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Our Expanded Metal Mesh is available from stock. As the largest supplier of expanded metals in the UK, we can offer mild steel expanded mesh, stainless steel panelsand aluminium expanded sheets, all of which are available in a range of grades, with the most common being hot rolled, cold reduced, electro-zinc and galvanised steel and all conforming to the relative quality standards.

Expanded metal also comes as raised mesh or flattened mesh with different hole apertures and thicknesses to suit your individual applications. All materials can be coated using various methods, i.e. galvanising, painting, powder coating etc.

The versatility of expanded metal makes it a suitable material for multiple applications such as: security screens, balustrade infill panels, and walkway mesh. In architecture it can be used as cladding orin theconstruction of bridges, ornamental features and art displays.

Industrial applications include exhibition stands, window guards, cages, shelving and expanded metal flooring. In the automobile industry it is used as car grilles, radiator grilles and as filtration systems. Where security precautions are important, security lathing is another use for expanded metal, and in fencing applications, it is often used when erecting scaling barriers. Some domestic applications include indoor and outdoor furniture, ceiling tiles etc.

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expanded metal mesh