrieg TO lightning war, blitzkrieg.
Blitzlichtbombe / photo flashbomb.
Blitzschutzsicherung/ lightning arrester.
Blitzstrahl m lightning flash.
Blockm block; writing pad.
Blockwart TO block warden.
Blumenkohlm cauliflower; Oak Leaf Cluster (slang).
Bluse/ service coat, blouse.
Blut n blood.
Blutgruppe / blood group, blood type.
Blutopfer n heavy losses, heavy casualties.
Blutorden w medal awarded to participants in Munich riots of 1923.
Blutspender TO blood donor.
blutstillend styptic.
Blutvergiftung / blood-poisoning.
Bö / squall, gust.
Bock TO trestle, bent (Bdg); wagon-driver's seat.
Bockbein ra trestle leg (Bdg).
Bockbrücke / trestle bridge.
Bockschnellsteg m hasty trestle bridge.
Bockschnürbund m square lashing (Bdg).
Bocksprengwerk n lock-spar support (Bdg).
Bockwagen m trestle carrier (MT).
Boden m ground (Top); base (Am); floor; earth; bottom.
Bodenabstandszünder m base delay-action fuze (Am).
Bodenabwehr / antiaircraft defense, antiaircraft artillery, ground defense.
Bodenanlage / ground installation.
Bodenanlage der Luftwaffe air-base service area.
Bodenantenne / surface antenna.
Bodenaushub TO spoil (Engr, Ft).
Bodenbedienung / ground crew (Avn).
Bodenbewachsung / vegetation (Top).
Boden-Bord air-ground (Sig Com).
Bodenbrett n floor board (MT).
Bodendienst m base services (Avn).
Bodendruck TO ground pressure. spezifischer Bodendruck ground pressure per unit area (MT, Tk).
Bodenerhebung / elevation, rise (Top).
Bodenfalte/ furrow, gully (Top).
Bodenfreiheit / road clearance (MT).
Bodenfunkdienst TO ground radio service (Avn).
Bodenfunkstelle / ground radio station.
Bodengestaltung / configuration of ground, terrain features.
Bodenhaftung/ road traction (MT).
Bodenkammerladung / base charge (Am).
Bodenkanzel / ball turret, belly turret, ventral turret (Ap).
Bodenkrepierer TO dud.
Bodenlader m supercharger with low blower ratio (Ap).
Bodenlafette / ventral gun mount (Ap).
Bodenleitung/ surface line (Tp).
Bodenluke / escape hatch in belly or floor (Ap, Tk).
Bodennavigation / pilotage (Avn).
Bodennebel TO ground fog.
Bodenorganisation / ground personnel (Avn).
Bodenpeilfunkstelle / radio directionfinder station (Avn).
Bodenpeilstelle / See Bodenpeilfunk-stelle.
Bodenpersonal n air base troops; ground crew, ground personnel, maintenance personnel, service personnel (Avn).
Bodenplatte/ base plate (Mort).
Bodenpunkt TO place mark (Surv).
Bodenschwanz TO tail (of a bomb).
Bodensicht/ ground visibility (Avn). auf Bodensicht in sight of the ground.
Bodenstelle / ground station (Rad).
Bodenstrahlung / ground radiation (Rad).
Bodenstück n floor plate, butt assembly (MG); breech, breech ring (G).
Bodenstücksperre / floor-plate lock (MG).
Bodentreffbild n dispersion pattern, horizontal shot group.
Bodentreffer TO overended shot.
Bodenverdichter TO road grader and tamper.
Bodenwanne/ bottom gondola (Ap).
Bodenwelle/ ground wave (Rad).
Bodenwellenempfangszone / ground-wave reception zone (Rad).
Bodenwind TO surface wind.
Bodenziel n ground target.
Bodenzünder TO base detonating fuze.
Böenkragen TO arcus, scud roll (Met).
Bogen w arc, arch; bend, curve; sheet (of paper).
Bogenbrücke/ arched bridge.
Bogenlampe / arc lamp.
Bogenspitze / ogive (Am).
Bohle / plank.
Bohlenbahn / plank road.
bohren to drill, bore.
Bohrer TO bit, drill, auger.
Bohrladung / borehole blasting charge.
Bohrloch n borehole.
Bohrpatrone/ blasting cartridge. ,
Bohrung/ bore (Mech).
Bohrwinde / brace (a tool).
Böigkeit / turbulence (Met).
Boje / buoy.
Bola / See Bodenlafette.
Bölinie / squall line.
Bolzen TO bolt, pin.
Bombardierung/ bombing, bombardment.
Bombe / bomb.
Bombe mit Verzugszeit time bomb.
Bombenabwurf TO bomb release.
Bombenabwurf auf Flächenziel area bombing.
Bombenabwurf gerät n bomb release controls.
Bombenabwurfkurve/ bomb trajectory.
Bombenabwurfvorrichtung / bomb control mechanism, bomb release mechanism (Ap).
Bombenabwurfwinkel in dropping angle (bombing).
Bombenabwurfzielgerät n See Bombenzielgerät.
Bombenabzughebel m bomb control, bomb rack control (Ap).
Bombenangriff TO bombing attack, bombing raid (Avn).
Bombenauslösung / bomb release.
Bombenauslösungsvorrichtung / bomb control mechanism, bomb release mechanism (Ap).
Bombeneinschlag TO bomb hit.
Bombenfallkurve / bomb trajectory.
Bombenfallzeit / time of fall (bombing).
Bombenfernrohr n telescopic bomb sight (Ap).
bombenfest bomb-resistant, bombproof.
Bombenflieger mpl bombardment aviation.
Bombenflugbahn/ bomb trajectory.
Bombenflugzeug n bombardment airplane, bomber.
Bombengeschwader n bomber wing. See also Geschwader.
Bombenhebel w bomb release handle.
Bombenhülle / bomb case.
Bombenjäger m "bomber destroyer" (airplane employed to combat bombers by dropping bombs on them).
Bombenkammer/ bomb bay (Ap).
Bombenklappe / bomb-bay doors, bomb doors (Ap).
Bombenkopf TO bomb nose.
Bombenlast / bomb load.
Bombenloch n bomb crater.
Bombenmagazin n bomb bay (Ap).
Bombenreihe / train of bombs, bomb train.
Bombenrichtgerät n bomb sight.
Bombenschacht m bomb rack (Ap).
Bombenschütze TO bombardier.
Bombenschützenstand m bombardier's position, bombardier's compartment.
bombensicher bomb-resistant, bombproof, heavy shellproof.
bombensichere Deckung bombproof shelter.
Bombenteppich TO practice-bombing panel.
Bombentief angriff TO low-level bombing attack (Avn).
Bombentreffer TO bomb hit.
Bombenvisiere bomb sight (Ap).
Bombenvolltreffer »i direct bomb hit.
Bombenwurf TO bomb release, bombing.gezielter Bombenwurf precision bombing.
Bombenwurfplatz m target area (bombing).
Bombenzielapparat m See Bombenzielgerät.
Bombenzielgerät n bomb sight.
Boraben-Zubringewagen m bomb trailer.
Bombenzünder m, bomb fuze.
Bootw boat; hull (of flying boat).
Bootshaken m boathook.
Bootsmann m boatswain (Nav).
Bordaufklärer m shipboard reconnaissance airplane.
Bordbatterie / aircraft radio battery.
Bordbesatzung / air crew.
Bordbuch n log book (Ap).
Borderkunder m shipboard reconnaissance airplane.
Bordflak/ shipboard antiaircraft artillery.
Bordfliegerstaffel / squadron of carrier-based airplanes.
Bordflugzeug n shipboard airplane.
Bordfunker m radio operator (Avn).
Bordgerät n intercommunication telephone (Ap, Tk).
Bordgeräte npl aircraft equipment; aircraft instruments.
Bordlafette / gun mount on ship or airplane.
Bordlartdefackel / landing flare (Avn).
Bordmannschaft/ air crew.
Bord-Maschinengewehr n aircraft machine gun.
Bordmechaniker m flight engineer.
Bordmonteur m aircraft mechanic; flight engineer (Avn).
Bordmunition / aircraft ammunition.
Bordnetz n aircraft wiring system (Elec):
Bordpeiler m radio compass, direction finder, direction-finder operator (Ap).
Bordschütze m aerial gunner, gunner (Avn).
Bordsprechanlage / intercommunication system, interphone system (Ap, Tk).
Bordsprechgerät n intercommunication telephone, interphone (Ap, Tk).
Bordtelephon n interphone (Ap, Tk).
Bordverpflegung f flight ration (Avn).
Bordverständigung/ interphone communication.
Bordverständigungsanlage / intercommunication system (Ap, Tk).
Bordwaffen fpl aircraft armament; tank armament.
Bordwaffenbeschuß m fire from aircraft weapons.
Bordwandwagen m gondola car(RR).
Bordwart m flight mechanic, flight engineer (Avn).
Bord zu Boden air-ground (Sig Com).
Borsalbe / boric acid ointment.
Borsäure / boric acid.
Borte/ braid (Clo).
Böschung/ escarpment, scarp, slope.
Böschung im Abtrag downward slope.
Böschung in Auftrag upward slope.
Böschungsanlage/ batter (Ft).
Böschungskante / military crest (Top).
Böschungsfuß m foot of slope (Top).
Böschungskrone / See Böschungskante.
Böschungswinkel«, angle of slope, gradient angle, gradient (Top).
Botschaft/ embassy; message.
Bowdenzug in bowden control cable (control cable in flexible steel conduit).
Boxe / submarine pen; aircraft revetment (colloquial).
Boxermotor m opposed-piston engine.
B.-Patrone / See Beobachtungspatrone.
Brakenstange / side rail (limber).
Bramo / name of a type of aircraft engine (abbr. of Brandenburgische Motorenwerke).
Brand m fire; gangrene.
Brandbinde / absorbent gauze treated with bismuth for burns.
Brandbombe / incendiary bomb.
Brandbombenbündel n cluster of incendiary bombs.
Brander m fire raft.
Brandflasche/ frangible grenade, incendiary bottle, "Molotov cocktail."
Brandgeschoß n incendiary bullet, incendiary projectile.
Brandgranate/ incendiary shell.
Brandhahn m distributor cock (of Ap fire extinguisher).
Brandmasse / incendiary composition.
Brandmeister m fire marshal.
Brandmittel n incendiary agent.
Brandmunition/ incendiary ammunition.
Brandsatz m incendiary composition, incendiary filling (Am).
Brandschott n fire wall (Ap).
Brandschutz«, fire prevention, fire protection.
Brandspant m See Brandschott.
Brandstoff m incendiary agent.
Brand- und Asche-Taktik/ scorched earth tactics.
Brandwirkung / incendiary effect.
Brandwunde / burn.
Bratling m soya-bean meat substitute.
Bratlingspulver n soya-bean flour.
brauchbar serviceable, usable; practicable.
Braunkohle / lignite.
Braunsche Röhre cathode-ray tube.
Braunstein m manganese dioxide.
Braunsteinbeutel m manganese dioxide compartment (of Elec cell).
Brecheisen n See Brechstange.
Brechreiz m nausea.
Brechstange / crowbar, pinch-bar.
Breite / width.
Breitenausdehnung / extension in width (Tac).
Breitenfeuer n distributed fire (R, MG); sweeping fire, traversing fire (MG).
Breitenfeuer mit Tiefenfeuer traversing and searching fire (MG).
Breitengliederung / distribution, formation, or organization in width (Tac).
Breitengrad m degree of latitude.
Breitenhöhe/ meridian altitude (celestial navigation).
Breitenkreis m parallel of latitude.
Breitenstreuung / direction dispersion, deflection dispersion (Ballistics).
Breiten- und Tiefenfeuer n traversing and searching fire (MG).
Breitenziel n linear target.
Breitkeil m inverted wedge formation (Tac).
Breitseite/ flank (Tac); broadside (Nav).
Breitspur/ wide gage (RR).
Bremsarm m brake arm (G-carriage wheel brake).
Bremsausgleich m brake equalization; brake equalizer.
Bremsbacke / brake shoe.
Bremsband n brake band.
Bremsbelag m "brake lining.
Bremsbock m brake carrier (G carriage).
Bremsbuchse / brake bushing (recoil mechanism).
Bremse / brake, buffer.
Bremsfeder / brake release spring (MT).
Bremsflüssigkeit / recoil oil (G) ;
brake fluid (MT).
Bremsfußhebel m brake pedal (MT).
Bremsgestänge n brake rod (MT).
Bremsgitter n suppressor grid (Rad tube).
Bremshebelm brake level (G, MT); locking lever (panoramic telescope).
Bremsklappe / landing flap, wing flap (Ap).
Bremsklaue/ brake shoe (G-carriage wheel).
Bremsklotz m brake shoe; chock, wheel block.
Bremskolben m recoil piston (G).
Bremsleistung / brake horsepower.
Bremslichts stop light (MT).
Bremsscheibe / brake drum.
Bremsspur/ skid mark (MT).
Bremsstrecke / stopping distance (MT); braking section (Ap catapult).
Bremsträger m anchor pin (of brake shoes).
Bremstritt m brake pedal.
Bremstrommel / brake drum.
Bremsvorrichtung / recoil mechanism (G); brake mechanism (MT).
Bremsweg m stopping distance (MT).
Bremswirkung / braking effect.
Bremszylinder m recoil cylinder (G); brake cylinder (MT).
Brenndauer / burning rate, burning time (fuze).
Brennebene/ focal plane (Optics).
Brennermotor m internal combustion engine.
Brenngemisch n gasoline mixture.
Brenngeschwindigkeit / burning rate, rate of burning (fuze).
Brennlängenschieber m corrector (fuze).
Brennpunkt m focus (Optics). »
Brennstoff m gasoline, fuel, Diesel fuel.
Brennstofflager n gasoline dump, fuel dump.
Brennstofftankwagen m gasoline tank truck.
Brennstoffverbrauch m gasoline consumption, fuel consumption.
Brennstoffvorrat m gasoline supply, fuel supply.
Brennweite/ focal distance (Optics).
Brennzünder m powder-train fuze (shell); igniting fuze, time fuze (hand grenade).
Brennzünderschuß m time fire (Arty).
Bresche / breach.
Brett n board, panel.
Bretterbahn/ boardwalk, duckboard (trench).
Bretterbock m plank trestle.
Bretterstapel m plank crib (Bdg).
Brettertafel/ plank floor (Bdg).
Bretterteppich m plank flooring (rope Bdg).
Brettstückmine/ duckboard mine, pressure-board mine.
Briefmarke/ postage stamp.
Brieftaube / carrier pigeon, homing pigeon, messenger pigeon.
Brieftaubenmeister m pigeoneer (Tech Sgt).
Brieftaubenpfleger m pigeoneer.
Brieftaubenschlag m pigeon loft.
Brieftaubenstelle / See Brieftaubenschlag.
Brigade / brigade.
Brigadeführer m brigade commander. See also SS-Brigadeführer.
Brigadekommando n brigade headquarters. '
Brillenglassalbe / antidim compound (for gas mask).
brisant high-explosive.
Brisanz / brisance, explosive effect.
Brisanzgranate / high-explosive shell.
Brisanzschrapnell n high-explosive shrapnel.
Brisanzsprengstoff m detonating explosive.
Brombenzylzyanid n brombenzylcya-nide (CWS).
Bromzyan n cyanogen bromide (CWS).
Brotbeutel m field bag, musette bag.
Brotsatz m bread ration.
Bruch m crack-up, crash (Avn); fraction (Math); fracture, rupture.
Bruchfestigkeit / breaking strength.
Bruchgrenze / point of rupture (Meeh).
Bruchlandung / crash landing (Avn).
bruchsicher breakproof, shatterproof.
Bruchstück n fragment.
Brücke / bridge.
Brücke mit festen Stützen fixed bridge.
Brücke mit schwimmenden Stützen floating bridge.
Brückenachse / bridge center line.
Brückenbahn / bridge roadway.
Brückenbau m bridge construction; bridge structure; bridging.
Brückenbaubataillon n bridge con* struction battalion.
Brückenbaugerät n bridge-building equipment.
Brückenbelag m chess, planking (Bdg).
Brückenbock m bridge trestle.
Brückenbogen m arch, span (Bdg).
Brückendamm m approach embankment (Bdg).
Brückenendwiderlager n abutment (Bdg).
Brückenfahrbahn / See Brückenbahn.
Brückenfahrzeug n bridge-carrying vehicle.
Brückengeländer re bridge railing.
Brückengerät n bridge equipage,
bridge equipment.
Brückenglied n bay, section (Bdg).
Brückenkolonne / bridge column, ponton train, bridge train.
Brückenkommandant m bridge commander.
Brückenkopf m bridgehead.
Brückenkopflinie / bridgehead line.
Brückenkopfstellung / bridgehead position.
Brückenlinie / bridge center line.
Brückenoberbau m superstructure (Bdg).
Brückenpanzerkampfwagen m bridge-carrying tank.
Brückenpfeiler m pile (Bdg).
Brückenschlag m bridge construction, bridging.
Brückenskizze / bridge diagram.
Brückenspitze/ open end of bridge under construction.
Brückenstelle/ bridge site.
Brückenstrecke/ bay (Bdg).
Brückenstützweite / span of bridge.
Brückentrupp m bridge-construction party.
Brückenüberbau m See Brückenoberbau.
Brückenunterbau m foundation, substructure (Bdg).
Brückenwiderlager n abutment (Bdg).
Brünierung/ browning (anti-rust treatment or coating on R or G barrel).
Brunnen m well.
Brustblatt n breast-collar body (pack saddle).
Brustbohrer m hand drill.
Brustfallschirm m chest pack parachute.
Brustfernsprecher m head and chest set (Tp).
Brustschild m shield (G).
Brustwehr / breastwork, parapet.
Brustwehrkrone / fire crest (trench).
Bruttotonnengehalt m gross tonnage (Nav).
B.-Stelle/ See Beobachtungsstelle.
B-Stoffm bromaceton (CWS).
Buchse / jack, socket (Rad); bushing.
Büchse/ box, can, canister; case; gas-mask carrier; filter canister.
Büchsenfilter m canister filter (gas mask).
Büchsenfleisch n canned meat.
Büchsenkonserven fpl canned food* canned ration.
Buchsring m bushing (G).
Buchstabengruppe / code group (Sig C).
Buchstabiertafel/ phonetic alphabet (Sig C).
Bucht / inlet, creek, bay.
Buchung / accounting.
Bug m bow, front, nose (Ap, Nav, Tk).
Bügel m trigger guard; stirrup.
Buggeschütz n bow gun, front gun (Tk).
Bugkanzel/ forward gunner's compartment, nose turret, nose compartment (Ap).
Bugpanzer m front armor (Tk).
Bugradfahrgestell n tricycle landing gear (Ap).
Bugschütze m nose gunner, bow gunner, front gunner (Ap, Tk).
Bugstandm nose-gun station (Ap).
Buhne/ diversion dam (Engr).
Bullauge n porthole.
Bumslandung / pancake landing, rough landing (slang).
Buna n buna (rubber).
Bunareifen m buna tire (MT).
Bund m tie, lashing (Engr, Tp); league, alliance; bunch (of keys, etc.).
Bündeln bundle; cluster; package.
Bundesgenosse m ally.
Bunde und Knoten knots and ties.
Bunker m concrete emplacement, concrete shelter, pillbox, bunker, submarine pen.
Bunkeranlagen fpl group of bunkers (Ft).
Bunkerlinie / line of concrete emplacements and pillboxes.
Bunkerstand m concrete emplacement.
Bunkerstellung / position fortified with concrete emplacements and shelters.
bunt varicolored, bright, dazzling; mixed, confused.
bunt bemalt dazzle-painted (Cam).
bunte Lappen colored cloth garnish, garlands (Cam).
Buntfarbenanstrich m camouflage painting, dazzle painting.
Buntkreuze npl colored cross markings (to identify CWS "munitions).
Buntschießen n simultaneous or alternate shelling with HE and Cml shells of different type.
Bürger m citizen.
Bürgerkrieg m civil war.
Bursche m orderly.
Bürste / brush.
Bussole / compass; declinator (aiming circle).
Bussolengehäuse n compass case.
Bussolenring m compass azimuth circle.
Bussolenzug m compass traverse (Arty, Surv).
Bz. -Schuß m See Brennzünderschuß.


Calypsol n a cold-resistant grease.
Ce-Stoff m cyanogen bromide (CWS), Celsius centigrade.
Cetenzahl / cetane rating (Diesel fuel).
Charakter m honorary rank carrying specific seniority but not the pay; character, quality, peculiarity; qualification (Law).
Charakterisierung/ conferment of honorary rank as defined under Charakter.
Chausseewalze / road roller.
Chef m chief.
Chef der Heeresrüstung und Befehlshaber des Ersatzheeres Chief of Army Equipment and Commander of Replacement Training Army (Commander of rear echelon of Oberkommando des Heeres, in charge of all non-operational branches and whole basic Army structure) (abbr. Ch Rii uB dE).
Chef der Luftwehr chief of administrative and supply services of German Air Ministry.
Chef der Schnellen Truppen Chief of Mobile Troops (branch of Oberkommando des Heeres). .See also Schnelle Truppen.
Chef der Zivilverwaltung. chief of civil affairs section at an army headquarters.
Chef des Generalstab (e)s Chief of Staff.
Chef des Heeres-Waffenamtes Chief of Ordnance.
Chef des Transportwesens Chief of Transportation (Tac, ER).
Chefveterinär m Chief of Veterinary Service.
chemische Kampfstoffe chemical warfare agents.
chemischer Krieg chemical warfare.
Chiffre / cipher.
chiffrieren encipher.
Chiffriermaschine / cipher device, converter (Sig C).
Chiffrierung / encipherment.
Chinin n quinine.
Chirurg m surgeon.
Chlorn chlorine (CWS).
Chloraminw chloramine-T (CWS).
Chlorarsinkampfstoff m diphenyl-chlorarsine (CWS, abbr. Clark).
Chlorat-Sprengmittel n chlorate explosive.
Chlorazetophenon n CN, chloraceto-phenone (CWS).
Chlorazetophenon -Chlorpikrin-Lösung / chloracetophenone solution, CNS (CWS).
Chlorcyan n cyanogen chloride (CWS).
Chlorgas n chlorine (CWS).
Chlorkalk m calcium chloride, chloride of lime, chlorinated lime, calcium bleach (CWS).
Chlorkohlenoxyd n carbonylchloride, phosgene (CWS).
Chlornatron n sodium hypochlorite.
Chlorpikrin n chlorpicrin (CWS).
Chlorsulfonsaure / chlorsulfonic acid (CWS).
Chlorvinyldichlorarsin n lewisite (CWS).
Cholmschild w, shield-shaped insignia awarded to troops besieged at Kholm-on-Lovat.
Christie-Panzerkraftwagen m Christie tank.
Chrom n chrome, chromium.
Chronograph m chronograph.
Chronometer n chronometer.
Cirruswolke / cirrus cloud.
Clark I diphenylchlorarsine (CWS).
Clark II diphenylcyanarsme (CWS).
Cletrac-Lenkgetriebe n Cleveland-tractor type of steering mechanism.
Cyan-Chlorarsinkampfstoff m di-phenylcyanarsine (CWS).
Cyan Clark See Cyan-Chlorarsinkampfstoff.


Dach n roof.
Dachluke/ turret hatch (Tk).
Dachpappe / roofing paper.
daktyloskopieren to fingerprint.
Dammkörper m dam embankment.
Dämpfer m stabilizer (Ap); silencer, flash hider (Ord); damper (Tech).
Dampfmaschine / steam engine.
Dampfrohrm steam tube (MG).
Dämpfung/ damping (Elec, Rad).
Dämpfungsfläche / stabilizing surface (Ap).
Dämpfungsflosse / tail turf ace (Ap).
Dampfwalze / steam roller.
Daten npl data
Daube / stave.
Dauer / duration.
Dauerabzug m trigger for full-automatic fire (MG).
Dauerbefehl m standing order.
Dauerfährbetrieb TO permanent ferrying operations.
Dauerfestigkeit / fatigue strength, endurance limit (Mech).
Dauerfeuer n full-automatic fire,
automatic fire (MG, R); continuous fire, sustained fire.
Dauerfleisch n preserved meat.
Dauerleistung/ normal rating, continuous output (Mtr); feat of endurance.
Dauerleitung/ permanent line (Tp).
Dauermarsch TO forced march.
Dauerstörung / continuous interference (Rad).
Dauerstrich m long dash (Tg).
Dauerton TO continuous note (Rad).
Dauerunterkünfte fpl permanent billets.
Dauerwirkung / lasting effect, permanent effect.
Daumen TO cam; thumb.
Daumenbreite / thumb width (range estimation).
Daumensprung TO thumb jump (method of range estimation).
Daumenwelle / camshaft.
Dazwischensprechen n break-in procedure (Rad).
dechiffrieren decipher.
Deckanruf TO code call (Tp).
Deckblatt n change sheet (to be inserted in a manual).
Decke / casing, shoe (of a tire); ceiling (of a room); blanket, cover, tarpaulin.
Deckel m cover.
Deckelriegel tn cover-plate latch (MG).
Deckelsperre / cover-plate lock (MG).
decken to cover, support (Tac).
Deckengurt m surcingle (harness).
Deckenlicht n dome light, tonneau light (MT).
Deckenventilator TO ceiling ventilator (MT).
Decklandeflugzeug n deck-landing airplane.
Deckname m code name.
Deckplatte / casing, cover plate.
Deckung / cover, shelter (Ft); mask (Gunnery); concealment (Tac).
Deckungsfeuer n covering fire.
Deckungsgraben TO cover trench, slit trench, shelter trench.
Deckungshöhe / height of mask (Arty).
Deckungsloch n foxhole.
Deckungsspiegel TO trench periscope.
Deckungsstärke / strength of cover (Ft).
Deckungstrupp TO support party, covering party, covering detachment.
Deckungstruppe / covering force.
Deckungswinkel m angle of site to mask (Ballistics).
Deckungswinkelmesser TO site-to-mask clinometer.
Deckvermögen n effective coverage (of smoke screen).
Deckwort n _ code word.
Deckzeichen n code sign, code signal.
defilieren to pass in review.
Degen m sword.
Degradation / demotion.
degradieren to break, reduce in rank.
Dehnung/ lengthening, elongation; strain (Mech).
Deich TO dike.
Deichsel / limber pole, wagon shaft.
Deichselbolzen TO pole pin (limber).
Deichselstütze/ pole prop (limber).
de justiert out of alinement.
Dekade / 10-day pay period.
demobilmachen demobilize.
Demobilmachung / demobilization.
Demolierung / demolition.
Denkmal n monument.
Desinfektionskammer / disinfecting chamber (Med).
Desinfektionsmittel n disinfectant.
Detektor TO detector (Rad and Radar).
Detonationsdruck m blast pressure.
deuten interpret, explain, indicate.
Deiitpatrone / indicator cartridge (for Ger grenade pistol).
Deutsche Industrie-Norm German Industrial Standard (abbr. DIN).
Deutscher Gruß Nazi salute.
Deutsches Kreuz German Cross (decoration).
Dezimetergerät n microwave radio set.
Diatomitschicht / diatomite layer ((/as filter) (CWS).
dicht compact, dense, leakproof, thick.
Dichte / density; concentration (CWS).
Dichtemesser TO densimeter, aerometer.
dichten to calk, pack, seal.
Dichtigkeit/ density; impermeability.
Dichtigkeitsmesser m densimeter, aerometer; viscometer.
Dichtlinie/ sealing band (gas mask).
Dichtrahmen TO sealing frame (gas mask).
Dichtring m binder ring (gas mask).
Dichtung/ gasket; washer; insulation; packing.
Dichtungsring TO sealing ring, washer.
Dick See Äthyldichlorarsin.
Dienst m duty, service, detail. außer Dienst retired (abbr. a.D.).
Dienstalter n seniority.
Dienstaltersgrenze/ age limit.
Dienstältester m senior officer.
Dienstanweisung / service regulations, list of instructions.
Dienstanzug m service uniform.
Dienstausrüstung / service equipment.
Dienstbefehl m routine order.
Dienst bei der Truppe service with troops, field'duty.
Dienstbeschädigung / damage or injury occurring while in service.
Dienstbescheinigung / certificate of service.
Diensteid«, oath of enlistment; oath of office.
Diensteinteilung / duty roster.
Dienstentlassung / discharge without honor, dismissal.
dienstfähig fit for duty, fit for active service.
dienstfrei off duty.
Dienstgebrauch m service use, service tradition. nur für den Dienstgebrauch restricted (manuals, etc.).
Dienstgipfelhöhe / service ceiling (Avn).
Dienstgradm grade; rating (Nav).
Dienstgradabzeichen n grade chevron.
Dienstgradherabsetzung / demotion.
Dienstgrad mit Patent permanent rank.
dienstlich authorized, official.
Dienstpflicht/ liability for service, obligation to serve.
Dienstpflichtiger m one who is subject to military service.
Dienstplan m duty roster.
Dienststelle / duty station, command headquarters, administrative center or office.
Dienststellung / appointment.
Dienststempel TO official stamp.
Dienstumschlag m official envelope.
Dienstunfähiger TO noneffective, one who is unfit for service.
Dienstvorschrift / service regulation; service manual.
Dienstweg™, military channel (Adm). auf dem Dienstweg through channels.
Dienstzweig m branch of the service.
Dieselkraftstoff m Diesel fuel.
Diesel-Lastwagen m Diesel truck.
Dieselmotor TO Diesel engine.
Dieselschlepper m Diesel tractor.
diesig hazy (Met).
Diglykolnitrat-Blättchenpulver n di-glycolnitrate flake powder (abbr. Digl. Bl. P.).
DIN See Deutsche Industrie-Norm.
Dina / See Divisionsnachrichtenabteilung.
Dinafü m See Divisionsnachrichtenführer.
Diopter m diopter, alidade.
Diopterfaden m diopter hair (Optics).
Diopterlineal n alidade ruler (aiming circle).
Diopterschlitz m diopter slit (Optics).
Diphenylaminchlorarsin n adamsite.
Diphenylchlorarsin n diphenylchlor-arsine (CWS).
Dipolantenne / dipole antenna.
Disziplin / discipline.
Disziplinarstrafe/ punishment for breach of discipline.
Disziplinarverfahren n disciplinary action.
Division / division.
Divisionsarzt m division surgeon (generally with rank of Oberstarzt, colonel).
Divisionsbataillon n divisional battalion (provisional unit whose primary mission is counterattack).
Divisionsbefehl TO division order, division combat order.
Divisionsbegleitkompanie / division escort company (for protection of Div Hq).
Divisionsfeldlazarett n division surgical hospital.
Divisionsgefechtsstand m division command post.
Divisionsintendant m See Intendant.
Divisionskommando z.b.V. special administrative division (consists of Landesschützen Bus and GHQ troops in a Wehrkreis).
Divisionsnachrichtenabteilung / division signal battalion.
Divisionsnachschubführer m chief of division supply services.
Divisionsnachschubkolonne / division supply column.
Divisionspanzerabwehrabteilung / division antitank battalion.
Divisionspferdelazarett n division veterinary clearing station.
Divisionspferdepark m division remount depot.
Divisionsstab m division headquarters or headquarters personnel..
Divisionsstammleitung / division trunk line (axis of Sig Com).
Dixolw an antifreeze solution.
Docht m wick.
Dockanlagen fpl dock installations.
Dolch m dagger.
Dollbord n gunwale (rowboat).
Dolmetscher m interpreter, translator.
Doppelanschnitt m two-station pilot-balloon spotting (Met).
Doppelbereifung / double tires, dual tires (MT).
Doppelbetriebsschaltung / composite connection (Tp).
Doppeldecker m biplane.
Doppelfernglas n field glass, binocular.
Doppelfernrohr n See Doppelfern-glas.
Doppelflügel m "double wing" (wing with double ailerons and flaps).
Doppelglas n See Doppelfernglas.
Doppellafette / two-barreled mount.
doppelläufig double-barreled.
Doppelleitung / metallic circuit (Tp).
Doppelposten m double sentry.
Doppelpropeller m coaxial contra-rotating propellers (Ap).
Doppelreihe / column of twos, double file. "In Doppelreihe, angetreten!" "In column of twos, fall in!"
Doppelringtrensengebiß n double-ring snaffle bit.
Doppelringvisier n double ring sight.
Doppelschieber in double slide (plotting protractor).
Doppelschraubenrichtmaschine twin-screw elevating mechanism (G).
Doppelschritt m stride (2 paces).
Doppelseitensteuer n twin rudders (Ap).
Doppelsprechen n phantoming (Tp).
Doppelsprechschaltung / phantom circuit (Tp).
Doppelsprengkabel n two-conductor firing wire (demolitions).
Doppelstecker m two-way plug (Tp, Rad).
Doppelsternmotor m double-row radial engine.
Doppelsteuerung / dual controls (Ap).
Doppelumfassung / double envelopment (Tac).
Doppelverkehr m two-way communication, two-way traffic.
Doppelzünder m combination fuze.
Dörrfleisch n dehydrated meat.
Dörrgemüse n dehydrated vegetables.
Dose / box, can.
Dosenbarometer n aneroid barometer.
Dosenlibelle / box level.
Drache(n) m kite.
Drachenballon m kite balloon.
Draggre / grapnel.
Draht m wire.
Drahtbund n wire-cable lashing.
Drahteinzäunung / wire inclosure.
Drahtgabel / wire pike (Tp construction).
Drahtgeflecht n wire netting.
Drahthindernis n protective wire, wire entanglement.
Drahtigel m gooseberry (obstacle).
Drahtleitung / wire line (Tp).
Drahtmatte / wire mesh mat.
Drahtnachrichtenmittel n means of wire communication.
Drahtnachrichtennetz n wire net, wire system (Sig C).
Drahtnetz n wire net, wire mesh.
Drahtnetz zum Tarnen chicken wire (Cam).
Drahtrohr n wire-wound gun barrel.
Drahtrolle / wire roll, concertina, wire-roll entanglement.
Drahtschere / "wire cutters.
Drahtschleife / wire winding, wire turn, wire loop (Elec).
Drahtschlinge / wire snare, trip wire.
Drantseil n wire cable.
Dralitseilhindernis n cable block, wire-cable obstacle.
Drahtspirale / spiral wire, helical wire.
Drahtstraße / metal mesh road, wire mesh road.
Drahttelegraphie / wire telegraphy.
Drahttelephonie / wire telephony.
Drahtverbindung / wire circuit, wire communication, connecting wire, wire connection (Tg, Tp).
Drahtverhau m wire entanglement.
Drahtwalze / reinforced concertina roll.
Drahtzange / pliers (for handling wire).
Drahtzaun m double-apron entanglement, double-apron fence, wire fence.
Drahtzug in .flexible steel cable (Ap).
Drall m rifling, twist (Ord); spin (of a projectile).
Drallabweichung / drift (due to spin of projectile),
Draliänge / length of rifling (Ord).
Drallwinkel m angle of twist (rifling).
Drallwirkung / twist effect of slipstream (Avn).
Drallzüge mpl grooves (rifling).
Draufgängertum n audacity, daring.
Drauflosfahrt / headlong movement (MT, Tk).
Dreiibank / lathe.
Drehbewegung / rotation (of projectile).
Drehbolzen m pivot pin.
Dreher m lathe operator.
Drehflügelflugzeug n rotor airplane.
Drehgestell n truck (RR car); turntable.
Drehgriff m control grip (Mtcl).
Drehkolbenpumpe / port-control fuel-injection pump (Diesel engine).
Drehkondensator m variable capacitor, variable condenser.
Drehkranz m circular track (MG mount).
Drehkuppel / revolving turret.
Drehlichtscheinwerfer m revolving searchlight, revolving beacon light.
Drehlichtsignal n revolving beacon.
Drehmoment n torque.
Drehpunkt m pivot, fulcrum.
Drehrahmenantenne / rotating loop antenna.
Drehring m racer (AA gun).
Drehscheibenlafette / turntable gun carriage.
Drehschemellenkung / fifth-wheel steering.
Drehschieber m rotor-type valve (Mtr).
Drehschwingung / torsional vibration.
Drehsinn m direction of rotation.
Drehspule / moving coil (Elec).
Drehspulinstrument n moving coil instrument (Elec).
Drehstabfeder / torsion-rod spring (MT).
Drehstrom m three-phase alternating current.
Drehturm m revolving turret.
Drehzahl / number of revolutions, rpm.
Drehzahlmesser m tachometer.
Drehzahlregler m governor (Mtr).
Drehzahlschwankung / rpm fluctuations (Mtr).
Drehzapfen m pivot.
Dreiachser m six-wheel vehicle.
Dreibein n tripod.
Dreibeinlafette / tripod mount.
Dreibeinmast m tripod mast.
Dreiblattverstellschraube / three-blade controllable propeller (Ap).
Dreibock m tripod cable support.
Dreieck n triangle.
Dreieckbalkensperre / triangular timber obstacle.
Dreieckrechner m computer (circular slide rule for air navigation).
Dreiecksaufnahme / triangulation (Surv).
Dreieckschaltung / delta connection (Elec).
Dreieckzielen" n sighting-triangle aiming exercise (Gunnery); triangle exercise (R practice).
Dreielektrodenröhre / triode tube.
Dreiergemisch n triple mixture (gasoline 50%, benzol 40%, alcohol 10%).
Dreifachzünder m combination fuze (superquick, delay and time).
Dreiflügelschraube / three-bladed propeller (Ap).
Dreifuß m tripod.
Dreifußaufsatzstück n tripod extension piece (MG).
Dreiganggetriebe n three-speed transmission (MT).
dreigliedrige Division triangular division.
Dreipolröhre / triode tube (Rad).
Dreipunktlandung / normal landing, three-point landing (Avn).
Dreipunktschaltung / Hartley oscillator (Rad).
Dreiradfahrgestell n tricycle landing gear (Ap).
Dreireihenstandmotor m three-bank upright engine.
Dreiwegehahn m three-way selector cock.
Drillich m denim (also spelled Drilch).
Drillichanzug- m fatigue uniform, work uniform.
Drillstab m torsion rod (MT).
dringend urgent.
Dringlichkeitsliste / priority list.
Dringlichkeitszeichen n urgent signal (Sig Com).
DRK-Helfer m German Red Cross attendant.
DRK-Helferin / German Red Cross nurse apprentice.
DRK-Schwester / German Red Cross nurse.
DRK-Schwesternhelferin / German Red Cross junior nurse, nurse's aid.
Drohung / threat.
Drossel / throttle (Mtr).
Drosselgriff m throttle grip.
Drosselhebel m throttle lever.
Drosselklappe / throttle valve.
Drosselklappenwelle / throttle shaft.
Drosselrinne / jugular groove (horse).
Drosselspule / choke coil (Elec).
Drosselung / choking, throttling.
Druck m pressure.
Druckänderung / pressure change (Met).
Druckausgleicher m pressure equalizer.
Druckbohlenmine / pressure-plank minei
Druckbrettmine / pressure-board mine.
drucken to print.
drücken to press, push; to push control stick or wheel forward (Av).
Drücker n thumb nut (sight); trigger.
Druckgurt m compression chord (truss).
Druckkabine / pressure cabin (Ap).
Druckknopf m pushbutton; snap, snap fastener.
Druckleitung / pressure line.
Druckluft / compressed air.
Druckluftbremse / air brake.
Drucklufterzeuger m air compressor.
Drucklufthammer m pneumatic hammer.
Druckluft-Niethammer m pneumatic riveter.
Druckluftramme / pneumatic pile driver.
Druckmesser in pressure gage.
Drucknase / trigger cam (R).
Druckplatte / pressure plate (clutch).
Druckpunkt in pressure point.
Druckpunkt nehmen to take up the slack (of the trigger).
Druckraum m surge chamber.
Druckregler m pressure regulator.
Druckschmierung / pressure lubrication.
Druckschraube / pusher propeller (Ap).
Druckschrauber m pusher airplane.
Druckseite / pressure side, pressure surface (Ap wing).
Druckstelle / pressure point.
Druckstempel m pressure plug (Arty).
Druckstück n contact piece on trigger (R).
Drucktaster, m sending key.
Druckumlaufschmierung / See
Druckvorschrift / Field Regulations, Field Manual (abbr. Dv.).
Druckzerstäuber m pressure spray gun (CWS).
Druckzünder m pressure firing device, pressure igniter, push igniter (LM).
Druckzylinder m master cylinder (hydraulic brake).
Dschungel / jungle.
D-Stoff m dimethylsulfate (CWS).
Dübel m lug (G).
Ducht / crosspiece, thwart (boat or Pon).
Dücker m sluice pipe.
Dulag See Durchgangslager.
Dulagluft See Durchgangslager Luftwaffe.
Dumdum-Geschoß n dumdum bullet.
Dunkelheit / darkness.
Dunkelkammer / darkroom.
Dunnit n dunnite (Am).
Dunst m haze, vapor.
Durchbiegung / deflection (of a beam or girder).
durchbrechen to break through, pierce.
durchbrennen to burn out (Elec fuse).
Durchbruch m break-through (Tac).
"Durchdecken!" "Dress and Cover!"
durchdrehen to pull (a propeller) through.
Durchführung / gland (Bin); carrying out, execution.
Durchgabe / transmission (of Rad messages, etc.).
Durchgangsbahnhof m through station (RR).
Durchgangsfernspruch m long-distance telephone call.
Durchgangslager n PW transit canjp (abbr. DulagJ.
Durchgangslager Luftwaffe PW transit camp for Air Forces person-nel (abbr. DulagluftJ.
durchgeben to transmit (Sig C).
Durchgriff m reciprocal of amplification factor in percent (Rad).
Durchhang m sag.
Durchhängen n droop (Mech).
durchkrümmen to squeeze (the trigger).
Durchlaß m culvert, passage, conduit, opening.
durchladen to load (a magazine or belt).
Durchlauf gleis n through track (RR).
durchlöchern pierce.
Durchmesser m diameter.
durchpausen to trace (a map, etc.).
Durchpunkt m point at which trajectory intersects plane of aerial target perpendicular to line of sighting.
durchsacken to drop, to do a power stall, to sink, to pancake (Avn).
Durchsackgeschwindigkeit / critical speed, stalling speed (Avn).
durchsagen to pass the word along.
Durchschlag m carbon copy (typed); drift pin.
Durchschläger m punch, drift (tool).
Durchschlagskraft / penetration, force of penetration (Am).
durchschmelzen to burn out (Elec fuse).
Durchschnitt m average, mean; cross section.
Durchschnittsleistung / average performance.
Durchschnittspanzerstärke / average thickness of armor (Tk).
Durchschreibeblock m carbon-copy pad.
Durchschrift / carbon copy (written).
durchsichtig transparent.
Durchstich n cut (Engr, RR).
Durchstoß m penetration by assault.
durchstoßen pierce, penetrate; fly through (a layer of clouds).
durchsuchen to search.
Durchtrittsöffnung / cutaway (for ejected cartridge cases).
durchwaten to ford.
durchziehen to pull out (dive bombing).
Dusche / shower bath.
Düse / injector, jet, nozzle; vent (rocket).
Düsenkorrektor m mixture control.
Dynamomaschine / dynamo, generator.
Dynastart m starter-generator.


Echolot n sonic altimeter, sound-ranging altimeter (Avn); fathometer, echo depth sounder (Nav).
Eckplatte / gusset.
Edelgas n rare gas.
Edisonsammler m Edison storage battery.
Edler m knight, noble. Ehre / honor.
Ehrenbezeigungen bei Beerdigung graveside service (Mil funeral).
Ehrenbezeugung / salute.
Ehrengeleit n escort of honor.
Ehrenparade / dress parade.
Ehrenposten m guard of honor.
Ehrenrang m honorary rank.
Ehrenrat TO court of honor.
Ehrensalve / volley (at burials).
Ehrensold m award.
Ehrenwache / guard of honor, honor guard.
Ehrenwort n parole, word of honor.
Ehrenzeichen n decoration.
eichen calibrate.
Eichenlaub n oak leaf cluster.
Eichstrich m measuring line, graduation.
Eichung / calibration, adjustment.
Eierhandgranate / egg-shaped hand grenade, "pineapple" hand grenade.
Eigenfrequenz / natural frequency (Rad).
Eigengeschwindigkeit / indicated air speed (Avn).
Eigengewicht n empty weight.
eigenmächtig on one's own authority, unauthorized.
eigenmächtige Entfernung absence without leave.
Eigenpeilung / direction finding by taking bearings from an aircraft on two or more radio stations.
Eigenschaft / quality, characteristic, property.
Eigenschatten in shadow on object (as distinguished from shadow cast by the object) (Cam).
Eigenschwingung / natural oscillation (Rad).
Eigentum n property.
Eigenverständigung / interphone (Ap); intravehicular communication (Tk).
Eignungsprüfung / aptitude test.
Eihandgranate / See Eierhandgranate.
Eimer m bucket.
"Ein!" "Contact!" (Avn).
Einankerumformer TO dynamotor.
Einatemventil n inlet valve (gas mask, oxygen breathing apparatus).
Einbahnstraße / one-way road or street.
Einbahnverkehr m one-way traffic (MT).
Einbaufähre / construction float (Big).
Einbehaltung / detention (of pay, etc.). . '
Einbeinfahrgestell n landing gear with individual cantilever legs (Ap).
einberufen to induct into the armed forces, to call to the colors, to order to report for active duty. See Einberufung. .
Einberufung / call to the colors (corresponds roughly to US induction, and is followed by Einstellung, assignment to a unit).
Einberufungsbefehl m order to report for active duty.
Einberufungskarte / notice of induction.
Einberufungsort TO induction station.
Einblick TO view into (enemy positions, etc.); insight; eyepiece (Optics).
Einblicklinse / eyepiece lens (Optics).
Einblickrohr n eyepiece tube.
Einblickstutzen TO eyepiece mount.
Einbruch m penetration (Tac).
Einbruchsfeuer n assault fire.
Einbruchsfront / frontage of penetration (Tac); cold front (Met).
Einbruchstelle / breach, point of penetration, point chosen for penetration (Tac).
Einbuchtung / dent in the enemy's line, salient (Tac).
Eindecker TO monoplane.
Eindeckung / cover (Ft).
eindringen infiltrate, penetrate.
Eindringungstiefe / depth of penetration or infiltration (Tac).
Eineinhalbdecker m sesquiplane.
Einerzelt n one-man shelter tent, pup tent.
Einfachanschnitt m single-station pilou-balloon spotting (Met).
Einfachleitung / ground-return circuit (Tp).
einfädeln to thread (a needle); to join a march column, to get into line.
einfahren to float bridge-sections into place; to break in (a horse, etc.); to harness; to drive in.
Einfahrgleis n incoming track (RR).
Einfallwinkel TO angle of incidence.
einfetten to grease, lubricate.
einfliegen to penetrate (air attack tactics); make a test flight.
Einflieger TO test pilot.
Einfliegerei / aircraft-testing department.
Einfluchten n marking out (in fixing the azimuth) (Surv).
Einflug m penetration (air attack tactics); approach flight (Avn); approach of a target (AWS).
Einfluggenehmigung / traffic-control clearance (Avn).
Einflugsmeldung / report of approaching target (AWS).
Einflugzeichen n "come in" signal (Inst landing).
Einflüsse mpl See besondere und Witterungseinflüsse.
einführen introduce, initiate, lead in.
Einfuhrhafen m port of entry.
Einführungsdraht m. lead-in (Rad).
Einfüllstutzen m oil-filling plug {recoil mechanism); filler neck (of gasoline or oil tank).
eingabeln to bracket (Arty).
Eingabelung / bracket, bracketing.
Eingang m entrance.
Eingangswerte mpl initial data (AAA).
Eingangszündung / priming charge.
eingesehen exposed to observation (emplacement, trench, etc.).
Eingitterröhre / single-grid tube, triode (Rad).
eingleisig single-track.
eingliedern assign; incorporate, make an organic part of; classify.
Eingliederung / assignment; incorporation, organic arrangement; classification.
eingraben dig in, entrench; bury.
Eingreifdivision / reserve division.
eingreifen intervene, come to the aid of, take a hand in; to catch, mesh, engage.
einhängen suspend (a bomb).
Einheit / unit, element (Tac). kleinste taktische Einheit basic tactical unit.
Einheitsführer m commander of a unit.
Einheitsgeschütz m dual-purpose gun.
Einheitsgewicht n specific gravity.
Einheitsgranate / combination high-explosive and shrapnel shell.
Einheitskanister m standard gasoline container, unit container.
Einheitsmaß n unit of measurement.
Einheitsmunition / fixed ammunition.
Einheitsmunitionsziig m ammunition train carrying only one type and caliber of ammunition (RR).
Einheitsmütze / regulation field cap (replaces the Feldmütze,).
Einheitsprinzip n unit principle (Ger Mil doctrine providing maximum independence and self-sufficiency for each unit).
Einheitswaffe / dual-purpose weapon.
Einheitszeit / standard time.
Einheitszünder m combination fuze, standard fuze (Am).
einholen overtake, collect, bring in; haal down.
einigeln take up a position of all-around defense.
einkesseln to encircle, trap, pocket.
Einkesselung / encirclement.
Einkipptrieb m leveling mechanism (Mart).
Einkleidungsbeihilfe / clothing money allowance.
Einkreisempfänger m receiver with one resonant circuit (Rad).
Einkreisung / encirclement.
Einkreisungsmanb'ver n encircling maneuver.
Einkreisungsschlacht / battle of encirclement (Tac).
Einkreisungsversuch m attempted encirclement.
einkuppeln engage, thrown in (the clu+ch).
einladen to load, entrain, entruck, etc.
Einladeübersicht / entraining table, entrucking table.
Einlaß m inlet, intake.
Einlaßkanal in intake line (Mtr).
Einlaßventil n intake valve (Mtr).
Einlaßventilkammer / intake-valve chamber (Mtr).
einläufig single-barreled.
Einiegerohr n liner, subcaliber tube (Ord).
einleiten begin, introduce, initiate, commence.
einleitendes Gefecht preliminary action or engagement.
einmessen to survey (Arty).
Einnahme / capture, occupation, seizure (of a locality); reception, acceptance (of equipment, Ord, etc.); receipts (money, etc.).
Einnahmeschein m receipt.
einnebeln to blanket, to lay a smoke screen.
einölen to oil, lubricate.
einpeilen take a radio bearing.
Einpolluftleiter m Marconi antenna, quarter-wave vertical antenna.
einrasten engage; lock; ram home; snap shut; catch.
einrichten adjust (fire, etc.); orient (a map); prepare, improve (a position); install; furnish, equip.
Einrichten einer Karte orientation of a map.
Einrichten einer Stellung preparation or improvement of a position.
Einrichtung / installation; organization, establishment; adjustment; arrangement; device; orientation.
Einrumpfflugzeug n single-fuselage airplane.
Einsatz m commitment, employment; mission; operation, action; effort; insertion; duty; sortie (Aim). bei besonderem Einsatz on active duty; during special commitment (in time of war or national emergency).
Einsatzbereitschaft / aggressiveness, initiative, readiness for action.
Einsatzbesprechung / orders conference, "briefing" (Avn).
einsatzfähig available for assignment, commitment or employment.
Einsatz fliegen to fly a sortie (Avn).
Einsatzhafen m home field (Avn).
Einsatzhafenkommandantur / operational airdrome command (sub-division of Lufthafenbereichkomman-dantur).
Einsatzort m locality to be occupied, area where units are to be sent into action.
Einsatzraum m operational area.
Einsatztopf m filter-element container (gas mask).
Einschaltung / switching on, throwing into gear.
einschanzen dig in, entrench.
Einscheibenkupplung / single-plate clutch (MT).
Einschießen n adjustment fire, trial fire (Arty).
Einschießen mit hohen Sprengpunkten high-burst ranging.
Einschießen nach der Länge range adjustment.
Einschießpunkt m adjusting point (adjustment fire).
Einschießziel n adjustment target (Arty).
Einschiffung / embarkation.
Einschlag m impact, strike (Arty); toe-in (MT).
Einschlagsgarbe / sheaf of fire at point of impact, shot group, shot pattern (Arty).
Einschlagsgruppe / shot group, shot pattern (of a volley).
Einschleifen einer Leitung connecting a line into a telephone circuit.
einschneiden to intersect, to take cross bearings.
Einschneiden auf Richtungslinie point determination along an orienting line (Surv).
Einschneiden nach drei Punkten three-point resection (Surv).
Einschnitt in cut (Engr, RR).
Einschuß m hit.
einschwenken to pivot (Tac, drill). seitlich einschwenken to pivot to the left or right, to fan out (Tac).
einsetzen to commit, employ, insert.
einsickern infiltrate (Tac).
Einsitzer m single-seater airplane.
einspielen bring into play, throw in, engage, actuate.
Einspielen der Libellen leveling, cross-leveling (Arty).
Einsprache / mouthpiece (Tp).
einspringender Winkel reentrant.
Einspritzdüse / fuel injector, injection nozzle (Mtr).
Einspritzpumpe / injection pump.
Einspruch TO challenge.
Einstecklauf m subcaliber tube.
Einsteigluke / entrance hatch (Tk).
Einsteigöffnung / manhole.
einstellbare Luftschraube adjustable propeller (Ap).
einstellen tune in (Rad); to dial (Tp); adjust, set (a fuze, etc.); cease (fire, etc.).
Einstellhülse / adjustable holder (panoramic telescope).
Einstellmarke / index; adjustable marker.
Einstellmutter / adjustment nut, regulating nut.
Einstellring m adjusting ring (fuze).
Einstellung / adjustment, setting; cessation. See also Einberufung.
Einstellvorrichtung / adjustment device, setting device.
Einstellwinkel m angle of wing setting, angle of incidence.
Einstiegklappe / hatch cover (Ap).
Einstiegluke f hatch (Ap).
einstöpseln plug in (Rad, Tp).
einstürzen to qave in.
einteilen graduate (into degrees, etc.); to divide, classify, separate into groups.
Einteilung / classification; scale; graduation, division (into degrees or units).
eintreffen arrive.
Eintreffzeit / arrival time.
Einweiser m guide.
Einweisungskommando m party of guides.
Einwohnerschaft / population, inhabitants.
Einzäunung / enclosure, stockade, compound (PW).
Einzelabfederung / independent suspension (of wheels).
Einzelabwurf in individual release, single release (Bombing).
Einzelaufhängung / independent suspension (of wheels).
Einzelausbildung / individual training.
Einzelbefehl m fragmentary order, extract order (Tac).
Einzelfeuer n single-shot fire, semiautomatic fire (MG).
Einzelhaft / solitary confinement.
Einzelkrad n solo motorcycle.
Einzellader m single loader, single-shot weapon.
Einzelschnittverfahren n single-intersection method (target location in FR).
Einzelschuß in single shot, single round.
Einzelschutz m individual protection.
Einzelsprünge mpl bounds (method of advancing).
Einzelwurf m individual release,
single release (Bombing).
Einzelziel n point target (Bombing).
einziehbar retractable (landing gear, etc.).
einziehen draw in, retract; withdraw (a sentry); conscript, draft (recruits) ; confiscate.
Einziehfahrgestell n retractable landing gear (Ap).
Eisansatz m accumulation of ice.
Eisbrecher m ice apron (Bdg).
Eisenbahn / railroad, railway.
Eisenbahnanlage / railroad installation.
Eisenbahnaufmarsch in strategic concentration by rail.
Eisenbahnbatterie / railway artillery battery.
Eisenbahnbaubataillon n railway construction battalion.
Eisenbahnbeförderung / transportation by rail.
Eisenbahnbetrieb m railway traffic; railway operation.
Eisenbahnbetriebskompanie / railway operating company.
Eisenbahnendpunkt m railway terminal, railhead.
Eiseiibahnflak / railway antiaircraft gun; railway antiaircraft artillery.
Eisenbahngeleise n railroad track.
Eisenbahngeschütz n railway gun.
Eisenbahnhaubitze / railway howitzer.
Eisenbahnkesselwagen in tank car (RR).
Eisenbahnklaue / spur track.
Eisenbahnknotenpunkt m railway center, railway junction.
Eisenbahnküchenwagen m kitchen car (RR).
Eisenbahnnachschublinie / railway supply line.
Eisenbahnpanzerzug m armored train (RR).
Eisenbahn-Pfeilerbaukompanie / railway pile-driving or pier-building company (Mil).
Eisenbahnpioniere mpl railway engineer troops.
Eisenbahnstellwerk n railway signal tower, switch control room.
Eisenbahntankstelle / gasoline and lubricant railhead, bulk reduction point.
Eisenbahntransportfolge / railway transportation timetable.
Eisenbahntruppen fpl railway operating troops.
Eisenbahnwagen m railway car.
Eisenbeton m reinforced concrete, ferro-concrete.
Eisenblech n sheet iron.
Eiseneinlage / iron reinforcement (in ferro-concrete).
Eisenkern m iron core (Elec).
Eisenwalze / iron roller (mine clearance).
eiserne Portion emergency ration (for Pers).
eiserne Ration emergency ration (for animals).
Eisernes Kreuz Iron Cross (decoration).
Eisregen m sleet.
Eissporn m ice spade (trail spade).
Ekrasit n ecrasite (explosive).
E-Latte / aiming stake, aiming post (E=Entfernung, range).
Elektrizitätszähler m electric meter. - Elektrode / electrode; grounded electrode (spark plug).
Elektrodenröhre / radio tube.
Elektromechaniker m electrician.
Elektron n electron; trade name of a magnesium-aluminum alloy.
Elektronbrandbombe / electron incendiary bomb.
Elektrotechniker m electrical engineer. ' Element n cell, element (Elec).
Elementbecher m cell container (Elec).
Elementekühler m cellular-type radiator (MT).
Elementprüfer m battery tester (Elec).
Ellbogen m elbow.
E.Meßgerät n See Entfernungsmeßgerät.
E.Meßmann m See Entfernungsmeßmann.
E.Messer m See Entfernungsmesser.
Emfang m receipt, reception.
Empfänger m indicator (follow-the-pointer mechanism of AA gun); indicator (fuze setter); receiver, receiving set (Rad); data receiver, indicator-regulator (data transmission system of A A gun).
Empfangsapparatur / receiver chassis, receiving equipment (Rad).
Empfangsberechtigter m beneficiary.
Empfangsbescheinigung / See Empfangsschein.
Empfangsbestätigung / acknowledgment of receipt (Sig C).
Empfangslautstärke / volume of reception (Rad).
Empfangsschaltung / receiver circuit (Rad).
Empfangsschein m receipt form.
Empfangswelle / receiving frequency (Rad).
Empfangszone / reception zone (Rad).
empfindlich sensitive.
empfindlicher Aufschlagzünder superquick impact fuze.
empfindlicher Kopfzünder allways fuze.
empfindlicher Zünder superquick fuze.
Endauflager n abutment (Bdg).
Endbahnhof m railhead, terminal.
Enddrall m terminal twist (Ord).
Endgeschwindigkeit / terminal velocity.
Endmontage / final assembly.
Endverstärker m terminal repeater (Tp); final amplifier, power amplifier (Rad).
Endziel n final objective.
Energieleitung / feeder cable (Elec).
Energienachfuhr / additional supply of power (Elec).
Energieverlust m power loss (Elec, Rad).
Energievorrat m power supply.
Enge / defile (Tac).
Engländer m Englishman; monkey wrench.
Engpaß m bottleneck, defile.
entblößen uncover (Tac).
Ente / duck; canard airplane.
Enteiser m de-icer (Ap).
Enteisungsanlage / de-icer system, ice-eliminating system (Ap).
Enteisungsgerät n de-icer (Ap).
Enteisungmittel n anti-icer solution.
Entenflugzeug n canard airplane.
entfalten develop (a route column, etc.); unfold.
entfalteter Anmarsch advance in developed formation (Tac).
Entfaltung / development (followed by Entwicklung, deployment).
Entfaltung aus dem Marsch development from march column.
Entfaltungszeit / parachute opening time.
Entfernung / range, distance; removal; departure. mittlere Entfernung medium range (up to 800 m). nächste Entfernung close range- (up to 100 m). nahe Entfernung
close range (up to WO m). weite Entfernung long range (beyond 800 m).
Entfernungsermittlung / range determination.
Entfernungsgerät n range finder.
Entfernungslineal n range ruler (Arty).
Entfernungsmarke / range indicator (practice firing).
Entfernungsmeßgerät n range-finder, altimeter, height-finder (AAA).
Entfernungsmeßmann m range-finder operator; height-finder sergeant (AAA).
Entfernungsmeßmann zur Seitenbeobachtung lateral tracker (AAA).
Entfernungsmesser m range-finder; range-finder operator; height-finder sergeant (AAA).
Entfernungsschätzen n range estimation.
Entfernungsteilung / range scale.
Entfernungstrommel / range knob (G).
Entfernungsunterschied m range difference.
Entfernungsvorhalt m linear difference between present slant range (at instant of range determination) and future slant range (AAA).
Entfettung / degreasing.
Entgasung / degassing.
entgegenwirken counteract, act against, work against.
Entgiftung / decontamination.
Entgiftungsabteilung / decontamination battalion.
Entgiftungsdienst m decontamination service.
Entgiftungsgerät n decontamination apparatus.
Entgiftungskompanie / decontamination company.
Entgiftungskraftwagen TO decontamination truck.
Entgiftungsmittel n decontamination agent.
Entgiftungspflug m decontamination plow.
Entgiftungsplatz m decontamination point.
Entgiftungsstoff m decontamination agent.
Entgiftungstrommel / perforated decontamination drum. fahrbare Entgiftungstrommel decontamination cart.
Entgiftungstrupp m decontamination squad.
entheben relieve (of a command, etc.).
entkeimen sterilize.
entkohlen decarbonize.
entkupfern decopper.
entladen unload, empty; discharge.
Entladestab m unloading staff (harbor).
Entladung / to discharge (Am, Elec, etc.).
Entladungsstoß' m discharge surge (Elec).
entlassen to dismiss, discharge; release ; disband, demobilize.
Entlassung / discharge; dismissal; release.
Entlassung auf Ehrenwort release on parole, home parole.
Entlassungsjahrgang m age class due for discharge.
Entlassungsschein m certificate of discharge.
Entlassungsstelle / demobilization center, discharge center.
entlasten relieve (of pressure).
Entlastung / relief (of pressure).
Entlastungsangriff m relief attack (made to relieve enemy pressure elsewhere).
entlaufen to escape.
entlausen delouse.
Entlausungsanstalt / delousing station.
entlüften ventilate; bleed (recoil mechanism).
Entlüfter m ventilator.
Entlüftungsstutzen m breather (Mtr).
Entmagnetisierung / de-gaussing.
entrollen to unfurl or uncase (a flag).
Entsatz m relief (of a fortress, etc.).
Entschädigung / compensation, reimbursement, allowance, recoupment.
entschärfen disarm (Am).
Entscheidung / decision.
Entscheidungsgefecht n decisive action, decisive battle (Tac).
Entschluß TO decision (Tac).
Entschlußfassung / formulation of decision (s).
Entschlußkraft / power of decision.
entschlüsseln decode, decryptograph.
entsenden to dispatch, send off.
entsetzen relieve (a fortress, etc.); be terrified; relieve (of a command).
Entsetzung / relief (of a fortress, etc.).
entseuchen disinfect.
Entseuchungsgerät n disinfestor.
Entseuchungsmittel n disinfecting agent.
Entseuchungsschrank m disinfecting chamber.
entsichern to disengage or release the safety (SA, R, etc.); to arm or activate (a mine, bomb, etc.).
Entsicherungsflügel m arming vane (bomb).
entspannen to uncock; to relieve tension.
Entstaubung / dust filtering (MT).
Entstörkappe / ignition shield (over spark plug).
Entstörung / interference elimination (Rad).
enttarnen remove camouflage.
entwaffnen disarm.
Entwarnung / "all clear" signal.
Entwässerungsgraben m drainage ditch.
Entweichen n escape, evasion.
Entwesung / sterilization.
entwickeln deploy (Tac); develop (Photo); generate (smoke, etc.).
Entwicklung / deployment (follows Entfaltung, development); development (Photo); generation (of smoke, etc.).
Entwurf m sketch, outline; plan, scheme.
Entzerrer m balancing network (Rad, Tp).
Entzerrung f rectification, restitution (aerial Photo); correction, compensation (of frequency response, Rad, Tp).
Entzerrungsgerät n rectifying camera (aerial Photo).
entziehen remove, withdraw, deprive. sich entziehen avoid, evade, disengage (Tac).
entziffern decipher, decryptograph.
Entzifferung / deciphering.
entzurren unlock, unclamp.
Episkop n reflecting projector, episcope.
erbeuten to capture (materiel).
Erdanschluß m ground connection (Elec).
Erdarbeit / excavation work; earthwork (Ft).
Erdartillerie f artillery used against ground targets fas distinguished from A A A).
Erdaufklärung / ground reconnaissance (Tac).
Erdbeobachtung / ground observation.
Erdbeschuß m anti-aircraft fire (as seen from target).
Erdbildmessung / phototopography.
Erde / earth, soil; ground (Elec).
Erdei See Erdeinschießziel.
Erdeinschießziel n ground adjustment target (Gunnery).
erden to ground (Elec).
Erder m ground (Elec).
Erdfernsprechverbindung / ground-return telephone circuit.
Erdgegner in hostile ground force.
Erdgleiche / ground level (Ft).
Erdgrube / borrow pit.
Erdhörer m geophone.
Erdkabel n underground cable or wire (Tp).
Erdkriimmungslineal n altitude-correction ruler.
Erdleitung / ground, ground lead (Elec).
Erdleitungsdraht m ground wire (Elec).
Erdleitungsrohr n ground pipe, underground pipe.
Erdmine / land mine.
Erdöl n petroleum.
Erdortung / pilotage (Air Navigation).
erdrosseln to throttle, strangle.
Erdrückleitung / ground-return circuit (Tp).
Erdschluß m ground leak, ground short (Elec).
Erdschwere / gravitation, gravity.
Erdsporn in trail spade (G).
Erdstecker m grounding rod (Elec).
Erdtelegraphieverbindung / ground-return telegraph circuit.
Erdtruppen fpl ground forces.
Erdung / ground, grounding (Elec).
Erdvergleichsziel n auxiliary ground target (Arty).
Erdvermessung / topographic survey.
Erdwinde / winch (for Bin).
Erdzielbeschuß m firing against
ground targets (AAA).
Erdzuleitung / ground lead (Elec).
Ergänzung / supplement, replacement (s), reserve (s); completion, rounding out, bringing to full strength.
Ergänzungsbedarf in deficiency, shortage, replacement requirements.
Ergänzungsgruppe / replacement training group (Air Force group composed of 2 or more Ergänzungsstaffeln).
Ergänzungsstaffel / See Ergänzungsgruppe.
Ergänzungsstelle / replacement center.
ergeben, sich to surrender, capitulate.
Ergebnis n result; score.
Erhebungswinkel m quadrant angle (Surv).
Erhöhung / quadrant elevation (Gunnery).
Erhöhungsskala / elevation scale (G, MG).
Erhöhungswinkel m quadrant angle of elevation (Gunnery).
Erholungsurlaub m leave; arrest, imprisonment (slang).
Erinnerungsmedaille / campaign medal.
erkämpfen to force (a crossing, etc.).
Erkennungsmarke / identification tag, "dog tag."
Erkennungsmunition / signal ammunition.
Erkennungstuch n identification panel, ground panel.
Erkennungswort n countersign, password.
Erkennungszeichen n marking, insignia, identification mark; recognition signal.
Erker m "bay window" type gun mount in front right sponson (Tk).
Erkunder m scout; reconnaissance airplane.
Erkundung / reconnaissance (Tac).
Erkundungsfahrzeug n reconnaissance vehicle, scout vehicle.
Erkundungsorgan n reconnaissance element.
Erkundungsvorstoß m scouting raid.
Erlaubnis / permission.
Erlaubnisschein m leave pass.
Erledigung / accomplishment, completion.
Ermäßigung der Strafe remission of sentence.
ermächtigen empower.
Ermattungsstrategie / strategy of attrition.
Ermessen n discretion.
Ermüdung / fatigue, exhaustion.
Ermüdungskampfstoff m harassing agent (CWS).
Ermüdungsschießen n harassing fire, gas-shell fire (Arty).
ernannt See Ernennung.
Ernennung / appointment to brevet rank.
Ernstfall m emergency.
erobern conquer (territory or locality).
Eroberung / conquest.
Erreger in exciter (Rad).
Erregerstrom m excitation current (Elec).
Erregerwicklung / excitation winding (Elec).
Ersatz m replacement; substitute, synthetic material; spare part; compensation, damages.
Ersatzbataillon n replacement training battalion.
Ersatzbatterie / spare battery (Elec).
Ersatzbedienung / gun crew replacements, reserve gun crew.
Ersatzdienststelle / recruiting center.
Ersatzeinheit / replacement unit, replacement training unit.
Ersatzfunkstelle / secondary radio station.
Ersatzheer n replacement training Army.
Ersatzkarte / provisional map, substitute map.
Ersatzmann m replacement.
Ersatzmannschaften fpl replacements.
Ersatzpferd n remount.
Ersatzregiment n replacement training regiment.
Ersatzreifen m spare tire.
Ersatzreserve / replacement reserves.
Ersatzreserve I reserves comprising untrained men under 35.
Ersatzreserve II reserves comprising physically unfit, untrained men under 35.
Ersatzreserveausbildung / training of replacement reserves.
Ersatzschaltschema n equivalent circuit (Elec).
Ersatzteil n reserve unit (Tac); spare part.
Ersatztruppen fpl replacements.
Ersatzverpflegungsmagazin n ration depot (Z of I).
Ersatzwesen n recruiting and replacement administration.
Erschießen der Tageseinflüsse obtaining metro data by registration (FA).
erschöpfen to exhaust, wear out, use up.
Erschütterung / concussion, shock.
erstarren become rigid or stiff; "freeze" in position.
Erstausstattung / initial issue.
erste Hilfe first aid.
Erster Offizier first officer (Nav).
ersticken asphyxiate, choke, stifle, suffocate.
erstickender Kampfstoff lung irritant.
Erststrom m primary current.
erstürmen to rush, take by assault-(Tac).
Erträglichkeitsgrenze / harassing concentration (CWS).
Erwa-Meldung / stand-by message (preliminary to metro message) (Arty).
Erwiderungsfeuer n retaliation fire, counterfire.
erzwingen force (a crossing, etc.).
Etappe / communications zone (superseded by rückwärtiges Armeegebiet, but still frequently used).
Etappenmarsch m administrative march.
Etat m budget.
Etatposten m budget item.
Exerzierbombe / drill bomb, practice bomb.
Exerzieren n drill, practice.
Exerzierform / drill formation.
Exerziergeschoß n dummy projectile.
Exerzierhalle / drill hall.
Exerzierhaus n armory.
Exerziermarsch m goose step.
Exerziermunition / drill ammunition, dummy ammunition.
Exerzierordnung / drill formation; drill regulations.
Exerzierpatrone / ' dummy cartridge.
Exerzierplatz m drill ground, parade ground.
Exerzierschritt m See Exerziermarsch.
Exerziervorschrift / drill regulations.
Exzenterhülse / eccentric sleeve (aiming circle).


Fabrik / factory.
Fach n field of competency, trade, profession; branch of knowledge; specialty; compartment, pigeonhole.
Fachabteilungen fpl professional service units (Med).
Facharbeiter m technician, skilled workman, specialist.
Fachausdruck m technical term.
Fachbearbeiter m staff officer or official in charge of some technical branch or administrative department.
Fachberater m technical adviser.
Fächermotor m fan-type engine, double-V engine.
Fächerturn m half-loop wing-over (Avn).
Fachmann m specialist, expert.
Fachsprache / technical terminology.
Fachverständiger m specialist, expert.
Fachwerk n latticework, grillage; truss.
Fachwerkbrücke / truss bridge.
Fachwerkträger m truss (Bdg).
Fackel / flare, torch.
Faden m thread, filament; string; fathom (Nav); front-sight slit (aiming circle); hair (Optics).
Fadenkreuz n cross hairs, cross wires (Optics).
Fadenstück n front-sight piece (aiming circle).
Fahne / colors, flag, guidon.
Fahnenband n battle honors.
Fahneneid m oath of allegiance, oath of enlistment.
Fahnenflucht / desertion.
Fahnenflüchtiger w deserter.
Fahnenjunker m officer candidate
(from enlistment until promotion to Fähnrich).
Fahnenjunker-Gefreiter m officer
candidate (with grade of Gefreiter).
Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier' m NCO officer candidate (with grade of Sgt).
Fahnenkompanie / color guard company.
Fahnenmast m fixed flagpole.
Fahnenposten m color sentinel.
Fahnenschaft ra flagpole.
Fahnenstange / flagpole, pike.
Fahnenträger m color bearer, guidon.
Fahnentrupp m color guard.
Fahnentuch n bunting.
Fahnenwache / color guard, color sentinel.
Fähnrich m officer candidate (grade above Fahnenjunker-Unteroffizier).
Fahrabteilung / supply-train battalion (H-Dr).
Fahrausweis m travel order, traveling permit.
Fahrbahn / roadway.
Fahrbahnträger m floor beam, roadway girder (Bdg).
fahrbar passable (for vehicles); mobile; practicable; navigable.
Fahrbefehl m transportation order (MT).
Fahrbenzin n standard gasoline.
Fahrbereich m operating range, traveling distance, cruising radius (MT, Tk).
Fährbetrieb m ferrying operations.
Fahrbremse / wheel brake (G carriage).
Fähre / ferry.
fahren to drive, travel, ride.
fahrendes Ziel moving target (Tk, vehicle).
Fahrer m driver (MT, Tk, etc.); private (H-Dr Transport).
Fahrerhaus n cab (Trk).
Fahreroptik / driver's periscope (Tk).
Fahrgast m passenger.
Fahrgerät n propelling equipment (Engr).
Fahrgestell n chassis (MT); landing gear, landing-gear frame (Ap).
Fahrkarte / transportation ticket (RR, bus, etc.).
Fahrkolonne / horse-drawn column.
Fahrkostenentschädigung / travel allowance (reimbursement).
Fahrküche / rolling kitchen.
Fahrlässigkeit / negligence.
Fahrleistung / traveling capacity (MT, Tk).
Fahrplan m timetable, train schedule.
Fährprahm m tank landing craft.
Fahrrad n bicycle.
Fahrrinne / rut.
Fährseil n ferry cable.
Fährstelle / ferrying site, ferry embarkation point.
Fahrstellung / traveling position (Ord).
Fahrt / ride, run; trip, journey; speed.
Fahrtenschwimmer m qualified
swimmer (on basis of time-endurance test).
Fahrtliste / entraining table.
Fahrtmesser m airspeed indicator.
Fahrtrupp m boat crew (Engr).
Fahrtruppen fpl transportation units (H-Dr).
Fahrweg m dirt road.
Fahrwerk n landing gear (Ap); running gear, chassis (MT); suspensions and tracks (Tk).
Fahrwerkachse / landing-gear axle (Ap).
Fahrwerkrahmen m chassis frame (MT).
Fahrwerkstrebe / landing-gear strut (Ap).
Fahrwiderstand m tractional resistance (MT).
Fahrwind m air stream, airflow.
Fahrzeug n vehicle; craft.
Fahrzeugüberhang m overhang, angle of approach (MT).
Fall m drop, fall; case, instance.
Fallbahn / bomb trajectory.
Fallbenzintank m gravity tank (MT).
Fallbeschleunigung / downward acceleration (Ballistics).
Fallbö / downdraft (Met).
Fallblockverschluß m drop-block type breechblock (G).
Falle / trap, decoy; catch (MG).
Fallenachse / catch pivot (MG).
Fallgeschwindigkeit / velocity of fall (Ballistics).
Fallgesetz n law of falling bodies.
Fallhöhe / drop, height of drop.
Fallklappe / drop (Tp switchboard).
Fallpunkt m level point, point of fall (Ballistics).
Fallschirm m parachute.
Fallschirmabsprung m parachute jump.
Fallschirmabsprungturm m parachute tower, controlled tower.
Fallschirmbombe / parachute bomb.
Fallschirmgerät n parachute equipment.
Fallschirmgewehr n parachutist's automatic rifle.
Fallschirmgurt m parachute harness.
Fallschirmjäger m parachutist.
Fallschirmjäger-Abteilung / parachute detachment.
Fallschirmjägerbataillon n parachute battalion.
Fallschirmlast / delivery unit (airborne operations).
Fallschirmleuchtbombe / aircraft parachute flare.
Fallschirmleuchtkugel / parachute flare.
Fallschirmleuchtpatrone / parachute-flare cartridge (for Sig pistol).
Fallschirmrakete / parachute rocket signal.
Fallschirmsack m pack assembly, pack (Prcht).
Fallschirmschütze m parachutist rifleman.
Fallschirmschützen-Abzeichen n parachute badge (decoration).
Fallschirmspringer m parachutist.
Fallschirmtruppen fpl parachute troops.
Fallschirmturm m parachute tower.
Fallstromvergaser m downdraft carburetor.
Falltafel / bomb trajectory table.
Falltür / trapdoor; escape hatch (Ap).
Fallwind m katabatic wind (Met).
Fallwinkel m angle of fall (Ballistics).
Fallzeit / time of fall (Bombing).
Faltboot n faltboat, collapsible boat with rubberized-cloth skin.
Familienunterhalt m dependency benefits.
Fangleine / shroud line (Prcht).
Fangnetz n anti-submarine net.
Fangschnur / aiguillette, fourragere.
Fangstoß m parry.
farbenblind color blind.
Farbentüchtigkeit / color vision.
farblos colorless.
Farb-Spritzanlage / spray painting unit.
farbtonrichtig orthochromatic;
Faschine / fascine.
Faschinenbahn / fascine road.
Faschinendamm m raised fascine road.
Faser / fiber.
Fassung / receptacle, socket (Elec); text or wording, version; composure.
Fassungsvermögen n volumetric capacity.
fäulnisbekämpfend antiseptic.
Faust / fist.
Faustachse / Mercedes-type front axle (MT).
Fäustel n mallet.
Fausthandschuh m mitten.
Faustriemen m sword knot.
Faustskizze / rough sketch.
F-Boot n tank landing craft.
Feder / pen; spring; feather.
Federantrieb m spring action (clockwork fuze).
Federaufhängung / spring suspension (MT).
Federausgleicher m spring equilibra-tor (G).
Federbarometer n aneroid barometer.
Federbein n shock-absorbing strut (Ap).
Federbock m spring hanger (MT).
Federbolzen m spring bolt (MT).
Federbund n spring clip (MT).
Federeinrichtung / spring mechanism (MG).
Federgehänge n spring suspension.
Federhand / spring bracket (MT).
Federkolben m breechblock endpiece (self-loading pistol).
Federkopf m follower-spring stud (self-loading pistol).
Federkraft / elasticity.
Federlasche / shackle, spring shackle (MT).
Federluftdruckmesser m aneroid barometer.
Federring m lockwasher.
Federteller m valve-spring retainer (Mtr).
Federung / suspension (MT).
Federvorholer m spring counterre-coil mechanism, spring recuperator (G).
Federwolke / cirrus cloud.
Fehlbestand m shortage, discrepancy (supplies, etc.).
Fehler m error; defect; miss.
Fehlerdreieck n triangle of error (Surv).
fehlerhaft defective.
Fehlgänger m miss.
Fehlgriff m blunder.
Fehlleistung / malfunction.
fehlschlagen fail.
Fehlschuß m miss.
Fehlstart m unsuccessful take-off (Avn).
Fehlstelle / vacancy (Adm).
Fehltreffer m near miss.
Fehlweisung / deviation (Rad).
Fehlzerspringer m low-order burst, low-order shell (Am).
Fehlzündung / backfire (Mtr).
Feigheit / cowardice.
Feile / file (tool).
Feind m enemy.
Feindbeobachtung / observation of or by the enemy.
Feindberührung / contact with the enemy.
Feindbeschuß m enemy fire.
Feindbesetzung / occupation by the enemy.
Feinddruck m enemy pressure.
Feindeinsicht / enemy observation.
Feindeinwirkung / enemy action.
Feindesland n enemy territory, hostile territory.
Feindflug m raid, sortie, combat mission (Avn).
Feindflugausweis m special identification card carried on missions during which capture by enemy is likely (Avn).
feindfrei clear of the enemy.
Feindgelände n enemy terrain.
Feindnachrichten fpl information about the enemy.
Feindnähe / closeness to the enemy, nearness to the enemy.
Feindraum m enemy zone.
Feindseligkeiten fpl hostilities.
Feindsicht / enemy observation.
Feindtätigkeit / enemy activity.
Feindzusammenstoß in collision with the enemy.
Feineinstellung / fine tuning (Bad); fine setting, precision adjustment.
Feinhöhenmesser m sensitive altimeter (Ap).
Feinkorn n fine sight (R aiming); fine grain (Photo).
Feld n field (Top, Elec); land (rifling); bay (Ap). langes Feld chase of gun barrel.
Feldanzug m field uniform.
Feldarmee / field army.
Feldausbildungsdivision / field training division.
Feldausrüstung / field equipment.
Feldausstattung / field equipment; ammunition reserve.
Feldbäckerei / field bakery.
Feldbahn / narrow-gage field railway.
Feldbauamt n airdrome maintenance office.
Feldbefestigung / field fortification.
Feldbischof m Chief of Chaplains.
Feldbluse / service coat.
feldbrauchbar serviceable for use in the field.
Feldbrunnen m field well.
Feldbücherei / military field library.
Felddauerlinie / permanent field-telephone line.
Felddienst m field duty.
felddienstfähig fit for active duty.
Felddienstordnung / field service regulations.
Felddienstübung / field exercise.
Feldeisenbahn / field railway.
Feldeisenbahnbetriebsamt n field
railway operations office.
Feldeisenbahndirektion / field railway command station.
Feldeisenbahner m field railway engineer.
Feldeisenbahnmaschinenamt n field railway machinery office.
Feldeisenbahnwerkstättenamt n field railway workshop office.
Feldelement n field cell (Tp).
Felder npl lands (Ord); fields (Top).
Feldersatzbataillon n replacement training battalion (assigned to the field forces).
Felderscheibe / target divided into squares.
Felder und Züge lands and grooves.
Feldfernkabel n field trunk wire (Tp).
Feldfernkabeltrupp m wire-laying team (Tp).
Feldfernsprecher m field telephone; field telephone operator.
Feldflasche / canteen (for water).
Feldflughafen m field airdrome.
Feldflugplatz m advanced airfield.
Feldfunksprecher m See Feldfunksprechgerät.
Feldfunksprechgerät n field radio set.
Feldgeistlicher m chaplain.
Feldgendarm in military policeman.
Feldgendarmerie / military police.
Feldgendarmerievorschrift / military police regulations.
Feldgerät n field equipment.
Feldgericht n provost court, court-martial.
Feldgeschütz n field gun.
Feldhandapparat m field handset (Tp).
Feldhaubitze / field howitzer.
Feldheer n field forces.
Feldherrnkunst / strategy, generalship.
Feldinstandsetzung / line maintenance.
Feldjustizamt n legal branch of army, corps and division general staffs (consists of civilian officials).
Feldkabel n field wire (Tp).
Feldkabelader / field-wire strand (Tp).
Feldkabelbau m field-wire laying (Tp).
Feldkabelleitung / field-wire line (Tp).
Feldkanone / field gun.
Feldkaplan m chaplain.
Feldklappenschrank m portable switchboard.
Feldkochherd m field range (cooker).
FeldkochunteroflSzier m cook (NCO).
Feldkommandantur / military administration headquarters (in Com Z and occupied countries). Compare Ortskommandantur, Stadtkommandantur.
Feldküche / field kitchen, rolling kitchen.
Feldlaboratorium n field laboratory (Med).
Feldlager n bivouac, encampment.
Feldlazarett n surgical hospital.
Feldmarschall m Field Marshal (Ger).
Feldmeister m first sergeant (Reich Labor Service).
Feldmeßkästchen n field testing set (Tp).
Feldmütze / garrison cap.
Feldnachrichtenkommandantur / field signal command (signal Hq for an area of occupied territory or in rear area of T of Opns).
Feldpolizei / See Geheime Feldpolizei.
Feldportion / field ration (for Pers).
Feldpost / army postal service.
Feldpostamt n army post office.
Feldpostbeamter m army mail clerk (Civ official).
Feldposteinheit / army postal unit.
Feldposten m outguard sentinel.
Feldpostwesen n army postal service.
Feldprediger m chaplain.
Feldprüfschrank m field testing box (Tp).
Feldrain m uncultivated strip at edge of field.
Feldration / field ration (for animals).
Feldschanze / field fortification, earthwork.
Feldsicherungskästchen n field fuse box (Tp).
Feldsonderbataillon n field disciplinary battalion.
Feldstraflager n field disciplinary camp.
Feldtrage / field litter (Med).
Feldunterarzt m acting medical officer.
Feldverpflegung / field messing.
Feldwache / outguard.
Feldwagen m field wagon.
Feldwebel m technical sergeant.
Feldweg m cross-country dirt road.
Feldwerkstatt / field workshop.
Feldwerkstattzug m field workshop platoon.
Feldwetterstelle / field weather station.
Feldwetterwarte / See Feldwetter-stelle.
Feldzeugbataillon n ordnance battalion.
Feldzeugkommando n ordnance command (one in each Wehrkreis and some in occupied countries).
Feldzeuglager n ordnance depot.
Feldzeugstab m ordnance staff.
Feldzug in campaign.
Felge / felloe, rim.
Felgenband n tire flap (MT).
Fels m rock, cliff.
Felsblock in boulder, rock.
Felsenklippe / bluff (Top).
Fenster n sight peephole (AA sight); window.
Fepo / See Geheime Feldpolizei.
Ferdinand name of a heavily-armored German self-propelled gun.
Fernantrieb m rempte drive, remote control.
Fernaufklärer m long-range reconnaissance airplane.
Fernaufklärung / distant reconnaissance; long-range reconnaissance (Avn).
Fernaufklärungsflugboot n patrol bomber, long-range reconnaissance flying boat.
Fernaufklärungsflugzeug n See Fernaufklärer.
Fernaufklärungsgruppe / . air force long-range reconnaissance group (attached to ground forces and composed of two or more F-Staffeln).
Fernaufklärungsstaffel / long-range reconnaissance squadron attached to army ground units (abbr. F-Staffel).
Fernbesprechgerät n remote control unit (Rad).
Fernbesprechung / remote control operation (Rad).
Fernbild n telephoto.
Fernbomber m long-range bomber.
Ferndrucker m teletype, teletypewriter, telegraph printer.
Fernempfang m long-distance reception (Rad).
Fernempfangszone / reception zone beyond the skip distance (Rad).
Fernerkunder m See Fernaufklärer.
Fernfahrtmesser m remote-reading airspeed indicator (Ap).
ferngelenkt remote-controlled.
Ferngeschütz n See Fernkampfgeschütz.
Ferngespräch n telephone call, telephone conversation.
ferngesteuert remote-controlled.
Fernglas n binoculars, field glass.
Fernhörer m receiver (Tp, Rad Tp).
Fernkabel n trunk wire (Tp).
Fernkampfartillerie / long-range artillery.
Fernkampfflugzeug n long-range
bombardment airplane.
Fernkampf geschütz n long-range gun.
Fernkompaß m remote-reading compass (Ap).
Fernkurs m correspondence course.
Fernleitung / long-distance circuit, interurban line (Tp).
Fernlenkung / remote control.
Fernlicht n bright. light (on auto headlight).
Fernmeßgerät n range finder.
Fernmeldeanlage / communication station (Sig C).
Fernmesser m range finder; range-finder operator.
fernmündlich by telephone.
Fernrichten des Geschützes remote gun control (CA, Nav).
Fernrohr n telescope; binoculars (in this sense, generally Doppelfern-rohr).
Fernrohrarme mpl telescope tubes (BC telescope).
Fernrohraufnahme / telephoto.
Fernrohraufsatz m telescopic sight.
fernrohrbesetzt equipped with telescopic sight (R).
Fernrohrhals m telescope center section.
Fernrohrhülse / telescope housing.
Fernrohrkopf m telescope head.
Fernrohrkörper m telescope tube; body (of binoculars).
Fernrohrlager n telescope seat.
Fernrohrsteg m telescope support.
Fernschreiber m teletype, teletypewriter, telegraph printer; teletype operator.
Fernschreibkompanie / teletype company, telegraph-printer company.
Fernschreibleitung / teletype circuit.
Fernschreibnetz n teletype net (Luftwaffe).
Fernschreibwagen m teletype truck.
Fernsehen n television.
Fernsicht / visibility.
Fernsprechanschluß m telephone connection.
Fernsprechbaukompanie / telephone-construction company.
Fernsprechbautrupp m telephone-construction crew.
Fernsprechbauvvagen w telephone-construction truck.
Fernsprechbetriebstrupp m telephone-operations team.
Fernsprechbetriebswagen m telephone-operations truck.
Fernsprechbetriebszug m telephone operating platoon.
Fernsprechdoppelleitung / metallic telephone circuit.
Fernsprecher w. telephone; telephone operator.
Fernsprechfahrzeug n telephone-operations vehicle.
Fernsprechgerät n telephone equipment.
Fernsprechkompanie / telephone-communications company.
Fernsprechkraftwagen w telephone motor truck.
Fernsprechleitung / telephone line.
Fernsprechnetz n wire net (Tp).
Fernsprechrelais n telephone relay.
Fernsprechstelle / telephone station.
Fernsprechtrupp m telephone section.
Fernsprechverkehr m telephone traffic.
Fernsprechvermittlung / telephone central, switching central.
Fernsprechwagen m telephone wagon, telephone truck.
Fernspruch m telephone transcription, telephone message.
Fernsteuerung / remote control.
Fernthermometer n water temperature gage (MT).
Ferntrauung / marriage by proxy (while on active duty).
Ferntroß m third echelon supply train (behind the Mitteltroß).
Fernunterricht in instruction by correspondence.
Ferse / heel (Anatomy).
"Fertig!" "Ready!" (Arty).
Fertigaufschlagzünder m ready-fixed percussion fuze (Am).
Fertigerzeugnis n finished product.
Fertigmontage / . final assembly (Tech).
Fertigung / production, manufacture, construction.
Fertigungshalle / factory shop.
Fertigungsjahr n year of manufacture.
Fertigzünder m ready-fixed fuze (Am).
Fessel / pastern (horse).
Fesselballon m captive balloon.
Fesselgelenk n pastern joint (horse).
Fesselkabel n ground cable, mooring cable (Bin).
fesseln to contain, to fix, pin down (Tac); to chain, tie up.
Fesselseil n ground cable, mooring cable (Bin).
Fesseltau n See Fesselseil.
Fesselung / pinning down, containing (Tac).
Fesselungsvorstqß in containing attack, holding attack.
fest firm, solid, steady; locked; fixed, stationary; fastened.
Festantenne / fixed antenna.
festfressen, sich to seize, freeze (piston, etc.).
festhalten to contain, hold, immobilize (Tac); to track (a target).
Festhaltevorrichtung / locking device (MG).
Festigkeitslehre / strength of materials.
Festigkeitsnachweis m stress analysis.
Festklemmvorrichtung / clamping mechanism (MG tripod).
Festland n mainland, continent.
festlegen to refer (Gunnery); to fix; pinpoint, plot, determine; to sense, spot.
Festlegepunkt m reference point.
Festlegezahl / deflection reading, new reading (in referring the piece) (Gunnery).
festmachen to make fast, secure, tie, moor.
Festnahme / arrest, seizure.
Festpunkt m control point, reference point.
Festpunktnetz n control-point net (Surv).
festschießen seat the base plate by firing (Mort).
Festung / fortress, fort.
Festungsartillerie / fortress artillery.
Festungsartilleriekommandeur m fortress artillery commander.
Festungsbaubataillon w fortress
construction battalion.
Festungsgraben m moat.
Festungsgürtel w cordon of forts.
Festungshaft / confinement in a fortress.
Festungsingenieur m civilian engineer in charge of fortifications.
Festungsinspekteur m superintendent of fortress engineering service (superior of Festungspionierkom-mandeur).
Festungskrieg m siege warfare.
Festungsnachrichtenkommandantur /
fortress signal command (attached to staff of Ft Engr units).
Pestungspionier m fortress engineer.
Festungspionierfeldwebel m technical sergeant (Ft Engr).
Festungspionierkommandeur in fortress engineer brigade commander.
Fett n grease.
Fettpresse / grease gun.
Fettüberzug m grease coating.
Feuchtigkeit / humidity, moisture, dampness.
Feuchtigkeitsgehalt m moisture content, humidity (Met).
Feuchtigkeitsmesser m hygrometer.
Feuchtigkeitsschreiber m hygrograph (Met).
Feuer n fire. unter Feuer nehmen to shell, to strafe.
Feuerabriegelung / box barrage.
Feuerabriegelung schießen to box in, to lay down a box barrage.
Feuerart / method of fire.
Feuerauftrag m fire mission (Arty).
Feuerbefehl m fire order, fire command.
Feuerbegriffe mpl fire classification (Arty).
Feuerbeobachtung / observation of fire (Gunnery).
Feuerbereich m zone of fire.
feuerbereit in firing position; uncoupled, unlimbered, ready for action (Arty).
Feuerdämpfer m flash hider.
Feuerdichte / density of fire.
Feuereinheit / fire unit (Arty).
Feuereinheit der Artillerie basic tactical unit of the artillery.
Feuer einstellen,, to cease fire.
Feuer eröffnen to open fire.
Feuereröffnung / commencement of fire, opening of fire.
feuerfest fireproof.
Feuerformen fpl types of fire, forms of fire (Arty, MG).
"Feuer frei!" "Fire!"
Feuergarbe / sheaf of fire, cone of dispersion, cone of fire.
feuergefährlich inflammable.
Feuergefecht n fire fight, fire duel.
Feuergeschwindigkeit / rate of fire (MG).
Feuerhöhe / height of muzzle.
Feuer in der oberen Winkelgruppe high-angle fire.
Feuer in der unteren Winkelgruppe low-angle fire.
Feuerkampf m fire fight, fire duel, weapons duel.
Feuerkette / line of skirmishers.
Feuerkommando n firing command (Arty).
Feuerkraft / fire power.
Feuer kreuzen to cross fire.
Feuerleitgerät n fire-controi equipment, ballistic director (Arty).
Feuerleitung / fire direction, fire control.
Feuerleitungsnetz n fire control net, fire direction net (Arty).
Feuerleitungsplan m fire-control map (Arty).
Feuerleitungsstand m fire-direction center.
Feuerleitungsstelle / See Feuerleitungsstand.
Feuerlinie / firing line.
Feuerlöscher m fire extinguisher.
Feuerlöschordnung / fire plan (fire prevention measure).
Feueröffnung / commencement of firing.
Feuerpatsche / fire swatter (used in fire fighting).
Feuerpause / cessation of fire (Arty).
"Feuerpause!" "Cease firing!"
Feuerplan m plan of fire (Tac).
Feuerplattform / gun platform.
Feuerregelung / fire control, conduct of fire.
Feuerriegel m box barrage.
Feuersäule / column of flames.
Feuerschiff n lightship.
Feuerschlag m sudden concentration (Arty).
Feuerschutz m covering fire, protective fire; fire support, coverage by supporting fire; artillery protection.
Feuerschütze m aerial gunner.
Feuerschutzpolizei / fire protection police.
feuersicher fireproof.
Feuersignal n fire call.
Feuersperre / barrage.
Feuerspritze / fire engine.
Feuerspucker m Spitfire (slang).
Feuerstärke / density of fire.
Feuersteigerung / increased rate of fire, intensification of fire.
Feuerstellung / firing position, field emplacement, gun position. in Feuerstellung in abatage, in firing position.
verdeckte Feuerstellung position defilade.
Feuerstoß m burst (MG).
Feuerstrahl m jet of liquid fire; gun flash.
Feuertaufe / baptism of fire.
Feuerüberfall in sudden concentration (Arty); surprise fire (Arty, MG).
Feuerüberlegenheit / fire superiority.
Feuer und Bewegung fire and movement, fire and maneuver.
Feuerunterstützung / fire support.
Feuervereinigung / concentration of fire (Arty).
Feuervereinigungswinkel m deflection difference (Btry firing).
Feuerverlegen n shift of fire (Arty).
Feuer verlegen to shift fire.
Feuerverteilung / fire distribution (Arty, MG).
Feuerverteilungswinkel m divergence difference (Btry firing).
Feuervorbereitung / fire preparation (Tac).
Feuervorhang m fire curtain, curtain of fire.
Feuer vorverlegen to lift fire, to advance fire (Arty).
Feuerwaffe / firearm.
Feuerwalze / rolling barrage.
Feuerwand / fire curtain, curtain of fire.
Feuerwehr / fire department.
Feuerwerker m technical sergeant (Ord).
Feuerwerkskörper m pyrotechnic composition (Am).
Feuerwirkung / effect of fire (Gunnery).
Feuerzeug n cigarette lighter.
Feuerzone / zone of fire.
Feuerzucht / fire discipline.
F-Haube / cowling (Ap).
Fieber n fever.
Fieseler-Storch m a German liaison airplane.
Filmkammer / roll-film camera.
Filmkassette / film cartridge, film-pack adapter (Photo).
Filmstreifen in film strip.
Filmvorführapparat m motion-picture projector.
Filterbüchse / gas mask canister.
Filtereinsatz m filter element (gas mask).
Filtergehäuse n filter container (gas mask).
Filterkolonne / water purification column.
Filterwechsel m filter replacement (gas mask).
Filz m felt.
Filzstiefel m felt boot.
Fingerabdruck m fingerprint.
Finnenzelt n plywood shelter (winter operations).
Finsternis / darkness.
Firnis m varnish.
Fischgrätenhindernis n fishbone obstacle pattern.
Fla / antiaircraft defense (originally abbr. of Flugabwehr; now used as independent word). Compare Flak.
Flabataillon n antiaircraft battalion.
flach flat.
Flachbahngeschütz n flat-trajectory gun.
Flachbettfelge / flat-base rim (MT).
Fläche / wing (Ap); surface, area.
flache Böschung gentle slope.
Flächenausgleich m aerodynamic balance (Ap).
Flächenbelastung / wing loading.
Flächenbrand ra area conflagration (Bombing).
Flächendrahthindernis n multiple- belt entanglement.
Flächenfeuer n area fire, zone fire.
Flächeninhalt m area.
Flächenmeßplan m plotting board (FR).
Flächenschießen n area fire, zone fire.
flächentreue Projektion equal area projection (mapping).
Flächenziel n area target.
Flachfeuer n flat fire, flat trajectory fire.
Flachfeuergeschütz n flat-trajectory gun.
Flachkeilverschluß m sliding square-wedge breechblock (G).
Flachlasche / butt strap.
Flachmeißel m flat chisel.
Flachtrudeln n flat spin (Avn).
Flachzange / flat-jawed pliers.
Flackertaste / flicker-signal calling key (Tp).
Fladdermine / land mine.
Fla-Einheit / antiaircraft machine-gun unit.
Flagge / flag.
Flaggentruppen fpl units repre-
sented by flags (in maneuvers).
Flaggentuch n bunting.
Flaggoffizier m flag officer (Nav).
Flaggschiff n flagship.
Flak / antiaircraft gun, antiaircraft artillery (originally abbr. of Flugabwehrkanone; now used as independent word). Compare Fla.
Flakabteilung / antiaircraft artillery battalion.
Flakabwehr / antiaircraft defense.
Flakalarm m air warning for antiaircraft artillery units.
Flakartillerie / antiaircraft artillery.
Flakbatterie / antiaircraft battery.-
Flakbedienung / antiaircraft gun crew.
Flakbrigade / antiaircraft brigade (sometimes known as Flakdivision).
Flakdivision / antiaircraft artillery "division" (contains two to five Flakregimenter). See also Flak-brigade.
Flakfeuer n antiaircraft fire.
Flakgeschütz n antiaircraft gun.
Flakgranate / antiaircraft shell.
Flakgruppe / antiaircraft artillery group (for the defense of an air district).
Flakgürtel m cordon of antiaircraft fire.
Flakhelferin / antiaircraft artillery woman auxiliary.
Flak-Kampfgruppe / antiaircraft combat group.
Flakkommandeur m antiaircraft artillery commander. Höherer Flakkommandeur antiaircraft artillery commander of a Luftgau.
Flakkommandogerät n antiaircraft director.
Flakkorps n antiaircraft artillery corps (contains from two to four Flakdivisionen or two to three Flak-brigaden).
Flakkreuzer m antiaircraft cruiser.
Flakmaschinengewehr n antiaircraft machine gun. Flakmeßgerät n plane spotter and range finder (AAA).
Flakmunition / ammunition for antiaircraft weapons.
Fla-Kompanie / antiaircraft company.
Flakregiment n antiaircraft regiment.
Flakscheinwerfer m antiaircraft searchlight.
Flakschießen n antiaircraft fire.
Flakschießlehre / theory of antiaircraft fire.
Flakschutz m antiaircraft-artillery protection.
Flaksperre / antiaircraft barrage, curtain of antiaircraft fire.
Flakstellung / antiaircraft gun em^ placement.
Flaksturmabzeichen n antiaircraft-artillery assault badge (decoration).
Flaktreffer m hit by antiaircraft fire, antiaircraft hit.
Flaktruppe / antiaircraft artillery (as a branch of the Army).
Flakuntergruppe / subdivision of a Flakgruppe.
Flakvierling m four-barreled antiaircraft gun.
Flakvisier n antiaircraft gun <sight.
Fla-Maschinengewehr n antiaircraft machine gun.
Fla-Maschinenkanone / automatic antiaircraft gun.
Flammendämpfer m flash hider (Ord).
Flammenverzehrer m flame dampen-er exhaust stack (Ap).
Flamm (en) öl n flame thrower fuel.
Flammenstrahl m jet of liquid fire.
Flammenwerfer m flame thrower.
Fiammenwerfer-Füllwagen m recharging trailer for flame throwers.
Flammenwerferpanzerwagen m
flame-throwing tank.
Flammenwerferschutzanzug m
flame-thrower operator's protective clothing.
Flandernzaun m double-apron entanglement, double-apron fence.
Flanke / flank.
Flankenangriff m flank attack.
Flankenbewegung f flanking movement.
Flankeneinbruch m flanking penetration.
Flankenfeuer n flanking fire, enfilade fire.
Flankenmarsch TO flanking march.
Flankenschutz TO flank protection.
Flankensicherung / flank security.
Flankenstellung / flanking position.
flankieren to flank, outflank.
Flankierungsdurchbruch TO flanking break-through.
Flansch TO flange.
Flaschenhals TO bottleneck.
Flaschenzug m block and tackle.
Flata m flame-thrower tank (probably abbr. of Flammenwerfertank).
Flattermine / See Fladdermine.
Flattern n shimmying (MT).
Fla-Waffe / antiaircraft weapon.
Flechtwerk n brush work, brushwood revetment.
Fleckfieber n typhus.
Fleischbeschau TO meat inspection.
Fleischer TO butcher.
Fleischhackmaschine / meat grinder.
Fleischkonserve / canned meat.
Flettner-Seitenruder n servo rudder (Ap).
fliegen to fly.
fliegendes Personal flying personnel.
Flieger TO private (Luftwaffe); pilot, flier; airplane (as seen from ground).
Fliegeralarm TO air alert warning, air raid warning.
Fliegerabwehr / antiaircraft defense.
Fliegerabzeichen n aviation badge.
Fliegerangriff m air attack, air raid.
Fliegerarzt in flight surgeon.
Fliegerausbildungsregiment n air force preflight training regiment.
Fliegerbenzin n aviation gasoline.
Fliegerbluse / flight blouse, pilot's blouse.
Fliegerbombe / aircraft bomb.
Fliegerdeckung / cover from air observation or attack.
Fliegerdivision / airborne division, parachute division.
Fliegerei / aviation.
Fliegerfilz m grenades ejected from airplanes into the path of attacking fighters (slang).
Fliegerformation / formation of airplanes.
Fliegerführer TO air force commander (commander of a Luftflotte or of an area of air operations).
Fliegergasbombe / chemical bomb (Avn).
Fliegergruppe / group (Avn).
Fliegerhandkammer / aerial hand camera.
Fliegerhaube / helmet (Avn).
Fliegerheld TO ace.
Fliegerhilfe / aviation support.
Fliegerhorizont TO artificial horizon.
Fliegerhorst TO airdrome, air base airdrome.
Fliegerhorstkommandant m air base commander.
Fliegerhorstkompanie / airdrome protection company.
Fliegerkammer / aircraft camera, aerial camera.
Fliegerkarte / air map, flight map, pilot chart.
Fliegerkorps n air force corps (subordinate operational command of a Luftflotte).
Fliegerkräfte fpl air forces.
Fliegerkraftstoff m aviation fuel.
Fliegerkrankheit / fliers' sickness (complex of disorders affecting flying Pers; not to be confused with Höhenkrankheit).
Fliegerleuchtpistole / aircraft signal pistol.
Fliegermarschbreite / dispersed formation in width (AA security).
Fliegermarschtiefe / dispersed formation in depth (AA security).
Fliegermaske / camouflage net (AA defense).
Fliegermütze / pilot's garrison cap.
Fliegeroffizier TO flying officer.
Fliegerschule / flying school.
Fliegerschule für technische Ausbildung ground school (Avn).
Fliegerschulung / pilot training (Avn).
Fliegerschutz m antiaircraft defense.
Fliegerschutzanzug TO flying suit.
Fliegerschütze TO aerial gunner.
Fliegerschutzgraben TO slit trench (AA security).
Fliegersirene / air raid siren.
Fliegersoldat TO enlisted man (Luftwaffe).
Fliegertätigkeit / air activity.
Fliegertauglichkeit / fitness for flying.
fliegertechnisches Personal ground crew (Avn).
Fliegertruppe / flying and maintenance personnel of the Luftwaffe.
Fliegertuch n ground panel, marking panel.
Fliegerunterstützung / aviation support, air support.
Fliegerverband TO formation of airplanes, air task force.
Fliegerverbindungsoffizier TO air support officer (air force liaison officer between Luftwaffe and Army; abbr. Flivo).
Fliegervisier n antiaircraft sight.
Fliegervisiereinrichtung / antiaircraft sight assembly, aircraft gun sights.
Fliegerwaffenpersonal n aircraft armament personnel.
Fliegerwarnung / aircraft warning, air raid alarm.
Fliegerwetter n good flying weather; bad flying weather (ironic).
Fliegerzeugnis n pilot's rating, pilot's certificate.
Fliegerzulage / aviation pay, flight pay, flying pay.
Fliehbacke / centrifugal arming device (fuze).
Fliehbackenfeder / spring of centrifugal arming device (fuze).
Fliehbolzen TO centrifugal bolt (fuze).
fliehen flee, escape.
Fliehgewicht n flyweight (engine governor).
Fliehkraftantrieb m centrifugal action (fuze).
Fliehkraftregler TO centrifugal governor (Mtr).
Fliehkraftzünder TO centrifugal fuze.
Fließrichtung / direction of flow.
Flinte / shotgun.
Flivo w See Fliegerverbindungsoffizier.
Floß n float, raft.
Floßbrücke / floating bridge.
Flosse / fin (Ap).
Flossenstummel m inboard stabilizing float (seaplane).
Floßsack TO pneumatic float, pneumatic ponton, pneumatic boat.
Floßsacksteg m pneumatic-boat footbridge.
Flotille / flotilla.
Flotte / fleet (Nav). See also Luftflotte.
Flottenchef TO Commander-in-Chief of a fleet (Nav). See also Luftflottenchef.
Flotteneinheit / naval unit.
Flottenstützpunkt TO naval base.
flottmachen to free (stuck or stalled vehicle); to float (a grounded vessel).
Flucht / flight, escape.
flüchten flee, escape.
flüchtig hasty (Ft); nonpersistent (CWS); .fleeting; volatile.
flüchtige Feldbefestigung hasty field fortification.
flüchtiger Kampfstoff nonpersistent chemical agent.
Flüchtigkeit / volatility (CWS).
Fluchtlinie / directional traverse.
Flüchtling TO refugee.
Fluchtstab TO range pole (Surv).
Fluchtversuch TO attempt to escape.
Flug TO flight, flying. See also terms under Flieger and Luft.
Flugabwehr / antiaircraft defense.
Flugabwehrbezirk TO air defense region.
Flugabwehrführer TO antiaircraft commander.
Flugabwehrgeschütz n antiaircraft gun.
Flugabwehrkanone / antiaircraft gun (abbr. Flak).
Flugabwehrmaschinengewehr n antiaircraft machine gun.
Flugabwehrmaschinenkanone / automatic antiaircraft gun.
Flugabwehrmaschinenwaffen fpl automatic antiaircraft weapons.
Fluganwärterkompanie / pool company for pilot candidates (waiting for assignment to a pilot school).
Flugbahn / trajectory.
Flugbahnaufriß TO See Flugbahnbild.
Flugbahnbild n trajectory diagram.
Flugbahngrundriß TO See Flugbahn-bild.
Flugbereich TO range, maximum range (Ap).
flugbereit "on the hangar line" (after servicing).
Flugbereitschaft / ground readiness (Avn).
Flugbesprechung / orders conference, "briefing" (Avn).
Flugbetrieb m airdrome traffic, airdrome activities, routine flying operations.
Flugbetriebsstoffkolonne / aviation gasoline, oil and lubricants column.
Flugblatt n propaganda leaflet.
Flugboot n flying boat.
Flugbuch n flight log.
Flugdauer / endurance, duration of flight (Ami).
Flugdeck n landing deck, flight deck (aircraft carrier).
Flugebene / slant plane determined by lines of present and future position (AA gunnery).
Flügel m wing (Ap, Tac); fin (Mort shell, R grenade, bomb); vane (Cml shell, bomb); propeller blade.
Flügelangriff m frontal attack directed obliquely against one wing.
Flügelanordnung / wing setting (Ap).
Flügelblech n stabilizing fin (Mort Am).
Flügeleinstellwinkel m angle of wing setting (Ap).
Flügeleinteilung / classification of wing parts (Ap).
Flügeleintrittskante / leading edge (Ap).
Flügelende n wing tip.
Flügelgeschütz n outside or end gun of a battery.
Flügelhaut / wing skin.
Flügelholm m wing spar.
Flügelinhalt m wing area.
Flügelkanone / wing-mounted cannon.
Flügelkolben m pump vane.
flügellastig wingheavy.
Flügelleuchtpatrone / wing-tip flare.
Flügelmann m flank man (drill).
Flügelmann am Drehpunkt fixed
pivot, pivot man (drill).
Flügel-Mittelstück n wing center section (Ap).
Flügelmutter / wing nut.
Flügelnase / leading edge (Ap).
Flügelprofll n wing profile.
Flügelrippe / wing rib.
Flügelschaft m fin shaft (Mort shell).
Flügelschiene / wing rail (RR).
Flügelschnitt m wing section (Ap).
Flügelschraube / thumbscrew.
Flügelsehne / wing chord.
Flügelsignal n wing signal.
Flügelspannweite / wing span.
Flügelspitzenkurve / ninety-degree turn (Avn).
Flügelstiel m interplane strut.
Flügelstrebe / wing strut.
Flügelstreckung / aspect ratio.
Flügeltiefe / depth of wing profile.
Flügelverspannung / wing bracing.
Flügelverstrebung / wing strut system.
Flügelvorderkante / leading edge.
flügelweise in width, in line.
flügelweise Aufstellung disposition in width (Tac).
Flügelwurzel / wing root (Ap)
Flügelzelle / cell, cellule (Ap).
Flugfigur / flight maneuver.
Flugform / flight formation.
Fluggast m airplane passenger.
Fluggerät n aircraft instruments.
Fluggeschwindigkeit / flying speed.
Fluggewicht, n gross weight (Ap).
Flughafen m airport, airdrome.
Flughafenbautrupp m airdrome construction detachment.
Flughafengrenze / airdrome boundary.
Flughöhe / altitude (Avn); ordin-ate of trajectory, vertical height (Ballistics). höchste Flughöhe absolute ceiling (Avn).
Flughöhe über dem Erdboden absolute altitude (Avn).
flugklar airworthy, capable of flying; cleared for take-off.
Fluglage / attitude, attitude of flight (Avn).
Fluglehre / theory of flight.
Fluglehrer m flight instructor.
Flugleistung / flight performance (Ap).
Fluglinie / flight line.
Flugmeldedienst m aircraft warning service.
Flugmeldekommando n information center (AWS, Z of I).
Flugmeldenetz n aircraft warning net.
Flugmeldeposten in antiaircraft lookout, air guard observer (AWS).
Flugmelderose / orientation card (AWS); orientation clock (to indicate target's direction of approach) (AAA).
Flugmeldezentrale / information center (AWS, T of Opns).
Flugmeldung / flight report (Avn); report of approaching aircraft (AWS).
Flugtnotor w aircraft engine.
Flugneigungswinkel m angle of dive (AA gunnery).
Flugordnung / flight formation.
Flugpeildienst m airways navigation service.
Flugplatz m airfield, airdrome.
Flugplatzanlagen fpl airdrome installations.
Flugplatzbefeuerung / airdrome lighting.
Flugplatzfeld n landing field.
Flugplatzzone / " control zone (Adrm).
Flugrichtung / direction of flight, course (Avn).
Flugrichtungspfeil m path-of-flight pointer (reflector sight).
Flugschüler m pilot trainee.
Flugsicherheit / flying safety (Avn).
Flugsicherung / air-trafHc safety control.
Flugsicherungsbereich m air-traffic control area.
Flugsicherungsdienst m air-traffic control service.
Flugsicherungshauptstelle / air-traffic control station.
Flugsicherungsschiff n air-traffic safety ship (vessel employed as radio aid for air navigation and in aircraft rescue service).
Flugstrecke / airway, flight route, flight line, leg of a flight.
Flugstreckenfeuer n airway beacon, course light.
Flugstreckenkarte / strip map, air navigation map.
Flugstützpunkt m air base.
Flugtagebuch n flight log.
flugtechnisch pertaining to aeronautical technology or technique of flying.
Flugtorpedoboot n torpedo-carrying flying boat.
flugtüchtig airworthy, capable of flying.
Flugwache / observation post (A WS, Z of I).
Flugwachkommando n filter center (AWS, Zofl).
Flugweg m airway, course, path of flight.
Flugwegbestimmung / course determination (Air Navigation).
Flugweite / range of flight, flying distance.
Flugwesen n aviation.
Flugwetter n (good) flying weather.
Flugwetterdienst m aviation weather reporting service.
Flugwetterwarte / aviation weather station.
Flugwinkel m angle of approach (AAA).
Flugwinkel im Abschußpunkt angle of approach at instant of firing. (AAA).
Flugwinkel im Meßpunkt angle of approach at instant of range determination. (AAA).
Flugwinkel im Treffpunkt angle of approach at future position. (AAA).
Flugwissenschaft / aeronautics.
Flugzeit / flying time, endurance (Ap); time of flight (of projectile).
Flugzeitkurve / time-of-flight curve (imaginary curve indicating different points of burst at constant time setting with varying elevation).
Flugzeitsekunden fpl time of flight in seconds (Ballistics).
Flugzeug n airplane, aircraft.
Flugzeugabwehrscheinwerfer m antiaircraft searchlight.
Flugzeugachse / axis of an aircraft.
Flugzeugbaumuster n airplane model.
Flugzeugbein n shock strut (Ap).
Flugzeugbesatzung / air crew.
Flugzeugbewaffnung / airplane armament.
Flugzeug-Flügelkanone / wing-mounted cannon (Ap).
Flugzeugführer m pilot. zweiter Flugzeugführer co-pilot.
Flugzeugführerschein m pilot's certificate.
Flugzeugführerschule / pilot school.
Flugzeuggerippe n airframe.
Flugzeuggeschwindigkeitslineal n airplane speed slide rule (AAA).
Flugzeughalle / hangar.
Flugzeugkanone / aircraft cannon, aircraft automatic gun.
Flugzeugmechaniker m air mechanic.
Flugzeugmetaller m metalsmith (Avn).
Flugzeug-M.G.-Steuerung / impulse generator mechanism (Ap MG).
Flugzeugmotor m aircraft engine.
Flugzeugmutterschiff n seaplane tender.
Flugzeugortung / air navigation.
Flugzeugrumpf m fuselage.
Flugzeugrüstpersonal n aircraft armorer-artificers.
Flugzeugschlepp m airplane towing.
Flugzeugschleuder / catapult (Avn).
Flugzeugschleuderschiff n seaplane tender with catapult facilities.
Flugzeug-Schwerölmotor m Diesel-type aircraft engine.
Flugzeugsteuerung / airplane controls, flight control.
Flugzeugtender m seaplane tender.
Flugzeugtorpedo n aerial torpedo.
Flugzeugträger m aircraft carrier.
Flugzeugwart m airplane mechanic.
Flugzeug zu Flugzeug air-air (Sig Com).
Flugziel n air target, air objective.
Flugzielbeschuß m firing at air target.
Flugzustand m attitude, attitude of flight (Avn).
Fluoreszenzfarbe / luminous paint.
Fluß m river.
Flußbreitenmesser m river-width measuring instrument.
Flußerkundung / river reconnaissance.
Flüssigkeit -/ liquid.
Flüssigkeitsausgleicher m fluid equalizer (recoil mechanism).
flüssigkeitsgekühlt liquid-cooled.
Flüssigkeitsgetriebe n fluid drive (MT).
Flüssigkeitskühlung / liquid cooling (Mtr).
Flüssigkeitsrücklauf bremse / hydraulic recoil brake (G).
Flüssigkeitsstoßdämpfer m hydraulic shock absorber (MT).
Flüssigkeitszerstäuber m decontamination sprayer.
Flußkabel n marine cable, underwater cable (Tp).
Flußpolizei / river police.
Flußübergang m river crossing, ford.
Flutlicht n floodlight.
Folgeladung / induced-detonation charge.
Folgezeiger m pointer, indicator (folloiv-the-pointer mechanism in data transmission system).
Folgezeigerantrieb m follow-the-pointer drive (AAA).
Folgezeigereinrichtung / follow-the-pointer mechanism (AAA).
Folgezeigerempfänger m fuze indicator (follow-the-pointer-type fuze setter).
Förderbahn / miners' tramway.
Formel / formula.
Formgebung / lofting (Ap).
Formular n form, blank.
Formveränderung / evolution (Tac).
Formwert m coefficient of form (Ballistics).
Forstamt n forest service office.
Försterei / forest service station.
Fortbewegung / propulsion, movement.
Fortbildung / advanced training.
Fortschritt m effective pitch (propeller) ; progress.
Fracht / freight.
Frachtbrief m bill of lading.
Frachtdampfer m freighter.
Frachtenbeförderung / transportation of freight.
Frachter m freighter.
Frachtflugzeug n cargo-transport plane.
Fragebogen m questionnaire.
"fraglich" "doubtful" (uncertain regarding effect of a projectile).
Fräsmaschine / milling machine.
Fregattenkapitän m commander (Nav).
Freibord m freeboard.
Freigabe / clearance.
Freihandnivellierinstrument n hand level (Surv).
Freiheitsstrafe / sentence of confinement.
Freiherr m baron.
Freilassung / release (of prisoner).
Freilassung auf Ehrenwort release on parole.
Freilauf m freewheeling (MT).
Freileitung / overhead line (Tp).
Freischärler m guerrilla.
Freischwimmer m qualified swimmer. See also Fahrtenschwimmer.
Freischwimmertrupp m swimmer detail (for swimming horses across a stream).
freitragend cantilever.
Freiübung / setting-up exercise.
freiwillig voluntary, volunteer. sich freiwillig melden to volunteer, enlist, enroll.
Freiwilliger m volunteer.
Freiwilligenlegion / legion composed of non-German volunteers.
Freizeichen n dial hum (Tp).
Fremdpeilung / direction finding by means of bearings radioed to the
aircraft by surface direction-finder stations.
Frequenz / frequency.
Frequenzangabe / frequency designation (Rad).
Frequenzband n frequency band
(Rad). Frequenzbereich m frequency range (Rad).
Frequenzeinstellung / tuning control (Rad).
Frequenzkorrektur / calibration adjustment (Rad).
Frequenzmesser m frequency meter (Rad).
Frequenzmodulation / frequency modulation (Rad). Freßbeutel m feed bag.
Friede m peace. Friedensstärke / peace strength.
Friedensstärkenachweisung / table of organization (peacetime).
Friedensverhandlungen fpl peace negotiations.
Friedhof m cemetery.
Front / front (Mil, Met). innere Front home front.
Frontabschnitt m front sector.
Frontalangriff m frontal attack. Frontalfeuer n frontal fire. Frontantrieb m front-wheel drive (MT).
Frontbogen m front arc, curved front line.
Frontdienst m service at the front.
Fronteinsatz m commitment to the front, employment at the front.
Frontensegeln .n frontal soaring (glider).
Frontflugspange / combat aviation clasp (decoration).
Frontflugzeug n combat airplane.
Frontkämpfer m fighter at the front; combatant; veteran.
Frontkämpferkreuz n veterans cross (decoration awarded to all veterans of World War 1).
Frontingenieur m engineer of the Todt Organization (Ft).
Frontleitstelle / forward directing center for personnel in transit. Front:MG. n bow machine gun (Tk).
Frontmitte / center of the front (Tac). Frontoffizier m line officer.
Frontpanzer m front armor (Tk).
Frontsammelstelle / front collecting point (for reception of trained replacements and distribution to units).
Frontsoldat m soldier at the front, combatant.
Frontstalag n forward prisoner of war camp. See also Stalag.
Fronturlaub m furlough from the combat zone.
Frontverband m combat element (Tac); support force, formation of support aircraft (Avn).
Frontvorsprung m salient (Tac).
Frontzeitung / army newspaper in combat zone.
Frontzulage / combat pay (additional pay for personnel in the combat zone).
Frostgraupeln pl sleet.
Frostschutzmittel n antifreeze solution.
Frostschutzsalbe / antifrostbite ointment.
frostsicher nonfreezable, frost-resistant.
Frühzerspringer m premature burst (Arty).
Frühzündung / preignition (Mtr).
F-Staffel / See Fernaufklärungsstaffel.
F-Stoff m titanium tetrachloride (a smoke agent) (CWS).
F.T.-Anlage / radio installation, radio equipment, radio set (Ap).
F.T.-Gerät n radiotelegraph set,
radio equipment, radio set (Ap).
F.T.-Haube / helmet with built-in headset and throat-type microphone.
F.T.-Verbindung / radiotelegraph communication.
Fuchsloch n niche (Ft) (Note: fox hole = Schützenloch).
Fugasse / fougasse.
Fühlerlehre / thickness gage.
Fühlung / contact (Tac).
Fühlung aufnehmen to make contact (with friendly or enemy troops).
Fühlunghalten n contact mission (Avn).
Fühlunghalter m airplane maintaining contact with enemy force (Avn, Nav).
Fühlungnahme / establishment of contact (Tac).
führen to lead, direct, manage; to drive; to guide; to pilot.
Führer m leader; commander, commanding officer; chief; guide; driver; pilot.
Führeranwärter m SS officer candidate.
Führerbesprechung / conference.
Führer der Luft air liaison officer with the Navy.
Führereigenschaft / quality(-ies) of leadership.
Führerflugzeug n commander's airplane, leading airplane, command airplane.
Führergehilfe m assistant chief of staff.
Führergondel / control car (Ash).
Führerhauptquartier n Hitler's headquarters in the field.
Führerkanzel / pilot's cockpit, control cabin (Ap).
Führerkompaß m pilot's compass (Ap).
Führerkurs vt officer training course.
Führerraum m control cabin, pilot's compartment, pilot's cockpit (Ap).
Führerschaft / leadership; group of leaders.
Führerschein m operator's permit, driver's permit (MT).
Führersitz m cockpit; pilot's seat; driver's seat.
Führerstab m command group.
Führerstand.m control cabin, pilot's cockpit, pilot's compartment (Ap); tank commander's position.
Führerzügel m lead rein (harness).
Führung / command, conduct, leadership; command post, headquarters; guide (Mech). obere Führung higher command' (Div and up).
untere Führung lower command (Regt and down).
Führungsabteilung / tactical group of general staff sections.
Führungsband n rotating band (Am).
Führungsfläche / flank (G barrel).
Führungshülse / traversing slide (MG).
Führungskante / edge of land (G barrel).
Führungskette / squadron commander's flight, leading flight (Avn).
Führungsklaue / assembly guide claw (G).
Führungskunst / art of leadership, art of command (Tac).
Führungsleiste / ribbed guide (breechblock).
Führungs-Nachrichtenregiment n
signal regiment which provides communication down to Army Hq.
Führungsring m rotating band (Am).
Führungsrolle / guide roller (Tk).
Führungsschiene / guide rail (G cradle).
Führungsstab m operations staff (Luftwaffe).
Führungsstück n traversing arc (MG).
Führungsvermittlung / command telephone central.
Führungswulst m rear bourrelet (Am).
Führungszeichen n driving signal.
Füllansatz in appendix (Bin).
Füllelement n desiccated cell, "add-water" cell (Elec).
Füllfunkspruch m dummy radio message.
Füllpulver 02 n TNT.
Füllschraube / filler cap (MG).
Fülltrichter m filling funnel.
Füllung / filler (Am); filling (CWS).
Füllzapfen m filling plug.
Fundamentring m base ring (Ord).
Fünfer-Schwarmwinkel m wedge
formation of 5 airplanes.
Fünfte Kolonne fifth column.
Funk m radio.
Funkabkürzung / procedure sign, code group, prosine, prosig.
Funkanlage / radio installation.
Funkaufklärung / radio intelligence.
Funkauswertekraftwagen m radio-intelligence truck.
Funkbake / radio beacon.
Funkbefehl m radio command, radio order.
Funkbereitschaft / radio alert.
Funkbeschickung / radio compass calibration (Air Navigation).
Funkbeschickungskurve / deviation curve (Rad).
Funkbeschränkung / limited radio silence.
Funkbetrieb m radio operations.
Funkbetriebskraftwagen ra radio operations truck.
Funkbetriebsstelle / radio operations station.
Funkdauerbereitschaft / continuous radio alert.
Funkdienst m radio communication . service.
Funkdoppelverkehr ra simultaneous two-way radio traffic.
Funke m spark.
Funkeinsatz ra employment of radio.
Funkempfang m radio reception.
Funkempfänger ra radio receiver.
funken to radio, send by radio.
Funkenbildung / production of sparks (Elec).
Funkenstrecke / spark gap.
Funkentelegraphie / radiotelegraphy.
Funkentelephonie / radiotelephony.
Funkentladung / spark discharge (Elec).
Funkentstörer ra static eliminator (Rad).
Funker m radio operator (with grade of private).
Funkfeuer n radio beacon.
Funkgefreiter ra radio operator (with grade of Gefreiter).
Funkgerät n radio set, radio equipment.
Funkgerätkraftwagen ra radio truck, radio-squipment truck.
Funkgerätmechaniker ra radio repairman.
Funkhorchdienst ra radio intercept service.
Funkhorchkraftwagen ra radio intercept truck.
Funkhorchstelle / radio intercept station.
Funkkiste / radio chest, radio case.
Funkkompanie / radio company.
Funkkraftwagen ra radio car, radio truck, radio command truck.
Funklinie / radio line, two-station net.
Funkmast m antenna mast, mast-type antenna.
Funkmastkraftwagen ra radio antenna truck.
Funkmeister m technical sergeant (Rad).
Funkmeisterei / signal supply and radio maintenance shop.
Funkmeldung / radio message.
Funkmeßgerät n radar.
Funkmeßturm ra radar tower, radar station.
Funknachrichten fpl radio messages, radio communications.
Funknavigation / radio navigation (Avn).
Funknetz n radio net.
Funknetz für den Verkehr Boden-Bord air-ground net (Rad).
Funkpanzerkampfwagen ra radio command tank.
Funkpeiler m radio direction finder.
Funkpeilgerät n radio direction-finding apparatus.
Funkpeilung / radio direction finding.
Funkquerverbindung / intercommunication channel (Rad).
Funkrufzeichen n radio call signal.
Funksender m radio transmitter.
Funksendung / radio transmission.
Funksignal n radio signal.
Funkskizze / radio net diagram.
Funksprechen n radio voice transmission, radiotelephone communication, voice-radio communication.
Funksprechgerät n radiotelephone.
Funksprechübermittlung / voice-radio communication.
Funkspruch ra radio message.
Funkspruchkopf ra heading on radio message.
Funkspruchübersicht / radio signal unit journal, number sheet.
Funkspruchvermittlung / radio-message transmission, radio message relay (station).
Funkspruchweg ra radio channel. auf dem Funkspruchweg by radio, via radio.
Funkstaffel / echelon of radio units; radio detachment.
Funkstelle / radio station.
Funkstille / radio silence.
Funkstörung / radio interference, radio jamming.
Funktafel / radio code table.
Funktasten n keying (Rad).
Funktäuschung / radio deception.
Funktechnik / radio engineering.
Funktechniker ra radio engineer.
Funktrupp m radio section.
Funkturm ra radio tower.
Funküberwachung / radio monitoring.
Funkübung / radio-communication exercise.
Funkunteroffizier m radio operator (Sgt).
Funkverbindung / radio communication.
Funkverbot n radio silence.
Funkverkehr m radio traffic.
Funkverkehrsabkiirzungen fpl brevity code, prosigs (Bad).
Funkverkehrsart / type of radio-net traffic.
Funkverkehrsform / method of radio communication.
Funkwagen m radio car, truck, or wagon.
Funkwart m radio technician.
Funkwechselsprechen n alternate two-way radiophone communication.
Funkwechselverkehr m alternate two-way radio traffic.
Funkweg m radio channel. auf dem Funkweg by radio, via radio.
Funkwelle / radio wave. Funkwerkstatt / radio maintenance shop.
Funkwetterwarte / radio weather station.
Funkzucht / radio discipline.
furagieren to forage.
Furagierleine / picket line (for horse).
Furche / furrow, scour (river bed); groove; white line (hoof).
Furier in quartermaster sergeant.
Furnier n veneer.
Fürsorge / welfare.
Furt / ford.
Füsilier m private, infantry rifleman.
Fußbremshebel m brake pedal.
Fußhebel m pe.dal'fOrd, MT).
fußkrarik footsore.
Fußlappen m foot rag, foot cloth; cabbage (slang).
Fußlatscher m "foot-slogger," infantryman (slang).
Fußlatte / sill (Bdg).
Fußmelder m runner.
Fußplatte / foot plate, float (AA gun outrigger).
Fußpunkt m nadir point.
Fußschalter m foot switch' (Elec); foot starter (MT).
Fußschaltung / foot shifter (MT).
Fußschlingenmine / foot snare mine.
Fußstütze / footrest.
Fußteller m float, float plate, jack float (AA gun).
Fußweg m footpath.
Futter n forage, fodder; lining (Clo); bushing, liner (Tech); chuck (of lathe, etc.).
Futteral n case; scabbard; sheath.
Futterholz n frame, shim (Engr).
Futterration / forage ration.
Futterrohr n removable liner (G).
Futterstück n bushing (breechblock).


Gabel / fork (utensil); bracket (Arty). eine Gabel bilden to bracket
Gabelachse / Elliot-type front axle (MT).
Gabelbildung / bracketing method, bracket adjustment (Arty).
Gabeldeichsel / pair of wagon shafts.
Gabellafette / gun carriage with shafts.
Gabelmotor m V-engine.
gabeln to bracket (Arty).
Gabelschießen n bracket fire.
Gabelschwanz m twin tail (Ap).
Gabelstütze / bipod (MG).
Gabelumschalter m hook switch (Tp).
Gabelung / bracket (Arty).
Gamaschen fpl leggins, puttees.
Ganasche / jaw (horse).
Gang m gear, speed, action, play, motion, travel (Mech); passage, gangway.
Gangart / gait (horse).
gangbar passable.
Gangrolle / pivoted dial (speed-ovieter).
Gangschaltung / gearshift (MT). Gangspill m capstan.
Gänsemarsch in Indian file, single file.
"Ganze Abteilung, Kehrt!" "About Face!" (to a detail, squad, company, etc.).
Ganzmetallflugzeug n all-metal airplane.
Garbe / sheaf of fire, cone of dispersion, cone of fire.
Garnison / garrison (now Standort).
garnisonverwendungsfähig fit for limited service (i.e., in a garrison post, station or in Com Z) (abbr. g-v.).
Gasabblaseverfahren n gas-release method (CWS).
Gasabdichtung / gas check (breechblock).
Gasabwehr / gas defense.
Gasabwehrdienst m chemical defense service.
Gasabwehrmaßnahmen fpl tactical protection (CWS).
Gasabwehrmittel n gas-defense equipment.
Gasabwehrwaffe / gas-defense weapon.
Gasalarm m gas alarm.
Gasalarmsirene / gas-alarm siren.
Gasalarmzeichen n gas-alarm signal.
Gasangriff m gas attack.
Gasanzeiger m gas detector kit.
Gasanzug m gas-protection suit.
Gasaufklärung / gas reconnaissance.
Gasausbildung / gas-defense instruction.
Gasbehälter m gas container.
Gasbekleidung / protective clothing (CWS).
Gasbereitschaft / gas alert.
Gasbeschuß m gas-shell fire (Arty).
Gasbrand m gas gangrene.
Gasbrille / gas goggles (CWS).
Gasbrisanzgranate / high-explosive chemical shell.
gasdicht gasproof, gastight.
Gasdichte / gas' concentration.
Gasdichtigkeit / impermeability to gas.
Gasdisziplin / gas discipline.
Gasdruck m blowback, gas pressure (Ord).
Gasdrucklader m blowback-operated weapon.
Gasdruckmeßgerät n pressure gage (Arty).
Gasdruckprüfung / pressure test (Ord).
Gasdüse / gas-cylinder nozzle.
Gasentladungsröhre / gas tube (Rad).
Gas-Erdmine / chemical mine, chemical land mine.
Gaserkennungsdienst m gas-detecting service.
Gasflasche / chemical cylinder, gas cylinder.
Gasfußhebel m accelerator pedal (Mtr).
Gasfußtritt m See Gasfußhebel.
Gasgenerator m wood-gas generator (MT).
Gasgeschoß n chemical projectile.
gasgeschützt gasproofed.
Gasgewehrgranate / gas rifle grenade.
Gasgranate / chemical shell, gas shell.
Gashandgranate / gas hand grenade, chemical hand grenade.
Gashandschuh m gas-protection glove.
Gashandwerfer m chemical mortar.
Gashebel in throttle lever (Ap); accelerator (Mtr).
Gaskampf m chemical warfare.
Gaskampfgerät n chemical warfare equipment.
Gaskampfmittel npl chemical warfare material.
Gaskrieg m chemical warfare.
Gasläufer m antigas runner (roll of impregnated paper on which to cross contaminated ground).
Gasleitung / gas line, gas pipe.
Gasmaske / gas mask.
Gasmaskenkörper m body of gas mask.
Gasmaskenprüfgerät n gas-mask testing apparatus.
Gasmaskentragbüchse / gas-mask carrier (canister type).
Gasmaskenzubehör n gas-mask accessories.
Gasmörser m chemical mortar.
Gasmunition / .chemical munitions.
Gasoffizier m gas officer, chemical officer.
Gasöl n gas oil, Diesel fuel.
Gasplane / antigas paulin, protective awning (CWS).
Gasraum m gas chamber (Bin, CWS).
Gasraumprobe / gas-chamber test (CWS).
Gasraumprüfung / See Gasraumprobe.
Gasschießen n gas-shell fire (Arty).
Gasschleuse / gas trap, air lock (CWS).
Gasschutz m chemical defense.
Gasschutzdecke / protective mat (CWS).
Gasschutzfilm m chemical-defense | training film.
Gasschutzgerät n gas protective equipment.
Gasschutzgerätepark m chemical defense equipment park.
Gasschutzgerätwerkstatt / repair shop for gas protective equipment.
Gasschutzsalbe / protective ointment (CWS).
Gassschutziibungsmittel n- chemical defense training agent.
Gasschutzunteroffizier m gas noncommissioned officer.
Gasschutzvorhang m gas curtain, blanket door.
Gasschutzvorrat m stock of chemical defense equipment.
Gasschutzvorschrift / gas-defense regulations.
Gasschwaden mpl gas fumes (CWS).
Gasse / gap (in obstacle or mine field); alley, street.
gassicher gasproof.
Gassperre / gas barrier, contaminated area.
Gasspüren n gas detection.
Gasspürer m gas sentry.
Gasspürfähnchen n gassed-area marker.
Gasspürgerät n gas-detection apparatus.
Gasspürkraftwagen m gas-detection car.
Gasspürmittel npl gas-detection equipment.
Gasspürstoff m gas-detection agent.
Gasspürtrupp m gas-detection squad.
Gasstiefel mpl gas-protection boots.
Gastruppen fpl chemical troops.
Gasüberfall m surprise gas attack, surprise gas-shell fire.
Gasumhang m gas-protection cloak.
Gasvergifteter m gas casualty.
Gasvergiftung / gas poisoning, contamination.
Gasverluste mpl gas casualties.
Gasvorhang m gas curtain.
Gaswarnung / gas warning.
Gaswerfen n chemical-projector fire.
Gaswerfer m chemical projector.
Gaswolke / gas cloud.
Gaszelle / cell, cellule (Ash).
Gaszucht / gas discipline.
Gaze / gauze.
geballt concentrated. I geballte Ladung concentrated charge (consisting of several explosive blocks tied together).
geben to give; transmit (Rad, Tg).
Geber m sender, transmitter; data transmitter (data transmission system); azimuth and elevation indicator (AA director).
Gebiet n region; territory; zone.
Gebirgsartillerie / mountain artillery, pack artillery.
Gebirgsfahrkolonne / mountain supply column (H-Dr).
Gebirgsgeschütz n mountain gun, pack gun.
Gebirgshang m mountainside.
Gebirgskanone / mountain gun.
Gebirgsinfanteriegeschütz n mountain infantry howitzer.
Gebirgsjäger m mountain infantry-. man.
Gebirgsjäger-Bataillon n mountain infantry battalion.
Gebirgsjäger-Regiment n mountain infantry regiment.
Gebirgskampf m mountain combat.
Gebirgskorps n mountain corps.
Gebirgskorpskommando n mountain corps headquarters.
Gebirgskrieg m mountain warfare.
Gebirgsmütze / mountain cap.
Gebirgspaß m mountain pass.
Gebirgs-Pionier-Regiment n mountain engineer regiment.
Gebirgsträgerkompanie / mountain carrier company (on foot).
Gebirgstruppen fpl 'mountain troops.
Gebiß n bit (harness). .
Gebläse n blower, supercharger; ventilator.
Gebläsemotor m supercharged engine.
Gebläsewind m airflow.
Gebrauch m use, custom.
Gebrauchsanweisung / instructions for use, operating instructions.
Gebrauchsflugzeug n general-purpose airplane.
Gebrauchsladung / normal charge.
Gebrauchsstufe / the sum of all interior ballistic factors. See also Grundstufe.
Gebühr / charge, rate, allowance, fee.
Gebührnisse fpl allowances, rates.
Geburtsjahrgang m age class.
Geburtsurkunde / birth certificate.
gedämpft damped (Elec, Mech).
gedeckt covered, concealed, defiladed, masked, sheltered.
gedeckte Bahn shooting gallery.
gedeckte Batterie masked battery.
gedeckter Raum dead space, safety zone.
gedeckte Stellung cover position.
geeicht calibrated.
geerdet grounded (Elec).
Gefahr / danger.
gefährden endanger.
gefährlich dangerous.
Gefahrpunkt m critical point (Tac).
Gefälle n gradient (Met, Top).
Gefällemesser m clinometer (Engr).
gefallen fallen, dead, killed. im Felde gefallen killed in action.
Gefangenenabschub m evacuation of prisoners.
Gefangenenaussage / prisoner's statement.
Gefangenenaustausch m exchange of prisoners.
Gefangenenbewachungskommando n prisoner guard detachment.
Gefangenenlager n prisoner-of-war camp.
Gef angenensammelkommando' n prisoner-collecting detachment.
Gefangenensammelstelle / prisoner collecting point.
Gefangenenverhör n See Gefangenenvernehmung.
Gefangenenvernehmung / interrogation of prisoners.
Gefangener m prisoner.
Gefangennahme / capture.
Gefängnis n prison.
Gefängnisstrafe / sentence of confinement to a prison.
Gefecht n action, battle, combat, engagement, fight. See also terms under Kampf, Krieg.
Gefechte unter besonderen Verhältnissen special operations.
Gefecht im Gebirge mountain combat.
Gefechtsabschnitt m combat sector, zone of action.
Gefechtsaufgabe / combat task.
Gefechtsaufklärung / battle reconnaissance, combat reconnaissance.
Gefechtsauftrag m combat mission.
Gefechtsausbildung / combat practice, tactical training.
Gefechtsbatterie / firing battery.
Gefechtsbefehl m combat order.
Gefechtsbefehlsstelle / command post.
Gefechtsbereich m zone of action.
Gefechtsbereitschaft / readiness for action.
Gefechtsbericht m combat report.
Gefechtsberührung / contact with the enemy.
Gefechtsbreite / combat frontage.
Gefechtseinheit / combat unit.
Gefechtseinsatz m employment . in action, commitment to action.
Gefechtsentwicklung / deployment for action (Tac).
Gefechtsfahrzeug n combat vehicle.
Gefechtsform / combat formation.
Gefechtsgebiet n combat zone.
Gefechtsgliederung / tactical grouping.
Gefechtsgruppe / combat unit; armored support unit.
Gefechtshandlung / operation, action, engagement, battle.
Gefechtskarren m ammunition and weapons cart (H-Dr).
Gefechtskarte / battle map.
Gefechtskasten m medical supplies and equipment chest.
gefechtsklar cleared for action (Nav).
Gefechtskompanie / assault company (Prcht troops).
Gefechtskopf m warhead (torpedo).
Gefechtskraftwagen m combat car.
Gefechtslage / combat situation.
Gefechtslandeplatz m advance (d) landing field.
Gefechtslärm m noise of battle.
Gefechtslehre / tactics.
Gefechtslinie / line of battle.
Gefechtsluftaufklärung / combat air reconnaissance.
gefechtsmäßig similar to actual combat or conditions in the field.
gefechtsmäßiges Schießen combat practice firing.
Gefechtsmeldung / combat message, combat report.
Gefechtspause / lull in combat.
Gefechtsraum m zone of action, combat area (Tac); fighting compartment, turret basket (Tk).
Gefechtsscheibe / field target, aiming silhouette.
Gefechtsschießen n advanced combat practice firing.
Gefechtsschießstand m field firing range (R).
Gefechtsschlitten m combat sled.
Gefechtsschreiber m clerk at a command post.
Gefechtsspähtrupp m combat patrol.
Gefechtsstab m command group; tactical operations staff.
Gefechtsstaffel / combat-train echelon.
Gefechtsstand m command post (in combat); headquarters (Avn); gun position, gunner's station (Ap).
Gefechtsstellung / action station.
Gefechtsstreifen m combat sector, zone of action.
Gefechtstätigkeit / combat activity.
Gefechtstroß m combat train; maintenance section (Btry).
Gefechtsübung / combat practice.
Gefechtsverlauf m progress of action (Tac).
Gefechtsverwendung / employment in combat.
Gefechtsvorposten in combat outpost.
Gefechtswagen m ammunition and weapons wagon.
Gefechtszeitangabe / chronology of battle.
Gefechtszweck in objective of combat, purpose of an action.
Gefecht um Engen combat at defiles.
Gefolgschaft / collective term for subordinate officers and/or enlisted personnel.
Gefreitenarmwinkel m acting corporal's chevron.
Gefreitenwinkel in See Gefreitenarmwinkel.
Gefreiter m acting corporal (grade between Pvt Id and Cpl, strictly not NCO in Ger definition of term; translated as acting Cpl, lance Cpl, etc.).
Gefrierschutz m antifreeze (MT).
Gefrierschutzmittel n antifreeze solution (MT).
Gegenangriff m counterattack (Tac).
Gegenaufklärung / counterrecon-naissance.
Gegenbefehl m counterorder. einen Gegenbefehl geben to countermand.
Gegenböschung / counterslope.
Gegend / region, vicinity, neighborhood.
Gegenfeuer n counterfire, retaliation fire.
Gegenfunkstelle / called station (Rad).
Gegengewicht n counterpoise (Rad); counterweight, counterbalance.
Gegenhang m counterslope.
Gegenkolbenmotor m opposed-piston engine.
Gegenlaufgraben m counterapproach trench.
gegenläufige Luftschrauben contra-rotating propellers.
Gegenlicht n "counter-light" (sunlight against the attacker, defender or observer).
Gegenlosung / countersign.
Gegenmarsch m countermarch.
Gegenmaßnahme / countermeasure.
Gegenmine / countermine.
Gegenmutter / lock nut.
Gegenoffensive / counteroffensive.
Gegenpropaganda / counterpropa-ganda.
Gegenseil n stagger wire (biplane).
gegenseitig two-way, mutual, reciprocal.
gegenseitige Sprechverbindung two-way telephone circuit.
Gegensignal n answer signal.
Gegensinn m counterclockwise direction, opposite direction. im Gegensinn zum Uhrzeiger counterclockwise.
Gegenspionage / counterespionage.
Gegensprechen n duplex operation, two-way break-in communication (Rad); duplexing (Tp).
Gegenstand m item, object, article.
Gegenstelle / called station (Rad).
Gegensteuern n trimming (with one or more engines inoperative) (Avn).
Gegenstollen m countermine.
Gegenstoß m counterthrust, counterattack (Tac).
Gegentakt-Verstärker w push-pull amplifier (Rad).
Gegenvorbereitungsfeuer n counter-preparation, counterpreparation ftre.
Gegenwehr / resistance (TacJ.
Gegenwind m head wind.
Gegenzeiger m pointer, indicator (follow-the-pointer mechanism).
Gegenzeigersinn m counterclockwise direction.
Gegner m opponent.
Gegnerpfeil m path-of-flight pointer (reflector sight).
Gegnerpunkt m future position at moment of burst (A A A).
gegossen cast (metals, armor, etc.).
gegürtet belted (Am, etc.).
Gehalt m concentration (CWS) ; content, volume.
Gehäuse n case, casing, housing.
geheim secret, confidential.
Geheime Feldpolizei secret field police (special MP units attached to armies and Mil Adm of occupied countries; abbr. G.F.P.).
geheimer Gegenstand classified military item, secret item.
Geheime Staatspolizei secret state police (political police; abbr. Gestapo).
Geheimhaltung / secrecy.
Geheimnis n secret.
Geheimschrift / cryptography.
Geheimschriftanalyse / cryptanaly-sis.
Geheimtext m cipher text.
Geheimwort n cipher key.
Gehilfe m aid, assistant.
Gehilfe des Richtschützen assistant gunner (MG squad).
Gehirnerschütterung / concussion of the brain.
gehoben raised, lifted, elevated; higher grade (of Wehrmachtbeamter).
Gehorsam m obedience.
Gehorsamsverweigerung / insubordination.
Geisel / hostage.
geladen loaded, armed, charged, activated.
geladener Draht live wire.
Gelände ft terrain, ground, country.
Geländeabschnitt m terrain sector, terrain compartment.
Geländeanpassung / adaptation to the terrain, blending with the ground (Cam).
Geländeaufnahme / terrain photo-survey.
Geländeausbildung/ field training.
Geländeausnutzung / utilization of terrain.
Geländeausschnitt m coverage (aerial Photo).
Geländebedeckung / mask (Gunnery).
Geländebesprechung / tactical ride, tactical walk.
Geländebeurteilung / terrain appreciation, estimate of terrain.
Geländedarstellung / terrain representation (Surv).
Geländeentgiftung/ ground decontamination.
Geländeerkundung/ terrain reconnaissance.
geländefähig capable of cross-country travel (MT).
Geländefahren n cross-country driving.
Geländefahrzeug n cross-country vehicle (MT).
Geländegang m auxiliary gear, un-derdrive (MT).
geländegängig capable of cross-country travel, having cross-country mobility (MT).
Geländegängigkeit / cross-country traveling ability, cross-country mobility (MT).
Geländegegenstand m terrain feature, landmark.
Geländegestaltung / configuration of terrain, terrain features.
Geländehindernis n natural obstacle, terrain obstacle.
Geländekampfstoff m ground-contaminating agent, persistent agent (CWS).
Geländekette/ traction band (MT).
Geländekraftfahrzeug n cross-country motor vehicle.
Geländenachbildung/ simulation of terrain.
Geländeneigung / slope.
Geländeorientierung / orientation by map,
Geländepunkt m terrain point, landmark.
Geländern railing; handrail (Bdg).
Geländeraum m terrain area.
Geländerstütze/ railing post; handrail post (Bdg).
Geländescheibe / landscape target (Tng).
Geländeschutz m defilade, natural protection.
Geländeskizze/ military sketch.
Geländestreifen m terrain sector.
Geländeübung/ field exercise.
Geländevergiftung / terrain contamination (CWS).
Geländeverhältnisse npl terrain conditions.
Geländevermessung / terrain survey.
Geländeverstärkung / organization of the ground (Tac).
Geländewinkel m angle of site (Gunnery); angle of slope (Top). negativer Geländewinkel angle of depression, negative angle of site.
GeländewinkelJibelle / angle-of-site level.
Geländewinkelmesser m angle-of-site instrument, clinometer.
Geländewinkelmeßvorrichtung / angle-of-site mechanism (telescopic sight).
Gelatitw a rock-blasting explosive.
gelb yellow.
Gelbkreuz n Yellow Cross (Ger marking for vesicants) (CWS).
Gelbkreuzbeschuß m chemical-shell fire (vesicant filter).
Geldabfindung / money allowance, reimbursement, cash settlement.
Geldstrafe / fine (Law).
Geldwert der Verpflegungsersparnisse ration savings.
Gelegenheitsziel n target of opportunity.
Geleise n track (RR).
Geleit n escort, convoy.
Geleitmannschaft / escort personnel.
Geleitschiff n convoy vessel, escort vessel.
Geleitschutz m convoy guard (Nav).
Geleitzug m convoy (Nav).
Gelenk n knuckle, joint, flexible coupling.
Gelenkbinden fpl ankle wrap puttees.
Gelenkbogenbriicke / hinged-arch bridge.
Gelenkgehäuse n universal-joint housing (MT).
Gelenkstück n joint piece (MG tripod).
Gelenkwelle / flexible drive shaft, drive shaft and universal joint, propeller shaft.
gelöste Flugordnung route formation (Aim).
Gemeineren private, common soldier or sailor (in disuse).
Gemischbildung / mixing, mixture formation (carburetor).
gemischt mixed, combined.
Gemischtbauweise / composite construction.
gemischter Verband combined-arms unit.
gemodelte Welle modulated wave.
genau accurate, exact, precise; tight; I close; strict.
genaues Einschießen precision adjustment fire.
Gendarm m rural policeman.
Gendarmerie/ rural police.
genehmigen authorize, approve.
General m lieutenant general; general; general officer (specifically, Lt Gen). Compare Generaloberst.
Generaladmiral m admiral (com-
mander of a fleet).
Generalarzt m brigadier general (Med).
Generalarbeitsführer m brigadier general (Reich Labor Service).
Generalfeldmarschall m Field Marshal.
Generalgouvernement n Government General (administrative region established in occupied territory; specifically, in Central Poland in 19B9).
Generalinspekteur für die Panzerwaffe Inspector General of Armored Forces.
Generalintendant m civilian official in administrative services ranking as brigadier general.
Generalkommando n corps headquarters.
Generalleutnant m major general.
Generalluftzeugmeister m chief of air forces special supply and procurement service.
Generalmajor m brigadier general.
Generaloberst m general (full general).
Generaloberstabsarzt m surgeon general (lieutenant general).
Generaloberstabsveterinär m lieutenant general (Vet).
Generalquartiermeister m general staff officer Ib in charge of supply and administration at headquarters of field forces.
Generalstab m general staff.
Generalstab des Heeres General Staff of the Army.
Generalstabsarzt m major general (Med).
Generalstabschef m Chief of Staff.
Generalstabskarte / strategic map (1:100,000).
Generalstabskorps n General Staff Corps.
Generalstabsoffizier m general staff officer.
Generalstabsveterinär «i major general (Vet).
Generalveterinär m brigadier general (Vet).
Generatoranhänger m wood-gas generator trailer (MT); generator trailer (Elec).
Genesung / convalescence.
Genesungskompanie / convalescent company, rehabilitation company.
Genesungsurlaub m sick leave.
Genfer Abkommen Geneva Convention.
Genfer Rotes Kreuz Geneva Cross.
genormt standardized.
geöffnet open, extended.
geöffnete Ordnung extended order.
geographische Breite latitude.
geographische Karte geographic map.
geographische Koordinaten geo-
graphic coordinates.
geographische. Länge longitude.
Geographisch-Nord m true north.
Gepäck n baggage, impedimenta.
Gepäcktroß m baggage train.
Gepäckwagen m baggage car (RR).
gepanzert armored.
gepflastert paved.
gerade straight.
geradeaus straight ahead.
Geradeausflug m horizontal flight, level flight (Ami).
Geradseitfelge / straight-side rim (MT).
Gerät n nonexpendable supplies, materiel, ordnance, equipment; instrument; apparatus.
Gerätart / type of equipment.
Gerätausstattung / allotment of equipment.
Gerätbrett n instrument panel.
Gerätedurchsicht / inspection of equipment or ordnance.
Geräteeinheit / unit assemblage (of equipment, etc.).
Geräteentgiftung / decontamination of equipment.
Gerätelicht n instrument light.
Geräteoffizier m ordnance staff officer, ordnance officer, property officer.
Geräteunteroffizier m ordnance sergeant.
Geräteverwalter m quartermaster sergeant.
Gerätewagen m See Gerätwagen.
Gerätinspizient m equipment inspector.
Gerätklasse / class of equipment.
Gerätsammelstelle / ordnance collecting point.
Gerätsatz m unit of equipment.
Gerätstück n piece of equipment, item of equipment.
Gerätwagen m equipment truck, equipment wagon.
Geräusch n noise, sound.
Geräuschtarnung/ "noise camouflage" (any noise-producing means intended to deceive enemy as to position of guns, advance of tanks, etc.).
Gerbersche Anordnung Gerber design (a type of cantilever bridge).
Gerberträger m cantilever span (two cantilever arms with suspended span).
Gericht n court.
gerichteter Empfang directional reception (Rad).
Gerichtsherr m appointing authority (Law).
Gerippe n skeleton, framework, outline.
Gerippeabteil n bay (Ap).
Germanisches SS-Panzerkorps SS armored corps composed of non-German volunteers from "Germanic" countries.
Geruch m odor.
geruchlos odorless.
Gerücht n rumor.
Gerüst n scaffold, frame.
Gesamtausfall TO. total loss(es).
Gesamtaus Wanderungsstrecke / linear travel of target from position at instant of range determination to future position (AA gunnery).
Gesamtauswanderungszeit / dead time plus time of flight (AA gunnery).
Gesamtbefehl m complete order (Tac).
Gesamtdruck m total pressure.
Gesamterhöhung / quadrant elevation (Gunnery).
Gesamtkilometerzähler m total mileage odometer (on speedometer).
Gesamtkriegführung/ grand strategy, general conduct of the war.
Gesamtlage / total situation, over-all situation (Tac).
Gesamtrohrerhöhung/ total elevation (G).
Gesamtseitenrichtung / total traverse, total deflection (G).
Gesamtvorhaltewinkel m principal lateral deflection angle (AA gunnery).
Gesandtschaft / legation.
Geschirr n harness; utensils.
Geschirrtau n trace (harness).
Geschlechtskrankheit / venereal disease.
geschlossen closed, close; combined; compact.
geschlossene Ordnung close order.
geschlossener Bau close-order construction (method of Tp line construction by a single crew).
geschlossenes Exerzieren close-order drill.
geschlüsselt encoded, secret.
geschlüsselter Funkspruch radio code message.
Geschoß n projectile, bullet, shell.
Geschoßabweichung / deviation, absolute deviation (Gunnery).
Geschoßanlage / clearance space (R).
Geschoßaufschlag m impact of projectile, point of impact.
Geschoßbahn / trajectory, ballistic curve.
Geschoßbö / blast effect of antiaircraft shell.
Geschoßboden m base of projectile.
Geschoßdrall m spin of projectile.
Geschoßdrehung / See Geschoßdrall.
Geschoßdurchmesser m diameter of projectile.
Geschoßeinschlag m impact of projectile, point of impact.
Geschoßflugzeit / time of flight of projectile.
Geschoßform / shape of projectile.
Geschoßführung / seating of projectile.
Geschoßgarbe / cone or sheaf of fire, cone of dispersion.
Geschoßgewicht n weight of projec'-tile.
Geschoßheber m gun hoist.
Geschoßhöhlung / shell cavity (Am).
Geschoßhülle / body of projectile (Am).
Geschoßhülse / cartridge case (Am).
Geschoßkanal m bullet tube (grenade launcher).
Geschoßkappe / cap of projectile.
Geschoßkern m core of bullet.
Geschoßknall m report produced by shell wave (SR).
Geschoßkopf m head of projectile.
Geschoßkran m gun hoist.
Geschoßmantel m jacket of bullet.
Geschoßmine / improvised antitank mine made of a high-explosive shell.
Geschoßspitze / ogive of shell.
Geschoßwagen m ammunition truck.
Geschoßwirkung / effect of projectile.
Geschoß-Zubringewagen m ammunition truck (for carrying heavy projectile to the piece).
Geschütz n gun (Arty piece). See Artillerie for classification as light, medium and heavy.
Geschützart/ type of gun (Arty).
Geschützbank / barbette.
Geschützbedienung/ gun crew; service of the piece.
Geschützbettung / ground platform (RR gun).
Geschützexerzieren n service of the piece drill.
Geschützführer m chief of section (FA).
Geschützkompanie / howitzer company (Inf).
Geschützladung/ propelling charge (Am).
Geschützmannschaft / gun crew.
Geschütznullpunkt m position of gun (on firing charts and diagrams).
Geschützort m See Geschiitznullpunkt.
Geschützpark m ordnance park.
GeschUtzplane / gun cover.
Geschützrohr n gun barrel.
Geschützschlepper m prime mover (Arty).
Geschützstaffel/ gun section.
Geschützstand ra gun position, gun emplacement, position of the piece (Arty).
Geschützstellung/ gun position, gun emplacement.
geschützt protected.
geschützter Behälter self-sealing tank (Ap).
Geschützverschluß m breech mechanism, breechblock (Ord).
Geschützwagen m gun car (RR).
geschützweises Feuer fire by piece at command (Arty).
Geschütz winde / firing jack (G).
Geschützzielfeuer n simulated fire representing an enemy gun target (Tug).
Geschützzug m howitzer platoon (Inf).
Geschwader n wing (air force operational unit consisting of about 100 aircraft organized into from 3 to 5 Gruppen); squadron (Nav).
Geschwaderflugform / wing flight formation.
Geschwaderkeil m wing wedge formation (Avn).
Geschwaderkolonne/ wing column formation (Avn).
Geschwaderkommodore in wing commander (Avn).
geschweißt welded.
Geschwindigkeit/ speed, velocity; rate (of fire).
Geschwindigkeitsdreieck n triangle of velocities (Avn).
Geschwindigkeitsmesser m speedometer (MT).
Geschwindigkeitssteigerung / speed increase.
Geschwindigkeitsverlust m loss of velocity (Ballistics).
Geschwindigkeit zur Luft indicated airspeed.
Gesellschaftsanzug m dress uniform for social occasions.
Gesenk n die (for stamping or punching).
Gesetz n law, statute.
Gesetze und Gebräuche des Landkrieges Laws and Customs of War on Land (Hague Convention, 1907).
gesichert safe; secured.
Gesichtsfeld n field of view (Optics).
Gespann n team of horses.
Gespräch n conversation; telephone call.
Gesprächsschluß m completion of call (Tp).
Gesprächsverbindung / call, connection (Tp).
gestaffelt echeloned, staggered.
Gestalt / form, shape, figure, configuration.
Gestalt der Flugbahn curve of the trajectory.
Gestänge n bars, poles, rods, linkage.
Gestapo / See Geheime Staatspolizei.
gestattet allowed, allowable, granted, permitted.
gestattete Abweichung tolerance (Tech).
Gesteinssprengmittel n rock-blasting explosive.
Gestell n stand; mount; frame; block; trestle; carriage; gear.
Gestellungsbefehl m induction order.
Gestellungspflicht / obligation to appear before draft board.
gesteuert controlled, steered; synchronized.
gesteuertes Maschinengewehr synchronized machine gun (Ap).
Gesträuch n underbrush, shrubbery.
gestreckt elongated, extended; stretched; flat.
gestreckte Flugbahn flat trajectory.
gestreckte Ladung elongated charge. See also Reihenladung.
gestrichenes Korn medium sight (R aiming).
Gestrüppe underbrush, brush.
Gesuch n petition, request, application.
Gesundheit / health.
Gesundheitsappell m physical inspection.
Gesundheitsdienst m Sanitary Corps.
Gesundheitsoffizier. m health officer.
Gesundheitszustand m physical condition.
Getränk n beverage.
getrennt separate(d); cut off (Tp).
getrennte Munition separate-loading ammunition.
getrennter Bau extended-order construction (method of Tp line construction by two separate crews).
Getrieben gear, transmission (MT).
Getriebebremse / transmission brake (MT).
Getriebefett n transmission grease (MT).
Getriebehauptwelle / transmission main shaft (MT).
Getriebegehäuse n transmission case (MT).
Getriebewelle/ transmission shaft (MT).
Gewahrsam m custody.
Gewaltmarsch in forced march.
gewaltsam forceful, in force.
gewaltsame Erkundung reconnaissance in force.
Gewehr n rifle.
"Gewehr, ab!" * "Order, arms!"
"Gewehr abnehmen!" "Unsling, arms!"
Gewehrappell m rifle inspection.
Gewehrauflage / fire crest (Ft).
Gewehrfeuer n rifle fire.
Gewehrf iihrer m machine-gun squad leader, gun leader (heavy MG).
Gewehrgeschoß n rifle bullet.
Gewehrgranate / rifle grenade.
Gewehrgranatenschütze m rifle grenadier.
"Gewehr in die, Hand!" "Take, arms!"
Gewehrkartusche/ propelling cartridge for rifle grenade.
Gewehrkolben m rifle butt.
Gewehrkupplungsstück n barrel-locking stud (MG).
Gewehrmieke / arms rack.
Gewehrmücke/ See Gewehrmieke.
Gewehrmunition /' rifle ammunition.
Gewehr-Panzergranate / armor-piercing rifle grenade.
Gewehr-Propagandagranate / rifle propaganda grenade (scatters leaflets).
Gewehrriemen m rifle sling.
Gewehrschaft m rifle stock.
Gewehrschießstand m rifle range.
Gewehrschuß m rifle shot.
Gewehrschütze m rifleman.
Gewehrsprenggranate f high-explosive rifle grenade.
Gewehrstock m cleaning rod (R).
Gewehrstütze / arms rack.
Gewehrträger m rifleman; machine-gun carrier (gunner No. 1); cradle (on MG sleigh mount or tripod).
Gewehrtragevorrichtung / rifle scabbard (Cav).
"Gewehr, über!" "Left shoulder,
arms!" (with tightened sling); "Sling arms!" (with loosened sling).
Gewehrübung / rifle exercise (calisthenics). "Gewehr umhängen!" "Sling arms!"
Gewehrzielfeuer n simulated fire representing enemy rifle or MG target (Tng).
Gewehrzubehör n rifle accessories.
gewerblich industrial.
Gewicht n weight; gravity.
Gewichtsverteilung / weight distribution, balance.
Gewinden thread (Tech).
Gewindebacken fpl die (for cutting threads).
Gewindegang m pitch (of screw thread).
Gewindeschablone / screw pitch gage.
Gewitter n thunderstorm.
gewitterdrohend ugly, threatening sky (Met).
Gewitterflug in frontal soaring (glider).
Gewitterstörung / atmospherics, static (Bad).
gewöhnliches Ferngespräch routine call (Tp).
gewölbt convex, arched, vaulted.
gewölbte Böschung convex slope.
Gezeiten pi tide(s). x
Gezeitentafel / tide table.
gezogen rifled (barrel); drawn, towed.
gezogene Kurve climbing turn (Avn).
gezogenes Geschütz rifled gun (Arty).
gezogenes Ziel towed target.
Gieren n yawing; trail-ferrying.
Gierfähre/ trail ferry.
Gierungsmesser m yawmeter (Ap).
Gierwinkel m angle of yaw (Avn).
Gießerei / foundry.
Gift n poison.
giftig poisonous, toxic.
Giftnebel m toxic smoke (CWS).
Giftnebelkerze / gas candle, irritant gas candle (CWS).
Giftnebelwolke / gas cloud.
Giftrauch m irritant smoke (CWS).
Giftrauchkerze / toxic-smoke candle, gas candle (CWS).
Giftregen m aerial gas spray (CWS).
Giftregenangriff m spray attack (CWS).
Giftstoff m toxic agent (CWS).
Gipfel m peak, summit.
Gipfelentfernung / abscissa for maximum Ordinate (of trajectory).
Gipfelhöhe / maximum Ordinate (of trajectory); absolute ceiling (Avn).
Gipfelhöhe mit einem stehenden Motor emergency ceiling (Avn).
Gipfelpunkt w summit (of trajectory, etc.).
Gittern grid (maps, Rad); trellis, lattice, grillage.
Gitterantenne / parasol-type antenna.
Gitterdrossel/ grid resistor (Rad).
Gittergleichrichter m grid rectifier (Bad;.
Gitterkondensator m grid condenser, grid capacitor (Rad).
Gitterkreis m grid circuit, grid resonant circuit (Rad).
Gitterlinie / grid line.
Gittermast TO trellis mast.
Gitternetz n coordinate map grid, grid system, military grid.
Gitternetzkarte / gridded map.
Gitternetzlinie / See Gitterlinie.
Gitter-Nordw grid north.
Gitterrichtung / grid base-line direction (Gunnery).
Gitterschießplan m fire-control grid (Gunnery).
Gitterschwanz «i open tail (Ap).
Gitterspannung/ grid voltage (Rad).
Gittervorspannung/ bias (Rad).
Gitterwerte mpl grid coordinates, grid numbers (maps).
Gitterwiderstand m grid resistance (Rad).
Glas re glass; binoculars, field glass.
glasartig glasslike.
glasartige Vereisung clear ice, glaze (Avn).
Glasbeobachtung/ observation -with field glass or telescope.
Glasgefäß n envelope (of Rad tube).
Glasmaßstab TO glass scale (Optics).
glatt smooth, smooth-bore.
glattes Geschütz smooth-bore gun.
gleichachsig coaxial.
gleichbleibend uniform, constant.
gleichbleibender Drall uniform twist (Ord).
gleichförmiger Drall See gleichbleibender Drall.
Gleichgewicht n balance, equilibrium.
Gleichlauf m synchronism.
Gleichlaufende/ parallel line.
Gleichlaufstellung/ laying pieces reciprocally (Btry).
Gleichlaufverfahren n reciprocal laying (Btry).
Gleichrichter m rectifier (Elec).
Gleichrichterröhre / rectifier tube.
Gleichrichtung/ rectification (Rad).
Gleichschritt TO cadence; quick time. "Im Gleichschritt, marsch!" "Forward, march!" (being at a halt). "Im Gleichschritt!" "Quick time, march!" (being in march in double time).
gleichstellen synchronize (watches); equalize.
Gleichstrom m direct current.
Gleichung / equation.
gleichzeitig simultaneous.
Gleis n rail, track (RR).
Gleisanlage / railroad yard.
Gleisbalken TO stringer (Bdg).
Gleiskette/ caterpillar track.
Gleiskettenantrieb m caterpillar drive.
Gleiskettenfahrzeug n track-laying vehicle.
Gleiskettenschlepper m caterpillar tractor.
Gleiskettenzugmaschine / caterpillar prime mover.
Gleiskurve/ epi, curved spur track (RR gun).
Gleitbahn/ slide (G cradle).
Gleitbombe/ glider bomb (Avn).
gleiten to glide.
Gleiter m glider.
Gleitfähigkeit/ gliding ability; sliding ability.
Gleitflug TO glide, gliding (Avn).
Gleitflugwinkel TO gliding angle (Avn).
Gleitflugzeug n glider.
Gleithebel TO sliding lever (breechblock).
Gleithebelverschluß TO sliding-lever breechblock.
Gleitkufe/ landing ski (Ap).
Gleitlager n plain bearing.
Gleitmittel w lubricant.
Gleitriegel TO sliding bolt (breechblock).
Gleitschiene/ guide slide, guide rail (G cradle); track (of a catapult).
Gleitschuh m gun slide.
Gleitschutz TO nonskid tread (MT).
Gleitschutzkette / skid chain (MT).
Gleitschutzmittel n nonskid device, traction aid (MT).
Gleitstein w cam plate (G).
Gleitstößel m tappet rod (sliding-cam type).
Gleitvorrichtung/ slide mechanism (MG).
Gleitwand / slide plate (MG).
Gleitwinkel m gliding angle (Avn).
Glied n rank (in formation); limb; link; member; unit; penis.
Gliederung / formation, organization; distribution; classification, arrangement; composition.
Gliedersäge / chain saw.
Glimmer m mica.
Glimmlampe / neon lamp.
Glühdraht m See Glühfaden.
Glühfaden m filament.
Glühkathode/ hot cathode (Rad).
Glühkathodenröhre / vacuum tube, incandescent cathode tube (Rad).
Glühkerze/ glow plug (Diesel engine).
Glühköpfchen n hot-wire-bridge head (Elec igniting device).
Glühlampe/ incandescent lamp.
Glührohrzündapparat m hot-tube igniter.
GlühzUndapparat m blasting machine, exploder (Engr).
Glühzünder in electric igniter (blasting cap).
Glühzündstück n electric detonator, electric igniter (Engr).
Glysantin n an antifreeze solution (MT).
Gnade/ quarter, mercy; grace; pardon.
Goerz-Visier n bomb sight manufactured by Goerz Company.
Gondel/ gondola, nacelle (Ap).
Goniometer re goniometer (Surv).
Goniometrie/ goniometry (Surv).
Graben m trench; ditch.
Grabenbagger m trench excavator.
Grabenbekleidung / trench revetment.
Grabendurchfahrt / crossing of trenches or ditches (MT).
Grabenkopf/ saphead (Ft).
Grabenkrieg m trench warfare.
Grabenprofil n trench profile (Ft); ditch profile (Engr).
Grabenrost m trench boards, boardwalk.
Grabensohle / trench bottom.
Grabenspiegel m trench periscope.
Grabenstellung / trench position.
Grabenstufe / firing step.
Grabenwehr / parapet.
Gräberoffizier m graves registration officer.
Grabkreuz n grave marker.
Grabtafel / grave marker.
Gradabteilung / map square.
Gradabzeichen n See Dienstgradab- • zeichen.
Gradbogen m quadrant, scale (G).
Gradeinteilung / graduation, scale.
Gradfeld n map square.
Gradnetz n map grid.
Gradzahl / number of degrees, number of graduations.
Granatbüchse / antitank grenade rifle.
Granate/ shell (Am).
Granatfüllung / shell filler (Am).
Granathülse / shell case.
Granatloch n shell hole.
Granatsignal n projector signal, star shell.
Granatsplitter m shell splinter.
Granattreffer m hit (shell fire).
Granattrichter m shell crater.
Granatwerfer m mortar (Ord); gunner (Mort squad).
Granatwerfergeschoß n mortar shell.
Granatwerfer-Gruppe/ mortar section.
Granatwerfernest n mortar pit.
Granatwerferstand m mortar emplacement.
Granatwerfertrupp m mortar team.
Granatwerferzug m mortar platoon.
graphisch graphic; mapped, surveyed or plotted.
graphischer Punkt topographical point (on map).
graphische Schußtafel trajectory chart (not to be confused with US graphical firing table).
Graphitschmiermittel n graphite lubricant.
Grat m ridge (especially a sharp, rocky ridge); scoring (in bore of gun).
Gräte / fishbone.
Graupelschauer m snow-pellet
shower, graupel shower (Met).
Greifer m cleat, grouser (MT, Tk).
Greifervorrichtung / traction device (MT).
Greifzirkel m calipers, dividers.
Grenadier m private, infantry rifleman (historical term reintroduced). See also Panzergrenadier.
GrenadierbataiUon n rifle battalion.
Grenadierkompanie / rifle company.
Grenadier-Panzerwagen m armored personnel carrier (MT).
Grenadierregiment n rifle regiment, infantry regiment.
Grenzbahnhof m frontier station (RR).
Grenzbezirk m frontier district.
Grenze/ frontier, border; boundary; limit.
Grenzfrequenz/ cut-off frequency (Rad).
Grenzgebiet n border area, frontier area.
Grenzlehre / fixed gage, plug or snap gage.
Grenzschicht / boundary layer (fluid mechanics).
Grenzschraube / setscrew.
Grenzschutz ire frontier guard; frontier protection.
Grenzschutzabschnittskommando n frontier guard sector command (Regtl Hq).
Grenzschutzunterabschnitt m frontier guard sub-sector (Bn Hq).
Grenzüberschreitung / crossing a frontier.
Grenzwache / frontier sentry, frontier guard.
Grenzwacht / frontier guard.
Grenzwachtdivision / frontier guard division.
Grenzzwischenfall in border incident, frontier incident.
Griff m grip; hold; handle; doorknob.
Griffigkeit / grip, traction (tires); traction, ground-gripping ability (Mt, Tk).
Griffplatte/ holding plate (G sight).
Griffrohr n tubular handle (trail spade).
Griffschale/ stock (pistol).
Griffstück n grip (MG); receiver (pistol).
grob approximate, rough, gross,
coarse; bad, serious (mistake).
Grobeinstellung/ frequency selection (Rad); coarse setting (Optics).
grobes Einschießen approximate adjustment fire.
Grobfeile/ coarse file.
Grobsicherung/ fuse (Elec).
Grobstufenschalter m band switch (Rad).
Grofm heavy flame thrower (on two-wheel carrier) (abbr. of grosser Flammenwerfer).
Grosn. main body (Tac).
Großadmiral m Admiral of the Fleet; Commander-in-Chief (operational and/or administrative) (Nav).
Großangriff m large-scale attack, major attack, major offensive operation.
Größe / quantity (Math); greatness, magnitude, size.
Großeinsatz m major commitment, commitment of large forces, employment of great numbers (Tac).
Großer Bär Big Dipper.
Großfertigung / mass production.
Großfunkstelle / high-power longdistance radio station.
großkalibrig large-caliber.
Großkampfschiff n capital ship.
Großkreis m great circle.
Großreihenfertigung / large-scale series production.
Größtgeschwindigkeit / maximum speed.
Großvernebelung / extensive smoke screen, large-area screening.
Grube / pit.
Grundausbildung / basic training.
Grundbegriffe mpl fundamentals,
basic concepts.
Grundbuchse / base bushing (coun-terrecoil mechanism).
Grundgehalt n base pay.
Grundgeschütz n base piece, directing gun.
Grundgeschwindigkeit / ground speed (Avn).
Grundlagen fpl data.
Grundlinie/ base line.
Grundmaschinengewehr n base machine gun.
Grundmine / ground mine, controlled mine, observation mine (Nav).
Grundplatte / base plate.
Grundrichtung/ base-line direction (Gunnery).
Grundrichtungslinie / base line (Gunnery).
Grundrichtungspunkt m base point (Gunnery).
Grundrichtungswinkel m base angle (Gunnery).
Grundrißskizze / area sketch.
Grundschwelle/ ground sill (Bdg).
Grundstellung / position of attention, position of the soldier (drill).
Grundstufe / a factor used for correction of velocity error (expressed in units — Stufeneinheiten — each equal to % of 1 % of standard muzzle velocity).
Grundwasser«, subsoil water, underground water.
Grundzahl/ reference-point reading (Gunnery).
Grünkreuz n green cross (Ger marking for lung irritants) (CWS).
Gruppe/ group, groupment (Tac); rifle squad (Inf); section (Cav); volley (Arty); group (air force operational unit of 3 Staffeln, about 27 aircraft).
Gruppenfeuer n volley fire (Arty).
Gruppenflugform / group formation (Avn).
Gruppenführer m squad leader (Inf); section leader (Cav). See also SS-Gruppenführer.
Gruppenf ührerabmarsch m section-leader half-squad (Cav).
Gruppengefechtsstand m group command post (Avn).
Gruppengetriebe n auxiliary transmission (MT).
Gruppenkeil m group wedge (Avn).
Gruppenkolonne / group of squadron javelins (Avn).
Gruppenkolonne aus geschlossenen Winkeln group column of squadron wedges.
Gruppenkolonne links group of squadron javelins echeloned left.
Gruppenkommandeur TO commander of a Gruppe (Luftwaffe).
Gruppenkommando n army group headquarters; air force headquarters of a Gruppe.
Gruppenschaltung / series-parallel connection (Elec).
Gruppenschießen n volley fire. (Arty).
gruppenweise by squads; by sections; by groups.
Gruppenwinkel m group column of squadron V's (Avn).
Gruppe zu Pferde mounted section (Cav).
Gruß m hand salute.
Grußpflicht / obligation to salute.
Grußweite / saluting distance.
Guerillakämpfer m guerrilla.
Guerillakrieg m guerrilla warfare.
Gulasch n beef stew.
Gulaschkanone / field kitchen (slang).
Gummi TO-W. rubber; gum.
Gummierung / rubberizing, rubber coating; gumming.
Gummifederung/ rubber shock absorber.
Gummigleiskette / rubber track (Tk).
Gummikabel n rubber-insulated wire (Tp).
Gummiknüppel TO rubber truncheon, rubber club.
Gummipolster n rubber block (caterpillar track).
Gummirad« rubber-tired wheel.
Gummistoff m rubberized material;
günstig favorable.
Gurtm belt, strap, web (Clo); ammunition belt, feed belt (MG); chord (of a truss).
Gürtel m belt, strap; cordon; zone.
Gürtelfestung / fortress with an
outer cordon of smaller forts.
gurten to load an ammunition belt.
Gurtförderer m belt conveyor.
G'urtfüller m belt-filling machine, belt-loading machine, link-loading machine.
Gurfhebelm belt-feed guide (MG).
Gurtladung / belt feed.
Gurtschieber m belt-feed pawl (MG).
Gurtstrippe/ rear cinch (pack-
Gurttrommel/ belt drum (MG).
Gurtwerk n parachute harness.
Gurtzuführer m belt feed (MG).
Gußeisen n cast iron.
Gußgehäuse n cast-metal case or housing.
Gußstahl m cast steel.
Güterbahnhof«!. freight station (BB).
Güterwagen m freight car (BB).
Güterzug TO freight train (BB).
Guttaperchapapier n gutta-percha paper, waterproof paper.
G.W.-Stand m See Granatwerferstand.
Gyrorektorm gyro flight indicator (Ap).


Haager Abkommen Hague Convention.
Haarrohr«, capillary tube.
Hacke / hatchet, ax, pickax; point of hock (horse).
Hackmesser n machete; meat cleaver.
Hafen m harbor, port.
Hafenanlage / port installation.
Hafenarbeiter m longshoreman.
Hafenbecken n harbor basin.
Hafendamm m mole, jetty.
Hafengebiet n harbor area.
Hafenoffizier m port officer, port control officer.
Hafenschlepper m harbor tugboat.
Hafenschutz m harbor defense.
Hafenschutzboot n harbor defense boat.
Hafenüberwachung / port control.
Haft / custody, arrest, detention, confinement.
Haft-Hohlladung / magnetic antitank hollow charge.
Haftlokal n guardhouse, detention room.
Haftpflock m steel picket or stake (Bdg).
Haftung / adhesion.
Haftung am Erdboden stability, low center of gravity (of a vehicle).
Hagel m hail (Met).
Hahnm hammer (SA); cock; stopcock, faucet.
Hahnbolzen m trigger pin (MG).
Hahngewehr n hammer gun (as distinguished from hahnloses Gewehr, hammerless gun),
hahnlos hammerless (Ord).
Hakenm hook; clasp; clamp; catch.
Hakenkreuz n swastika.
Hakenumschalter m hook switch (Tv).
halbautomatisch semiautomatic.
Halbbildentfernungsmesser m split-field coincidence range finder.
Halbflachbettfelge / semifiat-base rim (MT).
Halbflachfelge / See Halbflachbett-felge.
halbfreitragend semicantilever.
Halbholz n split post, split log.
Halbinsel / peninsula.
Halbkettenantrieb m half-track drive (MT).
Halbkettenfahrzeug n half-track vehicle.
Halbkettenkraftfahrzeug n half-track motor vehicle.
Halbketten-Lastkraftwagen m halftrack motor truck.
"Halblinks schwenkt, Marsch!" "Column half left, march!"
Halbmesser m radius.
"Halbrechts schwenkt, Marsch!" "Column half right, march!"
halbstarr semirigid.
halbstarres Luftschiff semirigid airship.
halbstocks half-mast, half-staff.
Halbzelt n lean-to tent.
Halbzug m section (of MG platoon).
Halbzugführer m section leader (MG section).
Halfter / halter (harness).
Halfterkinnkette / halter chain (harness).
Halfterriemen m halter strap, halter tie (harness).
Halfterstrick m picket line.
Halftertasche / holster.
Halle/ hangar; garage; shed; hall.
Hallenvorplatz«, apron (Adrm).
Halsbinde/ neckband (Clo).
Halshalfter/ neck halter (harness).
Halshalfterriemen m neck-halter tie (harness).
Halskerbe / neck groove (horse).
Halskoppel/ breast strap (harness).
Halsriemen m neck strap (harness).
Halt m halt.
Halteleinenbund m maneuvering spider (Bin).
halten to hold; to carry (AA SL); to aim.
Halteplatzm halt area; stopping place; parking place; loading place.
Haltepunkt m point of aim; stop (halting place).
Halterung/ arms rack, ammunition rack.
Haltestelle/ halting place, stop.
Haltetaun handling line (Bin); guy line.
Haltezeichenn stop signal (MT); block signal (BB).
"Halt, wer da!" "Halt! Who is there?"
Handanlasser m crank starter, hand starter (Mtr).
Handapparat m handset (Rad, Tp).
Handbeil re hatchet.
Handbohrmaschine / hand drill.
Handbremse/ hand brake, emergency brake.
Handdrehmaschine / hand-crank generator (Tp).
Handelsmarine / merchant marine.
Handelsschiff n merchantman (Nav).
Handelsschiffsraum m merchant tonnage (Nav).
Handelssperre / embargo on commerce.
handelsüblich commercial.
Handfäustel n mallet.
Handfesseln fpl handcuffs, manacles.
Handfeuerlöscher m hand fire extinguisher.
Handfeuerwaffen fpl small arms.
Handgeld n See Kapitulantenhand-geld.
Handgemenge n hand-to-hand fighting.
Handgranate/ hand grenade.
Handgranatenwurfstand m grenade court.
Handgriffm grip, handle; single manual operation.
Handhabungstau n prolonge, drag rope (Arty).
Handkammer / hand camera.
Handkurbel/ hand crank.
Handleuchtzeichen re ground signal flare.
Handloch re hand hole (G carriage wheel).
Handlüfter m hand-operated ventilator.
Handpferd off horse, led horse.
Handrad re handwheel.
Handrädchen re micrometer-scale knob . (angle-of-site Instr).; small handwheel.
Handrad zur Höhenrichtung elevating handwheel (G).
Handrad zur Seitenrichtung traversing handwheel (G).
Handramme/ hand piledriver; maul.
Handrauchzeichen n hand smoke signal.
Handschellen fpl handcuffs, manacles.
Handschuh m glove.
Handschutz m hand guard.
Handstreich m surprise raid; coup de main.
Handstreutrommel / hand sprinkler (CWS).
Handstütze/ pistol grip.
handtätig hand-operated, manually operated, manual adj.
Handwaffe / hand weapon, hand arm.
Handwagen m handcart. I Handwerfer m mortar.
Hang m slope.
Hängeantenne / trailing wire antenna (Ap).
Hängebrücke / suspension bridge. | Hängeleine / suspension line (Prcht).
Hängematte / hammock.
Hängemine / hanging mine.
Hängesäule/ king post.
Hängeventil re inverted valve (Mtr).
Hängewerk re erect truss (Bdg).
Hangfaktor m slope factor (influence of slope of target surface on longitudinal dispersion) (Ballistics).
Hangsegeln n ridge soaring (glider).
Hangstellung / slope position (Tac).
Hangwind m anabatic wind.
Hangwinkel m gradient (Top).
Hardyscheibe / flexible disk (MT).
Harke / rake.
Hartfutter n oats and grain.
Hartgummi re ebonite.
Haschee n hash.
Haube/ cap (Am); hood (Mtr); spinner (Ap propeller).
Haubenverkleidung / engine cowling (Ap).
Haubitze / howitzer (light and me dium).
Haue / pickax.
Haufenwolke / cumulus cloud.
Hauptangriff »re main attack, main effort.
Hauptanschluß m trunk station (Tp).
Hauptauswanderungsstrecke / linear travel of target during time of flight (AA gunnery).
Hauptbeobachtungsstelle / fire direction center (Arty).
Haupteinbruchsstelle / main point of penetration (Tac).
Hauptfeldwebel m first sergeant.
Hauptfunkstelle / net control station (Rad).
Hauptgefreiter m a grade in the Luftwaffe between Obergefreiter (Cpl) and Unteroffizier (Sgt); seaman, 1st class (highest rated 1st
class seaman, with 4% years' seniority).
Haüptgestell n headstall (harness).
Hauptgetriebe n main transmission gear (MT).
Hauptkampffeld n main defensive area, battle position.
Hauptkampflinie / main line of resistance.
Hauptladung / main charge (blasting cap).
Hauptleute pi captains.
Hauptmacht / main striking force.
Hauptmann m captain.
Hauptmasse/ main body.
Hauptquartier n headquarters.
Hauptreinigung/ complete cleaning (R).
Hauptschlußmotor m series motor (Elec).
Hauptschlußschaltung / series connection (Elec).
Hauptschnittverfahren n main station intersection method (FR).
Hauptsender m final amplifier, power amplifier (Rad).
Hauptstelle / trunk station (Tp).
Hauptsturmführer m See SS-Hauptsturmführer.
Hauptträger m longeron (Ap); main beam or girder (Bdg).
Haupttrupp m advance guard reserve (in Adv Gd of large unit); rear guard reserve (in rear Gd of large unit); advance guard support (in Adv Gd of smaller unit); rear guard support (in rear Gd of smaller unit).
Hauptuhr / master watch.
Hauptverbandplatz m clearing station (Med).
Hauptvorgelege n main reduction gear (Tk).
Hauptwache/ main guard.
Hauptwachtmeister m first sergeant (Arty, Cav).
Hauptwelle / mainshaf t.
HauptzUndung / main ignition lead (blasting).
Haushaltsjahre fiscal year.
Hauswart m house warden; janitor.
Hauszelt n "house tent" (a 16-man tent constructed from shelter halves).
Haut / skin.
hautätzend vesicant (CWS).
Hautentgiftungsmittel n skin decontamination agent.
Hautentgiftungssalbe / decontamination ointment.
Hautgift n blister agent, vesicant agent (CWS).
Hautwirkung/ skin effect (Rad).
Heavisideschicht / Heaviside layer.
Hebebaum m crowbar, handspike, lever.
Hebel m lever.
heben elevate (a gun); raise, lift.
Hebezeug n hoisting gear, hoist.
Heck n stern (Nav, Ash); tail (Ap); rear (Tk).
Heckantrieb m rear drive (MT).
Hecke / hedge.
Heckenschütze m sniper.
Heckenspringen n hedge-hopping (Avn).
Heckkanzel/ tail turret (Ap).
Heckmaschinengewehr n tail gun (Ap).
Heckmotorwagen m rear-engine motor car.
Heckpanzer m rear armor (Tk).
Heckschütze m tail gunner (Ap).
Heckstand/ tail-gun position (Ap).
Heckwaffe/ tail gun (Ap).
Heer n Army (the Army, as distinguished from Armee, a tactical unit).
Heeresakja / See Akja.
Heeresamt n See Allgemeines
Heeresanstalt/ Army establishment, organization, or institution.
Heeresartillerie / GHQ artillery.
Heeresarzt m chief representative of Army Medical Department at Oberkommando des Heeres (subordinate to Heeressanitätsinspekteur).
Heeresatmer m service oxygen breathing apparatus (automatically operated).
Heeresbaudienst m Army construction service.
Heeresbeamter m civilian official' of the Army.
Heeresbedürfnisse npl military necessities.
Heeresbergführer n» Army mountain guide (mountaineer specialist).
Heeresbericht m official Army communique.
Heeresbestände mpl military stores.
Heeresbetreuungsabteilung f Army welfare unit, Army morale unit.
Heeresbetriebsstofflager n Army gasoline and lubricant bulk storage plant.
Heeresbildungsanstalt / military school.
Heeresbücherei/ Army library.
Heeresdruckvorschrif t / Army Manual (abbr. H. Dv.).
Heereseinrichtung / Army establishment, organization, or institution.
Heeresflak / Army antiaircraft artillery (as distinguished from AAA of the Luftwaffe).
Heeresgerät n Army equipment (in its broadest sense; to be distinguished from Heergerät).
Heeresgruppe/ group of armies.
Heeresgruppenkommando n headquarters of a group of armies.
Heereshochgebirgsschule / Army training school for mountain warfare.
Heeresintendant m See Intendant.
Heeres Justizbeamter m military law official.
Heereskavallerie / GHQ cavalry.
Heereskraftfahrpark m. GHQ motor transport park.
Heereskrankenschwester / Army nurse.
Heeresküstenartillerie/ Army coast artillery (as distinguished from the Marineartillerie).
Heereslazarett n general hospital, Army hospital.
Heeresleitung/ GHQ, Army Command.
Heeresmunitionslager«. Army ammunition-supply depot.
Heeresnachrichtenregiment n GHQ signal regiment.
Heeresnachschubführer m GHQ chief of rear services.
Heeresnachschubkolonne/ GHQ supply column.
Heerespersonalamt n Army Personnel Office (branch of the Oberkommando des Heeres) (abbr. HPA, PA).
Heerespferdelazarett n GHQ veterinary hospital.
Heerespsychologe m personnel consultant.
Heeresreserve / GHQ reserve.
Heeressanitätsabteilung / GHQ medical battalion.
Heeres-Sanitätsinspekteur TO surgeon general (with rank of Generaloberstabsarzt).
Heeres-Sauerstoffschutzgerät n service oxygen breathing apparatus (manually operated).
Heeresstandort m army post.
Heeresstandortkasse / army post finance office.
Heeresstandortverwaltung / army post administration.
Heerestruppen fpl GHQ troops.
Heeresversorgung / Army supply.
Heeresverwaltung / Army administration, administrative services.
Heeresverwaltungsamt n Army Administration Office (branch of the Oberkommando des Heeres) (abbr. HVA, VA).
Heereswaffenamt n Army Ordnance Office (branch of the Oberkommando des Heeres) (abbr. HWaA).
Heeres-Zeugamt n Army ordnance supply office or depot.
Heergerät n Army transport equipment (includes transport accessories; to be distinguished from Heeresgerät) .
Heimatgebiet n zone of the interior.
Heimatflughafen m home base (Avn).
Heimat-Pferdelazarett n veterinary general hospital (Z of I).
Heimathorst m home base ('Avn).
Heimatstaat m country of origin (PW).
Heimatwachbataillon n guard battalion (Z of I).
Heimsendung / repatriation.
heißen to hoist (a flag).
heiter bright, cheerful; scattered (Met).
Heizbatterie/ "A" battery, filament battery (Rad).
Heizfaden m filament (Rad).
Heizkanal m hot-air duct (thermo anti-icer).
Heizkreis m filament circuit (Rad).
Heizöl n fuel oil (for heating).
Heizregler m variable filament resistor (Rod).
Heizsammler m filament battery (Rad).
Heizstrom m filament current (Rad).
Heldenfriedhof m military cemetery.
Heldentat / heroic deed, exploit.
Helm TO helmet.
Helmband n identification helmet band (Tng).
Helmbezug m helmet cover.
Helmüberzug m See Helmbezug, hemmen to check (recoil, etc.); to jam (a gun, etc.); to obstruct, hinder, slow down; inhibit.
Hemmung / stoppage (Ord); obstruction; inhibition. Beseitigen von Hemmungen immediate action (Ord).
herabsetzen reduce (in rank).
heranlocken to decoy, to lure.
heranpirschen, sich to creep or stalk up to.
herausmanövrieren to maneuver the enemy out of position.
"Heraustreten!" "Fall out!" (to men in barracks).
Herbertgerät n Herbert bridge unit (similar to US Bailey-type bridge).
Hereinlotsen n "piloting-in" by ground-air radio communication.
Hering m tent pin.
Hersteller m maker, manufacturer.
Hertz n cycles per second (Ger unit of frequency).
Herzstücke, switch point (RR). Heulsignal n siren.
Hexachloräthan n hexachlorethane (CWS).
Hiebw, slash (bayonet); cut (saber, etc.).
Hiebwaffe / slashing weapon.
Hilfe/ help, aid, assistance.
Hilf santenne / sensing antenna (Rad direction finder).
Hilfsbeobachter m assistant observer (Avn).
Hilfsflügel m slat, auxiliary airfoil.
Hilfskette/ auxiliary track (MT).
Hilfskettenf ahrzeug n combination wheel-track vehicle.
Hilfskreuzer in auxiliary cruiser.
Hilfslafette / improvised mount J(MG).
Hilfslandeplatz m auxiliary landing field.
Hilfsmaßstab m auxiliary scale (Inst).
Hilfsmotor m auxiliary engine.
Hilfsschirm m pilot parachute.
Hilfstruppen fpl auxiliary troops. See also Hilfswilliger.
Hilfswaffe / auxiliary arm.
Hilfswilliger m auxiliary volunteer (East-European or PW volunteer for non-combat service with the German Army).
Hilfsziel-ra auxiliary target; reference point.
Himmelskugel / celestial sphere.
Himmelsrichtung / point of the compass, cardinal point.
Hindernis n obstacle, hurdle, obstruction; accessory defense (Tac).
Hindernisbahn / obstacle course.
Hindernisfeuer n obstacle light, obstruction light (Avn).
Hindernisschlagpfahl m driving-type obstacle picket (i.e., set up by driving into ground).
flindernisschraubpfahl m screw-type obstacle picket (i.e., set up by screwing into ground).
Hindernissprengtrupp m obstacle demolition squad.
Hindernisstrecke/ obstacle course.
Hindernistrupp m obstacle construction squad.
hinhaltend delaying.
hinhaltender Widerstand delaying action (in successive positions).
hinhaltendes Gefecht delaying action.
Hinterachsantrieb in rear-axle drive (MT).
Hinterachsgehause n differential - housing, differential case (MT).
Hintereinanderschaltung / ' series connection (Elec).
Hintergelenk n rear toggle joint (pistol).
Hinterhalt m ambush, concealment; trap.
Hinterhand/ hindquarters (horse).
Hinterhang m reverse slope.
Hinterhangstellung / reverse-slope position.
Hinterholm in rear outrigger (AA gun).
Hinterkaffe / stern compartment (Pon).
Hinterkante / trailing edge (Ap wing).
Hinterradantrieb m rear-wheel drive (MT).
Hintersielengeschirr n wheel harness.
Hintersteven m sternpost.
Hintersitütze / trail (MG tripod).
Hinterwagen m caisson.
Hinterzeug n breeching (harness).
Hinterzwiesel m cantle of saddle; rear of packsaddle arch.
Hirnsäge/ crosscut saw.
hissen to hoist (a flag).
Hitler-Jugend / Nazi party youth organization.
hitzebeständig - heat-resistant.
Hitzschlag m heatstroke.
Hochachse/ vertical axis (Ap).
Hochangriff m high-altitude bombing attack (Avn).
Hochbau in overhead construction (Tp line).
hochbrisant high-explosive.
Hochdecker m high-wing monoplane.
Hochdruckgebiet n high-pressure area (Met).
Hochdruckreifen m high-pressure tire (MT).
Hochdruckschmierung / high-pressure lubrication.
Hochebene / plateau.
Hochelastikreifen m cushion tire (MT).
hochempfindlich supersensitive.
hochempfindlicher Aufschlagzünder supersensitive fuze (AA Am).
Hochfrequenz/ radio frequency, high frequency.
Hochfrequenzdrossel / radio-frequency choke.
Hochfrequenzstörungen fpl high-frequency interference (Rad).
Hochfrequenzstufe / radio-frequency stage.
Hochfrequenztransformator m radio frequency transformer.
Hochfrequenzverstärker m radio frequency amplifier.
Hochgebirgsbataillon n high-mountain rifle battalion (consists entirely of -mountaineer specialists).
hochgezogene Kehrkurve Immelmann turn.
Hochleitung/ overhead line.
Hochofen m blast furnace.
Hochseeschlepper m ocean-going tugboat.
Hochspannungsleitung / high-tension line, ' power transmission line (Elec).
Hochstand m high lookout post.
Höchstgasdruck m maximum gas pressure (Ord).
Höchstgeschwindigkeit / maximum speed.
Höchstlast / maximum load.
Höchstleistung / maximum power, maximum performance.
Höchstschußweite / extreme range, maximum range (Ord).
Höchstwertverfahren n maximum intensity method (sound locator).
Höchstzahl / maximum number.
Hochwert m Y-coordinate number (map grid or coordinate scale).
Hochziehen n steep climb, zoom (Ap).
Höckerhindernisse npl "dragon's teeth" (AT obstacle).
Hockloch n crouching foxhole.
Hof m yard, courtyard; farm.
Höhe/ altitude, elevation, height; hill; rate, amount.
Hoheitsabzeichen n nationality marking (Ap, Tk); national insignia, national emblem (Clo).
Hoheitsgewässer npl territorial waters.
Hoheitszeichen n See Hoheitsabzeichen.
Höhenabstand in vertical interval.
Höhenabweichung / range deviation, vertical deviation (Gunnery).
Höhenangabe / altitude indication, altitude reading.
Höhenänderung/ change of height (AA predictor).
Höhenatmer m oxygen apparatus (Avn).
Höhenbegrenzer m elevating stop (Ord).
Höhenbestimmung / determination ' of altitude.
Höhenbombenwurf m high-altitude bombing.
Höhenebene / horizontal plane through path of target in horizontal flight (AA gunnery).
Höhenempfänger in elevation indicator, elevation indicator-regulator (AA gun).
Höhenentfernüngsmesser m height finder, altimeter (AAA).
Höhenflosse/ stabilizer (Ap).
Höhenflug m high-altitude flight (Avn).
Höhenflugzeug n sub-stratoplane.
Höhengradbogen m elevating sector (G).
Höhenhebel m elevating gear lever (MG).
Höhenkabine / pressure cabin (Ap).
Höhenkrankheit / aeroembolism, bends (Avn).
Höhenlader m supercharger with high blower ratio (Ap).
Höhenleitwerk n elevator assembly (Ap).
Höhenlibelle / elevation level (MG sight).
Höhenlinie / contour line.
Höhenmesser«. altimeter (Ap);
height finder, altimeter (AAA).
Höhenmeßplan m elevation plotting board (Gunnery).
Höhenmessung/ hypsometry (Surv).
Höhenmischregelung / high-altitude mixture control (Ap).
Höhenmotor m supercharged engine (Ap).
Höhenrichtfeld n elevation, total
movement in elevation (Ord).
Höhenrichtfernrohr n elevation tracking telescope (height finder).
Höhenrichtkanonier TO elevation setter.
Höhenrichtmaschine / elevating mechanism (Ord).
Höhenrichtrad n elevating handwheel (G).
Höhenrichtschraube / elevation screw (prismatic sight).
Höhenrichttrieb m elevating drive, elevating mechanism (Ord).
Höhenrichtung/ adjusted range; laying for elevation (Gunnery).
Höhenrichtwelle / elevating shaft (G).
Höhenrichtwerk n elevating mechanism (Ord).
Höhenrichtzeiger TO elevation indicator (Ord).
Höhenrippe/ ridge (Top).
Höhenrücken TO ridge, crest of ridge.
Höhenrudern elevator (Ap).
Höhenruderhebel m elevator control lever (Ap).
Höhenschicht / altitude bracket (Avn, Met).
Höhenschichtlinie / contour line.
Höhenschreiber m barograph (Avn).
Höhenstaffelung / stepped-up formation (Avn).
Höhenstellung / position on dominant height.
Höhensteuer«, elevator (Ap).
Höhensteuerung / elevator control (Ap).
Höhenstreuung / range dispersion on vertical target (Ballistics).
Höhenteilung / elevation scale (G, MG).
Höhentemperatur/ temperature at various altitudes (Met).
Höhentrieb m elevating worm (sight mechanism).
Höhenunterschied m difference in altitude between target and piece (Gunnery); elevation difference (Surv, Top); vertical interval, vertical offset.
Höhenvorhalt TO See Höhenwinkelvor-halt.
Höhenwinkel m angular height, vertical visual angle (AA gunnery).
Höhenwinkel Verbesserungsknopf m vertical correction knob (AA gun).
Höhenwinkelvorhalt TO vertical lead, vertical deflection (AA gunnery).
Höherer. . .Offizier Senior.. .Officer (with mention of arm or service) fat Army Hq, e.g. Höh. Kav. Offz., Senior Cav Officer at Army Hq).
hohl hollow, concave, sunken.
Höhle / cave.
Hohlkopfgeschoß n hollow-charge projectile.
Hohlladung / hollow charge.
Hohlraumpanzerung/ spaced armor (Tk).
Hohlringladung / hollow ring charge.
Hohlweg m sunken road.
Holm spar (Ap); stringer, spar (Bdg); outrigger (AA gun); trail (right or left trail of a split trail). die Holme spreizen to spread the
Holmzurrung/ outrigger lock (G).
Holzbunker in log bunker, timber shelter (Ft).
Holzgasanlage / wood-gas generator.
Holzgas-Lastkraftwagen m wood-gas motor truck.
Holzgehäuse n wooden baffle, cabinet (Rad).
Holzgeist m wood alcohol.
Holzkohle / charcoal.
Holzkohlen-Gasgenerator m wood-gas generator (MT).
Holzmine / wooden box mine.
Holzrost TO wooden grating; trench flooring, catwalk, boardwalk (trench).
Holz-Tankstelle / filling station for wood-gas motor vehicles.
Holzverkleidung/ wood revetment.
Holzweg TO dead-end loggers' road.
Holzzwischenlage / wood separator (storage battery).
Horchauswertestelle / radio intelligence post.
Horchdienst w intercept service (Rad, Tp).
Horchempfang m stand-by operation (Rad).
Horchempfänger m intercept- set (Rad).
Horcherprüf- und Übungsgerät n binaural trainer, binaural training instrument.
Horchgerät n sound locator, sound detector; intercept receiver.
Horchkompanie / intercept company (Sig C).
Horchortung / sound location, sound ranging (AAA).
Horchposten m listening sentry, listening post.
Horchstelle/ listening post, intercept post.
Hörfrequenz / audio frequency.
Hörer m telephone receiver, headphone.
Horizont m horizon; artificial horizon (Ap).
Horizontalebene / horizontal plane.
Horizontalflug m horizontal flight, level flight (Avn).
Horizontalgeschwindigkeit / ground speed (of target) (AA gunnery).
Horizontiergriff m leveling jack handle (AA gun outrigger).
Horizontierung / leveling jack (AA gun outrigger).
Horizontierungsvorrichtung / leveling device (AA gun mount).
Hörmuschel/ earpiece (Tp).
Horn n bugle, horn.
Hornisse / hornet (name of Ger self-propelled AT gun).
Hornist m bugler.
Hornsignal« bugle call; horn signal (MT).
Hörsaalflugzeug n "flying classroom."
Hörsaalsummer m oscillator-amplifier (code practice).
Horst m See Fliegerhorst.
H-Staffel / tactical reconnaissance squadron attached to army ground units (Luftwaffe).
Hubm stroke (Mtr).
Hubhöhe/ angle of axle displacement (MT).
Hubraum m piston displacement (Mtr).
Hubschrauber m helicopter.
Hubvolumen n See Hubraum.
Hufbeschlag m horseshoeing.
Huf krone/ hoof coronet (horse).
Hügel m hill.
Hülle / case, envelope, skin, cover, shell.
Hüllenbahn/ panel (Bin).
Hülse/ hoop (Mort); gas-cylinder plug (MG); receiver (pistol, R); socket (G carriage); cartridge or shell case.
Hülsenauswurf m ejection of cartridge case.
Hülsenauszieher m extractor (Ord).
Hülsenboden m base of cartridge case.
Hülsenbrücke/ receiver cover (R).
Hülsenfänger m deflector bag (AA gun, MG).
Hülsenhals m neck of cartridge.
Hülsenkartusche/ semifixed cartridge.
Hülsenkasten m deflector box (AA gun, MG).
Hülsenkopf m front end of receiver (R).
Hülsenmantel m cartridge-case jacket.
Hülsenrand m cartridge-case rim.
Hülsenreißer m stoppage caused by broken cartridge case.
Hülsenzapfen m recoil lug (R).
Hummel / bumblebee (nickname for Ger self-propelled medium field howitzer).
Hundeführer m dog handler, dog guard.
Hundeführerrotte / dog-handler party.
Hüpflinie / short hop, short leg of flight (Avn).
Hurde / brush hurdle.
Hütchen« blasting cap; cup (cartridge).
Hütte / hut, cottage; iron works; rolling mill.
Hüttenlager n cantonment.
Hydrozyansäure / hydrocyanic acid, prussic acid (CWS).
Hyperbelplan m asymptote correction chart (SR).


Igelm hedgehog (AT obstacle); all-around defense (Tac).
Igelit n a type of electric wire insulation.
Igelstellung/ "hedgehog" defense position, position of all-around defense. Hag n See Interniertenlager.
impfen inoculate, vaccinate.
Impfschein m vaccination certificate.
Impfung/ inoculation, vaccination.
Imprägniermittel n impregnite.
Inaktive Offiziere inactive reserve.
Inaugenscheinnahme / inspection.
Inausgabegenehmigung / authorized permission to delete from stock record items issued.
Inbesitznahme / occupation (Tac); act of taking possession.
Indienststellung / commissioning (of a vessel).
Indizienbeweis m circumstantial evidence.
indizierte Leistung indicated horsepower.
Industrieanlagen fpl industrial installations.
Induktor m generator (Tp).
Ineinklangbringen n harmonization.
Infanterie / infantry.
Infanteriebegleitgeschütz n infantry accompanying gun.
Infanteriefliegerstaffel / air support squadron. See also Staffel.
Infanterieflug m contact patrol (Avn).
Infanteriegeschütz n infantry gun, infantry howitzer.
Infanteriegranate / shell fired by infantry gun or howitzer. . Infanteriekolonne / infantry supply column (generally prefixed by leichte).
Infanteriekommandeur m infantry commander (supervises training of Inf units under Div Commander).
Infanterienachspitze / infantry rear point (march column).
Infanteriepark m infantry equipment park.
Infanteriepionier m infantry pioneer.
Infanteriepionierzug m pioneer platoon (Inf Regt).
Infanterie-Reiterzug m mounted rifle platoon (Inf Regt).
Infanteriespitze / infantry point (march column).
Infanteriesturmabzeichen n infantry assault badge (decoration).
Infanterist m infantryman.
Infinitesimalrechnung / calculus (Math).
Influenz / electrostatic induction.
Ingangsetzen n starting.
Ingenieur m engineer (a Civ official with nominal Mil rank serving in technical capacity generally in MT, Ft Engr, or Avn).
Initialzünder m initiator (Am).
Inklination/ dip (compass).
Innenauskreuzung / interior bracing (Ap).
Innenbackenbremse / internal expanding brake.
Innendienst m interior duty, duty in barracks.
Innengrenzlehre / plug gage.
Innenhafen m inner harbor.
Innenhütchen n plug, inner cap (blasting cap).
Innenraum m interior.
Innenschieber m inner sleeve (sleeve-valve engine).
Innenverspannung / interior bracing (Ap).
Innenwache / interior guard.
innerballistisch pertaining to interior ballistics.
Insel / island.
Inspektion / inspectorate (any of the sections devoted to various arms and services in the Allgemeines Heeres-.amt).
Inspekteur m inspector (chief of an inspectorate in the Allgemeines Heeresamt, as Waffeninspekteur [Ord]).
Inspizient m inspector.
Inspizierung / inspection.
Installateur m plumber; electrician.
Installationsplanm wiring diagram; pipe layout.
Instandhaltung / maintenance.
Instandsetzung / repair. nach Bedarf durchgeführte Instandsetzung march maintenance, operating maintenance. regelmäßig durchgeführte Instandsetzung scheduled maintenance.
Instandsetzungsabteilung / maintenance unit.
Instandsetzungsdienst m damage-clearance and repair service (Civ defense).
Instandsetzungskraftwagen in maintenance truck, repair truck.
Instandsetzungsstaffel / maintenance echelon.
Instandsetzungswerkstätte / repair shop.
Instandsetzung und Unterhaltung repair and maintenance.
Instanz / authority, court (Law).
Instellungbringen n emplacing (Arty).
Instellunggehen n moving into position (Tac).
Instrumentenbrett n instrument panel.
Instrumentfehler m instrumental error.
Intendant m civilian official in administrative services (ranking as colonel).
Intendantur / general staff administrative section (section IV of an army, corps, or Div general staff, dealing mostly with supply).
Intendanturassessor m civilian official in administrative services (ranking as captain).
Intendanturinspektor m civilian official in administrative services (ranking as 1st Lt).
Intendanturrat m civilian official in administrative services (ranking as major).
internieren to intern.
Internierter m internee.
Interniertenlager n internment camp.
Invarol n a cold-resistant grease.
Invertentfernungsmesser m inverted-image range finder.
Irrung / correction (Rad procedure).
Isolator/ insulator (Elec).
Isolierband n friction tape (Elec).
Isolierbecher m insulating case (circuit tester).
isolieren to insulate (Elec); isolate (Med).
Isoliergerät n. oxygen breathing apparatus.
Isolierschutz m insulation (Elec).
Isolierstoff m insulating material, insulator (Elec).
Isolierstreifen m friction tape, insulating tape.
Isolierung/ isolation, absolute quarantine.
Istbestand m equipment on hand.
Iststand m See Iststärke.
Iststärke/ actual strength, morning-report strength.
Iststärkenachweisung / daily strength report.


Jabo m See Jagdbomber.
Jackenwiege / jacket cradle, ring cradle (G).
Jafü m See Jagdfiihrer.
Jagdabwehr/ fighter defense (Avn).
Jagdbomber m fighter bomber.
Jagdeinsitzer m single-seater fighter (Avn).
Jagdflieger m fighter pilot (Avn) (same word used in plural to denote fighter aviation). Jagdflieger-Ergänzungsstaffel f fighter replacement squadron (Avn). Jagdflug m fighter patrol, fighter
sweep (Avn). Jagdflugzeug n single-engine fighter airplane,
Jagdfiihrer m commander of all fighter units of a Luftflotte.
Jagdgeschwadern fighter wing (A vn). See also Geschwader.
Jagdgruppe/ fighter group (Avn). See also Gruppe.
Jagdmehrsitzer m multi-seater fighter airplane. Jägdraum m patrol area for fighter aircraft.
Jagdschutz m fighter escort (Avn).
Jagdsperre/ fighter screen (Avn).
Jagdstaffel/ fighter squadron (Avn). See also Staffel.
Jagdverband m fighter formation (Avn),
Jagen n subarea of forest (for. mapping purposes).
Jäger m rifleman (in a light Mtz Inf Div, Jägerdivision); private (in mountain Inf, Gebirgsjäger); fighter airplane, pursuit airplane.
Jägerbataillon n rifle battalion. See Jägerdivision.
Jägerdivision / light infantry division (so-called "light division" somewhat similar to Ger Mtz Inf Div).
Jägerplatz m fighter airdrome.
Jäger-Regiment n rifle regiment. See Jägerdivision.
Jägerschutz m fighter escort (Avn).
Jahrgangm age class; year (of a publication, etc.).
Jochm bent, trestle (Bdg); yoke.
Jochleiste/ cheekbone (horse).
Jochpfahl in pile of pile bent (Bdg).
Jod n iodine.
Jodessigester m ethyliodoacetate (CWS).
Jodtinktur / tincture of iodine.
Jolle/ yawl (Nav).
Jugendherberge / youth hostel.
justieren to adjust, to collimate (bore-sight alinement, etc.).
Justiergerät n bore sight.


Kabeln cable, wire (Tp).
Kabelader/ strand, conductor (of Tp wire).
Kabelaufführungspunkt m wire lead-in point (Tp).
Kabelgraben m wire trench (Tp).
Kabelleitung/ wire line (Tp).
Kabelmantel m cable sheath (Elec, Tp).
Kabelmeßgerät n wire-testing instrument (Tp).
Kabelmesser n electrician's knife.
Kabelschuh m loop-tip terminal . (Elec).
Kabelseele/ core conductor (Tp wire).
Kabelstecker m wire plug (Elec).
Kabeltau n hawser.
Kabeltrommel/ reel (Tp).
Kabelverbinder n connecting sleeve (Tp wire).
Kabelverbindung/ wire splice (Tp).
Kabelwachs n cable wax, adhesive pitch (Tp).
Kabine/ compartment, cockpit (Ap).
Kader m cadre.
Kadett m cadet.
Kaffe / compartment, sponson (Pon).
Kahn m boat.
Kahnfähre / punt ferry, boat ferry.
Kai m quay.
Kajüte/ cabin (Nav).
Kaliber n caliber.
Kalibereinheit / unit load of single-caliber ammunition (approximately 18-ton unit for one RR car).
Kaliberlänge/ barrel length expressed in calibers.
Kaliberring m bore gage, breech bore gage.
Kaliberzylinder m See Kaliberring.
Kalipatrone / potassium cartridge (oxygen breathing apparatus).
Kaliumpermanganat n potassium permanganate.
Kalk m lime.
Kalkmilch / lime solution (CWS).
kältebeständig cold-resistant.
kaltgereckt cold-worked.
Kaltklebekitt m cold adhesive putty (for attaching demolition charges) (abbr. Kat).
Kaltluftfront/ cold front (Met).
Kaltmeißel m cold chisel.
Kaltrecken n cold-working process, autofrettage (Ord).
Kameradschaftsheim n service club, canteen.
Kammm crest, ridge; comb.
Kammer/ bolt (R, pistol); camera; chamber; stockroom.
Kammerbahn / bolt slide (R).
Kammerfang m bolt catch (MG).
Kammerfangstück«, bolt-catch piece (pistol).
Kammergriff m bolt handle (MG).
Kammerhülse / central tube, flash tube (shrapnel).
Kammerhülsenladung / flash-tube charge (shrapnel).
Kammerhiilsenrohr n burster tube (Am).
Kajnmerknopf m bolt knob (R).
Kammerstengel m bolt handle ('A,).
Kammerunteroffizier m supply sergeant.
Kammerwarze/ bolt lug (R).
Kammkissen n back pad (harness).
Kammkissengurt m back-pad strap (harness).
Kammlinie/ ridge line (Top).
Kampf m battle, combat, fight. See also terms under Gefecht, Krieg.
Kampfabschnitt m combat sector.
Kampf abteil m fighting compartment, turret basket (Tk).
Kampfaufgabe/ combat task (Tac).
Kampfauftrag m combat mission.
Kampfeinheit/ combat unit, tactical unit.
kämpfen to fight.
kämpfende Truppe combat element.
Kämpferm fighter; abutment (of an arch).
kampferprobt seasoned, battle-tried, having combat experience.
Kampffahrzeug n combat vehicle.
Kampffeld m field of combat.
Kampfflieger m bomber pilot; any member of a combat crew (same word used in plural to denote bombardment aviation).
Kampffliegerei / bombardment aviation.
Kampffliegergruppe / bombardment group (Avn). See also Gruppe.
Kampffliegerstaffel / bombardment squadron (Avn). See also Staffel.
Kampffliegerverband m bombardment formation (Avn).
Kampfflugzeug n bombardment airplane.
Kampfführung/ battle command, conduct of battle.
Kampfgas n war gas (CWS).
Kampfgebiet n combat zone, forward area, combat area.
Kampfgelände n battle terrain.
Kampfgemeinschaft / combat team.
Kampfgeschwader n bombardment wing (Avn). See also Geschwader.
Kampfgeschwader z.b.V. special purpose transport wing (airborne operations).
Kampfgruppe/ bombardment group (Avn); combat command (Armd Comd); combat team, task force.
Kampfhandlung / engagement, action.
Kampfkraft / fighting power.
Kampflage/ tactical situation.
Kampfleistung/ battle performance, combat performance.
Kampflinie/ line of battle.
Kampf mehrsitzer m multiseater bomber.
Kampfmittel npl means of combat, arms and ammunition.
Kampfnachricht/ combat message (Rad).
Kampf pistole / rifled Very pistol (for Sig and/or incendiary cartridges).
Kampfraum m combat zone, forward area, combat area. "
Kampfruf m password, slogan, battle cry.
Kampfschule / bombardment school (Avn).
Kampfstaffel / combat echelon (Tac); bombardment squadron (Avn). See also Staffel.
Kampfstellung / battle position.
Kampfstoff m chemical warfare agent.
Kampfstoffbelegung / gas coverage.
Kampstoffbeschuß m chemical-shell fire.
Kampfstoffbombe / chemical bomb.
Kampfstoffgehalt m gas concentration (CWS).
Kampfstoffgruppen fpl classification of chemical warfare agents.
Kampfstoffriegel m chemical obstacle; chemical-shell box barrage.
Kampfstoffschwaden mpl chemical fumes (CWS).
Kampfstoffsperre / chemical obstacle, contaminated area (CWS).
Kampfstoffverwendung / employment of chemical warfare agents.
Kampfstoffzerstäuber m chemical-spray apparatus.
Kampftätigkeit / combat activity, active combat, action.
Kampf truppe / combat element.
Kampfverband m bomber formation (Avn); combined arms unit, combat team.
Kampfwagen m tank, combat car.
Kampfwagenfalle/ tank trap.
Kampfwagengeschütz n See Kampf-wagenkanone.
Kampf wagenkanone / tank gun.
Kampf wagennachbildung / tank Silhouette, dummy tank.
Kampfwagenscheibe / tank-silhouette target.
Kampfwagenwerk n tank factory.
Kampf wert m fighting qualities (of a unit).
Kampfwunde/ battle injury, wound.
Kampfziel«, objective (Tac).
Kampfzone / battle zone.
Kampfzweck m tactical purpose, intention.
Kandare/ curb bit (harness).
Kandarenzügel m curb rein (harness).
Kanone / gun, cannon.
Kanonenboot n gunboat.
Kanonenflugzeug n cannon-armed airplane.
Kanonenjagdflieger m cannon-armed fighter airplane.
Kanonenrohr n gun barrel.
Kanonensalut m gun salute.
Kanonenschlag m firecracker (simulated fire).
Kanonenschlag mit Knallerscheinung firecracker.
Kanonenschlag mit Raucherscheinung smoke-puff charge.
Kanonenschuß m gun shot.
Kanonenwagen m assault gun car.
Kanonier m private (Arty); cannoneer.
Kante/ edge; ridge.
Kantholz n squared timber.
Kantine / canteen.
Kanzel / cockpit, turret (Ap); pillbox (Ft). vordere Kanzel nose turret (Ap).
Kapw cape (point of land).
Kapelle/ band (music); chapel.
Kaperfahrt/ naval raid against j enemy merchant shipping.
kapern to capture (a ship).
Kapitänleutnant.m lieutenant (Nav).
Kapitän zur See captain (Nav).
Kapitulant m reenlisted man.
Kapitulantenhandgeld n reenlistment bonus.
Kapitulation / capitulation, surrender; reenlistment.
kapitulieren capitulate, surrender; reenlist.
Kappagerät n predictor (AA).
Kappe/ cap (of a projectile).
Kapsel / detonator, blasting cap; capsule.
Kapuze / hood.
Karabiner m carbine.
Karabinertragevorrichtung / carbine scabbard carrier.
Karbolsäure/ carbolic acid, phenol.
Kardangelenk n universal joint.
kardanische Aufhängung compass gimbal.
Kardanwelle / flexible drive shaft, propeller shaft.
Karosserie/ body (MT).
Kartätsche / canister (separate-loading Am).
Karte/ map, chart; card, ticket.
Kartei / card file.
Karteikarte / filing card.
Kartenausschnitt m map section.
Kartenbatterie / topographic section, mapping section.
Kartenblatt n map sheet, zone map.
Kartenblatt mit Gitter grid sheet.
Kartenblattnummer / geographic index number.
Kartenbrett n map-mounting board, military sketching board.
Kartendruckerei / map-printing office or plant.
Kartenebene / horizontal plane through base of trajectory.
Kartenentfernung / horizontal range, map range.
Kartenentfernung zum Abschußpunkt horizontal range to present position (instant of firing) (AAA).
Kartenentfernung zum Meßpunkt horizontal range to present position (instant of range determination) (AAA).
Kartenentfernung zum Treffpunkt horizontal range to future position (AAA).
Kartenentfernung zum Wechselpunkt horizontal range to midpoint, minimum horizontal range (AAA).
Kartenentwurf m map projection.
Kartengitternetz n map- grid.
Kartenkurs TO map course (Navigation).
Kartenlesen n map reading.
Kartenmaßstab m map scale.
Kartenprojektion/ map projection.
Kartenraum m chartroom (Nav).
Kartensignatur / conventional sign (on maps).
Karten- und Vermessungstruppen fpl topographic troops.
Kartenunterlage / plane table.
Kartenvervollständigung/ map compilation.
Kartenwinkelmesser m map protractor.
Kartenzeichen n conventional sign (on maps).
Kartenzeichner m cartographer.
kartieren to map.
Karton m cardboard.
Kartothek / card file.
Kartuschbeutel m cartridge bag, powder bag (Am).
Kartusche/ cartridge; cartridge case; powder bag; any container of the propelling charge (generally for separate-loading Am); cartridge pouch (Cav).
Kartuschenwagen m ammunition vehicle for cartridge cases.
Kartuschhülse / cartridge case.
Kartuschmunition / separate-loading ammunition.
Kartuschraum m chamber (G).
Kartuschvorlage/ flash-reducing wad (Am).
Kaseinleim m casein glue.
Kasematte / casemate.
Kasemattenlafette/ casemate gun mount.
Kaserne/ permanent barracks.
Kasernenarrest m restriction to barracks.
Kasernenhof m barracks yard.
kaserniert quartered in barracks.
kasernierungspflichtig obliged to live in barracks.
Kasino n officers' mess, officers' club.
Kasino-Ordonnanz/ dining room orderly.
Kasinovorstand m mess council.
Kassenabteilung / finance department.
Kassenordnung / finance regulations.
Kassenverwaltung/ finance administration.
Kassenwesen n finance.
Kasten m receiver (MG); magazine (R); tank, airplane (slang); box, case.
Kastenboden m receiver floor plate (MG); magazine floor plate (R).
Kastendeckel m receiver top (MG).
Kastenlafette/ box-trail gun carriage.
Kastenleitwerk n box tail unit (Ap).
Kastenmagazin n box magazine.
Kastenschlüssel m transposition cipher (Sig C).
Kastenträger m box girder.
Kastenwand/ side of receiver (MG).
Katm See Kaltklebekitt.
Katapultflugzeug n catapult airplane.
Kathodenstrahlröhre / cathode-ray tube.
Kausche / grommet; thimble (rigging, etc.).
kaustisches Natron lye, caustic soda, sodium hydroxide.
Kautschuk m rubber.
Kavalierstart m climbing take-off (Avn).
Kavallerie / cavalry.
Kavallerist m cavalryman.
K.-Blink n portable signal lamp.
K-Brückengerät n portable bridge unit.
Kegel TO cone; conical peak (Top).
Kegelfeder / volute spring.
Kegelkupplung/ cone clutch (MT).
Kegelprojektion / conic projection.
Kegelrad n bevel gear.
Kegelrollenlager n conical roller bearing.
Kegelzahnrad n bevel gear.
Kehlriemen m throatlatch (harness).
Kehlkopfmikrophon n throat-type microphone (Avn).
Kehrbildentfernungsmesser m inverted-image range finder.
Kehrichtofen m incinerator.
Kehrkurve / turn (Avn).
kehrtmachen to face about.
Kehrtwendung / turn (Avn); about face (drill).
Kehrtwendung links left-about (drill).
Kehrwert m inverse value, reciprocal value.
Keil m breech wedge (G); wedge formation (Tac); wedge; key; cotter pin.
Keilloch n breech recess (G).
Keillochfläche / breech-recess surface (G).
Keilnut / keyway.
Keilriemen m V-type belt (Tech).
Keil und Kessel breakthrough and encirclement.
Keilverschluß m wedge-type breechblock.
Keilwelle/ spline shaft (MT).
Keim TO germ.
Keks m-n biscuit.
Kelle/ signaling disk; marking disk; trowel.
Kellerwart TO shelter warden (Civ defense).
Kennbuchstabe m identification letter.
Kennfaden m tracer thread (Tp wire).
Kennkarte / civilian identity card.
Kennlicht n identification light, navigation light (Ap).
Kennscheinwerfer TO identification light (Ap).
Kenntlichmachen n marking, identification.
Kennummer / identification number.
Kennung / identification signal, marker beacon signal (Avn).
Kennwort n password.
Kennzeichen n identification mark.
Kern TO core.
Kerngarbe/ effective part of cone (Ballistics).
Kerngeschoß n armor-piercing bullet.
Kernladung / base section (separate-loading Am).
Kernrohr n liner (G).
Kernschußweite / point-blank range.
Kerntruppen fpl crack troops, picked troops, elite troops.
Kerze/ candle; spark plug.
Kessel TO pocket, encircled area (Tac); deep hollow (Top); meat can (mess kit); boiler; kettle.
Kesselhaus n boiler house.
Kesselschlacht / battle of encirclement.
Kesselwagen «i tank truck (MT).
Kette/ chain; track (Tk); flight (3 airplanes).
Kettenabdeckung / track shield (Tk).
Kettenbolzen m track pin (Tk track).
Kettenfahrzeug n track-laying vehicle (MT).
Kettenführer TO flight commander(Avn).
Kettenglied n track shoe, track block (Tk); chain link.
Kettenhund m rear outside airplane in a formation, "tail-end Charlie," "wing man."
Kettenkeil TO flight wedge (Avn). See Kette.
Kettenkrad n half-track motorcycle.
Kettenkraftrad n See Kettenkrad.
Kettenkurbel/ connector (MG).
Kettenlaufräder npl bogie wheels (Tk).
Kettenreihe/ flight of airplanes
echeloned left or right. See also Kette.
Kettenspanner TO track-connecting fixture, track-con lecting tool (for Tk track).
Kettentriebrad n driving sprocket (Tk).
Kettenwinde / chain winch.
K.-Gerät n See Kraftfahrgerät.
Kiel TO keel.
Kielflosse / keel fin (of flying-boat hull or seaplane float).
Kielwassern wake (of a ship).
Kiesgrube/ gravel pit.
Kiesstraße / gravel road.
Kilohertz n kilocycles per second (Ger unit of frequency).
Kilometerzähler TO mileage indicator, odometer (MT).
Kimme/ sight notch (MG, R, etc.).
Kimmtiefe/ dip (Avn).
Kinderzulage/ dependency allowance for children.
Kinnkette/ curb chain (harness).
Kinnkettengrube / chin groove.
Kinnriemen m chin strap (helmet).
Kinnstößel TO chin strap (harness).
Kinnstütze/ chin support (gas mask).
Kinotheodolit TO recording theodolite (practice firing).
kippen to tip, tilt.
Kippfrequenz / sweep frequency (Rad).
Kippgerät n sweep generator (Rad).
Kipphebel™, rocker arm (Mtr).
Kipplore / dump car (field RR).
Kippneigung/ tipping gradient (MT).
Kippregel/ alidade (Surv).
Kippschalter TO toggle switch (Elec).
Kippschnecke / elevating worm (aiming circle, BC telescope).
Kippschwingung / sawtooth oscillation, relaxation oscillation (Rad).
Kippvorrichtung / dumping mechanism (dump truck).
Kippwagen m dump truck.
Kirche / church.
Kissen n cushion; pad (Clo, harness, etc.); gas-check pad (G); pillow.
Kiste/ case, crate, chest, box; airplane (slang).
Kitt m putty.
Klage / complaint.
Klammer / butt swivel (R); clip, paper clip; clamp, clasp; parenthesis.
Klammerfuß m butt-swivel plate (R).
Klapparm m extension arm (AA sight).
Klappblende/ drop cover (Ft).
Klappbrücke / drawbridge, bascule bridge.
Klappe/ drop (Tp switchboard); tailboard (Trk); flap (Ap); landing ramp (on landing craft).
Klappenschrank m portable switchboard.
Klappflügel m folding wing (Ap).
Klapphacke/ pick mattock.
Klapplafette/ extendable mount (Ap MG).
Klappmesser n jackknif e.
Klappscheibe / bobbing target (practice firing).
Klappsporn m folding trail spade.
Klappvisier n leaf sight.
Klarinolre a cleaning fluid for optical glass.
Klarscheibe / ahtidim eyeglass.
Klarsichtsalbe/ antidim compound.
Klartext m text in clear (Sig C).
Klartextfunken n transmitting in clear (Rod).
Klaue/ dog (clutch); epi, curved spur track (RR gun); claw.
Klauenbeil n claw hatchet.
Klauenfutter n guide lining (G).
Klauenkupplung/ dog clutch (MT).
Klauenringm guide ring (G).
Klebeflugzeug n intruding airplane, intruder (one which trails an enemy plane back to its home base).
Klebelack m dope (Ap).
kleben to adhere, to stick to; to follow closely, to trail.
Klebestreifen m adhesive tape.
Klebezettel m paster, sticker (sticker-type baggage tag, etc.).
Kleiderkarte/ ration card for clothing.
Kleif m portable flame thrower (abbr. of kleiner Flammenwerfer).
Kleinbahn / substandard-gage railway.
Kleiner Bär Little Dipper.
Kleiner Krieg guerrilla warfare, partisan warfare.
Kleinfunkkraftwagen m small radio truck.
Kleinfunktrupp m portable-radio section.
Kleinfunkwagen vn, See Kleinfunk* kraftwagen.
Kleinkaliberlauf m subcaliber tube (G); small-bore barrel (R).
Kleinkalibermunition / subcaliber ammunition.
Kleinkaliberschießen n subcaliber target practice (Arty); small-bore target practice (R).
Kleinkraftrad n light motorcycle. Kleinkrieg in guerrilla warfare.
Kleinluftschiff n blimp.
Kleinmaschinensatz m portable generating unit (Elec).
Klein-Panzerkampfwagen m light tank.
Kleinschießplatz m miniature range; subcaliber target range (Arty); small-bore target range (R).
Kleinsendegerät n portable radio transmitter.
Klein vernebelung / limited-area smoke screen, local smoke screening.
Kleister m adhesive paste.
Klemme/ clip; clamp; terminal; binding post.
klemmen to hold right or left (Raiming); to clamp, to jam, to become wedged.
Klemmenspannung/ voltage across terminals.
Klemmhebel m clamping lever (MG).
Klemmplatte/ clamping plate (G barrel guide).
Klemmring m clamping ring (grenade launcher).
Klemmschraube/ setscrew; clamping screw (aiming circle).
Klemmzange / clamp (blasting-cap fuze).
Klempner m plumber.
Klettereisen npl climbers, climbing irons.
Kletterfähigkeit / vertical axle dis placement (MT).
Kletterschuhe mpl rock-climbing shoes (mountain operations).
Klettersporn m gaff (of climbers).
Kletterwalze/ front rolle» (MT).
Klima n climate.
Klimaanlage / air conditioning plant.
Klinke/ pawl, catch; jack (Tp).
Klippe/ bluff, cliff (Top).
Klop n See Chlorpikrin.
Klopfen n detonation, knock, pinking (of an engine).
Klopfer TO telegraph sounder.
klopffest antiknock. Klopffestigkeit / antiknock quality (engine fuel).
Klotz TO block, log.
Kluppe/ stock (die holder).
Knagge/ prop, wedge. Knall TO report (G); bang, crack, detonation.
Knallbild n sound track ('on SR film).
Knalldämpfer TO silencer (R, pistol, etc.).
Knallerscheinung / sound effect (SR).
Knallkörper TO firecracker (simulated fire).
Knallmeß- See Schallmeß-.
Knallnetz n mine-exploding net, primacord net.
Knallquecksilber n mercury fulminate.
Knallzündschnur / detonating cord, primacord (Engr).
Knebel TO gag.
Kneifzange / pincers.
Knemeyer m computer (circular slide rule used in air navigation).
Knetlegierung/ malleable alloy.
Knick m break; crack; kink; knee (Rad).
knicken to buckle.
Knickfestigkeit / resistance to buckling.
Knickflügel TO gull wing (Ap).
Kniew knee; salient (Tac); stifle joint (horse); elbow, bend (of pipe, etc.).
Kniegelenk n toggle joint (pistol).
kniender Anschlag kneeling position (in firing).
Kniepausche/ knee pad (harness).
Knieschützer mpl knee pads (Prcht troops).
Kniestellung/ salient (Tac).
Kniff knack; helpful hint, handy device; "shortcut," trick.
Knochen TO bone.
Knochenbruch TO fracture (Med).
Knopf TO button.
Knorrbremse / Knorr air brake. Knoten m knot.
Bunde und Knoten knots and ties.
Knotenpunkt m intersection, junction. Knüppel TO control stick (Ap); club, bludgeon; log, round timber.
Knüppeldamm TO corduroy road.
Knüppelgriff m grip of control stick (Ap).
Knüppelsteuerung/ stick control (Ap).
Knüppelweg m corduroy road.
Kobona chocolate with caffeine (Prcht ration).
Kochgeschirr n mess kit, mess gear.
Kochgeschirrhülle / mess-kit cover.
Kochloch n cooking pit.
Kohle/ carbon, coal; carbon brush, carbon rod (Elec).
Kohlebürste / carbon brush (Elec).
Kohleklotz m carbon block (microphone).
Kohlenelektrode / carbon electrode.
Kohlenkörner npl carbon granules (microphone).
Kohlenmikrophon n carbon microphone.
Kohlenoxyd n carbon monoxide.
Kohlensäure/ carbon dioxide.
Kohlenstoff m carbon.
Kohlenstoffträger m carbon filler (in liquid-oxygen blasting charges).
Kohlepapier n carbon paper.
Kohleschicht / charcoal layer (gas mask).
Kohlestab m carbon rod (Elec).
Kohle-Zink-Element n carbon-zinc cell (Elec).
Kohle-Zinksammler m carbon-zinc battery.
Koinzidenzentfernungsmesser TO coincidence range finder.
Koje/ cabin (Nav).
Kokillenguß TO chilled casting.
Kolben TO piston (Mech); butt (MG, R).
Kolbenbolzen TO piston pin (Mtr).
Kolbenbolzenlager n piston-pin bushing (Mtr).
Kolbenhals m small of the stock (R).
Kolbenhieb m butt stroke.
Kolbenhub?«, piston stroke (Mtr).
Kolbenkappe / butt plate (R).
Kolbenpistole/ submachine gun consisting of automatic pistol with telescope or skeleton stock.
Kolbenring TO piston ring (Mtr).
Kolbenstange / piston rod (Mtr).
Kolk TO scour (in river bottom).
Kollektor m commutator, collector ring (Elec).
Kollimationslinie / collimating mark (Optics).
Kollodiumwolle/ pyroxylin (Am). Kolonne / column; train (supply); javelin (Avn).
Kolonnenbrücke / portable bridge.
Kolonnenchef m column commander (MT).
Kolonnengebiet n communications zone.
Kolonnenspitze/ head of column.
Kolonnenstaffel / rear echelon train.
Kolonnenverkehr m column traffic.
Kolonne zu Einem column of files.
Kolonne zu Zweien column of twos.
Koluft m See Kommandeur der Luftwaffe.
Kombination/ flying suit, coverall.
Kombüse/ galley (Nav).
Kommandant m commander (of an Ap, Tk, ship, etc.); commanding officer (of a post, garrison, or station).
Kommandantur / commander's office, garrison headquarters. See also Feld-kommandantur, Ortskommandantur.
Kommandeur m commander, commanding officer (Bn and higher units, including entire arm or service); commandant (of a service school).
Kommandeur der Luftwaffe air support commander.
Kommandeurpanzer m commander's tank.
kommandieren to command; to detach, to detail.
kommandierender General commanding general (of a corps or service command).
Kommandierrolle / duty roster.
Kommando ft,' order, command; headquarters (D.iv and larger units); detached duty or service; detached unit; party or detail.
Kommandobehörde / command, command agency, headquarters (Div and larger units).
Kommandoflagge / command post flag (Bn or higher unit).
Kommandof ühf er m commander of a detachment, leader of a party.
Kommandogerät n data computer, ballistic director (AAA); command set (Rad).
Kommandohilfsgerät n auxiliary fire director (AAA).
Kommandopanzer m command tank.
Kommandosache / confidential military document.
Kommandospruch m radio message from commander's tank.
Kommandostelle/ command post, headquarters.
Kommandotafel / range conversion table (Gunnery).
Kommando- und Ladeverzugszeit dead time (Gunnery).
Kommando- und Stabsschwadron headquarters troop (Cav).
Kommandowagen m command car, command truck.
Kommandowerte mpl fire-director data (AAA).
"Kommando zurück!" "As you were!"
Kommiß m military service, "the service" (corresponds in many cases to the term "G.I." as used colloquially).
Kommißbrot n G.I. bread.
Kommißstiefel m G.I. boot.
Kommodore m wing commander (Avn).
Kommodor und Lufttransportführer chief of air transport (at Ger Air Ministry).
Kompanie / company.
Kompanieabschnitt m company sector.
Kompaniebezirk m company area.
Kompaniebreitkeil m company inverted wedge formation.
Kompaniechef m company commander.
Kompanieführer in officer in charge of company, temporary company commander.
Kompaniegefechtsstand in company command post (in combat).
Kompaniegelder npl company fund.
Kompaniegrenze / company boundary.
Kompaniekeil m company wedge formation.
Kompanierevier n company area.
Kompanieschreiber m company clerk.
Kompanietrupp in company headquarters (personnel).
Kompanietruppführer m leader of company headquarters personnel.
Kompaß TO compass.
Kompaßablenkung / compass error.
Kompaßausgleichung / compass compensation.
Kompaßkessel m compass bowl (Ap).
Kompaßkurs m compass heading, compass course (Avn),
Kompaßkurswinkel m compass azimuth.
Kompaßlenkung / compass deviation.
Kompaßmißweisung / compass declination.
Kompaßpeilung / compass bearing.
Kompaßrose / compass rose, compass card.
Kompaßstrich m point of the compass.
Kompaßzahl / azimuth, compass reading, bearing.
Komplize m accomplice (Law).
Kompressionsraum m compression chamber (Mtr).
Kompressor m compressor, supercharger.
Kompressormotor m supercharged engine.
Kondensationswärme / heat of condensation (Met).
Kondensator m condenser, capacitor . (Rad).
Kondensatormikrophon n condenser microphone.
Kondensstreifen m vapor trail (Avn).
konisch conical, tapered.
konisches Rohr tapered-bore barrel (G).
Konstrukteur m technical designer.
Konstruktion/ design; construction; structure.
Konstruktionsfehler m faulty design, structural defect.
Konstruktionszeichner m designer, draftsman.
Kontaktmesser n knife-switch prong (Elec).
Kontaktmine/ contact mine (Nav).
Köntaktstift m prong of jack (Elec).
Kontaktstück n contact, contact piece (Elec).
Konteradmiral m rear admiral.
Konterbande / contraband.
Kontrollkarte / intercept board (AWS).
Kontrollampe/ pilot light (Ap, MT).
Kontrolliste / check list.
Konuskupplung/ cone clutch (MT).
konvergieren to converge.
Konzentrationslager n concentration camp.
konzentrisch concentric, converging.
Koordinate / coordinate.
Koordinatennetz n map grid, coordinate grid system.
Koordinatenschieber mpl coordinate cards.
Koordinatenverzeichnis n table of
coordinates (Surv).
Koordinationsausgangspunkt m point of origin of coordinates.
Kopfm head; heading (on a message); nose or point (of a shell).
Kopfbahnhof m terminal; railhead.
Kopfbänder npl head straps (gas mask).
Kopfbänderung / head harness (Gas mask).
Kopfbedeckung / headgear, hat or helmet.
Kopffernhörer m headphone, headset.
Kopfgestell n headstall (harness).
Kopfhaube/ helmet (Avn).
Kopfhörer m headphone, headset.
kopflastig noseheavy (Ap).
Kopf platte / head-strap cushion (Gas mask).
Kopf rampe / end ramp (RR).
Kopfschützer m woolen cap, winter cap.
Kopfstand m nose-over (Avn).
Kopf stärke/ strength (of a unit).
Kopfstück«. crownpiece (harness); head (MG).
Kopfsturz m vertical dive, nose dive (Avn).
Kopf teil n nose section of shell (Am).
Kopfteilung / graduation on head of panoramic telescope.
Kopfwelle / shell wave, ballistic wave, bow wave (Ballistics).
Kopfzünder m point-detonating fuze (Am); nose fuze (bomb).
Koppel n belt.
koppeln to determine a course or establish a fix by dead reckoning (Avn); to couple (Arty).
Koppelnavigation / navigation by dead reckoning (Avn).
Koppelort m fix, dead reckoning position (Air Navigation).
Koppelschloß n belt buckle.
Koppelzeit / time at which exact position is ascertained by means of dead reckoning (Air Navigation).
Kopplung/ coupling (Arty, Rad).
Korb m basket (Bin, etc.); cluster of bombs (slang).
Korbring m concentration ring (Bin).
Kordelmutter/ knurled nut.
Kordelung / knurl, knurling.
kordieren to knurl.
Kordit n cordite.
Korkenzieher m spiral dive, "corkscrew dive" (Ap).
Korn n front sight (R, pistol, etc.); muzzle sight (G); grain; bead; acorn. das Korn klemmen to hold right or left. geklemmtes Korn incorrectly centered front sight.
Körnchen n granule.
Körner m center punch.
Körnerform / granular form (powder).
Kornfuß m front-sight base (R).
Kornhalter m front-sight holder (R).
Kornwarze/ front-sight stud (R).
Körperschutzmittel n protective clothing (CWS).
Korps n corps.
Korpsbezirk in corps area.
Korpsführer m assistant band leader.
Korpsgeist m esprit de corps, group spirit, group morale.
Korpskommando n corps headquarters.
Korpsnachschubführer m chief of corps supply services.
Korpsstab m corps headquarters staff.
Korrekturluftdüse / air-adjustment jet (Mtr).
Korrosionsbeständigkeit / resistance to corrosion.
Korvettenkapitän m lieutenant commander (Nav).
Kost/ meal, food; diet.
Kotm mud, excrement, filth.
Kote / fetlock.
Kotflügel m mudguard, fender.
Kradn motorcycle (abbr. of Kraftrad).
Kradfahrer m motorcyclist.
Kradmantel m motorcyclist's overcoat.
Kradmelder m motorcycle messenger.
Kradmeldetrupp m motorcycle messenger detachment.
Kradschütze m motorcycle rifleman.
Kradschützen-Bataillon n motorcycle battalion.
Kradschützenschwadron / motorcycle troop.
Kradschützensteg m floating wooden treadway bridge.
Kradschützenzug m motorcycle platoon.
Kradspäher m motorcycle scout.
Kradspitze/ motorcycle point of advance guard.
Kraft durch Freude Strength Through Joy (Ger Civ morale and travel organization).
Kräftefpl forces; power; strength.
Kräfteersparnis / economy of manpower, sparing of personnel.
Kräfteverteilung/ distribution of forces, tactical grouping (Tac).
Kräftezersplitterung / splitting up of forces, dissipation of forces (Tac).
Kraftfahrabteilung / motor transport battalion.
Kraftfahrausbildung / driver training (MT).
Kraftfahrerm driver; private (MT).
Kraftfahr-Ersatzteil-Staffel / spare parts section (MT).
Kraftfahrgerät n motor-transport equipment.
Kraf tf ahrkampf truppen fpl armored troops.
Kraftfahrkorps n See National-sozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps.
Kraftfahrlehrstab m motor transport training staff.
Kraftfahrpark m motor transport park (GHQ or Army); motor pool, vehicle park.
Kraftfahrparkkompanie / motor
transport company (component unit of a Kraftfahrpark).
kraftfahrtechnisch pertaining to automotive mechanics.
Kraftfahrtransport m motor transport.
Kraftfahrtruppen fpl motor transport troops.
Kraftfahrversorgung/ motor transport supply.
Kraftfahrwesen n motor transport service.
Kraftfahrzeug n motor vehicle.
Kraftfahrzeugkolonne / motor convoy, motor column.
Kraftfahrzeugpark m motor vehicle park.
Kraftfahrzeug-Verwertung / sorting and classification of motor vehicle salvage.
Kraftfahrzeugzubehör n motor-vehicle accessories.
Kraftlinien fpl lines of force (Elec).
Kraftmoment n moment of force.
Kraftomnibus m bus.
Kraftquelle / power source.
Kraftquellenwagen m horse-drawn generating unit.
Kraftrad ?i motorcycle. For compounds see under Krad.
Kraftsäge / power saw.
Kraftschlepper m tractor, prime mover.
Kraftspeicher m closing spring cylinder (AA gun); storage battery.
Kraftstoff m fuel, gasoline.
Kraftstoffabstellhahn m fuel shut-off valve (Mtr).
Kraftstoffanlage / fuel system (Mtr).
Kraftstoffausgabestelle / gasoline
distributing point.
Kraftstoffbehälter m fuel tank, gasoline tank.
Kraftstoffdruckmesser m fuel pressure gage (Ap).
Kraftstoffdüse/ fuel "jet (Mtr).
Kraf tstoffgemisch n fuel mixture (Mtr).
Kraftstofflager« fuel dump.
Kraftstoffleitung/ fuel line (MT).
Kraf tstoff-Luf tgemisch n fuel-air mixture (Mtr).
Kraftstoffmeßuhr / fuel gage (Mtr).
Kraftstoffnachschub m fuel supply, gasoline supply.
Kraftstoffnormverbrauch m normal fuel consumption (MT).
Kraftstoffölmischung / gasoline-oil mixture.
Kraftstofförderpumpe / fuel pump (Mtr).
Kraftstofförderung / fuel feed (Mtr).
Kraftstoffreiniger m fuel filter (Mtr).
Kraftstoffsieb n See Kraftstoffreiniger.
Kraftstoffstaffel/ gasoline supply section (Tk Bn).
Kraftstoffverbrauch m fuel consumption (MT).
Kraftstoffverbrauchssatz m rate of fuel consumption (MT).
Kraftstoffversorgung/ gasoline supply.
Kraftsoffvorratsmesser ra fuel level gage (Ap).
Kraftstoffzufluß m fuel feed (Mtr).
Kraftstoffzug m gasoline-supply train (RR).
Kraftübertragung/ power transmission, power train (MT).
Kraf tiibertragungsteile mpl power train (MT).
Kraftverstärker m power amplifier (Rad).
Kraftverstärker-Anlage / public-address system (Elec).
Kraftwagen m automobile, motor vehicle (occasionally used in sense of Lastkraftwagen, truck).
Kraftwagenanhänger m trailer.
Kraftwagenbegleiter m assistant driver (MT).
Kraftwagenflak / mobile antiaircraft artillery.
Kraftwagengeschiitz n See Kraft -wagenkanone.
Kraftwagenkanone / gun mounted on motor carriage.
Kraftwagenkanonenwagen ra assault gun car, motor carriage for gun.
Kraftwagenkolonne / motor transport column. große Kraftwagenkolonne heavy motor transport column (capacity 60 tons).
kleine Kraftwagenkolonne light motor transport column (capacity 30 tons).
Kraftwagenkolonne für Betriebsstoffe gasoline and lubricant supply column.
Kraftwagenküchenkompanie / mobile kitchen company.
Kraftwagenmarsch m motorized march.
Kraftwagenpark m motor park.
Kraftwagentransport m motor transport.
Kraftwagentransportabteilung/ motor transport battalion.
Kraftwagentransportkolonne / motor transport column.
Kraftwagenwerkstatt / motor vehicle repair shop.
Kraftwagenwerkstattzug m motor maintenance repair shop platoon.
Kraftwerk n power house, power station.
Kraftzug m power traction (as of a prime mover). mit Kraftzug tractor-drawn, truck-drawn.
Kraftzugartillerie / motorized artillery.
Kraftzuggeschütz n motorized gun.
Kraftzugmaschine / prime mover.
Kragen m collar (Clo).
Kragenlitze/ collar badge (facing sewn on the Kragenpatte).
Kragenpatte/ collar patch (cloth backing for the Kragenlitze).
Kragenspiegel w collar patch (Luftwaffe).
Kragträger m cantilever beam.
Kragträgerbrücke / cantilever bridge.
Krähennest TO "crow's nest," gunner's compartment (Ap upper turret).
Krampe/ staple (Tech).
Kran m crane, hoist; crane tractor (used as a power shovel).
krängen to heel (Avn).
Krängungsfehler w heeling error (Avn).
krank sick, ill. sich krank melden to go on sick call, to report sick.
Krankenabschub TO evacuation of the sick.
Kranken-Absonderung/ medical isolation.
Krankenabteilung/ ward (Med).
Krankenabtransport m evacuation of the sick.
Krankenbehandlung/ treatment of sick.
Krankenblatt n clinical record.
Krankenbuch n See Krankenmeldebuch.
Kranken-Isolierung/ medical isolation.
Krankenkraftwagen in motor ambulance.
Krankenkraftwagenzug in motor ambulance platoon.
Krankenmeldebuch n sick report book or folder. [
Krankenmeldung/ daily sick report.
Krankenrevier n infirmary, dispensary.
Krankensammelpunkt TO See Kran-kensammelstelle.
Krankensammelstelle / collecting station (Med).
Krankenschwester / nurse.
Krankenstall m veterinary hospital.
Krankenstube / infirmary, ward.
Krankentrage TO litter, stretcher.
Krankentragenf ahrgerät n wheeled litter carrier (Med).
Krankenträger TO litter bearer (Med).
Krankentransportabteilung / ambulance battalion.
Krankenunterkunft / field hospital. feste Krankenunterkunft fixed hospital.
Krankenurlaub TO sick leave.
Krankenwärter TO ward attendant (Med).
Kranz TO circular track (MG mount) >
Kratze / scraper, hoe.
Kraxe / wood frame pack carrier.
Kreis m circle; area; circuit.
Kreisbogen TO arc of a circle.
Kreisbogenabsteckung / measuring or transferring an arc with dividers.
Kreisel w gyroscope.
Kreiselabfeuergerät n gyro control, gyro-stabilizer (Tk).
Kreiselkompaß TO gyro compass.
Kreiselkompressor m centrifugal compressor.
Kreiselneigungsmesser m bank-and-turn indicator (Ap).
Kreiselpumpe/ centrifugal pump.
Kreiselsteuerzeiger TO gyro indicator, gyroscopic turn indicator (Ap).
Kreiselwendezeiger m gyro turn indicator, gyroscopic turn indicator (Ap).
kreisen to circle, to maneuver in circles.
Kreisflug m circular course (Avn).
Kreisfunkfeuer n fan-marker beacon, omnidirectional beacon (Rad).
Kreisfunktion / trigonometric func-tionf
Kreiskimme/ rear ring sight (MG).
Kreiskommandantur / area headquarters (Mil Govt).
Kreiskornw front ring sight (MG).
Kreiskornfuß TO front ring sight base (MG).
Kreiskornhalter m front ring sight support (MG).
Kreiskornrahmen TO front ring sight frame (MG).
Kreislauf m cycle.
Kreisleitung / series circuit (demolitions).
Kreisprozeß TO cycle.
Kreisverkehr m "circular" radio traffic (radio-net traffic in which stations communicate directly with each other on a common frequency with different call signs and without a net control station).
Kreisvisier n ring sight (Ord).
krepieren to explode, burst; to die.
Kresolseifenlösung / cresol soap solution.
Kresolwasser n cresol solution.
Kreuz n cross; crosspiece (of universal joint).
Kreuzbund n shear lashing (for diagonal timbers).
Kreuzen n traffic crossing.
kreuzen to cross; to cruise (Nav).
Kreuzer m cruiser.
Kreuzfeuer n cross fire.
Kreuzgelenk n universal joint.
Kreuzhacke / double-bitted pickax.
Kreuzlafette/ outrigger-type gun mount.
Kreuzleinen fpl cross line (reins).
Kreuzlochschraube / cross-hole screw.
Kreuzmuffe / cross pipe fitting, four-way pipe joint.
Kreuzpeilung / determining a fix, taking cross bearings (Air Navigation).
Kreuzschraube / trigger-guard screw (R).
Kreuzteil n rear of receiver well (R).
Kreuzung / intersection.
Kreuzungsbahnhof m crossing station (RR).
Kreuzverhör n cross-examination.
kriechen to creep or crawl.
Kriechgraben m crawl trench, shallow communication trench.
Krieg m war. See also terms under Gefecht, Kampf.
kriegführend belligerent.
kriegführende Macht belligerent power.
Kriegführung / warfare.
Kriegsakademie/ war college.
Kriegsartikel mpl Articles of War (now replaced by brief summary of military ideals and obligations called Pflichten des deutschen Soldaten).
Kriegsausgang m outcome of war.
Kriegsausrüstungsnachweisung / table of basic allowances (wartime).
Kriegsband n battle honors.
Kriegsbeorderung/ See Kriegsbeord-nung.
Kriegsbeordnung / mobilization order for reservists.
Kriegsbericht m war communique, war news report.
Kriegsberichter m accredited correspondent (in a Ger propaganda Co).
kriegsbeschädigt disabled on active duty.
Kriegsbeteiligung / participation in war.
Kriegsbrauch m customs of war.
Kriegsbrücke/ military bridge.
Kriegsbrückengerät n military bridge equipment.
Kriegsdauer / duration of war. auf Kriegsdauer for the duration (abbr. a.K.).
Kriegsdenkmünze/ campaign medal.
Kriegsdienstverweigerer m conscientious objector.
Kriegserfordernisse fpl military requirements in wartime.
Kriegserklärung / declaration of war.
Kriegsflagge / ensign.
Kriegsfuß m war footing.
Kriegsgebiet n theater of operations.
Kriegsgebrauch m customs of war.
Kriegsgefangenenbau- und Arbeitsbataillon PW construction and labor battalion (for guarding PWs working in Germany or rear areas).
Kriegsgefangeneneinsatz m employment of prisoners of war.
Kriegsgefangenensammelstelle / prisoner-of-war collecting point.
Kriegsgefangener m prisoner of war.
Kriegsgerät n war materiel.
Kriegsgericht n court-martial.
Kriegsgerichtsrat m judge advocate.
Kriegsgerichtsrechtsprechung / military justice.
Kriegsgerichtsverfahren n court-martial proceedings.
Kriegsgliederung / order of battle.
Kriegskasse/ field safe; war chest.
Kriegskonterbande / contraband of war.
Kriegskunst / art of war.
Kriegslazarett n base hospital.
Kriegslist / stratagem, ruse (Tac).
Kriegsmarine / navy.
Kriegsmarsch m tactical march.
kriegsmäßig warlike, similar to actual conditions in the field.
Kriegsneurose / war neurosis.
Kriegsoffizier-Bewerber m applicant for wartime commission.
Kriegsrangliste/ army directory.
Kriegsräson / military necessity.
Kriegsrecht n military law.
Kriegssanitätsordnung / medical field regulations or manual.
Kriegsschauplatz m theater of war.
Kriegsschiff n warship.
Kriegsschule / officer candidate school.
Kriegsspiel n war game, map maneuver.
Kriegsstammrolle / personnel roster (wartime).
Kriegsstand »i See Kriegsstärke.
Kriegsstärke / war strength (of a unit, etc.).
Kriegsstärkenachweisung/ table of organization (wartime).
Kriegstagebuchn war diary; journal, daybook.
Kriegsverdienstkreuz n War Service Cross (decoration).
Kriegs verrat TO war treason.
Kriegsverräter m war traitor.
kriegsverwendungsfähig fit for active service (abbr. k.v.).
Kriegswerft / navy yard.
kriegswichtig of military importance.
Kriegswissenschaft / military science.
Kriegszahnarzt TO dental surgeon.
Kriegszustand TO state of war.
Kriminalpolizei / criminal investigation police.
Krimscliild m Crimea Shield (decoration on upper left sleeve, worn by all veterans of the battle in the Crimea).
Kripo / See Kriminalpolizei.
K.-Rolle / plain-wire concertina (abbr. of Klaviersaitendraht-Rolle).
Kronenmutter / castellated hut.
Kröpfung / right-angle bend; throw (of a crankshaft).
Krümmer m elbow pipe; manifold.
Krümmung/ bend; turn; camber; curvature.
Kruppe/ croup (horse).
K-Stoffm diphosgene (CWS).
Kübel TO bucket; jeep.
Kübelsitzer m See Kübelwagen.
Kübelsitzwagen m See Kübelwagen.
Kübelwagen TO command car, jeep.
Kubikzahl/ cube (Math).
Küche / kitchen.
Küchendienst«, kitchen police, KP; mess orderly, mess attendant.
Küchenunteroffizier m mess sergeant.
Kufe/ sled runner; skid.
Kugel/ bullet; ball; sphere.
Kugelblende / mantlet of flexible ball mount, ball mount (Tk).
Kugelfang m target butt, range butt.
kugelfest bulletproof.
Kugelfüllung/ ball filler (shrapnel).
Kugelgelenk n ball-and-socket joint.
Kugellafette/ ball mount (MG).
Kugellager m ball bearing.
Kugelpfanne/ ball socket (Mort).
kugelsicher bulletproof.
Kühlanlage/ cooling system (Mtr).
Kühler m radiator (Mtr).
Kühler-Einfüllverschluß TO radiator cap (MT).
Kühlerklappe/ louver (Mt, Tk).
Kühlerschutzhaube / radiator guard' (MT).
Kühlerverschluß m radiator cap (MT).
Kühlflüssigkeit/ cooling liquid (Mtr).
Kühlmantel TO water jacket (Mtr, MG).
Kühlmittel n coolant (Mtr).
Kühlrippe/ cooling fin (Mtr).
Kühlstoff TO coolant.
Kühlung/ cooling system (Mtr).
Kühlwagen TO refrigerator truck,
refrigerator car.
Kühlwassermantel TO water jacket.
Kulissenschaltung / gate-type gear shift.
Kumpel w buddy.
Kumuluswolke / cumulus cloud.
Kundschafter TO spy.
Kunstflug TO stunt flying.
Kunstflugfigur/ stunt-flying maneuver.
Kunstleder n artificial leather.
künstliche Antenne artificial antenna (Rad).
künstliche Atmung artificial respiration.
künstliche Lüftung artificial ventilation.
künstlicher Gummi synthetic rubber.
künstlicher Horizont absolute inclinometer, gyro horizon indicator, artificial horizon (Ap Inst).
künstlicher Nebel screening smoke (CWS).
künstliches Hindernis artificial obstacle.
künstliche Spur artificial scent (for army dogs).
Kunstschaltung / superposed connection (Tp).
Kunstseide / rayon.
Kunststoff TO synthetic plastic.
Kupfer n copper.
Kupferdraht m copper wire.
Kupferkapsel / copper shell (detonator cap).
Kuppe / knoll, knob, rounded hilltop.
Kuppel / cupola.
Kuppellafette/ cupola mount (Ap).
Kuppelstange / tie rod (split-trail carriage).
Kupplung/ clutch (MT); coupling (Mech); recoil connection (pistol).
Kupplungsfeder / clutch spring (MT).
Kupplungsfußhebel m clutch pedal (MT).
Kupplungsgehäuse n clutch housing (MT).
Kupplungshebel m clutch lever (MT); recoil-spring lever (pistol).
Kupplungskasten m junction box, gun junction box, control box (AA director).
Kupplungskegel m clutch cone (MT).
Kupplungskopf m coupling head (trailer).
Kupplungspedale clutch pedal (MT).
Kupplungsscheibe / clutch plate (MT).
Kupplungsstange / recoil-spring lever bar (pistol).
Kupplungstritt m clutch pedal (MT).
Kupplungswelle/ clutch shaft (MT).
Kurbel / crank.
Kurbelarm m crank arm (of crankshaft).
Kurbeldynamo / hand-crank generator.
Kurbelgehäusen crankcase (Mtr).
Kurbelgriff m crank handle.
Kurbelinduktor m hand-crank generator (Tp).
Kurbelkröpfung/ crankshaft throw.
Kurbellager n crankshaft bearing, pillow block.
Kurbelrad n crankwheel (G).
Kurbelstange / connecting rod (Mtr).
Kurbeltrieb m crank mechanism.
Kurbeltriebwerk n crankshaft assembly (Mtr).
Kurbelübung / crankwheel operation exercise (gun laying).
Kurbelwelle/ crankshaft (Mtr).
Kurbelzapfen in crank pin (Mtr).
Kurier m courier, special messenger.
Kurierflugzeuge liaison airplane.
Kurierpost / courier mail.
Kurier-Staffel / special communication squadon (Luftwaffe). See also Staffel.
Kurs m course, heading.
Kursgleiche / rhumb line (Air Navigation).
Kurskreisel m directional gyro.
Kursscheibe / bearing plate (Avn).
Kursstabilität / directional stability (Ap).
Kurssteuerung/ piloting, navigating, pilot control.
automatische Kur^steuerung automatic pilot, mechanical pilot (Ap).
Kursverbesserung/ off-course correction (Air Navigation).
Kursvisier n bomb sight (Ap).
Kurswechsel m change of course, change of direction (Avn).
Kurswinkel m azimuth of target (AAA).
Kurszeiger m navigator's compass (Ap).
Kurve / curve, turn.
Kurvenblatt n graph.
Kurvenflug m curvilinear flight (Avn).
Kurvengleitflug m spiral (Avn).
Kurvenkampf m turning combat, dogfight (Avn).
Kurvenmesser m map measurer (Inst).
Kurvenscheibe / cam plate (Ord); curvilinear target (Tng).
Kurvenvisier n tangent sight (SA).
Kurzleistung / military rating (of an Ap engine).
Kurzschluß m short circuit, short (Elec).
Kurzschlußankermotor m squirrel-cage motor.
Kurzschuß m short (Gunnery).
Kurzsignal n code group.
Kurzwelle/ short wave (Rad).
Kurzwellensender m short-wave transmitter.
Küste/ coast, shore.
Küstenartillerie / coast artillery.
Küstenaufklärer m coast reconnaissance airplane.
Küstenaufklärung / coast reconnaissance.
Küstenbatterie / coast battery, shore battery.
Küstenflak/ coast antiaircraft gun, coast antiaircraft artillery-
Küstenfliegergruppe / coast reconnaissance and naval support group (Avn). See also Gruppe.
Küstengebiet n coastal area.
Küstengeschütz n coast artillery gun.
Küstengewässer npl coastal zone, coastal waters.
Küstenlafette/ coast artillery gun mount.
Küstenstaffel/ coastal squadron
(Ami). See also Staffel.
Küstenstation / coast guard station.
Küstenverteidigung / coast defense.
Küstenvorfeld n coastal zone.
Küstenwache/ coast guard, coast guard station. Küstenwacht/ coast patrol.
Küstenwehr/ coast defense, coast defense troops.
Kutonnase/ cable cutter on leading edge of wing (an anti-barrage-balloon device).
Kuvi n See Kursvisier.
KWK.-Standm fixed emplacement made of tank gun turret.


Lack m lacquer, varnish.
Ladebaum m boom, derrick, crane.
Ladebrücke / loading ramp (on trailer).
Ladedruck m manifold pressure (Mtr).
Ladedruckmesser m manifold pressure gage (Ap engine).
Ladedruckregler m manifold pressure control (Ap engine).
Ladeeinheit / load unit, unit load.
Ladefähigkeit / load' capacity; serviceable condition of ammunition.
Ladegewicht n load capacity, weight of -load.
Ladegleis n loading siding (RR).
Ladegurt in cartridge belt.
Ladehemmung / stoppage in loading mechanism (Ord).
Ladekanonier m gun loader, loader, assistant gunner, cannoneer No. 1.
Ladeklappe / breechblock.
Ladekran m gun hoist.
Ladelaufrad n impeller (super-charger).
Ladeleitrad n diffuser (super-charger).
Ladeloch n loading recess (G).
Ladeluftkühler m intercooler (Ap supercharger).
Ladeluke / loading hatch (Ap).
Lademaschine / battery charger (Elec).
Lademaschinensatz m battery charging unit (Elec).
Lademulde / loading tray (G).
Laden to load (R, G, etc.).
"Laden und sichern!" "Load and lock!"
Ladeplatz m pier, wharf, quay.
Lader m stevedore, loader, supercharger (Mtr).
Laderampe / loading ramp.
Laderaum m chamber, powder chamber (G); hold (Nav).
Laderaumverlängerung / advance of forcing cone (G).
Ladergetriebe n supercharger drive.
Ladeschale / loading tray (G).
Ladeschütze m assistant gunner, loader (Tk).
Ladesitz m loader's seat (G).
Ladespannung / charging voltage (battery charger).
Ladestelle / loading point, entraining or entrucking point; battery-charging station.
Ladestock m rammer.
Ladestörung / stoppage in loading mechanism (Ord).
Ladestraße / delivery roadway (RR freight station).
Ladestreifen in cartridge clip, ammunition clip.
Ladetätigkeit / loading operations (service of the piece).
Ladetisch m loading tray (G).
Ladetrommel / cartridge drum.
Ladetrupp m loading detail.
Ladeverzug m loading lag (Gunnery).
Ladeverzugszeit / loading lag, loading time (Gunnery).
Ladevorgang m loading action (semi- or full-automatic weapons).
Ladevorrichtung / breech mechanism, loading device (Ord); feeding device (SA).
Ladezeit / loading time, entrucking time, entraining time; charging time (Elec battery).
Ladung/ cargo, load; charge.
Ladungsbüchse / blasting-charge container (generally of galvanized -metal).
Ladungsgefäß n blasting-charge container.
Ladungskasten m blasting-charge box.
Ladungsraum TO See Laderaum.
Ladungsverhältnis n loading ratio (ratio between weight of charge and weight of projectile).
Ladungswerfer TO spigot mortar.
Lafette / gun carriage, gun mount.
Lafettenachse / gun-carriage axle.
Lafettenart / type of gun carriage or mount.
Lafettenaufsatzstück n adapter, tripod extension piece (MG).
Lafettendreieck n triangular base (AA gun).
Lafettenfahrzeug n trailer mount (Arty).
Lafettenholm TO gun-mount outrigger; gun-trail crosspiece.
Lafettenkasten TO trail box (G).
Lafettenkranz m circular track mount (Ap, Tk).
Lafettenkreuz n outriggers (AA gun).
Lafettenschwanz TO trail (G).
Lafettensporn TO trail spade (G).
Lafettenstütze / firing base (G-).
Lafettentisch m gun-carriage bed.
Lafettenwand / gun-carriage side plate.
Lage / situation (Tac); position, site; salvo (pieces fire in succession); layer, stratum (Met).
Lagebericht TO situation report.
Lagebeurteilung / estimate of the situation (Tac).
Lagenfeuer n salvo fire (pieces fire in succession).
Lagenkarte / situation map (Tac).
Lagenmeldung / situation report.
Lager n camp; depot, dump; bearing, support. das Lager abbrechen to strike camp. das Lager aufschlagen to pitch camp.
Lagerbestand TO stock, stockage.
Lagerbock TO support (for piston rod of counterrecoil mechanism); pillow block.
Lagergehäuse n housing or case enclosing a bearing or bushing.
Lagergeld n pay (PW).
Lagergerüst n storage-closet rack.
Lagerhaus n warehouse.
Lagerkommandant TO prison camp or internment camp commander.
Lagelleitung / camp authorities (PW).
Lagermetall n bearing metal.
Lagern n storage.
Lagerort m camp site.
Lagerplatz m storage place; camp site.
Lagerraum m storeroom.
Lagerschale / bushing.
Lagerschuppen TO storage shed.
Lagerstelle / camp site.
Lagerung / storage, stowage.
Lagerzapfen TO journal (crankshaft); pivot pin (trail spade); trunnion (aiming circle).
Lähmen paralyze, immobilize, neutralize (Tac).
Lahmlegen neutralize (an attack).
Lahmlegung / neutralization (Tac).
Lähmungsschießen n harassing fire (with Cml shell).
Lamelle / disk; leaf; plate; shim; cooling fin.
Lamellenkupplung / multiple-disk clutch (MT).
Lamellenschluß m armature short (Elec).
Lampenfassung / lamp socket (Elec).
Lampengehäuse n lamp case (Sig lamp).
Landankertau n shore anchor line (Pon Bdg).
Landbatterie / land-based antiaircraft battery (as distinguished from ship-based battery).
Landbord TO shoreward side.
Landbrücke / landing stage (Engr).
Landebahn / landing strip, runway.
Landebahnfeuer n contact light (Adrm).
Landedeck n landing deck, flight deck (aircraft carrier).
Landefackel / wing-tip flare (Ap).
Landefeuer n landing light (Ap).
Landefunkfeuer n runway localizing' beacon (Rad).
Landegeschwindigkeit / landing speed (Ap).
Landeklappe / landing flap (Ap).
Landekopf m beachhead.
Landekreuz n landing T (Avn).
Landelicht n landing light (Ap).
Landemannschaft / ground crew (Bin).
Landeplatz m landing area, landing field (Avn).
Landesaufnahme / topographic survey, geodetic survey.
landeseigener Verband "native" unit (composed of inhabitants of German-occupied country who fight, on their own soil, as auxiliaries of German Army).
Landesschützeneinheit / regional defense unit (such as Landesschützendivision, -regiment, -bataillon, and -kompanie; mainly for guard duty in Com Z and Z of I).
Landesteg m landing ramp (Nav).
Landesverrat m treason.
Landesverteidigung / home defense.
Landetrupp m landing and saddling detail (at stream crossing) (Cav).
Landezeichen n landing signal.
Landezone / landing zone (Adrm).
Landfahrwerk n wheel-type landing gear (Ap).
Landfahrzeug n land vehicle; shoreward ponton (Bdg).
Landkrieg m war on land, land warfare.
Landkriegsordnung / Rules of Land Warfare.
Landmeile/ statute mile (1.609 km).
Landmine / land mine.
Landser m doughboy.
Landstraße / road, highway.
Landsturm m territorial reserve, replacement reserves (age over 45). Landsturm I trained reserves (age over 45).
Landsturm II untrained reserves (age over 45).
Landtruppen fpl ground troops.
Landung / landing.
Landung mit Seitenwind cross-wind landing.
Landungsabteilung / beach party or detachment.
Landungsboot n landing barge, landing boat.
Landungsfahrzeug n landing craft.
Landungsklappe / landing ramp (of a landing craft or ship).
Landungsplatz m landing area.
Landungsrauchzeichen n landing smoke signal (Avn).
Landungstrupp m landing party.
Landungsunternehmung / landing operation.
Landverankerung / guy-line anchorage (Pon).
Landwehr / reserves (age group 35-45).
Landwehr I trained reserves (35-45).
Landwehr II untrained reserves (35-45).
Landwehroffizier m reserve officer. See Landwehr.
Langbasis / horizontal base (Arty, Surv).
Langbasisanlage / base end station.
Langbasisverfahren n horizontal base method, long base method (Gunnery).
Länge / length. der Länge nach beschießen to enfilade.
Längenabweichung / longitudinal deviation, range deviation (Gunnery).
Festlegen der Längenabweichung range sensing, range spotting (Arty Obsn).
Längengrad m degree of longitude.
Längenkreis m circle of longitude.
Längenmessung / linear measurement.
Längenstreuung / range dispersion on horizontal target (Ballistics).
Längenverbesserung / range correction (Gunnery).
Längenverhältnis n aspect ratio (Ap).
Länge über alles over-all length.
Längsachse / longitudinal axis.
Langsamflug m stalling flight (Ap).
Längsbestreichung / enfilade fire.
Längsfeld n chase of gun barrel.
Längsfeuer n enfilade fire.
Längslibelle / longitudinal level (sighting mechanism).
Längsneigungsmesser m pitch indicator, fore-and-aft inclinometer (Ap).
Längsschnitt m longitudinal section.
Längsseitgehen n pulling alongside.
Längsstabilität / longitudinal stability (Ap).
Längsträger m stringer, balk (Bdg); longitudinal outrigger (AA gun); longeron (Ap); long channel bar of chassis frame (MT).
Langstreckenbomber TO long-range bomber.
Langstreckenjäger m long-range fighter airplane.
Langstrecken-Seeflugzeug n long-range seaplane.
Längszapfen m axle pivot pin (split trail carriage).
Langwellen fpl long waves (Rad).
Langwellenpeiler m long-wave direction finder (Rad).
Lasche / butt strap (Engr).
Last / load.
Lastanhänger TO truck trailer (MT).
Lastensegelflugzeug n See Lastensegler.
Lastensegler m troop-carrying glider, cargo-carrying glider.
Lastfallschirm in cargo parachute.
Lastflugzeug n cargo transport airplane.
Lastigkeitsregelung / trimming (Ap).
Lastigkeitswaage / balance indicator (Ap).
Lastkraftwagen m truck, cargo truck.
Lastwagenschlepper m truck-tractor.
Latte / batten, lath, board; propeller (Ap); stadia rod (Surv).
Lattenfiihrung / pitch control (propeller).
Lattenpunkt m place mark (Surv). .
Lattenrost m boardwalk, duckboard (trench).
Laubwald m deciduous forest, deciduous wood.
Lauerstellung / ambush gun emplacement, ambush.
Lauf TO barrel (MG, R); run, course.
Laufbahn / career (as an officer, specialist, etc.); runway (Adrm).
Laufbahnabzeichen n specialist's insignia or badge.
Laufbrücke / gangplank.
Lauf decke / tire casing (MT).
laufend running; current; continuous; serial.
laufende Nummer serial number.
Läufer m runner, messenger.
Lauffläche / tread (of a tire); sliding surface (of a sled runner);
bearing surface, friction surface.
Laufgraben TO approach trench, communication trench.
Laufinneres n bore (SA).
Lauf mantel in jacket (MG).
Laufmundstück n breech piece (R).
Laufrad n landing wheel (Ap); bogie wheel (Tk); impeller (of pump, etc.).
Lauf ring TO race (ball bearing).
Laufrolle / bogie wheel (Tk).
Laufschritt m double time. "Im Laufschritt, Marsch! Marsch!" "Double time, march!"
Laufseele / bore (SA).
Laufseelenprüfer in barrel reflector (SA).
Laufsitzring m barrel-locking ring (MG)
Laufweite / caliber.
Laufwerk n tracks and suspensions (Tk); running gear (of a vehicle).
Laufwerkpanzerung / track shield, armored skirting (Tk).
Lauschdienst in intercept service (Sig C).
Lauschempfänger m intercept receiver (Sig C).
Lauschgerät n intercept set (Rad).
Lauschstelle / intercept station (Sig' C).
Lauschzange / wire-tapping clamp.
Lauthörknopf TO handset switch, amplifier knob (Tp).
Lautsprecher m loudspeaker (Rad).
Lautsprechertrichter TO horn, cone, trumpet (of loud speaker).
Lautsprechertruhe / baffle, speaker cabinet (Rad).
Lautstärke / signal strength, volume, readability (Rad); sound intensity (sound locator).
Lautstärkenregler TO volume control (Rad).
Lautverstärker in volume amplifier (Rad).
Lazarett n hospital.
Lazarettaufnahme / hospitalization.
Lazarettbehandlung / hospital treatment, hospitalization.
Lazarettflagge f flag of protection.
Lazarettschiff n hospital ship.
Lazarettzug m hospital train.
Lebensdauer / accuracy life (G).
Lebensmittel npl subsistence supplies.
Lebensmittelkarte / food ration card.
Lederfett n dubbin.
Lederring m See Lederscheibe.
Lederscheibe / leather washer.
Ledertasche / leather case, leather bag.
Leere / vacuum. Leergang m backlash, lost motion; neutral gear (Mtr).
Leergewicht n empty weight.
Leergut n empties (Am).
Leerlauf m idling, neutral, idling speed (Mtr).
Leerlaufdüse / idler jet (Mtr).
Leermaterial n train of empties (RR).
Leerschraube / drain plug.
Legierung / alloy.
Legionsschütze m non-German rifleman in the Wehrmacht.
Lehmgrube / clay pit. Lehrbataillon n instruction battalion (used for demonstrations, etc.).
Lehre / doctrine, theory; gage.
Lehrfilm m training film.
Lehrflugwesen n training aviation.
Lehrgang m course of instruction.
Lehrgangsleiter m instructor.
Lehrgruppe / instruction group (Avn).
Lehrregiment n instruction regiment (used for demonstrations, etc.).
Lehrtruppe / instruction unit.
Leibgarde / bodyguard.
Leibgurt m belt (Clo).
Leibgurt mit Schulterriemen Sam Browne belt.
Leibriemen m garrison belt (Clo).
Leibstandarte / See SS-Leibstandarte.
Leibwache / bodyguard.
Leiche / corpse; carcass.
leichte Division motorized division,
"light division." Leichtkrankenkriegslazarett n base hospital for minor cases (Com Z).
Leichtkrankenschiff n hospital ship for minor cases.
Leichtkrankenzug m hospital train for minor cases.
Leichtkranker m ambulatory case, minor case (sick, not wounded).
Leichtöl n light fuel (as distinguished from Diesel fuel).
Leichtverwundetensammelplat.z m collecting station for walking wounded.
Leichtverwundeter m minor casualty.
Leinenbund n rope lashing.
Leinöl n linseed oil.
Leinwand / linen; cloth; projection screen.
Leiste / strip; edge; fillet; batten.
Leistenbruch m hernia.
Leistengegend / groin.
Leistung / output, performance, capacity; power (Rad).
Leistungsbelastung / power loading (Ap).
Leistungsfähigkeit / efficiency, capacity.
Leistungsgewicht n weight per horsepower.
Leistungsregler m power control (Rad).
Leistungsröhre / power amplifier tube.
Leistungssegelflugzeug n performance-type glider (Avn).
Leistungssteigerung / increase of efficiency (Mtr).
Leistungsstufe / power amplifier, final amplifier (of a Rad transmitter).
Leistungswählhebel m output selector lever (Ap engine).
leiten conduct, lead, direct, manage.
Leitender m director (maneuvers).
Leitender Arzt ward officer (Med).
Leitender Ingenieur chief engineer (a Civ official in the Armed Forces).
Leitender Offizier executive officer.
Leiter m leader, director; conductor (Elec).
Leiter / ladder.
Leiterschleife / armature turn (Elec).
Leitfähigkeit / conductivity (Elec).
Leitfeuer n cord fuze, safety fuze.
Leitfeuerzündmittel n cord fuze detonator.
Leitfeuerzündung / cord fuze detonation.
Leitfunkstelle / net control station (Rad).
Leitkante / leading edge (Ap wing).
Leitrad n idler, idler wheel (Tk); diffuser (supercharger).
Leitradachse / idler wheel shaft (Tk).
Leitstand m fire-direction center (Arty); command post.
Leitstelle / net control station (Rad).
Leitstrahl m localizer beam (Inst landing).
Leitstrahlverfahren n localizer-beam method (Inst landing).
Leitung / line (Tp); command; direction; control; management.
Leitungsbau m line construction (Tp).
Leitungsgehilfe m director's aide (maneuvers).
Leitungskapazität / capacity of a line, traffic capacity of a line (Elec, Tp, Tg).
Leitungsmast m telephone pole.
Leitungsmaterial n conducting material, electric wire.
Leitungsmittel n line wire (Tp).
Leitungsnetz n wire net, circuit, wiring system, wire-communication net.
Leitungsoffizier m assistant director (maneuvers).
Leitungsplan m wiring diagram.
Leitungsprüfer m galvanometer (Engr); circuit tester (Elec).
Leitungsskizze / circuit diagram (Tp).
Leitungssondertruppen fpl special troops of director headquarters (maneuvers).
Leitungsstab m directing staff (maneuvers).
Leitungssystem n wiring system (Elec).
Leitungstruppen fpl troops assigned to director headquarters (maneuvers).
Leitungs- und Schiedsrichterdienst m directing and umpiring service (maneuvers).
Leitungswiderstand m line resistance (Elec).
Leitverkehr m control-station traffic (Rad).
Leitwand / baffle.
Leitwellverschluß m sliding-wedge-type breechblock (G).
Leitwerk n empennage, tail assembly, tail unit (Ap).
Leitwert m conductance (Elec). Leitzaun m guide fence (a type of snow fence).
Lenden fpl loins (horse).
Lenkballon m dirigible
Lenkbremse / steering brake (Tk).
Lenkeinrichtung / steering mechanism.
Lenkeinschlag m maximum angle of turn (steering wheels).
Lenker m steering arm (of a gun wheel).
Lenkgehäuse n steering-gear housing (MT).
Lenkgestänge n tie rods (MT).
Lenkgetriebe n steering mechanism (track-laying vehicles).
Lenkhebel m steering-knuckle gear-rod arm (MT); steering lever (track-laying vehicle).
Lenkknüppel m steering lever (track-laying vehicle).
Lenkluftschiff n dirigible.
Lenkrad n steering wheel (MT).
Lenksäule / steering column (MT).
Lenkschnecke / steering worm (MT).
Lenkschraube / cylindrical cam on steering column (MT).
Lenkschubstange / steering gear connecting rod (MT).
Lenksegment n steering-worm sector (MT).
Lenkstange / tie rod (MT); handle bar (Mtcl).
Lenkstock m See Lenkstockhebel.
Lenkstockhebel m steering arm (MT).
Lenkstoßfang m steering shock suspension (MT).
Lenkung / steering, steering system (MT).
Lettenhaue / mattock hoe (Engr).
leuchtbereit ready for action (SL).
Leuchtblatt n luminous dial.
Leuchtboje / light buoy.
Leuchtbombe / aircraft parachute flare.
Leuchtdauer / burning time (of a ground Sig, etc.).
Leuchtfallschirm m parachute flare (Avn).
Leuchtfarbe / luminous paint.
Leuchtfeuer n beacon light (Avn).
Leuchtgeschoß n See Leuchtgranate.
Leuchtgranate / star shell (Am).
Leuchtgranatwerfer m pyrotechnic projector.
Leuchtkompaß m luminous compass.
Leuchtkreuze npl reticle image (reflector sight).
Leuchtkugel / ground signal, Very signal light.
Leuchtmittel n pyrotechnic device.
Leuchtmunition / pyrotechnics; tracer ammunition.
Leuchtpatrone / signal case; signal cartridge; cartridge-type ground signal.
Leuchtpfad m flare path (Avn). \
Leuchtpistole / pyrotechnic pistol, signal pistol, Very pistol.
Leuchtrakete / signal rocket.
Leuchtraketengestell n pyrotechnic projector (for Sig rockets).
Leuchtröhre / fluorescent tube.
Leuchtsatz m pyrotechnic composition, flare composition, illuminant charge; tracer composition.
Leuchtschiff n lightship,,
Leuchtspur / tracer trajectory.
Leuchtspurgeschoß n tracer bullet, tracer.
Leuchtspurgranate / tracer shell (Am).
Leuchtspurmunition / tracer ammunition.
Leuchtspursatz m tracer composition (Am).
Leuchtstern m star (signal).
Leuchttonne / light buoy.
Leuchtturm m lighthouse.
Leuchtvisier n luminous sight.
Leuchtzeichen n ground signal, light signal.
Leuchtzifferblatt n luminous dial (Inst).
Leukoplast n court plaster.
Leute fpl personnel.
Leutnant m second lieutenant;
lieutenant (specifically, 2nd Lt).
Leutnant der Flieger second lieutenant (Luftwaffe).
Leutnant zur See ensign (Nav).
Lewisit n Lewisite (CWS).
Libelle / level (Inst); clinometer (Arty, Surv). die Libelle einspielen to center the bubble in a level.
Libelleneinstellung / level setting, level adjustment.
Libellengehäuse n level housing (panoramic telescope).
Libellenquadrant m gunner's quadrant (with spirit level).
Libellentafel / angle-of-site table (Gunnery).
Lichtanlasser m generator-starter (MT).
"Licht auf!" "In action!" (AA SL).
Lichtbild n photograph.
Lichtbildaufnahme / See Lichtbild.
Lichtbildauswertung / interpretation of photographs.
lichtbilden to photograph, i Lichtbildentzerrung / rectification of aerial photographs.
Lichtbilderkundung / photographic reconnaissance.
Lichtbildmaschinengewehr n machine-gun camera.
Lichtbildmessung / phototopography.
Lichtbild-MG n camera gun (Avn).
Lichtbildner m photographer.
Lichtbildpause / photographic overlay.
Lichtbildwesen n photography.
Lichtbogenschweißung / arc welding.
Lichtkegel m beam of light, cone of light.
Lichtmaschine / generator (MT).
Lichtmeßbatterie / flash ranging section (Obsn Bn).
Lichtmeßdienst in flash ranging service.
Lichtmessen n flash ranging.
Lichtmeßstelle / flash ranging station.
Lichtmeßtrupp m flash ranging team.
Lichtnetz n lighting system.
Lichtpause / photostatic reproduction; photocopy; blueprint.
Lichtrufanlage / light-signal call system (in hospitals, etc.).
Lichtschallmessen n sound and flash ranging.
Lichtschalter ra light switch.
Lichtsprechgerät n modulated light-ray communication set.
Lichtspruch m signal-lamp message.
Lichtspur- See Leuchtspur-.
Lichtstärke / luminous intensity, intensity of light.
Lichtung / forest clearing.
lidern to pack, seal, obturate.
Liderung / gas check, obturator (G).
Liderungskopf m mushroom head (of obturator).
Liderungspolster n gas-check pad.
Lieferant m supplier, contractor.
Lieferdienst m ferrying service (Avn).
Lieferschein m shipping ticket.
Lieferung / lot, shipment.
liegend prone, lying; berthed.
Liegeplatz TO berth (in port).
Linealvisier n linear sight (Ger AA gun).
lineares System linear speed method (AA Gunnery).
Linie / line, rank. "In Linie zu einem Gliede, angetreten!" "In single rank, fall in!"
Linie B-Stelle-Ziel OP-target line.
Linie Geschütz-Ziel gun-target line.
Linienaufstellung / line formation.
Linienbö / line squall.
Linienkarte / line route map (Tp).
Linienverkehr TO "line" traffic (two-station Rad Com on one or two frequencies).
Linie zu einem Glied single rank (Inf); line (Cav).
links left, to the left, on the left.
Linkskurve / left turn (MT); left bank (Avn).
linkslaufend counterclockwise.
Linksdrall m left-hand twist (rifling).
linksgängig counterclockwise; left-hand (threads, etc.).
Linksgewinde n left-hand thread (MT).
linkslaufend counterclockwise.
"Links schwenkt, Marsch!" "Column left, march!"
"Links, um!" "Left, face!" (being at a halt); "By the left flank, march!" (given in marching).
Linkswendung / left face.
Linse/ lens.
List / cunning, ruse, trick; stratagem (Tac).
Litze / stranded wire (Elec); colored facing on collar (Clo).
Litzenspiegel TO two narrow colored strips on collar (Clo).
Livens-Handwerfer m Livens projector (CWS).
I.M.G.-Abmarsch m light MG half squad (Cav).
l.M.G.-Trupp TO light machine-gun team (of Ger R squad).
Ln.-Helferin / See Luftnachrichten-Helferin.
Ln.-Zugführer m See Luftnachrichten-Zugführer.
Locken n call to quarters.
Löffelbagger m power shovel.
Löhnung / base pay.
Lokomotivbahnhof TO engine yard (RR).
Lokomotivschuppen TO engine house, roundhouse (RR).
Looping m loop (Avn).
Losantin n .a German decontaminating agent (calcium hypochlorite preparation in powder or in tablet form).
Losantinbrei TO calcium hypochlorite slurry (CWS).
löschen to unload (a ship); to extinguish (a fire); to slake (lime).
Löschflüssigkeit / extinguisher fluid.
Löschgerät n fire extinguisher.
Löschmeister m sergeant fireman (Luftwaffe official ranking as Master Sgt).
Löschplatz TO pier, wharf.
Löschtrupp TO fire-fighting crew.
lose loose, unlocked.
loslösen, sich disengage (Tac).
Loslösung / disengagement (Tac).
Lost n mustard gas.
Losung / password.
Lösung / solution; mixture.
Lösungsmittel n solvent.
Losungswort n password, countersign.
Lot n plumb bob, sounding lead; solder.
Löten to solder.
Lotfe n See Lofternrohr.
Lotfernrohr n bomb sight.
Lötkolben m soldering iron.
Lötlampe / blowtorch.
Lötmetall TO solder.
Lotrecht perpendicular.
Lotrechte / perpendicular (line).
Lotschnur / plumb line.
Lotse m pilot (Nav).
Lotsenflagge / Union Jack (Nav).
Lötzinn n solder.
Loxodrome / rhumb line (Navigation) .
L'Spur / See Leuchtspur.
Lücke / gap.
Luft / air (in compounds: Air Forces, airborne, aircraft, aviation, etc.). See also terms under Flieger, Flug.
Luftabflußklappen fpl cowling flaps.
Luftabwehr / active air defense.
Luftabwehrdienst m air defense service.
Luftabwehrstelle / air defense post.
Luf tab wehr waff e / antiaircraft weapon.
Luftalarm m air-raid alarm.
Luftamt n See Allgemeines Luftamt.
Luftangriff m air attack, air raid.
Luftangriffsziel n air objective.
Luftanreicherung / concentration of gas in the air (CWS).
Luftaufklärung / air reconnaissance.
Luftaufklärungsraum m air reconnaissance area.
Luftaufsichtsdienst m flight control service (a branch of the Ger Air Ministry).
Luftausgleicher m pneumatic equili-brator (G).
Luftbauamt n Air Ministry construction office.
Luftbehälter w compressed-air tank (Engr, MT); air chamber (counter-recoil mechanism, vehicle brake).
Luftbehälter des Vorholers recuperator cylinder (G).
Luftbeobachtung / air observation.
Luftbild n aerial photograph.
Luftbildauswertung / interpretation of aerial photographs.
Luftbildentzerrung / rectification of aerial photographs.
Luftbildgerät n aircraft camera.
Luftbildkammer / aerial camera, aircraft camera.
Luftbildkarte / aerial mosaic; photographic map.
Luftbildplan m photomap.
Luftbildreihe / photographic strip.
Luftbildwesen n aerial photography.
luftdicht airtight.
Luftdichte / air density.
Luftdienstzulage / aviation pay, flying pay.
Luftdraht m antenna wire, overhead antenna.
Luftdruck m air pressure (Mech); atmospheric pressure (Met); blast (effect of explosion).
Luftdruckbremse / air brake.
Luftdruck-Fettpresse / grease gun.
Luftdruckgradient m pressure gradient (Met).
Luftdruckmesser m barometer.
Luftdrucktür / blast baffle (Ft).
Luftdruckwirkung / blast effect.
Luftdüse / air jet (Mtr).
Lufteinschießziel n high-burst adjustment target (Arty).
lüften to air, to ventilate.
Lüfter m ventilator, fan, blower.
Lufterkundung / air reconnaissance.
Luftfahrt / aeronautics, aviation.
Luftfahrthindernis n airway obstruction.
Luftfahrtmedizin / aviation medicine.
Luftfahrtministerium n See Reichs-luftahrtministerium.
Luftfahrwesen n aeronautics.
Luftfahrzeug n aircraft.
Luftfelddivision / air forces field division (fighting as ground force with Army).
Luftfilter 7ii air filter.
Luftflasche / compressed-air cylinder, oxygen flask.
Luftflotte / air force (a territorial and tactical command of the Luftwaffe).
Luftflottenchef m air force commander. See also Luftflotte.
Luftgau m air force administrative command (administrative area of a Luftflotte).
Luftgaukommado n air force administrative command headquarters. See also Luftgau, Luftflotte.
Luftgegner m hostile aircraft.
luftgekühlt air-cooled.
Luftgeschwader n See Geschwader.
Luftgewicht n density of the air. ballistisches Luftgewicht ballistic density.
Lufthafenbereichkommandantur / airdrome regional command (subdivision of a Luftgau).
Luftherrschaft / air supremacy, mastery of the air, control of the air.
Lufthoheit / air sovereignty.
Luftinfanterie / airborne infantry.
Luftkabel n overhead wire (Tp).
Luftkampf m air fighting, air attack.
Luftkampfgeschwader n bombardment wing. See also Geschwader.
Luftkampfstoff m volatile chemical agent (as distinguished from Geländekampfstoff, ground contaminating agent).
Luftkampfübung / air fighting or air attack exercise.
Luftkarte / air map.
Luftklappenventil n choke valve (carburetor).
Luftkraft / aerodynamic force.
Luftkreis m air force service area.
Luftkreiskommando n air force service area headquarters.
Luftkrieg m air war, air warfare.
Luftkriegführung / air warfare.
Luftkriegsschule / officer candidate school (Luftwaffe).
Luftkühlung / air cooling.
Luftlager n PW camp for air forces personnel.
Luftlandegeschwader n glider wing-(strictly, a wing of transport airplanes for towing gliders).
Luftlandekette / glider flight (airborne operations). See also Luft-landegeschwader.
Luftlandestaffel / glider squadron (airborne operations). See also Luft-landegeschwader.
Luftlandetruppen fpl air landing troops.
Luftleere / vacuum.
Luftleiter in antenna.
Luftloch n air pocket (Avn). '
Luftmacht / air power.
Luftmarsch m "air march" (flight of airborne troops from departure Adrm to destination).
Luftmeer n atmosphere.
Luftmeldequadrat n grid square (for reporting locations in air reconnaissance).
Luftmine / aerial mine.
Luftnachrichten fpl signal communication (Luftwaffe).
Luftnachrichtenabteilung / signal battalion (Luftwaffe).
Luftnachrichtenhelferin / woman signal auxiliary (Luftwaffe).
Luftnachrichtenkompanie / signal company (Luftwaffe).
Luftnachrichtenstelle / signal center of an airdrome.
Luftnachrichtentruppe / signal communication troops (Luftwaffe).
Luftnavigation / air navigation.
Luftoffensive / air offensive.
Luftparade / aerial review, aerial pass in review.
Luftpersonalamt n See Luftwaffen-personalamt.
Luftpresser in air compressor.
Luftraum m air area; air space; sky.
Luftreibung / air friction.
Luftreifen m pneumatic tire.
Luftreiniger m air filter.
Luftsack m wind sock, wind sleeve, wind cone (Avn); towed-sleeve target (AAA practice); ballonet (Bin).
Luftsackmaul n air scoop (Bin).
Luftsackventil n ballonet valve (Bin).
Luftsäule / column of air (Met).
Luftscheibe / antiaircraft practice target.
Luftschicht /' atmospheric layer (Met).
Luftschiff n airship.
Luftschlacht / air battle.
Luftschlauch m inner tube (MT).
Luftschlitz m louver (Tk).
Luftschraube / propeller (Ap). See also Propeller.
Luftschraubenblatt n propeller blade (Ap).
Luftschraubendrehzahl / propeller rpm.
Luftschraubenebene / plane of propeller rotation (Ap).
Luftschraubenflügel m propeller blade (Ap).
Luftschraubenhaube / propeller spinner (Ap).
Luftschraubenkreis m propeller-disk area (Ap).
Luftschraubensteigungsmesser m propeller pitch indicator.
Luftschraubenstrahl m slipstream.
Luftschraubennabenstück n propeller boss (Ap).
Luftschraubenverstellgerät n pitch-control mechanism (propeller).
Luftschutz m air raid protection, passive air defense (Civ defense).
Luftschutzabschnitt m civilian defense sector (air raid protection).
Luftschutzbezirk m civilian defense district (air raid protection).
Luftschutzbrandspritze / stirrup pump.
Luftschutzbund m See Reichsluft-schutzbund.
Luftschutzkeller in air raid shelter.
Luftschutzleiter in chief of air defense (in a local defense council).
Luftschutzmaßnahmen fpl air raid precautionary measures.
Luftschutzordnungsdienst m civilian defense police service (air raid protection) .
Luftschutzpolizei / civilian defense police (air raid protection).
Luftschutzraum m air raid shelter.
Luftschutzrevier n civilian defense zone (air raid protection).
Luftschutzsanitätsdienst m civilian defense medical service (air raid protection).
Luftschutzsirene / air raid siren.
Luftschutztruppen fpl civilian defense troops (air raid protection).
Luftschutzturm m air raid tower.
Luftschutzübung / air raid drill, practice alert.
Luftschutzveterinärdienst m civilian defense veterinary service (air raid protection).
Luftschutzwarndienst m aircraft warning service (Civ defense).
Luftschutzwarnstelle / district warning center (AWS).
Luftschutzwarnzentrale / control center (AWS).
Luftschutzwart m air raid warden.
Luftschutzzentrale / See Luftschutzwarnzentrale.
Luftsog m vacuum (resulting from explosion).
Luftspäher m ground observer (AWS); antiaircraft scout or lookout, air sentinel, air guard.
Luftspäh- und Warndienst m aircraft scout and warning service.
Luftsperre / antiaircraft defenses (balloon barrage, fighter patrol, etc.).
Luftsperrgebiet n prohibited zone, airspace reservation (Avn).
Luftsperrtruppen fpl barrage balloon troops.
Luftsprengpunkt m point of air burst (Arty).
Luftstörungen fpl atmospheric disturbances.
Luftstoß m blast, concussion of air (resulting from an explosion).
Luftstreitkräfte fpl air forces.
Luftstrom m air current.
Luftstromgerät n airplane chemical spray apparatus.
Luftstützpunkt m air base.
Lufttanken to refuel in flight.
Lufttorpedo n aerial torpedo.
Lufttransport m air transport.
Lufttreffbild n air-burst pattern.
Lufttüchtigkeit / airworthiness.
Lufttüchtigkeitsschein m airworthiness certificate.
Luftüberlegenheit / air superiority.
Lüftung / ventilation.
Lüftungsrohr n ventilation shaft (Tk). .
Luftverankerung / overhead cable anchorage (Pon Bdg).
Luftverdichter m air compressor.
Luftvergleichsziel n high-burst auxiliary target (Arty).
Luftverkehrslinie / civil airway.
Luftversorgung / supply by air.
Luftverteidigung / air defense, antiaircraft defense; air defense system.
Luftverteidigungsgebiet n special air defense command in vital areas.
Luftvorholer m pneumatic recuperator (G).
Luftwäche / ground observer (AWS); air sentinel, air guard.
Luftwaffe / German Air Forces.
Luftwaffenbautruppe / aviation construction engineers.
Luftwaffenbetriebskompanie / airdrome maintenance and service unit.
Luftwaffen-Druckvorschrift / air forces manual (abbr. L.Dv.).
Luftwaffen-Felddivision / air forces field division (fighting as ground force with the Army).
Luftwaffenflak / air forces antiaircraft artillery (as distinguished from Army antiaircraft artillery).
Luftwaffengruppenkommando n air force headquarters of a Gruppe.
Luftwaffenhelfer m air forces orderly (messenger or clerk of premili-tary age).
Luftwaffenhelferin / air forces woman auxiliary.
Luftwaffen-Jäger-Regiment n air forces rifle regiment.
Luftwaffenkommando n air forces headquarters.
Luftwaffenpersonalamt n Air Forces Personnel Office (a branch of the Ger Air Ministry).
Luftwaffenschützenregiment n air forces rifle regiment.
Luftwaffen-Sturm-Bataillon n Air Forces assault battalion (air-landing troops).
Luftwaffenverordnungsblatt n Air Forces Regulations (a publication).
Luftwaffenverwaltungsamt n Air Forces Administration Office (a branch of the Ger Air Ministry).
Luftwichte / specific gravity of air.
Luftwiderstand m air resistance (Ballistics, MT, etc.); drag (Avn).
Luftzielapparat m azimuth instrument.
Luger 08 / German standard military pistol.
Luke / door, hatch (Ap, Tk).
Lukendeckel m hatch cover (Tk).
Lungengift n See Lungenreizstoff.
Lungenreizstoff m lung irritant (CWS).
Lunte / slow match (fuze lighter).
Luv / weather side.
Luvwinkel tn crab, angle of crab, drift angle (Air Navigation).


Maat m petty officer, third class (Nav).
Macht / power; country. Maderfelge / quick-detachable rim (with side ring) (MT).
Magazin n storage depot; magazine.
Magazinfeuer n automatic fire.
Magazingehäuse n magazine housing (pistol).
Magazinhaltehebel m magazine catch lever (MG).
Magazinhalter m magazine holder (MG); magazine catch (pistol).
Magazinlager n magazine rack (Ord).
Magnesiumthermit n thermit filler (incendiary bomb).
Magnetapparat m magneto (Mtr).
Magnetisch-Nord m compass north, magnetic north.
Magnetkompaß m magnetic compass.
Magnetmine / magnetic mine.
Magnetspule / solenoid (Elec).
Magnetzündapparat m magneto.
Magnetzündung / magneto ignition.
Magnus-Effekt m Magnus effect (of air rotation caused by projectile spin).
Major m major.
Mangan n manganese.
Männchen n whipstall (Avn). Manneszucht / military discipline.
Mannschaft / crew, team, party, squad, "outfit." See also Mannschaften.
Mannschaften fpl enlisted personnel (up to and including Obergefreiter, Cpl).
Mannschaftsentgiftungskraftwagen m decontamination truck for personnel.
Mannschaftsstube / squad room.
Mannschaftswagen m personnel carrier (MT).
Manöver n maneuver.
Manöverkartusche / blank cartridge.
Manövrierfähigkeit / maneuver-ability.
Manövrierventil n maneuvering valve (Bin).
Mantel m overcoat (Clo); jacket (MG, Am); casing (of a tire).
Mantelboden m jacket base (MG).
Mantelkopf m jacket end cap (MG).
Mantelringrohr n built-up barrel (G); jacketed barrel (MG).
Marine / navy.
Marineakademie / naval academy.
Marineartillerie / naval coast artillery.
Marineartillerieabteilung / naval coast artillery battalion.
Marineartilleriemaat m petty officer, third class, in naval coast artillery.
Marineattachc m naval attache.
Marinebaubataillon n naval construction battalion.
Marine-Flak / naval antiaircraft artillery.
Marineflieger m naval aviator, naval pilot.
Marineflugwesen n naval aviation.
Marinelager n See Marlag.
Marineministerium n Admiralty of the German Navy.
Marke / mark, index mark, reading on range drum (Arty); label; brand; stamp.
Markenplatte / index plate (on aiming circle or telescopic sight).
Markenring m index ring (MG telescopic sight).
Marinestation / naval base.
Marinestoßtrupp m naval landing party.
Marinewaffenamt n Bureau of Ordnance (Nav).
Marinewerft / navy yard.
Markenstück n line-up stud (on top gun carriage).
Marketenderei / post exchange.
Marketenderware / sales article (sold at PX).
Markscheidegerät n mine-surveying set (Engr).
Marlag n prisoner-of-war camp for sailors (abbr. of Marinelager).
Marschabstand m distance between march units.
Marschallstab m baton.
Marschbataillon n personnel replacement transfer battalion (conducting replacements from Wehrkreis to T of Opns).
Marschbefehl m march order; official travel order.
Marschbereitschaft / march readiness.
Marschbreite / width of march column.
Marschdecke / blanket.
marschfähig capable of walking, fit for marching.
marschfähige Verwundete walking wounded, ambulant cases.
Marschfähigkeit / marching ability.
Marschfolge / order of march.
Marschfühlung / maintenance of contact on the march.
Marschführer m control officer (march column).
Marschgepäck n full pack.
Marschgeschwindigkeit / cruising speed (Ap); rate of march.
Marschgliederung / march formation, organization of march.
Marschgruppe / march group, march section, march unit.
Marschhalt m march halt.
Marschieren ohne Tritt route march, route step.
Marschkolonne / march column, route column.
Marschkompanie / trained replacement company.
Marschkompaß m prismatic compass.
Marschkontrollstelle / control point.
Marschlänge / road space (march column).
Marschleistung / march capacity, march performance.
Marschlinie / line of march.
"Marsch! Marsch!" "Double time, march!"; "On the double!"
Marschordnung / column of threes (Inf drill); close order march formation; line of march. "In Marschordnung, angetreten!" "In column of threes, fall in!"
"Marschordnung!" "March order!" (Arty).
Marschpause / march halt.
Marschrast / march rest.
Marschsicherung / security on the march.
Marschskizze / strip map (MT).
Marschstockung / road jam.
Marschstraße / march route.
Marschstrecke / march route, stretch or leg of a march.
Marschtafel /* march table.
Marschtiefe / road space (march column).
Marschübersicht / march schedule.
Marschvorposten m march outpost.
Marschweg in route of march.
Marschzeit / time of march, time distance.
Marschziel n march objective, march destination.
Marschzucht / march discipline.
Maschendraht m woven wire, wire netting, wire mesh.
Maschendrahtzaun m woven-wire fence, woven-wire obstacle.
Maschine / motor, engine; machine; airplane (colloquial).
Maschinenflak / antiaircraft automatic weapons.
Maschinengewehr n machine gun. See also terms under MG.
Maschinengewehrangriff m strafing assault, strafing attack (Avn).
Maschinengewehr-Bedienung / machine-gun crew.
Maschinengewehrgarbe / sheaf of fire (MG).
Maschinengewehrgruppe / machine-gun section.
Maschinengewehr-Halbzug m machine-gun squad.
Maschinengewehrschlitten m machine-gun sleigh mount.
Maschinengewehrschütze m machine gunner.
Maschinengewehrstand m machine-gun emplacement; machine gunner's station (Ap).
Maschinengewehrsteuerung / synchronization (Ap MG's).
Maschinengewehrtrupp m light MG team (of Inf squad).
Maschinengewehrzug m MG platoon.
Maschinenkanone / automatic cannon (Ap); automatic gun.
Maschinenkarabiner m automatic rifle.
Maschinenpistole / submachine gun.
Maschinensatz m generating unit, power unit.
Maschinenschlosser m mechanic.
Maschinenschreiber in typist.
Maschinenwaffe / automatic weapon.
Maschinist m machinist (Nav).
Maske / mask, screen, camouflage net, flat-top, overhead screen (Cam); gas mask; oxygen mask.
Maskenbrille / special type of eyeglasses for wear under gas mask.
Maskenkörper m facepiece (gas mask).
Maskenspanner m face form (to prevent gas-mask distortion).
Maß n measure (of quantity, etc.).
Masse / mass.
Massenabwurf m salvo release (Bombing).
Massenausgleich m counterbalance, counterweight (Ap).
Massenbeschuß m concentrated fire.
Masseneinsatz m commitment of major forces, employment of major forces (Tac).
Massenfertigung / mass production.
Massentaktik / grand tactics.
Massenwirkung / mass effect (Tac).
massieren to mass, concentrate; to massage.
Massierung / mass, massing, line of masses (Tac).
Maßnahme / measure; step; enactment.
Maßstab m scale; proportion.
maßstabgerecht according to scale.
Mast m mast.
Mastwurf m clove hitch.
Materialfehler m defect of material.
Materialsammelstelle / salvage dump.
Materialschlacht / battle of materiel.
Materialwirkung / effect of fire against material objects (Gunnery).
Matrose m apprentice seaman; sailor.
Matrosengefreiter ffl, seaman, second class.
Matrosenhaupgefreiter m seaman, first class (highest rated, with 4% years seniority).
Matrosenobergefreiter m seaman, first class.
Mattanstrich m lusterless paint.
Mattscheibe / ground-glass plate.
Mauer / stone, brick or concrete wall.
Maultier n mule.
Maultierkolonne f mule train.
Maximaleffekt m maximum intensity (sound locator).
M.-Blink n portable signal lamp (abbr. of mittleres Blinkgerät).
Mechaniker m mechanic.
mechanischer Zünder mechanical fuze.
mechanisierter Verband mechanized unit.
mechanisiertes Fahrzeug armored combat vehicle.
Mechanisierung / mechanization.
Medaille / medal.
Meer n ocean, sea.
Meeresküste / seacoast.
Meeresspiegel m sea level.
Mehrachsantrieb m multi-axle drive.
Mehrachser m multi-axle vehicle.
Mehrbestand m surplus stock (i.e. above authorized basic allowance).
Mehrdecker m multiplane (Ap).
mehrfach multiple; multiplex; combination.
Mehrfachbetrieb m multiplex operation (Tp).
Mehrfach-Reihenbildkammer / multiple lens camera (aerial Photo).
Mehrfachsprechen n multiplex telephony.
Mehrfachzünder m combination fuze (Am).
Mehrgitterröhre / multiple-grid tube, multielement tube (Rad).
mehrgleisig multiple-tracked (RR).
Mehrlader m magazine-fed rifle or carbine, clip-fed rifle or carbine.
Mehrladevorrichtung / magazine feeding device (R).
mehrläufige Fla-Waffe multiple-barrel antiaircraft weapon.
Mehrlauflafette / multiple-gun mount.
Mehrlochdüse / multiple-hole nozzle (Mtr).
mehrmotorig multiple-engine.
Mehrscheibenkupplung / multiple-disk clutch.
Mehrsitzer m multiseater airplane.
Mehrzweckfahrzeug n general-purpose vehicle.
Mehrzweckflugzeug n general-purpose airplane.
Mehrzweckgeschütz n multipurpose gun.
Meilenstein m milestone.
Meißel m chisel.
Meldeabwurf in message dropping.
Meldeabwurfhiille / drop-message bag.
Meldeabwurfstelle / message-dropping ground.
Meldeblatt n message blank.
Meldeblock m message pad.
Meldebuch n field message book.
Meldebüchse / message container (for dropping messages).
Meldedienst m message communication service.
Meldefahrer m mounted messenger (MT); dispatch rider, dispatch driver.
Meldefahrzeug n messenger vehicle.
Meldeformular n message blank.
Meldegänger m runner, messenger.
Meldehund m messenger dog.
Meldehundführer m messenger-dog handler, messenger-dog guard.
Meldehundtrupp m dog-handler team (for messenger dogs).
Meldekapsel / message-dropping container.
Meldekarte / message blank.
Meldekopf in wire head (line construction) ; advance message center.
Meldelauf in message run (messenger dog).
Meldeläufer m runner, messenger.
melden to report. sich melden to report (to present oneself); to register with the police; to volunteer. sich krank melden to report sick, to go on sick call.
sich freiwillig melden to volunteer, enlist, enroll.
Meldepatrone / ground signal cartridge.
Meldepflicht / obligation to report to, or register with, the police.
Meldequadrat n grid square (for reporting locations).
Melder m messenger.
Melderakete / message-carrying rocket.
Meldereiter m mounted messenger.
Melderose / orientation card (AWS); orientation clock (to indicate target's direction of approach) (AAA).
Meldesammelstelle / message center.
Meldestelle / control point (march column); local reporting office.
Meldetasche / dispatch case.
Meldeweg m message channel.
Meldung / message, report, dispatch.
Membran / diaphragm.
Membranmaske / diaphragm gas mask.
Membranpumpe / diaphragm pump.
mengenmäßig quantitative; volumetric.
Meridiankonvergenz / gisement, grid declination (Surv).
Merkblatt n supplement (to a manual) ; instructional pamphlet or booklet.
Merkzettel m data card, memo.
Meßband n surveyor's tape.
Meßbatterie/ survey battery (Arty).
Meßbecher m dispenser, graduate.
Meßbildpaare npl stereoscopic complements (Photo Surv).
Meßbildverfahren n phototopography.
Meßbrücke / measuring bridge circuit, Wheatstone bridge (Elec).
Meßdreieck n plotting protractor (Arty).
Meßdreieckverfahren n plotting-pro-tractor method (protractor compensates for position offset and determines firing range on basis of range-finder and aiming-circle data).
Meßei n pressure gage (Arty).
Meßeinheit / unit of measurement.
Meßentfernung / slant range to present position (at instant of range determination) (AA gunnery).
Messerflug m steep-bank flight.
Messerschalter m knife switch (Elec).
Meßflug m test flight (Avn).
Meßgerät n range-finder; survey equipment or instrument.
Meßhöhe / altitude of target at instant of range determination (AA gunnery).
Messing n brass.
Meßkammer / topographic-survey camera.
Meßkartusche / test cartridge; charge temperature cartridge (Arty).
Meßkette / surveyor's chain. Meßknopf m measuring knob (range finder).
Meßkreis in protractor arc (plotting protractor); azimuth circle (BC telescope).
Meßlatte / stadia rod (Surv).
Meßleitung / measuring circuit (SR, FR).
Meßmann m range-finder operator.
Meßmarke / measuring mark (range finder).
Meßpatrone / bore gage (SA).
Meßpunkt m present position of target (at instant of range determination) (AA gunnery).
Meßspiegel in reference mirror (river-width measuring Inst).
Meßstab m stadia rod (Surv).
Meßstand m base end station (AAA).
Meßstelle / ranging station (SR, FR).
Meßtisch m plane table (Surv).
Meßtischblatt n plane table sheet.
Meßtrupp m survey team, flash or sound ranging team (Arty).
Meßwalze / measuring knob (height finder).
Meßzentrale / flash central station, sound central station (FR, SR).
Metallgefäß n metal container.
Metallgliedergurt in metallic-link ammunition belt (MG).
Metallgliederkette / metallic-link belt (MG).
Metallsäge / hacksaw. Meteorograph m aerometeorograph, aerograph, meteorograph (Avn, Met).
Meteorologe in meteorologist. Meterspur /' one-meter track gage (RR).
Methyldichlorarsin n methyldichlor-arsine (CWS).
Meuterei / mutiny.
M.-Flak / automatic antiaircraft gun (abbr. of Flugabwehrmaschinenkanone).
MG.-Dreifuß m tripod (MG).
MG.-Gerät n machine-gun materiel.
MG.-Gurt m machine-gun ammunition belt.
MG.-Mann m machine gunner.
MG.-Richtaufsatz m machine-gun sight.
MG.-Richtkreis m machine-gun aiming circle.
MG.-Staffel / heavy machine-gun section (Cav).
MG.-Träger m machine-gun carrier.
MG.-Wagen m machine-gun cart (H-Dr).
MG.-Warze / blister (Ap).
MG.-Zieleinrichtung / machine-gun sighting mechanism.
MG.-Zielfernrohr n machine-gun telescopic sight.
MG.-Zwilling m twin machine gun.
Mikrometerschraube / micrometer, micrometer calipers.
Milag n See Militärlager.
Milchglas n frosted glass.
Militär n military, military forces, soldiery. See also terms under Heer, Wehrmacht.
Militärärztliche Akademie army medical school.
Militärattache m military attache.
Militärausschuß m military commission.
Militärbefehlshaber m military commander in occupied territory.
Militärbehörde / military authorities.
Militärbevollmächtigter m military plenipotentiary.
Militärbezirk m military district.
Militärfriedhof m military cemetery.
Militärgefängnis n military prison.
Militärgericht n military court, military tribunal.
Militärgerichtsbarkeit / military jurisdiction.
militärische Besetzung military occupation.
militärische Formen military courtesy.
militärischer Auftrag military mission.
militärischer Schriftverkehr military correspondence.
militärisch räumen demilitarize.
Militärkommission / military commission.
Militärlager n prisoner of war camp (abbr. Milag).
Militärluftfahrt / military aviation.
Militärpfarrer m chaplain.
Militärstrafgesetzbuch n military penal code.
Militärverwaltung / military administration; military government.
Militärverwaltungsbezirk m military subdistrict.
Miliz / militia.
Mindestnutzbreite / minimum useful width of roadway.
Mine / mine.
Minenabweiser m paravane (Nav).
Minenanker mit Tiefensteller automatic anchor (Nav).
Minenanlage / demolition installation (in a Bdg, etc.); mine system (mine warfare).
Minenboje / mine buoy.
Minenbombe / aerial mine.
Minenfahrzeug n mine layer, mine planter (Nav).
Minenfeld n mine field.
Minenflugzeug n mine-laying airplane.
Minengang m mine gallery.
Minengefäß n mine case (container).
Minenhund m miner's tramcar (Engr); remote-controlled explosive-laden tank, "robot tank."
Minenkammer / demolition chamber (Bdg, mine).
Minenkampf m military mining, mine warfare.
Minenkratze / grub hoe.
Minenkrieg m military mining, mine warfare.
Minenlegen n mine laying.
Minenleger m mine layer, mine planter (Nav).
Minenlegermotorboot n mine yawl (Nav).
Minenlegerpanzerkampfwagen m mine-laying tank.
Minenräumboot m mine sweeper (Nav).
Minenräumer m mine sweeper (Nav).
Minenräumpanzer m mine-clearance tank.
Minenräumung / mine sweeping; mine clearance.
Minenrohr n borehole.
Minenschacht m mine shaft.
Minenschleppen n mine dragging (Nav).
Minensperre / mine field, mine obstacle; submarine mine field (Nav); mine defense (Tac).
Minenstollen tn gallery, tunnel
Minensuchboot n mine sweeper (Nav).
Minensucher m mine sweeper (Nav).
Minensuchgerät n mine detector.
Minensuchstab m mine-probing rod.
Minensuchtrupp m mine-locating detail.
Minentonne / mine buoy.
Minentrichter m mine crater.
minenverseuchtes Gebiet mined area, mine-infested area.
Minenwirkung / mining effect (Am).
Minierdienst m mining service (tunneling).
Miniergerät n mining tools.
Miniergut n spoil (mining).
Mißbilligung / disapproval.
mißlingen fail.
mißweisender Kurs magnetic heading, magnetic course (Air Navigation).
mißweisender Kurswinkel magnetic azimuth (Air Navigation).
Mißweisung / magnetic declination, magnetic variation, declination constant, compass declination.
Mithöreinrichtung / sidetone circuit (Rad, Tp).
mithören to listen in, to monitor (Rad, Tp).
Mithörstelle / intercept station.
Mitklingen n resonance (Rad).
Mitkoppeln n determining of course or fix by dead reckoning (Avn).
Mitlesen n interception (of visual signals).
Mitnehmer m translating lever (sight mechanism); lathe dog; catch; lifter; cam; lug.
Mitschuldiger m accomplice.
mitteilen inform.
Mitteilung / communication, message, information.
Mittelbalken m center balk (Bdg).
Mitteldecker m midwing monoplane.
Mittelhand / barrel (horse).
Mittelpferde npl swing team.
Mittelpfropfen m tompion (G).
Mittelrohrrahmen m tubular-center chassis (MT).
Mittelspiegel m a colored center strip between the halves of the Kragenlitze (Clo).
Mitteltroß m second echelon supply train (behind the Gefechtstroß).
Mitteneindruck m binaural balance (sound locating).
mittlere Flugbahn mean trajectory.
mittlerer Fehler average error, mean error.
mittlerer Panzerkampfwagen medium tank.
mittlerer Sprengpunkt center of burst.
mittlerer Treffpunkt center of impact, center of dispersion.
mittlere Sonnenzeit mean solar time.
Mitwirkung / cooperation.
mobil mobilized.
mobil machen to mobilize.
Mobilmachung / mobilization.
Mobilmachungsbestimmungen fpl mobilization regulations.
Mobilmachungsplan m mobilization plan.
Modell n model, type, pattern.
Modelung / modulation (Rad, Tp).
modulierte Welle modulated wave.
Moment m moment, instant.
Moment n factor, element.
Momentstrom m instantaneous current (Elec).
Montage / assembly, erection,
mounting, installation.
Montagehalle / assembly shop.
Montageluke / inspection hatch (Tk).
Montageplatte / chassis panel (Rad).
Montagewerk n assembly plant.
Monteur m mechanic, assembler.
montieren to assemble, make up, erect, mount.
Montierhebel m tire tool.
Moor n bog, marsh, moor.
Morast ra bog.
Morgenkost / breakfast, morning meal.
Morsealphabet n Morse code.
Morsen n transmitting by Morse code.
Mörser m howitzer (caliber 210 mm and larger).
Morsespruch m telegraph message.
Morsetaste / telegraph key.
Morsezeichen n Morse code character.
Motor m engine, motor.
Motorblock m cylinder block (Mtr).
Motorbremse / engine brake (MT).
Motordrehmoment n engine torque.
Motordrehzahl / engine rpm.
Motoren-Instandsetzung / engine repair.
Motorenkühlung / engine cooling.
Motorenlüftung f engine ventilation, engine louvers (Tk).
Motorenraum m engine compartment (Tk).
Motorgleiter m powered glider.
Motorgondel / engine nacelle (Ap).
Motorhaube / engine cowling (Ap); hood (MT).
motorisiert motorized; mechanized; mobile.
motorisierte Kavallerie mechanized cavalry.
Motorpanne / engine failure.
Motorponton m ponton with outboard motor.
Motorrad n See Kraftrad.
Motorregler m engine governor.
Motorsäge / power saw.
Motorschaden m engine damage, engine trouble.
Motorschlitten m motor sled, aero-sled.
Motorschnellboot n motor torpedo boat, PT boat.
Motorsegler m powered glider.
Motorstörung / engine trouble.
Motortorpedoboot n motor torpedo boat, PT boat.
Motorverkleidung / engine cowling (Ap).
Motorverschalung / See Motorver-kleidung.
Motorwelle f engine crankshaft.
m.Pak / medium antitank gun.
M.Patrone / ground signal cartridge (abbr. of Meldepatrone).
Miicken n flinching (SA firing).
Müdigkeit / fatigue.
Mudrasteg m a type of portable hasty footbridge.
Muffe / threaded sleeve (for pipe connections ).
Mühle / mill.
Mulde f pit, hole; depression, hollow.
Muldenlinie / centerline of depression (Top).
mündlich oral.
Mundloch n adapter opening (Am).
Mundlochfries m muzzle bell, muzzle swell (G).
Mundlochgewinde n adapter thread (Am).
Mundlochschraube / adapter plug (Am).
Mundpfropfen m tompion (G).
Mundschicht / chemical layer (gas mask).
Mundstück n mouthpiece (harness). Mündung / muzzle (Ord); mouth,
outlet (of a river): Mündungsarbeit / kinetic energy at the muzzle.
Mündungsbremse / muzzle brake (G). - .
Mündungsdeckel m muzzle cover.
Mündungsenergie / kinetic energy at the muzzle.
Mündungsfeuer n muzzle flash.
Mündungsfeuerdämpfer m flash hider.
Mündungsgasdruck m muzzle gas pressure.
Mündungsgeschwindigkeit / muzzle velocity.
Mündungskappe / tompion, muzzle cover (G).
Mündungsknall m report produced by gun or muzzle wave (SR).
Mündungspfropfen m tompion (G).
Mündungsrauch m muzzle-blast smoke.
Mündungsschoner m muzzle cover (R).
Mündungswaagerechte / base of the trajectory-Mündungswucht / kinetic energy at the muzzle.
Munition / ammunition. Munitionieren n loading (Ap weapons).
Munitionsart / grade of ammunition. Munitionsaufzug m shell hoist.
Munitionsausgabestelle / ammunition distributing point.
Munitionsausstattung / issue of ammunition.
Munitionsbestand m stock of ammunition.
Munitionseinsatz m commitment or employment of ammunition.
Munitionsersatz m resupply of ammunition.
Munitionsfahrzeug n ammunition carrier (vehicle).
Munitionskammer / ammunition sponson (Tk); ammunition storage chamber, magazine.
Munitionskarren m loading barrow; ammunition carrier (H-Dr).
Munitionskasten m ammunition box.
Munitionskolonne / ammunition train, ammunition column.
Munitionslager n ammunition dump, ammunition depot.
Munitionslager in Geschütznähe ready magazine (Arty).
Munitionsloch n ammunition pit.
Munitionsmangel m ammunition shortage.
Munitionsnachschub m ammunition supply.
Munitionsnische / ammunition niche, hasty ammunition shelter (Ft).
Munitionsschlepper m ammunition prime mover (MT).
Munitionsschuppen m ammunition storage shed.
Munitionsschütze m ammunition bearer, ammunition carrier.
Munitionsstaffel / ammunition section (of firing Btry, Tk Bn, etc.).
Munitions-Staffelführer m ammunition supply officer.
Munitionsstapelplatz m ammunition dump.
Munitionsträger m ammunition bearer, ammunition carrier.
Munitionstrommel / ammunition drum.
Munitionstrupp m ammunition detail.
Munitionsumschlagstelle / ammunition supply point.
Munitionsunteroffizier m chief of ammunition (NCO, Arty).
Munitionsverbrauch m expenditure of ammunition.
Munitions Vergeudung / waste of ammunition.
Munitionsverteilungsstelle / ammunition distributing point.
Munitionsverwaltung / ammunition administrative office (Div and up).
Munitionsverwaltungskompanie / am- . munition administration company.
Munitionswagen m caisson, ammunition wagon, ammunition trailer, ammunition carrier (H-Dr).
Munitionswesen n ammunition supply service.
Munitionszug m ammunition train (RR).
Munitionszugmaschine / ammunition prime mover (MT).
mürbe softened up, worn out, demoralized.
M- u. R.-Patronen fpl signal and smoke cartridges (abbr. of Melde-und Rauchpatronen).
Musikkorps n military band.
Musikmeister m bandmaster (2nd Lt.).
Muster n model, type, pattern.
Musterung / registration for the draft (includes physical examination and tentative classification).
Musterungsbezirk m draft subdis-trict (subdivision of Wehrmeldebe-zirk).
Musterungsstab m registration staff (for the draft).
Mutter / nut (Tech). Mutterkompaß m master compass (Avn).
Muttermal n birthmark. Mutterrohr n gun tube designed to receive a liner.
Mutterschiff n tender (Nav). Mutterschlüssel m wrench.
Mutteruhr / master watch. Mütze / cap, hat.
Mützenkordel / hat cord.


Nabe / hub.
Nachbar m adjacent unit (Tae); neighbor.
Nachbartruppen fpl adjacent troops.
Nachbildung / mock-up, model, dummy.
nachbrennen to hang fire (Am).
Nachbrenner m hangfire (Am).
Nachdrängen n direct pressure in pursuit (Tac).
Nachhinken n hysteresis (Mech).
Nachhut / rear guard.
Nachlässigkeit / negligence.
Nachlauf m positive caster (MT).
"Nach links, rieht Euch!" "Dress left, dress!"
Nachprüfung / verification.
Nachricht / information, intelligence, news, message.
Nachrichten fpl information, intelligence, signal communication.
Nachrichtenabteilung / signal battalion.
Nachrichtenachse / axis of signal communication.
Nachrichtenaufklärung / signal intelligence.
Nachrichtenbeschaffung / procurement of information, intelligence.
Nachrichtenbeurteilung / evaluation of information.
Nachrichtenblatt n bulletin (-publication).
Nachrichtendienst in military intelligence service, intelligence service; news service (Rad).
Nachrichteneinsatz in commitment or employment of signal units. j
Nachrichtenfahrzeug M signal vehicle.
Nachrichtenf ührer m signal officer of a Fliegerkorps (in Comd of a Luftnachrichtenregiment). Höherer Nachrichtenführer signal officer at a Luftflotte headquarters.
Nachrichtengerät n signal equipment, signal supplies.
Nachrichtengerätkarren m signal-equipment cart.
Nachrichtengerätpark m signal-supply dump.
Nachrichtenhelferin / signal-communication woman auxiliary.
Nachrichtenkolonne / signal-supply column.
Nachrichtenkompanie / signal company.
Nachrichtenkopf m wire head, advance message center.
Nachrichtenkraftfahrzeug n signal motor vehicle.
Nachrichtenmaid / woman signal auxiliary of the SS.
Nachrichtenmann in signal communication man.
Nachrichtenmittel n means of signal communication.
Nachrichtennetz n communication net.
Nachrichtenoffizier in signal officer, communication officer, intelligence officer.
Nachrichtenpark m signal-supply depot.
Wachrichtenquerverbindung / liaison j communication.
Nachrichtensammelstelle / signal intelligence center.
Nachrichtenstaffel / communication section (Bn, Btry, etc.).
Nachrichtenstelle / message center, signal center.
Nachrichtentrupp m communication detail.
Nachrichtentruppe / Signal Corps.
Nachrichtentruppen fpl signal troops.
Nachrichtenübermittlung / transmission of communications.
Nachrichtenverband m signal unit.
Nachrichtenverbindung / signal communication.
Nachrichtenverkehr m signal communication traffic.
Nachrichtenwagen m signal wagon, signal truck.
Nachrichtenwege mpl signal communication channels.
Nachrichtenwerkstattkraftwagen m signal repair truck.
Nachrichtenwesen n signal communications.
Nachrichtenzentrale / signal center, message center.
Nachrichtenzug in signal communication platoon.
Nachsatteln n readjustment of saddle.
Nachschub m supply.
Nachschubabwurf m dropping of supplies from aircraft.
Nachschubausgabestelle / supply point.
Nachschubbataillon n supply battalion.
Nachschubboot n supply boat.
Nachschubdienst m supply service.
Nachschubdienststelle / supply service headquarters, office of supply services.
Nachschubfahrzeug n supply vehicle.
Nachschubführer m chief of supply services (Div, corps, army).
Nachschubgeleit n supply convoy (Nav).
Nachschubgut n supply, supplies.
Nachschubkolonne / supply column, supply train.
Nachschubkolonnenabteilung / supply column battalion.
Nachschubkompanie / supply comp-pany.
Nachschublage / supply situation.
Nachschublager n supply depot, supply dump.
Nachschublinie / supply line.
Nachschubmittel n means of supply movement. ,
Nachschuboffizier m supply officer.
Nachschub-Panzerkampfwagen m armored supply and maintenance vehicle.
Nachschubpark m supply dump, supply depot.
Nachschubsammeigebiet n railhead service area.
Nachschubstab z.b.V. special supply staff.
Nachschubstraße / supply route, line of supply, line of communication.
Nachschubstützpuhkt m supply base.
Nachschubtrupp m supply party, supply detail.
Nachschubtruppen fpl supply troops, supply units.
Nachschubübung / supply service exercise.
Nachschubumschlagstelle / supply point.
Nachschubverkehr m supply traffic, movement of supplies.
Nachschubverteilungsstelle / supply distributing point.
Nachschubweg m supply road, supply route.
Nachschubwesen n supply services.
Nachschubzug m supply train (RR).
Nachsicherung / additional security (Tac).
Nachspitze / rear point (march column).
Nachspitzenkompanie / rear party (in rear guard of large unit).
nachstellen to readjust; to pursue.
Nachstrom m slipstream (Avn).
Nachtangriff m night attack, night raid.
nachtanken refuel.
Nachtaufklärung / night reconnaissance.
Nachtbefeuerung / night beacon lighting (along a flight route or airway); lighting facilities for landing at night (Adrm).
Nachtgefecht n night combat.
Nachtglas n night glasses.
Nachtjagd / night fighting, pursuit operations at night (Avn).
Nachtjagdgeschwader n wing of
night fighters (Avn).
Nachtjagdgruppe / night fighter group (Avn).
Nachtjagdschule / night fighter school (Avn).
Nachtjäger m night fighter (Avn).
Nachtjägergeschwader n wing of night fighters (Avn).
Nachtkampfflugzeug n night bomber.
Nachtluftkampf m night fighting (Avn).
Nachtmarsch m night march.
nachträglich supplementary.
Nachtrupp m rear guard support (in rear guard of large unit); rear party (in rear guard of smaller unit).
Nachtschießen n night firing.
Nachtunternehmung / night operation.
Nachurlaub m extension of leave.
Nachweis m proof, evidence; inventory; list; record.
Nachweisung / list, account, record; strength report, stock report.
Nachzügler m straggler.
Nachzündung / retarded ignition.
Nackenband- n neck strap (gas mask).
Nackenriemen m neck strap (harness).
Nadel / needle; firing pin (fuze).
Nadelabweichung / magnetic declination.
Nadellager n needle bearing (MT).
Nadelschwankungen fpl oscillations of compass needle.
Nadelstück n firing pin support (fuze).
Nadelverfahren n compass method (of laying guns).
Nadelwald m coniferous forest, coniferous wood.*
Nadelwehr n needle dam (Engr).
Nadelzahl / magnetic azimuth, azimuth reading.
Nafü m See Nachrichtenführer.
Nahabwehr / close defense.
Nahaufklärer m close reconnaissance airplane.
Nahaufklärerstaffel / close reconnaissance squadron (Avn).
Nahaufklärung / local reconnaissance, close reconnaissance.
Nahaufklärungsflugzeug n close-reconnaissance airplane, observation airplane.
Nahaufklärungsgruppe / close reconnaissance airplane group (attached to ground forces).
Nahbeobachtung / local observation.
Naherkunder m close reconnaissance airplane, observation airplane.
nähern to approach, close in.
Nahkampf m close combat.
Nahkampfartillerie / close support artillery.
Nahkämpfer m close-combat fighter.
Nahkampffliegerverband m formation of close support airplanes.
Nahkampfführer m commander of a Nahkampfgruppe (Luftwaffe).
Nahkampfgruppe / close support airplane group (attached to ground forces).
Nahkampfmittel n close-combat munitions or weapons.
Nahkampfspange / close combat clasp (decoration).
Nahkampfwaffe / close combat weapon.
Nahkampfweite / close range, close-combat range.
Nahkompaß m direct-reading compass.
Nah-Packgefäß n unit container (as distinguished from a bulk container) .
nähren to feed; to reinforce.
Nahrung / nourishment, food.
Nahsicherung / close-in security, close-in protection.
Naht / seam; boundary between units (Tac).
Nahtkompanie / contact company (occupying a boundary position between two units).
Nahtreffer m near miss.
Nahtstelle / boundary position (between units).
Nahunterstützung / close support.
Nahverkehr m local traffic, short-range traffic.
Nahverteidigung / close defense.
Nahwerfer m short-range flame thrower.
Nähzeug n sewing kit.
Nalfagtafel / chart showing chemical warfare agents and their properties (Tng).
Narbe / scar.
Narvikschild m Narvik Shield (emblem on upper left sleeve, worn by all participants in reconquest of Narvik, 1940).
Nase / nose; stud; cap; lug.
Nasenklammer / nose clamp (gas mask).
Nasenleiste / leading edge (Ap) wing.
Nasenrachenreizstoff m nose and throat irritant, sternutato.r (CWS).
Nasenriemen in noseband (harness).
Nasen- und Rachenreizstoff m See Nasenrachenreizstoff.
Naßbrandpulver n black powder.
Nationale n personal data (birth, occupation, etc.).
Nationalsozialistisches Fliegerkorps Nazi party aviation corps (abbr. N.S.F.K.).
Nationalsozialistisches Kraftfahrkorps Nazi party motor corps (abbr.N.S.K.K.).
Natrium n sodium. Natriumhypochlorit n sodium hypochlorite.
Natriumkarbonat n washing soda.
Natriumsulfid n sodium sulfide.
Natriumsulfit n sodium sulfite. Natur / nature. in
Natur in kind (rations, Clo, etc.).
Naturalleistungsgesetz n requisition law.
Naturalverpflegung / rations in kind.
Naturgummi m See Naturkautschuk.
Naturkautschuk m natural rubber.
natürliche Deckung accidental cover.
Naturschutzgebiet n national park. Nautiker in navigator.
Navigationsfunkfeuer n radio marker beacon (Air Navigation).
Navigationskarte / navigation chart or map.
Nebel m smoke (CWS); fog, mist, haze, vapor.
Nebelabblasen n release of smoke (CWS).
Nebelabblasgerät n smoke-filled chemical cylinder (CWS).
Nebelabteilung / smoke-producing unit (CWS).
Nebelausdehnung / smoke coverage.
Nebelbombe / smoke bomb.
Nebeldecke / smoke blanket, smoke screen.
Nebeleinsatz m employment of smoke.
Nebelentwicklung / generation of smoke.
Nebelgebiet n fog area (Met).
Nebelgerät n chemical tank, smoke tank (for Cml spraying).
Nebelgeschoß n smoke projectile.
Nebelgewehrgranata / smoke rifle grenade.
Nebelgranate / smoke shell (Am).
Nebelhandgranate / smoke hand grenade.
Nebelkasten in box-type smoke container (CWS).
Nebelkerze / smoke candle.
Nebelkraftwagen in smoke equipment truck.
Nebelmittel n smoke agent, smoke equipment.
Nebelmunition / smoke munitions.
Nebelpanzerkampfwagen m smokescreen tank.
Nebelpatrone / smoke cartridge.
Nebelsäure / FS solution, sulfur trioxide-chlorsulfonic acid solution (CWS).
Nebelschießen n smoke-shell firing (Arty).
Nebelschleier m smoke screen.
Nebelstoff m smoke agent, screening agent (CWS).
Nebeltopf in smoke pot (CWS).
Nebeltornister m pack smoke apparatus (CWS).
Nebeltrommel / drum-type smoke container (CWS).
Nebeltrupp m smoke party.
Nebeltruppen fpl chemical troops, smoke-generator units.
Nebelübung / smoke-screening exercise.
Nebelwalze / creeping barrage of smoke-shell fire (Arty); progressive smoke screening.
Nebelwand / smoke curtain, smoke screen.
Nebelwerfer m chemical projector (smoke shell); smoke-shell mortar; rocket launcher, rocket mortar. (Note: Nebelwerfer 41 is a six-tube rocket launcher for HE rockets).
Nebelwerferabteilung / smoke battalion, chemical battalion.
Nebelwerferregiment n smoke regiment, chemical regiment.
Nebel wölke / smoke cloud (CWS).
Nebelwurfjjranate / mortar smoke shell.
Nebelzerstäuber m smoke spray (smoke-filled Cml cylinder (with spray nozzle).
Nebelzone / smoke-screened area.
Nebelzündmittel n smoke-container firing device.
Nebenabschnitt m adjacent sector.
Nebenabsicht / secondary objective.
Nebenangriff m holding attack, secondary attack, secondary effort (Toe).
Nebenanschluß m local station, extension (Tp).
Nebenanschlußleitung / local-circuit line, extension line (Tp).
Nebeneinanderschaltung / parallel connection (Elec).
Nebenfarbe / secondary service color (as distinguished from the basic service color, Waffenfarbe).
Nebengeräusche npl ambient noise (sound locating).
Nebengleis n side track, siding (RR).
Nebenkolonne / adjacent column, secondary column.
Nebenlager n branch camp (PW).
Nebenluft / secondary air (Mtr).
Nebenmann m man on the left or right (Drill).
Nebenoperationen fpl secondary operations (Tac).
Nebenschluß m shunt (Elec). Nebenschlußmotor m shunt motor (Elec).
Nebenstachel m front sight (AT gun).
Nebenstelle / local station (Tp).
Nebenstraße / side street, side road; secondary road, auxiliary road.
Nebenstromkreis m shunt circuit (Elec).
Nebsttreffer m near miss. nehmen to take. aus der Flanke nehmen to attack on the flank. unter Feuer nehmen to shell, to fire on.
Nehmestaat m detaining power (PW).
nehmestaatliche Behörde detaining authority (PW).
Neigung / inclination, slope.
Neigungsmesser m clinometer (Surv, Gunnery); flight indicator, inclinometer (Ap).
Neigungswinkel m angle of slope.
Nennhöhe / rated altitude.
Nennleistung / rated horsepower.
Nest n nest; emplacement; position consisting of a group of foxholes with shallow connecting trenches.
Netz n net, network; grid; wiring system; power system.
Netzanschlußgerät n power-line operated radio set (as distinguished from battery-operated or local power-supply set); power-supply unit, power pack (Rad).
Netzleger m net-laying vessel.
Netzsperre / net obstacle, net-defense obstacle (coastal defense).
Netztransformator m power transformer (Rad).
Netzverkehr m "net" traffic (includes several radio statioiis communicating at will on the frequency of their called stations).
Neuaufstellung / reorganization, new organization; reorganized or newly activated unit.
Neubearbeitung / revision.
neu einrichten re-lay (Gunnery); readjust.
Neugrad m l/400th of a circle (equals 16 artillery mils, as distinguished from Grad, degree, l/360th of a circle).
Neugradteilung / centesimal graduation. See Neugrad.
neutrale Nachrichtenverbände neutral communication units (maneuvers).
neutrale Truppen neutral troops (maneuvers).
neutrale Zone taxiway (Adrm).
neutralisieren to neutralize.
Neutralität / neutrality.
nichtbrisanter Sprengstoff low explosive.
Nichtkämpfer m noncombatant.
Nickelsammler m nickel-alkaline cell (Elec).
Niederdruckreifen m low-pressure tire (MT).
Niederfrequenz / low frequency, audio-frequency (Rad).
Niederfrequenzverstärker m audiofrequency amplifier (Rad).
niederhalten to neutralize, immobilize, hold down.
Niederhaltungsschießen n neutralization fire (Arty).
niederkämpfen reduce, overpower, put out of action (Tac); to silence (enemy fire).
Niederkämpfung / reduction, destruction, putting out of action (Tac); covering with destruction fire (Arty).
Niederlage / defeat, reverse.
niedermachen kill, slaughter.
niedermetzeln to massacre, slaughter.
Niederschläge mpl precipitation (Met).
Niederspannung / low voltage (Elec).
Niederung / low country, depression, low ground.
Niedrigantenne / low antenna.
Niemandsland n no man's land.
Nieseln n drizzle (Met).
Niesgas n sneeze gas (CWS).
Niet m riveted joint, riveted assembly, riveted seam.
Niete / rivet.
nieten to rivet.
Niethammer m riveter (tool).
Nietung / riveting.
Nippel / nipple (Tech).
Nitrierung / nitration (Am).
Nitroglyzerin n nitroglycerin.
Nitroglyzerin-Blättchenpulver n nitroglycerin flake powder.
nitroglyzerinhaltiges Nitrozellulosepulver double base powder (Am).
Nitroglyzerinpulver n nitroglycerin powder.
Nitrozellulose / nitrocellulose, pyro-cellulose.
Nitrozellulose-Blättchenpulver n nitrocellulose flake powder.
Nitrozellulosepulver n blank fire powder, E.C. powder, E.C. smokeless powder, E.C. blank fire (SA Am).
Nivellementspunkt m bench mark.
Nivellierinstrument n surveyor's level.
Nivellierlibelle / sighting level (plane table).
Nocken m cam (also spelled die Nocke).
Nockenwelle / camshaft.
Nonius m vernier.
Norden m north.
Norm / standard (Tech).
Normalbelastung / normal load, standard load.
Normalfluglage / level flight (Avn).
Normalkette / standard caterpillar track.
Normalnull / mean sea level (abbr. NN).
Normalraupe / standard caterpillar track.
Normalspur / standard gage (RR).
Normalstellung / zero position (Arty).
Normalvisier stellen to zero a gun sight.
normen standardize.
Normteil m standard part.
Normung / standardization.
Not / emergency.
Notabwurf m emergency salvo release (Bombing).
Notbeleuchtung / emergency illumination.
Notbremse / emergency brake.
Notfall m emergency.
Notfeuer n barrage, normal barrage (now called Sperrfeuer).
Nothilfe / See Technische Nothilfe.
nötigen compel.
Notlandehafen m emergency landing field.
notlanden make an emergency landing, make a forced landing (Avn).
Notlandeplatz m emergency landing field.
Notlandung / emergency landing, forced landing (Avn).
Notleitung / emergency line (Tp).
Notpiste / emergency trail or path.
Notruf m emergency call (Tp).
Notsender m emergency radio transmitter (floatable rescue set).
Notsignal n distress signal, SOS.
Notverbandpäckchen n first-aid
packet, first-aid dressing. v
Notverbandtasche, / first-aid pouch.
Notvisier n direct-fire sight (Ord).
notwassern to make an emergency landing on water, to "ditch" (an Ap).
Notwasserung / emergency landing on water, "ditching" (Avn).
Notwehr / self-defense.
Notwurf m emergency salvo release (Bombing).
Notzeichen n distress signal, SOS.
Notzug m emergency release handle (Ap).
NSKK.-Mann m private in the Nazi party motor corps.
NSKK.-Transportregiment n transportation regiment of the Nazi party motor corps. Null / zero.
auf Null stellen to zero (an Inst, scale, etc.).
Nullpunkt TO zero, freezing point; zero point, aiming point, directing
point, point of origin (Arty, Surv).
Nullstellung / zero position (of an Inst, scale, etc.); neutral position, zeroing.
Nullzeit / zero hour.
Nummer / number.
Nummerscheibe / dial (Tp).
Nummerscheibenkästchen n dial box (field Tp).
Nurflügelflugzeug n all-wing airplane, "flying wing."
Nüstern fpl nostrils.
Nute / groove, slot, keyway (also spelled der Nut).
Nutzarbeit / useful work, brake horsepower.
Nutzfahrzeug n commercial vehicle (MT).
Nutzfrequenz / desired frequency (Rad).
Nutzlast / useful load, pay load.
Nutzleistung / net horsepower.
Nutzwiderstand m useful resistance (Elec).


OB-Betrieb m local-battery operation (Tp) (abbr of Ortsbattsriebetrieb).
Oberarbeitsführer in major (Reich Labor- Service).
Oberarzt m first lieutenant (Med).
Oberbau m permanent way, top of roadbed (RR).
Oberbaustab m superior construction staff (equivalent in status to a brigade staff).
Oberbefehl TO high command (function). Oberbefehlshaber m. commander in chief, commander. See also Oberster Befehlshaber.
Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Commander-in-Chief of the Army.
Oberbefehlshaber einer Gruppe army group commander.
Oberbeschlagmeister m horseshoer (master Sgt).
Oberbrieftaubenmeister m pigeoneer (master Sgt).
obere Führung higher command (Div and up); higher command echelon.
Oberfähnrich m master sergeant (officer candidate).
Oberfähnrich der Flieger aviation cadet (with rank of master Sgt).
Oberfahrer m private first class (H-Dr T).
Oberfeldarzt m lieutenant colonel (Med).
Oberfeldkommandantur / military government area headquarters (under commander of army group, in a T of Opns; under general commanding officer in charge of Mil Adm, in occupied territories).
Oberfeldmeister in master sergeant (Reich Labor Service).
Oberfeldveterinär m lieutenant colonel (Vet).
Oberfeldwebel m master sergeant.
Oberfeldzeugstab m higher ordnance staff.
Oberfeuerwerker m master sergeant (Ord).
Oberfläche / surface (outside or top).
Oberfunker m radioman (Pvt 1st class).
Oberfunkmeister m radioman (master Sgt).
Obergefreiter m corporal.
Obergeneralarbeitsführer m major general (Reich Labor Service).
Obergrenadier m private first class (Inf).
Obergurt m top chord (truss); surcingle (harness).
Oberjäger m private first class (mountain Inf).
Oberkanonier m private first class (Arty).
Oberkommandierender m commander-in-chief. See Oberster Befehlshaber.
Oberkommando n high command (agency and function).
Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine High Command of the Navy (abbr. OKM).
Oberkommando der Luftwaffe High Command of the Air Forces (abbr. OKL).
Oberkommando der Wehrmacht High Command of the Armed Forces (abbr. OKW).
Oberkommando des Heeres Army High Command (abbr. OKH).
Oberkraftfahrer m private first class (MT).
Oberlafette / top carriage (G).
Oberleutnant in first lieutenant.
Oberleutnant zur See lieutenant junior grade (Nav).
Oberpanzergrenadier m armored infantry rifleman (Pvt 1st class).
Oberpionier in private first class (Engr).
Oberquartiermeister m Deputy Chief of the General Staff (at Oberkommando des Heeres; known as Oberquartiermeister I, Operations; Oberquartiermeister II, Training; Oberquartiermeister III, Organization; Oberquartiermeister IV, Intelligence; Oberquartiermeister V, Historical); general staff officer at Hq of an army (in charge of supply and Adm).
Oberreiter m private first class (Cav).
Oberring m upper band (R).
Oberringfeder / upper-band spring (R).
Oberschenkel m thigh.
Oberschiedsrichter ra assistant director (maneuvers).
Oberschild m upper shield (G).
Oberschirrmeister m master sergeant (maintenance).
Oberschütze m private first class (Inf rifleman).
Oberschwester / chief nurse.
Oberschwingungsfrequenz / harmonic frequency (Rad).
Oberst in colonel.
Oberstabsarzt m major (Med).
Oberstabsveterinär m major (Vet).
Oberstarbeitsführer m colonel (Reich Labor Service).
Oberstarzt m colonel (Med).
Oberster Befehlshaber der Wehrmacht Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces.
oberster Schiedsrichter director (maneuvers).
Oberstfeldmeister m lieutenant (Reich Labor Service).
Oberstintendant m civilian official in administrative services ranking as colonel.
Oberstleutnant m lieutenant colonel.
oberstrom upstream.
Oberstveterinär m colonel (Vet).
Obertruppführer m sergeant (Reich Labor Service).
Oberveterinär m first lieutenant (Vet).
Obervormann m chief foreman (Reich Labor Service)
Oberwachtmeister m master sergeant (Arty, Cav).
Oberzahlmeister m paymaster official (Wehrmachtbeamter ranking as 1st Lt). See also Zahlmeister.
Objektschutz m air defense of fixed installations.
OB-System n local-battery system (Tp) (abbr. for Ortsbatterie-system).
Ofen m heater, oven, stove.
Ofenrohr n stovepipe; "bazooka" (slang term for Raketenpanzer-biichse, rocket launcher).
offen exposed (Tac); in clear (Sig Com); open, frank.
offene Flanke open flank (Tac).
offener Flügel exposed wing (Tac).
offener Funkspruch radio message in clear.
offene Stellung exposed position (Tac).
Offensive / offensive (Tac).
offensive Verteidigung offensive defense.
Offizier m officer.
Offizierbewerber in officer aspirant.
Offizier des Beurlaubtenstandes reserve officer.
Offizierheim n officers' mess, officers' club.
Offizierlaufbahn / officer's career.
Offizierledigenheim n bachelor officers' quarters.
Offiziersanwärter m officer candidate.
Offiziersbursche in officer's orderly.
Offizierskasino n officers' mess.
Offizierslager n permanent camp for officer prisoners of war (abbr. Of lag).
Offiziersnachwuchs m new crop of officers.
Offizierspähtrupp m officer reconnaissance patrol.
Offizierspatent n commission.
Offizier vom Biwakdienst bivouac security officer.
Offizier vom Dienst duty officer, officer on duty.
Offizier vom Ortsdienst officer of the guard.
Offizier vom Tagesdienst officer of the day.
Öffnerhebel m operating level, operating handle (G).
Öffnung / aperture, port, opening.
Oflag n See Offizierslagcr.
Ohnehaltflug m nonstop flight (Avn).
"Ohne Tritt, Marsch!" "Route step, march!"
Ohrverschlußwatte / cotton for ear plugs.
Oktanwert m octane rating.
Oktanzahl / octane number.
Okular n eyepiece.
OKW.-Bericht m official communique of the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht.
Öl n oil.
Ölablaß m oil drain.
Ölbehälter m oil tank.
ölbeständig oil-resistant.
Ölbohrloch n oil well.
Ölbombe / oil bomb.
Ölbüchse / oilcan.
öldicht oiltight.
Öldruckbremse / hydraulic brake.
Öleinfüll-Verschraubung / oil filler plug (Mir).
Ölfederstrebe / oleo strut (Ap).
olivgrün olive drab.
Ölkanister m oil container (Ap, MT).
Ölkohle / carbon (Mtr).
Öllager n oil-storage depot.
Ölmanometer n oil pressure gage.
Ölmeßbecher m graduated oil dispenser (MT).
Ölschlitzring m grooved piston ring (Mtr).
Ölstand m oil level.
ölstandanzeiger m oil level gage (MT).
Ölstandschraube / oil level plug (Mtr).
Ölstandskontrolle / oil level check, oil level indicator (Mtr).
Ölthermometer n oil temperature gage.
öltropfer m oiler.
Ölüberlauf m oil overflow (Mtr).
Ölwanne / oil pan (Mtr).
Operation / operation (Tac, Med).
Operationsbasis / base of operations (Tac).
Operationsbefehl m operations order.
Operationsgebiet n zone of operations, theater of operations.
Operationskarte / operations map.
Operationslinie / line of operations.
Operationsplan m operations plan.
Operationsraum m zone of operations, theater of operations.
operativ operational, strategic.
operative Aufklärung strategic reconnaissance.
operative Luftaufklärung strategic air reconnaissance.
operatives Ziel strategic objective.
operative Unterstützung indirect support (Avn, Tac).
Opfer n victim.
Oppanol n a synthetic substance resistant to mustard gas and Lewisite (CWS).
Optik / optics; lens system, optical system or instruments; telescopic sight (G); periscope (Tk).
optische Peilung pilotage (Avn).
optisches Zielgerät optical sight (Ord).
O-Punkt m aiming point (Gunnery). See also Nullpunkt.
Orden m medal, decoration, order.
Ordensband n ribbon (of a decoration).
Ordensschnalle / bar (decoration). kleine Ordensschnalle miniature (decoration).
Ordensspange / bar (decoration).
Ordinate / Ordinate, Y-coordinate.
Ordnung / order, rule.
Ordnungsdienst m provost service, military police service.
Ordnungsgleis n make-up track (RR).
Ordnungspolizei / uniformed regular police.
Ordonnanz / orderly.
Ordonnanzoffizier TO special-missions staff officer.
Organisationsstab m organizational Staff.
Organisation Todt Todt Organization (Engr and Ft construction).
Orientierung / orientation.
Orientierungslinie / orienting line (Surv).
Orientierungspunkt m control point (Surv).
Orkan m hurricane, tropical cyclone.
Orpo / See Ordnungspolizei.
Orsatapparat m Orsat gas-analysis apparatus (CWS).
Ort m locality, place; locus (Math). See also Standort.
Ortbalken m exterior stringer (on a fixed bridge); exterior balk (on a floating bridge).
orten locate; orient;' take bearings.
Orter m navigator (Avn).
Orterkompaß m navigator's compass (Avn).
örtlich local.
Ortsbatterie / local battery (Tp).
Ortsbatterie-Betrieb m local-battery operation (Tp).
Ortsbesprechung / local operation (Rad).
Ortsbestimmung / orientation, position determination.
Ortsbiwak n billets, close billets.
Ortschaft / village, town, inhabited locality.
Ortscheit n doubletree (limber).
Ortseindruck m sensation of direction (sound locator).
Ortsempfang m local reception (Rad).
ortsfest fixed, permanent (Arty, Ft).
ortsfeste Flak fixed antiaircraft guns or artillery.
ortsfeste Küstenartillerie fixed sea-coast artillery.
ortsfeste Lafette stationary gun mount (G).
Ortsgefecht n See Ortskampf.
Ortskampf m combat in towns.
Ortskommandant m commander of a garrison, post, or station; town commander (Mil Govt).
Ortskommandantur / garrison, post, or station headquarters; town headquarters (Mil Govt) (Ortskomman-dantur I, in large and medium-sized cities; Ortskommandantur II, in small cities, towns, and villages).
Ortskrankenlazarett n billet hospital. (Med).
Ortskrankenstube / billet dispensary.
ortskundig familiar with a locality or area.
Ortsmißweisung / magnetic declination.
Ortsnetz n local net (Tp).
Ortsquartier n See Ortsunterkunft.
Ortssender m local station (Rad).
Ortsunterkunft / billets.
Ortsvorstand m local authorities, town authorities.
Ortung / position finding, orientation, taking of bearings.
Ortungsanforderung / request for a bearing (Avn, Rad).
Ortungsleuchtzeichen n ground position signal (ground-air Com).
Öse / lug; ring; lunette; eye (Tech).
Ost m east (also spelled Osten).
Ostlegion / legion composed of non-German volunteers and prisoners of war from East-European countries.
Ostmedaille / Eastern Campaign Medal (decoration).
Ostsee / Baltic Sea.
Otter / paravane.


Packgefäß n bulk container. Packriemen m pack strap (harness).
Packsattel m pack saddle (harness).
Packstrick m pack rope (harness) Packtasche / saddlebag.
Packung / packing (Mech).
Paddelboot n collapsible paddling boat.
Pak / antitank gun, antitank artillery (abbr. of Panzerabwehrkanone).
Pakethülle / wrapping.
Pak-Flak / antitank-antiaircraft gun, dual-purpose gun.
Pakgeschütz n antitank gun.
Pakgeschütz auf Selbstfahrlafette self-propelled antitank gun, tank destroyer.
Pakstellung / antitank gun position, antitank gun emplacement.
Pak-Zug m antitank platoon.
Panne / breakdown; engine failure; blowout.
Panoramakammer / panoramic camera (Avn).
Pantograph m pantograph (Surv).
Panzer m armor; tank.
Panzerabteilung / armored battalion.
Panzerabwehr / antitank defense, antimechanized defense (in compounds, now superseded by Panzerjäger-).
Panzerabwehrgewehr n __. antitank rifle (now called Panzerbüchse).
Panzerabwehrgeschütz n antitank gun.
Panzerabwehrgraben m antitank ditch.
Panzerabwehrkanone / ' antitank gun (now called Panzerjägerkanone).
Panzerabwehrmine / antitank mine.
Panzerabwehrmittel npl means of antitank defense.
Panzerabwehrrakete / antitank rocket.
Panzerangriff m armored attack, tank attack.
Panzerartillerie / armored division artillery, armored artillery.
Panzeraufbau m tank hull and turret; armored body of a vehicle.
Panzeraufklärungsabteilung / armored reconnaissance battalion.
Panzerbataillon n armored battalion.
Panzerbefehlswagen m armored command car.
Panzerbekämpfung / antitank combat.
Panzerbeobachtungsturm m armored observation turret.
Panzerbesatzung / tank crew, armored vehicle crew.
Panzerbeschuß m firing at tanks; test firing at armor plate.
Panzerbeschußtafel / firing table for antitank gun.
Panzerblech n armor plate.
Panzerblende / tank shutter; tank gun shield, mantlet.
Panzerbombe / antitank bomb, armor-piercing bomb, heavy-case bomb.
panzerbrechend armor-piercing.
Panzerbrigade / armored brigade, tank brigade.
Panzerbüchse / antitank rifle.
Panzerdeckungsloch n foxhole (for AT protection),
Panzerdivision / armored division.
Panzerdrehturm m revolving armored turret (Ft); revolving tank turret (Tk).
panzerdurchschlagend armor-piercing (Am).
Panzerdurchschlagsleistung / armor-piercing capacity, penetration (Am).
Panzereinsatz m commitment of armored units.
Panzererkennungsdienst m tank identification service.
Panzerfahrer m tank driver.
Panzerfahrschule / armored vehicle operators' school.
Panzerfahrzeug n armored vehicle.
Panzerfahrzeugfalle / tank trap.
Panzerfahrzeuggraben m antitank ditch.
Panzerfalle / tank trap.
Panzerführer m tank commander (NCO); armored-vehicle commander; armored-unit commander.
Panzerfunker m tank radio operator.
Panzerfunktrupp m armored radio section.
Panzerfunkwagen m armored radio car or truck.
Panzergeschoß n armor-piercing projectile.
panzergeschützt armor-protected.
Panzerglas n bulletproof glass.
Panzergraben m antitank ditch.
Panzergranate / armor-piercing shell, armor-piercing rifle grenade.
Panzergranate-Patrone / armor-
piercing shell (fixed Am).
Panzergrenadier m armored in-
fantry rifleman, private in armored infantry regiment.
Panzergrenadier-Bataillon n armored infantry battalion.
Panzergrenadier-Brigade f armored infantry brigade.
Panzergrenadier-Division / motorized division. See also SS-Panzergre-nadier-Division.
Panzergrenadier- Ersatzregiment n armored infantry replacement regiment.
Panzergrenadier-Personenkraftwagen armored personnel carrier.
Panzergrenadier-Regiment n motorized infantry regiment (of a Panzer-division).
Panzergruppe / armored group.
Panzergürtel m arcnor belt.
Panzerhindernis n antitank obstacle.
Panzerinstandsetzungsabteilung / tank repair battalion.
Panzerjäger m member of antitank unit.
Panzerjägerabteilung / antitank battalion.
Panzerjägergeschütz n antitank gun.
Panzerjägerkanone / See Panzerjägergeschütz.
Panzerjägerkompanie / antitank company.
Panzer Jägerregiment n antitank regiment.
Panzerjägerzug m antitank platoon.
Panzerkabel n armored cable (Elec).
Panzerkampfabzeichen n See Panzerkampf wagenabzeichen.
Panzerkampfwagen m tank.
Panzerkampfwagenabzeichen n Tank Badge (decoration awarded to members of armored units after participation in three separate combat actions).
Panzerkampfwagenhindernis n tank obstacle.
Panzerkanone / tank gun.
Panzerkasten m tank hull.
Panzerkastenoberteil n sponson, upper hull (Tk).
Panzerkette / tank track.
Panzer-Kommandant m tank commander.
Panzerkompanie / tank company.
Panzerkopf m armor-piercing cap (Am).
Panzerkörper m hull (Tk).
Panzerkorps n armored corps.
Panzerkorpskommando n armored corps headquarters.
Panzerkräfte fpl armored forces, armored units.
Panzerkraftfahrzeug n armored vehicle.
Panzerkraftwagen m armored car.
Panzerkrieg m armored warfare.
Panzerkuppel / tank cupola, armored cupola (Ft).
Panzer-Lehr-Regiment n armored demonstration regiment.
Panzermine / antitank mine.
Panzermunition / armor-piercing ammunition; tank ammunition.
Panzernachrichtenabteilung / armored signal battalion.
Panzer-Obergrenadier m private first class (Armd Inf Regt).
Panzeroberschütze m private first class (in Armd unit).
Panzeroffizier m armored officer.
Panzerpionier ra armored engineer.
Panzer-Pionier-Bataillon n armored engineer battalion.
Panzerplatte / armor plate.
Panzerregiment n armored regiment.
Panzerrichttafel / tank-silhouette aiming target.
Panzerscharte / peephole, direct vision slit (Tk).
Panzerschild m armor-plate shield (G).
Panzerschott n armor bulkhead (Tk).
Panzerschutz m armor protection (Ft, Tk); antitank defense.
Panzerschütze m private in an armored unit; tank gunner.
panzersicher secure against mechanized attack.
Panzersonderfahrzeug n special-purpose armored vehicle.
Panzerspähfahrzeug n armored reconnaissance vehicle.
Panzerspähkompanie / armored reconnaissance company.
Panzerspäh-Schwadron / mechanized cavalry reconnaissance troop.
Panzerspähtrupp m armored reconnaissance car section.
Panzerspähwagen m armored reconnaissance car, armored scout car.
Panzersperre / antitank obstacle.
Panzersperrgraben m antitank ditch.
Panzersperrmauer / antitank wall obstacle.
Panzerspitze / armored point (Adv Gd).
Panzersprenggeschoß n •ai*mor-pierc-ing projectile.
Panzersprenggranate / armor-piercing shell.
Panzerstärke / thickness of armor (Tk).
Panzerstoß m armored thrust (Tac).
Panzersturmabzeichen n Armored Assault Badge (decoration).
Panzertransportwagen m armored personnel carrier.
Panzertruppe / Armored Command.
Panzertruppen fpl armored troops, armored forces.
Panzerturm m tank turret; armored turret (Ft).
Panzerung / armor, armor plating.
Panzerunterstützung / armored support (Tac).
Panzerverband m armored formation, armored force unit, combined-arms armored force.
Panzerverbände der Heerestruppen GHQ reserve tank groups.
Panzervernichtungsabzeichen n decoration awarded for close-combat destruction of at least one enemy tank.
Panzer-Verschwindeturm in disappearing armored turret (Ft).
Panzerwaffe / Armored Command.
Panzerwagen m armored car, combat car, tank.
Panzerwagenfalle / tank trap.
Panzerwagengraben in. tank ditch.
Panzerwanne / tank hull.
Panzerwarndienst in antimechanized warning system.
Panzerwarnung / tank warning, antimechanized warning.
Panzerwart, m armored maintenance man.
Panzerwerk n steel and concrete fortification.
Panzerwerkstattkompanie / armored force repair shop company.
Panzerweste / body armor (Avn).
Panzerzug m armored train (RR); tank platoon.
Papierstreifenverfahren n paper-strip method (aerial Photo).
Pappe / cardboard (also called Pappdeckel m).
Parabel-Fachwerkträger m curved-chord truss.
Parabellum n a type of self-loading pistol.
Parade / parade, review.
Paradeanzug m full-dress uniform.
Parademarsch in march m review, pass in review.
Paradeplatz m parade ground.
Parallaxe / parallax, azimuth dil-ference.
Parallaxwinkel m angle of parallax, azimuth difference.
ParalJel-Fachwerkträger m parallel-chord truss.
Parallelogrammgestänge n parallelogram linkage system ( AA sight).
Parallelschaltung / parallel connection (Elec).
Pardon m quarter, mercy, clemency.
parieren to parry.
Parierstange / bayonet guard.
Park m park, depot.
parken to park".
Parklicht n parking light (auto headlight).
Parlamentär m parlementaire, bearer of a flag of truce.
Parlamentartiagge / flag of truce.
Parole f password.
Parteien fpl opposing sides (maneuvers),
Parteiführer m commander of one of the opposing forces in maneuvers.
Paspel f piping or edging on uniform.
Paß TO pass (Top); passport.
Paßgenauigkeit / accuracy of fit (Tech).
Passierschein m permit, pass, safe-conduct, military passport.
Paßstück:« adapter (Ord).
Passung / fit (Tech).
Patent n officer's commission; patent (Tech).
patentierter Offizier commissioned officer.
Patrone / cartridge (Am); round of fixed ammunition (Arty).
Patronenauswerfer m ejector.
Patronenauszieher in extractor.
Patroneneinlage f breech recess (R).
Patronenfiihrungsleisten fpl cartridge guides (MG).
Patronengurt m cartridge belt (MG); bandoleer.
Patronenhalter m cartridge holder (MG).
Patronenhebel m cartridge lever (MG).
Patronenhülse f cartridge case.
Patronenkasten m. cartridge box, ammunition box.
Patronenkorb m shell basket (for fixed Am).
Patronenlager n cartridge chamber (G, R).
Patronenmunition / fixed ammunition.
Patronenrahmen m clip (R, AA gun).
Patronenraum m propelling-charge chamber (Mort shell).
Patronenschacht in feed funnel (fixed aircraft MG).
Patronenstreifen m cartridge clip.
Patronenstiitzfeder / cartridge-support spring (MG).
Patronentasche / ammunition pocket, ammunition pouch.
Patronenträger m cartridge carrier (MG).
Patronenträgerhebel m belt-feed lever (MG).
Patronenzuführung / cartridge feed (SA).
Patrouillenflug m patrol, patrolling (Avn).
Patte / collar patch, cuff patch.
Pause / pause; tracing.
Pauspapier n tracing paper.
Pech n pitch.
Pegel m water-level gage (for rivers, lakes, etc.).
Peilanlage / direction-finder station (Air Navigation).
Peilantenne / direction-finding antenna.
Peilapparat m azimuth instrument.
Peilaufsatz m pelorus (Avn).
Peilberichtigungskurve f deviation curve (Rad).
Peilempfänger m radio compass, direction finder (Air Navigation).
Peilen n direction finding (Rad).
peilen to take a bearing (Nav, Rad, Avn).
Peilflugleiter m chief of directionfinder station (Avn).
Peilfunkempfänger m radio compass, direction finder (Air Navigation).
Peilfunkgerät n radio direction finder.
Peilfunkstelle / radio direction finder station (Avn).
Peilgerät n azimuth instrument (Surv); direction-finder equipment or set (Rad, Avn).
Peilkompaß m navigator's compass (Avn).
Peilkraftwagen m radio direction-finding truck.
Peilleitstelle / radio direction-finder control station.
Peillinie / line of bearing, bearing line (Air Navigation).
Peillot n sounding lead (Nav).
Peilnebenstelle / auxiliary directionfinder station (Air Navigation).
Peilrahmen m directional loop antenna (Rad).
Peilscheibe / azimuth instrument.
Peilsender m directional transmitter.
Peilstelle / radio direction-finder station,
Peilstrahl.m beam (Rad).
Peilung / bearing, direction finding. optische Peilung pilotage (Avn).
Peilzeichen n direction-finder signal (Avn).
pelzgefüttert fur-lined.
Pelzkombination / fur-lined flying suit.
Pendel n pendulum.
Pendelfrequenz / quenching frequency (Rad).
Pendelfrequenzempfänger m superregenerative receiver.
pendeln oscillate; swerve.
Pendelverkehr m shuttle traffic.
Perchlorameisensäuremethylester m diphosgene (CWS).
Perlkorn n bead sight (R).
Personal n personnel.
Personalabteilung / personnel section.
Personalamt n See Heerespersonal-amt.
Personalausweis m identification
papers, certificate of identification.
Personaldaten npl personal data (birth, occupation, etc.).
Personalveränderung / change of personnel.
Personenbahnhof m passenger station (RR).
Personenfähre / passenger ferry.
Personenkraftfahrzeug n personnel carrier, passenger vehicle (MT).
Personenkraftwagen m personnel carrier, passenger car (MT).
perspektivische Projection geometric projection, perspective projection.
Perstoff m diphosgene (CWS).
Petroleum n kerosene.
Pfad m path, trail.
Pfahl m picket, stake; pile; post.
Pfahlhindernis n See Pfahlsperre.
Pfahljoch n pile bent (Bdg).
Pfahljochbrücke / pile-bent bridge.
Pfahlsperre / post obstacle (AT).
Pfeife / whistle, pipe.
Pfeifpatrone / whistling pyrotechnic signal cartridge (used as gas alarm).
Pfeifsignal n whistle signal.
Pfeiler in pier (Bdg); column, pillar (Engr).
Pfeilform / sweepback (Ap wing); arrow or wedge formation.
Pferd n horse.
pferdebespannt horse-drawn.
Pferdeersatz m remounts.
Pferdefahrzeug n horse-drawn vehicle.
Pferdehalter m horseholder (Cav, Arty).
Pferdekrankenkraftwagen m veterinary motor ambulance.
Pferdekrankensammelplatz m veterinary collecting station.
Pferdelazarett n veterinary hospital.
Pferdepark m remount depot.
Pferdestärke / metric horsepower (abbr. PS) (1 PS = 0.986 HP; 1 HP = 1.014 PS).
Pferdetransportkolonne / horse-
drawn transport column.
Pferdeverbandplatz m veterinary aid station.
Pferdezug m draft (horse traction).
PferdeEweigpark m branch remount depot.
Pfiff m whistle (sound).
Pfiffikus n phenyldichlorarsine (CWS).
Pflegeschwester f nurse.
Pflicht / duty, obligation.
Pflichten des deutschen Soldaten See Kriegsartikel.
Pflock ra stake, peg, pin, picket.
Pflugbagger m tractor plow; bulldozer.
Pfropfen in plug, stopper, wad.
Phasenverschiebung / phase shift, phase displacement, phase difference (Elec, Rad).
Phenyldichlorarsin n phenyldichlorarsine.
Phon n decibel.
Phosgen n carbonylchloride, phosgene (CWS).
Phosphor m phosphorus.
Phosphorfliegerbombe / phosphorus bomb.
Phosphorgeschoß n phosphorus bullet, incendiary bullet.
Phosphorhandgranate / phosphorus grenade.
Photogrammetrie / photogrammetry.
Photograph m photographer.
Photographie / photography.
photographische Kartenaufnahme
photographic mapping.
Photokopie / photostat.
photokopieren to photostat.
Phototopographie / phototopography.
Photozelle / photo-electric cell.
Pickettpfahl m picket, stake.
Pier ra pier.
Pi-Kampfmittel npl engineer combat equipment.
Pikrinsäure / trinitrophenol, picric acid.
Pille / pill, pellet, primer.
Pilotballon m pilot balloon, trial balloon.
Pilotballonaufstieggerät n pibal equipment (Met).
Pilz ra mushroom head of obturator.
Pinsel in paint brush.
Pionier ra engineer soldier, private in engineer unit.
Pionieraufklärung / engineer reconnaissance.
Pionier-Ausbau-Bataillon n engineer construction-improvement battalion.
Pionierbataillon n engineer battalion.
Pionierdienst m engineer service.
Pionier-Erkundungstrupp m engineer reconnaissance squad.
Pionierfahrzeug n engineer vehicle.
Pionierführer ra special staff engineer officer and engineer commander (at Div Hq).
Pioniergerät n engineer equipment.
Pioniergerätepark m engineer equipment depot.
Pionier-Kampfmittel npl engineer combat equipment.
Pionierkolonne / engineer equipment column.
Pionierlandungskompanie / engineer landing company.
Pioniermaschinenzug m engineer machine platoon.
Pionieroffizier TO engineer officer.
Pionierpanzerkampfwagen m engineer tank.
Pionierpark m engineer park, engineer depot. . Pionierschule / engineer school.
Pioniersprengmittel npl engineer explosives.
Pionier-Sturmabzeichen n Engineer Assault Badge (decoration).
Pioniersturmzug m engineer assault platoon.
Pioniertruppe / Corps of Engineers.
Pioniertruppen fpl engineer troops.
Pionierverband m engineer unit.
Pioniervermessungsgerät n engineer surveying instrument or equipment.
Pionierwerkzeug n engineer tool.
Pionierwerkzeugtasche / engineer tool bag.
Pionierzug m engineer platoon.
Pionierzwischenpark m engineer dump.
Piste / trail, path, beaten track.
Pistole / pistol.
Pistolengriff m pistol grip.
Pistolenöffnung / pistol port (Tk).
Pistolentasche / pistol holster.
Pi.-Sturmabzeichen n See Pionier-Sturmabzeichen.
Pitotrohr n pitot tube.
Pivotgeschütz n swivel gun, pedestal-mounted gun.
Pivotlafette / pivot-type mount (MG); turntable carriage (G).
Pivotlager n trunnion bearing (G).
Pi.-Zug in See Pionierzug.
PK.-Filmberichter m propaganda-company moving-picture cameraman.
P.K.-Kriegsberichter m propaganda-company war correspondent.
Plan m plan, chart, diagram, scheme.
Plane / tarpaulin.
Planfeuer n concentrated antiaircraft fire within the critical zone.
Planfeuertafel / lead chart (AA firing).
Planfeuerwürfel m critical zone (AA firing).
Planier-Uaupenschlepper m bulldozer, angledozer, tractor with angledozer.
Planimeter n planimeter (Surv).
Plänkelei / skirmish.
Planladung / computed charge (demolitions).
planmäßig in accordance with table of organization or busic allowance; according to plan; systematic, deliberate, thorough.
planmäßige Feldbefestigung deliberate field fortification.
planmäßiger Nachschub automatic supply.
Planpause / overlay, traced map or firing chart.
Planquadrat n grid square.
Planrichten n laying by survey (Arty). .
Planschießen n map fire, unobserved fire (Gunnery).
Plansektor m map-protractor set (Arty, Surv).
Planspiel n map exercise (Tng).
Planstärke / authorized strength, table of organization strength.
Planstelle / place authorized by table of organization. freie Planstelle vacancy.
Planübergang m level crossing (RR).
Planübung / map maneuver, map exercise (Tng).
Planunterlage / plane table (Arty, Surv).
Planzeichnen n plotting (Surv).
Planzeiger m coordinate scale (Arty, Surv).
plastische Liderung plastic-pad obturator (G).
Platte / plate (Tech); phonograph record.
Platteneinsatz m storage-battery cell (Elec).
Plattenkondensator m parallel plate condenser (Rad).
Plattenpulver n flake powder (Am).
Plattensatz m storage-battery cell (Elec).
Plattenventil n poppet valve (Mtr).
Plattform / platform (Arty, etc.).
Plattformwagen m flatcar (RR).
Plattfüße mpl flat feet.
Platz m airdrome, airfield, landing field (Avn); aid station (Med, Vet); place, square (in^a city or town); site; locality; station; space; room.
platzen to burst; to blow out (tire).
Platzfeuer n airdrome light.
Platzfeuerwehr / airdrome fire-fighting unit.
Platzgrenze / airdrome boundary.
Platzmembrane / bursting diaphragm (message container).
Platzpatrone / blank cartridge.
Platzrunde / circle flown over airdrome.
Platzwechsel m change of station.
Pleuelstange / connecting rod, piston rod (Mtr).
Plombe / lead seal.
Plünderer m marauder, plunderer.
plündern to plunder.
Plünderung / plundering, pillage, looting.
Pneumassivreifen m cushion tire.
Polarstern m North Star.
polieren to polish, to buff (Tech).
Polizei / police.
Polizist TO policeman.
Polklemme / battery-terminal binding post (Elec).
Polschuh m pole piece (magnet). " Polster n pad (Clo, harness, etc.); track block (Tk); pillow, cushion.
Polwechsler m pole changer (Tp).
Polygonzug m closed traverse (Sum).
Ponton m ponton.
Pontonbrücke / ponton bridge.
Pontonfähre / ponton ferry.
Pontonier m pontoneer.
Pontonoberkante / gunwale (Pon).
Pontonstrecke / ponton bay.
Pontonwagen in ponton carrier (MT).
Porontoofen m a small liquid-fuel stove.
Portepee n sword knot (worn by Ger officers and higher-bracket NCO's).
Portepeeunteroffizier m noncommissioned officer (from Feldwebel up).
Portion / ration; dose (Med). eiserne Portion emergency ration.
Portionenausgabe / distribution of rations.
Portionssatz m scale of rations, ration quantity.
Positionslicht n position light, running light (Ap).
Post / mail.
Postaufnahmegerät n mail pick-up device (Ap).
Posten m sentry; post; duty station; item (in a list); lot (of goods).
Postenanweisungen fpl guard orders, allgemeine Postenanweisungen general orders (guard duty). besondere Postenanweisungen special orders (guard duty).
Postenkette / line of sentries.
Postleitungen fpl civil communication lines.
Postpriifungsstelle / postal censor's office.
Postüberwachungsstelle / See Postprüfungsstelle.
Potenz / power (Math).
potenzieren raise (to a power) (Math).
Prahm m barge, lighter (Engr, Nav).
Prallhaltevorrichtung / ballonet balloon (airship).
Prallschuß m ricochet.
Prallwand / baffle.
Präzisionsschießen n precision fire.
Preis m price; rate; prize.
Preisübung / qualification course.
Prellschuß m ricochet.
Presseoffisier m public relations officer.
Preßfutter n compressed forage.
Preßluft / compressed air.
Preßluftanlasser m air starter, compressed-air starter (Mtr).
Preßluftflasche / compressed-air flask.
Preßlufthammer m pneumatic hammer.
Preßluft-Niethammer m pneumatic riveter.
Preßluftzylinder m compressed-air cylinder.
Preßstoff m plastic.
Pr.Geschoß n See Phosphorgeschoß.
Primärkreis m primary circuit (Rad).
Primärwicklung / primary winding (Elec).
Prise / prize.
Prisenrecht w angary.
Prismenkreuz n an engineer surveying instrument.
Pritsche / wooden-board bed.
Probe / test, trial.
Probeflug m test flight.
Probelauf m test run (Mtr).
Probeschießen n test firing.
Profil n profile, cross section; tread (of a tire).
Profildicke / profile thickness (Ap wing).
Profilhinterkante / trailing edge (Ap wing profile).
profiliert streamlined, faired.
Profiiierung / fairing (Ap); recapping (tires); streamlining.
Profilsehne / wing chord (Ap).
Profiltiefe / depth of profile (Ap wing).
Profilvorderkante / leading edge (Ap wing profile).
Projektion auf die Horizontalebene horizontal projection.
Projektion auf die Senkrechtebene
vertical projection. Propaganda / propaganda, publicity.
Propagandakompanie / propaganda company (for front-line reporting; composed of writers and camera men).
Propeller m propeller. See also Luftschraube.
Propellerblatt n propeller blade (Ap).
Propellerhaube / propeller spinner.
Propellerkreis m plane of propeller rotation, propeller-disk area (Ap).
Propellernabe / propeller hub (Ap).
Propellersteigung / propeller pitch.
Propellerwind m slipstream (Avn).
Protzarm ra limber drawbar (Arty).
Protze / limber (Arty).
Protzgestell n limber frame (Arty).
Protzhaken m limber pintle.
Protzkasten m limber ammunition chest (Arty).
Protzöse / lunette (G).
Prozentsatz m percentage. prüfen to check, inspect, test, verify.
Prüfgerät n testing apparatus.
Prüfgestell n testing stand.
Prüfknopf m testing button (field Tp).
Prüfröhrchen n detector tube (in CWS detector kit).
Prüfstand m testing block (Avn, MT).
Prüf taste / testing key (field Tp).
Prüfung / test, testing, verification.
Prüfungsschießen n verification fire.
Puffer m buffer (Ord).
Puffergehäuse n buffer housing (MG).
Pufferlager n buffer support (G cradle).
Pulk m boat-type runner (placed under gun wheels for operations in deep snow); formation (Avn slang).
Pulver n powder.
Pulverbrennzündung / powder-train ignition (fuze).
Pulverbündel n powder bag (Am).
Pulverhaus n powder magazine.
Pulverkammer/ powder chamber.
Pulverkorn n powder grain (Am).
Pulverladung / powder charge (Am).
Pulverraum m powder chamber.
Pulverrückstände mpl powder foul-ing (G).
Pulversatz m powder train, powder pellet (fuze).
Pulversprengstoff m low explosive.
Pulvertemperaturmessung / measurement of powder temperature.
Pulverthermometer n powder thermometer (Am).
Pulvertreibladung / propellent charge.
Pulverzerstäuber m decontaminating-powder sprayer (CWS).
Pumpenkühlung / forced-circulation .cooling (Mtr).
Punkt m point, place; dot (Tg).
Punktbestimmung/ point designation, point location.
Punktfeuer n point fire, fixed fire (MG).
Punktplan m range card (Gunnery).
Punktschießen n See Punktfeuer.
Punktschweißung / spot welding.
Punkttafel / point-designation grid (Arty).
Punktziel« point target (Gunnery).
Pupinspule/ loading coil (Tp).
Puppe / dummy (for bayonet Tng, etc.).
putzen to clean, polish, shine.
Putzlappen m cleaning rag.
Putzwolle / cotton waste.
Pz.Kw.-Nachbildung / tank silhouette (practice firing).


Q-Gruppe/ Q signal (Rad).
Quadrant m quadrant.
Quadrantenfläche/ quadrant plate (G).
Quadrantenvisier n leaf-type quadrant sight (R, MG).
Quadrat n square, grid square.
Quadratwurzel / square root.
Qualifikationsbericht m qualification card.
Qualm m dense smoke. Quarantäne/ quarantine (Med).
Quartier n quarters, billets.
Quartierarrest m restriction to quarters.
Quartiermacher m quartering officer, billeting officer.
Quartiermacherkommando n quartering party, billeting party.
Quartiermachertrupp m quartering detail, billeting detail.
Quartiermeister m corps or division quartermaster (general staff officer "Ib" in charge of supply and Adm at corps or Div Hq).
Quartiermeisterabteilung / supply group of staff sections (comprises Quartiermeister and Intendantur).
Quartier und Verpflegung quarters and subsistence.
Quartier- und Verpflegungsvergütung / quarters and subsistence allowance (reimbursement).
Quartier- und Verpflegungszuschuß m quarters and subsistence allowance.
Quartiervergütung / quarters allowance.
quarzgesteuerter Sender crystal-controlled transmitter (Rad).
Quarzkristall n quartz crystal (Rad).
Quarzsteuerung / crystal control (Rad).
Quast m tassel.
Qu-Blende/ See Querschnittblende.
Quecksilber n mercury.
Quelle / source, spring, well.
quer across, obliquely.
Querachse/ lateral axis (Ap).
Queraxt / adze.
Querbeil n See Queraxt.
Querdeckung/ traverse (Ft).
querfahrendes Ziel target moving parallel to front (ground target).
Querfahrt / movement parallel to front (ground target).
querfeldein cross-country.
Querlibelle / cross level (Surv, Arty).
Querrinne / open culvert (road).
Querrudern aileron (Ap).
Querruderhebel m aileron horn (Ap).
Quersäge / crosscut saw.
Querschläger in ricochet.
Querschnitt m cross section.
Querschnittbelastung / ballistic coefficient.
Querschnittblende / transverse
shutter (signal lamp).
Querstabilität / lateral stability (Ap).
Querstreuung/ See Breitenstreuung.
Querträger m transverse beam, transom, transverse support (Bdg).
Querverbindung / intervehicular communication; local circuit; cross bar, transverse bracing.
Querverkehr m internet traffic (Rad).
Querverstrebung/ cross bracing (Bdg).
Querwall m traverse (Ft).
quetschen to crush, bruise, squeeze, pinch.
Quetschkondensator m trimmer condenser (Rad).
Quetschladung / camouflet.
Quetschmine / See Quetschladung.
Quetschung/ contusion (Med).
quietschen to screech (brakes); to squeal (Rad).


Rache / revenge. Rachen m throat.
Rachenreizstoff m See Nasen- und Rachenreizstoff. Rad n wheel; bicycle.
Radachse / axle. Radauflagepunkt m center of tire contact (MT).
Raddruck m wheel load (MT). Räderantriebm wheel drive (MT).
Räderbahre/ wheeled litter carrier.
Räderfahrzeug n wheeled vehicle.
Räder-Gleiskettenantrieb m combination wheel-track drive, convertible wheel-track drive.
Räderkettenfahrzeug n combination wheel-track vehicle, convertible wheel-track vehicle.
Räderraupenfahrzeug«, See Räderkettenfahrzeug.
Räderwerk« tracks and suspensions (Tk).
Radfahrabteilung/ bicycle battalion
Radfahrkompanie/ bicycle company.
Radfahrschwadron / bicycle troop.
Radfahrwerk n wheel-type landing gear (Ap).
Radfahrzug TO bicycle platoon.
Radflügelflugzeug n cyclogiro (Avn).
Radgürtel in caterpillar band (G).
Radiergummi m rubber eraser.
Radiosonde / radiosonde, radio meteorograph (Met).
Radizierung/ extraction of roots.
Radkappe / hub cap.
Radkörper «i disk spider (wheel).
Radlafette / wheeled gun carriage.
Radlandung / two-point landing (Avn).
Radlenker TO guard rail (TUB switch).
Radnabe / hub.
Radreifen TO tire (of a wheel).
Radschlepper TO wheeled tractor.
Radsporn m tail wheel (Ap).
Radstand TO wheelbase; alinement of wheels.
Radstandlibelle / cross level (G).
Radstandtrieb m cross-leveling mechanism (G sight).
Radsteuerung/ wheel control (as distinguished from stick control) (Ap).
Radsturz w camber (MT).
Radzugmaschine / wheeled tractor.
Rahmen TO frame.
Rahmenantenne / loop antenna (Rad).
Rahmenheer n enlisted cadre.
Rahmenlafette/ frame-type gun carriage.
Rahmenspannturm TO frame cabane (Ap).
Rahmenübung / command-post exercise (staff Tng).
Rakete / rocket.
Raketenantrieb TO rocket propulsion.
Raketenbombe/ rocket bomb (Avn).
Raketen-Panzerbüchse / antitank rocket launcher.
Raketenstart TO rocket-assisted takeoff (Avn).
Raketenwurfmaschine / rocket launcher, rocket projector.
Rammbär TO drop hammer of a pile driver.
Rammbühne / pile-driver staging.
Ramme / pile driver.
rammen to ram (Nav); to drive (a pile).
Rammfähre/ pile-driver raft. Rammgerüst n pile-driver frame. Rampe / ramp.
Rampengerät n ramp equipment.
Rampenmine / rämp mine (improvised mine under an inclined board).
Rampensperre/ sawhorse ramp obstacle.
Rampenwagen TO ramp carrier (MT). Rand TO edge, border, margin, rim; perimeter (Tac).
Randbemerkungen fpl marginal data.
Randdüsenzünder TO rimvent fuze (Am).
Rändel m knurled nut or knob, micrometer knob. rändeln to knurl.
Randfeuer n boundary light (Adrm).
Randstellungen fpl perimeter positions (Tac).
Rang TO rank, status.
Rangabzeichen n insignia of rank.
Rangältester m senior officer.
Rangdienstalter n age-in-grade, seniority.
Rangierbahnhof m railroad yard.
Rangliste des Heeres army register.
Rasanz der Flugbahn flatness of trajectory.
rasch quick.
Raspel / rasp.
Rast/ rest (march column); click, detent (Tech).
Rastgruppe / rest group (march rest).
Rasthebel TO bolt lock (MG).
Rastplatz m resting place (march rest).
Rate / rate. Ration / forage ration. eiserne Ration emergency forage ration. /
Rationssatz TO scale of forage rations. Rauch TO smoke.
Rauchentwickler TO smoke generator.
Rauchentwicklung/ generation of smoke.
Raucherscheinung/ smoke effect (flash ranging).
Rauchgerät n smoke equipment (Ap).
Rauchgranate / smoke shell (Am).
Rauchkerze/ smoke candle (CWS).
Rauchkörper TO smoke filler (Am); smoke-puff charge (simulated fire).
Rauchladung/ smoke charge (Am).
Rauchmeldepatrone / smoke-cartridge message container (for dropped messages) (Avn).
Rauchofen m smoke generator (Adrm).
Rauchpatrone / smoke signal cartridge.
Rauchsatz m pyrotechnic composition (smoke signal); smoke composition; smoke pellet (Am).
rauchschwach smokeless, semi-smokeless.
rauchschwaches Pulver smokeless powder.
Rauchschwimmer m floating smoke pot.
Rauchsignalpatrone / smoke signal cartridge.
rauchstark generating much smoke.
Rauchvorhang m smoke curtain, smoke screen.
Rauchwolke / smoke cloud.
Rauhreif m frost (Met).
Raum m space; room, chamber; sector; area, zone, region.
Raumbild«, stereoscopic picture.
Raumbildentfernungsmesser m stereoscopic range finder.
Räumboot n mine sweeper.
räumen to clear mines; to clear out; to evacuate (a position).
Raumgehalt m See Rauminhalt.
Rauminhalt m volume, cubic capacity.
Raumladung / space charge (radio tube).
Raumlöffel m miner's spoon (Engr tool).
Raummeßbild n stereogram (Photo survey).
Räumotter / paravane.
Raumstrahlung / free-space radiation (Rad).
Raum welle / sky wave (Rad).
Raupe / caterpillar; caterpillar track; plaited shoulder strap.
Raupenantrieb m caterpillar drive (MT).
Raupenfahrzeug n track-laying vehicle.
Raupenkette / caterpillar track.
Raupenkrad n See Kettenkrad.
Raupenschlepper m caterpillar tractor.
R-Boot n See Räumboot.
Rechen m rake.
Rechengerät n computer.
Rechenschieber m slide rule.
Rechenschieber zur Entfernungsermittlung logarithmic range scale (Arty).
Rechenstelle / post of computing section (firing battery).
Rechenzettel m firing-data form (Arty).
rechnen to count, compute.
Rechner m computer, plotter (person).
Rechnung/ account, bill; computation.
Rechnungsführer m accountant and pay noncommissioned officer.
Rechnungslegung / accountability.
Rechnungswesen n accounting.
Recht n law, jurisprudence.
Rechteck n rectangle.
Rechtsabteilung / legal branch, legal section.
Rechtsdrall m right-hand twist (rifling).
rechtsgängig clockwise; right-hand (threads, etc.).
Rechtsgewinde n right-hand thread.
Rechtskurve/ right bank (Avn).
rechtslaufend clockwise.
"Rechts schwenkt, marsch!" "Column right, march!" (followed by "Gerade, aus!").
Rechtsstellung/ legal status.
"Rechts, um!" "Right, face!"; "By the right flank, march!" (given in marching).
Rechtswert m X-coordinate (on coordinate scale in map reading).
rechtweisender Kurs true course (Air Navigation).
rechtweisender Windkurs true heading (Air Navigation).
rechtwinklig rectangular.
Reduktionsmaßstab m engineer's scale.
Reduziergetriebe n reduction gear.
Reede / roadstead.
Reflexglas«. transparent reflector (reflector sight).
Reflexvisier n reflector sight (Ap, A A gun).
Regel / rule.
Regellast / standard maximum load (Bdg).
regellose Flucht rout.
regelmäßig regular.
regelmäßiger Fehler systematic error, determinate error.
regeln to direct, control, regulate.
regelrecht standard, according to regulations.
Regelröhre / variable /J, tube, supercontrol tube (Rad).
Regelspur / standard gage (RR).
Regelstange/ regulator (G recoil brake).
Regelvorrichtung / governing device (Mtr).
Regen m rain.
Regendecke / tarpaulin.
regenerierter Altgummi reclaimed rubber.
Regengebiet n precipitation area (Met).
Regenguß m shower (Met).
Regenklappe/ rain flap (on haversack).
Regenmantel m raincoat.
Regenmesser m rain gage (Met).
Regenschauer m shower (Met).
Regenwolke/ rain cloud (Met).
Regierung / government.
Regiment n regiment.
Regimentsabschnitt n regimental sector.
Regimentsadjutant m aide to regimental commander, regimental executive.
Regimentsarzt m regimental surgeon.
Regimentsbefehl m regimental order.
Regimentsgefechtsstand m regimental command post.
Regimentskommandeur m regimental commander.
Regimentsnachrichtenzug m regimental communication platoon.
Regimentsstab m regimental headquarters, regimental staff.
Regimentstroß m regimental train.
Registrier-Chronograph m chronograph.
Regler m governor; automatic control; automatic corrector.
Reglerdose/ control aneroid (Ap engine).
Reglergabel/ governor arms (Mtr).
Reglergestänge n plunger (engine governor).
Reglerschalter m combination voltage regulator, current regulator and cut-out relay (Mtr).
Reglerteilung/ correction scale on gun sight.
Reglerventil n regulating valve, check valve.
Reglerwinkel m principal vertical deflection angle (AA gunnery).
Regulierhebel m throttle lever (carburetor).
regungslos erstarren freeze in position.
Reibahle / reamer.
Reibfläche/ head (of SA cartridge).
Reibung / friction, galling, rubbing.
Reibungswiderstand m f rictional resistance.
Reibzündschraube / friction primer.
Reichsarbeitsdienst m Reich Labor Service.
Reichsarbeitsführer m lieutenant general (Reich Labor Service).
Reichsantobahn / Reich automobile express highway.
Reichsflagge/ German national flag.
Reichsführer SS Reich Leader of SS troops.
Reichskokarde / national rosette (worn on field and mountain cap).
Reichskriegerbund m Veterans Association of the Reich.
Reichskriegsflagge / German national ensign (Nav).
Reichsluftfahrtministerium n German Air Ministry.
Reichsluftfahrtverwaltung / German Civil Aeronautics Administration.
Reichsluftschutzbund / German national air defense organization.
Reichsmeldedienst m German aircraft warning' service.
Reichsstraße / national highway of the Reich.
Reichweite / range, maximum range.
Reif in rime ice, frost.
Reifen m tire.
Reifenerneuerung / recapping, retreading.
Reifenheber m tire tool.
Reifen-Luftdruckprüfer m tire pressure gage.
Reifenpanne / puncture, blowout.
Reihe / file, single file (Inf); column of troopers (H Cav); ladder (six observed rounds) (Arty); train of bombs.
"In Reihe, angetreten!" "In single file, fall in!"
Reihenabwurf m train release, train bombing.
Reihenbild n aerial mosaic, strip mosaic.
Reihenbildkammer / aerial mapping camera.
Reihenbildner m See Reihenbildkammer.
Reihenfeuer n ladder fire (Gunnery).
Reihenkammer/ See Reihenbildkammer.
Reihenladung / elongated charge. in Rohr gefüllte Reihenladung bangalore torpedo.
Reihenmotor m in-line engine.
Reihenschaltung / series connection (Elec).
Reihenschießen n ladder fire (Gunnery).
Reihenstandmotor m in-line upright engine.
Reihenwurf m train release, train bombing.
Reinigungsbürste / bore brush, cleaning brush (Ord).
Reinigungsdocht m cleaning patch (R).
Reinigungslappen m cleaning rag.
Reisegeld n travel allowance.
Reisegeschwindigkeit / cruising speed (Ap).
Reisekostenvergütung/ See Reisevergütung.
Reisemarsch m administrative march.
Reisevergütung / travel allowance, mileage allowance (reimbursement).
Reiseverordnung / mileage table.
Reiseverpflegung/ travel ration.
Reisigbündeln fascine.
Reißbahn / rip panel (Bin).
Reißbrett n drawing board.
reißen to rip.
Reißleine / rip cord (Prcht, Bin); static line (Prcht).
Reißnadel / scriber.
Reißnagel m thumbtack.
Reißschnur / quick release cord (Prcht).
Reißverschluß m zipper, slide fastener.
Reißzeug n drawing instruments, drawing set.
reitende Artillerie horse artillery.
Reiter m private (Cav); cavalryman, trooper.
spanischer Reiter cheval-de-frise, knife rest (Ft).
Reiteraufklärungsabteilung / cavalry reconnaissance detachment (H Cav).
Reiterbrigade/ cavalry brigade (H Cav).
Reiterei / cavalry.
Reitergruppe/ cavalry section (H Cav).
Reiternachspitze / cavalry rear point, rear guard cavalry detachment.
Reiterregiment n cavalry regiment (H Cav).
Reiterreihe / column of troopers (H Cav).
Reiterrudel n flock (H Cav).
Reiterschwadron / cavalry troop (H Cav).
Reiterspähtrupp m cavalry reconnaissance squad, cavalry patrol (H Cav).
Reiterspitze / cavalry point, advance guard cavalry detachment.
Reiterzug m rifle platoon (H Cav Regt); mounted platoon (Inf Regt).
Reithalfter/ cavesson (harness).
Reithosen fpl breeches.
Reitpferd n mount, riding horse.
Reitstiefel mpl riding boots.
reizender Kampfstoff irritant agent (lacrimator or nose and throat irritant).
Reizgeschoß n irritant gas projectile.
Reizkerze / irritant candle (CWS).
Reizkörper m CN capsule, lacrimator (CWS).
Reizpatrone / tear-gas cartridge (for gas chamber test).
Reizstoff m irritant, harassing agent (CWS).
Reiztopf m irritant gas candle.
Reizwürfel m irritant capsule, CN capsule (CWS).
Rekrut m recruit.
Rekrutendepot n recruit depot.
rekrutieren to recruit.
Relais n relay (Elec).
Relativgeschwindigkeit / indicated air speed (Avn).
Relativhöhenmesser m sonic altimeter (Ap).
Reliefkarte / relief map.
Remonteamt n remount depot.
Remonteaufkaufskommission / remount purchasing board.
Remonteinspektion / Remount Division.
Remontekommission / See Remonteaufkaufskommission.
Remontewesen n remount service.
Repatriierung / repatriation.
Repetitions-Theodolit m repeating theodolite (Surv).
Repressalien fpl reprisals. requirieren commandeer.
Reserve/ reserve (Reserve I, inactive reserve of fully trained men under 35; Reserve II, inactive reserve of partly trained men under 35).
Reservedivision / reserve division (Tng unit in occupied countries).
Reserveeingreiftrupp m reserve detachment (held hi readiness for tactical commitment).
Reservelazarett n general hospital.
Reserveoffizier m reserve officer.
Res'erveoffizieranwärter m reserve officer candidate.
Reserveoffizier-Bewerber m reserve officer applicant.
Reservezündung/ auxiliary ignition lead (blasting).
Resonanzkreis m resonant circuit (Rad).
Restflugweite / straight-line distance between point of burst and theoretical point of impact (Ballistics).
Rettungsboje / life buoy.
Rettungsdienst m life-saving service, rescue service.
Rettungsfahrzeug n lifeboat.
Hettungsgerät n life-saving equipment.
Rettungsgürtel m life belt.
Rettungsleine / life line.
Rettungsmannschaft / rescue party.
Rettungsring m life preserver.
Rettungsschwimmer m qualified swimmer (holder of life-saver's certificate).
Rettungsstange / boat hook (for rescue work).
Rettungstrupp m rescue squad (CWS).
Revier n infirmary; forest range; precinct, district.
Revierkranker m infirmary case, dis- ' pensary case.
Revierstunde / sick call.
Revolver m revolver.
Revolvergurt m revolver belt.
Revolver mit Wiederspannabzug double-action revolver.
Reynoldszahl / Reynolds number (A erodynamics).
Richtantenne/ directional antenna (Rad).
Richtaufsatz m sight mount, telescope mount.
Richtaufsatzträgcrm sight mount bracket.
Richtausbildung/ training in sighting and aiming.
Richtbaum m trail handspike (G).
Richtbefehl m aiming order.
Richtbogen m clinometer (Surv, Gunnery).
Richtempfänger m radio compass, direction finder (Air Navigation).
Richtempfangsanlage / direction-finder station (Air Navigation).
Richtempfangsantenne / directional receiving antenna (Rad).
richten to lay, to aim, to point (a gun).
Richter m judge.
"Rieht Euch!" "Dress right, dress!"
Richtfeld n field of fire; extent of traverse and elevation.
Richtfernrohr n telescopic sight.
Richtfunkfeuer / radio range beacon.
Richtgehäuse n elevating-gear housing (MG).
Richtgelenk n elevating link (MG).
Richtgerät n laying mechanism, sight equipment (G); direction-finding equipment (Rad).
Richtglas n collimating sight.
Richthebel m elevating arm (MG).
Richthebelwelle / elevating-arm shaft (MG).
Richthöhe/ elevation (Gunnery).
Richtkanonierm gunner (Arty); gun pointer.
Richtkommando n aiming order.
Richtkreis m aiming circle (Arty); azimuth circle (Surv).
Richtkreis-Bussole / • declinator (aiming circle).
Richtkreiseinteilung / mil graduation (aiming circle).
Richtkreisunteroffizier m instrument NCO in charge of aiming circle (Arty).
Richtlampe/ aiming light, aiming post light.
Richtlatte / aiming stake, aiming post (Arty); base stake (Surv).
Richtlehre/ theory of gun pointing.
Richtlehrer m instructor in gunnery.
Richtlinien fpl guiding principles, directions,
Richtmaschine/ elevating and traversing mechanism (G).
Richtmittel n sighting device; laying device.
Richtposten im, road sign post.
Richtpunkt m aiming point (Gunnery).
Richtpunktverfahren n aiming-point and deflection method (Gunnery).
Richtpunktzahl / aiming-point azi^ muth reading.
Richtsäule / control column (for synchronizing sound locator and searchlight).
Richtscheibe/ aiming target.
Richtschütze m gunner (MG,' Mort, Tk, AT); gun pointer.
Richtsitz m gunner's seat, layer's seat (G).
Richtstange / alinement stake (Bdg, Engr).
Richtstelle / aiming-circle station (MG platoon).
Richtstock m aiming post.
Richtstrahl m radio beam.
Richtstrich m center line (on inside of march-compass cover).
Richtübung / aiming practice, aiming exercise (Gunnery).
Richtübungsgerät n practice sight.
Richtung/ direction; pointing or laying (of a gun).
Richtungsangabe / indication of direction.
Richtungsbestimmung / determining of direction, orientation.
Richtungsgleis n classification track (RR).
Richtungshörer m sound locator (AAA).
Richtungslinie/ orienting line (Gunnery, Surv).
Richtungspunkt «i orienting point (Surv).
Richtungsschießen n adjustment fire for direction (Gunnery).
Richtungsschild n road sign.
Richtungsschüsse mpl adjustment shots for direction (Gunnery).
Riehtungsstabilität / directional stability (Ap).
Richtungswinkel m firing angle.
Richtverfahren n method of laying (Gunnery).
Richtvorrichtung/' «levating and
traversing mechanism.
Richtwirkung / directional effect (Rad).
Richtzahnbogen m elevating rack, elevating arc (G).
Riechprobe / sniffing test (CWS).
Riechprobenkasten m gas-identification set, sniff set (CWS).
Riechspur / artificial scent.
Riechtopf m irritant-gas generator, CN generator (CWS).
Riechwürfel m chemical capsule (to simulate gas-shell fire).
Riegel m bolt; bar; crossbar; sliding bolt; switch line, oblique defense line (Tac, Ft).
Riegelbolzen m retaining bolt (Ord).
Riegelhebel m locking lever (G).
Riegelstellung/ switch position (Ft, Tac).
Riemen m strap; sling; Belt.
Riemenantrieb m belt drive.
Riemenbügel m sling swivel (R).
Riemenscheibe / pulley.
Riemenschieber m gun-sling keeper (R).
Riesenluftreifen m giant tire, oversize tire (MT).
Rille / cannelure (Am); groove.
Ringen n combat, struggle, wrestling.
Ringfallschirm m parachute skirt.
Ringpulver n annular powder (Am).
Ringrohr n built-up barrel (G).
Ringtrichterrichtungshörer m trumpet-type sound locator (AAA).
Ringübertrager m repeating coil (Tg, Tp).
Ringverkleidung/ engine ring cowling (Ap).
Ringvisier n ring sight.
rinnen to leak.
Rippe/ rib; cooling fin (air-cooled engine).
Rippenfläche / fin surface (air-cooled engine).
Riß m rip, tear; split; rupture; laceration; sectional drawing.
Rißwunde / lacerated wound.
Ritter m knight, noble.
Ritterkreuz n Knight's Cross (decoration).
Rittmeister m captain (Cav, H-Dr T).
RUzel m pinion.
robben to crawl.
Rödelbalken m siderail, curb rail, guard rail (Bdg).
Rödelbund m siderail lashing (Bdg).
Rödelkeil TO siderail wedge (Bdg)-
Rodeln n siderail lashing (Bdg).
Rödelung / siderails, guard rails,
siderail lashing (Bdg).
Rödelzange/ siderail clamp (Bdg).
Rodung/ logged-off area, cleared woodland.
Rohöl n crude oil.
Rohr n tube, gun barrel; pipe.
Rohrabnutzung / erosion of the bore.
Rohransatz m barrel extension.
Rohrbremse/ recoil brake (G).
Rohrbuch n gun book.
Röhre/ tube (Rad).
Röhrenheizung / filament heating (Rad).
Röhrenkennlinie / characteristic curve, tube characteristic (Rad).
Röhrenlafette/ tubular mount.
Röhrenlibelle / tubular spirit level.
Röhrenmast m tubular mast.
Röhrenprüfgerät n tube tester, tube checker (Inst, Rad).
Röhrenpulver n perforated powder (Am).
Röhrensockel m tube base, tube socket (Rad).
Röhrenspannungsmesser m vacuum-tube voltmeter.
Röhrensummer in electronic audio oscillator (Rad).
Rohrerhöhung / quadrant elevation.
Rohrfestigkeit / strength of barrel (Ord).
Rohrhalter m barrel bracket (G).
Rohrinneres n bore (G).
Rohrklaue/ barrel guide (G).
Rohrkrepierer m barrel burst.
Rohrlänge/ length of barrel (G).
Rohrleitung / pipe line.
Rohrmantel m jacket (G).
Rohrmündung / muzzle (G).
Rohrrahmen m tubular chassis frame (MT).
Rohrrücklauf m barrel recoil (G).
Rohrschlitten m sleigh (G); gun-barrel sled (for carrying barrel of dismantled mountain gun in deep snow).
Rohrschreiber m practice aiming device consisting of pencil mounted on gun barrel and chart on which pencil tracks movement of target.
Rohrseele/ bore (G).
rohrsicherer Zünder bore-safe fuze.
Rohrsicherheit des Zünders bore safety of fuze.-
Rohrstütze/ tubular support (AA gun outrigger).
Rohrwagen m cannon transport
wagon, gun-barrel trailer.
Rohrwandbeobachtungsgerät n barrel reflector (G).
Rohrwechsel m change of barrel (Ord).
Rohrweite / caliber (G). Rohr wiege/ cradle (G).
Rohrzange / Stillson wrench, pipe wrench.
Rohrzeiger m gun barrel reference pointer (matches with Aufsatzzeiger when gun is laid for elevation).
Rohrzerspringer m barrel burst.
Rollbahn / taxiway (Adrm); track (of road).
Rollbock m bogie trailer (Arty).
Rolle / roll (Avn, Tech); roller, pulley; wire roll.
gesteuerte Rolle slow roll (Avn).
rollen to taxi (Avn); to roll along, to roll forward (Tks, vehicles, etc.).
in rollendem Einsatz in waves (Tac).
rollendes Material rolling stock (RR).
Rollenlagern roller bearing (Mech).
Rollenstößel m roller-type valve lifter (Mtr).
Rollenwagen m bogie suspensions (Tk).
Rollfeld n landing field, cleared zone (Adrm).
Rollstraße / taxiway (Adrm).
Rollwerk n landing gear (Ap).
Rollwiderstand m vehicle resistance (MT);
rolling friction (Mech).
Röntgenbild n X-ray photograph.
Röntgenstrahlen mpl X-rays.
Rost m rust; grate; grill; trench board.
rostig rusty. Rotes Kreuz Red Cross.
Rotfilterempfangsgerät n red-filter receiving attachment (signal lamp).
Rotfiltergerät n red-filter set (BC telescope).
Rotte / two-ship element (formation of two airplanes); a number of men in file.
R-Patrone / See Rauchpatrone.
Rückbau m reconstruction; dismantling.
Rückbeförderung / evacuation (of wounded, etc.).
Rückblick m backsight (Surv); rear glance, rear view, retrospect.
Rückblickspiegel m rear-view mirror.
Rückdruck m reaction pressure (rocket).
Rückenm rear (Tac); ridge (Top); back.
Rückenangriff m attack against the rear; attack from the rear.
Rückendeckung / rear covering force, rear cover (Tac); parados (Ft).
Rückenfallschirm tn back-pack parachute.
Rückenfeuer n enemy fire from the rear.
Rückenflug m inverted flight, upside-down flight.
Rückengepäck n pack.
Rückenkissen n crupper pad (harness).
Rückenlehne/ back rest (Ap, MT).
Riickenlinie/ ridge line (Top).
Rückenriemen m leadup strap (harness).
Rückenring m back rest (AA MG).
Rückentrage / pack reel (for Tp wire).
Rücken wehr/ parados (Ft).
Rückenwind m tail wind.
Rückfahrlaterne / backing light (MT).
Rückflug m return flight, homing flight (Avn).
Rückfrage / check-back, tracer.
Rückgrat n backbone.
Rückhalt m support (Tac).
Rückholer m connecting arm between firing lever and sear (light Inf howitzer).
Rückkehr / return.
Rückkopplung / feedback, regeneration (Rad).
Rücklauf m recoil.
Rücklauf bremse / recoil brake (G).
Rücklaufeinrichtung/ recoil mechanism (G).
rückläufig retrograde, reverse.
Rücklauffeder / recoil spring, buffer spring.
Rücklauf messer m recoil marker (G).
Rücklaufschieber m recoil marker slide (G).
Rücklauf welle / reverse idler gear shaft (MT).
Rückleitung / return (Elec, Tp); return line (hydraulics).
Rücklicht n taillight (MT).
Rückmarsch m retrograde march, retirement (Tac).
Rückmarschbewegung / retrograde movement.
Rückmarschstraße / line of retirement (Tac).
Rückmeldung / reply.
Rucksack m knapsack, rucksack.
Rückschlag m blowback (Ord); back pressure (Mtr); reverse (Tac).
Rückschlagventil n check valve, oneway valve.
Rückstände mpl fouling (Ord); carbon (Mtr); residue.
Rückstoß m recoil, kick (Ord); reaction (Mech).
Rückstoßhülse / recoil booster sleeve (MG).
Rückstoßlader m recoil-operated weapon.
Rückstoßmotor <m jet-propulsion engine (Ap).
Rückstoßverstärker m recoil booster (MG).
Rückstoßwirkung / recoil effect.
Rückstrahler m reflector.
Rücktrift/ trail (bomb trajectory).
Rücktriftwinkel m trail angle (bomb trajectory).
rückwärtig rear, rearward, behind the lines.
rückwärtige Dienste rear services, supply services.
rückwärtige Einrichtungen rear installations.
rückwärtige! Armeegebiet communications zone.
rückwärtiges Gebiet rear area, rear zone, communications zone.
rückwärtiges Heeresgebiet communications zone of a group of armies.
rückwärtiges Lazarett base hospital.
rückwärtiges Nachschublager base depot.
rückwärtige Stellung rear position, reserve battle position, rear battle position.
Rückwärtseinschneiden n resection (Surv).
Rückwärtsfahrer m rear driver (of a vehicle with double-end control).
Rückwärtsfahrt / reverse movement (MT).
Rückwärtsgang m reverse, reverse gear, reverse speed (MT).
Rückwärtslenkung / rear steering, system (of a vehicle with double-end control).
Rückwärtsstaffelung / negative stagger (Ap wings); echelon formation in depth.
Rückweg m withdrawal route (Tac); return, way back.
rückwirkend retroactive.
Rückzug m retreat, retirement, withdrawal (Tac).
Rückzugslinie/ line of retirement, line of retreat (Tac).
Rückzugsstraße / withdrawal route, route of retreat.
Rudel n See Schützenrudel, Reiterrudel.
Kuder n oar; elevator or rudder (Ap).
Ruderboot n rowboat.
Ruderfahrzeug n oar-propelled craft.
Rudersteven m stern post (assault boat, ferry, or barge).
Ruf m call;, ring (Tp); reputation.
Rufbatterie / a battery whose observation post is within calling distance of the battalion observation post.
rufen to call; to ring (Tp).
Rufname TO first name.
Rufstrom m signaling current, ringing current (Tp).
Rufzeichen n call sign, call signal (Bad); calling signal (Tp).
Ruhe / rest, silence, quiet.
Ruhegehalt n pension.
Ruhelager n rest camp.
Ruhestand m retirement. im Ruhestand retired (abbr. i.R.).
Ruhestellung/ "at «ase* position.
Ruhr / dysentery.
Ruhrast / half cock (SA).
"Rührt, euch!" "At ease!"
Rumpf m trunk, torso; fuselage (Ap); hull (of flying boat).
Rumpf bug m nose (Ap).
Rumpf ende n tail (Ap).
Rumpfgerüst n fuselage framework (Ap).
Rumpf haut / fuselage skin (Ap).
Rumpf holm TO longeron (Ap).
Rumpfkanzel/ cockpit (Ap),
Rumpfklappe / bomb doors (Ap).
Rumpflängsachse / longitudinal axis of fuselage.
Rumpflängsleiste / longeron (Ap).
Rumpfmontage / fuselage assembly (Ap).
Rumpfspant m bulkhead (Ap).
Rumpfnase/ nose (Ap).
Rumpf spitze / nose (Ap).
Rumpfverband m cadre.
Rundbild n panoramic photograph (Surv).
Rundblickfernrohr n panoramic telescope, panoramic sight.
Runde / tour, round, circle, curve.
Runderneuerung / retreading (MT).
Rundflug m local flight (Avn).
Rundfunk m radio broadcast; broadcasting.
Rundfunkempfang m radio broadcast reception.
Rundfunksender m radio broadcasting station.
Rundholz n round timber, spar.
Rundkeilverschluß m cylindrical
wedge-type breechblock (G).
Rundschreiben n circular.
Rundzelt n circular tent.
Rungenwagen TO flatcar with side racks (RR).
Rüstgewicht n structural weight (plus equipment) (Ap).
Rüstung / armament.
rutschen to slip, slide, skid; to sideslip (Avn).
Rüttelerscheinungen fpl flutter (Ap).
R-Wagen m See Rungenwagen.


SA / See Sturmabteilungen.
Säbel m saber, sword.
Sachbearbeiter TO technical staff officer; individual in charge of a special administrative department or field of subject matcer.
Sachnummer/ item number.
Sachschaden TO material damage, damage to property.
Sack m bag, sack. sacken to sag, settle, sink.
Sackgasse / dead-end street or road.
Sackleinen n burlap, osnaburg.
Saft m juice; electric current (slang).
Säge / saw.
Sägewerk n sawmill.
Salpeter m saltpeter.
Salpetersäure/ nitric acid.
Salut m gun salute.
Salve/ salvo (pieces fire simultaneously) (Arty); volley (fired by riflemen).
Salvengeschütz n automatic gun.
Salz n salt.
Salzkartusche / flash-reducing wad (Am).
Salzsäure/ hydrochloric acid.
Salzvorladung / flash-reducing wad.
Salzvorlage / See Salzvorladung.
SA-ftlann m storm trooper.
Sammelgespräch n conference call (Tp).
Sammelkommando n recovery party, salvage collecting party.
Sammelkompanie/ salvage collecting company.
Sammelmeldung / general message (Rad).
sammeln to salvage, to collect, to gather.
Sammelort m assembly place, rendezvous.
Sammelplatzm collecting point; assembly point, rallying point, rendezvous (Tac); collecting station (Med).
Sammelpunkt m See Sammelplatz.
Sammelrufzeichen n collective call sign, general call sign (Rad).
Sammelschutz m collective protection (CWS).
Sammelstelle / assembly point.
Sammeltätigkeit/ collecting; salvage collecting.
Sammelwesen n salvage service.
Sammelzug m salvage platoon.
Sammler m See Sammlerbatterie.
Sammlerbatterie / storage battery.
Sammlerhaube / battery cover (Elec).
Sammlerkasten m battery box (Elec).
Sandeis n "ice concrete" (a frozen mixture of sand, gravel and water).
Sandgrube / sand pit.
Sandkasten m sand table (Tng).
Sandkastenspiel n sand table exercise.
Sandsack m sandbag.
Sandschutzbrille/ sand goggles.
Sanierung / sanitation, introduction of sanitary measures.
Sanierungsmittel n prophylactic.
Sanitätsabteilung/ medical battalion.
Sanitätsausriistung / medical equipment.
Sanitätsdienst m medical service.
Sanitätseinrichtung/ medical installation.
Sanitätsfahrzeug n ambulance.
Sanitätsfeldwebel m technical sergeant (Med).
Sanitätsflugbereitschaft / airplane ambulance unit.
Sanitätsflugzeug« airplane ambulance.
Sanitätsgefreiter m acting corporal (Med). See also Gefreiter.
Sanitätsgerät n medical equipment.
Sanitätshelferin/ medical woman auxiliary.
Sanitätshund m first-aid dog.
Sanitätskasten m medicine chest, surgical chest.
Sanitätskolonne/ ambulance column.
Sanitätskompanie / medical company.
Sanitätskorps n Medical Corps.
Sanitätsmaterialpark m medical supply depot.
Sanitätsoberfeldwebel m master sergeant (Med).
Sanitätsobergefreiter m corporal (Med).
Sanitätsobersoldat m private first class (Med).
Sanitätsoffizier m medical officer.
Sanitätsoffizier (Z) m dental officer (Z is abbr. of Zahnarzt).
Sanitätsordnung / regulations governing organization and operation of Medical Corps.
Sanitätspark m medical depot.
Sanitätspersonal n medical corps personnel.
Sanitätssoldat m private (Med).
Sanitätsstaffel / medical unit (of Div Med Bn).
Sanitätstroß m medical train.
Sanitätstruppe/ medical corps.
Sanitätstasche/ pouch kit.
Sanitätstruppen fpl medical troops.
Sanitätsunteroffizier m sergeant (Med).
Sanitätswesen n medical service.
Sappe / sap (Ft).
Sappenkopf m saphead (Ft).
Sarg m coffin.
Sattel m saddle (harness, Top).
Sattelbaum m saddletree (harness).
Sattelbefehl m field order.
Sattelbekleidung / saddle covering.
Sattelgurt m girth (of a saddle).
Sattelholz w short wooden plate or sill placed on top of a column so as to increase its bearing surface.
Sattelkissen n saddle pad.
Sattelpferd n near horse.
Sattelschlepper m semitrailer (MT).
Sattelsitz in seat (of a saddle).
Satteltasche/ skirt (saddle).
Satteltracht / saddle cover (pack saddle).
Sättigung / saturation.
Satzm sentence, axiom; rate, scale;, set, unit; composition, pellet (Am, CWS); jump, bound.
Satzring m time train ring (time fuze).
Satzstück n powder pellet (time fuze).
säubern to clean; clear up; clean out; mop up (Tac).
Säuberungstrupp m, mopping-up detachment.
Säuberungsunternehmen n mopping-up operation.
Sauerstoff m oxygen.
Sauerstoffazetylenschweißung / oxy-acetylene welding.
Sauerstofflasche / oxygen cylinder.
Sauerstoffgerät n oxygen apparatus.
Sauerstoff-Wiederbeleber m pulmotor.
Saughub m intake stroke, suction
stroke (Mtr). 1 Saugleitung / intake duct (Mtr).
Saugluft/ inflow (Avn).
Sangrohr n intake manifold (Mtr).
Saugseite / suction surface (Ap wing).
Saugsteinbehälter m silicic acid gel container (gas-detection appa7-atus).
Säule / column, pile.
Saumpfad m path (for pack animals) ; mountain trail.
Sauna Finnish steam bath.
Säure / acid.
Säuremesser m hydrometer.
S-Beköstigungsmittel npl army post subsistence supplies (abbr. for Standort-Beköstigungsmittel).
S-Bootn See Schnellboot.
Schaber m scraper.
Schablone / stencil, templet.
schablonieren to stencil.
Schacht m shaft (mining); bomb rack; conduit (Elec).
Schachtel / box.
Schädel m skull.
Schaden m damage.
Schadenbekämpfung/ damage control.
Schadenersatz m indemnity.
schädlich injurious, harmful, destructive, pernicious, dangerous; prejudicial, disadvantageous.
schädlicher Widerstand parasite drag (Avn).
Schädlichkeitsgrenze / point of intolerable concentration (CWS).
Schaft m stock (R); forearm (automatic R); leg (of a jackboot); rod, stem, handle, shank, shaft, stick.
Schaftpflegemittel n stock preservative (R).
Schäkel m clevis, shackle.
Schalenbauweise / monocoque construction (Ap).
SchalenkreuzwindmesseV m cup anemometer (Met).
Schall m sound.
Schallaufnahmegerät n oscillograph (sound ranging).
Schallblech n diaphragm (Tp).
Schalldämpfer m muffler (MT);
silencer (Ord).
schalldicht soundproof.
Schalldose/ pick-up unit (phonograph).
Schallgeschwindigkeit/ velocity of sound.
Schallmeßaufnahmegerät n oscillograph (sound ranging).
Schallmeßbatterie / sound-ranging battery (Arty).
Schallmeßfilm m oscillogram Jfilm) (sound ranging).
Schallmeßstelle / sound-ranging station (Arty).
Schallmeßstellentrupp m sound unit (sound ranging).
Schallmeßsystem n sound-ranging net (Arty).
Schallmessung / sound ranging.
Schallmikrophon n sound-ranging microphone.
Schallmittel n sound-communication device.
Schallortung / sound location (AAA).
Schallplatte / phonograph record.
Schallplatten-Abtastdose / phonograph pick-up unit, pick-up.
Schallverzug TO sound lag (AAA).
Schallwelle/ sound wave.
Schalmesser n drawknife.
Schaltbrett n control panel, dashboard, instrument panel.
Schaltbrettlaterne / instrument light.
Schaltdom TO gearshift-lever housing.
schalten to shift (MT); to switch (Elec).
Schalter m switch (Elec).
Schaltgabel/ shifter fork (MT).
Schaltgetriebe n gearshift transmission (MT).
Schalthebel m gearshift lever (MT); throwout lever (panoramic telescope).
Schaltkästchen n portable switchboard. (Tp); switchbox (Elec).
Schaltkastenm switchbox (Elec); combination switch box (MT).
Schaltklaue/ dog clutch member
(constant-mesh transmission) (MT).
Schaltmuffe/ gearshift collar (MT).
Schaltplan in circuit diagram.
Schaltschema n See Schaltplan.
Schaltskizze / See Schaltplan.
Schaltstange / shift rail (MT).
Schaltstück n throwout (sight-mount housing).
Schalttafel/ control board, control panel, instrument panel.
Schalttisch TO switchboard (Tp).
Schaltung/ connection (Elec); circuit (Bad, Tp, Tg); gearshift (MT).
Schalt Vorrichtung / switching device (Elec).
Schalung/ casing; form (concrete construction); revetment.
Schandeck n gunwale (Pon).
Schanzarbeiten fpl entrenchments, spadework (field Ft).
Schanze/ earthwork (Ft).
schanzen dig, dig in, entrench.
Schanzkorb m gabion (Ft).
Schanzzeug« entrenching tool(s).
scharf armed, live, primed (Am); activated (LM); sharp.
Schärfe / sharpness.
scharfe Munition live ammunition.
scharfe Panzermine activated antitank mine.
scharfe Patrone live cartridge, ball cartridge (Am).
scharfgeladene Granate live shell (Am).
scharf machen to arm (Am); to activate (a mine).
Scharfschütze w sharpshooter, sniper, marksman.
Scharfschützengewehr n sharpshooter's rifle.
Scharfschützennest n sniper's post.
scharf stellen to arm (Am); to activate (LM).
Scharmützel n skirmish.
Scharnier n hinge.
Scharte / port (Tk); loophole, embrasure (Ft).
Schartenblende/ firing-port shutter (Tk); gun shelter (Ft).
Schartenschild m shield with sighting ports (G); gun shelter (Ft).
Schartensprengtrupp m pillbox demolition party.
Schatten TO shadow.
Schattenriß TO silhouette.
Schattenwirkung/ shadow effect (Cam).
schätzen to estimate.
Schätzung/ estimation, estimate.
Schaufel / shovel.
Schau'flug m demonstration flight (Avn).
Schauloch n inspection hole.
Schauzeichen n visual signal.
Scheibe / disk, plate (Tech); practice target; pane (of glass); compass card.
Scheibenkupplung / plate clutch (MT).
Scheibenrahmen m target frame.
Scheibenrose / compass card.
Scheibenstand m target butt.
Scheibentreffbild n vertical shot group (Ballistics).
Scheibenwischer m windshield wiper.
Scheibenzuganlage / range unit with moving targets (Tng).
Scheide / scabbard, sheath.
Scheiderm separator (storage battery).
Schein m card, ticket, certificate; illusion, deceptive appearance; light, blaze, flash, halo.
Scheinangriff TO feint attack, feint, demonstration (Tac).
Scheinanlage / dummy installation, dummy works.
Scheinflughafen m dummy airport.
Scheingas n fake gas.
Scheingefecht n mock combat, sham battle; feint, demonstration (Tac).
Schemgraben m dummy trench (Ft).
Scheinleitwert m admittance (Elec).
Scheinmine/ dummy mine.
Scheinplatz m dummy airfield.
Scheinsperre/ dummy obstacle (Ft).
Scheinstellung/ dummy site, dummy position.
Scheinvergiftung/ fake contamination (CWS).
Scheinverneblung / deceptive smoke screen.
Scheinwerfer m headlight; searchlight, spotlight, projector. führender Scheinwerfer carry light (AAA).
Scheinwerferabteilung / searchlight battalion (AAA).
Scheinwerferrichtungsweiser m control station (AA SL).
Scheinwerferstellung / searchlight station (AAA).
Schein widerstand m impedance (Elec).
Scheitel m v apex, summit, vertex, zenith.
Scheitelbogen m azimuth (Surv).
Scheitelkreis m See Scheitelbogen.
Scheitelpunkt m apex, vertex, zenith.
Scheitelwert m peak value (Elec).
Scheitelwinkel m vertical angle, opposite angle.
scheitern to be shipwrecked, run aground; fail, miscarry, be frustrated.
Schellband n hoop (G).
Schelle/ clamping collar (Mort).
Schenkel m leg, thigh; side (of an angle); leg (of a tripod, etc.).
Scherbalken m ponton balk.
Scherdraht m shear wire (fuze).
Schere / scissors, shears.
Scherenfernrohr n battery commander's telescope.
Scherfestigkeit/ shearing strength.
Scherspannung / shear stress.
Scherwinkel m angle of yaw (Avn).
Scheune / barn,
Schi m ski.
Schibataillon n ski battalion.
Schicht/ course, layer, stratum;
sheet, coating, film; working shift.
Schichtlinie/ contour line.
Schichtwolke / stratocumulus cloud.
Schiebedach«, sliding roof (Ap).
schieben to push, slide, shove; to drift (Avn slang).
Schieber m rear sight slide (R); keeper (R sling); slide; sleeve (sleeve-type engine); slide rule.
Schiebermotor m sleeve-type engine.
Schieberwiderstand m rheostat.
Schiebeschnalle/ slide buckle.
Schiebewind m cross wind (Avn).
Schieblehre/ vernier calipers.
Schiedsrichter« umpire (maneuvers). oberster Schiedsrichter director.
Schiedsrichteranweisung / instructions to umpires (maneuvers).
Schiedsrichtergehilfe m umpire's aide.
Schiedsrichterstab m umpire staff.
schief oblique; biased; crooked;
sloping, inclined.
schiefer Radstand cant (Arty); misalignment of wheels (MT).
Schieflaufende / rhumb line (Navigation).
Schienbein n shin.
Schiene / rail; surgical splint.
Schienensperre/ steel rail anti-mechanized obstacle.
Schießaufgabe / fire problem (Arty Tng).
Schießauftrag m fire mission (Arty).
Schießausbildung / training in firing.
Schießausbildungshilfe / marksmanship training aid.
Schießbahn / practice range.
Schießbaumwolle / guncotton.
Schießbecher m grenade launcher (R).
Schießbedarf in ammunition requirements.
Schießbehelf m fire-control aid (Gunnery).
Schießbremse / gun-wheel brake.
Schießbuch n score book.
Schießen mit Entfernungskommandos fire by command for range.
Schießen mit hohen Sprengpunkten air-burst registration fire.
Schießen mit Karte map fire (Gunnery).
Schießen ohne Beobachtung unobserved fire (Gunnery).
Schießen während der Bewegung assault fire (automatic weapons).
Schießfertigkeit / marksmanship.
Schießgerät n firing equipment, practice-firing device (Gunnery).
Schießgestell n firing stand (MG).
Schießgrundlagen, fpl firing data (Gunnery).
Schießhilfsmittel npl means of fire control (Gunnery).
Schießkladde / battery emplacement book. '
Schießklotz m -wheel chock (Arty).
Schießlehre / ballistics.
Schießlehrer m gunnery instructor.
Schießlineal n straightedge (SR correction chart).
Schießliste / battery chart.
Schießplan m fire-control map (Gunnery).
Schießplatz m artillery range.
Schießpulver n gunpowder.
Schießscharte / loophole, embrasure.
Schießstand m range, target range.
Schießstock m projector rod (Sig projector).
Schießtechnik / firing technique.
Schießübung / firing practice, range practice.
Schießunterlagen fpl basic data (firing).
Schießverfahren n method of fire (Arty).
Schießvorschrift / firing regulations; gunnery field manual.
Schießvorschule / basic training course (Arty); elementary marksmanship training.
Schießwagen m range car (on target range).
Schießwesen n gunnery.
Schießwolle / See Schießbaumwolle.
Schiffahrt / shipping (Nav).
Schiffbau m shipbuilding.
Schiffbauwerft / shipbuilding yard.
Schiffbruch m shipwreck.
Schiffsflak f ship-based antiaircraft artillery.
Schiffslazarett n sick bay.
Schiffsraum m tonnage (Nav).
Schiffsrumpf m hull (Nav).
Schiffstaucher m diver (Nav) See also Torpedotaucher.
Schiffswerft / shipyard.
Schiffswesen n shipping (Nav).
Schild n signboard.
Schild m shield (G).
Schilderhaus n sentry box.
Schildlager n bracket seat (G).
Schildstütze/ shield support (G).
Schildzapfen m trunnion (G).
Schildzapfenlager n trunnion bearing (G).
Schildzapfenlagerdeckel m trunnion cap (G).
Schildzapfenpfanne/ trunnion socket.
Schippe / shovel.
Schirmm screen; visor (of cap); parachute canopy, parachute; umbrella.
Schirmantenne/ umbrella antenna (Rad).
Schirmeindecker m parasol monoplane.
Schirmgitter n screen grid (Rad).
Schirmgitterröhre/ screen-grid tube (Rad).
Schirmmütze/ service cap.
Schirrmeister m maintenance technical sergeant.
Schirrunteroffizier m maintenance sergeant.
Schlacht / battle.
Schlächtereiabteilung / butchery battalion.
Schlächtereizug m butchery platoon.
Schlachtfeld n battlefield.
Schlachtflieger m close support airplane; ground attack airplane; pilot of close support airplane (pi: support Avn).
Schlachtfliegerbombe / fragmentation bomb.
Schlachtfliegerunterstützung / close aviation support, support by ground attack airplanes.
Schlachtflotte / battle fleet.
Schlachtflugzeug n close support airplane, ground attack airplane.
Schlachtgeschwader n ground attack and antitank wing, support aviation wing. See also Geschwader.
Schlachtkreuzer m battle cruiser.
Schlachtlinie / battle line.
Schlachtschiff n battleship.
Schläfenband n temple strap (gas mask).
schlaff slack.
Schlaf sack m sleeping bag.
Schlag m shock, stroke, blow; pigeon loft; bay (of a trench).
Schlagbolzen m firing pin (Ord); inertia pellet, inertia striker pellet (fuze).
Schlagbolzenfeder/ , main spring (R); firing-pin spring (pistol, fuze).
Schlagbolzennvutter / cocking piece (R).
Schlagbolzenspitze / striker (G, R).
Schlagbolzen-Versager m hung striker (fuze).
Schlägel m mallet; drumstick.
Schlägelstampfer m maul (Tech).
schlagen to hit, knock, strike; to defeat; to build (a Bdg).
Schlagfeder/ firing-pin spring (fuze).
schlagfertig ready for immediate action.
Schlagfertigkeit/ readiness for action, state of tactical preparedness.
Schlagkraft/ striking power (Tac).
Schlagladuwg / booster, magazine charge (fuze).
Schlagloch« pothole, road hole.
Schlaglot n hard solder.
Schlagring m brass knuckles.
Schlagschatten m shadow cast by an object (as distinguished from shadow on the object itself) (Cam).
Schlagseite/ list (of a ship).
Schlagstift m striker (fuze).
Schlagstück n hammer (SA).
Schlagwort n slogan.
Schlagzünder m impact fuze, percussion fuze.
Schlagzündschraube / threaded percussion primer (fuze).
Schlamm m mud.
Schlange/ snake; spiral, coil, helix, worm.
Schlappe/ reverse, defeat, setback.
Schlauch m hose, pipe, tube; inner tube (MT).
Schlauchbinder m , hose coupling (MT).
Schlauchboot n pneumatic raft, pneumatic boat.
Schlauchbootfähre / pneumatic boat ferry.
Schlauchbrücke / pneumatic boat bridge.
Schlauchschoner m tire flap (MT).
Schlaufe/ keeper (R sling); band, loop.
Schlechtwetter-Landedienst m station marker beacon service (for Inst landing in bad weather) (Avn).
Schlechtwetterzone / bad-weather zone (Met).
Schleichweg m hidden trail.
Schleier m screen (Tac).
Schleife/ loop (Avn, Elec, etc.).
schleifen to grind, sharpen, abrade.
Schleifenüug m loop (Avn).
Schleifmaschine / grinding" machine (Tech).
Schleifmittel n abrasive.
Schleifring m collector ring (magneto); release ring (clutch).
Schlenke / ravine, gully.
Schleppantenne/ trailing wire antenna (Ap).
schleppen to tow, drag.
Schlepper m tractor; tug (Nav).
Schlepphaken m pintle (Trac).
Schleppkahn in towed boat.
Schleppkante/ trailing edge (Ap).
Schleppkommando n glider-towing detachment, unit of tug airplanes.
Schleppschacht m inclined gallery (Mining).
Schleppseil n See Schlepptau.
Schleppscheibe / tow target, towed-sleeve target (AAA).
Schlepptau n trail rope (Bin); tow rope, tow line.
Schleppwagen m beaching gear (seaplane).
Schleppziel n flag target, towed-sleeve target (AAA).
Schleppzug m column of tractors; train of barges.
Schleuder / catapult (Avn).
Schleuderbund m sling lashing (Engr).
Schleuderguß m centrifugal casting (foundry).
Schleudermine / sling mine, sliding mine.
schleudern to skid, to slip, to catapult.
Schleuderstart m catapult take-off (Avn).
Schleuderpsychrometer n sling psy-chrometer (Met).
Schleuderthermometer n sling thermometer (Met).
Schleuse / lock (of a canal); sluice.
schließen to close, lock (a door, etc.).
Schließender m file closer; trail officer (MT column).
Schließfeder / main spring (pistol); closing spring.
Schließkontakt m contact maker (Elec).
Schließstelle / contact point (Elec).
schlingern to roll.
Schlingerwand / baffle (Ap tank).
Schlips m necktie.
Schlitten m sled; sleigh, sleigh mount (MG).
Schlittenaufsatzstück n sleigh-mount extension piece (MG).
Schlittenführer TO sled driver.
Schlittenkufe/ sled runner; sleigh-mount runner (MG).
Schlittenstoßtrupp m assault
detachment with sled-borne weapons and supplies.
Schlittenstütze / sleigh-mount leg (MG).
Schlitz m slit; slot (Ap wing).
Schlitzflügel m slotted wing (Ap).
Schlitzquerruder n slotted aileron.
Schloß n lock; bolt mechanism, bolt assembly (MG, R); castle.
Schlößchen n bolt sleeve (R).
Schlosser TO mechanic, locksmith, fitter.
Schloßfuß m bolt base (MG).
Schloßgehäuse n bolt housing (MG).
Schloßhalter m bolt support (MG).
Schloßhebel TO bolt handle (MG).
Schloßkurbel / bolt shaft (MG).
Schloßplatte / back plate (G).
Schlot TO smoke stack.
Schlucht / gorge (Top).
Schlund TO throat.
Schlupf TO slip (propeller).
Schlupfe/ keeper (R sling).
Schlupfjacke/ sweater (Clo).
schlüpfrig slippery.
Schluppe / See Schlupfe.
Schlußbesprechung / critique.
Schlüsselm key; cipher, code; wrench.
Schlüsselbolzen m locking pin (limber); retaining pin or bolt.
Schlüsselgraben m main trench.
Schlüsselheft n code book.
Schlüsselkraftwagen m coding truck (Sig C).
Schlüsselmaschine / converter, cipher device.
Schlüsselmine / key mine (anti-vehicle mine laid as road block).
schlüsseln encode, encipher.
Schlüsselpunkt TO key point (Tac).
Schlüsselschieber TO corrector pointer (hand fuze setter).
Schlüsselstellung / key position (Tac).
Schlüsseltext TO cipher text.
Schlüsseltrupp TO code section.
Schlüsselungsoffizier w cryptographer officer.
Schlüsselunterlage / encoding and decoding chart.
Schlüsselwort n cipher key.
Schlußklappe / disconnect drop (Tp switchboard).
Schlußlicht n taillight (MT).
Schlußzeichen n clearing signal (indicating party has rung off) (Tp).
Schmalspur / narrow gage (RR).
Schmalspurbahn / narrow-gage railroad.
Schmelzsicherung / fuse (Elec).
schmiedbar malleable.
Schmiede / forge.
Schmiedeeisen n wrought iron, forged iron.
Schmierbüchse/ grease cup; axle box.
schmieren to grease, lubricate.
Schmiermittel n lubricant.
Schmieröl n lubricating oil.
Schmierölpuntpe / lubrication pump.
Schmierölschicht/ oil film (Mech).
Schmierplan m lubrication diagram.
Schmierpresse / grease gun.
Schmierstelle / lubrication point.
Schmierstoff m lubricant.
Schmierstoffanlage / lubricating system (Mtr).
Schmierstoffbehälter m oil tank (Ap).
Schmierstoffdruckmesser m oil pressure gage (Ap).
Schmierstoffkühler TO oil cooler.
Schmierstoffvorratsmesser m oil level gage.
Schmierung / lubrication.
Schmirgelleinwand / emery cloth.
Schmirgelrad n See Schmirgelscheibe.
Schmirgelscheibe/ emery wheel.
Schnabel m beak, nose; launching nose (Bdg).
Schnalle/ buckle; gun sling hook (R).
Schnecke/ worm (Mech).
Schneckenantrieb m worm drive.
Schneckengehäuse n worm-gear housing (panoramic telescope).
Schneckenlenkung / worm and sector steering system (MT).
Schneckenrad« worm gear (MG, Mech).
Schneckenscheibe / spiral target (Tng).
Schneckentrieb m See Schneckenantrieb.
Schneckenwelle / worm shaft. Schnee m snow.
Schneefräsmaschine / rotary snow-plow.
Schneehemd n parka.
Schneehütte / igloo.
Schneekette/ snow chain, skid chain (MT).
Schneekufe/ landing ski (Ap).
Schneekufengestell n landing ski assembly (Ap).
Schneeloch n snow pit.
Schneemann m "snow man" (an improvised road marker constructed of blocks of snow).
Schneepflug m snowplow.
Schneereifen m snowshoe.
Schneeschuhm ski; snow boot, overshoe.
Schneestauung / impacted snow.
Schneetreiben« snow flurries (Met).
Schneewanne / boat-type runner (placed under gun wheels for operations in deep snow).
Schneewolke/ snow cloud (Met).
Schneidbrennen n oxyacetylene cutting.
Schneide / edge (of a bayonet, etc.).
Schneise / straight narrow clearing, forest aisle, firebreak; sector (Air Navigation).
schneidig smart (in appearance, deportment, etc.).
Schneidkluppe/ stock (die holder).
Schneidkluppe mit Schneidbacken stock and die.
schnell fast, quick, rapid, mobile.
Schnellablaß m quick release, jettisoning (of fuel).
Schnelladeverschluß m rapid-fire breechblock (G).
Schneiladung/ emergency demolition charge.
Schnellboot n E-boat (Ger), motor torpedo boat, speedboat.
Schnellbrücke/ hasty bridge.
Schnelle Truppen Mobile Troops (includes Tk Rgts, AT Bns, Panzer-grenadier units, MG Bns, H-Cav Rgts, Div Ren units, Mecz Ren units and cyclist units).
Schnellfeuer n rapid fire, magazine fire.
Schnellfeuergeschütz n rapid-fire gun.
Schnellfeuerkanone / rapid-fire cannon.
Schnellfeuerwaffe / rapid-fire weapon.
Schnellgangm overdrive (MT).
Schnellganggetriebe n overdrive transmission (MT).
Schnellkampfgeschwader m ground attack and antitank wing (Luftwaffe).
Schnellschuß m hasty shot (firing).
Schnellsperre/ hasty obstacle.
Schnellsteg m hasty footbridge.
Schnelltelegraph m ' teletype, teletypewriter, telegraph printer.
Schnellzünder m instantaneous fuze, nondelay fuze.
Schnitt m cut (injury or wound); section, intersection; slice; bearing (Navigation).
Schnittbildentfernungsmesser m split-field range finder.
Schnittlinie/ secant; halving line (coincidence range finder).
Schnittpunkt m point of intersection.
Schnittzeichnung/ cut-away view (sketching).
Schnur/ rope, cord, twine, string.
Schnürbund m cord lashing, rope lashing.
Schnürleiste/ rack stick (for cord lashing).
Schnurrensattelgurt m web girth (saddle).
Schnürschuh m laced shoe.
Schnürsenkel m bootlace, shoelace.
Schnürstiefel m lace boot.
Schokokola chocolate with kola (Prcht ration).
schonen to spare, protect.
Schonganggetriebe n overdrive trans- . mission (MT). .
Schöpfeimer m scoop (excavator).
Schornstein m chimney, smoke stack.
Schott n bulkhead (also spelled die Schotte).
Schotter m road metal, broken stone, gravel.
Schotterstraße / metalled road, gravel road.
Schottpanzerung / spaced armor.
Schraffen/pZ hachures (Surv, Top).
Schraffierung / See Schraffen:
schräg diagonal, oblique, inclined.
Schrägaufnahme / oblique aerial photograph.
Schräge/ inclination; diagonal line; bevel (Tech).
Schrägentfernung / slant range (AA gunnery).
schräges Kreuz St. Andrew's cross (used os road marker to indicate bypass).
Schrägfahrt/ movement at an angle (ground target).
Schrägfeuer n oblique fire, flanking fire, enfilade.
Schräglage / bank (Ap).
Schräglinie / diagonal.
Schrägnocke/ inclined beveled cam (Diesel engine).
Schrägstellung / tilt, lateral tilt.
Schranke/ railroad gate; barrier.
Schränkung/ dihedral (Ap).
Schrapnell n shrapnel.
Schrapnellkugel/ shrapnel ball.
Schrapnellmine / antipersonnel mine.
Schraube / screw (Mech); propeller.
Schraubendruck m propeller thrust.
Schraubenantrieb m propeller drive.
Schraubenfeder / coil spring, helical spring, spiral spring.
Schraubenflügzeug n helicopter.
Schraubenganglenkung / cam and lever steering system (MT).
Schraubenmutter/ nut (Tech).
Schraubenschlüssel m wrench.
Schraubenspindelrichtmaschine / elevating-screw-type elevating mechanism (G).
Schraubensteigung/ screw pitch; propeller pitch.
Schraubensteven m propeller post (Nav).
Schraubenstrahl m slipstream (Ap).
Schraubenverschluß m interrupted-screw-type breechblock (G).
Schraubenzieher m screwdriver.
Schraubenzug m propeller thrust.
Schraubpfahl m screw-type post (for obstacle construction).
Schraubstock m vise (Tech).
Schreckladung/ booby trap.
Schreckmine/ booby mine.
Schreibeblock m writing pad.
Schreiber m clerk; yeoman (Nav).
Schreibmaschine / typewriter.
Schreibstube / orderly room, office.
schriftlich in writing, written.
Schriftverkehr m correspondence.
Schritt m pace, step. den Schritt wechseln to change step.
Schrittmesser m pedometer.
schroff steep (Top).
Schrot m shot (for shotgun).
Schrotgewehr n shotgun.
Schrotpatrone/ shotgun shell.
Schrotsäge / ripsaw.
Schubkarren m wheelbarrow.
Sehubkurbelverschluß m pusher-handle sliding-wedge-type breechblock (G).
Schubstange / torque arm, torque rod; piston rod; connecting rod.
Schuhm shoe; boot (SA scabbard or holster).
Schuhzeug n footgear.
Schulfiugwesen n training aviation.
Schulflugzeug« training airplane, trainer.
Schulgefechtsschießen n battle service practice (Arty).
Schulgefechtsschießstand m target range (Arty Tng).
Schulschießen n record service practice (Arty).
Schulschießstand m target range.
Schulter / shoulder.
Schulterdecker m semi-high-wing monoplane.
Schultergurt m shoulder strap (gas mask carrier).
Schulterklappe/ shoulder strap (enlisted men's uniforms).
Schulterriemen m crossbelt (Clo).
Schulterstütze / shoulder stock (MG).
Schulterstück n shoulder strap (officers' uniforms); shoulder piece (MG).
Schulterwehr/ traverse (Ft).
Schulungskursus m training course, orientation course.
Schummerung/ shading (on maps).
Schuppen m shed, hangar.
Schupo / See Schutzpolizei.
Schürmanneisen n butt strap.
Schurzholz n trench timber, wooden revetment.
Schurzholzrahmen m gallery case (Engr).
Schuß m shot (discharge of firearm) ; round (Am).
Schußbahn / line of fire; trajectory.
Schußbeobachtung / sensing, spotting, observation of fire (Arty).
Schußbereich m range of gun; dan-. ger area (on target range).
schußbereit ready to fire.
Schußbremse / recoil brake.
Schußebene / plane of departure, plane of fire (Gunnery); plane of position at instant of firing (AAA).
Schußelemente npl basic data, firing data (Gunnery).
Schußentfernung / range.
schußfertig ready to fire; prepared for firing (Am).
Schußfeld n field of fire.
Schußfeldlücke / gap in field of fire.
schußfest bulletproof; light shell proof.
Schußfolge / cyclic rate (automatic fire).
Schußgarbe / sheaf of fire, cone of fire.
Schußleistung / shooting strength (Ord).
Schußlinie / line of site, line of position (Gunnery); line of future position (AAA).
Schußrichtung / direction of fire.
Schußschneise / fire lane.
Schußseitenwinkel m firing azimuth.
schußsicher bulletproof; light shell proof.
schußsichere Deckung shellproof cover (Ft).
schußsicherer Schlauch self-sealing inner tube, bullet-resisting inner tube (tire).
schußsicheres Glas bulletproof glass.
Schußtafel / firing table, ballistic table. graphische Schußtafel trajectory chart (not to be confused with US graphical firing table).
schußtafelmäßig according to firing-table data, firing-table (adj).
Bchußtafelmäßige Anfangsgeschwindigkeit standard muzzle velocity.
schußtafelmäßige Erhöhung firing-table elevation (Gunnery).
schußtafelmäßige Flugzeit theoretical time of flight (as indicated in firing table).
schußtafelmäßige Schußweite firing-table range (Gunnery).
Schußverbesserung / firing correction (Gunnery).
Schußwaffe / firearm.
Schußweite / range (Gunnery).
Schußwerte mpl basic data, firing data (Gunnery).
Schußwirkung / effect of fire.(Arty).
Schußzahl / number of rounds.
Schüttkasten m bomb magazine, "Molotov breadbasket" (container with a number of small bombs).
Schüttwurf m salvo release (bombing).
Schutz m cover, protection.
Schütz m relay (Elec).
Schutzanlagen fpl protective works.
Schutzanstrich m camouflage paint (ing); protective paint (ing).
Schutzanzug m protective clothing (CWS).
Schutzblech n fender, mudguard.
Schutzbrille / goggles.
Schützem private (Inf); rifleman; machine gunner (Ap, etc.); marksman.
schützen to cover, protect; to support (by fire).
Schützenabmarsch m rifle half squad (Cav).
Schützenabzeichen n marksmanship badge.
Schützenauftritt m fire step (Ft).
Schützenbank/ See Schützenauftritt.
Schützenfeuern rifle fire.
Schützengraben m fire trench, trench.
Schützengrabenspiegel m trench periscope.
Schützenhöhle / dugout.
Schützenkette/ See Schützenlinie.
Schützenkompanie / rifle company (Inf).
Schützenlinie/ line of skirmishers.
Schützenloch« foxhole, rifle pit.
Schützenmine/ antipersonnel mine (abbr. S-Mine).'
Schützenmulde/ skirmisher's trench, prone shelter, shallow rifle pit.
Schützennest n rifle-squad entrenchment, nest of riflemen (Ft).
Schützenpanzer m See Schützenpanzerwagen.
Schützenpanzerwagen m armored personnel carrier.
Schützenreihe/ squad column, file of riflemen.
Schützenrudel n rifle squad in grouped combat formation (squad leader and light MG team forward, assistant squad leader and rifle team back, echeloned right or left).
Schützenschnur / marksmanship fourragere.
Schützenstand m gun position (Ap).
Schützentrupp m rifle team (riflemen of a rifle squad as distinguished from the light MG team).
Schützenzug m rifle platoon (Inf).
Schutzgebiet n protectorate.
Schutzgitter n suppressor grid (Rad tube).
Schutzglas n bulletproof glass; pro-tectoscope (Tk).
Schutzhülle/ hood (Am).
Schutzimpfung / inoculation, vaccination.
Schutzmacht/ protecting power (PW).
Schutzmann m policeman.
Schutzmittel n prophylactic.
Schutzmütze/ crash helmet (for Tk crew).
Schutzpolizei / municipal police.
Schutzpolsterung/ crash padding (Tk).
Schutzraum m shelter (Ft); air raid shelter.
Schutzsalbe/ protective ointment (CWS).
Schutzscheibe / protectoscope (Tk).
Schutzschicht/ burster course (Ft).
Schutzschild m shield, gun shield.
Schutzsieb n mechanical filter (gas mask).
Schutzstaffeln fpl elite guard of the Nazi party (abbr. SS). See also Waffen-SS.
Schutzwall m protective wall (system of land defenses, as the Westwall on the western frontier of Germany).
Schutzwallehrenzeichen n bronze medal awarded to workers excelling in the construction of German fortifications.
Schutzzaun m guard fence.
Schwachstrom m low voltage (current).
Schwaden m gas cloud, smoke cloud.
Schwadenschießen n gas or smoke shell fire (Arty).
Schwadron/ troop (Cav).
Schwadronschef m troop commander (Cav).
Schwadronsführer m temporary troop commander, troop commander (Cav).
Schwadronstrupp m troop headquarters detail (Cav).
Schwalbennest n shoulder patch (worn by bandsmen).
Schwamm m sponge; mushroom.
Schwankung/ fluctuation; variation; sway; oscillation.
Schwanz m tail; trail (G).
Schwanzblech n trail float (G).
Schwanzlandung / tail landing (Avn).
schwanzlastig tailheavy (Avn).
Schwanzsporn m tail skid (Ap); trail spade (G).
Schwärm m tactical formation of about five airplanes (consists of two Ketten).
schwärmen to deploy into line of skirmishers.
Schwarmkolonne / javelin formation of from 3 to 5 airplanes.
Schwarmwinkel tn wedge formation of from 3 to 5 airplanes.
Schwarzpulver n black powder.
Schwebekreisvisier n pivoted ring sight (AA).
Schweberiemen m hip strap (harness).
Schwebstoff m nonpersistent chemical agent (CWS).
Schwebstoffilter m mechanical filter (gas mask).
Schwebstoffteilchen n nonpersistent chemical particle (CWS).
Schwebungsempfang m beat-frequency reception (Rad).
Schwebungsfrequenz / beat frequency (Rad).
Schwebungsfrequenzmesser m heterodyne frequency meter.
Schwebungslücke / See Schwebungs-null.
Schwebungsnull / zero beat (Rad).
Schwefel m sulphur.
Schwefelantimon n antimony sulfide (Am).
Schwefelnatrium n sodium sulfide.
Schwefelsäure / sulfuric acid.
Schwefeltrioxyd n sulfur trioxide (CWS).
Schwefelwasserstoff m hydrogen sulfide.
schwefligsaures Natrium sodium sul-fite.
Schweige-MG. n ambush machine gun, concealed machine gun.
Schweigewaffen fpl concealed weapons which hold their fire until enemy has reached certain points.
Schweiß m sweat.
Schweißbrenner m welding torch.
Schweißelektrode / welding electrode, welding rod.
schweißen to weld.
Schweißer m welder.
Schweißnaht / welded seam.
Schweißtechnik / theory and practice of welding.
Schwelkerze/ smoke candle (CWS).
Schwelle/ tie (RR); sill (Bdg); threshold.
Schwellenbahn / corduroy road.
Schwelljoch n trestle bent with sill (Bdg).
schwenkbar traversable; rotatable; flexible (MG).
Schwenkbereich m extent of traverse, total movement in traverse (Ord).
schwenken to wheel, turn (Tac); to traverse, to slew (a gun).
Schwenkflügel m folding wing (Ap).
Schwenkwinkel m angle of traverse (Gunnery).
Schwenkung/ pivoting or wheeling maneuver (Tac); slewing, traversing motion (of a gun).
Schwenkungspunkt m pivot (Tac).
Schwenkungswinkel m angle of traverse (Gunnery).
schwer medium (Ord); heavy; grave, serious. See also schwerst-.
schwere Artillerie medium artillery.
schwere Kompanie heavy weapons company (Mtz R Regt).
schwere Schwadron / weapons troop (Cav).
Schwerkraft / force of gravity.
Schwerkraftstoff m Diesel fuel.
Schweröln 'Diesel fuel.
Schweröl-Flugmotor m Diesel-type aircraft engine.
Schwerölmotor-m Diesel engine.
Schwerpunkt m main effort, point of main effort (Tac); center of gravity.
schwerst- heavy (Ord); heaviest.
schwerste Artillerie heavy artillery.
Schwerverwundeter m serious casualty.
Schwesterwaffe / related arm, related branch of the service.
Schwimmdock n floating dock.
Schwimmerm float, pontoon (Ap); float (carburetor, gage, etc).
Schwimmerflugzeug n floatplane.
Schwimmergehäuse n float chamber (carburetor).
Schwimmergestell n float gear (seaplane).
Schwimmernadel/ float needle (carburetor).
Schwimmerwagen m beaching gear (seaplane).
Schwimmerwerk n float gear (seaplane).
schwimmfähig capable of floating" or swimming, amphibian.
Schwimmlastkraf twagen m amphibian truck.
Schwimmpanzerkampfwagen m amphibian tank.
Schwimmstabilität*/ flotation stability (seaplane).
Schwimmwerk n float gear, floats.
Schwimmwerk für Landflugzeuge emergency flotation gear (Avn).
Schwimmweste/ life vest, "Mae West."
Schwindelgasn fake gas (CWS).
schwinden fade (Rad).
Schwingachse/ flexible axle (MT). Schwinge/ flexible shaft (follow-the-pointer mechanism).
Schwingkreis m See Schwingungs-kreis.
Schwingschenkel m wheel spindle (G).
Schwingung / oscillation (Elec, Rad) ; vibration (Mech).
Schwingungsdämpfer m vibration damper.
Schwingungserzeuger m oscillator (Rad).
Schwingungskreis m oscillating circuit (Rad).
Schwingungsweite/ amplitude of oscillations (Rad).
Schwingungszahl / number of oscillations, frequency (Elec, Rad).
schwitzen to sweat.
Schwund m fading (Rad).
Schwundausgleich vi automatic volume control (Rad).
Schwundwirkung/ fading effect (Rad).
Schwungkraft / centrifugal force.
Schwurigkraftanlasser m inertia starter (Mtr).
Schwungrad n flywheel.
Schwungscheibe/ See Schwungrad.
Sechskantschraube / hexagonal-head screw.
Sechsradkraftfahrzeug n six-wheel motor vehicle.
See m lake (die See = ocean or sea).
See/ sea, ocean (der See = lake).
Seeaufklärer m naval patrol airplane, patrol bomber, scout bomber.
Seeflieger m naval aircraft pilot; naval airplane, seaplane.
Seefliegerei / naval aviation.
Seefliegerhorst m seaplane base.
Seeflugwesen TV naval aviation.
Seeflugzeug n naval airplane, seaplane.
Seehöhe / height above mean sea level.
Seekabel n marine cable.
Seekadett m midshipman.
Seekarte/ hydrographic map.
Seele/ bore (Ord).
Seelenachse/ axis of the bore.
Seelendurchmesser m caliber.
Seelenlänge/ tube length, barrel length (Ord).
Seelenmesser m star gage (G).
Seelenrohr n tube, liner (G).
Seelenwand/ bore surface (G).
Seelenweite / caliber.
seelische Wirkung moral effect (Tac).
Seeluftstreitkräfte fpl naval aviation. .Seemeile/ nautical mile (1.853 km).
Seemine/ submarine mine.
Seeminensperre/ submarine mine field.
Seenenge/ defile between lakes.
Seenotdienst m air forces sea rescue service.
Seenotflugkommando n air forces sea rescue command.
Seenotflugzeug n sea rescue airplane.
Seestreitkräfte fpl naval forces.
Seetransportübung/ exercise in transportation by water.
seewasserbeständig salt-water resistant.
Seezünder m hydrostatic bomb fuze (antisubmarine bombs and depth charges.)
Segelfliegerm glider, sailplane; glider pilot.
Segelflug m glide, gliding.
Segelflugzeug n glider, sailplane.
segeln to glide, soar; to sail.
Segelstellung / feathered position (propeller).
Segeltuch n canvas.
Segler m glider; sail boat.
Segmentlenkung/ worm and sector steering system (MT).
Segmentstück n segment (angle-of-site Inst).
Sehfehler m defect of vision.
Sehfeld n field of view (Optics).
Sehklappe / peephole protector, lookout hole cover (Tk).
Sehkraft / eyesight, vision.
Sehlinie / line of observation; line of sight (Surv).
Sehne/ tendon; chord.
Sehöffnung/ peephole, lookout hole (Ft, Tk).
Sehrohr n periscope.
Sehschärfe/ eyesight, vision; focus.
Sehschärfeneinteilung / focusing scale (Optics).
Sehschlitz m direct vision slot (Tk) ; observation slit, lookout slit (Ft).
Sehstreifen m sector of view (from observation point to right and left ends of target).
Sehverbindung/ visual communication.
Sehwinkel TO angle of view.
Sehzeichen n visual signal.
seicht shallow (water).
Seide / silk.
Seife / soap.
Seil n cord, rope, cable, line.
Seilbahn / overhead cable railway.
Seilbahnkommandotruppen fpl overhead cable railway troops.
Seilbremse / cable brake.
Seilfähre / cable ferry, rope ferry.
Seilrolle / cable drum.
Seiltrommel / cable drum.
Seilwinde/ cable winch.
Seite/ azimuth, direction (Gunnery); side.
Seitenabgangsfehler m lateral jump (Gunnery).
Seitenabstand m interval (front, left to right); displacement (Gunnery).
Seitenabstand vom Richtpunkt angle of shift (indirect firing).
Seitenabweichung/ drift (of a projectile); deflection (Gunnery).
Seitenänderung / deflection change, deflection correction (Gunnery).
Seitenansicht/ side view.
Seitenbegrenzer m traverse stop (G, MG).
Seitenbestimmung/ sensing (Bad direction finding).
Seitenbewegung / lateral movement.
Seitenblatt n skirt (saddle).
Seitendeckung/ flank guard, flank security (Tac).
Seitenempfänger m azimuth indicator (AA gun).
Seitenfehler m lateral error (Gunnery).
Seitenfeuer n enfilade fire.
Seitenflosse/ tail fin (Ap).
Seitengewehr n bayonet.
"Seitengewehr, an Ort!" "Unfix, bayonets!"
Seitengewehrgriff m bayonet grip. Seitengewehrhalter m bayonet stud (R).
"Seitengewehr, pflanzt auf!" "Fix, bayonets I"
Seitengewehrtasche / bayonet scabbard.
Seitenhebel m traversing lever (MG sleigh mount).
Seitenholm m side outrigger (AA gun).
Seitenklappe / side door (Tk).
Seitenleitwerk« rudder assembly (Ap).
Seitenlicht n running light (Ap).
Seiten-MG, n waist gun, side gun.
Seitenrampe / side-loading ramp.
Seitenrichtbereich m total movement in traverse (G).
Seitenrichtfeld n extent of traverse, total movement in traverse (G).
Seitenrichtfeld von 360° all-round traverse.
Seitenrichtfernrohr n azimuth tracking telescope (height finder).
Seitenrichtkanonier m azimuth setter.
Seitenrichtmaschine / traversing mechanism (G).
Seitenrichtrad n traversing hand-wheel (G).
Seitenrichtschieber m, deflection board (Arty).
Seitenrichtschraube / traversing screw (G).
Seitenrichtteilung / deflection scale.
Seitenrichttrieb m traversing drive (G, Mort).
Seitenrichtung/ azimuth, direction (Gunnery). Nehmen der Seitenrichtung laying for direction.
Seitenrichtwerk n traversing mechanism (G).
Seitenrichtwinkel m angle of traverse, azimuth (Gunnery).
Seitenrudern rudder (Ap).
Seitenrutsch m side slip (Avn).
Seitenschwankung/ lateral sway (Bdg).
Seitensicherung/ flank security.
Seitensteuerung/ rudder controls; lateral control.
Seitenstreuung / lateral dispersion, width of dispersion (Arty).
Seitenteilring m azimuth scale (AA gun).
Seitentrieb m traversing drive (G).
Seitenverankerung / apron (of double-apron fence).
Seitenverbesserung / deflection correction (Gunnery).
Seitenverbindung/ lateral communication (Sig C).
Seitenverhältnis n aspect ratio (Ap).
Seitenverschiebung / drift correction (Gunnery).
Seitenvorhalt in lateral lead (firing).
Seitenvorhaltsebene / slant plane of lateral lead (AA gunnery).
Seitenwagen OT sidecar (Mtcl).
Seitenwelle / jack shaft (MT).
Seitenwind m- cross wind.
Seitenwinkel m deflection angle (Gunnery); horizontal angle (Surv).
Seitenwinkelverbesserungsknopf m lateral correction knob (AA gun).
Seitenwinkelvorhalt m lateral angular lead, lateral deflection angle (AA gunnery).
seitlich abrutschen to fall off (Avn).
seitlich einschwenken pivot to the left or right, fan out (Tac).
Seitwärtsbewegung / yawing (Ap).
Seitwärtseinschneiden n lateral resection (Surv).
Sektorm sector; protractor.
Sekundärkreis m secondary circuit (Rad).
Sekundärstrom m secondary current (Rad).
selbständig independent.
Selbstantrieb m self-propulsion, automatic drive.
selbstdichtend self-sealing (Ap tank).
selbsterregend self-exciting (Rad).
Selbstfahrlafette / self-propelled mount, gun motor carriage.
Selbstinduktion / self-induction (Elec).
Selbstinduktionsspule / self-induction coil (Elec).
Selbstladeeinstecklauf m subcaliber barrel (for semiautomatic weapon).
Selbstladegewehr n self-loading rifle, • semiautomatic rifle.
Selbstladepistole / self-loading pistol, automatic pistol.
Selbstlader m self-loading rifle.
Selbstladewaffe / self-loading weapon, semiautomatic weapon.
Selbstretter m oxygen breathing apparatus.
Selbstschutz m self-defense; individual air raid precautions.
Selbstschutzmittel n prophylactic.
selbstsperrend self-locking.
Selbststeuergerät n automatic pilot (Ap).
Selbststeuerung/ automatic control.
selbsttätig automatic (adj), automatically operated.
Selbstunterbrecher m automatic circuit breaker (Elec).
Selbstvernebelung / smoke screening (one's own troops and/or installations).
Selbstverstümmelung / self-mutilation.
Selbstverwaltung/ self government (PW).
Sendeantenne / transmitting antenna.
Sendebereitschaft / stand-by, readiness to transmit (Rad).
Sendegeräte, radio transmitter.
Sender m transmitter (Rad).
Senderempfänger w transceiver (Rad).
Senderöhre/ transmitting tube (Rad).
Sendestelle / transmitting station.
Sendung/ shipment; transmission (Rad).
Senfgas n mustard gas (CWS).
Senkblei n plumb bob, sounding lead.
Senke/ depression (Top).
senken to depress (a gun); to sink (a shaft); to let down, to lower.
Senkfaschine/ sunken fascine revetment.
Senkfaschinendamm m f ascine-reveted dam.
Senkfeuer n plunging fire (Arty).
Senkkasten «i caisson (Engr).
Senklot n See Senkblei.
senkrecht vertical, perpendicular.
Senkrechtaufnahme / vertical aerial photograph.
Senkrechtbild n See Senkrechtaufnahme.
Senkrechte/ perpendicular (line).
Senkrechtebene zum Zielweg vertical plane containing course of target (AA gunnery).
senkrechte Gitterlinie Y-line (of map grid).
senkrechter Abstand vertical interval.
senkrechtes Auftreffen normal impact (Ballistics).
Senkrechtgeschwindigkeit / vertical speed (Avn).
Senkrechtluftaufnahme/ vertical aerial photograph.
Senkstück n sunken fascine mat or cribwork.
Senkungswinkel m depression angle (G).
Serienschaltung / series connection (Elec).
Servowirkung / servo action (servo brake).
seßhafter Kampfstoff persistent chemical warfare agent.
Seßhaftigkeit / persistency (CWS).
"Setzt die, Gewehre! Zusammen!" "Stack, arms!"
Setzwaage/ builders' level (Engr).
Seuche/ epidemic, contagious disease.
S-Gerät n See. Suchgerät.
S.-Geschoß n See Spitzgeschoß.
sicher safe.
Sicherer rnpl security patrol(s).
Sicherheitsbestimmungen fpl ' safety regulations.
Sicherheitsdienst m security measures (Tac); SS security service (abbr. SD).
Sicherheitsdraht m safety wire (Ord).
Sicherheitsfunkenstrecke / safety spark gap (magneto ignition).
Sicherheitsglas n safety glass, shatterproof glass.
Sicherheitshöhe/ safe altitude (Avn).
Sicherheitskoeffizient m factor of safety.
Sicherheitsmaß n clearance, safety angle (Gunnery).
Sicherheitsmaßnahme / safety measure, security measure.
Sicherheitsoffizier m safety officer (at target range).
Sicherheitspolizei/ security police (comprising Kriminalpolizei and Geheime Staatspolizei).
Sicherheits- und Hilfsdienste mpl air raid protection services. (Also called Luftschutzpolizei).
Sicherheitsventil n safety valve.
Sicherheitszone / safety area (Arty).
sichern to cover, protect, make secure (Tac); to lock, to put at "safe" (Ord, Am).
Sicherung/ security, security detachment, covering party (Tac); safety (SA); safety lock (fuze); safety device; fuse (Elec).
Sicherungsabstand m security distance (between march units).
Sicherungsauftrag m security mission (Tac).
Sicherungsdienst m guard service (Tac).
Sicherungs-Division / security division (mobile Landesschützen units employed at rear area duties).
Sicherungsfliigel m protective wing or flank (Tac); interrupter (Am).
Sicherungsflugzeug n escort airplane.
Sicherungshaken m release hook (glider).
Sicherungshebel m grip safety (pistol).
Sicherungskappe / safety device (fuze); safety cap (hand grenade).
Sicherungsklappe/ interrupter (Am).
Sicherungslinie/ line of security. vorderste Sicherungslinie outpost line.
Sicherungsmaßnahme / security measure.
Sicherungsmutter / lock nut.
Sicherungsschleier m screen (Tac).
Sicherungsstift m safety pin (fuze).
Sicherungsstück n safety lug (on gun cradle).
Sicherungsvorrichtung / interrupter (Am); safety device.
Sicherungsvorstecker m arming pin (fuze); safety pin (bomb).
Sicherungszuschlag m margin of safety (firing)l
Sicht / visibility.
Sichtabstand m interval permitting visual contact.
Sichtanzeigegerät n visual indicator (Ap Inst).
sichtbar visible.
Sichtbarkeit / visibility.
Sichtbereich m radius of visibility.
Sichtberührung/ visual contact.
Sichtdeckung/ sight defilade; smoke and flash defilade (Arty).
Sichtigkeit / visibility.
Sichtnavigation / contact flight, pilotage (Air Navigation).
Sichtverhältnisse npl visibility conditions.
Sichtweite/ radius of visibility.
Sichtzeichen n visual signal, panel signal.
Sickerschacht m drainage ditch, sump (trench).
Siebw screen, sifter, filter.
Siebkreis vi series resonant circuit (Rad).
Siebtrichter m filter funnel (MT).
Siegel n seal.
Sieger m victor.
siegreich victorious.
Sielengeschirr n breast harness.
Signal n signal; bugle call.
Signalbombe/ signal flare.
Signalbuch n signal book (Nav). internationales Signalbuch international code (Nav).
Signalmittel n signal device.
Signalpatrone/ signal cartridge.
Signalrakete / signal rocket.
Signalscheibe / signaling disk.
Signalstreifen m code panel (Avn).
Signaltafel / code chart (Sig C).
Signaltuchn code panel (Avn).
Signalwerfer m ground signal projector, pyrotechnic projector.
Signatur / conventional sign (on maps).
Simmerring m oil seal (MT).
Simulant m malingerer.
simulieren malinger.
Simultanschaltung/ simplexed connection (Tg, Tp).
Sinkgeschwindigkeit / rate of drop (Avn).
Sinn m sense, meaning; direction.
Sipo / See Sicherheitspolizei.
Sirene / siren.
sitzender Anschlag sitting position (MG or R firing).
Sitzfallschirm m seat pack parachute.
Sitzriemen m seat strap (saddle).
Skala / scale, dial.
Skalenring m micrometer (angle-of-site Inst).
Skalenscheibe / angle-of-site scale (Arty); dial plate, scale disk " (Rad).
Skizze / sketch.
S-Maske/ See Staubmaske.
s.M.G.-Bedienung m heavy machine-gun squad.
s.M.G.-Zug m heavy machine-gun platoon.
S-Mine / antipersonnel mine (abbr. of Schützenmine).
S-Mittel tipi See Standort-Beköstigungsmittel.
S.m.K.Geschoß n pointed steel-core armor-piercing bullet.
S.m.K.L'spurgeschoß n pointed steel-core tracer bullet.
Sockel m pedestal, swivel (G).
Sockelgeschütz n swivel gun, pedestal-mounted gun.
Sockellafette / pedestal mount, swivel mount (G).
Sockelschaltung / socket connection (Rad tube).
Sog m suction.
Sohle/ sole; bottom of trench.
Sold m pay.
Soldat vi soldier, enlisted man.
soldatische Haltung military bearing.
Soldbuch n pay book (soldier's individual pay record).
Sollbestand m authorized basic allowance.
Sollstand m See Sollstärke.
Sollstärke / authorized strength.
Sollstelle/ See Planstelle.
Solokrad n solo motorcycle.
Sommerweg m road shoulder.
Sonderanhänger m special trailer.
Sonderaufbaum special body (MT).
Sonderauftrag m special mission.
Sonderbataillon n special battalion, disciplinary battalion.
Sonderberichterstatter m visiting correspondent.
Sonderfahrzeug n special-purpose vehicle.
Sonderflugzeug n special-purpose airplane.
Sonderfrequenz / specially assigned frequency (Rad).
Sonderfrieden m separate peace.
Sonderführer m specialist (includes interpreters, laboratory technicians, radio specialists, cameramen, etc., serving in the Ger armed forces, with nominal rank up to Bn commander but no actual Mil rank).
Sonderfunkspruch m special radio
message (for Arty metro message and weather reports).
Sondergasmaske / special gas mask.
Sondergespräch n special telephone call.
Sonderkriegsgericht n special court-martial.
Sonderlafette / special gun mount.
Sonderlastkraftwagen m special-purpose motor truck.
Sonderlaufbahn / specialist's career.
Sondermeldung / special message, special announcement (Rad).
Sondermunition / separate-loading ammunition; special-purpose ammunition.
Sonderstahl m special steel.
Sondertruppen fpl special units, special troops.
Sonderverband m special unit.
Sonderverfügungen fpl special orders.
Sonderverpflegung / special rations.
Sonderwaffe / special weapon.
Sonderzweck m special purpose.
Sondiernadel/ probing rod (for land mines).
Sonnenblende / sun shield, sun shade.
Sonnengeflecht n solar plexus.
Sonnenstich m sunstroke.
Sonnenzeit / solar time.
spähen to scout.
Späher m scout, lookout.
Spähtrupp m patrol, reconnaissance patrol.
Spähtruppführer m patrol leader.
Spähtrupptätigkeit / patrol activity.
Spähtruppvorstoß m scouting raid.
Spähwagen m scout car.
s.Pak/ heavy antitank gun.
Spalt m crack, split.
Spalte/ slit; split; crevice, fissure; leak; column (in tables).
Spaltflügel m slotted wing (Ap).
Spaltringm split ring (breechblock).
Spaltrohr n collimator.
Spange/ clasp (decoration).
Spanienkämpfer m veteran of
Spanish Civil War.
spanischer Reiter knife rest, cheval-de-frise.
Spanndraht in tension wire, wire brace.
spannen to cock (SA); to stretch, strain, apply tension, tighten.
Spannfalle/ firing pin trip (breechblock).
Spannfeder/ cocking spring (MG).
Spannhebel m cocking lever (G, MG).
Spannlackm dope (Ap).
Spannrast/ full cock (SA).
Spannriegel m cocking bolt (breechblock).
Spannschieber m cocking slide (MG).
Spannschloß n idler adjuster rod (Tk); turnbuckle.
Spannschraube/ threaded breech hoop (G).
Spannstollen m cocking: cam (breechblock).
Spannstück n sear (G); accelerator (MG).
Spannturm m cabane (Ap).
Spannung/ voltage, tension (Elee).
Spannungsabfall m voltage drop, potential drop.
Spannungs-Dehnungs-Diagramm n stress-strain diagram.
Spannungsmesser in voltmeter.
Spannungsregler m voltage regulator.
Spannungsschwankung / voltage variation.
Spannungssicherung / circuit breaker.
Spannungsteiler»«, voltage divider (Rad).
Spannweite / span (Bdg); wing span (Ap).
Spannwelle / recocking shaft (breechblock).
Spant m vertical frame, vertical ring, bulkhead frame (Ap).
Spargelbeete npl asparagus-bed obstacle pattern.
Sparschaltung / autotransformer circuit (Elec).
Sparstoff m scarce material, high-priority material.
Spartransformator m autotrans-former (Rad, Elec).
Spaten m spade, shovel.
Spätzerspringer m retarded burst.
Spätzündung / retarded ignition, retarded spark (Mtr).
Speiche / spoke.
Speicher m storeroom.
Speiseleitung/ feeder line (Rad).
Speiseraum m mess.
Speisestrom m feeder current (Elec).
Speisung / feed, feeding.
Sperrabschnitt w "prohibited area; defense sector.
Sperrad n locking wheel (gun cradle); ratchet wheel.
Sperramt n harbor-defense ordnance depot.
Sperrballon m barrage balloon.
Sperrballontruppen fpl barrage balloon troops.
Sperrdienst m obstacle-construction service.
Sperrdrache m baTrage kite.
Sperre/ block, obstacle, barrier, accessory defense; blockade, embargo; air alert, fighter patrol (Avn).
Sperre aus Schienen steel-rail obstacle.
Sperre aus Stahlträgern steel-beam obstacle, structural-steel obstacle.
Sperre fliegen to fly on an air alert.
sperren to lock, to bar; interdict (Tac); tune out (Rad).
Sperrfeder/ retard spring (fuze); locking spring (MG).
Sperrfeld n obstacle field.
Sperrfeuer n barrage, barrage fire.
Sperrfeuerskizze / barrage chart.
Sperrfeuerwand/ curtain of antiaircraft fire.
Sperrfeuerzone/ zone covered by barrage fire (AAA).
Sperrgebiet n prohibited area, restricted area; blockade zone (Nav).
Sperrhebel m locking lever (G carriage).
Sperrholz n plywood.
Sperrholzzelt n plywood shelter.
Sperriegel in switch position, switch trench; locking bolt (MG slock).
Sperrklinke/ retaining catch (breechblock); safety catch, pawl (Mech).
Sperrkreis m tank circuit (Rad).
Sperrlicht n barrier light.
Sperrlinie / obstacle line.
Sperrnase / catch (fuze).
Sperrohr TO outer steam tube (MG).
Sperrstück n locking bolt (pistol).
Sperrtrupp m obstacle-construction detachment; blocking party.
Sperrung/ obstruction, blocking.
Sperrverband m obstacle-construction unit; blocking unit.
Sperrwachboot n boom defense vessel.
Sperrzone/ obstacle zone.
spezifischer Bodendruck ground pressure per unit area (MT).
spezifisches Gewicht specific gravity.
Spiegel m mirror; level mirror (panoramic telescope); periscope; bull's-eye (target); collar patch.
Spiegeldurchmesser m mirror diameter (SL).
Spiegelentfernungsmesser m macro-meter.
Spiegelfrequenz / image frequency (Rad).
Spiegelhalter m mirror support (MG prismatic sight).
Splittergraben m slit trench, trench shelter.
Splittergranate / fragmentation shell.
Splitterring m fragmentation ring (fits over casing of the Stielhandgranate).
Splitterschutz in splinterproof protection (Ft).
Splitterschutzbrille / protective goggles.
splittersicher splinterproof.
splittersichere Deckung splinterproof cover.
splittersicherer Unterstand splinterproof shelter.
Splitterwirkung / fragmentation,
spray effect (Am).
Sporn m tail skid (Ap); trail spade (G); spike (MG tripod); spur (Cav); gaff.
Spornarm m spade arm (G).
Spornblech n spade plate (G).
Spornkufe/ trail-spade runner (Arty operations in deep snow).
Spornrad n tail wheel (Ap).
Spornschuh m tail skid (Ap).
Spornteller m spike plate (MG tripod).
Sportlehrer m athletic instructor.
Sprachfrequenzband n voice fre-
quency band (Rad, Tp).
Sprachrohr n megaphone.
Sprachübertragung / voice transmission (Rad, Tp).
Sprechen n voice transmission (Rad, Tp).
Sprechfunk m voice radio.
Sprechmaschine / phonograph.
Sprechschleife/ loop circuit (Tp).
Sprechspule/ induction coil (Tp).
Sprechstelle / telephone station.
Sprechtaste/ push-to-talk switch (Rad, Tp).
Sprechverbindung / telephone communication, telephone connection, telephone circuit.
Sprechverkehr in telephone traffic.
Sprechverständigung / talking range (Tp).
Spreizklappe/ split flap (Ap). ' Spreizlafette / split-trail gun carriage.
Spreizlafettenholme mpl trails (of split-trail carriage).
Spreizlafettenschwanz in split trail.
Sprengbombe / demolition bomb, high-explosive bomb.
Spiegelkreuzlibelle / reflector-type cross level (panoramic telescope).
Spiegelneigungsmesser m Abney level.
Spiegelrahmen m mirror frame (MG prismatic sight).
Spiegeltelegraph in heliograph, heliotrope (Sig C).
Spiegelvisier n mirror sight.
Spiel n backlash, clearance, play (Mech); game.
Spielmann m bandsman (pi Spielleute).
Spielraum m clearance, backlash.
Spieß in "top sergeant," "top kick."
Spill n winch.
Spindel / gear shaft (elevating mechanism); spindle, pinion, mandril.
Spindellenkung / cam and lever
steering system (MT).
Spinne/ multiple road junction;
Spion m spy.
Spionage / espionage.
Spionageabwehr / counterespionage.
Spiralbohrer m twist drill.
Spiralfeder / spiral spring, helical spring.
Spiralfederausgleicher m spiral-
spring equilibrator (AA gun).
spitz pointed.
Spitze / point, advance guard point (Tac); tip, peak, head.
Spitzengruppe / point squad; advance element (Tac).
Spitzenkompanie / advance party (in Adv Gd of large unit).
Spitzenpanzer m leading tank.
Spitzenwagen m leading car, "point" car (MT).
Spitzenzug m advance platoon (Armd Comd).
spitzer Winkel acute angle.
Spitzgeschoß n pointed bullet.
Spitzgeschoß mit Stahlkern pointed steel-core armor-piercing bullet.
SpitzhaGke / pickax.
Spleißung / splice.
Splint m cotter pin, pin.
Splissung / splice. ;
Splitter m splinter, fragment.
Splitterbombe / fragmentation bomb, antipersonnel bomb.
Splitterdichte / density of fragments (number of shell fragments per unit area).
Sprengbrandbombe / combination incendiary-demolition bomb.
Sprengbüchse/ explosive block (in container); demolition block.
Sprengdienst TO demolition service.
sprengen to blast, blov; up, detonate.
Sprengfalle / booby trap.
Sprengfiillung / filler charge (Am).
Sprenggegenstand m object to be blasted or demolished.
Sprenggerät n demolition equipment.
Sprenggeschoß n explosive projectile, explosive bullet.
Sprenggranate / high-explosive shell.
Sprenggranate-Patrone / high-explosive shell (fixed Am).
Sprenggrube/ blasting pit (Engr).
Sprenghöhe/ height of burst (Gunnery).
Sprengkabel n firing wire (blasting).
Sprengkammer / mine chamber (blasting).
Sprengkapsel/ detonator (Am); blasting cap.
Sprengkapselröhrchen n detonator tube (hand grenade).
Sprengkapselsicherung / detonator safety (fuze).
Sprengkapselzünder m detonating-cord unit with blasting cap and fuze lighter.
Sprengkegel m spray (air burst).
Sprengkommando n bomb disposal unit; demolition party.
Sprengkörper TO demolition block.
Sprengkraft/ explosive force (Am).
Sprengladung/ demolition charge, blasting charge (Engr); bursting charge (Am); burster (Cml shell).
Sprengladungsröhre / burster tube.
Sprengluft / liquid oxygen.
Sprengmittel n explosive (in prepared form, as distinguished from generic term Sprengstoff).
Sprengmunition 02/ TNT.
Sprengniete / explosive rivet.
Sprengöl 11 nitroglycerin, blasting oil.
Sprengölpulver n nitroglycerin powder.
Sprengpatrone / blasting cartridge (demolitions); explosive bullet.
Sprengplan m demolition plan.
Sprengpulver n blasting powder (black powder).
Sprengpunkt m point of burst (Gunnery). hoher Sprengpunkt air burst. mittlerer Sprengpunkt center of burst.
Sprengpunktentfernung / straight line from muzzle to point of burst (Gunnery).
Sprengring m retaining ring (gas mask).
Sprengsalpeter m nitrate explosive.
Sprengsatz m bursting charge (Am).
Sprengstange/ charge-placing pole:
Sprengstelle / point of rupture, breaching point; demolition chamber (Bdg).
Sprengstoff TO explosive.
Sprengstoffgehalt m amount of bursting charge (Am).
Sprengstoffiillung / explosive filler (Am).
Sprengstück n shell fragment, shell splinter.
sprengtechnisch pertaining to technical aspect of demolitions.
Sprengtrichter m crater, mine crater.
Sprengtrupp m demolition squad.
Sprengung / demolition, blasting.
Sprengweite / horizontal distance between point of air burst and theoretical point of impact (Gunnery).
Sprengwerkn inverted truss; strut-braced construction (Engr),
Sprengwirkung/ burst effect (Am).
Sprengzünder m detonating fuze (Am).
Spreutlage / brushwork revetment.
Springschreiber m a type of telegraph printer.
Spritzdüse / spray nozzle (carburetor).
Spritzer m • splash.
Spritzschlauch m spray nozzle.
Spritzumlaufschmierung / splash lubrication (Mtr).
Spritzweite/ range (of a flame thrower).
Spruchm message (Tp, Rad); call (Tp); sentence, verdict.
Sprühbüchse/ chemical tank for spray contamination.
Sprühpistole/ spray gun (lubrication).
Sprühregen m drizzle (Met).
Sprung m. bound, rush (Tac); jump (Prcht); crack, split. .
Sprunggelenk n hock (horse).
Sprungkombination / parachute jump suit.
Sprungturm m controlled tower (Prcht jump Tng).
sprungweise by bounds, by rushes.
sprungweises Vorgehen advance by bounds.
Spulensatz m set of coils, coil unit (Rad).
Spur / trail, path; scent (for messen- senger dogs); track (of road); gage (RR); trace (of a tracer bullet).
Spürbüchse / gas-detector set container.
Spürfähnchen n gas-detection flag, gas-warning flag.
Spurgeschoß n tracer projectile.
Spürhund m tracking dog, bloodhound.
Spürmittel npl gas-detection equipment.
Spürpapier n gas-detection paper.
Spürpulver n gas-detection powder.
Spurpunkt m caster-angle vertex (point at which line through inclined kingpin touches road) (MT).
Spurstange/ tie rod (MT).
Spurstangenhebel in steering-knuckle arm (MT).
Spurtafel / treadway, duckboard (Bdg).
Spurtafelbrücke / duckboard tread-way bridge.
Spurweite/ track, tread (MT); gage (RR).
S.-Rolle / barbed-wire concertina (abbr. of Stacheldraht-Eolle).
SS/ elite guard of the Nazi party (originally abbr. of Schutzstaffeln but now used as independent term; combat units of SS are known as Die Waffen-SS, The SS Armed Forces).
SS-Abschnitt m SS area. See also SS-Oberabschnitt.
SS-Anwärter m candidate for rank of SS private.
SS-Brigade/ SS brigade.
SS-Brigadeführer m SS brigadier general.
SS-Führer m SS officer.
SS-Gebirgs-Division / SS mountain division.
SS-Grenadier m SS private (Inf).
SS-Gruppenführer m SS major general.
SS-Hauptscharführerm SS master sergeant.
SS-Hauptsturmführer m SS captain.
SS-Heeres-Flakdivision / SS antiaircraft artillery division.
SS-Junker m SS cadet (officer candidate).
SS-Junkerschule / SS officer training school.
SS-Kanonier m SS private (Arty).
SS-Kavallerie / SS cavalry.
SS-Kradschützen-Bataillon n SS motorcycle battalion.
SS-Kriegsberichter m SS war correspondent.
SS-Legionär m non-German SS man.
SS-Leibstandarte / SS Bodyguard Regiment (formerly Hitler's bodyguard; increased to approximately division strength in 1943).
SS-Mann m SS private.
SS-Nachrichtensturmm SS communication company.
SS-Oberabschnitt in SS region (corresponds in most cases to a Wehrkreis and is composed of 2 or 3 SS-Abschnitte, SS areas).
SS-Oberführer m SS brigadier general (below SS-Brigadeführer).
SS-Obergruppenführer m SS lieutenant general.
SS-Oberscharführer m SS first sergeant.
SS-Oberschütze m SS private first class.
SS-Oberstgruppenführer m SS general.
SS-Obersturmbannführer m SS lieutenant colonel.
SS-Obersturmführer m SS first lieutenant.
SS-Panzergrenadier m SS private (Armd Inf).
SS-Panzergrenadier-Division / S S armored infantry division.
SS-Panzergrenadier-Regiment n SS armored infantry regiment.
SS-Panzerkorps n SS armored corps. See also Germanisches SS-Panzer-korps.
SS-Panzerjäger-Abteilung / SS antitank battalion.
SS-Panzerschützem SS private in armored unit.
SS-Pionierm SS engineer. . SS-Pionierbataillon n SS engineer battalion.
SS-Pionier-Stoßtrupp m SS engineer assault detachment.
SS-PK.-KriegsbericJiter TO SS propaganda-company war correspondent.
SS-Polizei-Bataillon n SS police battalion.
SS-Polizei-Division / SS police division.
SS-Reiterei/ SS horse cavalry.
SS-Rottenführer m SS corporal.
SS-Scharfiihrer m SS staff sergeant.
SS-Schütze TO SS private, SS rifleman.
SS-Sicherheitsdienst TO SS security service.
SS-Standarte / SS regiment.
SS-Standartenführer TO SS colonel.
SS-Standartenjunker TO a graduate from SS-Junkerschule.
SS-Sturmbannführer m SS major.
SS-Sturmmann TO ' SS private first class.
S-Stellung / dummy position (abbr. of Scheinstellung).
SS-Totenkopf-Verbände mpl SS "Death's Head" units (primarily used as concentration camp guards and for terrorizing missions).
SS-Unterscharfiihrer TO SS sergeant.
SS-Untersturmführer m SS second lieutenant.
Staat TO state, country, power.
Staatsangehörigkeit / nationality, citizenship.
Staatsbesitz TO government property.
Staatsbürger w citizen.
Staatspolizei/ See Geheime Staatspolizei.
Stabm staff; headquarters; headquarters personnel; bar, rod.
Stabantenne/ rod antenna, "buggy-whip" antenna (Rad).
Stabbrandbombe / stick-type incendiary bomb.
Stäbchenpulver n cord powder, strip powder (Am).
Stabilisierungsfläche / stabilizing
surface (Ap).
Stabilisierungsflügel TO fin (bomb).
Stabilisierungswulst m stabilizer lobe (Bin).
Stabilität / stability.
Stabo/ See Stachelbombe.
Stabsapotheker TO pharmacist official (ranking as captain).
Stabsarzt TO captain (Med).
Stabsbatterie / headquarters battery (Arty).
Stabsbefehl TO staff order.
Stabschef m chief of staff.
Stabsfeldwebel TO master sergeant, regimental sergeant major.
Stabsgefreiter TO staff lance corporal (no US equivalent).
Stabshelferin / woman clerk auxiliary.
Stabs-Kette/ headquarters flight (three planes).
Stabskompanie/ headquarters company.
Stabskraftwagen TO staff car.
Stabsoffizier TO field officer (officer of field grade); staff officer (Nav).
Stabsordonnanz/ headquarters orderly.
Stabsquartier«. headquarters; officers' quarters.
Stabsschiedsrichter TO umpire at headquarters of a unit (maneuvers).
Stabsschreiber TO headquarters clerk.
Stabsveterinär TO captain (Vet).
Stabswache / headquarters guard.
Stabswachtmeister TO master sergeant, regimental sergeant major (Arty, Cav).
Stabszahlmeister TO paymaster official (ranking as captain).
Stachelbombe / bomb with nose spike.
Stacheldraht m barbed wire.
Stacheldrahthindernis n barbed-wire obstacle.
Stacheldrahtverhau m barbed-wire entanglement.
Stacheldrahtzaun m double-apron entanglement (Ft).
Stadtkommandantur TO garrison, post, or station headquarters in a city or large town; military government headquarters in a city or large town.
Stafetten fpl relay messengers.
Staffel/ echelon (Tac, Adm); squadron (9 to IS planes); section (Arty, Cav, supply).
Staffelform / squadron formation (Avn).
Staffelfront / squadron line of flight wedges (Avn).
Staffelführer w echelon commander; squadron commander (Avn); section leader or commander (Arty, Cav, supply).
Staffelkapitän TO squadron commander (Avn).
Staffelkeil TO squadron wedge formation of flight wedges (Avn).
Staffelkolonne / squadron javelin formation (Avn).
Staffellinie / squadron line formation (Avn).
Staffeltrupp m section personnel (Cav heavy MG section).
Staffelung / echelonment; stagger (Ap wings); gun displacement (Arty).
Staffelverband m squadron formation (Avn).
staffelweise in echelon, by echelon.
Staffelwinkel m squadron V-forma-tion (Avn).
Stahl m steel.
Stahlblech« sheet steel.
Stahlbrücke / steel bridge.
Stahldrahtbeklöppelung / steel wire armor (armored cable).
Stahlfederring m lockwasher.
Stahlflasche/ steel flask, steel cylinder, steel tank.
Stahl futter n steel bushing (breechblock wedge).
Stahlgurt m metallic link belt (MG).
Stahlhelm m steel helmet.
Stahligel m steel hedgehog antitank obstacle.
Stahlkerngeschoß n steel-core bullet, armor-piercing bullet.
Stahllegierung / steel alloy.
Stahlmeßband n steel measuring tape.
Stahlplatte/ steel plate.
Stahlröhre/ metal tube (Rad).
Stahlschwelle/ steel plank (Engr); steel tie (RR).
Stahlspurbahn / steel treadway (Engr).
Stahlstraße / steel landing strip.
Staken n punting (with punt pole).
Stalag n See Stammlager.
Stall m stable.
Stallhalfter/ halter headstall (harness).
Stammannschaft / cadre personnel.
Stammeinheit / parent unit.
Stammkompanie / cadre company (for replacements).
Stammlager n permanent prisoner-of-war camp for NCO's and privates, base camp for prisoner-of-war labor detachments (abbr. Stalag).
Stammleitung / trlunk line, trunk circuit (Tp).
Stammrolle / personnel roster.
Stammtafel / record sheet showing the formations to which a unit has belonged.
Stammtruppe / cadre.
Stammtruppenteil m parent unit.
Stampfwinkel m angle of pitch (Ap).
Standm status, state, occupation; position, station (of crew members) (Ap, Tk, Nav); gun position.
Standarte/ standard; guidon (Arty, Cav, Armd Comd). See also SS-Standarte.
Standartenführer m See SS-Standartenführer.
Standartenträger m guidon (Pers).
Stander m pennant.
Ständer m bracket, mount, support, stand, pedestal.
Standgericht n summary court-martial.
ständig constant, fixed.
ständige Befestigung permanent fortification.
ständige Belastung basic load (Avn).
Standlinie/ base line (Surv); line of position (Navigation).
Standmotor m upright engine.
Standort m post, garrison, station; position (Surv, Navigation). gekoppelter Standort dead-reckoning position (Air Navigation).
Standortältester m garrison, post, or station commander.
Standortarzt m station surgeon.
Standortkommandantur / garrison, post, or station headquarters.
Standortlazarett n post hospital, station hospital.
Standortlohnstelle/ army post pay office.
Standortmeldung/ position report (Air Navigation).
Standort-Pferdelazarett n veterinary station hospital.
Standortwachdienst m interior guard duty.
Standrecht n martial law.
Standsack m hand-grenade bag.
Standsicherheit / stability; steadiness (of mobile gun mount, vehicle, etc.).
Standvisier n battle sight (R).
Stange/ pole, post, pillar, bar, rod, spar.
Stangenbau m line construction on poles (Tp).
Stangenbild n pole-location diagram (Tp).
Stangenbock m spar trestle (Bdg).
Stangenhandpferd n off horse of wheel team. .
Stangenpferde npl wheel team.
Stangenvisier n pillar-type rear sight (MG).
Stangenvisiereinrichtung/ MG sights (blade front sight and pillar-type rear sight).
Stanze / die (for stamping or punching).
Stapel m pile (regular heap); dump; crib (Bdg); launching cradle.
Stapellauf m launching (Nav).
Stärke / strength.
Stärkebestand m actual strength.
Stärkenachweisung / table of organization; strength return, strength report.
Starkstrom m high voltage (current).
Starkstromleitung / power line (Elec).
Starkstromsperre / electrified obstacle, high-tension obstacle.
starr stiff, fixed, rigid.
starre Kanone fixed gun (Ap).
starres Luftschiff rigid airship.
starres Maschinengewehr fixed machine gun.
Start m take-off (Avn); take-off point (Adrm).
Startbahn / runway.
Startbereitschaft / ground alert (Avn).
Startdruck m propeller thrust at take-off (Avn).
starten to start, to take off.
Starterbatterie/ starter battery (MT).
Starterklappe / choke (Mtr).
Startflagge/ starter flag (Avn).
Startkatapultm catapult (Avn).
startklar ready for take-off (Avn).
Startlänge / take-off distance (Avn).
Startleistung / power output of engine at take-off (Avn).
Startschiene / track (catapult).
Startseil n towline (glider).
Startstelle/ take-off point (Adrm).
Startvorrichtung / launching device (Avn); starting device (Mtr).
Startzone / take-off zone (Adrm).
statische Berechnung stress analysis.
Stativ n tripod, stand.
Statoskop n rate-of-climb indicator, climb-and-dive indicator (Ap).
Staum indicated air speed (Avn).
Stauanlage / dam.
Staub m dust.
Staubdeckel m dust cover (Ord).
Stäubchen n cloud particle, dust particle. (CWS).
Staubmaske / respirator, dust-filtering mask.
Staubschutzdeckel m dust cover (Ord).
Staubschutzgerät n respirator.
Staubschutzmaske / See Staubmaske.
Stauchlafette / telescopic carriage, retractable gun mount.
Staudamm m storage dam.
Staudruck m dynamic pressure, velocity pressure.
Staudruckfahrtmesser m pitot tube.
stauen to stow; to dam up.
Stauer m stevedore.
Staufläche / area of dammed water.
Stauhöhe / height of upstream water.
Stausee m reservoir.
Stauwehr n weir.
Stecher m hair trigger (SA).
Stechruder n paddle.
Stechschritt m goose step.
Stechzirkel m dividers.
Steckdose / jack, receptacle, socket.
Stecker m plug (Elec).
Steckerstift m plug prong (Elec).
Steckmast m sectional antenna mast.
Stecknadel / pin, plain pin.
Steckschlüssel m socket wrench; ignition key.
Steg m footbridge, footpath; Web (of girder, etc.).
Stegblech n web (of girder, etc.).
stehender Spähtrupp stationary patrol.
stehendes Heer standing army.
stehendes Ziel stationary target.
steifer Wind high wind.
Steigbö / ascending gust (Met).
Steigbügel m stirrup.
Steigeisen npl ice creepers; climbers (Sig C).
steigen to climb.
Steigerung / intensification, increase.
Steigfähigkeit / grade-ascending ability (vehicles); climbing ability (Ap).
Steigflug m climb (Avn).
Steighöhe / height of rise (ground signal); altitude, ceiling (Ap).
Steigleistung / rate of climb (Avn).
Steigriemen m stirrup strap.
Steigung / gradient, grade, slope; pitch (Mach.)
Steigungswinkel m blade angle (propeller); gradient angle.
Steigvermögen n climbing ability (Ap).
Steigzeit / rate of climb (Ap).
steil steep.
Steilfeuer n high-angle fire.
Steilfeuergeschiitz n high-angle gun.
Steilfeuerwaffe / high-angle weapon.
Steilhang m steep slope, steep grade.
Steilheit / steepness; transconduc-tance, mutual conductance (Rad).
Steilkurve / steep banked turn (Avn).
Steinbruch m quarry.
Steinflachs m asbestos.
Steinkohle / anthracite coal.
Steinschlag m broken stone, rubble; rock slide.
Steinschotter m road metal, broken stone.
Stellbecher m mouth of fuze setter.
Stelle / point, post, site, station.
Stellmarke / index, micrometer index (Optics).
Stellmutter / lock nut, regulating nut, adjusting nut.
Stellring m adjusting ring (fuze).
Stellschlüssel m fuze wrench; adjusting wrench.
Stellschraube / set screw, regulating screw, adjusting screw.
Stellung / position, emplacement.
Stellungnahme / commentary (Tac); expression of opinion.
Stellungsabschnitt m sector of occupied position.
Stellungsbau m construction of field fortifications.
Stellungskampf m position warfare, combat from fortified positions.
Stellungskrieg m war of position, position warfare.
Stellungsmeßblatt n battery survey chart.
Stellungsunterschied m perpendicular distance between two parallel lines of sight (such as that between the line: base point—aiming circle and the line parallel to it running through the base piece).
Stellungswechsel m change of position (Tac); gun displacement (Arty).
stellvertretend acting, deputy (adj).
Stellvertretender Chef des Generalstabes Deputy Chief of Staff.
stellvertretender Führer second-in-command.
Stellvertreter m deputy; substitute.
Stellwerk n switch tower, switch control room (RR).
Stempel m stamp, seal; punch (Tech).
Stempelkissen n stamp pad.
Stempelplatte / inspection-mark plate (R). '
Sterbegeld n gratuity upon death.
Sternbild n constellation.
Sternbündel n star cluster (signal).
Sternmotor m radial engine.
Sternplatte / multiple-connection plate (stadia rod).
Sternschaltung / Y-connection (Elec).
Sternsignal n signal flare.
Sternverkehr m "star" traffic (radio net traffic in which several stations communicate only one at a time with the net control station, the other stations listening in).
Sternwarte / observatory.
stetig constant, steady, uniform, continuous.
Steuer n control, steering wheel.
Steuer / tax.
Steuerbord m starboard.
Steuerfläche / control surface (Ap); stabilizing fin (Mort shell).
Steuerflügel m stabilizing fin (bomb).
Steuergitter n control grid (Rad tube).
Steuerhebel m elevator control lever (Ap).
Steuerknüppel m control stick (Ap).
Steuerkompaß m steering compass.
Steuerkurs m heading (Air Navigation).
steuern steer, control.
Steuerorgane npl controls (Ap).
Steuerrad n control wheel (Ap); steering wheel (MT); timing gear (Mtr).
Steuerröhre / master oscillator tube (Rad).
Steuerruder n rudder (ship).
Steuersack m, rudder lobe (Bin).
Steuersäule / control column (Ap); steering column (MT).
Steuersender m master oscillator (Rad).
Steuerstrich m lubber line (Ap compass).
Steuerstufe / master oscillator stage (Rad).
Steuerung / controls (Ap); timing, synchronization (Mtr); steering system (MT).
Steuerwelle / control shaft (Ap); camshaft (Mtr).
Steven m stem or stern (Nav).
Stich m thrust, stab; stitch; bite, sting; hitch, knot.
Sticheisen n cutting spade (Engr).
Stichgleis n firing spur (RR Arty).
Stichprobe / sample taken at random.
Stichwaffe / thrusting weapon.
Stichwort n cue; catchword; code word.
Sticjizähler m tachometer (Ap).
Stickstoff m nitrogen.
Stickstofflost n nitrogen mustard gas.
Stiefel m boot.
Stiefelschaft m leg of boot.
Stiel m strut (Ap); spar, compression member (Bdg); handle, holder; stick.
Stielgranate / See Stielhandgranate.
Stielhandgranate / stick hand grenade, "potato-masher" hand grenade.
Stift m brad, holder, pin, prong, peg, "Stillgesessen!" "Attention!" (mounted drill).
"Stillgestanden!" "Attention!" (dismounted drill).
Stimmung / morale, mood, atmosphere.
Stirn / forehead.
Stirnangriff m frontal attack.
Stirnansicht / bow-on view (Tk); front view.
Stirnband n forehead strap (gas mask).
Stirnfläche / frontal area.
Stirnpanzer m front armor.
Stirnrad n spur gear.
Stirnriemen m brow band (harness).
Stirnschattenriß m bow-on silhouette (practice target).
Stirnseite / front (Tk).
Stirnwiderstand m head resistance.
Stirnwind m headwind.
Stock m cleaning rod (R); stick, baton, picket, pole; floor, story.
Stockmine / antipersonnel picket-type mine; stake mine (concrete antipersonnel mine).
Stockung / block, jam, stoppage.
Stoff m fabric, material, substance.
Stoffbahn / panel, canopy (Prcht).
Stoffbespannung / fabric covering (Ap).
Stoffgliederung / classification of equipment.
Stoffgurt m web belt.
Stollen m tunnel (Engr).
Stolperdraht m trip wire.
Stolperdrahtfeld n field of trip-wire obstacles.
Stolperdrahthindernis n trip-wire entanglement.
Stolperdrahtmine / trip-wire mine.
stolpern to trip.
Stopfbüchse / gland; stuffing box (Mech).
"Stopfen!" "Suspend firing!" See also "Feuerpause!" stoppen to stop; to time with a stop watch.
Stoppuhr / time interval recorder, stop watch. Stopp- und Schlußlicht n stop and taillight (MT).
Stoppzeit / time interval, time difference, time lag (FR); sound travel time (SR).
Stöpsel m plug (Tp); stopper.
stöpseln to plug in (Rad, Tp).
Störangriff m nuisance raid.
Storch m a German liaison airplane.
Storchschnabel m pantograph.
Störeinsatz m nuisance raid (Avn).
stören harass (Tac); jam, interfere (Rad).
Störflieger m nuisance raider, sneak raider (Avn).
Störflug m nuisance raid (Avn).
Störflugzeug n nuisance raider (Ap).
Störfrequenz / interfering frequency, undesired frequency (Rad).
Störfunkstelle / jamming station (Rad).
Störgeräusch n static, interference (Rad).
Störschutz m radio noise suppressor.
Störstelle / See Störfunkstelle.
Störung / disturbance, annoyance; interference, static, jamming (Rad);
stoppage (MG); breakdown.
Störungsdienst m trouble-shooting service, maintenance service.
Störungsfeuer n harassing fire (Arty).
Störungsflug m nuisance raid.
Störungssucher m trouble shooter, maintenance man (Tp).
Störungssuchtrupp m wire patrol (field Tp).
Stoß m thrust, lunge, shock, kick, blow, push; burst (MG fire).
Stoßarmee / main-attack army.'
Stoßbalken m abutment beam (Bdg).
Stoßboden m breechblock (Ord); diaphragm (shrapnel).
Stoßbohle / end dam (Bdg).
Stoßdämpfer m shock absorber (MT).
Stößel m valve lifter (Mtr); rammer (fuze).
Stößelführung / valve-lifter guide (Mtr).
Stößelschraube / valve-lifter adjusting nut (Mtr).
stoßempfindlich sensitive to shock (explosives).
stoßen to push, thrust, lunge, strike.
Stoßfänger m bumper (MT).
Stoßkappenmine / contact mine (Nav).
Stoßkeil m spearhead (Tac).
Stoßkraft / shock power, striking power.
Stoßlinie / thrust line, line of attack (Tac).
Stoßmine / contact mine (Nav).
Stoßrad n shock-absorber wheel (Tk).
Stoßreserve / local supports in assault (Tac).
Stoßscheibe / diaphragm (shrapnel); lock washer (for wheel bearing).
stoßsicher insensitive to shock (explosives).
Stoßstange/ push rod; bumper.
Stoßtrupp vi combat patrol, assault detachment.
Stoßtruppen fpl shock troops, assault troops.
Stoßtruppspioniere mpl assault engineers.
Stoßtruppunternehmung / raid (Tac).
Stoßwaffe / thrusting weapon.
stoßweises Feuer intermittent fire, interrupted fire, fire by bursts or volleys.
Stoßzündung / contact fire (Nav).
Strafbuch n punishment book.
Strafdienst m extra duty.
Strafe / punishment.
Straffeuer n retaliation fire.
Strahl m ray, beam (of light, etc.); jet, squirt (of a liquid, etc.); frog (of hoof).
Strahldrehung / rotation of the slipstream (propeller).
Strahlenzieher m protractor.
Strahlung / radiation.
Strahlungsablenkung / radio wave deflection.
Strand m beach, shore.
Strang m strand, rope, strap.
Stranglaufe / lazy strap (harness).
Strangträger m See Stranglaufe.
Straße / street, road, highway, route.
Straßenbaubataillon n road-construction battalion.
Straßenbaudienst m road-construction and maintenance service.
Straßenbiegung / road curve, road bend.
Straßendamm m causeway, embanked road.
Straßendecke / road surface.
Straßendisziplin / road discipline.
Straßendreieck n triangular road junction.
Straßeneinmündung / side road joining main highway.
Straßen-Entgiftungsabteilung / road decontamination battalion.
Straßengabel / road fork.
straßengängig roadbound.
Straßengraben m road ditch.
Straßenkampf m street fighting.
Straßenknie n V-turn (road).
Straßenknotenpunkt on road intersection, road junction, road center.
Straßenkommandant m traffic control officer.
Straßenkommandantur / area road traffic control headquarters.
Straßenkreuzung / crossroads, in- • tersection.
Straßennetz n road net.
Straßensperre / road block.
Straßenspinne / multiple road junction.
Straßensprengung / road demolition.
Straßenstreife / street patrol.
Straßenüberführung / overpass.
Straßenunterführung / underpass.
Straßenverhältnisse npl road conditions.
Straßenwalze / road roller.
Straßenzucht / road discipline.
Stratege m strategist.
Strategie / strategy.
strategisch strategic.
strategische Einheit large unit (USA: Div and up; Ger: corps and up).
strategischer Rückzug Strategie withdrawal.
Strauch in bush, shrub.
Strauchbündel n fascine.
Strauchdamm m fascine road, brush road.
Strauchmaske / shrubbery screen, brushwood screen (Cam).
Strauchpackung / See Strauchwerk.
Strauchwerk n brusliwork.
Strauchwerkbekleidung / fascine revetment.
Strebe / diagonal strut (Ap); brace, tension member (Bdg).
Streckbalken m stringer (Bdg).
Strecke / span, bay, section (Bdg); stretch, length, distance; leg (of a route).
Streckenfeuer n course light, airway beacon.
Streckenzug m traverse (Surv).
Streich m cut, slash; coup; blow; trick.
streichen cross out, strike out, eliminate; strike (a flag); to back water.
Streichholz n match.
Streifabteilung / raiding party.
Streife / patrol, raiding party; guard sentinel (guard duty).
Streifen m band, strip, belt, sector.
streifen to patrol, reconnoiter; to graze.
Streifenplan m diagram of patrol posts.
Streifenweg m patrol post.
Streifkommando n raiding party.
streitig machen to contest.
Streubrandbombe / scatter bomb.
streuen to cover with zone fire (Arty); to cover with searching and traversing fire (MG); to strew, scatter; to be erratic, to have dispersion (G).
Streufeuer n zone fire (Arty); searching and traversing fire (MG).
Streukegel m sheaf of fire, cone of dispersion, cone of fire.
Streumine/ uncontrolled mine; stray mine (not laid according to regular pattern).
Streuschießen n zone fire (Gunnery).
Streutrommel / sprinkler drum or cart (for ground decontamination).
Streuung / dispersion (Ballistics).
Streuungsbereich m zone of dispersion (Ballistics).
Streuungsbild n dispersion diagram (Ballistics).
Streuungsfeuer n See Streufeuer.
Streuungsfläche / dispersion area (Ballistics).
Streuungsgarbe / See Streukegel.
Strich in artillery mil; stroke, line; dash (Tg); point (of compass); graduation, index line.
Stricheinteilung / graduation (specifically, mil graduation).
Strichfeuer n grazing fire (MG).
Strichmaß n marking gage.
Strichplatte / graduated range plate (MG mount); reticle (Optics).
Strick m rope, cord.
Strickjacke / knitted sweater (Clo).
Strickleiter / rope ladder.
Striegel m currycomb.
Stroboskop n stroboscope; protecto-scope (based on stroboscope principle) (Tk).
Stroh n straw.
Strohpuppe / dummy (Tng).
Strom m current (Elec); stream, river.
Stromaggregat n generating unit.
Stromanker m upstream anchor (Bdg).
Stromaufnahme / current draw (Elec).
Strombord m offshore side.
Stromerzeuger m generator (Elec).
Stromfahrzeug n river craft (Pon, assault boat, etc.).
Stromfluß m current flow (Elec).
Stromform / See Stromlinienform.
Stromgeschwindigkeit / speed of current.
Stromkreis m circuit (Elec).
Stromleine / upstream tension line (Bdg).
Stromlinienform / streamline shape.
Strommesser m ammeter.
Strommeßgerät n current measuring instrument (Elec).
Stromquelle / source of current (Elec); power source (Rad).
Stromschiene / live rail, third rail (RR); bus bar (Elec).
Stromsicherungsbataillon n electric cable maintenance battalion.
Stromstärke / amperage.
Stromstoß m current impulse, current surge (Elec).
Stromstrich m course of current (line joining -points of greatest surface speed of a river current).
Strömung / current, flow.
Strömungslehre / fluid mechanics.
Stromunterbrecher m circuit breaker (Elec).
Stromverbraucher m outlet, current consumer (Elec).
Stromzufuhr / current supply, power supply (Elec).
Strumpf m stocking.
Stubenältester m barracks leader, squad-room leader.
Stubenarrest m arrest in quarters.
Stufe / stage, step; muzzle-velocity correction value (Ballistics).
Stufeneinheit / See Grundstufe.
Stufenfallschirm m lobe parachute.
Stufenformation / stepped-up (or stepped-down) formation (Avn).
Stufenlader m multistage supercharger.
Stufensender m multistage transmitter.
Stufung / step-up ( -down) distance, staggering, stagger distance (formation flying).
Stuhl m chair; excrement, feces.
Stuka n dive bomber (abbr. of
Stukaangriff m dive-bombing attack.
Stukabremse / diving brake (Ap).
Stukaflieger m dive-bomber pilot.
Stumpf m stump.
stumpf adj blunt, dull; worn out; obtuse.
stumpfer Winkel obtuse angle.
Stundenwinkel m hour angle.
Sturm m assault, onrush, onslaught; storm; an SS company.
Sturmabteilung / storm trooper detachment of Nazi party (abbr. SA).
Siurmabteilungsmann m storm trooper.
Sturmabzeichen n assault badge (decoration).
Sturmangriff m assault, onrush, onslaught.
Sturmartillerie / assault artillery.
Sturmausgangsstellung ' / assault position, jump-off position.
Sturmbann m SS or SA battalion.
Sturmbannführer m See SS-Sturm-bannfiihrer.
Sturmbataillon n assault battalion, shock battalion.
Sturmboot n assault boat.
Sturmbootkommando n assault boat detachment.
Sturmdivision / assault division (honorary title for division with reduced Inf Pers and heavy firepower).
stürmen to assault, storm, rush.
Sturmgasse / assault gap (through obstacles).
Sturmgepäck n light equipment carried in assault (as distinguished from field pack).
Sturmgeschütz n assault gun (self-propelled).
Sturmgeschützabteilung / assault-gun battalion.
Sturmgeschützbatterie / assault-gun battery.
Sturmgeschützführer m assault-gun commander.
Sturmhaübitze / assault howitzer (self-propelled).
Sturmkanone / assault gun (self-propelled).
Sturmleiter / scaling ladder.
Sturmlücke / assault gap.
Sturmpanzer m assault tank.
Sturmpionier m combat engineer.
Sturmregiment n airborne assault regiment. '
Sturmreifmachung / "softening up" (by bombing or Arty fire).
Sturmreifschießen n artillery preparation, "softening up."
Sturmriemen m chin strap (headgear).
Sturmschritt m fast run.
Sturmtrupp m assault detachment.
Sturmwelle / assault wave (Tac).
Sturmwind m gale.
Sturz m plunge, dive, fall; camber, caster (MT).
Sturzangriff m diving attack (Avn).
Sturzbett r. streambed at downstream base of dam.
Sturzbomben n dive bombing.
stürzen to dive, crash, plunge; to rush, assault; to fall.
Sturzflug m dive.
Sturzflug-Automatik / automatic dive control (Ap).
Sturzflugbremse / diving brake (Ap).
Sturzflug mit Endgeschwindigkeit terminal velocity dive (Avn).
Sturzgeschwindigkeit / diving speed (Ap).
Sturzhelm m crash helmet. Sturzkampfflieger m dive-bomber pilot. ,
Sturzkampfflugzeug n dive bomber (abbr. Stuka).
Sturzkampfgeschwader n wing of dive bombers (Avn).
Sturzsirene / dive siren (dive-bomber).
Sturzspirale / spiral dive (Avn). Sturzvisier n dive-bombing sight (Avn).
Sturzwehr n spillway weir. Sturzwinkel m angle of dive, diving angle (Avn).
Stütze / support, prop.
Stiitzflosse / inboard stabilizing float (seaplane).
Stützpunkt TO organized tactical locality, strong point; base; point of support (structures).
Stützpunktschiff n aircraft tender.
Stützrolle / track-supporting roller (Tk).
Stützschwimmer TO fixed wing float (flying boat).
Stützweite / span between supports (Bdg).
Stuvi n dive-bombing sight (abbr. for Sturzvisier).
Suchanker m grapnel.
suchen to search.
Sucher TO spotlight (MT); view finder (Optics).
Sucherde / ground detector for telephone interception.
Sucherfernrohr n finder telescope (height finder).
Suchgerätsempfänger m search receiver (Ap, Rad).
Süden TO south.
Summer TO buzzer.
Summeranruf TO buzzer signal (Tp).
Summerknopf m buzzer button (Tp).
Summerzusatz TO buzzer set (Tp).
Sumpf TO marsh, swamp, bog.
Sumpffieber n malaria.
Synchrongetriebe n synchro-mesh transmission (MT).
Synchronisator m impulse generator mechanism (Ap),


Tabelle / chart.
Tabellenzeichner m cartographer.
Tachodynamo TO generator voltmeter tachometer (AA gun).
Tachograph TO speedometer combined with odometer (MT).
Tafel / table; list; chart, diagram; blackboard.
Tagebuch n log book, diary, journal.
Tagegeld n per diem allowance.
Tagesanbruch m daybreak.
Tagesangriff m daylight attack; daylight raid (Avn).
Tagesbefehl TO order of the day; special orders.
Tageseinflüsse mpl ballistic density and wind factors.
Tageskilometerzähler m trip mileage odometer (speedometer).
Tageskost / day's rations, food for one day.
Tagesmarsch m day's march.
Tagesrate / basic load (Am).
Tagessatz TO daily scale or quantity; daily ration quantity.
Tagestiefangriff TO daylight low-level attack (Avn).
Tagesverpflegung / daily ration.
Tagesversorgung / daily automatic supply.
Tagesvorstoß TO daylight raid, daylight thrust or advance.
Tagesziel n day's objective, day's destination; target of the day.
Tagjagd / daylight pursuit, daylight fighting, daylight interception (Avn).
Tagmarsch m day march.
Takt m stroke (Mtr).
Taktfeuer n blinker light.
Taktik / tactics.
Taktiker TO tactician.
taktisch tactical.
taktische Feuerbegriffe tactical fire classification (Arty).
taktische Unterstützung direct support (Avn, Tac).
taktischer Einsatz tactical employment.
taktischer Verband tactical unit.
taktisches Hindernis tactical obstacle.
taktisches Zeichen tactical symbol. Tal n valley.
Talnebel m ground fog (Met).
Talsperre / dam (large storage dam); reservoir.
Tambourstock m baton.
Tangens m tangent (trigonometrical function).
Tangente / tangent (geometry).
Tank m tank.
Tankanlagen fpl fuel tank installations.
Tankbüchse / antitank rifle.
Tankdampfer m tanker (Nav).
tanken to fuel, refuel, to fill (a gasoline tank).
Tankfalle / tank trap.
Tankgraben m antitank ditch.
Tankprahm m fuel tender (Nav).
Tankschiff n tanker (Nav).
Tankstelle / filling station (MT).
Tankwagen m tank truck (MT); tank car (RR).
Tapferkeitsmedaille / medal awarded for bravery.
Tarnanstrich m camouflage painting.
Tarnausweis m special deceptive identification card (carried on missions where capture by the enemy is likely).
Tarndecke / covering, flat-top (Cam).
Tarndisziplin / camouflage discipline.
tarnen to camouflage.
Tarnjacke / camouflage jacket.
Tarnkappe / helmet cover (Gam).
Tarnmittel n camouflage material.
Tarnnetz n camouflage net, drape; apron (G emplacement, Cam).
Tarnscheinwerfer m blackout driving light (MT).
Tarnüberwachung / camouflage inspection.
Tarnung / camouflage.
Tarnungsfarbe / camouflage paint.
Tarnungsgeflecht n netting (Cam).
Tarnungstruppe / camouflage troops.
Tarnzeltbahn / camouflage cape.
Tasche / bag, pocket, pouch; link (of cartridge belt); boot (SA); carrier, case.
Taschenbehälter m pocket flask.
Taschenlampe / flashlight.
Taschenmesser n pocket knife.
Taschenmunition / small arms ammunition in pouches.
Taste / key (Rad, Tg).
tasten to key, send by key (Tg, Rad).
Tastfunk m cw transmission (Rad).
Tastgerät n keyer (Rad).
Tastverkehr m cw communication (Rad).
Tatbericht m detailed report, bill of particulars.
Tätigkeit / activity.
tatsächliche Schußweite actual range (Gunnery).
Tau n rope, tow rope; trace (harness).
Tau m dew.
Taube / pigeon.
Taubenschießen n skeet shooting.
Taucher m diver (Nav). See also Torpedotaucher.
Tauchgerät n diving apparatus (Nav).
Tauchrohr n spray-nozzle tube (carburetor).
tauglich physically fit, able-bodied.
Taukranz m grommet.
Taupunkt m dew point.
Tausch m exchange.
täuschen deceive.
Täuschung / deception.
Täuschungsangriff m feint attack, diversion.
Täuschungsmanöver n demonstration, feint (Tac).
Tauträger m lazy strap (harness).
Techniker m technician.
technische Dienstzweige technical services.
technische Eignungsprüfung mechanical aptitude test.
technische Kompanie BT mining company (Mil).
technische Kompanie E electricity company (Mil).
technische Kompanie GW gas and water company (Mil).
Technische Nothilfe Technical Emergency Corps (used for Civ defense in Z of I and for maintenance, bomb disposal, restoration of public utilities, etc., .in T of Opns and occupied territory).
Technisches Amt Technical Office (department of Ger Air Ministry, dealing with research, procurement and testing).
Teer m tar.
Teich m pond.
Teileinheit / basic, self-sufficient element of a unit. See also Einheitsprinzip.
teilen to divide.
Teilgebiet n subarea.
Teilkreis des Höhenrichttriebs eleva-vation circle (G).
Teilladung / increment, increment section (separate-loading Am).
teilmotorisiert semi-motorized.
Teilplatte / graduated scale.
Teilring m azimuth micrometer (telescopic sight).
Teilringänderung / azimuth change (telescopic sight).
Teilringeinstellung / azimuth adjustment, azimuth setting.
Teilringzahl / azimuth reading.
Teilscheibe / graduated scale; inter-pupillary-distance scale (binocular); elevation micrometer (panoramic telescope); graduated disk (plotting protractor).
Teilstrich m mil (Arty); dial division (Rad); scale division (Inst).
Teilstrichteilung / mil graduation.
Teiltrommel / micrometer knob (on (panoramic or BC telescope); range drum.
Teilung / graduation, scale; division, separation.
Telefunken trade name of German company manufacturing electronic equipment.
Telegraphenleitung / telegraph line.
Telegraphennetz n wire net (Tg).
Telegraphenstange / telegraph pole.
Tellermine / antitank mine.
Tellersäule / float column (AA gun outrigger).
Tellertrudeln n flat spin (Avn).
Tellerventil n poppet valve (Mtr).
Temperatureinflüsse mpl elasticity effect; temperature factors (Ballistics).
Temperaturgradient m temperature gradient (Met). vertikaler Temperaturgradient lapse rate.
Temperaturmesser m temperature gage (Mtr).
Temperaturschwankung / temperature variation.
Teno / See Technische Nothilfe.
Termin m dead line.
Terrorangriff m terror raid (Avn).
Tetrachlorkohlenstoff m carbon tetra-chloride.
Thermiksegeln n thermal soaring (glider).
Thermitbombe / thermite bomb.
Thermitladung / thermite charge (incendiary bomb).
Thermokreuzinstrument. n thermocouple meter.
Thermosyphonkiihlung / gravity-system water cooling (Mtr).
Tief n cyclone, depression (Met).
Tiefanflug m low-level approach (Avn).
Tiefangriff m low-level attack (Avn).
Tiefbau m surface construction (Tp line); subsurface construction (Engr).
Tiefbettfelge / drop-base rim (MT).
Tiefdecker m low-wing monoplane.
Tiefe / depth.
Tiefenabstand m distance (from front to rear).
Tiefenausdehnung / • extension in depth (Tac).
Tiefenfeuer n searching fire (MG).
Tiefenfeuereinrichtung / searching-fire device (MG).
Tiefenfeuertafel / searching-fire table (MG).
Tiefengliederung / distribution in depth, disposition in depth (Tac).
Tiefenkreuzverspannung / longitudinal cross bracing (Ap).
Tiefenlehre / depth micrometer, depth gage.
Tiefenstaffelung / echelonment in depth (Tac).
Tiefenstreuung / range dispersion on horizontal target (Ballistics).
Tiefenverspannung / longitudinal cross bracing (Ap).
Tiefenwinkel m angle of depression (Surv).
Tiefenzone / zone of resistance (organized in depth).
Tiefflieger m low-flying airplane.
Tiefflug m low-level flight, hedge-hopping (Avn).
Tiefflugangriff m low-level attack.
Tiefgang m draught (Nav).
tief gegliedert distributed in depth.
tiefgestaffelt echeloned in depth
Tiefladeanhänger TO flatbed trailer, tank transporter trailer.
Tiefladelinie / load line (Nav).
Tiefseekabel n marine cable.
Tiegelgußstahl m crucible steel.
Tierarzt m veterinarian.
Titantetrachlorid n titanium tetra-chloride (CWS).
T-Mine / See Tellermine.
Tochterkompaß m repeater compass (Ap).
tödliche Menge killing concentration (CWS).
Toleranz / tolerance (Tech).
Tolit n trinitrotoluol.
Tolita n See Tolit.
Ton m sound; tone (Photo); clay.
Tonarm TO pick-up arm (phonograph).
tönend icw (marking on Rad set).
Tonfrequenz / audio frequency (Rad).
Tonfrequenzbereich m audio-frequency ränge (Rad).
Tonhacke / mattock.
Tonhöhe / pitch (sound).
tonlos cw (marking on Rad set).
Tonne / metric ton (=1.102 short tons); buoy (Nav); barrel, cask, drum.
Tonnenbrücke / improvised floating bridge of barrels or drums.
Tonnenfähre / barrel raft.
Tonnenfloß n barrel float.
Tonnenlager n spherical roller bearing.
Tontaubenschießen n skeet shooting.
Tontaubenschießstand m skeet range.
Tönung / tone (Photo).
Tonwagen m sound truck (film unit).
Tonwiedergabe / sound reproduction.
Topf m pot; container (hand grenade).
Tor n large gate.
Tornister m pack, field pack, knapsack, haversack.
Tornisterempfänger m portable receiver, pack receiver (Rad).
Tornisterfiltergerät n pack-type water purification unit.
Tornisterfunkgerät n pack radio set, portable radio set.
Tornisterfunktrupp TO portable-radio . section.
Tornisterklappe / pack flap.
torpedieren to torpedo.
Torpedo n torpedo.
Torpedoabwurf m torpedo release (Avn).
Torpedoausstoßrohr n torpedo tube.
Torpedobootzerstörer TO destroyer (Nav).
Torpedoflieger m torpedo bomber;
torpedo-bomber pilot.
Torpedoflugzeug n torpedo bomber.
Torpedojäger m fighter-type torpedo bomber (Ap).
Torpedorohr n torpedo tube. Torpedoschnellboot n motor torpedo boat.
Torpedoschutznetz n torpedo defense net.
Torpedotaucher m deep-sea diver (Nav).
Torpedotreffer TO torpedo hit.
Torpedo-Waffenleitvormann m torpedoman (Nav).
Torpedowulst m blister (Nav).
Torpedowurf m torpedo release (Avn).
Torsionsstab m torsion rod (MT). tot dead.
Totalausfall m total loss.
totaler Krieg total war.
töten to kill.
Totenkopfverbände mpl See SS-Toten-kopfverbände.
toter Gang steering play (MT); backlash, play, lost motion (Mech); free travel (of clutch pedal).
toter Schußraum dead area, dead space.
toter Trichter dead space (AA gun).
toter Winkel dead space.
tote Zone skip zone (Rad).
Totpunkt m dead center (Mtr).
Totschläger tn blackjack.
Tracht / saddle cover (pack saddle).
Trachte / wall, periople (hoof).
Trachtenkissen n saddle pad.
Tragbalken m balk, stringer (Bdg).
Tragband n carrying strap (gas mask).
tragbar portable.
Tragbeutel m gas-mask carrier.
Tragbüchse / gas-mask carrier (metal type).
Tragdeck n wing (Ap).
Trage / litter, stretcher (Med).
Tragegestell w pack frame (pack saddle).
Tragegurt m carrying strap, supporting strap.
Tragepolster n carrying pad (MG).
Träger m carrier, mount, support, beam.
Tragerand m bearing surface (hoof).
Trageriemen m carrying strap, carrying sling.
Trägerstrom m carrier current (Tp).
Trägerwelle / carrier wave (Rad).
Tragesattel m pack saddle.
Trageschiene / frame rib (pack saddle).
Tragevorrichtung / scabbard (R).
Tragfähigkeit / load capacity (Bdg); ton capacity, passenger capacity (MT, Ap); gallon capacity (tank Trk).
Tragfeder / suspension spring (split-trail carriage).
Tragfläche / airfoil (Ap).
Tragflächenumriß m airfoil profile.
Tragflügel m wing (Ap).
Tragflügelende n wing tip (Ap).
Tragflügelhinterkante / trailing edge of wing (Ap).
Tragflügelprofil n wing profile.
Trägheit / inertia (Mech).
Trägheitsmoment n moment of inertia.
Traglast / load (Ap, MT); pack (pack animals).
Tragpferd n pack horse.
Tragriemen m neck strap (pack saddle).
Tragrolle / See Laufrolle.
Tragschrauber m autogiro, gyroplane.
Tragtier n pack animal.Tragtierbeförderung / pack transportation.
Tragtierkolonne / pack train.
Tragvorrichtung / bomb shackle (Ap).
Tragwerk n wing assembly (Ap).
Tragzapfen m trunnion.
Trampelpfad m beaten path, beaten track.
Trampelweg m See Trampelpfad.
Tränengas n lacrimator gas, tear gas.
Tränengaskerze / tear-gas candle (CWS).
Tränengasstoff m CN solution.
Tränenstoffkerze / tear gas pot (CWS).
Tränken n watering (of animals).
Transportb^fehl m movement order.
Transporter m transport (Avn, Nav).
Transportflugwesen n transport aviation.
Transportflugzeug n transport airplane.
Transportführer m transportation officer, train commander (RR).
Transportgeschwader n transport wing, transport command (Avn).
Transportglied n ferry element (one of a train of towed ferries).
Transportkolonne / motor transport column.
Transportkommandantur / transport control headquarters (RR).
Transportluftfahrt / transport aviation.
Transportmittel n means of transportation.
Transportoffizier m transportation officer (RR).
transportsicherer Zünder shipment-safe fuze (Am).
Transportsperre / embargo (on truck, RR, and ship movements).
Transportstaffel / transport squadron (Avn)..
Transporttau n handling line (Bin).
Transportübersicht / transportation table, table of movements.
Transportverbot n embargo (on truck, RR, and ship movements).
Transportwesen.« transportation system.
Transversalmaßstab m interpolating scale (Surv).
Trapez n trapezoid (Math); suspension frame (Bin).
Trapez-Fachwerkträger m Warren truss, trapezoidal truss.
Trassierband n tracing tape (CWS, Engr).
Trauerfeier / funeral; commemoration services.
Trauergefolge n funeral escort.
Traverse / crossbar (split-trail carriage); traverse (Ft).
Trecker m tractor (MT).
Treffaussicht / probability of hit.
Treffbild n shot group, dispersion pattern; recording target (Tng).
Treffen n encounter, shock of assault; wave of tanks; phase of attack.
treffen to hit, meet, strike; guess; take (measures).
Treffentfernung / slant range to future position (AAA).
treffenweise in depth, in echelon.
treffenweise Aufstellung disposition in depth (Tac).
Treffer m hit.
Treffer erzielen to score hits.
TreflFergebnis n score (firing or bombing).
Trefferraum m zone of dispersion (Ballistics).
Treffer verzeichnen to register hits.
Treffgenauigkeit / accuracy of fire; accuracy of practice.
Treffhöhe / altitude of target at future position (AA gunnery).
Treffläche / target area.
Treffpunkt m point of impact, objective point (Arty); future position (AAA); meeting point, rendezvous.
Treffpunktentfernung / slant range to future position of target (AA gunnery).
Treffsicherheit /' accuracy of fire.
Treff Wahrscheinlichkeit / expectancy or probability of hitting (Arty).
Treffwahrscheinlichkeit der Waffe developed armament probable error.
treiben impel, drive, propel; drift.
Treibachse / driving axle (MT).
Treibgas n wood gas (MT); propellent gas (Bin).
Treibgasmotor m wood-gas engine (MT).
Treibholz n driftwood.
Treibladung / propellent charge (Am).
Treibmine / floating mine, unan-chored automatic contact mine.
Treibmittel n propellant (Am).
Treibscheibe / diaphragm (case shot).
Treibstoff m engine fuel.
Treibstoffbehälter m fuel tank (MT, Ap).
Treibstofflager n fuel dump.
treideln to tow boats from land.
trennen disconnect, cut off, divide, separate.
Trennklinke / disconnect jack (Tp).
Trennschärfe / selectivity (Rad).
Trennschnitt m line of breach (demolitions).
Trennung / break (Rad procedure); disconnection, separation.
Trennungsbahnhof m junction (RR).
Trennungslinie / boundary (Tac).
Trense / bit, snaffle (harness).
Trensengebiß n snaffle bit (harness).
Trensenzügel m snaffle rein (harness).
Tresse / braid (Clo).
"Treten Sie ab!" "Dismissed!" (formal style, to an individual).
Tretmine / tread mine (pressure-ignited antipersonnel mine).
Tretmotor m pedal-operated generator.
Tretsatz m pedal-operated generating unit.
Trichter m crater; funnel; cone; horn collector (AA sound locator).
Trichterlautsprecher m horn-type speaker, cone speaker (Rad).
Trichterfeld n shelled area, area pitted with shell craters.
Trichtergelände n shelled terrain, terrain pitted with shell craters.
Trichterladung / crater charge (Engr).
Trieb m drive; drift; impulse; instinct.
Triebrad n driving sprocket (Tk).
Triebsand m drift sand, loose sand, silt.
Triebscheibe / knob, micrometer head (Optics, Ord).
Triebscheibe zur Höhenrichtung elevating knob (Optics, Ord).
Triebscheibe zur Seitenrichtung azimuth knob (Optics, Ord).
Triebschraube / upper prism micrometer head (panoramic sight).
Triebwerk n power plant (Ap, MT).
Triebzahn m connector (caterpillar track).
trigonometrischer Punkt triangula-tion point, primary traverse station.
Trilit n trinitrotoluol.
Trimmklappe / trim tab (Ap).
Trimmruder n trim tab, balance tab, servo tab (Ap).
Trimmvorrichtung / flight control surfaces used for trimming (Ap).
trinkbar potable.
Trinkbecher m drinking cup.
Trinkwasser n drinking water.
Trinkwasserbereiter m water purification unit.
Tripelstreifen m special prism used to direct the beam of a signal lamp.
Tripper m gonorrhea.
Tritt m step, pace, tread.
Trittbrett n running board (MT).
Trockendock n dry dock.
Trockenelement n dry cell (Elec).
Trockengelenk n flexifle-disk joint (MT).
Trockengleichrichter m dry cell rectifier (Rad).
Trockensumpfschmierung / dry-sump lubrication (Mtr).
Troddel / bayonet tassel.
Trog m trough.
Trombe / cyclone, tornado.
Trommel / drum; dial; range drum (sight mount); micrometer drum (panoramic sight); metal drum (for belt Am).
Trommelfell n eardrum.
Trommelfellverletzter m person with punctured eardrums.
Trommelfeuer n drum fire, heavy barrage (Arty).
Trommelmagazin n drum magazine (MG).
Trommelmagazinzuführung / drum feed (MG).
Trommelwirbel m drum roll.
Trommelzeiger m drum index (sight mount, panoramic sight).
Trommler m drummer.
Trompete / bugle.
Trompetensignal n bugle call.
Trompeter m bugler.
tropenbeständig suitable for use in tropical climates.
Tropenhelm m pith helmet, sun helmet.
Tropenkraftstoff m tropical gasoline.
Tröpfchen n droplet, vapor particle (CWS).
Tropfen m drop (of water, etc.).
tropische Warmluft tropical air (Met).
Troß m train (combat, supply, or baggage).
Trosse / hawser.
Troßfahrzeug n- train vehicle (supply, baggage, etc.).
Trotyl n trinitrotoluol.
trudeln to spin (Ap).
Trümmer pl debris.
Trupp m detachment, section, squad, team, detail, party (pl Trupps) (to be distinguished from Truppe).
Truppe / collective term for field elements of armed forces; unit; arm or branch of service (to be distinguished from Trupp).
Truppen fpl troops.
Truppenansammlung / concentration of troops.
Truppenarzt m medical officer.
Truppenausladung / detraining of troops.
Truppenausweis / soldier's identification card.
Truppenbefehlshaber m commander of troops.
Truppenbeförderung / transportation of troops.
Truppenbereitstellung / assembly of troops.
Truppenbewegung / troop movement.
Truppendienst m service with troops, duty with troops.
Truppeneinheit / troop unit (usually has uniform type of weapons, as distinguished from Truppenverband, combined-arms unit).
Truppeneinladung / entraining of troops.
Truppeneinteilung / order of battle; disposition of troops; allotment or allocation of troops; conventional sequence by arms and services (in orders).
Truppenentgiftung / decontamination of personnel (CWS).
Truppenentgiftungskompanie / personnel decontamination company.
Truppenführer m commander, commanding officer (generally of a combined-arms force); task force commander.
Truppenführung / leading of troops, conduct of field operations (title of Ger manual corresponding to Field Service Regulations: Operations).
Truppengattung / branch of service.
Truppengebrauch m military usage, military custom.
Tuppengeländebesprechung / junior-command field critique (maneuvers).
Truppengeneralstab m general staff with troops.
Truppenlager n camp.
Truppenmarketenderei / post exchange.
Truppenmasse / troop concentration.
Truppennachrichtenoffizier m unit communication officer.
Truppennachrichtenverband m communication unit.
Truppennachrichtenzug m unit communication platoon.
Truppenoffizier m line officer, officer of the line.
Truppenschiedsrichter m unit umpire (maneuvers).
Truppenteil m unit.
Truppentransport m troop transport.
Truppentransporter m troop carrier (Ap); troop transport (Ap, Nav); troopship.
Truppentransport-Flugzeug n troop carrier airplane.
Truppentransportschiff n troop transport, troopship.
Truppentransportzug m troop train.
Truppenübungen fpl field maneuvers.
Truppenübungsplatz m troop training camp, troop training grounds.
Truppenunterkunft / barracks, quarters, billet.
Truppenverband m mixed force, combined-arms unit.
Truppenverbandplatz m aid station (Med).
Truppenvermessungsdienst m field survey service.
Truppenwetterdienst m field meteorological service.
Truppführer m leader of a Trupp; corporal (Reich Labor Service). l.MG-Truppführer light MG team leader (R squad);
T-Stoff m lacrimator (abbr. of Tränenstoff).
Tucheinsatz m cloth filter.
Tuchzeichen n- ground panel, code panel.
Turbokompressor m centrifugal compressor, turbosupercharger.
Turm m tower; turret.
Turmanschluß m turret connection (Ap, Tk).
Turmaufsatz m cupola (Tk).
Turmgeschütz n turret gun.
Turmklappe / turret hatch (Tk).
Turmlafette / turret mount.
Turmluke / turret hatch (Tk).
Turmlukendeckel m turret hatch cover (Tk).
Turmschwenkwerk n turret traversing mechanism (Ap, Tk).
Turmzurrung / turret locking clamp (Ap, Tk).
Tutol n trinitrotoluol.
Typenbezeichnung / model designation.
Typennummer / model number.
Typenschild n name plate.


üben to practice, exercise, train.
überbau m superstructure.
Überbeanspruchung / overload (MechhÜberbelichtung / overexposure (Photo).
Überbestand m surplus stock (i.e., above authorized basic allowance).
Überdeckung / overlap (aerial Photo).
seitliche überdeckung sidelap (aerial Photo).
Überdruck m pressure above atmospheric pressure; pressure difference, excess pressure.
Überfall m raid, surprise attack (Tac); spillway (dam).
Überfallkommando n raiding party.
Überfallkrone / spillway crest (dam).
überfallwehr n spillway weir, overfall dam.
überflügeln outflank.
überflügelung / outflanking.
überfluten to flood, inundate.
Überflutung / flood, flooding, inundation.
überführen to ferry (Avn); to transport.
Überführung / overpass (RR).
Überführungsdienst m ferry service (Avn).
Überführungsflug m ferrying flight.
Übergabe / surrender, capitulation; handing over; giving up.
Übergabeverhandlungen fpl negotiations for surrender.
Übergang m transition; shifting; crossing.
Übergangsbahnhof m crossing station (RR).
Übergangsgebührnisse npl temporary monthly allowance paid on discharge (to ease transition to civilian life).
Übergangsgerät n stream-crossing equipment.
Übergangskegel m forcing cone (G tube).
Übergangsmittel npl stream-crossing means.
übergangsstellung / intermediate position.
Übergangstruppe / stream-crossing troops.
übergeben hand over, surrender. sich übergeben to vomit.
Überhang m overhang (Top, etc.); angle of approach (MT).
überhitzen overheat (an engine); superheat (steam).
Überhitzer m superheater.
überholen overtake; overhaul.
überholende Verfolgung encircling maneuver in pursuit.
Überholung / passing, overtaking (MT); encirclement (in pursuit) (Tac); overhauling (maintenance).
Überholungsabteilung / encircling detachment (in pursuit).
Überholungsgleis n passing siding (RR).
Überlagerungsempfänger m superheterodyne receiver (Rad).
Überlagerungsfrequenz / heterodyne frequency.
überlandflug m cross-country flight.
überlasten to overload.
Überläufer m deserter (to the enemy).
Überlaufrohr n overflow pipe.
Überlegenheit / superiority.
Übermacht / superior strength, superiority.
übermannen overcome, overpower.
Übermantel m overcoat.
Übernahme / taking over, assuming (a command, etc.); acceptance (of materiel, etc.).
überplanmäßig in excess of authorized strength or allowance.
überqueren to cross (a river, etc.).
Überraschung / surprise.
Übersättigung / supersaturation (Met).
Überschießen to fire over the heads of friendly troops; to fire beyond the target.
Überschießen eigener Truppen overhead firing (Gunnery).
Überschießen von Deckungen clearance of masks (Gunnery).
Überschießgrenze / corresponding range (Gunnery).
Überschießtafel / overhead firing table.
Überschlag m loop (Avn).
Überschlag- auf dem Boden ground loop (Avn).
überschlagen, sich to tumble (projectile); to roll over (Avn); to turn over (vehicles).
Überschlag über den Flügel barrel roll (Avn).
überschreiten to cross (a Bdg, road, etc.).
Überschreitfähigkeit / trench-crossing ability (Tk).
Überschrift / heading.
Überschußwasser n overflow water (dam).
überschwemmen to flood.
Überschwemmung / flood.
überschwer heavy (.50 caliber MG" as distinguished from, German "heavy" MG, which is .30 caliber and on tripod mount).
übersetzen to translate; to cross, to ferry.
übersetzen über Wasserläufe stream crossing.
Übersetzer m translator.
Übersetzfähre / ferry.
Übersetzgruppe / crossing detail.
Übersetzmittel n stream-crossing equipment.
Übersetzstelle / stream-crossing point, ferrying point, crossing site.
Übersetzung / translation; gear ratio, gear transmission (to increase speed).
Übersetzungsgetriebe n gear transmission (to increase speed).
Übersetzungsverhältnis n gear ratio.
Übersicht / survey; chart, plan, table; summary; synoptic view.
Übersichtsbild n index map (aerial Photo).
Übersteuerung / over bias (Rad); overloading (Elec, Rad).
Überstromkanal m bypass (Mtr).
Übertrager m transformer (Elec); repeating coil (Tp).
Übertragerkästchen n repeating coil unit (Tp).
Übertragungsgerät n data transmission system (AAA).
Übertragungskörper m induced-detonation charge.
Übertragungsladung / primer charge.
Übertrommel / range drum (sight mount).
überwachen to supervise, monitor, guard, police.
Überwachung / surveillance, observation; monitoring; guarding, policing.
überwältigen overcome, overpower.
Überwasserstreitkräfte fpl surface forces (Nav).
überweisen to allot; send, convey; to refer.
Überweisungsamt n toll station (Tp).
überwinden to overcome; surmount (obstacles); to force (a crossing, etc.); to conquer (the enemy, etc.).
überziehen to stall (Ap).
Überzug in cover, hood.
U-Boot n Submarine, U-boat (abbr. of Unterseeboot).
U-Boot-Bunker m submarine pen.
U-Bootjäger m submarine chaser.
U-Bootkrieg in submarine warfare.
U-Boot-Mutterschiff n submarine tender.
U-Bootnetz n submarine net.
U-Boot-Werft / submarine construction yard.
Übung / practice, exercise, training, drill, training maneuver.
Übungsflug m practice flight.
Übungsflugzeug n training airplane, trainer.
Übungsgerät n practice device, practice equipment.
Übungsgeschoß n training projectile, target-practice projectile.
Übungsgranate / practice shell (Am).
Übungshandgranate / practice grenade, training grenade.
Übungsladung / practice charge (Am).
Übungsleitung / director headquarters (maneuvers).
Übungsmaske / training mask (CWS).
Übungsmine / practice mine.
Übungsmunition / practice ammunition, training munitions.
Übungsreizstoff m irritant training agent (CWS).
Übungsriechstoff m odor-detection training agent (CWS).
Übungsschießen n practice firing.
Übungsverband m training unit.
Ufer n shore, bank.
Uferbalken m shore sill (Bdg).
Uferbrücke / single-span stringer bridge.
Uferschnellsteg m hasty single-span footbridge.
Uhr / watch, clock, timepiece; instrument dial.
Uhrenscheibe / target consisting of circle of silhouettes.
Uhrvergleich w synchronization of watches.
Uhrwerkantrieb m clockwork action (fuze).
Uhrwerkzünder m clockwork fuze (Am).
Uhrzeiger m clock hand; indicator (Inst).
im Gegensinn zum Uhrzeiger counterclockwise. im Sinne des Uhrzeigers clockwise.
Uhrzeit / clock time (such as 13U5; as distinguished from Zeit, time, in sense of "time length").
Uhrzeitangabe / time announcement, time signal.
Ultrakurzwelle / ultrashort wave, ultrahigh frequency (in strict sense, very high frequency, SO me. to 300 vie).
Ultrakurzwellenempfänger m ultra-high frequency receiver. See also Ultrakurzwelle.
Ultrakurzwellensender m ultrahigh frequency transmitter. See also Ultrakurzwelle.
umbilden reorganize.
Umbildung / reorganization.
Umdrehung / revolution (Mech).
Umdrehungszahl / number of revolutions, rpm.
Umdrehungszähler m tachometer.
Umdruck in mimeograph or offset reproduction.
Umfang m perimeter, scope, circumference.
umfassen to envelop (Tac).
Umfassung / envelopment (Tac).
Umformer m converter (Elec).
Umformersatz m converter unit (Elec).
Umgang m breeching (harness).
umgehen to turn, outflank (Tac); to detour, go around, bypass.
Umgehung / turning, outflanking (Tac); bypass (ing), detour (ing).
Umgehungsbewegung / turning
movement, outflanking movement.
umgliedern to reorganize.
Umgruppierung / regrouping.
Umhang m cape, cloak.
umhängen to sling (arms); take up (packs).
umkehren to reverse, turn over.
Umkehrgetriebe n reversing gear (in rear-axle differential of halftrack vehicle).
umkippen to tip over, to dump.
Umklammerung / envelopment, encirclement (Tac).
Umkreis m perimeter, circumference, periphery; radius.
Umladung / transshipment.
Umlauf m rotation; cycle; circulation; circular; side spillway (dam). in Umlauf to be circulated (documents).
Umlaufgetriebe n planetary gear.
Umlauf motor m rotary engine (Ap).
umleiten to reroute (traffic, etc.); to divert (a stream).
Umlenkrolle / deflecting pulley.
Umpolung / pole reversal (Elec).
Umrandung / edge, edging, border, border strip.
Umrandungsfeuer n boundary light (Adrm).
Umrechnung f conversion (Math).
Umrechnungstafel / conversion table.
Umschalteklinke / throwout (MG tripod).
umschalten to switch over; to change gear.
Umschaltepause / switch interval, answer lag (interphone).
Umschalter m change-over switch, selector switch (Elec).
Umschalthebel m change lever (automatic R).
Umschlag m application (Med).
umschlagen to transload; to fell (a tree); to break down from bulk to unit containers; to capsize (a boat); to change suddenly (wind, etc.).
Umschlagshafen m transshipment port.
Umschlagstelle / bulk reduction
point, transloading point, relay point.
umschulen to retrain.
umschwingen to veer.
Umweg m detour.
Umzäunung / enclosure.
unabhängig independent.
unabkömmlich irreplaceable, indispensable.
unangelehnte Flanke exposed flank.
unbefestigte Straße dirt road.
unbenutzbar unserviceable.
unbewaffnet unarmed.
unbrauchbar unserviceable.
Unbrauchbarmachung / destruction, rendering useless.
undicht leaky, permeable, not gasproof or waterproof.
Undichtigkeit / permeability, leakage.
undurchdringlich impermeable, impenetrable.
Undurchdringlichkeit / impermeability, impenetrability.
unentzündbar inert (Am).
unerlaubte Entfernung absence without leave.
Unfallbearbeitung / accident investigation.
ungedämpft undamped (Tech).
ungeeignet unqualified, unsuited, unsuitable.
ungefähr approximate.
Ungehorsam m disobedience.
ungeklärte Lage obscure situation (Tac).
ungepflastert unpaved.
ungeschützt exposed (Tac).
ungünstig unfavorable.
Uniform / uniform (Clo).
Uniformbezugschein m individual clothing slip.
Universalinstrument n transit (Surv).
unmittelbare Unterstützung direct support (Arty, Tac).
unregelmäßig irregular.
unscharf unarmed (fuze, etc.); blurred, out of focus (Optics).
unscharf machen disarm (Am).
unstarres Luftschiff nonrigid airship.
untauglich physically unfit for active service.
Unterabschnitt m subsector.
Unterarzt m medical noncommissioned officer (with rank of Master Sgt).
Unterbau m subgrade, foundation, substructure.
Unterbindung / choking off, forestalling, preventing (Tac).
unterbrechen interrupt.
Unterbrecher m contact breaker, interrupter (Elec).
Unterbrechung / interruption; cessation; suspension (of traffic).
unterbringen to billet, quarter; to store, stow.
Unterbringung / sheltering, quartering, billeting; quarters, billets; stowage position (of equipment in vehicle).
Unterbringungsgebiet n quartering area.
Unterdruck m vacuum, low pressure (below atmospheric pressure).
Unterdruckförderer m vacuum tank (MT).
Unterdruckkammer / low-pressure chamber.
Unterfeldmeister m staff sergeant (Reich Labor Service).
Unterfeldwebel m staff sergeant.
Unterführer m enlisted man tentatively selected for subsequent officer's training; subordinate commander.
untere Führung lower command (Regt and down).
Unterführung / underpass (RR).
untergebene Stellen lower commands.
untergeordnet inferior in rank, subordinate.
Untergurt m cincha (saddle); bottom chord (truss).
unterhaltener Fahrweg improved road.
Unterhaltsbevechtigter w dependent (entitled to dependency benefits).
Unterhaltung / maintenance; conversation; recreation, entertainment.
Unterhändler m negotiator, bearer of a flag of truce, parlementaire.
Unterhandlung / parley.
Unterholz n underbrush, undergrowth.
Unterkalibergeschoß n subcaliber projectile (Am).
Unterkunft / shelter, quarters, billets. freie Unterkunft quarters in kind.
Unterkunftsbezirk m shelter area, quartering area, billeting area.
Unterkunftsgruppe / billeting group.
Unterkunftsraum m shelter area, cantonment area.
Unterlafette / bottom gun carriage.
Unterlage / plane table (Arty,
Surv); datum; basis; document, record.
Ünterlagerungstelegraphie / sim-plexed telegraphy.
Unterlegbohlen fpl dunnage.
unterlegen inferior (in numbers).
Unterlegenheit f inferiority . (Tac).
Unterlegeplane / ground cloth (Bin).
Unterlegscheibe / washer.
Unternehmen n operation (Tac).
Unternehmung / operation (Tac).
Unteroffizier m noncommissioned officer; serg-eant.
Unteroffizieranwärter m candidate for noncommissioned rank.
Unteroffiziere mit Portepee noncommissioned officers from Feldwebel up.
Unteroffiziere ohne Portepee noncommissioned officers from Unteroffizier down.
Unteroffiziere und Mannschaften enlisted men.
unterpolstert padded.
Unterredung / parley.
Unterricht m instruction.
unterrichten instruct, teach.
Unterrichtstafel / demonstration chart (Tng).
Unterring m lower band (R).
Unterringfeder / lower band spring.
Unterschenkel m gaskin (horse).
Unterschied m difference.
Unter-Schiedsrichter m umpire assigned to a subordinate unit (generally an NCO).
Unterschild m apron shield, lower shield (G).
Unterschildträger m lower shield bracket (G).
Unterschlupf m cut-and-cover shelter, dugout.
Unterseeboot n U-boat, submarine.
Unterseite / underside, lower side; belly (Tk).
Untersetzung / reduction (Mech).
Untersetzungsgetriebe n reduction gear (MT).
Unterstand m shelter, protected shelter, dugout (Ft).
unterstellt, inferior in rank, subordinate.
unterstrom downstream.
Untersturmführer m See SS-Untersturmführer.
unterstützen to support.
Unterstützung / support (Tac).
Unterstützungsartillerie / supporting artillery.
Unterstützungsfeuer n supporting fire.
untersuchen inspect, examine; test; investigate.
Untersuchung / investigation, examination; surveillance (of Am and CWS supplies, etc.); inspection.
Untersuchungsstelle / test station (Tp).
Unterveterinär m veterinary noncommissioned officer (with rank of Master Sgt).
Unterwachtmeister m staff sergeant (Arty, Cav).
Unterwasserbombe / depth bomb, depth charge.
Unterwasserhorchgerät n hydrophone (Nav).
Unterwasserschneidetrupp vi underwater cutting and welding detachment.
Unterweisung / indoctrination, instruction.
Unterwerfung / subjection, subjugation, submission, surrender. ,.
Unterzug m transom (Bag).
Untiefen fpl shoals.
unverzüglich immediate.
unvorschriftsmäßig contrary to regulations, not prescribed, irregular.
Unwetter n bad weather, storm.
U-Rahmen m U-frame (tubular chassis).
Urbaumuster n original model, prototype (Ap, Tk, etc.).
Urkunde / document, permanent record.
Urkundenbeweis m documentary evidence.
Urlaub in leave, furlough, leave of absence.
Urlauber m man on leave, furlough, or pass.
Urlaubsschein m furlough certificate; leave; pass.
Ursprung m origin.
Urteilsmilderung / mitigation of sentence.
Urwald m jungle.
Urwaldkrieg m jungle warfare.


Vakuumröhre / vacuum tube.
V-Boot n launch (abbr. of Verkehrs-boot).
Velozitätsmeßzug m velocity measurement platoon (Arty).
Ventil n valve.
Ventilanordnung / valve arrangement (Mtr).
Ventilfeder / valve spring (Mtr).
Ventilkammer / valve chamber (Mtr).
Ventilkegel m valve ball (MT); valve head (pneumatic counterrecoil mechanism).
Ventilleine / valve cord, gas-valve operating line (Bin).
ventilloser Motor sleeve-type engine.
Ventilschaft m valve stem (Mtr).
Ventilschaftführung / valve guide (Mtr).
Ventilsitz m valve seat (Mtr).
Ventilsteuerung / valve-timing system (Mtr).
Ventilstößel m valve lifter (Mtr).
Ventilteller m valve head (Mtr).
Verachtung / contempt, disregard.
veraltet obsolete.
verankern to moor.
Verankerung / anchorage, holdfast.
Verankerungsgurt m mooring band (Bin).
V3rankerungskabel n guy; mooring cable.
Verankerungsmast m mooring mast (Bin).
Verankerungstau n ground cable, mooring cable (Bin).
Verankerungsturm m mooring tower (Bin).
veranlassen to cause, bring about, call forth.
veranschaulichen illustrate.
verantwortlich responsible.
Verantwortlichkeit / responsibility.
verausgaben to issue.
Verausgabung / issue.
Verband in combined-arms unit, force, task force; air force unit, force, formation (Avn); bandage, dressing.
Verband aller Waffen combined-arms unit.
Verbandflug m formation flying.
Verbandkasten m first-aid box.
Verbandmittel npl dressing equipment (Med).
Verbandpäckchen n first-aid packet.
Verbandplatz m aid station, dressing station.
Verbandsabwurf m formation release (bombing).
Verbandsflng m flying in formation, formation flying.
Verbandswurf m See Verbandsabwurf.
Verbandtasche / first-aid bag.
Verbandzeug n first-aid kit, first-aid supplies.
verbergen to mask, conceal, hide.
Verbesserung / correction (Gunnery).
Verbesserung für Länge range correction (Gunnery).
Verbesserung für Seite lateral cor-rectien (Gunnery).
Verbesserung für Witterungseinflüsse metro correction (Arty).
Verbesserungsgerät n parallax offset mechanism (sound locator).
Verbesserungswert m correction factor (Gunnery).
Verbesserungswinkel m correction angle (Gunnery).
verbeulte Patrone battered round.
Verbiegen n droop (Mech).
verbieten to prohibit, forbid.
Verbindung / liaison, communication, contact (Tac); connection (Tp); compound (Cml).
Verbindung aufnehmen make contact, establish communication (with friendly troops).
Verbindungsachse / axis of communication.
Verbindungsaufnahme / establishment of communication, liaison, or contact (with friendly troops).
Verbindungsdienst m liaison service, liaison duty.
Verbindungsflugzeug n liaison airplane.
Verbindungsgraben m communication trench, connecting trench.
Verbindungshülse / connecting sleeve, casing, collar.
Verbindungsleute mpl connecting file, communicating file; liaison agents.
Verbindungslinie / line of communication.
Verbindungsmann m liaison agent.
Verbindungsmittel n means of communication.
Verbindungsnetz n liaison net (Rad).
Verbindungsotfizier m liaison officer.
Verbindungsorgane npl connecting elements (march column).
Verbindungspatrouille / contact patrol (Tac).
Verbindungsriemen m turnback (harness).
Verbindungsschnur / connecting cord (Tp).
Verbindungsschraube / floor plate screw (R).
Verbindungsstaffel / liaison squadron (Avn).
Verbindungsstraße / communication road, communication route.
Verbindungstrupp m liaison party, liaison detachment; connecting group; contact patrol.
Verbindungsweg in channel of communication (Tp, Rad).
verblenden to dim or black out (lights).
verbogen bent, twisted, warped.
Verbot n prohibition, off-limits declaration; exclusion; restriction.
Verbotstafel / "prohibited" sign.
Verbrauch m consumption, expenditure.
verbrauchbar expendable.
Verbraucherstelle / outlet (Elec).
Verbrauchsgüter npl expendable supplies.
Verbrauchssatz m consumption per 100 kilometers (of gasoline, oil, and lubricants).
Verbrauchsstoffe rripl See Verbrauchsgüter.
Verbrennung / combustion; deflagration (of powder).
Verbrennungskraftmaschine / internal-combustion engine.
Verbrennungsraum m combustion chamber; powder chamber (G).
Verbrennungsrückstand m carbon (Mtr).
verbundene Waffen combined arms (Tac).
Verbündete (r) m ally.
Verbundmaschine / compound-wound motor.
Verbundröhre / multi-unit tube (Rad).
verchromt chromium-plated.
Verdammen n tamping, mud capping (demolitions); damming up (a stream).
verdampfen to vaporize, evaporate.
Verdampfungswärme / heat of vaporization (Met). Verdeck n cover; hood; deck.
verdecken to cover, mask, conceal, defilade.
Verdeckung / concealment, defilade.
Verdichtung / compression (Mtr).
Verdichtungshub m compression stroke (Mtr).
Verdichtungsverhältnis n compression ratio (Mtr).
Verdichtungswelle / burst wave, detonation wave (SR); compression wave (Physics).
Verdienstkreuz n Meritorious Service Cross (decoration).
verdolmetschen* interpret, translate.
verdrahten to wire, to block with wire obstacles.
Verdrängung / displacement.
Verdrängungszylinder m compression cylinder (counterrecoil mechanism).
Verdunkelung / blackout.
Verdunkelungslampe / blackout
lamp, blackout light.
vereinigtes Feuer collective fire (SA).
Vereinheitlichung / standardization.
Vereisung / icing, formation of ice (Ayn).
Vereisungsschutzgerät n de-icer (Ap).
vereiteln nullify, foil, render useless, fail.
Verfahren n method, procedure, process.
verfehlen to miss.
verfertigen to make, manufacture.
Verfolgung / pursuit (Tac).
Verfolgungsabteilung / direct pressure detachment (in pursuit).
verfügbar available.
Verfügung / disposal, disposition; availability; instruction, order. zur Verfügung available for duty (abbr. z.V.).
Verfügungsfrequenzen fpl assigned frequencies (Rad).
vergasen to gas (CWS).
Vergaser m carburetor.
Vergaseranordnung / carburetion (Mtr).
Vergasermotor m carburetor engine.
Vergatterung / guard mount (bugle call).
Vergehen n offense, breach (of discipline), infraction (of regulations).
Vergeltung / retaliation, reprisal.
Vergeltungsangriff m retaliation attack; reprisal raid (Avn).
Vergeltungsmaßnahme / reprisal.
vergiften to poison; to contaminate, to gas (CWS).
Vergiftung / contamination (CWS).
Vergiftungsschießen n gas-shell fire (Arty).
Vergleichsschießen n calibration firing (Arty).
Vergleichsziel n auxiliary target (Gunnery).
Vergrößerung / enlargement, magnification.
Vergrößerungsapparat m enlarger, enlarging projector (Photo).
Vergütung / reimbursement, recoupment; compensation, award, allowance; heat treatment (of metals).
Vergütungsanlage / soaking pit
Vergütungsstahl m heat-treated steel.
Verhaftung / arrest.
Verhältnis n relation; proportion, ratio; condition, situation.
verhandeln negotiate.
Verhandlung / parley, negotiation.
Verhängung von Strafen imposition of punishment (Law, PW).
Verhau m abatis, hurdle, entanglement.
Verheerung / devastation.
verhindern prevent.
Verhör n interrogation.
verhören to interrogate.
verjüngt tapered; reduced.
Verjüngung / taper; reduction (of scale).
verkanten to cant (G, R); to tilt, incline; to become misalined.
Verkantung / cant (Arty); misaline-ment of wheels (MT).
Verkantungslibelle / cross level.
Verkantungstrieb m cross-level drive.
Verkehr m traffic; communication.
Verkehrsbestimmung / traffic regulation.
Verkehrsboot n launch (Nav).
Verkehrsfliegerei / commercial aviation.
Verkehrsflugzeug n commercial airplane.
Verkehrskreis m traffic area.
Verkehrslast / bridge capacity.
Verkehrsleitung / traffic control.
Verkehrslinien fpl lines of communication (Tac).
Verkehrsposten m traffic control point.
Verkehrspunkt m traffic center.
Verkehrsregel / traffic rule, traffic regulation, rule for road procedure, rule of the road.
Verkehrsregelung / traffic control.
Verkehrsregelungsbataillon n traffic control battalion.
Verkehrsschild n traffic sign.
Verkehrsstockung / traffic congestion, jam, tie-up.
Verkehrsstreife / traffic patrol.
Verkehrsteilnehmer m traffic element.
Verkehrsüberwachung / traffic supervision.
Verkehrszeichen n traffic sign, traffic symbol.
verkehrt reverse, inverse; wrong.
verkitten fasten or seal with putty or other adhesive.
verkleiden to revet; to mask, camouflage, disguise.
Verkleidung / ' cowling, fairing (Ap); revetment; camouflage, disguise.
verklemmen to jam, to wedge.
Verladebahnhof m loading station, entraining station (RR).
Verladehafen m loading port, port of embarkation.
verladen to load, entrain, entruck, embark.
Verladeoffizier m entraining officer, entrucking officer, loading officer.
Verladeplan m loading table; entraining or entrucking table.
Verladeplatz m loading point; entraining or entrucking^ point.
Verladerampe / loading platform, loading ramp.
Verladestab ra loading staff (sea port).
Verladestelle / See Verladeplatz.
Verladezeit / loading time, entrucking time, entraining time.
Verladung / loading, entrucking, entraining.
Verladungsoffizier m See Verladeoffizier.
Verladungsschein m bill of lading.
Verlängerungsstück n extension; sight extension (G sight).
verlasten to pack or load on vehicles or horses (specifically, to load on pack animals).
verlastete Artillerie portee artillery.
verlastete Truppen motorized troops.
Verlauf m sequence of events, course, progress (of an attack, etc.).
verlegen to transfer; shift (fire, etc.).
Verlegenheit / confusion, embarrassment, perplexity.
Verlegswagen m reel cart (for Tp wire).
Verlegung / transfer, shift.
Verlegungsbefehl m movement order; order to shift fire (Arty).
Verlust m casualty, loss; forfeiture (of pay, etc.).
Verlustliste / casualty list.
Verlustmeldung / casualty report.
Verlustrate / casualty rate. tägliche Verlustrate casualty day.
vermessen to survey, to locate.
Vermessung / survey, surveying, locating (Arty, Engr).
Vermessung durch Anhängen survey by controlled traverse (Surv).
Vermessungsbatterie / survey battery (Arty).
Vermessungs- und Kartenabteilung / survey and mapping unit.
Vermessung von Feuerstellungen field artillery survey (Arty).
verminderte Ladung reduced charge.
verminen to mine, to lay mines.
vermißt missing, missing in action.
vermitteln to connect, to communicate (Tp); to convey or impart (information).
Vermittlung / connection; switching central, telephone central.
Vermittlungskästchen n portable switchboard (Tp).
Vermittlungsklinke / connecting jack (Tp)-
Vermittlungsschnur / patching cord (Tp).
Vermittlungsstelle / switching central, telephone central.
Vernachlässigung / neglect, negligence.
Vernebelung / smoke screening.
vernehmen to question, interrogate (PW, etc.).
Vernehmung / questioning, interrogation.
Vernehmungsoffizier m interrogation officer (PW).
Vernichtung / destruction, annihilation.
Vernichtungsfeuer n fire for destruction (Arty).
Vernichtungskampf m battle of extermination.
vernieten to rivet.
verordnen to order; prescribe (Med).
Verordnung / regulation, order.
Verpackungsgeschosse npl dummy ammunition (for vehicle-loading practice).
Verpassung / fitting (of uniforms, gas masks, etc.).
Verpflegung / feeding, messing, rationing; rations, food; food supply.
Verpflegung in Natur rations in kind.
Verpflegungsabrechnung / ration and savings account.
Verpflegungsabteilung / ration supply section.
Verpflegungsamt n ration supply office.
Verpflegungsausgabestelle / ration distribution point.
Verpflegungsbedarf m ration requirements.
Verpflegungsbestände mpl ration stores, ration stockage.
Verpflegungsbezugsschein m ration return.
Verpflegungsbombe / rations delivery unit (airborne operations).
Verpflegungsdienst m ration supply service.
Verpflegungsersparnisse fpl ration savings.
Verpflegungsgebührnisse fpl ration allowances..
Verpflegungsgegenstände mpl ration articles.
Verpflegungsgeld n ration allowance.
Verpflegungslager n ration supply depot.
Verpflegungslagerausgabestelle / ration distributing point (Div).
Verpflegungsmittel npl rations, subsistence supplies.
Verpflegungsnachschub m ration supply.
Verpflegungsoffizier m mess officer.
Verpflegungsportion / ration.
Verpflegungssatz m ration quantity, ration scale.
Verpflegungsstärke / ration strength.
Verpflegungstroß m ration supply train (H-Dr or Mtz).
Verpflegungsunteroffizier m mess sergeant.
Verpflegungszug m ration supply train (RR).
Verpflegungszuschuß m commutation of rations.
Verpflegung und Unterkunft rations and quarters.
verraten betray.
Verräter m traitor.
verriegeln to lock, cut off, block, box in.
verrostet rusty.
versacken bog down.
versagen fail.
Versager m misfire; dud.
Versammlung / assembly, concentration (Tac); meeting, gathering.
Versand m shipment, transportation, forwarding.
verschaffer, procure.
Verschalung / covering, skin, fairing (Ap); revetment.
Verschanzung / entrenchment.
Verschickung / shipment, transpoi*-tation.
Verschiebebahnhof m switching yard.
verschieben shift, move, displace, switch; postpone.
Verschiebung / displacement (of troops, etc.); postponement.
verschießen to expend (Am).
verschleiern to mask, screen, blanket, conceal, camouflage.
Verschleierung / screening, concealment (Tac).
Verschleierungsfähigkeit / screening capacity, density of coverage (screening smoke).
Verschleierungsfeuer n deception fire, diversion fire; smoke-shell fire.
Verschleierungsverkehr m deception signal traffic.
Verschleißteil m part subject to wear (Mech).
Verschluß m breechblock, breech mechanism (Ord); bolt mechanism (R, pistol); locking action (Tech); lock; shutter.
Verschlußabstand m head space (Ord).
Verschlußblock m breechblock (screw-type breech).
Verschlußkeil m wedge-type breechblock.
verschlüsseln encode, encipher.
verschlüsselter Text secret text.
Verschlüsselung / coding, enciphering.
Verschlüsselungsscheibe / cipher disk.
Verschlußkammer / bolt (R).
Verschlußkappe / filler cover (MG).
Verschlußleiste / back plate (MG).
Verschlußleistenachse / back plate hinge pin (MG).
Verschlußplatte / front plate (breechblock).
Verschlußring m breech ring (G).
Verschlußschlitten m lock frame (Ord).
Verschlußschraube / threaded closing cap (fuze).
Verschlußstück n breechblock (G, MG).
Verschlußträger m breechblock carrier (G).
Verschlußüberzug m breech cover (G).
Verschlußzylinder m bolt (SA).
Verschränkbarkeit der Achsen com-pression-and-rebound range of spring suspension (MT),
Verschraubung / threaded plug, screw.
Verschraubungsstück n breech ring.
Verschubbahn / launching track (Bdg).
Verschuß m expenditure (of Am).
Verschwertung / lateral truss, sway brace (Bdg).
Verschwindeturm in disappearing turret (Ft).
Verschwindlafette / disappearing carriage (G).
Verschwindscheibe / bobbing target, disappearing target (Tng).
Verschwörung f conspiracy.
Versehrtengeld n disability allowance or pension.
versenken to sink; to countersink.
Versenknietung / flush riveting.
versetzen to transfer (Pers); to shift, move; to stagger (obstacles, etc.).
versetzt staggered; displaced, transferred.
Versetzung / transfer (Pers); deviation, drift (Avn); stagger (ing).
Versorgung / supply; care (for ex-service men).
Versorgungsbehälter m aerial delivery unit.
Versorgungsbombe / aerial delivery unit.
Versorgungsdienst m supply service,
Versorgungsfahrzeug- n supply vehicle, train vehicle.
Versorgungsgebiet n supply area.
Versorgungsgüter npl supplies.
verspannen to brace, tighten, stretch.
Verspannung / bracing, fastening, tightening, stretching.
Versprengter m straggler; man separated from his unit in action.
versprühen to spray (CWS).
verständigen inform, make known.
Verständigung / communication; readability, audibility (Sig Com).
Verständigungsgerät n interphone equipment (Ap).
Verständigungsmittel n password.
Verständigung von Bord zu Bord in-teraircraft communication.
Verständlichkeit / readability (Sig Com).
verstärken reinforce, strengthen; amplify, boost, increase.
Verstärker m amplifier (Rad).
Verstärkung / amplification (Rad): reinforcement.
Verstärkungsfaktor m amplification factor (Rad).
Verstarkungsring m hoop (gun barrel).
Verstauchung / sprain (Med).
verstauen to stow.
verstecken to hide, conceal, mask.
verstellbar controllable (Ap propeller); adjustable (tools, etc.).
Verstell-Luftschraube / controllable-pitch propeller (Ap).
Verstellschlüssel m adjustable wrench.
Verstellschraube / adjusting screw (Tech); controllable-pitch propeller.
Verstellung / adjustment, regulation, control.
Verstellwelle f control rod (Ap).
Verstoß m infraction, irregularity.
Verstrebung / spar bracing (Bdg); bracing.
verstümmeln mutilate.
Versuch m experiment, attempt, test, trial.
Versuchsflugzeug n test airplane, experimental airplane.
Versuchsladung f test charge (Arty).
Versuchslauf m test run, trial run.
Versuchsschießen n test firing (Ord).
Versuchstruppen fpl experimental troops.
vertäuen to moor.
Vertäumast in mooring mast.
Verteidigung / defense, defensive.
Verteidigungsabschnitt m defense area, defensive area, defensive see-tor.
Verteidigungsanlagen fpl defensive installations.
Verteidigungslinie / line of defense.
Verteidigungsnest n nest of resistance.
Verteidigungsplan m defense plan.
Verteidigungsstellung / defensive position.
Verteidigungszone / defensive zone.
verteilen to distribute, to issue.
Verteiler m distributor (Mtr); distribution box (data, transmission system).'
Verteilerbahnhof m regulating station (RR).
Verteilerfinger m distributor arm (Mtr).
Verteilerkasten m distribution box (Elec, Nav); junction box (data transmission system).
Verteilerlaufstiick n distributor rotor, distributor arm (Mtr).
Verteilerscheibe / distributor plate.
Verteilung / distribution.
Verteilungsstelle / distributing point.
Vertrag m treaty, contract, compact.
Vertragsarzt m contract surgeon.
vertraulich confidential.
Vertretung / deputy; proxy; representation.
verursachen to cause.
vervielfältigen multiply; multigraph; mimeograph; duplicate.
verwalten administer, administrate, manage.
Verwaltung / administration.
Verwaltungsamt n See Heeresverwaltungsamt.
Verwaltungsdienste mpl administrative and supply services.
Verwaltungsgebäude n administration building.
Verwaltungsordnung / administrative plan.
Verwaltungstruppenteil m administrative unit.
Verwaltungsübersichtskarte / administrative map.
Verwaltungswesen n administration.
Verwendung / employment (Tac); use, utilization. zu besonderer Verwendung on special assignment (abbr. z.b.V.).
verwickeln involve, complicate; engage (Tac).
verwinden to warp, to twist.
Verwirrung / confusion.
verwundbar vulnerable.
verwunden to wound.
Verwundetenabschub m evacuation of wounded.
Verwundetenabschublinie / chain of evacuation.
Verwundetenabtransport m evacuation of wounded.
Verwundetenabzeichen n Wound
Badge (decoration).
Verwundetenbetreuung / care of casualties.
Verwundetennest n aid station.
Verwüstung / devastation.
Verzerrung / distortion (Rad).
verzinkt galvanized.
verzinnt tin-plated.
Verzögerung / delay.
verzögerungsfrei immediate, nonde-lay.
Verzögerungsmine / delayed-action mine.
Verzögerungssatz m delay pellet (electric igniter); delay powder train (fuze).
Verzögerungsschütz m time-delay relay (Elec, Rad).
Verzögerungszünder m delayed-action fuze, delay fuze.
Verzug m delay, lag.
Verzugsrechner m acoustic corrector (sound locator).
Veterinär m veterinary officer (2nd Lt).
Veterinärdienst m veterinary service.
Veterinärgehilfe m veterinary aid man.
Veterinärgerät w veterinary equipment.
Veterinärkompanie / veterinary company.
Veterinärpark m veterinary depot.
V-Form der Tragflügel wing dihedral (Ap).
V-Formwinkel m dihedral ang-le (Ap).
Vieh n cattle, livestock.
Vielfache n multiple (Math).
Vielfachschaltung / multiple connection (Tp).
Viereck n square.
Viererleitung / phantom circuit (Tp).
Viererschaltung / phantom connection (Tp).
Viererzelt n four-man tent,
viergliedrige Division square division.
Vierlings-MG. n four-barreled machine gun.
Vierradantrieb m four-wheel drive.
Vierradlenkung / four-wheel steering.
Vierspitz m crowsfoot, four-pointed knife rest (obstacle).
Viertaktmotor m four-cycle engine.
Viertelkreis m quadrant (of a circle).
Visier n sight, rear sight (Ord).
Visierbereich m danger space (MG firing).
Visierebene / plane of present position (AA gunnery).
Visiereinrichtung / sighting mechanism, sighting device, sight assembly; quadrant sight (G).
visieren to sight.
Visierfeder / rear-sight spring (MG, R).
Visierfernrohr n telescopic sight.
Visierfuß m rear-sight base (MG, R).
Visiergestänge n parallelogram linkage system (AA sight).
Visierhaltestift m rear-sight pin (MG, R).
Visierkimme / rear sight; rear sight notch.
Visierklappe / rear-sight leaf (MG, R); sight-port cover (gun shield).
Visierkorn n front sight; bead.
Visierlinie / line of sight (Ord); line of present position (AA gunnery).
Visierlupe / magnifying sight lens (site-to-mask clinometer).
Visierschieber m sight slide (MG, R).
Visierschild m sight shield (G).
Visierschuß m direct-fire shot.
Visierschußweite / direct-fire range.
Visierstange / rear sight pillar (MG).
Visierstift m rear-sight pin (MG, R).
Visierträger m sight bracket (Ord).
Visiervorrichtung / sight mechanism (Ord).
Visierwinkel m angle of elevation (Gunnery); angular difference between present and future position (AAA).
Visierzeiger m telescope mount reference pointer (matches with Rohrzei-eer when gun is laid for elevation).
Vizeadmiral m vice admiral.
V-Motor m V-engine,
V-Null / muzzle velocity (abbr. Vo).
Völkerrecht n international law.
Volksdeutscher m German who is a citizen of another country.
Volkswagen m "people's car" (general purpose car, somewhat lighter than the jeep).
Vollbahn / See Vollspurbahn.
Vollgas n wide-open throttle.
vollgeländegängig having complete cross-country ability (vehicles).
Vollgeschoß n shot (solid projectile); ball projectile; solid nonexplosive projectile.
Vollgummireifen m solid tire.
Vollkettenfahrzeug n full-track vehicle.
Vollkorn n full sight (R aiming).
vollmotorisiert fully mechanized.
Vollreifen m solid, tire.
Vollrohr n monobloc gun barrel.
Vollsichtkanzel / turret with full field of view (Ap).
Vollsichtkuppel / See Vollsichtkanzel.
Vollspurbahn / standard-gage railroad (US5 meters).
vollständiger Schuß complete round (Am).
Volltraghöhe / service ceiling (Ap).
Volltreffer m direct hit.
vorarbeiten, sich work one's way forward (by rushes, or crawling).
Vorausabteilung / advance detachment.
Vorausaufgabe / preliminary mission (Tac).
Voraussage / prediction, forecast.
Vorauswanderungsstrecke / linear travel of target during dead time, linear travel of target from position at instant of range determination to present position (AA gunnery).
Vorbauschnabel m launching nose (Bdg).
Vorbefehl m warning order (Tac).
vorbeifahren roll by, ride by.
Vorbeiflug m side-view flight, passing flight (AAA).
Vorbeimarsch m pass in review, march in review.
vorbeirollen roll by, pass by.
Vorbeischlagen der Pulvergase flare-back (G).
vorbereiten to prearrange, prepare in advance, to schedule in advance (Arty fire, etc.).
Vorbereitung / preparation. Vorbereitungsfeuer n preparation (Arty).
vorbeugen prevent, anticipate. Vorbeugung / prophylaxis.
Vorbeugungsmittel n prophylactic.
Vorderachsantrieb m front-axle drive (MT).
Vorderachse/ front axle (MT).
Vordergelenk n front piece of toggle joint (pistol).
Vorderhang m forward slope (Top).
Vorderhangstellung / forward slope position (Tac).
Vorderholm m front outrigger (AA gun mount).
Vorderkaffe / bow compartment (Pon).
Vorderkante/ leading edge (Ap).
Vorderlader m muzzle loader.
vorderlastig noseheavy (Ap).
Vordermann m the man in front (drill). auf Vordermann stehen to be covered in file. "Vordermann!" "Cover off!"
Vordermann nehmen to cover off, to cover in file (drill).
Vorderpferd n lead horse.
Vorderradantrieb m front-wheel drive.
Vordersteven m stem (Nav).
Vorderstützen fpl front legs (MG tripod).
Vorderzeug n martingale, breastplate harness, body of breast collar (harness).
Vorderzwiesel in pommel (saddle); front arch (pack-saddle frame).
vordringen to push forward, press forward.
Vordruck m printed form, blank.
Vorfahrt / right-of-way, priority.
Vorfahrtberechtigter m one who has right-of-way.
Vorfahrterlaubnis / permission to pass (vehicles in column).
Vorfahrtregelung- / priority regulations, traffic regulations regarding right-of-way or priority.
Vorfahrtsrecht n priority, right-of-way.
Vorfahrtszeichen n priority sign (on a vehicle).
Vorfeld n foreground; outpost area (Tac); apron (Adrm).
Vorflügel m slat (Ap wing).
vorfühlen, sich to feel one's way forward, to try to establish contact.
Vorführung / demonstration.
Vorgang m occurrence, incident, event; process.
vorgehen to advance.
Vorgelegewelle / countershaft (MT).
vorgeschoben advance (d); forward.
vorgeschobene Beobachtungsstelle forward observation post.
vorgeschobener Gefechtsstand advance command post.
vorgeschobene Stellungen position of advanced covering forces (Tac).
vorgeschrieben prescribed.
Vorgesetzter m superior, superior officer or NCO.
Vorhaben n intent, intention, plan.
Vorhalt m lead (firing).
Vorhalteeinrichtung / lead computer (AA and AT guns).
Vorhalteeinstellung / positioning device for leads (sight mechanism).
Vorhaltemaß n See Vorhaltsmaß.
vorhalten to take a lead, apply a lead (Gunnery).
Vorhaltepunkt m future position of target (AA gunnery); predicted position of target, set-forward point.
Vorhaltestrecke / predicting interval (AA gunnery).
Vorhaltewinkel m lead angle, angle between line of present position and line of future position (AA gunnery); angle of lateral lead (Gunnery); range angle (bombing); drift angle (Air Navigation).
Vorhaltsmaß n amount of lead, lead factor (in firing at moving targets).
Vorhaltswert m See Vorhaltsmaß.
Vorhand / forequarters (horse).
Vorhersage / prediction, forecast.
Vorholeinrichtung / counterreeoil mechanism, recuperator mechanism.
Vorholer m recuperator, counterreeoil mechanism.
Vorholerkolben m recuperator piston, eounterrecoil piston.
Vorholerlager n counterrecoil-mecha-nism bushing.
Vorholerstütze / counterrecoil-mecha-nism support.
Vorhut / advance guard.
Vorhutführer m advance guard commander.
Vorhutgefecht n advance guard action or engagement.
Vorkammer / precombustion chamber (Diesel engine).
Vorlage / flash-reducing wad (Arty); text, copy, pattern.
Vorlauf m counterrecoil (G); negative caster (MT).
Vorlaufbewegung / counterrecoil motion.
Vorlaufhemmstange / counterrecoil piston rod (G).
Vormann m foreman (Reich Labor Service).
Vormarsch m advance.
Vormarschlinie / line of advance, axis of advance.
Vormarschstraße / road of advance, route of advance.
Vormarschweg m line of advance, route of advance.
Vorposten m outpost.
Vorpostenabschnitt m outpost sector.
Vorpostenabschnittsgrenze / outpost-sector boundary.
Vorpostenaufstellung / setting up of outposts, disposition of outposts.
Vorpostenboot n outpost patrol boat (Nav).
Vorpostendienst m outpost duty.
Vorpostenführer m outpost commander.
Vorpostengefecht n outpost engagement.
Vorpostenkette / line of . outguards (Tac).
Vorpostenkompanie / outpost company.
Vorpostenreserve / outpost reserve.
Vorpostensicherungslinie / outpost line of security (Tac).
Vorpostenstellung / outpost position (Tac).
Vorposten-Widerstandslinie / outpost line of resistance (Tac).
vorprellen to rush forward.
Vorrang m precedence, priority.
Vorrat m stock, stores, supply.
Vorratshaltung / maintenance of stocks or supplies.
Vorratslauf m spare barrel (MG).
Vorratsteil n spare part (MT).
Vorratszug m supply platoon (TkBn).
Vorrichtung / device, mechanism, fixture.
vorrobben, sich to crawl forward.
vorrücken to advance.
Vorschlaghammer in sledge hammer.
vorschreiben prescribe.
Vorschrift / regulation, instruction, rule; manual.
vorschiftsmäßig according to regulations.
Vorsicht / caution, care; foresight (Surv).
Vorsignal n preliminary signal, warning signal.
vorspringend projecting, salient.
Vorsprung m salient (Tac); start, head start, lead.
Vorspur / toe-in (MT).
Vorstecker m safety pin (bombs, mines, etc.); lug (fuze).
Vorsteckriemen m pommel-pad strap (saddle).
Vorstoß m assault, thrust, lunge; piping, edging (along seams of uniform).
Vorstrom m inflow (Avn).
vortäuschen to deceive, simulate, feign.
Vortäuschung von Krankheiten malingering.
Vortrag m lecture; verbal report and consultation (with commanding officer).
vortreten to step forward, to step out of the ranks.
Vortriebskraft / propelling power.
Vortrupp m advance guard support (in Adv Gd of large unit); advance party (in Adv Gd of smaller unit).
Vorverdichter m supercharger.
vorverlegen to lift (Arty fire).
Vorwähler m preselector (Tp).
Vorwärmer m preheater.
Vorwarner m outpost observer (SR).
Vorwarnerstelle / outpost station (SR).
Vorwärtseinschneiden n intersection (Surv).
Vorwärtsfahrer m front driver (of a vehicle with double-ended drive).
Vorwärtsgang m forward speed (MT).
Vorwärtsgeschwindigkeit / forward velocity (bombing).
Vorwärtsstaffelung / positive stagger (Ap wings).
Vorzündung / preignition (Mtr).
V-Stellung./ dihedral setting (Ap wings).


Waage / scales, balance,
waagerecht horizontal.
Waagerechtbombenwurf m level-flight bombardment.
waagerechte Gitterlinie X-line (of map grid).
waagerechte Schußweite level-point range (Gunnery).
Waagerechtflug m level flight, horizontal flight.
Wabo / See Wasserbombe.
Wachanzug m guard uniform (prescribed for guard duty).
Wachbataillon n guard battalion (in rear areas and Z of I).
Wachboot n patrol vessel.
Wachbuch n guard book (guard duty).
Wachdienst m guard duty.
Wache / guard; watch (Nav). die Wache aufziehen to mount the guard. die Wache ablösen to relieve the guard.
Wachgebäude n guardhouse. Wachhabender m commander of the guard.
Wachkompanie / guard company (one providing the detail for guard duty).
Wachlokal n guardroom. Wachmannschaft / guard detail.
Wachposten m sentry. Wachradfahrerkompanie / bicycle company of a Wachbataillon.
Wachregiment n guard regiment (in rear areas and Z of I).
Wachsamkeit / vigilance.
Wachschiff n. patrol vessel.
wachsender . Drall increasing twist (Ord).
Wachstaffet m oilskin.
Wachstube / guardroom.
Wachstuch n oilcloth.
Wacht / radar station (Luftwaffe).
Wachtleitstelle / radar control station (Luftwaffe).
Wachtmeister m technical sergeant (Arty, Cav, AAA of the Luftwaffe).
Wachtruppen fpl guard troops (in rear areas and Z of I).
Wachtturm w watchtower.
Wachvorgesetzter m commander of the guard.
Wachwelle / stand-by frequency (Rad).
Wackelkontakt m loose contact (Elec).
wackeln to rock (Ap wings); to shake, to be loose.
Wade / calf (of leg).
Waffe / weapon; arm.
Waffenamt n ordnance office (a branch of the Oberkommando des Heeres).
Waffenaufnahme / gun holder- (multiple AA gun mount).
Waffenblende / gun shield, gun mantlet (Tk).
Waffenentgiftung / decontamination of .weapons.
Waffenentgiftungsmittel n weapons decontaminating agent.
Waffenfarbe / service color.
Waffenfeldwebel m technical sergeant (armorer-artificer).
Waffenfett n gun grease, rifle grease.
Waffenführung / tactics and technique.
Waffengattung / arm or branch of the service.
Waffengruppe / group (Ord, SA). die Waffengruppen auseinandernehmen to field strip (a R, etc.).
Waffeninspektion / ordnance inspectorate (a branch of the Allgemeines Heeresarr.t).
Waffenkasten m arms container (aerial delivery unit).
Waffenlager n ordnance depot.
waffenlos unarmed.
Waffenmeister m armorer-artificer official (Civ official ranking as 2nd Lt).
Waffenmeistergehilfe m assistant armorer-artificer. Waffenmeisterei / armory, ordnance shop; armorer-artificer's staff or function.
Waffenmeisterschule / armorer-artificer school, ordnance school.
Waffenoffizier m ordnance staff officer, ordnance officer.
Waffenprüfung / ordnance proving or testing.
Waffenrock m, blouse.
Waffenruhe / truce.
Waffenschule / service school.
Waffen-SS / SS Armed Forces.
Waffenstillstand m armistice. örtlicher Waffenstillstand truce.
Waffenstillstandsbedingungen fpl armistice terms.
Waffenstreckung / surrender.
Waffenstreuung / armament error.
Waffentechnik / tactics and technique.
waffentechnisch pertaining to ordnance engineering or mechanics.
Waffenüberlegenheit / superiority of arms and equipment.
Waffen und Gerät ordnance materiel.
Waffen- und Gerätenachweis m property book.
Waffen- und Gerätuntersuchung / technical inspection.
Waffen-Unteroffizier m ordnance sergeant.
Waffenwagen m armament car (armored RR train).
Waffenwart m armorer-artificer.
Wagen m wagon; car (MT, RR).
Wagenfähre / ferry for vehicles.
Wagenführer m car commander (MT).
Wagenhalteplatz m ambulance loading post.
Wagenheber m jack.
Wagenplane / tarpaulin for vehicle. Wagenzugführer m caisson section leader (Arty).
wählen to dial (Tp); to select, choose; to vote.
Wähler m dial (Tp); selector (switchboard mechanism).
Wählerbetrieb m dial system (Tp).
Wählscheibe / dial (Tp); selector dis1: (switchboard mechanism).
wahrscheinlicher Fehler probable error.
Wahrscheinlichkeitsfaktor m probability factor (Ballistics).
Waldblöße / forest clearing.
Waldgefecht n combat in woods.
Waldgelände n wooded area, woodland.
Waldlichtung / forest clearing.
Waldrand m edge of woods or forest.
Waldschneise / fire break, straight narrow forest clearing-.
Waldweg m forest road.
Wall m rampart, wall (Ft); embankment.
Wallfeldwebel m technical sergeant (Ft troops).
Wallgraben m moat, ditch.
Wallmeister m technical official of fortifications (Civ official ranking as 2nd Lt).
Walloberfeldwebel m master sergeant (Ft troops).
Wallstabsfeldwebel m regimental sergeant major (Ft troops).
Walze / roller; body (of a shell); cylinder.
Walzenblende / cylindrical mount, mantlet for cylindrical mount (Tk gun).
walzenförmig cylindrical.
Wälzlager n antifriction bearing, ball or roller bearing.
Walzwerk n rolling mill.
Wand / interior wall; baffle; bulkhead; interior side.
Wanderbatterie / roving battery (Arty).
Wandergeschütz n roving gun.
Wanderungsgeschwindigkeit / rate of travel.
Wange / cheek.
Wanne / trough, tub; hjill (Tk); ventral turret (Ap).
Wanze / bedbug.
Warenlager n warehouse.
Wärme / heat.
Wärmebeständigkeit / resistance to heat.
Wärmegleichwert m mechanical equivalent of heat.
Wärmeunterschied m temperature difference (Met).
Warmluf tenteisung / thermo ice elimination (Ap).
Warmluftfront / warm front (Met).
Warnflagge / danger flag.
Warnsignal n danger signal.
Warnstelle / lookout post; district warning center (AWS).
Warnung / warning.
Warnzentrale / control center (AWS).
Wart m ground mechanic, maintenance man (Avn); mechanic, rigger; man in charge; warden, lookout.
Warte / watchtower; observatory.
warten to wait; to service (Ap, Mtr, etc.).
Wartestellung f stand-by position, waiting position.
Wartung / servicing, maintenance.
Warze / lug, stud.
Waschbenzin n gasoline used for cleaning purposes.
Wäschesack m laundry bag, barrack (s) bag.
Wäschetasche f laundry pocket (pack).
Wäschewechsel m change of underclothing.
wasserabstoßend water-repellent.
Wasserbehälter m water chest; water tank.
Wasserbombe / depth bomb, depth charge.
Wasserdestillationskompanie / water distillation company.
wasserdicht waterproof, watertight.
Wasserdichtigkeit / impermeability to water. „
Wasserfahrzeug n craft, vessel (stream crossing).
Wasserflugzeug n seaplane.
wassergekühlt water-cooled.
wassergierig hygroscopic (powder).
Wasserlandflugzeug n amphibian airplane.
Wasserlandung / landing on water (Avn).
Wasserlauf m stream, watercourse.
Wasserleitung / water pipes, water main.
Wasserlinie / waterline.
Wassermantel m water jacket (MG, Mtr).
wassern to land on water (Avn).
Wasserpumpe / water pump.
Wasserpumpenkühlung / force-circulation cooling system (Mtr).
Wasserreinigungssack m water-sterilizing bag.
Wassersäulen-Druckmesser m water-column pressure gage.
Wassersperre / water obstacle.
Wasserspiegel m water level, water surface.
Wasserstand m water level.
Wasserstandsmesser m water-level gage.
Wasserstoff m hydrogen.
Wasserstraße / waterway.
Wassertransport m transportation by water.
Wassertrense / watering bridle (harness).
Wasserturm m water tower.
Wasserumlauf m water circulation (Mtr).
Wasserung / landing on water (Avn).
Wasserverankerung / anchorage in water (Pon Bdg).
Wasserversorgungskompanie / water supply company (Mil).
Wasserversorgungsstelle / water supply point.
Wasserverteilungsstelle / water distributing point.
Wasserwaage / builder's level, water level (Inst).
wasserwärts streamward.
Wasserwerk n waterworks.
waten to wade.
Watfähigkeit / fording ability, stream-crossing ability (MT).
Watte / absorbent cotton.
Weberknoten m weaver's knot.
Wechsel m change; displacement (Arty); alternation, one-half cycle (Elec); exchange, currency.
Wechselbeziehung / correlation.
Wechselfälle des Gefechts fortunes of war.
Wechselfestigkeit / fatigue strength (Mech).
Wechselfeuer n intermittent light.
Wechselgetriebe n gear transmission.
Wechselpunkt m midpoint (AA gunnery); critical point (Top).
Wechselpunktentfernung / slant range to midpoint (AA gunnery).
Wechselrichter m vibrator (Rad).
Wechselstellung / alternate emplacement, alternate firing position.
Wechselstrom m alternating current.
Wechselstromerzeuger m alternating-current generator, alternator (Elec).
Wechselstromwecker m alternating-current buzzer or ringer (Tp).
Wechselverkehr m alternate two-way traffic (Rad).
Wecken n reveille.
Wecker m buzzer, ringer (Tp).
Weckerfallklappe / drop, shutter (Tp).
Weg m road, route, passage, way, channel.
Wegebau m road construction.
Wegebiegung / road curve, road bend. '
Wegedreieck n triangular road junction.
Wegeeinmündung / junction of side road with main road.
Wegeerkundung / road reconnaissance, reconnaissance of route.
Wegegabel / road fork.
Wegekarte / circulation map, road map.
Wegeknie n V-turn (road).
Wegekreuzung / crossroads, intersection.
Wegenetz n road net, network of roads.
Wegeposten m marker (traffic control).
Wegesperre / road block.
Wegespinne / multiple road junction.
Wegestrecke / stretch of road.
Wegeverhältnisse npl road conditions.
Wegflugpeilung / back bearing (Air Navigation).
"Weggetreten!" "Dismissed!"
Wegskizze / strip map, sketched road map.
Wegsperre / road block.
wegtreten to break ranks.
wegtreten lassen to dismiss.
Wegweiser m road sign.
Wehr n weir (Engr).
Wehr / defense; parapet (G emplacement).
Wehrausbildung / military training.
Wehrbarmachung / activation.
Wehrbezirk m recruiting district (subdivision of a Wehrersatzbezirk).
Wehrbezirkskommandeur m recruiting district commander.
Wehrbezirkskommando n recruiting district headquarters.
Wehrdienst m military service; service with the armed forces.
Wehrdienstbeschädigung / nonbattle injury.
Wehrdienst im Beurlaubtenstande military service with reserve status.
Wehrdienstverhältnis n service status.
Wehrersatz m recruiting and replacement for the armed forces.
Wehrersatzbezirk m recruiting area (subdivision of a Wehrkreis).
Wehrersatzdienststelle / recruiting office.
Wehrersatzinspekteur m recruiting area commander.
Wehrersatzinspektion / recruiting area headquarters.
Wehrersatzwesen n armed forces recruiting and replacement administration.
Wehrertüchtigung / military training.
Wehrerziehung / military education.
wehrfähig fit for military service, eligible for military service; able-bodied.
Wehrform / national defense system.
Wehrgeographie / military geography.
Wehrgeologie / military geology.
Wehrgeopolitik / military geopolitics.
Wehrgesetz n compulsory service law, national defense act.
Wehrhoheit / military sovereignty (right of a country to have armed forces of any strength and type).
Wehrkreis m military area (corresponds roughly to corps area or service command; territorial Germany is divided into about 15 Wehrkreise 1 which form the basis for recruitment and replacements).
Wehrkreisbefehlshaber m military area commander.
Wehrkreis-Ersatzdepot v, recruit reception center of a Wehrkreis.
Wehrkreiskommando n military area headquarters.
Wehrmacht / Armed Forces.
Wehrmachtakademie / armed forces war college.
Wehrmachtauskunftstelle / armed forces information office (supplies information regarding casualties, missing, etc., upon inquiry by next of kin).
Wehrmachtbeamter m civilian official of the armed forces (Wehrmachtbeamte have nominal rank and wear uniforms; they are classified as combatants).
Wehrmachtbefehlshaber m military district commander in occupied territory (directly responsible to the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht).
Wehrmachtbericht m communique of the High Command.
Wehrmachtbevollmächtigter m Armed Forces Plenipotentiary (commander of a protectorate or other occupied territory).
Wehrmachtfahrkarte / soldier's reduced-rate railroad ticket.
Wehrmachtführerschein m military motor vehicle operator's permit.
Wehrmachtführungsstab m armed forces operations staff (a joint operations staff under the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht).
Wehrmachtgefängnis n disciplinary barracks.
Wehrmachtgeistlicher m chaplain.
Wehrmacht gelände n military reservation.
Wehrmachtgericht n military court.
Wehrmachtgesundheitsdienst m military hygiene service.
Wehrmachtrundfunkempfänger m standard broadcast receiver issued to arnjed forces personnel.
Wehrmachtseelsorgedienst m chaplains' service of the armed forces.
Wehrmachtsfahrlehrerschein m military motor vehicle instructor's license.
Wehrmacht-Standort m military post, garrison or station.
Wehrmacht-Strafgesetzbuch n military penal code.
Wehrmachtteil m branch of the armed forces (such as Army or Navy).
Wehrmeldeamt n draft board.
Wehrmeldebezirk m draft district (subdivision of a Wehrbezirk).
Wehrnummer / personal number (appears on identification tag and in pay book; does not correspond to US Army Serial Number).
Wehrordnung / compulsory service law regulations.
Wehrorganisation / armed-defense system.
Wehrpapiere npl military service documents.
Wehrpaß m service record book.
Wehrpflicht / obligation to serve in the armed forces.
Wehrpflichtiger m one who is subject to the draft.
Wehrrecht n military law.
Wehrsold m army pay. Höhe des Wehrsoldes rate of pay.
Wehrsoldgruppe / pay grade.
Wehrstammblatt n document giving personal details (made out at local induction center).
Wehrstammbuch n service record book.
Wehrstammkarte / locator card.
Wehrstammrolle / roster of draftees (arranged according to age groups).
Wehrstrafrecht n military penal law.
Wehrsystem n national defense system.
wehrtauglich fit for military service.
wehrunwürdig unworthy to bear arms (classification given to criminals, etc.).
Wehrvergehen n military offense.
Wehrversammlung / annual assembly of reservists.
wehrwichtige Güter essential items.
wehrwichtige Nachrichten military information.
Wehrwirtschaft / war economy, military economics.
Wehrwissenschaft / military science.
wehrwürdig worthy to bear arms. See also wehrunwürdig.
Weiche / switch (RR); filter (Rad); flank (horse).
Weicheisen n soft iron, mild steel.
weichen give ground, give way, fall back.
Weichenbock m switch stand (RR).
Weichenhebel m switch lever (RR).
Weichenlaterne / switch lamp (RR).
Weingarten m vineyard.
Weingeist m alcohol.
Weise / manner, method, way.
Weißkreuz n lacrimator (Ger marking "White Cross").
Weisung / directive, instruction, letter of instruction.
Weite / width; distance.
Weiterbildung / advanced training.
weitergeben to forward, pass along, relay.
Weiterleitungsstelle / forwarding point, forwarding station.
"Weitermachen!" "As you were!" (In the sense of "Carry on!").
Weitermarsch m resumed march.
Weitschuß m over (Gunnery).
Weitwerfer m long-range flame thrower.
Weitwinkelaufnahme / wide-angle photograph.
Wellblech n corrugated sheet metal.
Welle / wave; frequency (Rad); shaft, axle, spindle. in rollenden Wellen in waves (Tac).
Wellenausbreitung / wave propagation (Rad).
Wellenband n wave band, frequency band (Rad).
Wellenbereich m wave range (Rad).
Wellenbrecher m breakwater.
Wellenlänge / wave length (Rad).
Wellenleistung / brake horsepower.
Wellenmesser m wavemeter, frequency meter (Rad).
Wellenspektrum n frequency spectrum (Rad).
Wellenwechsel m change of frequency (Rad).
Wellenwiderstand m characteristic impedance, surge impedance (Eleo, Rad).
Wellenzapfen m journal (Mech). wellig wavy, undulating; pulsating (Elec).
Wellpappe / corrugated paper. Weltkrieg m World War I.
Weltkriegsteilnehmer m veteran of World War I.
Wendegetriebe n reversing gear.
Wendekreis m turning radius (MT).
wenden to turn, veer.
Wendepunkt m turning point, critical point.
Wendeturm m pylon (Adrm).
Wendewinkel m angle of yaw (Avn).
Wendezeiger m bank and turn indicator (Ap).
Wendigkeit / maneuverability (Ap); ease in steering or turning, mobility (vehicles).
Wendung / turn (Avn); facing (drill) ; reversal; change.
werfen to throw.
Werfer m smoke-shell mortar; signal projector; rocket projector. See also Nebelwerfer.
Werferabteilung / chemical battalion, smoke battalion; rocket projector battalion.
Werferrahmen m projector frame; frame-type rocket projector.
Werferregiment n chemical regiment, smoke regiment; rocket projector regiment.
Werferschütze m mortar gunner.
Werft / shipyard, dockyard; workshop (Adrm).
Werfthalle / repair hangar (Adrm).
Werg n oakum.
Werk n work (Ft, etc.); plant, factory.
Werkbank / workbench.
Werkflugplatz m factory airfield.
Werkluftschutz m factory air-defense system.
Werkmeister m shop foreman (Civ official ranking as Master Sgt).
Werkstatt / workshop, machine shop.
Werkstattauftrag m work order.
Werkstattgerätkraftwagen m spare parts truck (MT).
Werkstattkompanie / repair-shop company, workshop company.
Werkstattkraftwagen m repair-shop truck, mobile machine shop (MT).
Werkstattrupp m repair-shop detachment, maintenance party.
Werkstattzug m maintenance platoon (Tk Bn).
Werkstoff m material. Werkzeug n tool. Werkzeugkasten m tool box.
Werkzeugmaschine / machine tool.
Werkzeugstahl m tool steel.
Werkzeugtasche / tool bag, tool kit. Wert m value, factor.
Wespe / wasp (also nickname for Ger self-propelled light field howitzer).
Westa / See Wettererkundungsstaffel.
Westwall m West Wall (a system of fortifications along Germany's western frontier).
West wallabzeichen n West Wall Badge (decoration).
Wetter n weather.
Wetterbeobachtung / weather observation.
Wetterberatung / See Wetterbericht.
Wetterberatungszentrale / air forces weather reporting center.
Wetterbericht m weather report.
Wetterbericht vom Pilotballon pibal (Met).
Wetterbezirk m weather region, control region.
Wetterdienst m weather service.
Wetterdienst gerate npl weather instruments (Met).
Wetterdiensthelferin / air forces weather service woman auxiliary.
Wetterelement n weather factor (Ballistics, Met).
Wettererkundung / weather reconnaissance (Avn).
Wettererkundungsstaffel / weather reconnaissance squadron (Avn).
Wetterfahne / weather vane. Wetterführung / ventilating system (mine).
Wetterfunkmeldung / weather message,
meteorological message (Bad).
Wetterfunkspruch m See Wetterfunkmeldung.
Wetterkarte / weather map (Met).
Wetterkunde / meteorology.
Wetterlage / weather conditions.
Wetterleuchten n lightning (Met).
Wettermeldung / weather report
(Avn); metro message (Arty).
Wettermessung / meteorological measurement.
Wetterpeilzug m meteorological and direction-finding platoon.
Wetterschlüssel TO weather code.
Wetterspinne / wind-component indicator (Gunnery).
Wettersprengmittel n safety mining explosive.
Wetterstelle / weather station.
Wetterstörung / meteorological- disturbance.
Wettervoraussage / weather forecast.
Wettervorhersage / See Wettervoraussage.
Wetterwarte / weather station.
Wetterzug TO metro platoon (Arty).
wetzen to sharpen, hone.
Wezu-Gerät n wind corrector and time scale (SR) (Wezu = Weiterzug).
wichsen to polish (leather, etc.).
Wickelgamaschen fpl wrapped leg-gins, wrap puttees.
Wicklung / winding, wrapping.
Widerlager n abutment (Bdg).
Widerrist TO withers (horse).
Widerstand m resistance (Elec, Tac); drag (Avn).
Widerstandsgruppe / unit assigned to one sector of main line of resistance (Tac).
Widerstandskessel m pocket of resistance.
Widerstandslinie / line of resistance.
Widerstandslinie der Vorposten outpost line of resistance (Tac).
Widerstandsmesser m ohmmeter.
Widerstandsmoment n section modulus (Engr).
Widerstandsnest n island of resistance, pocket of resistance.
Widerstandsstellung / delaying position.
Widerstandstruppe / delaying unit (Tac).
Widerstandszentrum n center of resistance (Tac).
widerstehen to withstand, resist.
wiederherstellen to repair, restore, reconstruct.
Wiederherstellung / reconstruction,, repair, restoration.
wiederholen to repeat.
Wiederholungsunterricht m refresher instruction.
wieder richten to re-lay (Gunnery).
Wiederspannabzug m double action (SA).
Wiege / cradle (G).
wiegen to weigh.
Wiegengleitbahn / cradle guide rails (G).
Wiegenträger in cradle frame (G).
Wiegentrog m cradle trough (G).
Wiegenzurrung / cradle lock (G).
Wiese und Weide grassland. Wimpel TO pennant.
Windabtrift / wind drift. windabwärts downwind, leeward.
Windanker m downstream anchor cable (Pon Bdg).
Windankerleine / downstream anchor cable (Pon Bdg).
Windankerlinie / downstream line of anchors (Pon Bdg).
Windankertau n downstream anchor cable (Pon Bdg).
Windanzeiger m wind indicator.
Winddruck m wind pressure.
Winde f winch.
Windenkasten m winch box.
Windewagen m winch truck.
Windfahne / wind vane.
Windfahnenkorn n wind vane front sight (Ap MG).
Windflügel TO fan (MT); arming vane (bomb).
Windjacke / double-breasted field jacket.
Windkanal w wind tunnel (Avn).
Windkegel m wind cone.
Windmesser m See Windmeßgerät.
Windmeßgerät n anemometer.
Windmessung / wind test (Met).
Windmühle / windmill.
Windpfeil m wind arrow (Met).
Windrichtungsanzeiger TO wind-direction indicator (Avn).
Windsack m wind cone, windsock.
windschief twisted, warped.
windschiefer Flug crabbing (Avn).
Windschlüssel in key to weather code
numbers and symbols (Met).
Windschutz in windbreak.
Windschutzscheibe / windshield.
windseitig windward.
Windstärke / wind velocity (Met).
Windstoß TO squall, gust, bump.
Windung / twist (Ord).
Windverband TO lateral bracing (Bdg).
Windverhältnisse npl wind factors (Ballistics).
windwärts upwind, windward.
Windziffer / wind reference number (Gunnery).
Winkel m angle; V-formation, wedge formation (Avn); chevron.
Winkelauswanderung / angular movement, angular travel.
Winkelbeschleunigung / angular acceleration.
Winkel der Schräglage angle of bank, angle of roll (Avn).
Winkelfernrohr n elbow telescope.
Winkelgeschwindigkeit / angular speed, angular velocity, angular travel.
Winkelgruppe / firing angles. untere Winkelgruppe low firing angles (0° to 45°). obere Winkelgruppe high firing angles (45° to 90°). Winkelhebel m angle cam (MG lock). Winkelkopf m head of static rod
(river-width measuring Inst).
Winkellasche / butt strap (made of angle iron). Winkelmaß n angular measurement; phase constant (Rad). Winkelmesser m gunner's quadrant;
clinometer (Surv, Arty); goniometer (Surv); protractor.
Winkelmesserebene / quadrant plate (G).
Winkelmeßgerät n protractor.
Winkelmessung / goniometry (Surv).
Winkelspiegel m periscope, protectoscope (Tk).
Winkeltrommel / cross staff (Surv Inst for laying out right angles).
Winker m flagman; signaler using a signal disk; signal arm or light indicating direction of turn (MT).
Winkerflagge / See Winkflagge.
Winkerkelle / See Winkerstab. Winkerstab m signaling disk.
Winkflagge / semaphore flag, control flag, signal flag.
Winkspruch m semaphore message, message transmitted by signaling disk or hand signals.
Winkverbindung / visual communication by flag or hand signals.
Winkzeichen n hand signal, flag signal.
Winterausrüstung / winter equipment.
Winterbeweglichkeit / mobility in winter.
Winterkettenglied n oversize track shoe for operations in deep snow (MT, Tk).
Winterkrieg m winter warfare. Winterlost n 50-50 mixture of lewisite and mustard (CWS).
Wintermedaille des Ostkrieges Eastern Campaign Winter Medal (decoration).
Wirbel m vortex, eddy, whirl; whirlpool; drum roll; spine.
Wirbelbildung / formation of eddies (Ballistics).
Wirbelkammer / turbulence chamber (Diesel engine).
Wirbelsäule / spinal column.
Wirbelstrom m eddy current (Elec).
Wirbelsturm m cyclone, tornado.
wirksam effective.
wirksame Schußweite effective range.
wirksame Steigung effective pitch (propeller).
Wirkungsbereich m effective range (Ord); field of fire (Ord); radius of action (Ap).
Wirkungsdauer / persistence (of a Cml agent).
Wirkungsfeuer n fire for effect (Arty).
Wirkungshalbmesser m radius of rupture (demolitions).
Wirkungskreis m circle of rupture (demolitions).
Wirkungsschießen n fire for effect (Gunnery).
Wirtschaft / economy; tavern.
wirtschaftlich economical.
Wirtschaftskrieg m economic warfare.
Wirtshaus n tavern, inn.
Wischer m wiper; sponge; cleaning-patch; windshield wiper.
Wischstock w cleaning rod (G).
Wischstrick m pull-through rope (for pulling brush or sponge through G barrel).
Witterung / atmospheric conditions, weather.
Witterungseinflüsse mpl exterior ballistic factors, weather factors.
W-Motor m three-bank upright engine.
Wohnungsgeldzuschuß m commutation of quarters, rental allowance.
Wohnviertel n residential quarter.
Woilach TO saddle blanket.
Wölbung / droop; camber.
Wolfram n tungsten.
Wolfsgrube / obstacle pit (Ft).
Wolke / cloud.
Wolkendecke / cloud cover.
Wolkenfeld n cloud bank.
Wolkenhöhe / ceiling (Met).
wolkenlos clear (Met).
Wolkenscheinwerfer m ceiling light (Met).
Wolkensegeln n cloud soaring (glider).
Wolkenspiegel TO nephoscope (Met).
Wolkenuntergrenze / base of cloud.
wolkig broken (Met).
Wolldecke / -wool blanket.
Wolle / wool.
Wolokusche / boat-type runner (placed under gun wheels for operations in deep snow).
Wortlaut TO text, wording1.
Wriggeln n sculling.
Wucht / kinetic energy; striking power, force of impact.
Wulstband n rim band (MT).
Wulstfelge / clincher rim (MT).
Wundbrand TO gangrene.
Wunde / wound.
Wundstarrkrampf TO lockjaw, tetanus.
Wundverband m dressing, bandage.
Wurf m cast, throw; bomb release.
"Wurf!" "Bombs away!"
Wurfarten fpl types of release (bombing).
Wurfbahn / bomb trajectory.
Würfel m cube; capsule, pellet.
Wurf gerät n projector. schweres Wurfgerät chemical rocket projector.
Wurfgranate / mortar shell.
Wurfgranatzünder TO mortar-shell fuze.
Wurfkörper m special projectile for signal pistols.
Wurfparabel / bomb trajectory.
Wurfrahmen m framework-type projector for high-explosive or incendiary rockets.
Wurftaubenschießstand m skeet range.
Wurfweite / mortar range; throwing range (hand grenades); bombing range.
Würgebohrung / tapered bore, choke (barrel) (Ord).
Würgezange / cap crimper (Engr).
Würgung / crimp (Am).
Wurzel / root.
Wüste / desert.


X-Uhr / H-hour, zero hour.
X-Tag TO M-day, mobilization day. |


Yperit n mustard gas.


Zahnarzt TO dentist. See also Sanitätsoffizier (Z).
Zahnbehandlung / dental treatment.
Zahnbogen m elevating arc, elevating rack (G).
Zahnbogenrichtmaschine / arc-type elevating mechanism (G).
Zahnkette / driving chain (MT).
Zahnkranz m traversing rack (Tk turret, AA gun).
Zahnkranzlenkung / worm and sector steering system (MT).
zäh tough, tenacious; viscous; stub- j born.
Zahl / number.
Zahlenwert m numerical value.
Zahlmeister TO paymaster official (Wehrmachtbeamter, generally ranking as 2nd Lt, responsible for pay and allowances, ration, messing, clothing accounts and company finances).
Zahlmeisterei / office and function of the Zahlmeister.
Zahn m tooth.
Zahnrad n gear, gear wheel; pinion.
Zahnradgetriebe n gear transmission (MT).
Zahnradpumpe / gear pump (Mtr).
Zahnstange / rack (Tech).
Zahnstangenlenkung / pinion and sector steering system (MT).
Zahntechniker m dental technician.
Zange / pliers, tongs.
Zangenangriff m pincer attack, double envelopment (Tac).
Zangenbewegung / pincer movement.
Zapfen m pin; journal; trunnion; pivot; plug; tap; spigot; tenon.
Zapfendüse / pintle nozzle, pin nozzle (Mtr).
Zapfenkreuz n cross (of a universal joint).
Zapfenlager n pillow block, bushing.
Zapfenstreich m taps.
Zapfstelle / standpipe.
Zaum m bridle.
Zaun m fence.
Zehe / toe.
Zeichen n sign; signal; call; military symbol.
Zeichenbrett n drawing board.
Zeichenerklärung / legend, key to map signs.
Zeichengerät n plotting instrument, drawing instrument.
Zeichenpapier n drawing paper.
Zeichenverbindung / visual communication.
zeichnen to draw, sketch.
Zeichnung / drawing, blueprint, plan.
Zeigefinger m forefinger.
Zeiger m indicator, pointer; hand, needle (on Inst dial).
Zeigerzieleinrichtung / follow-the-pointer sight mechanism (G).
Zeitabstand m headway, time interval.
Zeitbombe / time bomb.
Zeiteinteilung / timetable (Tac).
Zeitgruppe / time heading (on Rad messages).
Zeitmaß n cadence (inarching).
Zeitschnur / safety fuze, blasting fuze.
Zeittafel / timetable, schedule.
Zeitunterschied m time difference (SR); time interval (AAA).
Zeitunterschiedverfahren n time-difference method (SR).
Zeitzeichen n time signal.
Zeitzünder m time fuze (Am).
Zeitzünderschuß m time fire (Gunnery).
Zeitzündschnur / safety fuze, blasting fuze.
Zelle / cell, cellule.
Zellon n cellulose acetate.
Zellophan n cellophane.
Zellophanüberzug m cellophane cover.
Zellstoff m cellulose.
Zelluloidtafel / celluloid disk; protractor; templet.
Zellwolle / cellulose fiber.
Zelt n tent.
Zeltausrüstung / tent equipment.
Zeltbahn / shelter half.
Zeltbau m tent pitching.
Zeltlager n tent camp.
Zeltleine / guy rope (tent).
Zeltpflock m tent pin, guy pin, guy-line stake.
Zeltstock m tent pole.
Zementfliese / concrete paving block.
Zensor in censor.
Zensur / censorship.
Zentralbatterie / common battery (TV).
Zentrale / central (Tp); central station (Arty).
zentrale Projektion gnomonic projection.
Zentralrichtgerät n director (AAA).
Zentralschmierung / central lubrication (MT).
Zentrierwulst m bourrelet (Am).
Zentrum n center; bull's eye.
zerbrechen to crack, break into pieces.
zerdrücken crush, crumple, squash, squeeze.
zerfallen disintegrate.
Zerfallgurt m disintegrating belt (MG).
Zerknallstoß m blast, concussion.
zerlegen disassemble, dismantle, strip; decentralize, disperse; disintegrate.
Zerlegerzünder m self-destroying fuze (AA Am).
zerlegte Formen broken outlines (Cam).
Zerlegung / dispersal, decentralization; disintegration; dismantling, stripping.
zermalmen crush, crunch, smash, dash to pieces.
zermürben wear down.
Zermürbung / attrition.
Zermürbungskrieg m war of attrition.
Zermürbungsstrategie / strategy of attrition.
Zerschellerschicht / burster course, bursting layer, detonating slab (Ft).
Zerschneidezünder m See Zug- und Zerschneideziinder.
zerspalten to split up.
zersplittern to shatter; to split up, dissipate (forces, etc.).
zersprengen to crack, burst into pieces, shatter; to blow up; to rout.
zerspringen to explode, burst.
Zerstäuber m atomizer, spray.
Zerstäuberdüse / spray nozzle; Diesel fuel injector.
Zerstäubergerät n chemical spray apparatus; sprayer-type decontaminating apparatus.
Zerstörangriff m hit-and-run raid (Avn).
zerstören destroy, demolish.
Zerstörer m destroyer (Nav); twin-engine fighter, long-range fighter (Ap).
Zerstörerflugzeug n twin-engine
fighter airplane.
Zerstörergeschwader n twin-engine fighter wing.
Zerstörerschule / twin-engine fighter pilot school.
Zerstörung / destruction, demolition.
Zerstörungsarbeiten fpl demolitions.
Zerstörungsfeuer n destruction fire (Arty).
Zettel m card, tag, ticket, slip.
Zeug n ordnance supplies; gear, equipment.
Zeugamt n ordnance office.
Zeughaus n arsenal.
Zeugnis n certificate.
Zickzackscheibe / zigzag target (Tng).
Ziegelei / brickyard.
ziehen to draw, pull, drag, tow; to pull up (Ap); to be drafty.
Ziehzünder m pull firing device (land mine).
Ziel n target, objective, goal. ins Ziel gehen to hold into the target. das Ziel aufsitzen lassen to hold at bottom edge of target. das Ziel verschwinden lassen to hold at upper edge of target.
Zielabschnitt m sector of fire, target sector.
Zielachse / sighting axis (plane table alidade).
Zielanflug m approach flight, approach run (Avn).
Zielansprache / target designation.
Zielaufklärung / artillery target reconnaissance.
Zielaufnahme mit Langbasisanlage horizontal base method.
Zielausbildung / training in aiming, training in laying.
Zielbild n target image (telescopic sight).
Zielbreite / target length (moving targets).
"Ziel dreht!" "Target changing
course!" (AA predictor).
Zieldreieck n shot group, aiming group (sighting and aiming exercise).
Zieleinrichtung / sighting mechanism (Ord).
zielen to aim, sight.
Zielentfernung / range to target (Gunnery).
Zielerkundung / target reconnaissance.
Zielfehler m aiming error.
Zielfernrohr n telescopic sight, direct sighting telescope.
Zielfernrohrträger m telescopic sight mount.
Zielfeststellung / locating of target (Gunnery).
Zielfläche / objective plane (Gunnery); target area (bombing).
Zielflug m homing (Air Navigation).
Zielgelände n target area.
zielgenau - accurate, precise.
Zielgerät n sight, sighting mechanism (Ord); bomb sight.
Zielgeschwindigkeit / speed of target.
Zielgevierttafel / target-designation grid (Arty Surv).
Zielhöhe / height of target, altitude of target.
Zielhöhenwinkel m angle of site (Gunnery); angular height of target (AAA).
Zielhöhenwinkel zum Abschußpunkt angular height of target at present position (AAA).
Zielhöhenwinkel zum Meßpunkt angular height of target at instant of range determination (AAA).
Zielhöhenwinkel zum Treffpunkt angular height of target at future position (AAA).
Zielhöhenwinkel zum Wechselpunkt angular height of target at midpoint (AAA).
Zielkelle / See Ziellöffel.
Zielkontrollspiegel m aim-checking device.
Zielkreis m target area (bombing).
Ziellandung / spot landing (Avn).
Ziellineal n orienting straightedge (MG aiming circle).
Ziellinie / line of sight.
Ziellinienprüfer m bore sight (Ord).
Ziellöffel m aiming disk, sighting disk, marking disk.
Zielmarke / lead mark (telescopic sight).
Zielmunition / subcaliber ammunition.
Zielpunkt m target point, objective point.
Zielpunktkarte / battle map or firing chart showing location of probable targets.
Zielpuppe / dummy.
Zielraum m target area, sector of fire.
Zielrechenmaschine / predictor, prediction mechanism (AA); ballistic director (Arty).
Zielrichtung / direction of the target.
Zielscheibe / practice target.
Zielschiene / sighting bar.
Zielschiff n target ship. . Zielschwarze n bull's-eye.
Zielseitenwinkel m azimuth of target.
Zielseitenwinkel zum Abschußpunkt azimuth of target at present position (AAA).
Zielseitenwinkel zum Treffpunkt azimuth of target at future position (AAA).
Zielsetzung / designation of objective.
Zielsicherheit / accuracy of fire, marksmanship.
Zielspinne / range-deflection fan (Gunnery).
Zielstachel m pointed-post reticle (telescopic sight).
Zieltafel / data sheet (Gunnery).
Zielteil m target sector.
Ziel- und Anschlagsübungen fpl aiming drill.
Zielunterlagen fpl information of objectives, target data.
Zielvorrichtung / aiming mechanism.
Zielwaagerechte / horizontal through base of target (Arty).
Zielwechsel m change of target, engaging of successive targets.
Zielweg m course of target (AAA).
Zielwurf m precision bombing.
Zielzuweisung / allocation of targets.
Ziffer / cipher, figure, numeral.
Zifferblatt n dial (on Inst).
Ziffern to cipher, encipher, encrypt.
Zimmerantenne / indoor antenna.
Zimmermann m carpenter.
Zimmerschießgerät n field artillery trainer.
Zinkbecher m zinc container (dry cell).
Zinknebel m HC mixture, HC smoke mixture (CWS).
Zinn n tin.
Zirkel m compasses, dividers.
Zirruswolke / cirrus cloud (Met).
Zisternenfahrzeug n vehicle fitted with chemical spray apparatus.
Zisternenflugzeug n airplane fitted with chemical-spray apparatus.
Zivil n civilian clothing.
Zivilbevölkerung / civilian population,
Zivilgericht n civil court.
Zivilinternierter m civilian internee.
Zivilist m civilian.
Zivilkleidung / civilian clothing.
Zivilluftfahrt / civil aviation, commercial aviation.
Zivilperson / civilian.
Zivilvergehen n civil offense.
Zoll m inch (2.5b cm); duty, tariff, toll.
Zollhaus n custom house.
Zollschranke / tollgate.
Zonenzeit / standard time.
Zubehör n accessories.
Zubehörteil m part, accessory.
Zubehörtornister m accessories case (portable Rad).
Zubringer m follower (SA).
Zubringerfeder / follower spring (SA). .
Zubringerhebel m belt-feed lever (MG).
Zucht / discipline.
Zuchthaus n penitentiary.
Zuchthausstrafe / sentence of confinement to a penitentiary.
Zufahrtstraße / access road, approach road.
zufälliger Fehler nonsystematic
error (Arty); accidental error (Mech, Optics).
Zufallstreffer on accidental hit.
Zufuhr / supply, bringing up of supplies.
Zuführer m belt feed (MG); feed mechanism (automatic weapon).
Zufuhrstraße / line or road of communication, line or road of supply.
Zuführung / feed (MG); lead-in (Rad).
Zuführungsdraht m lead-in (Rad).
Zuführungsgehäuse n feed box (AA gun).
Zuführungsweg m route for bringing up supplies, etc. Zug m platoon; groove (rifling); train (RR); pull; tension; draft.
Zugang m access, approach; increase, addition. Zugangsweg m access road, approach road.
Zugbewachung / train guard. Zugbreitkeil m platoon in inverted-wedge formation.
Zugbrücke / drawbridge.
Zugdämpfer m baffle (engine muffler).
Zugdruckzünder m pull-pressure igniter (mine).
Zügel m bridle; rein.
zugelassen authorized, permitted; admitted.
Zügelring m bit ring (harness).
zugeteilt attached; allotted.
Zugfähre / rope ferry (Engr).
Zugfeder / safety spring (MG).
Zugfederhaken m safety-spring catch (MG).
Zugfederschraube / See Zugfeder-spannschraube.
Zugfederspannschraube / safety-spring tension screw (MG).
Zugfestigkeit / tensile strength.
Zugführer m platoon leader.
Zuggrenze / platoon boundary.
Zuggurt m tension chord (truss).
Zughaken m pintle (Trac); singletree attachment hook (limber).
Zugkeil m platoon in wedge formation.
Zugkolonne / column of platoons.
Zugkraft / tractive power; tension force; drawbar pull (prime mover).
Zugkraftwageh m prime mover, halftrack carrier and prime mover.
Zugleistung / tractive power; drawbar pull (Trac); draft efficiency (of animals).
Zugmaschine / prime mover (MT).
Zugöse / drag washer (wheel); lunette (limber, trailer).
Zugramme / drop-hammer-type pile driver.
Zugriemen m brake cable; trace (harness).
Zugschraube/ tractor propeller (Ap).
Zugschrauber m tractor airplane.
Zugspannung / tensile stress. ,
Zugstange / brake rod (vehicle brake); pintle drawbar (MT, Trac); drawbar (trailer).
Zugstreife / train patrol.
Zugtau n tow rope. Zugtrupp m platoon headquarters personnel, platoon command group personnel.
Zug- und Zerschneidezünder m pull and cut igniter, tension release igniter (LM).
Zugverkehr m railroad traffic.
Zugwache / train guard.
Zugzünder m pull igniter (LM).
Zuladung / useful load (Ap).
Zulage / additional pay or allowance; addition; appendix. zulässig permissible; admissible.
Zulassung / registration certificate (MT); registration and airworthiness certificate (Avn); admission; permission. Zulegeplatte / attachable base plate
(mine-surveying set).
zulegen to add to.
Zuleitung / lead-in (Rad).
Zuleitungskabel n lead-in cord (signal lamp).
Zunahme / increase, gain, addition.
Zündachse / operating-piston sleeve (blasting machine).
Zündapparat m magneto; igniter; exploder, blasting machine.
Zündbolzen m concussion plunger, percussion plunger, plunger (powder-train time fuze).
Zündeinstellung / timing (ignition).
zünden ignite, detonate; fire (a demolition charge).
Zünder m fuze (Am); igniter (land mine).
den Zünder einstellen set the fuze.
Zünderdeckel m false ogive (Am).
Zünderdraht m firing wire, lead wire (demolitions).
Zündereinstellung / fuze setting.
Zündereinteilung / fuze scale.
Zündergehäuse n fuze body (Am); fuze cover (bomb).
Zünderhalter m shell (of blasting cap).
Zünderhülse / hood (of fuze). Zünderkappe / closing cap (time fuze); head (point-detonating fuze); upper cap (clockwork fuze).
Zünderkörper m body (fuze).
Zünderlaufzeit / time of functioning (fuze), fuze range.
Zünderstellmaschine / automatic fuze setter (AA gun).
Zünderstellschlüssel m manual fuze setter.
Zünderstellsitz m fuze-setter support (AA gun).
Zünderstellung / fuze setting (Gunnery).
Zünderteller m body (powder-train time fuze).
zündfertig armed, fuzed, ready for firing.
Zündfolge / firing order (of engine cylinders).
Zündfunke m ignition spark (Mtr).
Zündgerät n demolition equipment.
Zündglocke / inside bottom of cartridge case (SA Am).
Zündhebel m spark control (Ap).
Zündholz n match.
Zündhütchen n primer (SA Am); percussion primer (fuze); percussion cap, propellent primer (Am).
Zündhütchenausfall m blown primer.
Zündhütchenhülse/ primer cup (Am).
Zündkabel n spark plug cable (Mtr).
Zündkanal m vent hole (obturator); primer vent (cartridge); flash hole (fuze); cap hole (blasting cartridge).
Zündkapsel / detonator.
Zündkerze / spark plug.
Zündladung / primer, primer charge, igniting charge.
Zündladungskapsel / detonator casing (fuze).
Zündladungskörper m detonator charge (fuze).
Zündlage / ignition system (Mtr).
Zündlichtmaschine/ generator (MT).
Zündloch n vent, flash vent.
Zündmagnet m magneto.
Zündmittel n detonation agent, primer, igniter, igniting mixture.
Zündnadel / firing pin (fuze).
Zündpatrone / ignition cartridge (Am).
Zündpunkt m flash point.
Zündpunktverstellung / timing (engine ignition).
Zündsatz m powder train, primer (Am, demolitions); igniter train (pyrotechnic Sig); detonating composition.
Zündschalter m ignition switch (Ap, MT).
Zündschlüssel m ignition key (MT).
Zündschnur / safety fuze.
Zündschnuranzünder m fuze lighter.
Zündschraube / threaded primer (Am).
Zündschraubengehäuse n case (threaded percussion primer).
Zündspule/ ignition coil (Mtr).
Zündstift m insulated electrode (spark plug). Zündstrahl m igniting flash, priming flash (Am).
Zündstrom m ignition current (Mtr).
Zündübertragung / induced detonation (demolitions).
Zündung / firing, detonation (Am, demolitions); ignition (Mtr). "Zündung eingestellt!" "Contact!"
(A vn).
Zündverstellung / spark control, spark adjustment (Mtr).
Zündverteiler m distributor (Mtr).
Zündvorrichtung / firing device
(LM); ignition system (Mtr).
Zündwilligkeit / . ignition quality (Diesel fuel).
ZUndzeitpunkt m instant of firing (engine ignition).
zunehmender Drall increasing twist
(Ord). Zungenschiene / point of switch rail (RR).
Zungenstuhl m knee (RR switch).
Zurrbolzen m locking pin (G).
Zurrbrücke / cradle lock frame (G).
Zurrgriff m cradle lock handle (G).
Zurrhaken m locking hook (G carriage).
Zurrhebel m lock lever.
Zurrlager n lock support (cradle lock).
Zurrstange / lock rod.
Zurrstellung / locked position (Ord).
Zurrstück n back plate latch lock (MG).
Zurrung / locking mechanism (G, Tk, MG); anchorage; lashing; holdfast.
Zurückstellung / deferment.
Zurückstellungsantrag m request for deferment.
zurückweichen give ground, give way.
zurückziehen, sich fall back, retire, withdraw.
Zusammenarbeit / cooperation, mutual support.
Zusammenballung / concentration (Toe).
Zusammenfassung / concentration (Arty); abridgment, summary.
zusammengefaßtes Feuer concentrated fire (Arty); collective fire (SA).
zusammenlaufen converge.
zusammensetzen assemble; compile; compound; collect, bring together; fit together.
Zusammensetzung / composition.
Zusammenstoß in collision; clash.
Zusammenwirken u synchronization; coordination; liaison; cooperation.
zusammenziehen tighten, draw together, contract.
Zusatz m addition; supplement; appendix.
Zusatzfallschirm m parachute lobe.
Zusatzflügel m auxiliary airfoil, slat (Ap).
Zusatzgetriebe n auxiliary transmission (MT).
Zustand m state, condition, situation.
zuständig competent; authorized.
Zustellung / delivery.
zuteilen allot, attach.
Zutritt m entrance; admittance.
zuverlässig reliable.
zuwiderhandeln act in opposition, act against, counteract; break, violate (a regulation, etc.).
zuziehen tighten, draw together.
Zwangsauslösung. / static line device (Prcht).
Zweiachser in two-axle vehicle, four-wheel vehicle.
zweiadrig two-stranded (Elec).
zweiäugig binocular adj.
Zweibein n bipod (MG).
Zweidecker m biplane.
Zweielektrodenröhre / diode tube (Rad).
Zweierzelt n two-man shelter tent.
Zweiflügel-Luftschraube / two-blade propeller (Ap).
Zweiglager n branch depot; branch camp (PW).
zweigleisig double-tracked (RR).
Zweiglinie / junction line (RR).
Zweigpark m branch depot.
Zweigstelle / branch, branch office, substation.
zweimotorig twin-engine.
Zwei-Ohr-Verfahren n binaural method (sound locating).
Zweipolröhre / diode tube (Rad).
Zweipunktverfahren n two-point resection (Surv).
Zweischwimmer-Seeflugzeug n twin-float seaplane.
Zweisitzer m two-place airplane; two-seater (vehicle).
Zweitaktmotor m two-cycle engine.
Zweisternmotor m double-row radial engine.
Zweistieler m double-bay biplane.
zweistufig two-stage (Elec, Rad).
Zweitaktsystem n two-cycle principle.
Zweiwegeatmung / two-way respiration (gas mask).
Zwickzange / cutter, cutting pliers.
Zwillingslafette / twin mount (Ord).
Zwillingsläufe mpl twin barrels (MG).
Zwillingsmachinengewehr n twin-barreled machine gun.
Zwillings-MG.-Drehturm m revolving turret with twin-barreled machine gun (Ap).
Zwillingswaffe / twin-barreled weapon.
zwingen compel, force.
Zwischenbahnhof m intermediate station (RR).
Zwischenentfernung / intermediate range (Gunnery).
Zwischenfeld n ground between delaying positions, area between successive positions, intermediate area.
Zwischenfrequenz / intermediate frequency (Rad).
Zwischenfrequenzempfänger m superheterodyne receiver.
Zwischengebläse n auxiliary stage supercharger, turbosupercharger.
Zwischengetriebe n auxiliary transmission (MT).
Zwischenlandung / intermediate landing.
Zwischenlandungsplatz in intermediate landing field.
Zwischenraum m interval (from left to right).
Zwischenstecker m adapter plug (Elec).
Zwischenstelle / linking station; relay station (Sig Com).
Zwischenstellung / intermediate position.
Zwischenstück n adapter.
Zwischenwelle / intermediate shaft, propeller shaft.
Zwischenziel n intermediate objective; reference point (Arty, R fire).
Zwitterfahrzeug n half-track vehicle.
zwo two (used in voice transmission to avoid confusion with drei, three).
Zyanwasserstoffsäure / hydrocyanic acid, prussic acid (CWS).
Zylinderblock m cylinder block (Mtr).
Zylinderinhalt m total volume of cylinder (Mtr).
Zylinderkopf m cylinder head (Mtr).
Zylinderlaufbüchse / cylinder liner (Mtr).
Zylinderschleifen n cylinder grinding (Mtr).
Zylinderverschluß m bolt mechanism (R).
Zylinderwand / cylinder wall (Mtr).
ZZ-Verfahren n method of radio approach landing (the main let-down signal is ZZ with last letter of airport station signal in between).