IP67 gearbox, SS-shaft, intgr. seat, A2 fasteners

Double eccentric butterfly valve to EN 593 for neutral liquids like drinking water and treated waste water free from solids and fibrous impurities to max 70°C.

AVK double eccentric butterfly valves with tilted disc are designed for easy operation and long service life. The disc seal is made of AVK's drinking water approved EPDM rubber featuring an excellent compression set and ability to regain the original shape. The high quality epoxy coating and fully encapsulated shaft/disc connection ensure optimal corrosion protection and durability
Variant 756/230-001
Connection: Flanged
Material: Ductile iron
PN: PN 10/16
Closing direction: Clockwise to Close


  • Double eccentric design releases seal compression after only few degrees of opening resulting in low operating torque
  • Disc firmly fixed to the shaft to prevent fluttering and a slight tilt allows for precise adjustment of the closed position
  • Disc seal profile and rubber quality ensure low closing torque
  • All rubber parts drinking water approved by multiple institutes
  • Fasteners in stainless steel, A2
  • Stainless steel shaft
  • Machined and epoxy coated ductile iron seat integrated in the body
  • All threaded connections are sealed with O-rings for protection against medium and environment
  • Radial bearings in self-lubricating PTFE/bronze composite
  • Shaft ends fitted with an end cover that keeps the shaft in position against system pressure and seals the disc interior against corrosion
  • Replaceable shaft seals with two EPDM O-rings; gaskets to the exterior in hydrocarbon resistant NBR
  • Coated with blue RAL 5017 FBE to DIN 3476, GSK and approved by WRAS-DVGW/W270/UBA, 250µm




1. Body Ductile iron GJS-500-7 (GGG-50)
2. Shaft, drive Stainless steel AISI 420
3. Bearing Bronze/PTFE composite
4. O-ring EPDM rubber
5. Bolt, socket head Stainless steel A2
6. Cover Stainless steel
7. Gasket EPDM rubber
8. Key Stainless steel A2
9. Set screw Stainless steel A2
10. Gasket EPDM rubber
11. End cover Stainless steel
12. Screw Stainless steel A2
13. Disc Ductile iron GJS-500-7 (GGG-50)
14. Shaft, stub Stainless steel AISI 420
15. Spacer Bronze
16. Thrust bearing Bronze
17. End plate Ductile iron GJS-500-7 (GGG-50)
18. Washer Stainless steel A2
19. Bolt Stainless steel A2
20. Screw Stainless steel A2
21. O-ring EPDM rubber
22. O-ring EPDM rubber
23. Gasket EPDM rubber
24. Nut Stainless steel A2
25. O-ring EPDM rubber
26. O-ring EPDM rubber
27. Screw Stainless steel A2
28. Seal retainer ring Stainless steel
29. Seal ring EPDM rubber
30. Gearbox Cast iron


  • Hydraulic test according to EN 1074-1 and 2 / EN 12266
  • Approved for drinking water according to WRAS Certificate No. 2206003


  • EN 593
  • Face-to-face dimension according to EN 558 Table 2 Basic Series 13
  • Flange drilling to EN1092, PN10/16
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Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve