Stefan Raab – Maschendrahtzaun tab

(Stefan Raab)

I don't know all chord names so I wrotedown something different, if you know the
real ones you can correct this one. I also don't know if all chords are exactlythe
right ones, but when I tabbed this it was the only Maschendrahtzauntab on the Internet
and it made very much fun toplay. Of courseyoun can send me correctinos if you want: (Benjamin Marschner)

Also visit my homepages: (My Band)

E C#7 F#6 A A* B Bb C# F# B1:-0-|---|-2-|-5-|---|-7-|-6-|-4-|-2-|-2-|2:-0-|-2-|-4-|-5-|-5-|-7-|-6-|-6-|-2-|-4-|3:-1-|-4-|-3-|-6-|-6-|-8-|-7-|-6-|-3-|-4-|4:-2-|-3-|-2-|-7-|-8-|-9-|-8-|-6-|-4-|-4-|5:-2-|-4-|-4-|-7-|-7-|-9-|-8-|-4-|-4-|-2-|6:-0-|---|-2-|-5-|-6-|-7-|-6-|---|-2-|---|
Intzo: E r1 Verse 1: E C#7 I'm a lonesome rider, i'm the real choice of guy F#6 r2 B Bb I tell your living name easy, but every day I try A A* E C# I've seen a million praises, baby I get around F# B r3 With a six pack of beer and a Maschendrahtzaun Verse 2: E C#7 I'm a hard-working-man, I don't need much in live F#6 r2 B Bb I got my horse, I got my boots, a hat and a knive A A* E C# All I really need can surely be found F# B r3 I need the girls I need a whiskey and a Maschendrahtzaun Chorus: A A* Maschendrahtzaun in the morning E Maschendrahtzaun late at night A A* Maschendrahtzaun in the evening B r4 Maschendrahtzaun makes me feel allright Bb A A* E C# And if I ever be King and I get a crown F# B r3 it would surely be made of Maschendrahtzaun
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